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jimkirkachu46 minutes ago
For the WIP meme, just gotta know what "A Rowdy Morning" is all about! ;)
(a much too lengthy response below 馃槄)
Oh lol!! That's the working title for my potential sequel to "A Quiet Night," my only McSpirk story at this point. I've only gotten as far as a rough (...really rough) outline of what might happen. Since the original is about Kirk spending a night alone on the Enterprise while Spock and McCoy are at a science symposium thing, my intent was to have the sequel be a little villanelle of their reunion the following morning (in sort of an "opposite of part 1" vein, i.e. quiet/rowdy, evening/morning, you know). Perhaps the Blue Boys return to the ship earlier than expected, having both sensed Kirk's loneliness the evening before when they spoke to him... and then perhaps as he helps carry their luggage back to their quarters, they get a little suggestive/handsy/frisky in the turbolift... and then perhaps there's some wild playtime once they're safe in their quarters and Spock & McCoy have the opportunity to ravage Kirk as an "apology" for leaving him alone the night before... 馃槒馃槡馃檲
I'm not really sure about most of the details, or how much detail it would go into (mostly since its predecessor is like a Teen rating, so I'd feel a little weird about making it an Explicit scene?). I jotted it all down kind of quickly after I first posted AQN a few years ago, and I hate to say it but it's basically just been collecting dust ever since then. However, the same can pretty much be said for the other 150+ pages of k/s ideas and starts and outlines and blurbs and so on that I have in the wings........ lol yeah. I have a problem 馃槅馃槀
Here's an itty bitty excerpt from what exists so far:
Kirk chuckled and started walking to the nearby turbolift, gesturing with his head for them to follow. As the scientists fell into step with him, Kirk said, his voice as jaunty as his gait, "There's nothing to make up for, and nothing to apologize for. You boys think I can't handle a single night without the sounds of your bickering lulling me to sleep?"
McCoy and Spock regarded each other with feigned innocence as Kirk turned around in the turbolift and grabbed the handle straight back from the door.
"Come on," Kirk said, his hazel eyes sparkling with his constant good humor. "The turbolift won't wait all day."
Silently obeying, Spock and McCoy stepped in and took the grips on either side of Kirk. They looked pointedly between one another and their captain, who seemed to suspect something from their conspiratorial gazes. The doctor grinned just as the doors slid shut.
Half a minute later, when the turbolift doors opened on deck five, Captain Kirk's hair was wildly disheveled, his cheeks were flushed a vibrant red, and he was biting down on his bottom lip in a futile attempt to hide his smile. His first officer and chief medic flanked him quietly, standing tall, facing straight ahead, and looking just about as indifferent as if they were watching one of those periodical Earth news bulletins narrated by the most monotonous commodore in the fleet.
Lol I don't even know 馃槀馃槀 Thanks for asking about it though!! And sorry it took me like a month to respond!!! 馃憖馃檴馃挏
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geradredskittle666blog2 hours ago
Teaching myself medicine one google search at a time!
Okay, so not really. I'm obviously not at the same as someone actually studying medicine. And I don't really want to anyway. At least not at a uni level.
Point is...there was a point (and it wasn't about bananas...or big brains). Point is my whump fanfic work means I have a wide range of basic level google doctor research on various illnesses, poisen effects, broken bones/fractures, lack of basic care stuff like sleep deprivation, vitamin deficies and (for mash related work) effects of various chemical wepons and related stuff.
Its all so facinating! The human body is so facinating! My psych undergrad gave me a basic understanding of the human body and how it works. Giving me a (basic) frame work of interpreting why these bad effects on the body happen. Like seeing patterns and confirming I was right is also great!
Anyone wants to talk this kinda "morbid" stuff with me, pm me, coz this stuff facinates me!
Or if anyone want to teach me stuff about their personal experiences that might be missing from basic google searches or common stuff in textbooks.
Or if anyone has resources/knows good sites on stuff( specific or not).
Id also be happy to write about your particular illness/condition/whatever term you prefer: as long as I know the facts and can asks questions (not that you have to answer them). I do write some stuff from my own pov of my own stuff but even alternate views on that is good. Even stuff like support that helps/ process and experiences getting help etc. Even things like death/dying.
I'm just curious. And I love learning. About everything.
