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#x teen!reader
Scott: you drink too much coffee
Y/N: well, coffee spelled backwards is eeffoc
Y/N: and I don’t give eeffoc what you think...
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Could you write a young dom derek hale x fem reader smut
Where he proves even though he's turned back into a teenager he can still fuck her the same
Tumblr media
pairing: young!derek hale (im still ageing him up to 18+ though bc im uncomfy writing about minors lol) x fem!reader
warnings: smut → dom!derek + sub!reader, penetrative sex, riding.
headcanon 🖤
a/n: ahh omg also thank you bby!
•:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:• ☾ ☼ ☽ •:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•
requests for the sleepover are open🖤!
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🌻masterlist🌻 (includes both smut masterlists)
Scott and stiles left you and Derek to talk for a while. It was weird having to get used to the younger version of derek, yet somehow, he’s exactly how you’d imagine him to be — mischievous & cocky.
however talking turned into a makeup session with you straddling his hips and grinding down on him as he sits on Scott’s bed
your hands grasp at the bed as you sink down on him and Derek thrusts his hips up, making you squeal from the unexpected movement
you bounce on his cock, gasping and moaning loudly as Derek bucks his hips up to meet your thrusts every now-and-then
his hands kneading your ass and smacking it a few times which makes you yelp and throw your head back
you move your hands to his shoulders, digging your fingernails into his soft skin, which were sure to leave crescent moon shaped dents
you clench around him as he smacks your ass again, “fuck you’re such a naughty girl. fucking me on scott’s, where someone can walk in any moment,” he growls in your ear, nibbling on your earlobe and sucking at your sweet spot afterwards
fuck it was alway so fucking hot hearing Derek growl — even if he was regressed back to 18.
“you’re just as bad. looking so standing there and touching my ass like that in front of the guys,” you moan back
his hands snake up to your hips and he flips you over, laying you on the bed roughly and pushing a leg over his shoulder before pounding into you relentlessly
he covers your mouth with his hand to prevent you from screaming, knowing that the staff would probably hear
“god, you’re such a bad girl,” he grunts and wraps his free hand around your throat, squeezing gently
your eyes squeeze shut as he fucks you hard and fast, hitting all the right spots
“Derek…” you moan into his hand, clenching around him tightly
he gasps and rests his forehead against yours, taking his hand off your throat and holding onto the headboard
Derek presses his lips against yours as you both come; muffling the sound of your moans.
the boys returned Scott’s house later that night, and Stiles found your panties on the floor under the panels.
“looks like Derek and y/n had fun yesterday,” he snickers, while Scott groans in disgust.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Teen wolf smau sneak peek
Y/n y/l/n grew up in Beacon Hills along side Scott and Stiles, but when the boy's lives get flipped around she stays completely oblivious. As things start to get more dangerous the boys and their other friends are faced with a tough choice: Do they tell her or leave her protected and oblivious?
There are something I changed in this au but I'll explain that in later posts
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Hi lovely! I was wondering if you could do Stiles Stilinski smut where he feels like he went too rough (even tho you said i were fine) and the aftercare is just the fluffiest thing? Thank you in advance <3 I hope you have a wonderful day/night!!!
pairing: stiles stilinski x fem!reader
warnings: fluff → aftercare.
headcanon 🖤
•:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:• ☾ ☼ ☽ •:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•
requests for the sleepover are open🖤!
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🌻masterlist🌻 (includes both smut masterlists)
oooh Stiles is the king of aftercare
like he definitely knows how to fuck you right, but he certainly knows how to look after you when its all over
he’d hold you in his arms, allowing you both to catch your breaths
he’d pull away after some time, disposing the condom
and he’d come back to the bed and notice all the bruises on your inner thighs and hips.
“Stay here, I’ll go get something for those, okay?” he kiss your lips gently, careful not to hurt you
Stiles came back with an icepack and sat on his knees as he cautiously rested it on your hips, making you wince at the coldness
he pulls back immediately, looking at you in concern
“it’s cold,” you chuckle and hold his hand in yours, caressing his hand with your thumb
Stiles would give you a small, soft smile before pressing the icepack on your hips again
“you did so good, baby,” he compliments, making you giggle
“and so did you,” you’d wink, making him chuckle
“do you feel okay?”
“yeah I’m okay,” you assure him. “I’m a bit tired now though.” you’d laugh.
“Let’s get you cleaned up first, and then you can sleep for as long as you’d like,” he’d come up and kiss you again before leaving to turn on the bath
you lay there and wait, thinking about how lucky you were to have Stiles
He comes back and picks you up, carefully taking you to the bathroom and setting you down on your feet just in front of the bath
you step in the bath and sit down, loving how the warm water embraced your sensitive and slightly sore body
Stiles grabs a soapy cloth, drawing it up and down your body which left bubbles all over your skin
He left for a moment to change the sheets and after some time, you were back in bed, head on Stiles’s chest as you cuddled each other
Stiles would kiss your forehead, whispering an ‘I love you’ which of course you’d say it back
you’d lift your leg up so it was wrapped around his hips and you’d feel yourself begin to fall asleep
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do a shower isaac lahey smut
pairing: isaac lahey (18+) x fem!reader
warnings: smut → shower sex, soft!isaac, super cute smut, penetrative sex.
word count: 203
•:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:• ☾ ☼ ☽ •:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•
requests for the sleepover are open🖤!
request guidelines here✨!
🌻masterlist🌻 (includes both smut masterlists)
the water feels warm on your back, soothing your muscles and the tensions the day held. Isaac's tender hand brushes over your skin as he steps in the shower behind you, a pleasant hum coming from within your throat. Finally, he is home.
"busy day?"
"like you wouldn't believe," you let out what must've been your 1000 exasperated sigh of today.
"here, let me make you feel better," the absolute care in his voice only makes you melt into his arms.
"and how do you plan on doing that, lahey?" you tease, reaching your arm around the back of his neck to pull him down towards you. Your lips met his in a passionate, soothing kiss - one that you've desired and craved all day.
Isaac lines himself up at your entrance, pushing in slowly.
With each moan, isaac thrusts into you harder - so much so, that he's now practically pounding into you. Your body shakes in pleasure. if it weren't for his strong arms, you would've probably dropped to the floor from how weak at the knees your legs were.
"fuck, isaac," you moan, pussy clenching around his cock.
"see, i told you i'd make you feel better." Isaac chuckles in your ear.
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buttterknifeee · 2 hours ago
The Sixth Titan: A Request-Based Aquagirl!Reader x Teen Titans Series
Tumblr media
Hey!!! I'll be starting a new Teen Titans x Reader Series based off of your guy's requests!!! This will be based on the 2003 cartoon network show :) Here's what's going to happen
I'm currently writing the first fic, which is based on the episode where they all first met
After that, you can request whatever you want! Ships with characters, inserts into certain episodes/scenarios, asks about the character itself, etc
The only note is that the character/reader will most likely be a fem!reader
That's it hope you're having a great day!!!
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reina-obsessed · 2 hours ago
Summer of Chance
Summary: Once upon a time you lived by a beautiful lake with. Then you moved away, leaving your old life behind. Including your cousin and best friend behind. Now your back for the first time in years, but things have definitely changed...
A/N: *deep breath* Okay! Hi, hello👋🏽. This is for @writingsbychlo Void Month. I’ve been debating posting this all month, but I’m actually proud of this and hope you enjoy! This is my first fic in literally 7 years but I’m hoping to start doing some more of this again (so please be kind) It’s also more of a bad boy!au than Void Void. Enjoy! 🥰💕✨
Tumblr media
Staring at the lake felt strange. The trees still looked almost unnaturally green, especially with the way the sun hit them. The lake shimmered like tiny diamonds in the summer sun. It was exactly as you remembered, but everything felt different. Maybe because it’s been almost 5 years since you’ve been back.
Beacon Hills Lake didn’t used to be the high end, must-see places of California that it is now. Sure the new condos and lake houses are gorgeous, but nothing will beat the small ranch style homes that were there first. That part of the lake is a magical place where locals run away to when they’re free from school and work.
The charming small downtown area that contains a diner dating back to the 70s, with the best chocolate chip pancakes you’ll ever eat. A coffee shop owned by the sweetest old couple who always seemed to know just what to say to cheer you up. A used bookstore with the strangest collection of books you've never heard of, and clothing stores that surprisingly don’t suck. It was simple but that didn’t matter. If you were lucky, like you used to be, you got to live there all year long.
Until you were 13 and your parents decided to move away in the middle of the school year to San Francisco. It all happened so fast. One day your father mentioned getting a promotion, then two weeks later your house was sold and you were packing all your belongings in boxes.
You were devastated at the time. You had friends that you’d known since you were in diapers here, and the only family you’ve ever known. People you’d grown up with suddenly gone, like they never existed. Or like you never existed.
But time moved on and the lake at Beacon Hills became a distant memory that you’d think about fondly every once in a while. Until about a week ago.
Your parents decided that you would spend part of the summer with your cousin and aunt. They felt some time away from them as they tried to salvage their marriage would be good for you. (At least that’s what you thought) So they decide to take a European vacation for a month and a half. Like that’s not going to be a disaster.
“Mom seriously? I’m 17 years old! I can just stay at a friend's house while you guys are gone.”
“Honey, you haven’t seen your cousin since you were 13! Don’t you want to reconnect with your family?”
That was pretty much the end of that argument.
So now here you stood in front of the McCall home, just as you remembered it. The lake right behind their house holding so many forgotten memories that were slowly streaming back into your mind. It was small but it was surrounded by beautiful flowers in fun pots and wind chimes. The same rocking chairs still sat on the porch. The pillows however have been updated in your absence. A lot of love and care went into making the house as cozy as possible.
A large tree in the front with the same tire swing you’d used as a child was still there. And sitting under it could only be your cousin Scott.
He’d definitely grown since you were kids. His shaggy hair was gone, instead he sported short hair that sat nicely upon his head.
“You know the swing is a lot more fun if you sit on it.” He jumped slightly, hitting his head on the swing before laying back down with a groan. You tried not to laugh but his over dramatics were very funny.
“Thanks for that.” Groaning as he sat up, making sure to avoid the tire swing this time, you finally got a better look at him.
Besides being older and the shorter hair, Scott had definitely matured since you two last saw each other. Gone were his infamous chubby cheeks. Now he had a chiseled, albeit crooked jaw. The baggy t-shirts he used to favor were nowhere in sight. It seemed your cousin gained a sense of style in the last few years. It suited him.
It wasn’t just the physical differences and that stood out. His face was kinder, almost dopey when he smiled. In the 2 minutes since reuniting you could already sense how laid back he is now.
He was always such a moody kid. Pouty and sulking when he didn’t get his way or if his mom made him take me to park when he met up with Stiles.
That’s someone you hadn’t thought about in a long time
I wonder how he’s grown up.
You shake that thought away as you reach your hand down to help Scott to his feet. He shoots you a grateful smile that you return.
“You know? I remember just how dangerous of a combination you and that tire swing were.”
“What can I say, we were a good pair.” You both chuckled, unsure of how to proceed exactly. Scott and Melissa had come over a handful of times, mostly during the holidays. But there was still obvious tension and distance between you all. Eventually they stopped coming once it became apparent that there would be no reconciliation of your aunt and uncle’s marriage, therefore making you“no longer family.”
“It’s good to see you again.” He jumped, startled by your comment. But gradually he broke out into a huge grin and wrapped his arms around you in a tight hug.
You let out a small ‘oh’ of surprise before returning your cousin’s embrace.
Despite his moodiness as a child, Scott was like a brother to you. You fought, were fiercely protective if the other was getting picked on. You did everything together. Basically attached at the hip.
Neither of your parents had another kid, but seeing as the two of you were born 4 months apart (Scott being older, something he never let you forget) it didn’t matter. You had each other.
Being back at the lake with your cousin felt right.
After a moment longer and a quick squeeze you pulled apart. “Sorry. When my mom told me you would be staying with us for a month I got really excited. You haven’t been back here in like 5 years.”
You forced a tense smile at his comment. “Yeah well it was about time I got my ass back up here.” Chuckling Scott walks over and grabs your suitcase. “We’ll come on then, let’s start catching up!”
And catch up you did.
After a brief tour of the house, mostly showing off the updated kitchen and a new dock out back that was built last summer after Jackson Whittmore accidentally rammed into it after spilling a soda on himself, this losing control of his boat.
“He is a snake of a person, but at least he paid to replace the dock.”
You sat on the back porch swapping embarrassing stories from school. Scott mentioned the end of his floppy hair phase and how he thought he’d “get all the girls”. You tell him about the awkwardness of your first slow dance. The poor boy had passed out the second the song had finished.
You discussed how similar your moms still are and everything in between.
You told him about life in San Francisco. Your friends, asshole boyfriends who you couldn't believe you ever dated. Briefly recalling the time your best friend made you try out for the school play and ended up getting the lead.
Scott ended up becoming a star lacrosse player in high school. He and Stiles were still best friends, gaining some popularity in the meantime. Kids form your shared childhood that you couldn’t believe he had become close with.
“There is no way you’re in Lydia Martin’s clique!” Scott chuckled at your exclamation. Setting down his glass of water he turned to face you more. Swirling the ice in your empty class and shaking your head in disbelief you added, “She was so picky about her reputation at 10! I figured she would’ve continued her quest to have the perfect friend group.”
“She became more a part of mine, if we are being honest. And people change you know!” You quirked a brow at his statement but he wasn’t done. “I dated her best friend sophomore year. Even after we broke up they continued to hang around..”
You made a noise of disbelief but accepted his words. Stranger things have in fact happened.
“And why is it so hard to believe I could be part of a popular group? Hmm? You don’t think your cousin is cool enough to hang out with Lydia?” He started making ridiculous faces at you that had you burst out laughing.When he continued with making his faces, you simply rolled your eyes and looked out at the lake.
You couldn’t help the smile that settled on your face. This was nice. The lake was just as you remembered, but somehow also more beautiful? You didn’t realize how you really missed being here, and with your cousin. Talking with Scott felt like no time had passed at all. You got lost in your thoughts until Scott interrupted them.
“Oh speaking of Lydia Martin, she is having her annual beginning of the summer party at her place tonight. You should come along.”
“Seriously?” You questioned while adding a slight accent to your words. “You think I’m worthy to be associated with you and Lydia Martin?” You stared at him as dramatically as you could while placing a hand to your forehead. Scott rolled his eyes at your display, muttering something about “being the lead once..” under his breath.
“All joking aside. Are you sure? I don’t want you to have to babysit me and prevent you from letting loose and having fun with your friends.”
“Nonsense! Some of them used to be your friends too. And what’s the harm in making new friends?” He had a genuine smile on his face. You could tell he really wanted you to go with.
Shifting in your seat you contemplated his words. On one hand, there was no harm in making new friends. Especially if you’re going to be there for half the summer. It would be nice to have people to talk to besides your aunt and your cousin.
However, on the other hand, there were people who you’d known and lost touch with. Would it be awkward? Would they care that you were back? Or even remember you?
In the midst of getting lost in your thoughts again, you’d failed to notice Scott had gotten up and was now standing in front of you.
“Look I’m not going to force you to go.” He said while turning to face you fully. He was shifting anxiously from foot to foot. “I do think a little socializing wouldn’t hurt.” He gave you a hopeful look that you couldn’t really turn down. He had such a puppy dog face, it felt cruel to crush it.
“Okay fine.” You sighed while standing up. “I’ll give it a shot. It can’t hurt to see people again right?”
Lydia Martin still lived in one of the biggest houses on the lake. With her mother being a world renowned scientist and her dad a big shot lawyer in the city, they lived a pretty comfortable life in the small town of Beacon Hills.
You could hear the music before you and Scott pulled up to the house on his bike. Tons of cars parked along the road leading up to where the party was. You took off the spare helmet Scott loaned you while never taking your eyes off the house in front of you.
“This is quite a change from the old Lydia Martin blowouts. Does she still rent a glow up bouncy castle? I think that would make the party unforgettable.” You smirked at your cousin. Scott rolled his eyes. “Can’t say she’s done that since we were like 11.”
“What a shame.” You said while hopping off the bike. “I was hoping to get a bunch of frat boys to launch me into the ceiling.” You sighed out. Scott chuckled while throwing an arm around your shoulders. The two of you making your way up to the noisy house
Inside the party was definitely underway. Lots of people you didn’t recognise were dancing to EDM music in clumps around the room.
