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#writing sounds
ur-local-enby-cryptid · 14 hours ago
doing a rewards system for school and i think my parents would be confused if they heard me say, very stressed: "i need to finish this math before i fuckin deal with goddamn whores"
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thegeminisage · 17 hours ago
hello, love & worship anon here!! just wanted to pop in before ch 3 goes up, bc my sibling & i have been talking about your fic nonstop (i also got them into cambionverse! so now we're BOTH mad about how much better your claire is), and anyway. we have a theory. obvs we might be totally wrong about where the fic is going, but here is the thought process:
the biggest problem w/ defeating michael is that everyone thinks the risk of killing dean is not worth it (apart from dean himself, rip.)
the pearl is supposed to grant you whatever your heart desires; in this case, dean thinks “I want Michael to die, and I want to be the one to kill him”; the pearl brings back john instead (i know they never properly explain this in canon, or address it beyond like 1 conversation, but imo in Broken Road you made it more of An Issue?)
john is a viable vessel for michael (who possesses someone else bc dean isn't cooperating & immediately gets killed in canon anyway, the very next ep after 14.13)
there are SEVERAL people in the bunker right now who wouldn't really mind killing john if it meant saving someone they love, esp if matters Escalate
Profit! (+ devil's trap parallels, maybe)
ooh, now i'm getting excited about how this would fix the clumsiness of making rowena a vessel. bc i always thought that kinda breaks the archangel rules that are the literal premise of the season, plus imo it's bs to end an arc about Inevitability [sexy!] w/ a poorly-paced reveal that wasn't even set up until halfway through the episode & hardly feels like Destiny [not sexy!!]. AND if jack ends up involved in it, you could build up to moriah without refridging mary, hmmm....
feel free not to reply if this IS spoilers ahajwksjslalkakjssd altho i'm sure even if i got it wrong i'll love however this actually resolves; the endings of your fics are always Big Brained. i just hope this isn't annoying, but i had to get our theory on the record so i could be Vindicated if we DID get somewhere near your plans!!
anyway, will be tuning in as soon as you drop the new chapter irregardless, they've become a new & favourite way for me to mark time during lockdown!
okay i decided i AM going to publish your ask but not comment on your theory directly, except to say i thought the way they took michael out in canon was STUPID because rowena doesn’t deserve that jack doesn’t deserve that mary doesn’t deserve that the end of season 14 sucked and michael was too cool to die in any episode but the finale.
i will also use this space to float a couple of other theories i’ve heard:
that john will put dean in the box
that dean will kill john
that someone else will kill john (not because of michael like they’ll just kill him)
that michael will kill john
i cannot confirm or deny any of these theories. rn i’m only a vessel for speculation. 
ALSO. THANK YOU FOR THE @cambionverse LOVE. i’m so happy when people get into it and ESPECIALLY happy when they get other people into it. the other proposed ending for my fic is that claire novak from that verse manifests in the bunker and murders everyone as is her right
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intxmxdate · a day ago
earl grey & weather
earl grey & weather
I am caught at an “in-between.” Update, I managed to snatch myself a part-time job so I can busy myself in more useful employment, and keep myself unfettered by the psychological tug-of-war. I sit here in my apartment as a gentle drizzle comes pouring down. It is so therapeutic – the sounds of the gentle pitter-patter on my windowpane, like tiny bullets raining down from the sky. The sun, mostly…
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ambient-mixer · a day ago
Tumblr media
🏕️ Weekly Ambient Noise Recommendation 🏕️
Perfect writing atmosphere with rain on a tent & sounds of nature.
Click here & be inspired to write.
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arty-cakes · a day ago
i'm so sorry the clyla fic is taking longer than expected real life stuff got in the way but i promise it'll be done within the next three days, i'll send it to ya when it's finished
Ooh, anon please don't worry about it. If you're adamant about writing it let it take years if it needs to, I'd rather you were healthy! Hope everything is going good, and thank you again for even considering doing that, you're honestly so sweet;;
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bloodbath-arena · 2 days ago
You hear the crowd start to erupt once more when the announcer's voice booms over the intercom once more. They're so incredibly loud, and so incredibly ravenous. They are ready for this game, and it seems as if they have been for years, now.
"Now, for the starting line ups...