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weirdo-with-no-beardo3 hours ago
So for months I couldn't write anything but now I'm just vomiting a shitstorm of ideas and stories.
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The cat would not get his butt out of my face while I was trying to type down ideas.
The dog would not get her tounge off of my face while I was trying to organzise ideas.
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readingtherapy017 hours ago
Tumblr media
鈥淢an's Search for Meaning鈥 is a 1946 book by Viktor Frankl chronicling his experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II.
鉁匜rankl鈥檚 Man鈥檚 Search for Meaning provides a vivid account of an individual鈥檚 experience as a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp.
馃挜The book focuses on love, hope, responsibility, inner freedom, and the beauty to be found in both nature and art as means that help one endure and overcome harrowing experiences.
鉂囷笍The book intends to answer the question "How was everyday life in a concentration camp reflected in the mind of the average prisoner?"
鈥淏ooks Are Magic.鈥
鉁旓笍follow @readingtherapy01
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gregoryklma7708 hours ago
Does Becoming a Published聽 Scribe聽 Bolster a聽 Company?
There is a boom taking place recently, specifically in the online world. A growing number of company people are authoring their very own print book and e-books. These products can run the gamut from information books to individual life stories, as well as mentoring products, as well as life abilities training manuals.
With so many doing this, presumably evident that this is a fantastic method to rise a service to the next level. After all, if a person can set themselves up as an professional by publishing materials on particular subjects, others will clearly acquire more, as well as income will increase, right? This is not always so.
While it is an benefit in some circumstances, it can be a disadvantage in other instances. There are criteria that need to be adhered to for effective magazine, as well as there are particular needs that must be fulfilled for successful magazine.
The Benefits of Writing and Publishing are as Follows
An individual can establish themselves up as an expert in a details area of rate of interest, hence improving sales as well as trust fund with customers and also customers. If a publication works enough, as well as the marketing done well enough, huge exposure will happen, as well as an person can fast end up being a "semi-celebrity" in their picked field.
A print book or e-book can drive extreme amounts of website traffic to a Internet site, if a LINK is included in the publication. Publications are a popular Search Engine website traffic device.
The revenue from a successful publication can itself be lucrative.
Tumblr media
Backend sales can be made effortlessly, by consisting of " point out" of various other products/services within the published materials.
Public connections are boosted, with some authors as well as publishers appreciating considerable notoriety. When this happens, sometimes individuals will certainly get " any type of" and also "all" subsequent follow up items that are generated by the author and publisher.
Financially rewarding joint endeavors can be developed with solid magazines. Numerous large sized print publishers as well as online publishers will provide huge direct exposure to authors that generate a well-written, vast selling publication.
The disadvantages, nevertheless, do exist, and also these are as complies with
Making a high quality publication is time consuming, at finest. Materials need to be looked into, composed, and also re-edited many, sometimes before the magazine can be launched.
Making a high quality magazine can be costly as well. Although the field of self publishing has actually raised greatly (the quantity of software application as well as solutions readily available currently for self publishers is remarkable), there are considerable costs associated with the writing and publishing of products, i.e., publication software program as well as solutions, advertising prices, research study costs, editorial as well as layout prices, and so on
Tumblr media
. If the magazine is not well created and investigated, and also doesn't successfully reach it's target audience, the author and also publisher might effectively create "negative promotion" which will harm the business, not enhance it.
" Adverse followers" might appear. These are individuals that appear to amazingly appear who disagree wholeheartedly with the published materials, and might effectively develop chaos for the author as well as publisher. Envy is many times a objective below, however intentions are differed. This is an work threat for all authors as well as publishers.
Legalities must be complied with to the letter. All copyright laws, distribution laws, and all various other laws relating to writing and also publishing should be adhered to explicitly. Numerous " amateur" writers and authors are unaware of these, and also find themselves in a "legal mess". A assessment with a attorney versed in copyright is normally in order prior to authoring and also publishing.
Plagiarism is rife on the planet of writing, writing, as well as publishing. Specifically if a job is good, there will most likely be reoccuring circumstances of this. Methods to defeat this habits, such as online safety and security procedures and also offline follow up, leads to an increase in general costs.
