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#y’all are really funny so i wanna see what you can come up with
bigredraphsimp · 2 hours ago
What type of person they are at Disney!
(A/N)- So this is in a no covid timeline(I wish) sorry in advance for any spelling errors!! Love you guys💕💞
Two words- Fanny. Pack. You know he is getting a Disney themed fanny pack!! Stuffing it full of napkins, sunscreen, money, pens, autograph books, a whole ass water bottle, hair ties(for you if you have hair lol), wet wipes, germ x, and anything else he can impossibly squeeze in.
Matching shirts bb! Ya know those cute couple shirts, yeah he orders custom made ones online that only rip a little bit over his spikes. Mickey and Minnie. Daisy and Donald. Ellie and Carl. Launchpad and Darkwing. All Disney couples you two can think of, he has.
He wants to meet the characters. For freaking sure. He is the type to really interact with the characters too. He gets so into it, the line backs up because he is having so much fun snapping pics and riffing. And he’s big and unique so you know for sure the characters are gonna have fun with him too.
While I see him having fun on roller coasters, I can really see him adoring the slower rides. Disney does a great job on all the little details they cram into rides and he loves to take his time and see them all.
King of finding places to rest and the best snacks. Feet hurt after walking through Animal Kingdom? He had a shady spot and a cup of ice water(free at any quick service). Need a breather after a particularly tipsy ride, he has got spot right next to the passing parade and a sprite to settle your stomach.
I can see him being affectionate at a normal time, but the magic of Disney gets him all worked up and emotional. His brothers are 90 times more susceptible to brotherly love. And you, well you are gonna get wooed. The new Little Mermaid has the Kiss the Girl scene (my favorite part of the movie) and I can totally see him getting sappy.
Hand holding, kisses, gifts, cheesy compliments. You names it and he does it. On rides that take pics, I can see him pulling you against him to smile or for a kiss just as the flash goes off. He cherishes the photos. He even brought the Polaroid camera you bought him for his birthday and runs out of film on the first day. You brought extra don’t worry!
He will carry you, you know he will. You don’t even have to utter a complaint, he just knows when your shoes starts to blister and up you go onto his shoulders, you can see the whole park from there.
Favorite park would be classic Magic Kingdom.
I want to kiss him so bad🥺💕
You want to go? To a theme park? With him? Yes yes yes yes yes yes absolutely yes!!! Just the two of you together in a park as a real couple??? He is excited beyond belief.
Wait his family is coming?? Seriously?
Well he is still excited.
Hollywood Studios all the way baby!
Donnie is obviously a huge nerd, but I can see Leo being obsessed with Star Wars so of course he wants to hit up Galaxy’s Edge.
Despite the rules saying only little kids can dress up, just try and stop him from dressing like Han Solo. You buy him one of those 200$ realistic light sabers.
Merch king!! He knows the location of all the shops and what they sell. He knows what items can easily be found online and what are uniq and rare to the parks. He somehow manages to carry bag after bag after bag of things he buys. Seriously he loads up.
You wanna rose Rockin’ Roller Coaster !?!?!??? Who cares that you have 14 times, Leo is a charmer and he gets the ride operator to let y’all stay on a few more times.
I can see him becoming besties with whoever is in like with you guys during the longer a waits. “Hey (Y/N)! Sam and Jon from Wisconsin are here for their 12th wedding anniversary! How cool is that”!
Hats tees freaking live him. He just drops charisma.
He definitely plans his outfits to match each park on each day of the trip.
Very spontaneous!!! He literally doesn’t plan his days but things always end up working o it great for y’all.
He likes to mess wi to you normally and I can see him being overly teasing and funny where groups of people can see.
Flirts with every princess. But don’t get jealous! “You are always gonna be the fairest of them all (Y/N)💕💕”.
Hell yeah!!!
He is pumped, like his brothers but very very quickly it becomes clear that he and his family want different things. He goes through Hollywood, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom as a family.
But EPCOT is y’all’s day! He is there for the science and machines. A behind the scenes look at the magic of it all? Yes pls!
Like Raph, he is wicked prepared, although he refused to wear a fanny pack, even though you think it would be adorable on him.
After y’all tear through the science in the front of EPCOT. The countries of the world awaits you.
Donnie does a full 180. He was excited to be with you but laser focuses on the machinery used to run such a large area full of so many people. I mean seriously, “(Y/N) I must find out how that rat controls all these people at once”!!
But once he’s had his scientific fill. Get ready.
Each country you visit is a trip and a half.
He is spouting facts about each place. Getting you present from each country. Greeting you in the native tongue of each country. He is for sure gonna be the guy who gets the walk through the countries map that gives you a sticker at each place you go.
He turns the charm up to 300! You are whisked away on a romantic journey through France, beautiful scenery of Canada(the flowers are amazing), and the flavor of Morocco. You guys are loading up on imported goods like nobody’s business.
He is more of a scenery kinda person. He likes to explore the many stores and restaurants that’s are offered. Don’t get me wrong, he loves rides, but he isn’t the type that has to be on a ride at all times.
Donnie hates waiting in long lines. Hell do it but he will complain, especially about the rude couple n front of you who keeps walking you guys with their oversized backpacks. Man he hates them.
Characters aren’t really his thing, unless he had a crush on them when he was younger *cough* Atomic Lass *cough*
You have to watch him though. There are a lot of behind the scenes doors that led to employees only areas and I can totally se him trying his very hardest to casually slip inside to get a closer look. You don’t want to get banned so you better stop him.
You know those workers who walk around the park with hundreds of balloons. Yeah that’s Mikey.
“You can’t take them on the rides Mikey”! “I’ll tie them up outside, I am not leaving my babies behind”!
He is gonna ride every ride in every park. Every. Single. Ride.
He likes them all. Seriously there isn’t a ride he doesn’t enjoy. Catch him singing along to It’s A Small World and driving his brothers insane. Isn’t too interested in the stores unless something catches his eye.
Every ride y’all go on, he had to sit with you. No matter what he wants you by his side during this experience.
He is an explorer and wants to see everything Disney World has to offer. So expect llooooonnnnggg days with aching feet. He can’t help but being impatient to see it all.
Don’t worry, he’ll give you plenty of live and attention back at the hotel. If he’s not already passed out the second he steps into the room that is.
Like Raph, he is telling so many freaking photos, he wants to see it all and have documentation.
As an avid cartoon fan, he is so excited to see his favorite movies put in motion in rides. Literally won’t shut up about art styles and animation and music. It’s great!!
You surprised him and took him during the Festival of the Arts at EPCOT and this boi is s h a k i n g.
Y’all have such a cute wholesome time, you can’t🥺🥺
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imgoingtocrash · 3 days ago
Iron man 1, captain america the first avenger, iron man 3, guardians of the galaxy, antman, and wandavision cuz i wanna see u draw lmaooo
you’re a DICK but fine
Iron Man 1 - what made you first get into fanfiction?
Initially, my brother actually showed me it existed. He was reading something on FFNET and shared it with me because he thought it was funny, and I was like “WAIT this is a thing??? that people do????” and then it spawned into me writing fic of my own--Disney shows, band RPF, and then TV shows and movies) and never stopped.
Captain America: The First Avenger - what’s your fanfic reading pet peeve?
I feel like you of all people would know this better than me Savannah, I’m so damn PICKY sometimes.
One big one is self-deprecating. It’s shooting yourself in the foot. “I suck at summaries”/”Sorry the summary sucks” makes me have 0 confidence that you can write a fic, either. It doesn’t have to be good, y’all, it just has to get the job done.
Also those “social media fics” that are literally just. stealing tweets/memes/tiktoks. What you are doing is not original. It’s called plagiarism. And it’s also incredibly uninteresting to read.
Iron Man 3 - underrated fanfic trope?
Groundhog Day/Time Loop. Amnesia. Anything Dream World/Lotus Eater Machine/etc. 
I really love the classics because they work for a reason, and I think some people sort of...forget where they come from, in a way? Like there are a million variations on the Soulmate AU, but sometimes it doesn’t have to be this whole unique concept to reinvent the genre or something. It can just be a really interesting Soulmate AU that we all know and love, you know?
Guardians of The Galaxy - be honest. would you want someone from marvel to read your fics?
It’s a pretty hard no for me. I’m of the ilk that fandom stays in fandom and it’s for us, not for them. Not to mention I don’t trust them with my ideas. Unless they’re ready to turn my Tony Lives!AU fic into a reality and offer me a job on the production team to go with it, I think I’ll keep it all to myself.
Ant-Man - send a few headcanons of your favorite characters!
You all have seen this in my fic before, but I love Pepper backstory. It was something a lot of older writers in the fandom used to do, then sort of abandoned when canon didn’t have time for it and the fandom got bigger.
I particularly love the idea that her mother is still alive, because a middle class mom’s opinions on her daughter dating Tony Stark has a lot of comedy potential for me. But also...knowing your daughter is the CEO of a massive conglomerate??? That she’s almost died multiple times??? idk there’s so much interesting 3rd person perspective there for me that expands on who Pepper is and how she grew up that I think would just be a joy to read more fic about.
Wandavision - try to draw fanart for one of your fics. (it doesn’t have to be good!)
It was so bad I refuse! Digital art forms are where it’s at. Look at those gifs for the fics. That’s my art. That’s all I got.
MCU Fanfiction Ask Game
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muchosupremacy · 7 days ago
Mikey as your BF
Tumblr media
Requested: @king-litchi​ + anon
LOLLLL this is probably like my first happy Mikey content XD.  Its half scenario/HC. He’s looks so beautiful in this photo ;-; this post is kinda chaotic/unorganized cause I kept thinking with my pea size brain.  Also Warning: swearing
Tumblr media
Purposely pretends to forget that y’all are in a relationship just to piss you off.  Will also hang out with Draken more than you so you’re left with Emma.
Emma and you plot something to make them jealous because y’all are tired of them not giving you attention you deserve.  Here’s the plan, you are gonna flirt with Baji, and Emma.....well hers is something else.....very bold.
After the gang meeting, you ignored Mikey and just went up to Baji, you linked your arm around his arm in a playful way.  You even snuggled your face into his arm. You kept that position for about 10 seconds until Mikey RIPPPPSSSS you two apart.
“What’re you doing with Baji?” he looks sad with a lil puppy pouty face.  You couldn’t help but laugh for a looonnngg time until you had tears in your eye.
Baji: 🧍🏻
“Baby it’s just a prank....well I just wanna make you hang out with me I tried making you jealous......I’m sorrryyy.” You pout at him.  Before Mikey can say anything, he let out a big sigh.
“Wait, lemme go first I don’t wanna hear y’all fight” and off Baji went.
“You want attention?” Mikey says.
“Well you’re always with Draken, even Emma gets lonely too.”
Mikey pats your head and brought you into his arms, “Bae, I like you a looooot, you have to remember that.  Even when I’m not around, I’m always thinking about how you’re doing, or if you’ve eaten yet, or if you’re hurt, or even you still like me...”
“I know baby, but now you owe me taiyaki for doing this prank....My heart dropped”
“IM SORRYYYY, I owe you a week worth of taiyaki”
allows you to do his hair however you want, and he will leave his hair like that for the whole day, throughout school, gang meeting, and fights.  He gets sad when his hair is messed up by the end of the day because he knows you worked hard on it.
When going to school, he stops by your place to come get you.  But you’d always end up walking with Emma because man forgot about you.
The only dates y’all go to is whenever he sees somethings fascinating or sweet place to eat.  If you wanna do something else, you have to initiate it.
During school, he’ll go by your class just to say hi or make a funny face.  Usually he comes during lunch time to steal your food, it came to the point you start to bring extra just for him.
Lowkey judges you when you cry or say something stupid Like when he judged Emma for crying PLEASE.  Will judge you if you if you judge him, there will be a dumb*ss argument.
He’s probably petty af, and will roast you when necessary  
Usually goes to a playground, so he can push you on the swing.  And then he’ll run away.....for literally no reason then you won’t see him for like 5 minutes, and he comes back with ice cream.
Really clingyyyy when you’re together: always holding hands, linking arms, or just walking near you makes him feel better.
Random pokes, random stealing your things and running off with it.  taps you on one shoulder and move the opposite direction.
Random hugs, this is the best since he’s not great with romance.  He likes doing things as a surprise.
When he gives gifts it’ll be like really not exciting sounding
“Oh yeah i got you a gift, here.” and randomly pulls out a gift, usually it’s small accessory or sweets.
Y’all have matching taiyaki keychain, Mikey will carry it around even during fights.
WILL REMEMBER SMALL DETAILS.  Even tho y’all don’t hang out a lot, he always will do small things to make you happy because man does not know how to do big things.  The only big things he does is fight without being scared at all.
Lowkey Mikey is the type to do the bare minimum (I said what I said) BUT HE WILL ACTUALLY PROTECT YOU WITH HIS LIFE.
Since Mikey feels bad about not giving you enough attention, he plans on being with you for a whole day once or twice a week.  You can’t even complain because it’s better than the two hours you interact him a day.  He usually makes you pick what you want to do.
Empty head head energy, or depressed head energy :(
WILL ALWAYS COME WHEN YOU NEED HIM.  Mikey probably has a lot of anxiety of what can happen to his friends, but he’s always worried about you even if you tell him you can protect yourself.  He will drop everything, maybe even in the middle of a fight.
You’ll hear his exhaust mannyyyy blocks away.  Man will literally speed to you.  
Sometimes he leaves his bike with you b/c he trust you enough.  You always wash his bike together, and he teaches you about bikes.
Always gives you a ride home on his bike.  He likes it a lot when you wrap you arms around his waist.  Sometimes you’d put you hand on his shoulder so he’d forcefully will grabs you arm and wrap it around his waist, “Listen, I don’t want you falling off”
Always forget to tell you goodnight but likes it when you do so he can sleep better.  
Calls you in the middle of the night if he wakes up from a bad dream.  He’ll only tell you about the things he’s comfortable talking about.  He appreciate you so much for listening to him and never pushing him out of his comfort zone when he’s vulnerable.
If he can’t sleep and you’re awake, he’ll pick you up to sneak you out.  Y’all go ride all night ride for a long time unless he gets tired.  During this time Mikey always talks about how much appreciates you for being there for him and taking care of him even tho he’s a delinquent.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I should finish these up nicely tonight. Fingers crossed that it goes as planned 🤞🏼🤞🏼 I’ve bought things recently that I feel guilty for buying, soooo the quest $ will help my silly mind come to peace w it. I’m so fucking weird. Next... soooo the guy that got my #.. it was funny bc I show up to get him/them, was 2 guys.. & I need to stop watching so much ir porn lol 2 nice lookin black dudes walking to my car.. I’m like, ohhh okie.. no I’m not having pervy thoughts at all 👀 sooo yeah. Dude that got my # liked my steering wheel cover lol & it was a long 25 mile drive lol minimal talking but... the questions they were both asking.. just.. funny is all. I swear they were texting each other. Fr tho. They made me feel a certain kinda way but anyyyyeayyyy. The guy that got my # was v sly about it. Like, sooo do you drive a lot? You think maybe I can get your # if I need a ride later I’ll just go through you instead of uber? Ya know, a lot of ppl ask this, so I was like, sure. Tbh I didn’t think he was gonna hit on me. Seriously lol anyway. He texted a lot. Asked if I had kids if I drink etc etc. he has 2 kids. 5 & 11. & I like the picture he sent. He seems like a sports guy. & those type of guys are never like, heyyyy lol just bc... we’re always vibin differently. Idk why he was like heyyyy bc... idk lol I literally rolled outta bed at 3:45am to go work lol my hair was nappy af lol idk what these guys see in me tbh lol I’m at my literal heaviest ever. I’m a big bitch! Why do y’all keep sayin heyyy?? I’m tryin to push the ‘leave me alone’ vibe & they just ain’t gettin the memo. I have too many dumb men in my life. I’m the dumb one tbh. For allowing them all to be there. Then maybe add another to the list bc... Sparky... he just... idk. He’s giving me so much attention. Like never before. Ive mentioned guys here & there &... I completely sense him getting upset. Not upset but like jealous. Its a total man thing. And here I was ‘were just friends’ ha. Hubby knows better. Bc he’s a man! He knows what these mmmmen are up to! How come I really thought he .. whatever. I didn’t answer his message this morning &&&& so he messaged && it was like a.. ‘soo you’re not gonna reply?’ Sorta message??? If that even makes sense?? I haven’t replied to anyone! I’m just trying to breathe! The only person that gets that is K. Bc he’s lived w me for 15 ducking years. Or 13.. idfk. Most times he won’t accept it tho. Hence the stalker calling & messaging 500000 times then I’m calling the police to check on you thing 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 ummm yeah. All men want to do is own you without being there for you. Bc they have oooooother obligations. I don’t get any of it. Anyway back to this guy. So I’m messaging him & it’s like I forget he was just in my car bc the whole time I’m like, does he know I’m a fat bitch??? Lololll bc I feel like... certain guys are turned off by that & nbd I get that, whatever but that’s all I was thinking lol & I was like, wait, he just saw my ugly in its sunlit glory & that was enough for him to be like heyyyy lmaoooo. I would never see Daddy lookin like that 🤣 but hey maybe some guys like ugly bitches lololll jk. I ain’t ugly. My fat doesn’t make me ugly. Unless I’m naked on all fours.. not v attractive... js 😂🤣😂🤣🤣 pull up the porn if you want to, that’s fine lol omg I’m too much tbh. Anyway I feel like this guy was like turned off a the fact that I don’t drink lol sorry~ not sorry. Apparently that’s all mf’ers do these days. Not I~ I don’t fit into the adult world. Take me for ice cweam instead ☺️🍦 idk then I started thinking of Daddy & being like, what if I actually wanna go in a date w this guy & it leads to me wanting to fuck him? I’m not even talking to Daddy rn. He’s livin his best whore life & im just here. Being ignored Bc I’m a fat ugly bitch he obviously can’t stand. I have this thing where I would get his permission. At this point, like, why tho? I feel that shit has passed. I’m just some dumb bitch he used to drop his load onto. He doesn’t give a fuck what I do. So do you know how fucking retarded
I’d sound if I randomly asked for his permission now???? Lmaoooooo. Llllllllllaaaaaaammmmeeee. Then I’m like, do I tell K? I started freaking out bc.... I feel the need to tell these limbo men in my life but then I’m like, technically, I don’t have to tell anybody! I can just do whatever the fuck I want to do! Nobody fucking cares. Then I started feeling nauseous. And now, well now Idk. I’m just chatting w Sparky. I told him a very slight bit about this guy. He ignored me. But then later told me to be safe w whatever I choose to do. He always wants me to be safe. That’s sweet. On a happy note, one that doesn’t deal w DICK, I saw pretty birds this morning. I stopped to video them. Red birds & a falcon. I’m pretty sure it’s a falcon. I needa check. It was a big boy! The birds are so pretty here. V different. I love bird watching. I love squirrel watching.
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anunvalidcritic · 11 days ago
It’s the last episode.... Let’s dive in boys, girls, and non-binary folks!!!
                          WHERE I REALLY COME FROM
Tumblr media
Is it just me or did this week go by really fast??? (went by to fuckin’ fast bcuz I fuckin’ forgot!)
alright so we’re starting off by staring at the grass... that’s a pretty calm start..
nvm it’s raining blood
INVINCIBLE looks sick asf
well, I’m glad that was his first reaction
“It’s me Mark, It’s just me.” - OMNI-MAN 
DEBBIE has always been a baddie
Bro OMNI-MAN’s storyline is fuckin’ amazing
“You love me, you love Mom! I know you do.” - INVINCIBLE MARK
go ahead and that shit out now my dude
“Do you have any idea how long we live? The older we get, the slower we age. Viltrumite DNA is so pure you’re nearly full-blooded. You’ll live for thousands of years. Do you understand what that means? Everyone you know and love will be gone before you even look thirty.” - OMNI-MAN 
well damn thanks for dropping this knowledge on us, sir.
OMNI-MAN - “I do love your mother. But she’s more like a... a pet to me.”
MARK - “A pet?”
OMNI-MAN - “This is the only way, Mark.” *as he reaches for MARK’s shoulder*
MARK - “Don’t touch me!”
Tumblr media
go off MARK, talk yo shit!
“I don’t give a shit about Viltrum. And I don’t care if I live a fuckin’ million years. This is my home and I won’t let you destroy it!” - INVINCIBLE
Bro, don’t let your daddy beat yo' ass! You are a grown man now.
dude, this title for the last episode is fucking exceptional!
those dudes in the jets are gonna lose their fuckin’ lives
You know, it’s unfortunate that they know that shit is just a distraction for him and not life threating. 
He didn’t have to demolish that man like that...
this man is ruthless
“Did seeing that man lose his life distrube you? Did it hurt you?! Well, let’s see how you handle this.” - OMNI-MAN
👁 👄 👁
Tumblr media
Don’t you just love it when motherfuckers just stop and stare when they see a disaster happening??
Now I understand that the building is more than likely collapsing on it’s own, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his dad is pushng it from the other side. 
They’re really fuckin’ up Chi-Town right...
I could’ve told you that woman wasn’t gonna make it...
as evil as this man is... his character is amazing 
I love seeing MARK rage this dude just goes in!
“For the first time in your life, I’m telling you the truth.” - OMNI-MAN
what is he aboour.
... their suits need more than a deep dry cleaning
He didn’t have to swerve MARK like taht!
the clouds look nice...
okay, that’s enough OMNI-MAN!!
I wish they would’ve at least kept ZACHARY QUINTO’s voice because I miss the guy
See, this episode is a prime (pun intended) and I mean a PRIME example of how raising your kids with a good upbringing is important. If MARK was raised the way OMNI-MAN had intended to raise him, then he would’ve been a complete asshole... an extremely strong asshole, but an asshole. 
you know this is very triggering... RIP GLENN
Tumblr media
“You wanna die for this planet? Fine. What’s seventeen more years? I can always start again... make another kid.” - OMNI-MAN
“Look at Mark. You and I made him. He’s ours. When he feels joy, we feel joy. See that look on his face. How can you see this and not feel the same way. As we get older it’s harder to feel that.” - DEBBIE
GOD! Can Sandra Oh be my fuckin’ mom!?!?!
NOLAN still ain’t shit....
I like how he had that flashback while he was beating his son to a pulp
homeboy has to get dentures now...
only a narcissist would say some shit like this
“You dad, I’d still have you.” - MARK
that’s fuckin’ heartbreaking....
ik it’s not funny but MARK looks horrible..
looks like OMNI-MAN went back home cryin’
AMBER feelin’ like a complete dick as she should!! (I was rooting for y’all)
how long was he out??
DEBBIE you married an evil motherfucker, but it’s not your fault
Who tf cursed MONSTER GIRL?? She must’ve said or done some foul shit... And who tf fucked up CECIL’s face??
let it out DEBS let it out..
Tumblr media
ik tf AMBER just didn’t!! deadass thought it was EVE...
lol the way WILLIAM saved that was hilarious!!
“We can try but it’s literally all anyone is tlking about in the world” - WILLIAM 
come on now dude
😆 I could’ve sworn DUPLI-KATE looked asian and not white like EVE. WILLIAM is trifflin’
I was gonna say during the montage clip I knew one of those species looked familiar.
Mars is gettin’ fucked up from the ground up.
ALLEN THE ALIEN - “What’s the plan in the meantime?”
INVINCIBLE - “Finish high school, I guess.”
ALLEN THE ALIEN - “Oh, alright good. Sounds good. What is high school?”
