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#working part time
goofo · 13 hours ago
oh my god i was about to bring up tea on a band but i realized none of you know who anyone involved in the situation is except for a/cacia b/rinley EDIT: if y’all are curious i put it in the tags lmao
#basically she was trying to start a band so they had her befriend another band in the label while they were working on putting her band#together so that their fans would listen to their band but the funny part is is that the original band was an industry plant#anyway they had her date one of the band members but she was 15/16 at the time and they were having her date a guy who was publicly 19#but me and the girls who were y’know ‘in’ as they say#we knew that he was actually 25 but we ignored it because we were also 15#and thought it was cool that we were being paid attention to by older guys#but here’s the kicker that guy was dating a girl who is sweet i love her still she’s a great person#so he’d been dating the same girl since high school and we all knew her but their label wouldn’t let him post about her#because that would one give away his real age and two be bad for their reputation apparently#anyway i was just thinking about this because that girl and him are actually married now and i’m rewatching house and just happened to have#watched the episode she was in because she was one of the patients on house once lmaooo#oh also they’re married now#crazy times#the random shit i know#also another member of that band is a major music producer who pretended to be 16 in the height of this band’s success but me and the girls#knew his real name obviously so we were able to do a shit ton of research on him because of that and it turned out he was like 30 at thetime#like i said crazy times
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dreambowl · 2 days ago
yes i hated not having a second to myself to breathe during the semester bc i was so swamped w work but also now that i don’t constantly have something else focus on, i’m extremely aware of all the other bullshit i have to deal w in my life. cant win either way.
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saybees · 3 days ago
Going through some more microeconomics stuff talking about advertising and it's just all so off. They're talking about how a company that's willing to spend a lot of money on advertising means that it's a quality product. But my thought is that if the product was actually of very high quality they wouldn't NEED to advertise so much because if it's good and people like it word of mouth would do a lot more than an ad would.
Also it mentions how ads are supposed to convey information to consumers to help them make well informed decisions on what to buy, but almost no ads out there talk about price or things like that. The only time it mentions ingredients is if it's "natural" stuff, but then they leave out all the other ingredients that aren't "natural" (although my view on the whole "natural" thing is that it's just nonsense, I mean cyanide is natural, soooo...). But yeah the whole thing is just ridiculous. This whole course is just a lot of bullshit, which I think is part of why it's been so tough for me to grasp. The economy DOES NOT function the way this university course says it does. It all makes very little sense. I really hope I don't flunk my exams and end up having to take this stupid course over again.
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seraheart · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
"Anyway, thekey gain from [The Mystery Train] encounter is that we've established Amuro-san the Poirot part-time waiter is a member of the men in black called Bourbon"
Except it later turns out, Akai already knew this perfectly well all along and had known for YEARS, and he could have just freaking told Conan instead of letting him find out through putting Haibara through hours of psychological torture and risking the lives of everyone on the train????
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equalseleventhirds · 4 days ago
welp, looks like next school year will be another loan year
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tootyfrootycasbooty · 5 days ago
i think the interview went really well!!! i cycled there and stripped my jumper off in a fevered madness, forgetting that i threw any old top on underneath, and the blood drained from my body as one of the interviewers was like “is that a palma violets t-shirt” and i genuinely had to check 
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oncorhynchuss · 5 days ago
Heads up that art may slow to a crawl around here. Starting a second job, and midterms, and all these papers and group projects AND my other job still exists. It's been a lot to say the least
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jipuragi · 5 days ago
Hanseo: *gets a papercut*
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jarchiecore · 7 days ago
i promise you if we’re friends i also really want to talk to you more. my life lately just feels like... i’m in a boat with 20 holes in it, but every free moment i have from filling buckets and dumping it out to plug the holes themselves, i know i only have the physical capacity to plug 5 of them and it’s a matter of choosing which ones, because either way, there will be 15 other holes that are just as important as the 5 i chose that will go unaddressed and making a mess that i’m pretty sure i’ll never actually find the time or energy to fully and completely fix.
send an emoji on anon or not to tell me what level we are on
#anonymous#answered#does this even make sense#like i already sucked at dealing with my own presence on this planet before i got a full time job and now that i have one..#my mental and physical capacity to Do Things is exhausted just by working and then coming home to decompress and do it all over again#until my day off which i spend having anxiety over 'patching holes' activities and feeling like i'm wasting my free time#and then woops day off over back to 'filling buckets and dumping it out' activities#and it's just a cycle of that as i try to save up to finally move out with my siblings and just#finally get away from such a shitty environment#i'm really really hoping then i can get a part time job with the knowledge that#i can barely function at all on full time#(like anyone can lmao)#capitalism is going to unironically kill me one day!#until then my friendships have just been decent or awkward conversations for a month and then radio silence for 4 more#and i feel as i talk about myself in the tags for 10mins i need the disclaimer that none of my online friends are obligated to deal w this#this message could've rightly been sent by ANY of my online friends because i do this to like all of them#and i'm a shitty friend and if it's just too much or not enough for any of you to deal with that's okay#no hard feelings; it's shitty to feel like you're being ignored#and in a time where a Lot of people have to choose where they can afford to direct what little they have of energy i#it's completely understandable#damn yeah sorry for rambling in the tags#i don't wanna feel defensive as much as just.. communicating where i'm at but i'm sure a lot of it is just feeling defensive#but that's a me thing not an anyone elses' thing#BUT I'M DONE RAMBLING#i promise anon whichever friend you are you're a good one and an amazing person and even better listener#and as i try to revive my friendships once again after months of silence i can promise it's from a place of genuine interest#but you're also under no obligation to hop back on the wagon with me since i'm very likely just to fall back off of it again#from no fault of yours! and i wish you well regardless and hope these horrifically long tags don't distract from that lmao god
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