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grammarpedant · 3 days ago
Omg I don't know which ones you've already done on discord but I would love either 13 or 67 with Murderbot and Ratthi. (I know Ratthi is a biologist and probably not scared of bugs, but maybe it's like...a *really big* bug)
Hm... Ratthi probably isn’t scared of bugs, but what if he needed to pretend to be scared to get away from in-laws?
(Prompts list here- I’m doing fifteen-minute ficlets as a writing challenge)
13. “Please help - there’s a spider on the wall outside my room and it won’t let me leave.”
67. “Really? You made me drive all the way back here just to kill a fucking bug?”
“No, no, stay away- Oh, SecUnit! Thank goodness you’re here!” Ratthi shouted from the corner of the room that he had backed into, as SecUnit slammed into the room. 
“Young man, you are making a big fuss over nothing-” One of the other people in the room, the scary white-haired matron of the family of one of Ratthi’s dates, turned and did a double-take. “And who is this!”
“Security,” SecUnit said flatly. “I was told there was a dangerous pest infestation.” It ignored the offended sputtering of the matron and said to Ratthi over a private connection, What’s the real problem? 
“You’ve saved me!” Ratthi exclaimed loudly. “Over here, oh no, please help me get rid of this giant spider, it’s scaring everybody and it won’t let me leave-” Over the feed Ratthi replied, I’m so sorry, I panicked! I can explain later! Please just play along, I’ll owe you so many media downloads and extra drones if you get me out of here!
SecUnit’s face passed through several stages of the most exquisite exasperation Ratthi had seen, and he’d seen SecUnit make a lot of exasperated expressions. Well, he could hardly blame it; it had probably intended to spend the evening after the festival quietly watching media. He offered it a sheepish smile, and its expression softened.
“Oh no, it looks like you’re in need of medical treatment,” it deadpanned. “I’ll deal with the spider and take you to Medical.”
I knew you didn’t really get me out here to kill some bug, it said as it dragged him out of the room, under the hue and cry of the matron and the other family members she had brought to corner Ratthi. It sounded fond and annoyed all at once. But you owe me the new episodes of StreamFriends now. And I guess you can give me an explanation if you really want to.
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eeddis · 14 days ago
Tell me more about the HMC AU >:)
There goes whatever sense of mystery I was hoping for lmao alright alright you’ve caught me I’ll spill.  The thing I’ve been trying to keep a little bit under wraps is which character is taking on which role.  Naturally, I started writing this because of the similarities between Gen and Howl, but I just could NOT picture Irene pulling off the cleaning lady gambit.
The beginning of the story needs a massive overhaul so I’m not going to post it.  But it starts with Helen waking Gen up in the early hours of the morning and telling him he needs to leave Eddis right the fuck now.  He heads out, not quite sure where he’s going to go... but hears in the first town that the Witch of Gentle Rain (a terrifying woman, for all that she has such a nice-sounding title) is in town, along with her magical moving castle, to buy supplies.  Gen succeeds in breaking into the castle but is immediately caught by the Witch’s apprentice, a young man with a rather intimidating appearance.  Scrambling for an excuse, Gen glimpses the mess inside the castle and claims to be the new cleaner.  Unfortunately for him, he’s a complete slob who doesn’t know how to clean anything.
Featuring: everyone is trans! lavish descriptions of food! forbidden sisters! the magus being named Jim! politics and plotting so complicated that the outline is over 5k words and had to be color-coded! a possible sequel! OCs that have taken over my life! SO much banter! and no fire demons, sorry
I have the doc open right now b/c I’m working on it for camp nano (I want to have the first draft written before I start posting, b/c I keep writing things that make earlier stuff I established not work after all).  So here is some Dite torment, for fun:
“I’ve been thinking about the nature of love,” Dite continued.
“Oh gods I can’t look,” Sophos said, burying his face in his hands.  “Tell me when it’s over.”  Gen continued to stare, fascinated by the oncoming disaster, but he did spare a moment to give Sophos a comforting pat on the arm.
“Isn’t it strange?” Dite said earnestly.  “How love can spring up between such different people?  It truly is a great, equalizing force, I think.  And it can come from the smallest of things, too—the way someone turns their hand when flipping through the pages of a book, or the way they tuck their hair out of the way when they lean forward over their work.  And of course the more obvious things, like a smile or a turn of phrase.  It’s just—you can fall in love with someone in so many ways.”  He cocked his head.  “Oh, phrase and ways… that’s good.  I need to remember that.”  He patted his pockets down and emerged with a small notebook and a stub of pencil so that he could scribble the lines down.