I liked the way it ended! It’s unfortunate that we must bid ado to this lovely grotesque show of INVINICBLE, but alas we must in order to move onto greater things and the world beyond. Hopefully, they’ll get confirmed for a second season because I really don’t want them to end on such an extraordinarily high point...
List of Episodes with link :) ~
EP1 - EP2 - EP3 - EP4 - EP5 - EP6 - EP7 - EP8
EDIT: Thank god Amazon has decided to renew the series for not just the second season but a third as well!!!! FUCK YEAH!!
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zeeroweenies · 21 days ago
first off, hi jess !! i love you and i hope this anon bullshit doesn’t get to you cuz they’re clowns looking for an audience. secondly, i would love to be your mutual but i’m too chicken shit to come off anon and do it 🥴 ok, time to flip the switch
WHERE 👏🏾WAS👏🏾 THIS👏🏾 ENERGY👏🏾 WHEN YALL WERE WRITING 1D (16-18), JUSTIN BIEBER (13-16), AND ANY OTHER TEENAGE “HEARTTHROB” SMUT ??? those were ACTUAL teenage boys that were being put in adult situations as (here comes one of y’alls favorite buzzword) MINORS
why am i hearing crickets? radio static perhaps? i can hear the trees rustling in the wind...WHY IS IT DEAD MF SILENT IN HERE??
i vividly remember a 23 year old woman writing Niall Horan tearing up the readers pussy on a tour bus. AT 16 !! so riddle me this, trickster ; why is it that if someone writes for a fictional character they get shit on and berated and chastised for it, but it’s DEAD FUCKING SILENT when real people are involved? y’all don’t think the 1D team or JB was affected by that when they were teenagers ? just by KNOWING that type of content was out there?
you know they were, but you won’t admit it because that would 1. make you wrong in your fight to be right 2. you’d be forcibly admitting how dumb you are 3. you’re also admitting that you don’t really care about p*dophilia, s.a, and r*acism, since one of y’all was dumb enough to try and make that connect. and if you consumed that content, by using your logic, it’s making you what you’re trying so hard to label someone else ; (your other favorite buzzword) A P*DOPHILE !!! hypocrisy is hilarious don’t you think?
wtf is megumi gonna do if i say he likes to eat pussy from the back as an 18 year old? pop out the screen fat albert style and whoop my ass?
y’all anti dc anons and minors are pulling fallacies out the ass (i wouldn’t doubt if y’all are too stupid to know what a fallacy is, let alone which ones you’re making) and trying so hard to make shit stick to a wall !! it didn’t work the first time you tried and it won’t work again if you keep trying !!
y’all are fighting a losing battle. go sit down and wait for your favorite characters birthday so you can wish them mfs happy birthday like they real. dw, i’ll be there waiting to catch y’all do it too 📸
Omg thank you! There was literally CSEM content of actual minors on the internet for yearsssss that adults and children were writing. You’ll never see them bring up that conversation yet will call someone a p*do for aging up a drawing that can be reimagined in anyway you choose them to be. I don’t think Megumi’s gonna give a flying fat rat’s ass about me writing him blowing the reader’s back out at a school party cause that mf is not real.
But with that being said, I’m done letting shit get to me and responding to negative stuff cause I don’t wanna become one of those blogs that’s always in drama every other week. Also I’m sorry to that one anon for calling you a bitch.
(ps i would love to be mutuals you seem so nice and you’re funny as hell😭!)
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Girl’s Trip
This is a fic for my girl @goddessofthundathighs
Warnings: SMUT
Tumblr media
They had to endure a 33 hr 5 min flight to Bali with one stop on the way. Duchess woke up from her third nap to a message over the intercom about landing. Heiress was staring out of the window next to her with a half eating snack in her hand. Aqua and Erik sat across from them. Aqua is asleep in an awkward position that will have her neck hurting when she wakes up and Erik is playing a round of solitaire on the PC behind the seat before him. He has his hood up and his thick fingers kept swiping over the screen to finish the game. Duchess watched out of boredom and giggled slightly when he lost. Erik kissed his teeth and sat back in his seat. He could still hear Duchess loud and clear so he turned towards her with a crease in his brow.
“Me losing is that funny?” He said with annoyance.
“It is.” She said fighting a smile.
“It’s really not. Don’t worry about what I got going on over here.”
Erik adjusted his legs to fall open wider and his hand came down to his crotch to fix himself. Duchess caught the way he grabbed his dick and twisted downward as if she wasn’t sitting across from him. She could feel her skin warming up and an anxious feeling in her belly grow. 
“It’s Duchess, right?”
“Hm?” She blinked her eyes at him as if coming back to reality.
“Your name. It’s Duchess?”
“Who named you and your sister?”
“My mom. Why?”
Erik chuckled before turning his body slightly so he can face her.
“Just asking—”
“Duchess, you ain’t gotta answer none of his questions.”
Erik leaned forward in his seat to look past Duchess and he locked eyes with a fiery Heiress. A smirk formed on his plump lips at her obvious attitude.
“When are you gonna get over the fact that I’m on this trip?” He asked with humor lacing his voice.
“When you decide to take the next flight back to Atlanta.”
“I ain’t going no where, so I suggest you get over what ever is bothering you about me being here and deal with it.”
“Do you plan on sleeping in the same room as us?”
Erik took his eyes off of Heiress to stare at Duchess.
“Nah, I got my own suite.”
“You already know she’s sleeping with him...”
Heiress snickered with a shake of her head. Good, let Aqua stay with her man so she doesn’t have to hear all their sex every damn night. Still, Heiress wanted to know what was so special about this Erik dude that made Aqua bring him along to their Girl’s Trip.
“What is so special about you that made you come along and ruin our plans, huh?”
“Excuse me?” Erik asked with a mug on his face.
“We just wanna make sure you’re not a half ass nigga like the rest of them.”
Duchess smiled at her sister before turning to stare Erik up and down.
“First of all, y’all don’t know nothing about me or what I do. Sounds to me like y’all jealous. I bet y’all act like this every time she get a man. Judging, complaining, telling her who she should be with like y’all control her. Just admit it. And you wish you had a nigga like me, I’m that, baby.”
“Only niggas who really ain’t shit brag. What you gotta brag for? If you’re all that then show it. You do a lot of talking.”
“See, there you go again telling me about myself when you don’t even know me, girl. I don’t even know why I keep going back and forth with a bitch I don’t even know.”
Heiress was ready to say more but Aqua sat up from her sleep. She kept her last words to herself but gave Erik a death glare before sitting back in her seat.
“This was supposed to be hot girl summer.” Duchess said.
“Are we almost there?” Aqua asked while stretching.
“Yeah, we’re about to land soon,” Erik said before grabbing Aqua by her chin to give her a kiss, “I’m glad you’re up because your friends annoying as fuck, baby.”
“Leave them alone, E.”
Duchess rolled her eyes.
Things were silent for the last 20 minutes of the flight until it was time to leave the plane. Thanks to Erik already being their before, he was able to lead them towards baggage claim and their transportation to the resort. When they all arrived, Aqua, Duchess, and Heiress couldn’t believe how breathtaking the resort is. They decided to stay at the Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa in Bali. A dramatic hideaway nestled in the heart of rainforest Payangan - Ubud, Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa is a captivating destination resort that blends smoothly with its natural surroundings. The resort is situated on the mystical Ayung River. Each villa enjoys the embrace of the lush rainforest and offers stunning views from private balcony of the breathtaking Ayung gorge it allows you to reconnect with nature, rekindle your spirit and reignite your soul in this serene nature haven.
Aqua, Duchess, and Heiress made their way towards the villa they booked with Erik following closely behind carrying Aqua’s heavy luggage along with his. From the moment they arrived at this luxury spa resort, they immersed themselves in the beauty of the calm oasis, taking in the incredible sights and gentle sounds of the forest below and breathing in the fresh mountain air, bringing Joy to whoever seeks. The pure and natural environment made them forget about the hood and the struggles to make money back at home. All three women squealed with excitement when they finally entered their villa. Why couldn’t they stay for a week? Why did it have to be four nights? Duchess and Heiress dropped their bags at the door and started running throughout to explore the villa. Erik took his time with placing Aqua’s bags down before placing his hands in his hoodie pockets. He began to move his long, brawny legs, taking slow strides as his eyes took in the scenery.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“This is my room right here!”
Erik watched as Heiress flopped down on the bed she claimed, her breasts bouncing and her thighs jiggling each time she rolled around on the bed.
Tumblr media
She sat up with a huge grin on her face before grabbing her phone to snap a few pictures. A slap to Erik’s arm has him staring down at Aqua as she wrapped her arms around his tapered waistline. She could feel every solid muscle through his hoodie.
“Last chance, I can come stay with you in your room.” Aqua said with a bat of her lashes.
“Nah, I want you to enjoy being with your friends. I’ll be down the hall. You can come see me whenever.”
Aqua poked out her lip and whimpered into Erik’s chest. He chuckled a little before reaching his hand down to cuff her booty. He had to bend his body to reach her ass because of the drastic height difference.
“In front of my door, really?”
Heiress walked over and gave Erik one final look of pure disgust before shutting her door. Aqua shook her head at her friends antics.
“She’s always like this? Rude as hell?”
Heiress shouted from the other side of the door. Aqua pulled Erik away towards her room.
“Only because you’re here. Once she gets some drinks in her system and a bath she’ll be fine.”
“Yeah, she need something cuz she been on 100 popping off on me since that phone call...”
“Heiress can be...she can be a little snippy with men in general. She used to be in love with this guy named Odell. You couldn’t tell her shit about him. He could be a bum and a good for nothing fool and she’ll still love that nigga. He messed around on her so many times and she finally had a breaking point when he slept with someone in her family and got them pregnant. Ever since then she’s been on this ‘fuck a nigga, take their money’ type of wave.”
“How about Duchess? She seems more laid back than her sister.”
Aqua laid back on her bed and Erik joined her lying on his side.
“She’s a wild card too. She may come off as sweet and innocent but she’s really a freak! I mean, Heiress is too but Duchess...she’s done some crazy things. Homie hopping for one.”
“Duchess?!” Erik said with a bewildered expression.
“Almost got into it with her because I found out she used to mess around with a guy I talked to about a year ago. She swears it was before me but...I don’t know. When she wants something, she gets it and she will charm her way into anything. Her and Heiress are a dynamic duo. I call them the City Girls of Hotlanta.”
“And you’re just in between all of this, huh? No wild stories about you?”
“I’m the innocent one!”
“You’re friends with two strippers and you mean to tell me you don’t have ANY stories? None?”
“Truly, babe!”
“I don’t believe that for a second. If I didn’t come on this trip what would y’all have been doing?”
Erik bites his lip and his eyelids dropped lower to seduce Aqua. Aqua started giggling as she bashfully turned away from him to hide her blush. Their was no hiding the crimson of her cheeks when they heated up from being aroused.
“Don’t gotta lie to me, ma. Tell me the wildest shit y’all ever did together.”
Erik slid closer to Aqua on the bed and brought one of his hands up to slip beneath her shirt. Aqua let’s put a shuddering exhale from the tickle of his finger tips against her flesh. The hair on her arms stuck up like static electricity struck it and her nipples became stiff peaks.
“One time...we went to Jamaica...”
“Uh-huh, go on...”
Erik lifted Aqua’s shirt up to reveal her sports bra. He could see her hardened nipples visibly. He growled low in his throat like a primal animal before wrapping his plush lips around her left nipple through her bra. His saliva felt hot against her chest and she arched her back to feed him more. His teeth yanked on her bra and his eyes never left hers.
“We...we got drunk at Mocha Fest and went back to our hotel room with a few of our other friends and...fucked all night.”
“I knew it...I knew you got down like that...tryna play like pussy in your mouth?”
“Yes...I’m not Bi though, just Bi-curious...”
“So you had Duchess and Heiress pussy in your mouth? Nasty...”
“Yes...mmm...Duchess sat on my face first...then Heiress made me eat it from the back.”
“FUCK,” Erik kissed along Aqua’s neck, “what about the other girls?”
“Heiress recorded them sucking and licking all over my titties and then they took turns eating my pussy while I was blind folded. It was a game where I had to guess who was eating my pussy...”
“That shit is sexy as fuck, Aqua. I bet that pussy was dripping all over the fucking place.”
“Yes, daddy—”
“They don’t make it drip like I do though...Take these off so I can remind you.”
Aqua sat up on the bed, her eyes focused on her open room door. She couldn’t hear Duchess or Heiress nearby so she figured they were taking a nap or a shower. Erik grabbed Aqua’s chin and brought his lips to hers before taking his teeth to nibble on her bottom lip. He released the flesh slowly before his thick tongue appeared to taste her. 
“Hurry up. I want that pussy.”
Aqua had her bottoms pushed down to her feet and she isn’t wearing any panties. She’s completely waxed and smooth. 
“Let me see that pink pussy.”
Aqua takes her fingers to pry her pussy open for him to see. All that talk about eating pussy in Jamaica has Aqua gushing. Erik got up from the bed and took off his hoodie. His arms looked beefy and powerful from all the hard work in the gym. The cut and sculpt of his abs has Aqua lusting to lick him all over and feel the raised scars on his skin along her hard clit. Erik planted his eyes between Aqua’s legs and licked his lips. Right there like a juicy peach was that pussy. Labia sitting wide open, clit hard, slit shining from her natural lubricant. She leaked that natural honey generously. So generous that her inner thighs and outer pussy glistened. Erik palmed his erection and bit down on his hard. From the look in his eyes and the change in his breathing pattern Aqua knew that he wanted to punish her pussy and didn’t care who heard. 
“Damn, girl.”
Aqua had her knees to her chest. The only thing that missing was her breasts out for him to suck and lick all over. Her pretty toes curled and her long manicured nails against the flesh of her pussy was a beautiful sight. 
“No wonder why them bitches took turns eating your pussy. Goddamn.”
She shuddered.
Erik came back to the bed, falling onto his belly and bringing his face between her legs. His mouth attacked her pussy. No pause. No waiting. No hesitation. He licked up all the mess she made with his thick tongue. She couldn’t even look at him while he ate it. She never could because his eyes are so intense. One look and she’ll wet his face up and damn near drown him.
“Look at this wet ass pussy,” he said between licks and sucks, “fuck, you sitting this pussy on my mouth anytime I want it, hear me?”
“Yes!” She moaned out while gripping his dreads in her fist. 
“Pussy so sweet. Want me to stick my tongue in here?” His fingers made there way inside of her now. She took in a sharp breath before throwing her head back. Erik twisted two fingers in and out of Aqua slowly so she could feel how thick they are. 
“Fuck, yes.”
“Who make this pussy cum? who this pussy belong to? huh?”
She whimpered.
“Fix your face.”
“You, daddy. It’s yours. It’s your pussy!”
He fingered her pussy until she could no longer take it. Her hand came down to grab at his wrist from the way he tortured her spot with the pads of his fingers. Erik was finger fucking her with his eyes watching his every move. Each time she moaned he would say mhm. Aqua’s hips elevated from the bed but Erik’s hand coming upwards to harshly spank her ass brought her hips back down.
“Damn, Daddy!” she groaned, “You’re punishing my pussy!”
“That’s right, bitch,” her pussy was making sounds now, “you hear all that? pussy talking back? she want me to keep going?”
“Push your tongue in my pussy,” Aqua pushed her pussy into Erik’s face. Erik forces her back, wrapping his arms around her thighs to keep her still. He went to work sucking on her labia and clit. She could feel him tugging on her sensitive flesh all over her body. The urge to cum came so fast. Erik just kept on sucking and sucking. She could hear his lips and the wet sounds her pussy made. Aqua’s head extend back as if she didn’t have control of her neck while her eyes fluttered repeatedly.
“Yes, Daddy! Yes, Daddy! Oh my gosh! Daddy! I’m cumming!”
She felt Erik wrap his whole mouth over her pussy. Her shouts and cries went unnoticed to him. He didn’t care how sensitive she was. Now, he was slurping her up again and rubbing patterns over her clit. He sat up and started eating from the side. His tongue went in a circular motion with his nose pressed against her mound. The moment he opened his eyes, He could see Duchess watching from the doorway. She stared at him wide-eyed and frozen. Her eyes had to burn from not blinking. Erik just simply stared right back at her. He didn’t even need to look at Aqua’s pussy he already knew she was close to cumming again with her cries alone. Erik could feel her labia and clit poke out into swollen fleshy folds against his lips. Grabbing a handful of Aqua’s ass, Erik loudly slurped on her pussy. Duchess clamped her upper teeth down on her bottom lip tightly to control herself so she wouldn’t make any noise. Her hands started roaming all over her body and into her hair. The way she was reacting to Erik’s pussy eating skills she probably would risk it all and join in. 
“Hold your fucking pussy lips open, now.” Erik commanded.
Aqua did as she was told with shaking fingers and now her entire clit and labia were there for better access. He could suck on this pussy all night long.
“Feels so good. But it’s too much!” She cries.
She felt herself cumming again. Erik didn’t slow down his motions. She was going to explode. He didn’t look away from Duchess and the strength of his hands on Aqua’s ass controlled her movements since she was trying to run away from him. 
“Daddy, please!” Aqua begged him, trying to push his head away. Erik was too strong for her. 
“Oooooh!” She shook with his fingers still on her, “oooooh! Fuck!”
She gave Erik what he wanted again. He licked his fingers and lips clean. Erik even put his tongue on her pussy again to clean her off. The minute he placed his tongue inside of her to clean her out some more, Aqua’s walls tightened around his tongue. He craved her pussy. It was so sweet and juicy.
“You know you can’t fight me off this my fucking pussy.”
He was making her cum again.
“Daddy! My pussy!” She cries.
“Cum in my mouth, bitch!”
“You know exactly what the fuck I want now, right?!”
While Aqua tried to control her breathing and come down from her orgasmic zenith, Erik pulled his ball shorts down and the question swimming around in Duchess’ mind since being on the plane was finally answered. He doesn’t have any underwear on. She almost dropped to her knees and crawled to him with her tongue poked out and oozing saliva. There was no point in denying her attraction to Erik. From the moment she first saw him through her phone talking shit her mind and body wanted him. Not a slice, no, the entire fucking cake. If Heiress wasn’t taking a bath currently she would be watching right along with her. She couldn’t wait to tell her sister about it. His dick is long and fat and she blushed from how meaty it is. Veiny, rock hard, wet at the tip, and big balls to match. Her throat is open and eager for that huge dick. To climb on top of that...
“Time for me to get in that pussy, turn that ass around and arch your back, Aqua.”
She did as she was told and Erik’s massively strong body blocked her from seeing Duchess watching. Duchess couldn’t explain how she currently felt. Wet? soaked? drenched? definitely creamy. Erik turned his back to Duchess and grabbed his dick in his hand. Aqua could see his heavy sack between his muscular thighs. His glutes clenched when he dipped his hips and Aqua’s cries almost made Duchess moan right along with her. 
“Move your hand.”
Duchess could hear how wet Aqua’s pussy is each time Erik’s hips collided with her cheeks. He was talking his shit and Duchess loved how nasty his mouth is. 
“Let me get in there...come on...stay right there...uh-huh...this why you wanted me on this trip...and you loud as fuck too your home girls can hear all that crying and whining you doing shut up.”
Erik bottomed out balls deep in Aqua. She could feel his strength and power deep inside of her. Duchess had to squeeze her thighs shut. His dick is big and difficult for Aqua to take so she couldn’t imagine how her pussy would feel with his dick thrusting inside without shaking beneath him. She’d never had a plowing like this before from a man. 
“Nothing makes me harder than watching this little pussy take all this dick. Your friends ain’t make you cream like this in Jamaica.”
Duchess was taken aback by Erik’s words. So, Aqua told him about their drunken experimenting in Jamaica? Did she mention how Heiress pulled out her strap and fucked Aqua so good that she passed out on the veiny, ten inch, hot pink dildo? Duchess could see the way his veiny meat glistened with Aqua’s cream and squirt. She could understand why sharp moans escaped her lips. She’s full and feeling good. The beauty of witnessing her pussy stretch and accommodate all of him was a beautiful site to see. That’s something that can’t be made up. 
“Daddy, I’m cumming!”
Erik grabbed her by her curly bun and drilled her harder. Ever muscle in his body worked in conjunction to push that dick deeper. 
“Yes, yes, yes,yes,yes,yes,yes!”
That’s all Aqua could say before Erik’s heavy hand yanking her head back. He stroked her a few more times before slipping out and stroking himself. Erik’s heavy load covered Aqua’s ass and her back. Aqua collapsed on the bed while Erik took a seat next to her. He’s covered in sweat and his locs are pressed against his forehead. With each heavy breath he took his eyes burned into Duchess’ and that dick of his stood tall like a metal rod. He wasn’t finished. Duchess licked her lips before walking away. She did it just in time since Aqua turned to face Erik with a serene smile.
Heiress could hear them from the bathroom and even though she told herself that she didn’t want to she tuned in while rubbing her pussy. What kind of dick does this man possess to make Aqua speak in tongues like that? Heiress tried to shut it out with her eyes closed and the smell of the tropics surrounding her from the open window but it was hard. She didn’t think she would be tweaking her clit to their sex. Her fingers worked her swollen clit until she squirted in her bath. when her pussy submerged in the warm bath she giggled to herself in disbelief. Luckily, they stopped fucking so she could finish her bath and not be tempted to make herself cum again. After her bath, Heiress entered her room to moisturize her body and put on a sexy black swimsuit. 
Tumblr media
She caught a glimpse of the pool and she wanted to take a dip before dinner and drinks. As soon as she was dressed for the occasion, Duchess entered her room in a rush and closed the door behind her. She walked up to Heiress and pulled her down to the bed. 
“Bitch, did you hear them fucking?!”
“Of course I did. All that Unh! Oh! Offf! Uhm! I mean who couldn’t hear it? She loud as fuck.”
“ heard it...but I saw the whole dame thing.”
Heiress ducked her chin and gave her sister a shocked look.
“You’re telling me that you saw the entire thing? they didn’t see you?!”
“Erik did! and he kept those sexy ass eyes on me the whole time I stood there! said you wanna know why she can’t get off his dick for a weekend? if only you saw what I saw.”
Heiress took in the sight of her sister’s flushed chocolate skin and shaky breaths.
“Damn, it was that good?!”
“Bitch, good ain’t even the word! this nigga got a big dick and he can eat some pussy! he was eating, slurping, spitting, fingering, sucking—digging all up in her pussy with his dick—you should have seen it.”
Heiress simpered. She continued to listen to what her sister had to say while trying to calm the way her clit throbbed like a heart beat. 
“Shit, he can go ahead and devour me!” Heiress said with a half smile. 
“Sis, this motherfucker should write a book the way he ate that kat I was shook! Had me standing there quivering.”
“I need some attack head like that,” Heiress fanned herself, “He love to lick pussy I’ll sit all this weight on his face he can have it!”
“Drink up, King,” Duchess brought a hand down between her legs to smooth over her pussy as she grind her hips. 
“Eat that Kat, Erik!” Heiress laughed.
“Let’s not forget the balls deep strokes. Girl, the entire time I’m watching, I’m thinking in the back of my mind like...why she not throwing it back?”
“I would flex my hips and bring all this ass back on him! what is wrong with her?!”
“You ain’t gonna believe this. She told him about Jamaica!”
“She did?!” Heiress brought a hand up to her mouth.
“Yes! I think that’s why he was looking at me the way he was because damn he look like he wanted a piece of this too! sitting on the bed stroking that big dick like he was waiting for me to come in there. Girl, you should have seen it!”
