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#y'all should see my notes while i'm writing
(ACOTAR series, ACOSF, and Kingdom of Ash spoilers are all below along with my thoughts after finally finishing A Court of Silver Flames!)
Was SJM trying to get me to hate Rhysand in this book? And kind of Elain and Amren? Even a teensy bit Feyre? Don't get me wrong- I love Rhys. ACOTAR and ACOMAF Rhys is one of my favorite characters and my literal favorite book boyfriend EVER. So could someone please draw me a map to where the hell he went because that Rhys was NOT IN THIS BOOK?!?!?
Rhysand in ACOSF was every bit the territorial fae bastard in this book that Tamlin was in ACOMAF. He lied to Feyre about something HUGE. Nesta shouldn't have told her like that, but someone needed to tell her. And the way he treated Nesta sucked.
And Feyre was every bit the pretty bride who blushed and had lots of sex and had a male who shielded her from what was really going on (you know, her impending death?) that she accused Tamlin of wanting to make her into. What the fuck was happening with them in this book? It's great to make Feyre a High Lady, but then she should be treated like one, not lied to?!? It's fine to make her more domestic, she deserves peace and happiness, but not at the expense of her autonomy.
And while we're on it, I kind of hated Feyre's pregnancy storyline. The thing about writing immortal characters is that you have so many chances to play with time. There is no reason that 500+ year old Rhys and 21 year old Feyre who were together for like one year?!?!? needed to have a pregnancy story here. They are IMMORTAL. Why can't they have time together, just the two of them, before introducing a pregnancy? What's the rush? They are immortal High Fae who will be alive for CENTURIES to come. Forget years, give yourselves a few decades together first! Your whole relationship so far has been 50% trauma-recovery and 50% saving the world/trying not to die!!!!
Feyre's pregnancy felt like the author showing through and overshadowing the characterization—I have to think some of this is SJM becoming a mother in the last few years and wanting to write that into their story, but still. (SJM also did this with Yrene and Chaol in Kingdom of Ash - is the eve of a huge war really a great time for a pregnancy? Wouldn't a healer know how to not get pregnant accidentally?) I also didn't love that a Feysand pregnancy was this huge part of Nesta's story. Can she not have five minutes of the spotlight? Feyre already got 3 books. (Sorta kidding.) (You know what I'm not kidding about? Not liking the name Nyx at all...but who cares I guess.)
If it's so well-known that Illyrian baby delivery is basically a death sentence for High Fae females, why would Rhys not be like 'omg Feyre, yes, let's have a baby, but let's not have sex while you're in that form which is optional for you like is he this 'the most cunning high lord' or not?!) (Also they wouldn't even have Feyre try shifting her body to give her Illyrian hips when otherwise she would FOR SURE DIE like try it?!) All that magic and no one's invented the cesarean?!?
(On a separate pregnancy note, y'all realize the Kingdom of Ash scene where Aelin falls through the worlds and sees a 'heavily pregnant' fae whose mate throws his night-like power towards her to slow her fall have happened during the timeline of this book, right?!? Wild.)
I love Nesta. I love her. I love her arc. I've loved her this whole time, but her coming to terms with herself was great. Her finding peace was great. I was already in the she doesn't need a redemption arc, she needs a therapist and time to herself away from her sisters camp before reading ACOSF, and I only feel more strongly after reading it.
I honestly think time away from her sisters and Rhys with people who weren't constantly judging her (Cassian, Azriel, Gwen, Emerie, Clotho, the House) was just as healthy and necessary for Nesta's healing arc (NOT a redemption arc, a healing arc) as giving up some of her more harmful vices like nonstop drinking and complete isolation was.
So much sex. Like as one of my friends put it, 'this book is filthy, y'all!' It was kind of overkill, like I was already sold on their relationship, but sure, why not. But if nearly all those scenes cut away instead of getting super descriptive, I would have liked this book just as much. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The part with the Mask and the kelpie was so good! It was crazy, and creepy, and her rising up with this army of the dead was so great. Also when they went to the prison for the Harp!!! So good.
A couple weird 'repeats' from ACOMAF... 1) Nesta 'knowing' that Cassian 'needed to hear' her say the exact phrase "You're mine" which is right out of the mating bond acceptance chapter from ACOMAF stuck out to me, especially combined with hearing that Nesta had never told another person she loved them as we found out in the scene where she saved Feyre at the end. I was expecting 'I love you,' especially with them starting out in a 'just sex' relationship. 2) That 'just sex' thing and how obviously Cassian was into her and she was into him but she says she wants 'just sex' also reminded me ACOMAF, when Rhys and Feyre are at the inn and she disappoints him/lies to herself let's be real by telling him she wants just "fun."
Loved getting more of the Night Court palace on top of the Hewn City mountain. Dream house. That bathtub. Swoon.
I may really be in the minority here, but I did not like that Cassian and Nesta are mates. Tamlin tells Feyre in ACOTAR that it's rare for people to have mates at all. And honestly, I see why accepting the mating bond was so hard for Nesta as someone who didn't want to be fae in the first place, and I do not think she needed Cassian to be her mate to choose him forever. I wish they had CHOSEN each other and not also been mates. I think it would have been just as strong, and healthier for Nesta. (And also...if not everyone is mates, why can't they just fall in love? He won her heart, she chose him. I was fine before they were mates. I also think that would have nicely set up Elain rejecting the mating bond later, which she clearly wants to do/has basically done (did y'all read the Azriel extra chapter?! Anyway)
At the end of the day, the Inner Circle (except Cassian/Azriel) bothered me with their treatment of Nesta, even the intervention at the beginning. Was Nesta in need of help? Yes. Were they kind? No, especially not Rhys/Amren. Elain was just as traumatized/self-destructive for a while. She hardly ate, she spoke to no one, she lay in bed all day, Nesta checks that the high windows don't open because she thinks Elain is suicidal, etc. Nesta is also traumatized, but her trauma presented more angrily, less beautiful/sad woman lies around being beautifully sad (like Elain in ACOWAR or Feyre in ACOMAF), and she's entirely condemned by the IC for it (and by a lot of this fandom, let's be real).
I love Cassian. Love him. Looooove him. He stood up to Rhys for Nesta, defended her, was honest with her, accepted her, forgave her for what she actually did wrong (belittling him for his background/hurting him on purpose), but told her she herself was not wrong or broken (@ Rhys, @ Amren, @ Feyre, @ Mor, are y'all taking notes? Cassian and I said she was not broken. Not in need of fixing or redemption.) He kept reaching out his hand.
Plot wise, I also loved that Nesta/Gwen/Emerie ended up doing the Rite! That twist surprised me in a good way. Devlon and any other Illyrians who doubted them can suck it. VALKYRIES!!!
And finally, I LOVED the Nesta/Gwen/Emerie friendship. It made the book (it Made it, y'all. Pun intended). I loved reading about Nessian and I love Cassian, but these three and their friendship was my favorite part of the book, hands down. So great. I love female friendship - it's so underrated as a concept - and this one was amazing, and I'm glad it was such a focus of the story.
This was long, so thanks for sticking with me if you did! Not really interested in angry/anon discourse, but I'd love to hear y'all's thoughts!!!
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herotome · 21 days ago
Omg the demo of this game is great, I cant wait to fortnight dance in to making the next stupid decision 😂. Dont get me wrong, I love a game that doesnt take anything TOO seriously but what I love more is a game that isnt afraid to judge the player for how they play. I don't wanna put in any spoilers but let's just say, I knew what I did was dumb, and the game judged me HARD for it😘.Amazing! Following on all platforms just so I can hear more, just wanted to to say great game, it's just *chief's kiss*
Oh no what did you do?? Which choice could it have been, I have no idea... Anon you've even left me in suspense 😂😂😂
... Did you try to let a handsome stranger into your house? That's the main one I can think of where the protagonist's inner voice is like "NO...!"
I think I know the feeling though! I'm fortnight dancing right beside you; I love when games have opportunities for me to do just the naughtiest little things, and then they show me the consequence of my actions and I'm left like
Tumblr media
And I'm either hastily reloading or I'm just morbidly curious enough to stick it out and see what else might happen.
I'm glad you enjoyed though, thank you for the follows! ❤️
And now for a 180 degree dev note tangent for anyone who hasn't played the game (particularly anyone who gets decision-making anxiety):
I want to clarify that while we've been talking a lot about funhouse chaos clown choices, Herotome has (and will continue to have) quite a bit of range and leeway. Among these choices, there's some variety to how they're weighed.
There's the "I kiss this stranger on the mouth and she blushes" choices (dubious but largely inconsequential), and then there's the "I tell a man that his father will never be proud of him" choices (reverse social link and burning that bridge to a crisp).
You should be able to get away with 2-3 "bad" choices quite safely, even if certain characters have negative reactions.
The game won't jump at the chance to punish you. Although I enjoy playing games that kill you for like, a one-time choice of walking through the wrong door or for sassing the wrong demon, Herotome isn't one of them.
In the next installments there willllll beee some bad endings if you insist on choosing like 5+ of the bad choices.... basically you'd need to insist on a pattern of self-sabotage.
I also want to say that I'd never personally judge or shame y'alls choices, even if the characters get uppity sometimes. I'd have to judge myself for writing the choices in the first place, and that would be silly (◕v◕✿)
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keymwko95 · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Am I the only one who thought that the breaking of Jordan's Curse was weak as heck? I'll go into further detail about why I didn't care much for it but I feel that it is the main reason I am giving this episode a 7/10. It was solid as far as entertainment goes, but it wasn't as exciting to me as some past episodes have been.
Anyways I guess I will continue on to the dislikes now.
1) The end of Jordan's curse
Okay y'all, I get the poeticness of jordan being released from his curse by convincing a projection of Florence with his whole the past can't be changed and I am not going to be a violent person/I'm different. My whole issue with this is that the whole curse said you had to balance the scales of justice and that was kinda of exciting to think about how the show was going to go that route and what it might mean as far as tasks go.
This was a decidedly weak way to end a potentially exciting curse. Because the curse wasn't actually "broken" Jordan was released from it.
And on that note, I also have issues with that logic. So the spell was just a simple containment gone wrong because of Jordan's why was Florence real in it?. Like it is technically trapping then in thier heads in a way. You telling me that Florence's spirit just hangs around in Jordan's mind?
Well since the curse made the spell go haywire that's why Florence was there.....
Okay so this curse can bring back the dead in your mind?
Its magic its fine however they try to explain it. I just wish they'd (the writers) would put more effort into making it make sense in the show. Not in the Q&A section of thier social media pages/interviews.
I am honestly getting tired of having to be Sherlock Holmes all the time and me having to discuss and question on go back to previous episodes to figure out how what they did makes sense in canon. It's exhausting.
And listen, I know that people might see this as negativity, but in the spirit of the episodes message, am I saying it. The writing does not need to be exceptional, but it shouldn't be lazy.
The audience shouldn't have to put in all the work to figure out what's going on. It be one thing if we trying to solve a mystery or speculate on where the show is going , but in general solutions to problems should make sense and be connected to what you've already set up. They spent so much build up on the idea of this curse and the price of "balancing the scales of justice" to have the curse ended all in a simple spell gone wrong narrative. Again, if they felt it was the best to have Jordan released from his cure rather than "break it" thats cool but not in a containment spell gone wrong. I personally didn't need an action scene or anything, but maybe in a spell/plotline actually related directly to the curse. It just came off as an easy out for the writers.
2) Introducing Josefina as a possible recurring character.
Don't hate! I love Josefina as a character and would love to see more of her......but this plate is already full. I have felt it a lot this season, but felt it was a nit pick not worth mentioning because I didn't expect it to get worse, but I am just going to say it.
Every episode has like three or so storylines. And while I dont mind them when they are all equally interesting and feel not too split, I feel that sometimes its too seperate and dis jointed. Its too much time apart and not enough together time. The more character they have introduced the more they have split the stories and I just would prefer that we'd see more together time than separated.
That's kind of what I complained about season two. That it was too much of everyone doing thier own thing that it felt off.
Thats said all I mean is that either they need to figure out how to write in a less disjointed way or to drop some characters. Which would be sad since they have spent a lot of time in the two recurring characters (Jordan and Abby) they already have.
I dont know exactly where they are going with Josefina or if she is going to be as recurring as Jordan and abby or if its more like a few episodes or just one more.
I would like to see more, but I dont trust the writers.....I feel like I say that a lot and that's sad.
1) issue of the episode: Exceptionality
I have nothing to say other than thank God someone said it. It's exhausting being pressured into being a "model minority".
2) Josefina
Love the idea of the character and getting to learn more about Marisol and her side of the family.
Also like the idea of witch training. We never actually got to see the PO3 Learn about magic and study magic all that much. Even on season 1 a big issue I had was that they never really put as much effort into showing how the ladies are going about learning and training to fight demons/evil. The training orb was a simple way to do so but we didn't get to see very much of it. It was all mostly assumed off screen.
3) Language issues
I like that they brought up (briefly) the whole language issue in the Latinx community. So I assume most of us know it but ill just go through it a bit.
There are many different voices in the community and there are some that believe that the language (Spanish and/or other native or native based jargon) are essential to the experience. Some go as far as to say you can't really consider yourself latinx if you dont speak Spanish.
Which is bonkers in my mind because (as in episode with Maggie) latinx people face similar issues based on thier appearance and last name whether or not they speak Spanish. There are many latinx people who do not speak Spanish and yet it is assumed they do.
No being raised in a Spanish speaking (or other native language) household does open you up to different experiences (language erasure, ESL school experiences, etc) those aren't soley latinx and shouldn't be a "admissions" requirement.
Macy letting Harry go to Abby alone (I am to be that secure that Abby aint gonna try it)
Tumblr media
Maggie mad that Antonio swooped in because he speaks Spanish - that ain't his fault take notes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Brujeria wasn't stigmatized until the colonizers
Tumblr media
"Stay for that whiskey"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nicole-lynne · a month ago
Pool Party Disaster
Tumblr media
Notes: Well y'all, because I'm the worst, this has been sitting in my drafts for the better part of a year. It was supposed to be for @kayteewritessteve's writing challenge...and then I lost every single motivation I had to do anything I enjoyed. So it's 100% late and who knows how it really turned out. But I finished it so here ya go!
Description: Steve and you are in a secret relationship, but it may not be so secret anymore after some semi-public sex.
Based off the prompt: "I could just pull your bikini bottoms to the side, no one would notice."
Warnings: NSFW +18. Minors DNI.
You watched lazily as a bead of water rolled down Steve’s shoulder blade, past the dip of his back, and disappeared into his swim shorts. In a large group of people, you knew you should look away, but it felt impossible to drag your eyes away from the place where the shorts hugged his muscular thighs.
“You know you’re drooling, right?”
Snapping your eyes in the other direction, you shifted to find Bucky hovering behind your chair with an annoying smirk on his face. Folding your arms roughly, you ignored the heat in your cheeks. “I was not.”
“Yes, you were.” Bucky said as he moved to sit in the pool chair next to you. “But it’s okay, I don’t think anyone else saw.”
“There was nothing for anyone else to see anyways.” You said snarkily.
“You two aren’t discrete at all, you know? Steve practically popped a boner when you walked out in your suit. Somehow all these other idiots just haven’t put two and two together yet.”
Truthfully, you weren’t surprised that Bucky had figured it out. He was Steve’s best friend and a trained assassin. It’d been more surprising to you that it had taken him this long. You and Steve had started this, whatever this was, over a month ago and no one had mentioned it yet.
There was a part of you that wanted to deny it just for the satisfaction of seeing Bucky question himself, but the other part felt relieved that someone finally knew. And as you glanced over at Steve, laughing with Thor about something, you knew, no one denies Steve Roger. He’s the kind of guy that girls trip over themselves to get a few moments of attention.
“Look, Buck-”
“It’s fine, it’ll be our little secret.” He squeezed your arm lightly, clearly seeing all of the thoughts on your face. “Why not let you two have your fun while you can. You know Tony will blow a gasket once he finds out.”
The idea of your brother finding out about your budding romance with the supersoldier wasn’t exactly something you wanted to think about today. Clearing your throat, you gave Bucky a smirk with a bit of gratefulness behind it.
“Although, I’m still amazed you’ve been able to keep it a secret from the little play-boy genius.”
“It’s not like we’re making out right in front of him, Buck.” You said, irritated.
“No, you were just practically undressing him with your eyes like a love-sick teenager.” Bucky guffawed loudly, and you shoved him backwards futilely. He stayed planted to the chair, snorting at your weak attempt. “Okay, fine, I’ll drop it. I’m just saying, you better get a plan together before Tony stumbles upon it on his own. After the Accords and...well, you know he’s not Steve, or my, biggest fan.”
“I know I don’t blame either of you for that though.”
“We know you don’t, doll. It’s still hard to live with.” Bucky said with a grimace.
“Buck, it wasn’t you. And I’m glad Steve protected you from Tony. You’re his best friend and he needs you in his life.” Reaching forward, you squeezed his hand until he looked up at you. “Besides, who else would annoy me if you weren’t around.”
“You know you love me.” He scoffed, giving you a big grin. “So what are you guys gonna do?”
“Eventually, we’ll work on a plan, but for right now, thanks for keeping it quiet. You’re a great friend, even if you are a sadistic ass sometimes.” You smiled and patted his leg before standing up and moving towards the patio door that entered into the huge kitchen.
To your back, Bucky shouted, “Baby, you don’t even know the half of it,” making you shake your head and giggle. Sliding the door closed, the rest of the noise from the backyard hushed to a dull roar.
You made your way toward the island, in search of something to snack on. Finally you located some tostitos - score! Pulling out a handful of chips, you turned to watch the party through the glass panes that took up the whole fourth wall.
You were pretty sure that Tony had invited the entire company for his barbeque and no one dared to decline. He wasn’t exactly scary or anything, but he definitely liked things a specific way and he always made a mental note if someone wronged him - in his eyes. That was the reason it was so hard to admit this thing with Steve. It wasn’t a secret that Tony didn’t like Steve and he wouldn’t be too happy to know that his little sister might be falling - hard - for the supersoldier.
The sound of the door opening and closing brought you back to reality and you looked up to find Steve watching you intensely from the other side of the kitchen. The light framed him, reflecting on the few drops of water on his chest, and his hair was spiked from where he’d run his fingers through it.
“Hey there, soldier.” You said, smiling sweetly at him.
“Hey, sweetheart.” He replied, walking around the island to you. “You look like you’re having fun.”
“Yeah, it’s alright. Not as much fun since we have to keep our distance.”
“Seemed like Bucky was keeping you company.” He said curtly, his gaze focused on the solo cup on the counter.
