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maxwellandbeyond · 14 hours ago
Nothing is new Everything has been done Long before you It was seen by the sun
People were great People were dust People had love People had hate People saw growth People saw death
So then there is nothing more To do than what you adore Eat, drink, and be merry too Make life about What is valued by you
It doesn't matter who we become Or what we are called What is important in the race we run Is having joy while we decide The names we choose to die with
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notmadebyhumanhands · 15 hours ago
I have never understood the young lovers in Crema that fateful summer of ‘83.
Instead, I call you by your name and you call me by mine; no terms of endearment, no other affectations.
Because, really, what is more endearing than to hear your lover say your name?
So I say it again and again.
...and again, once more.
I utter your name to make you look my way. I mention your name on impulse because you crossed my mind as you so often do. I tell everyone your name just so everyone knows you’re mine. I murmur your name when I’m alone, lost in thought, so I can roll your syllables on my tongue and marvel at the way my voice sounds when I pronounce it. I scream your name in pain and pleasure because you make it hurt so good. I whisper your name as if in prayer for you have made a believer out of me.
I say it a lot, in fact, that it’s no longer so much about saying it but more about breathing it in order to live.
And even after, when my time is done, it is still the name I choose to die with.
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mortalghost · 17 hours ago
Forests run green in blooming songs of yesterday
While fairies flicker, pans dance igniting ways
Across butterfly memories laid to praise
Beguiling the atmosphere of tunes for your soul
May whispers turn to June songs
As July warmth leads to August days
Spent in each other's arms
Light the candle for the dead to come
Bringing back memories of all of the loves
You've loved and lost and brought with a thought
Of all the names you choose to die with
Let the one you call yourself now be at peace
Carved inside your soul of anonymity
Spring is Eternal
As are you...
-H. Murcia 2:25 PM 5/11/2021
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scatteredthoughts2 · a day ago
The names we choose to die with;
The names we leave behind,
In death, I see so much,
In living, I was blind.
The names we choose to die with;
Names carved in mossy stone,
In death, I have so many friends,
In life, I lived alone.
The names we choose to die with;
Names no one will recall,
In life, I lived so frugal,
In death, I spend it all.
The names we choose to die with;
Names covered now with clay,
In life, I was not living,
In death, I live each day.
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reveries-de-minuit · a day ago
Tumblr media
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alithepoet · a day ago
the names we chose to die with,
are of those who die fighting that which is the reason we are dying.
the names we chose to die with,
are of those that have us feeling like the infinite phoenix with eternal wings forever flying.
the names we chose to die with,
are those of them that with all the air in their lungs shout so those that cannot speak have a voice.
the names we chose to die with,
are of those that give up their own will so that we can have a choice.
the names we chose to die with are those that spring up memories of bliss.
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mortalghost · a day ago
Honor, strength, loyalty.
Coward, thief, liar.
So many words to be
Even more to do
Life is short
Which is for you?
The labels that we live by
The names we choose to die with
On your tombstone
In your history
Marks you leave and lies you live
Love you spread and hate you give
Mark the scars upon your skin
Six feet under, deep within
You'll spend more time being
A forgotten memory
Than living a legendary
Moment of tranquility
All defined by what you lose
Summed up by that which you choose
Pray that what's carved upon your stone
Is the story that you wish to be called your own
While the winds in the cemetery
Cease to blow.
-H. Murcia 5/10/2021 11:36 AM
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dbaydenny · a day ago
Glancing at the names
I own and borrow from friends
I reject them all,
I offer them no tombstone,
live on, let none die with me.
D W Eldred
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sharkygiovanna2 · a day ago
choices to be made
if for a single brave moment
we manage to remember
how vulnerable , fragile and short this life
is and we therefor try to make a choice
which names we prefer to remember
when it all comes to an end
are you able to tell what names you
chose to die with , my friend?
speaking for myself i will remember
'Jungle', the smell of the dense forest
trees crowded with birds and apes, a name
as a symbol of nature which has given me
so much during a lifetime
but there is more which cannot be omitted:
'passion' as it has been a substantial
way of being in love which i could not do
without and of course 'friends', which will
open the gate of memories covering a big
part of my life
though changes have occurred as time
went by ; is there more?
probably, but right now i believe these three
names holding so much significance will
certainly have to be of major importance
@sharkygiovanna 2🗿🗿2021
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zahragecs · a day ago
Mother Say, Mother Do
Under no circumstance would I be able to tell you
That what mothers say and what mothers do 
Is often opposed to one another, too often it is true
However, it is no evil act of theirs, that much is also secret
It is when you bleed and bandage your wounds for the first time
It is when your red threads cut themselves to fall black
Only when your tears have burned holes in your shirt
Is when you realize that’s what mothers say and what mothers do
When you must choose between love and comfort
When you learn and relearn and attempt to unlearn
When you pick and choose your secrets,
The names you chose to die with,
That is when you realize, that what mothers say and what mothers do
Is no evil act of theirs, but their own picking and choosing 
Of what to keep and what to lose
[March 10, 2021]
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writerscreed · a day ago
Writerscreed Challenge for the Week of 5/9-5/15
For week [230] of our Writerscreed Challenges, we have the following prompt: The names we choose to die with.
