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#writing challenge
apollosfavv · 27 minutes ago
Gods after dark.
Tumblr media
not my gif but it is based on dionysus
It’s been a while since we’ve done this yeah? I’ll catch you up with all the detail’s later but for my absence, I introduce to you, the new and improved Bambi. Love you lots, let me know your thoughts. 
also. to my lovely Pisces who this was inspired by, whom shall remain nameless, you have my love always. enjoy a piece of us.
My panties on the side of the bed and what the fuck for? 
I turn over, wishing with everything I had in me that the man next to me would wake up and go for round two, grab my hips and spring into action, pulling me on top of him as he kept my hips steady while telling me to grind on him. I wanted for him to whisper nastiness laced with sweetness unknown into my ear, telling me to show him every, each way that my body reacts, so he could have a blueprint for my own destruction. He could have me, a goddess, at his knees with silk ties on my wrists and neck, willing only to use the deep seductions and darkest desires on him and him alone for such time as I have. 
Alas, all of it was imaginative; A cruel joke that the reality of the situation harshly juxtaposed. This was what was supposed to be the pinnacle of love and life, right? A stable, mature relationship filled with mutual respect, love and understanding. However, it was quickly realized that immortal or not, once I had wed, he had me and, in that fact, stopped doing things to achieve me
He had won his prize, he had the glory. 
I huffed, blowing a stray blue curl out of my face as I looked up into the stars, belted by the canopy overhead. Callisto burns bright above us, her heavenly body only another grim reminder of the results of adultery by female goddesses, no matter the tenure. Slipping out of the bed of silk, fashioned of jasmine trees that wound around the arms of the canopy, I caught sight of my naked body in the mirror. Pausing, I examined myself. From my plump lips to my supple breasts, to the lengthy beauty of my arms, the smooth expanse of my waist, the rounded curve of my hips smoothing out into the subtle beauty of my legs. Parting my legs ever so slightly, seeing the waste of ambrosia was enough to bring a scowl to my lips. Resignedly, I sigh my dissatisfaction and, with a robe of midnight satin, I slip out. 
I walk  through the corridors of my palace quietly, my footsteps barely making sound upon the marble stone; Only the dark curtains billowing in the breeze. I find myself winding the staircase to the balcony, moving through the air gracefully as I conjure up my herbs and parchment papers. 
Night’s like these, call for desperate measures. I pause, taking a drink of wine from the cup of rose quartz, savoring the sweet intoxication mixed with berries. Sounding my pleasure with it, I unlocked the balcony doors, waving them out and walking through unabashed. Standing out onto the balcony and commanding the winds that be to still, I retired to my chair fashioned from the finest velvet and sprinkled my herbs into my paper. The ever so prominent grape vine curls gently  at my toes as I sprinkle the rose petals and herbs onto the parchment paper. A slight pause just as I began to tuck the papers into a neat roll. 
The smell of strawberries and pine with a dash of musk and wine, I sensed his presence before he even announced himself. 
“You have 5 seconds to explain to me why you’ve shown up to the goddess of love’s dwelling, under the cover of night, unannounced” .
I paused to chuckle at his recklessness, his foolery and, above all, his audacity. 
“Shame” His voice was a pleasant bass in my ear, a low hum that poked at the dangerous embers of a blazing fire. 
“Had I have been just a second later, I might’ve matched the time of your lover”. 
His words were a poke at the beast, a prod if you will. To which, I turned my head only to find the owner of the voice a hair away from me, leaning down to look at me with eyes the color of ripened berries, a dangerous deep velvety color that promised a Cheshire cat performance. 
Looking at him, I huff while a smile blooms across his face, his pearly whites coming to the forefront. 
His smile widens ever so slightly as his fingertips ghosts over the expanse of my hips at the sound of his name. 
“Unsatisfied” He quipped. 
My cheeks burned at the comment but between my thighs, the ever so candid truth was seen in the arousal dripping out onto my innermost thighs. Dionysus, ever so careful, jumped back, to avoid any backlash pressing himself against the structure of your balcony. Unfortunately for your lover, he didn’t miss a thing and you watched his playful persona dissipate as he leans against the structure of the balcony, his background: the celestials. With a dangerous sparkle in those violet eyes, found myself drawn in yet again to the curse that possessed my body time and time again. 
The need,the urgency, the blazing hot stream of lava that seemed to pour into my veins, sending me into overdrive, enslaving me to desires that no mortal would account for aloud. The words were out before I could stop them. 
“It’s as if you want a scandal”. 
Dionysus leans forward, seemingly intrigued. 
“Would it be so terrible if I did? You could use the excitement” Another sip from his glass. 
“As you could a filter” I chuckle exasperatedly. 
“You’re an Olympian-“
“And,” He began, cutting me swiftly off, 
“Beyond that, I'm enslaved to my pleasures, immortality simply grants me divinity”. 
The wind collects around us as I take in what he represents, what opportunity is presented before me; What I am staring at is my own fatal flaw promising me euphoria in my own destruction. Unfortunately, I relish in it. My control, although admirable, with as oh so restricting and, much to the dismay of my lover, one by one, I undid the buttons; Furthering the depths of this dark sin of mine as I let myself toy with the idea of Dionysus satisfying me. 
“I was unaware my desires and lack of satisfaction was common knowledge” 
I sounded, with no real malice, continuing to roll my herbs into a perfect tiny cone. 
Tying the end, I heard his melodious voice speak out once again, unhurried and slow.
“Who said that? Maybe I’m just more observant than most”. 
Bringing the poison to my lips, I lit it with a flick of my fingers inhaling deeply and letting the herbs coax my desires and fantasies to the surface, let it be laid bare; See what I could make of the tools I’ve been given. 
Leaning back, I blew smoke into the warm night air, letting it encircle the stars. 
“Examples?” I baited.
Dionysus took a step forward at my words. 
“Well” He began passively,
“Any God worth his salt, would know exactly how to make your body respond. Where to touch, 
where to lick,
 where to kiss, 
where to suck, it’s all an art really”. 
The deity spoke unhurriedly, each word accentuated by his accent, each word promising ruin as I feel my intoxication bubble within me. 
Dionysus takes a sip of his wine, encased in a gorgeous chalice studded in the gems of his choice. The deep color leaves a slight imprint on his lips and, somehow, I find myself mulling on how full they are, how soft they look and how they must taste of wine, just like his tongue. When his eyes open after his sip, they are strikingly violet, as his divine nature allowed, the temperature seeming to soar after we held the other’s gaze. Leaning back, I summoned the cool breeze back, the soft air cascading over my shoulders and pushing my robe down my arms, the silk laying pooled around my waist and elbows as I continued inhaling, now bare-breasted. Dionysus says nothing but I can feel his gaze travel hungrily over my chest, memorizing the curves, the peaks and valleys of my body as he stops at the string of pearls and carnelian around my waist, a matching one laced around my upper thigh. 