Heiress hung her head and whimpered. If she wasn’t in the bath for half an hour she would have. Yes, Erik annoys her and yes, she wanted to compare him to the sound of nails on a chalkboard but who was she kidding? She’s into him and now she wants to fuck on him too. Aqua should have left him back in Atlanta. 
“And you know I don’t give a fuck, Duchess, I’ll fuck on him.”
“But I gotta see for myself. Just because she crazy over it don’t mean I’ll feel the same way.”
“Heiress, sometimes it be the nigga you least expect that fuck you like a dawg! He might have a lot of mouth but he can sure as hell back it up!”
“Dick got Aqua swearing she in love and shit,” Heiress rolled her eyes.
“I don’t blame her. But anyway, I wonder what he’ll say since he saw me watching.”
“I’ll tell you what to do, sis, act like nothing happened. He’ll probably try to approach you about it. Just ignore that nigga!”
“As long as he keep that big dick in his pants I’ll ignore him. What about you, sis?”
“Same thing. I’m sure he knows that you told me already. Just because I want to see for myself doesn’t he won’t get on my nerves.”
“Okay, that’s the plan then. Let’s see if it works.”
Heiress gave Duchess a dismissive wave of her hand, “we got this. Plus, it’s not like we can get him alone anyway she’ll be glued to that nigga dick all vacay.”
Erik entered his Jungle Royal Suite with a raw beauty of the rain forest. It’s elegantly decorated and filled with luxurious furnishings. He carried his bags to his master bedroom overlooking a stunning jungle and garden view bathed in the sunset. He took a peek into the bathroom and noticed an outdoor bath and rain shower. Erik left Aqua snoring naked on her bed with his dried cum on her ass and back. While he was leaving the suite, he hoped to run into Duchess and call her out on watching them. She didn’t bother to walk away or apologize for invading their privacy. Instead, she stood their and kept her eyes on him. That shit turned Erik on badly and it had his dick solid and ready for multiple rounds especially if it included her. Duchess is a bad bitch. Little petite girls like her get picked up and pounded. He wondered what her skills are but she got a look in her eye like she knows how to fuck. She puts on a front as if she’s shy but Aqua confirmed that she’s a big freak. Erik’s dick had the front of his ball shorts tented and no matter how hard he tried it wouldn’t go down. Erik exited his room to check out the mini bar for a drink. He found imported wine and he knew it would be expensive but he had the money. He grabbed a bottle of red wine and found a corkscrew. As soon as he opened the bottle, He drank from it without a glass. 
Outside of his suite, Erik could hear women giggling. With his bottle, he walked towards the entrance to his suite to figure out who it was. When he peered out into the hall, Erik could make out Duchess and Heiress walking in their swimsuits. Before he could even think about what he was about to do, Erik opened his door and entered the hall. They stopped and looked back to see him in the doorway with a bottle in his hand. They shared a look before turning in his direction. Erik’s eyes crept over Duchess wearing a black monokini with a plunging neckline and a black over sized straw hat. 
Tumblr media
He checked out Heiress next and those plentiful curves stood out in the black one piece suit she wore with her hair tied back with a printed silk scarf. They both looked sexy standing there with annoyed expressions. He didn’t even open his mouth to speak and already they were giving him dirty looks. He elevated a brow at Duchess specifically for glowering at him after she was prepared to take dick like her friend. Slowly, a smile formed on Erik’s handsome face and Duchess looked away quickly. 
“Ya’ll headed to the pool?” 
“What does it look like?” Heiress quipped.
“Without Aqua?”
“She’s sleeping. Her loss.” Duchess said.
“Mind if I tag along?” 
Duchess glanced at Heiress.
“We don’t own you. If you want to come you can.” 
“Ared, girl, you ain’t gotta give me attitude, damn.” Erik’s face screwed up at Heiress.
“So, you’re going swimming in those thin ass shorts?” Duchess said with a brazen tone. 
“Nah, if ya’ll want,” Erik pushed his suite door open, “Y’all can wait for me in here and we can go down to the pool together.”
neither of them spoke as they looked at each other.
“Acting all scared. It’s just an offer. So, what’s up?”
Heiress opened her mouth to speak but Duchess beat her to it.
“That’s fine.” 
Duchess could feel Heiress staring at her with squinted eyes so she gave her sister a weak smile. 
“Well? ya’ll coming in or no?”
Heiress walked forward first with a fold of her arms before brushing past Erik and into his suite. Duchess followed behind her sister and when she did she almost gasped from the way Erik grapped her by her arm to halt her movements. he brought his lips to her ear and Duchess almost fainted from the way his warm breath felt against her ear.
“I bet that pussy still wet.”
Erik let go and closed his door. He chuckled a little at how fast Duchess walked away from him to join her sister on the couch. Erik’s gait had both women following his every movement until he entered the master bedroom. he opened his luggage and easily found a folded pair of dark green trunks. 
“Still got a problem with me being here, Heiress?”
“Yes,” She replied with a roll of her eyes.
“When you plan on getting over that? I ain’t going no where.”
“Erik, just get your trunks on so we can go, please.” Duchess said.
“Not before ya’ll fill me in on what happened in Jamaica.”
Both of their heads whipped around and there Erik stood, Naked from the waist up with his ball shorts resting low on his hips. One tug and they would be down and around his ankles.
“Aqua told me how you two ate her pussy.”
“And? so?” Heiress mouthed.
“That shit had me digging your friend out on her bed back in your suite.”
Heiress chewed on her bottom lip.
“But you already knew that, right, Duchess?”
Duchess ignored him completely.
“Silence. Okay.”
Erik went back into his master bedroom and while facing Duchess and Heiress he took of his ball shorts. Like a magnet, both of their eyes focused on his big, beautiful, tasty looking dick. Heiress felt her pussy drool into the crotch of her swimsuit and Duchess felt an ache in her pussy. They wanted that third leg buried balls deep. Duchess wanted to say ‘I told you so’ but she was rendered speechless yet again. Heiress was convinced and she completely knew why Aqua lost her mind for a dick like that. It looks heavy, and she couldn’t get over the long vein on the top of his shaft. Aqua is so obsessed with this big dick and now she wanted to experience that for herself. Heiress licked her lips and brought her eyes up to meet his.
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Bokuto Headcanons
Thanks for the notes and follows, it means alot! Decided to come back to do Bokuto Headcanons! - He is absolutely without a doubt, always warm, he’s like a natural heater - Gives tight bear hugs, that are probably a bit suffocating (but what’s a bit of death when it comes to Bokuto, am I right?) - He’s clumsy (I see a lot of accidently broken plates,mugs,vases in your future) - He finds it funny how you like to pat his butt  (I might be projecting, and I wanna pat his butt, but lemme live okay) - If you don’t send him inside the store with a list, your just gonna have a whole bunch of junk food, the both of you like. (While nothing is wrong with that, Both of yall just can’t survive on hot cheetos, and fanta, I said what I said 😂) -He is super forgetful, and has selective memory.  - I feel like he has a hard time finding jeans (all that badonkadonk and he’s tall) - I feel like he is also obsessed with corny graphic tees, he definitely has at least one, “this guy loves cats” or something like that.  - When it comes to buying gifts or planning dates, I feel like he goes to kuroo but akaashi definitely has to chime in, with better advice.  - Always wearing mismatched socks (I JUST GET THE VIBE) - Also when he bear hugs you, he also likes to swing you around until both of you are dizzy and end up on the ground  - Definitely doesn't care about your body, skinny, chubby, midsize  - I feel like he would be really good at cheering you up, even when you wanna be sad.  - Golden Labrador Energy - Y’all would definitely have fun dates, like laser tag, or rolling skating  - Love Language is DEFINITELY Physical touch and Words Of Affirmation - If he gets home before you, he is definitely restlessly pacing the house waiting for you to get home so he can legit TACKLE you at the door - Y’all will be playing volleyball together, if you don't know how to play, HE WILL BE TEACHING YOU, you are gonna learn - I feel like he really enjoys PDA - He definitely sees you as a goddess of some sort  - It’s very easy to get him flustered  - If you told him a pick up line, he probably wouldn’t understand.  Like for example You: You from Tennesseee? Him: No? You: Your, Not? Because your the only 10 I see. Him: Tennesseee is spelled with an I??? and then have a whole existential crisis, and go into emo mode.  - He would definitely want to wear your mascara and lipgloss, like he would ask you to put some on him and then be like, “I’m so PRETTY”, and then brag to kuroo and akaashi - Deep Sleeper  - Early Bird, he’s your alarm clock in the morning  - Definitely makes a lot of noise in the morning, its not on purpose, he just doesn't realize how loud he can be - Really good with kids and animals  - Probably scared of spiders (HE GIVES THE VIBES, dont @ me) - He’s really helpful, and likes helping you - He may not be that good at studying, but he’ll help you out by reading out flashcards, or helping you organize your notes - Definitely likes a girl who can eat - He has a contagious laugh - He listens to Meg thee Stallion, you cant tell me different, he definitely listens to her before games - Is a more of dog person, but likes cats too  - Will spoil the pets to no end  - When you try to object they definitely both hit you with the one two cute pet eyes (Its a critical hit) -Definitely has a whole wardrobe of clothes for the pet - If you wear glasses, he definitely likes to try them on, i feel like he would try to look for a pair of non-prescription glasses too, just so he can be like you and cause he thinks they look cool  - Has the rough but gentle hands  - He definitely has really good hearing, and can decipher footsteps and voices really well  - I feel like his favorite feature about you would be your voice.  - If your facetiming/on the phone, i feel like it would go dead silent for a while with only you talking, and him just being so memorized that he just stops talking.  - Always cuddling  - Prefers for you to sleep on his chest, likes waking up to your face  - Loves giving/receiving forehead kisses  - Expect a lot of surprise hugs  - Would definitely use up all your shampoo/conditioner/bodywash because he thinks it smells good  - I think he would like making homemade gifts for you - Both of y’all are ticklish, and have constant tickle fights
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Prompt: Requested, by the adorable @pod95 Thank you so much for your request, babe. I hope you’ll like it 😉😘
Tumblr media
Word count: Long-ish
Pairings: Finn Bálor x Reader
Warnings: +18, smut, dom x sub dynamic, one night stand, rough sex, oral sex (female and male receiving), spanking, tricophilia (hair kink - pulling) breath play/ asphyxiation kink (chocking), cursing and fluff.
Tag: @theworldofotps , @new-zealand-chic , @yungbludjazz360
Notes: Lord, forgive me, my dirty mind and the sin I’m about to commit! This is pure filth people, pure filth! Y’all know the drill loves,sorry for misspellings,english isn’t my first language (bla bla bla),check out my other stories if you’d like to(it would make your girl here very happy 😊) You can check them out on my Masterlist. Okay,now let’s get to the fun part, shall we? Hope you’ll enjoy 😉
“Y/N, I’m gonna look for Tim in the men’s locker room ok? I’ll be right back” Leon, my brother, said
“Fine, I’ll wait here” I smiled at him, sitting down in one of the audience benches
A few minutes passed and I heard someone ask me
“Are you looking for someone?” A handsome Irish guy asked
“Nope, I’m waiting for my brother”
“Is he one of the wrestlers?” He asked
I smirked “No, but he dates one”
“Oh, I see” He grinned “Would you like me to call one of them for you?”
“Nah, it’s ok. I don’t mind waiting. They haven’t seen each other in a very long time plus, I don’t have anything better to do” I shrugged
“Mind if I sit down with you?”
“No, go ahead and pick your seat” I joke and he sat right by my side
“I’m Finn” He offered me his hand
We shook hands and he said
“Beautiful name for a beautiful lass”
“I’ve never heard that one before” I mocked, making him laugh
“So, what are you gonna do later?” Finn asked and I sensed his intention
“Look, Finn” I look into his blue eyes “My brother is the one who’s into wrestlers, not me”
“And I’m not into your brother, I’m into you” He sincerely said
His words were so honest that caught me off guard and made me laugh
“You’re funny” I smiled
“You’re gorgeous“ He chews on his gum with a boyish smile on his face
“How come you’re so confident?” I asked amused
Finn shrugged “I’m a Leo, it comes naturally” He winked and I laugh
“Y/N!” My brother screamed, coming to me with Tim by his side
“Hi, Y/N” Tim greeted, hugging me tightly
“How are you, Timmy?”
“Better now” He looked at Leon with pure love in his eyes
“Finn, you wanna come?” Tim asked
“Yeah, sure”
“Where are you guys going anyways?” I ask them
“We’re going to that sushi place, you’re coming, right?” Tim asked me
“Honestly? No” I sighed
“Why?” Leon, Tim and Finn asked at the same time
“You know I’m not a sushi lover, ok? So I’ll pass! But, please, feel free to eat my part of the sushi boat” I smile fondly
“Where are you going then?” Leon asked worriedly
“To the hotel, I’ll order some room service”
“I thought we were supposed to enjoy the city together” Leon reminded me
“And we will, tomorrow!” I got up from the bench kissing Leon and Tim on the cheek “Also, you don’t need a third wheel tonight! Enjoy your night together, lovebirds” I winked at them
“Nice to meet you, Finn” I said
“And you” I look at Tim as I was grabbing my backpack “Take care of my little brother or I’ll kick your ass!”
Tim laughed “Got it, boss”
“I’m coming with you” Finn stood up
“You’re declining sushi?” Tim asked in shock
“Changed my mind. Room service sounded very tempting all of a sudden” He smirked, looking at me
*Does he never give up?* I thought
Finn and I walked from the arena to the hotel. He’s surprisingly a very nice and funny guy. We talked about different subjects and I grew fondly of him in that short 40 minutes walk.
“Do you wanna watch a movie or something?” He asked
“Of course. Just let me take a shower and change clothes and I’ll meet you in your room, is that ok?”
“Sure, love. I’m in room 433”
After 40 minutes I knocked on his door. I went for a safe choice of black leggings and a crop top. I didn’t wanted to look like I’m trying to impress him but didn’t wanted to show up too sloppy either.
“Hey” Finn smiled softly, wearing now a pair of grey joggings and a black t-shirt, with his hair still wet from his shower.
“Come on in” Finn intertwine our fingers, pulling me towards the couch
“Would you like something to drink?”
“No, thank you”
“What do you want for dinner?” He smiled, grabbing the hotel menu.
Finn decided for a fusilli with pesto and grilled chicken and I went for a zucchini spaghetti. He ordered a wine bottle to go with our dinner (which he insisted in paying for).
We talked and ate, sitting on the couch, looking at each other. Sharing stories and laughs, forgetting all about the movie.
“Did you liked living in Japan?” I asked, sipping from my wine glass
“I loved actually, it was one of the best times of my life”
“Then why did you leave there to wrestle in America?”
“It was a new opportunity with a great company. Wrestling is my life so I had to take it, you know?”
“Yeah” I smiled at him
Finn took the wine glass out of my hand and placed on top of the coffee table, next to his.
“I like to try new things, Y/N” He leans forward, until his lips are centimeters away from mine “I like to have new experiences” His hand rested on the side of my neck, while his thumb caress my cheek
“So I’m gonna be straight forward with you. You’re a very beautiful woman, I feel very attracted to you and I would love to spend the night together and have some fun” He whispered
“Oh, you’re mean” I chuckled
“No, I’m not” He smirked “I’m honest! So tell me, do you want to spend the night with me?”
“Yes” I murmur
Finn’s lips touched mine, softly at first, until we got used to each other but then the air changed.
His kiss became more vigorous, rough and hard. Finn’s hands gripped my neck lightly
“I like things a little rough, Y/N. So, if at anytime you feel like it’s too much, you let me know, ok?”
“I doubt that it will be too much” I smirked “Never found a man who could give me as hard as I like it” I chuckled
“Is that a challenge, love?” He grinned, walking us towards the bed
“Are you up for it, sir?” I batted my lashes
“Oh, you’re gonna regret that” Finn closed his grip on my neck
“Give me your worst” I smile in pleasure once I feel the pressure upon my neck increasing.
Finn shoved me down to the bed, quickly yanking off my crop top and sports bra and ripping my leggings at the crotch. Smirking when he saw no underwear.
“Oh, you came halfway ready didn’t you, love?” Finn chuckled, spitting on his fingers and spreading it through my folds until he stopped at my clit.
“Play with your tits” Finn commands
I obey him, massaging my breasts softly. Pinching my nipples until they are hard for him.
Finn lightly slapped one of my hands away, capturing the free nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue on it.
The pressure he was putting on my clit was dreamy.
I moan softly at the sweet torture he’s causing me
“Your moans are so fucking hot” Finn says, scratching his teeth on my nipple and quickly attacking the other one.
He dive down, into my core. The minute he started to lick me, I’m in heaven! The guy is THAT good.
“Oh fuck” I moaned “Why are you so good at this?”
Finn looks up to meet my gaze and slowly smiles, still licking my folds tortuously.
“You’re so wet for me” He whispered, licking a long stripe from my entrance to my clit. Where he locked his lips and began to suck on it.
I tried to close my legs in order to get some relief, but Finn held them down on the mattress, open for him.
I never came from just pussy eating without any fingering, but I felt like I could come at any minute now.
“I want you to come on my face” Finn said
“I can’t, I need something in” I shuddered
“No, you don’t, silly” He smiled deviously and sucked my clit even harder
“Come.On.My.Face.Right.Now” He commanded with a hard slap on my ass between every word
And I did. Grabbing the sheets forcefully into my fists I borderline screamed his name in pleasure.
The contractions of my orgasm were so hard that I had my own release dripping down my lips.
Before it could reach the mattress, Finn eagerly licked.
“So good” He coos
“Please, can I suck your dick?” I beg
“That desperate, huh?” Finn cackled
“Yes, I am, sir” I place myself in all fours on the bed and nuzzle my face on his clothed erection.
“Please, sir. I really need it” I pleaded
Finn’s eyes grew dark in pleasure “Take him out” He smirked
And I just understood why, when I free him from his pants.
He was THICK and LONG, but that just made me grew even more eager to have him in me.
“I can’t wait to have you in me” I giggled
“Yeah? Do you think you can handle it, love?” He laughed at my excitement
“Not only I CAN handle it but will enjoy every second of it” I smirk at him and while looking up at him, I shoved him down my throat.
I made sure to relax my throat as much as I could and keep a lot of saliva to make it easier for the both of us.
“You sure know what you’re doing, love. So’s fucking beautiful!” Finn moaned “Feels so fucking good”
I can feel him twitching on my throat, that’s when he pulls off
“That’s enough. I don’t want to come on your mouth”
Finn quickly got rid of his clothes. When I began to take off my crotch ripped leggings Finn said
“Leave them on! I want to fuck you like that. Turn around”
When I lay down on my stomach Finn’s hands ripped my leggings more so he can have a full vision of my ass
“So fucking hot” He slapped my ass cheeks
I look over my shoulder to Finn and found him touching himself while looking at me.
Finn smirked, reaching for the bedside table, he pulled out a condom.
Rolling down his length, he positioned himself behind me
“Let me know if it’s too much, is color system ok for you?”
“Sure. Green: go, yellow: slow down and red: stop”
“Good” He smiles “Let’s ser if you really can take it like you said earlier” Finn teased making me laugh
He slowly pushed in, letting me get used to his size bit by bit. He felt even bigger than he looked.
Once he’s buried inside of me, Finn and I both moaned loudly
“Shit... I’ve never fucked someone as tight as you. Jesus fuck!”
“You’re so thick is heavenly” I panted
Finn began to move slowly at first. Stretching my walls for him, until we’re both used to how each other felt.
Then the fun started. His thrusts became harder and faster, making me curl my toes in pleasure.
“Choke me, sir. Please”
Finn’s hands locked around my neck pulling me back to meet him until my back is arched painfully so Finn can kiss me vigorously.
“You’re such a good little whore” Finn grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling me back even more, until I was holding my weight up on my arms.
Finn fucked me even harder and I couldn’t help but moan.
“You didn’t lied, you really can take it! Can’t you?” He bites my neck
“Yes, sir. Every fucking inch” I giggled
“I can see that, lass. Such a cock whore. I love that!” He laughed amused
I could already feel the familiar burning on my lower abdomen
“Sir, please. I need to-“ I stopped my sentence when his pace grew even faster
“Come, love. Come on my cock, I wanna feel you” Finn whispered on my ear
A chocked moan left my lips as I came around him
“Oh fuck, you’re squeezing my cock so good I can barely move” Finn mumbled
His hands reached my clit and he circled the little nub, prolonging my own orgasm as he came with a growl.
We stood still for a minute to catch our breaths.
Finn went to the bathroom and started to fill up the tub.
*That’s my cue to go, I guess* I thought and begin to get dressed. Finn walked out of the bathroom and frowned
“What are you doing?”
“Leaving. Thanks for the dinner and the fun” I tried to hide my disappointment
“And who said you‘re supposed to leave?”
“What? I thought-“
“Thought wrong, love” He smiled, pulling my crop top off my body
“C’mon” Finn offers me his hand “Let’s go take a bath then we can order some more room service and make out on the couch” He winked
And Finn was faithful to his word. We took a long bath together, talking and laughing. Then he ordered us some room service, my all time favorite: cheeseburgers.
“I thought you didn’t eat junk food” I said mesmerized when my eyes meet the burgers
“I do sometimes!” He defended himself making me look at him in disbelief
“What?” He asked and I raised one eyebrow at him
“Fine! I eat it once every 2 years, ok?”
“Once every 2 years?” I gasp “Damn dude! You’re surreal” I stare at him in shock
Finn bites my cheek lightly “Don’t you think I deserve a treat after the night we just had? You drained me, woman!” He chuckled making me blush in embarrassment
“Stop” I slapped his shoulder lightly
“Awww you’re blushing” Finn laughed softly “You’re so damn cute” He gave me a smooch and said “Let’s go, love. Or the burgers will get cold”
The night ended with more talking and make out sessions on the couch
“I want you to sleep here with me” Finn whispered
“Are you sure?”
“Of course I’m sure!” He smiled
When sleep finally took over us, Finn dragged us to the bed. We spooned and Finn pulled me as close as he physically could. Sweetly kissing the top of my head we both fell asleep within minutes.
Something moving around the bed was disturbing me from my sleep
“Y/N, wake up” His deep voice called
“Love, c’mon wake up!” Finn giggled while I groan in protest.
“Will you wake up if I say I got you breakfast?”
“Food? Where?” I mumbled, quickly sitting up on the bed and making Finn laugh hard
The breakfast tray was on top of the bed, with juice, coffee, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, toast and chocolate chips pancakes.
“I didn’t knew what you were in the mood for, so I got a little bit of everything” Finn smiled, slightly embarrassed
“This is perfect, thank you! But you didn’t had to, you know”
Finn rolled his eyes “That’s nonsense! Choose whatever you want to eat so we can go before we run late”
“Go? Where?” I ask confused
“Aren’t we going to explore the city with your brother and Tim?” He asked, chewing on a piece of pineapple
“You’re coming along with us?”
“Yeah...unless you don’t want me to” He whispered softly
“Of course I want you to come along” I smile widely and he smiled back
“So go on, eat your breakfast so we can go to your room and get you some clothes” Finn winked
And I thought to myself *How the hell am I supposed to be with this man for just one night?*....
Please, if you’re comfortable with it, let me know your thoughts on this? Feedbacks are always appreciated 🥰😘
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minecraft hcs
sorry i went on hiatus but IM BACK and i’ll try to post more often for you lovelies <3
im so shit at hcs but theyre so fun so have these!
g/n reader
contains: Midoryia, Bakugou, Amajiki, Todoroki, Denki
Tumblr media
- he had just gotten done with extra training and he came to see what you were up to
- he walked in to find you yelling at your screen while playing minecraft
- “uh.. babe?”