For the away team, the Alekov Valiant, we have on left wing, number nine, Keiko Akiyama!"
Tumblr media
The young man coming onto the ice now stands at about six foot two without skates on if you had to guess, and he looks as if he doesn't weigh much more than a skeleton. He doesn't look a day older than nineteen, either. His timid demeanour showed how deathly afraid he was in the present moment.
You were too caught up in looking the kid over to realize that the announcer had already moved onto the starting defensemen for the Valiant.
"Starting on defense for the Valiant is number five, Cosmin Ignazio!"
Tumblr media
It'd be hard not to notice this guy right off the bat. Cosmin looked much older than a lot of the other skaters on this team, probably about thirty-six if you had to guess. He stood around the same height as the first kid, but had quite a bit of muscle on his body in comparison. The way he had skated out cast an air of experience around him, but also one of being exhausted in some way or another, and the game hadn't even started yet.
Many boos seemed to follow his entrance.
They didn't last long, though, as the atmosphere of the arena seemed to change when the announcer fell silent once more. The building was suddenly alight with thunderous applause when the home team was set to be introduced to the crowd. They had done this hundreds of times before, but the crowd still seemed to eat it up anyway. The announcer's voice echoed throughout the building within seconds of the rink doors opening.
He was definitely more excited for this team to come on.
"Now, for the moment we've all been waiting for! Please welcome your Kongsplass Thunder to the ice! Starting tonight on right wing is number seventy-five, Hati Jokullsson!"
Tumblr media
This player was met with the most applause of the night so far. You figured he must be a fan favourite of this team's. He was a bit taller than the a lot of the other team's starting lineup, maybe about six foot three off skates, if you had to guess. You didn't even have to look long at all to tell he was a very, very confident player, maybe even a little cocky at times; but he certainly had the muscle to back himself up if he got into trouble. Hati looked to sit perfectly between Keiko and Cosmin in age, around twenty-seven years old. He took his entrance with style, taking this time to try and hype the crowd up even more. He wasn't one for the humble head-down stick raised approach.
"On center, number seventy-one, Haydn Runarsson!"
Tumblr media
The young man had an upright posture, and was almost boredly shuffling his feet on the ice when he was in positon with his linemates. Haydn lightly tapped the blade of his stick on the ice along with the arena music, as if waiting for the theatrics to be over with and for the game to start. It was hard to get a good read on his mindset, now and in the rest of his life. The blonde man was slightly shorter than the rest of his linemates, and the other players you'd taken note of, only standing at about six foot one if he were in flat shoes. He looked on the thinner side of average, and only appeared to be about twenty-five years old.
The other player announcements came and went without much of a second thought given to the others mentioned, and you didn't manage to even catch their names before the players were lining up for the first puck drop of the evening.
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maskedl0ve · 2 days ago
[ @gentletwin​ - Birthday Wishes! ] 
It was Lucas's birthday. Or well, more accurately it was THEIR birthday but Claus was far more concerned with celebrating his twin's birthday. He'd been struggling with baking for quite a while, but now he finally decided to bite the bullet and put all his effort into baking a birthday cake for Lucas. so while Lucas and their dad were out getting things for the celebration, Claus got to work on baking.   It’d been difficult, especially since he had no idea when the two were actually going to get back and if his surprise would be ruined. Thankfully, he’d had enough time. And when the door opened- 
Tumblr media
 "H-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" he yelled with a sheepish smile. Sitting atop their table was a cake that...didn’t look all that fancy. While he’d actually managed to bake the cake itself fairly well he was still a long way from doing any nice decorations. The frosting on the cake was a mess with portions having melted from the ginger not realizing he had to wait for the cake to cool before slathering on frosting.  Claus himself was a mess, his clothing covered in flour, frosting splattered onto his cheek (how had he even managed that?!) and with how his chest was heaving you’d think he ran a marathon.  Perhaps that wasn’t too far off the mark though... 
Next to the unprofessional cake was a flower vase, sunflowers sitting inside. Certainly something that hadn’t been there when Lucas and Flint left. 
“I...I wanted to do...something special so...” 
A lopsided grin, giggles and breathy laughter escaping him. 
Tumblr media
“I know it isn’t that pretty but....Happy Birthday Lucas...” 