He takes another step forward, this time, dropping all pleasantries as the moonlight casts a slight glow around his mass of dark curls. 
“What did you come out here to do?” He spoke quietly. 
I snorted uncharacteristically. 
“The humans praise us for our omnipotence. They’d be fiendish to find you willingly not using it”. 
“You are over 20,000 years old; I’m positive you know how to take a hint” He acquiesced. 
The herbs were definitely having an effect now, the combination allowing me to shed the humility that comes with this form. The wine coaxed my legs apart gently and, whilst looking directly into his eyes, I let my fingertips graze over my nipple, leaning back against the cool pillows for comfort. With a small whine and gracefully lifting one leg up, I let the pleasure of sin take over, my fingers slowly dancing their way to my center as the waterfall between my thighs spills out onto the sofa ever so slightly.
“He can’t fuck you right” His low, rasp of a voice is candid, rather telling of his desires, as is, rather intoxicating. 
I shook my head slowly, confirming his suspicions while curling my lips into a smile as I looked up at the God not too far from me, from beneath my lashes. Letting my fingers lazily draw circles around my sensitive pearl, I beckon him forward. The response, a very noticeable twitch to be specific, was almost instantaneous. Dionysus stepped forward lazily, in no real rush, coming just close enough for my toes to touch his thighs, the striking contrast of the midnight blue silk upon our skin was astonishing.
He touches the skin below the golden anklet dangling off my ankle, pulling me forward slightly. Keeping eye contact with me as he slowly, but very surely, gets down to his knees so he’s, finally, level with me, I can’t help but shiver in anticipation. The reaction is instantaneous; I want him underneath me right then and there but, reigning in the beast, I settle for grabbing at his thighs. I watch for his reaction as my nails graze his skin ever so slightly. 
“Can you ask me now?” His voice was a whisper, a silent plea that his eyes were all too proud to admit: He needed it almost as bad as I did. 
He was one of the only who understood this primal sin; How primal and all consuming it could be. The knowledge of that mutual fire, that passion within us both was dousing the embers with gasoline and lighting the final match. 
“The nymphs aren’t very satisfying, are they?” I sounded, voice low so that only he could hear. 
Bringing your drenched fingertips to his lips, he presses a wet kiss to the digits, his lips glinting in the light of the moon. 
“Nothing compared to an Olympian”
He pauses, taking in your form before his gaze rises to the window not too far above you. 
“Although, I’m sure you can empathize” Dionysus’ gaze returns tome, finally but, my mind drifts to the fact that he was asleep not too far off from where I was about to be happily devoured by Dionysus and it  gave me a delicious shiver down my spine. 
“You wanna call him to watch your ruin, is that it?” The statement was accompanied with a deep chuckle. 
“That depends. Will he learn something?”. 
His gaze is quickly re-secured. Striking violet meets hypnotizing rubies as we  keep our gaze locked on the other. Dionysus wastes absolutely no time in leaning down, relishing in the way my body shivers, the way my lips glisten in the moonlight, both sets. 
Down, to the gems adorning my waist that move ever so slightly as he works my thighs to rest on his shoulders. He kisses the soft skin of my thighs, burying his face between skin that I know smells of coconuts and roses from the oil I anointed myself in, in earlier hours. He moans, ever so slightly, before putting his lips to my clit in a wet, hot kiss. My body’s response is almost immediate, his lips feeling like exactly what I need to quell that fire in some type of way. His licks are slow and devious; Flattening his tongue against me, circling my clit and going right back to my pearl as if he never left. 
He wanted the purest version of my lust, that much was very, very clear. 
His tongue is lazy yet purposeful, he doesn’t try too hard and nor is there a need, because every stroke delivers on the promise of pleasure to depths unknown. My toes curl as he grabs one thigh, laying his palm flat before gripping the flesh there and pushing upward, his other arm hooking underneath my other thigh. Dionysus definitely wasn’t one to boast with no proof, seeing as he was cleaning his plate. Tangling my fingers in his hair, massaging him, as I part my legs just a little bit wider. My moans seem to vibrate around us, my whines and intakes of breath becoming deafening motivators. His sounds of approval, whether they be hums, moans or a low curse when he takes a small pause for air, drives me absolutely insane. Gripping his curls, I pull him from between my thighs but the glare in his eyes, darkening his violet to a very alluring shade of indigo, almost makes me second guess myself. 
“You’re stopping me?” He questioned gruffly, his tone clearly displaying his feelings on being interrupted. 
In a flash of movement I was sure he didn’t see coming, he quickly found himself underneath me; His back against the velvet of the couch while I hovered over him, letting droplets of my around spill out onto his head. The thin white cotton was the last barrier covering us, the offensive covering aroused my anger in ways that I’m sure reflected in my aura. 
What I didn’t notice, was the deity looking on in amusement, although his eyes told a much dark, more erotic truth. 
“You want it off?” He teased, his hands slowly trailing up my thighs. 
I cocked an eyebrow, silently answering his questions as I let him coax my body to rest on his. 
“Take it off”. 
Gladly. Within seconds, I was on my knees before the God, watching his eyes lower as I lean towards his thighs. Catching the fabric in my hand, I pulled it from his form with little effort. Bracing my hands on his thighs, I loved watching his muscles flex and relax as I ran my fingertips across the soft, mapping out the path of my lips. I could hear the curses as his hands ghost behind my head, fingers trembling just slightly before pulling them back into a fist. 
Just a kiss, I want this to last. 
Though an original thought was abandoned the moment I kissed the tip. The smooth, soft taste of sin to come was more than enough for me to circle his tip with my tongue. With a hiss, he let me continue down his length, alternating between kitten licks and sucking like ambrosia was the flavor, as I made my way down the inches. He cursed into the night air loudly and I felt a slight shiver of something akin to fear set in my stomach as I thought of my lover, looking over and seeing Dionysus in my mouth. 
The thought only fueled me, spreading my thighs and slowly rocking my hips into the velvet cushion beneath me, I focused all my energy on Dionysus. Gripping his thighs so he had no choice but to look, I watched him, watch me from beneath my lashes as I swallowed every inch.  
In a flash of lightheaded quickness, I was bent over the couch, my knees digging into the soft, plush material as Dionysus steadied his hand on my lower back to deepen my arch. He stood behind me, his head rubbing back and forth against my wetness, collecting it all on his tip. 
In a flash of lightheaded quickness, I was bent over the couch, my knees digging into the soft, plush material as Dionysus steadied his hand on my lower back to deepen my arch. He stood behind me, his head rubbing back and forth against my wetness, collecting it all on his tip.
“I wonder” He muses aloud, his voice low and sultry; he was truly in his element. 
“Mm?” I sound a bit annoyed by the fact that what I truly desired was rubbing against my wetness rather than drown in it. 
Rather than allow him refuge, I taunt him.
“Why have second thoughts this far in?” I lean forward, letting my hips sway ever so slightly. 