-”SHIT! hi! wanna play?”
- he of course, accepted without hesitation and joined your game
- he has an all might skin. that's not up for debate
- he most DEFINETLY has a savior complex when it comes to killing mobs or saving you- he’ll jump into any fight without hesitation and (try to) kill whatever you’re fighting for you. Most of the time he dies but when he succeeds he’s all high and mighty for like 10 minutes
-he probably thinks gold armor is really good and gets super excited when he finds gold
-he gets lost SO MUCH. like this man never stays put when he plays
-if y’all find diamonds this man will FALL OUT OF HIS CHAIR he will be SO excited
-you’ll take cuddle breaks every so often to give your eyes a break from the screen <3
Tumblr media
-you had been BEGGING him to make a world with you for SO long.
-he finally caved because you told him you could kill things and blow shit up
- the first thing he did when you guys loaded in was look for something to kill. he hit a chicken and got angry when it didn’t attack back
-you had to explain to him what passive and hostile mobs are and told him he needs an actual weapon
-he spent WAYYY too long making a skin of himself- it looked shit but you couldn't say anything for he might leave the game
-he is a GOD at fighting mobs and pvp
-while you built you guys' house, he warded off all the mobs for you, occasionally sneaking up on you and killing you what a gentleman
-when he made TNT for the first time, he blew up anything he could. you guys' world is full of craters
Tumblr media
- one day when you guys were bored you decided to make a world together
-his skin is REALLY cute- it's a lil bear <3
-he is an AMAZING builder- he can build intricate designs in a really short amount of time. you guys' house is gorgeous <3
-he HATES killing things- whether that be a hostile mob or a passive mob- he always feels bad after he does it
-the front of you guys' house is basically a flower field because he LOVES flowers and will 100% collect them every time you come across them
-he's scared of hostile mobs so he normally plays on peaceful, but you convinced him to play on easy mode.
-every time he gets hit by a mob he screams and runs away. you usually end up killing it for him
-whenever you save him from a mob he'll give you a lil kiss on the cheek and bury his face in your shoulder for a second
-minecraft nights always end in cuddles because he gets scared of mobs
Tumblr media
-he had no idea what minecraft was until you showed him- he agreed to play it with you to make you happy
-he's SHIT at minecraft but he really tries its funny to watch him try to kill a zombie and dying to it so you dont mind
-his skin is probably that basic one that every guy has or steve. yall know what im talking ab
Tumblr media
-he tried to build a house for yall. out of granite. because he thought it was pretty.
-he dies every five seconds no matter where you are or what time it is
-he ended up getting off and just watching you play over your shoulder, telling you where to go or what to do
-when you get tired he carried you to bed and you fall asleep cuddling
Tumblr media
-he already loved minecraft, you didn't have to ask him to play twice
-he's literally the best minecraft player you've ever seen- you actually do not know how he does it
-he personally likes to play on public servers more than in your own world
-when you guys are on public servers you always do hard parkour maps- he's AMAZING at parkour and always waits up for you if you fall <3
-when yall are playing in a public server he is an ASSHOLE to other people- he greatly enjoys bullying 8 year olds but then again who doesn't
-when you're playing on your own world, you guys don't really settle and build a house in one spot- you're constantly moving around, travelling, looting villages, mining, you name it.
-both of you love to engage in mob fights, so you only ever sleep if you're being attacked by phantoms
-this man could play until the sun comes up- but when you fall asleep in your chair he'll turn off your device and carry you to bed. again, the night ends in cuddles <3
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pairing. marcia x cherry
desc. where your soulmate’s name appears on your wrist once they’ve fallen in love with you, which only you and your soulmate can see
type. oneshot, song fic, soulmate au, angst
warnings. mention of death, illness
notes. nothing rlly except i hope y’all enjoy :))) based off the song when she loved me also this is a repost bc i deleted the last one by accident LMFAO
“when somebody loved me,”
whistling a soft tune with her eyes closed, marcia sat leaning against the fence of her front porch steps. she was watching the orange and red colours fall down south as the deep blue started to take over, slowly but surely.
it was a routine, at this point. to watch the sun set and to watch the redhead pass by her house each and every time.
sometimes they shared small glances, sometimes even smiles— but sometimes marcia just admired her, for a few seconds without the girl even noticing.
marcia got lost in thought thinking about her, and as if heaven above was listening to her, she heard the familiar footsteps walking by on the concrete pavement.
she quickly raised herself slightly, peering over the edge to get a peak at the girl as if she was some famous celebrity. marcia let out a small ‘tsk’ at herself, she’ll think your a weirdo. but then, she heard the familiar footsteps walking closer.
“hello!” the redhead stood in front of marcia, raising a small hand to wave. “i’ve noticed you looking at me for these past few months?” it was intended to be a statement, marcia could tell, but it came out more like a question.
“well it takes two to tango,” marcia replied simply which left the girl across from her confused. she crossed her arms and her hip was stuck out slightly.
“you gotta be lookin’ at me too to see me lookin’ at you.”
she thought about it for a while, then a look of finality coming up on her face. “fair enough.” she said simply, going to sit next to marcia on the porch steps.
she felt her heartbeat quicken as the cotton of her sweater brushed against her shoulder, she was sitting so close.
“i’m sherri, but my friends call me cherry—“ sherri, or shall we say cherry, started introducing herself before marcia interrupted her.
“because of your hair? yeah figured,” she shrugged with a half smile on her face. usually, cherry would be mad at someone for interrupting her but instead this time she just let it go and decided not to mention it.
“yeah... you go to my school to something?” cherry asked, raising a singular eyebrow with pursed lips.
marcia let out a small sigh, “probably. but i could just tell, because your hair’s red, cherry’s are red... y’know... 2 + 2 = 4.” she replied playfully. she did know the cherry girl went to her school, marcia always saw her about.
“yeah i get it, no need to get smart...” cherry trailed off as she realised she didn’t know the brunette’s name. marcia probably would’ve answered quicker if she didn’t catch herself staring in her eyes.
marcia soon realised the situation and snapped back to reality, “marcia, the name’s marcia.”
cherry nodded, then standing up. “well marcia, i’ll best get going. my folks will be worried if i don’t get home soon, i’ll see you around yeah?”
“everything was beautiful,”
it was a few weeks later, marcia and cherry had gotten to talking and they soon became quite close friends. marcia enjoyed having cherry around, she always managed to put a smile on her face.
marcia stood, watering the flowers in her backyard as she was listening to the faded music playing from the record player playing from inside her house. she loved her flowers and other variety of plants, they made her happy every time she saw their beauty.
just like cherry, she thought with a small smile as she continued to pour more water without even thinking about it. she got lost in thought thinking about her new friend.
lord, how she hated that word.
marcia’s head perked up at the sound of the soft voice calling from beside her. “oh— cherry, you’re here.”
“yeah, just in time it seems too.” cherry chuckled a little, taking the green watering can from marcia to stop her from over watering the plants; though it seemed to be a little too late for that.
“you wanna go somewhere?” marcia asked, dusting off her hands on the light yellow skirt she was wearing. it protected her legs from the slight spring breeze.
“nah, let’s just sit here. watch the clouds or something cheesy like that.” cherry flashed her a wide grin, walking over slightly to lay down on the grass as marcia followed.
marcia felt the grass poke at her bare arms and back, inhaling the fresh air. “that one looks like a dinosaur.” she pointed at a cloud in the sky.
“hm, i’m not sure. i think it looks more like a car,” cherry disagreed, her head tilting to the side as her blue-green eyes examined the cotton like clouds above.
“and i think you need glasses if that’s what you see!” marcia exclaimed, sitting up on her elbows raising her eyebrows.
cherry giggled, slapping the other girl’s arm playfully. “art is subjective!” she reasoned in a higher pitched voice than usual.
“this ain’t art, this is just clouds?” marcia said, but it came out more as if it was supposed to be a question. she looked down at the redhead beside her, who was just staring up at the sky.
“well, i don’t know. i think you can find art in anythin’ and everything, beauty in anythin’ and everything. like these clouds; they’re beautiful, art-like— i mean look at that one! it looks like it was shaped perfectly by someone.” cherry explained her point of view which left marcia thinking about it for a while, and she ended up with the conclusion that she agreed.
marcia just then noticed that ever since she met cherry, everything was beautiful to her. or she could find the best parts in everyone and everything, guess that’s just cherry’s effect on people, is what she thought.
“every hour that we spent together,”
cherry sang a small song under her breath as she sat in front/underneath of marcia, who was sitting on her own bed. marcia ran her hand through cherry’s hair, then following it up with a brush. “can i do your hair?”
cherry just hummed as a small confirmation. at this sound, marcia continued and started braiding it into a singular braids. “your hair is so soft,” she commented with a small sigh.
“there’s a reason i take so long in showers.” cherry responded simply with a small shrug as she then stretched over to grab her notebook and started drawing something.
“what you drawin’?”
“just a little something.”
“should i be scared?” marcia asked, half joking half serious with a nervous laugh as she grabbed a band and tied the auburn locks at the end.
“no, don’t worry,” cherry shook her head. “plus if it was something bad, i’d be here to protect you.” she turned around to face the brunette and winked.
“wow, not scared no more!” marcia raised her voice a little and even marcia herself couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or not.
she always felt safe with cherry around, as if nothing could touch her.
only cherry and her against the world.
just her and her best friend.
there was that word again.
“lives within my heart,”
marcia coughed into the handkerchief that she was holding in her hand. when she moved it away from her mouth, she noticed one thing and one thing only; it was stained with red.
a small gasp left her lips, the sight making her frown. “that can’t be good...”
“what can’t be good?” the same voice she had heard each and every day for the past few months asked.
marcia looked up and quickly crumpled the napkin up and threw it in the trash can, sitting in her room.
she looked down and realised cherry was carrying what looked like a crate filled with a load of varieties of things.
“oh it’s nothing... what’s that for?” marcia pointed to the said crate. she genuinely wanted to know but figured it would also be a good excuse to change the subject.
“oh, i figured we could go to the beach today!” cherry moved on from the past subject, seemingly forgetting it which made tension in marcia lessen.
“sure, sure, i’ll just need to ask my folks—” marcia started but cherry made a ‘mhm’ sound, wagging a finger. cherry placed the crate on the ground, letting her arms rest.
“already asked for you! they said yes, so you don’t really have an option here.” cherry put it simply. she walked over to the bed, dragging marcia along with her as they both fell down onto it. they both sat up straight.
“how funny,” marcia replied nonchalantly but on the inside her heart was beating and her cheeks were visibly heating up.
she never thought anyone would care about her like how cherry cared about her. she never thought anyone would think of her as much as cherry thought of her— or at least, she hoped cherry thought about her as much as she thought about her.
“cherry, you got your soulmate’s name on your wrist yet?” marcia pried, speaking out of nowhere and asking this question out of nowhere.
cherry gulped a little, looking a bit taken aback. she hesitated before answering, “yes..”
marcia’s eyes widened, her jaw dropping as she prodded her on to continue who it was. as cherry didn’t seem to get the memo, she simply grabbed the other girl’s wrist and looked down at the name tattooed in black.
they both sat there in complete silence for what seemed like centuries. marcia wasn’t quite sure what to feel, and she wasn’t quite sure on what was appropriate to react.
but marcia did know how she herself wanted to react.
marcia pulled cherry into her, connecting their lips almost instantly which made cherry’s eyes widen for a split second. she then relaxed into the kiss as marcia placed her hands on the side of cherry’s face, cherry placing her arms on marcia’s shoulders.
at first, they both didn’t move and just stayed like this but then they both started kissing each other back. their lips fit perfectly together as if they were building pieces that were made for each other, maybe they were. the universe works in funny ways, sometimes.
they both kept kissing each other in silence for what seemed to be hours, not making any other noises other than the smacking of their lips.
so much for a beach trip huh? marcia thought.
“and when she was sad,”
marcia paced back in forth in her room, she was waiting for cherry to get there and was biting her nails anxiously.
“mar? what’s up?” cherry came from behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder. they had made it official only two weeks before, ever since that day marcia kissed her.
“i need to tell you something.”
“cheating on me, already?” cherry joked, but marcia didn’t seem to laugh which made cherry concern. cherry went to sit on the chair that was right next to marcia’s bed. she got more and more anxious the longer marcia put off telling her. “well come on, what is it then?”
marcia quickly but quietly hopped onto her bed, turning to face cherry and shimmied over to the edge of the bed. she held cherry’s hands in hers, almost to comfort her. “i’m sick, sher.”
“oh well that ain’t so bad, why you making such a big fuss over it?” cherry cocked an eyebrow, mistaking the information she just retained as marcia just having the common cold, a fever or worst case scenario; the flu.
“no, no. it ain’t like that,” marcia waved her off, continuing on. “i’m sick, like... badly, gonna be for a long time— hell, maybe even the rest of my life. doc said so, they don’t know what’s wrong with me just yet but they know it ain’t good.”
marcia tried to read the expression on cherry’s face but couldn’t seem to understand. she had no expression, just blankness. it was almost as if she was a blank canvas that was yet to be painted over.
“you gonna die, mar?” cherry finally reacted after the long silence, her voice shaking slightly and she released her hands from marcia’s.
marcia couldn’t tell if she was mad at her, or maybe just shocked. she decided to go with the latter, for her own sanity.
marcia thought about the question long and hard, trying to come up with an exact answer. but even marcia couldn’t answer it, instead she just kept silent.
but silence was a yes to cherry.
suddenly, cherry just stood up and walked out of the room.
“s’ she mad at me?” marcia asked herself in a low whisper. “golly, that’s all i need.”
“i was there to dry her tears,”
marcia had got told by her doctor to refrain from moving about if not necessary and was put on bed rest. she looked different. she was paler, looked almost gray-ish. her nails were brittle, her hair was thinner and there was less of it too.
cherry was there almost every hour of everyday. she made sure of it, and she made sure to look after marcia as best as she could. she would catch marcia up on what was going on at school, since marcia decided to make the decision to drop out.
marcia couldn’t help but feel guilty, as if she was robbing cherry of enjoyment. but cherry swore on the good lord that she didn’t mind, and would rather be there with her girlfriend than out there with randoms.
there’s a word she liked, girlfriend. compared to friend, she liked this word.
but marcia, every time she as much reached out, always noticed something. that her wrist was blank.
whilst cherry’s was stained with (seemingly) black ink that had marcia’s name on it. marcia had nothing on hers, meaning cherry didn’t love her.
“why’s that?” marcia would often find herself wondering.
you’re not good enough.
she likes someone else.
because you can’t do anything but stay in your bed all day.
you’re useless.
all these conclusions often circled around marcia’s mind, but cherry would say that it was a load of garbage and the universe is just playing games.
well that is, if they ever talked about it. they only talked about it once or twice, they didn’t like mentioning it and marcia tried to block it out of her thoughts as well as she could.
“open up!” cherry commanded marcia to do so, which she followed through and opened her mouth slightly. cherry sat beside the bed on the same chair as before, a tray on her lap with a bowl of soup. the spoon filled to the brim with yellow coloured soup found it’s way to marcia’s mouth after some time.
“you know,” marcia started but stopped to finish chewing a piece of chicken, “you don’t gotta feed me, i can do that by myself. i ain’t five.”
cherry just simply rolled her eyes at this statement, “well, yeah. but i like doing it, it makes me happy— don’t you want your girlfriend to be happy?” she gave marcia over exaggerated puppy dog eyes.
“yeah, whatever you want..” marcia gave in, swallowing the piece of chicken. truth is, she had started to lose her sense of taste. as well as her other senses, her sense of hearing was already pretty much gone and don’t even bring up her sense of smell.
god knows what goes next. her sense of touch and sight? well, marcia figured she couldn’t lose her sense of touch just like that but she was rather scared about her sight.
she remembered her doctor saying something about her potentially losing her sight and she felt it coming. her vision was getting worse by the day, becoming more and more blurry.
“you’d still like me if i couldn’t see or anythin’ right?” marcia spoke from out of nowhere, making cherry jump slightly.
cherry looked highly confused and put the bowl of soup and the tray on the ground. she frowned, “yes of course, that won’t change nothing. why?”
“just checkin’.” marcia lied, getting comfortable in her bed. she shifted about slightly, she just couldn’t get comfortable anymore. it was always too warm with the blankets over her, and way too cold without them on her.
her doctor and cherry alike recommended to keep the covers over her, as a lot of the time, marcia couldn’t even tell what her actual body temperature was.
marcia looked over to see cherry painting once more in the small notebook she brought around with her.
marcia was still yet to find out what she was actually painting, but she decided not to bother her.
she quickly found her eyes shutting close almost by herself, a wave of tiredness taking over her mind and body.
but her mind and body suddenly shot awake when she heard quiet sobs coming from beside her. “cherry?”
then, marcia looked up to find cherry sobbing into her hands with the notebook and painting set on the floor. marcia felt very confused on why she was crying. “what’s wrong?”
“it’s just that... you don’t deserve to be locked up here or whatever, it makes me sad y’know..” cherry tried to explain her feelings between sobs, marcia reacted quickly by stretching over to hold cherry in her arms. she hoped she made cherry feel as safe as cherry made her feel.
“it’s alright, don’t worry. it’s not that bad.. anyways, who was i gonna meet out there? the president?” marcia tried to cheer her up with a subtle joke, and it seemed to do the trick. “i got you, and that’s all that matters to me.”
cherry sniffed a few times before nodding, “yeah, i guess you’re right.”
“am never wrong, doll!”
“and when she was happy, so was i,”
“baby, oh baby!” cherry sang along to b-a-b-y by carla thomas, the record that was playing softly in the background. she was dancing about marcia’s room, the doctor had just been, as usual, and just left.
she was trying to cheer up marcia, as she noticed marcia usually felt much more sad when he came around. he wasn’t a bad guy or anything, he just never had any good news for marcia. he had just told them that he and the optician both believe she would be losing her sight much sooner than expected.
“i love to call you baby!” cherry continued to sing. she somehow found a scarf in marcia’s room somewhere and was dancing around with it.
even though marcia felt sad, whenever she saw cherry, she couldn’t help but smile.
it was cheesy, she knows but she doesn’t care.
even though marcia had the gut feeling all the time that cherry truly didn’t love her, she tried to push that deep down into the pits of hell.
“of course she loves me,” marcia mumbled to herself. over the loud music playing, cherry couldn’t hear what she was hearing— and she was far too distracted to notice anyways.
yet, she found herself glancing down at her wrist and winced at the bareness of it. there was still yet no ink to be found, she wondered what she could possibly do.
but then she saw cherry flash that iconic smile, and found herself distracted from all bad thoughts.
“through the summer and the fall,”
“marcia! get up!”
marcia jumped up from the bed at the sound of cherry’s voice shouting through the house. “jesus, cherry. if i wasn’t going to die as it was, i was gonna die of shock.”
“don’t make jokes like that.” cherry stated, in a very serious tone that marcia never heard her use before. she and cherry knew it was true, but they both mutually agreed to not bring it up. marcia was so weak now that she found herself not even being able to get up or get changed on her own, so often it was her mother or cherry helping her.
“i’m driving you!” cherry moved on from the topic quickly, deciding not to talk about it anymore and pretend it never happened.
“to where?”
“does it matter? just around the place. to get fresh air.” cherry answered the question, opening the curtains to get some fresh light in.
“i can get fresh air in here, yknow.” marcia turning to face the window, which cherry was standing right next to as she fixed the curtains.
“a short breeze from the window don’t count,” cherry started looking through her drawers. she pulled out some clothes and threw it towards— or directly at, marcia, (her face to be exact). “get changed.”
“jeez, i’m on it! i’m on it!”
after getting ready, (cherry helping), marcia and cherry were sat in cherry’s car. she was just driving around the place, going through small hills and remote areas. the radio was blasting loudly, and they were quickly driving by the beach.
“we should get a house by the seaside someday, how ‘bout that?” marcia offered, she admired the blues that made up the sea and the tan beiges that made up the sand.
“sure, and if a tsunami come then oh well!” cherry agreed to it, shrugging her shoulders as she tapped the steering wheel along to the beat of the song playing on the radio.
“at least we’ll die in a good house,” marcia shrugged, speaking half seriously and half sarcastically. cherry laughed at her joke, leaning over to give her a kiss on the cheek.
“we had each other, that was all,”
marcia held cherry tight in her arms, as cherry was lying on top of her. she rubbed the back of her head softly, cherry singing soft lullabies.
“i ain’t a baby, you don’t gotta sing no lullaby to me,” marcia chuckled, rolling her eyes as she twirled a part of cherry’s hair with her finger.
“well you’re my baby!” cherry declared, giving a small kiss and marcia fake gagged.
“gross, never say that again!”
“oi, i’m trying to be nice here.” cherry faked a pout, leaning her head into marcia’s chest. she just listened to her heartbeat.
“i’d rather you tell me you want me dead than that.” marcia over exaggerated, which made them both laugh at the statement.
“well then, i want you dead!”
“well, your wish already seems to be granted.” marcia tried to joke along with her again, but cherry just stopped. she was no longer laughing.
“what did i tell you about joking about that?” cherry scolded in the same tone as before, marcia gulped fearfully.
“just she and i together,”
at this point, it had been about 2 years since marcia got sick. marcia couldn’t even leave the bed anymore, she was asleep half of the time and when she was awake she could hardly talk.
and one major thing.
there was still no name on her wrist.
not that she could see it anyways, her vision was completely gone. everything was too blurry snd the world around her was just one big blob.
all she could get out of the world anymore was cherry’s sweet voice beside her, talking about whatever was going on in her life.
“you love me, right?”
“you on my wrist yet, then?”
cherry stopped talking, and stopped breathing it seemed like at the question. she knew better than to lie to marcia about something like this, but didn’t want to hurt her feelings.
“don’t lie to me, now..” marcia said, shaking her head as her hands found their way to the sides of her own head in frustration.
“it’s just... i don’t know what’s going on.. maybe the universe is playin’ tricks or somethin’..” cherry tried to reason with marcia, she truly didn’t know what was going on.
“the universe playing tricks? that’s a joke if i ever heard one,” marcia scoffed, which left cherry rather upset. she had never talked like this before, but she decided not to mention it.
“it’s jus—”
“just what? you don’t love me, that’s what!” marcia raised her voice, which almost left cherry in tears at the sound. “you don’t love me! you obviously wanna be with one of those other girls! you don’t want me! you just pity me! well i don’t want your pity!” she shouted, obviously frustrated as her voice cracked at every word.
suddenly, her eyes shut tightly and that made cherry’s heart drop. “marcia!”
“oh calm it, it’s nothin’.” marcia said, her voice croaky as ever. she rolled onto her side so that her back was facing cherry.
cherry was relieved she didn’t just die on her but was still hurt by her words. she stood up and slipped into the bed, wrapping her arms around marcia’s waist.
marcia let out a sigh, she couldn’t stay mad at her much longer. she knew this, she never could stay mad at cherry. well, she never was mad at her in the first place.
“i’m sorry, sher. just frustrated is all,” marcia grumbled, her voice still sounded semi mad but cherry could tell her apology was sincere.
“don’t worry,” was all cherry said in response, planting a small kiss on marcia’s shoulder.
“i love you.” marcia said, she waited for cherry’s response but to no avail. it broke her heart, but she decided to just sleep it off. she’ll be better after some sleep.
