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aladybugintheclouds · a day ago
You've been visited by the random OC question fairy! :D ~☆
What is true about your character's current life that would make their child self cry, either out of happiness or sadness? What about their life has surprised them, for good or for bad? 
That is a tough one if I’m being honest but if I had to pick it would have to be the fact that Clover found the family she always wanted.
I can see her just looking around one day at all the friends she’s made, at her boyfriend who she loves with all her heart, and at her Dad, her Mom (Step-Mom), and her siblings that she found after years of not knowing about them. 
I can just see her looking at all of them and suddenly it hits that it’s not just her anymore, she’s not alone, and she has people she loves and who love her back.
This would defiantly make her start crying from happiness as the realization that she has a family finally hits her.
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poppy-carlisle-writer · 3 days ago
There is a heavy silence around you. The ground beneath your feet thrums to a beat you don't understand. Forest to the left, dark, moon lit fields to the right, and you stand in between - facing the mouth of giant burrow.
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chantalbel · 4 days ago
The other ten percent.
I am writing this story because no one pays attention to what my sister Emily’s doctor calls the other ten percent the percentage of female children with autism who have violent tendency’s the percentage for male children is five percent in case you were wondering,  
My name is Nell im older then my sister by three years I was so excited when she was born I never really made friends so I thought I would have a best friend in a sister, it wasn’t for a few years I realized how wrong I was,
When Emily was four she killed my hamster my parents claimed it was an accident but I knew it wasn’t she laughed when it died in her hands and I had told her to leave it alone it wasn’t until a few times
She almost threw our mother down the stairs at the age of six that it was decided to ask a doctors opinion, when we were referred to a doctor who deals with child behavior we were put on a waiting list and made it to see her by the time she was seven now in that time we all knew something was wrong
But our father said shes just different and to shut up about it he would fly into rages to so it was always easier to just drop the subject then to fight with him about it and risk being hit again.
So we finally made to the doctor who was a nice lady she said its a severe case of autism spectrum disorder which is autism but the spectrum has many other disorders, but the violence was rare only ten percent of girls with autism are violent lucky us, Emily didn’t like being talked about she would throw things
And didn’t let the doctor talk to her so with a prescription for respidol we went home our father then flew into a rage and said she will never be put on medication and as usual our mom didn’t fight him about it, it wasn’t until some time later when Emily turned the stove top on and tried to burn my hand because she wanted it to turn black that our father gave in and let our mother fill out the
Precipitation for the respidol and things calmed down for a few months but she was always violent but so was our father who rarely went to one of Emily’s doctor appointments her doctor suggested once that her violence was learned behavior but our mother of course claimed that could never be the case.
So the years flew by I never had much of a life being in a homeschooling religious violent family will do that do you its wasn’t until our father lost another job due to his temper that things went from bad to worse we then ended up on a paper route that started at two in the morning the hours were exhausting and between our parents yelling and Emily’s melt downs I just couldn’t deal with it and turned to self harm
When I cut myself it was a relief but more then that I could control the pain I was inflicting on myself when everything else in my life was out of control, it wasn’t until one day when our father said to me I really shouldn’t cut up my arms like that
That I realized somthing was happening to me somthing I was blocking I asked him how did he know he just smirked at me and went back to his news paper I had a hard time sleeping after that I tried to stay awake all night and sleep during the day but our mother needed me to help with
Emily and her constant fits of rage that I didint get any sleep during the day so I ended up passing out at night from being exhausted. Then I started to dream more like nightmares of things happining to me at night only they weren’t dreams they were memories as I later learned in therapy,
On a few mornings I woke up with my pants and underwear around my ankles I knew exactly what was happening I told him I was going to tell but he threatened to kill our mother and my dog if I did and I knew he would make good on his word I knew his temper, he told me he would make me do what my mother wont do
And for years he did it wasn’t until I bleed a lot after him raping me and being in so much pain on numerous occasions that I threw him out of the bathroom one night when he wanted to hurt me when all I wanted was a shower.