You raised an eyebrow, “um, yeah I guess so.” Steve hmphed grumpily. “He was teasing me about being so obvious while I checked you out. He said we’re not discrete enough to be having such a naughty fling.”
Surprised, Steve lifted his eyes to meet yours. “Oh. I thought... Well, I thought he might be-”
“Hitting on me?”
“Something like that.”
Reaching forward, you slipped your hand into his. “He wouldn’t be dumb enough to do that, Steve, when I’m so obviously into you. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you all afternoon.”
Steve let out a breathy laugh and shook his head. “I’m sorry, doll. I guess it’s just seeing you like this has my head all cloudy. It’s hard not to imagine every guy being attracted to you looking like that.”
“Are you serious? I’ve been watching these vultures circle you all day hoping to get a shred of your attention. It’s ridiculous.” You laughed haughtily and hopped up to sit on the counter top. “I think one girl jumped into the pool in front of you like six times trying to catch your eye.”
“Really? I haven’t even noticed.” Steve said, amusement in his voice, as he moved to stand between your legs. “I was too busy focusing on how incredible you look and how much I wanted to have you wrapped around me.”
You let out a shuddered breath as he dipped his head down to press a kiss against your exposed shoulder while his hand moved under your top and pinched your hard nipple. Every time he talked like that, so different from his public image, it made you black out. There was only the tiniest voice telling you that anyone could walk in at any moment.
“You’ve got to stop talking like that or I won’t be able to control myself.” You panted, glancing over your shoulder to make sure no one had spotted you through the tinted glass.
Steve’s lips trailed up your neck until his teeth nipped at your earlobe, sending a shiver down your spine. “What if I don’t want you to control yourself?”
Lord have mercy, this man was going to kill you.
“I’ve been so desperate to have you all day, sweetheart. I could just pull your bikini bottoms to the side, no one would notice.”
“What if someone’s watching?”
“No one’s watching us. They’re all too scared of Tony to look for us.” His fingers on his free hand traced back and forth along the tops of your thighs, leaving goose bumps where he touched.
“Aren’t you?” You forced yourself to ask.
Steve leaned back to look at you, “Scared of Tony? Nah. I’ve fought him for the people I love before, and I’ll do it again if I have to.”
You couldn’t help the smile that grew from his words and shifted closer to his body, letting the heat of his skin radiate through you.
Breaking the silence, Steve’s gruff voice said, “Now do you want to explain why you snuck out of my bed before I could have my way with you this morning.”
You hadn’t meant to leave him hanging this morning, but you’d been late for your meeting already, and if the hard-on pressed against your ass was any indication for how the rest of your morning would go, you couldn’t risk being any later.
“I-I was late for a meeting that I couldn’t miss.” You managed to stutter as his mouth trailed down and sucked on the pulse point in your neck, knowing that always drove you crazy. “I’ll make it up to you tonight, I promise.”
“I don’t want to wait until tonight,” He nudged your thighs apart more and ran his index finger along the edge of thin material covering you, rolling your nipple with the other hand. “I want you now.”
Before you could protest, he pressed his thumb against your clit through the bottoms and captured your mouth in a kiss, swallowing your moan happily. Your lips parted and his tongue slipped against yours. In just a few moments, he had you worked up and you were grateful that the swimsuit was absorbent. Then, with no hesitation, he broke your kiss and dropped to his knees, his pupils blown with lust.
“Steve,” you hissed, “what the hell do you think you’re doing?”
“I’ve been dying to taste you, sweetheart.” He said as he pulled the fabric to the side hastily and ran his tongue through your slit. Your mouth fell open in a silent moan and, instantly, you ran your fingers through his hair. “God you’re amazing.”
“Don’t stop.” You breathed out.
Quickly, he sucked your clit and flicked his tongue back and forth over it, causing your eyes to roll back with intense pleasure. His finger teased at your entrance and, with one look up to your blissed-out face, he pushed in one finger to the knuckle.
As slow as he could, he dragged his finger out of you, hooking it just right against your g-spot, then pushed it back in. Each time, playing with your clit in the same rhythm. You were dripping wet but Steve wasn’t letting any of it go to waste. The warm feeling was growing in the pit of your stomach and you knew this orgasm wouldn’t take long at all.
You were beginning to regret not waking him up this morning.
His other hand cupped your ass and pulled you closer to his face just in time for him to hit your g-spot and your clit at the same time, pushing you just over that edge. Fire raced through your veins as you rode out your high, his moans sent vibrations through your body that made you buck against him harder. His hands gripped you tightly to keep you sat on the counter until you started to come down, his mouth still working against you in gentle motions before letting your suit snap back into place.
Slowly, he pressed a soft kiss to each of your thighs and stood up, letting you pull him in for a kiss and you moaned as the taste of yourself hit your tongue. You let your hands roam down his chest to stop at the top of his shorts. Only hesitating for a second, you pulled them down enough to reveal how hard Steve was.
“Can I fuck you, baby?” His breathing was ragged, his lips brushed against yours, as you pumped him in your hand.
All your inhibitions went out the window and all you could do was whimper in response. With one swift motion, he jerked your suit to the side and pushed into you, both of you groaning in pleasure. He didn’t pause to give you time, instead, he began thrusting into you mercilessly.
Your head tipped back, letting him drop his lips to your exposed neck. He slammed into you over and over, rocking your body on the counter, and you dug your nails into his shoulder, desperate for something to ground you.
“Feels so good, sweetheart.” Steve murmured. “Were made for my cock.”
His dirty words made you moan, and you tightened your legs around his waist in response. Slipping his hands under your ass, he lifted you up so he was hitting a deeper angle. With the change, you slipped your hand between your bodies and started circling your clit, bringing your orgasm closer.
“Don’t stop, Captain.” You huffed.
The second you used his title, his eyes darkened with lust and his speed picked up as he stroked into you roughly. Each time, he hit the perfect spot and your eyes rolled back in your head. Your hand had stopped moving, distracted by what Steve was doing. Pushing your hand to the side, Steve moved into the spot and rubbed in sync with his movements.
“You gonna be a good little girl and cum for me?” He growled.
A few more thrusts and your orgasm washed over you and you clenched around his dick in pleasure. Immediately, he attached his lips to yours in a passionate kiss and you slipped your hand into his hair to tug him closer. He pulled out of you two more times before he faltered and his own orgasm hit him. You could feel him pulsing in you and there was no stopping your own body squeezing him for everything he had.
Both of you were panting, trying to catch your breath, occasionally making eye contact and laughing about what had just happened. Gently, he pulled out of you and tucked himself back into his shorts before reaching for a few napkins on the counter and cleaned you up as best as he could.
“Thanks, soldier.” You giggled, adjusting your suit bottoms.
Steve opened his mouth to respond when FRIDAY interrupted. “Mr. Stark requests your presence in the study.” All the bliss drained from your body instantly. You whipped your head around to look at Steve but his face was already hard as stone. Sliding off the counter, you dragged yourself toward the study with Steve trailing behind you, silent as a shadow. You lingered at the door for a moment before pushing the door open and walking in.
Behind the desk, Tony sat back in his plush chair with his hands steepled together. His lips were tight together in a harsh line and he was glaring daggers into Steve behind you.
“On the counter? Really? I eat there.” Was all he said.
“H-how did you know?” You squeaked.
“I always ask FRIDAY to inform me of any... inappropriate behavior when I throw a party.” Tony raised a brow incredulously, “People are animals and can’t keep their hands off each other in public, clearly.”
“Hey,” Steve snapped, “keep it respectful.”
“Why don’t you take your own advice, Cap.” Tony jumped up. “That’s my little sister you had your filthy hands all over.”
You blanched at the thought of Tony seeing what you’d just done.
“I’m sorry that you had to find out this way, but that doesn’t give you the right to judge either of us.” Steve took a step toward Tony. “I’m well aware of some of your indiscretions in your past.”
“Indiscretions are way different from absolute betrayal.”
“I think you’re being a little dramatic now, Tony.” Steve ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “I think I deserve to be dramatic after my sister was being railed on my kitchen counter.”
“That’s enough,” Steve stood in front of Tony and balled a fist into his shirt roughly, “you’re not going to talk about her like that again.”
Neither of them paying attention to you, you backed up and dropped onto the couch. Tears swelled in your eyes and rolled down your cheeks. This was the worst case scenario of your brother finding out - no, this hadn’t even come up in your list of worst case scenarios. You were absolutely mortified that a moment like that had been captured on camera.
Not able to stop it, a sob slipped from you and you buried your face in your hands. Steve’s eyes moved from Tony’s face down to you, instantly releasing Tony’s shirt and moving to your side.
“Sweetheart, don’t cry.” He wrapped his arm over your shoulder and tucked you into his chest, making you cry harder, your body shaking violently.
“Ahh kid, I...” Tony trailed off, shoving his hands into his pockets.
Steve glared at Tony harshly, then leaned down to kiss your head. “Baby, I need you to try and take some deep breaths. Can you do that for me?”
Lifting your chin with his fingers, he waited patiently until you made eye contact with him. Your eyes were red and puffy from crying, but Steve didn’t judge, only waited until you nodded slightly. He took a deep breath and you followed his motions, inhaling deeply, holding at the top, and releasing it slowly.
Steve held your focus as he breathed with you until you stopped shaking and the tears were dried on your cheeks. He gently cradled your face, wiping your cheeks with his thumbs, before kissing the tip of your nose.
You knew, without a doubt, that you loved Steve more than anyone you’d ever been with. The fact that he’d helped you through this breakdown had just made it more clear that he was the one you wanted to be with. Your eyes fluttered shut and you worked up the courage to look at your brother. Turning to him, you grimaced at the blank look on his face.
“I’m sorry about how you found out, Ton. But I’m not sorry for loving Steve. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I’m not going to let your own emotional problems get in the way of my happiness.” You croaked, your throat raw from crying.
Tony’s face fell and he had the decency to look ashamed. “Kid, I didn’t mean to make you cry. I’m sorry for what I said. I guess I was just in shock at...”
“I know this isn’t easy for you, but believe me, this wasn’t how I wanted you to find out either.” Steve squeezed your hand in support and you gave him a small smile.
“You really care about her, Rogers?”
“No, Tony.” Steve said and your head snapped up to see him grinning at you, “I love her. I’m in love with her.”
Not having a care in the world, you launched yourself at him to give him a huge kiss. Steve chuckled but kissed you back with the same enthusiasm. Tony groaned and grumbled until you leaned back, a blush on your cheeks.
“Look, I guess this all fine and dandy, but let’s try to keep the displays of affection in front of me to a minimum. I already have to bleach my eyeballs and I don’t need any more reasons.” Tony headed toward the door, avoiding looking in your direction again. “And Cap, if you hurt one hair on my baby sister’s head, I will blast your ass all the way to Wakanda.”
You and Steve bust out laughing and you let him haul you to your feet. He held your face affectionately and you leaned into his touch.
“Since we’ve got Tony’s blessing now, you want to sneak home for round two?” He teased.
“No way, Captain. Now that we’re free, I’m planning on spending the whole day with you in the pool.” You took his hand in yours and pulled him to the door. “Besides, I’ve got to show all those girls who you belong to.”
“Belong to?” Steve darted forward and flipped you over his shoulder, smacking your butt playfully. “I think you’re all mine, baby.”
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tsukkisfatsimp · a month ago
Tumblr media
ft. bokuto koutarou, rintaro suna, iwaizumi hajime, sawamura daichi, tsukkishima kei
pronouns: she/her, I will eventually start writing gn!reader cause we want everyone to feel included in here
tw: fluff, pure fluff, suna naked chest, sitting on hajime's lap, in tsukkishima's one is implied that your shorter than him and that you have a mother
authors note: this is the first time I write so I'm nervous :') English is not my first language so y'all are very welcome to correct me in my asks (please be nice, I'm gonna cry if you're not). the idea actually came from a tiktok but I'm pretty sure someone has already done it, that being said, enjoy!
Tumblr media
• BOKUTO you were actually tutoring him with akaashi, an hour in, and akaashi had a family emergency so now it was just you and him. "so you're telling me I can solve an equation with a letter in it? damn that's so crazy!", "We actually saw this the past year, that's why we are tutoring you, so you don't fail", "no need to be so harsh" he tells you while his hair deflates, so you replied with a lazy smile on your face "sorry bo, why don't you solve the equations while I see how you make them?", "yeah! that sounds good!", he practically yells at you with the happiest smile on his face as if he wasn't studying for a subject he was failing. third equation and you were finding comfort on koutaro's neck, so much comfort that you end up falling asleep on him. "hey, how am I doing? you didn't tell m- oh you're sleeping, I should call akaashi to ask him what to do" he tried to look for his phone in the quietest way so you wouldn't wake up, and once he finds it, he called his friend, "akaaaaashii", "bokuto-san, why are you whispering?", "she just fell asleep on me and I don't know what to do", he tells akaashi with a little desperation on his voice, "oh, okay, carefully put her on your bed and please make some snacks or tea for the girl when she wakes up", after a little more of small talk, he hangs up the phone and brings you to bed in the gentlest way he can, quietly making his way to the kitchen to make some tea for you.
• SUNA lazy afternoons were actually something pretty common with suna, today after school you two went to his house and now you're lying on top of his naked chest, one of your hands on it while the other one is brushing his brown looks, at the same time, suna has his arm wrapped securely around your waist, watching some shitty movies on his laptop. "listen pretty thing, if you fall asleep first you're gonna have to make me dinner", "as if I would fall asleep right now sunarin... we both now I'm gonna make dinner anyways, you should really ask 'samu for some help in the kitchen", "don't you dare bring up another mans name while your literally on top of me". forty-five minutes into the movie and he started feeling something wet on his upper body, "baby the movie isn't even that sa– oh, you're drooling", he chuckled to himself, carefully cuddling you the rest of the movie, thinking how lucky he is for having you, and once the film is ending, he decided he would make dinner this time around; "Rin, are you in here?"', "in the kitchen, doll", he tells you a little loud so you could hear him, "I'm sorry I fell asleep", you yawn while wrapping your arms around his torso, "don't be, look at me now I'm making dinner but, this" he gestures to himself "is husband material, you shouldn't waste it", and damn he is right, who on his right state of mind would let him go?
• IWAIZUMI his unconditional love for you was noticed for everyone, except you, of course. as his and the other boys childhood friends, you were always invited to hangouts, except the ones that were just for "the boys" as they claimed. today's reunion was at issei's house, tooru and you begged for a Disney movie night, makki was saying that it was for children just so his friends couldn't see the excitement in his eye that wasn't unnoticed to your eyes. making your way to the couch, hajime signed for you to come to sit on his lap for the rest of the movie night, a thing you kindly accepted. "single lives matter, you know", issei says with a fake pout, "just shut up and let me enjoy, caterpillar brows" you told him while iwaizumi's arm tightens around your waist. your favorite part of the movie was coming so tooru said with an excited tone, "look cutie-chan, Megara is about to sing with the muses!... cutie-chan? you're ignoring me?", Hajime looked at you because tooru was right, that was indeed your favorite part of the movie, only to find you crushed on his neck slightly snoring; "shut up shittykawa, she's tired, let her sleep", he whispered, wishing his teammates didn't see the blush on his cheeks, "you know iwa, your cheeks are kinda matching my hair right now", makki told him trying to hide his laugh, "what happened iwa-chan? cat got your tongue?", tooru's remark was what send him over the edge, so he replied with "I will not hesitate to throw a ball to all of you next practice", he thought he could handle the teasing if that means you would be by his side like this more often.
• DAICHI you were exhausted from today's activities, not only you were on your basketball school team but exams were just around the corner so you were studying a lot and sleeping less these past days, exhausted would be the least you could call it. happy thing, today is friday and that means sleepover with your boyfriend, daichi; you were already waiting for him at the gate of the gym by the end of practice. "baby, you're okay? something seems off", he told you with a worried look on his face, "all cool, I'm just happy we have some time to spend together after this week" you told him with a quick kiss in the corner of his lip, making his cheeks a little pinkish. after you two arrived to your house, he went to the kitchen to make some snacks and you went to the living room to choose a movie; "Barbie and the diamond castle? again?", "yes, again daichi, deal with it, thank you for the snacks tho bub" literally fifteen minutes into the movie and you were already drooling on his bicep, he noticed and moved your head to his lap "you're lucky I love you, I don't watch Barbie movie's for everyone, sleep well, you deserve it love" a few more minutes and his head was hanging out of the couch snoring just a little, he went to sleep happy with the feeling of being beside you, can't wait for the future, he thinks before dozing off.
• TSUKKISHIMA your really tall and pretty boyfriend made his way inside the school, mentally hoping to see you, what he doesn't expect is not even a single tray of you in your classroom, a thing that leaves him to ask yachi where are you, "umh yachi, do you know where is she?" he asked with an unbothered expression, slowly dying on the inside, "she? OH, yes, she told me she is with a high fever so she could make it today, would you give to her my notes please?" she asked, a little intimidated by the tall boy, "yeah sure, tell daichi and ukai that I'm not going to practice today" after yachi giving him the okay he left, a little more relieved but still worried. the school day is over and after his younger manager lend him the notes you needed, he started making his way to your house, greeting your mother once he is in, going directly to your room where he doesn't even greet you, "why you didn't tell me you were sick? I could have skip class and take care of you", he tells you, annoyed but still caring, "I didn't tell you beacuse of that exact reason Kei, now come inside the bed and cuddle me" tsukkishima got inside the bed hesitating a little bit but once he found comfort on your warm, he was gone, "you know, you worried me, I couldn't stop thinking about you all day and you were here with a high fever and I could do nothing, i— you know is rude not to answer when someone is talking to you?", actually you were dead asleep the moment he touched the bed, his warm and company was all you needed and craved for the entire day; sighing he whispers to you, before going to sleep "I love you, please don't worry me again like that, short stuff"
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blackpoliglota · a month ago
Moi assistant une réunion qui aurait été un e-mail...
Tumblr media
This is me in that scenario and now after having spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME looking for a GIF for this post... that doesn't even fit the space properly on the desktop version 😭😭😭
Ah well, much ado about nothing, I suppose... anyway, I'M BAAAAAAAAAACK!!! So sorry for the unannounced hiatus... which wasn't really much of a hiatus, as I was still reblogging things BUT STILL. I ended up getting super sidetracked with teaching and dealing with the biggest headache on the planet known as the Spanish Beaurocracy™️🤦🏾‍♀️ Seriously y'all, those people DO NOT know how to do their jobs! If you want to hear about the fun time of trying to get my papers in order so I could remain a legal foreign resident, lemme know! Well, even if you don't I may create a post solely dedicated to that anyway; I could use the opportunity to let out some steam.
