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#xiao x reader
dourpeep · 32 minutes ago
(I don’t really no what to name myself cuz I might be a frequent anon, we’ll see lmao JKS)
But like imagine if reader is like a huge fan of an artist or a band and they have this urge to always buy merch even though Xiao and Kazuha are getting pretty concerned on how much money they’re spending. Not to mention (much to readers embarrassment) reader has their own little shrine of albums and posters somewhere in the house to which could be mistaken as a cult room KSJSJS
Xiao: Y/N wtf you just bought an album yesterday????
Kazuha: Y/N, what in the cult room is this-
Hello! Is this the tattoo coloring anon :??
And not to worry, I have quite a bit of patience (except for Kazu's banner oihefaoihe)
But also, goodness, especially considering you're all college students with part-time//full-time jobs. Having to worry about your monthly apartment dues, tuition, groceries, gas-- eugh
It's time to stage an intervention.
The next time that you arrive home with a brand new shirt with your current obsession, Kazuha tugs you aside to where Xiao's sitting in the kitchen.
"This needs to stop."
"Or, at least show some moderation- we're worried that you're getting carried away." Kazuha adds gently, scarlet eyes searching yours.
By now you've set your new merch down on the countertop, guilt seeping in your bones. You know that it's a bit much but the excitement that you get seeing your favorite band makes you itch to impulse. It's not much of an excuse, though.
"We know that it makes you happy, and all we want for you is that, but-"
Kazuha sighs as Xiao stands up.
"You're being careless."
Your gaze drops down to the counter.
"I will, I promise--"
So you do, with their help. Carefully allocating a bit of your pay per month into a separate place for merch money and leisure.
Perhaps if you stick to it, you'll find an envelope on the bedside table with a note.
Saturday night, we'll be going out. Keep the tickets safe. - With love, K + X
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aminiatureworld · 39 minutes ago
Characters: Xiao, gn!reader
Word Count: 1,594
Warnings: Swearing
Premise: In which the reader is the brain and Xiao is the brawn
Author’s Note: I wasn’t sure what the general setting should be so I put it in a vaguely college/university setting. Prolly cause that’s around my age and also because I cordially dislike highschool AUs. Hopefully that works out alright!
I had to type out almost 2,000 words on my iphone. I never want to do that again.
Read more will be put in when my wifi goes back up.
Honestly none of your friends are actually sure how you two got together.
After all, if someone were to take a picture of you and your partner side-by-side then show it to people not in the know, well the prevailing emotion would be something along the lines of: “Are they classmates or neighbors or something?”
To be fair, when the two of your first met even the idea that you would ever end up in love was something laughable. Having been pushed together for a project, your knee-jerk reaction had been: Oh I’m totally going to end up doing this all by myself.
Thankfully however you’d been quickly proven wrong. Although Xiao hadn’t necessarily been the best about planning and other such things, his work was organized and he always showed up to every meeting with his parts completed.
By the end of the project you never wanted to work with another person on a group project again.
And, to be completely honest, you’d definitely developed a crush on your slightly aloof group partner.
Xiao’s reaction was much harder to read.
At first he appeared to want nothing to do with you. Work was emailed to you with not so much as a subject line; meetups passed in awkward silence broken by tentative questions on your part. You’d sort of assumed that he saw you as annoying and the group work as useless - which to be fair it sort of was useless.
So when he emailed you a few weeks later asking for your number and if you wanted to do something, well, safe to say you almost fell out of your chair.
Though the start was a little awkward, Xiao’s conversational nature didn’t develop much in general, you two fell into a routine of sorts, a relationship of unspoken boundaries and spontaneous confidences.
During the first few weeks of you odd sort of relationship you’d come to the conclusion that, though not a talker, Xiao was ultimately quite apathetic in nature. Eventually however you realized apathetic wasn’t the right term.
Though he might’ve appeared sullen on the outside, Xiao never actually acted in a way that hinted at any resentment or irritation; he never dragged his feet about something or implied it was stupid that you should ask for help or for a favor.
His assertiveness, which might’ve been mistaken for aloofness, was endearing. Xiao never half-asses anything, even when if wasn’t doing something for another person, like you.
You appreciated this side of his personality, the fact that he was quick to act, admired if even. It certainly stood in stark contrast to your tendency to overthink things, something that could quickly end up kneecapping you depending on what decisions were being debated.
It was an alien concept to you, the sort of philosophy Xiao seemed to live by, and its novelty was refreshing.
As your thoughts slid more and more to focusing on Xiao you became more and more aware of the rumors that abounded about him.
He was a troubled youth, he was prone to fighting, he had been so uncontrollable in secondary school that only one teacher had been able to get him to do anything. The only times he spoke was to wound, and he never had a word to say that wasn’t angry.
Well, obviously that wasn’t the truth, but any attempt to clear up the situation was quickly met with odd stares and responses that all smacked of: “Oh you poor idiot, you just haven’t learned yet.”
You would’ve liked to think that you didn’t let it affect your relationship with him, but evidently the rumors had begun to catch up to you.
“Hey, you’ve been avoiding me.”
“Have I?” You shifted awkwardly in your seat. Xiao sighed, evidently aware of where this was going.
“It’s because of what people say about me, isn’t it?”
“I see.”
That had been the beginning and the end of the conversation for quite some time, almost as if Xiao had yet to decide whether or not you were one of the few in whom he could entrust the truth. Yet despite the rumors and the odd looks you still found yourself gravitating towards Xiao, and soon enough that initial pull turned into something much deeper.
The day that you two became “official” was the day Xiao told you the truth. He had been a delinquent as a teenager.
Born into a family full of troubles Xiao shouldered the circumstances as best he could.
However things cannot stay untouched forever; the distress that Xiao experienced only grew, the pressure ratcheting up with every incident, every item thrown to the ground, every fight that ended in humiliating pain.
Eventually it became too much, and when it did Xiao took his anger out not on his family, not on the people who had failed him, but on any classmate who antagonized the vulnerable child.
Fights became a regular part of Xiao’s life until university, and it was only in meeting his mentor, Zhongli, that the lost young man had managed to pull his life together.
Things made more sense after that, though one couldn’t say that everything was right with the world. Students, coworkers, the particularly idiotic TA, all of them still carried the sense that Xiao was not to be trusted. You could see how it upset your partner sometimes, when he was ignored at the coffeeshop or excluded from class group chars in the like.
Whenever he did that Xiao tended to retreat into himself, as if worried he might explode again. It took a lot of coaxing to get him out of such situations but it was always worth it to see your partner’s expression soften, to see his small smile once more.
What you didn’t tell him was that you were just as angry as he was, just as resentful at the people within your major which were hellbent on acting like they were still in high school.
Eventually however the trials of your early were utterly forgotten, the questions and the secrets replaced by a sense of slightly hilarious domestic bliss.
You were definitely the brains of the group, something Xiao didn’t seem to mind - though he probably would find that actual statement somewhat silly.
Xiao, on the other hand, held the esteemed position of Person Who Actually Got Stuff Done. You relied on him to get you out of your mental spirals, to pull you out of your room and out of your brain fog and to get you to do something; even if it wasn’t the thing you were thinking about.
In return it was your job to make sure Xiao didn’t get himself killed doing something stupid.
Xiao’s reticence masked an almost supernatural recklessness. Though your partner didn’t own a motorbike, if he had you were completely convinced he’d ride one without a helmet. His almost total disinterest in his own safety was something that you brain shrunk from, and more often than not a crazy plan of his would end with you listing the terrible things that might happen if something were to go wrong, even if those things weren’t always the most realistic.
There was a storm in twenty minutes? It was the perfect time for a walk! There was cavern nearby with tunnels were so tight you had to walk single file? Sure why not!
He would talk about such things as if there was nothing to it, as if it didn’t send your heart rate spiking. There wasn’t the slightest acknowledgment of danger. Even his tone was as gruff as usual, as if it was the most natural thing to want to go mountain climbing, not interesting enough to get even a little excited about.
It was probably good he did martial arts. You didn’t even want to think about where all that energy would go otherwise.
Xiao’s straightforward nature came out in softer ways too, ways that you envied much more than his full-steam-ahead recklessness.
He was never afraid to state what was on his mind. Whether it was correcting a waiter who got his order wrong or telling a rude doormats to fuck off, all these things were natural to him.
To be honest you completely envied that aspect of him, unable go replicate such a mindset in yourself.
When you’d commented on it once Xiao had stared oddly at you. After a moment he told you that he figured it came from his background. Sometimes you had to learn how to say “no” or “that’s wrong” or “you’re a shitty person.”
Just as you tried to curb the most extreme parts of Xiao’s recklessness, so too did Xiao work to bring you out of the spirals your mind went down sometimes, and so did he try to coax you out of the overthinking that kept you from asserting yourself in your life.
Saying you two were complete opposites wouldn’t really be accurate. You shared similar views, similar passions, similar opinions on what mattered. Yet it was true that, in some ways, you complemented one another. And when it came to those traits in which you differed, well you would like to think that your differences just made you stronger as a couple.
Maybe your friends couldn’t understand how you two got together, or why you were so deeply in love with the person you’d chosen to be your partner. But you didn’t care.
You loved Xiao with all your soul, and, at the end of the day, that was all that mattered.
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dourpeep · an hour ago
So I’ve been lurking for some time now, taking in the Kazuha x Xiao x Reader fic’s (btw No primos thank you for the food 😫✋). Picture this:
Since Xiao has a tattoo on his arm in his game design, it would make sense that modern!Xiao would have tattoos as well. Just imagine (with Xiao’s permission) Kazuha and Reader having fun while colouring his tattoos. 😭😭
Also also hello my dear! I'm glad to see you in my ask box :>>
But rather than just his usual arm tattoo, he'd have something that goes up and around his shoulder and back as well ehhe. Indulgence-
Anyway! Yes. Doesn't matter if they're already colored or not, you and Kazuha go to town on those late nights in when Xiao's tired from class and work.
In the common room, you're sitting on the floor with Kazuha, Xiao laying down on his stomach with his head and chest propped up on a pillow. Though his eyes are closed, he mumbles permission.
Luckily! He doesn't need to get up to take of his shirt already since it's the comfort of your own apartment and going shirtless is entirely acceptable!
In moments, you've already fetched the markers (last time you accidentally used sharpies and...Xiao wasn't too pleased), Kazuha perking up when you approach. As your love snoozes peacefully, you both quietly chatter and comment on what color to use next.
"No, no--this part should be purple instead. Last time we did orange and the color rubbed off too fast."
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teyvat-imagines · an hour ago
Also, congrats on the almost 200+ subs!! I'm excited for what you have planned on Monday 🐳 but also, before requests go off, could I request Xiao, Zhongli and Ganyu with an s/o on their death bed (like, they're dying from an illness or took a bullet for them, up to you to decide)? Feeling angsty today - 🐋
Ahhh thank you!! >3< I'm excited to get the event started tbh!! XD (first time I've ever been excited for a Monday probably!!) Some angst coming right up! :D
TW: Mentions of Death/Dying
Dying S/O
Tumblr media
It wasn't supposed to have been like this. He was supposed to protect you. To fight away the demons as he always did. So how... How did it end up like this? How could he have let this happen!?
His arms shook as he reached out for you, your form too still, too weak, too fragile as he held you. You look up at him, but you don't quite see him. Your vision is failing you already. You're scared. You don't want to die, and he can't lose you, not now.
Not yet.
You feel out for him, finding his shaking hand and holding it in your own, a small, pale imitation of a smile on your face as you try to reassure him. That it was okay, clearly this was your time.
"No! No it's not. Please. (Y/N). Please hold on. I'll carry you back to Wangshu Inn. We can patch this up. We can fix this. Please. Please!"
He begs and he pleads and desperately runs your body back to his home among the humans. His heart is pounding but he knows it's not from the run. His cheeks are wet yet there was no rain.
It doesn't take a medical expert to know you were already gone, yet Xiao stubbornly clings to you, clings to the hope that you would somehow open your eyes one last time. That you would call for him one last time.
"Please... (Y/N)... Call my name... I'm here..."