He was surprised at me fighting back, it wasn’t long until he tried again feeling me up in the kitchen when my mother steeped out of the room for a moment I slapped his hand away then he decided to leave that he couldn’t stand having a family this fucked up we did the papers by ourselves that day
When we came back he and his stuff was gone I then broke the silence and told mom everything I could remember her first reaction was we need to go to the police and he did put they didn’t believe us and told me I asked for it wearing tight clothes around him when I knew what he was…
I don’t know how much was done to my sister by our father I don’t think he did to her what he did to me because of her disorders he never cared much for her I was always the push over.
I thought therapy would help but its just brought up a ton of things I think would have been better off staying buried I remember being raped from the time I was four I remember being beaten I know why I always wanted to die it wasn’t just Emily’s violence that hurt me all those years
I thought when I told on him that things would get better but they never really did our mother has been going through court for years and its taken its toll shes been sick and eventually passed away from heart failure Emily’s violence increased to the point I couldn’t care for her anymore and she now lives in a mental health place that deals with severely handicapped adults
She ended up breaking an orderlys arm and is kept on heavy medication so she barely moves.
I live alone in a dumpy government housing I hate people and have little to do with anyone I thought my life was going to get better I thought we would be ok but I made everything worse by telling on him I should have kept quite and put up with it im in my twenties but I feel hundred I have post traumatic stress disorder and other mental disorders I can barly do anything for myself it probably wont be long before im put away.
there really isn’t anything I can do now ececpt write I must write and maybe I can salvage what's left somehow.
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chantalbel · 4 days ago
Before I was murdered.
They say most of the time people are hurt or killed by someone they knew , they make it sound like it was that victims fault like they asked to be killed I never really gave anything like that much thought I was a twenty two year old girl in a new city I was just living my life my name is Mia I was murderd by a man on December twelve only a few friends and some family members came to my funeral 
My mother had to be lead away. Unlike what most people think I never knew this man who killed me I was just doing my job I was a secretary at a lawyers office, I noticed this man one day he was a client of the lawyer I work for he was angry at his lawer for losing his case he wanted full custody of his kids but he lost his case to his wife his ex wife then moved out of state and he had no idea where they went
When I saw him today he was standing by my car putting a note in the windshield this sent shivers down my spine but I decided to check it out on my lunch break I didn’t see him around any more so I figured it was safe I took the paper from my windshield unfolded it to see that it simply said “ your beautiful” this creeped me out a bit
So I went back inside to tell me boss he said its probably just his was of messing with you he’s mad that he lost his case just ignore him, ok I said I figured I was just making to much of it that I probably wont even see this man again. But I did he came up to me a few days later at work when I was getting in to my car to go home he said hello and I jumped and turnd around
Sorry I didint mean to scare you I just noticed you at your desk and how beautiful you are I thought I would ask you out
Oh I said I dont think so, this seemed to make him angry I saw his eyes turn from brown to almost back this scared me, I honestly dont know what he’s thinking he’s fifty years old I don’t want to date him I didn’t want to date anyone really I liked my job and I liked the freedom of being single.
Cant we just try a cup of coffee? he said in a rather flat tone of voice
No I said a little louder then I ment to I dont date my bosses clients I said oh but im not a client anymore he said to me that dosent matter I said the I said no and I mean it I dont appreciate you sneaking up on me like this please leave me alone well see he said and turned and walked away.
Those words bugged me what does he mean by well see? I was scared by this point so I talked to my boss about it the next day he said he’ll probably leave you alone but if your worried tell the police about him ok I said maybe I’ll do that by lunch break
When lunch break came I thought about going to the police but I didn’t see him around and thought maybe im making to much of this so I let it go and went about my work and life it wasn’t until a week later that I knew this was far from over
When I got home from work I noticed someone had slipped a note under my apartment door it was like the note on my car that day this one simply said you should have said yes I folded it up and put it in my purse and headed back out to the police station.