Now without further ado, onto my first original post of 2021!!!
As you may have guessed, this is about emails, particularly those written in French. I have 2 recent-ish emails I sent off to a college French professor asking for a recommendation letter for a fellowship. Wanting to keep up my French skills (and not disappoint my former professor), I used that opportunity to practice French by setting aside several lovely hours of my life for each email... yep, you read it right, HOURS. If I wrote those emails in Spanish it would've only taken me a hour tops for each email, but since this is French we're talking about here I had to spend the majority of my email-writing time looking up virtually every other word/phrase, cringe over each eventual sentence(s) I'd create with said word/phrase, and ultimately convince myself to move onto the next sentence to repeat that same process. . . all of this with taking a break after every 3rd sentence due to being lowkey dissuaded from continuing. . . fuuuuuuuun🙃🙃🙃
Anyway, not all language learning sessions are great. BUT, ya gotta push through those annoying/bad times to achieve greatness, amirite? Right, so with that being said, ALLONS-Y!!!
So I mentioned having spent the majority of my time looking up words and phrases for these 2 emails, meaning I now have a lovely list of vocabulary to get through! Check it out below:
Le premier e-mail
La Nouveauté - innovation / novelty / originality / freshness [In the email I mistakenly used it to mean "news", when I really should have used "nouvelles"]
À part - Aside from
La folie - madness / lunacy / insanity / chaos
Supporter - To put up with / to tolerate / to bear
Pour l'instant - For the moment
Falloir (qqch)- To have to do (sth) / must do (sth) [In the email I mistakenly used it to mean "should", when I really should have used "devoir"]
Déménager - To move (house)
L'essai (m.) - Try / attempt
Remettre - To turn in / to hand over [there are many more meanings for this verb, but in the email it's used to mean this]
Le formulaire - (Application) Form
Le faute - Fault / mistake / error
La date limite - Deadline
Faire face à - To deal with / to face
Opérer - To operate / to work / to function
Quoi qu'il en soit - Anyway / either way / be that as it may
Ce que - What [As an antecedent, not a question word]
Se rendre compte de (qqch) - To realize / to become aware of (sth)
La bourse - Scholarship / fellowship / grant / stock market
Requérir - to require / to call for
Le solliciteur / la solliciteuse - Petitioner / solicitor [In the email I mistakenly used it to mean "applicant", when I really should have used "demandeur / demandeuse" according to WordReference]
Le motif - Reason / motive / pattern / motif
Si longtemps - So long [As in "such a long time"]
Le thème - Topic / subject / theme
La déclaration personnelle - Personal statement
La déclaration d'intention - Statement of purpose
Payer le luxe - To have the luxury (to do sth) / to afford (to do sth)
Urger - To be urgent [In the email I mistakenly used it to mean "to oblige", when I really should have used "obliger"]
Amitiés - Best Wishes / All the Best [Letter sign-off]
And for the sake of breaking up these two lists so you won't be too overwhelmed at all the vocab I need to study, here's a picture of the first email below:
Tumblr media
Now for the next one!
Le deuxième e-mail
Le tour - Turn
Désolée de. . . - Sorry for. . .
Tel (m.) / telle (f.) - Such (a)
À temps - On time
Lié (m.) / liée (f.) - Related / connected
L'affaire (f.) - Matter / issue / business
Le séjour - Stay / temporary residence / family room / living room
Donc - Therefore [Grammatical position is after the verb, after "pas" if negation is present]
Une fois encore - Once again
L'objet (m.) - (Email) Subject / object / purpose / target
La nouvelle normale - The New Normal [COVID-19 related]
Vécu - Lived [Past participle of the verb "vivre"]
Propre - (One's) Own / clean / tidy / neat
Lorsque - While / when / as soon as
S'étonner - To be surprised / to be astonished / to be amazed
Chacun de nous - Any one of us / each of us
Poursuivre - To continue / to pursue / to keep up
Presque - Almost
L'enseignement de l'anglais langue étrangère - Teaching English as a Foreign Language [abbrv. "TEFL"]
Instituteur (m.) / Institutrice (f.) - (Primary school) Teacher
Le déménagement - Move / moving
Devenu(e) - Became [Past participle of the verb "devenir"]
L'éducateur / l'éducatrice - Educator
Le retour - Return
Bien que - Although / even though
La carrière - Career
La demande - Application
Écrasant (m.) / écrasante (f.) - Overwhelming / crushing / heavy
En réalité - Actually / in fact / in reality
Le résultat - Result
La ronde des finalistes - Finalist round
Alors que - While / even though
Les études (f.) - Studies
Réviser - To review
La communauté - Community
À ce sujet - On that note / speaking of which
À l'avenir - In the future
Postuler à (qqch) - To apply for (sth)
Scolaire - Academic / scholastic
S'améliorer - To improve / to upgrade / to get better
La capacité - Ability / capability
Cela dit - That (being) said
Fou (m.) / folle (f.) - Crazy / insane / mad / wild
Être en bonne santé - To be healthy
Être en sécurité - To be safe
Jurer - To swear / to vow / to curse / to cuss
Le temps de réponse - Response time
Chaleureusement - With Warm Regards / Warmly [Letter sign-off]
And here is the second email itself:
Tumblr media
As you can see, I blocked out the name of my professor because Consent Tings™️. Hopefully the email images help with putting the vocab into context! I plan to make quizlets for these vocab words soon and will post the link to it here for y'all if you're interested in studying them! Also, DISCLAIMER: if you didn't know this before, I am by no means an expert in the French language; I'm hardly at the B1 level. Cela dit (that being said. . . see that? heh heh😏), I'm sure there are a plethora of errors in both emails. If you're feeling extra critical when reading them, please please PLEASE point out those errors to me! I want to discuss them with you and learn from them so I can poursuivre m'améliorer (keep on improving. . . once again, hehee😂)!
Alrighty, that covers just about everything! Again, I am so sorry for not having created any original posts in such a long time; life carried me away🤷🏾‍♀️ Now that I finally have my first post of 2021, here's to more frequent content creating!
乾杯(Gān bēi)! 🥂
EDIT: Links to the quizlets below!
Le premier e-mail:
Le deuxième e-mail:
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fashionablyfailing12 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
▶BSD Characters as Kids
Tumblr media
Note: i'm an assistant teacher during summer classes (extra-curricular ones + taekwondo & judo) in this local pre-school and have heard and seen some funny shit because kids are too blunt for their own good. And I saw the latest wan ep. So I thought, imma make headcanons as I drown in more unfinished work UwU. Teaching 'em is honestly rewarding but also wtf why are u squeezing ur face into the air conditioner get the fuck down kid- so yeah, here are some headcanons of bsd characters as kids i've encountered lmao.
If y'all would like a part two please let me know so I can drink 1 liter of coffee beforehand, I found it to be a fantastically effective writing tool at 2:00 am UwU. You know what i WILL make a part two and include the other organizations + characters lmao. Was supposed to include Yosano in this one, but since Kouyou is in part two...i just had to put them together man-
Warnings: swearing
Genre: Crack
Characters: Chuuya, Kaji, Akutagawa, Ranpo, Kenji, Kunikida, & Elise
Tumblr media
the one who tells everyone to sit the fuck down and be quiet because the teacher is talking, and is immaculate at making threats to shut them up.
Plus he's good friends with every authority figure. Consistent winner of the teacher's pet award and is not one bit ashamed of it.
He's the kid that will zoom straight at you when he sees you outside of school and is just so happy that you go to the same grocery store, and his parents mutter 'sorry' behind him cuz oh boy-
It's almost closing time and he's still talking to you, he will never stop talking to you, if you kindly attempt to say goodbye he'll start another topic.
"That's great! Um, how about you tell me on monday so everyone else can hear your story, sounds good?"
"Hmm, okay," and you think it's over but-
It's really nice to see him excited and happy to talk to you, when he'd usually act mature in class and suppress his inner gremlin, because he has to be perfect and do perfect or he'll cry for days.
but you also need to buy groceries so that you can eat something for dinner-
Make him in charge of listing the rowdy kids when you get called for a short meeting, and he'll cherish you forever, he feels so proud and will do anything to fulfill his duty.
That he often takes too far.
Like his classmates can't take a goddamn bathroom break because the moment they stand up their name is written in all caps and he is glaring at them.
"But i need to pee-"
You'll get complaints the moment you get back but you won't have the heart to tell him off because he genuinely thinks he's done the right thing.
And he'll have this bright smile plastered onto his face as he hands you his notebook and report every minor occurrence.
Not a surprise, but the entire class is listed.
he can't remember your name, although he knows you and what you look like, and you'll hear him repeatedly say another name until he finally pats you on the arm, or tug at your sleeve to catch your attention.
And realization hits you that oh, so you're the one he's calling. Then he just says hi, smile at you, ask you one very specific question, and go back to whatever he was doing.
Very wholesome, and you honestly wouldn't mind to repeat it for him, but why did you just ask how old my mom is and where she lives kid what-
He's also the kid that rarely talks but is friends with everyone, he just greets them and smiles, sometimes he starts a short conversation before hanging around the group and listening happily to whoever was talking.
The nicest 'it' during tag, like if another kid says "wait I need to tie my shoelaces!" he'll chase after someone else and let them be, and when he spots a kid struggling to run after everyone, he'll offer to be 'it' again.
Is also the type to make lots of cards and give you silly gifts, like a yo-yo and cool flashcards, if he enjoys it he'll share it with you and everyone cuz it makes him happy and he wants the same for y'all too.
Everyone likes him and he's always invited to birthday parties.
Ranpo ↪
oh god he's in every picture. And it's fucking hilarious.
So you're taking a picture of another kid who's sticking their drawing to a bulletin board? He's throwing peace signs at the bottom.
Snapping a quick shot of two best friends smiling like they're about to break their jaws? He'll just speed in front of the camera and blur everything.
Probably has a photo with each classmate and shamelessly photobombs their picture with their parents.
but like, they can't deny him so they awkwardly put a hand on his head or something and let him stay for the picture.
Will brutally correct anyone, like it could be the most subtle error and he'll just look so offended and stand up from his seat to blurt out the right answer.
And he never stops yelling talking until you finally shush him and admit that he's right.
Certified candy stealer so nobody better make the mistake of leaving their sweets somewhere visible to him cuz he will get them, and once they realize their candy is gone-
He's already eaten it.
The laziest of them all, when you tell him to finish something he'll go "but my hands hurt" or "my stomach is aching"
But when you grab a drink and come back he's running with the other kids and wreaking havoc inside the classroom.
And once he notices you're back he's gonna clutch his stomach or head and be 'sick' again.
Best actor™ and is the infirmary's regular guest.
Chuuya ↪
he loves teasing the other kids but tease him once and he will explode.
And challenging everyone he comes across is his trademark and when someone dares him with a "think you can do this?"
he fucking will and you have to stop him from breaking his bones or another person's bones.
almost anything you say can provoke him, but teasing him about a specific crush will just awaken a different kind of violence within him.
*classmate couldn't kick the target pad* "Haha, you suck"
"You're just moody because dazai is absent-"
" no one said you had a crush on him..."
Then he realizes this and lunges at whoever said it and you end up holding him back from being outright feral and slamming a kick pad onto their face.
Naturally skilled in anything physical, teach him a move once and you'll see him use it the next lesson like he's done it a hundred times before. Pretty decent at school work too.
He hands his homework and workbooks early, and practices the exercises diligently, but this fact is often overlooked because he’s a magnet for trouble.
Oh and if anyone talks shit about said crush behind their back, he'll go off.
He also insults them from time to time but if someone else tries to-
War. Just war.
Akutagawa ↪
dislikes most of the other kids, has one or two people he's friends with but is still a bit closed-off, and he plays with them while waiting for his parents to pick him up.
But no one knows much about him apart from his name.
Everyone is lowkey scared of playing with him, because he gets competitive in games and his strength is no joke either.
Like he'll go "tag!" And the other kid nearly kisses the ground even though he just patted them on the arm. He doesn't do this on purpose though, and struggles to apologize despite being genuinely sorry.
But a little bit of help and he'll be able to say sorry without sounding mad.
He's aloof to most people, but you'll often find him taking his sister's bags, her lunchbox and water jug, until all she has to bring is herself, and he'll hold her hand when they go down the stairs or uneven pavements.
Is really nice but has a hard time showing it, and he might be quiet, but try opening a topic about his favorite show and your eardrums are blasted into oblivion.
Kid, i'm glad to see you have something you're very enthusiastic about-
But chill.
Also he really loves Bakugo, like really.
she pits other kids against each other for fun and relishes in the outcome as she denies having anything to do with it.
*points at a random kid* "he said you have no friends"
*moves to the kid she just pointed at* "you see him? That kid called you a wimp"
And she's gonna spread the word that those two are gonna fight and make bets on who's gonna win, then proceeds to watch the chaos like it's a movie.
Has a way of knowing most kids secrets, though she won't reveal them to anyone...
That is if they abide by her rules and follow everything she says, "tell teacher you saw me break my arm so I can go home, and no will know you steal crayons"
Rich kid™
Has the most expensive snacks, and never gives anybody some as she eats them in front of the other kids. But she'll have one best friend that gets a small share, other than them everyone else can starve.
She's still a little mean even to her best friend, but if she sees another kid bully them she'll make sure that kid will end up at the principal's office clueless and scared.
If you give her something her intial response is something along the lines of "I've seen better" or just plain "ew" but you'll find her wearing friendship bracelets that she called 'ugly and cheap'.
the I don't even wanna know kid. You'll catch him do the weirdest most questionable shit ever and you just let him be as long as it won't get him killed and end in arson.
Sometimes he goes into an empty room and just sing so dramatically, he has riffs for each goddamn word in the song and belts out the parts that aren't really meant to be belted out.
Knows more than kids his age should know, sometimes in an academic manner, especially in science, but he has heard and seen some things.
Things you'd rather not ask.
Snitches on his parents, like he'll barge into the teacher or principal's office and spill the tea. Even if you stop him.
Let me give you an example with Gin as his classmate and Hirotsu as principal:
Gin: what is sex?
Hirotsu: excuse me??? Where did you learn that word???
Gin: I saw the word in a history book, what does it mean-
Kaji: you don't know??? It's when the bed starts to rock and your parents make sounds like AHH-
Hirotsu: ALRIGHT THAT'S ENOUGH *faces Kaji* tell your parents to contact me, we need to talk. They need to get you a separate room.
Kaji: okay * laughs and looks at Gin* I almost fell off the bed one time-
Hirotsu: Kaji.
He can never say anything without screaming and the other kids hate sitting with him on the bus during field trips.
But he's crazy smart so they love being paired with him during projects, and is a consistent winner in academic contests. Also has the most creative ideas that earn him 1st place in extra-curriculars.
Has eaten food that fell on the floor once and played it off with a smile.
Tumblr media
People please be careful around kids, they will tell everone everything they see or hear around the house, the Kaji one is something I actually heard and I felt second-hand embarassment for her parents so damn hard. But I secretly laughed too oop couldn't look em in the eyes for months JHSSHSHSG also im very proud of the kid I referenced for Kenji because she was able to call my name correctly by the end of the school year, and has improved her speech a lot, im so happy for her and thankful that her parents aren't the type to pressure kids into learning things too quickly. Also I went outside to get coffee today, and they kinda made a mistake and forgot to make the macchiato decaffeinated, but I was too shy to tell them so I guess im not sleeping tonight either UwU
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fashionablyfailing12 · 2 months ago
Bungou Wonderland Series: part one
Tumblr media
▶six things before breakfast
Tumblr media
Type: headcanon
Warnings: [slight! manga spoilers] suggestive themes at the last part, swearing at the footer UwU
Note: I'm not saying I'm incredibly biased and made it way longer than it should be. But I am. Fucking fight me. Okay don't i love y'all, and in my defense it's out of my hands, I just love him so much. Don't you just look at him and die inside, but like in a good way? Man alive I'll sell my soul just to be in the same room as this rat, this rat that makes my heart clench whenever I see a picture of him and just sigh cuz- how can someone so beautiful exist what??? Like yeah he's like izaya who's fantastic at fucking up people's lives. Plus crime. But jokes on u i like that asshole too- no, i don't have a type UwU
Tumblr media
I↪ My best wishes in waking this man up, he scarcely gets sleep so when he does—it’s like waiting for a rock to come alive and talk to you. His body is badly starved from getting rest that the moment he does he completely shuts down, and you may or may not take this opportunity to calmly admire him, gently lift his head to gather the lump of tangled hair at the back and sweep it under his neck. Without his signature grin and teasing remarks as consequence for your affection.
Sometimes his brows furrow together, scrunching his nose subtly when you pinch his cheeks or brush your thumb across his lips, and it’s the most adorable thing there is.
Oh and for safety reasons never ever wake him up with an alarm or a loud voice, unless you're Dazai and you're really adamant to die.
If it's getting really late in the morning and is arguably noon already—maybe there is one way to wake this man up that won't cause your demise.
Card your fingers through his hair, all the way down to his shoulders as you press soft kisses to his jaw, muttering "it's morning darling," nudging your nose to his cheek. And you'll hear soft hums after a couple of seconds, his eyes fluttering open as long arms wrap instinctively around your waist.
Very sweet until the first thing that leaves his lips is "Mm...shut up." Although softly because it's out of endearment.
He's Fyodor Dostoevsky so of course he wouldn't say it, but he wants you to kiss him somewhere else before he actually gets up, somewhere he can kiss you back to lure you into staying longer in the sheets.
And you best believe he won't make an effort to move unless you kiss him on the lips—and honestly, it isn't too bad of a deal.
II↪So about the waking up thing, sure he's gonna sit up and pat down his bed hair, but he won't fully slip out of the thick blankets and stand up. Partly because he gets so dizzy and why is everything getting dark oh no he's fainting. But he'd love to make some tea first thing in the morning, which is why you often let him rest a little and make it for him instead.
Cocky little shit, but he'll burn down the world for you with no questions asked. And after you prepare tea, he'll clear up the spot beside him and lift the blankets for you to snuggle inside.
Words have always been his strong suit so prepare to get flustered by compliments while making it, he can outright say thanks rather than calling you nicknames and all things beautiful—but he doesn't want to.
Because it's vastly entertaining to watch you struggle and be embarrassed so why would he opt for expressing his genuine feelings and gratitude??? Like who does that???
And so a quick cuddle session is incited, he'll grab a book from the nighstand and read with you, sipping from his cup while you tangle your legs together, leaning on each other's bodies for warmth.
Even though majority of his work is on the computer, that doesn't make it any less hectic and exhausting, so starting his day with you cuddled beside him with his precious tea does wonders for him.