Tumblr media
Zhongli had long ago accepted that he was destined to outlive you. As such was the life of an immortal such as himself.
He had anticipated you would live a long, full life. That you would permit him to stand by your side until the end. Until you your bones grew old and tired and you could no longer stand. And that when you left him, it would be with a content smile on your wonderfully aged face.
Yes. That was how Zhongli had envisioned eventually losing you...
He had not anticipated the Mitachurl's attack. Nor had he predicted the way you would move in front of him, baring the brunt of the blow.
No matter how many scenarios of departure Zhongli had predicted, praying the preparation would make your last good bye less painful, he had not envisioned this.
The sickening crunch as the large axe struck you.
The gurgle of blood in your throat as you struggled to breathe.
The look of fear and anguish in your eyes, your hand reaching out to him for help.
"No. No, no no no! No (Y/N)!! Hold still, please. I- I can fix this. You haven't lost too much blood, I promise the pain will stop soon. Please, keep your eyes open. Please! I'm not ready. It's too soon, (Y/N) please!"
His cries fall on deaf ears. Your eyes had lost their light long ago and your body was already growing cold. And yet he continued to call for you. Zhongli sobs and begs and screams for you until his throat is raw.
The Mitachurl swing its axe down again, though this time it was the crude weapon that shattered, as Zhongli looked up in cold fury.
"I will make you pay dearly for this."
Tumblr media
Ganyu had known long ago that your time together would be limited. With the Adeptus blood that ran through her veins, she was destined to live through many lifetimes. With that in mind, she had made the decision to try and live each day to the fullest with you.
With her bright, excited smile greeting you each morning, how could you ruin that by telling her you were dying? You knew you should tell her, but you didn't want to hurt her. There wasn't a cure, and the illness was hereditary. You were destined to die soon. And unfortunately for you, that day came even sooner than you had thought.
It had started as a coughing fit. Nothing out of the ordinary for you at first, but it soon grew to be a concern. Your coughing hadn't ceased, and it was starting to get hard to breath.
"(Y/N)? Dear are you okay? Let me get you some water."
Ganyu smiles gently, though you could hear the concern in her voice. She leaves the room, just for a moment to get you a drink. But a moment was all it took.
You coughs grew worse. It was painful and from the wet, choked sounds, you knew you had begun to cough up blood. The taste was foul, and the fluids being brough up were starting to cut off your ability to breathe.
You were weak. Dizzy. Terri fied. You wanted Ganyu here, yet at the same time didn't want her to see you like this. You didn't want to see her cry, not because of you.
Ganyu returns with your water, but that's soon forgotten, the glass shattering on the floor as she drops it and runs to your side.
"H-Hey, (Y/N)? (Y/N) can you hear me? What's... What's happening, please try to breathe, how can I help? (Y/N)? Dear...? H-Hey, come on please... We still have time. You aren't supposed to go now... It's too soon, (Y/N)! Please! Someone!! Help (Y/N)!"
It was too late of course. You were long gone, even as she cried and begged for a healer, for anyone who could help you. Even as they try to take your body away, Ganyu holds onto you, sobbing and begging you softly.
"(Y/N)... We still have so many years left... So don't go... Open your eyes for me, please..."
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dourpeep · an hour ago
You and kazuha go outside and pretend to have a dramatic break up like the ones you see in romcoms while Xiao has to watch you 2 act like dumbasses and he prepares warm drinks, towels, and a change of clothes for you two
Kazuha:but i love you! I always have loved you!
You: I'm sorry we were not meant to be...and my heart belongs to someone else.
*dramatic music*
And if it's in public he pretends not to know you 2 he never met you guys before❤️
-no primogems
FOAIEHFAE I LOVE THIS B/C I DO THIS WITH MY BEST FRIENDS ALL THE TIME-- or at least when we still lived in the same state haha
So much fun to be dramatic hehehe
"Please, don't leave me! I promise that I can change-"
Outside, the rain pours down in heavy drops, drenching your clothes and coloring the world in grey.
Your hands are clasped in Kazuha's warm ones, squeezed gently. He's hopeful, desperate. With the way he looks at you teary-eyed, you feel your own grow misty. But you pull away. You can't do this--not now.
" know that we can't do this anymore."
He sobs when you look away and close your eyes tight.
"I'm in love...with someone else."
"But I love you! I have always loved you, ever since we were young!"
But you slip your hands from his, pressing them to your chest to cover over the ache. It hurts, to see him like this. To see someone you care so much for broken.
The way that he no longer smiles...feels wrong. Still, you keep true to what you must.
"I...I'm sorry, Kazuha. The plane leaves tomorrow."
He collapses to the ground and pleads when you turn around, tears spilling down your cheeks. If you were to turn around, to look at him, you wouldn't be able to leave.
"Please- don't go, I love you!"
But it's too late.
You're running off back towards the apartment to fetch your luggage and take a long, hot shower.
Maybe one day, or in another life, you'll be able to love him with all your being. Just as you wish you could now.
"Did you have fun?"
You laugh, Xiao catching you as you barrel into his arms. He flicks your nose for getting him wet as well.
"Wait you were supposed to look back-"
Behind you, Kazuha's drying his hair with a soft, fluffy towel, smiling wide. Wiggling away from Xiao, you wrap your arms around Kazuha and pepper kisses over his nose and cheeks. He promptly shoves the towel in your face and pats off the drops still sticking to your skin.
"Sorry Kazu, if I looked back I'd actually start to cry-"
When you're both dried off and done, the three of you make your way back upstairs to your apartment.
Dramatic breakups are fun and all, but there's warm blankets, cocoa, a movie, and a cozy night in with the loves of your life waiting there for you.
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dourpeep · 2 hours ago
Hey it's me primos and while I was thinking about modern au! KazuXiaoReader I had this brilliant idea of red Xiao
So you guys are out on a walk and Xiao remembers that he needs to buy some hair dye
So while he's trying to find the one he usually buys
You're like "why don't we buy red hair dye so we can match with kazu?"
You weren't serious about it of course
But kazuha thought otherwise
He liked that idea very much
Convincing you was an easy job
But the problem was Xiao
How were you guys going to convince him?
He doesn't give in easily
But after several tries he does
So when you goes get home kazuha helps you two dye (parts) of your hair
When you 2 finished dying your hair and everything
Kazu was very proud of the outcome
Xiao didn't mind it as much as he thought he would. Actually he thought it was a bit refreshing (he might even do it again)
Kazuha started to play with your hair and Xiao's more then before
It's safe to say he really likes it
-no primogems
Red Xiao-- Both his current and his other beta/concept design look fantastic! But this idea?? SO BIG BRAIN PRIMOS
Also the idea of Kazu really liking to match is so cute- Xiao pls your s/o's would be so happy- Ntm how the red would really make Xiao's eyes pop- very good stuff.
You and Xiao sit on the floor of the bathroom in some older loungewear, towels draped over your shoulders. The smell of hair dye is pungent as it sits in your hair.
"How long did you say it takes again?"
Kazuha wipes the red off his arm, a little confused how the dye found it's way there. Xiao snorts at the way it stains his skin.
"Just another 20 minutes."
So you wait. Once you're all done, rinsed, and dried off, you all look in the mirror. Between you and Xiao curiously picking up the red strands and staring, Kazuha is buzzing unnaturally with excitement.
You can tell from the way his eyes shine and the smile on his lips is impossibly wide.
In the following days, the color sets. Your cream-haired love's excitement, however, does not. He runs his fingers through your hair, giving extra attention to the red-dyed bits, then shifts to do the same to Xiao's.
Looking back, it's a bit odd seeing him without the usual teal, but fitting as well. Kazuha jokes that maybe in another universe Xiao's signature color would always match the stripe in his.
Sadly, the color quickly fades and waiting for it to fade naturally...naturally makes Xiao grumpy.
"Don't dye it if the red is still there--it'll mess the color up."
Your other boyfriend speaks from the other side of the couch, eyeing the faded red strands of hair. He's still trying to get Xiao to go another few weeks with red hair.
Xiao gives in (only one more time wouldn't hurt..).
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iamreddit · 2 hours ago
Run Away (Xiao)
Here’s a Liyue character for some diversity. This is based off of @pandoraw27 self aware au, so if you like it, do check them out, their stuff is great.
Warnings: yandere themes, mild violence, threats, kidnapping
Tumblr media
You watched as Albedo gave you a small smile as he headed out to get whatever it was he needed, you hadn’t paid enough attention to know if he told you or not. After a few minutes you rushed to the small bag of items you had been collecting over the past few days. It was mostly spare mora that you found, along with some food and a change of clothes from what Albedo had given you.
Sadly, you weren’t able to get a weapon to take with you, but it would likely just slow you down. Weapons are heavy, and while there were going to be a lot of monsters, a weapon wouldn’t help if you didn’t know how to use it. You took a deep breath as you stood before the wide expanse of the icy mountain, and then set off running into the cold.
It wasn’t easy, but a few days' travel and you were just past Stone Gate. You had run into a good amount of enemies, but the food you brought and the fruit you picked along the way seemed to help you heal. As night drew in you settled in under a tree, the ground was uncomfortable and the air was cold, but you were exhausted.
A sharp jolt woke you up. Frantically scanning around you, you find the reason for your rude awakening, and your blood runs cold.
Albedo had found you. His grip hurt as he dragged you along behind him. It took you a moment to get your bearings, and that’s when Albedo turned around to face you.
“After everything I did for you, you would just run away? What made you think you could just run and be fine? You know there are monsters everywhere, and you can’t defend yourself. That’s why I told you that you need to stay with me, and you still,” He cut himself off.
Albedo was livid and hurt, he thought he could trust you to stay in one place while he went out. And what did you do with that trust? Threw it out the window as soon as he was out of sight. But he wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.
He turned around, gripping your wrist tighter and started walking. “We’re going back to Dragonspine.”
You didn’t know what he had planned, but it wasn’t going to be good. You tried to get out of his grip, but it didn’t do anything. As you continued to struggle it started to annoy Albedo, and he turned around. “You already got away from me once, I’m not letting you run away again! You already got yourself hurt, but I will not hesitate to break your bones if it would make you listen.”
He turned around and continued to drag you along. You didn’t know what to do. You couldn’t fight him, you couldn’t run. What could you do?
A thought crossed your mind, but there was no way to know if it would work or not. Sure, it was popular in things like fan comics and fanfictions, but that didn’t mean it was true here. But it wasn’t like you had a lot of options, and there’s no way to know without trying.
“Xiao, please,” It came out a coarse whisper, and it at the very least got Albedo’s attention. “What?” He turned to look at you only for the wind to pick up, and a man in a mask pulled you out of his grip and pointed a spear in his face.
Albedo grabbed his sword and swung the spear away. Xiao spun the spear back around and lunged at Albedo, slashing his side. Xiao then turned and grabbed you, and the next thing you see is Dihua Marsh from the top balcony of the Wangshu Inn.
Xiao turned you to get a better look at your injuries. Most of them were minor, but there were a couple that were probably cause for concern on your legs and torso, it didn’t help that they probably needed to be cleaned so that they wouldn’t get infected, hopefully they weren’t already.
“I should go back and finish him off,” Xiao said quietly.
“Please don’t,” you quickly asked him. Albedo was terrifying, yes, but you didn’t want him dead. As long as he wasn’t near you he was fine.
“You called out for me,” Xiao switched topics as he started to play with your hair, watching how it moved.
“I didn’t know what else to do, I wasn’t even sure it would work.”
“Help from an Adeptus comes at a price,” He said as he refocused his attention on your face.
“And I even listened when you asked for me to spare the alchemist's life.”
So as payment for saving your life, your life belongs to me.
Tumblr media
I feel like these are getting worse, oops. I’m probably going to do a few more, but if there’s a specific character you want done, let me know. Also if you have a request for something different, feel free to let me know.
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rulaineyu · 3 hours ago
Hi there! Your requests are open? TWT
If yes, can I request Childe, Xiao, Venti and Zhongli Comfort their gn!S/O, cuz they are upset and they think they are not pertty/cute/handsome?
