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imaginesokay · 9 hours ago
Your Heart is my Home
Reader x Karli Morgenthau
Tumblr media
“I wish it didn’t have to be like this.” Karli said, looking down at her girlfriend whose head was laying in her chest. 
“You're saving the world.” She responded with her eyes closed still. “A new age savior.”
“I’d be nothing if you didn’t support me.” She said honestly. Her hand began to rub up and down the girls back. 
“One day we will get to live this way all the time, not just in the morning.” She laughed, trying to snuggle closer to Karli. “
“That's one of the best parts. No matter where we are at night, we always wake up together in the morning.” During the day they rarely had time to see each other. Karli was building a revolution. Her counterpart was taking care of their peers in the sanctuary. 
“We will have a big house. With a dog and a garden.” 
“Wherever we go, your heart is my home.” Their room was starting to get lighter with the sun, a tell tale sign that their time was coming to an end. 
“You are going soft on me Morgenthau.” She leaned on her elbows. “Wherever we end up won't matter, because we will be in love.”
“It’s almost time to-” Simon paused as he entered the room. Instantly, Karli pulled the blanket to cover the girls bare shoulders. 
“I’ll be out soon.” She responded as he began to shut the door. “Our time is up.”
“Be safe.” She rolled over and sat up as her girlfriend stood and picked through her bags for clothes. “I will see you when you get back.” Karli hastily grabbed her jacket pecking her girlfriend on the lips.
“One world.” 
“One people.”
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robintora · 13 hours ago
You know what I just realized? (Maybe someone else has already said this) All the Bryce romantic interactions in yesterday’s chapter were determinant on if you romance him. If you don’t, you get sweet, non-boundary pushing scenes with your friend and his friend. It’s clear that PB could have done the same with That Other Guy™ they just chose not to. 😒😒
yep! my friend told me that bryce treats mc like a friend if he is not the one you chose to have feelings for.
but ofc in giraffe man's case, he will be shoved down everyone's throat regardless of what you think about him😒 we see you pixelberry.
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startrekkingaroundasgard · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Yes, Mistress: Natasha Romanoff x F!Reader
A series of related fics following the relationship of the reader and her new Domme, Mistress Natasha, as they explore her sexuality and submissiveness.
Series warnings: sub/Dom dynamics, sexual themes, kink negotiations, explicit f/f content
Join a taglist here!
Tumblr media
The Meeting -  The reader goes to a quiet café to meet Mistress Natasha in person for the first time and they talk through what she can expect from this new relationship.
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areyoumygoodgirl · a day ago
Dirty slow kissing with wandering hands sounds pretty good right about now
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gusurabbit · a day ago
some girl just told me "as a guy should you be writing/drawing lesbians?" and I swear....if thats the case please tell fujoshis (derogatory) to stop drawing gay men with the most disrespect they can muster up within their soulless, fetishizing bodies . Please tell 30 something straight 'fandom moms' to stop salivating everytime a male character looks at another male character. Its not about who is writing/drawing a member of the lgbtq+ community, but how they're representing the community. A gay man could brilliantly write a biopic about two wlws but a lesbian could potentially write the trashiest wlw novel because of her internalized lesbophobia.
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sushidoucheydudes · 2 days ago
Ah yes, the only three main characters I know how to write: empathetic crunchy stoner femmes, competent but traumatized butch insomniacs and hyper-repressed, unrepentant murderers.
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multimilfs · 2 days ago
Anges/Agatha Harkness x Fem!Reader: The Reigning Game (1/)
Summary: Agatha of House Harkness is the fear of every kingdom, including your own. When she came knocking, you fought valiantly, but not even you could beat her power. She'll fix it all... for a steep price.
A/N: I was inspired by the phrase "you marry the villain to save your kingdom" and this kind of took shape. I hope you all like it!
Tag List: @white--lillies @escapetodreamworld @multifandomfix @ghostsunderstoodmysoul @imtrashinflames
Warning(s): Blood Mention
Tumblr media
Smoke burned at your eyes, your arms shaking with the weight of your blades. Every breath could be the last. The wound on your leg throbbed, but no more than your heart. Bodies fell around you like pillars of ancient empires. You feel the itch of their blood on your conscience.
It’s her… it’s all her.
Through the sticky pools of darkness upon the stones, she came as if called. Her steps echoed in your chest. A thousand men you’d raised against her. A thousand men, in the sturdiest armor your blacksmith could forge, and none of it had been enough. She’d still won.
“What’s the matter, dearest? Are things not going your way?”
Her voice taunted your senses, feeling like a white-hot iron upon them. You finally raised your defeated eyes to her triumphant blues.
