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shaheen191 · a day ago
to the one who will love him next:
he’s been through so much.
help him. take it slow.
smooth the splinters others have left.
I’m sure a few of mine are
still embedded in his skin.
-caroline kaufman
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wordsaremydiary · 5 days ago
Sitting with my mom
I smile a different smile.
Listening to her sweet words
I smile a big, genuine smile.
Sitting with those fake people
I smile a different smile.
Listening to their fake words
I smile a tight-lipped, fake smile.
Sitting with someone I admire
I smile a different smile.
Listening to and watching them
I smile a small shy smile.
Sitting with people I love
I smile a different smile.
Goofing and talking with them
I smile a big, toothy smile.
To every heart in my life
I smile a different smile.
For all the hearts I've lost
I smile a different smile.
2021, April 8th
The credit for this idea and theme goes to @wonderingprocrastinator ☻ Thank you so much for this genius and genius suggestion. Hope you like it :)
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gdnewsam · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
We're halfway through Noelle Vella's Scavenger Hunt. Grab your copy of A Weekend Affair 2: Back to Reality (physical book or ebook), take a picture/selfie, post to Facebook or Twitter, & tag Noelle Vella!If you still don't have a copy, get it ON SALE at:
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write-on-world · 15 days ago
"How is it that you've managed to survive for so long with your sanity intact?"
"Easy. I assume that everything is a scam."
Write It
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wordsaremydiary · 19 days ago
I absolutely love your poems! It's so nice to see someone share their art!
I see that you take requests, I was wondering if you could write something about art in general. Maybe the struggle of being an artist?
Have a nice day!☀️
Hi 👋 hope you're as awesome as ever!
Thank you so much 😄 . Yeah, I try my best to write the best I can. Sure, that seems like a very interesting suggestion. Here:
Heavy Struggles
The struggle to write
Or draw or paint.
The struggle to fight
In silence and pain.
To find the right words
And clueless colours.
To somehow shift the world
In minutes and hours.
To relay the pain
And the heart that's cracked.
To display the stains
In a beautiful stack.
To use the perfect key
For the right sorrow.
To allow the world to see
And still not seem shallow.
The yearning for art,
The thirst to create.
The balancing of hearts
On individual plates.
2021, March 18th
I hope you like it! Thank you for the awesome suggestion. Lemme know what you think about it. I really enjoyed writing this one! Have a wonderful day/night.
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the-ninnas-writes · 20 days ago
Prompt #33
A psychologist has two separate clients. Their relationship problems, hopes, dreams, even interests and dorkiness are just. So. Matching. It's almost ridiculous. Yet due to agency and clients policies, as well as propriety, they couldn't possibly play matchmaker...
And so the comedic long-way 'round matchmaking begins, as the client-therapist lines start to blur and, oh dear, when the clients return after each encounter with more problems and misunderstandings.
Bonus points if the ending has a wholesome platonic moral story to it!
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the-ninnas-writes · a month ago
Prompt #30 
Character Development Through... Thinking and Internal Monologue!
 A different kind of prompt today for your work-in-progress: a reminder of how human internal monologues are. They're a huge part of internal development.
Why does something have to "happen" in order to justify or constitute character change/growth? The simple answer would be "because it's not exciting". But wait!
I'm sure most of you can remember right now at least one such time where you were just sitting or walking and thinking to yourself... and came to some conclusion, epiphany — heck, blew your own mind and flipped your life upside down. Let me tell you, just me sitting in my room alone with my thoughts reflecting on things has changed me as a person several times in my life! Internal intelectual / imaginary journeys are as crucial as the physical journeys.
Just think about a book where you start with a character with one mentality, which you might agree with, and then in the middle of the book they go through several imaginary adventures in their mind as you see their language and logic morph and follow their line of reasoning. At one point you're screaming at the book because the character is going down a certain trail of thought you don't like, but you can now see the direction they're about to take. Or maybe, you start to empathize with them more because their monologues are going in a direction you approve and you start hoping they eventually come to a certain decision. But all that to eventually have your character suddenly change their mind, or act against their own monologues and you just—can't—!
All I'm saying really is, give your characters room to just breathe, reflect, look back, imagine, think. Because it counts! It's part of the journey and for many of us it's where MOST of our life journeys happen.
Now excuse me as I go drink some tea and have an existential crisis before bed.
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eveenstar · a month ago
One day an ex-friend of mine told me I didn’t have criativity and my writing sucks, so I wrote a 20+ wiki about my fictional universe. Ended up losing one friend and a beautiful work that I can call my own and do whatever the hell I want with it :D 
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wordsaremydiary · a month ago
Can you another poem about the song called ‘Feels Like Home’ from Brother Bear 2 with the mixed of ‘I See The Light’ from Tangled. Listen to two songs if you don’t know any of them. ~X-Over Anon
Hello 👋 Anonymous. Hope you're doing great.
Yeah, I've listened to both songs, and though this was a challenge, it was way more fun to write. Here it is.