Tbh, I need it right now:)👉👈
Thanks, bye!
hi! just wanted to let you know that requests usually take me a couple weeks at least so I won't be able to do rush requests, only commissions. thank you for your understanding <3
also I only take requests for max 3 characters so I took Venti out, hope that's okay!
How Childe, Xiao, and Zhongli Comfort You When You're Insecure About Your Appearance
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Characters: Childe, Xiao, Zhongli x gn!Reader
Type/Genre: Bulleted headcanons, fluff
Warnings: Insecurity due to appearance
A/N: More flowery language than usual haha
Hearing you say that you didn’t think you were attractive would confuse him at first.
Whatever could you mean? Haven’t you looked in the mirror recently? To him, you could never be anything less than beautiful. Even when your hair was a tousled mess when you woke up in the morning, or when you had a cold and was sneezing your head off, Childe always wondered how you still managed to look so damn cute.
When he fully realizes what he said, it would absolutely break his heart.
His darling? His entire world? His beloved angel does not think they are beautiful? How could this be?
Would immediately drop everything and focus his entire attention on you
Gently cups your face with his hands, his fingers so light and delicate against your skin that you can’t help but lean into his touch.
His eyebrows are knit in worry as he examines your face.
He feels apologetic that you don’t see yourself the way he sees you—an ethereal being, radiant in all your flaws and imperfections.
“Darling, I’ve travelled all across Teyvat, and I still have yet to meet someone who can even dream of comparing to you.”
Automatically blames himself for your insecurity.
Xiao is a man of few words. Not because he doesn’t have much to say, but because he’s usually too busy basking in your warmth to talk.
He’s so relaxed in your company that he doesn’t feel the need to force himself to fill the air between you.
Because of this, he wouldn’t compliment your appearance often. He didn’t think it was that important—of course you were beautiful to him, did he need to state the obvious?—but didn’t realize that you did.
He’ll feel guilty and at a loss at what to do. It was because of him, wasn’t it? If he was a better boyfriend, he would know how to comfort you.
Mentally beats himself up in his head, but pushes his feelings of inadequacy aside to comfort you first.
His hand is shaking as he hesitantly runs a hand through your hair. His voice is quiet as he speaks, but the slow blush painting his cheeks pink betrays his effort to convey the thoughts he usually kept hidden.
“To’re beautiful. Please do not say otherwise.”
Zhongli prides himself in being well-versed in all subjects, including beauty and aesthetics.
So hearing you say you didn’t think you were attractive would surprise him to say the least.
You’re beautiful to him, but he knows that he’s not who matters here. It wasn’t that your mirror had broken and you suddenly found the reflection staring back at you ugly. You just weren’t confident in your appearance.
Makes it his mission to help you love the way you look. Life is short, after all—it would be a shame for you to miss out on the joys of loving yourself.
He will start talking about the way you smile whenever you see a bird eating from the bird feeder you set out, the way you bite your tongue when you’re concentrating, and the way you fiddle with whatever is in your hands when you’re lost in thought.
All these little habits and quirks are attractive in themselves, contributing to your overall charm. What you see in the mirror only shows a fraction of your true beauty.
“My love, you are a rare treasure found once in a flower field and never again. Not only do you hold beauty in your face, but also in your soul.”
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dourpeep · 4 hours ago
Xiao : While I’m gone,y/n , you’re in charge.
You: Yes!!!
Xiao, whispering: kazuha, you’re secretly in charge.
Kazuha: Obviously.
I imagine that while Xiao has to go do his duties of protecting liyue and all that you and kazuha would go shopping or finish your commissions at first it was fine letting you do what you want(because they trust you and know that you can take care of yourself) But they quickly learned that you let your curiosity get the best of you (kinda like the saying curiosity killed the cat except you're the cat) like one second you'd be beside them the next you're pulling a very cursed looking lever the clearly has the words 'DO NOT TOUCH' on it
-no primogems (i like to think I'm not like this but in reality I am)
dfhoaiehfa Primos and Sprout are same person confirmed again. The braincell isn't strong in this one--Kazu and Xiao hold the braincell (this got kinda angsty for a bit)
But absolutely! Not that you mind having one of your lovely boyfriends by your side while you're out and about. In fact, it's pretty much like going on a date every day! If only Xiao wasn't so busy all the time protecting and patrolling-
Enjoy the drabble :DDD
Maybe there's a time where you and Kazu have to go to a ruins to take care of some ruin guards and hunters--but while his back is turned, picking up a few sunsettias for a snack later, you slip off and decide to go and explore to find out where the are. He turns around only a minute later to see that you're gone and the sound of an explosion immediately brings the worst thoughts to mind.
Where did you go? You knew that there were dangerous things here and even though you're an adventurer, things go wrong all the time--
His heart stops when he hears you cry out, dropping the ripe fruits to the floor, forgotten.
Calling out your name, the ronin rushes out, listening towards where your voice was carried from, hand drawing out his sword and senses sharp. He couldn't fail you, not when-
You gasp, but from where? There-
Kazuha turns, eyes wide as, right behind him...
You're standing atop the remains of ruin hunters, thrusting your weapon up in the air with a celebratory shout.
Instantly, his shoulders slump and he sits on the floor with his face in his hands. Of course--there wasn't a need to worry.
When you two return to Wangshu Inn, it's late afternoon. The sunsettias, now a bit bruised from the rough handling from earlier, are carefully placed in your packs.
Xiao's waiting on the balcony as always. With narrowed eyes, he gives the two of you a quick glance over, stopping to question Kazuha about why he's looking a bit more...exhausted than usual.
The ronin shrugs and mentions that things went as expected.
"Xiao--there was a commission and I fought three ruin hun-"
"You what-"
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dourpeep · 5 hours ago
I've only really been talking about KazuXiaoReader but-
The three of you at the beach, Xiao surfing while you and Kazuha are busy making a sandcastle-
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genshin-karebear · 5 hours ago
Protective Diluc, Childe, Xiao? Whether that's protecting you in battle(Even the most combat capable people can make mistakes) or protecting you from a jerk who's not respecting your no or any other sort of scenario is completely up to you. I'm just craving some protective partners right now. Thanks in advance if you write it! I love your writing. 💜
OOOOH YASSSS WE LOVE PROTECTIVE BOYS! This is gonna be a treat to write! Thanks for the compliment; I’m glad you like my writing 😊
Hands Off
Pairings: Diluc, Childe, Xiao X F!reader
Warnings: Violence, strong language, blood
Tumblr media
“Hello, dear, will you help me?”
A simple request from you elderly neighbour is what sent you outside late that evening. It wasn’t too difficult of a task; they just asked if you could check to see if their rascal of a cat was in the area. The older couple has always been good to you, so without a second thought you agreed and stepped outside the apartment.
You whistled and shook a bowl filled with cat food. “Jackson! Here, kitty kitty!”
The sun had already set, meaning the light posts lining the street and the lamp hanging off the front of the building was all you had to see with. It was a warm night, so even if the cat didn’t show it wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but it had been a few days seen he was seen so the couple’s worry was building.
Just when you were about to give up and go inside, the grey cat appeared under one of the light posts. He looked healthy and didn’t appear to be injured in anyway, but you weren’t sure the last time he had a proper meal. Unless he had been sneaking into Cat’s Tail, he must have spent the past few days surviving off mice and whatever little critters he could catch.
You shook the bowl again. “Come on, Jackson.”
The cat looked at you, meowed and started running towards you. At the last second, though, he changed course and darted into the alley next to the building. With a sigh, you set the bowl down and followed him, keeping one hand on the wall to guide you through. The alley was a dead end, but your eyes had adjusted to the dark enough for you to spot the cat pacing back and forth at the end.
“You silly thing.” You said, scooping the cat up into your arms. “Your family is worried about you. It’s time to go home.”
You turned to leave, but a figure blocking your path made you jump.
The man chuckled. “S-Sorry… Didn’t mean to scare ya…”
He hiccuped, and from the way he was swaying on his feet and the smell of alcohol coming off him, you had a strong hunch that he was drunk. The man was young, around your age, scrawny and seemed harmless. He had a baby face, for that matter.
“It’s okay.” You said, readjusting the cat in your arms.
The young man chuckled and gestured to Jackson. “Is it yours?”
“No, he’s my neighbours. They asked me to check on him, but I should bring him inside now. He could probably use a bath.”
“I don’t think one more night is gonna kill em’.” He hiccuped again. “Hey… you busy tonight? Wanna h-have a drink?”
You shook your head. “I’m sorry, but I have someone. It wouldn’t be appropriate to go drink with someone else.”
“Awe, come on, you don’t gotta tell him.” The young man stepped forward, causing you to step back. “I-It’ll be out lil’ secret… just the two of us…”
“I’m sorry, but my answer is still no. Please, excuse me.”
You tried to slip past him, but he grabbed your wrist. Jackson hissed and thrashed in your arms, his nails digging into your skin and forcing you to let go. The cat leapt from your arms and scampered off, and the small sense of safety you felt was gone just like that.
“A-At least give me your name, will ya’? Your so pretty… Momma will be thrilled if I bring a girl like you home.”
He was stronger then his looked, and the hand that gripped your wrist was sweaty. You tried to shake him off but he grabbed your other wrist too, starting to pull you from the alley.
“Let go!” You shouted, digging your heels into the concrete in attempt to stay grounded.
“W-What are you getting so angry for?” He asked, too drunk to do anything but smile. “It’s just one drink.”
“I already said-”
A gloved hand suddenly grabbed the man’s arm, fingers squeezing his bicep tightly. “Let her go. Now.”
Your shoulders dropped, a small sigh of relief escaping you at the familiar voice. Diluc’s ruby red eyes were narrowed intensely at the man, his jaw set and anger rolling off him in waves. The Pyro vision hanging from his waist shined brightly in the dark.
The drunkard hiccuped. “H-Hey man… get your own girl.”
If it were possible, Diluc’s eyes narrowed even more. “She is mine.” He tightened his grip on the man’s arm. “I’m going to give you until the count of three to release her. One,”
The man flinched. “That’s getting kinda hot, man.”
“Two,” Diluc’s Vision seemed to be glowing brighter.
“Are you crazy?!”
The smell of burnt fabric filled the air. “Thr-”
The man threw your wrists away. Diluc took his hand off, glaring daggers into the man’s back as he ran out of the alley and down the street. Once he was out of sight, the red-head turned his focus to you, gently taking your wrists into his hands.
He tensed at the sight of the scratches on your arms. “Did he-”
You quickly shook your head. “It was a cat, not him.”
Diluc raised a brow. “A cat?”
“The neighbour’s cat. I just stepped out to see if he was around, and I found him but then… well, you saw what happened next.”
A deep sigh left his lips. “Of all things, a cat…” He placed his hand on your cheek, and you could feel his warmth through the glove. “Please, don’t walk into alleys ever again. If there had been more then one, or if I wasn’t at the tavern today…”
His face twisted into a look of agony. You lifted a hand to hold the one on your cheek, giving it a reassuring squeeze.
“I’m sorry.” You apologized. “No more late night cat hunts. I promise.”
Diluc kissed the top of your head. “I’ll escort you home.”
Smiling, you lowered the hand from your face and laced your fingers with his. “Were you really going to burn him?”
“If he wouldn’t let go, yes.”
Tumblr media
A knock at the door disturbed the quietness of your house. Looking up from the book in your lap, you glanced at the clock and smiled. It was late but it was the time Childe usually showed up. Butterflies danced in your stomach as you marked the page and set the book aside, rising from the couch and skipping towards the front door happily. You swung the door open, opened your mouth to say hello, but the words of greeting died in your throat and your smile shattered at the sight of a tall, bulky and unfamiliar man outside the door.
“Are you (Y/N)?” He asked.
The muscles in your back tensed, but you did you did your best not to show it. “I’m sorry, but I think you have the wrong house.”
You went to close the door, but he threw some unexpected words at you. “Tartaglia’s in trouble.”
You froze, eyes widening and heart stopping in your chest. Your hesitation told the man all he needed, and without warning he kicked the door open. Two other man dashed inside, one pinning your arms behind your back while the other clasped his hands over mouth, pinching your nose between his fingers to cut off your air. You thrashed in their hold, trying to break free but the fact that they had you sandwiched between them made it difficult.