“Stop this.” You begged. Tears pricked at your eyes.
The corner of her mouth pulled up in a smirk and you could only wonder if it was worth it for her. All of the forms littering the ground painted your legacy red. It would never be worth it to you. You could never justify the losses, not like this. You were foolish to believe you had a chance.
“You know how to make it end.” She said.
Her finger traced the path of a single tear down your cheek. The touch of her dark, corrupted flesh another loss. Another stain upon your once pristine soul. She turned her palm upwards and offered it, waiting with a sense of pride. You gave her what she wanted. The new weight on your finger made you feel ill, but still you forced the words from your throat.
“I do.”
The oppressive warmth of her touch left your face and you closed your eyes against the change. You wanted to wipe your skin clean of any traces she left behind, erase any evidence that she’d been near.
“Good girl.” She purred. Even with your eyes closed, you could feel her smile taunting you.
A quiet snap! chimed in your ear seconds before you opened your eyes once more. You hoped the absence of her in your vision would clear your mind of her in the smallest of ways, calming you in the wake of her irritating smirk.
When you opened your eyes, the room was different. In the wake of your losses, a sea of dark clouds had covered your kingdom; a mixture of smog and the empathy of a higher power. Now it was replaced by the glimmering sunshine you knew. Furrowing your eyebrows, you turned to peer around the room, coming face-to-face with a crowd of people. They sat below, smiling up at you. You couldn’t understand why.
You blinked, they didn’t. Their smiles and apparent joy didn’t budge as the moments ticked by. A face in the front row, one you knew well, caused you to freeze.
“Monica…” You breathed, attempting to rush to her side. The catching of fabric on your feet made you stop short of her smiling, frozen face.
The room wasn’t the only piece that changed. Instead of your armor and protective gear, you were now clad in a white dress. Lace climbed up the fabric and encased your arms in a comfortable second skin. You picked and pulled at it, hoping it’s presence on your body would offer you answers.
“Do you like it?”
You whipped your head to the side, as if you’d forgotten she was there. She’d changed too. A black garment adorned her form, with tinges of purple crawling along her neckline.
“Agatha, what is this?” You asked with less bite than you’d hoped for.
“It’s our deal,” Agatha answered evenly, “You’ve said those two pretty words for me, now you say it for them.”
Metal from the deepest depths would have felt lighter than the ring on your finger. It glittered a sickening light back at you, serving as a reminder of the witch who’d created it. You reached to remove it, to throw it as far as you could manage, ridding yourself of everything connecting you to the infamous Agatha Harkness.
Duty kept it in place. You owed them all, owed them your life a thousand times over. Their faces now felt less comforting as you were reminded of their sacrifices. All of the blood spilt in your name and on your behalf. It twisted unpleasantly in your gut. Duty kept the ring in place, but guilt solidified its meaning.
“How have you done this?” You said, finally allowing yourself to look at her.
Her expression was carefully neutral. Something flickered in her eyes for a second, before it was lost among the other abandoned emotions. The lack of her smirk made you feel uneasy, but as soon as you noticed it was gone, her lips pulled up in a proud grin.
“You’re asking the wrong question.”
Some deep, pleading voice in your mind begged you not to open your mouth - not to give Agatha what she was craving. But despite your hatred for her, you held a deep curiosity in your bones. A curiosity that she could satiate.
“Why have you done this?”
Agatha had been described in dozens of books, in dozens of ways, from a succubus to a phantom. One detail remained true in every telling of her existence; the worthy fell to her whims just as easy as the unworthy. Being useful is the downfall of those in her path.
Her eyes took on a gleeful tinge and you remembered this detail with regret, “Because you have something I need.”
“And what do I have that you couldn’t get elsewhere?” You said through clenched teeth.
It was impossible for her smirk to get any wider on her face, but it almost occurred. Every reasonable bone in your body fought against your curiosity and told you to stop asking questions. As she approached you, you almost listened to them.
She opened her mouth, no doubt to regale you with her devious plans of destruction, before her face changed. There must have been something in your expression to stop her.
“You’ll learn that all in time. Now, chin up, dearest - it’s time to finish what you’ve started.” Agatha said, motioning to the crowd of still-frozen onlookers, and held out her hand for you to take.
It was almost instinct to take what had been offered, but you clamped down on it. You clenched your fists and glared at her, before pushing past and returning to the altar.
The set-up was beautiful and grand as any royal wedding would be. You hated that it would be wasted on her, on a marriage you didn’t want.
But a marriage you need.
She’d stolen much from you; your happiness, your future, and now the title of your wife. Any fairytale wedding you had dreamed of and hoped for in the desire of true love wouldn’t see the light of day. You’d bury it down in your mind now, for the sake of your kingdom. She would steal nothing else.
