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Okay I need some tips.
Someone please enlighten me on how to make a fictional language for your fantasy world.
Honestly any tip would be a help.
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sippy-thestoryteller · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Just a character board for my favourite vampire OC
Name: Valdimir
Supernatural specie: Vampire
Age: 800 years
Stuff about her:
- been a vegan vampire for almost 300 years
-loves coconut water
-loves all supernatural and mortal animals
-a professional thief
-believes in the importance of being dramatic
-throws the most rad parties in all the realms
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sippy-thestoryteller · 23 days ago
Since I’m stuck in something like ‘writer’s-block quick-sand’
So I’m just going to post excerpt of projects I’m working on.
Hopefully this will kickstart me. Lol
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sippy-thestoryteller · 23 days ago
Drowning in that gut-wrenching feeling, when I want to sit and write but I’ve been staring at the blank word document for hours, with nothing coming in my brain.
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lonerstoner27 · 2 months ago
my mind’s trying to get better,
but my body just doesn’t agree.
trying to breathe
with this weight on my chest
seems impossible.
distractions won’t distract me,
nothing will make me happy.
yet i’ll keep trying everyday,
reminding myself that
small changes
are still changes
and feelings don’t last forever
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lonerstoner27 · 2 months ago
i just want to scream.
but if i do,
someone’s bound to hear me.
and if you find me,
buried neck deep in
my own misery,
i’ll apologize profusely.
you’ll believe
nothing was wrong in the first place.
i had to get good
at faking that way,
because how,
on this broken earth,
carved by perspective,
could you ever understand?
silent screams
- ks
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sippy-thestoryteller · 3 months ago
Me- sees a prompt, wants to write a small concise breathtaking short story
Also me- makes alternate universe, fuckton of characters, a sequel and a spin-off.
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sippy-thestoryteller · 4 months ago
World building is such a rollercoaster ride
Because I would know the specific terms certain people use during funerals
The types of wines they enjoy
The dances they perform during harvest
But would I know the political stance it has?
The type of government that runs it?
The schooling system??
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sippy-thestoryteller · 5 months ago
Are you ever clouded by the desire to make something so vulnerable, raw and powerful, that people get deeply touched by it.
Even if someone doesn’t like it, they still can’t forget the words crafted by you and ponder over them in the dark of a rainy night.
How someone would sit in absolute awe, feeling as if their soul was bared open, naked under the starry night.
And the ache that settles in when you realise, that maybe you’d never write something like this just because you’re scared to bare your soul for others to read.
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sippy-thestoryteller · 5 months ago
Me: has sudden motivation to write something aside from my main WIP
Me: *aggresivly writing for hours straight, feeling it all come together beautifully*
Me the next day as I read it: what the fuck? How was this suppose to end? What in the name of ruined ink is going on here??
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sippy-thestoryteller · 5 months ago
Within the darkness, if she comes and offers you her hand
And promised to whisk you away from everything that exists
To take you away in a land far beyond reality
Would you take it?
If she tells you that the melodies she sings would melt away everything
That when your steps match hers, as you dance on the gold dusted ground
The world would fade away in mist taking its misery with it
Would you dance with her?
When she tells you that once you start dancing there would be no going back
The world you exist in will cease forever and you would never return
But you would live in the breaths of your own desires
Would you let her spin you?
Dance Amoung the stars - a short story where a gift from the stars feels like a curse
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sippy-thestoryteller · 5 months ago
Me: ready to work on my manuscript
*opens google docs and all the documents required *
Me: proceeds to scroll on Pinterest to make moodbaords and just daydream.
*closes google doc with no change compared to when I opened it*
Me: ✨tired✨
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sippy-thestoryteller · 5 months ago
Messing up my manuscript again and again, because it’s not turning out like the way I want it to.
I don’t know what the final result is going to be, but am I crying constantly, hopelessly wishing that it turns out good.
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