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#won’t change that I enjoyed it lol
prose-for-hire · a month ago
Oh gosh do you want answers on why people dont like the 2005 phantom movie? Because I have some
You can if you want love !! 💖
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tooweirdforyou · 3 hours ago
Target » Mafia AU! One Piece « Masterlist
Tumblr media
A/N : I felt like it. I wanna do this, I can’t guarantee I’ll actually do much but hopefully this goes well. One Piece, as the mafia/Yakuza.
Inspired a bit by Bungou Stray Dogs :))
Includes : Strawhats, Kid Pirates, Whitebeard Pirates, Heart Pirates, Marines, maybe Warlords?
Notes : obviously this is an AU, it’ll be more modern and obviously alterations are needed. I’ll most likely keep changing stuff lol. ALSO, I might be confusing a lot of quirks and terms in this, I’m not familiar with like, mafia/Yakuza or crime stuff ( despite my love for them ) so I apologize in advance!!
Warning : will include eventual smut, cursing, Yandere themes, triggering themes ( I won’t say it because even the word can cause people to be uncomfortable but it’s like no consent but I promise I won’t go into too much detail on it ) anddd etc.
Summary : You, [Name] [LastName], are a rare gem. Daughter of the multi-billionaire and owner of the most prized possession in the world. It is said that whoever possesses it will achieve all greatness in many forms. Wealth, love, fame, power, and much, much more. So when word gets out that your father has passed and you are the sole inheritor of his belongings and everything he owns, a particular bounty is placed upon your head and you become a rather desired item on the black market, and eyes from all groups of power are determined to claim you theirs, to get their hands on you. The largests and even a couple small time mafia crime syndicates, the all too powerful government and even the law-enforcing navy. Wanted ONLY alive, as you are the only inheritor to your father and the only person who may know where that precious item lays, since no one knows what it looks like. Along the way, whilst avoiding gunfire, kidnappings, brutality and much more, love is blossomed in this intense, chaotic story. You have become a target.
This is the Masterlist..
I really, really hope I will be able to actually begin and continue this when I get started, considering I haven’t been able to do my Law or Ace fics but in my defense, it was the overwhelming stress. Which I still have lol.
I haven’t finished all the details quite yet. I’m still pretty confused and if anyone wants to talk to help me out that’d be great! :)
Chapter One or Prologue?..
I sincerely hope you enjoy this series. I’m still working some stuff out so this is a bit messy!!
should I add yandere features? ( I still will lol )
this might take priority over most of my stuff, just because I want to get into the flow of writing actual multi chap stories again!! ^^
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diffuserlover · a day ago
Hi I was wondering if I could get a ship for enhypen, nct dream, and the boyz. Thank u in advance sorry if it wasn’t too much info.
Um to start off my MBTI was a INFJ then changed to ISFJ so I’m not really sure but definitely introverted. I’m a Scorpio and also 168cm. For my appearance I look very cold on the outside but promise I’m a very warm sensitive person on the inside lol. Sometimes I’m too kind. I’m also a very independent person and enjoy my own time. I can be very introverted but I’m very loud when I’m close with people. I don’t dislike PDA but more flustered. I’m very mature so I tend to connect with more older people I like to think. I like to listen to people instead of talk. I’m pretty emotional so I tend to cry about everything like movies, tv shows, etc. I’m very clumsy literally bump into everything.
Hi!! Thank you for requesting!! I hope you like your ships:)
I ship you with...
Tumblr media
Sunghoon seems like a cold person on the outside as well(we all know he is really sweet)☺️
You both enjoy your alone time and are independent😄
Sunghoon doesn’t seem like the guy who likes PDA as we don’t really see him clingy with the other members😚
Once you guys got comfortable with each other he started to talk a lot more🥰
He tries to comfort you as much as he can when you cry but he is a little awkward😆
He most likely laugh every time you bump into something(he would always make sure your fine though)😂
In general you and Sunghoon have a very sweet relationship🥺
NCT Dream:
I ship you with...
Tumblr media
Chenle is also cold looking on the outside🙂
I feel like Chenle would low key baby you a little because you cry easily☺️
Your height difference is not too much
Chenle is kinda clingy but I feel like he wouldn’t do PDA because you don’t like it very much(expect him to be clingy when you guys are alone)🙂
He spoils you😚
He laughs at you whenever you bump into something(I’m sorry but he really would)😂
In general you and Chenle have a fun relationship😊
The Boyz:
I ship you with....
Tumblr media
Younghoon loves to be clingy but he won’t show PDA because you don’t like it very much☺️
Younghoon is also a cold on the outside and soft on the inside😁
You guys do things separated but that doesn’t mean you don’t love each other, it just means you need alone time🙂
You guys most likely cry together during movies😭
If you give Younghoon the chance to talk he could talk forever lol😂
You both are very kind to others😊
Younghoon would baby you whenever you hit something or fell😆
In general, you and Younghoon are the cutest together🥰
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Toga, Compress and Dabi with an s/o who acts all aloof and quite but weak for affection?
(A refresher wedged between all the smut asks lol. Btw I don’t mind them, it’s just nice to return to my roots sometimes with the sfw works. Anyway, lemme stop rambling!)
~Toga/Sako/Dabi’s Aloof but Softy S/O~
Tumblr media
-She is capable of understanding and giving you space when needed but it will not last long at all with her. She’s really all about being around you when in a relationship. She is pretty clingy and very partner oriented. Fun fact: she isn’t to good with cats because of this behavior. Aside from that, point is that she will be in your face a LOT.
-This is a very good thing on your end since you only seem to be aloof but in reality you crave that affection. Lucky for you, you’ll definitely be getting it when dating her. She’s all about watching movies and shoes together, going on nighttime walks, wearing matching EVERYTHING if you could. Please, she will be around you almost 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about the affection. 
-Her dates probably sometimes consist of you brushing her hair while she’s nestled into your lap and playing some rhythm game on her switch. You peek over her head and watch her play the game while you treat her hair ever so gently. The two of you are the softies in the league but she wouldn’t have it any other way. The only thing she’d change would be her will power to try and give you space. If you find her beating herself up over it, it might be time to come clean about you actually liking her affections and company.
Tumblr media
-He finds it actually really attractive that you behave this way. It’s cute to him because he knows it’s all a ruse. He can see right through it the longer you two are together. In fact, within the first week or two of dating he already saw right through. “You’re as easy to read as a book, dearest.” He teases as he weasels his way into your room after you thought you locked the door...(or did you really keep it unlocked in the hopes he’d come in and give you kisses.
-Even knowing how you truly feel about the whole thing, he still manages to give you space from time to time because he says it’s important in a relationship. He sets up the room in a way that you’ll enjoy, and he heads out to do errands while you relax back at home for him. It all works out because when he gets back, you’re eager to be held by him and revel in his affections. 
-Despite him knowing this fact about you, he still hides it from the rest of the league members so they’ll give you space at the base. This is because they’re all so taken with you that they end up in your face more than him. He just can’t stand that they’re taking the time up between you two so he’s implemented it as a tactic to get you to himself. 
Tumblr media
-Aloof and quiet? That’s just fine with him. There aren’t many words he feels that need to be shared between the two of you. Actions speak louder than words any day of the year in his opinion. Therefore a conversation could result in the two of you saying good morning and that’s it. However, his hand goes to gently pat your back and he lands a sweet kiss on your forehead before going to eat breakfast. 
-If you want to speak to him more then you’ll have to make the first move and do so. He may start by saying “You’re pretty damn talkative today huh?” But let me assure you that this works. The more you talk, the more he’ll end up talking back. If you stay as quiet as you are, then that’s just fine too. 