“Who said I was?” He was quick to respond, the long slender fingers of a God tapping at the base of your throat with impatience. 
“Your hesitance”. 
No sooner than the words left my lips, I was interrupted by a sharp grasp on my hips, and, with nanoseconds to brace myself, his hips thrust forward completely into the pool of our shared desires. Air seems to escape my body in waves, leaving me reeling and barely able to grasp what just happened. 
“I wonder” He pauses for a moment, leaning down to kiss the smooth plane of my neck whilst testing my depths. 
His actions elicit a whine from you, low and needy. 
“How will you be punished for submitting to your desires?”
His voice lowers to the shell of my ear, his lips not too far behind. With a deep voice that was sin incarnate, laced with seduction and pleasures unknown, he spoke: 
“You see, I’ve already been punished once before my dear”.
 With each word, he slowly coaxes my body into taking every inch, caressing my hips sweetly and his length reaches depths unknown, leaving me begging for more. It was almost as if I was already drunk from the sweetest ambrosia; My head dizzy and vision sweet as my body purrs at his ministrations. Palming the soft velvet, I made a show of bending over, spreading my legs with a sway of my hips whilst I arch deeper. Unlike mortal men, he responds in turn, his hands encasing my waist as he slowly retracts only to slam forward, no doubt relishing in the slight loss of balance, revealing my arch. Dionysus groans, pushing down on the small of my back to keep me in my position as he pulls out to the head, oh so slow. Each brush of his head past my g-spot was maddening, a spot he never seemed to miss. Gripping at the pillow, I purr happily before it divulges into a low moan. I have never felt anything so meticulous yet natural in any form I’ve taken. The way he seemed to hit my g-spot head on, brushing against it with such ease, it was enough for my hips to meet his, moving back and forth against his form. Biting my lip in absolute surrender,  I had to admit that Dionysus was right. I hated to admit it, but his thickness, the way we fit, the way he worked my body. He was well on his way to becoming one of my favorite consorts. This, 
This was an Olympian. 
A God, completely in his element. 
“I can see you’re a bit preoccupied” He manages to mutter between each thrust, low and rough. 
He’s absolutely right; I 100% forgot the original question he had posed. 
“So you interrupt me?” I respond quickly.
He stills for a moment. 
“Mm, Am I fucking you well enough goddess? You seem rather quiet” He teases.
He lets out a low sound, akin to a moan before giving a good thrust that about stops me dead in my tracks; I purr at the onslaught of lust as he speaks: 
“Say my name”. 
I was quick to bite back. 
“Fucking make me”. 
Dionysus growls like a mad man, pushing me down by the nape of my neck as he gives a simple command “Legs Wider”.
Within seconds, he’s fucking like a mad man, calculated, repeated thrusts that were all out war on my g-spot. Reaching around my waist effortlessly, he massages soft, lazy circles into your ever so sensitive pearl, his thrusts a harsh juxtaposition. 
“Don’t stop” I find myself commanding, begging, as I deepen my arch, feeling my euphoria all too quickly. 
With a low curse, Dionysus promises:
“I didn't plan to”. 
As he begins to liven his pace, beyond what he once set, relentlessly fucking me into submission. I don’t bother to hide my satisfaction, moaning my pleasure, cursing his talent and all but holding my tongue, to keep from screaming his name. I was certain my voice was about to reach the threshold of Zeus, alerting all of my transgressions at once. However, with the way he moved with such fluidity in me, summoning my darkest, most lustful demons and bringing them to their knees, I was ready to risk it all. 
At that very moment, beneath the stars and amidst our lewd noises, the second I feel his name on my lips, my ear twitches ever so slightly at the sound of feet touching the floor. 
Oh fuck, Hermes. 
The drunken, sweet Hermes who utterly disappointed me not too long ago. 
That very same, very sweet deity, began to walk out calling for me amongst the empty corridors 
His voice is thick with sleep, heavy with want even and I find myself bored at even the slightest idea of being beneath him. I begin to contemplate; Carefully deciding which decision is best. That is, until, I feel my darkest desires, speaking for me with unprecedented vigor and strength. 
Why should you stop? You are the goddess of love and desire; Shouldn’t erotic pleasures, far and wide and all under the sun, belong to you? 
Then I challenge you to stop it. 
Dionysus makes himself known once again, grinding against me in the most delicious of ways. I can feel his rough, calloused hand land on the skin of my ass with a smack, ending with a grip only he could deliver. Despite my conscience, I let out a loud moan; The moan of a woman being fucked thoroughly, pleased even down to my darkest desire. I could barely relish in the pleasure before I realize who else probably would’ve and most definitely could’ve heard that.
The ever so cunning Dionysus, however, smiles slightly. 
That sexy bastard. It is as if he knows all aspects of his sin and relishes in each and every portion. It’s intoxicating and destructive all at once; It makes it and him, all the more irresistible . The aforementioned  and ironically ignorant God, of course, quickens his pace as he begins to walk down the palace hallway towards the source of the sound. 
“I wonder how you’re going to talk your way out of this” Dionysus whispers devilishly into my ear.
“You insufferable jackass, you’re not going to help?”. 
He snorts uncharacteristically. 
“He’s your consort, not mine goddess. You tend to him”. 
His words held a bit, a sense of slight possessive that his testosterone facilitated. It roused my innermost flame seeing his desires flare his temper so candidly, namely his desire for me. Huffing internally at being put in such a position, I put on my best poker face, fixing my robe and bring the midnight satin to rest on my shoulders. Dionysus pulls out slowly, pulling a moan of disappointment from my throat just as slow.
“I’ll even help you out a little” he offers in the sweetest tone. 
Turning to face him, my legs just a bit wobbly. He taps my thighs once, the silent signal for “wrap your legs around me”. 
Listening obediently for the first time this evening as he lifts me up from my waist hoisting me up onto the ledge. Grabbing handfuls of flesh, he grips happily, letting my legs dangle ever so slightly as he steps between them.
“Look out the doorway and speak to him” he instructs quickly. 
“Whatever you have to say, just get him to leave”. 
Unable to protest with what little time I had left before Hermes walked right in to discover the truth laid bare (and slightly out of sorts because of my own desire), I nod but not before giving him a swift promise;  
“You’ll pay for this”. 
His eyes flashed violet before I heard the call of my name once more. Peering out into the doorway, coming in from a shroud of darkness with nothing but simple cotton draped over his lower half, there he was, him no more than 6 ft away
“Hermes” I managed to say with relative ease. 
He smiles, his features softening as he sees me. I pray to Zeus that he takes pity on me and keeps Hermes where he is. 
“You’re naked?” He questions, although it's clear to see the lust brewing that begins to cloud his judgment. 
Whilst he scans my body, his gaze stopping on my bare chest, Dionysus takes that as a perfect time to slide in, sheathing himself to the hilt. The action damn near took the wind out of me, and it took all my concentration not to showcase my pleasure. 
