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#writeblr positivity
highonbandcandya day ago
When writing an underappreciated ship or character, stop saying "there's no audience for this". Hell, stop saying "I'm the audience for this!". You know what you say? "I will forcefully MAKE an audience for this." Write something so goddamn confident and spectacular you'll get so many people on board with something they aren't even interested in. Be the change you want to see, don't stop at self-indulgence make everyone look- 馃彍
Y'know this actually inspired me to get my ass back on my Spangel in Space fic.
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anonymouskudoswriteblr2 days ago
You don't have to have a certain experience for your writing to matter
Just push that rhetoric out of your mind.
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bristokeswrites4 days ago
Something I鈥檝e Been Thinking About Recently:
TW // mass shootings, racial reckoning, general trauma of the past year
Amidst all of the mass shootings, all of the trauma, all of the social and racial reckonings, all of the darkness that has taken hold of our society over the past year, today it really hit me: these are UNPRECEDENTED times. I mean, I know we all KNOW this on a practical level, but how many of us have truly internalized it? How many of us have truly sat with the reality of the current state of the world and digested it? We are, quite possibly, living through one of the most challenging times in the whole of human history.
I reiterate all of this not to be a downer, but to try and provide a small sliver of hope: you are a SURVIVOR. You have made it through (and continue to make it through, each and every day) circumstances that would鈥檝e been unthinkable a few years ago, circumstances that generations of people never even had to consider, much less navigate through. You are strong and competent and capable, and when this is all said and done, you鈥檒l be even stronger and more brilliant than you would鈥檝e ever believed yourself to be.
I know it鈥檚 difficult. I know it can feel like everything around you is falling apart--both outwardly and inwardly. Believe me, I understand. I鈥檝e been to some very dark places during this pandemic, places I was certain I鈥檇 never have to confront again. Monsters I鈥檇 pushed so far deep into myself, only to watch them reemerge with a vengeance. I get it.
But please, keep going. Keep pushing. Keep holding on. There are pinwheels of light beginning to dot the edges of this tunnel we鈥檝e all been shambling through aimlessly. If you鈥檝e made it this far, it鈥檚 for a reason. Your life is full of so much purpose. The world we鈥檙e about to re-enter is ours. It belongs to us, those of us who have pushed and fought and bled and cried and persevered, and we can make it into anything we so choose. We get to make the rules, now. We set the new precedents.
Pursue that idea. Write that book. Move to that new place. Take that class. Tell that person you love them. Make that album. Draw The Thing! Don鈥檛 hold back! Your passions, creativity, and ideas are so, so valid. They鈥檙e needed. If not now, then when? If not you, then who else? We can do anything we want now, because we鈥檝e all been handed a fresh start. We have the opportunity to design the world as we see fit, as it鈥檚 always meant to be. Don鈥檛 run from your calling. Embrace it. We need you. Please don鈥檛 give up.
Always remember: this is not an end. It鈥檚 a beginning.
Sending you lots of love, from where I am to wherever you may be 鉂わ笍馃尰
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imsalarkhan6 days ago
If you love me I'll definitely love you but if you hate me I'll respect you that's how a man reacts
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cold-noir7 days ago
I've had a lot of ideas that I just stopped liking after a while. I don't really half-ass things, either鈥擨 put my full effort into these projects, I took my time on them, and in the end they got abandoned. The folders, the concepts, all of it. I'd start a new project, and sooner or later the same thing would happen there, and I'd start a new one, and the cycle repeats.
Sometimes it feels like I'm doing nothing, since as far as I can see I'm going nowhere. But all that effort was made, and that doesn't just disappear because a project was scrapped. It gets repurposed, none of this goes unused.
I'm not a machine, not everything I make is meant to have a final product, and that final product doesn't have to be perfect. My work is okay, beautiful even.
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imsalarkhan8 days ago
Always find the one who stay with you nor the one you want to stay with馃敟
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screnwriter8 days ago
when it comes to writing, there is no such thing as originality. no story is original. but you know what is original?
your style of writing.
it is not what you choose to write about that makes a story original. it's how you choose to write it.
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iamsiddbk10 days ago
Attention please,
I just want you to read it once...