“Dite—” Irene began.  Sophos made a choking noise and Gen patted him on the arm some more.
“No!” Dite said. “No, listen, Irene.  Let me finish, please.  What I’m trying to say is that—”
“Dite,” Irene said, more firmly.  “I am supposed to open any minute now for other customers.  And anyway, I am hardly an expert on poetry, so if you need help with your latest poem, you would be better off with my apprentice, Sophie.”  Gen kicked Sophos’s ankle just in time for Sophos to look up and wave to Dite.
“Help with…?” Dite said.  “Of course.  I see.  Yes, I should be going now.” Irene frowned and tilted her head.
“Yes?” she said. “Yes, sorry.  I really do have to get to work.”
“I understand completely,” Dite said.  “I’ll speak no more of it.”  He bowed his way out, making sure to bow to Sophos and say something vague about discussing poetry someday.  As soon as he was out the door, Irene slumped into her chair and sighed.
“I do not understand that man,” she said.  “He’s nice!  He is very nice. I don’t dislike him!  But he is quite possibly the chattiest person I have ever met.”  Sophos and Gen eyed each other over her head. Gen grimaced at Sophos, who shrugged back.  “What?” Irene said.
“Oh nothing,” Gen said.  “I just didn’t think his poetry sounded very good.”
“I’ve read some,” Sophos said.  “It’s not really my favorite but it’s not bad.”
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meg-moira · a month ago
Two things: 1) the most recent Eindred and Severin story has me in an art groove again, and 2) while in said art groove, the song "Liar" by The Arcadian Wild came up on the playlist I was listening to and it definitely has the Mood of that update.
1) whoo art groove!
2) Ohh what a gorgeous song. I’m adding it to my Eindred and the Witch inspiration playlist :)
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meg-moira · a month ago
LETTA!!!! I love her, she's so great.
Letta deserves every single good thing in the world <3
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ivrun · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Art by @sketch-bird. ♥♥♥ Thank you so much for such a beautiful little rendition of my girlfriend’s and my character. 
Which is to say, have some Jazz and Ivrun as a little Christmas gift for @worldsentwined. 
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vefanyar · 4 months ago
Female Characters Meme
Tagged by @worldsentwined to list 10 different female faves from 10 different fandoms and then tag 10 people!
The hardest honestly was thinking of 10 fandoms. In no particular order: 
1. Beauregard Lionett (Critical Role)  2. Minette (The Tea Dragon Society)  3. Tuuri Hotakainen (Stand Still Stay Silent)  4. Nerdanel (The Silmarillion) 5. Regina Jones (Lily’s Garden)  6. River Tam (Firefly) 7. Honeymaren (Frozen II)  8. Essun (The Broken Earth Trilogy)  9. Inej Ghafa (Six of Crows)  10. Lei and Wren please don’t make me choose between them (Girls of Paper and Fire)
Tagging: @yashasclover, @nimium-amatrix-ingenii-sui, @starfally, @starspray, @independence1776, @dawnfelagund, @pixieinthesky, @imindhowwelayinjune @pandirpus, @crocordile (If you want to!) 
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vefanyar · 4 months ago
For the spotify thing: 5, 10, 15, 20, 95?
5 - LP - Magic
10 - Vienna Teng - Watershed
15 - Radical Face - More Clay than Stone
20 - Maggie Rogers - Light On
95 - Aimee Mann - Patient Zero
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vefanyar · 5 months ago
For Ivrun - 31, 42, 61, and 69? And 8 and 23 for Smoke?
Eeeee, thank you, Liebste! ♥
For Ivrun:
31 - they’re given a blank piece of paper–what do they do with it?
Lacking any other pressing matters, she’ll probably write something. Most likely a love-you note for Jazz that she’ll leave in a pocket of Jazz’s clothes or under her pillow for her to find at a random time. 
42 - what are three words they would use to describe themself?
Oh gosh. You know that Ivrun doesn’t have a high opinion of herself, though she’s getting to a point where she’s at least acknowledging how much of an effort it takes her to overcome certain issues. So: Volatile, struggling, healer.
61 - what kind of flower would they choose to pick from a meadow?
What flowers are growing in the meadow, she wants to know. Are there any with medical properties? (Probably.) If so, the one that appears most useful to her at the time. If it’s just flower-picking for sentimental reasons, then probably forget-me-nots. They’re blue, and the meaning is something that strikes pretty close to home for Ivrun. 