Despite the party starting 30 minutes prior, many people were already well past being tipsy. Scott was slowly pushing his way through the crowd with you in tow, greeting people and promising to catch up with them later. He made sure to keep a hand on your arm to not lose you in the crowd. Eventually you made it to the kitchen where less rambunctious party goers were chilling. Including the hostess of the party
“Hey Lydia! There’s someone I want you to meet.”
Lydia Martin had definitely aged well in 5 years. Her cheeks had lost the rest of the baby fat she had when you left. Updated but still very chic clothes gave her an aura of sophistication that few teenagers can possess. The 6 in heels definitely helped her out.
“Yes! Scott’s cousin, I remember you.” She reached out and grabbed your arm, looping her arm with yours. She led you over to a punch bowl, letting go of your arm to scoop pink liquid into a clear cup and handing it to you. “Scott hasn’t stopped talking about you for the last week. He’s the human embodiment of a golden retriever, but I didn’t think it could get worse!”
You giggled at her words, taking a sip of the fruity drink. Glancing around the room you noticed Scott now standing in a small group of what assumed were his friends. They were talking animatedly with one another, one trying to talk louder than and so on.
Parties were definitely not your scene. Sure you’d been to them before, but you preferred a night home in your pjs having a movie night in bed. You were determined to have a good time though. If not for yourself than for your cousin.
Lydia had looped your arms again, rambling on about how many people showed and how she totally didn’t expect this turn out. She was leading you towards Scott’s group.
“Everyone is going to love you! Ally is in France for two weeks so your arrival is much needed. The guys currently out number us and you are perfect to balance things back out!”
Damn she is a lot friendlier than when we were younger.
You smiled at the girl, trying to listen closely over the music and loud conversations happening around. The two of you slowly walk towards a small group in the corner. It is then that you make eye contact with him.
Stiles Stilinski had indeed grown up in the last 5 years.
It was a cliche, but it felt like time had stopped when your eyes met. He might have grown up but his eyes were still the same. Everyone always says brown is a boring eye color, but they obviously have never seen Stiles’ eyes.
So here’s the deal with you and Stiles. 
Yes, Stiles was and always will be Scott’s best friend. They were attached at the hip as kids. If you saw one of the boys, chances were they were trailing or chasing after the other.
You and Scott were also attached at the hip. Being born so close together as well as being family, it made it easy for you guys to get along so well.
However, you and Stiles did NOT get along. Not at first anyway. The two of you wanted to be Scott’s number one best friend. Poor Scott tried his best to keep the two of you happy, but you always ended up fighting.
It took about a year for Scott to accidentally lock you guys in Stiles’ room. Vaguely shouting that he’d be back when you guys were friends. You don’t completely recall what happened while locked in the room with Stiles (mostly because you were 6). All you know is that when his dad let you guys out an eternity later (2 hours), you were now the ones constantly together.
At first Scott was mad that he was now the odd man out, but eventually he just accepted it and carried on. And that’s how it went for the next 7 years. So many memories, the three of you doing everything together. Camp, school field trips, so many Halloween costumes, movie nights, etc. There rarely was a day you weren’t at each other’s houses hanging out.
But there was always something different with you and Stiles. You didn’t realize it until you were older and suddenly boys were now boys. You didn’t have water balloon fights with them anymore. Instead girls were expected to be cute and “girly” around guys. Be sweet and bat your eyelashes at them.
It was so gradual, you barely noticed that you had feelings for your energetic best friend. And for a moment he had feelings for you. At 13 years old you shared your first kisses with each other while camping behind your house. Scott had gone inside to use the bathroom. It was so sudden you’d barely acknowledged that it happened. For two short months you stole kisses from each other. Nothing ever crazy, small pecks and lots cheek or forehead kisses. It was sweet.
Then your parents announced you were moving. Just like that it was over.
Now that Lydia had brought you up to the circle of her friends, you got to see just how much Stiles had changed. Seeing him brought back all those feelings, like you were 13 years old again.
When you left he had a buzz cut (which you found adorable but that’s besides the point), now his hair was longer and spiked up in the front. It was messy but he made it work. He was taller and leaner. The lankiness of his youth suited him now. While he wasn’t buff like Scott, you could still tell he had something going on under his flannel.
“Finally you’re here!” Scott exclaimed, breaking your train of thought. “Everyone, this is my cousin (Y/N). (Y/N) this is Kira.” the small dark haired girl next to Scott smiled brightly and waved at you. “Malia, Isaac, Cora, Liam.” They all waved and offered different greetings to you. You waved a bit nervously back. “And of course you remember Stiles.” Stiles cleared his throat at his friend's comment, shooting him a slight glare. Scott simply rolled his eyes.
“Yeah of course I remember Stiles. Can’t forget all the times he made me watch Star Wars growing up.” The circle all chuckled at your comment. Guess some things don’t change. He however didn’t respond which did not go unnoticed by anyone.
“So how long are you here for?” Liam asked, trying to break the tension that started to swell.
“About a month and a half. My parents are running around Europe so who knows if they’ll actually come back.” Everyone let out small chuckles again, clearly trying to make the small talk less awkward.
“Europe, how exciting! I’m planning on going to Paris in the fall.” It was Malia who spoke. You didn’t get a chance to respond though.
“Yes yes old stuff and snotty rich people. Very thrilling.” It was the first time he had spoken. He was fascinated by the floor, not even caring about his friends' reactions to his comment. Lydia rolled her eyes while Malia stuck her tongue out the boy.
“So do you have any embarrassing childhood stories about Mr. Moody over here? He’s so cool and collected now, I need to know about this awkwardness he used to possess.” Cora was the one who spoke. She had a mischievous look in her eye. Clearly she was trying to keep a conversation going.
“Please I doubt she even remembers anything about me” His words were venomous. The playful tone switched instantly. The looks on everyone’s face told you so.
“Well I need to be topped off, anyone else?” There were murmurs of yes. You swear you heard Malia say “thank God.” and Scott shush her. Everyone slowly walked away, thankful for an out. You and your former best friend were the only ones left. Both of you leaning against the back of the couch.
Neither of you said anything, simply observed the scene of party goers. People were completely lost in the music and the night.
Sighing, you decided to talk to him.“It’s good to see you again, Stiles.” You tried to bump his shoulder but he quickly recoiled from you.
“I don’t go by Stiles, anymore.” His words were mumbled. He was still refusing to meet your eyes. His name holding so much venom in his own mouth.
“What? Why?” You stood, tilting your head to look at him. He was staring at the party happening in front of him, not even glancing at your furrowed brows.
“I was given a new nickname by my wonderful classmates. Finally I just accepted it. Now I revel in it.”
You opened your mouth to respond but closed it when no thoughts came to you.This definitely was not the Stiles you remembered.
“Well what is it?” Stiles hadn’t even gotten a chance to respond before another voice interrupted your conversation. “We call him Void.”
You whipped your head around at the new voice. Before you stood a handsome guy, with brown hair styled nicely on his head. He very obviously hit the gym a lot. He was vaguely familiar too.
“Just perfect.” Stiles muttered while sipping his beer. You furrowed your eyes at him in question, but he pushed off the couch and out the back door without another word to you. He hadn’t even glanced in your direction.
“Don’t be shocked. Stilinski doesn’t have a great history with being friendly.” The mystery man chuckled. He had taken some steps closer to you. You took the same steps back.
“Why do you call him that?”
“Bullshit.” He blinked, obviously surprised at your statement. “Why do you care about Stilinski?”
“We used to be good friends before I moved away.”
“Ah, so the rumours are true. (Y/N) (L/N) has returned to our little corner of the world.”
“You say that like you know me.” You crossed your arms, glaring at the boy standing in front of you.
He chuckled, moving closer to you again. By this point you were completely backed into the couch with few options to turn. “I’m hurt you don’t remember me. I used to write you such sweet notes.” You narrowed your eyes at him.
Then it finally clicked. Theo Fucking Raeken.
He was obsessed with you for years. Constantly writing you “love notes” at school. He would try to pass them to you but in a way that the teacher saw and would make you read them out loud. It was so humiliating. Scott and Stiles both hated Theo for what he did to you. Especially Stiles.
“Theo..” He smirked at you when the recognition hit your face. “See I knew those notes would do me some good one day.” You pushed him back and weaved past him, desperate to get away from Theo and desperate to find Stiles.
“Oh c'mon! Stay awhile!” He shouted after you. But you continued walking away, and without even glancing behind you shouted, “Fuck off Theo.”
It took 15 minutes of wandering, but you finally found Stiles sitting down by the dock. His shoulders were tense as he took a swig of his beer before slamming down next to him.
Pausing briefly to take a deep breath, you started walking before you could talk yourself out of approaching the angry boy.
You couldn’t tell if you were wobbling because of the heels you were wearing or the nerves of talking to your former friend again. You rolled your ankle, slightly cursing under your breath, which gave away your presence to the boy sitting in front of you.
“Hey…” Despite the voice in your head telling you to leave him be, you softly called out to him.
He briefly glanced over his shoulder, scowling when he realised it was you. With a deep breath you tried to break the tension again,“I know we used to hate each other but I thought we’d moved past that.” You attempted to make a joke but Stiles was unamused.
“A lot has changed since you left.” He had already turned away from you. He continued to stare out at the lake, ignoring you and your attempts at a conversation.
“Right. Of course. Losing your mom must have been terrible. I’m really sorry. I can’t imagine how hard that was.”
“Like you noticed.” He snapped.
Ouch, okay. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Whatever, doesn’t matter.”
“Uh no, not whatever! Obviously you are upset with me.” he scoffed and muttered sarcastically under his breath “What gave it away?”
“I’ve barely been here a day. What could I have possibly done to piss you off already?”
“Just leave it alone (Y/N).” He spat the words at you. He stuck you with a harsh glade that could make anyone shrink and crumble. Clearly he was used to other people backing down when he was in a mood. But not you. Maybe it was a flaw, maybe a gift. You didn’t care, you just wanted to know what was wrong.
“No. I won’t! How can I fix anything or apologize if I don’t even know what I did wrong?”
“YOU LEFT!” Your face softened at his words. That was not what you expected him to say.
He rolled his “Out of the blue you just disappeared and then no one heard from you. Not even your own fucking cousin had heard from besides at Christmas.”
This is definitely not how you pictured seeing Stiles again. After so many years he was upset with you.
“And you didn’t even come to my mom's funeral. She loved you, adored you! And you couldn’t even bother to pay your respects!” He spat out at you.
You stood there stunned staring at him. He was breathing heavily, an angry look on his face.
“So just leave me the fuck alone. You’ll be leaving again to go back to your cushy city life and disappear for another 5 years. Or maybe 10 this time.” He got up and strolled right past you. As if he hadn’t just completely chewed you out. For something out of your control. With his back turned to you finally processed what he had said.
You didn’t feel bad anymore. Now you were angry.
Shutting your mouth from being caught off guard and bunching your fist, you marched after him.
He jumped slightly and turned around, obviously still pissed by the way he is glaring at you. He opened his mouth, probably to yell at you some more, but you cut him off.
“For the record Stiles, I didn’t ask to move to the city.I was happy here! I BEGGED my parents not to move.” He stared at you, unfazed by your explanation. He started to move again but you weren’t letting him walk away that easily.
“I didn’t even find out your mom had died until months later. When I confronted my parents they said “they didn’t want to disrupt my adjustment period”, so they decided it was best not to tell me. I didn’t talk to my parents for almost a month when I found out. I tried calling your house but you and your dad had already moved.”
He scoffed, crossing his arms across his chest. “You could’ve asked Scott.”
“I couldn’t!” For the first time all night he wasn’t scowling. Instead his face expressed confusion.
“My mom’s brother cheated on Melissa and then left! It seemed wrong at the time to ask any favors of them. Hell, we didn’t know if they would even want to speak to us after what my uncle did!”
There were tears in your eyes. Now he was quiet. He looked almost guilty. Maybe even a little embarrassed.
You both stood staring at each other for an awkward amount of time. Both with hurt and angry eyes.
You barely noticed as people began to gather nearby. Clearly noticing your yelling and we’re looking for some entertainment. However Stiles, or whatever his name was now, noticed. People were now shouting things at him.
“What are you gonna do to her, Stilinski? Add another one to your body count?” A booming voice broke the tension between you too. Stiles' jaw clenched at the random man's words.
“I’d be careful (Y/N). People that associate with Void here end up crazy or dead.” It was Theo’s voice that spoke out this time. You narrowed your eyes at his words.
“I’ll take my chances, thanks.” You snapped,
Stiles decided to turn and walk away again. People started clearing away now. “Disappointed that the fighting” was over.
With a heavy sigh you looked down at your shoes.
How could everything be so bad after one night?
Eventually you looked back up to see his retreating figure. You called out to him. This time when he turned to look at you he wasn’t angry. His face was neutral as his eyes met yours. You opened your mouth to say something, anything, but you couldn't’ figure out what to say. When you didn’t speak, he simply nodded his head and started walking again.
Gaining back some courage and speaking much softer now “Maybe you're right.” He stopped walking. He didn’t turn around but he stopped.
“I should’ve tried harder to reach out. I could’ve been more persistent with my parents to let me go back and see you guys. Gathered my courage and asked Scott for your number, or even how you were doing.”
He had slowly turned around to face you fully. His face no longer held any anger. It was neutral except for his eyes. Hands in his pockets trying not to look you directly in the eye.
“But Stiles,” His face scrunched up at the mention of his old nickname. You still continued on voice cracking slightly, “I was just a kid. We have little power over our lives. And all the shit we’ve been through the past few years is hard enough for adults to deal with.”
He nodded, acknowledging your words. You gave him a small smile in return. It seemed like a temporary truce. Maybe you two wouldn’t be best friends again, but you could at least be civil. Kind if nothing else.
“I truly am sorry. About everything.”
“You don’t even know everything I've been through.” He muttered. He was looking down at his shoes. Any traces of anger were completely gone now. He just seemed completely void of any emotions. The last few years must’ve been hell for him.
“No, but whatever it was I know you didn’t deserve it”
He snapped his head up to look at you. It was his turn to look at you stunned. His emotionless face now displayed a look of gratitude. You caught a glimpse of his eyes. They looked tired, sad. Weary from the past few years you spent apart. You were wrong earlier. His eyes had changed. They were no longer bright and full of mischief. Hardened from the past few years. Your heart hurt with the realization that whatever Theo was alluding to earlier had greatly impacted Stiles’ life, definitely not in a positive way. 
So you smiled at him again, not as forced as the previous ones. With a deep breath it was you who turned around and walked away.
This was going to be a long month and a half.
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hiii, can i request an imagine with the letter ‘z’ from the prompt alphabet with derek hale? please and thank you 😊
thanks for requesting!
Z = zzz’s (bed sharing/one bed)
it could've been better ngl :/
Tumblr media
"Scoot over," you mumbled, pushing Derek aside. He didn't reply, instead laid back on top of you as you groaned, frustrated.
It was definitely past midnight, and Derek was completely passed out.
"Dude," you pushed him over again, burying yourself in the blanket before closing your eyes, feeling him holding you once again.
You rolled your eyes, pushing him off of you before you dug your nails in your palm.
You pushed yourself out of the bed, walking to the guest bedroom.
"Where did you go last night?" Derek asked as you walked to him before you glared at him.
He walked to press a kiss to your cheek before you pulled away, crossing your arms.
"What?" he raised an eyebrow.
"I can't deal with you anymore!" you exclaimed.
He frowned, raising an eyebrow.
"You hog the blanket, you snore, don't even get me started on the fact that you always roll onto me and my side of the bed!" you yelled.
You saw his face fall into a smile, clearing his throat to hold back a laugh as your face fell, staring at him angrily.
"Scott owes me 10 dollars and Stiles owes me 15," he explained.
He pressed a kiss to your lips gently as you frowned, confused.
"Yeah, elaborate," you said.
"Well, Scott bet on how long it would take you to finally snap about annoying sleep habits, and Stiles bet on if you'd be nice about it or not," he explained.
You could feel slight anger bubbling in your chest.
"What?" you clenched your jaw.
"You didn't think I actually sleep like that, did you?" he raised an eyebrow.
"Well, I don't know how you sleep!" you exclaimed.
He chuckled softly, putting his hands on your waist.
"I proved that I know you better than anyone," he said softly.
"I'm pissed," you said.
"To prove it, I got you a signed copy of the Maze Runner," he handed you the book as your face softened, a small smile creeping up your face as you tried to hide it.