When I got there I told a woman officer at the front destraction what was going on and she told me to wait and she would have a detective take my statement about twenty minutes later a male officer came and took me to a small room with just a desk and two chairs I sat in one and he in the other and I told him all about this man in his fiftys named Joseph porter and the officer told me that I shouldn’t be worried he’s probably judt mad I said no but will get over it and move on with his life
That’s it? I said annoyed by this point because everyone says probably to me but so far no one has done anything arnt you going to question him or just talk to him or something I can get you his address, that wont be necessary mamm he said he hasent done anything against the law he’s just annoying right, so your telling me my life has to be in danger before you’ll do anything well I wouldn’t put it that way but yes he said
Fine I said im sorry I wasted your time and walked out. When I hot home it wss late and I was tired and angry i dont think im over reacting but aparintly I don’t know anything. I had a shower and sat down on my couch to watch some t.v before bed so I could calm down a little when my phone rang I picked it up and it was just dead air
I hung it up and not even ten minutes later it rang again I read the screen and all it said was caller unknown and again it was just dead air on the other end this happend for two hours safe to say I didn’t sleep that night at all thankfully the next day was saturday so I could just stay in bed when it was almost noon the called started again I picked up the phone this time and yelled leave me the fuck alone to no reply the calles stoped until the next day only when I picked up the phone it was his voice and all he said to me was see you soon
I went back to the police the next day and told the same detective what happend I said isn’t this some kind of harassment? It is agreed the offecer and took all the information I had and agreed to go to his place and talk to him.
Later that night though I woke to a pounding on my door and Joseph yelling on the other side telling me to open it I didint saying anything at first it wasn’t until he startef forcing it open I ran to call nine one one the police showd up in minutes only it felt like hours to me and arrested him the detective told me to get a restraining order
Which I did he was let out of jail by the nect day though and I couldent get the restraining order filed because he didn’t show up at court so the judge just threw the case out.
The phone calls and now thereniting letters went on for weeks everytime I called the police they said theres nothing they can do unless he hurts me or is at my house when he does show up at my door they aresst him but his out the next day I moved changed my phone number I even bought a gun but nothing helps
A few months into this I decided to tell my parents what was going on they were wortied about me being alone anyway and said I could stay with them I declined because he would just find me anyway and I didn’t want my family involved or hurt by him .
I went home the next day but it felt like somthing was wrong there’d was a strange smell like someone else had been there but nothing was out of place until I went to my bedroom when I open the door I was hit by a awful smell and found a dead cat on my bed bed with a note that said your next held to it with a knife stabbed through it
I screamed and ran to my phone crying histaricly trying to call nine one one but the phone was dead so I got out my cell phone and called them they came out in an hour and removed the cat and dusted the place for prints of course they didn’t find any but mine
We have no prove it was him mam the officer said to me what about the note? I said its just a piece of paper with big letters in marker the others were in pen so it doesn’t even really look the same thanks I said sarcastically and closed the door behind him I didn’t sleep at all that night I don’t know what to do I cant focus at work and I keep snapping at people so my boss gave me time off until I figure this out he Sid
I can’t oford to move anymore and he would just find me anyway im going to have to leave the state like his ex did I thought to myself so I called my parents told them everything that had just happend and asked if they would help me of course they said and wired me some money so I could afford to move to a different city and start over the next few weeks the calls keep going but I was almost used to them now
On moving day I couldent wait to leave and be free of him I parked ip everything and headed to my new life when I arrived to my new place I was surprised to see it was smaller then I thought it was from what I advice it online but other then that it was great its only me here anyway when my phone rang I jumped but it was just my mom calling to see if I got there ok
I did I replied and dont worry I will pay you guys back as soon as i can dont worry dear we just want you to be safe thank you for everything I said I love you I love you too my mom said and we hung up. It was then I knew somthing was wrong I smelled that older again that I smelled when he left the dead can with the note in my apartment I dont care what the police said I know it was him.
I turned slowly to see my closet door creak open I felt a scream get caught in my throat and turned to run out of the room I called nine one one white I knowd over a bunch of boxes he was right behind me I told the operated help me its him before he hit me and sent my phone flying to the floor he kept on hiring me no matter how hard I tried to fight him it was like he didint feel it
I told you he said I told you you would be next you really thought I was going to let you get away from me? Why are you doing this I managed to say but he didint reply right away it wasn’t until I saw a knife in his hand he said to me because I want to and because no one can stop me I screamed until I felt the knife go into my body I don’t know how many times.. eventually I didn’t feel it anymore everything went black and I slipped away.