Your vision started to go blurry and your lungs began to burn for air. The man’s voices were fading, and as your eyelids grew heavy, there was little you could do to stop them from closing.
When you came to, the room you found yourself in wasn’t a familiar one. It was dark, cold and the walls were made of wood, the planks of which were decaying and broken in some places, allowing moonlight to trickle in. You were laying on the floor, wrists bound behind your back by a rope that connected you to a post. With a struggle you pushed yourself onto your knees, looking around until you spotted the bulky man from before sitting in a run down chair, smoking a cigar as he watched you.
You glared at him. “What do you want?”
He took his time to answer. “From you? Nothing. From Tartaglia?” He chuckled dangerously. “That depends what he’s willing to give for you to live.”
“This isn’t going to end well for you. Trust me, you have no idea what he’s capable of.”
Your tone shook with worry, some for yourself, some for Childe and some for the stranger in front of you. Childe kept you as far from Fatui activity as possible, and although he rarely talked about work, you knew enough to know the man could be lethal when he wanted to be.
The man chuckled again. “Oh, I know exactly who I’m dealing with. The eleventh of the Fatui Harbingers; the man who tormented my brother. We’re alike, you and I - we’re not directly involved but our loyalty to these people dragged us in.” He got up, approached and placed a knife under your chin. “The difference is, I’m not on the side of a pile of scum.”
A panicked voice suddenly shouted from outside. “Sir! He’s-”
The voice was cut off abruptly. A shiver ran down your spine, your knees shaking as they tried to hold you up. Childe was here.
“That was quick.” The man mumbled.
Approaching footsteps echoed in the silence. You watched anxiously as the door’s handle turned, then was pushed open casually. A familiar figure stepped inside but the look on his face was far from the playful one you recognized. Childe’s expression was hard and deadly, eyes glazed over with hatred. You tried not to pay attention to the dark red stain on his jacket.
A sinister smile pulled at his lips. “Forgive the intrusion, but you have something that belongs to me.” The aura surrounding was dark and dangerous. “I’ll be taking her back now.”
“Oh? She can’t be all that important to ya’ if you leave her unattended.” The man said, pressing the blade further against your throat.
Your body started to shake and you called his name without meaning to. “Childe…”
Childe reached for the mask hanging off the side of his head. “Close your eyes, (Y/N).”
You did as told, biting the inside of your cheek anxiously. In a flash, the knife disappeared from your throat and the man’s presence in front of you was gone. You heard a crash, a sharp cry, then silence. The entire situation was terrifying but the silence was even worse.
“Ch-Childe?!” You cried out, wanting to open your eyes but unable to find the strength to.
You heard footsteps, and shortly after a presence knelt beside you and cut the rope binding your wrists.
“Don’t look until I tell you to.” Childe said, lifting you into his arms effortlessly.
You clung to his jacket and buried your face in his neck, focusing on the rhythm of his steps as he carried you away.
“Okay, you can look now.” Childe’s voice reached your ears sometime later.
Hesitantly, you opened your eyes. The road ahead was clear, the lights of Liyue in the distance guiding the way. You sighed in relief and turned your gaze up to his face. He didn’t look pleased.
“How did you find me so fast?” You asked, voice barely a whisper.
“They pinned a note to your front door. Told me exactly where you would be.” He looked down at you. “Are you hurt anywhere else? Do I need to go back and settle things again?”
Quickly, you shook your head. “My wrists are sore and my neck stings a little, but I’m okay.”
Remembering that there was just a knife at your skin, you brought a hand to your throat to feel for injuries.
“There’s no blood, just a pink line.” Childe said, easing your anxiety. “They’re not gonna come after you again. I promise.”
Something about those words made you uneasy, but the last thing you would ever do was question him about it.
Tumblr media
Sweat trickled down your skin, making your clothes stick to your body as you hiked up the hill. The cool breeze from this morning was gone, leaving behind a humid afternoon. If you had known it was going to be like this, you would have taken a day off from commissions and dragged your favourite adeptus with you to Luhua Pool for a swim.
The thought of Xiao’s response made you smile. Subconsciously, you reached back to touch the protective charm that hung from your backpack - or rather, should be hanging from your backpack. Your brows furrowed when your fingers found nothing but air. Stopping, you slid the bag off one shoulder to look, sighing in disappointment when you realized the charm was missing. It must have fallen off or gotten caught on something.
“Great.” You mumbled, slipping your arm back through the strap.
As a child you were told stories of the adepti, but now that you were romantically involved with one, you realized just how dangerous Liyue could be. Demons, wraiths and evil spirits, creatures more sinister then you could ever imagine existed and if it wasn’t for the work of the adepti, archons know how many humans would be attacked on a daily basis.
Your muscles were exhausted from a hard days work, so once you reached the top of the hill you stopped for a break. Setting your pack down, you took a seat on a large tree root sticking out of the ground, taking a sip of water from your canteen. Pouring a little onto your hand, you splashed water onto the back of your neck, sighing in relief at the way it cooled your skin.
A bad feeling settled in your gut as your brought the canteen to your lips for another sip. You froze, listening intently to your surroundings. A gentle breeze blew by, ruffling your hair as a bird sang in the distance. Slowly, you lowered the canteen from your face and looked around. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but still, you couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.
‘It’s time to go!’ A voice in your head exclaimed.
You tossed the canteen into the bag and stood up, reaching for the bag’s handle so you could pick it up. The second your butt left the tree root, something wrapped around your midsection and yanked you off your feet. In the blink of an eye you were flung into the air, stomach flip flopping in your stomach as you plummeted towards the ground.
“Xiao!” You screamed, squeezing your eyes shut and covering the back of your head.
A second later, your free-fall stopped. Your body jerked as it came to a halt, a strong pair of arms keeping you from hitting the ground. Your eyes snapped open and Xiao’s face filled your vision, but before anything could be said, a great roar ripped through the atmosphere.
Your head turned towards the tree, eyes widening at the sight of it. The once innocent tree was how a raging monster, throwing its branches around frantically as if trying to snatch something out of the air. Black fog spurt from the base, rising up around the wooden face in the trunk of the tree. You trembled in the adeptus’ arms.
Xiao set you down in the grass. “Don’t move.”
His voice was commanding and absolute as he placed his mask over his face. Summoning his spear he charged forward, moving faster then your eyes could keep up with. Xiao was nothing but flashes of wind as he attacked the tree again and again, dodging and slicing the branches to immobilize it. The tree howled with every branch cut, it’s rage building as it tried repeatedly to capture Xiao.
As quickly as it came to life it died, it’s branches falling limb as the bark disintegrated from its leaves down to its roots. The tree’s ashes were carried away by the wind, leaving the land peaceful once more. Xiao removed his mask and went back to you, offering his hand. You accepted his help, doing your best to stay balanced on unsteady legs.
“Are you injured?” Xiao asked, amber eyes scanning your figure.
It took a second for your head to shake. “No, just shaken up, is all.”
It didn’t look like he believed you, but he didn’t push it. “Where is your charm? You didn’t leave it behind, did you?”
You shook your head. “No, I had it… but I lost it at some point.”
Xiao sighed. “You…”
“I-I’m sorry!”
He sighed again and took your hand. “I’ll make you a new one. Let’s go.”
Xiao led the way back to Wangshu Inn, walking ahead of you but never letting go of your hand. The further you got from the attack sight the better you felt. Xiao’s hand was warm as it held yours, a constant reminder that you were safe.
“Thank you for saving me.” You said, giving his hand a squeeze.
Xiao slowed his pace, allowing you to reach his side. “You called my name. I gave my word that I would protect you.”
“I know, but still.” You flashed him a smile. “I must have worried you. I’m sorry.”
“Why do mortals apologize for situations they cannot control? I don’t understand it.”
A small giggled escaped your lips. “I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t like making those I love worry.”
Xiao grunted. “Adepti don’t do things such as ‘worry.”
Laughing again, you swung his hand with yours. “Is that so? You sure rushed over quickly for someone who doesn’t worry.” Your joy died when you noticed the look on his face. “Xiao?”
Without warning, Xiao tugged you forward until your chest collided with his. His arms wrapped around your back, holding you tightly as he buried his face in your hair.
“Xiao?” You called, holding his upper arms.
“Next time you lose a charm, call me straight away. Don’t… don’t walk around vulnerable like that.”
His words sunk into your heart. Hugging him back, you ran a hand soothingly through his hair. “I won’t.”
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nyctophilla-nightmares · 5 hours ago
"Warm me up~"
Tumblr media
Warnings:smut,praising kink,deep smut, soft sex truned into harsh sex,childe doing 180 degrees and going from soft loving boy to pussy destroyer.MDNI
-reupload since this fic wasn't showing up in any search tabs-
Childe trying to warm you up on a chilly night
Tumblr media
"Its c-cold"
Softly exclaims y/n as she tries to bury her smol figure in childe,trying to get as much as warmth she could.
A low groan escapes childe as he wraps his legs around her figure and leans down to bury his head in her neck.
"Those are only a few cold breezes my love"
childe softly coos in y/n's ear trying to warm her up.
"B-but its cold"
Y/n once again rubbing on him trying to get some warmth.
"My love please refrain yourself from rubbing yourself on me, I am afraid things might take a turn"
Childe says as his now half hard member gets pressed up against her thighs and his tongue slowy drawing circles on y/n's neck.
"Mmhhg~ c-childe please!"
"Please what my love?"
Childe once again coos in her ear before softly pushing her down on her back.
"P-please ajax t-touch me I want to feel warm I wanna feel your warmth~"
"Oh do you now~?"
Nodding her soflty y/n looks up at childe with half lidded eyes and rosy cheeks hoping that he'll agree
"Looking at me with such an expression I guess I dont have choice now do I?"
Softly pressing her down into the mattress childe let's his hands wander all around her body sneaking up her clothes as he leans down to give her a hot passionate kiss.
Soon losing herself to the soft touches given by childe y/n wraps her hands around his neck trying to deepen the already wet kiss
"Don't worry my love~ I'll make sure to pamper you up nicely~gonna warm you up"
Says childe as he quickly takes his head away from her to quickly disregard himself and her from any clothes.
"Gonna make love to you all night~"
Childe coos once again before diving down to devour y/n's body with his tongue as if he hasn't drank any water for days and now is diving in an endless river.
Soft moans come from y/n as she feels as light as a feather in this sensation, feeling childe kiss and Mark her body so soflty as he praises her made her lose her mind,it felt as if she was dancing in a warm yet cold breeze.
Trialling kisses down her stomach childe soon reaches her thighs, wasting no time he proceeds to softly cover them in love marks while inching his tongue closer to her pussy with each lick.
Y/N jolts up as soon as she feels a cold lick on her entrance.
"N-no don't-!"
"Why love?"
Childe stares deep in her eyes asking why and y/n quickly breaking off the eye contact and shying away
"I-its e-embarassing"
A small smile soon appears on his face he softly rubs her thighs
"There is nothing to be ashamed about my love, you're beautiful and I love everything about you. Say you too have sucked me off before no? So this is just me doing the same thing no need be shy my love~"
Softly cooing childe starts leaving chaste kisses on her pussy before spreading her legs wider
Overly blushing y/n tries to close her legs only for them to be forcibly stay in one place.
"Oh shut it and let me love you"
Once again childe dives down between her legs and latches his mouth and tongue on to her before eating her out like a starving man.
Unfamiliar to such feeling y/n head is thrown back as her tongue starts lolling out,multiple moans escaping her as she scrambles to grabs a hold of child's hair in hopes he might slow down but to no avail childe keeps on going.
Tears falling continuessly from Y/n's eyes as her own salvia coates her mouth and jaw, having completely gone insane and drowned in pleasure after childe kept making her orgasm every 2 minutes,even now after 30 minutes childe didn't seem to stop devouring pussy.
"T-too mu-ch can-no more-!"
Begging from oversimulation y/n let's to broken cries once more
"What do you mean no more?"
childe finally breaks away from between her legs and looks up at her with tons of white covering his face.