"I hate you," you muttered.
"I love you, too," he dragged you to the couch, before pressing his lips against yours.
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lovelyxhiraeth · 3 hours ago
hey stupid, i love you.
Tumblr media
stiles x reader- you overhear stiles confessing his love to lydia, only he was really practicing to tell you.
the pack had all gathered at stiles’ house, reading and studying up on the newest threat in beacon hills- the anuk-ite. so far the only thing known for sure was that it had to have slipped through the rift between realms when you all tried getting stiles’ back from wherever the ghost riders took him. “can we ever catch a break?” lydia said in an aggravated sigh as she leaned back in her seat, tossing an old book on the table. a series of mumbles played throughout the living room area as you all were just as exhausted as lydia with the nonstop researching and fighting for your lives. “as long as beacon hills is a magnet for the supernatural- i don’t think so.” scott replied, scratching the back of his head.
 stiles was sat next to you, but he had fallen silent in the last hour. worried, you nudged him with your elbow to get his attention. “what’s up?” he shook his head, “oh, you know, just can’t wait for this to be over with.” you could tell he didn’t want to talk about whatever was really bothering him right this second so you smiled at him, “i know how you feel. we’ve always figured it out before though, we got this, stilinski.” stiles returned the smile before glancing over towards lydia. “uh, speaking of catching a break. lydia, can you come with me for a minute?” lydia stood up, following him upstairs. you’d be lying if you said you weren’t a little curious as to what they were doing. stiles and you had been friends for a long time, but ever since you forgot all about him- then remembered him, you realized just how much you liked him. i guess going that long missing the one thing that made you happy would do wonders in making you see him in a different light; a much brighter, stronger light. you loved him. and you had a feeling that he might have felt the same towards you by the way you both fell into each others arms when he came back and then the flirting and being together constantly that followed. thinking of it now, if there wasn’t a huge supernatural force behind it like the ghost riders, there would be no way you could ever forget stiles stilinski. 
a half hour passed neither lydia or stiles returned to continue research. it seemed as if only you and scott noticed, as you both caught each other’s eye as you scanned the room looking for them. “i’m going to go see what stiles and lydia are up to.” scott told the pack, no one really listening. “uh, me too.” you mumbled, quickly and quietly following scott upstairs. “i’m sure their just looking at stile’s investigation wall, ya know? they always do that.” scott tried reassuring  you, knowing about your feelings for stiles. before you could respond, stiles’ voice beamed inside his bedroom. 
“i’m in love with you. like crazy. i know it’s sudden but i needed you to know. i think about you all of the time- you’re beautiful, smart, you make me laugh more than anyone has before and i-” that was all you could stand to listen to before you backed away from the door and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door harder than you meant to in the moment. scott had called out for you, but you didn’t want to talk to anyone in that moment. you refused to cry; at least not until you went home. the water ran, and cupped your shaking hands to let them fill before splashing your face in hopes to calm down. 
you really thought he felt the same way. yet you heard him say the words you hoped to hear to none other than lydia, the girl you thought he had moved on from. 
“what the hell was that bang?” stiles said, him and lydia rushing out of his bedroom to see scott standing there. his expression changed from shocked to worried once he saw the look on scott’s face. “what’s wrong? did you find something?” stiles’ asked his best friend. “uh, yeah. we found you confessing your love to lydia?” stiles backed up, “what? no, that’d not what- who’s we?” stiles felt his heart speed up, hoping, praying that scott wouldn’t say your name.
“(y/n),” he paused to watch stiles’ and lydia realize they had not purposefully messed up greatly. “and that bang you heard was her running into the bathroom and slamming the door. dude, what the hell is going on? you told me you had feelings for (y/n).” 
“oh no, oh god no,” stiles said in a panic. “i mean yes, i have feelings for (y/n) but lydia was just- wait so you’re saying she was upset? does that mean she feels the same?” lydia nudged stiles, cutting him off. “yes, stiles. as if it wasn’t completely obvious. you go fix this.” she ordered him to which he immediately complied, wanting to make things right. “he was practicing on me. I was helping him find a way to tell her.” she finished explaining to scott, grabbing his arm to lead him away and back to the group. scott tried not to laugh, but this misunderstanding was a little funny- and embarrassing for stiles. but he knew he’d fix it, and knowing what he knew about their feelings for each other, he wasn’t worried one bit that this wouldn’t end up in the best way possible. 
you finally opened the bathroom door after minutes of stiles banging and pleading for you to let him in. you didn’t want to talk, but you knew you couldn’t just ignore him all night. stiles sighed in relief once he entered and shut the door behind him. “(y/n).” he said, sitting across from you on the floor. “stiles’ it’s okay really, I guess i just read the signs wrong. It’s not your fault, and you didn’t know that i had feelings.” you told him, not wanting to be upset with him but still feeling it anyway. “(y/n) no-” stiles began once again, but not wanting to hear him tell you he didn’t like you back, you cut him off once again. “and i mean, lydia’s beautiful so i really can’t blame you.” 
“oh for god sake, it’s you, (y/n) not lydia!” stiles exclaimed, grabbing your hands. he could tell you were confused as to why you heard differently moments before. “she was helping me find a way to tell you. she let me practice on her. god, this is extremely embarrassing.” stiles laughed, looking away from you. you tried to contain it, but instead you busted out in laughter. “oh my god.” you said in between laughs as you tried to catch your breath. “okay really? it’s not that funny.” stiles said in a fake defensive way, joining you in laughter seconds later.
finally, you both settled down. stiles’ hands still gripped yours. it was quiet for a little as you both thought of where to go from here. “hey stupid,” you said breaking the silence. “I love you.” 
stiles couldn’t help but pull you in, kissing you passionately. you felt every good feeling in that moment, the butterflies, the sparks, everything. 
“wow. maybe I should call you stupid more often.” you joked, “hm, or, you know, just tell me you love me more often.” stiles kissed you once more. “oh, and i love you too, stupid.” 
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hotdogwillex · 4 hours ago
cruel summer // i.l.
masterlist | taglist
we back baby!! and ofc this was inspired by the queen herself, taylor swift. listen to this song rn if somehow you’ve never heard it. anyway enjoy! (3k words)
Tumblr media
“You know, we’re bound to get caught eventually,” you breathed into the darkness.
“So?” you couldn’t see him, but you could sense his grin.
“So, I don’t think they would be very happy -” your voice faltered as his lips pressed against your throat, sending electricity through your veins.
“What, because I’m the big bad wolf taking advantage of Little Red?” he teased, his fingers pulling at the hem of your shirt.
“Because,” you tangled his fingers with yours and pulled away, bumping into the brick wall behind you. “We’re late.”
He groaned, dropping his forehead against your shoulder. “Why sit through a boring pack meeting when we can do way less boring things out here?”
“You’re funny,” you deadpanned, although it’s hard to deny you would love nothing more than to waste the rest of the day losing yourself in him. But then you heard voices from inside the house, and you’re reminded of reality. “You know the drill.”
He sighed, and pressed one more kiss against your slightly swollen lips. “See you later?”
“Of course, Isaac,” you adjusted your shirt before sneaking a glance towards the driveway to make sure no one is coming your way.
He squeezed your hand before turning the corner and ringing Scott’s doorbell. You almost laughed at how ridiculous it was, the two of you stealing moments in the bushes outside your friend’s house before a pack meeting.
Towards the end of the school year, you and Isaac had been paired together on “kanima watch”, aka lurking outside of Jackson’s house all night. There was no killer lizard action to be seen, so the two of you got to talking, and one thing led to another. You didn’t even know who had made the first move, but you’d found yourself on Isaac’s lap in the passenger seat of your car.
The past few weeks had consisted of the two of you finding ways to sneak away from your respective packs and hide away in the furthest parts of the Beacon Hills Preserve, spending nights tangled up in each other. It had become harder and harder to stay away from each other in group settings, even though to everyone else’s knowledge you and Isaac were barely acquaintances. Tonight was the riskiest you had been, stealing moments before the pack meeting, pressed up against the side of the McCall house.
Your watch told you that it had been exactly two minutes since Isaac had left, so you fixed your hair one more time and rang the doorbell. Scott swung open the door, meeting you with a puzzled gaze.
“Are you okay, Y/N?” he asked, and the question struck fear into your heart.
“What? Yeah! I’m fine! Great even,” you tried to cover up your shock. “Why?”
“You’re just normally the first one here for pack meetings,” Scott replied, his brow furrowed.
“Oh,” a wave of relief washed over you. “Yeah. Car trouble.”
Before Scott could question your excuse, you walked into the living room, taking the seat next to Stiles on the couch.
“Hey!” Stiles shifted to make room for you. “Did you do the chem homework? I honest to god tried, but I swear Harris is making stuff up to confuse me.”
Isaac turned slightly from his seat across the room, no doubt having listened in on the conversation, and flashed a smirk that made your breath catch and your heart trip over itself. He turned back to his conversation with Derek, a smug smile on his face. Sometimes you thought he purposefully flustered you in front of your friends just so he could hear the effect he has on your heartbeat.
“What?” you realized that Stiles was impatiently waiting for an answer. “Oh, uh, I’ll send you the answers when I get home. But seriously, sit with me next class and I’ll explain it to you.”
“I - hey, your top two buttons are wrong,” Stiles cut himself off and inspected your shirt with confusion.
“Huh,” you mask your panic by looking down and fixing your shirt. “Guess I was in a rush this morning.”
You could’ve sworn you heard Isaac laugh from across the room.
Of course, it wouldn’t be summer without the annual Lydia Martin Mid-Summer Rager, which is how you found yourself at the Martin’s lakehouse, trying not to squint while Lydia applied your mascara.
“What’s on the agenda for tonight, Lyd?” Allison grinned from her spot on the bed, having already been subjected to a makeover.
“Oh, you know,” Lydia tried to act casual, but the glint in her eye let off that she was planning something. “Maybe some drinking games, maybe some seven minutes in heaven. Who knows?”
Allison squealed, and you tried to act impartial to the idea, even though it struck fear in your heart. What if you got paired up with Isaac, and your secret was out? Or worse, what if Isaac got paired with someone else?
“Lydia!” Allison laughed. “You’re bad.”
“Listen, Jackson ran off to London with his tail between his legs, and you just dumped Scott,” the strawberry blonde smirked. “And Y/N over here hasn’t had a boyfriend since she dated Ben Cartwright for a week freshman year. We need new men.”
You had to fight back a smirk at the thought of the two girls’ reactions if you told them everything you and Isaac had done that summer, but you kept quiet.
Later that night, Lydia decided against seven minutes in heaven and instead grabbed an empty vodka bottle and gathered everyone into a circle. You ended up between Stiles and Allison, trying desperately to avoid looking at Isaac across the circle.
Lydia started off the game, kissing one of the boys from the grade below, and a few more rounds passed until Scott’s spin landed on Isaac. The curly haired boy smirked and stuck his cheek out for Scott to plant a gentle kiss on, causing a round of “awww”s from the circle.
Isaac leaned forward and spun the bottle. Your heart stopped as the Tito’s bottle turned over and over, skimming past you and landing on… Allison.
Allison laughed and shrugged, and Isaac shrugged, and then they were kissing. A hot spike of anger tore through your chest, but it was unlike anything you had ever felt before. It was anger, hurt, jealousy, and betrayal, all wrapped up into one. You hadn’t really expected Isaac to call off the game and sweep you off your feet in front of everyone, but you also hadn’t expected him to stick his tongue down one of your best friends’ throats.
They were still going at it, hands in hair and bodies pressed together, and you couldn’t watch anymore. You scrambled to get up and muttered something about going to the bathroom before running away. The tears came before you reached sanctuary, but you quickly hid yourself in the nearest empty room before anyone could see.
The sobs came, and your body shook as you let all of the frustration out. Deep down, you knew how this would end. Isaac kept you a secret because he was ashamed, and he never would have actually dated you. Why would he, when he could have Allison or Lydia or any other girl in Beacon Hills? There was a reason you were a secret to be kept, and you had just been too stupid to see why.
A soft knock came from the door and you hastily wiped your tears. “Sorry, this room is occupied.”
“Y/N, can I come in?” the sound of Isaac’s voice just made you even more upset.
You opened your mouth to tell him to go away, but you kept silent instead. You knew he was on the other side, listening intently to your heartbeat and watery sniffles, but you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.
“Y/N, I know you’re in there,” he persisted, but you kept quiet.
After a few minutes, another knock came on the door.
“Y/N?” Scott’s voice was a welcome relief, and you unlocked the door for him.
He was by your side in an instant, leading you to the bed and sitting you down, rubbing comforting circles on your back.
“Watching them really sucked, huh?” he tried to joke, but it fell flat.
“I’m fine,” you insisted, although you took the tissue he offered.
“No, you’re not.”
“I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be fine?” you ducked your head, trying to avoid Scott’s trademark worried gaze.
“I know how you feel about him,” his voice was full of pity, which just made you feel even worse. “Werewolf senses.”
You sighed, leaning into his shoulder. “I just - in front of everyone? I get that he’s ashamed of me or whatever, but that was a whole new level of fuck you.”
“Wait, what?” Scott pulled back to look you in the eyes. “Y/N, no one should ever be ashamed of you. You’re incredible, and badass, and any person would be so crazy lucky to have you. If Isaac is really that much of an idiot, then he doesn’t deserve you anyways.”
A new wave of tears was coming on, but this time for a good reason. You blinked them back and squeezed Scott’s hand instead.
“Thanks, Scott,” you smiled. “And for what it’s worth, Allison was crazy to let you go. If I had someone who loved me the way you love her, I don’t think I’d be capable of letting that go.”
“Thanks, Y/N,” he wrapped an arm around your shoulder and pulled you close. “If it helps, I’ll sit right next to you for the rest of the party and pretend to flirt with you.”
You let out a watery laugh. “I appreciate it, but I think we gotta deal with these things ourselves, Scotty.”
He groaned, causing you to laugh again. “I hate when you’re right.”
It was nearly half past midnight when Derek called. You snatched up the phone immediately, pressing the green button before the phone was even close to your ear. You never slept well during the full moon, too pent up with worry to relax.
“What happened?” you asked, your heart racing in your chest.
“How fast can you get here?” the worry was clear in his voice, and you could hear chaos in the background.
“What’s wrong?” you stood up, pulling on shoes and a hoodie in seconds, already halfway out the door before he could offer an explanation.
“It’s Isaac,” he replied, his voice clipped. “He… He’s gone.”
You stopped dead in your tracks. Gone? Where could he go? You glanced to your window, the moon hanging brightly in the sky.
“I don’t…” you faltered, your brain moving faster than your body could keep up. “Isn’t that - I mean, aren’t you guys allowed to roam freely on the moon? He learned how to control it.”
“It’s different this time,” Derek said, frustration bleeding through his composed facade. “He was losing control. I chained him up, but he got loose. He could be anywhere.”
Something was wrong with Isaac. But why would Derek call you? How would he even know there was any connection between you and Isaac? Not that there was anymore, he had made sure of that at Lydia’s party.
“And you need me… why?” you hesitated, hoping you sounded more confused than frustrated.
“He was calling your name,” Derek said, unusually softly. “I just know if it were me… I’d want someone to be there. I didn’t know what else to do. Just get here. Please?” A heavy silence hung between you, long enough for you to picture a younger Derek going through the same thing, calling out for people who could no longer hear him.
Isaac had called your name, and then ran off. He wasn’t at your house, you would’ve been able to tell by now. If he had turned up at Scott’s, Scott would’ve called Derek. So, where would Isaac go if he wanted to be with you, but not with you, and avoid the rest of the pack?
It was crazy, but all of a sudden the realization clicked into your brain. It was a long shot, but it was all you had.
“I have an idea,” you said. Somehow, during the short conversation, you had ended up behind the wheel of your car, already putting the keys into the ignition. “Meet me at the preserve.”
You heard a sigh of relief, and then Derek hung up. The ride to the preserve on the outskirts of Beacon Hills normally took you fifteen minutes, but you raced past stop signs and yellow lights, pulling in ten minutes after you’d left your driveway. All you could think about was Isaac, the anger and frustration almost completely blocked out by your worry.
Derek was already waiting for you, arms crossed and shoulders tense. To an outsider, his face would’ve seemed passive, but you could tell he was brewing with worry.
“What are you thinking?” he watched you curiously. It was always a surprise when Derek showed you respect, although it was something he had been doing for a while now.
