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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
wordsaremydiary · 8 days ago
Sitting with my mom
I smile a different smile.
Listening to her sweet words
I smile a big, genuine smile.
Sitting with those fake people
I smile a different smile.
Listening to their fake words
I smile a tight-lipped, fake smile.
Sitting with someone I admire
I smile a different smile.
Listening to and watching them
I smile a small shy smile.
Sitting with people I love
I smile a different smile.
Goofing and talking with them
I smile a big, toothy smile.
To every heart in my life
I smile a different smile.
For all the hearts I've lost
I smile a different smile.
2021, April 8th
The credit for this idea and theme goes to @wonderingprocrastinator ☻ Thank you so much for this genius and genius suggestion. Hope you like it :)
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wordsaremydiary · 8 days ago
Here’s an easy one you can write about! Roses!! Please write a poem about a red rose slowly turned into pink and then white when winter comes please? ~X-Over Anon
Hello 👋 Anonymous. Hope you're doing wonderful.
Now that's an interesting concept. Thank you for the idea. I have tried my best. Here it is.
My heart will sing
All individual notes.
All heaven bells will ding
And hit all the right notes.
The flower in your hand
Is a piece of my heart.
You're like a grand
Piece of lovely art.
From seasons to years
This rose will bloom.
It's all yours
Like a personal heirloom.
It slowly changes and grows
Along with you.
Into different colours it glows
Just like you.
From red to pink
And pink to white.
From young love to adult sync
And from that to old flight.
Tumblr media
2021, April 8th
I hope you like it Anon! Have a wonderful day ahead 😄
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shobanagomes · 11 days ago
A chequered sky and a beauty
A chequered sky and a beauty
It is a free bird that captures the attention of friends and lovers, Not the tortured ones, or the neglected species, they only capture interest, The free bird belongs to a chequered sky and a beauty. *** An injured lies amidst soil and grime, Some may help while others may say, “Let her die, for she is not of the human race, she is an alien from outer space.” For her dignity lies not in…
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wordsaremydiary · 12 days ago
Ruin Me
Leave me alone
Let go of my mind.
Leave my bones
Let me not be kind.
Bruise me deep
Make sure I bleed.
Sing me to sleep
Take all that you greed.
Make me drown in pain,
And so blissfully aware.
That I never trust again
Any big warm bear.
Make me change
And cut my long hair.
Bind me to chains
So I no longer care.
2021, March 29th
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wordsaremydiary · 12 days ago
Could you write a poem. About a girl who likes this guy's. She can't seem to forget him, and she suspects she loves him but she also knows she doesn't love him... Hope that make sense .... Plus ur poems r amazinggggggg
Hello 👋 Anonymous. Hope everything is going great.
I can certainly try to write it. But I can't guarantee it will reach your expectations. And thank you! Your support is highly appreciated :) Anyways, here it is.
Mystically Real
Is he real,
Or am I hallucinating?
Is he mystical,
Or am I dreaming?
He makes me run
Yet I still can't forget him.
He makes life fun
And I always remember him.
Is this love?
I don't think so.
This isn't love,
But what if it might be so?
All day in my head
I can't stop thinking.
Maybe even in my heart
I can't stop feeling.
2021, April 4th
I hope you like it. I've tried my best 😅. Thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate it 😄
Have a good day mate :)
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shobanagomes · 29 days ago
The Pulse of a Dreamer
The Pulse of a Dreamer
Do you know how to dream amidst the wilds? Nature once taught me to embrace its beauty, I do not know whether I was awake or alive. The breathtaking window to its soul – only I can see. That vision that takes hold of all creativity, I stand as a spectator, crowned by its glory. There were times when my heartbeats were lost, in that great slumberous place, where peace reigned in its foothold.…
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juoseadelmundopoetry · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Be patient. Be still. Your time will come. #poetscribe #poetrycommunity #poetsociety #writersandpoets #writersofinstagram #writersofig #motivationalquotes #motivation #quotestagram #quoteoftheday #hopequotes #goodvibes #empowerment #girlswhowrite #poesia #poemsporn #thegoodquote #juoseadelmundopoetry #instapoems #instagood #lifequotes #writersofph #writersofphilippines #iwrite #thoughts #captions #captionsforinsta
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im-highly-sapphisticated · 6 months ago
I crave the act of carving a painting with words,
Scattered letters across my personal canvas,
Reflecting the past, present and future.
A vision buried ten paragraphs deep,
And seven lines strong.
A fantasy world where the hero settles with the villian,
They aren’t so different,
Two sides of the same coin.
A murder mystery of unchecked mental health,
Burying the parts the author hated and exposing the pieces wielded with gold.
A tear would stain the paper,
For the truth is shown with the power words hold.
Though they might be hurtful to learn,
They are relieving when known.
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thegleamygirl · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey, guys .
Follow me on instagram @thegleamgirl for more.