Hermes unconsciously takes a step towards me, just as I feel Dionysus begin to grind his hips into my  body; lifting my hips to meet his ever so talented ones. He moved fluidly, beautifully and the way my body begins to burn is insatiable. 
Fuck this feels amazing
You snap back to reality just as you see Hermes approach ever closer, his gaze rather telling of his intentions. 
“Hermes” You call to him, asking for his body to still but he’s too far gone under the spell of his lust and your presence. 
Although Hermes can’t see, you can feel the energy and power radiating off of Dionysus in waves as he continues to fuck me through my words. 
“Just, fuck, stay right there Hermes” I moan, catching my mistake only after it reaches my ears but not after it left my lips. 
You sneak a quick glance to Dionysus; Big Mistake. He mouths the word “Here?” while me giving a long, deep, calculated stroke. I quickly give Hermes my attention, despite the pit of fire raging in my lower belly. 
“What woke you?” I ask in the most level tone I can muster. 
He shrugs, stretching his arms quickly and lazily. 
“I had thought I heard some odd sounds, so I decided to come check, only to find my gem: gone”. 
Although a terrible lover, he was awfully sweet and I gave a soft smile that was ruined by an absolute onslaught of pleasure within seconds. 
“I’ll be up soon my love” I promised, desperately hoping it was enough. 
Those words were immediately contradicted by Dionysus rubbing against my sensitive nub with a ridiculous amount of power. 
Biting my lip in pleasure mentally, I vow revenge later. 
“Is everything alright? You look so ...flushed” Hermes pauses to take in your form, fighting against his own carnal urges no doubt. 
“I’m fine, I just-”
I pause, finding it near impossible to speak when he was rubbing on me like that. I give a quick succession of taps to his stomach, trying to signal for him to stop. 
My plea’s go relatively unnoticed as he, of course, doesn’t stop. To save the situation, I summon my herbal roll with a wave of my fingers, bringing the neat cone to light between my two fore fingers so Hermes could see. 
“Herbal Rituals, night time is best for corresponding with Artemis”. 
Praying she didn't mind the name drop, I mentally thanked her before returning to the matters at hand. Feeling that should be believable, I readied myself for a goodbye that didn’t come so soon. 
“Do you think Artemis would mind if I joined? I haven’t been able to stop thinking of earlier. How wet you were around me, how you felt, finally, underneath me. Fuck, tell me you’ve felt the same”. 
Hermes speaks with a dark eloquence in his voice that you now know as an initiation of his seduction.  
Though the enthusiasm was appreciated, I’d rather the experience not be duplicated, at all. He lacked all the carnality and deviousness that I craved in a lover.
“Do you hear?” Dionysus whispers mockingly, eliciting the corners of my mouth to turn up ever so slightly.
“You gotta tell him you feel the same, man It must’ve been-”
Deciding I’ve had enough of his mouth, I clench around him, tightening my legs around his hips and pulling him deeper. He curses sharply, taking his bottom lip between his teeth to hold back a moan. I can feel his eyes burn holes into the side of my head, challenging me to look at him. 
Giving Hermes a sweet smile that he melts beneath, you deliver the sweet, yet crushing “Not tonight my love tonight I need to recover from our session”.
Hermes was quick to acquiesce. 
“Than lay back. Let me treat you”. 
I’d rather cook rice one by one. 
“Really, I’m fine. Head on up. I’ll join you soon” I spoke through damn near gritted teeth. 
“But, I miss you. It’s been far too long since we-”
“I said NO” I sounded, a bit more forceful and bit too loud than expected if the echo was anything to go by. 
In that moment, Dionysus speeds up his strokes becoming longer, speeding up with a backing power that was relentless; I could feel his aura douse itself in crimson and in that moment I knew, it was a protest, the most polite he could offer. His thrusts told me he could fuck me well beyond my wildest dreams in front of Hermes and anyone else who challenged him to do so. They also screamed, Get back to the main course and fast.
“Fuck yes”.
It’s out before I could stop it; The wanton moan leaving my throat as nothing short of erotic and I was sure the bright red streaks of crimson were becoming dangerously visibly. If it wasn’t for my quick reflexes I wouldn’t have covered up Dionysus’ euphoria-stricken groan with a cough. 
“Aphrodite, are you alone?” Hermes asks again, his face set and stern as he neared closer. 
 Summoning courage, and even misplacing some of the sexual tension I narrowed my eyes and harrowed in my gaze on the poor God before me. 
“I don’t know who you think you are, but it’s best you watch your tone when you address me” I command sharply, my tone leaving no room for argument. 
Hermes folded under a moment of my gaze, my bare breasts no doubt aiding in my conquest. Inhaling deeply and reaching into the deepest part of my mind, I let my desires speak for me:
“Have you no class at all?” I purred, narrowing my gaze on the man in front of me. 
He slips into character with ease, his eyes darkening as his voice deepens. 
“No mistress”. 
My lips curl into a smile. Deciding to have some fun for the evening, I lit the herbal roll between my fingers and inhaled deeply. As I blew smoke off to the side, I snuck a look at Dionysus who was watching me, amused and rather intrigued. 
Watch me work. 
“Tell me, Hermes, as the God of information, what do you suppose the goddess of desires” I let a hand trail lazily across my nipples. 
I lock in his gaze and challenge him to maintain our eye contact. 
“Darkest” I let a hand slip down, further to grab whatever I could of Dionysus’s length, the skin slick and wet. 
The loud, desperate moan you let out was the only thing covering Dionysus’ sounds of pleasure. 
Hermes let out a very small groan. 
“Most intimate desires, is doing on such a lovely warm evening?”.
I pause but Hermes is took enthralled to care; He’s in the world I create now. 
“What I am doing is reminding both those of Olympus and the Earth why I am the Goddess of such attributes. So now, my prince” My voice lowers sweetly, its barely above a whisper when I speak again.
“Will you continue to disrupt me or, will you wait in obedience for your private show?”. 
It's a pause, a moment of charged electricity before he, like all men before him, fold. 
“I trust I’ll be rewarded”. 
To his comment, Dionysus snickers. “Yeah, okay”. 
Giving him the side eye and, about sick and tired of his ridiculous jealous whisperings, I bid Hermes hither. 
Not even a breath later, the jackass speeds up even more but with amazing control as to create a slapping sound to alert the oncoming God. 
Confusion runs across Dionysus’ face as Hermes nears but he keeps his pace. 
Sticking my head out the doorway, I lean over just enough to meet his lips. Soft and ever so plush, I enclose his face within my palms and coax his lips apart gently with mine. From which, I earned a particular hard thrust. The result? A moan that Hermes swallowed. Breaking the kiss before Dionysus broke my resolve, I relished in the dazed look of love and desire within Hermes eyes. 
“Wait for me”. 
With an affectionate gentle grasp of my chin, Hermes retires to our room. The moment he is out of sight, my attention is fully on Dionysus. 