From outside of my body I saw the police show up they arrested him and read him his rights he got charged for only my murder and sentenced to seven years he only served three before he was released he visits a porole officer once a month he still says I deserved it that I deserved to be terrified for months and brutally murderd at the age of twenty two my family is distroyd my parents cant cope and now they dont even get the satisfaction of him in jail he’s free to do it again and most likely will sadly im far from being the only victim.
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chantalbel · 4 days ago
My name is willow.
My name is willow i’m fourteen years old from a small town in Canada called main spring I’m writing this because I don’t know how much longer I have I was abducted on my way home from school a few days ago I was walking my normal way home when on the next street over I saw something that wasn’t right,
There was a little girl at a van with a huge guy in the door the van it’s self gave it away though big black and ugly I watched this scene for a moment when the man was trying to convince the little girl to come inside using a puppy as bait I yelled HEY the little girl turned around and the man looked I started running across the street to get to her I yelled at her to run but the man had gotten out of the van by that point and came after me he grabbed me by my arm and yanked me forward towards the van,
NO I cried and tried to get away but it was no use he was a lot stronger then me I yelled for help but no one was around people were still getting home from work and school I managed to bite him which really was a bad idea all that got me was punched in the head and that’s when everything went black,
When I woke up I was tide with my hand behind my back and a gag in my mouth I tried to move my feet but I couldn’t I could feel they are tied but I can’t see to what,
I can make out the front though the huge man that abducted me and someone else in the drivers seat. I try to run over what just happened in my mind and then i remembered the little girl I look around me but don’t see her well that’s something at least I hope she’s okay and I hope she can tell someone what happened but she’s so young she would have been easier for them to take for sure
Because they were trying to take her without creating a scene so then I come along.
Suddenly the van comes to a stop and the big guy gets out and opens the sliding door I try to kick but I can’t then he grabs the rope holding my legs unties it from where a seat is supposed to go and drags me across the van floor I try to free myself but it’s no use then the man yells at me to shut up and stop fucking around you got yourself into this mess he says I give one good kick with connected with his shoulder he falls back and but regained his balance quickly and punched me in the face so hard I could taste blood in my mouth and I saw that filmier blackness again but I didn’t pass out with time witch was to bad really.
Both men grabbed me and dragged me inside an old wooden building and down a dark set of stares to a dark and cold basement there are a few other girls here with me we are sex slaves for rich tourists some of these men I think I’ve seen in passing on the streets but who knows anymore.
We are chained to beds for hours a day while men have their way with us, there’s at least twenty-four men a day but I don’t count anymore since I started writing I think it’s been a month since I was taken. we are feed but very little mostly soup I really don’t know how much longer I can live like this I found this notebook under a mattress I sleep on in this basement when i’m not being used one of the girls named Sarah says I better keep it hidden if I get caught with it it will be trouble for all of us. They say they can get to our families, all I ever had was my mom I can’t imagine how terrified she must be right now, if anyone finds this please don’t tell her what happened to me.
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chantalbel · 4 days ago
Daddys home.
I was only four when it started I remember the first hit with the belt the stinging and huge bruises it left behind I used to beg him to stop but that never worked
I tried to be better but I could never be good enough if I was to loud or stayed in the bathroom to long God help me if I defended my mother,
I would be hit for that too, eventually he said he would make me do what my mother won’t do and that’s what he did. 
I never told anyone what he did the kids at school hated me as much as he did so eventually I ended up being pulled out of school and being homeschooled
That made everything worse I never went outside at home no one asked about me no one cared my father went to work during the day though so I had some break
But his temper didin’t limit its self to just me and he was fired from every job he had within six months, the last one was one of the worse one yet
he came home yelling and throwing things I tried to hide in the crawl space under the floor but he found me and dragged me out by my hair and beat me until I blacked out
I woke up in the spot he left me coverd in my own blood I managed to get up and found him at the top of the stairs
he smashed a table in the hall when I ran up he looked at me opened his mouth to say something vile when I grabbed a piece of the table leg and shoved in into his gut
then with all my strength I threw him down the stairs I heard the satisfying crack of his neck when he hit the bottom and knew he was dead
I decided to put his body in his car coverd it in beer so it would look like he was drunk and drove off the road then no one would care about him like no one cared about me then I sent it off a bridge into the river
I went home and thought I wounder what it will be like not being beaten almost everyday.
when I went into the bathroom to shower I was horrified when I looked into the mirror to see not only my broken face but the big red letters written in blood Daddy’s Home.  