III↪Reluctantly, he moves over to his desk and does a quick rundown of today's tasks, writing down what is urgent and what is menial that can be left on hold, typing away to set up and ready his computer for intensive research and hacking for top-secret government files, trifles.
Another thing he does while skimming through his to-do list, is distracting you with any and everything he can talk about, and why is that, you ask?
He prefers to have you on his lap while he does this, but if you're busy with personal things as well then he won't take it against you...that much.
A little passive-aggressiveness wouldn't hurt.
Because of his goddamn vitamins.
He would never deliberately drink it and tries to avoid it at all costs out of pure spite, "i don't need them," excuse me sir your vision literally goes static each time you stand up too quickly.
"Drink your iron Fyodor."
Needless to say he's stubborn, but like all stubborn brats, he has a soft spot. So maybe just hug him from behind and nuzzle in the crook of his neck as you convince him into being healthy.
And he'll sigh like it's such an ordeal to drink two tablets of iron, but he'll take them anyway.
"I assume this means I don't have to drink tomorrow-"
Just bribe him with a late-night library date to shut him up, or just tell him you'll contact Nikolai to go inside your apartment to convince him instead and just like that the tabs are gone.
IV↪No hard feelings but he loves his privacy inside the bathroom, and gives you the same treatment as he calmly waits for his turn. Though there are some days where he misses you, maybe because of a mission that took him weeks apart from you, or just longing for your companionship, and he'll drop hints that he wants you to take a bath together.
Sometimes he hands you your towel when you're more than capable of getting it yourself—that's one of his hints.
Or when he keeps answering 'in a few minutes' every time you ask why he isn't stepping inside yet.
And when you do agree to join him, you'll see a small smile on his lips that instantly fade once you point it out, so don't.
There's almost no difference between how he acts alone and how he acts when he's with you, but he'll take significantly more time on things that he'd carelessly rush just to stay longer.
Oh boy if you wash his hair??? He might as well be ascending to heaven, you'll notice the tension immediately slip away from his body as you dig your fingers lightly onto his scalp, trailing it down to the nape of his neck.
And it won't be long before he lies limp against your body, eyes closed as you hear deep, satisfied hums rumble in his chest, as if reverberating off your own skin.
Honestly, neither of you would get out if you had the chance, but he has some crimes to do, so eventually he seals your lips with a lazy kiss and offer his hand to help you out of the tub.
V↪His ushanka gets more care than he does—he'll stay up exceedingly late until he can barely move an inch from his desk to get water from a fridge four feet away, but he doesn't fail to put his hat in the laundry, dry it, and brush away anything that touches its fur.
So is it even a surprise when it plays a permanent role in his everyday clothing? Nope.
When he's sure work won't involve going outside, he'll dress less formal and you'll get to see him wear mismatched clothing. Because as long as it's comfortable and keeps him warm, to hell with its dumb aesthetic quotes and repugnant color scheme.
He's confident he'll look good in everything anyway.
And the hat shall stay.
Will never be averse to what you want to wear, and always has something nice to say about it, and you know it's genuine since he points out details people wouldn't normally see at first glance.
Though the best part is when he just plops his hat on your head out of tge blue while you're putting on your clothes, and he fondly grins at you before snatching it off and moving on.
He doesn't do this every day, but I wouldn't say it's quite rare either.
But if both of you have some business outdoors, he'll be back to his regular intimidating attire, and he'll not-so-subtly suggest you wear an ushanka as well.
VI↪Ah, cooking. He can't. You'll never see the day where he truthfully admits to this, and he will never tire of playing it off like he doesn't like cooking nor the idea of it. Although in reality, he doesn't mind. So for the most part, you handle matters in the kitchen.
Tumblr media
He's great at taking instructions though so that makes up for it, you've barely gotten out the words about what you need next and he's already handing it to you.
Don't worry he trusts you, it's just second-nature for him to frankly ask about things he's unfamiliar with, so you'll get questions whenever you put a new spice into what you're cooking.
A sucker for giving and receiving back hugs, and will rest his chin on either your head or your shoulders, sometimes whispering sweet nothings into your ear.
Going too far with teasing is basically a drug for him, so tiny accidents happen when he goes beyond whispering sweet nothings. I'll let your imagination decide what those are.
"Darling," he'll coo into your ear, crawling his hand under your shirt while you brace yourself for another sly remark.
"Oh my god what is it this time-"
"The pan is on fire."
Knows it's his fault but won't admit it just because, but he'll help in cleaning up and fixing whatever mess he started.
But not without laughing.
Also side note: there is one dish he can cook and no one else can oppose him on it, but he only makes it on special occasions and celebrating the victory of his plans.
Up to this day and many more days after, you will remain confused if you want him with you in the kitchen, or out.
Conclusion ↪
An adorable bastard—although he can make anyone swoon with his words, he won't ever verbalize how he feels if he thinks it's 'too human.' But there are some serene moments where he lets himself have the freedom to be human with you, whether he's aware of it or not. His teasing comes from a place of endearment, and when he compliments you, even though his purpose is to see the cute expressions you make, they're honest praise. Not one to initiate affection, but will be offended if you don't give him some.
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Taglist: @fxrmer-giftedkid @iwillsellyourorgans @dinosaurtsukki @smadhuman
So, anyone smell some favoritism??? Cuz I sure as hell do lmao- I drank nearly an entire bottle of Gatorade-size cold black coffee so I can put this out tonight, and it's four am and i get a huge ass zap of energy when I oh so try to close my eyes, this is fun.
Im gonna fucking die.
Anyway, ily ratman uwu.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genre: fluff & crack
Warnings: swearing
Note: Yes I should be working on my series ft. five other wips and my pending school work, but brain said FUCK PRIORITIES write soukoku fluff or you will die.
So I hope y'all enjoy this, UwU!!! I'm working on Fyodor for the wonderland series so yes it's still a thing I just couldn't help but write this- Also I might make some for other ships I love with my life. 
Tumblr media
Whenever Chuuya opens a snack during a misision, Dazai would not stop annoying the shit out of him until he hands him whatever it is.
And he never gives it back, instead he calls over their subordinates to have some as if he's the one who paid for it.
So if he wants to eat a fraction of it, Chuuya has to act like a teenager reading a smutty fanfic around their parents every time he wants to open one.
Or when he's pissed, he just puts a brutal amount of chili powder once he sees Dazai coming closer to steal it again.
Hence why he has a picture of Dazai drinking seawater because they were at the harbor one time.
They play mobile racing games under the table during meetings, and Kouyou knows about this but helps them in covering it up.
Because she's so glad they're "getting along" no one cares what you're talking about anymore Mori.
And Chuuya would always jerk his knee and hit it hard against the table when Dazai would flip his car over.
While everyone gives Dazai weird stares because he's all stoic and might as well be staring at a blank paper—
Then he just bends backward so violently out of nowhere and nearly falls off his seat.
Both of them are stupidly obvious though, so it's kinda impossible for Kouyou to save their asses.
But she tries.
"That concludes this— are you two playing games?"
"Oh no, not at all they're just...quite enthusiastic about the meeting."
"Ah, then Dazai-kun, Chuuya-kun, what did we talk about today?"
"...guns, blood, murder?"
"...uh, topics?"
And Kouyou knows it's not very 'lady-like' but she has this very strong urge to just bang her head on the table because why are they like this?
Then they would instantly go at each other's throats the moment they step out of the office and everyone just has to deal with their bullshit.
It's like playing safe between two kindergartners whenever Hirotsu tries to step in and prevent them from destroying headquarters.
Because if he ever so slightly sounded like he sided with one of them, it's like dousing wildfire with gasoline and someone gets shot.
Dazai tries on Chuuya's hat, mostly when he falls asleep from using corruption.
He actually likes it, and the reason he always picks on the hat is that Chuuya looks miles better with it, and he won't ever admit this fact even on his deathbed.
Oh and he hides his stuff every chance he gets, but never Chuuya's hat, and it's the thing he scrambles to search for each time Chuuya uses corruption.
But he'll always prank him with a "I just threw away your ugly hat" when he wakes up.
Since everyone is too damn scared of going near Dazai's container, Chuuya sneaks in when he's not there and re-stock his fridge with food.
Then he tries to fuck up his handwriting and leave a note with some random dude's name so that the bastard won't recognize it was him.
Sike, of course he knows it's him. Not because of the handwriting, Chuuya does a pretty good job at making it look like shit—but because he knows only he would be kind enough to do such a thing for him.
The following day, he would be loads more quiet to the point where Chuuya is actually itching to say 'shut the fuck up'.
Cuz a huge 'thank you' is basically banging against his teeth and he's okay with it, but he also knows it won't just end at thank you.
Before the day ends though, Dazai will kick lightly at the back of Chuuya's knee to provoke him, and says his thanks, soft and barely audible.
Not in a way most would consider as gratitude either but of course, Chuuya would understand.
"The brand of crab meat was wrong."
"I did it on purpose."
"You? Imposter, it was Bob."
And Chuuya just snorts, "Right, guess you should thank him."
Then they just bite back a laugh and eventually melt into a subtle smile as they go back to report the aftermath of their mission.
Sometimes, when Dazai breaks into Chuuya's home, they watch movies together on the couch with their legs resting on a table, both agreeing to a no-alcohol policy to avoid drunk confessions.
And Dazai would always annoy him by pushing Chuuya's feet off the table and manspreading on the couch, until he finally haves enough of it and grabs a throw pillow to whack it on Dazai's face.
Then God have mercy on Yokohama.
Their pillow fights aren't...your usual harmless ones where there are zero prospects of dying and charges of arson.
But it's endearing in it's own, wild and feral way.
Which pushes either of them closer to blurting out how deeply they love each other than alcohol ever does, but they're too dense to notice because they're fucking idiots.
Soulmates—but nonetheless, idiots.
You know how Dazai drives like shit and won't let Chuuya be calm enough to be on the wheel? Yeah, Hirotsu, by all means is the one who drives them where they need to be.
That doesn't mean less chaos though, because there's no stopping them from murdering each other at the backseat.
Why? Because of the music. To be honest they have similar tastes, and listen to the same bands and artists but, they can't just bear to let the other have their way.
So even if they're internally screaming and jumping around because they absolutely will sell their soul for the song and 'omfg he likes it too!'
They will talk shit about it until they both cry because they can't take all the insults anymore.
Then try to hurl each other out of the car.
Mori compensates Hirotsu by paying him a year's worth of salary in one day, but it can never bring back the large percentage ripped off his lifespan each time.
Dazai has a picture of Chuuya genuinely smiling, and Chuuya has one for him too which they sometimes look at while grinning at their phones.
But they're both convinced it's actually a disgusting or embarrassing picture that can be used for blackmail and try to wrestle each other to delete it.
The entire mafia knows it's not, but no one's brave enough to get in the middle of their brawls.
Tumblr media
Will I make a part two for this despite the amount of work crushing my soul and haunting me in my sleep??? Perhaps.
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Haikyuu guys as stuff my dad did
This idea has been in my brain for a while, so I'm writing it out. Hope y'all enjoy :)
CW: idn, its pretty wholesome
Daichi answers your frantic phone call home expressing that you forgot your backpack and laptop for college when you went home over the weekend. Expressing that all of your notes are in the backpack, he decides to wake-up extra early Monday morning and make the 2 1/2 hour drive to your university, then drive all the way back to your hometown to go to work.
Sugawara came up with the best hiding spot for you while playing hide and seek at your 7th birthday party. He squeezed you in-between the back of the couch and the back couch cushions. Then, he sat in front of it to conceal the awkward lump it made in the couch. It took the others 30 minutes before giving up and telling you to come out.
Asahi asks you to style his hair for a zoom meeting he has later that day. After some deliberation, you both decide to do a mohawk style. He braces himself as you run off to get the brush, hairspray, hair gel, and hairdryer.
Nishinoya still wears the Annoying Orange shirt you got him when you were in 3rd grade. It's faded and has a giant picture of Annoying Orange on it, which faded from popularity in 2010, but he still wears it. In public.
Tanaka makes the dumbest jokes while in the audience of your colorguard/dance competitions. For example, he asked your mom if he should shout "Go get 'em George" to the group of girls performing to confuse everyone. Another favorite joke o his is to chant "the worm, the worm,, we worship the worm" while the previous team is carrying out their floor.
Ennoshida talks with you as you make one of the biggest changes in your life. Midway through your second semester at university, you determine that business is not for you, however, you do not have a backup plan. Talking with him, you end up changing your major to Geography, and now you love every second of it.
Kageyama drinks the milk out of you cereal. You hate the taste of milk by itself, but you don't want to eat dry cereal. To not waste milk, he drinks it after you finish eating your cereal.
Hinata fails miserably when your mom tells him to reapply the medical glue on your forehead. The day before, your sister threw a wooden block at you, causing a major tear in your head. Your mom took you to the emergency room, but they were busy and it was a school night, so they told her to just take some liquid band aid (which we called glue) and close the wound. Your mom told him to replace the glue, and he took ELMERS GLUE and placed it on the open wound. It hurt like a bitch.
Tsukishima takes you to go see the museum of natural history once a month. He knows you're the odd girl out of your class that would rather play with dinosaurs than dolls, so he takes you to see the dinosaur fossils. He also gets a discount because his place of work donated a significant amount of money and resources to one of the exhibits.
Yamaguchi helped set up your setup once you moved to zoom university. He attached your laptop to a monitor his job had extra, so now you feel like a badass whenever you use the two screens.
Oikawa out of nowhere invites all his high school friends over to stay the week at your house. A trip that probably should have been planned in weeks, even months, is planned in just a weekend. Everyone ends up sleeping on air mattresses and blankets on the floor due to your mom just finishing up replacing the floors in the house (she was not too happy with the sudden trip, but was welcoming anyway)
Iwaizumi makes you watch Godzilla with him whenever it's on TV. Some of his fondest memories include receiving Godzilla themed ornaments from his mom ever Christmas. He also unironically watches those cheesy fan-made Godzilla fights on YouTube for hours on end. Man just likes Godzilla.
Hanamaki and you wear funny hats to a volunteer cookout. The organizers told every one to wear a hat so that their hair didn't get in the food, but you two take it a step further. You wear a banana hat while he wears a hotdog hat.
Matsukawa taught you how to make all kinds of breakfast food at a young age. Whether it was a simple as a fried egg or as complex as French toast, he worked with you until the recipe came out perfect.
Kyotani scares the other parents off when it comes to the silent auction selling the class are projects. Now the shelf you and your kindergarten classmates fingerprinted flowers and bugs on sits proudly in your closet holding crafting supplies.
Ushijima scolds you for leaving the lights on. Most parents do that already, but he takes it to a new extreme. Your mom explains that he would never turn the lights on in his apartment when he was in college and would simply get his homework done before dark. Sometimes, if he had something to do, he would light a candle to finish something up.
Tendou recalls a story in which he stole a bus battery with his buddies to power an air conditioned tent at boy scout camp. He also recalls the year he and his friends tried to build a pool in the wilderness at the same count, only to get caught and reprimanded for it before filling it with water which totally had nothing to do with a camp counselor finding it and having a Vietnam flashback
Goshiki watches anime with you. He always acts like he is uninterested in whatever show is on, but he soon gets super into it and it will be the only thing he talks about for a week.
Kuroo sits at the table with you until 2am working on that math assignment you have been struggling with. You've definitely run out of tears to cry, and had to redo the assignment twice, but he is guiding you through the answers
Yaku isn't a fan of all the pets you and your mom have collected over the years. I mean, in his defense, at one point we had 8 cats an 3 dogs. However, he is also super cuddly with them, always giving them nose boops and belly rubs.
Kenma plays Xbox, Wii, and the ds with you. He doesn't find the bulk of the games you play with him entertaining, but he is willing to run through LEGO Star Wars with you. His personal favorite to play is Mario Kart and he doesn't let you win >:(
Lev is trying to convince the family to let him take the position in Alaska with higher pay. When mom raised the concern that the long winters wouldn't do well for your mental health, his counter argument was, "Yeah, and that sucks, but hear me out. We could have a pet Polar Bear." We didn't move to Alaska
Bokuto was definitely the most enthusiastic dad at the girl scout father daughter dance. He twirled you around in your pretty little JC Penney dress and made sure you two were the center of the dance floor. At one point, he lifted you above his head with each foot in a hand like a cheerleader. Truly terrifying.
Akaashi drives out to the 24-hour pharmacy to pick up some cold medicine when you couldn't sleep due to a stuffy nose. He also checks up on you every hour when you are coughing with some mysterious disease (due to the lack of tests and priority of the high-risk, I will never know if I had Covid when I got sick in late March)
Aone gives you the biggest hug after you get released from the graduation ceremony. He isn't the best with words, so this hug speaks so much to you.
Terushima has been taking you to Mardi Gras in New Orleans since you were a baby. He doesn't care that it's mostly an adult party, he believes that everyone in the family should enjoy a good ol' Mardi Gras
Atsumu carries you on his shoulders all the time when you're small. He just thinks it's the cutest thing.
Osamu makes sure to host a crawfish boil every year. Whether its the neighbors, family, both, or just the household, you can expect some good, spicy crawfish with corn and potatoes whenever he cooks.
Kita teaches you how to drive a stick shift. He's frustrated that you cant move three feet before stalling, but then realizes that the issue was that you were in third gear, not first. He is now impressed that you were even able to start moving at third gear.
Sakusa takes you along with him to work. His job is full of tough men, so when they see him with you in a little blue dress-up tutu and a plastic tiara on your head, their hearts just melt.
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Campus Crush
Tumblr media
pairing ➳ tutor!/campus crush!wonwoo x female!reader
genre ➳ college au, romance, fluff, pinning, a sprinkle of angst
warnings ➳ campus crush/ popular wonwoo coming for your heart lol, a lil bit of frat boy Wonwoo ><, maths (lmao yes it's a warning), heavy makeout, slight cursing
word count ➳ 3.7k
synopsis ➳ wonwoo is the campus crush in your uni and like everyone else you've got a thing for him. when he's assigned to tutor you for maths, you're equal parts happy and terrified. will you two remain just as classmates or will your relationship bloom into something more?
A/N: hellooo everyone! I'm really sorry for not posting more often, I've been really busy with school stuffs so to make up for it, here's a fluffy heartthrob Wonwoo for y'all. I've been writing this for the past couple weeks and I really enjoyed writing it so I hope you'll equally enjoy reading it. Anyway, don't forget to let know your thoughts and happy reading!
Tumblr media
You would have faceplanted onto the ground if it wasn't for the hand that grabs the back of your hoodie, effectively saving your clumsy self. The books you were carrying fall flat on the floor, scattered all over.