-He won’t mention it, but he knows by now that you actually like the affection he gives you. Therefore tender moments become even more tender when he’s around you. He makes sure to put extra care into his hugs and kisses to assure that you’ll be satisfied by his efforts. He won’t speak on it, and neither do you but you can tell. He may not seem like a sweet guy, but between the two of you behind closed doors, he’s nothing but a teddy bear. 
Instagram: @pastelbattydraws & @pastelbattystore
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skzfelixity · a day ago
Kouyou’s Little Sister Dating Chuuya:
Tumblr media
since she is a big sister figure to chuuya she assumed that he saw you as a sister too
well she figured out that was not the case when she caught you two making out
his hat almost fell from his head when he noticed kouyou leaning on the door frame
and of course, you flew to the floor
“ane-san I-”
kouyou left before you could say anything
she needed time to process things
chuuya, a very dear person to her and y/n, the dearest person to her were together
love equals hope and in the kouyou mindhold we don’t support those
how is she supposed to support something she dislikes?
both of you knew how much she hated love and that’s why you were secretly dating
but now boom she knows
it’s not like she will have you break up but her opinion mattered
she knows chuuya is a good guy but love can make someone do things that they normally wouldn’t
“Love makes you pathetic”
“Love is a weakness”
canon kouyou speaking 100%
plus it’s a distraction
and the last thing she wants is her precious children to get hurt
however, she knows very well that this feeling can’t be controlled
“Why are you both looking at me like that? If you needed my permission to be together, you would have asked before dating secretly”
fair point queen
she won’t try to manipulate you out of the relationship
she would want to though but you would probably hate her forever if she did
she definitely throws comments like
“Let’s bet on who will get hurt first”
and something along the lines of who is going to mess up and how
“Are you enjoying the light, y/n?”
chuuya is a little bit more awkward and nervous during executive meetings after that day
but kouyou is still treating him the same
no hatred, no disgust
maybe you were both too worried over that matter
“Chuuya, you know I don’t hate you. Loosen up!”
“Yes ane-san!”
things are still the same between them
and you too
if anything, he got more affectionate since he didn’t have to worry about getting caught
you expected him to go all out to change kouyou’s mind beause oh well this is chuuya
and oh well this is kouyou, he knew he wouldn’t change her mind anyway
wine parties together woop woop
she might hate love but she cares for you and if love makes you happy then so be it
very lowkey ships you
akutagawa caught her looking at you two with a proud smile
golden demon and rashoumon activated-
he promised to not tell you, it’s not like he cared anyway lol
while she observed your relationship with chuuya, there were times when she thought that maybe love wasn’t that bad-
yeah no but she can’t deny the fact that you look good together
she’ll never tell you though
maybe right before she dies-
if she had to pick someone for you, it would be chuuya
and if she had to pick someone for chuuya, it would be you
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maybeshroom · 2 days ago
Hello I was wondering if I could get male ship (I am bisexual with a preference of woman but I prefer male mcyt lol) ^^
My name is Emma my pronouns are she/her I am 19 I have shoulder length black hair and grey blue eyes. I pretty much look like mavis from hotel Transylvania, I am on the thicker side I got dem THICC thighs I’m like not skinny but I’m not plus size I’m just kinda mehhh I am also 5’8
I would say my aesthetic is like indie/alt or dark academia but like also bruh girl (idk lmao)
I am a Scorpio sun, Scorpio rising and a Aries moon. I am a Slytherin i am an introvert, i am an INTP, I’m pagan if that helps...?
I am super stubborn. Im also SUPERRR sarcastic, like every thing I say is sarcastic in someway. I have low key anger issues. But like I’m also super chill and like go with the flow. I play a shit load of video games mainly animal crossing and Minecraft. I also ramble a LOT about stuff I really like, Greek mythology (it’s my favorite thing in the Entire world to talk about) and tinker bell lore (ITS VERY EXTENSIVE) and many other things. Uh my best speed run is an hour and 15 minutes *duck boy face* I also watch an ungodly about of anime my favorite is MHA but a very close second is death note. I also make a ton of like super stupid puns like dad jokes. And a LOTTTT of sex jokes.
I am actually from Russia but I am fluent in English because both of my parents are also fluent in English and I have live in America for most of my life. I am fluent in Russian (obviously) Spanish and French. I can play the bass, guitar, ukulele, drums, and piano. I am also trained in like swords...? Idk how to say it lmao but I can do a bunch of cool tricks ik I’m ✨talented✨ (I swear I’m not a narcissist and his is a joke)
Uhhhh I can’t really think of anything else
Uh I really like sharks
I’m so sorry I told you like my whole life story. And sorry if some of it doesn’t make sense I did not proofread this.
Once again sorry this is so long I got carried away
Word Count: 496
Notes: Hello darling! Thank you so much for the req. I’m so so sorry it took SO LONG FOR THIS!!! You gave me loads to work with which was really helpful. I tried to make the finished product as best as possible for you, so I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for the support and have an amazing day/night :)
I pair you with…
Ah where do I start with this
You and Wilbur are such a cute pairing
The more I think about it, the better it gets
*incoherent fan screaming*
Okay first of all he thinks you are an absolute babe
Them thighs though ooh girl
Like Mavis from Hotel Transylvania was my gay AWAKENING
Even though you are tall(er than me)
There is still a significant height difference between you
Which he thinks is ADORABLE
He often will put his forearm on your head
Doesn’t even care if you get annoyed at that
Loves to poke fun at you
So there is tons of teasing in your relationship
You said you aesthetic is a combination of indie, dark academia, and bruh girl
He loves all of them
Dw my style changes a lot too
Likes to see whatever outfit you come up with everyday
And doesn’t care if one day you suddenly decide to wear nothing but stained sweatpants and t-shirts
Still thinks you look fucking beautiful
Wilbur is a very patient guy
So if you feel like your personality may be hot-headed, he won’t mind at all
When you get upset he will take you out of the situation and distract you
This usually consists of playing video games with you while you rant
Even if you aren’t necessarily angry he’ll still listen to whatever you want to ramble about
Is all up to date on the Tinkerbell lore thanks to you ;)
He’s also the type of guy who rambles about random facts all the time
So you guys have little cuddle sessions where you just talk about different things
Anything that comes to mind
Fueling hatred of ant-eaters and everything in between
He says he hates anime, but 100% has a soft spot for you
Will definitely end up watch anime with you at one point or another
But he might complain a lot give him a sec he’ll warm up
Your stupid puns and sex jokes make him giggle and blush every time
Admires your multilingual-ness?
He just thinks it’s really cool okay
Likes to play instruments with you and will ask you to collab with him
Even if you can’t sing doesn’t matter he’ll ask
That’s so cool-
Wilbur asks you to teach him and gets one of the trainer swords to practice
All and all
Wilbur is just a really sweet boyfriend
He’s a great listener, incredibly patient, and adores you
You are a goddess in his eyes and just hopes you love yourself as much as he does
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istumpysk · 3 days ago
Now that you allow anon asks, the cowards will keep coming to call you a delusional and to “debunk” jonsa theories like that person who jumped in your post believed they did lol. Seriously, to this day I wait for someone to free me from jonsa but the ‘jonsa won’t happen’ posts I’ve seen just made me believe in jonsa harder than before
Hey anon, I assume you’re like me, I quite enjoy reading competing theories, and different interpretations of the same text. It gives me an opportunity to assess which side has the stronger argument. I feel like 20% of my time spent on here is bothering other posters for their meta lists, lol.
If I ever come across new information that makes me question where I believe these books are going, man, I will bail so hard from this corner of the fandom. Who in the world wants to be wrong? I don’t have too much pride to change my mind.