“We used to come here,” there was no point in lying about it now. “I figured if he missed me but didn’t have the guts to come see me, this is where he would go.”
“I’m picking up his scent. Follow me,” Derek led you through the woods. “So, uh, what happened?”
There was no way in hell you were going to spill about your love life to Derek Hale of all people. You gave him a look that conveyed exactly that, and he nodded awkwardly.
After a few minutes of walking, a howl rang through the woods. You and Derek shared a panicked glance, and he took off running, leaving you to clumsily follow his path as fast as you could. When you caught up to them, you found Derek in wolf form, facing off against Isaac. They were at a standstill until Isaac caught sight of you.
He let out a low growl, backing up as you walked towards him. While most people would run in the opposite direction of a growling werewolf, it didn’t sound like a threat. It sounded like a warning.
“I’m not afraid of you, Isaac,” to prove your point, you stepped closer to him, not stopping until you were kneeling on the forest floor in front of him. You heard Derek retreat into the woods, giving you space to calm him down.
The growling stopped.
“You’re okay, Isaac,” you spoke softly and took one of his hands in an attempt to keep him grounded. “I’m here now. I’m not going anywhere. Breathe with me?”
You leaned forward to press your forehead against his and closed your eyes, taking deep breaths and hoping he would follow suit. After a minute, you felt his hand change under yours, the fur and claws retreating.
“Y/N…” Isaac’s voice was strained but human.
“Hey,” you let out a soft laugh, leaning back to take him in. His eyes had turned from yellow to their normal blue, gazing at you with wonder.
“What are you doing here?” he didn’t move, but his eyes followed you as you stood.
“Derek called.”
“And you came?” he looked up at you, his skin glowing softly in the moonlight. It caught you off guard for a second, how beautiful he still was.
“Of course,” you stepped back and Isaac moved forward immediately, not bothering to stand as he grasped for you, his arms tight around your waist and his cheek pressed against your stomach.
“Thank you,” he whispered.
The two of you stood there for what was probably just a minute, but felt like an eternity. You knew Derek was just around the corner, probably listening in, but you were grateful he didn’t step inside just yet.
“Why’d you do it?” you asked, feeling him tense up at your words. He had been so desperate to see you and so calmed by your presence that for a moment you could pretend that you were a real couple, the kind that comforts each other instead of kisses each other’s friends at parties.
“I - I don’t know,” Isaac sighed, pulling away. He tugged on your hand and you sat with him, all too aware of the way he didn’t drop your hand. “Well, actually, I do know. I’m scared.”
“Scared of what?”
“You,” your eyebrows shot up to your hairline. “Us. You’re all I think about, and when I’m not with you all I can think of is where you are and when we’ll be together again. It’s terrifying. I’ve never cared about anyone like this before.”
You opened your mouth to respond, but he continued.
“You’re my anchor, Y/N. And normally, I control myself by thinking about how at peace I feel with you. But this time, all I could think about was how I hurt you,” his eyes were glued to the floor as he rambled on, and you squeezed his hand.
“I thought you were ashamed of me,” you whispered hollowly.
His head shot up. “No! No, no, never. You’re perfect. That’s what makes you so scary.”
You’re shocked for a moment, your brain finally catching up to what’s happened. “Let’s be scared together.”
Isaac wasted no time in closing the distance between you, one hand under your chin to gently pull you to him, and the other still holding yours. The kiss was different from all the others; it’s slow and gentle, as if it’s the first time you’ve ever kissed.
You brought your free hand up to place on his shoulder, and then tangled it into his curls. You had missed him more than you wanted to admit. The way his touch set you on fire, the feel of his eyelashes against your cheek, and even the way he smelled.
“What does this mean for us?” you whispered once the two of you broke apart.
“What do you mean?” his fingers traced patterns on your forearms, and you had to remind yourself to focus instead of getting lost in his touch.
“No more secrets,” you insisted. “I can’t keep secrets from our friends anymore.”
“No more secrets,” he agreed. “Speaking of no more secrets…”
“I think… I think I’m falling for you, Y/N,” Isaac kept his eyes fixed on the ground.
“Can I tell you a secret? I know I’m falling for you.”
He looked up, a devilish grin spread across his face.
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teen wolf masterlist.
Tumblr media
requests are open!!
theo raeken
↠ favorite crime
↠ traitor
↠ smile
liam dunbar
↠ happier
malia tate
↠ driver’s license
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maxineswritingcenter · 9 hours ago
You Saved Me - Derek Hale x fem!reader part 16
In was 2006, one of the last seasons for Beacon Hills Girl’s lacrosse. The other girls on the team and I fought hard but it would be over by the time my senior year rolled around. We thought if we had made it to the state championships, we would save it. Here’s to hoping. As team captain, all eyes were on my to make the season great. We were lined up on the field, ready for the toss up. I started into the eyes of the opposing player, the girl’s eyes were determined. But so were mine, I glanced to the side at the bleachers. There was Uncle Noah, Stiles, and Scott, cheering me on. I was just happy Stiles came today.
I looked back up, just in time for the pearl toss, I scooped it from the air, immediately shoving passed the opposing player. I ran down the field, narrowly missing players looking to tackle. I threw the ball towards an open offensive player just as someone slammed me from the side. I grunted as I hit the ground, hearing the crowd wince. I got myself up on my arms and looked down the field. My player was able to get through the other teams defense and scored the game winning goal. Coach Finstock laughed loudly, loud enough to be heard over the roar of crowd. I stood up, raising my crosse in the air and shouted into the sky. I ran back to the bench, congratulating my team mates. But now I needed to see him. I pushed through the crowd, I looked around. As I got through the crowd, I was left alone. I was staring out into the woods. An eerie feeling came over me. There was something out there. 
“Hey!” Michael’s smiling face came into my vision, causing me to smile. 
“Hey.” I smiled, looking back at the crowd, “Have you seen Derek?”
Michael raised an eyebrow at me, “Who’s Derek?” I paused, asking myself the same question. 
“I don’t know.”
“So let me get this straight,” I said into the phone. I was on the phone with Stiles getting a recap of what had happened over the last couple days, “You stole a police transport vehicle-”
“We put gas in it!” 
“Of course, you did. You stole a transport van, filled it with gas, kidnapped Jackson to talk to him, left him in the woods. Jackson’s father, a lawyer, has issued two restraining order against you and Scott.” I made sure to separate the kanima and Jackson. “Found out the kanima is being used by a ‘master’. Is that it?” Derek raised his eyebrows at the conversation.
“I was also grounded from Scott.” He added. 
“When are you coming home?” He asked, hushing his voice a little, “I’m all for you living out your best werewolf life but I would rather you be home.” I motioned for the group of Derek, Erica, and Isaac to go ahead of me. 
“When I have the courage to face your dad. Or when my lie that I’m staying at a friend’s house doesn’t work anymore. Whatever comes first.” I sighed, “I’ll try to come home soon. I need to apologize.” After our goodbyes, I hung up the phone. 
After I stepped into the railway car, I made it just in time for our “pack meeting” to start. 
“So, why do we need their help?” Isaac asked. 
“Because it’s harder to kill than I thought, and I still don’t know who it is.” Derek said impatiently. 
“And they do?”
“They might. Which is why I need one of you to get on their good side.”
“Mmm. Scott or Stiles?” Erica hummed flirtatiously. Honestly, I don’t think she realizes she’s barking up the wrong tree, no pun intended. Scott was more focused on Allison than his own life and Stiles was in a persistent pursuit of Miss Lydia Martin.
“Either.” Derek sighed, probably fed up with her new found flirtatious nature.
“Good luck with that.” I said under my breath, causing the group to look at me, “What? The last time they saw you, you broke into Scott’s house and tried to kill them.” Isaac titled his head to the side and nodded a little in agreement. 
Isaac turned to Derek, “You know, the full moon's coming, Derek.”
"I'm aware of that.” Derek said irritably, he opened a large wooden chest, searching around for something. He pulled out dark, rusted chains. 
“Oh my.” Erica lifted up a bundle of them, “These look comfortable.” She said sarcastically. He quickly took them from her grasp and put them with the rest that he pulled out of the chest. 
“You said you were gonna teach us to change whenever we wanted.” Isaac said warily, eyeing the chains. 
“There hasn't been time.” He said. And truly he hadn’t had time. I had really been training myself on how to control the chains with what I was calling exposure therapy. Getting really mad and controlling the change before turning so I would be less likely to kill someone during a spout of road rage. 
“But if you have to lock us up during the full moon, that means... That means you're alone against the Argents.” Isaac said. 
Derek closed the lid of the chest, “They haven't found us.”
“Yet.“ Kid had a point, “So, how about we forget about the Kanima?”
“We. Can't!” He shouted in frustration. He sighed, “There was something about the way Gerard looked at it... He wasn't afraid, at all. I don't know what he knows, or what he's planning. But, I'm sure about one thing-- we have to find it, first.” 
“With Scott’s group.” I added, “We are stronger in numbers, that’s how the hunters work and that’s how we should work.” 
On the drive home to the Stilinski house, I really had to convince myself not to turn back around and go back to the depot. But Uncle Noah deserved an apology. He had taken me in, given me a fresh start and asked that I be safe in return. Yet here I was, fighting a lizard man with the threat of hunters on my tail, not to mention that I was a movie monster. I parked in the drive way next to his police cruiser and closed my eyes. My emotions were running high and it was hard to keep my eyes from turning red. 
“Breathe.” Derek’s voice echoed through my head, “It’s going to be okay.”
I took a deep breath in and out and when I opened my eyes, the red was gone. Now or never. 
After closing the front door behind me, I walked quietly into the kitchen where I found him. He was leaning against the counter and sipping a cup of coffee. He looked exhausted. He looked up from his cup a little surprised. 
I chewed on the inside of my cheek before answering, “Uncle Noah...”
“Is...Everything alright?” 
“Yeah, yeah.” I said quickly, “Everything’s....” I let out a deep breath, “Everything’s not fine. I’m so sorry about the things I said.”
He smiled a little, “It’s fine.” 
“It-It’s not fine though. You’re just looking out for me, I should appreciate that more. You’ve done more than anyone in my situation could have asked for. You opened up your home, bought me clothes, gave me my own room. You didn’t have to do that.” 
“No, no.” He said, setting down his coffee mug, “I did have to do that. Besides promising your parents that I would look after you, I did this because you’re like one of my own. You’re like the daughter I never had. I love you.” His eyes held a special twinkle. One that you could only find in people that truly loved you. 
Tears prickled at my eyes, my lips trembling, “I love you too.” 
“C’mere, sweetheart.” He pulled me into his arms, holding me tight. I gripped onto the material of his shirt and cried. The first time I had really cried since everything happened with my parents. It just felt like my eyes had been built up and after a while, I was crying because of Uncle Noah, because of my parents, because of the torture I went through. I felt like I had no one to vent to like how I could my mom and dad because they weren’t here anymore. It felt nice to cry and feel safe because I knew that Uncle Noah loved me, no matter what. I just wished that if me being a werewolf did come out, he would still love me like his own. Even the thought of it scared me. 
“It’s alright.” Uncle Noah stroked my hair, pressing a kiss to the top of my head, “Everything gonna be okay.” 
But it’s not okay. 
Just a drive to clear my head, that’s all I needed. Stiles was ringing my phone off the hook which really wasn’t helping with my anxiety right now. I looked over to reach for my phone and when I looked back there was someone standing in the middle of the road. 
“SHIT!” I screamed, turning my wheel harshly, sending me off the road and into a ditch. I slammed on the brakes, making my body slam forward into the steering wheel. I felt the cracking of my ribs against the hard plastic of the wheel. Pain washed over me in waves as I tried to catch my bearings. I felt dizzy and nauseas on account of the whiplash. I looked back towards to the road and the mystery person was gone. It was around that time that my air bag went off, slapping me in the face. 
“Nice.” I grunted, opening up my car door. I turned to look out when I froze. The kanima was staring me right in the eyes. But it didn’t make any sense, unless the kanima can turn without moonlight. 
“Jackson...” I whispered, “Jackson, if you’re in there I need you to listen to me.” I swallowed, watching the creature tilt his head to the side. It seemed to recognize my voice. 
“I can help you, Jackson. I don’t want to hurt you. Just please... Don’t...”
“(Y/N)...” The creature’s voice said. I didn’t even know it was capable of speech. But the voice wasn’t exactly reptilian, as if that was possible. It wasn’t Jackson’s voice either. It was a voice that seemed so familiar, but not. 
“Well... That’s not good.” I said, just starting to move to get to the other side of the car when I felt Jackson’s whip-like tail slice across my side. 
“God....dammit.” My voice was strained since my entire body became paralyzed within seconds. The creature reached out, pulling me out of the car. 
As yes, a road side killing for the kanima, how wonderful. Okay, maybe thoughts like this weren’t the best. This is how I died, alone on the side of the road. I took a deep breath, watching the world go by as Jackson’s scaly hands dragged me down into the ditch further. 
A loud roar cut through the air and I felt Jackson drop me, hissing before I heard him take off into the woods. Derek’s face filled my vision and relief washed over me.
“It’s alright, I got you.” He said, picking me in his arms. I saw my car out of the corner of my eye. 
“Is she totaled?” I asked. 
“No, she’s fine.” He chuckled, “Your transmissions probably shot though.” 
“Awesome.” I groaned, closing my eyes. 
- By the time I woke up, it was later in the day and I was back home on the couch. With Derek and Uncle Noah... talking. My eyes widened and I sat up, I hissed in pain and laid back down. My head was still killing me. 
“Woah, slow down there, kid.” Uncle came to my side, kneeling down besides me on the couch. He smiled and smoothed back my hair from my face, “I thought I told you when you saw a deer in the road, you can’t swerve. Just slow down and if you hit it, you hit it. It’s sad, but there are more deer, there’s only one you.” I glanced up at Derek, who had his arms crossed over his chest. He seemed not at all concerned around Uncle Noah. 
Uncle Noah followed my line of sight and smiled, “It’s okay, secret’s out.” My heart almost stopped, why in the hell would Derek tell him I was a werew-
“And it’s okay. I am... okay with you seeing Derek.” I blinked at him. 
“Is that where you’ve been? At a friend’s house.” He stood up and chuckled, patting Derek on the shoulder, “Derek, here, explained it all to me.” 
“I told him that you didn’t want to disappoint him by dating someone who was a murder suspect.” Derek said, smiling a bit at the sheriff. 
“Don’t worry, everything’s fine now. Just for the future, you can always tell me anything. No matter what.” He smiled reassuringly. Well... I guess that was one thing out of the way. 
“Your car’s in the shop, it’ll be there a day or two. So for now, Derek has volunteered to take you to work.” Uncle Noah smiled, then looked down at his phone, “I gotta take this.” He excused himself from the room and left out the front door. I sat back up again, looking up at Derek’s with my eyebrows raised. 
“How did that whole situation go?” Referring to ex con Derek Hale telling the chief of police that he is dating his pseudo-daughter while she was unconscious in his arms. 
Derek shrugged, coming to sit on the edge of the couch, “Well, I was threatened with the gun at first. But after explaining some things... He understood.” He reached out, holding my hand, “He also said he was glad that we were friends again.” 
“Does that mean my parents told him that I wasn’t friends with you anymore and not to bring you up?” 
“Seems like it.” He sighed, rubbing his thumb across my knuckles. 
“God.” I breathed out, feeling tension rising in my shoulders, “I understand why they did what they did but... They had a total disregard of the consequences. What were they going to say when I asked what happened to you, would they tell me they told you to go away or would they lie again? A majority of my life was stolen from me and when I try to remember my old lacrosse games where you could have been there... The only face I see is Michael’s. And I think he knew something.” 
“We’re gonna figure it out.” He said. I moved closer to him, leaning my head on his shoulder. 
Derek then explained the events of the dad, the kanima attacked Scott, Stiles, Erica, and Allison in detention and he had agreed to not kill the creature. 
“Why did the kanima go after me? Why didn’t he kill me immediately.” 
“You don’t have to cover for him anymore, I know it’s Jackson.” 
I sighed, “Good, because I didn’t like keeping it from you.” 
“Yeah, why did you keep it from me?” He asked, looking down at me. 
I gave him a surprised look, “Well, gee, I don’t know. Maybe because you would have killed him? Yeah, he’s a douche bag, but that’s a little much. From what you said, finding out Jackson was adopted at birth and that he literally have to be removed from his mother’s dead body... Maybe that’s what caused the bite to mutate.” 