"I haven't even got the chance to experience pleasure yet nor have I entered you and you're saying no more? That is quite selfish of you my love is it not?"
Becoming horrified of the idea of him entering her after all the oversimulation done. y/n tries scrabbling away as fast as possible only to be dragged harshly by her ankle and the back of her knees landing on his shoulders.
"Now now love why must you act like a bitch all of a sudden?"
Childe's soft cooing tone now turning sour as he harshly keeps her legs in places as he lines himself at her entrance
"N-no child-e pl-s to much-!"
"You can take it"
Shoving down childe quickly starts to pound into her now more foucsed for his own pleasure,his mind hazing up at the sensation of her wet walls suffocating him oh so nicely~. Chasing his high like a fucking animal childe pounds into her while disregarding all her begging.
"S-Slut-! Even though I had loosen you up so much this cunt still feels as tight as ever!"
Now childe was the one loosing himself to pleasure as he thrusts again and again, his tongue already lolling out his mouth as strips of saliva soon starts dropping down his chin.
Y/N however was so lost already she was midway fainting.
Childe throws his head back as he feels himself reaching his high ,he quickly pounds one more time, to soon feel himself shooting his load in her,swiftly riding out his high he leans down to press a chaste kiss on y/n's now fainted self.
"You d-did well my love"
Childe coos between heavy breathes before falling asleep on top of her
Tumblr media
Art credit goes to 遼 on Twitter
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dourpeep · 5 hours ago
Got a neat idea while making tea this morning and deciding what cup to use! I have a small collection of mugs going on hahaha. But this also serves as a bit of practice for very short characterizations of other characters!
A Cup-le of Memories
Summary: The cups you have and the many fond memories that come with them.
Contains: Kazuha x Xiao x Reader, various other characters, fluff, modern au, memories
The three of you, in your little (Kazuha argues that it's "cozy") shared apartment's kitchen, have quite the collection of cookware. But your favorite has the be the assortment of mismatched mugs tucked away in the cabinet to the right of the sink.
A collective effort made by you, Kazuha, and Xiao whenever you go out, really. Always finding ones that are best fitting, pretty, or...questionable. But even so, each holds a dear place in your heart with the memories they hold and the ones you're sure they'll bring. You reach for a cup, thinking of your two loves and your group of very dear friends.
Who should you pick today?
Everyone—everyone who visits is assigned a cup.
The first you hover over is a rounded pale peach mug shaped like a cat-blob. Venti found it hilarious, after the initial look of shock and offense.
"My first time visiting your apartment and this is how you thank me?? Some friends you are-"
As soon as Kazuha offered to switch it out, the cup was swiftly pressed against his chest, protective. "No, no it's mine now."
It’s hard to not see the knowing smile that spreads over his features every time he visits for a drink.
Hm…maybe not.
Venti was going to visit later anyway to get some input from Kazuha about lyrics and return Xiao's guitar.
It'd be best to keep it up here and ready to be used for when he arrives.
Your hand pulls back, only for a novelty-shape to catch your eyes. You hold back a snort.
Oh, definitely one of the cups fitting under "questionable" and undoubtedly the only one that wasn't chose by the three of you.
"Hello again!"
The chipper voice of a certain ginger-haired man echoes down the hall, hair tousled and decorated with a pair of sunglasses. Still in beachwear, Childe (a long-time nickname according to him) strolls down the hallway accompanied by two of his work-but-not-work friends. They stay behind waiting for him to finish up.
"I just had something I wanted to drop off, Xiangsheng always mentions your mugs so I figured this would be perfect!"
In his hand, a mug in the shape of a lady's torso wearing a polka-dot bikini.
The cup ended up becoming Childe's on the rare times that he visits.
But speaking of Xiangsheng-
His is pretty fitting.
Xiao reaches into the cupboard, taking a short time to pick out the one the three of you found just earlier that week. It's simple, elegant--a brown ceramic mug with a clean glaze to provide a shiny finish.
"Thank you, truly."
The man holds the cup now filled with a fragrant tea, hot and steaming.
True to the tradition, Zhongli refuses to use any but the cup designated as 'his'. Remembering this makes you feel a little guilty for thinking of using it…after all, Zhongli visits often as well so it’s weird to use the cup right?
Onto the next cup, then!
Ah, the Hard Rock cup. Really, it originally was from the Hard Rock Cafe…but the “cafe” part has since been rubbed off very diligently. The apartment smelled like acetone for days.
No one really used the mug so it tended to sit and gather dust sadly in the back of the cabinet. Nothing really wrong with it, it just ended up not fitting anyone so far. Though you’d try to use it now and then in the mornings, you did favor some of the other cups…
“Hey, lemme see that one there.”
You look at Xinyan, brow knitted in confusion. “But you have a cup?”
“This’n is mine now! I have an idea-“
You laugh, remembering the way that she sat, cross legged on the kitchen floor and vigorously rubbing at the cup until her own nail polish was rubbed off from the chemical and a sizeable pile of sad, mushed cotton balls lay before her.
Not to mention her victorious cry of 'It's done!'
Putting the cup back, you sigh. Maybe not that one either, then. Standing on the tips of your toes, you stare at one of the two that are in the front of the others. Oh! You remember this—a handmade yunomi. Definitely a little lopsided and maybe not-so-safe to use considering that it wasn’t glazed properly, but…
Kazuha’s in a rush today, it seems, muttering something about an extracurricular he took and that one of his projects was coming out of the kiln today. Excited, he slipped his shoes on and was out the door with a very quick kiss.
It’s not until lunch that he returns, beaming proudly. Setting a plainly colored cup on the counter, he awaits your judgement. The cup itself is cute, with a careful imprint of a maple leaf on the side that’s colored in with a rusty red color.
“I made myself a cup. The professor allowed the class to have a free project for the final, so I thought it’d be something that I can use often.”
He still does use it every day.
The other, placed carefully beside it always draws a chuckle from you and your partners.
Oh. This was the cup- the perfect cup for your somewhat stoic, somewhat grumpy, but very soft partner.
Giddy, you swipe it off the shelf and hurry to the checkout.
He’s less than enthused, which is hilarious when you’re beaming so brightly and Kazuha is so so very close to loosing it. You nudge the cup closer to where your other boyfriend is sitting down at the table.
“Number one…” Xiao’s standing with his arms crossed over his chest. “Grandpa.”
Hehe. Never gets old.
Even with his initial response, Xiao took the cup in stride and takes every opportunity to use it. Tea, coffee, cereal, soup—the possibilities are endless with a mug. You wonder if it’s because you’re the one who picked it.
It’s been a while since you’ve decided to have a drink. At this point, you could just close the cabinet and go without, but you can’t lose your dedication now.
So, you push aside a few of the mugs in search of a specific one—just the one you’ve been looking for, now that you realize it.
Brushing over Venti’s cat cup, Childe’s bikini cup, Zhongli’s deep brown mug, Xinyan’s “hard rock” cup, Kazuha’s diy, and Xiao’s (frankly fantastic) grandpa mug, you smile and relish every moment these hold.
But ultimately, your hand closes around a simple, white mug.
Cheap, yes, and a little plain...but nothing beats the pixelated picture of you, Kazuha, and Xiao wrapped in each other's arms, the mug still just as pristine as when you got it despite so many washes.
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dourpeep · 7 hours ago
i had such a brain blast, hear me out
reader in kazuxiaoreader is totally the type to want to try a three person kiss even though it’s probably not possible (i dunno, i never tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
reader asks the other two to try it out - both of them knowing it’s not gonna work but it’s reader so they’re doing it anyway - so they’re just sitting in a triangle, slowly inching closer to each other. reader, thinking this is totally gonna work, closes their eyes until they just bump heads with kazuha and xiao.
they’re a bit disappointed that it ended that way, so they all spend way too long actually trying to figure out how to make it work. i feel like that would be for all of them to tilt their heads back a bit and jut their lips out a bit for anything to happen lmao
(i plan on sending more thoughts like this, and if that’s okay with you, could i be umi anon?)
Umi!!! Welcome to the parade :>>> If you'd like to associate your name with an emoticon, just drop another ask! :D
This sounds really cute how did no one think of this before--but I suppose that's what you're here for now!
It's definitely funny, the thought of the three just closing their eyes and ending up knocking foreheads or bumping noses. Many attempts will be made, but none will work out (oh no!!). But even with the disappointment, it'd be seen fondly in the end-
"I can't believe we tried to do that."
"To be fair...we wouldn't know if it would work unless we try."
Your boyfriends exchange thoughts and you pout.
"But it didn't work."
They sigh, Kazuha offering a smile and Xiao pressing his forehead to your temple. Even if your glorious plan failed to come to fruition, it's still nice to sit like this, so close. You all sit, calm in the comfortable silence until-
"Wait wait! What if we-"
Needless to say, you end up laying upside down on the couch in defeat, Kazuha pushing his sleeves up to prepare dinner and Xiao sitting on the floor and leaning against the couch beside you.
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beepityboopbeep · 7 hours ago
Rest Undisturbed: Xiao x Gn! Reader
Warnings: none
Summary: You and Xiao go stargazing, only for you to fall asleep...
Word Count:
(note: this is from Xiao's perspective)'s quiet
Xiao took a deep breath of the cool night air as he allowed himself to gaze upon the sleeping face of his lover, a warm feeling rose through his chest as he admired their serene expression.
It was a relief to Xiao more than anything, to see his significant other asleep. Whilst he'd never admit it, the amount of jobs and comissions he'd helped them with this week was...immense.
Too immense.
Not that he minded, he could handle it, he was an adeptus after all. However, he'd noticed growing fatigue in his partner, to the point where they were sloppy in combat, not being quick enough to dodge arrows or mitachurl attacks.
It got to the point where HE was the one asking his partner to take it easy. HE was the one who told them to stargazing. HE was the one telling the to rest, to just relax for a moment.
...usually it was the other way around...and it worried him.
But if they got hurt because of something so stupid and preventable as not getting enough sleep on Xiao's watch...he'd never be able to forgive himself.
What was that?!
Xiao slowly sat up as his senses alerted him to the snapping of a animal? No. Xiao's instincts told him something potentially harmful was nearing them.
Abyss Mage. Damn.
Xiao attempted to get only to feel a tug on his sleeve as he looked down, remembering his signficant other had decided to rest their head on it. As Xiao attempted to move it from under their head, they stirred slightly.
I can't wake them, not now.
Xiao huffed as he stared at the Abyss Mage, it hadn't noticed them...yet...but it certainly would if he kept standing here and didn't deal with it.
Screw it.
Grasping a small, sharp stone that was conveniently withing arms reach. Xiao delicately lined it up with the fabric of his sleeve, cautiously cutting the fabric.
I'll need to fix this later...but that doesn't matter.
Carefully standing up, he silently backed away, smiling to himself as he look upon y/n's sleeping form.
Now...time to deal with that damned abyss mage.
Xiao was quick to find cover mear a group of boulders, away from where y/n was sleeping. Picking up a few small stones Xiao threw one the abyss mage, grabbing its attention.
I need to lure it away, and kill it without waking them...
Grasping another stone, Xiao aimed at the nearby trees and tossed it, luring the abyss mage towards the area.
Silently and swiftly Xiao lespt into the trees, clutching his spear as he hid himself in the branches.
I must make short work of this
The mage didn't even have time to react before Xiao had launched his spear from behind, taking it out in one hit...however.
It did not fly ten feet in the air as quietly as he anticipated.
Nor did it's body land in the water in a calm or peaceful manner.
Uh oh...
Y/n observed their surroundings looking down at the torn fabric and looking up at their boyfriend.
"Eh..? Ah! Xiao oh no!" They exclaimed as Xiao darted over to them, gently patting their head.
"What's so-"
"-LOOK!" They whined, holding the fabric of his sleeve. "I-I tore it..."
Xiao rolled his eyes.
"No, I cut it off."
"You were asleep, I refused to disturb you." He responded coolly.
"...You cut off your sleeve...just so I could sleep?" Y/n asked, confused.
He nodded.