So I truly don’t care if anyone comes to me ready to debunk jonsa theories. I encourage it. I will gladly read it all with an open mind. My goodness, if I can get through a “Byron the Beautiful is actually Sandor Clegane in disguise” analysis, surely I can read anything.
The problem is, from what I gather by observing other blogs, mail of that nature is typically just inflammatory. That’s okay though, sassing people is fun too.
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qui-02 · 4 days ago
When you have big boobs and a thick ass
Note: I posted this and it got a lot of attention so we doing this version now. All characters are aged up. @sukunas-cult-leader thx for the idea!!!
Warnings: suggestive content aka smut.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ok so I picture him as a boob guy who loves to suck some big or small tiddies. But since you have some huge mommy milkers he and his hormones will go CRAZY.
Only because he is a tit kind of guy it doesn’t mean he won’t pay attention to that ass girl. He can’t resist himself so when you wear jeans he has his hands on the back pocket of your jeans, he might give your ass a little squeeze here and there too.
He has no shame to check you out sometimes or would purposely drop something so you kindly pick it up giving him a great access to your purple lacy panties. He makes sure to remember every detail so he can jack off to it later on.
One of his favorite sex positions is when you ride him. He can se your perfect tits bouncing up and down,have his face between them,suck your nipples and play with them. It also gives him a great access to give your ass a nice squeeze or give it a slight spank. But most importantly he can see how you are enjoying yourself bouncing on his hard cock.
Tumblr media
Ass and thigh man!!! Definitely is into spanking,grouping,anal,leaving hands prints and leaving your legs shaking the next day.What I’m trying to say is that he is into rough sex but can also be really soft with you, depends on the occasion.
Now only because he is more interested in your ass it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like your big tiddies. He enjoys leaving hickeys on them,specially between them.
One of his biggest weaknesses is when you wear skirts, specially those tennis skirts that are trending. He can’t help but to have a his big hand on your thigh when you sit down or to let his hand wonder. He also can’t help when your skirt rides up and he gets just the tiniest peek of your lacy panties. I also picture him as a pantie stealer,lol
If anyone has the audacity to check you out or to flirt with you in public it punishment time. He makes sure you have a steady count of how many spanks he has given you and if you mess up you start over again. He loves seeing how much you enjoy yourself even though he is punishing you,but what can he say, that sticky substance that is gathering a damp spot in your underwear is just turning him on even more.
Tumblr media
ASS MAN!!! He appreciates a big and fat ass.
Like I have mentioned before he will go crazy if he sees you in leggings,biker shorts,shorts basically anything that hugs your ass tightly!I feel like he is the type of guy that if he sees you with leggings he might as well hug you from behind and bring his cock between your ass cheeks.
His favorite position is definitely doggy’s style, you can’t change my mind. He has a perfect access to your ass. Common things he does in the bedroom are that he slightly spank your ass and see it jiggling around while your moans are bouncing off the walls and your velvety walls are hugging just right. You got him in cloud 9
Tumblr media
Tagg list @pinkteamae @gabbys-simphotline @sinrinyoku @
Want to be tagged tell me!!
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idklg · 5 days ago
i literally have no motivation to work nor do i have anything really important to do so here i am
this was from about a year ago, let’s see some progress lol
day 56 of isolation - LOL GOING ON DAY 413
What does the last text you received concern? my friend’s reaction to me saying that i won’t give her any pasta my friend was complaining about drivers
Who will you be with tonight? been w the fam still w the fam
Where are your siblings? in the basement in her room What about your mom and dad? dad in bed, mom downstairs dad at work, mom at her desk
Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell anything to? yeah i guess no but also literally anyone willing to listen lol
Have you ever felt like you weren’t important? it happens yeah and it sucks
Have you told anybody you loved them today? no no
Can you go in public looking like you do? add some socks, shoes and a sweater with a hood, then sure i mean sure, but i don’t want to
Your ex says they never even liked you, you say? “we never even really dated” LOL ^ facts LOL
Do you always answer your phone? if i know the number or if i’m curious to know if it’s a spam caller or not, then yes if it doesn’t look like a spam number, yes bc i’m curious LOL
Are you anything like you were at this point last year? this point last year, i was chillin - job hunt was put on pause, enjoying my retail job as much as one can, planning the annual summer vacation this point last year, we were only 56 days into pandemic life, i would’ve been interning twice a week, and still not back at my retail position - i’m more experienced in different positions now if anything and i’m working full time so lol
What do you do when you’re mad? blast music, preoccupy myself, write it out blast music, preoccupy myself, write it out and probably complain to my friends if it wasn’t about them lol
How many people do you not get along with? idk i try to get along w ppl i mean i only talk to like 3 ppl and i try to be civil to ppl i may have bad blood w soooooo none?
Would your parents care if you came home at 4am? if they weren’t aware of where i was, yes, but if i were to tell them i’d be coming home late and they knew who i was with, i think they’d be ok maybe lol if they were made aware beforehand, i don’t think they’d mind
Do you miss the way things used to be? yes bc quarantine and covid19 crisis rn yes
Have you ever thought about getting your nose pierced? yes but i also don’t think i could pull it off/it’s no my style and i don’t have that high of a pain tolerance yes but only out of curiosity over how much it’d hurt and not for actually wanting to have my nose pierced
What will you be doing tomorrow? workkkkk work and then a bday drop
Who did you last share a bed with? my sister most likely my parents
What does your 18th text message say and who’s it from? that’s so much work that’s so much work
What’d you have for dinner last night? last night, chinese delivery pizza
Did you eat all of it? of what was on my plate, yes yes
Whats your favorite fruit? mangoes, cantaloupes still those
What temperature is it outside right now? idk probably a lil cold idk but it’s rainy
What color’s your hair? dark brown a very dark brown/back to black bc all my lightened pieces grew out/got cut
Do you like flowers? yes yes
Do you drink a lot of water? not enough not a lot and also maybe still not enough
What was the first thing you did when you woke up? check the time hit snooze
What were you doing at 8 this morning? sleeping barely waking up
What color are your eyes? brown imagine if that changed
What was the first thing you said today? i probably made a noise when i stretched probably grunted
Is there one person you look at and automatically smile? yes yes
If you had to kill one person in the world, and no one would make anything of it, would you? no that’s a lifetime of guilt no
When was the last time you were unhappy with your life? like late november last year it was rough i don’t think i’ve had a breakdown like ^ that one since, even in covid
Is there something you know about someone that nobody else knows? probably yes
What is one thing you honestly can’t stand? slow walkers slow walkers, slow drivers, drivers who don’t know know where they’re going
What was the worst dream you have ever had? i feel like i’ve had a dream where there was a shooting at the local mall and i was inside i don’t remember any as of recently
Is there one person you could live forever with? hopefully and hopefully he finds me faster i hope so, he ain’t here yet
If someone seriously ugly asked you if they were pretty would you lie to them? depends yeah that depends, idk
Have you ever not liked anyone just because they were ugly? maybe lol most likely LOL, you can’t say looks don’t matter bc they truly do to an extent
Do you want your life to stay the way it is right now forever? no bc I WANT TO GO OUT AND SOCIALIZE FOR AS LONG AS MY LIL INTROVERTED BODY CAN HANDLE absolutely not, i mean working from home a couple times a week and kinda having a free-reign schedule sure, but i need to socialize even tho i hate ppl lol
Your beliefs on love at first sight? i think you can feel like you love someone when you first look at them just based on personal preferences on looks, then it’s longevity is based on whether or not you can vibe w their personality i don’t necessarily see how it’s possible, but it’s happened to some ppl i know and sure do you
Would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh? no absolutely not
When was the last time you laughed really hard about something? maybe this past weekend a couple days ago most likely bc dad’s dumb LOL