“It’s possible.” The sound of the door slamming shut and the sound of familiar awkward footsteps made us both look up. Stiles halted in the living room, looking me over. I’m sure I looked like a wreck, still kinda felt like it, but the cracked ribs and head injury had healed by now. 
Stiles pressed his lips together tightly, moving with purpose. He fell to his knees in front f the couch, wrapping his arms around me. Trying not to cry for the second time today, I hugged him, resting my cheek on top of his head. 
“I’m sorry.” I whispered. Stiles hold tightened at my words but he didn’t say anything. Derek nodded at me, making his way out of the house. Leaving Stiles and I alone. 
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the-greatadventures · 10 hours ago
Just a little PSA:
I’m rewriting the Fallen Angel series, and decided to redo it as an Isaac Lahey x OC (still using the same OC {Erisa Whittemore} as before)
I will still be doing the “Dating Scott McCall would include...” series, I’m just rewriting it from a different angel instead
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samwlscns · 10 hours ago
Hi, this is for the comfort character sleepover post, specifically the❣️𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐚 𝐦𝐚𝐱𝐢𝐦𝐨𝐟𝐟 part. I’m not sure how this works, but could I request a Theo Raeken X Reader Teen Wolf drabble, where the two go to a pride parade or something similar, in honor of pride month? Maybe the rest of the pack could accompany them too? If you could do a gender neutral reader that would be great as well. Thanks so much! I’m so glad you’re feeling better and I hope you have a great day. Also Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
a/n: yes ofc! i love this, thank you for sending something in!  i love every single one of you with all my heart and happy pride! 
theo raeken x gn!reader
warnings: none 
𝐣𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫!
You pull Theo through the crowd by the hand with a grin, a comforting warmth growing in your chest at the environment around you. “C’mon Theo! Stiles said he found the perfect spot right at the front!”
A laugh escapes Theo’s parted lips at your joy. He can’t remember the last time he was truly this happy. All he knew is that when he met you, his life changed for the better. “Alright, alright, I’m coming!”
As you continue making your way through the sea of people, you spot Stiles sported in bright face paint as he waves a pride flag up, down, left, and right, like a mad man. “Theo! Y/n! Over here!” 
He receives a few glares from the surrounding people and you shake your head with a beaming smile as Lydia slaps Stiles in the chest with a roll of her eyes. As you approach Stiles and Lydia, you see the rest of the pack came to join the two of you as well, and you feel your heart swell in your chest. When you first told the pack you were going to a Pride Parade with Theo in the city, you never would have thought for them to offer to come with you. But being with them here now, having their full and wholehearted support made you want to cry. 
To your left was Malia and Kira with their arms wrapped around each other as they talked with Lydia and Stiles. To your right was Scott and Liam who were painting each other’s faces with furrowed brows and concentrated looks. Turning to look at Theo, you found him already staring at you with love in his eyes and the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. 
“Happy Pride,” he whispers in your ear before placing a soft kiss against your temple. 
“Happy Pride indeed.” You smile back and press a kiss against his chin as he gathers you up in his arms and lifts you onto his shoulder. 
“It’s starting! Scott get over here, the parade is starting!” Stiles shouts excitedly, eliciting a bout of laughter from the group. 
And as the parade begun, you couldn’t help but watch as they took it all in. Malia placing a kiss on Kira’s cheek, Stiles and Scott excitedly taking in the sites around them, Liam dancing around goofily, Lydia clapping along to every float and performer, and Theo holding you close, you heart soared for your found family and the unconditional love and support they’ve shown you for being irreplaceably and authentically yourself.  
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I want to write
Really think I want to try writing again! I think I wanna start with Teen Wolf...anyone have any suggestions? Requests?
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writingsbychlo · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
sun in the shadows (07)
word count; 11,151
summary; your meeting with noah doesn’t quite go as expected, and then he makes an unexpected development with his anxiety.
notes; you’re gonna love it. just start reading. 
warnings; make a dentist appointment.
It was the first truly warm day of the year, the sun was peeking out from behind the clouds and you were ready to enjoy it. Your favourite summer dress was one, a lightweight one than the others, and there was more of a pep in your step. While it wasn’t all that bright out, a pair of shades still resided on your nose, balanced on the bridge as you wandered out across the field. Wooden benches were still empty for the early hours in the morning and you were waiting for the hours to tick on and the sun to move higher across the sky.
Noah was already waiting for you, sitting under a tree with his back popped up against it, his legs stretched out before him. His arms were folded over his chest and his legs were crossed at the ankles, a blank stare on his face as he stared out across the field, unaware of your approach.
He jumped when your shadow fell over him, a wide smile on your face and his gaze flickered over you. “What’s with the sunglasses?”
“It’s the first warm day! Or, it’ll get warmer by about midday. It’s gonna’ be bright!”
“Uh-huh.” He huffed, and you rolled the picnic blanket out from under your arm, flapping it against the crunch of grass wearing a light shine of dew, and you sat down against it. Noah stared at it, a hand coming out to brush over the felt lining of it, before he was lifting himself up, shuffling closer to you a little as he sat on the blanket instead.
“What's up with the attitude today, huh?”
“I don’t have an attitude.” He snapped, his jaw clenching a little, and you raised your brows at him, progressively growing less wary of his tone and moods, knowing it was mostly born from discomfort or issues in his life, and not hatred for you. He frowned, nails picking at the skin around his nails as he pondered the problem, and you took his hand away, stopping the inadvertent harm he was causing himself. Resting his hand in your lap, your fingers wrapped around his, holding onto it, and his head twisted against the trunk of the tree to meet your eyes. “Alright. I’m sorry, sunshine. I’m just having a shitty day.”
“Why didn’t you just cancel, then?”
“Because, if I did that then I’d only spend the day sulking, and I don’t sulk as much when I’m with you. I didn’t feel like sulking all day.” He shrugged, your hands squeezing around his and he smiled a little, his gaze moving over you. “Cute dress.”
“Okay, well, how about we don’t study, then? Let's just hang out.”
“You’ll fall behind if we blow-off sessions every time I’m in a bad mood.”
“This isn’t every time, this is just once. To make you feel better.” You pressed up to his side, your arms wrapping around his arm, and your cheek fell to rest on his shoulder. He sagged against you, his own cheek coming to rest on the top of your head, and he mumbled another apology for his poor mood. “I still like your company, even when it’s not the best company.” He twisted, lips bushing the crown of your head for only a moment, but you pressed back into it. “You know what makes me feel better sometimes?”
“Staring at the clouds and trying to pick out shapes and things.” He snorted a laugh, groaning when you forced him to his feet, dragging the picnic blanket out from under the tree and further into the grass, dandelions and daisies amongst the wash of green. Your bag fell off as it moved, and he scooped up both yours and his, placing them back on the blanket once you were happy with its position. Sitting down on it, he followed after you, and you pressed his shoulders down until he was laying, staring up at the sky, and you copied his position, laying beside him. “Perfect.”
“Now what?”
“Now, you just pick shapes out of the sky and the clouds.” Your gaze moved over the white masses, trying to find your first shape to point out to him. He shuffled a little more beside you, clearly trying to get comfortable, before the arm that was lying between your two bodies was lifting. Folding at the elbow to cushion his head against his palm, there was a little groan to his sigh as he squinted up at the sky. “Okay, so, look right there. It's a crocodile.”
“I don’t see a crocodile.” He mumbled, his eyes following the direction that your fingers were pointing, but you could tell that he was looking in entirely the wrong direction.
“A little to the left.” You mumbled, grinning at the way his head tipped way too far, almost looking to the horizon instead of the sky, and you chuckled. Placing a finger and thumb on either side of his chin, you tipped his head some more. “You see it now?”
“If I say no, will you be mad at me?”
“‘Course not. Just tell me what you see up there.” Your hand slipped down from his face, the scratch of stubble underneath his skin threatening to break out again making sudden a little, and your hand came back down to rest on the blanket.
“Okay, well, I see clumps of evaporated water reflecting light and giving the appearance of something soft and fluffy in the sky.” You slapped at his stomach, knocking the air from his lungs as you did, and he wheezed out his laughter, rolling over to nudge you back in retaliation. “Fine! Okay, um..”
His words trailed off, staring up at the sky, and as you looked at him, you could see the concentration on his face. Taking your glasses off, you placed them over his nose, watching his face scrunch up a little to adjust them, before his head was rolling to look at you. His lips turned up, a softer smile at the edges, and he wiggled his nose a little, letting them settle on his face in the way that suited him. “Don’t focus too much, just pick out random shapes.”
He nodded a little, eyes finding yours through the tinted glass for just a few seconds longer, before he was looking back to the sky, as he was told to do so. “Alright, well, I guess the one right overhead kinda’ looks a bit like a t-rex.”
“A t-rex, huh?”
“Well, what do you see?” He scoffed, and you giggled at him, nudging him with your elbow.
“I see a cat.” His head tipped to the side, staring up at it, and he gave a vague hum. You weren’t convinced that he was seeing that either, but he didn’t want to disagree with you, and your eyes were drawn back to him again as he continued to stare up at the sky. “What else do you see?”
“I think the one to the bottom left of the t-rex looks a bit like a house.” He mumbled, and his lashes were moving in the gap under the glasses and his nose, showing that he was looking rapidly over the sky, and he seemed to be letting his reservations about the activity go. “Also, I don’t really see anything in the one next to it either, but it has a relaxing shape. It feels non-threatening.”
“Do you normally feel threatened by clouds?”
“Oh, shut up.” He muttered, rolling to the side, laughter on the tip of his tongue and his elbow came down. Bumping against the top of your head in his actions, you yelled, a spike of pain that quickly faded, and his laughter broke free. As you brought a hand up to rub at the top of your head, he rolled onto his side, propping himself up on one elbow and using the other to roll you into him, his hand coming up to hold the back of your head softly. “I’m so sorry.”
Despite him laughing, he leaned down, huffs of air washing over your face as his body shook, and he pressed a soft kiss to your hairline, still laughing. Moving your hand out of the way, he rubbed his hand over the top of your skull, the place where his elbow collided with. When his cheek moved to rest on the top of your head on the impromptu half-hug, he was laughing loudly again.
“If it makes you feel any better, I feel better?”
“You only feel better because you gave me brain damage or a concussion, or something.” You pushed away from him, rolling back to lay again to face the sky, and as he stayed propped up on his side, he let his arm fall flat, your head resting against his arm as you lay there.
“Maybe a little, but only because it was funny.” He teased, humour threatening to break free once again. His fingers wiggled, his arm moving underneath you again, your head shifting with each flex of his arm. “You’re going to give me a dead arm, and I hate that tingly feeling.”
“Oh, I get it. You just hate me today.” You gave a heavy groan as you hauled yourself to sitting up, and he rolled back to lay down. Letting his arms both fold behind his head with a cocky smirk, his legs crossed again at the ankles as he looked back to the sky. Crossing your legs and folding down the edges of your dress, you were more than happy to just sit beside him, letting the quiet take over.
“Will you tell me about those ink card things? This kinda’ feels like that. I’ve always wondered about them.” Your brows furrowed, trying to work out what he meant for a second, before you realised it was the splotch cards.
“I don’t think they apply to you.”
Maybe, but I’m still curious.” He shuffled, head coming to rest a little closer to your legs, and you propped yourself up with a hand behind yourself, the other picking at loose strings on your dress.
“Alright, to start with, its official name is the ‘Rorschach test’.” His eyes closed under the glasses, at such a close distance you could see such through the lens, and it made you smile, gently. “It’s a method of psychological testing. Groups of ten, normally, some are black and white but some have colour on, too.”
“What are they used for?”
“Well, typically, they’re just used for revealing a person’s emotional functioning or unconscious thoughts. It’s like a personality test, it digs up a little bit about things we maybe don’t know about ourselves.” There were daisies scattered around you, and as you spoke, you began to pick a few, the spring flowers forming a pile on the blanket in front of you. “It’s kind of controversial, though. They use it a lot in court cases when determining mental health, and debates like whether a detainee should be in a prison or a mental health institution.”
“I always thought it was for the big mental health issues. You always see it in those weird psychological thrillers, like the sort of thing Sarah Paulson would star in, you know?”
“You get all your knowledge of psychology from horror movies?”
“I’ve never asked anybody about psychology before.” He snipped back, a cheeky look crossing over his features. “I bet all you know about mechanics is what you’ve learned from ‘Grease’.”
“Fair play, Stilinski.” You began to thread together some of the daisies, poking holes into them with your nails and beginning to link them up a few at a time into the beginnings of a chain. “Well, the tests aren’t all that great, anyway. They aren’t good at picking out a lot of your normal mental health issues, like anxiety or depression. They’re great for schizophrenia or multiple personality, y’know, the rarer ones that they make movies like ‘Split’ about, but they’re not much use after that.”
Silence formed, as he took in the words, the void between your speech finishing and his never beginning, only shattered when he took a deep inhale. “They’re not as exciting as I thought they’d be.”
“Not everything in psychology is like the weird mental health hospitals you see in the movies. Those ones with Nurse Ratched and Doctor Frankenstein and all that weird shit you see going on in the movies, none of that is real.” He twisted to look at you, head tilted in your direction, and you played your half-formed daisy chain down. “Sorry to break it to you.”
“Eh, I kinda figured, anyway.” He did his best to shrug from the position he was laying in, before shifting again. Propping himself up on his elbows, he shuffled across the blanket, until he could rest his head on the cross of your legs, sweeping the pile of daisies out of his way so as not to be crushed, and you felt a little shocked at the gesture.
He didn’t seem like the sort of person to initiate any kind of intimacy, and he didn’t seem like someone who’d like PDA. In fact, everything about Noah Stilinski screamed privacy and never drawing attention in public, but he continued to surprise you.
With every session you did, and every late-night phone call to catch up on questions while he was distracted with video games or midday calls while he was in his garage, you learned more and more about him. Once his guards were down, it came out that he tended to talk just as much as Stiles, he was chatty in his own way, and you loved it. You loved hearing everything that he had to say, really. He was passionate about a lot more things than he let on.
Despite the dark and cold exterior he let everyone perceive him in, he was more like bright technicolour and bursts of warmth that let you feel at home, but only for the few people that he deemed trustworthy enough to see it.
“So, if being a psychology major is oh-so-boring, then why do you do it?”
“I never said it was boring.” You continued with your daisy chain, the threads beginning to come together, and as your hands sat over the top of him to work, a little pile of woven daisies was forming to the right side of his head on your knee. “I like it. I like not only knowing that I can understand someone more, but I like that I can help people understand themselves.”
“That's deep.” He whispered, a smile to follow it at the laugh you gave him.
“Yeah, well, it’s also kinda’ selfish. I just like being able to understand people in social situations better. I find that a lot of understanding a person in public means understanding them as an individual, and it makes me feel better about myself if I know other people aren’t as powerful as my mind makes them out to be when I’m insecure.” The daises reached the floor, pausing as little in your work as you realised just how much you’d let slip there, and you let out a sigh.
You’d never intended to grow this close to Noah Stilinski, he was supposed to be the one being studied, the one who would pour out his inner thoughts to be deciphered, but the more time you spent with him, the more you realised you bore your soul to him just as much. “So, you analyse all your friends like this, then?”
He had a way of making you laugh, of making you feel better when you were down that nobody else had quite mastered yet, and he seemed to do it with such ease. A teasing joke, a kiss to your forehead or a piece of validation that held a deeper meaning than any of the confirmations the people who surrounded you on a daily basis always seemed to come up with. Running a finger over the bridge of his nose, slowly, he tipped up, bumping the tip of the digit from the end of his nose, and your finger brushed lightly over his lips for a second, a smile still present on them. “Just the special ones, starshine.”
His grin only widened at that.
“So, what about you? What makes mechanics and engineering so interesting, huh?”
You continued your work, moving past the intimacy of the moment you’d shared, and breaking your near-monologuing to him by promoting him to talk about his own major. “It started as something more practical than enjoyment, but I did come to be pretty fond of it.”
“You didn’t want to take it when you first applied to colleges?”
“I didn’t even know what to take when I was first applying to colleges.” Your chain was long enough now, and after tying it off at one of the ends, you lifted it, placing it like a crown onto your head. “Did you just make a daisy crown for yourself?”
“Yeah. Problem?”
“No. It’s cute.” He licked his lips, drying a little and he was staring up at you from your lap. You weren’t sure whether you approved of this angle. It wasn’t your best one, that was for sure but he’d chosen it and whether or not you liked it, he had already seen it now. “Can you make me one?”