Tumblr media
# dedicated to all those amateur writers over there!
# keep writing,you never know whom you are inspiring to....
# re-blog this post,if writing is your passion鉁煉
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iamsiddbk12 days ago
| Poem |
Sweet little heart dragged from the cart,
Winding up from the breeze, the falling was not so ease,
Hales on the ground,but nobody around,
Feeling sick and tired with least desire,
Needed a ray of shine, sipped a glass of wine,
It didn't worked eather,
Waiting for the rain to vanish all the pain,cos,the memories were still in my vein, making me insane,
You know what? I want to get out from this insanity,
As my heart cannot tolerate this cruelty,
So let's just toss to self love now,as it's already making me feel so wow!
However deepest from my heart I heard something,
It was making a noise to prioritise my choice before falling on the ground again, It warned me to keep everything into my mind that how much I have suffered from pain.
| original |
~siddiqa bakshi~
#to the broken ones trying to get out of pain.
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ashen-crest12 days ago
tag! you鈥檙e it positivity tag game
Oh hell yeah I鈥檓 getting on this compliment game. A big big thanks to @ettawritesnstudies for tagging me! The game is from @hannahs-creations-gone:
Rules: Basically the concept is similar to old posts I used to do back in the day for the positivity polls: I鈥檓 gonna ask you several questions about a writer you love on tumblr. You fill out the information. The person you tag is the person (or people) you fill it out about. So tag that person to fill it out about someone! Spread love, spread smiles. Let鈥檚 do this thang.
Okay, friends, y鈥檃ll already know I love @theramwrites, but it鈥檚 time to shout more about my friend, so here we go:
The questions:
What is your favorite thing about their writing?
Okay, I鈥檓 going to kind of answer #1 and #5 at the same time, because what first drew me to his writing is also what I still love about his writing, which is the careful attention to detail and lensing when it comes to describing character action. And it鈥檚 crazy, because now that I think about it, we鈥檝e talked about how we visualize and write down scenes- and now that I know this is a huge thing for him, it makes sense!! it completely comes through in his writing!!
What is something that has stood out to you that you can鈥檛 stop thinking about?
This is gonna sound weirdly specific, and I hope I鈥檓 remembering this right- but there was one snippet where Chopin was crying over a piece of artwork at a gallery, and you knew it was Tytus鈥 work- like, you knew it, Del knew it, the only one in the room who didn鈥檛 know it was Chopin- but SOMEONE never wrote the moment where Chopin FINDS OUT that it was Tytus鈥 work he鈥檚 crying in the club over. No no it鈥檚 fine I鈥檓 not mad
Have they ever had a piece of writing that left you speechless?
Yeah, the Name Day series. Made me cry over my breakfast, dammit.
If you were going to write an anonymous love letter to them about their writing, what would it say?
I mean, it鈥檇 pretty much be all this stuff!! I am off anon!!
Was it their writing or them as a person (or both) that made you start to like them/their blog?
His writing! I think it was because @howdywrites was the first writeblr I followed, and she was re-blogging his stuff, and every time it came across my dash, I went wow- there鈥檚 so much emotion crammed into these little snippets, you just feel Chopin and Tytus鈥 love instantly, and I thought- well, if these snippets are this good, I wonder what the whole book is like? So then I hit follow and the rest is history.
What is your favorite character by them?
I cannot possibly choose between Tytus and Chopin. That said, I would like to say that I am so intrigued by Ilyich and Jan. And I love Del. But he knows that.
How long have you been following their writing/works?
Hm. I鈥檝e only been on writeblr a few months, so...a few months, I think!
What is your favorite character design by them?
I haven鈥檛 seen his drawings (yet, friend????), but I鈥檇 like to say that I love the motif of Chopin鈥檚 pocket watch in Nocturne.
If you had to describe a common element among the writing you鈥檝e read by them, how would you describe it?
Emotions! at the Piano
Free space - give them a nice compliment in your own words.
I humbly request that you sign my copy of Nocturne when it comes out. :)
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chazzawrites challenge day 27: what is your favourite thing about the writeblr community?