Please use the word/phrase. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
For our challenges, we accept and encourage all types of writing, you are not restricted in terms of style. We just ask you to please stay on topic and please read our post on topics we do not want glorified and condoned, as they will not be reblogged by us.
Tag your post #writerscreedchallenge and we will reblog your work throughout the week. Thanks, and we look forward to reading all your work. If you are concerned that your work was overlooked (Tumblr can be glitchy with tags), please contact @imperiallefty He’s running the prompt this week.
*note: for writing that is not related to the challenge please use the tag #writerscreed*
As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message any one of the administrators or send us an ask in our inbox.
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writerscreed · 2 days ago
writerscreed challenge recap
May 2-8, 2021    week 229  the prompt was: road trip   Thank you to all of the writers who participated. What a great response.  Take a moment and read over any entries you may have missed.  If your poem is not listed,  please contact @aubriestar     
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@fakesurprise      poem
@torrentialmonsoon      poem
@isabellahawkes        poem
@karmaalwayswins       prose
@dg-fragments       poem
@pjg2950        poem
@notmadebyhumanhands poem
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notmadebyhumanhands · 2 days ago
I’ll take road trips with you any time,
But at every crossroad, I’d make a wrong turn.
It’s still a long way to go
And I’d like to have forever with you.
So why don’t we take our time?
I’ll drive endless highways with you
And maybe when we’re far enough,
maybe you’d fall in love with me, too.
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pjg2950 · 2 days ago
I want to go .
Did a trial run with family.
Often having to use the wheel chair.
The luggage was small but still too much for one person.
People opened doors for me, which was nice.
You could tell the smile behind the mask, also nice.
I in kind, would make a joke.
Leaving them with a little laughter behind.
But it hurts,
the body betrays me.
My fault too, I know. Still?
What would I have done different in my journey.
What steps should I have done so that I might continue my own now?
I learn more jokes, small & stupid.
Sharing them with people on the phone.
Make em laugh!
My days of hitting the road alone are over.
I sit within crumbling plaster walls,
in a crumbling body.
Pictures of the past haunting me.
Days past, what does the future bring?
Shall I just dissolve into the tv?
A reality show no one will watch, 
not even me?
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dg-fragments · 3 days ago
As much as I'm drawn by the romanticism of road trips,
the realization strikes what matters most is the company,
whom you choose to spend those lost moments with,
for, while the journey is most often craved,
the camaraderie is what makes it worth it.
There's hope for the life that remains,
to comprise of road trips in your companionship,
as we navigate our way through the many bends of life,
never letting go off the paths we sketch together,
nor the destination that we are striving towards.
- DG (Road trips)
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karmaalwayswins · 3 days ago
@writerscreed prompt 229: road trip
Page number 25 in the book of road trips: Richmond to Baltimore.
We have a new friend in the form of a ladybug that drifted into the window while we were at a stoplight right before getting on the highway. It spends its time walking across the dashboard, occasionally trying to fly through the front window to the outside. 
Forty-five minutes into the drive, Dana sees a billboard featuring a specialty fast food burger.
“I heard about those,” Dana says. She rubs my thigh. We stop. This leads to two specialty burgers plus fries plus sodas. 
As per usual, thirty minutes later, Dana says, “I need to go to the bathroom.”
Gas station bathrooms suck. $3.15 gas price sucks. Washington, D.C. traffic sucks. 
Dana asks, “Can we stretch our legs?” A casino is two exits away. We stop. This leads to me losing $2.00 at a slot machine and Donna buying a new blackjack-themed hat. Also, the ladybug is liberated from the car. 
“Good luck,” Dana says as the ladybug flies away. 
We reach the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Parking is expensive. The aquarium is nice. We take the shark tour. 
Outside, a street performer uses bubbles, cigarette smoke, and a kazoo to entertain us. I tip him $1.00. 
Dinner is sushi. I take a picture of one of the plates and send the image to some friends. 
Tumblr media
Jordan texts back.
JORDAN: Looks tasty
Dana asks, “Want some more sake?”
I hold out my cup. “Sure.”
Photo Credit: karmaalwayswins
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isabellahawkes · 3 days ago
Road Trip
Tumblr media
Under new blue skies
Clear, yet familiar
The terrain is home,
shrubs and mountains
green and trees
rivers and wind and dirt and deer.
My home has finally come together
On the road, surrounded by love and chaos
that all exists peacefully, purposefully.
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fakesurprise · 3 days ago
towers of finance gleam under protective canopies
every vehicle motionless each an electric orgy of one
the subscriptions to cars cancelled as funded faded
a sky full of zeppelins a world inflated beyond means
the road existed only to be tripped over by crossing
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torrentialmonsoon · 3 days ago
a journey of 2.5 million light years, through cascades of perseids like rainfall, passing Jovian moons and dreams in orbit. hoping to catch kaleidoscope chandeliers defying gravity in  midnight teal skies. my journey of 2.5 million light years, a road trip to your Andromeda eyes.
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cruxymox · 3 days ago
wheer tai troe ew palese
whet discore, coulse, & ahters
thar thea khoehle sahr
olo heary faer
ohn troep, anear
would we were to take a road trip to a place unknown
what we might discover, such color, and any others
we are thrown to the moon, we hold close a star
look over every hill ever so far
on our road trip, never alone
created with the nonsense laboratory word mixer
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