“i love you too,” cherry admitted wholeheartedly. but marcia was already in dreamland by that time, so no one but cherry heard it.
if a tree falls in a forest when no one is around, does it really make a sound?
she was being truthful about it— well, she thought she was. cherry took a peek over marcia’s shoulder, to just see the blank wrist.
then it hit cherry. she was afraid of loving someone, and she afraid they were just going to leave her.
not marcia, though.
marcia would never leave me, is what cherry declared.
cherry woke marcia awake, “psst, marcia,” she whispered and just got a hum in response.
“i’m gonna go, okay? bye!” cherry told her in the same cheerful tone and stars yes to get out of the bed.
“not now... don’t say goodbye yet... maybe tomorrow...” marcia replied simply, grabbing cherry to stop her and dragging her back to her original position.
“alright, i’ll say goodbye tomorrow.” cherry agreed with a small smile, not knowing quite what she meant and she happily went to sleep next to marcia.
“like it was meant to be,”
it was the next day, after last night. and cherry had woke up, went back to her house and already walked back to marcia’s.
she walked up to marcia’s room, going to sit in her usual position in marcia’s room.
the chair next to the bed.
“hey mar, wake up.” she shook marcia awake, and even though it took a few times, she awoke eventually.
“oh hey, cherry,” marcia replied. her voice was even more raspy in the morning and cherry loved it. it was the only reason marcia spoke anymore, as speaking put marcia in even more pain but she never told cherry that.
they both sat there, talking about whatever (cherry done most of the talking). soon enough, cherry had pieces of toast and was feeding them to marcia.
“oh cherry, y’know that painting you started a few years back?” marcia recalled, waving her finger around for emphasis.
“yeah?” cherry said her words with a slight laugh, she found it hard to believe she could remember that but couldn’t even remember what she ate of lunch yesterday.
“what was that of?”
“oh just the clouds, y’know the one that we saw that one day? turns out it does look more like a dinosaur!” cherry exclaimed, clasping her hands together as all the pieces of toast were gone.
“told you i was always right,” marcia gave a small shrug as a playful grin was plastered on her face. “it’s a shame i never got to see it— your painting, i mean. i used to love your paintings, well i still do. i just love everything you do, to be honest. i just love you!”
cherry stayed silent at that, and instead her eyes darted towards marcia’s wrist which was still blank.
“my wrist is still bare, ain’t it?”
“how’d y’know i was looking at it?” cherry’s eyes widened and she sat back a little.
“could just tell,” marcia muttered, “listen, doll. don’t get too... hung up about it... i overreacted last night, it ain’t all that big of a deal.” marcia shifted around in her bed and laid down, as she started to cough, “just know... i... i love you... alright?” she told her in between coughs.
cherry started to panic, but kept it to herself, it wasn’t until marcia stopped responding to the calls of her name did cherry realise. wasn’t until cherry realised marcia was whiter than ever, her breaths stopping and her chest stopped rising did cherry realise.
she died.
marcia died.
marcia, as in cherry’s marcia, died.
she left.
just like the rest.
but no, she didn’t leave. she’s still here, just maybe not physically.
cherry’s chest tightened and her whole body followed, loud sobs was all that came from her as she sobbed over her girlfriend’s dead body.
marcia had died.
and she knew what she meant now by ‘say goodbye tomorrow’, she knew she was going to die.
marcia knew herself she was going to die imminently, but instead of telling anyone or getting help. she decided to spend her last few hours with her, cherry.
cherry didn’t know what to feel, and then it hit her.
marcia died thinking cherry didn’t love her.
thinking no one loved her.
all because of some stupid mark on the wrist.
“it’s stupid! it’s all so stu—” cherry started screaming by now, the tears rushing down her face but then something caught her eye.
stained right on the love her life’s wrist.
then it all made sense.
the feeling of true love was all too unfamiliar to cherry, and feeling like this when they left you was new to her.
she then realised, because she had been scared to love marcia incase she left her... now that she was gone, she had nothing to lose. she wasn’t scared, she had nothing to be scared of.
“i love you,” cherry confessed. this time, she really did mean it.
but one again, she was too late. no one... no one but herself heard it.
if a tree falls when no one else is around, does it make a sound?
she loved marcia.
but marcia would never know.
and never will know.
all because cherry valance was scared to love.
“when she loved me.”
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Aqua’s Live Reactions: “Quackity Visits Dream in Prison”
Several things before we begin:
I roughly know what happens already because I read other Tumblr posts, TV Tropes (hell, I edit the pages myself), and the wiki
This is the first DSMP vod I’ve ever watched in full
My reactions will be under the cut because that thing is 84 minutes long
I didn’t watch this sooner because I had a ton of schoolwork and it’s finally the weekend
I’m watching this on YouTube, so if any ads ruin my viewing experience, you’ll also have to suffer through me ranting about it
This whole post is within the context of the SMP, so /rp and /dsmp applies to everything under the cut
0:00+ -- the beginning? absolutely cinematic with the shaders. amazing.
1:30 -- I got an ad. they just shot up in numbers since the pandemic started... ew. capitalism.
1:38 -- from cinematic scene, cut to real actual minecraft. wow.
1:49 -- damn that building really got invaded by the crimson huh
2:04 -- hey there’s music!
2:53 -- bad! uh, meeting with the tentative father in law? except... uh, he’s brainwashed into leading an egg cult?
3:02 -- oh that’s just mean. of course he’s gonna get in your way, you’re leading a fuckin’ cult and exploiting people while they are weak or demoralized
3:10 -- well yeah he did, and good for him
3:52 -- yeah tell him, boy!
5:26 -- yep, don’t waste our time, muffin face, we’re here to see dre scream
7:15 -- holy transitions, batman!
7:48 -- haven’t even reached the 8 minute mark and I can already say that you’ve outdone yourself, mr. alex quackity
8:03 -- for the love of god, grammarly, can y’all not put the ad at a time like this?
8:50 -- fucker really went all out and got a soundtrack for each chapter, huh?
9:12 -- that’s a lotta cows, dude
9:17 -- *aggressive cow breeding noises*
9:47 -- if there’s so many mobs, then put your damn armour back on, you’re at 3 and a half hearts, my dude
10:33 -- don’t you dare die right now, dipshit
10:40 -- did he just laugh at the whole page of fuck yous?
10:54 -- he’s seriously just reading this note from his ex -- a climatic moment, mind you -- while zombies groan in the background. stop it, zombos, you’re ruining the goddamn mood
11:05 -- his “WHY” face lmfaoooooooooo
11:19 -- “ride that shit and ride it fast” that sounds kinda wrong out of context
11:29 -- another “WHY” face @ -- why am I even saying it? -- “You had the fattest ass in my cabinet”.. sir he’s engaged to two other people after he left your ass and rightfully so, so stop being a weirdo, for fuck’s sake
13:16 -- I thought he was kidding about the y-coordinate being 26, I thought he meant z-coordinate but I guess not??
15:18 -- dude it’s so awkward to call your ex a pet name when said ex literally LEFT YOUR ASS AND GOT ENGAGED TO TWO OTHER DUDES LIKE JESUS CHRIST SIR GET ON WITH THE TIMES
15:55 -- dude half a stack of diamonds to go in there?!!? it’s so fuckin’ weird and awkward and honestly overpriced
16:31 -- what the HELL are those proportions, steve
16:55 -- why the fuck would you put the flag of the original l’manburg on your goddamn gym poster that’s obviously not a real picture
20:17 -- not cool, glatt, not cool, that’s a TRAUMATIZED CHILD, SIR
22:55 -- this got kinda awkward tbh, can’t we just get to the killing already?
23:20 -- watching Schlatt get mad is funny, watching a whole ass ad in the middle of it is not
23:59 -- an “essential oil diffuser”... yeah, I’m with Big Q on this one, facepalming (in my head)
25:09 -- “I was gonna tie you up to this post” what the fuck. what the serious fuck. this is why he left your ass in the dust, man, as he said, you’re a dick
25:58 --  oh please don’t tell me you picked up necromancy in high school of all places
26:04 -- oh god, he’s speaking spanish
26:08 -- “I know a bit of Spanish myself” yeah of course you do /gen
26:52 -- and also laughing, I do not speak Spanish, I am confused and just laughing along
27:49 -- “YOU’RE JUST LIKE [MEXICAN DREAM]!” who’s gonna tell him
28:16 -- Mexican Dream has the flag draped around his shoulders, WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN
28:46 -- “I get really bad memories when I come see you” ok trauma confirmed, write that down as well
31:14 -- oh my god schlatt please shut up
31:18 -- “you wanna be my daddy?” no pls shut up, the relationship’s already destroyed, and Q was the one who broke it off, stop asking if he’s gonna come back, jesus christ
31:42 -- “there’s a book” FINALLY 
31:54 -- my childee.................................................. why must you suffer so ;-;
32:43 -- the book was in dream’s PANTS WTF lmaoooooo like did he literally stuff that thing down his trousers or underwear or whatever and carry it around like it’s a pocket? because I’ve done that before
33:06 -- okay so glatt has seen wilbur, hates him, but also thinks he’s cute. so is that in a /p or a /r context? sir??
33:43 -- oh no indeed... glatt you are talking to the guy that broke off the engagement by KILLING YOU CANONICALLY AND JOINING THE ENEMY SIDE, HOW CAN YOU THINK HE STILL LIKES YOU
35:47 -- ooh, it’s the bet!
37:21 -- okay so we all know how this goes, don’t we, given the title?
38:22 -- wait no minimum wage while working in the government?? that brings up a whole other can of worms about the schlatt administration that I don’t really want to go into, including human rights issues (actually there’s a lot of human rights issues in the smp overall) -- in this case, labour exploitation -- and possible financial abuse
38:38 -- “let’s get risky with it” oh boy I think we know how this is gonna end
39:36 -- chapter 3! let’s go!! we know how this goes, don’t we?
39:56 -- it’s raining. isn’t it? we can’t see
40:44 -- they have things to talk about, it’s about several things... ah yes very specific /s
41:28 -- let’s do this, big q
42:03 -- last time there was a visit, it didn’t go very well.... understatement of the century
42:47 -- OH IT’S GUILT TRIPPY MANIPULATION TIME......... ok who’s gonna be the first person to make an evil lawyer joke in this fandom? /j
43:13 -- “you had one job and you fucked up” I mean, that is true, but at the same time, sir..................... guilt tripping
44:25 --  look sir I usually side with mr tommyinnit on this (the power is too great, we’re better off without it) but you’re being awfully convincing here.... or I guess that’s your job as the resident lawyer in training, and you’re doing it splendidly
45:31 -- ok so Sam did try to close off visiting privileges after all but of course the man we’re talking to has a fuckin’ silver tongue
45:54 -- “so how am I supposed to rely on you for any business opportunities?” ok wow you’re pulling that card now?
46:33 -- “I’m not gonna do anything bad” I will remember that
46:49 -- why is he placing his axe in an item frame-- NO REALLY NOT ANOTHER AD
47:44 -- ok he brought out the hand gestures plus the manipulation, let’s go
48:20 -- weapons will be good enough “for any sort of persuasion”, oh you mean like gunboat diplomacy?
48:39 -- “this is not a good idea........” well at least he knows
49:17 -- dude is going in hard right now, it’s the persuasion tactic that “I’ll make it better”, sleazy politicians use it all the time, get into office, then go fuck up the place some more
49:49 -- so that exchange in the vault was supposed to take place within a few minutes, so unless that changes................ that’s a very fast time for you to get that much blood over you, sir
50:17 -- “I’ll try for as long as it takes, Sam” ok so for the next whole ass month, you’re gonna do it
51:05 -- that’s a sign that you’ve won over him, q-- FOR GOD’S SAKE, STOP IT WITH THE ADS!!
52:53 -- “I’m gonna remember this in the long term” you better remember, quackity, you better remember
55:36 -- okay so let’s just BREAK PROTOCOL ALREADY
55:40 -- “yes I do acknowledge that” and you’re acknowledging that you’re throwing protocol out the window as well!
57:03 -- technically he didn’t sign the waiver at the end of the waiver? but technically he signed it on the title cover?
58:14 -- technically they’re following protocol right now? right? I haven’t watched previous prison visits, so I’m not 100% sure how this works... but Sam is technically helping to sneak those items in right now
59:34 -- that’s some really cool redstone!!
1:00:25 -- that is a lot of cells... so the legends and the wiki and the fanfics speak the truth... I had a different vision of what it looked like when I read the fic Dollhouse... a lot more lava (under glass) comes to mind
1:00:57 -- “you ever think I’ll be in one of these?” [...] “not a funny thing to joke about” yeah, not funny, and this is coming from the person who’s read some pretty disturbing fanfics featuring this prison
1:01:47 -- that’s two deaths to get into the prison using protocol already...
1:02:25 -- ok there’s... poison...
1:02:41 -- there’s another pit stop?!
1:03:24 -- so that’s the protocol measure that doomed-- *hiccups*
1:04:08 -- oh my GOD THAT’S A PROTOCOL?! DO THEY REFER TO CANON DEATHS FOR THIS? SIR............ I’M CONCERNED. like I get the reasoning behind it, but still...........
1:04:54 -- oh fire res I see
1:05:40 -- dramatic music stops so Sam can give him steak lol
1:06:09 -- “if you’re gonna do this [...] do it right” *gives shears/pliers and netherite warden’s sword and axe* oh HOLY- doesn’t that make him an accomplice??
1:07:26 -- is this stuck in total darkness thing supposed to happen?
1:08:33 -- it’s time...... dre........ your time is up, sucker
1:09:24 -- are we supposed to wait this long for the lava to lower? 
1:10:03 -- HI DREAM!! NICE TO SEE YOU, YA MURDEROUS FUCKER!! tell me, is the cell still stained with blood from what you did nearly 3 weeks ago?
1:11:08 -- as of my time of writing this, it would be exactly 2 months since the end of Season 2, so in your case, in your time, it would be a month, 3 weeks, and 3 days :]
1:11:24 -- since dream lost his clock, he technically wouldn’t know how long it would be between tommy’s time of death and revival, meaning either he’s lying about the 2 days, or lying about not being able to keep track of how long it’s been since he got put in jail
1:12:07 -- way to rub it in that he supposed to be powerless in the prison
1:12:15 -- “you’ve come to rub it in or something?” LMAO I PREDICTED IT
1:12:41 -- “what do people think?” ok so first of all, WOW, YOU REALLY HAVE ZERO REMORSE, and second of all, WE MOURNED HIM. WE WERE DEVASTATED. AND WE LOWKEY WANT TO MARCH IN HERE AND WRING YOUR NECK
1:13:50 -- “I mean... it’s good for me” no, it’s not good for you... we have approximately 11 minutes ‘til this stream ends and we all know what happens when you get in quackity’s way
1:14:29 -- “I am the book” “oh really” “yeah” so you have chosen... death pain
1:15:30 -- “yeah or what?” oh he has no idea what’s comin’ for him... OH DREAM~~~
1:15:40 -- the music stopped at “double prison”... we’re ready to pull the sadism card, right?
1:16:46 -- THAT’S SO LOUD
1:16:49 -- “you can scream for sam all you want, dream” that’s so chilling, and you know what, dream? sam gave him those tools >:]
1:17:07 -- dramatic cut... (pls don’t do gore of what happened in there, y’all, cc!dream has boundaries and we’re not crossing them, ‘kay?)
1:17:37 -- ok so there’s about 30 seconds of black screen and chilling music :]
1:17:55 -- that’s a lotta blood, sir
1:18:26 -- it’s chilling to see your mc!face up so close, sir, and you know the parallel? he was looking at the picture of himself on the el rapids poster, then it’s switched perspectives to his current face, eye scar included, so it’s like a showcase of how much things have changed since december. and also the blood. don’t forget about the blood.
1:18:43 -- he removed all the spots featuring the other members but left himself........ just as he’s the last el rapidian remaining, while the rest have moved to the kinoko kingdom..............
1:19:05 -- it’s a clip show............
1:19:21 -- no, he’s destroying it all...... it’s like an illustration, this whole destruction of el rapids ending, it’s like a showcase of how everything has changed and nothing will be the same again........ 
1:20:18 -- he’s literally taking several in-game days to destroy it all......
1:20:25 -- he wipes himself off the poster as well, as a show that not only is everyone else moving on, but he himself, the last remaining, is also moving on...
1:20:49 -- that cut to real life made me jump a little tbh, even if I knew it was gonna happen
1:20:56 -- and so it ends! that has been.. cinematic. amazing. sir, you have earned my like on this video, it’s taken me all evening to watch it due to various interruptions irl
1:21:59 -- HE’S DOING MORE!!! :D
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keighoe · a month ago
warnings — nsfw content, minors dni, 18+ only
relationship headcanons — bakugou, kirishima, midoriya, denki, tamaki, dabi
poor boy is just really bad with his emotions so if y’all ain’t serious, you ain’t gonna see him be super vulnerable with you
even when you do start dating, or when things get like serious serious, that rough persona isn’t going anywhere
however, you do see past it a lot more frequently than others
when it comes to saying ‘i love you’ especially the first time, one of two things will happen
one: he will absolutely refuse to say it first because he doesn’t wanna seem like a pussy
two: he will not let you say it first, and might even say it really early on in your relationship because everything is a competition to this boy
all-in-all, katsuki loves you a lot, and he will prove that to you in many different ways (boy can not keep his hands to himself)
he knows that you feel safe when he holds you so he just does when he thinks you’re feeling down
a lot more perceptive than you might give him credit for. he notices things that you might not even notice like when you’re eating, drinking water, and how much you’re sleeping
he also forces you to eat healthy meals if you’re a person who eats a lot of junk food because he wants you to be healthy
when you mention him being really nice he’ll brush it off and be all annoyed
definitely brags about you to his mom
ideal date night is cooking for you, and then watching a movie (he lets you pick, but complains no matter what you choose)
makes little grabby hands tiny explosions in his hands when he wants your attention or when he wants to cheer you up he’ll make little fireworks for you
he pushes you around in the shopping cart when you guys go get groceries, and glares at everyone who looks at you funny
you and katsuki are the type of couple that could either be cuddling and napping together or committing arson, there’s really no in between and it’s high unpredictable
isn’t that great at flirting so he just bullies you and then hopes you fall in love with him and also asks denki, sero, and kiri for advice about dates and stuff and denki is NO help
i’m a big fan of the hc that katsuki plays the drums and I think he would like to listen to music when he falls asleep or when you guys cuddle and he would tap the beat on your back or arm
he forces you to walk in the inside of the sidewalk because he knows that you occasionally get a little carried away when you’re talking and not paying attention and he doesn’t want you to walk into the road
on your first date, you guys went on a walk and ended up walking past a playground and you bet him that he couldn’t swing higher than you and let’s just say he almost died
absolutely loves when it’s cold outside or when it rains and will purposefully turn the temperature down so that you’ll cuddle with him all day
likes it when you call him your hero
katsuki’s a babe, I rest my case
it’s just in his personality to be more of a top, but I don’t think he would mind being on bottom HOWEVER, if you’re going to ride him, you expect to be both praised and degraded at the same time like he still maintains that dominant personality don’t kid yourself
i don’t think he’d be into anything super kinky, and if he was he definitely wouldn’t let that on for the first few times you guys had sex
he wants you to be comfortable at all times cause he is very respectful, don’t try me on this
definitely has a degrading kink, but I think that comes pretty naturally to the point where it’s not necessarily a kink and just dirty talk
hair pulling;)
likes hitting from the back cause he is 100% an ass man do need to say more?