"Watch your step," the deep voice says. You look up to meet it's owner and find a beautiful pair of saddle brown eyes, shaped like a fox's, staring at you through metal framed glasses.
It's him. Jeon Wonwoo.
The Jeon Wonwoo who's famous in your campus for his pretty looks, sharp intellect and his band performances. He's quite literally the campus crush and you just had to embarrass yourself in front of him like that.
"I'm...sorry. Thank you-- for... catching me," you whisper, breaking your gaze from his eyes.
He acknowledges you with a slight nod before hovering on the balls of his feet and helps you pick up the books from the floor.
"I was actually looking for this," he holds up a copy of cartesian geometry.
"O-oh..okay," you manage to stand back up with the books on your hands. "I'll just uh...scan it for you. Just a minute."
"Yeah, I know how it works. I used to be a part timer," Wonwoo says casually, strolling behind you to the main desk of the library.
"You did?" Your wide eyes meet his as you set all the books down and reach for the one in his hand.
"Yes, last semester. You seem new here." He observes, pushing up his frames using his index finger.
Warmth graces your cheeks, "Yes, this is my third day."
He hums, hands inside his pockets as he waits for you to scan the book and complete the formalities. After you're done, he takes the book from you and sends a nod in your way before walking out of the library. It's until a bunch of juniors appear at the desk and calls for your attention that you realize you've been staring at Wonwoo's back as he was walking away.
There's an awkward silence stretching in the air as you and Wonwoo sit opposite to each other at the library. He doesn't seem particularly happy with the task assigned to him- tutoring you for maths- but nonetheless flips the exercise book attentively.
"I don't understand why Professor Martin asked you to do this. You're probably way too busy," you bite your lip, fiddling with your hands.
You are bad at math, which is no news to your professor but you just can't understand why he had to assign Wonwoo out of all people to tutor you.
Wonwoo sighs, "I am, so let's not waste time. I need your full attention. The more cooperative you are, the quicker this session ends." He's strict and to the point, making you sit up straight and try to gather all your wits and save yourself from making a fool of yourself in front of him.
Math is never easy, even when someone as handsome as Wonwoo is teaching you. In fact, it only proves to be more distracting. Everytime he leans over to check your answer or make you understand something, you can only stare at his cupid shaped lips and his sharp jawline- not to mention how awfully close he's to you. Maybe because of that your study session takes more time than Wonwoo anticipated and when you finally finish, he groans loudly, rubbing his eyes.
You really are bad at math.
"Please revise the lessons at home, otherwise I really can't help you. If you have any trouble, note it down and show it to me tomorrow." Wonwoo slings his bag over his shoulder before bidding his goodbye and marching out, making you sigh loudly in relief as you slump on the desk.
Wonwoo has been assigned to tutor you three days a week, at least until the next examination comes around. You know very well he isn't enjoying it; he's a busy man. He has his own studies and his band work. So as the days pass by, you try to make it easier on the poor boy, trying your best, studying hard and paying full attention to his lessons- which prove to be a tough job. The childish crush you had on him turns to something a bit more intense and breathtaking.
It's hard not to fall for him, he appears rough on the outside but is kind and patient when you ask him to repeat something or even make mistakes. That itself makes you grow fond for the man.
Maybe that's what leads you to ask him whether he has a girlfriend, one day after a study session.
"Why are you suddenly asking me that?" He looks a bit taken aback as a puts his phone down and looks at you.
You shrug, feeling shy under his gaze, "Nothing, just.. curious."
"I don't," he replies calmly. "I'm not the type to do relationships. I believe I'm not ready for the commitment and work that needs to build it. I'm more of a one night stand type of guy," he shrugs casually, sipping the coffee in front of him.
His words make your heart drop as you realize that he'll never return your feelings. The most you can get from him is a one night stand, which you're afraid, will only make you crave for him more.
Wonwoo stands up stretching his arms, "Exam starts next week. I think you're well prepared. Just revise these at home, hmm?" He pats your shoulder before strolling out of the library, leaving you and your deflated heart alone.
When you see the A written on the top of your answer paper, you're beaming with pride and joy. Your first thought is to go to Wonwoo and give him the news; which is exactly what you do, your feet carrying you down the hallway in search of Wonwoo as he wasn't in the class earlier.
You find him at the end of the hallway, in front of the music room but you stop in your tracks as you see him smiling at a girl you assume shares music classes with him. She's definitely flirting with Wonwoo as they talk animatedly and share teasing glances.
Looking at them, you suddenly feel deflated, like a popped balloon. You stare at them, your shoulders slumped, all your earlier excitement forgotten.
After he's done chatting with the girl, Wonwoo turns around and his eyes widen when he sees you looking at him. "Hey," he smiles, walking upto you. You shrug off the earlier pain you felt seeing him with the girl and smile brightly, "Look!" You hold up your answer paper.
Wonwoo's focus on it as he takes the paper from you, a proud smile gracing his lips. "Well done, ___." He gently pats the top of your head. He hands the sheet back to you and starts walking away when you reach for his wrist. "H-hey."
"Are you free tomorrow?" You ask shyly, dropping his hand from your grip now that you have his attention.
Wonwoo frowns, "Not really..." He trails off, expecting you to explain.
"I want to give you a treat you know...for helping me get this grade." You murmur, shifting from foot to foot.
Wonwoo chuckles, "You don't have to. Instead treat yourself, you did all the hard work."
"But I want to!" You almost whine, sounding too desperate. Wonwoo sighs, stopping in his tracks and ponders over something for a moment.
"I'm not free tomorrow but maybe this weekend, I could join you."
"That's fine!" You grin, happy that he accepted your proposal. He gives you a small smile and before he disappears you can't help but ask him, "Got a date tomorrow?"
Wonwoo raises an amused brow at you, "Something like that I guess."
"Ah, I see," you force a smile on your face when he doesn't explain any further. "Well, enjoy then!"
True to his words, Wonwoo makes time for you on the weekend; appearing in the coffee shop you asked him to, dressed in a black leather jacket with dangling chains, his black hair messy and his usual glasses discarded. He looks unfairly good and you internally drool over him.
"Hey! Wonwoo!" You chirp, a little too excited. His focus lands on you before a small smile appears on his lips as he takes his steps towards you.
Taking a seat on the chair opposite to you, he smiles, "You look beautiful, ___. Got a date later?"
Heat bursts on your face like fireworks as you wave your hand rapidly, your heart thrumming at how he noticed your effort on dressing up more than usual, "No no! I just... thought I'd dress up a little...I barely go out you know..."
"Well, you should. You look lovely." Wonwoo comments, sending your heart in a frenzy.
You try to distract yourself, "What about you? Where are you going? I mean, you look... handsome. I mean- you always look handsome but today it's more intense- never mind," you shut your trap before you say too much, mentally slapping your head.
Wonwoo chuckles softly, "Thank you. Me and my band mates are going clubbing later, if that's what you're asking."
"Oh, I see. Well then, we better order!"
It feels like time passes by in a blink as you and Wonwoo chat while eating pretty looking desserts and much to your surprise, Wonwoo has a sweet tooth. You watch him devour two pieces of strawberry cheesecake while taking about his band mates and before you know it, evening as fallen.
Wonwoo checks his watch and you get the indication that your time with him is up. Your heart falls, wanting to spend more time with him; nevertheless you smile as you pay the bill and buy a piece of chocolate cake as take away for you to eat when you cry over Wonwoo later on.
"Let me walk you home." Wonwoo says as you both step out of the cafe.
You shake your head, "No no. It's okay, I'll be fine. It's not that far. Besides, your friends are probably waiting for you."
"Nah," Wonwoo shrugs as he starts walking with you, "It's still early, I've time."
You don't protest anymore, happy that you get to spend more time with him. The two of you fall into silence, walking side by side as you sneak glances at Wonwoo's sculptured face. He walks in sync with you, hands in his pockets, humming a tune. All too soon, you're in front of your dorm and a heavy sigh escapes you.
"This is it," you whisper, feeling shy all of a sudden as you stop in front of him. Wonwoo nods, "Thanks for the treat, although you didn't really had to."
"It was my pleasure, Wonwoo. I had fun." You smile softly. He nods, "Well then, go in. Have a good night."
You nod, "You too." Your feet feels heavy as you walk away from him, unwilling to be separated. Before you know it, your feet is carrying you backwards to Wonwoo and you tiptoe to plant a soft kiss on his cheeks. His eyes widen but before he can say anything you're muttering a 'bye' and dashing off towards your building.
What did you just do?
Realization dawns on you as you stand against your front door, slapping your head.
Why did you do that! What will he think of you now?
You just had to go ahead and ruin what little friendship you had with Wonwoo. What if he's creeped out by you and decides to never talk to you again? You probably deserve it.
You pull at your hairs in frustration. Should you just go ahead and confess to him? Your friendship is probably ruined anyway. No no no. That'd be another bad idea. No, you just need to act like this never happened and hope that he does the same.
Groaning loudly, you drag yourself off the floor and pour yourself a glass of the cheap wine you have in your fridge.
Your next encounter with Wonwoo happens too quickly for your liking; literally the next day after your cafe hangout. During your shift in the library you hear his deep voice as you try to reach for the old books at the highest shelf.
"Need help?"
You almost fall back as your eyes meet his and warmth graces your cheeks.
Oh no.
Why is he here? To tell you to never show your face to him again?
Your throat is dryer than a dessert so you can't form much of a reply; Wonwoo doesn't need it as he grabs the books you couldn't reach and hands them to you.
"T-thank you," you whisper, avoiding his eyes and try to head towards the front desk, hoping he won't follow. Except he does.
You set the books down as he speaks, "I came to return this," he takes out the cartesian geometry book he borrowed from his bag pack and hands it to you.
"O-oh, right, yeah, thanks." You say dumbly, palms sweating as you take the book from him.
"___, is everything okay?" Wonwoo pushes up his glasses to observe you like you're science experiment. You go rigid under his stare, brain turning into mush as you try to form words that make sense.
You wonder if it's just your imagination or if he really looks more handsome than the other days. His hair is slightly wavy and messier today and he's dressed in an oversized sweater. His face has a soft, warm glow that makes you want to kiss every inch. He looks so cozy and warm you just want to hug him and stay in his arms forever.
Get a grip, fool.
You cough loudly, "N-no. Why?"
"You're really...jumpy today," he comments to which you vigorously shake your head, "Really? It's n-nothing probably."
Wonwoo hums, not commenting further as he starts to walk away- much to your relief- only to stop and turn to look at you.
"There's an autumn festival in our campus this weekend, you know right?"
"Are you free that day? I was wondering if you'd like to come with me. Me band mates are gonna perform later in the evening."
Your jaw drops unceremoniously. You're hearing it wrong, right? He didn't just ask you to go to the festival--
You blink multiple times, trying to remember human language before opening your mouth, "I...I... would love that!" You chirp a little too loudly.
Wonwoo smiles, "Great. I'll see you then."
The festival's in full swing when you stop in front of the main gate, waiting for Wonwoo. You're about to dial his number when the man himself pops up from behind you, poking your shoulder.
"Hey! You're already here?" You grin.
He shrugs lightly, "Yeah... I came with my team we had some set up to complete."
"Am I late?"
"No, you're just in time. The festival has just begun," Wonwoo smiles. You realize that he has ditched his glasses tonight.
"Shouldn't you be with your band then? I'll just-"
He cuts you off by grabbing your wrist and pulling you with him, "Don't worry, our performance is later in the night. I've plenty of time."
Wonwoo has back brushed his hair today, dressed in a jacket on top of a turtleneck paired with high boots- he looks devouring. It's almost like the entire world revolves around him and you're just some insignificant character, marring his presence.
Wonwoo's grip on your hand is firm as you both stroll through the stalls, stopping occasionally in front of something you like. You're surprised how he doesn't let go of your hand- like it's nothing is unusual, like you've been doing it for years. The act makes your heart beat loudly in your ears as you take shy glances at him.
Wonwoo buys you cotton candy- a white bear with fluffy pink ears and you both share it as you walk around. It feels like you're on a date; the idea thrilling you to your core. Is he interested in you? Is this really a date? Did he realise you have feelings for him? As much as you want to know the answers, you're far too afraid that you'll be disappointed once you hear them. Instead you opt to enjoy the time Wonwoo has decided to share with you, leaving no room for regrets.
All too soon the evening passes by and before you know it, it's time for his performance. He leads you towards the stage, decorated with beautiful lights that gives it a warm glow and set under the open sky, facing small seats that imitate the arrangement of a stadium.
"You're in no hurry right?" Wonwoo asks you as he finally let's go of your hand as you come to stop in front of the stage. His band mates can be heard practicing somewhere nearby as the other students help complete the decoration.
You shake your head, "No."
"Good, I'll walk you home after the performance."
Heat flares through your face. Why is he being so attentive to you? "O-okay," you murmur, shy.
Wonwoo gives you a soft smile that sets your heart aflame before squeezing your hand and disappearing into the backstage. You swallow, trying to get your scattered feelings together.
The show begins as you take seat among the generous crowd of your classmates and gradually the show starts. Wonwoo and his band's performance is the final one and it takes a while to get there.
When the wind is chillier and the night is darker, their performance begins- but it's not what you expect. Wonwoo and his band mates are well known for performing hip-hop genre- all chains and raps, so when when they start singing a ballad, gasps of surprise echo through the crowd.
But they don't disappoint. Far from it, they deliver an amazing performance that leaves you and others, mesmerized. Wonwoo's deep voice singing ballad makes your heart feel full as his rich voice washes over you in a soothing manner. He sings about how he wishes to share his pain with the other person, how his feelings remain unrequited.
I wish for us to be able to hurt together every hour
Even though you won't know how I think of you every single day throughout the many seasons
I blamed myself who was lacking all day long
Because I was overflowing with countless emotions
I look at myself who is left staring blankly alone
As if nothing is wrong, what a painful night
After the performance ends, you watch the crowd leaving, talking about how impressive Wonwoo and his band's performance was while waiting for Wonwoo to finish up. When you finally see him walking towards you, you notice a shy smile on his face and a red glow on his cheeks.
He takes a seat beside you, "What did you think of the performance?"
"I definitely wasn't expecting that," you chuckle. "I thought you guys only rapped."
He shrugs, "We wanted to try something new."
"Well the crowd definitely loved it."
"And you?"
"I'm a part of the crowd too," you smile shyly. Wonwoo smiles too, his eyes crinkling, "I'm glad. I wrote the lyrics, actually."
"Oh, really?" You're surprised. Wonwoo nods a yes and you feel he's somewhat shy as pink tints his cheek. "Well, the lyrics were beautiful. Whoever you wrote that about is very...lucky," you say unable to stop yourself.
Wonwoo looks at you for a beat, the gears in his head moving, before exhaling loudly."
"___," his voice is firm and his gaze is serious.
"Y-yes?" You're suddenly scared. What is he gonna say? To never show up in front of him?
He visibly swallows before speaking, "I like you."
You stare dumbly at him, your jaw hanging loose. Moments pass by like that, you trying to decipher if he really said that and him eagerly staring at you for an answer.
"Huh?" You look at him wide eyed, your heart beating a mile a minute. Did he really say that? "I- do you really mean it?" You whisper, voice wavering.
"Yes I do," his nod is firm. You swallow, struggling to form words. You open your mouth but nothing comes out; you're overjoyed, overwhelmed, a big surge of emotions flowing through you that makes you wanna drop into your knees and cry out of happiness.
"I really need an answer you know," A soft smile graces his lips, "I know for a fact that you like me too but I need you to confirm it out loud."
"I do! I do!" Your voice suddenly comes back as you reach out to grasp his hands, afraid he might disappear."I...just- I thought you were not interested in a relationship." You squeak.
"I wasn't," His smile is sheepish. "Until that night, you kissed my cheek. I've no idea why but my heart started to beat so fast and I felt so giddy- it was like I was fifteen all over again. I kept on thinking about you after that and how much I enjoy spending time with you. I really like you, ___. I want to date you. I want to try it with you." His straight forwardness has you mute as you look at him with wonder. Your heart is full and you've never been happier.
"I want to date you too, Wonwoo." You whisper, heat kissing your face as you shyly meet his gaze. He looks beautiful, the light from the stage giving his defined features an ethereal glow as he smiles victoriously.
"Can I kiss you?"
You almost choke before nodding. Wonwoo wastes no time, leaning in to press his lips against yours. It starts soft and gentle at first until he's pulling you closer by the waist and cupping your neck, his tongue delving into your mouth. He kisses you passionately, leaving you breathless as you grasp his jacket, only pulling him closer. Before you know it, you're moved on his lap where he holds you close without detaching his lips from yours.
When he finally pulls back you're both out of breath as he rests his forehead against yours, gulping lungful of air.
"Would you like to spend the night with me?" He whispers stroking your cheek.
You gulp and nod mutely, unable to find your voice.
"I need to hear you say it baby."
"Y-yes, please," you mumble before pressing a trail of kisses against his jaw. Wonwoo sighs contently, "We need to stop baby, I'm hard already. I need to make it to the frat house."
You giggle, "Okay, let's go. I can't wait any longer either."
Wonwoo kisses you one final time before letting you off his lap and standing up. He grabs you by the hand and pulls you close as he briskly starts walking, murmuring, "Let's take a cab, it'll be quicker."
You can't help but laugh at his eagerness as you continue to follow him, your steps in sync with his. You take your time appreciating Wonwoo's broad shoulders and his tall figure from behind and how veiny his hand looks as he grips yours tightly. Warmth floods your system as you feel slightly dizzy. Wonwoo likes you. Wonwoo is really taking you home.
As unbelievable as it is, the campus crush is yours now.