Do you regret doing anything this week? the week’s just started, but not yet not yet LOL
Do you have trust issues? less than before yes but also no
Do you like someone? i’m like a lil hung up on someone but only bc there’s no one else the love part of my brain can focus on LOL but also like not really LITERALLY STILL IN THIS SITUATION W THE SAME PERSON LOL I HATE MYSELF
What are you looking forward to? i want covid19 quarantines to end bc i just wanna go back to work or go downtown or maybe go on a date idk LOL tbh getting vaccinated on friday - that gives me hope for the near future i’m trying to meet up w my friend before she heads to the west coast for the summer literally just any sign of hope that covid is simmering down in toronto and we can socialize w ppl again
Do you play video games? not really we’ve gotten back into it since we put the ps3 in the living room
What are you doing for your next birthday? i wanna go on a trip idk but i hope i can leave the city/country LOL
What’s your favorite season? spring spring/summer - warm weather
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bubblxsboo · 5 days ago
Hiii could I please get a matchup with a male from bnha? I am 5’4, Latina and an ENFP. I have pale skin, brown wavy hair that reaches a bit past my shoulders and hazel eyes. I am described as someone who comes off as cold or aloof when I’m around people I don’t know. After getting to know me, I am the complete opposite. I’m just a bit shy at first lol. My friends have told me that I give good advice but like to joke about my stubbornness. I like to make people laugh and try to make the best of any situation. However I have a hard time expressing my emotions. I’m also described as easy going and fun to be around. I love animals especially dogs. I am a hip hop dancer and love to perform. Enjoy reading and playing video games. I love music especially hip hop, rap, & reggaeton. I also love to write music/poetry. I really like drawing and painting. I can be playful and love to tease my friends. I also really like to eat and travel. I enjoy having deep conversations, like a lot lol. I can’t stand people who bully others and people who are fake. I like to be honest and helpful in any way I can. I speak English and Spanish (learning Japanese & Portuguese). I’m into watching criminal investigation shows. I’m a bit of a video game person as well. I also don’t like to wear skirts or dresses. Thank you so much!! 💘💘💘
A/N: hELLO human. It took me a while to figure it out but I have an idea ! I hope you will like this.
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto always seems cold with the others, but don’t worry, only half of him is. (Get it? Get it?)
You are happy that broccoli boy changed that part of him.
Eventually, after a while he would warm up to you and be more himself around you.
This poor boy doesn’t know what humour is, but love seeing you so happy when you talk to him. So he laughs along.
He doesn’t know how to show his emotions neither, so he doesn’t mind at all when you try to look for words to tell how you feel. He is a patient boy.
Though, he can be really stubborn too and won’t leave until you told him at least a word about how you feel when he clearly sees you are not okay.
When you show how you do your hip hop moves, he thinks it’s freaking cool.
Definitely will suggest you books to read. He loves reading with you. He doesn’t care what type of book it is as long as it’s with you.
Bakugo tried to show him how to play video games so he can play with you, but he’s still uneasy about it. After all, he didn’t have a normal childhood so can you really blame him ?
But if you want to teach him how to do something, he would listen to you carefully and practice with you.
Shoto doesn’t mind about the type of music he listens to, but he thinks it’s really amazing seeing you dance to the music.
He loves reading your poetry and think you’re really talented.
Oh gosh, your drawings are so well made he is actually really surprised.
You’re always full of surprises for him, he really likes the artistic part of you.
He likes deep conversation too, but is more of a listener than anything. He would nod with agreement or say what he thinks about a certain topic.
It may be surprising, but he LOVES criminal and investigation shows too. He likes to think about who could be the murder and talk about the subject with you.
Shoto really thinks you’re cool and would do anything just to see you smile.
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It's kinda of the same with ziam. Most of Liam's fans are shippers but the shippers are a smaller percentage in Zayn's fandom. Why do you think that is?
It’s not easy to answer this without pissing people off lol.
Harry probably has a smaller percentage of larrie fans for a few reasons. The main one is that his solo fan base just seems to be a lot bigger - if we look at album sales or the size of tour venues, as a barometer. Harry seems to have a) taken a lot of the broader 1D fan base with him AND b) seems to have gained a lot of new fans.
Harry was always the ‘golden boy’ of the band, the one everyone who could admit it to themselves, knew would a) eventually go solo and b) have the biggest solo career. He was the charming one, the heartthrob, the press favourite, the most well known, the highest profile, the fashion boy etc. A lot of people stan Harry because they are attracted to him (which is fine) and the people who were always there for the band in the typical ‘young woman who is man attracted’ way, went with Harry. And they were always the larger portion of the fan base, whether larries realise it or not.
He’s also added onto his fan base significantly with his solo career so far, and has gained a lot of fans ‘post hiatus’. Meaning, naturally, many of them won’t be ‘larries’.
Louis was never marketed as the heartthrob. He was the funny one, the older one. His solo career was going to always be harder to launch than someone like Harry who already had the known name (a lot of people wouldn’t have been able to tell you Louis was in the band), the ‘hot heartthrob’ status, the ‘charm’ label etc. While I think some people were ‘there’ for Louis in a ‘I have a crush on him’ way, a lot of people who were Louis stans in particular were larries. The narrative around him and the fandom around him was always dominated by ‘victim hood’ and ‘secret gay’. Where as Harry always had a larger mass of fans enjoying him from a non larrie perspective.
I think a lot of Louis’ current fans are fans who came from the band days, and he hasn’t added as many newbies. So the ratio of larries to non larries is different.
With Zayn and Liam I think it’s a similar story.
Zayn was always, in my opinion, the best looking in the band. Legit model good looks, the best voice, and left early. I think Zayn has managed to develop a solid GP interest. He distanced himself from the band and therefore got himself some new fans.
Liam, on the other hand, released an album relatively late that wasn’t well received. And he’s always talked about One Direction, even in his first single, constantly tying himself with the group. I don’t think he’s managed to attract as many new fans and therefore those who are left, are people who were already particularly dedicated to him during the band, and often therefore are Ziams.
I think it’s interesting that both groups latch onto the member of the ‘pair’ they perceive as most victimised. They see Liam as this perpetual victim with almost no agency. And they see Louis that way too. I think Liam and Louis are often seen as the under rated members now, because they simply haven’t attracted the GP interest, which kind of shows that a greater ratio of their current fan base are going to be people from the band days, hence tinhatters, than is the case for Harry and Zayn. The GP really latched on to Harry and to some extent Zayn, changing the narrative of their fans and drowning out the tinhatters more.
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t1nkabell · 5 days ago
Learning from my own mistakes
That’s a post from my deleted blog. The only I have saved. I am posting it again, to remind myself. 
Okay ffs, I get it. I really have to make this a lifestyle! And I do not mean p*o a*a. I want to lose about 10kg 22lbs and since I’m not massively obese, this won’t happen in two weeks of low restriction. I tried it for the last seven years and maybe it works for you, but not for me.
Einstein famously stated, “Insanity means doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result”.
So now I am going to list my personal mistakes and the things I want to do/think instead:
-       Not accepting the fact that I will not reach my goal weight in 2,5 weeks and constantly checking my body. Yes, I get it, we want weight loss sooo bad but I am constantly checking my body, pinching my fat, thinking negative about myself and I really believe that this is a big part of why I give up so many times. You won’t see drastic changes and especially if you are a woman, with a menstrual cycle, our weight fluctuates even more and on some days we even look bigger because of this water weight. So I really want to try to just live more “normally” and not obsess over weight loss like I used to. I used to plan my whole day around eating, not eating, exercise and so on. It’s important yes, but try to live your life and don’t focus TOOO much. For me when I get obsessed, I always fail because it’s not good enough and then I binge.