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semicolonsandsimiles · 2 days ago
Sometimes “make time for writing” means “write fic on your phone while in the bath”
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elasticella · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
strange steam fatws: bucky/sam/sharon/zemo | 2k | rated e
Sam says he’s going to get her a pardon, and she blinks away the hope, needs to quash it before she gets too attached to some fantasy of going to a home that no longer exists. She blames that distraction for not noticing Zemo's gone for her jewelry box until it's in his hands.
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racke7 · 2 days ago
Writing as an RPG
I got to thinking about weird metaphors in the shower, so here we go:
How to become a better author (Explained as if writing is an RPG and the goal is to do as much DPS as possible.)
So, first thing you want to do is soft-cap your “Formatting”-stat. This lets you grab more targets for your main DPS, and so is essential for the build. However, once it hits the soft-cap, putting any more points into it is basically completely useless.
Second thing is that you want to focus on your “Character Interaction”-stat. This one is kind of complicated to level, because after a certain point it requires you to equip and master the “Character Insight” armor-set, which can be a pain since the level will sometimes randomly reset because the devs are bastards. However, before that, the general advice is to just grind out a bunch of “Small Scenes Quests” in order to get to the higher levels.
If you try to push for longer and more complicated “Story Quests” whilst still at the lower levels, your DPS might drop unexpectedly, and that can really tank the overall XP you get from the completion. Unless you go back and redo parts of the quest, which will in all likelihood end up being a massive slog, because changing any stage of a quest might force you to play through the entire quest again.
So, keep grinding out “Small Scenes Quests” until you reach the point where the story forces you to upgrade it into a “Story Quest”, and then do that then. Don’t go around trying to make plans for it, because “Small Scenes Quests” are notoriously unpredictable in how they play out, it’s why they’re so good for grinding.
That said, try to be somewhat wary of upgrading a quest like that, because it’s hard to tell what really needs to be upgraded until you’ve already been doing a lot of actual “Story Quests”. Though again, do remember that everyone makes something stupid at this stage, so don’t beat yourself up about it.
#writing#games#rants#laughing#srsly though - nr1 advice is ''formatting'' bcs it's the First Thing any new reader sees - and so becomes an accessibility issue#the more complicated (aka divorced from the norm) you make your formatting - the worse the impression you leave will be#and 2nd is ''write short scenes - not LOTR'' bcs writing big projects are just... bad#either your creative fuel runs dry before you hit the End - or you're stuck with a First Chapter that you think is garbage-tier by the End#bcs you've grown too much as an author during the writing that it just falls apart - and trying to remove the First Chapter?#that would just cause the rest of the story to implode - bcs everything is based off of that First Chapter#so... if you want to learn? write small scenes instead - have fun with short arguments / write someone falling in love in a moment#and 3rd on this list is ''understand your characters'' bcs that's... kind of necessary to write an _engaging_ story#bcs otherwise you end up with shit like super-hypocritical black-hole characters - who are loved and adored by everyone#4th on the list however is... ''empathize with _real_ human beings''#which sounds absurd until you realize that that empathy is necessary to make characters who are ''truly believable''#like... there's a pretty big difference between someone writing a romance when they've only watched romantic comedies#in comparison to someone who's actually listened to people talk seriously about their own experiences with ''what makes relationships work''
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m1llenn1ummother · 2 days ago
directly translating shit from english sounds so awkward,, like this woman said 'problem degil' no problem which is a normal phrase in eng... İn tr? Sounds weird af,,,
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mostlyillegible · 3 days ago
Doing a bit of electronic housekeeping, cleaning up old hard drives, rediscovering old junk i did and like. Why did i stop doing fl studio stuff when i was younger? Some of this music is still pretty rad
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byima · 3 days ago
I feel like I haven’t posted any writing in forever but it’s literally been 6 days and that’s so weird that I have this feeling and honestly what is time man?
Gonna put together some sentences tonight. If I said it on here it’s gotta happen in real life right?
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xetou · 3 days ago
the fact that you also like naoya is so comforting <333
wow, I thought I would be shunned 🤕 pushed away 🤕 but I've found my people 😈😈 it's very comforting to know that you do as well 😈😈 though you gave me the courage to publicly express this.. this love for my dear naoya 😩😩
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