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chantalbel · 4 days ago
What's done in the dark.
"Finnick" I heard a women's voice say, "finnick" I turned to see it can't be but it is oh it's my Annie running toward me I start to run for her
and we end up crashing on the ground together holding each other... it isn't until a few of the doctors came that I even bothered to
look up I had Annie back my sweet beautiful Annie she's here alive safe with me,
one of the doctors went to take her by the hand to help her back inside that's when I noticed she was in nothing but a bed sheet...
"oh no" I thought. Annie moved away she didin't want anyone else near her. it's okay I said i've got her, I picked her up and carried
her back inside the hospital room where the doctors and a few nurses were waiting I could tell by the look on one of the nurses face
that somthing was wrong... "we need to run a few test's to make sure everything's okay" the doctor says to me. Annie I say You
have to stay here and let them look at you "No" finnick don't leave me here! it's okay annie i'll be right outside that door its only for
a few minutes i'll be right back in when there done.
okay. she said. i'll see you soon. one of the nurses mouthed thank you. I just nodded I have to be strong for her but walking out of
that room my feet felt like led and my my heart thumped in my chest I got out the door and fell to the floor in a siting position
with tears streaming down my face.
I can't think about what must have happened to her I know though. I know because it happened to me, when I was 14 I was
chosen to go in The Hunger Games I won that year they tell me its because of my looks they say i'm the most handsome man in
panem, President Snow said I was his Favorite That I remind him of his eldest son who died years ago when he was 14 actuality
he fell from the window of his bedroom although that's just a story the capitol is full of those..
The things snow does and that he will make you do to him and if you say no he kills someone you love my mother who had already
suffered so much when my father went out on the ocean to fish and never came home. she held me and cryd when I was to go in the
hunger games. I told her I would win I will come home I promise and I did. but she could see something was wrong she says
i'm different I didint let people hug me and I always wrapped myself up in my blanket I said I was cold. she knew me better. but
what could she do? people are powerless against snow he is evil and slithers like around like a snake knowing things he
shouldn't know and using love to break people. she eventually stopped asking me what was wrong she just sat by the window
most days and did nothing I don't think she even know's who I am anymore but I know who she is and I love her. I hope she's
still alive but I don't know.
my Life was miserable until I meet annie she was so small with big green eye's and long brown hair she cryd and begged not
to go "I don't want to die" she kept saying it's okay I said you won't her district partner seemed not to care much he hardly talked
to anyone and ended up dying in the first 3 days in the arena...
I didin't know I loved annie at first I haven't felt Love in a long time but eventually she crept up on me I took care of her and she took
care of me through nightmares and annie's first 6 months out of the arena when she didin't talk or move unless someone helped her
they say the water caused brain damage when the arena flooded the only reason she won is because she was the best swimmer.
Okay I heard a voice say I turned to see a nurse motion to me you can go see her now. I jumped up from the floor almost running
into the room. annie was in a hospital gown laying in a bed she looked thin and pale but smiled when she saw me they had an
intervenes in her arm so I held her hand and stroked her hair back, Thats just to keep her calm and help her sleep the nurse said
is she okay? I asked I'll get the doctor to tell you she said and slipped out of the room.
I stayed right by annie holding her hand, are you okay? I asked "oh finnick i'm so sorry" you don't have anything to be sorry for love.
that's when I noticed all the bruises on her arm's and around her neck they looked like finger prints. it's okay annie I say whatever
happened it's not your fault its not... I started to cry which made her cry more.. you did nothing wrong annie.
The doctor had come back by that point he looked sad almost teary eyed I know something is wrong so very wrong
i'm so sorry the doctor began we did some test's and and in turn to sexual assault we conformd that miss cresta is pregnant
those words hit me like a tsunami I felt my breath catch in my lungs and I could feel myself getting pale. i'm sorry the doctor
said again other then that she'll be fine let me know what you decide to do.
annie and I cryd together for awhile until annie said what do you want me to do finnick? thats your choice my love. not mine
I don't know what to do. all I can think is that its only a baby it's not it's fault but no one will understand that.
especially here in 13 I said they can be a bit backwards they don't get enough sun.
not like at home annie said with a little smile. yes I say theres lots of sunshine at home... I try to think for a moment about
what I should do. and then it hits me I won't let him win I will do the right thing he has taken to much from annie already
if she decides to keep they baby we will do this together and if not we will do that together.