In general, any type of job has to be exceptionally well written and expert to be successful. Lot of times, beginning authors and authors, who have actually never ever written a word prior to this in trying to contain prices, will certainly attempt to create the work themselves, bring about a chaotic, rather "unreadable" job. It is always prudent, if a individual is not a writer themselves, to hire a ghostwriter that is verified, to efficiently write the " finest products" feasible. A magazine that is messed up as well as ineffective, will not " offer" in the end, and just cost the author and also publisher even more cash on the whole as fee backs and returns will certainly take place regularly, and also the products will require to be redone at some point.
Additionally, there seems to be a wave of new books appearing each month, that are written by those that recognize "little to nothing" of the materials they suggest to be professionals on. This is the largest error feasible on the planet of writing and also publishing. No person can be an "expert" on something that they understand " absolutely nothing" concerning. Visitors are quick to "catch on" when an author or publisher knows nothing about the subject matter. If doubtful, do away with writing and also publishing till you have become an " specialist" instead of cover a subject that you know nothing around, or pick a topic in which you do have a great understanding of the products.
Be honest, be truthful, be adept, as well as be figured out, and if you do choose to author and publish, you will certainly certainly see success and a wonderful organization advantage! To be less than genuine, truthful, experienced and determined, as well as authoring as well as publishing will soon come to be a headache!
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manilalbahiram10 hours ago
How TM Helped Me Become a Writer
How TM Helped Me Become a聽Writer
As I was growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, I had several ambitions. I wanted to be a psychiatrist, a researcher and a writer. I went to medical school in South Africa, then moved to the U.S. to study psychiatry at Columbia in New York City. Finally, I went on to a research fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bethesda, Maryland, where I spent the next 20 years.鈥
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writingwife-8311 hours ago
Just had a thought and I鈥檓 genuinely curious鈥
Reblog if you always read authors notes/comments before and/or after fics or each chapter
Like this post if you read the fic/chapter and don鈥檛 feel the need to read anything else
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yoonia12 hours ago
hiiIIIIII DIAAAAA bruh just gott say that i don't read fics of bts/ikon anymore but i stumbled upon that oNE FIC U DID WITH HANBIN. that threw me out of the park gasping for AIR and i'm just-HOT DAMN DIA WARN A COUPLE OF PEOPLE WILL YOU. YOUR WORDS ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL, IF NOT BLOSSOMED BEAUTIFULLY AS TIME WENT BY!!! UR DOING AMAZING AND I LOVE THAT. anyway!! hope you're doing well and great!! STAY HEALTHY AND HAPPY!! 馃挒鉁
I've missed you so much! Hahaha aw thank you so much for diving into my Hanbin fic. I didn't even think that anyone would caught that fic cause I did that one on a whim BUT I'M GLAD TO KNOW YOU HAD A JOY RIDE THROUGH IT muahahaha Thank you so much for saying something sweet. It means a lot to me since you're like one of my role models in this site. I know you've been venturing into other writing community and I love to see it (can't wait to see what you have to offer cause I know they're bomb!)
Sending all love for you. Hope you're doing great and please take care of yourself 馃ズ
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solliewriter22 hours ago
I've written some great dialogue, but I'm currently stuck on things that they could be doing during this dialogue when they're outside. I'm making a list and would love some additional ideas.
pace some more
gesticulate some more
ooh what if they gesticulate AND pace
half-heartedly clean dirt from clothes
enthusiastically rub char on their face
trip and fall
spin and trip and fall
kick rocks
throw sticks
play with dogs that just suddenly appear for no reason other than to give them something to do
stare at clouds
stare at stars
stare at the moon
stare at their hands
stare at birds and ponder freedom
be strangled by me as I yell at them to stop staring at things because it's rude and repetitive
hop logs
duck branches
log ducks
eat snacks
fiddle their surroundings (branches, rocks, leaves, walls, fences, etc)
fiddle with a fiddle
jump up on a hickory stump
boy let me tell you what鈥 I'm out of ideas.
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cloudiness23 hours ago
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alexismizd012a day ago
Attain Personal Development Through These聽 Attempted聽 As Well As True Tips
Individual development relies on your efforts. If you establish your objectives within reasonable limits and also enable yourself some adaptability, you'll be well on your way to developing a personal development strategy that urges natural growth. This write-up will certainly describe several steps you can take to construct a road to personal growth, without the pot-holes.