-        That’s more personal but night snacking/morning snacking. I really developed this stupid habit of eating at night because when I lived with my mom it was a “good” time for me to binge because she would sleep. My brain has noticed that from all the carbs I get a sugar rush and fall into sleep very fast. I wake up in the middle of the night with the craving to eat, but I realized that if I am “strong” enough to just drink a bit of water and lay in bed without giving in to my urges, they will pass and I will fall back into sleep. Also, morning snacking: I wake up with the urge to binge and want to eat breakfast immediately, but I always will be hungry two hours after. Now I say myself that it’s unnecessary to eat write after I wake up because I will get hungry very fast after it. So now I drink black coffee, or an energy drink and I am fine until 10/11 am.
-       Not eating volume food/things that actually keep me full. Of course, it’s okay to eat a protein bar (I love them so much haha), but I used to eat them every day and most the time they had over 200kcal. This little piece of “chocolate” did not keep me very full. Nowadays if want to eat something like this, first I try that these snacks are under 200 kcal and I eat for example berries with it or a salad before. So, I am going to enjoy my treat but still be full. Some days I had like no vegetables and I really like vegetables! I just was too lazy to prepare them or like I said lived of higher kcal snacks and thought that was okay, because I was still in my calorie-limit, but never being full in the nearest way made me binge too much. For real volume food in combination with some “treats” here and there is best!
-       Not putting so much effort into my appearance. When I gained weight, I literally refused to put on any clothes that are pretty or even a bit conspicuous because I hated the way I looked so much. There is nothing wrong with wearing baggy clothes or not putting on make-up, but I realized that even if I wear PRETTY baggy clothes and just put a bit of tinted moisturizer and lip cream on me, and not let my hair being a total mess, this changes my mood so much. I really have more respect for myself and want to treat me better. I feel like I take me more seriously (lol) with my end goal of feeling pretty in my own skin.
-       Getting a second portion right after I just ate. When I am done eating, I ALWAYS want more. I used to go to the kitchen right away and eat something again, and when it was time for dinner, there were not many calories left, which lead into a binge.. Nowadays, I tell myself that I CAN’T be starving if I just ate!!!!! (Keep in mind I don’t only eat 3 slices of cucumber and call it a meal or am really badly underweight). Do not give in and get a second portion or more to eat, just distract yourself and you will see you are not that hungry anymore.
-       A c*r*na-thing but, I love going to the gym and lift weight, therefore I am saying to myself that home-workouts really do nothing for my figure. But let me tell you: THEY DOOOO. If you train right, you will look way more toned if you train at home than if you don’t. In the beginning of last year I trained at home because I had a challenge with a friend, I believe me I looked sooo much better. I am my own proof that if I tell myself home workouts do nothing I am lying.
-       We know it all: All-or-nothing-mentality. I had to do 10k steps a day, or nothing at all, eat perfectly in my calorie-intake or binge, do a hardcore-supersweat workout or none, and that is just not sustainable!! I want to reach for “10k steps is my goal, but if I was too busy or feeling not that well, a little 15 min stroll will be fine!” When I first started with fitness and lifting weights, my only goal was to GO TO THE GYM 4x A WEEK. And I mean this like I said it. Okay.. and then training there of course. But it did not matter how good my workout was, how many reps I did, if the exercises were the best I could have chosen for this day, I just said to myself, if you get into the routine, the rest will follow and btw it happened just like this. Now I love lifting weights in the gym and really do not have to force me at all.
-       Not telling anyone my goals or lie about them. First of all, I was ashamed because I felt I would never again be skinny and because I had developed the habit of binging like a pig, but no one really knows lol about my ED, and even if so, I could have changed and reach all my goals. Speak confidently about your goals. Do not be annoyed if someone asks you a question about your nutrition, maybe they’re really just curious and even if they reply stupid answers, that is none of your business. I realized that if I lie to people, I believe the lies myself. Because I am so afraid to fail, I used to don’t tell anybody my goals, but this just means I do not believe in myself. And now I will start to believe in myself.
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diamonddeposits · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Hailing from Richmond, Virginia we have artist You’re Airplane debuting with a new track.  Let’s Sleeping Dogs Lie is rich in emotions ---- the intimately crafted melodies with a dark undercurrent and vocal tonal changes-this is bedroom punk raw and immense. 
 This is first track under their new avatar. Since we are inquisitive nosy parkers we would we would ask them a couple of questions about their new name and song! Enjoy below!
1) Hello! How are you doing and what are you up to right now?
I am doing mostly well, really I just showered after a big day of work. It was a pretty good day and I’m smoking a cigarette on my porch, could be better could we worse.
2) What was the inspiration behind this song?
Haha this is a good question. This is the first real song to be out for this new project, and I wanted to be a little more chaotic for this one. It was actually like, as far as some of the lyrics, kind of inspired by really bad dreams I was having,,, and I was able to write about that while also fitting in some other stuff that’s also about real life feelings, so it was funny for me to blend those and just kinda say whatever. And one of my best friends Jack, recorded the live drums for it and it fit just perfectly, and same with Colton’s bass part, he nailed that. Once they both sent me those, the song just made more sense, and they are both going to continue helping me create all of the you’re airplane songs as we move forward.
  3) What was your band name inspired by?
Well it’s mostly a reference to a lyric in Hellogoodbye’s song “Two Weeks in Hawaii” and one of my pals helped me spell it the way that it is typed out. That’s it really.  ASIDE---(Which is a dope bop btw!- DD) 4) What was the name of the first song you ever wrote? Did you get to perform it?
Oh, hmmm, well this is the first “you’re airplane” song and I have not and probably won’t perform it, but a lot of my first songs were just like some beats and ambient stuff. I didn’t ever actually “perform” those but I have played some of my earlier stuff in random dj sets, for parties we threw and little festivals and random shows. Those events were like really the closest to playing any of my Old Songs Live. I’ve done live ambient and solo sets for my last project too. But yea for the new stuff we aren’t really thinking about performing it, I’m just trying to write more. The other members of this project live in Brooklyn and Seattle, and I live in Virginia, and yea, it would be nice to play music with them specifically, but given the distance we have to write the songs with a different process.
5) Any sleeping tips for us?
No not really, I’m the wrong person to ask for that, sorry lol :)
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the-darkling · 6 days ago
wait you seriously want an Aleksander redemption arc?
I don’t really know what I want but I know we won’t get full dark!Alina so if I want an open-ended endgame for Darklina, yeah, some things would have to change. It’s like I said in that answer: I never expected redemption for book!Aleks and I thus never really expected Darklina endgame for that reason. Their ideals were too at odds. But the show version of him has differences that make me think he’s not (yet) entirely beyond help. Also I’m not sure if you’ve read ROW (spoilers!!!!!!) but he knowingly sacrifices himself for all of Ravka and I’ve seen die-hard antis say that book redeemed him so... it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Basically what I want is for his character to be treated with nuance and thoughtfulness and for him to get screen time. The tone of this ask is a little offputting lmao but, no, I enjoy him as a villain, so I’m not like a “redeem him or else!” stan. But I’ve always loved him as a character. Especially after reading Demon in the Wood (and even before that in glimpses of the trilogy) I saw and appreciated his humanity, so of course I’d want to see possibilities of him getting some crumb of happiness in his life and I don’t think that’s necessarily possible if he just goes full Disney villain and never looks back. Remember how someone on the show made Jessie and Ben watch the Fassbender Jane Eyre? That’s sort of what I’m envisioning here. Rochester wasn’t some amazing changed man and he suffered for what he did to Bertha. He was blinded in the film and the book and in the book he also lost a hand in the fire she started. But Jane, even knowing a life with St John doing mission work would be more virtuous, went back to Rochester and the burnt out remains of Thornfield to reunite with her dark and inexorable love. Because they just had that kind of bond. That’s more what I’m thinking here lol... idk if this makes any sense.