absolutely loves hearing you say his name, especially when it’s the only thing you can think to say
loved it when you get all shy and flustered cause he knows he makes you a lil nervous and he thinks that’s hot, especially when y’all are fuckin
e d g i n g
gets feral when you try and make him cum first because that is not how this works to him, he definitely wants to make sure you feel good. he’s probably not that good at foreplay, (he cares about you, he’s just really impatient) but he’s basically flirting with you and whispering little things in your ear all the time to the point where you about ready to take it at any time
into dumbification and calling you puppy or slut
despite what other people say, I actually think he would be vv good at aftercare, mainly just cause he goes pretty rough during and oftentimes goes for way longer than he intended because he can not control himself with you
leaves hickies pretty much everywhere without even thinking about it
likes to shower with you afterward
again, he’s a babe, you can’t convince me otherwise
probably pretty shy at first, but only ‘cause he doesn’t want to come on too strong and embarrass himself (reassure the poor boy)
basically just hugs and cuddles 24/7
mans can’t keep his hands off you, and not always even in a sexual way, he just really likes to hold you, and know that you’re safe in his arms
he isn’t opposed to being the little spoon (actually likes it a lot), he prefers being the big spoon because it makes him feel so manly to just have you in his big arms, protecting you
while he isn’t toxic or anything, he is vv overprotective—for a multitude of reasons—mainly, he’s just insecure deep down and appreciates the security of knowing you’ll never leave him
asks you to move in with him very early on in the relationship, especially if he thinks things will get serious because he literally can not stand the fact of you sleeping anywhere but his arms
his favorite thing in the entire world is watching your face light up with he walks into the room or really just whenever you see him ex: when he gets home from a long day of work, or when it’s been a few weeks since you’ve seen each other
this boy is whipped, I mean quite literally whipped. not in the domestic way, but he’s down for that, just in the fact that he would do anything for you, and nothing matters more to him than you
constantly reassuring you, even if you pretend you are fine
will be slightly offended if you insult/talk down on yourself because you are his beautiful girl, and he doesn’t like it when people are mean to you, including yourself
would attend as many pride, blm, gay rights protests as he possibly could, even if neither of you were lgbtq+ or poc, he just wants to support everyone and be a good person
leaves you little handwritten things of post it notes all over the place saying little compliments you how much he loves you
ideal date night is one of two things: one, going out with friends, and then cuddling when you get home, or hair dye dates
loves painting little red stripes through your hair so that you can be matching. you did it once in highschool because some kids were making fun of him for dying his hair, and he’s been doing it for you ever since
if you guys had a wedding, which you would and kiri would make sure it was huge and invite the entire population of japan, he would definitely be the type to cry when you walk down the aisle
i love kiri, leave me alone:)
doesn’t mind being on top, but absolutely loves to watch you ride him
again, not too kinky, but willing to try anything, especially if you want to
in the bedroom, shame does not exist to this manly man, he will quite literally do anything to hear you moan his name or really just hear you at all
is very vocal and unashamed about it
absolute king of foreplay, you’ve already finished on his fingers and his mouth at least once each before he even thinks about putting it in
now I don’t make the rules, I simply follow them, and the rules say that kiri is very tall, and very muscular, meaning this bitch is packing so he wants to make sure you’re nice and ready for him
so this is a given, but size kink? um yes
he doesn’t want to hurt you at all, but the thought of you lowering yourself down on him, biting your lip with glossy eyes, barely being able to fit him inside as he fills you up and then some, pretty much has him cumming in his pants
also, he overstims you all the time, but not necessarily as like a kink, he just loves to hear your little moans and whimpers to the point where he will literally go for hours just to hear you and he won’t even realize it
calls you pretty girl ex: “aw, does that feel good, pretty girl?”, “that’s my pretty girl”, “come on, pretty girl, you can take it”
aftercare consists of baths, cuddles, and a shit ton of snacks hehe 
praise kink: hear me out, this goes both ways. of course, he loves to praise his s/o whether his ten inches deep in her or they’re doing something incredibly mundane and normal, but if you really want to turn kiri into a sub, p r a i s e  h i m
ride him, and tell him how good he makes you feel, and how big he is, and how much you love him and he will literally lose his mind
i don’t think he’s an exhibitionist per say, but he enjoys the occasional public restroom blow job, I can’t lie
definitely a thighs man in the most innocent way possible, like kiri isn’t truly satisfied unless his head is in between your soft, pretty thighs and he’s eating you out like he’s never gonna see you again
expect your relationship to move at a snail’s pace, I mean like a herd of snails going through honey and peanut butter
like, he will be friends with you for a good solid three or four years after graduating from U.A. before even asking you on a date (he’s just really insecure and nervous you’re going to say no, pls say yes)
plus he is just incredibly respectful and doesn’t want you to think that the only reasons he is friends with you is because he thinks you’re hot
but bitch, he does think you’re hot. izuku is definitely into curvier/bigger girls, in contrast to his stick figure this just makes sense to me idk, but tbh all girls are just izuku’s type he does not discriminate at all
in fact, once he gets past his initial shyness when you two start dating, he never fails to mention it to you. every morning when you wake up, anytime he sees you throughout the day, and before you go to bed EVERYDAY
cuddles like a champ, at first he’s all stiff and nervous, but then he gets better at it and is totally at your disposal: you wanna be the big spoon, you got it, he loves having you hug him and nuzzle your face into his back. wanna be the little spoon? um fuck yes will hold you for hours don’t even joke with me
all of your dates are planned to a T, and he is very meticulous, in fact you have a little routine
if you guys haven’t moved in together yet, he will stop at the supermarket and buy you your favorite flowers, and then drive to your house for your date
you guys usually go on little picnics in a secluded area or just somewhere private cause being in front of a lot of people with his girlfriend can be a bit much for him sometimes
sorry, not sorry but you WILL be going to Inko’s house for all holidays so sorry if you have a good relationship with your family, there’s just no arguing
he’s extra protective of you, especially if you aren’t a hero like him but he’s really just worried about losing you
introduces you to iida, tsuyu, todoroki, and uraraka cause he wants you to be friends with his friends
he literally just thinks that you are so beautiful and cool and perfect and awesome and it hurts his brain sometimes
cinnamon roll really just loves you a lot
clearly a sub, but not always for the reasons you might think: he genuinely just cares a lot about you and wants to put your pleasure first, so if that means he’s a bottom or whatever, he’s fine with it
this boy is innocent innocent, like not only is he a virgin, but he’s also probably never even jacked off before, so he’s vv sensitive especially the first few times i mean i’m guessing the only like sexual things he’s ever done is listened to denki and mineta make jokes
want to drive him insane? give him head and then ride him until his a overstimulated whiny mess
pretends he doesn’t like it, but is lowkey a exhibitionist. the whole doing it in public and trying not to get caught really ups the enjoyment for him
it’s basically canon at this point that he calls you “puppy” i swear it’s just a thing
huge moaner, but is wildly embarrassed about it, he just can’t hold it in
like I said, minor public play is kind of his thing, but sometimes he gets a little nervous about so all you gotta say is “come on, izu, I just wanna make you feel good”
I’m sorry, I need a sec, da coochie can’t take it
izuku.exe is unavailable
loves to have you ride his dick, it’s just all too much for him plus being overstimulated is definitely on his mind 24/7
call him “my hero” or “#1″ and he will literally go feral, like I said he was a sub, but that bitch will mount you from the back and break you in half thinking about how heroic you think he is, it breaks his brain
absolutely cannot take getting head will cum within 30 seconds, just seeing you drool all over his cock and look up at him all innocent with tears on your eyelashes and he will legit cum immediately
it’s on sight bitch
aftercare is lowkey bomb, likes to take baths with you, and then watch tv 
likes to cook for you even though he’s bad at it (idk this isn’t nsfw, but i’m too lazy to scroll up)
thighs, ass, boobs, tummy, doesn’t matter, he’s into it he does not have a preference
100% hottie
super flirty, of course, this comes as no surprise to anyone
favorite memory of you guys is definitely your first kiss which happened to be an intense game of seven minutes in heaven when the bottle actually landed on sero, but denki slipped him a twenty, and convinced mina that the rules of the game were actually that the person who got picked first had to wear a blindfold
you were entirely convinced that you were making out with sero, until denki grabbed your butt and accidentally shocked you
you pretended to be annoyed that they tricked you, but you and denki started dating not even three weeks later
can someone say pda? this man will literally never not be touching you whether his arm’s around your shoulder, his hand is on your waist, you holding hands, soft little pecks on your cheek, it doesn’t matter, he’s always doing something
ideal date night is definitely a video game night hear me out: his favorite thing ever is having you sit in his lap and teaching you how to play games like cod, and grand theft auto and he’d never be mean to you when you die cause you really have no clue what you’re doing
when you’re away from each other, you always play minecraft or roblox together
he pretends to like scary movies, but they give him nightmares
um play insulting like “you’re so dumb”-“yeah well you’re short-“i’m smarter than you”-“yeah but you love me dumbass”
expect facetime calls at all hours of the day and night. you’re in the middle of class? answer the phone. it’s three a.m. and you’re asleep? answer the damn phone or he will literally come to your room and wake you up
when he gets all derpy and whatnot, he always just says your name to you until he can't form coherent sentences
🦋head pats🦋 (this goes both ways)
you’re number one hype man, like he should look into cheerleading because this boy will never let you feel bad about yourself, nope. get used to being called the most beautiful girl ever or amazing twenty times a day
so easily impressed by the things you do like—you can put on mascara without a mirror? instantly shocked. you can take off your bra without taking your shirt off? how tf. you can put your hair in a bun with a pencil? you’re a literal goddess the world does not deserve you! you know basic multiplication facts? marry me pls
you are his lock screen and his home screen and he always screenshots you on facetime or takes picture of you when you’re not looking because he just thinks you’re so pretty and he wants to be able to see you all the time
he carries you around every time he can to show you how strong he is
you guys rock, paper, scissors when you can’t decide on something like what to have for dinner or who has to wash the dishes or feed the dog
you definitely have a dog, even if you don’t like them or allergic because denki loves dogs
racing to see who gets ready faster in the morning because you guys always sleep in way too late
he absolutely cannot be the big spoon or the little spoon because this poor idiot cannot physically be still ever, he’s a tornado when he sleeps, but sometimes you guys hold hands when you sleep together:)
if you guys are texting each other he starts kicking his feet and has the cutest little blush on his face
everytime you guys are in a car together or listening to music and you say you like a song he adds it to a playlist of songs that remind him of you, and he plays it when you guys go on roadtrips
says I love you every five seconds cause he never wants you to forget
often gets a little insecure because he worries that all the other 1-A guys are cooler than him, and that you will leave him for one of them, so if you don’t reassure him and compliment him, I will kill you️
shy, but also way overconfident at the same time, I don’t know how to explain this but I think y’all catch my drift, like. . .he’s flirty, and uses his little pick up lines on you for fun, and adores seeing you flustered, but the second you sit on his lap and start sucking his fingers, this man is the baseline definition of a tomato
has a mommy kink on the dl, but he’s lowkey ashamed of it
also, public sex just screams DENKI to me, so do with that what you will
he’s generally pretty whiny when y’all are goin at it, but if you want to make him really loud, overstim him
similar to kiri, denki is totally shameless when it comes to having sex, and does not get embarrassed about being vocal
while he isn’t necessarily as giving a partner as some of the other boys, he definitely want his s/o to feel just as good as him so this is where possibly my favorite headcanon of all head cannons comes in
denki kaminari is a slut for thigh riding
will literally do practically anything for you to just rut against the muscles of his thigh as he flexes them. honestly would rather do this than have sex, it’s so arousing to him I don’t know don’t come for me
also, dry humping is a yes, especially when y’all are tired or just not totally in the mood to have sex
although, let’s face it, denki is always in the mood to have sex. personally, I see him having the highest sex drive of all the 1A boys, so you really don’t have to do much convincing to get him in the mood
literally loses his shit when you send him pictures of you, even if you aren’t totally naked. just put on some underwear and take a mirror pic and this boy will stop functioning properly
sometimes he lacks a touch in aftercare, but not because he’s inconsiderate, because he is v considerate, but just because you two go at it for hours I mean this idiot has the stamina of a rabbit when it comes to sex, don’t try and tell me otherwise
however, he is definitely affectionate afterwards, and this doesn’t really pertain to aftercare but he’s super into cockwarming, though it usually just ends up with you two going at it again after a while
he’s basically been waiting for you to sit on his face since he met you, so this happened quite frequently, and he is literally addicted to the sounds you make when he rocks your hips against his tongue, so he keeps you there for a good long while
“does that feel good?”
unclips your bra when you guys are hugging (if you wear one)
denki is hot, prove me wrong
it’s a very well-known fact that this boy is very shy and anxious, and that doesn’t necessarily go away when you guys start dating, in fact it may actually get worse because he just can’t keep his cool around you, butttttt the second you say something like “you’re my hero” or that you need him to protect you, his ego boosts 1000%
like midoriya, things escalate incredibly slow, but with the help of mirio and neijre, you finally get up the courage to ask him out instead because you just like him a lot and don’t want to keep waiting for him to ask (goes beet red and silent when you ask)
in the beginning, you were both happy to keep your relationship a secret, and for a few months, only mirio knew, but then uraraka saw you guys kiss and told everyone
tamaki lost his shit
sometimes he’ll eat flower seeds so he can grow you flowers and leave them around for you to find
“pinky promise?” “pinky promise” because he was so stressed out trying to gain the courage to hold your hand when you guys first started publicly dating, so you guys hold pinkies
absolute bookworm. . .he would give you his favorite books he read as a child to feel close to you, especially if he trusts you (bookstore dates)
you pretty much automatically become friends with mirio because he’s pretty much the only other person tamaki can handle
loves giving you tiny nose kisses, and showers your face in kisses just to see you smile because seeing you grin at him makes his heart feel normal instead of all racey and nervous
when you guys are cuddling, he prefers having you face him instead of having your back to him just because he likes to compliment you and your pretty face
he definitely asks you to order for him at restaurants and cafes because social interactions are eww and if you’re both a little prone to social anxiety, you get a lot of takeout and delivery
he has a hard time telling you how he feels, especially early on, but you always hear from mirio that he adores you and tells them the sweetest things about you
!slight TW! but if you have scars (whether self-inflicted or not) he runs his fingertips over them—if you’re okay with it— and leave little kisses wherever the scars are and tells you that you’ll always be beautiful to him no matter what 
✨pillow fights and move nights✨
ideal date would probably just be hanging out in his room while watching tv or reading or something super chill
in tears lol🥺
this is really where things kind of take a turn. . .don’t get me wrong, tamaki is like 7/10 times the rather submissive one in the relationship, but he is definitely a bit more confident when you guys are alone and sometimes that brings out a more dominant side of him, so if you like that, let him know and he’ll be happy to fuck you till you can’t walk
titties man all the way, I don’t think I need to explain myself here, but it just makes sense to me
very sensitive the first few times and likes it when you pull on/play with his ears cause they’re extra sensitive
if he’s really into it, he’ll moan out loud cause he can’t stop himself, but it’s usually just grunts and breathy whines
lowkey breeding kink, like not to hardcore, but he’s obviously got some insecurity issues and this is just one of his ways of proving you’re his, and only his. doesn’t necessarily want to get you pregnant, especially early on in your relationship, but sometimes he can’t help it
pillow humping when you’re not around cause he misses the feeling of you around his dick (pulls his own hair like you do to pretend like he’s fucking you)
very good at oral
leaves hickies where people can see them as a way of telling everyone you’re his without actively saying it (give him hickies back he likes that)
possessive when you guys are alone (also in public but it’s less obvious) and holds your hand while he’s fucking you cause he’s soft like that
aftercare really is just a lot of cuddling and he likes cockwarming cause it’s a way to feel close to you and it’s just something you guys do when you’re too lazy to actually do it
morning sex is a yes
if you are 100% down with it, he would probably have threesome with you and mirio 
um, fuck me pls
is not ashamed to let you know that he has a crush on you and despite being totally not normal, he wants to do things very traditionally
of course, if it’s nothing serious, than he doesn’t really care, but if he actually likes you a lot, he’ll want to take you out on real dates, and hold your hand and all that shit
introduces you and shows you off to the league because he thinks it makes him look cool that he’s got a girlfriend
really appreciates it when you’re just there for him, y’know? like, he is not open about his baggage whatsoever, so it may take a long time for him to tell you things like that, but he loves it when you just care about him like no one else does
touch starved hotty
he knows he makes you nervous and he uses that to his advantage 100% however if you start holding his hand or playing with his hair, the faintest little blush will cover his face and he will be mean to you if you point it out, but out of love
he’s not super used to being in a relationship or having someone care about him this much so he isn’t the greatest when it comes to communication, even about simple things, but he’s trying his best okay
even if you guys like really fall in love and it’s a lifetime type of thing, you never get married. he just hates the whole constitution of it, and so it just never happens
you still have a little mark on your wrist from your first kiss which happened under a mistletoe that toga had conveniently placed and you kind of took him by surprise which made him use his quirk (he still apologizes to you about it whenever he remembers)
loves spoiling you and makes up totally random and nonexistent holidays or anniversaries so he can do romantic things for you or just does them anyways and probably does a bunch of stupid, dangerous stuff so you think he’s cool
might disappear for a few days on end, but he doesn’t like it when you question that because in his mind he can’t imagine how or why he would ever leave you, he just doesn’t know that you need some reassurance
literally melts into an adorable pile of affection when you kiss his scars or staples and tell him you love him and think he’s handsome
absolutely loves it when you sit next to him or hold his hand in public because he thinks it makes him look more approachable, but will literally beat people within an inch of their lives if they stare at you the wrong way for even 0.2 seconds (he worries that they’re staring at you because of him and that makes him feel guilty) 
he likes it when you play with his hair, but doesn’t say it. if you stop, he grabs your hands and place them on his head again
gets really annoyed with himself when he realizes he’s blushing thinking about you plus, he finds it adorable when you stutter or get a little flustered around him so he constantly gets way too close
ideal date is probably taking you somewhere like on a walk or an abandoned warehouse (lol this sounds so creepy it’s not i swear) and dancing with you or something very chill
shows you off very obviously to the LoV, and they all like you, even shigaraki says hi to you sometimes, but toga absolutely loves you he’s very proud and feels accomplished that he bagged you
if you ask, he will lightly touch the subject of his childhood, but you understand his boundaries and that it’s just not something he’s super comfortable or experienced with talking about, so you don’t press unless he openly talks about it
basically i am in love with a murderer lol cause i’m just q u i r k y (i genuinely hate myself i’m sorry guys lmao)
this is one kinky little shit right here and i think that’s why we all love him tbh
all i have to say is buckle up
definitely a top, pretty much no matter what, he just thinks you go wayyy to slow on top so get ready to get mothafuckin railed babe it will literally be the time of your life
degrades you will you suck his dick
definitely the longest dick of the bunch, and will literally rearrange those insides
doesn’t actually like being called “daddy” kinda just weirds him out, but he’s very dominant you will not be in control (this does not mean, however, that he will use you against your will, consent is sexy and this is one sexy bitch right here)
touch his scars or praise him and he will in fact fuck your brains out, you’re welcome:)it’s ok you can say thank you now
“aww, does that hurt? you want me to slow down, baby?” *proceeds to fuck into you faster*
knife/blood kink just thinks you’re so pretty all innocent and whiny for him to corrupt and turn into a desperate slut
uses his quirk to leave barely noticeable handprints on your waist and neck and ass and you yell at him for it but he knows you like it
will fuck your face v hard, but will then return the favor and have you ride his face until you physically can not take it anymore. . .then he’ll ram his cock into you for hours until the entire league has heard you scream his name
says stuff like “i don’t think you’re being loud enough for me, princess” when you’re literally crying out his name as loud as you can cause his a little shit also “can’t you go one more time for me, baby?”
cockwarming but like-𝓹𝓾𝓷𝓲𝓼𝓱𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝓮𝓭𝓲𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷
aftercare is actually pretty god tier considering you can barely form cohesive words at this point; showers, hugs, soft dabi (thatta make ya pussy throb), and probably just going at it again
if you’re not fucked dumb by the time he’s done fucking you, he’s not done fucking you
fuck me pls
thanks for reading, i currently don’t have a taglist but let me know if you want to be on one:) 
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holidaywishes · a month ago
Marry You
Tumblr media
Requested: 👍
  Summary/Request: Can you please do number ten of the music prompts with Brock Boeser? it’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do / hey baby, i think i wanna marry you” (marry you, glee version or bruno mars)
  Warning: fluff
  Author’s Note: Here is another music prompt request! These are so fun to do and they’re relatively easy so, obviously, I like that. So, if y’all have any requests for more music prompts, send ‘em my way! I hope you enjoy this fluffy little Brock Boeser imagine. Stay Golden, Loves <3!
  the other masterlist
Brock’s P.O.V
  You couldn’t say you were a huge fan of weddings. Dancing and drinking aside, it was a lot of overly sentimental people gushing about the bride and letting the groom mindlessly wander around but this wasn’t about you. It was about your girlfriend, who’s best friend was getting married to her high school sweetheart
  “Don’t be bitter” you joked
  “Don’t be an ass” she joked back and you gasped sarcastically
  “I would never” 
  “Brock, I’m serious. I know you hate weddings but this day is important to Shelley,” she pleaded, “so it’s important to me, got it?”
  “Got it” you said, pressing a kiss to her forehead before leading her out to the car. She cried during the ceremony, like you knew she would, and you kept your arm around her so she would know that at least you were trying. You had to drive about an hour and a half to get to the reception, talking (Y/N) into stopping for something to eat because “wedding food sucks! you have to admit that”
  “Fine, yes. But we have to be quick okay?” you smiled, pulling into the parking lot of an A&W, “really?” she chuckled
  “It’s the first thing I saw and they’re fast” she scoffed at your response but followed you inside. You got your order and found a booth so you could huddle together in, like you always did, before you tried to steal her fries
  “HEY!” she laughed, “you have your own fries”
  “I like yours better” you teased
  “Pssht, yeah right,” she scoffed, “fry thief.” The two of you had been dating for about two years but you both agreed that work was a priority, even when yours and her friends were all getting engaged or having kids. You could see that she was thinking about it. You caught her on more than one occasion looking up wedding dresses and available venues. She even went so far as to buy Bridal magazines in line at the grocery store. You just weren’t there yet.
  “So.. do you know what their first dance song is?” you asked
  “Yes,” she smiled, “it’s that Shania Twain song, You’re Still the One”
  “Oh that’s so cheesy!” you groaned
  “I KNOW!” she replied, leaning into your chest, “but it’s Shell’s favourite song. She always wanted it to be her first dance song and when she met Craig--”
  “Craig and Shelley..” he interrupted with a scoff, “what suburban names”
  “‘Cause Brock is so edgy...” she chirped, “anyway, when she met Craig she had this plan to see if they’d last. They’d go on their date and she’d find some way to play the song for him and, depending on his reaction, it would mean something to her about the state of their relationship”
  “That sounds crazy...”
  “It worked!” she said, sitting back up, “they fell in love, they have their first dance to their song, her favourite song, it’s perfect”
  “For them...” you corrected and she rolled her eyes
  “Yes, Brock,” she smirked, “for them”
  “We should probably head out...”
  “Okay” she smiled, leaning up for you to kiss her before hopping out of the booth. You made your way to the reception, (Y/N) flipping through the available radio stations while you tried to find the right road
  “Babe,” you said, “I think we’re lost”
  “Very funny, B” she scoffed
  “I’m serious, (Y/N),” you admitted, “I must have taken a wrong turn or something...”
  “What?” she exclaimed, “well what do we do?”
  “Hold on,” you replied, “I’m sure we can get there”
  “You’re just doing this so we don’t have to go to the reception” she chuckled
  “Not true,” you added with a laugh, “I was distracted by your inability to pick a song”
  “Smart ass”
  “You know it!” she laughed as you turned around, making your way back onto the main road. It didn’t take long for you to figure out where you were going, a fact that you made sure to gloat about to your girlfriend, pulling up in front of the hall and helping her out of the car, winking at her as she wrapped her arm around yours, “what do you want your first dance to be?”
  “It depends who it’s with, I guess...” she said, pushing you teasingly, her face lighting up when she saw the room. “Wow,” she chuckled, “I didn’t expect.. all of this”
  “Really?” you scoffed, “I did”
  “You did not!” she hit your shoulder, directing you to the table to find your seating arrangements, “you didn’t even think about what this would look like”
  “Tell me something,” you said, ignoring her point, “if Shelley is so important to you and you’re so important to her, why aren’t you in the bridal party?” she gasped at your question, taking her arm away from you
  “Wow,” she said, “low blow, Boeser, low blow” you shook your head as the two of you sat down in your seats. You took her hand and brought it to your lips, watching as she smirked at you
  “I didn’t mean anything by it babe” you whispered
  “I know” she said before kissing your cheek
  “I’m gonna ask again...” you teased, “what do you want your first dance song to be?”
  “I don’t know, it depends on what kind of dance it is...” she said, “and that depends on the person”
  “So if you were marrying me...?”
  “Oh we’d definitely need a dance routine,” she laughed, “maybe something cheesy like Can’t Stop This Feeling or something fun like How Sweet It Is”
  “You don’t think I’m serious enough for like... Sarah McLachlan?”
  “If that’s what you wanted... or what suited us, then yeah,” she smiled, “I didn’t really see you as that guy but hey, maybe I’m wrong”
  “No you’re not wrong,” you admitted, “I just wanted you to say that I could be Mr. Sensitive”
“You wanna be Mr. Sensitive?” she smirked, placing her fingers under your chin and bringing your lips closer to yours
“Not all of me” you joked and she pushed you away
Once Shelley and Craig entered the hall and everyone had their food, people began to strike up lovely conversations until the first dance was announced; you paid close attention to Brock’s reaction, smacking him when he pretended to fall asleep. He managed to stay positive for the rest of the night though you suspected the alcohol had more to do with that than his attitude but when the party seemed to die down early, he got grumpy
“Hey!” you yelled in a whisper, “be nice! It’s a wedding not a... club”
“Club?” He laughed and you rolled your eyes in return
“People are allowed to hang out when they’re tired, they don’t have to be drunk and dancing throughout the whole night...”
“These people are old...” he whined, “let’s just get out of here, go somewhere. Just the two of us”
“Brock, it’s a wedding. My best friends wedding”
“Yeah, a best friend who wouldn’t even make you a bridesmaid. Some best friend” he scoffed before finishing off his beer
“You know what?” you smiled to yourself, not believing the words that were about to leave your mouth, “you’re right!”
“Wait... I am?” he said, confused
“Yeah! We’re young, we’re alive... let’s act like it!” You took his hand and rushed toward the door, “I don’t even think they’re here anymore”
“I don’t either!” He laughed, running in front of you so you could jump on his back. He took you, first, to grab a drink at a bar down the street, “chug it, baby,” he laughed, “we have a lot to do!”
“I can’t chug bourbon”
“Then you shouldn’t have ordered it!” When you finished your drink, he paid and turned around so you would jump onto his back once more.
“Off we go!” You laughed, pointing your finger to the door to direct him outside as he laughed in return. The two of you wandered all over the city, stopping in bars when either of you wanted a drink or a shot, laughing at each other’s terrible jokes, and almost buying out a convenience store when you wanted candy. It felt like the easiest thing in the world, to be with him, like this, but there was a part of you that was nervous about what your future looked like
“Do you not believe in marriage?” You blurted out, making your boyfriend chuckle
“I just— I wanna know if you hate weddings because you don’t like the extravagance of them or if it’s because you.. don’t believe in marriage”
“Ugh,” he groaned, “I don’t know. I mean you look at married couples and like what? Half of them get divorced, a percentage that stay together only stay together because they have kids. Plus, they’ve spent all their money on one night before they’re marriage even starts so they’re struggling to get back to how they were before all of that”
“But money isn’t everything...” you tried
“No but it puts its strain on relationships and I just don’t get why people get so focused on the importance of a piece of paper”
“Why are you so cynical?” you laughed, linking your arm with his
“I’m not cynical...” he corrected, “I just wanna be... with someone who loves me with no strings attached. With no fear of something changing that”
“Why would the love change when you get married?” You scoffed, “I would think it would make the love stronger”
“But wouldn’t there be resentment too?”