Home in Your Light
They didn't know
They were so lost
Until they found eachother
Like the treasure lost.
Now their hearts glow
Like lanterns in the sky.
And they'll show
Eachother how to fly.
Found the parts forgotten
And all the missing feelings
They learn to smile again
Learn to be loving.
As long as they're together
They're home.
With eachother
The world, they'll roam.
Chasing one another
They're where they're meant to be.
Together forever
Only love and peace they'll feel.
2021, March 4th
Hope this is upto your expectations, Anon. I've tried my best. Thanks for the suggestion 😊
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gdnewsam · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Another 5-STAR Review for The Witches of Salix Pointe! Get your copy NOW and see what all the hype is about! Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited at
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ramyeonjpg-medium-quotes · 3 months ago
Tell me: what stories are empowering to you? - #storytelling #writerscommunity
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littlebirdsplay · 3 months ago
I haven't posted anything on here in while so I guess I should let everyone that cares know (although, that's very few of you) that I still exist.
A year from Thursday marks my son's first birthday. So since I was rather active here I've moved on to having a second child so my life got impossibly more difficult. I've been keeping up on reading and unfortunately haven't been doing much writing (terrible thing for an aspiring writer.)
I've never given much merit to New Year's resolutions but this year I decided I would write 250 words a day toward a story (a 10 minute job in my day which I can usually manage to squeeze in while my husband bathes the kids in the evening time). I have calculated it out and even if I gave myself a "weekend" of sorts that is 65,000 words in a year (a novel at minimum is usually around 70,000). Currently I'm on day 3 and have written 750+ words - more than I have managed to write in the past year or two.
I am hoping to be able to release a novel in about a year or so, so please stay tuned! 🌻
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gdnewsam · 3 months ago
Available NOW on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!
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the-ninnas-writes · 3 months ago
Prompt #27
A villain's Christmas!
Happy upcoming new year 2021! Who doesn't like a Grinch-esque, a la Scrooge Christmas Megamind-feel-good redemption arc? Or, total holly jolly chaos and pranks! Write a Christmas short starring a villain and an uxepected gift.
Check this artist out on DeviantArt, lots of fun hero stuff! This old illustration of theirs inspired the prompt.
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lcatfiction · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
(Working) Title: Atlantis
A Summary: Mara spent her summers growing up in her family’s Long Island beach house. She hasn’t been there in years, but when her mom passes away, she has to go back and clean it out. It should only be a two-day job, but then Mara runs into her nighbour and childhood friend, Gabi Valdez. Suddenly, selling the house and leaving the beach forever seems like a bad idea.
Tags: LGBT+ fiction, coming of age, romance, angst with a happy ending, emotional hurt/comfort, grief, mutual pining, friends to lovers
Where the Story is at: currently i am writing my first draft through a mixture of planning and pantsing, this blog will give you updates about the story, excerpts and insight into the narrative. i’m currently unsure about publishing prospects, though it will probably be published for free online before anything else
(also, i stole this format from @wanderingcas, check out their blog for their novel @lahantisenovel)
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eveenstar · 5 months ago
So me and lovely @paulatheduck​ were chatting about some of my characters and this happened:
Tumblr media
And man, let me say this must be every writer ever ngl 
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mirandaraysworld · 5 months ago
Update #3
Hello, Imaginary Readers.
I am actually posting twice within a week. WHAT?!
To get right into it. We are so close to 8000 words in Thorns. But the bug for the Rewrite is back and I am going to do a little writing for that and see how it goes. I want to find a workable name for this story. That’s a goal for this week regarding Rewrite.
- Lilly 
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mirandaraysworld · 5 months ago
Writing Update #2
Hello, my imaginary readers.
It’s been 3 months to the day since I posted. My last post is a little hard to get through if you ask me. But, a lot has happened. I have written a third of a new short story called The Polaroid. The Polaroid is story number 14, and she is very exciting. The Polaroid has been completely developed in the means that I know where It’s going to go. It all came to me within 10 hours. And I have written more than 1500 words. 
The second story that has captured my attention lately is number 7. Number 7 HAS A NAME.... It is Thorns That Surround The Heart aka Thorns. I am also planning on making it a two book series. With the sequal called Finding Roses. I think I am very clever with those titles. Thorns has 6653 words. I want to get to 17,000 by Christmas. What would be awesome is if I could get it finished by New Years. But that does mean I am very far behind guessing my book is going to have more than 25,000 words, roughly. 
The rewrite, number 3, has been slow recently as my outlook on how it ends is changing so I am giving myself a bit of a brain break. Number 3 is sitting at a word count of 4210. We are about 1/2 way through Chapter 2. But I have chapter 3 and 4 planned. Chapter 3 spans over a few months so there is definitely a lot packed in. I might end up splitting chapter 3 into segments of each month. 
This is definitely a rambly update. They all will most likely be. 
Love, Lilly 
That is how I am ending posts, at least long ones.
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