“You want a flower crown?” You teased, his cheeks flushing with a little pink, and a chilling wind swept across you. The sun was higher in the sky now, and you had expected it to get warmer, but it hadn't. The lack of heat has left you without a jacket and sitting out in the chill as the time passed you by and the afternoon was tickling in. “I can’t do you a flower crown laying down, you’d have to get up.”
“I don’t want to, I’m happy here.”
He shuffled, as though to make his point, and a warmth spread over your own cheeks, your heart skipping a little in his chest. It surprised you, you weren’t easily sure when Noah had been able to have such an effect on you. Somewhere between the secession as you watched him open up a little more, and the jokes you’d share over your headsets on nights where you’d connect online to play games, he’d made something more permanent in your life than just a study. “How about I just thread some daises into your hair, then?”
“Yeah, okay.” He frowned, and you began to run your fingers through the hair that you could reach, spiking his hair up gently. “Will you make me one next time?”
“Yeah, I promise.” It was adorable, the image of him in your mind with flowers in his hair and sunglasses on his face, smiling wide and happy. Next time, you’d take him somewhere more special than just the campus grasses, somewhere better. Bigger flowers, softer grass, more sun and fewer people, somewhere that was just for the two of you. “You said you didn’t know what you wanted to do when applying for colleges, but you love mechanics so much now. How’d that happen?”
“I don’t know, really.” He let out something soft between a grunt and a sigh when your fingers caught at a tangle in his hair, pulling it loose and spiking his hair up a little more, and his head jerked slightly. A whispered apology left your lips, one which he accepted with only a gentle smile, before settling his neck back comfortably. “Stiles knew he was gonna’ go to this college and take their criminal psychology course since Sophomore year, or something. He always knew what he wanted.”
“Makes sense.”
“It does, doesn’t it?” He chuckled, and you pushed the first daisy into the front of his hair, his eyes crossing under the glasses as he tried to look up at it, unable to see the white petals poking down into the chocolate locks. “We always promised we would go to college together, so when he set his heart on this college, I started checking out courses. Nothing called to me, y’know? Nothing stood out. So, it’s the beginning of Senior year and Stiles and I come down to look around, and the jeep breaks. Obviously, because it’s a piece of crap old car. One of the kids doing mechanics offered to fix it, and we got to check out the garages, We never would have beforehand, and I don’t know, all the tinkering around on mechanics I did at home suddenly made me feel like I could make a skill out of it. I was good at it and I could get better.”
“You are a pretty awesome mechanic.” A smirk formed from him at your words, and you continued to lace flowers into his hair slowly and methodically.
“I’ve never been much good at anything before. I liked how it made me feel.” His body deflated a little, a weak attempt at a shrug, and you brushed loose petals from your legs once you decided there were enough flowers in his hair. “How do I look?”
“Pretty.” You teased, giggling at the expression he made for a second, before he was sitting up again, legs crossing as he sat directly before you, and he took the sunglasses off.
“Then that makes two of us.”
“You’re smooth. Smoother than you let on. You’re just a flirt, really.” He was smirking again, then, and one eye dropped in a wink.
“I’m out of practice, but thanks.” Folding the glasses away and placing them on the blanket between you, his denim-covered knees brushed yours when he moved. His gaze was on you, somehow feeling more personal than just through the lenses, and silence fell over you both. Reaching up with another daisy, his gaze followed your hand as you tucked it behind his ear, like a cigarette or a pen, and the heights of his cheeks tinted pink. “I’ve been talking for a while. You talk now.”
“I like hearing you talk.” One of his brows raised, your jaw dropping for a second as you tried to find a way to explain yourself, and you couldn’t. It was your turn to take on warm cheeks, and he reached up, taking a daisy in two slightly calloused fingers, before placing the flower to match his. “You just get so passionate, I mean. I like that you talk to me now, not like the way we were at first. I like our chats.”
“Well, I like hearing you talk, too.” He dared to lift a hand, a single finger running over the back of your hand and tracing the clean skin on your arms, with an inked finger that contrasted the pure flesh. “So, we take turns, and it’s your turn.”
“Okay, fine.” You gave a dramatic sigh, the edges of his lips flicking up in amusement at the act as his finger drew aimless shapes onto tingling skin. “What do you want me to talk about?”
“Uh.. I don’t know.” He hummed to himself, brows dipping as he squinted, clearly trying to think of something. Flipping your palm over, he moved to trace the lines on the skin there, the dips and wrinkles, before pausing when his thoughts clicked. “What inspired you to do a study on twins, then?
“I wish I could take the credit and say I was really creative, but actually, we were all assigned a prompt.” His drawing took up again, the shapes being traced into your flesh were soothing, your fingers twitching every so often as he worked. “My professor wrote a bunch of threads onto pieces of paper, and everyone had to pick one out. I picked out ‘twins’.”
“I was hoping it would be more exciting, to be honest.”
“At least I didn’t get Stiles!” Your face was splitting in a wide grin then, and his attention was brought up to you as his motions paused once more. “He picked out ‘fetishes’!”
“Fetishes?” Noah echoed, his laughter soon following, and you creased a little in the middle as you bowed to meet him, your forehead finding his shoulder as you laughed. His body was shaking underneath you, deep laughter in your ear, and it was a tranquil kind of moment to be a part of.
“I’m surprised he didn’t tell you! I mean, he does criminal psychology. He has to interview criminals.” When you pulled back, there was a tinkle to your companion’s eye as humour raced through his veins. “He literally has to go and ask the worst of the worst about what makes them horny!”
“That sounds awful.”
“You bet it does!”
Once your laughter had faded, that same comfortable quiet reemerged, and his focus moved up to the ring on your index finger. He promptly began to turn it, rotating slowly, and a flash moved through your mind in comparison to Stiles. It was obvious that they both suffered from anxiety, and they both liked to fidget to distract themselves, but somehow, Noah’s was becoming endearing to you.
“It gave me a lot of ideas, at first.” He jumped slightly, your vice unexpected, and he twisted the ring back into place, before pulling his hands into his lap as he tuned in to listen to you after his mind had drifted. “For weeks, I was just developing all of these ideas. I had different sets of twins lined up, and I had so many options. I was lucky, really.”
“If you didn’t pick us, what would you have done?” You liked that he cared enough to ask questions, and that he cared enough to hold onto details of things you did. It made you feel like someone truly bothered to know you, not just know the version of you that was popular and liked the crowds.
“I had this set of twins lined up, Derek’s friends, and I would have probably done the same question, this one has the most potential. They’re kinda’ like you and Stiles.”
“So, what made you choose us?” There was a slight tremor to his voice, nothing fragile or breakable, but he was searching for some kind of validation from you, something to make him feel special for being chosen, but you already knew he was.
“Well, for starters, you and Stiles have something that they didn’t. You had the single parent advantage, which really narrowed in on my study, and made my hypothesis all the more valid.” His eyes searched yours, but nothing gave away the evident disappointment he held, it was just something you could feel lingering in the air between you both.
“Oh, right.”
“Plus, y’know, I wanted to get to know you a little more.” The energy between you both lit up once again, sparks as he sat up a little straighter. That beautiful smile that rarely made an appearance in public but was becoming a common sight in your presence was back.
“Oh, you wanted to get to know me after one collision in a coffee shop, and so few strained greetings over three years that you could count them in one hand?” He chuckled, teasing you even though it was exactly what you wanted to hear. Leaning back on your hands, you shrugged, the flower crown atop your head tipping to the side.
Your eyes rolled a little as he laughed at his statement, letting him get it out of his system before you continued. “Stiles talks about you all the time. I kinda’ felt like I knew you.”
“That’s sorta’ sweet. In a slightly uncomfortable way, but I know you mean it to be cute.”
“I had to get to know you somehow! You never came to any of the parties I invited you to via Stiles, and you never stopped to talk when I saw you on campus.”
“You invited me to parties?” His voice was a fraction higher than usual, vulnerable now, and you nodded to him, not wanting to ruin the fragile moment. “I never knew that. Stiles always mentioned parties, but I told him I didn’t want to go. I never even gave him a chance to tell me you extended the invite. I thought he was just offering to take me out of pity.”
“Just so you know, the invites weren’t pitying. They were genuine, I always wanted to meet you properly.” He took the promise to heart, his lips rolling together a little to contain his grin, and he accepted the compliment.
“Is it my turn to talk?”
“Looks like it.” He sighed, rolling his head from side to side a little, and the amusement of the moment washed away, something else sweeping in that was heavier.
“I want to get something off of my chest, and you’re a good listener. I trust you.” You didn’t push him, giving him the time in the quiet to focus his thoughts, and to sort whatever jumbled mess was rattling around in his mind. “I hate being in public.”
“I know that.” Your voice was sugar-sweet, and he rolled his eyes playfully, the tension breaker grateful received as he shoved you lightly, but was more comfortable in the conversation already.
“I just mean that I find social situations terrifying.” His teeth came to clamp on his bottom lip, pearly whites digging into the flesh and turning it red, and you lifted your hand. Settling it over his jaw and pulling his lip free, your thumb smoothed over his chin, rubbing comfortingly and trying to soothe him. “Thanks..”
‘It’s okay. You’re okay with me, I swear it.”
“I know I am. I feel safe with you.” His hand smoothed over the top of yours, squeezing lightly, in the same gesture he’d refused from you only a couple of months ago. “I just feel like such a disappointment to everyone else, though. When I’m with you, I don’t feel like I have to be anything else. You like me for being separate from Stiles. But, with everyone else, I feel like I’m not as good as my brother. He’s already won them all over, they already love him, and I don’t know how to fit in the way he does. Everyone who looks at us knows he’s the better twin, I see it on their faces.”
“That would make you the lesser twin, and that isn’t true.” He didn’t meet your eyes at first, hesitant to do it at all, and yet once he did, he was stuck there. “If you trust me, then you have to trust me when I say that you’re just as good as Stiles, and better in some ways. Stiles is better at you than criminal psychology, that's his skill, and he is better in social situations, that's true. He can’t fix jeeps the way you do, he doesn’t have good taste in music like you do, all his playlists suck, and he can’t do mechanics like you can.”
“I know, but-”
“No buts. You’re better in some ways, lesser in others, but nobody else knows that. Nobody needs to know your ups and downs, because you’re great as you are. I think you’re epic, I don’t think you’re any less than Stiles.” His lip wobbled a little as he smiled, his insecurities flashing through, and you leaned in, resting your forehead against his as he sighed shakily, before pulling away. “You’re a whole other person. You’re someone special, Noah. Own it.”
“I don’t blame, Stiles. If that’s what you’re thinking.”
“It wasn’t.” You assured him, and he reached up, playing with his hair once again in his anxiety, and he paused halfway through when the daisies began to fall from his hair. A frown formed on his face, deeper than the one that had been there previously, and you gathered them up. Taking his fingers away from his hair, he chose to instead pick at the skin around the edges of his fingers, scratching nervously. “You’re not a bad person, just because you’re not your brother. You’re my starshine.”
He took a deep breath, choking back whatever he was feeling, before nodding. Leaning forwards, his hands cupped your cheeks, pulling you in closer to him until his breath was washing over your face in soft pants. The smell of mint, something cool from whatever he had done previously in the day, and his hands were warm on your cheeks, making the cold everywhere else feel amplified. A kiss was pressed to your forehead, delicate and simple, his lips lingering against the skin, slightly chapped and scratching as they dragged over the skin when he pulled away, before his forehead was pressing there instead.
Running a hand up over his chest, you paused over his heart, the steady and powerful thump underneath a change to the racing you had expected, but he was calm, and it helped to calm you. Pushing him backwards lightly, he sat back up, less worry and stress evident on his features as he soothed himself in the comfort of the moment. “C’mon, get it off your shoulders. I’ll put the daisies back in your hair while you talk.”
He dipped his head down, letting you get to the space you could see as he didn’t have to hold your gaze, and his fingers curled into the blanket to support himself as he keeled forward. “I don’t blame my brother, I love him. But, there’s this tension between us. There’s a distance, and I hate that it’s so hard for me to make friends. I blame myself for letting myself get this closed off, but I have this anger, you know?”
“Anger at Stiles?” You whispered, pushing the stems of the plants back into his hair slowly.
“Yeah. Myself too, I guess. Just this anger, and I don’t tell Stiles because he just wouldn't get it.” Hooking a hand around the back of his neck, you rubbed at the flesh there, nails scraping at the shorter hairs, and a rumbling sound left him as he pressed back up into the touch a little. “It’s so hard to make friends now, because Stiles just goes ahead and befriends everyone. He’s left me behind, and everyone wants me to be just like him but I’m not enough.”
“You’re enough for me.” You mumbled, his eyes flicking up to you for a brief glance, but there was enough gratitude held in them for you to drown in it. Noah had already decided people would hate him, he saw himself living in the shadow of his brother and didn’t realise he was the sunshine of his own world, that he was lighting himself up every angle day, and he had so much to offer. The weight of Stiles was too much for him to bear, he felt like he didn’t stand a chance when he was by his brother’s side but was too afraid to leave it, and you hated that he couldn’t see his own worth. “You’re more than enough, and if some people can’t see past Stiles then that’s their loss.”
“Thank you for listening to me complain.” He sat up, the flowers in his hair coming loose, the stems wilting now that they were picked, and they didn’t sit as well as they had when he was laying down. The warmth of his hair wasn’t helping the wilting, and as they began to fall out again, you frowned.
“Do you feel better now?”
“I do, actually.” He shook his head, more of the flowers falling away, and you took the crown from your head, placing it atop his instead. Once it was in place, the soft breeze that had been sweeping over you for the last hour or so, reached the exposed skin of underarms that had once been folded down. It was chilling, a shiver moving along your body as goosebumps rose on your arms. Moving them back down to wrap around yourself, his face contorted into concern, his hands coming up to rub along your shoulders and down to your elbows. “You’re cold.”
“Only a little.”
“Why didn’t you say something? I’ve been talking for ages, and you’re only wearing a summer dress.” He stood up, brushing himself off before holding his hands out, and he pulled you to your feet as soon as you’d placed your hands into his.
“I was having fun, I like talking to you. This was nice.” He shrugged off his jacket, wrapping the dark denim over your shoulders, and it was warm as you put your arms through the sleeves. “I thought it would be warmer, the sun is out!”
“Sun doesn’t always mean heat, you know.” He teased, and you pulled the jacket further around yourself, the tattoos on his arm more obvious to you now. You’d never had much of a chance to appreciate them before, up close while he was in shifter sleeves. Taking his wrist in one hand, your fingers mooted over the designs, higher up than you’d ever seen before as you moved to the hem of the sleeve. As you moved higher, his hand settled on your waist, under the edge of the jacket on your summer dress, and his fingers rubbed at the material. “I am wondering why you’re all dressed up, though. Not that I don’t appreciate getting to be seen out and about with such a pretty lady, but I don’t think this is for me.”
His arm twisted to let you look further around at the back, shuddering as your fingers smoothed over the ink in feather-light touches. “I have lunch plans. Not too long from now, but I’m going out to lunch with Stiles and some friends.”
He only hummed, tucking your sunglasses onto the neckline of his t-shirt before the two of you beginning to fold away the picnic blanket that you’d brought out. Shaking off the dead daisies and following the fold lines that were present, you fastened it up with the catch that was there, and left it sitting by your leg. “Can I come with you?”
“To lunch?” You couldn't hide your surprise, his hands tucking into his pockets as he toed at the dirt on the floor, seeming utterly tense and overwhelmed, and he nodded his confirmation.
“I mean, if not, I totally get that. I don’t want to impose, or anything-”
He huffed, your body colliding with his as your arms slung around his neck, and he chuckled at the excited squeal-like sound that you let out. His arms came free a second later, wrapping around your waist to hold you just as tightly and you bounced on the balls of your feet. “I would love it if you came!”
“That seems slightly dramatic.” He teased, and you pulled back, staring intently at him as his arms remained around your waist, your sights flicking over his face as he smiled, just for you to see.
“It’s not. I really would love it. I will love it. No exaggeration at all.”
“I don’t think anyone’s been this excited to have lunch with me since the first time I went to visit my dad after leaving for college.” He used his foot to inch the blanket back towards the two of you from where it had dropped to the floor, his arms never loosening.