Elitism just like... isn鈥檛 a thing here?? I know that if I want advice from someone I can get it, and I can post the most first-draft-y extracts and people will be kind. If there is a divide between 鈥榖ig鈥 and 鈥榮mall鈥 writeblrs, it鈥檚 fairly artificial, and easily overcome through interaction.
Sure, this community has its problems, but there鈥檚 common decency here which is unfortunately rare in other online spaces.
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iamsiddbk13 days ago
Your scent is next to my pain's relief,
Your touch makes me feel to be solaced with your beautiful soul,
The way you love me makes me insane,
And when I am with you,no matter what I am going through,in your arms I find mine peace of mind,
Dear you are my that piece of vein , coz of which my heart beats and my soul perceives that magical feeling of being in heaven.
~ said that girl to his imaginary soulmate she ever wished for ~
~ feelings that remained unexpressed, love that remained silent and the words that remained unsaid came to an end, that actually never existed ~
| original |
~siddiqa bakshi~
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iamsiddbk13 days ago
Let it come out that is emptying you from inside. Irrespective of having any fears,worries or kind of some hidden feelings or emotions behind your fake smile. Because, it really doesn't matter what you want to pretend to like to be ,but it really matters to showcase your beautiful soul to get enriched with luminous heart, abundant with true feelings and enlightenment of self happiness and care.
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iamsiddbk13 days ago
| Poem |
| Untitled |
Tumblr media
Its always been a great experience with the people with whomever I met,
Some of them are not with me and some of them are still walking along with me,
Maybe my journey is not interesting but I am enjoying it,
Sipping a tea of joyful memories and smiling towards the past tragedies,
A pleasant melodies of the unexpressed feelings beneath my heart and close to my mind,
Saying goodbye to the unfolded pages of my life that has no importance to help me survive,
A crave for my healthy heart with a luminous grace into my eyes,
May be not today,but tomorrow I will surely rise...
| Original |
~siddiqa bakshi~
#this poem is literally very close to my heart.
#I loved it.
#can you help me, suggest a Title for this poem?
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homesteadchronicles14 days ago
Writeblr, would you lovely people be willing to help me so that I can help you?
Anyone who has followed my blog knows that I prioritize inspiration and encouragement for artists of all kinds. Thankfully, I see that echoed across this site and beyond! However, not only is this positivity more art-related than heart-related, but it often veers away from internal improvement in favor of automatic validation. I believe there is an important in-between we鈥檙e missing out on 鈥 one that could heal us as humans before influencing us as artists.
I want to have some聽鈥渢ough love talks鈥 with my fellow creatives. You ever sit down with your family at the kitchen table with a cup of tea and a couple of tissues to talk about your issues? No fear, no judgment. Just honesty. That鈥檚 the concept. But to do that, I need to know what we need to bring to the table!
I want to know: what personal struggles do you face as a creative? This can be anything! Topics I鈥檝e already considered include: inspirational draughts, the need for validation, consistency in productivity, imposter syndrome, and more.
If you鈥檇 like to contribute any topics to these tough love talks, please feel free to reblog this with ideas, comment on this post, or even send me a DM! I鈥檇 love to talk to you about it. Once I have the topics compiled, I鈥檒l post how you can continue taking part in these talks! For now? I鈥檓 just here to listen.
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iamsiddbk14 days ago
Psstttt!!! One more thing to share with you guys!
Well,Irrespective of not having likes, comments and reblogs over my posts,I prefer to continue with my writings just because I feel very relaxed and peaceful by sharing my feelings, thoughts and emotions on a global platform,where i think nobody knows me but then too they spend that much time and take effort to read out my stuffs,like whatever I post basically,and that makes me feel so good and blessed,like may be my posts are not given that much importance for everybody but atleast for those who sincerely reads out my substances ,and this feeling is really very blissful.馃挄
Phew!!! that's it.
# you dont know how much you are important to me,
# thankyou for being here,
# thankyou for reading it out,
# thankyou for your time,
# Stay blessed 馃挄
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iamsiddbk14 days ago
I think one of the most easiest way to be happy on this earth is to not have any expectations from anyone.
# like literally!
# expectations kills.
# most importantly you loose your self confidence over you, depending on others.
# talking from personal experience.
# moreover,lesser the expectations , greater your self dependency.
# wanna add something?
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