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#work wear
thanatosisactuallythanatoes · 24 minutes ago
In Honor of the Swim Season Starting
rei: Greta is a HoMOSeXuAl thank you very much
nagisa: and that is how we ended up talking about how boobs make breaststroke hard and i should be lucky i'm a guy
Literally anyone: i swam like 1,000 meters today
souske: I'm so out of shape, my shoulders are killing me
haru: it looks like you're not wearing underwear when you wear a bathing suit under your clothes
gou, frantically: have you seen Greata? WHERE IS GRETA
rei, holding naked barbies missing limbs: it was a valiant fight against the dogs, alas they lost
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ridiasfangirlings · 5 hours ago
So if regular Fushimi doesnt like underwear then does that mean fem!Saru doesnt wear bras. How would Yata react. Lesbian misaru or regular, whatever you are in the mood for 😊
YES :3c Honestly this being K Fushimi's probably got all kinds of boob physics going on too, she's always running around fighting and swinging her sword while not wearing a bra and she's probably jiggling more than Awashima. Also imagine Yata being like super flat-chested but she wears a bra all the time anyway and meanwhile Fushimi's a lot more ample in the chest area and never bothers. When they first move in together Yata notices that she's been washing all her own underwear but she almost never sees any of Fushimi's stuff mixed in and that's weird right, because Saruhiko never washes any of her own clothes but she'll wash her own bra. Yata isn't sure if asking would be weird, like okay they're both girls sure but even so should she really be talking about bras in together (I can totally see fem!Yata being hesitant about this stuff, like in gym when everyone was changing she was the one in the corner averting her eyes and crossing her arms over her chest). Finally though she manages to ask one day, like come on Saruhiko you wash your own bras so you could wash your own clothes once in a while too. Fushimi gives her a blank look like 'what bras?' and Yata's all wait you do wear a bra right you have to wear a bra. Fushimi complains that bras are uncomfortable and the wire digs into her skin and the fabric is itchy so she never wears one, Yata's like 'but that's—that's scandalous!'. Fushimi rolls her eyes like it's just a bra who cares but Yata feels like somehow this is just too racy, the idea that Fushimi's running around with no bra and what if she's wearing a thin T-shirt or something, like Yata has the sudden urge to block everyone's view of Saruhiko's chest.
Then imagine Fushimi's Scepter 4 uniform being similar to Awashima's, short skirt and maybe an even more plunging neckline, and when they're enemies Yata doesn't think much about it but then post-ROK she is really aware of how close Fushimi is to flashing everyone. Like first Yata knows that Fushimi doesn't like to wear panties either and Yata has no idea how Fushimi's managed to fight so normally without showing the world her goodies, and second with the way her chest bounces one wrong move could send a boob flying out of her shirt. Fushimi doesn't seem worried about it, like she's handled things this long fine and she feels confident that she's not showing anything off but Yata is now so distracted, like it's suddenly really hard not to think of what's under (or not under) Fushimi's skirt, or how there's only a thin layer of clothing between Yata's hands and Fushimi's breasts and Yata is finally like okay I think I might be kinda attracted to Saruhiko.
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station11 · 16 hours ago
when i finally remember i have reading glasses now BEFORE i stare at my computer screen or a book til my eyes hurt. it’s over
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capstellium · 18 hours ago
just saw some idiot on twitter say that people in IT and those working from home rn are “the most abused people” during covid. like who’s gonna tell him that if you’re working from home right now you are....... dealing with 1/1000th of the bullshit that essential workers face on a day to day basis. maybe. lmao
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swanmills-regina · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
//Also happy MUNday everyone 💜
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brinesystem · a day ago
our mom trying to convince us we're white when the main 'white' traits we have are being pale (after staying indoors for over a decade due to being complimented on how pale we were for years) and our hair being light when we were younger (which comes from the non-white side ironically) is really weird
but it also did a lot of actual damage weirdly enough in that we can't tell who's white half the time and who's not?
because we were told all these traits were 'white' traits, and now are learning that we really... don't look white to other poc? but because we were told we do by the mom and by white people, we grew up thinking a lot of our physical traits were just 'white but messed up' instead of knowing they were just... not white traits.
so now we don't know what white looks like. we see people and go "they're white" and then have to stop and actually just... try and figure out why we think that, because half the time the person is actually indigenous or hispanic and we just can't tell because we were taught that those traits were also 'white' as long as their skin is on the pale side.
or how we 'are the worst puerto rican' because we have sensory issues that mean we can't eat stuff like beans and rice, but most of our favorite foods are actually... you know. just not beans and rice. like corn, or squash, or tostones, maduros... a lot of our really safe foods are not-white-foods, but we were never taught this and were told the exact opposite for over two decades...
idk. i get why she feels that way about that side of our family, but... to claim you're hispanic but your child isn't because they're pale? while also saying their skin-type is exactly the same as your hispanic relatives?
it's not really a great time for the kid.
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saverspender · a day ago
Sherry's #OOTD Outfit of the Day Style & Fashion Look: The David Rose Inspired Look
Sherry’s #OOTD Outfit of the Day Style & Fashion Look: The David Rose Inspired Look
I post my outfits on the blog every other day at noon (12 p.m. EST) under this Style category #OOTD Daily Style and then I do a summary of all the looks in my Month of Style roundup at the end of the month. I am pretty sure I am nailing the vibe of his outfits from Schitt’s Creek, one of my favourite shows (after season 2..). He wore a LOT of black, with pops of white, loose, oversized pieces,…
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hollowb00tijelly · a day ago
I wish I could date girls like you but I am way too weird 😫
UH~~~~~~~~~ Listennnnnnnnnnnnnnn I literally cannot date a normie ever again yo! Being weird is v good. Like I don’t even need my interests to perfectly align but it’s kind of hard to dare because I always have gotten judged by things I like or even just do-
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ares857 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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anarchamints · a day ago
Hate that I’m so civcucked that I long for an office job
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