His eyebrows quirk up as he grins boyishly.
“Well that could’ve gone worse” Dionysus jokes, only allowing a moment for laughter before he’s plunging back into my depths. My back had no support and I was fully to the wind’s discretion, but all I could do was hold onto his back grasping at the smooth, vast expanse of his shoulders as he buried his face into my neck. 
“Where were we?” He rasps, gripping your upper thighs as he rocks into you with ease. 
God of ecstasy is definitely something he’s proven to be.
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krazy-ky-sta-hatter · 47 minutes ago
Does anyone know any other weekly writing challenges?
I'm trying to be more active on my fic blog, so I'm trying out daily posts.
Things like WIP Wednesday and Six Sentence Sunday. Those are the only ones I know of. Does anyone know if there's any others out there for the other 5 days of the week?
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rayne-storm · an hour ago
Underwing Adoption Post
(Day 8)
My Username: @rayne-storm , but you can also find me at @welcome-to-the-sin-zone
Underwing Posts:
Day One
Days Two and Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
Day Seven
I'm excited to make some new friends! I'm open for Adoption!
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Hey there! Nice to meet you! So about Aiden, what would you say would be one of the biggest shocks for him when he enters Astral? Sure magic and kings could be one of them, but what's something akin to a bit of culture shock for Aiden?
Hi! Nice to meet you too :)
Okay, so basically over the course of... two? days, Aiden’s hit with a bunch of revelations, including magic, evil kings, and rebellion. But there are two that just immediately smack him in the face when he first wakes up. 
1. The surroundings: Last Aiden knew, he was down a hill behind James’s house, in the dead of winter, next to an arch he never knew existed. All of a sudden, all of that is gone. There’s no hill he fell down, there’s no arch, but probably the worst part of this revelation is that it’s no longer winter. Instead, it’s about late spring, meaning that according to logic (he’s trying), Aiden’s missing about 4-5 months of memories. Which is absolutely no bueno. So he’s already not having a great time starting out in Astral. 
But then. 
So Aiden has this necklace, you see. And, in the tumble down the hill, the pendant ends up coming off the chain. And since it’s dead-of-winter Minnesota, there’s no way Aiden’s gonna have the dexterity to put it back on its chain with half-frozen fingers (he has gloves, they’re just in his pocket for the moment). And before he can tuck the pendant away in a pocket, he gets distracted by the arch, and well, we know where the story goes from here (another tumble, this time into Astral lol)
Which leads us to: 
2. At some point during the supposed 4-5 months he’s missing (during his fall actually), said pendant ends up embedded in Aiden’s palm. Now, this kid is already halfway to panic just because he has no idea where he is and thinks he’s missing X number of memories, so when he notices this detail, he just kinda goes “........ Okay, I’m not gonna deal with that until I figure out where the hell I am.” 
Unfortunately for him, he stays lost and continually more confused for another ~36 hours before Rose and Jared finally take pity on him and start giving him answers lol
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writermich18 · 2 hours ago
Writing Challenge/Prompt
Write a scene or story surrounding these two characters according to the following dialogue in a platonic way - no romance, no crushing, no pinning, no lusting, nothing - : 
“I told you I could do this myself.” 
“That’s what you always say, and every time, I’ve come anyways.” 
“Because you want to coddle me - ” 
“No. I know you don’t need to be held by the hand. But I also know the dangers your ambition will lead to if someone isn’t there to remind you of your humanity. And, I came because I want to help. As you have helped me. I don’t need any more reason than that.” 
“And what will your help lead to? A betrayal?” 
“I am not your brother. And you will become nothing more than a sad, bitter warrior, if you continue to think that way. It will only mean your brother’s victory.” 
They stop walking and sit down on a rock. Their companion pauses beside them. They sigh and rub the back of their neck then lifts their head up, gazing but not seeing the blood-red sky above them. 
“I want to go home, kai.” (Kai - mentor-figure, older sibling-figure, helper companion who can still kick ass, a courageous and trickster figure in mythological lore and folklore of the country. Official translation: Trickster Who Taught (affectionate)) 
“Then go home. The kingdom is a fool to think they have you trapped to do their bidding to set yourself free. Contrary to popular belief, you owe them nothing, for you gave them nothing to owe.” 
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missbrewley · 3 hours ago
Date Cancelled
I was supposed to have a date tonight, but he canceled an hour before due to his band practice running late.  Honestly, I was happy about that because I didn't feel like going.  I hardly ever feel like going anywhere.  Before he even canceled the date, I was trying to think of excuses I could tell him so that I didn’t have to go.  I can tell that he was disappointed, and I tried to act as if I was also disappointed to avoid the situation being awkward.  Yes, I know that is wrong, but I didn't know what else to do.
I NEED to get myself out of this mood.  I feel myself becoming more recluse when I should be getting out and networking more.  I think the pandemic got me used to staying home and being by myself to the point where I don't like entertaining people AT ALL.  Frankly, I DREAD leaving the house now.  Being this way is fine for now as we are STILL in the pandemic and I don’t need to be out unnecessarily, but I would like to like to get out more when it is over.   Anyway, if he reschedules our date, I will try my BEST to attend.
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moth-with-a-pen · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
[ID: There is an image of blue and purple sparkles. Centered over the image is the text "underwing challenge" in a large, all-caps font. Below that is the text "day five" in a smaller italic serif font. All the text is white with a glowing neon effect. /end ID]
What’s your favorite excerpt from this WIP so far?
I haven't written anything so far, so I wrote a little snippet just for this prompt. Enjoy!
CW: Alcohol
As it turned out, tekex had a thing for getting drunk. Rook was assaulted by their rumbling laughter and the rattling of two dozen glasses as she walked into the bar. She had to dodge past several groups mingling in the entryway just to get inside, and it took her a good several minutes to find Canvas sitting at the bar.
“You said this place was quiet.” She clambered onto a barstool beside him, shifting to find a comfortable spot on the tekex-sized chair.
“Yeah. This is their version of quiet.” He shrugged.
“Can we go somewhere else?”
“By which you mean sneak back to the dome and work all night instead of having a little fun.” He downed the rest of his drink and waved for the bartender.
“Loud is not the same as fun.” She eyed the bartender, a particularly scaly tekex with a snake tattoo curling around their neck.
“You’ll get used to them.”
She folded her arms. “They’re creepy.”
“Yeah, isn’t it neat?” He grinned. When she didn’t return the expression, he sighed. “Oh c’mon, you gotta admit they’re kind of cool.”
“I try to stay away from things that could eat my face off,” She said. It certainly didn’t help that the tekex laughed whenever she brought up her fear of them. They found it endearing that she thought they might do violence to her. Not exactly reassuring.
“Humans could do that too, you know.”
She shook her head. “Not the same.”
“Or dogs,” He added.
“You’re weird.”