“I don’t think so...”
“Look, let’s just enjoy this beautiful night, forget about marriage and everything for a bit okay?”
“Fine,” you scoffed, “come sit with me.” You sat on a small bench and looked up at the stars, holding onto Brock’s hand while your head fell gently on his shoulder. He had made his feelings on marriage clear and the love you had for him felt like it could last but it also felt like a ticking time bomb, “I love you” you said quietly, still looking up at the stars, the wind blowing across the street, sweeping the length of your dress up with it
“I love you, too” he whispered. You could feel him looking at you so you shifted so he couldn’t see you smiling to yourself, “do you wanna marry me?” He asked and you scoffed
“Come on...” he moved, turning his body to face you, “I love you, you love me, let’s go do something dumb!”
“Something dumb? Getting married is dumb?”
“I didn’t mean it like that” he sighed
“So why would you say it?”
“Do you wanna marry me?” He asked again and you looked at his eyes, a glimmer of light dancing across his blue irises and you smiled at the question; earning a smile from him as he squeezed your hands
“No” you replied softly, placing your hand on his cheek before kissing his lips
“What?” He whispered back
“I love you, Brock,” you answered, “but I want you to want to marry me. Because you can’t imagine life without me. Not because you’re bored and the sky is beautiful and the wind is blowing my perfume in your direction” you smirked, laying your head back on his shoulder. “But I’m glad you asked”
“You are?”
“Yeah,” you laughed, “‘cause now I know you wanna marry me”
“I could’ve just asked because I was bored”
“No.. you wanna marry me” you teased happily before turning your gaze to a shooting star and he kissed the top of your head.
“Don’t let it go to your head” he smirked
“You loooove me” you laughed
“I do love you”
“And you wanna marry me”
“Let’s just.. not talk” he stuttered, pulling you close to him
“I love you.”
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purpleplastron · a month ago
Short! S/O
Request: Can I ask for some rottmnt x short/small reader
Pairing:  Raphael/Reader (Established), Leonardo/Reader (Established), Donatello/Reader (Established), Michelangelo/Reader (Established) (ALL SEPARATE - NONPOLY)
Content Warnings: None! 
Word Count: 1200 
[A/N: Whoa.... two fics in a row where I landed on a perfect wordcount.... I feel blessed.]
Tall and small… the optimal dynamic…
He’s one of the few who won’t hold your height above your head. (Pun intended.) He honestly just sees you as you, you know? He’s always been considered tall, so your height isn’t that crazy to him. He’s not necessarily the type to freak out about it in regards to self defense, either. You’re a total badass: you can handle yourself! He’s always the first to step in when someone tries to start something, though. That’s just who he is, though: he’d still do it if you were 10 feet tall. 
He always tries to put things where you can reach them, but sometimes you need something up a little higher. And oh god, he’d be lying if he said his heart doesn’t melt when you ask him to grab you something off the top shelf. 
Piggyback rides galore!! He also likes to carry you like royalty, and he’s always surprised by just how little you weigh. He thinks it’s cute. 
(He’s awesome to go to concerts with!! You can sit on his shoulders to get a better view, and he holds you so steady. He’s also built af so nobody’s gonna be able to knock y’all over <3) 
It’s so nice to lay down and cuddle with him!! He envelops your smaller frame almost entirely, and you feel so safe in his arms. You could lay like this forever, you think. 
He’ll always bend down for kisses without question, but god, please pull him down by the strings of his hoodie someday. He gets this really cute and dorky laugh as the blood rises to his cheeks, and he can’t help but kiss you again afterwards. 
He’s so cocky about being taller than you, it’s unreal. He can’t help it! You’re just so tiny and cute and-
Attack him like a feral dog to put him in his place <3 (/j)
He’s not really worried about your ability to defend yourself: You’re plenty capable, and you’ve picked up your fair share of self-defense moves. Height isn’t an indicator of strength, by any means. 
Loves grabbing things off the top shelf for you!! He gets this dorky little smile on his face when you ask, and for a moment, he’s silent. He laughs a little, ever so softly, but not in a patronizing way. He totally asks for a kiss as payment, though. 
(But from then on, that thing is in a place where you can reach it. He likes being able to grab stuff for you, but he gets that you wanna be able to just grab shit sometimes. What a sweetheart <3 He pays attention!!) 
Temple kisses? Temple kisses! He loves having his arm around your shoulder, just as a casual form of affection, and sometimes he’ll pull you a little closer so he can lean down and place a kiss to your temple. 
If you’re both feeling particularly playful, he’ll totally hold stuff above your head so you have to lean into him to grab it. 
He’ll short circuit if you ever pull him down for a kiss. Do it, it’s cute to watch the blood rise to his cheeks as he processes your actions. He’s so in love with you. 
As friends, he doesn’t really acknowledge your height at all. But once you guys get together? He suddenly starts processing how much taller he is, and it totally makes his heart melt. Like oh! I actually have to lean down to kiss you? It’s something that he doesn’t really understand until he’s in a relationship with you, and it’s cute. 
People often underestimate how strong he is but like… he’s low-key kind of built. As a hands-on engineer, you have to be! And you can bet that he totally uses that when he’s feeling romantic. He loves picking you up and carrying you around like royalty. (That inner theatre nerd also comes out, 100%. If he can’t pick you up and serenade you, what’s even the POINT.) 
Adores grabbing things for you if they’re put up too high for you to reach. Like god, you could inject straight dopamine into his brain right now, and it wouldn’t even be able to compare to grabbing shit off the top shelf for you. He’s so cocky about it, and you know he’s gonna ask for a kiss on the cheek as payment. 
Always yells “do you need help with that?” if he sees you standing on your tiptoes for something. He thinks you’re cute. 
He’ll lean down for kisses, but you can see a smile toying at his lips when you ask. He won’t comment on it, though. 
It’s so fun to dance with him!! You move slowly across the dancefloor, fingers interlocked with his as you spin around and around. He’ll always drop his hands a little so you don’t have to stretch as much, but he revels in the way you press yourself against him. He could spend forever like this, and quite frankly? So could you. 
He’s happy being the big spoon or the little spoon, honestly. He has no preference. If you try to be the big spoon, he’ll snicker about it a little, but he won’t comment on it. 
He loves when you guys are sitting, and you rest your back against his chest. (It’s fun playing animal crossing with him like that. (His favorite villagers are Wolfgang and Roscoe. He gets really excited if you have them in your town.) 
He’s gonna short circuit if you pull him down by the hoodie strings to give him a kiss. It doesn’t matter how many times you do it, he’s gonna pause every time. Don’t stop, though. He loves it. 
He could be a SINGLE centimeter taller than you, and he’ll lose his mind. Finally… he’s tall… god is real <3 
Unfortunately, both of y’all are kind of fucked in the height department. That just means you get to climb shelves together, though! And kick tall people in the shins for saying overdone height jokes. You guys are a power couple in every sense of the word. 
He loves having his arm around your shoulders! 
Since you guys live together, it’s really rare that there’s ever something that’s put up too high for both of you to reach. 
It’s really funny when you’re standing on your tiptoes to grab something that’s just out of reach at a store. 
“Oh shit, that’s way too high up. Don’t worry babe, I’ve got this.” 
...he’s climbing the shelves like a fucking spider. People are staring. He refuses to ask a stocker for help. You’re getting kicked out of Yokai Target for this, but you got your can of peas. That’s all that matters. 
He loves it when you rest your head on his chest while cuddling, or when hugging. 
Forehead kisses!! He loves them so much… He’ll run his thumbs over your temples so, so gently before kissing your forehead. He’s most fond of doing this in the early morning or late at night, when you’re both really sleepy. The air seems different, more serene. 
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hangovercurse · a month ago
Teeny Tiny Secret
After months of trying, you and Colson finally get those two pink lines… the day before tour starts.
Request: “I know that requests are closed, but I HAD to share this before it left my mind. When you have an opportunity, could you please write a story where y/n is in super early (not showing or anything) stages of pregnancy and on tour with mgk. She & Colson make a plan to keep it from the bandmates for now. It becomes difficult when he becomes super over protective (not letting her carry anything, not wanting the guys to crowd her), unconsciously put his hand on her stomach, and ordering non-alcoholic drinks for her. The band suspects something. Y/n talks with him to try to get him to calm down a little. It works until the guys ask you both about it directly and Colson's the first to crack.”
Colson Baker x Reader
Warnings: Cursing
A/N: Y’all are all up in that spring baby fever… this is like my 3rd or 4th baby request recently
Word Count: 2211
Tumblr media
You and Colson had been talking about having a second kid for months but stopped trying a few weeks before tour started. You didn’t think it had worked until you woke up three days before tour and rushed to the bathroom, morning sickness wrecking your body. Colson felt you getting out of bed and followed a few minutes later, tiredly. When he found you hunched over the toilet, his whole demeaner changed.
You knew for sure the day before tour, after multiple pregnancy tests you had gone to see an OBGYN for confirmation. Sure enough, you were pregnant. The universe sure knew the definition of ironic timing.
Colson’s immediate reaction was to have you stay home. “All the traveling and partying isn’t gonna be good for him.” He said, pacing around your bedroom while you laid on the bed. “Tour life is not good for babies.”
You raised your eyebrow, “him? It’s been one day and you’re already setting unrealistic expectations for our unborn child.” You joked, a small smile on your lips.
Colson’s mouth gaped before he continued, “Y/N, we need to be serious about this. You can’t come on tour if you’re pregnant.”
You rolled your eyes, “Colson, I am not letting you leave me here while I am pregnant. I’ll be fine. I won’t drink and I’ll take it easy. You just have to make sure the guys don’t smoke around me and we’ll be fine.”
His eyes went wide. “Shit, the boys.” He paused to think as confusion crossed you. “If the boys find out about this they’ll freak out and then the whole tour is gonna be a shit show.”
It was kind of funny how much more worried he was than you were. “Babe, come here.” You motioned for him to come sit in the bed with you to which he complied. You leaned your back against the headboard, expecting him to follow. Instead, he laid so his head was next to your stomach. He pressed a small kiss into it, making your heart fluttered, the reality of the situation hitting you and making you insanely happy. “Why are you so worried?” You asked him softly, combing your hand through his hair.
He reached, moving your shirt up so he could kiss your bare stomach. He mumbled against your skin, “I think I wanna keep this a secret for now.” You hummed and he continued, “just for us, y’know? I wanna enjoy this.”
You nodded, “I’m still coming on tour with you, though. I don’t wanna be alone right now.”
He smiled against your stomach, finally moving up to sit next to you, pulling you towards him for a soft kiss. His hand went to your stomach, rubbing circles into the skin. “I can’t believe we’re gonna have a fucking baby.”
You smiled against his lips, a thought popping into your head, “can we tell Casie at least?” His eyes lit up at your suggestion, a quick nod of his head affirming the idea.
 The next day was hectic, as all first days were. You had gotten a list of everything you could and couldn’t do from your doctor, and the all-clear to fly for the first trimester. So, you and Colson found yourself with the crew at LAX airport bright and early in the morning. Ashleigh passed you an itinerary, letting you know that you would all be meeting the bus in Cleveland, where the first show was.
Colson’s arm hadn’t left your waist since you got to the airport, holding you to his side all morning. Occasionally you could feel his thumb rubbing circles near your stomach, something that was definitely becoming a habit of his. At one point he ended up standing behind you, hands resting on your stomach as he held you against him. You tried not to give anything away, but you found it adorable how excited he was. He wanted to be as close to the unborn baby as possible at all times, his hands constantly near your middle.
Eventually you arrived in Cleveland, walking down the long hallway to the baggage claim, taking in the small Cleveland hall of fame that the airport had created. You spotted your suitcase and went to grab it, but Colson beat you to it. “I got it, babe.” He gave you a look that let you know you wouldn’t be carrying anything.
You sighed, “I can get it Colson.” He shrugged, grabbing his bag off of the carousel next. The man now had a large duffel bag slung over his shoulder and two suitcases in his hands. “Seriously, it’s not that heavy.”
He shook his head, “I’m not letting you carry anything heavy. I can do it.” You sighed but let him, knowing you wouldn’t win this battle.
Unbeknownst to you, Baze had seen the whole interaction and was very confused.
 Later, once you had arrived at the arena, you were hanging in the dressing room with Slim and Irv on the couch. You guys weren’t really talking about anything in particular, mostly just cracking jokes about Rook’s outfit for the night.
When the younger boy heard Slim say he looked like “if Willow Smith and Gerard Way were put into a blender,” he came over, blunt in his hand.
Rook started jokingly arguing with Slim and you were all laughing at his distress. In the middle of their argument, however, Colson came over and grabbed the blunt out of Rook’s hand. He put it out in an ashtray before returning to you, squeezing himself between you and Irv.
Everyone, including you, stared at him, dumfounded. “Dude why the fuck-“ Rook started, only for Colson to cut him off.
“You shouldn’t smoke in here.” He shrugged, arms wrapping around you. He squeezed your waist, letting you know why he really did it. You were somewhat thankful; smoke was bad for the baby. But there are less obvious ways to have gone about that.
Rook grumbled but didn’t attempt to light another one. Slim looked at you, an eyebrow raised in question. You shrugged your shoulders, pretending to act innocently naïve to Colson’s behaviors.
Eventually the three boys travelled from the couch, leaving you and Colson alone. “Babe, you gotta try and be a little more subtle about that shit.” You mumbled, turning to face him.
He scrunched his eyebrows, “he shouldn’t be smoking around you. What else was I supposed to do?”
You sighed, “I don’t know, but that wasn’t subtle. If you keep treating me differently, they’re gonna figure out that something’s up.”
Colson lets out a breath through his nose, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. “I’m sorry, I just don’t want anything to happen to…” he trailed off, trying to keep a low profile.
“I know you’re just being careful. It’s sweet, and I really appreciate it. But either we tell the guys what’s going on or we figure out how to be more subtle.” You thought you guys were being quiet, but once again Baze was standing just within earshot, hearing your entire conversation.
 Colson demanded you stay backstage instead of in front of the gates like normal tours. “I don’t care if they think something’s up, you are not getting anywhere near that crowd.”
This was something you could actually agree on, not wanting any crazy fangirls to try and reach over the barricade and hurt you by accident (it had happened before). So, you were stood backstage before the concert, like normal, only this time you had a spot next to the stage picked out just for you to watch. Colson came over to you, jumping up and down in excitement.
You giggled at his happy demeanor, feeding off his energy. “Good luck kiss?” You offered to which he happily nodded. You pulled him in by his shoulders, intending to give him a soft kiss. Colson being Colson, however, decided that this was the perfect time for an extremely heated make out session.
You didn’t complain much as his hands explored your waist, paying special attention to your stomach, where a small bump would soon be forming. His lips against yours were heaven.
“Okay loverboy!” Ashleigh called, making him pull away from your lips but he kept himself close to you. “You’re on.”
He nodded towards her, giving you one last peck before running off to the stage. Before he left, his hands lingered on your stomach just a little longer than normal, his eyes glancing down to it for a split second.
Then you watched the love of your life run towards the stage, a grin on his face. “I love you!” You called. He turned to you right before he got on stage and mouthed the words back to you, knowing you couldn’t hear him anymore. You smiled, the sight of him living his dream making your heart melt.
Slim was on the side of the stage closest to you, and had caught the last moments of your intimacy, including Colson’s attention to your stomach. He perked and eyebrow at the sight but shook it off as Colson being into some weird new thing.
 After the show, everyone was hyped up on adrenaline and alcohol. The crew decided to move the party to a nearby club. Colson wanted to take you back to the bus and stay there with you all night, but you made him go. “Colson, I have been in this condition for all of 3 days. I am fine. You just finished the first show of your tour. We,” you pointed between the two of you, “are going out to celebrate, even if that means I can only drink water or pop.”
He rolled his eyes but gave in, letting you drag him down the street towards the rest of your friends. When you got to the club, you grabbed a table with Ash, Irv, Baze, and Slim while Colson took Rook to get drinks for everyone.
When the pair got back, they started handing out drinks. Colson set a glass of water in front of you, causing the group to raise eyebrows at you two, which you just shrugged off, sipping the water. As much as you would have loved to get wasted with your friends, you knew it would hurt the baby. You tried to act as nonchalant about it as possible, realizing that it was gonna be hard to hide your secret if you got water every time you went out.
This was going to be a long 9 months.
“I wanna dance.” Ashleigh said, grabbing Irv and Rook and dragging them to the floor. You grinned, about to stand up and join them when you felt a hand on your thigh. You turned towards Colson, who was currently stopping you from having fun, giving him a glare.
He shook his head slightly at you, leaning close to you to whisper in your ear. “There’s a lot of people here, I don’t want you to get hurt.”
You sighed and rolled your eyes, whispering back, “can you ease up a little bit, please? I’ll be careful. I want to have a little fun before I’m not able to move at all.”
His face was stern, the two of you having a silent argument with your eyes. You pleaded with him, trying to get him to crack but he just shook his head.
Meanwhile Baze and Slim watched you two, trying to figure out how the hell you were communicating without actually talking. “Is everything okay with you two?” Slim asked, pulling your attention to the two men.
You nodded, smiling, “yeah, we’re great.”
Baze cocked his head, “you sure? Because he’s” he pointed at Colson, “acting like you’re pregnant or something.”
You felt Colson’s hand on your thigh tighten, his entire body stiffening. You giggled, trying to play off the comment. Baze started laughing the moment he saw Colson’s expression, which you turned to see was like a deer caught in headlights. Slim’s eyes went wide, “holy shit, for real? Congrats guys!”
You laughed, rubbing Colson’s shoulder, “good job, babe. You did a great job at keeping this between us.”
He looked down at you with a sheepish expression, “sorry, I thought we were being subtle.” He mumbled and you laughed.
“Cols, I was being subtle. You were acting like I was gonna die if someone so much as touched me.” Slim and Baze chuckled at this, and you turned to explain. “We found out for sure yesterday and didn’t want anyone to get freaked out or throw off the tour or anything. So, Colson here,” your head nodded towards your boyfriend, “thought we could keep it a secret for now.”
He frowned, his friends still laughing at him. “Dude, you are the worst secret keeper ever, man.” Baze said. “It took one push and you cracked.” You giggled, nodding your head in agreement. “But seriously, congrats guys.”
“Thanks, B.” You said, “but listen, both of you. If anyone on this tour tells me what I can and can’t do because I’m pregnant, I’ll cut their dick off.” The two boys nodded in understanding.
“Am I really that bad at keeping secrets?” Colson asked, still upset that he spilled.
You giggled and nodded, “Yeah, darling. You are.”
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shadowknightsupremacy · a month ago
let’s talk about minecraft diaries rebirth.
and why it’s literally amazing. (warning: this will contain spoilers. lots of them. also, long post ahead.)
i think a lot of people hate mcdr because they were expecting a remake; but the point of rebirth is for jess to rewrite it. it wasn't supposed to be exactly the same.
honestly i went into mcdr with a closed mind. as an og mcd fan, i thought that this was going to suck ass and that i'd rant about how bad it was to my friends later. but actually watching it, i just... couldn't help but immediately fall in love with it.
ik im probably the only motherfucker that likes mcdr, but honestly how could i not? for one, garroth and zenix actually have personalities at the beginning. AND; the villagers? actually amazing. donna made me smile, visher made me laugh and cry, brendan was just bein as good as ever. like... i even didn't despise emmalyn with every ounce of my soul like i usually do?? the characterizations of them were GOOD, man.
and honestly, aphmau like--the way she spoke, her whole thing. it was reallyyy well done in my opinion. she was oblivious to things, but it wasn't overdone and wasn't done in a way to make her annoying. she's a very appealing character in mcdr, a main protagonist i do not mind following along with. her dynamics to the characters are really cool and all very unique.  gonna cut it here so i don’t clog y’all’s feed cuz i got a lot to say :)
the early use of aphmau’s powers was actually pretty cool as well, it also really showed how clueless aphmau really was to everything going on around her. AND UH, THE FACT THAT SHE THOUGHT THAT GARROTH FELT FAMILIAR? GOLDEN. absolutely golden.
AND GENE OH BOY, the early introduction of gene? ik a lot of people are upset about it, but god DAMN i love it so much. his role in the story is very important in original, and i cannot express how much joy this brought me learning that he was actually getting the proper attention for it. and the fact that gene and aphmau were working together?? i mean ik gene was just trying to use her to get back to the "shadow abyss" (pretty pog replacement for the nether, gg) but god DAMN i loved every moment of it. i found their dynamic to be pretty fuckin funny to be honest, would absolutely love to see more of it.
i might be biased considering gene is one of my absolute favorite characters, but i honestly think that introducing gene this early on in the story was a good move. again, he's literally the right-hand man to the shadow lord. it makes you really wonder why he didn't have as much of an important role in season 1 or even 2 of the original mcd plotline. also, we get some of that good-ol-fashioned exposition with seeing early on how vylad and gene interact. vylad’s at a very strange point in the story right now; his motives are unclear, even to the side he’s ‘supposed’ to be taking (aka, a shadow knight.)  another early introduction to a character is zane! this, my friends, is good. really good. i’d say that zane is the main antagonist of season 1 in the original series--and he wasn’t even introduced until like, episode 50. it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but him being introduced this early on really gives the audience a better understanding of what threats are out there and what our protagonist will have to encounter in the future. in the original series, there’s not much explanation as to why lords are disappearing/dying left and right--and while yes, that was supposed to be the mystery of it, having some of that early information is a better move in terms of writing. 