Agatha joined you and cast a glance over you, before raising her hand. Another snap! rang out, the show was on. The vows passed in a blur of jumbled words. Your heart raced, pounding so violently you worried it would give out. This would be real if you didn’t stop it, but you couldn’t. Everything relied on this moment.
You couldn’t see how the future would go and that scared you more than anything. Agatha was a notorious wildcard, doing whatever it took to achieve her goals. The goals you didn’t know. You had no idea what she wanted, how she’d go about it, or how to protect yourself.
She said she needed you, but to what extent? Would she marry you to claim the title of Queen and then eliminate you completely? Or would this be a long, drawn out process… Would you wait in fear for months, possibly years, until she finally revealed her intentions. If Agatha didn’t kill you, you guessed the paranoia would.
So caught up in your thoughts, you nearly missed the final words of the minister.
“With the exchange of rings, you may now seal the union.” He instructed calmly.
Agatha looked far too fond of the situation for you to get any enjoyment. She took your chin between her fingers and pulled your lips to hers. They moved passionately against yours and you resisted the urge to push her away, only the knowledge of those watching forced you to kiss back.
Just as quickly as the embrace began, it ended, and you were glad. If it had gone any longer, you weren’t sure you could maintain the act.
“It is my pleasure to announce the official union of Her Royal Majesty Queen Y/N and Her Royal Highness Agatha of House Harkness. Long may they reign!” The minister announced.
“Long may they reign!” Everyone repeated in unison.
You forced a smile, looking at everyone but the woman beside you. Her eyes were focused out on the crowd as well and you felt relieved to have her attention elsewhere. The happy faces looking up into your own made your heart pang, but you reminded yourself that this was all for them. You had done this for the kingdom.
“Long may we reign.” Agatha purred in your ear, her breath hot against your skin.
Resisting the shiver traveling up your spine, you refused to look at her. You didn’t want to give her any sense of satisfaction. Your mind began to spin, searching for any solution to this problem. Any way to get you away from Agatha without compromising your kingdom.
There was only one solution; Agatha had to die.
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paulawand · 2 days ago
Let' go fly a kite! Part 3
Mary Poppins x reader
Description: You are a friend of the young Banks. The day you meet mary poppins your life will change for good. If the life of a 10-year-old may change.
Warning: smut, it's not pedophile story. Reader is 10 on the beginning but after '***', reader is 30 years old
Words ~ 1900
Tag list: @sassicaismysupreme @winters-witch-bitch
If you want be added to the tag list, let me know about this.
Masterlist / Part 1 / Part 2
Tumblr media
'Are you leaving?'
It is impossible. She has only been working for the Banks for a few days and is already leaving? You can't raise children in such a short time.
You spent some of the most wonderful moments with her. Adventure in the paint, visiting Uncle of Mary Poppins and dancing on the roof? You could give these memories back for the next one with her (be not doing such an exchange for the rest of your life).
You really didn't understand her, how could she do that? How can she hurt you like that? Can't she see what she's doing with you? In fact, maybe it's better that she can't see, because what would she think about you then? Not cool stuff, you don't want to let that happen, that's why you also tried not to cry in front of her. She can't see your tears. You wouldn't forgive yourself if you do that.
'I'll tell you in secret, princess. I never explain anything. '
And in the next second you saw her fly away to her land, you didn't know where it was, but you hoped to see her again someday.
'I won't forget, Mary Poppins. Promise. '
You woke up in the middle of the night from a beautiful dream. Many months have passed since you last dreamed of a mysterious woman. You sighed and get up to sit at your desk.
You opened one of your notebooks and went to work. You poured images out of your head with incredible accuracy. However, those years spent learning to draw were not wasted. You smiled as Mary Poppins smiled at you in the picture as you captured your last meeting with her.
When you were done, you left your notebook open and picked up the folder with your childhood drawings. You found the correct one and pinned it next to the new version. They are almost 20 years apart, but there is one thing that does not change. A sparkle in Mary Poppins eyes, the mystery hidden in them is always there. After so many years, you are not sure if it was there or if you just added it.
You went to the bathroom to freshen up before trying to go to sleep. You stopped by the window for a moment to look at the night world. You still lived on Cherry Street, although you had the opportunity to move many times. Your parents landed almost on the other side of the country, but you were still waiting for her. It wasn't the only argument to stay here, you always liked the place and your childhood friendships stayed as fresh as your first day meeting.
You opened the door to your room holding a glass of water which unfortunately ended up smashed on the floor. The figure sitting at the desk looked at you and shook its head.