"You needed the rest!" He defended.
"And YOU need instact clothing."
"It's fine...besides I can fix it later."
Y/n sighed. "You're so overbearing, it's sweet sometimes." They smiled.
Xiao huffed, turning his nose up at that statement. "Let's just head back okay? You need to sleep, you will not get hurt under my protection."
Y/n nodded in agreement "Let's get back."
Xiao stood up quickly, he knelt down as he lifted his lover into his arms, not waiting for a a response as he took the both of them back to the wagashu inn for some rest.
"So...why did you need to cut off part of your sleeve in the first place?"
"Well...that's uh."
"Xiao?" They asked accusingly.
" abyss mage." He muttered "I was uh...attempting to take it without waking you up."
Y/n sighed, pinching the bridge of their nose, as Xiao looked at them questioningly.
"Next time...just wake me okay? I don't want you putting yourself at risk just because I'm tired."
"Okay. But please make sure you don't overwork yourself again. I don't want you getting hurt because you gave yourself more work than you could handle."
Y/n nodded in agreement, resting their head in the crook of his kneck as they felt their eyelids grow heavy.
By the time the couple were back at the Wagashu inn. Y/n was peacefully asleep in Xiao's arms, igniring the looks from other guests Xiao quickly made his way to the privacy to their room.
He allowed himself to smile at their sleeping form. Gently, he placed his lover his lover on their bed, and climbed in next to them, throwing the covers over them both. He held them against his chest protectively, allowing himself let out a sigh as he laced his fingers though their hair, planting a solitary kiss on their forehead.
"Goodnight y/n"
A/n: shshsggsgsg so I read about this ancient chinese myth in which an emperor cut off sleeve to not disturb his lover and thought this might be a cute idea. Anyways sorry this was short ty for reading >-<
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bustrrhymenn · 7 hours ago
Home sweet home
Tumblr media
Pairing: Xiao x GN reader
Warnings: None! just a lil kiss:)
Summary: You return to Wangshu inn after taking up a commission in Mondstadt, only missing a certain adeptus by your side.
Word count: 330
Tumblr media
Reaching the top of the Inn, you were surprised to find it completely empty, only the wind accompanying you.
You continued to walk until you reached the edge, eyeing the beautiful scenery before you, and when you decided that you had waited long enough, you called his name.
He appeared by your side in instant, those golden eyes scanning over your form for any signs of injury. “Are you hurt..?” he asks, his eyes moving to meet yours. You smile gently and shake your head, taking his hands into yours. “I’m not— I just missed you is all. I came back from my commission but you weren’t here.” you explain, slightly frowning.
Xiao’s face remained neutral, though his form was stiff. “I see,” he murmured. “If you are not injured then I’ll be taking my leave now-“ he attempted to say, but you cut him off by swiftly moving in and kissing him, intertwining your fingers with his.
To say that the adeptus was caught off guard was an understatement, the moment you caught his lips in yours his brain turned to mush. His heart began to race, but still he did not pull away. He stood awkward and unmoving, and when you pulled away; he would never admit it aloud, but he… missed the feeling.
Oh, was he spluttering everywhere, his cheeks dusted with a light pink. He hadn’t even noticed that your hands were still locked together! By now, you were surprised that he hadn’t shoved you away and thrown you to kingdom come.
“I- you-“ he started, his eyes blown out. He ripped his hand away from yours, huffing and turning away from you. “Foolish mortal… you cannot just go doing such reckless things,” he grumbled, acting nonchalant about what happened. “Should you do that again and you will pay the price-“
You laughed heartily, running after the adeptus. “Xiao!”
you shouted as he wondered, would you ever do that again? his lips tingled at the thought.
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dourpeep · 8 hours ago
KazuXiaoReader...not one, but two cat cafe employee boyfriends. The perks of visiting them often is you get to pet the cats often...and since your apartment doesn't allow pets this is the next best thing-
RIP Venti-
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kuraichycoochie · 8 hours ago
Are now open for genshin impact.
1)Please be respectful when sending a request
2)Please specify which gender/pronouns u may want to use if you do no it, I will either ignore or change it to gender neutral straight away
3)don’t be rude please
I will write:
for female or male read and I’ll try my best to do Gender neutral.Majority of scenarios I do not mind writing but if I feel uncomfortable Or think I might not be able to do it, I may decline so sorry for that
However also for smut I may have a few problems but I do not mind writing for it!
I will not write for:
I will not write for stuff to do with cheating or characters death because angst is a little bit 🥲.However if it starts off as an angst and has a happy ending I wouldn’t mind that.
But also if I see anything I may find uncomfortable or might not be able to write about i will have to decline I’m sorry
However I must say once again-
I won’t be posting daily as I’m busy majority of the time so I’m deeply sorry if requests may take long to update
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starfinss · 8 hours ago
Peace Offering — Xiao 1/2
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Summary: You get a job at the Wangshu Inn after moving to Liyue, where you find an unlikely friendship in the resident Adeptus.
Pairing: Xiao x Reader
Rating: Fluff (SFW)
Word Count: 3,400
Tumblr media
    You met him your second night of working at the Wangshu Inn.
    It was a clear, chilly night. The moon was fat and full in the sky, and the stars shone like the lights of distant ships on a dark sea. The moonlight bathed the rugged landscape of Liyue in ghostly blue, the shadows hard and sharp. The mountains carved their place in the horizon with hard lines and jagged peaks, silhouetted by that same ghostly blue. So much of Liyue was wild, fill of ancient ruins and monsters. Untamed. 
    You couldn't get this kind of view in Mondstadt. 
    The branches of trees with marigold colored leaves swayed in the breeze far below you, as well as above your head, filling the cool night air with the smell of damp leaves. It had rained that day, but you were glad it cleared up at night, or you wouldn't have found this balcony, tucked away at the top of the third floor. It opened up to a breathtaking panoramic view of the Liyue countryside, and if you looked off in the distance, you could see the statue of Barbatos that stood in front of the cathedral, all the way in Mondstadt. Dragonspine Mountain stood tall and proud, its snowy peaks glistening. 
    You gazed out at the distant statue of Barbatos, willing the homesickness away. Your fingers rested on the Anemo vision attached to the thin white ribbon around your throat, the stone smooth and cool beneath your skin. It was hard to sleep so far from home.
    No, you reminded yourself, this is home now.
    You hadn't slept well last night, and instead of laying in bed and willing for sleep to come like you had then, you decided to explore the Inn that night. You'd gotten to Liyue only a week before, and after camping alongside the road, another traveler happened across you and informed you of the Inn, and told you that if you needed work, the Inn was hiring. You followed his directions and set off, coming across the building near sundown. You'd been awed by the Wangshu Inn's grand architecture, at the massive tree that hugged the structure, keeping it aloft. You asked for a job and got it after a brief interview, were given the tour, the rundown of your duties as staff, and assigned a room. 
    It wasn't exactly lavish, but it was comfortable. You were right at home. The bed was soft and the staff was nice, as were the patrons, helping you through your stumbling Liyuen (which you'd taken as an elective in school and passed with flying colors, thank you very much), but as your boss and patrons spoke rapid fire to you, you realized you still had a lot to learn. After two days in Liyue, your Liyuen was already better, much to your relief. They do say exposure is the best way to learn, after all.
    You pulled your shawl more tightly around your body to combat the cold. The silk nightgown you'd been given by your boss was Liyue style, unfamiliar, but the shawl smelled like home. This would all certainly take some getting used to. 
    "Who are you?"
    You jumped so hard you were afraid you'd fall over the balcony railing, whirling around and pressing a palm to your chest to calm your hammering heart. 
    A man was standing in front of you. 
    He looked to be about your age, standing around the same height as well, maybe an inch taller. He had delicate, almost painted on features with a sharp, defined jaw. His eyes were almost shocking in their intensity, wide and framed with thick eyelashes with irises the color of burnished amber. He had dark teal hair with lighter, feathery undertones, reaching the middle of his neck with longer locks in the front, parted away from his face. You noticed there was a small purple marking on his forehead, shaped like a diamond.
    He was dressed in a tightly fitted white shirt with a high black collar, accented with gold where the shades met. A necklace hung around his neck, made up of large white beads with two tasseled ones accenting the actual pendant, something that reminded you of a knife you'd seen in books about Inazuma, a kunai knife. One arm, his left one, had a detached sleeve, one that reminded you of a kimono sleeve, the end decorated with a circle of jade. The fabric itself was patterned with clouds. 
    His legs were covered by a pair of deep purple trousers tucked into boots of a lighter but dustier shade of purple. Around his waist were intricate gold ornaments hanging from a cloth belt, the cloth itself billowing around his hips, the front one patterned with the same clouds as his sleeve. Additionally, black gloves covered his hands, accented with gold and jade, complete with knuckle guards. On his left wrist, attached to the glove, was a gold inlay with a stone that you initially mistook as another piece of jade, but you then noticed the symbol of the Anemo archon. A vision. 
    Finally, at his hip hung a mask. It was a strange mask, with gold markings and long teeth and ears, reminding you of... a fox? A jackal? You were unsure. Your eyes fell to the strange green tattoo on his right arm, intricate and artistic, but you couldn't figure out what it was supposed to be either.
    The man regarded you, amber eyes unwavering. He radiated power that was almost palpable in the air around you. Despite his slender frame, you could see muscle. He was lithe and toned, like a panther. He was beautiful.
    "I will ask again," he said, "who are you?"
    You realized you'd been staring, and you coughed. "O-oh, I'm (Y/N). Who are you?"
    His eyes hardened, and you stepped back slightly, your lower back pressing into the balcony railing.
    "What do you want?"
    You stared at him. "I— I work at the Inn. I can't sleep, and I found this balcony, and the view is beautiful, so I stayed to watch the stars."
    "You work at the Inn," he repeated, "then how have I never seen you before?"
    You had a feeling that one wrong answer could get you tossed from the balcony, so you chose your words carefully. 
    "I started work here yesterday. That's why. I— Who exactly are you?"
    The man walked towards you, and even his motions reminded you of a predator, his eyes boring into your very soul. 
    "I am Xiao. Guardian Yaksha, Mighty and Illuminated Adeptus."
    Adeptus. You remembered learning about Adepti. They were basically guardians of Liyue, protecting the land from demons and evil gods. They were worshipped and revered through the the nation. You looked up at Xiao, and his eyes told you he wasn't lying. Despite his youthful appearance, his eyes were old. He'd seen the wars you read about in history books for himself, never changing or aging, always remaining how he was.
    How... sad.
    The thought took you by surprise, but it was sad. Being just as you are as you watch loved ones wither and die. But you guessed you were thinking from a human perspective. Adepti were never human. 
    You came back to the present, eyes meeting Xiao's, and you didn't know what to say.
    "It is within your best interest to leave this place."
    You blinked. "Uh. Why?"
    "It is for your safety. Interacting with humans too much is against our rules. And as you have no sigil of permission, I am also a danger to you."
    You drummed your fingers against the railing. "I'm not even allowed to stay and watch the stars?"
    "No," he said, his answer curt.
    That was when you started to get annoyed. "Okay, look. I didn't seek you out, so I don't need a sigil of permission. Are all Adepti this... pissy?"
    Xiao stared at you. "I do not wish for company."
    You sighed. "Do you ever?"
    "Oh, so this balcony of off limits when you're here?"
    "You filthy balcony hog."
    Xiao looked affronted. "I beg your pardon! I am not—"
    "No," you said, "I beg your pardon. I was just trying to watch the stars and you come waltzing up here like you own the place, but is there anywhere on this balcony where there's a sign that says 'this belongs to Xiao?'"
    "No," you finished, "now, can you let me be homesick in peace? I don't care if you're basically a god, all I want is some piece and quiet."
    And you did get quiet. You suspected you'd stunned Xiao to it.
    "Homesick?" He finally said.
    You snorted. "Why would my life be important to you?"
    "I protect Liyue. Her citizens are important to me."
    You glanced sidelong at him. "You offer the citizens of this massive country emotional support?"
    Xiao looked away. "No. Forget it."