69 - how would they describe their party members?
She loves Jazz and thinks the world of her, and Jazz’s chaos and heart have given her so so so many new perspectives on life that it gave her an alignment shift away from Lawful Good. ♥ Respects Nor deeply, even though I don’t think she understands them too well for reasons of cultural differences (hey, they’re working on getting to know each other better), but they’re a fellow cleric and obviously have a supportive, hospitable, generous family who opened up Nrishpim house to the party even though they wouldn’t have had to, which says a lot about a person. Idolizes Min (maybe a bit too much), even more after their post-sparring talk when she understood how much they really have in common in terms of backstory and both being kinda marginalized by virtue of being a Tiefling and a Half-Orc respectively, and Min still maintaining her Lawful Good Paladin-ness. Also, yeah, Ivrun totally has a crush on her, and she’s this close to approaching Jazz to talk it out. And maybe invite Min over. She’s probably least attached to Moon, emotionally speaking, but she likes them a great deal, especially their little book club session lately, and is maybe a little bit intimidated both by their intelligence and their innate wizard powers? In a friendly way that’ll probably morph to something like starry eyes not too far in the future.
(Those are person-based rather than action-based. They all make her facepalm long and hard on a regular basis when we’re talking action-based descriptions, and they definitely also all bring out her judgy side, but it’s always with them being them in the back of her mind.)
In short, she’ll lay down her life for all and any of them in a heartbeat if she has to. I’m kinda afraid of Ivrun getting her 3rd-level spells, because Life Transference is something that she will take, and...  yeah. I hope she survives that. 
For Smoke:
8 - what are three songs that suit them?
LP - Into the Wild I’m actually still working on Smoke’s backstory, she hasn’t told me all of it yet, but she wasn’t always an asshole Tabaxi; she used to be a very scared and lonely outcast Tabaxi largely for circumstances outside of her control. The way she’s been interacted with Hexxat, Denetha and Zarra lately has given me some ideas.
Florence + the Machine - Heartlines The wandering mood in this one, and “just keep following / the heartlines on your hand” very much read like Smoke’s philosophy. She’s very much a creature of following her whims and emotions, and definitely a bit of a hedonist in that way, too.
AURORA - Running with the Wolves This one is definitely Smoke energy, even if it doesn’t really have any specific application to a situation she’s faced yet. Just. Feral Tabaxi Circle of the Moon Druid. <3 
23 - how do they feel about nicknames, titles, or labels that have been given to them? how do they feel about their name?
Her name means a lot to her. Tabaxi names are generally very meaningful: “Each tabaxi has a single name, determined by clan and based on a complex formula that involves astrology, prophecy, clan history, and other esoteric factors.” She hasn’t quite figured out what hers is meant to mean, so it’s an enduring source of fascination and navelgazing to her. It’s also normal for a Tabaxi to go by a nickname, so she’s not Rainbow in the Smoke of the Faraway Fjords Clan to everyone at all times, she’s Smoke, period. She’s also had a bunch of nicknames during her travels, which she doesn’t mind, but also doesn’t feel strongly about in a positive way, they usually glance off her like water the moments she wanders on.
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shoreslip · 5 months ago
Hi I want to know about Witches? :D
I wrote about it here! But additionally, it was gay, because I can do that if I want. I wrote a few pointless tiny ficlets for the characters, namely these (not very good or standalone but I do what I want, pbbt):
Heart As Cold As Your Hearth Brissa & Deis, 300 words, PG Content: Serious ill health. Fresh-Baked Pies Jaha/Freoce, 200 words, PG-13 The First Step Jaha & Deis, 200 words, PG Labyrinth Jaha/Freoce, 163 words
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croclock · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
commission for @vefanyar, her character and  @worldsentwined, Ivrun and Jazz  💖💖💖💖💖💖
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bogkeep · 7 months ago
worldsentwined replied to your photoset “here. the four ships most near and dear to my heart right now. my OTPs...”
omg I love the way you draw Galo's hair! So fluffy! (Also this whole post is good, it is good to be able to find things you enjoy and enjoy them in the way that works for you)
hehehe THANK YOU, out of all eight of these characters, galo is the one i’ve never really drawn before, and i realized yesterday that UUUHHHH DO I KNOW HOW TO DRAW THIS RIDICULOUS ANIME HAIRDO....... so i’m pretty pleased that i managed to make it work in my style. SOMEHOW (also <3 <3 <3)
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emblazonet · 8 months ago
worldsentwined replied to your post “Anyone have good resources on good technique for mending clothes?”