Tumblr media
A/N 2: The lyrics I used is from 'I wish' by Seventeen. If you enjoyed reading this, please reblog and lemme know your thoughts! My asks as well as the comments section are always open so please spare a few seconds to let me know how you felt! Have a good day/night~
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kiwikyuu · 4 months ago
━━━━━━━ the perfect blend ; tendō satori
Tumblr media
summary — barista!tendō can't stop thinking about you
word count — 808
genre — headcanon ; coffee shop au, fluff
warning(s) — cursing, not edited
a/n — ahaha okay but can y'all imagine tendo and ushijima as baristas/cashiers at a coffee shop? like ushijima's 6'0 clueless intimidating ass trying to take coffee orders during rush hour? i'm crying real tears right now
Tumblr media
so let's say tendo is in college, working at a local coffee shop by campus to make some extra money for his tuition
he usually works the espresso machine but per order of grumpy ushiwaka whose dad owns the coffee company rip, he ends up taking the register for just one day
little did he know though that the first person he'd end up having to serve is someone that he finds absolutely breathtaking that's you boo uwu
you were a classmate in one of his general classes, and after a small group project and being paired with you for a presentation, he had fallen head over heels for you and your little cute quirks
"you're as whipped as the cream we serve," came tsukishima's quiet remark in passing as you came up to the register to place your order
secretly he's happy though
"h - hey y/n"
you were going through your bag searching for your wallet when you heard your name being called, and lo and behold when you saw tendo. you couldn't have gotten more flustered
because spoiler alert: you like him aka the bold red headed guy who shows up to class with treats he's made himself to share too
"i didn't know you worked here," you said, hoping your cheeks were only warm and not noticeably so
he shrugged, hands shaking trying to act nonchalant "yeah, ushijima and me both haha"
*semi awkward silence ensues before manager kuroo sends tendo a text message that reads "get the fuck to work. yer holding up the line with all that bad flirting"*
"sooooo, what can i get for you today?"
and so began a little ritual between the two of you where tendo takes the register every week according to your schedule so he has the opportunity to talk to you that much longer
if anyone noticed the flush in both of your cheeks every week which even baker lev of all people had noticed they didn't say anything
kuroo even had a bet going with one of the other managers akaashi for how long it would take for y'all to get together kuroo put 20$ on within a month and akaashi scoffed before putting 30$ on within two weeks
honestly you two are so cute
tendo always manages to write something on your paper cup sleeve before handing you your order
literally you're so confused because when did he find the time between taking orders on register and helping tsukishima and rookie barista goshiki with different drinks
little do you know tendo actually has a stash of sleeves he snatched from work that first time he saw you so he can write you messages at home i'm SCREAMING isn't that so cute??
"you mocha me crazy (from ur fav redhead)"
"i cannot espresso how wonderful you are -10do"
"hope u bean well. good luck on ur exams haha -tendoremifasolatido"
without a doubt each one puts a smile on your face because hello??? this is tendo??? he's everything and more
BUT ANYWAY back to your regularly scheduled program the good stuff...
barista tendo plans a whole thing to ask you out which includes roping in stoic ushijima who is surprisingly happy to help "when you're happy, you do well at work and good work means good business according to my father" and baker osamu "what do i get if i help?" "half my tips for the day"
so the day finally comes and kuroo's grumbling because he now owes akaashi 50$
you end up coming in during a slower time for the coffee shop courtesy of tsukishima suggesting that you come in then since it's less busy because tsukishima couldn't resist tendo's bugging is a nice person
"hello y/n. nice to see you today," came ushijima's quiet voice
you smiled. "hey, i didn't know you were working register today."
"ah... yes, i am." silence. "y/n you should try a latte today. they're... very good."
"oh." you nodded as ushijima seemed very motivated today. "okay. i'll take any latte then."
and so tendo started scheming working on your drink while having osamu prepare his part
before long, tendo serves you your order himself in person coming out from behind the counter to where you had sat at a table
a vanilla latte (that ushijima had decided would be good) decorated with a pattern of hearts from the milk foam, a specially baked bread formed in the shape of a heart, but no note
instead, tendo sheepishly looked at you as he set it down and before you could say you hadn't ordered anything besides the coffee
"i like you a latte y/n... do you want to go out with me?"
of course you say yes and maybe after his shift you two go on a small date for some food or something uwu
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reverees · 5 months ago
thinking about...
Tumblr media
warning(s): manga spoilers (post time-skip) below the cut!!!
other musings: was not expecting my first thought to be abt sakusa tbh,,, writing and posting isn't new to me and yet i'm so nervous to post like whyy
Tumblr media
...either you or sakusa kiyoomi working as a cleaner.
you as a janitor.
◈  enemies to lovers. 
◈  he's originally the prick from msby who was visibly disgusted by your less than professional casual appearance, unaware that you actually worked as one of the janitors at the gym his team practices in. he mocks you for being/getting dirty all the time, that you dress like a hobo, and you don't do your job properly. 
you'll always snap back saying you're like that because you have uni and this was a part-time thing. besides, you're the one sacrificing your own hygiene so his ungrateful ass can use the gym properly. 
◈  if he ever sees a spot you miss/didn't clean properly, better be prepared for a glare and 'can't even do the one job you were meant to do'.
i don't particularly enjoy the built-up sexual tension trope but it fits so well with this idea so let's just say there's yearning underneath frustration and you both end up making out in the janitor's closet when y'all are done screaming at each other. 
◈  there’s this part where you got sick and you forced yourself to work still. man deadass swiped all your equipment and took over, saying you should just stay at home because it’d hinder your work performance, which was already bad to begin with. it wasn’t because he was worried. nope. ofc not.
◈  after the confession, you’ll try to clear your schedule to watch some of his games. in return, he’ll accompany you during his free time, sometimes even offering to lend a hand.
◈  one time you came wearing his msby jacket, resulting in bokuto and hinata absolutely losing it, while atsumu just stands there with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face.
him as a custodian. 
◈  office au, office au, office au—you're the newbie who somehow managed to rope the attention of the company's resident pretty boy: the seemingly cold and closed off head custodian, Sakusa Kiyoomi. 
◈   not knowing how to approach you, he opts to leaving small gifts on your desk—occasionally accompanied with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. you began suspecting him after noticing that a part of the gifts you'd get include sanitary and/or hygienic products. 
◈  the first real encounter was when he woke you up after you had dozed off working overtime. he was the one to wake you up, and even offered to accompany you home.
◈  a cute something he does even before you date include giving you his jacket/coat when you forgot to bring insulation when the office's room temp was particularly cold that day. 
◈  the both of you also would buy/make food for each other. most of the time it’s you sharing some homemade meal with him. pack a separate bento and add a lil’ note with a heart on it--look close enough and you’ll see the tip of his ears reddening.
◈  no thoughts only soft!yoomi + mutual pining 💔
◈  there's also probably a bonding moment where one of you falls ill and the other is worried enough to visit after their shift is over 💖
Tumblr media
©reverees. all rights reserved.
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takemepedropascal · 5 months ago
Never Be Me
Part 1
Notes: I really want to get back to writing for Mando so I thought why not start a series? I'm not sure how long this will be but here's the first part. Hope y'all enjoy.
Parinings: Din Dijarin x Fem Reader.
Summary: The reader is having mixed feelings about Din. They've known eachother for many years and theres alot of unsaid feelings between them. The reader is us to being on her own, living her own life and not having any sort of connection or bonding with anyone. So the reader feels like it's time to go their separate ways, but when they begin to argue she tells him how she feels about him. She thought if she was honest he wouldn't push her away, but sadly he does.
Warnings: Angsty.
Miley's new album is inspiring many of my fic ideas.
Tumblr media
I met The Mandalorian many moons ago. He's saved my ass more than I can count, so when he told me about a mission he needed my help with, I couldn't turn him down. I thought what would be short and quick mission, ended up turning into something more than I could chew.
I've been with Din and the child for what seems like a year now, trying to find the Jedi to help the child find someone who could help him with his powers. So here we are, going from planet to planet trying to catch any leads we could to help this child, but here we are once again with another lead. I sure hope this lead is legit.
I've grown attached to this child, he's precious and the cutest little thing I've ever laid eyes on. I care for him often, and help Mando in anyway I can, besides I owe him. I'll admit I'm growing tired of being in the Razor Crest, the quarters are small and not meant for this many beings at once.
I've done some thinking, that I should head out, that my time here is done. That I should go off and do my own thing, though I don't want to leave Din, or the Child but I'm not cut out for this. I'm no mother, hell I'm not even girlfriend material and Din and I have been growing awfully close which is not my style. I'm not one to settle down, I've never thought about marriage, or having kids of my own, the only closeness I've ever had with anyone is when I'm intimate with them. I have no time for someone else, and besides I'm use to being on my own and doing what I want.
I don't have my freedom now, and besides Din and I, we're... we're getting a little to comfortable, and I know the longer I wait the harder it will be to cut the cord.
I chew on my bottom lip as I think about how I'm going to tell Din, how I'm going to cut the cord. I'll be honest I feel something for him, I mean who wouldn't? He's what I've always wanted in a man. He's strong, mysterious, funny when he wants to be, brave, and kind, he can be so sweet at times when he's not trying to be a hardass. Seeing him care for this child has really opened my eyes to the man he is. I don't want to say goodbye, but I know if I don't then we'll both get hurt in the end because let's face it I'm no angel.
I tuck the child into his cozy bed Din had made for him, I smile as he starts to snore. He has the cutest little snores, I swear. I quietly shut the door and tiptoe to the ramp of the ship. Din has been busy working on the ship all morning so I know he could use some help.
"Hey, you." I smile as I approach him.
"Hey. Can you hand me that wrench?" He asks, his head still barried into the back of the ship while he lazily points to the tool box sitting only a few inches away.
"Sure." I hum as I hand him the tool. "Look, Din, uhm we need to talk."
"Can it wait until after dinner? I really have to get this fixed."
I furrow my brows. "Uhm, yeah sure."
"Great. If that's all can you help me?"
"Sure." I smile slightly, as listen to the instructions he spits off, and waist no time in helping him.
What I thought would be a constant arguement of who was right and what needed fixing like usually actually ended up being pleasant. Din and I laughed for once, I can't remember when I've heard him laugh last. He has such a gorgeous laugh. We even shared old stories when we would go on missions together, and even shared some intimate stories with one another. I have forgotten how much fun Din and I have had, how many precious memories we share. Makes me realize how tough leaving him and the child will be.
"Well the sun is going down. That's enough for today." Din hums as he packs away the tools back into the toolbox.
"That was actually fun." I laugh as I whip the grease off my hands with a old rag.
"Are you saying I'm not fun?"
I shrug my shoulders and toss him the rag. "We haven't had fun in a long time, Dijarin."
He sighs, his helmet tilted down as he locks the toolbox. "I know. Things haven't been the same with us."
"No. No. They haven't. But we've changed."
He shrugs his shoulders and picks up the toolbox. "Guess your right." He sighs as he walks up the ramp of the Crest. I can tell theres something he's hiding.
"What's bothering you, Din?"
"Nothing. Let's go to town and get dinner, I'm sure the child is hungry."
I nod as I walk into the ship. Din and I have never been the most commutative people, we feel best it's better to hide emotions than speak them.
"Hey, kiddo, ya hungry?" I ask as I scoop him into my arms and craddle him. He coos and looks up at me with those big brown eyes of his. I swear this kid melts my heart.
"Ready, you two?" Din asks.
"Ready." I smile as I follow his lead into town. So many thoughts running through my mind as I fight my decision on leaving. Today has been great, and there has been no arguments or nonsense fighting, but one good day doesn't mean the rest will be. I've grown exhausted, and I know Din and I's relationship is on thin ice. We've never spent so much time together, and I know we always go our separate ways in the end. So why is this time so difficult? Why can't I just tell him? I know I'm not as good as him, I know I can't have a future with him even if I wanted too.
I follow Din to a table and sit the child in a chair, before I take a seat across from Din, the light reflecting off his helmet as I look at him. His helmet facing me, but I'm not sure if his eyes are on me. I've never seen Din's face, and I've known him for years and theres still so much I don't know about him. I've often wondered what was beneath that helmet, I've imagined what he must look like, and I imagine him as a handsome man. A man that could sweep anyone off their feet.
I feel like I've built myself up, that I've hoped Din and I will have something between us and when I think we're getting there one of us cuts the other off, and don't speak to one another for months. We're both afraid of afraid of commitment, in our line of work we can't settle down, and if we fall in love then we could put the other in danger. I wish I could be the one for Din, settledown, be loyal, and love him, but I know I can't. I know I can't be the person he needs, no matter how hard I try.
The waitress takes our orders, and we sit in silence. I know something is lingering between Din and I, there's so much history and unspoken feelings between us, and I'm afraid nothing will be revealed.
"You said you wanted to talk to me about something?" Din asks, catching my attention.
I clear my throat and push a piece of stray hair behind my ear. I look up at the man before me, trying to catch a glimpse of what's behind that helmet but it's hopeless, like alot of other things.
"Yeah... yeah. But it can wait." I smile slightly as I look at the child sipping on his soup. I can feel the heartache building in my chest, but I don't know how to quite word things, I don't want to ruin our friendship completely.
"You sure. Something seems to be bothering you."
"It can wait, promise." I smile as I focus my attention back to him. In the corner of my eye I notice a couple, just sitting and talking, they seem so in love, so connected. Something I wish I could have, but I know it's useless.
We finish up our meals and head back to the ship. The child sleeping in my arms as I carry him into the ship, and tuck him back into his bed. I press a small kiss to his forehead before shutting the door. Din is leaning against the trim of the ramp, his back towards me as he looks out into the darkness surrounding us.
"He likes you, ya know."
"I know." I smile, as I walk over towards Din, standing next to him. "I like him too."
"I know things didn't go as planned but thank you for sticking with me. I don't think I would of made it this far without you, (Y/N)."
"That's not true."
"No, it is. I have no clue what I'm doing."
I rest my hand on his shoulder and give him a soft smile. "You're doing great, Din Dijarin. Don't put yourself down."
"You've always made things a little easier."
I laugh slightly and shake my head. "I don't believe that for a second. We're always fighting and I'm a hot mess."
He shrugs his shoulders. "But it makes you, you, (Y/N)."
"Maybe, but I just wish for a second I wasn't reckless and would allow myself something more."
Din turns his head in my direction, my reflection stairing back at me on his Beskar. "What do you mean?"
I shake my head as I walk down the ramp. "Nothing, it's nothing."
"No, wait. Don't give me that. You've wanted to talk to me about something now what is it?" He asks, his heavy footsteps following behind mine, his gloved hand grabs mine stopping me in my footsteps. My breath hitches, and I feel frozen, I'm missed placed and feel unaware of what to do. "Talk to me." His deep voice calm, and venerable.
I turn slowly on my heels to face the man in Beskar. I'm nervous, and don't know what to say. His gloved hand is warm inside of mine, and for once everything feels right in the galaxy. I take a deep breath and try to piece my thoughts together. "I-Ive been thinking that maybe I shouldn't stay here anymore."
"I've had a feeling you were going to say that."
I can hear the pain in his voice even though he's trying to hide it. "Listen Din... I."
He pulls his hand away from mine and what I thought could be a sensible moment is already turning into a fight. "I should of guessed. You can never just stay in one place, can you?"
I furrow my brows. "What? I did my job Din! I helped you and now I need to go my own way."
He shakes his head and turns on his heels. "When I think things could be different."
"Different? How could they be different? Huh? You never open up about anything!"
"Neither do you, (Y/N)! I've known you for years and you're no different from when we were young."
"What's that supposed to mean?" I growl crossing my arms across my chest.
"You're still a shut in. The only thing you do is hook up and run. That's all you've ever done."
"Yeah, well I don't see your significant other around here, do I?"
"That's not the point!"
"Really? You want to talk about my love life but not yours?"
"That's not the point!"
"Then what is?"
"When you get to close to someone, or to comfortable you up and run. You've done it to me so many times."
"That's not true!"
"Yes it is, (Y/N). Face it you'll never settle down, you'll never allow yourself to love someone."
"That's not true."
"Tell me right now, (Y/N), that you don't feel anything for me."
Tears pool my eyes as I look at him, no matter how hard I try to ignore it I'm in love with him. This one man that I've loved for years, I know he's the one for me, because nobody compares to him, nobody can replace the feelings I have for him.
"That's what I thought." He sighs as he turns to walk back into the Crest.
"Tell me right now, Din what has been bothering you. I know there's something you're not telling me, and whatever it is could change what is about to happen."
"Nothing I say will ever change your mind, (Y/N). Just get your things and go, I know its what you want."
"What I want? How do you know what I want? Because you don't. I push you away because I love you, you idiot. You. It's always been you, always. And I can't change that, I can't. That's why I run. I don't want to get caught up in this dream I have of the two of us. This stupid dream that is everything to me, but I don't want to get hurt, and I don't want to hurt you, because that's all I ever do is hurt people."
He stops in his footsteps, he doesn't say anything at first. He's quiet and still, very still. I'm not sure what's running through his mind but all I can do is hope he feels the same.
After what feels like a life time he finally speaks, he glances over his shoulder. "I think it's best if you pack your things and leave."
I furrow my brows. "Din I just-."
"You heard me." He barks, his tone cold and heartless and I can't believe I just put myself out there and got my heartbroken. Tears poop my vision, I do my best to keep them at bay, but they can't help but fall.
"Fine. If that's what you want." I say trying to hide the crack in my voice.
"It is what I want. (Y/N), all you do is break my heart and I don't expect this time to be any different."
"Because I'm not who you want."
"That's not what I mean."
"No, you're perfectly clear Mando, I'm done. We're done. This friendship. Everything. Tell the little guy I'll miss him." I bark as I push past Din and march into the Crest to pack my things.
He doesn't follow me, he stays outside while I gather my belongings. This wasn't how it was supposed to go, and I never thought if I told him my feelings that he would push me away. But that's what he does, he pushes people away and I do the same.
Tears stream down my cheek as I take one last look at the child, he's still fast asleep, snoring away. "Goodbye little dude. It was nice knowing you." I whisper as I press one last kiss on his forehead before taking my exit off the Crest.
"I'm leaving now."
Din doesn't look my direction, his helmet facing the horizon if his eyes are on me I don't know. He doesn't say anything, and I take my que as this is done forever. That I'll never see him again, that this is our forever goodbye.
"Goodbye." I mumble softly as I turn on my heels and walk into the darkness. Away from the Crest. Away from the child. Away from the man I love.
If you no longer want to be tagged in these fics please let me know. Thank you.
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takemepedropascal · 5 months ago
I Know
Notes: I got my shit together and watched Villians and guess what? I fell in love with Mickey! So here's a short fluffy fic for him! Hope y'all enjoy!
Pairings: Mickey x Fem Reader.
Warnings: None.
P.S. I did a quick skim so I'm sure there's some grammar mistakes and misspellings.
This was the song I was listening too while I wrote this.
Tumblr media
Love, what a small word with such a big meaning. Love, can be great but it can be sad and break your heart. I guess it all depends on who you love, am I right? But you can't control who you love it just happens. You love the good and bad, it's just human nature.
I thought I knew everything about love when I met my first boyfriend, his name was Nick and we were in the second grade and I thought I loved that boy with all my heart, but now being a grown women and in a serious relationship I now know what love is.
Love is something you should cherish, and hold the ones you love near and dear to your heart. I know some find their soulmates when they're young, and some find theirs when they're older, the right one can come at anytime and I fully believe I met the one for me many years ago. My always and forever, my one and only, and I firmly believe we're meant to spend the rest of our lives together.