Taglist - (ask to be +/-)
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moth-with-a-pen · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
[ID: There is an image of blue and purple sparkles. Centered over the image is the text "underwing challenge" in a large, all-caps font. Below that is the text "day four" in a smaller italic serif font. All the text is white with a glowing neon effect. /end ID]
What’s the world of your WIP like?
Tumblr media
[ID: An artist's rendering of an Earthlike planet from space. The planet has a turquoise atmosphere and red landmasses. A red sun rises over the horizon of the planet. /end ID]
Welcome to Takia!
Home of the Telet, this planet hosts over 9 million species of carbon-based plants and animals both on its surface and on its ice moon. The Telet have formed relationships with many of these creatures, harnessing the power of the internal compass of the Eristoren for navigation and the deep-sea Araduk for transportation. Let's take a closer look, shall we?
Tumblr media
[ID: An image of a small town in a valley in the fall. /end ID]
This is Khaseq, capital of Rudaki. It lies in the fertile valley of Khasawa, and serves as a transportation and commerce hub for the entirety of the Ado Isles.
Tumblr media
[ID: An image of a coastal city at sunrise. The city's downtown district is in the foreground, with suburbs and a large body of water in the background. /end ID]
Due to its year-round rain and rich soil, Khaseq is the modern center of architectural botany. Its calcites grow faster than any others on Takia, some as quickly as twenty spans a day.
Steel manufactories in the isles provide the infrastructure needed for rapid construction, making Khaseq and the surrounding bay a popular destination for young families looking to raise their first home.
Tumblr media
[ID: An image of an orange and white striped modern building with an organic, contoured shape. The image has been taken from the base of the building pointing up. Behind the building is a clear blue sky. /end ID]
The buildings in Khaseq put the painted hills of Tetaret to shame. Bred for their bright colors, these calcite towers have been nurtured through every stage of growth to create a stunning, organic tourist attraction at the city's center.
Tumblr media
[ID: An orange-tinted image of a hallway with arches every two meters. Sunlight illuminates the hallway from the left. /end ID]
This building is home to ten families who work in the city's industrial district. Curdok, CEO of Izet Industries, has purchased this building and others like it to provide affordable housing to those in need.
Thank you for watching this episode of Tours of Takia! Tune in next time to hear more about Khaseq and its unique Terran inhabitants!
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monbebe294 · 4 hours ago
[30DWC] Day 29 - Monopoly (Minhyuk x reader)
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Minhyuk x reader
Warning: none
Word count: 0,5k
A/N: Hi! Here's this week's imagines. Ik it's not that long, but it might be a little something to read in your weekend. I hope it nourishes your current minute <3
It was boring. The dinner date was and still is boring. The guy in-front of you, who you knew through your friends who thought that your love life has been dry for too long, kept talking about himself.
His dog. His ex. What he’s good at. What he likes. What he’s allergic to. His favorite beer. His credit cards. His problems, in which you give zero fucks about.
Not to mention, this guy has absolutely no manners. Since you wished to be the centre of attention or have him being chivalrous. Get this right, you HATE chivalry. But tonight? This guy should at least learn some things about manners.
In conclusion, he’s a douchebag. A huge one.
And so, you couldn’t help but check your phone, finally opening up a game you’ve had an eye for lately. Of course you kept it low, under the table. You couldn’t imagine his reaction when he caught you faking your reactions.
All that you said to him was, “Oh,”, “Really,”, “Tell me more.”
Basically acting.
As mentioned, you opened a game which was monopoly. Online, of course. You pressed play and waited for the server to find you a rival.
You could only throw out phrases like, “Oh really? Wow! What about the other one?” Without even knowing what he’s talking about. Make yourself look like you’re invested. That’s all you need to do.
The name pops up as player 2 on your screen which caught your eyes. You looked down and started the game. You then pressed “roll dice.”
The game proceeds and after a few rounds you start to struggle when looking down. And so you excused yourself to the bathroom, holding your phone behind you as you stand up to get it out of his sight.
You then rushed to the bathroom, continuing the game as you got into one of the stalls.
You were extremely close to your win. And after a few rolls you cheered lowly, “Yes!” You then turned off your phone and headed out.
The amount of time you spent in the bathroom was a pretty good alibi for you to escape this moment. And so, as soon as you got back to the table, you didn’t sit, instead you took your handbag in your hand and rushed out.
“I’m so sorry, tonight was great, but I don’t think I’m feeling well. We should continue this sometime, okay? Thank you so much,” you managed to say as you put on your coat and walk outside with your phone in one hand and your handbag in the other.
You smiled to yourself as you walked down the street to the subway station, thinking about your success in escaping that guy. You were ready to scold your friend for introducing you to such an asshole.
But your thoughts were diminished, or maybe just paused, as you heard your phone. It seems like you’ve received a notification from that game. “Go5Rae wants a rematch.”
You smiled as you thought, “I should be thanking this guy. One day maybe.”
30 DWC - June 2020 masterlist
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faelanvance · 7 hours ago
Underwing challenge! Adoption day!
I arrived late to #underwing challenge so my previous posts are a tad sporadic to say the least. I apologize for the days missed and combination entries for the event. introduction + wip | characters | other wips | excerpt + portfolio
Tumblr media
but, it's adoption day! so, hello! My name is Fáelán ( Fáe ) and I’m up for adoption, consider me fluttering my big ol’ disney eyelashes while fluffing my rosy cheeks. I'm a 31 y/o, married, pansexual woman who has an obsession with dwarves, various mythologies, ancient cultures and dark and sensual themes.
I have a main, multi-book fantasy series, work in progress, The Last Wild Place, which follows a dwarf bandit by the name of Eskvár Lírsson in his rise to infamy as a violent, narcissistic drug lord in a vaguely 1800s/1920s setting. A weird western with fantasy species, a magic system, axes, guns, axes attached to guns, fantasy with tech, rapid advances in tech, lots of worldbuilding, in-verse mythology & lore. Warning: includes explicit violence, drug use and sexual themes. I'm new to tumblr and this is my first time in sharing my original content on social media, so I'm looking for other writers of all kinds! Specifically those who are big on worldbuilding, researchers, writers who are character focused, those that enjoy dark themes in their fantasy and sci-fi as I do. Relaxed back and forths, (hey, life happens to the best of us!) Feel free to bring your chaotic, creative energy, idle chatter, soundboarding if/when you need it, I welcome all the mutual screaming/pining/sobbing over original characters too. I'll happily be your cheerleader along the way! 
Last thing, please be 18+ before adopting me as my content is very adult in nature.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to interacting with all of you! <3
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goaskbarnes · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hello my lovely friends, welcome to my little tea party! I’ve reached a pretty awesome milestone: 500 Followers!
I’m completely blown away, thank you for sticking around and still reading my stuff, it means so much to me! I want to give a huge thank you to my wonderful friend @eurynome827 for your support, encouragement and guidance on this challenge! ❤️
To celebrate this milestone, I’ve decided to do an AU challenge just because I love AUs and tropes. The rules are pretty simple, so let’s get started.