AND IVAN?? BEING A PART OF THE JURY OF NINE?? I COULD NOT HAVE ASKED FOR ANYTHING MORE LIKE GOD DAMN that was a very pleasant surprise i'll just say that, thank you jess :)
and no i did not loop the 4 minutes of screentime laurance got in that one episode haha who would do that i would never do that anyways
SPEAKING of laurance, im so glad jess actually wrote him in this early :) she totally could have just waited for the first time aphmau visits meteli and meets him there, but no! she put him in an early episode. i dont even care if she did it just to shut up the fans about laurance but man that made me so happy seeing him, even if it was only for a bit.
okay i kinda wanna go over the guards real fast firstly; garroth. ignoring how weird the helmet showing emotions is, i really like how garroth is portrayed. he's under a lot of pressure because the village is putting a lot of the blame on him for malik's death, and he's trying his hardest to keep things running. the fact that garroth utterly refused the to take up the position of lord and even got a little snappy about it was actually really cool to see as well. and while he doesn’t have that same “reserved, quiet, observant” feel as the original mcd version of him had, this version of garroth is absolutely awesome. he’s more direct and blunt, is significantly more sarcastic, and isn’t as stiff or as much as a pushover as he is in the original. he even has a sense of humour. also, no homo, but he’s kinda adorable.  plus, the desperation that he goes through during the whole thing is just--it’s really cool to see how hard he’s trying to prove himself and help the village. my rating for mcdr garroth? 9/10. the helmet... the helmet is the main thing throwin me off, i can’t lie. next, zenix. oh BOY do i have a lot to say about this man. first of all, his and garroth’s dynamic is incredible. when i saw how the interacted with each other, my first thought was: father and son. zenix has this immaturity to him that is so fucking fun and interesting to watch, and seeing how garroth scolds him is so fuckin good man. and! seeing how he interacts with the rest of the village... honestly, if jess ever picks this story up again, i would probably cry when zenix (literally) backstabs garroth. HELL, i hope that’s something that still happens, it’d be heartbreaking to witness this character that we’ve come to love hurting his mentor, the man who took him in. he’s just a really good character all in all, and much more appealing than the original mcd zenix. ...except season 3 zenix. no zenix can be better than that one.  either way, zenix is amazing written to be the comic relief and he’s just an all-out lovable character in this series.  finally, dale and brian. yes i’m going to group them up because there’s not much to say regarding them, but i do want to address them. for starters, we have brian; who’s already 16 when the story starts. good on jess for doing that, because in the original aphmau watched brian be born and age INCREDIBLY quick, haha. THOUGH i do feel like there’s a slight connection lost there--one of the hardest things about brian’s betrayal in the original series in the fact that we watched him grow up in phoenix drop. we were there from the moment he was born, to the second he betrayed phoenix drop. BUT OF COURSE, this version is a lot more realistic, so it’s understandable. i just think that if it’s brian who’ll be betraying phoenix drop again (if it even goes down that same route), it won’t hit as hard unless jess really takes the time to grow the connection between brian and aphmau.  as for dale; gotta admit, love it. and like, i think one of the main things about how good of a call it was to make him a drunkard from the beginning is considering how much the village is struggling. the fact that the second-in-command is literally drunk all of the time really conveys the message of, “yeah. this village needs help.” plus, he’s another good comic relief character. i loved seeing molly and dale’s relationship too, it was very funny.  PLUS. we were blessed with a well scene, in which aphmau had to help villagers out of the well. i don’t know about you guys, but that was one of my favorite nods to the original series. i cannot thank jess enough for that, there was a smile on my face the entire time. another amazing thing--visher’s character. instead of just being introduced to this quirky lil merchant who only had one or two interactions with aphmau like in the first one, we got to sit there and really get a feel for someone worth remembering and worth mourning over. we had a reason to be sad over his death, it wasn’t just some npc getting blown up suddenly. this was different, and this hurt.  one of the major things that i hope is to come out of this is for jess to fix the major mistakes she had when writing the first series. she’d expressed how unhappy she was with some of the decisions she made, and i’m glad that she’s getting that second chance to undo the things she didn’t like. this series also gives her a second chance to really, really dig into characters and their motives. like, gimme laurance backstory in better detail. or like, garroth and zane’s relationship from back when they were kids? or how vylad died and who killed him? etc etc. she’s already done an excellent job so far, and i can’t wait to see where this goes. that is, if she ever continues it. god, i wish there were more episodes so that i could seriously let you guys know how beautiful of a series this is. there’s so much i want to say about rebirth, but i think i’ll stop here. i might say some more shit about it later, but if there’s anything i’d want you to take away from this, it’s: give minecraft diaries rebirth a chance. there’s a lot of potential, and this is a chance for jess to really change things for the better! ... but again, that is if this ever is continued. 
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boy-if-you-dont · a month ago
Warnings: Swearing, Blood, Disassociation 
Fic Masterpost and Synopsis Chapter 21: Definitions of Guilt Read on AO3
(NOTES: This fic is entirely familial or platonic, I have no quip this time so just don’t clown in the notes
thank you again for the comments! it sucks that side blogs don’t allow replies so i haven’t been able to acknowledge y’all directly but know i do see them and i love getting them!!
anyway chapter 20!!! how did i get here???? who knows. I didn’t expect it to go on this long. thanks for sticking with me y’all and I really really love seeing you guys enjoy it :])
CHAPTER 20: Nothingness with pinpricks
“Y’know, I don’t normally come across... nice kids.”
Tommy scoffed as he secured the bandages with a knot, then tossed the man’s cape over his shoulder, watching him grab it with his hand that wasn’t holding his canteen. “You must be quite an asshole.”
The man laughed, broken and dry. “Sure, sure. I’ll say that. Since when does a thirteen year old know how to do this much medical work, anyway?”
“I’m sixteen,” Tommy sneered with a scowl. “And... an old man taught me.”
Another laugh. “Okay, kid. Okay.”
“You wanna talk about what the hell happened to you?” Jack asked, sitting down beside him. 
The man’s humor was gone, and his gaze wandered off away from the boys. He looked a little more aware, now, dragged out of the fatigue from the wound he’d garnered. “Not really,” he said. “It was a, uh, pretty embarrassing endeavor, if I’m gonna be honest with you.”
“Embarrassing?” Jack exclaimed, folding his arms over his chest. “I don’t think it’s exactly shameful to be impaled all the way through. I’d say just a little fucking tragic.”
“I know what you mean, though,” Tommy pitched in, leaning back against the tree behind him, wings resting taut against his sides. 
“Do you?” the man exclaimed, then gestured to him with a wave of his hand. “You’re an Avian. Don’t you guys say some shit, like, ‘the pain is a passage,’ or something?”
“Pfft, right. The pain is fucking pain. Just because it’s a part of the whole process doesn’t mean it’s any less painful.”
“Shit, I didn’t know my life was gonna be saved by a couple depressing twelve year olds.”
Tommy rolled his eyes, using the rainwater dripping off the trees to clean his hands of blood. “I didn’t know I’d be saving the life of an old fuckin’ man off in the woods.” 
Jack scoffed, clutching his blankets closer. “You got a name, then?” 
The man hesitated, glancing down at his dyed red hands. “Schlatt,” he said flatly. Almost bitterly. 
Tommy nodded. “I’m Tommy. That’s Jack.”
“Got anywhere to go?” Jack asked. 
Schlatt shrugged, leaning backward, only to stop and wince when his wound was jostled. “Ow, fuck. Uh, yeah, not really.”
“That’s good, ‘cause you look like shit,” Tommy replied.
Schlatt scowled, his gaze briefly dropping to Tommy’s leg. “You aren’t in much better shape, bird boy.”
“Least I got a friend to do this shit with.”
Schlatt looked him over. He reached under his cape, then tossed something over, something Tommy had to scramble to catch. “Regeneration,” Schlatt said. “Won’t heal immediately, but you’ll be on your feet by the end of... I dunno, tomorrow. Maybe the day after.”
“Why shouldn’t you use this?” Tommy asked, holding up the pale pink bottle. 
Schlatt shrugged, almost mischievously. “I’ve been through worse with nothin’ on me. Little boy with a broken bird leg would get better use out of it.”
“And we should drink it, why?” Jack pitched in. 
“Because I just took it out of my fucking cape. Why would I be carrying poison in my cloak and give it to some random kid I didn’t even intend to find on the road?”
“I don’t know. I’ve met some fucked up people,” Tommy argued.
“Well, sorry to you, kid.”
“Why did we save you again?”
“It was out of the kindness...” Schlatt rose his canteen. “Of your goddamn hearts.”
“I may or may not regret it.”
“You’re an asshole, Tommy,” Jack called. 
Tommy curled his lip at him, not giving him a verbal response. He tossed the potion in his hands. “You must’ve been goin’ far if you had a regeneration on hand.”
“Healing was ideal, but shit’s not that easy,” Schlatt replied. “I didn’t have time to fuck around, anyway.”
Tommy snickered. “Ohh, a chase. Who’re you runnin’ from?”
A pause.
Then, Schlatt was laughing. A harsh cackle that was followed by wheezes, a sound that made Tommy involuntarily flinch and look at Jack for his response. He was staring with wide eyes in the same fashion. 
“A chase,” Schlatt said, finally, after dropping from the high of his laughter. “A chase. How can you be so sure of which role I take in this chase?”
Thunder rolled above their heads.
“Man, you two are funny, glad I found ya,” Schlatt went on. “Been a little lonely.”
Tommy took a sharp breath. “Right. Well, uh, we had somewhere to go, actually, so we could help you get somewhere, since, y’know...”
A pause. Then, Schlatt smiled, folding his arms over his chest. “That. That’d be great.”
The rain wasn’t all the way gone, but at the very least, the gods had stopped their rampage.
Ranboo had fallen asleep again, hugging his knees and hiding his face between his knees, while Tubbo was awake, but slumped in the same position next to Ranboo.
“The rain’s picking up,” Phil called, slowly standing, only to wince at the wound on his back. “But I’m not sure, with Ranboo how he is...”
“I can give him his shawl back,” Tubbo replied. “And your... no, your wings are messed up.”
“That’s why I’m nervous,” Phil replied. “I’m not sure how much his hood is gonna help.”
“Well, I’m not sure about you, but I don’t like the idea of staying here.” 
Phil sighed. His hand lingered behind him, running his fingers over his limp feathers, like he was missing how they moved. “Mmm. Maybe we could risk it, a good chunk of the trip is under cover of the trees.” He turned to face the boys, stepping over and lifting his hat from the back of his neck to the top of his head. “I’ll get him up, why don’t you head to the river and get some water? Don’t wander too far.”
Tubbo’s gaze wandered between him and Ranboo. “Tubbo, it’s okay,” Phil insisted. “Go have some alone time for a few minutes, we’ll meet you there.”
After a long moment of silence, Tubbo slowly stood, his gaze lingering on Ranboo as he took off the purple shawl, and extended it Phil’s way.
The rain was softer, then, a light shower that was much more neutral, much more comfortable than when the gods were angry.
Phil knelt in front of Ranboo, his hands hovering in front of him. “Hey, mate,” he called. “Ranboo?”
Ranboo stirred in his sleep, his ear twitching, tail flicking. He warbled quietly, lifting his head, blinking bleary eyes. When he almost met his eyes, Phil shielded them with the rim of his hat. “Careful, mate.” Lifting the rim of his hat, he found that Ranboo’s gaze was on the ground, now, “How you feelin’ now? You with me yet?”
A pause. Ranboo was almost completely still, save for the way his shoulders slowly lifted and fell with each soft breath. Still a bit tired, maybe a little out of it, but he wasn’t as tense anymore. Another warble escaped him, and it was just then that Phil noticed how quiet the rumbling had gotten. Not silent, but quieter.
“We’ve got a bit of a plan goin’,” Phil said. “But we’re gonna have to get movin’. You think you could do that for me?”
Still, Ranboo was frozen. After a long moment, he trilled his response, then tried again. “Y-Yeah.”
“Good, good. Uh, is, is, can I touch you? Help you up?”
Ranboo simply nodded in response. He removed his gloves, and extended his hands, taking Ranboo’s wrists. There was no resistance as Phil unfolded his arms, and Ranboo’s eyes watched him carefully while he moved to hold his hands. “You’re much taller than I am, so, you’re gonna need to help me out,” Phil said. “I’m going to stand now, okay? Then, then I’ll help you stand.”
He did as recited, rising to his feet, then taking Ranboo’s hands and guiding him to his feet. There was enough awareness there to the point that Ranboo was able to pull his legs up beneath him, though he’d stumbled when he stood, weak in the knees.
“Easy,” Phil said. “You good?”
Ranboo chirped, and nodded. 
“Uh, Tubbo was borrowing this.” The purple shawl in Phil’s hands lifted into view. “Can I put this on you, so we can go out in the rain?”
A pause. Ranboo ran his fingers along the fabric. Without giving him an answer, he took the shawl. Though, his coordination didn’t seem to be as good as desired, so Phil reached up–on tip-toes–to pull the other side of the shawl and begin to button it. He snickered a little. “Coordination’s not up to par at the moment, eh? Don’t worry, I won’t ask you what two-plus-seven is.”
The sound he got in response was... charming. A chirp, almost like a bird’s, something not strained, but playful. Phil couldn’t keep his smirk from slipping, only briefly. “Tubbo’s waiting outside. You good to walk?”
Ranboo nodded.
There was only a few feet made between him and Phil before his cape was grabbed, and Phil looked back to the kid behind him holding a fistful of the fabric.
No words were said. If it helped guide him, so be it. 
Ranboo hid under his hood as they walked up the stone ramp, the rain pouring around them. The clutch on the end of Phil’s cape never let up.
As they reached the green land above, Phil immediately spotted Tubbo nearby, one canteen collected under his arm, the other dipped in the flowing water of the river.
“Hey,” Phil called through the rain.
Tubbo’s gaze popped up, and in the new light, there was a much darker shadow beneath his eyes. His gaze darted from Phil, then to Ranboo, and he quickly capped the canteen and held it out to Phil.
“Thanks,” Phil said. “How you feelin’?”
Tubbo’s lips pursed, and he shrugged, moving his wet curls from his face. “Fine. Tired.”
“The trip to my place shouldn’t take long, we were already kinda heading off from that direction, we’ll just have to change our route a bit. You up for that?”
“As long as it’s safe,” Tubbo replied.
“It’s safe, no worries there. And we can get up without flying. It’s the safest place to wait out the rest of the storm.” Phil looked up at Ranboo, who’s head was ducked deep underneath his hood. “That sound good to you, too?”
Phil was satisfied to see Ranboo’s reaction was more immediate, a quick nod and a little chirp in response. 
In the corner of his eye, though, he could see something odd in Tubbo’s gaze; concern, it seemed, which was understandable. But he looked as if he wanted to say something, something that was meant to be spoken about in private, so rather than start the conversation, instead he consistently glared.
Phil cleared his throat. “We should start the walk now, then. Shouldn’t take more than two hours.”
Wilbur had never seen a sky so strange. So... quiet. 
Dark. So, so dark, dark enough to snuff the land around him of light. And this place was so loud, even in the night, which he’d been told was time for sleep–there were sounds coming from everything at all times, and he couldn’t recall the last time wind made this much noise.
He remembered when this world’s sky was described to him; described as nothingness with pinpricks in it. He didn’t understand then, but he certainly understood now. 
Stars. He’d never seen stars.
“Hey, mate. How you likin’ it?”
Phil’s voice. His gaze dropped from the night sky, down to Phil as he landed beside him, wings fluttering as they relaxed against his back.
Wilbur snickered, stuffing his hands in his trouser pockets as he looked back up. “Nothingness with pinpricks. You weren’t wrong.”
Phil chuckled, folding his arms over his chest, jacket rustling with the movement. “For someone who’s only been here once before, I feel I did a decent job describing it.”
“It’s beautiful.”
“Ah, you admit it.”
“Yes–well, I wasn’t sure I’d like it. But I do.”
“I hope so, ‘cause we’re stuck here for a while.” Phil said it with bitterness in his voice, and Wilbur had ignored it. As bad as the circumstances might’ve been, he wouldn’t let them ruin his time.
“How’s your hand?”
Those circumstances, however, he couldn’t ignore.
Wilbur breathed–breathed cold air, smelling of... something metallic, dew, he remembered it was called–and his hands turned to fists in his pockets. “Better than ever, naturally.”
“Can I see?”
Wilbur hesitated.
“Just to make sure,” Phil added.
Sighing, Wilbur took his hand from his pockets, feeling the damp cold along his skin. Phil took his wrist gently, and turned his hand so his palm faced the sky. And exposed on that side, was a dark mark, right in the center of the joint. It spread like a plant, up his arm, a thin tendril disappearing beneath his sleeve.
Phil breathed, not picking up his head. The wind caught his feathers in a strange way that Wilbur never recalled seeing anywhere else. 
“Has this grown?” Phil said, lowly. 
Wilbur hesitated, the truth bitter where it sat in his throat. “I... I think so.”
A pause. Phil’s gaze turned dark under the rim of his hat. 
There was a similar mark beneath Phil’s turtleneck, and yet, it’s strange branches peeked out from under the fabric, higher than it was even the day before. They were growing worse much too fast.
“We’ll find a way, Wilbur. That’s what we came here for.”
Wilbur nodded.
The air was cold.
It was very, very cold.
That wasn’t Phil’s voice, was it?
Along with cold air, something touched his face, something that felt like needles in that moment. “Wilbur,” the stranger said again, but the further he listened, the more familiar that lightness to the voice became more familiar. 
“Wilbur, you feel that?”  A hand appeared on his shoulder, light, gentle, though mentally it felt like a rope tugging him down from wherever his head was floating in the clouds. 
He blinked a few times, and his vision slowly returned, though Wilbur couldn’t recall whenever he’d closed his eyes. 
Below him was grass. And his boots, connected to the grass. Then, his hands, clasped in another’s, in front of him. 
“Wilbur.” That voice was Niki’s. The realization was slow, but it got there eventually. “You back with me?”
A pause. Wilbur breathed, breathed cold, cold air, wet with the storm. 
He picked up his head, blinking through the fog plaguing his thoughts, and Niki’s gaze, broken but hopeful, met his. The rain stuck her hair to her forehead, such a familiar look of hers. Wilbur didn’t remember a time when it wasn’t tangled in front of her face like that.
“I just remembered something,” be breathed. 
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beecherdrysdale · a month ago
Hehe ya I’m not the biggest fan but if I get really hyped up it’s kinda fun. Plus I did t really feel like doing leg day so I rescheduled that for tmr!!
Hot guy alert- everybody look!! Good tactic brigid lol. Got us in to help distract. We love you!! We would be so chaotic. Awww yes we love some team hand holding but acting like it isn’t happening. I don’t think quinner can feel his hand after this meet. Lol I’m sorry, but good thing imma make it up to you;) a hot makeout comin your ways lmao. Brigids busy doin other stuff w dyl and Jamie 😏😉. Oo thank you for the tip!! I didn’t know that it got hot during swim meets. I usually wear tanks or shirts underneath lol. I’m always to afraid to wear without. Hehe Dylan’s face in my hoodie and he’s like “I can’t look, did she win, is she swimming, why are they blowing the whistle” I’m just there to reassure him it’s a good distraction so that I don’t get to nervous lol. Team trample is happening, we would all fall down and that would be bad.
Brigid the chips, I’m sorry they will just be happening constantly like Ryan and I held off for many hours but that’s all we can handle lol. Aww Dylan and Jamie taking care of you, I love that!!. I’ll make sure they buy you some squeezy applesauce and some for myself cuz I wanna try. Wait seriously , you like green bananas?.
Ooo that’s a cool jersey brigid!! You would probably start yelling at everybody during the game lol.
Haha me crying during my match is like the funniest thing. People always think that if you cry something hurts but nothing hurts I just saw the best people!! Kesh, I’m excited you are excited !! I hope you enjoy. Lmao I’d probably also fling my resistance band at Ryan hehe. Ya that driving test was awful but I passed sooo:))) I can’t wait for you to pass your test. Oh for sure I would start laughing if I made eye contact w you. I’d probably get a warning tho lol. I’m sorry every time I read Ryan getting hit by a ball and you dying of laughter I just lose it. It’s so funny. Like Jamie is like omg omg she’s out of breath, why is she laughing so hard. Hehe brigid I can just see you yelling at me and being mildly stressed.
Y’all I just wanna go to Coachella !! Wtf I need to go now w you kesh and the team lol. Yaaa Dylan’s feeling special atm, Jamie is literally just glaring at the two of you for 30 mins straight. Dylan has some under appreciated hair so you play w it. Hehe yes braden was just being nice and Quinners mad because he was too late lol . Yes shoulder buddies! Kesh is just having the most chill time w Kirby. She’s just enjoying the music. I knowwww Jamie coming up and wrapping his arms around your waist and putting his chin on your shoulder is 🥺🥺 and swaying omg this is to cute. The kissing under the fireworks is just amazing. I want that to happen. Oo yes matching Dutch braids would be so cute, I might add a ribbon to be braided in or something lol. Or get ones of those hair charms like beads, mini stars to braid in hehe. water is a must and sunscreen!!
Kesh I’ve read until Greece! I love it! I’m excited to reply 💗 some airport ideas coming your way.
Xo Lexi.
Anonymous said:
Ooo I just saw keshs post about Coachella and sports so imma add a bit,
First - hehe yes we are super hype, and yes I am glad to be anywhere w you !!
Hehe thank you, it was a hectic day lol.
Lmao um guys does anybody have an ice pack?
Hehe yes Dylan is handsy but i think Brigid is enjoying it ?!.
Hmmm maybe Ryan and Braden find some girls but I don’t think we can last that long without chirping hehe
- kesh I agree you do have the best shoulders in the sense that Kirby is 6’4 and broad lol. You lucky gal.
Ok yes to all the insta pics!!! Ok we are matching again and I love it 🥰
Kesh thank you for replying !! Imma write about Greece, sports, Coachella and the road trip tmr!!
lmao i love that. i can never push off my workouts bc i just have to do what my coach makes me lol. but anyways another long post
hehe yep, i’ll get all the other girls out of their zone by pointing out the hot guys in the stands who may or may not have come with me lol. and then you guys will just be so chaotic up there and you’re all squeezing each other’s hands so hard but not admitting it lmao. haha yeah i don’t think quinner can feel his hand but once he realizes you’re gonna make it up to him he doesn’t care😏 haha maybe i am busy later😏😉 don’t tell kesh tho lol. haha yes it gets really hot unless you’re wet and then you’re freezing. so then dyl’s using you’re hoodie and refusing to look and asking you what’s happening every 5 seconds, so then you have to keep reassuring him. but i could also see you messing with him and saying i’m doing really bad when i’m actually winning just to see his reaction lmao. haha team trample at the end and we all end up on the ground, i stg if my suit rips y’all are paying for it
lmao as soon as i’m done you and ryan are chirping me bc you’ve held off way too long. maybe i’ll make dyl and jamie make you shut up if you annoy me too much lmao. but yes dyl and jamie taking care of me and helping me get ready for my race🥺 haha you would probably end up having to go with them to get the applesauce so they don’t get lost lmao. yes, ik i’m a weirdo but i can’t stand mushy bananas, i only like them when they’re super firm and green
hehe thank you! i love my o’c jersey. haha yes i would be yelling sm and i would be cheering for the US. we’d have to see what the guys had to say about that lmao. don’t think dyl and jamie would appreciate it very much, but you got to do what you got to do
lmao yes everyone would be so confused, and you would just be like no i’m fine i’m just happy they’re here. haha i can just see you hitting ryan with your resistance band and he tries to come after you, so then we have to keep him away from you so you can finish your warm-ups lmao. haha yes honestly i’ll start laughing too if we make eye contact. wait you could get a warning from laughing? that’s bad but also kind of funny lmao. haha yes now i really want to see ryan get hit in the face with the ball just to see the chaos ensue. and jamie is just simultaneously trying to make me drink water bc i’m just choking and being like ummmm i think ryan might need an icepack. and he’s like what is wrong with brigid bc it should not have been that funny but he can’t worry about it too much bc he’s worried about ryan and he’s trying to find an icepack somewhere. haha yes i’ll just be yelling at you sorry
yessss we have to go to coachella with everyone now. hehe yes dyl is getting handsy and i’m enjoying it, but jamie is getting super jealous and i don’t even realize lol (i’m sorry jamie ily). oooh yes, i get to play with dyl’s hair while i’m sitting on his shoulders. honestly he has really nice hair. hehe yes quinner is jealous that you’re sitting on braden’s shoulders, but it’s only bc braden offerred first. but then you get on my shoulder and ryan and braden wander off to find some girls lol. and then kesh is just chilling with kirby, and i’ll admit that she does have the best shoulders bc kirby is so broad. omg i need this now, jamie just coming up behind me and we’re swaying together to the music🥺 and we would all get our kisses under the fireworks from our men. oooh yes charms to braid into our hair would look so cool, and we could have all the best matching insta pics together. and ofc we need sunscreen and water
i’m excited to see all your replies!
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