“Yeah, well, I didn’t think I’d be this excited either to hang out after the way the first time I came to see you went, but here we are.” He pinched lightly at your side for the insult, finally letting you go so you could sink back to rest on your feet properly. “However, now I always look forward to seeing you.”
“I look forward to seeing you, too.”
“You’re sappy. You’re just soft and mushy deep down.” You poked at his stomach, the hard muscles underneath not moving, and his brows raised a little as you scowled. “On the inside you’re soft.”
“Don’t tell anyone. It’ll ruin my reputation.”
“Oh, and that would just be the end of the world. Heaven forbid anyone should know that Noah Stilinski is really just a sweetheart and a gentleman.” He ducked down, picking up your picnic blanket and holding it under one arm.
“I’ll take my jacket back if you keep mocking me.” He huffed, and you grinned, taking his hands in yours and lacing the fingers of one hand with his. His hand flexed around yours’ almost instantly, an expression you’d never seen on his face before passing over as he held onto your hand like you’d done to him.
“What, and let me freeze to death? I don’t think so.” You tutted at him, and he only scoffed in response. You began to walk, to which he was more than happy to simply follow your guidance as you led the way.
“You wouldn't freeze, it’s a light breeze and almost summer. You’re so dramatic.”
Your brows raised, pulling back from him until your arms were raised between you both at your connected hands, and as you walked, he turned to look at you. “Okay, alright, let's test that theory.” He smirked, waiting for your actions, and you began to shrug the jacket off. His smirk fell away once bare skin was exposed, you got the jacket as far as your elbows before he was letting a cross between a growl and a grunt out. Reaching with his free hand, he pulled it back up, crossing to tug up the other side too, and settling it on your shoulders.
“Fine. But, only because if you catch a chill and get sick, then we can’t hang out, and I’d get lonely.”
“Good enough for me.” You smiled, keeping it wrapped sour you, and he used your joined hands to pull you back to his side.
“So, where exactly are we going for lunch?” There was concern again now; worry that it would be somewhere overwhelmingly crowded, you were sure, and you squeezed his hand.
“Nowhere too busy, it’s just a little café. How about I text them, and tell them to get a seat outside, and then if you want to leave at any point, you can just go.”
“No, I want to stay. I’ll be okay, we’ll keep the seat inside, or else I’ll freeze.” He chuckled, cooling down as you warmed up in the lack of a jacket, and as the two of you reached the edge of the parking lot, you detoured to his bike. Tucking the blanket inside the seat compartment, he sealed it back up, keeping it locked securely. “I’ll give you a ride home later.”
“I’d appreciate that.”
He walked with you, a comfortable level of quiet falling between you both, the scrape of concrete under your feet becoming that of cobble pathways once you had cleared the parking lot, and you were making your way across campus.
You were used to the feeling of eyes on you, you knew people would look and wave, that was a lifestyle you’d been a part of for years. That wasn’t Noah’s lifestyle, though. That wasn’t what he was used to, that wasn’t something he was comfortable with yet, and so as you began to enter the more crowded spots across campus, you pressed in a little closer to him.
He was grateful for the act, you could tell from the way he was letting out little sighs, occasionally turning to you, his gaze finding yours, glances of reassurance as he finally managed to relax. In your eyes, these were just your friends, passing by and saying hello, but to Noah, these were strangers who would be judging him, or people who were simply reminded of Stiles like he was a reflection of his brother.
Despite your initial impressions, there was a lot about Noah to dig up. He was the sweet boy you’d met in the coffee shop all those years ago on the first month at college, and then he was the elusive brother of your best friend. He was the moody twin who yelled at you, he was the vulnerable boy with tattoos, and he was the shy man with a huge heart and a pretty smile. There was a lot about him that you adored, things you’d never had a chance to notice before, and had all come crashing over you in recent months.
When you finally cleared the buildings and arrived at the small café that was hidden on the corner, you were greeted by warmth from the inside, a content kind of heat that came from busy buildings. Cosy furniture decorated the interior, wooden tables that resembled picnic tables, benches beside each one, and your friends were already gathered around one of the larger sets in the back room.
The lunch crowd wasn’t too crowded, not as much going on as there would be in the evening and so you could already hear them from the front door as you entered. Shucking off Noah’s jacket to be able to return it to him, he slung it over his arm, and you laced your hand through the crook. “Whenever you’re ready, okay? And if you want to leave, just let me know, we’ll go.”
“I’m not gonna’ let you walk off on your own. We’ll go together. I’m pretty good at making up excuses.” He chuckled, his arm flexing as you stepped out of the doorway together, giving him a moment to adjust. “So, do you think we should go with a fake emergency or forgotten appointment? The first one is more fun, but the maintenance of it can be-”
Noah pressed a finger over your lips, chuckling slightly at the playful scoff you let out, his hand sliding down from your face to sit on your neck. His thumb stroked lightly under your jaw, standing to look at you for a second, and rolling his eyes as his smile returned. “I don’t want to plan an escape route, because then I’m just setting myself up to fail. I’m being optimistic.”
“Optimism looks good on you.”
He only winked, before deciding he was ready, taking the first steps to pull you along behind him as you made your way over. Weaving between rustic-style tables and into the second room.
Your friends were dotted around the table, Stiles was at one end, the closest to the edge of the bench and a spot had clearly been left for you opposite them. Derek was beside him, and two friends of Derek were there too. A blonde with bright red lipstick who you’d seen several times, a feisty attitude with dark jokes and a lot of feminist power, and her boyfriend, who was a lot quieter.
The two of them had another friend who they’d brought along, tall with curly hair and a scarf, someone who seemed familiar but you’d yet to meet, and Allison on another side. Beside her was Lydia and Leigh, and then the space that had been left open for you.
“Alright, scoot up. Make space for two.”
Heads snapped up to look at the pair of you as you made your arrival apparent. Lydia, Allison and Leigh all turned to glance over their shoulders, the three girls shuffling up the bench as matching wide grins broke on both of your roommates’ faces. Stiles shifted, sitting up a little further, and his face was schooled from a wide grin to something unreadable as the two of you took your seats on the bench. Noah sat at the end, directly opposite his brother, and the two were stuck in some kind of stare-off.
“I can’t believe you’re here.” Stiles’ eyes narrowed on his brother, tension building again, before Stiles’ face was splitting into a smile so wide you’d rarely ever seen it. “You never want to go out with me anymore. I’m glad you’re here, man.” His gaze moved to you, one brow quirking as he watched you untangle your arm from Noah’s to be able to pick up the menu sitting before you both. “I guess I have you thank for that.”
“Not at all, Noah wanted to be here.”
“Sounds unlikely.” Stiles hummed, and Noah chuckled, but there was something empty to it, and you huffed on his behalf. The chatter was taking up once again, focus moving away from the two of you, and you leaned over a little to share the menu between the two of you, so that he could see it too.
Lifting his arm up, you tucked yourself underneath it, his arm settling over your shoulders, and you could feel his gaze on you as you continued to look at the menu. He settled after a second, his attention leaving you to go back to the menu, and he relaxed with you. His fingers were brushing over your shoulder, bare skin where the strap of your dress didn’t reach, tracing patterns there to once again soothe himself.
Stiles fixed you with a look, your eyes moving over the top of the menu as Noah mumbled into your ear about the different options on the menu and what it was that he was thinking of getting.
You shrugged lightly, your cheeks tinting with a shy flush when he raised a brow, a silent conversation going on between the two of you. Glancing back at the twin by your side as he continued to talk, he stuttered for a second, falling silent as he realised he’d gotten off-track. He made a smile, whispering an apology under his breath and you shook your head, encouraging him on, ready to hear what else he had to say.
The waitress came, taking a drinks order and a food order from the table, and the chatter fell silent once again. Menus were gathered in, and the conversation continued around the both of you. Something about the future, what everyone was thinking of doing, but the conversation sounded more like listing off the wishes of a bucket list than that of a solid plan.
“Are you travelling or staying put after college?” The question was directed to you, from the boy you’d learned to be Isaac and you’d gotten so comfortable listening to everyone else’s conversation that you hadn't offered your input in a long time, and you placed your drink down.
“I have no idea, that depends on where offers me a placement, I guess.”
“You’re not going anywhere in that crappy car. I don’t trust it, what if you break down on the highway, or something?” Lydia interrupted, a few laughs going up around the table.
“Oh, my God. That’s my worst fear, and you know that, don’t bring it up.” You groaned, the amusement only growing, and as your laughter rose with them you found an opportunity to help submerge Noah into the conversation. “Noah has been working on my car, though. He’s an awesome mechanic, so hopefully, I’ll be up and running again soon enough.” You held your hands up with your fingers crossed, and a few of the others matched you, all wishing good luck on it.
“Besides, that broken car has been giving her a chance to ride something a little more exciting, huh?” Stiles snickered at his own joke, Derek by his side groaning, and Erica reached around behind her boyfriend to smack at the back of Stiles’ head. The former twin yelped, rubbing at the back of his head, a mixture of complaints and laughter still going. “I was talking about the bike!”
“No you weren’t, you freak.” Erica muttered, rolling her eyes and Derek only shrugged when Stiles looked to him for support, and he scowled.
“The bike is great, though. I don’t know much about it, but it’s loud and fast and cool.”
“It’s ‘loud and fast and cool’.” Stiles mocked again, and if you’d been sat beside him, you would have taken the same actions as Erica. Derek heaved a sigh as Stiles continued to tease his brother, Noah with reddening cheeks and a stiffening posture beside the two of you. Lifting your hand up, you wove your fingers with his over your shoulder, and he let out a slight sigh as your fingers found his, squeezing to comfort himself.
“You got a bike, dude?” Boyd spoke for the first time yet, his voice was deeper than you’d expected, and Noah’s attention moved to him. His head dipped in a series of subtle nods, and Boyd copied him. The two were very similar, and you thought that may have been the end of it, before the other man was speaking once again. “What kinda’ bike is it? My uncle had a 99’ Yamaha, and he was always tinkering with it when I’d go to visit him in the summers when I was younger.”
“It's a Kawasaki Ninja.”
“Oh, that’s nice.” Boyd hummed, the conversation completely going over your head, you wouldn’t be able to tell one from another, but they both seemed to understand what it meant.
“You can, uh, check her out sometime, if you want. I rebuilt the engine myself. Bought her for scraps at a real good price, actually.” He was boasting a little, his chest puffing up as he was proud of himself, and you turned to look at him.
“I didn’t know that.”
“You never asked.” He smirked, and you rolled your eyes, shoving at his shoulder lightly.
“I’d love to come and see the bike. It’s kind of a passion of mine.” A plan was made, the idea of Noah actually making a new friend was something that made you proud. This was a friendship he formed himself, one that couldn’t be overshadowed by Stiles because his brother couldn't relate to this, it wasn’t his expertise and he couldn't impose. This was something that would belong entirely to Noah, it was his and his alone, and you were just along to watch it unfold.
Once that initial spark had been created, the two seemed to fire off in chatter. You’d never heard Noah talk so much to another person, Stiles was left in awe too, and Erica cracked the joke loudly that her boyfriend never spoke so much himself. There was a lot similar between Noah and Void, a lot to be compared, and while Boyd didn’t quite have the same shadow lingering over him, he too preferred the quiet to the noise.
Food came and went, the fingers that had been playing anxiously with your own on your shoulder had stopped, his nerves settling down as he grew more comfortable with the people around him. Eventually, his arm left your shoulders, moving to eat his food and to use his hands to emphasise every point he made, just like his brother did. It was an adorable trait, only evident in Noah when he got excited, however, and allowed himself to crawl out of his shell a little more.
Lydia and Leigh left before dessert, plans to go for a date night later in the evening that drew them both away and they left their money on the check. Allison and Isaac were hitting it off, two you noticed beginning to bond together, flirty little comments between the two of you that seemed to go unnoticed. Erica and Boyd were the next to go, soon after the desserts had been eaten, the two slipping away.
You’d worried at that stage that the conversation might end, that as his newfound friend was leaving it would cause Noah to close in on himself again. However, they exchanged numbers, Noah willingly giving out his details, and you couldn't help the spike of selfish pride and feeling slightly responsible for being able to encourage him out into such behaviours. The pair made a plan to meet up, the discussion about bikes and engines and other things that you’d never be able to understand was a solid event, a friendship blossoming.
This time, he was a little bolder. Noah lifted his arm himself, wrapping it over your shoulders and pulling you in closer to him, his cheeks flushed and his features a little tense but he wasn’t yet getting overwhelmed, and once there was only six of you left around the table, he let out a slow breath.
Stiles dominated the conversation, as usual, he was the one talking non-stop, barely even stopping to catch his breath as he skipped from story to story, fun facts and jokes thrown into the mix. It was something you were familiar with, Noah too, and Derek, everyone you knew was well-acquainted with the way that Stiles operated.
Despite that, they eventually had to leave too. Derek and Stiles cleared what was left of their check, Allison and Isaac going with them. The rut your friend had been in as she attempted to get over her break-up was clearing. The tall boy with curly hair and a scarf was helping to dissipate that fog, and you hoped that he continued to be this good for her, even if nothing ever came from it. You hadn't seen her smile this widely in weeks, and then there was silence, just the two of you left at the table as you waved to the four who were leaving, Stiles patting himself down for keys.
Letting out a deep breath, the waitress came away to clear the last of the plates, placing the last of the check with only your and Noah’s food left on it down in front of you both. When you were alone again, he turned to you, eyes searching your own as you both revelled in the isolations once again.
“Well, that wasn’t so bad, right?” He chuckled, shaking his head a little as his gaze dropped down. He was looking at you, taking you in, eyes moving over every inch of your face slowly, as though he was trying to memorise you, and when you smiled, his eyes fixed onto your lips. “You got to hang out with your brother, and made a new friend. A new friend who Stiles can’t steal away, and he likes you for you.”
Pressing a finger into his chest to finish your sentence, he grabbed your hand, holding onto it tightly as he lowered it back down to sit in his lap, and turned to face you more directly. “I kinda’ liked it. I haven’t hung around my brother without having that whole secret tension and anger in a long time. It was nice to not feel guilty for being mad. It was nice to not be mad.”
“You were awesome. I didn’t get half of what you were saying, but Boyd did, and that’s what matters.”
“I was only awesome because you were here.” He sighed, and you shrugged, tipping his chin up a little to face you.
“Just because you needed my help to start, doesn’t mean you’ll always rely on me.” He grinned, using the arm around you to tug you in, close enough to press a kiss to your forehead, and you pressed into the action. You were growing fond of the way the simple kisses of reassurance could make your heart race, and the look in his eyes when it was just the two of you, and the nervous attachments he took from you through physical affections.
“We’d hang out together, all the time, things have been so different these last few years that I almost forgot what it’s like to be around him without feeling jealous.”
“You felt different today?” You pressed a little more, to see whether he’d open up to you about it again, and he nodded.
“Yeah. We used to work on his jeep together, and watch shows together, and swap clothes to take tests for one another. We were attached at the hip, y’know? That’s what I was used to.” Reaching up to rub at the hand over your shoulder, something sweet crossed over his face, his eyes flicking to that spot for a brief moment in acknowledgement of the action. “Stiles is so busy nowadays. I tried to keep up with his podcast for a while, but then I missed a few while doing my Freshman year exams, I missed what was going on and got confused, and he stopped talking to me about it. All the stuff he used to confide in me about, he was projecting to strangers on the internet and leaving me out of the loop.”
“If it makes you feel any better, and you can’t tell Stiles this, but sometimes I don’t listen to the podcast either.”
Something that was just shy of a smirk was present on Noah’s lips at your comment. “Sometimes, I just feel like I don’t know him anymore. There were nights when we would steal my dad’s JD and sneak onto the roof to talk, but now there’s nothing. Today, though, it was different. He was talking to me, to us all, and I felt updated on his life again. I didn’t feel like I was less than him today. I felt like his equal.”
“You are his equal, Noah.” Your thumb played with his own, a game that you weren’t focusing on as it took place, and he chuckled as he pinned your thumb with his own.
“So you keep saying, but that’s not how it felt. Stiles was the positive one, he was chatty and full of life, and it made me look so void.” He took a deep breath, distracting himself for a second as he glanced at the check, but you never looked away, waiting for him to go on. “People would come up to me for a while, thinking I was Stiles. They’d be so enthusiastic when they greeted me, and there was always such disappointment, that they tried to hide, when they realised I wasn’t my brother. They never wanted to talk to me.”
“I like talking to you.”