Annie I say whatever you decide i'm with you. I want to keep it she says through teary eyes
okay I say I will Love her or him like my own because it's part of you and you are my my sunshine, remember that song I used
to sing it to you when you had a nightmare. yes I remember she says don't worry I say. get some sleep i'll stay right here.
the next morning the doctor came back and asked what we planed to do annie said were going to keep it. the doctor seemed
surprised. then told us annie was free to go to the different levels with me if she wants. I helped her up and we walked slowly
around the floor of this level because she said the elevators are to much for her so I held her hand and we went to the cafeteria
to say hello to the others but that soon proved to be to much for her so we went back to her hospitable room.
I helped her into bed and sat in the chair next to her. Annie I say what if you and I were to get married? I would love that
finnick she says, I love you annie and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and raise the baby to be strong like you,
like you annie said. like me i say... yes annie said your very strong I don't know what I would do without you with me..
I love you so much annie. I love you to finnick and I would love to marry you. then lets do it I say this weekend she says
this weekend I say.
That weekend was the best day of my life seeing Annie in her beautiful green dress walking toward me smiling. we join hands
say our vows and kiss in front of everyone there who seem to actually be happy for once it didint look like an act.. maybe thats
what life will be like when this war is over...
not for peeta though it seems he's to far gone thats what they say anyway... my heart breaks for katniss I know how much she loves
him... after we had cake and danced we went back to our new room its dark like everything else is here annie doesn't like it very much
I can tell she says all the dark reminds her of the cell she was in except its quiet here.
so we manage the dark cell like room the way we did after her games wrapped in each others arms waiting for the light...
then as luck or in my case badluck would have it I was told I have to go with a small crew of people in to the capitol square don't worry
plurach says you wont see action we just need new footage for our propos. yeah right I say Let The 76 annual Hunger Games Begin.
I told annie what I was told i'm just shooting propos and i'll be back home in a few days. okay she said i'll miss you so much i'll miss
you to finnick we hugd and she looked up and kissed me with shaky lips we held eachother until I was told I had to go.
I left looking back at her. be strong I told myself and headed for the hovercraft with the others.
So Here I sit in a sewer with about 10 of the others that our left after we all almost got blown up this afternoon the news says
where dead. oh poor annie I think i'm so sorry so sorry. I'm writing this in the dim light thats down here it's my turn to sleeep but
I can't sleep I keep thinking of annie and our baby even though it's not mine I will love it like my own with my whole heart like I
love annie everything that happens we face it together.
I know this isn't like a normal hunger games though snow is one of the players and instead of one there can be meany victors...
But I don't know I have a bad feeling about this...
so I wright on a scrap piece of paper. I love you Annie you are my life and if I die just know the last thing I saw was you. Love finnick.
I folded it up and put it in my pocket. and try to sleep.
it seemed like no time before I woke up to the sound of mutts saying one name over and over "katniss" "katniss" we have to get out
of here I say katniss in front gale behind her and me behind him we all started to run and then climb in what seems like a blur of
running the smell of roses and the growling that was getting closer most of us were lost in the sewer but the few that remained
clawed there way up I let peeta go ahead of me I was climbing to the middle when my boot got caught on a jagged piece of mettle
I tryd to pull myself free and I did but I also cut my leg bad.. bad enough to make the mutts go insane with witch one of them was
going to taste my blood first I tryd to climb but gale's boot hit me in the face I screemd and fell trying to pull my self back up but
it was to late one of the mutts had a hold of my leg tearing it off and another biting me around the middle... I heard katniss say No
We Have To Go Back. But it was to late I saw the last mutt out of the corner of my eye I know this is how I will die I locked eyes
with Katniss and shut my eyes to block out this place and the last thing I saw like a blury dream was a ship from home with light pink
sails mags laugh, my love my annie in her wedding dress walking toward's me. the last thing I felt was a sharp pain in my neck.
then nothing... I see the others though only i'm not in a pit anymore i'm above them like i'm flying I saw them get out of the pit
I saw prim die, I watch it all but theres nothing I can do. i'm one of the dead now but I think that what I was to do
because when the bombs exploded and prim left her body she was scared and confused I told her everything is okay now but
we have to let go of earth were dead so I took her hand and together we went to the meadow full of flowers and beauty. I
still watch over annie and our son. time is different here they say its faster one day to me is a life time to them so I wait for this
day to end knowing that soon they will be here with me and then we will be free.