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redxblueihateloveyou · 6 days ago
now we know your opinions abt victuri, but what about the other pairing, otayuri?
their sequence was very cute, not gonna lie and you know I am indeed a huge fan of “I’m so good at approaching a cat” ships, but this was like ep 10 out of 12. 
like once again I can see good potential in some couples and get why ppl think they can be good together, but I can’t get mega invested in a couple bc of  a couple scenes, especially when I don’t know anything about one of the characters. just like as I see potential in some ships, but can easily drop if they don’t have any development at all.
it just always amazes me, I don’t know how some do it and what is the reasoning for this, but I’ve seen it a lot in many popular fandoms like bnha, haikyuu and free! too, when some pick some character that appeared like two times during the whole story or did basically nothing, but there are ppl who are like “fuuuuck he’s my absolute fave in bnha” and I’m like sitting there like “ah, and the pivotal point in this was the shot of his right pinky in ep 17 and his background shot in chapter 251 of the manga?”. lol well, I’m exagerating here, but you know what I mean.
like how I saw a comment under the new free! trailer that was “you have no idea how happy I am about the fact that I’d get to see kisumi again”..  like I like kisumi, but he’s not even a full on character there tbh, he’s mostly a comedic relief. but you see, as they say “there are a great many opinions in this world... (the end of this tho “and a good half of them are professed by people who have never been in trouble” lmao). like some are gonna watch the last chapter of free! for kisumi, to each their own.
like I’ve seen ppl making amvs about nash from knb and a chocolate commercial and I’m like “I wish I could get inspiration that easy”, bc I’m sitting here like with a giant list of things I want in a ship and characters that’d make me open sony vegas lol
some think the best ship is a ship you have almost no canonical material about. and yes, I know the song “in canon they have never met, but I don’t care, I ship it”, and I've seen ships whose some scenes I find cute and think “yeah, it could’ve been great if it was explored”, but I’ll just watch it and move on, that’s all. I do not get how you can get SOOOOOO invested into smth that doesn’t really exist with the characters who weren’t even explored. 
so with characters like otabek like from these 10 minutes he was in the anime and the tiny “madness” comic, you can only go so far in predicting what kind of person he is. so where ppl get this asdfghjhgfds this suddenly got me inspired to write a 100K fic about them, it’s truly fascinating to me. I just don’t think really it counts as a fic about THEM per se, it’s much closer to the yuri/original character. all that they gave you is a guy who wanted to be friends with yuri supposedly for the fact that he’s purposeful and inspiring which is great and amazing start for a good ship, totally get him, but then I don’t know him.
like once again in fanfiction you can do technically whatever you want, but it’s just funny to me like when ppl are writing fics about some characters who they don’t know nothing about, I’m like.. why not just write an original book and sell it instead, I mean, bc it’s basically your character already, for real. just change the name and make some money instead lolz. like some fanfiction is more of a just fiction really, bc there are some fics, you can really just change names and you won’t even get who it was supposed to be.
I do kinda have different type of ships: those I find cute, but sometimes tend to even forget about them after watching smth (so basically whatever, but I enjoyed it while watching tho), then ships I liked enough that they made me want to vid them; then if I want to do a manip vid about a ship, I like them a lot; if I vid them more than once, I’m probably in love with them xD And if it’s stuff like my harurin playlist that contains 15 vids and wangxian 13, that’s probably means I’m obsessed lmao. that’s all. 
so otayuri goes to the 1st category to me, I guess, I enjoyed their couple interactions, yes, it’s a good start for ship, yes, do they have enough stuff to make me care a lot? unfortunatly, no. they did for sure make this episode pleasant to watch tho for me, not gonna lie xD for a moment I was like “yeah, yeah, okay continue pls”, but then I was like “ah, I forgot, that its not about it and it’s like second to the last episode” lmao
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readbythestarlight · 7 days ago
I won’t spoil the movie for you but as someone who’s read the Southern Reach trilogy the film is not a faithful adaption of book Anihilation. If you treat the movie as ‘very loosely based on’ you’ll still enjoy it, for sure, but they made major changes. To be fair, VanderMeer’s books are really hard to translate into screenplays so that’s my personal take on the reason. You should still absolutely check it out though!
Oh that’s really good to know! I was honestly wondering how they even could really turn the book into a movie because yeah, it doesn’t lend itself to screenplay much at all. So that doesn’t really surprise me. I only even found the book because I came across the movie while looking for Oscar Isaac films (of course lol) and decided to read the book first. But now that I know for sure going in that it’s a loose adaption only I’m sure I’ll still be able to enjoy it! Thank you for the heads up on that! 💚
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danibby · 7 days ago
I would love to see cherry and joe for the tickling ask thing!!
1. on a scale of 1-10, how ticklish are they?
waaah omg cherry is a good 8 on the scale !! 
and joe is good 6 ;alsdkf he’s definitely less ticklish than cherry is hahaha
2. where is their most ticklish spot(s)?
oh god cherry’s so ticklish on his neck and his inner thighs a;lsdkf his inner thighs are especially bad and he cackles super loudly when it’s targeted a;lskdjf 
joe has really ticklish feet and ribs !! his back/shoulder blades are a good spot too ! 
3. which spots are they not ticklish?
cherry’s pretty ticklish in a lot of places but most spots it’s going to take more than a couple pokes to get him squirming/giggling ! 
it’s not that joe isn’t ticklish there but i feel like joe’s stomach isn’t too big of a hot spot y’know a;lksd he’s also like cherry where poking isn’t super effective on him !
4. what is their laugh like?
cherry’s laugh is super melodic and so goddamn nice to listen to ?! even his cackles are charming and i hatelove it 
joe has a really open belly laugh !!! the kind that makes you laugh too a;lsdkjf 
5. do they enjoy tickling? if yes, is it a fun platonic/familial thing, or kinky thing to them, or can it be both depending on the circumstance?
they’ve tried it in the bedroom a few times and well... considering it’s been a few times...
but they mainly enjoy it in a platonic way ! cherry isn’t like that fond of being tickled but only bc a;slkdfj he’s supposed to be this cool composed successful person don’t tickle him but after he gets tickled he’s definitely more playful and yes he will tickle people back asldkjf joe just loves tickling in general whether he’s giving or receiving ! and i think joe just encompasses big bro energy so he loves tickling the kids as much as he can a;lskdf 
6. are they more often a lee or ler, generally?
askldjf;alskdf i think both of them are more ler than lee !! especially when it comes to the younger ones they are definitely the tickle monsters ;alsdfj 
7. who is someone in their life that they tickle often?
they tickle each other so much lmao especially since they’ve known each other for years they just constantly tickle each other like “you just haven’t changed have you”
cherry tickles the other four a lot as well but most of the time he’s tickling little miya ;alksdj 
joe will literally tickle everyone and anyone in the group ! but most of the time it’s reki or langa because they’re dweebs 
8. who is someone in their life that they get tickled by often?
each other... again LOL the kids are more likely to tickle cherry tho since he’s more ticklish than joe lmaooooo and joe actually gets tickled by shadow since shadow can totally take him ! 