You don’t have to be following me to participate in this challenge, but it would be awesome to have you!
Please, no p*do, inc*st or noncon/dubcon!
Tag your fics accordingly.
Send me an ask with the AU you’re planning to write and which character you’re writing with so I can keep track of who is writing what!
Tag me @goaskbarnes and use #goaskbarneschallenge so I can read and reblog your work!
Add a read more if your fic exceeds 500 words.
You can write a oneshot, drabble, headcanon, series or even create a mood board.
You can write as many as you want, just remember to let me know who you’re writing for and what you’re writing so I can make a note.
I will be making a masterlist to feature your works.
If you’ve posted and I haven’t acknowledged it within two days, please send me a DM with the link. Sometimes my mentions are swallowed by tumblr.
End date is: June 9th 2021
If you have any questions, please send me a DM.
AUs are under the cut.
— AUs:
Actor / Actress AU
Babysitter / Nanny AU
Barista AU
Bartender AU
Biker AU
Bookstore AU
Coffee Shop AU
College AU
Dad AU / Parent AU
Doctor AU
Firefighter AU
Influencer AU
Interior Designer AU
Lawyer AU
Mechanic AU
Mermaid/merman AU
Mobster AU
Musician / Rockstar AU
Nurse AU
Pornstar AU
Professor / Teacher AU
Streamer / YouTuber AU
— Some tropes that are welcomed:
Enemies to lovers
Fake dating
Friends to lovers
Mutual pining
There was only one bed
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kaizokuwritings · 8 hours ago
(     *     7OO FOLLOWERS EVENT    !    
Tumblr media
I finally celebrate my 700 followers, thanks again ! I decided this time to do a multifandom challenge ! I hope the informations below are clear (please read them carefully) and that you will be interested.
Who is concerned ?  
You can participate whether you are a writer or an artist, even if your blog is not focused on that activity. (when I was working on this event, I first thought it was more for writers, so I hope artists will still be interested and inspired!)
What does this challenge consist of?  
The author have to write a drabble (100 to 500 words maximum) around this list of prompts. For the artists, it will be to draw the word that I will give you (again from the same list).
How to participate ?  
Send me an ask from the blog you will be participating in (or @ your side blog) and you must give me three characters (your favorite or not, you decide). In response I will tell you randomly which word is assigned to you and I will do the same for the character! 
For example : "I would like to participate in your flower event! I would love to write with this blog about the following characters: Zoro, Law or Kid."
Also tell me if you are an adult or a minor to avoid NSFW prompts if you are underage.
Post your work on Tumblr mentioning me (@kaizokuwritings) and tag your work as #afloweramong700. If I haven’t reblogged your post soon, please DM me with the link so I don’t miss it! 
Which fandoms are involved ?
You can write/draw for the following fandoms : ONE PIECE, JUJUTSU KAISEN, NARUTO and BLACK CLOVER. 
What are the deadlines ? 
You can ask me for a prompt from now until the end of the event : July 28th at 11pm CET (if needed i will extend this date). 
Can I participate more than once ? 
Of course you can! I wanted it to be quick, small, no-pressure writing/drawing, so that if you wanted to, you could participate multiple time. Of course, no pressure ! 
more details under the cut 
Tumblr media
The writings must necessarily be in the reader insertion format. Relationships can be romantic or platonic.
You must mentionned in your writing the flower and/or what it represents. 
You may direct it as you wish but all writing must be SFW if you are a minor. You can make your writing suggestive if it fits your prompt, or completely NSFW if that is the focus of your word.
No romance between an adult and a minor. No moral and/or physical degradation (your character inflicts mental or physical torture on the reader, or vice versa) and no harmful elements such a racism, antisemitism, etc. 
If your writing contains the following elements : depression, death, anxiety or a suggestive/nsfw theme, be sure to mention the appropriate warnings at the begginning of the post. 
Tumblr media
Your work must be SFW if you are a minor. You can make your art suggestive if it fits your prompt, or completely NSFW if that is the focus of your word.
All work must represent your assigned character in solo or "spectator insertion" (I mean this for example). 
The flower you were given must be visible in your drawing but of course you are free to insert it as you wish!
But please, your work must not contain the following elements: a minor character presented in a suggestive way, love interaction between a minor and an adult and no harmful elements such a racism, antisemitism, etc. 
Tumblr media
If you publish your work within the allowed time, you will get a free pass for my box. 
After July 28th, I will randomly choose a writer and an artist winner. They will each receive the following set:
a headcanon (an example here) 
a drabble (an example here)
a scenario (an example here)
Tumblr media
Have fun participating! Don’t put pressure on yourself, I’m organizing this little event for fun and to celebrate my 700 followers with you. I hope this informations are clear and that you find this event interesting! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an ask. 
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vylequinne · 8 hours ago
Underwing Challenge Day 8
8. Simple one for today: Just post a message with your username, links to the past seven days’ responses, and a message to the effect that you’re open for adoption. This is the rebloggable adoption post mentioned above.
Hello! It’s finally adoption day! Your local neighborhood stray who’ll demand treats at increasingly odd hours in the night here. Despite the size and shape of my teeth, I don’t bite! I do gnaw, though.
Feel free to step in and chat and ask about anything you’d like. I love sharing and will appreciate anyone indulging my rambling about my current WIP, worldbuilding, or pretty much anything.
Challenge Link: More info on the event if ya need it.
Day 1: Introduction post. 
Day 2: Introduction post to my current main WIP, Making a Killing.
Day 3: Character intro post with bonus picrew.
Day 4: Introduction to the world my WIPs are set in, Telvan. (now with a map!)
Day 5: My favorite excerpt of MaK.
Day 6: Bit more on my portfolio and other WIPs.
Day 7: Small post just talking about the type of interaction I’d like. Which is to say anything past a hello.
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tobios-housewife · 9 hours ago
I have a question about your collab I am a nonbinary transmasc dom but I also enjoy being referred to by femme titles. I was wondering if I would be able to write afab nb reader who uses they/them pronouns for the mommy kink thing?
I'd prefer to keep the female coded kinks as such bc femdom is definitely a celebration of dominant female figures over others. If you can write it without alluding to any pronouns at all and simply just use mommy as reference to the reader I'd be ok with that.
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mcyt-sh1t · 9 hours ago
writing prompts :))
i'm going to start some prompt writing ideas! there will be 108 (DAYUM THATS A LOT LMAOO I ONLY NOW REALISED)
only i will know what they are, all you have to do is send the number of the prompt and the character and i'll get to writing! (mostly the ones in my character list as they are the ones that i know most about, but you can also request other people and I'll try :)
if i don't write it as quickly i'm reallt sorry but i also have a lot of school and my mental health is so low right now, since i'm back to 'normal' school (in person school)
i've seen someone else do this and since i have like writers block rn it i thought why not do it too? so credit goes to them :)
43 "you have the most amazing eyes.”