One vital individual growth method is to constantly remain familiar with the sacrifices involved in reaching your goals as well as getting what you desire. There are few locations of life in which you can expect something for nothing, as well as individual growth is not one of them. Determine what your development routine is mosting likely to cost you and make peace with the sacrifice.
If you want to better on your own, you need to make sure you have an outstanding coach that will certainly be a mentor for you. Having a superior instructor is essential to have due to the fact that she or he will certainly press you via the harsh patches that you have and inevitably lead you to success.
We have all absolutely gained a whole lot through academic research study towards our personal growth
Yet we must look beyond academic community likewise. Any kind of experience that vitally fascinates us, any type of ability that challenges us will cause individual development. Most of all, think of things. Observe very closely. You will certainly be rewarded with brand-new abilities.
View videos, read books, and also listen to interviews with personal growth masters like Wayne Dyer and Dave Ramsey. Even if you do not agree with every one of their approaches, you can utilize the details and understanding they give to enhance the areas of your life that you are working on.
There are couple of points in life as effective as educating one more person to check out, whether that person is a kid or an adult. Think about offering at a institution or homeless sanctuary, as a proficiency tutor. You will certainly be empowering people to understand a ability that has the potential to essentially alter their world, as well as, the globe of their enjoyed ones. Put in the time to drink in the info that remains in excellent books
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you take the time to read the info that somebody has actually taken the time to put into writing to aid you, you will likely locate that you will certainly find methods to utilize all that information at one time or an additional in your life.
Using daily things in your setting as favorable devices will certainly invigorate you toward your individual growth objectives. Paying attention to your preferred tune might add ten mins to your exercise time or put you in the mood to invest an added half hour addressing a project. There are a million little things in our lives that affect us in such a great way that they can suggest the distinction in between accomplishing or not so use each of them to your advantage at every chance.
As you can see, personal growth needs discipline, self awareness, as well as knowledge. Your efforts will settle as frequently as you're willing to put in the work. The above suggestions have actually outlined several simple means you can reorient your efforts to make your objectives much more tenable. With sound recommendations as well as a strong support system, anything is feasible.
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serendipitymusea day ago
Calling on all my CNC SPN writers....where are you? Please let me know. I have an itch I can't scratch thanks to dream me and I need it. Don't worry about the details just help me find these writers!!
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tessilliamesa day ago
#i hate to be doing this but i can鈥檛 help wanting to reach out to my support system every time i鈥檓 down#the only problem is that i鈥檓 mostly down most of the time and i just can鈥檛 afford to face the shame of it all 鈥 of having to reach out#to them again; i guess i just don鈥檛 want to feel bothersome and i don鈥檛 want to burden them by always being the needy and pathetic one#oh god#but i have distanced myself from almost everybody to the point that i don鈥檛 have any connections in my life anymore and my phone is always#always always always always empty#and i always feel like i have no one to go to & no one to talk to#it doesn鈥檛 feel good if i can be honest with you#it鈥檚 almost 5am and i haven鈥檛 slept i have a lot of thoughts in my head and i just cried#my mom is being hospitalised :(((((( and i鈥檝e just lost the only grandpa i had left and everything is so scary and everything sucks and#i feel like all i do is Flopping Flopping and FLOPPING :((((( why can鈥檛 i be like other people? i should鈥檝e been so much more mature than#i am now what with being unemployed and not even having a clear career path and i just suck oh my god like there鈥檚 nothing i can do right#i graduated with an english degree but my pronunciation is just a mess and then i so wished myself to become a great or even good writer but#i鈥檝e been having troubles reading books and writing and just doing anything at all#i鈥檓 a MESS#oh god please don鈥檛 read all of my tags please#just . needed to vent :( you know this is the only 鈥榮ocial鈥 platform i have left#i鈥檓 so sorry i鈥檓 the way that i am#personal
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apocxlypticangela day ago
y鈥檃ll, i鈥檓 nursing a gnarly sinus infection and about to start a new job tomorrow(which like yay me for the job), but it may take me a bit to get out Achievement Unlocked鈥檚 first chapter as well as the two oneshots i鈥檓 writing. anyways, send good wishes to me and my snotty nose.
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