9. does the word “tickle” or any variation of embarrass them?
cherry only gets embarrassed about the word if it’s being used against him/has anything to do with his own sensitivity a;lskdf otherwise he’s totally fine with the word lol 
joe is completely indifferent and he actually likes teasing everyone else who gets flustered by the word and just whispering in their ear about how he’s going to tickle them if they don’t do what he’s telling them to do lmao 
10. are they embarrassed about their ticklishness, and do they try to deny/hide it?
CHERRY IS LMAO he’s especially embarrassed when it’s joe tickling him in front of the others bc joe has the most tea on him and can and will wreck his shit in front of them 
joe isn’t ! he doesn’t try to deny or hide it but he’s not announcing that he’s ticklish and since he’s tickling others so often it took a bit to realize that he’s also sensitive hahaha 
11. would gentle tickling or rough tickling affect them more?
i think they’re both more responsive to harder tickling ! since it does take a little bit to get them actually laughing so the super light tickling won’t cause much of a reaction 
however if cherry has no way to defend himself then light/gentle tickling would get him giggling way more than if he was able to just protect himself lmao 
12. is there a specific spot that they enjoy being tickled, either exclusively or more than other spots? what is it?
cherry loooooooves back tickles omg help like the super gentle tickles along his back helps him relax so much a;lsdkj f
and joe actually enjoys getting his feet tickled but only to a certain extent lol it’s one of his worst spots so anything past like gentle tracing that will get him giggling a bit he might not enjoy it as much ;alsdkfj 
13. is there a spot that they can’t stand to be tickled, either because it’s just too sensitive, or it’s uncomfortable/painful/etc? what is it?
cherry ;lakdfj you know that spot where your inner thigh meets your groin/hip the literal worst spot ??? god cherry hates that spot because it’s soooooo sensitive lmfao no one else besides joe knows this and joe knows that cherry cannot take it there so he only ever goes after it every once in a while 
joe doesn’t have one ! but if he’s tickled on his feet for long enough (like specifically his arches) then he does start getting a little desperate alsdkjf 
14. would they ever purposefully bug a friend/partner/sibling into tickling them, and if so, how would they go about it?
nooooooo a;lsdkjf neither of them do it on purpose LMAO they’re both more ler than lee so they’re not looking to be tickled too often however they will use any reason to tickle others 
they actually like doing that to each other because they both know the other is lers and they just like getting under each other’s skins like that lmfao 
15. does teasing affect them?
cherry hates it lmfaoooooo he gets so embarrassed and he’ll fight way harder to get away when you tease him ! 
joe is also a little affected by teasing but he hates it when cherry does it because cherry knows exactly what to say to make him embarrassed ;a;lskfjlasd 
send me a character !
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tojiswh0re · 7 days ago
hey! congrats on 100<3 can i get a male matchup with each 4 animes if that isn’t too much work aha.
so in a nutshell, i don’t like confrontation but i’m honestly really judgemental lmfao, if i don’t like u, u know cuz i won’t take any energy out to talk to u unless i need to and i’ll probably try and get away from u as soon as possible lolll. i’m stubborn, and i’m pretty crazy around my friends. i try my best to make my friends smile and they mean the world to me. i also think i can get annoyed really easily? people who think they’re better then other people are the worst types of people to me.
she/her, i have red curly hair that goes down to my mid back, i have quite a few freckles, and blue eyes. i’m about 5’4 with a leaner-athletic build ig.
my aesthetic changes a lot but i’d say i’m sweatpants, sneaking out at 3am, trying to learn how to shift to have an interesting life, a girl who’s personality is too big for a small town (does that make sense??) paint covered hands and clothes, sneaking into abandoned houses with my friends, cool artsy jewelry, fairies, flowers, butterflies, plants, and picnics. (chaotic ik)
my hobbies r reading, drawing, painting, appreciating art, and listening to music.
my fav subject in school is art (surprise)
i hope i wasn’t being too extra?? idk i’ve done matchups before and i know the more specific u are the better but ya thanks!!!!!
a/n hiya bae <3 it’s no hassle also you’re not being to extra more info helps me,, and thank you :) im only gonna do three instead so the quality of each one is better because it was taking me wayyy too long lol
Tumblr media
your haikyuu matchup is....
𝖍𝖆𝖏𝖎𝖒𝖊 𝖎𝖜𝖆𝖎𝖟𝖚𝖒𝖎
Tumblr media
i think iwa would love the fact that you’re so into art and he’d just learn to appreciate it with you. he’d also lowkey judge people as well ngl. he loves going on adventures with you in the middle of the night but is very careful that you guys don’t get in trouble or hurt. he also would enjoy just laying down with you and chilling out to music after a long night of adventures.
the date:
hajime would pick you up at the middle of the night in his dad’s car and text you that he’s there to whisk you away out of your small town. you sprint down (quietly) grabbing what you need and hope into the car. you guys would visit famous graffiti sights and stop at gas stations to grab snacks relax. he’d then take you to the city and you guys would go to any shops that dare to be open that late. i think the car would have a sun roof and he’d let you sit on the roof but would hold your leg to be safe :)
the song:
comfortable - h.e.r
Tumblr media
your mha matchup is....
𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖆 𝖘𝖊𝖗𝖔 
Tumblr media
sero would vibe with you so hard. like i could imagine you guys acting like som crazy people and messing around with his tape. or like the image of him trying to stcik you to the ceiling only for you to wriggle about and fall on top of him is what comes to mind lmao. he’d just love to do some crazy shit ngl sometimes borderline unsafe but he wouldn’t let you get hurt.
the date:
sero would would surprise you at your dorm with a ton of paint supplies and just waltz in and drop them on your floor. his face is adorned with a wide smirk because he thinks this is the best idea for a date ever. he proposes to follow a bob ross vid so that’s what you guys do! halfway through he gets bored and decides to cause some mischief, so he grabs his brush with whatever colour paint is already on and paints a stripe down your cheek. you look at him in disbelief and lunge to paint his face but he swivels quickly to pin you down and disarms you. he grabs that brush and paints another stripe then runs away as  quick as he can.
the song: 
summer - the carters
Tumblr media
your aot matchup is...
𝖏𝖊𝖆𝖓 𝖐𝖎𝖗𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖎𝖓
Tumblr media
jean is just so smitten <3 like you help him look at the positives because he’s gotten just so depressed. when he’s with you his whole mood is elevated and focuses on whatever you’re gonna do next. 
the date:
an art gallery! jean is a classy guy i’d like to believe. so he’d take you to some fancy art gallery that’s just opened. and it’s just absolutely stunning. he’d look down at you whilst you’re admiring some piece and would be genuinely happy in that moment. and just the way your grinning makes him want to grin. then he’d probably take you too a niche bakery so you can get some fancy cake and then to a supermarket to get wine glasses. then boom you can do the wine glass with cake trend on a little park bench :))
the song:
me and my husband - mitski
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Let’s talk Cassana because I’ve always thought she and Steffon are some of the only truly good asoiaf parents. Her 3 sons are all so different from each other. In canon or in an AU (I think we both enjoy AUs lol) what is something special you think she likes to do with each of her sons?
Ahhh, you know I love them!!! Mostly through AUs, I just found out that I absolutely love writing them!!! Steffon and Cassana are so GOOD, and in AUs, I always see them as people who are more casual than the others of that generation :D
I think to start she likes how different they are, how she gets different things from all of them (but I think she also hates that them being so different makes it hard for them to find common ground). I think she loves the quietness of Stannis - to have someone she can trust - and I think in an AU scenario - he cooks with her. He loves being in the kitchen just with her learning how to cook some family recipes - it’s something just with them.