His name is Mickey. He's a character, he can be a dingus but he's smart in his own way. He's funny and charming and I've never met anyone like him in my life. I swear the first day I met him I fell head over heels in love with him. We met at a little hole in the wall bar, we were both out with some friends and just locked eyes across the dance floor. I know, how cliche but it's how it happened. He bought me a drink and we shared a few dances and well the rest is history.
I often wonder how I got so lucky to have found him, to have stumbled across someone that I would be madly in love with, trust my heart with. It didn't take long for me to trust Mickey, he was so easy to talk too, to just give myself to him fully without hesitation. I've never been able to do that with anyone.
The morning sun shined through the curtains of our shared apartment. The crash of waves echoed throughout the quite space. Mornings with Mickey were always my favorite, because I would always wake up in his warm embrace of his arms. It's the best feeling to wake up in your lovers arms. It didn't matter where we were I always felt like home when I would wake in his embrace.
I roll over and smile at the sleeping man next to me. His soft snoring and opened mouth was always a sight to see. "Good morning sleepy head."
"Mmmm." Mickey groans, closing his mouth shut.
"Nah uh. Wake up sleepy head. We got things to do." I hum as I press a kiss to his forehead causing his to stir.
"Five more minutes, baby." He groans, rolling over and wrapping the comforter around him like a Caterpillar in a cocoon.
"Mickey!" I growl, getting out of bed. I hated when he played this game. "Mickey, now!" I laugh as I grab the end of the blanket and begin to pull on it using all my strength.
"Baby." He pouts, grabbing onto the blanket that's slipping out of his grasp.
"Time to get up!" I smile as I drop the blanket to the floor, and open the curtains of the bedroom allowing the warm morning glow fully enter the bedroom.
"Fine." He mumbles as he climbs out of bed and sluggishly walks into the bathroom and turns on the shower.
"I'll get a pot of coffee started." I smile as I shut the bathroom door before walking into the kitchen. I turn on the small coffee maker and pour in some fresh grounds into the coffee filter and flip on the switch.
I flip through my Spotify playlists and begin to play a new favorite song of mine, while I clean up the apartment. Putting all the dirty laundry in the hamper, and the dirty dishes in the sink while I sing along horrible to the song.
"There are layers to this body, primal sex and primal shame, they told me I should cover it, so I went the other way, I was tryin' to own my power, still I'm tryin' to work it out, and at least it gives the paper somethin' they can write about."
"Still on this song, baby?" Mickey asks as he approaches me from behind and wraps his strong arms around my waist pulling me into his bare damp chest.
I shrug my shoulders. "I love it."
"I know, it's been in my head for the past three days." He laughs pressing a kiss to the top of my head.
I giggle as I lean into his touch. "Coffee is ready, I just have to get dressed then we can go down to the boardwalk."
"We can't just stay home cuddled up in bed for one day?" He mumbles as he rests his head in the crock of my neck.
"I wish baby, but we have work to do."
Mickey sighs as he turns me on my heels, he places my hands on his shoulders and begins to slowly sway his hips to the beat before placing his hands back onto my hips. "The shop won't miss us, not for one day."
"I know but our costumers will, babe."
Since moving to Florida, Mickey and I opened a small costume jewelry shop on the boardwalk where we make jewelry out of shells we find on the beaches. I didn't think we would be such a success but we are, our little dreams were coming true and I couldn't be more proud of us.
"I'll make it up to you, okay? We'll close down shop early today and grab some take out and talk a walk on the beach and watch the sun set. Then we can come back here put on your favorite movie and just enjoy eachothers company."
He smiles and raises a brow. "Promise?"
"I swear." I smile as I move my hand from his shoulder in between us, sticking my pinky out.
He rolls his eyes and gives me a laugh. "We're not in middle school, baby."
"So? You can't break a pinky promise." I smile.
He sighs and wraps his pinky around mine. "I guess you're right."
"I love you, Mickey."
"I know, (Y/N)." He smiles as he closes the space between us and presses a passionate kiss to my lips. "I know."
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wornoutmouse · 5 months ago
Mirio x black y/n
Ima starting to get to the point now with these. I'm tired of having most of my stories be plot foreplay. Also in case you're worried, the big three are canonly of age so I can do a normal fic when they're still at U.A
Also y'all seem to like my author's notes so i've decided to be silly with my stories again like the old days.
Tried to find the most ambiguous picture of a black y/n as possible, and was not disappointed.
I listened to the fanboy chum chum intro while writing so yall should know where my head is at.
Voyeurism (?) Mommy kink, breeding (?) Stomach bulge.
You were in love with Miro. Have been ever since the two of you met, it was impossible for you not to. Not only did he have a great quirk, but he had a great personality. A personality that you felt would not extend to you personally.
Everyday you would go to school and watch him from afar as he made the room shine with his smile. Yeah his eyes were fucking weird, but who doesn't have something 'quirky' about them? (Lmao you got the whole squad laughing🙃)
So once the two of you were partnered for biology to take care of a fake baby, your crush on him grew bigger. It was probably your hormones still taking into effect, but seeing Miro looking lovingly down on the plastic doll made your ovaries do a triple somersault. "He has your eyes." Miro said jokingly as he looked down on the blue eyed blond baby in his arms.
"Ah yes...i totally see it" (👩🏿=👶🏼?!) You reply awkwardly as Mirio hands you the doll. "Sorry I couldn't take care of him today but I promise to come pick him up later tonight." You nod sighing as the baby proceeds to cry as soon as you touch him.
"It's not fair!" You glared down at the fake child, "Why do you like daddy more than me?" Mirio suddenly breaks into a coughing fit so you quickly go to pat his back. "Are you okay?!"
Mirio chuckles slightly, "Yeah I'm fine just surprised." "Why?" Mirio looks at you for an extended amount of time and you look back unerved by the lack of a smile in his face.
 "You really think I'm daddy material?" Your eyes widen in shock as Mirio smiles brightly before starting a conversation with Tamaki.
Later that night, you find yourself  yawning after a long day of mothering and honestly you were two diaper changes away from showing the kid some real speed. "There you go baby, now please let momma have her alone time or on my momma I'ma have you hitting the dougie underwater and that's on god." You say sickly sweet.
To your relief the baby made no move to cause trouble. Looking  around the room, you wondered what you would do next. It was only 7pm so that left you at least two more hours before you truly needed to sleep.
 On your desk, the phone pings suggesting that you received a text. Your heart picks up a bit when you notice that it's a text from Mirio with an image attached.
Mirio💙✨: Just getting some last minute reps in with Sir Nighteye I'll pick up the babe soon.
Tumblr media
You make an audible noise that can neither be described as a scream or a laugh. "This boy is about to kill me." You muttered as you replied back.
You👁️👄👁️: okay I'll see you soon cause yo son about to kill me.
Tumblr media
You put your phone down giggling to yourself like a schoolgirl. Staring at your phone for a while you pick it up and go back to Mirio's picture. Just before you could save the picture, another text comes.
Mirio💙✨: haha just thinking about it has me tired
Tumblr media
You toss your phone across the room as your stomach flutters with arousal. 'How do I even respond to that?!'
You👁️👄👁️: lmao haha ur so funny bro
You toss your head back disappointed in your own self. "What the FAWK!? Who even says lmao anymore?!" Mirio doesn't respond back, most likely working out and being a functioning member of society unlike your weird ass. 
You hold your hand to your lower stomach still feeling the hint of arousal in your gut from the picture. "Well I guess I can always take care of this problem." You mumble standing up and going to your underwear drawer. 
Hidden in-between an old bra and some shorts you never wore, was a small yellow and blue ✨dildo✨. You could not confirm nor deny the reason behind this purchase and wouldn't bring yourself to acknowledge the similarities of the colors by telling yourself you simply liked the designs. 
You sucked on your bottom lip as you climbed into the bed before slowly pulling down your pants with your index finger as you gingerly grasp the phallic object in your other hand. 
In all honesty you never used it since you bought it so this was nerve wracking for you as you stroked your folds gently. 
You think back to the picture and groan as the fluttering arousal spreads making your chest tender. You feel ashamed that you were thinking of your friend this way but in some sick way the ashamed feeling only turned you on more as you thought of what could happen if Mirio caught you.
Various scenarios played in your head as you sucked gently on the head of the dildo imagining it to belong to another yellow and blue hero. (All might?)
Sinful moans leave your lips as you take hold of your breasts, squeezing your nipples between your fingers. While it didn't do much for you, it was a nice add on to your pleasure. 
Raising your legs you slip your pants completely off leaving you in your (FRUITOFTHELOOM) lace panties. The soft fabric was damp and most likely stained from your arousal as you slip a slick finger inside your velvety walls.
Pushing another finger within yourself, you finally release a faint moan as you graze that gummy spot inside yourself. "Mirio.." you mummored closing your eyes. You look over at your side drawer at your vaseline before grabbing it. 
You lubed up only the head of the dildo not really wanting to have too much of the stuff inside of you as you begin pressing the head into your entrance. Your sigh as it sinks into you, filling you up so deeply. "Mirio!" You yelp as the dildo drags pleasantly against your velvet walls making you shiver.
As you move your hand to take better hold, your dorm room is bursted into. "What is it!? What's wro-…oh my" 
You sit up abruptly yanking your blankets over yourself in embarrassment. "M-Mirio?" You stutter out holding your blanket like a life line against yourself as the door shuts slowly behind him.
"You called me." Mirio says but it sounds more like a question then anything else. Glancing around your room, he notices your phone still turned on with his second picture on display.
Smirking slightly, Mirio gently locks the door behind him as he walks towards you, hands behind his back. "What were you in here doing Sunshine?" You feel your entrance clench slightly at the pet name, making the dildo sink deeper. "N-Nothing, I'm just surprised that you're here so early." 
Mirio leans onto the bed making it dip slightly as he taps his fingers along your legs. "Nighteye let me off earlier than usual this time so I thought I'd come over to hang out with my… Baby momma as you would say."
Mirio crawls over to you, looking mischievously over your knees. "Imagine my surprise when i find her in such a naughty position. Saying my name no less." 
You squeak as Mirio drags the blanket down, fully exposing your secret. Mirio sucks in a breath he watches you soaked entrance greedily sucking in the toy. "Now would you look at that!" 
You put your hands down to cover yourself, "It's not what it looks like I swear!" Mirio raises a perfect eyebrow, "Then what is it?" You stutter dumbly as Mirio gently moves your hand from your entrance before taking hold of the dildo.
Your back arches slowly as Mirio pulls the dildo out before pushing it back in. "Because it looked to me like Mommy was feeling lonely." Mirio leans into your legs with one arm propped over your head as he speeds up his hand. "Why didn't you tell me, I would have done this sooner."
"Huh?" You moan gripping his arm tightly as he used the dildo to fuck you. "You've been teasing me so much lately sunshine. If I'm being honest, I've been a little frustrated." At that Mirio drives the dildo inside of you rather harshly making you grit your teeth as a rather high moan leaves your lips.
The next few moments are filled with your wanton moans as Mirio fucks you with the dildo, varying from watching your face to watching your dripping cunt suck in the fake cock. "God your so damn wet sunshine." Mirio pants as he leans down lapping desperately at your opening. 
With a loud wail you cum all over his face with shaking legs as he continues to tongue fuck you. "T-To much M-Mirio!" You whimper as you grip his hair unsure if you wanted to pull him closer or push him away. 
Leaving your cunt with a loud pop, Mirio uses your hands to palm himself. "You feel how hard I am for you sunshine?" You cover your mouth to muffle your soft moans. His cock was throbbing in your hands and you could feel the veins twitching through the fabric.
Mirio growls when you squeeze his cock gently through his pants. "Stop teasing me sunshine or I just might lose it!" Mirio sits up and removes his tank top revealing his slightly flushed pectorals. "Mirio?" You question, not really believing that this was actually about to happen.
"I've been waiting so long for you Y/N." You sit up and Mirio brings you into a kiss gently holding your face in his large hands. Your heart flutters at the feeling of his soft lips against yours. As you move your lips together, you trail your hands down his sculpted stomach and pull him forward by the seam of his pants.
Mirio releases your lips with a dark chuckle. "Someone eager." You pout and bat your pretty little eyelashes up at him. "I want you so bad Miri." 
Mirio frowns cursing under his breath, "Well who am I to keep my sunshine waiting?" Pushing you down Miro activates his quirk and phases through his pants. When he solidifies again you tense are the sight of his hard dick.
It was long and impossibly thick, at least the size of your lower arm as streaks of pre-cum dribbled down the length of it. A gentle hand comes to grip your throat. "Don't look so scared sunshine, this is what you wanted." You swallow shallowly as you feel Mirio's body heat envelope yours as he drags you into another searing kiss.
The feeling of the bright pink head of Mirio's cock makes you shake as it lightly taps your clit. "I'm going to fill you up so good sunshine. Would you like that?" You nod whining as Mirio presses into you only stopping when the base was left.
Your breaths became ragged as you struggle to take the thickness. "S-So full." Mirio reaches a hand down rubbing soothing circles into your clit as he rocks his hips into you, trying to push the rest of him inside.
"Damn sunshine you're taking my cock so well." Mirio's hand trails up your stomach to your breast squeezing it tightly before retreating. 
Just above your pelvis was a small bulge as Mirio's cock rutted into you. When he saw that something shifted within him as he took a firm hold of your hips forcing you down the rest of the way.
You let out a choked out moan as something hard punches your cervix. Mirio grabs your hand and moves it down to the bulge "You feel me sunshine? So fucking deep in your belly."
Mirio starts making precise thrusts into you fixating on how your stomach distended with each stroke. "Fuck, you'd look so cute if I filled up your pretty pussy with my cum wouldn't you sunshine."
In the haziness of your mind you noted his concerning fixation of filling you up literally and figuratively. However you were so riddled with lust you decided to play into it. "Mirio, please!" 
Mirio's arms twitched as he strained to keep a calm pace above you. "Talk to me sunshine." You raise your hips to meet his slow thrusts wrapping your arms around his neck. "Fuck me please. I want you to fill me up."
Mirio's hips stuttered at your request as he chewed his bottom lip nervously. "Y-you don't know what you're saying sunshine, just g-give me a second." You groan as your walls flex around him.
Wrapping your legs around his waist you force him closer to you, leaving your mouth resting just below his ear. "I want you to breed me Mirio. Can you please do that for mommy?"  Mirio's eyes glint darkly in the light as his eyebrows furrowed.
You quickly find yourself flipped onto your stomach with your ass up and head pushed into the mattress. "Is that what you want sunshine?" Mirio asks before thrusting into you completely. You let out a less than sexy moan but that only encourages him to start moving at a brutal pace.
You grip sheets as your bed violently slams against the wall. "Mir-i-o!" Is all you can get out before you're creaming around his dick. "I'm gonna make you heavy with my cum. You're gonna be a mommy for real. Would you like that sunshine?"
You nod whining into the sheets having no other choice but to take the pounding. The feeling of his cock stretching you out repeatedly was almost too much as he continued with the same pace. "Gonna take good care of you while your waddling around fat with my fucking kid Y/N." 
The whole room is filled with the sound of your screams and Mirio's desperate dirty talk. There was no way that anyone who walked by wouldn't be able to hear the sound of him breeding your greedy cunt. 
"Mirio!" You chanted as Mirio sinks his perfect teeth into your flesh leaving bruises and indents on your skin marking you as his. "Say my name baby, who's gonna breed this sloppy hole for you?!" 
"You Mirio only you!" You weeped into your sheets as Mirio pistons his hips fucking you deeper and harder as he came closer to his own release. "Your gonna be such a good mother sunshine-fuck take my cum and you better not let out a single drop!"
Mirio slams down into you, balls slapping against your clit making you come once again as Mirio comes deep inside of you with a low moan. Even as he's coming he continues to fuck into you, riding out his orgasm, effectively filling the room with sticky sounds. 
It was a while before he came back to his senses as he fucked any stray drops of cum back inside as it left your trembling hole. You were thoroughly worn out as. You laid there, twitching from overstimulation as his soft cock left you. 
"Oh dear." Mirio muttered as he looked at your blissed out state. "Sunshine you should go shower that out." Mirio gulped as he watched cum slowly drip out of your hole painting your brown thighs white. He forced himself to look away before he got hard again.
"I'm going to run to Nejire's room for birth control. But you should really go rinse my cum out." A sly look came over face as he slides his pants on. "Unless you really wanna become a mommy?" 
At that your serge up, "NO! Well I mean not right now. I mean like not ever but ya know we're still young so.." you glance at Mirio who's smirking at you. "Get out!" You cry embarrassed as you throw his shirt at his face. 
Mirio lets it phase through him before slipping out the door laughing.
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takemepedropascal · 5 months ago
You're Perfect
Notes: I'm feeling soft tonight so thought I would write a little something. Hope y'all enjoy!
Parinings: Bill Skarsgård x Fem Reader
Warnings: Some Cussing.
Summary: Bill and the reader have been together for a year now, and will be celebrating Christmas in their new home. The reader hasn't yet met his family and she's feeling a bit nervous and wants their home to be a perfect Christmas Winter Wonderland when his family come to visit. But things aren't perfect when Bill gets home, and helps the reader set up all the decorations and help her not to put so much pressure on herself.
Tumblr media
That time of year, where everyone is one big stress ball from about Halloween to New Years Eve. Because they want the perfect holidays, I mean I don't blame them. You want your home beautifully decorated for all those holidays but for Christmas it has to be extra special, because hello it's Christmas. I mean don't get me wrong I'm not judging, I want a beautifully decorated home with all the perfect Christmas decorations, and this year I was finally making sure that was going to happen, since I haven't met Bill's parents yet.
Bill Skarsgård, you probably know him as Pennywise the dancing clown, or Roman Godfrey from Hemlock Grove, or his new movie on Netflix as Willard Russell, or his other roles. Bill and I have been together for a year now and I haven't yet met his mom or siblings, so we invited them to Christmas at Bill and I's shared home.
I know you're probably thinking why I haven't met them yet but it's because Bill and I have such hectic schedules throughout the year that it has been impossible to have a day to sit and relax together let alone take a trip to visit his family in Sweden.
So this year for Christmas I wanted everything to be perfect, to get a headstart I dragged out all of our Christmas decorations. I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but hey Christmas is my favorite time of year, with all the Christmas decorations, movies, and music of course.
I thought I would have this place in tip top shape by the time Bill got home from work, but it's not. It's actually a wreck. Decorations scattered all which way, Christmas cookies burning in the oven, the only thing right is the Christmas music playing in the background. Let's face it I'm not Wonder Women.
To release some stress I popped open a bottle of wine, I mean it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?
I take a sip of wine and let out a sigh as I look around the house, and glance at the clock. 3:45 p.m. Bill is going to be home any minute and I really don't want him coming home to this disaster.
