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zeyzem · 17 minutes ago
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seagullsausage · 17 minutes ago
i don't know if you're going to go through with deleting, but just want to let you know that you're legitimately one of my favorite presence on here. i love seeing your art, writing, and videos (which i do greatly enjoy!), they brought me a lot of joy and inspiration for a while now. im not gonna lie i'd hate to see you disappear... idk if it's selfish to ask you if you intend to moving to another platform or new blog.
in any case, i hope whatever you do you're okay :')
hey ben!!! this is very nice, thank u. im glad i could have a good impact on ur life and i could be an inspiration and make u happy. thats all i ever really wanted to do. idk if ill actually delete or just stop with social media. im just rly sad rn and idk what i want. ill stop being overdramatic and sad someday, then i can decide whether i want to actually leave forever or not. 
if u guys want to keep in touch, im for sure gonna be active on my art blog, @sausageseagull ! 
i think im just not gonna be as active lately for now until i feel a little better. 
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thexwanderingxsouls · 19 minutes ago
@mirrcrxball asked:  i think you made your point, sweetheart. - danny @ cass?
“Good.” Cassidy breathed, sharp and short. She’d spent the better part of the last fifteen minutes explaining exactly how foolish it’d been to run into danger and put himself at risk. When she’d heard about what had happened and hadn’t been able to get in touch with Danny, Cass had been a wreck, pacing a hole into his living room carpet until he’d walked through the door. 
Now, her words were used her, her fear-fueled tirade burnt out. Her features faltering, she took a shaking breath and knotted her fingers into the fabric of his shirt, leaning her forehead against his chest as she murmured quietly, “I’m sorry. I just...when you didn’t answer your phone and no one else had heard from you...” Her head shook and she pulled back to look him over finally, “Are you okay, Danny?”
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worldend · 34 minutes ago
everything hurts this is a nightmare
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honee-pot · 58 minutes ago
secret bae 😍😍🙏
Melatonin gummies babes 😕
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hannie-dul-set · an hour ago
late update today HAHA let me finish my first exam ajhsbsna
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dilfhub · an hour ago
you should rest up !! and im good tired from work too BUT I GOT PAYED TODAY 😼😼😼 - miya fucker
YEAHH!!! MONEY!!!!!!
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au-clover · an hour ago
you know how everyone interrupted and constantly told nagito to shut up when he was talking and helping out? imagine how happy he would be if he had an s/o who didn't interrupt him and just listened :]
yes !! I'm KSHSJDJDJ <33 sorry for any typos ahh
this is more in general rather than during the trials but like, his lover listening attentively to every word he says? nodding their head or if they're sitting near him they can hold his hand just to let him know they can hear him. he would be really grateful since he tends to just ramble !! and if he apologizes but his lover reassures him? wow, they would get heart eyes from him because he would be so happy !!
or if his lover asks questions about the topic he's going on about because they want to learn more about his thoughts/what he's interested in? hmm his heart would go djhdjd because maybe others aren't willing to listen to him, but at least the person he cares and loves the most in the world is by his side to listen <3
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liamloveslarry · an hour ago
louis: i won’t leak the name of my new label but i will leak two songs i made 10 years ago
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fearless2005 · an hour ago
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torontoschampions · an hour ago
i shouldve just not said something cause alskdkf😳
i wonder if mourinho got sacked so quick bc of saying something about the s*perl*ague👀
ouch that sounds like it hurts😩 i hope there's an update soon. i'll be watching his fancam and manifesting good news🙏🏽
yes im a little nervous bc tampa bay will be tough but hopefully it'll at least be fun. pls sugar boo & co i believe in you
hahahha that’s what lots of people were saying but tbh idk but why I don’t believe it. Strange that they would sack him right before the league cup final tho idk what they’re doing lmao
yesss he has an MCL sprain apparently, no surgery, minimum 2 weeks out ... obv not ideal but better than if he had a tear/needed surgery !!! hopefully he’ll be back in time for playoffs and stuff 🤲🏽
hahaha I’m watching now, fingers crossed !! gonna be a good one
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legioncore · an hour ago
protecting fictional characters isn’t activism or protecting survivors.
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gothboyclicc · an hour ago
why do yall hate taylor swift so much lol what did she do that a bunch of other white women celebrities havent
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stanrizzo · an hour ago
i’m deciding that pretty odd and a fever you can’t sweat out actually aren’t patd albums. they’re ryan ross solo projects. idk who that other guy singing with him is but it’s not my business who he is or what he does
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scorpia · 2 hours ago
i kno like 3 days ago i was like no infinity train book 4 wasn’t really that gay but like. it was actually. just my 2 cents.
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