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chantalbel · 4 days ago
Willows field trip.
Today is the day I whisper as I sit up in bed looking around my room it's finely time to get up I have had trouble sleeping for weeks now I
finely get to go on the big class trip to all the other districts my mom says it reminds her of her victory tour but this is a lot happier, I get
down stairs within minutes to see that my nose is right its pancake day,
Good morning I say, Good morning dad says what would you like on your pancake's today? Everything I say, Alright dad says three
pancakes with everything on them coming right up.
Then I hear the front door open and my mom comes in from hunting this morning what did ya get today mom, I ask
I got a couple of rabbit's. Are you ready for your field trip? she asks yup I say after breakfast i'm already to go.
you want some pancakes katniss honey? my dad says. yes please says my mom and walks up to him giving him a big kiss right
on the lips. gross i say i'm eating. dad laughs and mom walks over to give me a kiss on the cheek, Willow she says in a more
serious tone when your in the other districts you be careful. I will I say I know she says but remember stay with your classmates and
your teacher. I will mom don't worry I will be fine. I know she says and gives me a hug. is your brother still asleep? I think so
I say. rye time to get up for school my mom shoots upstairs. Coming he calls back. a few minutes later he comes down the stairs
and has some pancakes with with syrup and strawberries.
then the bus pulls up our street and i'm off for the door. Willow my mom says give me another hug before you go. okay i say
with a smile and throw my arms around her neck its gonna be okay mom I whisper.
I know she says with a weak smile. then I hug dad and rye and i'm off.
on the bus I sit beside my bestfriend bonnie whose parents where originally from district eleven the first district where going to
we talk about everything from boys to school work this trip is great I say no homework we say together,
soon enough we arrive in district eleven its beautiful its a lot like the meadow back home and it smells sweet like when my dad has
the kitchen full of fresh baked goods for his customers.
wow I say. Beautiful right says my teacher miss Collins, yes I say it is and it smells beautiful to that is dose she says. Alright says miss
collins everyone stay together. we walked for awhile looked at things and talked to some store keepers.
then something caught my eye I found a green street sign with my moms first name on it and under her name going the other way
it said rue I found myself walking away from the group and toward the sign. oh my I start to say in a whisper.
then I hear a small horse voice behind me say katniss? katniss everdeen I turned around to see an old women with curly white hair
and sad brown eyes she looked at me like she knew exactly who I was but ive never seen her before then a younger looking women
that looked almost like her took the older women by the hand and said no mom thats not katniss come back to the house okay
I stood there unable to speak for a moment then I just burst out Katniss is my mom both women stared at me now i'm willow
I said my name is willow mellark.. then the older women started to sing in a horse but beautiful heartbreaking beautiful voice
my lullaby that my mom sings to my brother and me when were sick and when we were small.
deep in the meadow under the willow a bed of grass a soft green pillow. she was just standing there sing our song and then it hit
me who this is it's rue's mom.
your rue's mom I say yes she says your not katniss she adds no I said your her daughter your there daughter she said
I am I say with a smile trying not to tear up. would you like to stay for lunch the other women ask's me oh I can't I say
suddenly realizing that i'm alone over here where did they go I say looking back across the street where my classmates looking
bored and confused. but my teacher was smiling you can stay she yells across i'll be back by four to pick you up okay I say brightly.
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seaside-writings · 6 days ago
Why can I never think of summaries for my stories!?! That’s like one of the most important parts of the story! That's what lets people know whether or not they want to read what's in front of them!
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wordsaremydiary · 8 days ago
Here’s an easy one you can write about! Roses!! Please write a poem about a red rose slowly turned into pink and then white when winter comes please? ~X-Over Anon
Hello 👋 Anonymous. Hope you're doing wonderful.