I take a deep breath and begin to clean up as fast and as best as I possibly can. I pulled out the burnt snowmen cookies and let out a sigh and roll my eyes, as I begin scooping up all the decorations into my arms and throwing them back into the boxes. The kitchen was a absolute disaster, flour all over the floor, frosting smeared on the counters, I mean really you would think I'm 2 instead of a grown ass women.
I hear the front door slam shut, and the sound of Bill's shoes echo down the hallway. I turn on my heels and smile as if I have everything under control. "Honey, you're home." I grin, walking up to him. His face in awe as he looks around the mess of a house.
"Eventful day, I see." He smiles, looking down at me.
I shrug my shoulders, and press a kiss to his lips. "I missed you, though."
He smiles against my lips. "I missed you too." He hums as he presses another kiss to my lips.
"So how was work?" I ask, as I turn on my heels and go back to putting the decorations away.
He shrugs as he hangs his jacket on the coat rack. "Not as crazy as yours." He laughs as he walks into the kitchen.
"I would really avoid going in there." I mumble as I walk into the kitchen, grabbing his hand.
"I know, I'm not perfect." I sigh. "I wanted everything to be perfect when you got home and one thing lead to another and I just became overwhelmed. I'm sorry."
Bill laughs as he takes me in his arms. "I love you."
I wrap my arms around his waist and look up at the handsome man. "I love you too."
"Now let's get this place looking like Santa's village."
"You're going to help?"
He furrows his brows and looks down at me. "Why wouldn't I?"
"Because you had a long day at work, and you should put your feet up and have a beer while I do the rest."
"What do you think this is?"
"I just want to take care of you, Bill."
"You do take care of me. Now let me help you."
"Just this once, okay?"
He laughs and presses another kiss to my lips. "Okay, next year you can handle this mess yourself."
I laugh and roll my eyes. "Deal."
I cleaned the kitchen and threw out all the brunt cookies, while Bill sat up the tree, and hung all the wreaths on the door. I mean if I get to see him with a hammer and nail in his hand every year while hanging wreaths I'll beg for his help decorating.
A fresh batch of Christmas cookies were in the oven, and the kitchen was spotless, the tree was up, the wreaths on every door, all the little Christmas nick nacks placed on all the shelves and tables. Last thing to do was decorate the Christmas tree, my favorite part.
Bill opened the box of the ornaments and lights. This was our first actual Christmas together, last year was kind of hectic since we thought it would be best to spend the holidays with our families. Now we're living together and starting a life of our own, with our own traditions.
Bill started strining the lights around the tree, while I checked the ornaments to make sure none of them were broken or cracked, while I hummed along to Merry Christmas, Baby.
"My baby she told me, she don't want to hold me, (oh, no!) And kiss my lips anymore." I sing softly as I sway my hips to the best. Bill smiles, as he watches me make a fool out of myself. "I know I'm not much of a singer." I giggle as I walk over to him, hanging a red bulb on the tree.
"I think its beautiful."
I shake my head. "You must be suffering from hearing loss." I giggle while I walk back to the box of ornaments.
He laughs as he grabs my hand, and pulls me close to him. His hand falls to my waist while the other cradles my hand softly, I rest my hand on his shoulder. "I think you're perfect, (Y/N)."
"You're really the one that's perfect, Skarsgård."
He shakes his head, and spins me around the room. "I think we're perfect together."
"So, do I." I smile. "Do you think your family is going to like me? I mean I know I'm not like your ex."
I'll admit the thought of meeting Bill's parents had me a nervous wreck, I wanted this year to be perfect since his family is coming and I'm no where nearly as perfect as his ex girlfriend. So I'm feeling alot of pressure to get this right.
This year is our first year celebrating Christmas together in our shared home, and Bill's daughter will be staying with us for Christmas. I just want everything perfect, and in tip top shape, and I want to make a good impression on his family.
"They will love you. I promise. There is no need to worry, sweetheart."
His words were sweet, and helped ease the nerves growing in my stomach, but I still worried. "I hope so. I just want things to go smoothly. This is our first year celebrating Christmas together, in our new home, your daughter is going to be here and your family along with mine. I'm just a nervous stressed out mess."
He pulls me closer to him, his other hand falls to my waist. "Don't put so much pressure on yourself, sweetheart. This is going to be the best Christmas ever, regardless of how decorated our home is, how clean it is, or how perfect the cookies are. It will be special because we'll be together with the ones we love."
I smile. "You know just what to say, don't you?"
He smiles, and bats his pretty eyelashes. "I know just what to do to calm you down. And I meant every word. Whatever you need help with I'll do it, don't feel like you can't ask for help."
"I just... I don't know I feel like I have to do this all on my own. I want to make a good impression and especially with your daughter being here for Christmas I want it to be extra special for her."
Bill pressed a kiss to my forehead. "She will love it no matter what. She loves you no matter how perfect everything is."
"I know... I'm just overthinking everything."
"How about we finish up decorating the tree and put on a Christmas movie and snuggle up on the couch? Hmm? And I'll make some hot chocolate and order some take out?"
"You're perfect, Bill Skarsgård."
He smiles and presses another kiss to my lips, and so are you, (Y/N)."
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seerie · 7 months ago
when the last day comes 🦋 lucien xu
Tumblr media
summary : when one was about to lose hope on her very special day and then...he came
a collaboration between me and @lucienism , and i really enjoyed writing this with you, so thank you very much, also pls pass down those amazing editing skills of yours XD~
rie's note : happy birthday @elainabearie~ i'm sorry that this bday fic took a while because we're sort of slacking off and busy with other stuff. So yeah, i am glad and happy that i have met you and really, thank you for being there for me when i was having a hard time, along with blessing killing me with some kiro/helios pics uwu
grace's note: happy birthday ela! i hope you like this last minute frankenfic lolol. this is just here to serve as a little reminder from us that we love you and are so glad to have met you! you've continuously been there for me, whether in the lowest situations or even just when i need a second opinion on something. also, thank you for being an honourary member of the simp squad☄
And i hope that y'all enjoy it as much as me and Grace i do, also do greet her in either hers asks or here XD~
Tumblr media
Five months. Five months you’ve gone to bed alone each night, forced to push away the expectation of a dip in the mattress beside you. Five months have passed where the only opportunity to see his face is through the screen, pixels lagging to show his calm smile. But Lucien is a busy man -- and though he might be away for long stretches, his success is what ultimately does and should matter to you. 
That’s not to say it’s easy, of course. 
“I never thought I would say this, but I think I miss you here in the mornings.” You laugh as your raspy voice transfers over the connection, bringing a pleasant smile to your boyfriend’s face. It’s only the early evening where he’s situated and the setting sun casts a golden hue over his dark image. “Have you eaten yet?”
He nods and shifts his computer slightly so it captures the half-eaten plate of unfamiliar American cuisine beside him. You have a hard time hiding the way your expression falters when suddenly being reminded of your difference in residence, though Lucien wastes no time in taking up a different topic upon noticing. 
“On the opposite side of that matter, I expected to miss you in the mornings, however, it’s a lot worse than I anticipated.” His smile grows to see your cheeks flush slightly over the camera. “I miss waking up next to my little fool.”
“...Is your research going well?” You try to divert the attention from yourself by teasing him back. “You should hurry up if you miss it so much.” 
The raw emotion that passes through his eyes is simply ego-boosting -- yet he grins as if he’s the one proud of you, expression reminiscent of days past. You push the nostalgia away in favour of showing him a pleased smile.
“Then, maybe I will. All you need to do is say the word.”
Lucien’s words are lightly spoken, but the affection lining them tells you that he speaks the truth. A small bubble forms in your chest, steadily growing as you go on.
“Then… come home, will you?”
His soft smile tells you very little, but you have faith in the nod he gives you. 
Another month passes before you realise it, days and nights stretching out to meaningless segments that eventually revolve around the times you’re able to speak to Lucien. Inevitably, it’s become this way. Six months have passed in total, so much time that it’s nearly almost your birthday, well into the second half of the year. 
It’s a measly future your mind tries to push onto you, but as the worst case scenarios continue to pop into your head, you can’t help but wonder if the nights you spend awake in bed hoping are spent in vain.
Is there a point?
It’s a frequently asked question. Will your silent worry accomplish anything? No, of course not. Does not trusting Lucien seem like a sound decision? Not at all. But, does that stop you?
When would it ever?
While wallowing in your own sorrows is as unhelpful as ever, this isn’t something you want to mention to Lucien. He isn’t the type to forget important dates, even having been able to cite the conclusion dates of multiple experiments in the past -- so asking him might only seem like a blatant act of distrust. 
You set down a mug of coffee in slight disdain one morning, screwing your eyes shut as the scent of crisp morning air flows in freely through an open window. The way you tap your foot against the hardwood floor largely escapes your notice, your mind off in a far place where Lucien is simply in the next room over, prepared to celebrate your birthday in the way you always do. 
Tumblr media
Days that turned into weeks before, your birthday has passed by and you can't help but feel this anxiety building up in your body, as each day passes by, even as you sleep. He did not forget, right? 
This is Lucien we're talking about, of course he wouldn't or so, that's what you thought.
Translucent window curtains shone through it, with the beaming light directed towards your face. Slowly opening your eyes, you rolled over to the right side of your bed to grab the pink phone to see if he left any messages at all, there were none. You know that he is busy though one can't help but be worried about him.
Lucien reassured you many times in the past in those lucid dreams that you have which seemed to be real, eyes that held so many emotions that you couldn't comprehend what he truly felt that time, him leaving you behind won't come true.
Putting back your phone, you planned to lie down on your bed and went back to sleep again. Suddenly the doorbell rang outside, someone was outside, could it be him?
With that thought on your mind, you rushed outside to the bedroom. Everything was a mess, from your kitchen lies lots of bowls and plates that have been barely washed.
Your feet taking action towards the door to see a delivery man spooked out which you are dense to notice. "Thank you." He didn't reply back after handing the package, he left quickly, somehow this made you wonder what you actually looked like, simply shrugging it off. You kicked the door from behind, carefully holding the package and sat it down on the couch, a bit disappointed.
Curiosity was swimming down to your eyes and the packaging was handled with care, standing ahead at it. 
What does it contain deep inside this mysterious package that came out of nowhere? Could it be food, clothes, or souvenirs?
Oh, if Lucien was here, he'd probably tease you about these interesting thoughts based on reading the expressions and you having to sink in embarrassment. Laughing bitterly with a pained smile, you took a deep breath, preparing yourself on what is inside of this. Tearing open the package, your eyes widen from what you saw. There was a coat similar to his that he usually wears, along with a note.
Could it be he came back without informing you?
Why didn't he even try to call you?
Tumblr media
You arrived there on the location written on the tiny paper, the little stars along with your pupils were twinkling brightly tonight as you lifted your head above the beautiful night sky. It somehow resembles you of how he showed you around on the fireflies exhibition after the show, Miracle Finder, was a success.
But before you could have happy thoughts, where was he?
Just thinking about it was enough to bring loneliness back to your heart which caused you to drop your head down, staring at the grass beneath your feet. 
Lots of questions are popping slowly to your mind, one by one, tears were threatening to break out from your eyes. If he only knew how worried you were for him. Shaking if off, you grabbed the coat and read a note that you already know by heart, was sent by him. Your eyes scanned over his penmanship as if it was written by a poet, pocketing the small paper. You walked outside from your apartment, grabbing your bag from the rack, questions will be answered once you face him.
Was this a prank? If it is, then it was not funny at all.
Mellow footsteps can be heard from behind and before you realized, he was right there in front of you. His eyes that resembled the wisteria flowers glistened in the dark, happiness can be seen dancing to his eyes as you came rushing to his embrace, he held both of your hands.
The tears that you had been holding in finally break out from the facade you were wearing on your face ever since he left. Lucien pulled you to his embrace, punching him weakly as you sob into his labcoat. 
"Stupid professor, making me worried like that...I hate you." A pout came arousing to your face.
"We both know that's not true." He chuckled.
" came home" You sighed in relief, the anxiety and fear that has been building up dissipated as soon as you saw him.
"How can I not come home so early when dear Ellie asked me so kindly? It's also a very important day for me."
It was as if the moment he said that, glimpses of green light that were hiding beyond the trees, rise upwards than you could ever imagine. It was similar to that time again.
Familiar scenes play back behind your eyes, memories tinged with the gentle light of the fireflies and waning moon. You feel the recurring empty feeling bite for a split second, something inside your chest reaching for the man that you feel should be by your side, but in a single motion, you’re able to squish those thoughts. 
Your arms tighten around him, and quietly, he mumbles,
“I somehow always manage to see fireflies when I’m with you.”
You giggled at what he said, cheeks becoming rosy, not bothering to try hiding your face since you knew he would always find out. Delicately pushing him away a bit.
"So, is there anything my little fool desires tonight?" Lucien asked, the fireflies formed a circle around you. One landed on his shoulder brightening and softening his physical features, you pondered for a few minutes while he looked at you tenderly, the wind gently blowing your hair then, you came to a conclusion.
"I wish for my Lulu to come home early and to not make me worried." Halting the silence, and a sulky expression came onto your face, he just patted your head, ruffling your hair.
"And?" Questioning for any more wishes you have, a smirk came to your face. Another scene being replayed to your head, those paper cranes where the both of you wrote that consists of some aspirations in the future.
I wish that Lucien and I can be together forever.
“Well…” A shy smile comes to your face as the thought comes to a pass, branding itself in your thoughts until you’re essentially forced to voice it. “I wish that we’ll always be together, and have a thousand more reunions just like this, just to make the times spent apart worth it.”
You laugh as you dig your head into his shoulder, suddenly holding him tighter as an embarrassed flush creeps up your neck. 
“Don’t hide,” He chides, voice low and addictive. 
“I feel exactly the same way.”
The way his hand rises to carefully cradle the back of your head has you speechless, but in that moment, you’re still glad that you don’t have to speak. The mixed emotions brewing in your stomach make their way to your throat fairly quickly, but you only bury your face further before you can word-vomit. 
“Lucien, I missed you.” You say this matter of factly, finally leaning back to look him in the eye. “And, I’m really glad you’re back.”
Lucien’s lips curl up almost imperceptibly, but the tacit way he leans in to give you a kiss on the forehead tells you all that you need to know.
“Happy birthday, Elaina.” 
Tumblr media
And please do check em both out for they make amazing fics.
@lucienism and @elainabearie (also @flowerpoem who makes edits that never fails to make me smile over them)
For more my works, here is my library and my requests are open to anyone for some fics, along with my asks!
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tlallamikilistli · 7 months ago
Hip Hop Huikameh tlen Chikeyi: Black Star - Theives in the Night
Yo!!! If Aztlan Underground woke me up, “Theives in the Night” by Black Star - Mos Def and Talib Kweli fortified my critical consciousness - it revolutionized me; it justified my social justice stance.
This song vindicated my stance in doing graffiti, in writing critical reflections about the United States, capitalism, and settler colonialism. Further, it made it clear that the books I was reading at the time, from Frantz Fanon, Malcolm X, Vine Deloria, etc. was a legit real political stance I would now be taking in all aspects of my life. This was my introduction to Ethnic Studies and critical pedagogy.
This song’s lyrics artistically continues to blow my mind. This to me is example of what hip hop is and it gives direction to what it could and should be in the future. Not only was it tight lyrics, but it had real empowering and critical meaning within it... Mannnnnn... phew... this song is the joint!
“Give me the fortune, keep the fame, " said my man Louis I agreed, know what he mean because we live the truest lie I asked him why we follow the law of the bluest eye He looked at me, he thought about it, was like, "I'm clueless, why?" The question was rhetorical, the answer is horrible Our morals are out of place and got our lives full of sorrow And so tomorrow coming later than usual Waiting on someone to pity us while we finding beauty in the hideous They say money's the root of all evil but I can't tell You know what I mean, pesos, francs, yens, cowrie shells, dollar bills Or is it the mindstate that's ill? Creating crime rates to fill the new prisons they build Over money and religion there's more blood to spill The wounds of slaves in cotton fields that never heal, what's the deal? A lot of cats who buy records are straight broke But my language universal they be reciting my quotes While R&B singers hit bad notes, we rock the boat of thought That my man Louis' statements just provoked Caught up, in conversations of our personal worth Brought up, through endangered species status on the planet Earth Survival tactics means, busting gats to prove you hard Your firearms are too short to box with God Without faith, all of that is illusionary Raise my son, no vindication of manhood necessary.Not strong (Only aggressive) Not free (We only licensed) Not compassionate, only polite (Now who the nicest?) Not good but well behaved (Chasing after death, so we can call ourselves brave?) Still living like mental slaves Hiding like thieves in the night from life Illusions of oasis making you look twice Hiding like thieves in the night from life Illusions of oasis making you look twice. Yo, I'm sure that everybody out listening agree That everything you see ain't really how it be A lot of jokers out running in place, chasing the style Be a lot going on beneath the empty smile Most cats in my area be loving the hysteria Synthesized surface conceals the interior America, land of opportunity, mirages and camouflages More than usually, speaking loudly Saying nothing, you confusing me, you losing me Your game is twisted, want me enlisted in your usury Foolishly, most men join the ranks cluelessly Buffoonishly accept the deception, believe the perception Reflection rarely seen across the surface of the looking glass Walking the street, wondering who they be looking past Looking gassed with them imported designer shades on Stars shine bright, but the light rarely stays on Same song, just remixed, different arrangement Put you on a yacht but they won't call it a slave ship Strangeness, you don't control this, you barely hold this Screaming "brand new", when they just sanitized the old shit Suppose it's, just another clever Jedi mind trick That they been running across stars through all the time with I find it's distressing, there's never no in-between We either niggas or Kings, we either bitches or Queens The deadly ritual seems immersed in the perverse Full of short attention spans, short tempers, and short skirts Long barrel automatics released in short bursts The length of black life is treated with short worth Get yours first, them other niggas secondary That type of illing that be filling up the cemetery This life is temporary but the soul is eternal Separate the real from the lie, let me learn you Not strong, only aggressive cause the power ain't directed That's why we are subjected to the will of the oppressive Not free, we only licensed, not live, we just exciting Cause the captors own the masters to what we writing Not compassionate, only polite, we well trained Our sincerity's rehearsed in stage, it's just a game Not good, but well behaved cause the camera survey Most of the things that we think, do or say We chasing after death just to call ourselves brave But everyday, next man meet with the grave/Great I give a damn if any fan recall my legacy I'm trying to live life in the sight of God's memory like that y'all” (Mos Def & Talibe Kweli - Theives in the night).
For me to day, this song still represents knowledge.
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