    You shook your head. "No, you asked. I'm not from Liyue. I've only been here a few days, and I was born in Mondstadt. So, I miss home. I can see the statue from here, and it makes me feel a little closer."
    You nodded. "Yeah, the one of Lord Barbatos. Just there, you see it?"
    You gestured to the faraway statue of the wind god.
    "Yes, I see," Xiao said, "this also explains why your Liyuen is subpar at best."
    You glared at him. "Excuse me if I haven't been speaking the language for three thousand years like you have."
    Xiao took a deep breath in through his nose. "I have never met a human like you."
    You picked at your fingernails absently, staring down at the glistening water below. "What do you mean?"
    Xiao was quiet a moment or two. "I have never met a human as infuriating as you."
    "I've never met an Adeptus as infuriating as you," you shot back.
    "How many Adepti have you met?"
    "You're the only one," you said.
    "Then you have nothing to compare to."
    You snorted. "You set the bar very low. I bet all the other Adepti are rays of sunshine compared to you."
    You turned to meet Xiao's eyes, and he studied you with calculating eyes, expression hard and unreadable. "You speak with little regard for your own safety."
    You raised an eyebrow, but your hand instinctively went to your vision at your throat. "Do I?"
    "Yes," Xiao said, "I have destroyed humans for less insolence."
    "Then why am I standing here, not destroyed?"
    Xiao considered this. "Because you intrigue me."
    "So that means I can come back to the balcony tomorrow night?"
    Xiao glared at you. "Absolutely not."
    You grinned. "But you said I intrigue you."
    Xiao rolled his eyes. "That does not mean I like you."
    "Not even a little bit?"
    "No!" Xiao's brow twitched with annoyance, "not at all!"
    Ouch. Even though you didn't know this guy, that stung just a little. You decided you'd take it gracefully, though. Well, as gracefully as you already had been taking it, which was not at all.
    "Good," you said, "because I don't like you either."
    "Then leave!" Xiao said, his voice taking on a note of exasperation.
    You turned on your heel, starting for the door. "Fine."
    "Do not come back, you infuriating creature."
    You glanced over your shoulder as you rounded the corner. "See you tomorrow night, then."
    "Wha— NO!"
    You dashed off into your room, closing the door behind you, back against the wood. You let out a laugh. A good laugh, one you hadn't really had since leaving home. You'd definitely be coming back the next night. The view was wonderful and the company was... It would take some getting used to. But you didn't dislike Xiao. There was something magnetic about him. You weren't sure wether it was an Adeptus thing of if it was because he was one of the prettiest men you'd ever seen in person. Either way, you wanted to know more about him.
You lay down in bed, and for the first time since you came to Liyue, sleep came easily.
    The next morning at the front desk, you asked Verr Goldet about Xiao.
    "Oh, you met the resident Adeptus? He's not usually in a good mood, so we rarely see him. You must've really piqued his interest."
    "Something like that," you said.
    You scratched Wei behind the ears, making the cat purr, rubbing his face against your hand.
    "So," Verr said, "what did you wanna know about him?"
    You shrugged. "Interests?"
    Verr laughed. "He isn't much of a talker."
    You thought back to the night before. "He talked to me quite a bit. Called me an 'infuriating creature.'"
    "How sweet."
    You snorted, "I know. A charmer, that one."
    "Seriously, though, (Y/N)," Verr said, "give him respect. He's a protector of Liyue and as old as Rex Lapis himself. He's a dangerous force."
    "Well, is there a way to make peace with him?" You asked.
    Verr considered this, leafing through her directory book absently.
    "Almond tofu."
    You frowned. "What?"
    "His favorite dish, almond tofu. Give that to him and he might be less grumpy."
    "Okay," you said, "and where do I get almond tofu?"
    "Have Yanxiao make some or whip some up yourself. It isn't that hard, just milk, almonds, and sugar. Ask Yanxiao for the recipe."
    Yanxiao wasn't the most agreeable man, but when it came to cooking he got serious. You thanked Verr and after giving Wei a final scratch on the chin, you went downstairs into the kitchen, where Yanxiao was working on breakfast.
    "Smells great," you said, and the chef looked up.
    "Oh. (Y/N). What do you want?"
    You glanced around the room, locating the ingredients you'd need on the stocked shelves.
    "I need to make almond tofu. Will you help me?"
    Yanxiao looked at you quizzically. "Why?"
    "Because I haven't the foggiest how to make Liyue cuisine, so I thought I'd ask a master."
    Yanxiao puffed out his chest, obviously liking the compliment. "You came to the right place. Grab the ingredients and we'll start."
    With a mock salute, you did as you were told.
    Cooking with Yanxiao was somewhat of a nightmare. He got angry at even the slightest misstep, and you ended up sitting on a stool most of the time instead of helping. You had to run to the market midway through on Verr's orders, something Yanxiao didn't seem to have a problem with. When you returned, the almond tofu sat in a dish on the kitchen counter, ready for you to take. You thanked Yanxiao, who grunted in assent, and you went up to the balcony. 
    The sun was setting, casting golden light across the planes of Liyue, making the water below sparkle like a sea of new coins. You set the almond tofu down on the edge of a pot beside you and absently picked up a piece, biting into it. 
    It was delicious. You hummed in content and marveled at the silky smooth texture, the undertone of almonds, the sweetness of the sugar. You could eat this all day. You could see why it was Xiao's favorite. 
    "I thought I told you not to come back here."
    You started, almost choking on your almond tofu, and you pounded on your chest to clear your throat and swallow. 
    "And I thought," you coughed, "I said I'd see you tonight."
    Xiao rolled his eyes. "You disrespectful little— I should toss you into the lake."
    "Hey now," you said, "I brought a peace offering."
    You pointed to the dish, and Xiao's eyes fell to it. 
    "That... That changes nothing."
    But from the longing look in his eyes, you could tell it changed a few things.
    You groaned. "You have no idea how much I had to go through to make this. Cooking with Yanxiao should come with a warning label. Just eat the damn tofu and watch the sky with me."
    "With you?"
    You looked at him incredulously. "No, with Wei. Of course with me, do you see anyone else on this balcony?"
    Xiao stared at you so long it was beginning to get creepy, but then he walked over, scooped the dish of almond tofu into his arms, and crossed to stand beside you, munching away. When you reached over to take a piece, he grabbed your wrist so tightly it hurt, eyes narrowed in a steely glare.
    "You're not sharing?" You asked.
    "No," the Adeptus replied, his voice firm, telling you that was the end of the discussion.
    "Fine. Rude."
    Xiao looked at you with exasperation. "Me? Rude? You have been nothing but rude."
    "Barging in and demanding someone leave a balcony because you want to be there and they can't is pretty rude, yeah," you said.
    A muscle twitched in Xiao's jaw. "You little—"
    You sighed. "Okay, okay. Verr told me to respect you, so I will. I brought that tofu as a symbol of goodwill. A peace offering. So let's stop the whole hating each other thing now."
    "I do not hate you."
    You took a breath to stop yourself from laughing. "Could've fooled me."
    "I am simply annoyed by you."
    "Likewise. But regardless, I hoped we could be friends or something. I like this balcony, you like this balcony. Things would be easier if we weren't bickering all the time."
    You nodded. "Just a thought. I don't have many friends in Liyue yet."
    "I do not have... friends."
    You twisted your mouth. "That's... pretty sad, actually. How dreary life would be without friends. You seriously have no friends at all? Not even the Inn staff?"
    You pressed your palms together. "Alright. It's settled then."
    Xiao looked at you. "What is?"
    "I'll be your friend from now on."
    Xiao looked so done with you. "No."
    "Too late," you said, "it's already started."
    "Absolutely not."
    You fought a smile. "I'll bring almond tofu on the weekends."
    Xiao hesitated. "Still no."
    "I won't ask you to share."
    Xiao glared at you. "I said— Archons, you're infuriating. Fine. I give up. Come and go as you please, since there seems to be no getting rid of you, but we are not friends."
    You smiled at your small victory. "Fantastic. I'll be here every night to watch the sky. I'll bring almond tofu."
    Xiao simply glared at you as he ate, which was funnier that it's should have been.
    "...Friend," you added.
    Xiao groaned. "I changed my mind. I do hate you."
    You grinned. "No, you don't."
    "Are you saying I am lying?"
    "Yeah," you replied. The first few stars were beginning to come out, speckling the darkening sky.
    "I am not," he simply said.
    "If you hated me, you would have thrown me into the lake already."
    A short, dry chuckle. "I suppose you have a point. But you do infuriate me, (Y/N)."
    "I'm good at that," you said.
    "Extremely," Xiao said flatly.
    "Well," you said, "get used to it."
    "I will not."
    You snorted. "Of course not."
    The two of you watched the sky in comfortable silence, talking aimlessly and bickering about nothing long after Xiao had finished his food, and you were eventually so tired you had to sit down. It was the second time you felt like sleep would come easily since arriving, and you didn't know if that had to do with Xiao or not.
    "I'm tired," you said, and Xiao rolled his eyes.
    "Then go to bed, you silly creature."
    You stood, crossing to the doorway, Xiao's empty plate in hand. 
    "Y'know," you said, glancing over your shoulder, not unlike the night before, "I think you're beginning to like me."
    Xiao made a sour face. "Absolutely not."
    You smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow night."
    "Hopefully not," Xiao said.
    "Definitely will."
    You took off down the corridor back to your room before he could get a word in, your grin splitting your face in half. When you moved to Liyue, you had no idea you'd become friends— acquaintances— let's go with friends— with one of Liyue's guardian deities. But as you laid down in your bed, eyelids heavy, you knew it was a good thing. 
    As you fell asleep, you only wondered how you'd manage to get on his immortal nerves next.
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butterflies εїз
summary xiao realizes he's in love with you pairing xiao x gn!reader warnings brief mention of making love (still minor friendly!) a/n my first ever fic :o i’m quite nervous putting this out so any feedback is appreciated :3 leave a like/reblog/follow if you enjoyed it !! muah muah <33333
requests are open // make sure you smell the roses on your way out
xiao fell for you in the way leaves fall from trees in autumn. he fluttered hesitantly through the winds of your love, not quite ready to reach the ground. with every fall deeper, he would pull back a little higher. he was resistant, but with a final nudge of the wind, he allowed himself to be enveloped in the open arms of your love.
xiao leaned his elbows against the railing of the balcony, looking out at dihua marsh. it was an unusually idle day for him and he spent most of his hours on the rooftop of the wangshu inn, keeping watch of liyue for as far as his eyes could see. he would have most likely stayed up there through the night, if he hadn’t heard your voice saying farewell to verr. you strolled out of the inn just past midnight, weaponless, and carrying a jar in your hand.
xiao wasn’t sure what you were up to; you rarely ever leave the inn after dark, but if you do, you always ask him to come with you. he thought about whether he should appear in front of you and confront you about where you were going, or if he should avoid your attention and silently follow you, keeping an eye out for anything that may attack you.
unsurprisingly, he chose the latter, and appeared a bit behind you, footsteps soundless as he followed in your path.
some time had passed before you reached wuwang hill, the plain grasslands of dihua marsh turning into mountainous forests. it was getting harder for xiao to see you through the thick of the trees and could only rely the ruffling of foliage beneath your feet to guide him.
what are you planning on doing so far from the inn this late at night?
“looks like i have a stalker.” you stopped in your tracks as you heard a loud snap of twigs come from behind you. you had noticed someone following you from the inn, but you couldn’t explain how you knew it was xiao. perhaps it was the way you felt safe, instead of vulnerable, “y’know, for an adeptus, you aren’t really that great at being inconspicuous.” you turned around and strode over to him, a cheeky grin adorning your lips.
your statement left xiao dumbfounded, how had you known it was him that was following you? an awkward silence followed as he racked his mind for words to say, “uh...", he coughed, regaining his composure, "evil beings lurk beneath the shadows in the night... i saw you leave the inn with nothing but an empty jar. what if something attacked you? where is your weapon?”
“aw, does someone care for me?” you tilted your head and pouted playfully, earning a scoff and eye-roll from xiao.
“humans... always so unprepared. what are you doing out this late anyway? it’s not safe.”