Now that's an interesting concept. Thank you for the idea. I have tried my best. Here it is.
My heart will sing
All individual notes.
All heaven bells will ding
And hit all the right notes.
The flower in your hand
Is a piece of my heart.
You're like a grand
Piece of lovely art.
From seasons to years
This rose will bloom.
It's all yours
Like a personal heirloom.
It slowly changes and grows
Along with you.
Into different colours it glows
Just like you.
From red to pink
And pink to white.
From young love to adult sync
And from that to old flight.
Tumblr media
2021, April 8th
I hope you like it Anon! Have a wonderful day ahead 😄
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lazyworldbuilder · 10 days ago
The Gatekeeeper
The gatekeeper was tired, tired of being keeper of the gates. The gates were the only entrance into this realm of the dead. They were so weary and rusted, barely being held together. It got so bad that the gatekeeper had to keep it up by their bare hands. Having their hands full with the gates, they were vulnerable to any attack.
"I did not sign up for this," they thought. When was the last time they had a vacation? When was the last time this wasn't a twenty-four-seven job? The gatekeeper was tired and the monsters that were circling them knew it. When did they get here?
"I'll go out doing my job, I guess," they sighed internally.
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~ The Monster and the Butterfly ~ WIP intro ~
Tumblr media
Title: The Monster and the Butterfly
Genre: Gothic Horror/Romance. Historical Fiction. Paranormal. Fairytale Retelling
Status: Second Draft
Themes: Poverty, inner beauty, internal vs external monster-hood, classism/socio-economic prejudices, grief, rejection from society, butterfly and floral symbolism
Synopsis: Whitechapel, London 1894. Sophie Wickes and her family struggle to survive, melancholy eats away at her father more and more with each passing day, and her passion for cultivating flowers brings no income. She must swallow her pride and set aside her hatred for England’s aristocracy when she’s offered a chance of employment by the reclusive Lord Edgar Cushing to tend the gardens of his Rosenthorne Hall. However, the estate, its gardens, and their master is nothing what Sophie expected.
The house? Rotting, dilapidated, hideous.
The gardens? Alive, whimsical, beautiful.
The master? Faceless, nothing more than a voice from the shadows.
Though her heart is filled with fear and anger, Sophie becomes enthralled by the garden’s mystic, untainted beauty and she develops a close friendship with the Lord Cushing, despite him being nothing but a mere whisper of darkness.
However, whatever enchantment the gardens and Lord Cushing’s voice bring her shatters as she begins to receive nightly visitations from a crooked-jawed phantom and butterflies who’s wings whisper of a bloody past and the truth behind the faceless Lord Cushing’s gentlemanly masquerade.
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lowchaosenthusiast · a month ago
tfw you are stuck with a brilliant idea for a novel but you are gonna offend so many people but you are a petty bitch so you write it down anyway...
it may have to do with pulling a Neil Gaiman and throwing a bunch of abrahamic religions in a blender
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ashitanoyuki-on-ao3 · a month ago
Hey writing tumblr - and specifically, whumpblr! Have you ever wondered about a character's life after their tongue is cut out? Not just me, right? Anyways, I had a conversation with the lovely @reinedesombres about the logistics of swallowing with no tongue, and she was happy to provide a bunch of information! Reinedesombres is a speech pathologist and swallowing specialist (although she would like to add the caveat that she generally works with stroke patients and the like, not people who have undergone torture like many of our whumpees) and was able to provide some really neat stuff, so I figured I'd share it with the rest of you! Because she has a background in linguistics, I also asked some questions about vocal function without a tongue, and will include that part of the conversation as well.
Screenshots from our conversation are below the cut. I'll try to come back later and transcribe the screenshots for whump writers who use screen readers.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Next screenshot is Reine’s response)
Tumblr media
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writingonesdreams · a month ago
4100 posts! Wow that’s some number after what, 3 years? XD And it all revolves around writing, advice, inspiration, wip metas and snippets, boosting other people’s work, discussions and tag games. The writing theme is pretty consistent :D since I’m keeping all the fandom stuff on my personal main blog. 
This is officially my 4.101st post. Huray
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