I feel like I have some resources floating around (though honestly my mending technique is also very cobbled together). I will go digging and see what I can find!
<3 <3 <3 
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emblazonet · 8 months ago
worldsentwined replied to your post “worldsentwined replied to your post “I’m rewatching Howl’s Moving...”
Oooooh that concept art is beautiful! I would totally watch that movie. I remember liking that book but it's been a few years, I should reread it!
Do it, do it!!
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avolitorial · a year ago
For the playlist thing: Leave The Light On
{ playlist game }
lullaby for a stormy night vienna teng
well, now i am grown and these years have shown rain’s a part of how life goes ; 
when the angels fall sting
a shadow still remaining, see the churches fall in mighty arcs of sound and all that they’re containing ; 
killer phoebe bridgers
but i can’t sleep next to a body even harmless in death, plus i’m pretty sure i’d miss you and faking sleep to count your breath ; 
night vision suzanne vega 
i would shelter you, keep you in light ; 
everything to help you sleep julien baker 
from a distance, light from stars, entry wounds or puncture marks, leaking from your arms through the perforated dark ; 
pink in the night mitski
i glow pink in the night in my room, i’ve been blossoming alone over you
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vefanyar · a year ago
For the MS Paint thing, please do Sigrun? :D
Tumblr media
One terrible MS Paint Sgru for you! :D ♥
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usuallysublimepenguin · a year ago
Tumblr media
@worldsentwined ‘s latest sssscomic Hogwarts AU installation is precious. Here are the boys doing their thing. Thanks for the prompt :)
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vefanyar · a year ago
For the trope thing: "OMG they were roommates"?
Maybe? It honestly depends on the fandom. You know modern AUs (which feels like the prerequisite for this, since the most I’ve seen this used for is college roommates) aren’t my thing so much (unless they’re by Certain Writers
This feels like an Emilalli thing most of all, to me, mostly just because they’re roughly the same age, as opposed to Onni/Reynir and Sigrun/Tuuri. Maybe a Tuuri/Reynir thing could be fun for this as well? Roommate shenanigans!
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love-an-ood · 14 days ago
lyrics by @eeddis and @worldsentwined!
King of mine, I worry you will die 
but I'll be close behind, I'll follow you into the dark 
a flash of light, a man by the roadside 
stopping you as you ride, waiting for a hint of a spark 
Chorus: if your enemies decide that they all are satisfied 
happy with the papers that you have signed 
if there's no one beside you when your god's in charge 
I will follow you into the dark 
in the leaders' tent a traitor's last breath was spent 
I waited while you went and I spoke to the man 
who'd saved my life, an effort his wrongs to right 
but fallen beneath your knife you played out the gods' plan 
You and me have ridden on tirelessly 
from the river to the sea and the gentlest of rains 
is falling down, the time for sleep is now 
there's nothing to cry about for you'll be in no more pain 
in the space between reigns 
your god has been satisfied now your enemies have died 
pinned beneath the papers that you have signed 
now there's no need to guide you with the Thief in charge 
But I will follow you into the dark 
Brother all we need's a single spark
(my queen’s thief music tag)
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grammarpedant · a month ago
It’s 3/3 Day!! 
To celebrate the delight that is Three, newest beloved SecUnit to choose freedom as of Network Effect, Kiraly @worldsentwined has brought us a new installation of everyone’s favorite advice column!
Featuring questions from TheAiCollective @theaicollective, KalynaAnne @kalynaanne, Iztarshi @iztarshi, and myself @grammarpedant. 
Wonder how to remove a Combat SecUnit from your engineering bay? Or how to say no thanks to a human when you’re a rogue construct in disguise? Wanna know how a free SecUnit attending university fits in on campus? And how do you best respect your bot coworkers when you’re a human?
Most importantly- how do old acquaintances reconnect, especially when they’re bots and constructs?
Tune in to Mx. Machine Manners to hear the questions and read the answers!
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wavewright62 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
My first Queen’s Thief fanart - a Chocolate Box exchange gift for Chocolatepot on AO3.  (Not sure if they’re on tumblr?  So I’ll tag @worldsentwined , maybe she knows)  Our royal personages go out into the hinterlands for a spot of hunting, and no one bats an eye when Eugenides does his Eugenides thing.
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