“I know you do, but you’re not like everyone else, sweetheart.” The pet name seemingly slipped out before he could stop it, because the race of colour to his cheeks suggested he was shy about it and you leaned a little closer. Resting your head on his shoulder, you hoped it was enough of a symbol of security that he didn’t need to worry about his slip of tongue, and he seemed or get the hint. His head tipped, resting on top of your own.
Silence fell between you both again, and he produced his wallet, placing down enough notes to cover what was left on the check, and the waitress retrieved it only a few seconds later, a tip included in the cost. You weren’t rushed out of your seats, though. The evening crowd was on the horizon, you wouldn't linger much longer, but while the moment was still fresh and you were here, you were going to make it last.
“I love my brother so much, but I always feel second-best compared to him. But I don’t feel like that when I’m with you.”
“Good, because you’re never gonna’ be second best with me, Noah.” He squeezed you a little tighter, his hand holding yours more firmly, and the moment was prolonged again. “I get it, you know. That it can be hard, always feeling like there’s something hanging over your head, someone better that everyone would rather see.”
He snorted a laugh, pulling back to look at you as his eyes glittered in amusement. “How the hell would you know how that feels, little Miss Sunshine?”
“I have this cousin who’s a couple of years older than me. Only a couple, but she always seemed miles ahead of me.” You pulled out your phone, beginning to search for a picture of her as you spoke. “She’s married and pregnant now, but she’s beautiful. She takes care of her skin and hair, and she likes to work out so she always looks great. She’s even carrying her pregnancy well.”
Handing over your phone, her Facebook page was up, some photographs of her and her husband that were so good they looked like professional modelling shots, and he let out a low whistle at the sight.
“She’s so charming, too. She never made anyone mad, she was always the one who could talk her way out of anything, and she always made people laugh.”
“She sounds like you.”
“She’s me, but, like, a thousand times better.” You huffed, tucking the phone away again, and his brows rose in slight shock. “She always looked better than me in family photos, she always got slightly better grades, she was always the one my parents compared me to when trying to motivate me. She even made me feel insecure in the damn Christmas onesies for family photos when I had to get a size bigger than her, and yet I still love her, because she’s my family, and she’s important.”
He was grinning, then, something that was infectious, and you couldn't help your smile as he stared at you.
“Matching Christmas onesies?” He teased, and you groaned, pulling away from him a little more, but he only pulled you right back in as his laughter was buried in your hair.
“Stop laughing, it wasn’t my idea! My family is big on sending out annual Christmas cards. I know it’s lame, but they like it!” That only seemed to further his entertainment, and by the time he’d managed to get it under control, his nose was bumping against your forehead, pants of air softly hitting the side of your face. “Shut up, you brat.”
“Hey, c’mon, I think it’s kinda’ cute.” He tried to steady his laughter, dragging his nose up to your hairline, and staying there. His hands had dropped to your waist, pulling you in closer and you let him do so, your shoulder pressing to his chest. “You’re pretty cute too, I guess. In an annoyingly peppy, summer dresses and lollipops kind of way.”
“Yeah, well, you’re not so bad yourself. In a moody, motorcycle, leather jackets and tattoos kind of way.”
“You wanna’ get out of here?” He mumbled, lips dipping down to brush your ear lightly, and your throat felt dry, only able to nod in response. “I don’t want the day to end yet, how about we go for a ride. I’m not ready to say bye to you, just yet.”
“That sounds pretty great to me.” He stood, pulling his jacket back up onto his body from where it had been abandoned beside him so long ago, and he held a hand out for you. The appendage trembled slightly, nervous as he waited for rejection, but you laced your fingers through his, and held on tightly.
Together the two of you walked, hand in hand out of the restaurant, a whole day having passed together, and yet, it seemed like it still wasn’t enough.
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I am so sorry! ~ MCU Cast x Teen!Reader
A/n: Hey, sorry it took so long to make this request. I’m working steadily through them! 
I’m  very tired today so sorry about the typos you might find.
Stay hydrated and take care of yourself! You are beautiful. 
Requested by: @catsandbooksandstuff
Warnings: Mild swears. choking on food
Words: 1K+
Feedback is always appreciated.
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
It was quite a hot day. And to be in a suit in this heat was just torture for you. But you pushed through. Just three more hours of shooting before being done for the day.
And of the best part was that it was your fifteenth birthday! You couldn’t wait to be done so that you and the rest of the cast to go the new restaurant that had created quite a buzz. It was weird to know that you were only three years away from being an adult, exciting but also weird.  
Since you were shooting, you couldn’t spend your birthday with your family and friends but the crew made sure not to make you miss them very much.
So far, the day was going really well, except for the heat of course. The entire crew had gotten a food truck for your birthday, they were to be available the entire day so you could eat whatever you wanted from their wide menu all day long.
Your eyes had widened when you first saw the truck entering the premises and when you saw all the mouth-watering dishes they served. You couldn’t make up your mind and the rest of cast watched you in silent amusement as you tried to pick what you wanted to try first.
At least they knew you were very happy with their surprise.
“I don’t know what to pick!” you whined, looking at Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett who were standing beside you picking their own dish.
Scarlett chuckled and Chris H patted your head mockingly causing you to huff.
“Look just pick three that you want and ‘inky pinky ponky’ it” Scarlett suggested. You were relieved with the idea she gave and finally picked your food.
You did not regret it.
You probably were at your fourth dish from the truck, this time being a sandwich since you were still a bit full from your previous meals.
You were standing with Jeremy and Mark, just idly talking waiting to be called for the next scene.
A few feet away was Chris E, practicing how to throw his shield before his scene. You had been watching him for half an hour and he was still going at it,” Hey Evans! How about a break now?”
Chris chuckled just like he had when you had called him ten minutes before, asking the same now,” Just a couple more times Y/n!”
You sighed before turning to the actors beside you and continuing your conversation. Soon you were almost done with the sandwich, taking your last bite.
“Shit! Y/n watch out!”
It could’ve been the heavenly taste of the sandwich or you were probably way too lost in your thoughts, but you heard the shout of warning a second too late because the shield that Chris E had been previously practicing with had now hit you right at the back of your head.
And the last piece of sandwich lost it’s way and got stuck in your throat, causing you to choke violently.
You tried swallowing it but it seemed like you couldn’t breathe as the seconds ticked by. You felt people around you, tried to help you before you heard someone call for the medic team who arrived immediately.
It felt like forever had passed before the nurse made you spit out the food, letting you finally breathe. You were sure you looked like a tomato with how much you could feel the blood rushing to your face and neck.
You were still dizzy, the nurse suggesting it to be because of the suit in this heat along with this incident and immediately took you to the trailer to rest.
You hadn’t realized it but you had been clutching Chris Evans hand the entire time during the accident who had been the first to catch you when you started to choke.
He stood there, guilty as ever. It looked like he was going to burst into tears any moment.
“ Hey, hey, calm down. She’s fine now.” Scarlett rubbed his arm, seeing the man’s inner turmoil.
“But I still hurt her…” he almost whimpered, looking at his hands as if accusing them. Scarlett sighed as she couldn’t disagree with him.
The entire cast had their hearts in their throats when you were choking. You were their baby after all.
Robert came up to him, hearing the entire conversation,” Chris, accidents happen. What matters is she’s fine now.” Seeing that his words weren’t doing much for actor of Captain America, he thought up of something else,” Why don’t you get her something? To cheer her up?”
And you too along with her, he silently thought.
The man seemed to light up at the idea before sprinting back to his trailer.
“Scar, come on, let’s go gather all her gifts. We’ll be done with work soon anyways” Robert said before both went to their respective trailers where all of them had hidden their gifts.
When you woke up,the first thing you noticed was that you had slept through the rest of the evening and has missed your reservation.
But that didn’t make you sad because the next thing you noticed was Chris Evans holding the biggest chocolate cake you had ever seen.
You slowly sat up, trying to decide if you were still dreaming or not. The rest of the cast was also there, holding balloons and gifts.
Chris came up to you and held the cake in front of you,” I am really really sorry-“
“Chris, it’s fine. I’m alright. Nothing huge happened. Don’t worry.” You cut him off before he could go off on a ramble apologizing,” You apologize and I will never speak to you again.”
You gave him a look saying you were dead serious in your threat which thankfully made him shut up. Pushing past that, he told you to make a wish and blow out the candles.
It had been the most delicious cake you had ever had and it seemed like Chris E had forgiven himself after seeing you so happy with his cake choice.
The others didn’t seem deterred by the fact that were all cramped in a tiny trailer, partying. As long as you were happy and enjoying yourself, they felt content.
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Watch "Stiles x Y/n pov teen wolf" on YouTube
I thought I'd try something different. Still needs some work, but I hope you like it
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traekenimagines · 17 hours ago
For Her: A Theo Raeken Imagine
Request from Anon: Hii I wanted to request one ,where reader sees Liam as a little brother since he got bitten,always looking out for him ,very protective of him and his friends ,to the point of scolding anyone that messes with him even Theo (which is why if they have something to say to Liam they dont do it in front of reader), but Liam's been acting a little rebellious lately treating reader bad and in a mission he yells at reader,and calls something insulting ,so she feels bad and when she is alone with Theo she starts crying about it , and Theo gets pissed ,and confronts Liam saying if he does that ever again he was going to kick his ass and how Liam was such a fool for treating her that way when reader cares so much about him that sometimes even made Theo jealous and that Liam should apologize which he does and the reader forgives him I love your blog I hope you can make this for me🙏🙏
Hope this is okay for you lovely, and enjoy x 
Tumblr media
Theo was pretty sure that he was going to kill Liam Dunbar.
He had never really been on a particularly good terms with the beta, but had put up with him for Y/N’s sake. Liam had been like a little brother to Theo’s girlfriend, and Theo had always noticed how close they were. He made sure never to mess with the werewolf around her, knowing from experience how badly she could scold anyone who did.
But recently, Liam’s and Y/N’s relationship had been a little strained. Theo hadn’t said anything about it, but it was difficult not to notice the tension between the two, the way that Y/N hadn’t been smiling like she usually did.
Then the other night, Y/N had finally broken.
Theo had held her as she cried into his shoulder, stroking her hair and whispering words of endearment in an attempt to reassure her. He would have done anything to make her feel better, done anything for her full stop, and he hated seeing the way she was so upset. “What happened?”
She drew back from him, sniffing. “Liam.”
Just the name had Theo’s blood boiling, and he was surprised that steam wasn’t emanating from him as Y/N explained to him what had happened. Liam had been out on a mission with her and in an effort to protect him, Y/N had been the result of Liam’s anger. He had snapped at her for being so overbearing, and called her words that Theo couldn’t even think about without wanting to kill something.
He comforted Y/N, waiting for her to fall asleep until he began rehearsing just what he was going to say to Scott’s beta. He hated seeing her so upset, hated that it was one of the people she loved most that had caused her sadness.
He would talk to Liam the following day, and he would make sure that the beta would understand just how much of an idiot he had been.
Sure enough, when Theo was alone with Liam after a mission the next day, he cashed in on his promise to himself. “We need to talk.” Theo’s tone was stern, and for a moment, he could have sworn he saw fear in Liam’s eyes.
“About the way you treated Y/N.”
“That’s none of your business.” Liam turned his back on Theo and the chimera resisted the urge to rip his throat out. Instead, he grabbed Liam by the shoulder, turning him around. He grabbed him by the front of his shirt and pushed him against the wall. “What the Hell, Theo?”
“It is my business. She’s my girlfriend and last night, she cried herself to sleep. So yeah, we’re going to talk about how you’ve been treating her.” Theo knew there was a murderous rage in his eyes, but he didn’t care, not as he continued. “She does everything for you. She actually cares about you, which I’m pretty sure not a lot of people have done. Sometimes, I’ve even been jealous of the way she worries about you. And you treat her like she’s nothing because she saved your life? Because you’re a stubborn asshole who can’t let go of his ego for a second? What the Hell is wrong with you?”
There was silence for a moment as Theo let go of Liam’s shirt.
“Is she really that upset?” Liam’s voice was timid, clearly concerned about the consequences of his actions.
“Yeah, she is.”
Liam seemed to contemplate Theo’s words before answering. “I should probably apologise, shouldn’t I?”
“You should.” Both men turned at Y/N’s voice. There was a mixture of exhaustion and relief on her face, and Theo felt his heart soften as he looked at her. He watched as Liam walked over to her, listening as the beta apologised for his earlier behaviour. 
Theo smiled as Y/N hugged Liam, and as the beta walked back past him, Theo held out his fist. As Liam made to bump it, Theo grabbed his arm and whispered in his ear. “You ever hurt her again, I’ll come for you, you understand me?”
Liam nodded, and Theo slapped him on the back. “Good.” 
He couldn’t help but notice how quickly Liam seemed to leave the two of them.
Theo was conscious of Y/N wrapped her arms around him from behind, breathing her in when she rested her head on his shoulder. “You didn’t have to do that for me.”
Theo turned in her grip, cupping her cheeks. “Yeah, but I love you. And as a result, I’d kind of do anything for you.”
Y/N’s smile returned to her face, and Theo didn’t realise just how much he had missed it. It was true what he said – he would have done anything for her as long as he loved her.
And he would love her until the end of his days.
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Summary: Lydia Martin/Reader, Smut, Reader flirts with Stiles and Lydia punishes her.
TW: Smut
”Oh come on Y/N. Really?” Stiles laughs and you smirk, making a point of looking Lydia in the eye before you lean over him.
“Make me.” He grins back and nudges your shoulder so you fall off balance and slump onto him.
“That’s cheating Stiles.”
“Mhmm, say the one who was just looking for any excuse to climb me like a tree.” Stiles winks and you roll your eyes. You tense when you feel a hand on your shoulder.
“Y/N, sweetie, are you ready to go, we said we were taking lunch off campus.” Lydia’s smile has a faint edge to it, an edge you know that nobody besides you will actually pick up on. You try not to stutter when you breathe, Lydia only uses the name sweetie during sessions, or as a way to let you know she wants to play.
“Of course, lead the way Ma’am.” You mock salute her and Stiles chuckles, you risk a look back at him and Scott joking, Lydia’s hand turns your jaw as she nods to the door.
”What were you thinking?” She hisses as she walks you to the car, her arm tightening its grip around yours.
“I was just joking, playing around is all.” You chuckle and she narrows her eyes, lips tracing your ear.
“The only person you play with like that is me, understand?”
“Oh, is someone jealous?”
“I’d have to feel threatened to be jealous, clearly you just haven’t gotten enough attention from me.” She purrs into your ear, hand inching up your thigh as you sit in the passenger's seat. You’re a little surprised you know Lydia would never be so open about teasing you in public, that was something you both wanted to find the right time and place for, although you look around the empty parking lot and think maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to try it here, but just as her hand nudges against your underwear, you hadn’t even felt her move your skirt, it stops, and the car starts, she flicks her hair and smiles at you.
“I thought we could go back to mine.Get some lunch.” You nod back at her, you know what she means by that, and while you’re sure you’ll be eating you know it won’t be actual food.
You’re surprised once more when Lydia nods to the bed.
“But I thought..”
“You thought wrong, get on the bed Y/N. Be good.” She nods and you start to pull your shirt off, turning from her as you pull your skirt and underwear off, folding them and putting them on her chair.
She’s grinning when you turn back around, her fingers unbuckling the leather cuffs she likes to use on you, you’re still not sure what she’s planning but you’re already more excited than you’ve ever been.
Lydia smiles warmly as she wipes the tears from the edges of your eyes.
“Say it sweetie.” She nudges your chin with her cheek.
“I’m yours.” You whine as she pushes her fingers slowly in and out, her thumb circling over your clit before she pulls back completely, her hand dripping wet and her fingers running over your lips to make you taste yourself.
“You’re mine, I’m the only one who gets to do this to you.” You nod tearfully as she replaces her fingers, continuing to move drawing an orgasm out of you within seconds, you’re not sure how many times you’ve actually orgasmed but you lost count after five, you know Lydia had been edging you for what felt like hours before she’d finally accepted that you’d learned your lesson that you were hers and only hers.
”And what won’t you do anymore?” Lydia hums at you, as she undoes the leather cuffs, you pant a little shivering as her fingers trace down your arms. She helps you stand, walking from your spot on the carpet towards the bed.
“I won’t flirt with anyone else. Even for a joke.”
“Mhmm, and why not?” She purrs and you grin at her.
“Because I’m yours.” She nods, pressing her lips to yours and then pulling back to wrap you in a blanket.
“Good girl.”
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