56 "teach me how to play?“
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dndinsp0 · 10 hours ago
Day 20!
WOOPWOOP day 20/31 of the worldbuilding challenge from r/worldbuilding!
Tumblr media
20 Event: Feast
Feasts are made by the four noble families, and welcome every Gomenian and traveler into their homes. Considering they have palaces the size of small castles, they are more than capable of housing them. Feasts are held on solstices and equinoxes of every year, and the seasons in which they are held are associated with those families. On the day of the feasts, the peasants, merchants, miners and all kinds of other folk gather in the morning in the hall of the family who is organizing the feast, and till next dawn they drink, eat and make merry.
Tumblr media
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Prompt #13
“Don’t you just hate watching the person you love fall for someone else?” D said.
A sighed. “Yup. Wait - which one of those two do you love? Because I swear to Hades below if it is B I will rip out your throat and toss you to the hellhounds.”
D looked at them oddly. “No - it’s C, B’s lover.”
“Right.” A said. “I guess I’ll scratch you off my list of rivals and enemies then.”
“You have enough enemies and rivals to have a list of them?!?”
“I have multiple,” A said. “And they’re ordered alphabetically.”
This prompt is part of a story I’m writing! Use the controls below to find the next parts!
First<< Previous< >Next
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inexplicifics · 11 hours ago
Oh hey, the flash fics have been revealed!
Lambert, turned into a cat by a vengeful mage, is rescued in a dingy alley in Oxenfurt by a bookseller who is far more than what he seems.
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babyjordy · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Jordy's 4K Writing Challenge
First off: Thank you all so much for 4K followers, it means the absolute world to me. Most of you know that I have been struggling IRL for a while and getting on here to get away from everything, is my favorite thing. Plus having so much support even when people are sending me shitty things is absolutely amazing. There are so many of you that if it wasn't for you, I would have given up and I am so glad I have met so many amazing people.
Anyway, sappy time over and now onto this.
So I wanted to make a little writing challenge/celebration thingie. I have done like two like celebrations that involved you guys sending stuff in and I feel like as of late I haven't been giving other people's work the appreciation and love it deserves. So I am going to listen some prompts, quotes, ideas and some other stuff for you guys to pick from! As well as list the fandoms I will accept work from, as well as just give a list of characters I won't accept(since that is shorter than the list I will accept). Just message me or send an ask on which you would like!
Also, you can mix the quotes, prompts, and songs and add your own ideas in! There isn't really a time frame but I will make a masterlist of the fics on June 8th
Be sure to take it J4K
The list of writers and what they are writing and for who
Harry Potter
Characters I Won't Accept
Lex Luther
"Isn't There Supposed To Be A Light?"
"You Will Not Be Loved, But You Will Save Humanity"
"Hey, Chin Up. I Know The Night Just Got Darker, But It Won't Last Forever"
"It Was Just Me Against The World... And The World Had It Coming"
"Let’s admit, without apology, what we do to each other."
"I don't really blame you for being dead but you can't have your sweater back."
"Did he find that one last tender place to sink his teeth in?"
"All my life men like you have sneered at me, and all my life I've been knocking men like you into the dust."
"You’re mine as I’m yours. And if we die, we die. But first we’ll live."
"You’re a hateful woman. Why have the gods made me love a hateful woman?"
“I guess I have a hard time believing in things I can't see.”
"I'm not talking about killing ______or ______ or _____. I'm talking about him. Just him. And doing it because... Because he took me away from you."
"You wanna rule them by fear, but what do you do with the ones who aren't afraid?"
" You never know. You hope for the best and make do with what you get."
"You wanna get to them? You gotta go through me."
"Is this my legacy?"
“You’re strange. Uh, I don’t mean that in a nasty way. You’re just… funny. I like that.”
"You are but one side of a coin. ____ is the other."
“I am a terrible liar. I start sweat, my-my vision blurs, my brain stops working.”
“They do say that rats are very intelligent.”
Characters A and Reader got dragged by their friends to a party and chose the same corner to hide in
Characters A, B, and Reader try a poly relationship for the first time(Can be NSFW or SFW)
Character A suffers from Hanahaki Disease due to their love for the Reader
First Time Parents
Mutual Masturbation (NSFW)
Recorded Sex(NSFW)
Dry Humping(NSFW)
Royal AU! Character A and Reader are from rival kingdoms and are forced to marriage to solve the issues between the families, only problem they are having: Reader is in love with Character B, their personal guard and Character A is in love with Character C, Reader's sibling.
Song Refs
Pleaser by Wallows
Little Boy by Ashnikko
Heat Waves by Glass Animals
Van Horn by Saint Motel
So You Wanna Marry Daisy by Spence Hood
Two Queens in A King Sized Bed by Girl in Red
Same Side by Jessie Reyez
Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros
Play with Me by Rendezvous at Two
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nancy Sinatra
F*** Being Friends by Jessie Reyez
Closer by The Tiny
I wanna Be Your Girlfriend by Girl in Red
Like Lovers Do by Hey Violet
Big Boy by Charlotte Cardin
Dirty Dirty by Charlotte Cardin
Jenny( I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship) by Studio Killers
Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus
Creep by Radiohead
Take Me to Church by Hozier
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dontjudgemeimawriter · 12 hours ago
31 Days of Character Development: May Writing Challenge
Day 6
Write a scene in which your character’s past affects their current actions.
I’m not writing a new scene but here’s a short excerpt, I have shared this moment before:
I jumped away from her— I couldn’t let her get close enough to get in, not when memories I couldn’t let her see where tugging at my mind— forgetting I was sitting on the rim of a bathtub, slipping and falling backwards, catching myself against the far wall with my arm before completely slipping into the tub. I hoisted myself up, scrambling to stand.
Mika pulled away, her hand returning to gently touching the burns. I knew that at this point most of the pain would have faded, but it would feel rough and foreign, dry and crackly. “Sorry,” she said, but she sounded more frustrated than sorry, and there wasn’t anything I could say in response.
Too shaken to think of anything else, I picked up my first aid box and returned to my room, locking the door and sitting down on the floor.
Day 7
What are your character’s fears and where do they stem from?
Terran: Fire, punishment, death-- comes from growing up with threats as discipline, with burning as punishment or to teach a lesson. He fears fire directed at him but is so used to it that he is comfortable around it in general so it’s ore accurate that he fears being burned.
Raymond: Loss-- stems from losing both of his parents and only having to hold into his family, then sort of losing them too, in a way.
Day 8
What is your character’s biggest secret? Why do they keep it?
Terran: That he spared Raymond and has since avoided killing whenever possible. He keeps this because he believes he will get killed if they know the truth.
Raymond: well one is that he’s alive, but I think his biggest most important one is how unsure he is about his past decisions, he has to be able to defend them and to exert strong beliefs but in reality he doubts a lot of his decisions.
From This
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