Robert is the loud one as we all know. She loves that he honestly likes people, there’s not one person he won’t try to friend (or if it’s women flirt with). It was a nightmare when he was a child (in AU), because he just couldn’t understand that you can’t be talking to strangers. But the amount of people he knows means he gets invited to many places, to try restaurants or see plays, and he takes his mom often on those visits, and she’s so used to see her son make a room look at him. But maybe her favorite thing to see, but she would never mention - Robert (and Stannis) would probably hate to think people know - is when Robert notices Stannis is overwhelmed with people around him, at families gatherings or something, he always intervenes and changes the topic to him flawlessly
Renly is the baby of the family!!! She loves how he follows his siblings around, and he’s a good mix of both, he loves having people around, but he doesn’t just approach strangers at least. She likes how big Renly’s heart is and how easily he loves, that she looks at him and he knows he will never be unloved (like Robert has multiple friends, but only Ned is his person - Renly has more people he’s that close to). He also he’s the one who does the most small things for his mom without being asked - he just sends her fun memes and articles often :D
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skyeisawizard · 7 days ago
Baby Doll
Bucky takes his baby girl on a picnic and things take a turn
Daddy! Bucky x Little! Reader
Warnings: smut, fingering, forced urination, multiple orgasms, bad depiction of sub space, this is a DDLG fic so if that makes you uncomfortable dni
This is for a v special girl lol
Tumblr media
She slept holding a cow stuffy close to her chest, her head resting against her daddy. His arm was around her, keeping her close and safe even when he was in the unconsciousness of sleep. His baby girl. His baby doll.
Every morning Bucky woke her up with kisses. He made her breakfast and put on cartoons for her while he got ready for the day. Y/N stayed in front of the tv while she waited for him, dressed in one of his shirts. It was huge, falling down to her thighs. No panties required.
As soon as Bucky was ready he brought her up stairs and helped her get changed. He changed her into a pair of clean panties of her choice and then into a pretty skirt and top. Through it all she held onto her cow stuffy and had her head on Bucky’s shoulder. “Give daddy a kiss,” he’d whisper once her watermelon panties were pulled up.
Y/N pressed a kiss to his soft lips, letting Bucky take the lead. Each morning the kisses went from soft and sweet to demanding and needy. But she was always the needy one. Not that Bucky minded.
“What’re we doing today, Daddy?” She asked as he pulled away from her, a string of saliva connecting them.
Bucky grabbed her sparkly purple hairbrush and began brushing through her hair. He smiled a soft smile as he looked around the room.
Y/N had her own room, but most of her clothes and her stuffies had been moved into Bucky’s room. She slept there every night, cuddled into his side. While she watched cartoons Bucky arranged the stuffies on the bed for her. The one at the front was Wallace the whale, one of her favourites.
Yesterday Y/N had been looking out at the garden, her chin on her palm. When Bucky had asked what she was thinking about, she had expressed that she wanted a picnic. While she slept Bucky had gotten everything ready.
“Why don’t you go and get the picnic blanket out of the cupboard, baby doll?”
Her face was red as she squealed. She ran through the house, almost tripping as she barrelled towards the cupboard by the stairs. Bucky watched with a soft smile as Y/N pulled the checkered blanket from the cupboard.
He helped her slip a pair of boots onto her feet and a cardigan over her shoulders. “Do you need to pee?” He asked. “Because I won’t bring you back inside if you need one later.”
Y/N shook her head, a proud smile on her face. “No daddy, I don’t need one.” She was a big girl, in her big girl panties, she could control herself.
Their house was in the middle nowhere. Their land was huge, wide open fields for them to spend their summers in. Bucky held her hand as they walked towards the middle of the field, away from any prying eyes.
Bucky laid down the blanket and placed down the picnic basket. He pulled Y/N into his lap and sat down.
Pulling her pink cup out of the basket, Bucky passed it to her. Y/N held it with both hands as Bucky placed a straw in the top. “Drink all of it, baby girl,” he said, fully aware she hadn’t had a pee this morning.
Her hands were wrapped around the cup as she drank her water down to the dregs. Once the cup was empty, Bucky filled it again and got her to drink it all.
For a little while it was fine, they were enjoying their food and the peacefulness of the day. The sun warmed their skin and Bucky kept a tight hold of her, keeping her on his lap. He’d press soft kisses along her face and ran his fingers down her arms.
Until Y/N started squirming. She shuffled around on Bucky’s lap, her arms around her middle. “Baby doll,” he mumbled, his face concerned but his eyes alight. “Is everything okay.”
“Yeah, Daddy, I’m fine,” she answered quickly, her face scrunched up as she tried to stop squirming.
Bucky grabbed her cup and refilled it again. “It’s hot out here, doll. Have something more to drink,” he commanded, but Y/N shook her head.
“I’m alright, Daddy. Thank you, though.”
“It wasn’t an option, baby doll.”
Her legs bounced as she drank her water. Her eyes begged Bucky as both of her legs began moving, trying to hold herself together. Y/N clenched her legs together and placed her pink cup back in the picnic basket.
“Lay down, baby doll.”
Y/N slipped from Bucky’s lap and laid down on the blanket. Her left foot moved from side to side as Bucky loomed over her.
She clenched her legs so tightly, it would’ve been almost impossible for any other man to open her up. But Bucky was a super soldier with his metal arm, he knew just how to open his girl up.
Flipping up her skirt Bucky pried her legs open. Already she was leaking, a tiny dark patch forming on her panties. Bucky pulled her watermelon panties down her leg to take a look at what he was doing to her.
His metal thumb brushed over clit and Y/N jolted. “Look at you,” he taunted, repeatedly rubbing over her clit. “So pathetic. You can’t even hold your pee like a big girl.”
His flesh fingers rubbed through her folds. Her hips were squirming, wanting to feel him inside of her. She was leaking more and more, feeling like she was going to burst at any minute. Bucky placed his metal arm over her belly, and held her down, pressing into her bladder.
Y/N squeezed her eyes shut and arched her back off of the blanket. His hands returned to her clit, rubbing faster. “Big girls don’t pee themselves, do they? Maybe you shouldn’t have big girl panties because you’re still not a big girl, peeing yourself like this.”
A shock wave went through her as she tried to hold herself back. She tried to squeeze her legs shut, but Bucky kept her open and rubbed her clit faster and faster. “Daddy,” she gasped, her cheeks red as her body began to shake. “Daddy, ‘m gonna pee!”
His thumb lightly brushed over her clit one last time and that was all it took.
Like the flood gates had been opened, Y/N peed all over Bucky’s had. Warmth flooded her legs and the space by her ass, but Bucky kept going. As if that torture wasn’t bad enough.
She was pushing her past her limit. Bucky finally pushed his fingers past her folds and into her tight, warm cunt. In and out, in and out he went, ears soaking up the squelching sounds. Y/N’s legs shook as her brought them together, trapping Bucky’s hand inside of her. She was shaking her head, her words coming out babbled and strung together.
Her walls fluttered around his fingers as she came. Even then Bucky kept going, pushing her past her limits. Her mind was foggy, a mushy haze filled with one word, Daddy. He brushed against the spot that made her see stars and she came once again, her body going numb.
Bucky finally pulled out. He flipped her dress back down and kissed her clothed stomach. “You did so good, baby doll. What do you say?”
She mumbled something and made grabby hands towards him. Bucky lifted her up and kissed her some more. “What do you say, baby doll?”
“Thank you, Daddy,” she managed to say, her mind stil cloudy. She looked up at him with wide eyes and Bucky could tell she wasn’t all there. “Thank you, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy,” she said again and again.
Bucky kept her there for a few more minutes, humming as they watched birds fly over the fields.
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