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im-highly-sapphisticated · 7 months ago
Thorn Bubble
The words “Reasons Not To:” stared at her for the third time this morning, glaring at her audacity for writing such a thing in the first place. She backspaced enough times to wear her thumbs down, every time her mind supplied that it wasn’t a good enough reason.
When did hangouts become a chore? A homework she had to do before it was too late and the thread of her acquaintance expired. She can already see the farewell messages being sent her way.
Food tasted like ash, more so than usual. The odour turning her stomach upside down. She got so used to the dizziness, almost welcoming the sensation as a sick reward.
And God, she was so sorry she gave off the impression she wants this.
The utter and sheer raw fear that she might be horrible, toxic and suffocating to be around flays her mind. So she waits for the shoe to drop.
She knows it must be hard being a friend to someone so self-destructive. So she tries but God knows she can’t stop it, only bury it deep down.
Imagine a bubble, made of thorns and broken glass-shards. Every touch upon the walls, poison. Her fists bled from the effort to reconnect with abandoning ghosts.
Is she worth waiting this bubble out? Said the onlooking spectator. We’ll find someone less broken somewhere else. Someone funnier, smarter, prettier, livelier. Why hang onto rotten fruit?
She’s lost many friends now and she knows she’s the common factor. This bubble around her numbs the pain of loss, happiness, fulfilment or sadness
And finally, after years of waiting and expecting, Her mother sat her down and said “You are fine. You’re okay.” And for a moment, she almost believed her.
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im-highly-sapphisticated · 7 months ago
I’ve been trying to sum up why this time of the year makes the world so utterly colorless.
Is it the crushing loneliness?
The sense of unaccomplishment?
Realising you made it way further than you ever anticipated?
The reasons vary that’s for sure. But with these ‘reasons’ comes guilt.
I am not friendless.
I am studying a major I chose.
I am alive.
This voice in my head screaming FAKE! never seems to go away. It marks the beginning of the day and the end of the night, from the first hello to the last goodbye with passing lovers and friends.
I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried to be happy, content and joyful; It’s the literal definition of my name. Sometimes I think I do too good of a job pretending.
“Why are you being so dramatic today?”
When it all comes crashing down on those days I don’t want to live, on those days my razor does absolutely nothing anymore, on those days my chest is trying to crush itself inside out, I can’t pretend. I can’t breathe and I can’t be less dramatic.
I am sorry.
My birthday is a day I am supposed to celebrate my life in all it’s value and prints. The impact it left in the years that passed and the ones it’ll set in the future.
I scarcely carve a mark, but I itch a scratch in the times of need.
This day celebrates that scratch.
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im-highly-sapphisticated · 9 months ago
The desperate urge to write
Killed the lonely soul;
When inspiration
Bolts the door behind it
Escorted by the Will to live,
Old scars itch.
Oh, Mother,
I am sorry for the constant disappointment
Drowning everything
In its wake.
Let us play along and
Even when the damage was done
And the Hollowness sets
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Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my soulmate
The one there when the rains weren’t blissful nor the warmth comforting
You’ve listened to me rant, sing, talk and gossip whenever i felt like i was suffocating
Taken me to places that made my stay here in this city, so far away for my home, feel worthwhile
I throw the words i love you haphazardly but only few times do i really mean it
When i say it to you, 
I don’t just mean it. You have given those three words a whole new definition
Thank you for existing, 
No better gift could you have given me than the true pleasure of your company
You are on the list of people that I would rather die than disappoint
I’d rather walk through fire than betray
I’d rather never speak again than to speak ill of you
No stronger women walked this earth
My heart utterly beats for you.
And in the future, 
When we finally share an apartment overlooking the streets of New York
I’ll hold you tighter than I ever did
In hopes to show you that you have saved my life.
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cymitri · a year ago
washed canvas
no longer can I see clearly your face
each year a new wash layered upon the canvas in my mind that was once you 
but never have I lost the deep brown of your eyes; the lushness of your lashes
and never have I lost the taste of your lips; the softness of your caress
while friend or foe, time separates us more each passing moment
never can you be stolen from my memories or my heart
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cymitri · a year ago
shades pulled - sheltering out the night
wine poured - filling the nothingness
silence echoing off the solitude
an upward glance - a hallowed square
a string beckons
the slightest pull - a rickety stair
step by step - into the void
darkness parts 
grainy films unfurl cascading memories
hands out of time - grasping for light
the air thickens - anguish abounds 
screaming for release 
from out of the attic - crashing to the floor
time clears and moments pass - an upward glance
naught but the ceiling remains 
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unspokenpromises · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Does it make me a bad person? A bad person for wishing you'd feel what I feel? :/
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unspokenpromises · 2 years ago
"Sometimes I just wish that maybe we could've been different"
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sunshine-n-rainwater · 2 years ago
Excerpt #1
"Looking back upon everything now, I don't know how I didn't realise sooner. I think deep down I always knew, I was just afraid to admit it, I didn't want to go. I mean, who ever truly does?"
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