“well, i’m safe now that my vigilant yaksha is here to keep me from harm’s way!” xiao’s cheeks flushed pink upon hearing you refer to him as ‘yours’, and you couldn’t help but giggle at his atypical reaction, “i was just going to collect some crystalflies. i want to use their cores to make a gift! but... i’m having a hard time finding any. do you know of any good spots?”
you looked up at xiao to find him staring at you with his usual morose eyes. behind this facade, though, was him wishing that he could gaze at you with a soft smile.
xiao didn't quite understand the concept of a "gift", but there was something so pure about you wanting to make one from nature's bounty, when you could have just purchased one from a vendor that made the empty void in his soul fill with warmth.
“follow me. i know a place not too far from here.” xiao shrugged aside his feelings and stepped in front of you, heading west. you walked beside him, struggling to keep up. even though he wasn't tall and didn't have the longest legs, his strides were long and taken with purpose, compared to your clumsy and excitable ones.
you talked xiao's ear off on the walk there, topics of your mainly one-sided discussion ranging from your daily activities to silly anecdotes to telling him about all the lovely people you met on your adventures. xiao was a man of few words, but he still took great interest in all you had to say, even if the look on his face said otherwise.
his steps came to a slow as he stopped in front of a tunnel, flashes of yellow light coming from within. he led you through it and stopped at the end of the tunnel, observing your face to try to decipher your reaction to the sight in front of you.
at the end of the tunnel was a giant cavern. a dirt path led you to the center of it, where a small pond coloured the same teal that xiao's hair wore was illuminated by moonlight shining through a hole in the top of the cave. glaze lillies sat near the edge of the water, gently swaying to the music of the wind that the tunnel carried. baby sandbearer trees scattered the cavern, some of their branches overlapping to make shapes that almost resembled hearts. the one thing that caught your attention, though, were the hundreds of geo crystalflies that fluttered around the cavern. you hadn't seen this many in one place in your years of living.
“wow... there are so many!” you walked further into the cavern, spinning around to take in as much of the beautiful scenery in front of you as you could. xiao wasn't sure if you would like it here, but let out a relieved sigh upon seeing the awe on your face. almost immediately, though, he let out a quiet growl, reprimanding himself for how much he cared about your feelings.
xiao sighed again, this time out of heartache, and sat back against a rock as he waited for you to finish what you came here for. he noticed you amble over to a tree and reach out your hand to press it against its trunk. he observed the way you peacefully smiled, and the way you almost immediately became distracted as a stray crystalfly flew down onto your nose.
you giggled at how its wings tickled your skin, and you turned to xiao and whispered so as not to scare the crystalfly off of you, "look! i think it likes me." you couldn't see xiao through the bright glow radiating off the crystalfly, but a rare small smile was worn on his lips.
your laugh was his favourite sound. it gave him hope; hope that maybe, one day, he can have nice things; nice things like you. every time he heard your laugh, xiao would feel the empty void dissipate.
but just as quick as his smile appeared on his face, it disappeared.
your laugh was also the sound he hated the most. it scared him. he couldn't fall in love; he couldn't succumb to these lowly human emotions. he couldn't let you know how he feels. he couldn't let you get too close to him, or else all that you would receive in return is a world full of sorrow and regret.
“looks like i have enough!" xiao was pulled out of his thoughts as you approached him, your once empty jar half-filled with crystalflies, "now all i gotta do is head to liyue tomorrow to get the cores extracted, and then i can make my gift!”
“liyue? why must you go to liyue?” xiao's voice came out bitter and demanding.
“oh, i-uh... i can’t extract the cores, but i have a friend there who can.”
he let out an annoyed grunt “... you’re going to go all the way to liyue just to extract the cores of ten crystalflies?”
“i mean, it’s not that far, if i leave early in the morning, i’ll be back in time to meet-” you were cut off by xiao taking the jar out of your hands. watching his movements in curiosity, you observed as he removed the lid and replaced the opening with his palm. a flash of turquoise light was emitted, and your eyes widened upon seeing that the crystalflies in the jar were now replaced with their crystal cores.
“thank you... you didn’t have to do that, y’know.” you delicately took the jar from him, sending him a soft smile as you felt your heart swell at his generosity.
“it’s fine. your trip to liyue would have been redundant.”
“well, now i can get started on my gift! do you mind waiting for me? i’ll only be a bit!” you pouted and sent him your best pleading look.
xiao almost choked on his breath upon looking at you. your cute pout, slightly puffed out cheeks, and wide eyes made something snap in his stomach, and he all of a sudden started to feel very hot, “...alright. uh- make it quick.”
you eagerly nodded and ran off to the other end of the cavern, picking glaze lillies and long strands of silvergrass, finally plopping down at the edge of the pond a few minutes later, going to work on your gift.
xiao took a seat again on a rock, wiping a stray drop of sweat from his forehead. he's felt a plethora of ways for you: when you call his name, his chest flutters; when your hand touches his, a jolt of electricity courses through him, but never has he felt so flushed to the point where he started sweating. xiao mentally cursed you for breaking his walls down like this, for making him so vulnerable to the human experience. he both loved and hated you for it.
“it’s done!”
“hmm?” xiao averted his gaze from the ground to you, who skipped up to him, hands hiding something behind your back.
"i'm done making my gift. i-uh... actually, i made it for you... it’s a token of my appreciation.”
xiao raised his brows in surprise, “for me?”
“yeah, um... it’s been over two years since i’ve met you and i’ve never gifted you anything... you’re always looking out for me and making sure i’m safe... no one’s ever done that for me, so... um... i know you’re just doing your job, but it really does mean a lot to- ah,” your voice cracked as you felt an unexpected wave of emotions overtake you, “sorry, i don’t know why i’m tearing up... this is so silly,” you pressed the pads of your fingers in the corners of your eyes to prevent the tears from spilling out onto your cheeks, “i guess what i’m trying to say is that you mean a lot to me. more than you know... so this is my way of saying thank you," you let out a nervous laugh and pulled your gift out from behind your back, sticking it out for xiao to see, "it's not much but... travelling doesn't pay very well."
his gaze softened as he ran his fingers over it. you had made him a crystal core crown, and a beautiful one at that. crystal cores were wound with glaze lillies and kept together by thick braided strands of slivergrass. your thoughtfulness in crafting this gift for him made the fluttering in his chest travel down to his knees.
you examined xiao's face, trying to decode his reaction, "... d’you like it?"
"yes. thank you, (y/n). it eases me knowing that you feel safe under my watch. i don’t think i quite understand the concept of a gift, but, regardless... thank you." his gaze shifted from the crown to your face, and he sent you a warm smile.
you had never seen xiao smile. it made you want to tease him for it, but you held off, not wanting to ruin the moment. you could always tease him about it later. his change in demeanour, however, evoked a new-found confidence in you, "can i put it on you?"
xiao hesitated in his response. he so badly wanted to say yes, but ultimately couldn't find his voice and resorted to nodding.
you anxiously bit your lip and gently placed the crown on xiao's head, which was tilted downward from embarrassment. his jaw clenched upon feeling your fingers skim through his tresses, the intimacy of the moment overtaking his usual sullenness.
stepping away from xiao, you admired how angelic he looked. the transparency of the crystal cores were illuminated by the moonlight with shades of teal. to say you had a crush on xiao was an understatement. the love you felt for him was sometimes almost too painful to endure, with the way he would push you away every time you got too close.
"... handsome..." the word left your lips as barely more than a whisper, but still loud enough for xiao to hear.
he snapped his head up to face you, the red that rose on his cheeks stopping halfway before other thoughts intruded his flustered ones.
you were standing directly under the moon, her light shining down on your face. it lit up your eyes a few shades lighter than they usually were and xiao could've sworn he saw hearts by your pupils. his gaze flitted between your eyes and your lips, which appeared to be wet and were slightly parted. xiao didn't know what beauty looked like on a human, but seeing you like this gave him a definitive answer.
he's never felt the need to kiss someone before, even you, but the way you looked under the moonlight lit a fire in his stomach like never before.
"xiao..." his heart fluttered upon hearing how softly you called his name. it drove him insane, "can i kiss you?"
the fluttering in his chest became loud thumps, but in the heat of it all, his body had lost control of his mind for the first time as he slowly nodded. his face inched closer to yours, the demon in his mind threatening him to stop, screaming all the horrible things that would happen if he gave in to these primal human urges. you reciprocated, flitting your gaze between his eyes and lips, instinctively resting your hand on his chest as you face came mere inches from his.
xiao didn’t expect the sudden contact, and snapped his head down to look at his chest as he immediately felt a warmth radiate inside himself from your soft touch. it was overbearing; his heart was pounding and on fire, and he couldn't help but feel repulsed by it. he staggered away from you, feeling faint, and rested his head on the tree behind him, clutching at the empty spot on his chest where your hand just laid, “what is this... feeling?” he took sharp breaths to find his composure.
your eyes scrunched with concern as you stepped over to xiao, refraining from touching him to avoid any further unwanted reactions, "i think you know..."
that he did. xiao knew well what he was feeling was love, but never has he felt it be so overwhelming. he couldn't bring himself to accept it. he couldn't feel love, joy, happiness; especially after all he's done, "no... it can't be..."
"please, don’t push me away!"
"you’ll get hurt if you get any closer to me!" xiao shook his head frantically and stumbled over to the entrance of the cavern, ready to leave.
you walked beside him, trying to get him to look at you, “i have loved you ever since i’ve known you, xiao. i can’t help my feelings for you- and i try to show them, but when i get close, you shut me out; time after time. i know why you push me away, and you don’t mean to hurt me, but you do!" your cheeks were now stained with tears, and xiao couldn't bring himself to look at you, knowing he would break, "it hurts loving you when i know- i just know you feel the same way for me as i do you... you think you don’t deserve love; you don’t deserve happiness, but i-”
“i-i can’t! i can’t let myself submit to my feelings for you... i’ll taint you!" he stopped in his tracks and buried his face in his palms, his voice filled with anguish.
“xiao... please, let me love you. i want to to show you a world where you can be happy, where you don’t have to feel the burdens of your debt... i want you to experience life like humans do. i want to make new foods for you to try, i want to travel with you and show you all my favourite places, i want to cry with you, i want to laugh with you, i want to make love to you. please... open yourself up to me.” you took a step closer to xiao, your eyes silently pleading him to look at you.
he seemed to have heard your prayer, as he let out a distressed sigh and shifted his gaze from the ground to your face. he felt his heart sink as he saw your tear-stained cheeks and glassy eyes. the last thing he ever wanted to do was bring you sadness. the monsters within him were going to war, one telling him to forget about you, to disappear, to never come in contact with you; the other telling him to accept his feelings towards you, that the sorrow he would feel if he didn't would be worse than the pain his karmic debt brought him.
a moment of silence passed between you as he tried quieting his mind. he so badly wanted to touch you, to hug you, to kiss you, to tell you that he loved you.
and it was like you read his mind. the silence was unbearable for you, and you blurted out three words before you could even think about your actions, "i love you."
xiao fell for you in the way leaves fall from trees in autumn. he fluttered hesitantly through the winds of your love, not quite ready to reach the ground. with every fall deeper, he would pull back a little higher. he was resistant, but with a final nudge of the wind, he allowed himself to be enveloped in the open arms of your love.
his breath picked up as he felt the throbbing in his chest get heavier and louder. how could he deny you; the first person he's loved. the only person he will ever love.
before xiao could think, his mind lost control of his body as he hastily closed the gap between your lips and pulled you flush against his chest, holding you like you were his lifeline. you kissed him back with equal fervour, hands travelling up to his scalp.
if xiao was a leaf falling from a tree, then now was when he finally hit the ground. he felt a release from his troubled thoughts as his mind was consumed by images of you; of kissing you, of loving you. he felt liberated and freer than ever before.
oh yes, he could get used to this.
xiao used all of his willpower to detach his lips from yours as he gripped your shoulders to look into your twinkling eyes. he took in a sharp breath, preparing himself to finally say the three words he’s been shoving deeper into the once empty void that filled his heart, “i love you.”
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