"Clumsy as always." said Mary Poppins, going back to looking at your drawings. "I'll never understand how artists can be so clumsy."
You stared at her, stunned, you couldn't believe she was really here. It must have been a dream, but it looked so real, you could still feel the drops running down between your breasts. You looked at your clothes and cursed in your mind. This is not how you imagined your next meeting.
You grabbed your robe and put it on quickly. It was short, but most importantly, it concealed your thin clothes.
"Er, hey Mary Poppins." she looks at you again. "Are ... are you really here or is it just in my head?"
Mary Poppins smiled at you and rose to her feet. She was wearing a blue summer dress that ended just below the knee. You found yourself focusing on her beautiful legs. You didn't even notice when she appeared next to you. You felt her finger under your chin as she looked up at you, her beautiful eyes hiding that mysterious glow. You felt like a little child again, mesmerized by her magic.
"Of course it is happening inside your head, Princess, but why on earth should that mean it is not real??"
With every word she spoke, her lips were closer to yours. Your gaze traveled between her irises and full lips. Oh, how much you wish she would kiss you. You wanted to know the taste of her mouth at last, she must have tasted rum, after all, it's her favorite flavor. And cherries, you don't know why, but ...
Her lips on yours interrupted your thoughts. It surprised you, so you didn't kiss back immediately. Only the hands on your hips woke you up. You closed your eyes and started to move in this strange rhythm. You felt Mary Poppins smile, and she gripped your hips tighter, pulling you against her, and you groaned at it. This allowed the woman to deepen the kiss. It tasted so much better than it did in your head. Her lips were warm and inviting, and her tongue was wet and dominant.
You didn't know what to do with your hands, so you put your arm around her neck, careful not to damage her intricate hairstyle. You felt her back into bed with you, simultaneously turning you so that you had a comfortable piece of furniture behind your back.
You landed on the bed perfectly in the middle, even though it was impossible. All the while Mary Poppins did not take her lips away from you, and then moved to your neck. You wanted to touch her too, but you didn't dare. So you wanted to grab the headrest with your hands, but the woman held them.
'Why don't we get your clothes off first?' She smiled at you. 'It will be more convenient to do this now.'
Her words made you blush. You felt like a child again for a moment, though that quickly changed as Mary Poppins rose slightly, sitting on your thighs to remove your robe. After a moment of spinning, it was lying on the floor.
You were lying in front of her in only your nightgown, reaching the middle of your thighs. It was the most comfortable sleeping garment, and judging by the way Mary Poppins' eyes darkened as she looked at you, she must have liked the shirt.
She put her hands on your thighs where the fabric ends and began to slide them upwards, pulling her off you inch by inch. You got goose bumps when her thumbs were very close to the most sensitive spot for a second. She squeezed lightly against your stomach, which made you flinch. Her hands sliding over your breasts made you arch up, pushing them more into hers.
'Patience dearest, clothes first.' Simultaneously with her words you felt a light blow on your thigh. How did she do it with her hands still on her breasts?
You didn't have time to think about it because you had to get up so Mary Poppins could take off your nightgown. You immediately grabbed the headrest with your hands and waited for further developments.
'So beautiful' runs her finger from your chin, through the valley between your breasts, to the line of your hips. "So willing." She bent down and took one of your nipples in her mouth. You groaned and pushed your chest towards her again, causing her to release it from her mouth with a slight bite. 'And so desperate that you don't even have any underwear on. Tell me' she bent down next to your ear again and bit it. 'If I put my hand between your legs' you stop yourself from got up again, which was noticed by Mary Poppins. 'Good girl' she kissed you on the cheek. 'Will you be wet for me?' You swallowed loudly and moistened your lips.
"Yes, Mary Poppins." you sighed and closed your eyes. "Please, Mary Poppins." you said quieter.
"What are you asking me, sweetest?" you felt her smile, placing kisses on your chest and then on your stomach, but never getting close to where you need her most.
"Ugh Mary Poppins." you were whining now.
'Stop this, dear. I'm nice, but strict at the same time, so be careful how you behave. ' She lay back and rested her head on your thigh. "You are so wet that I smell you, princess, from there." she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, you didn't take your eyes off her for a second. 'So' she looked into your eyes. "What are you asking me for?"
"Mary Poppins, I ... Please ..." you swallowed and closed your eyes. "Please touch me."
'See? It wasn't that hard, was it?' You finally felt her tongue when she ran it from the very entrance to the top. 'You taste great. And you are so patient with me. My good girl. '
You groaned loudly as sh clung to your lips. You felt her everywhere, and you understood that with such a power of sensation it would be difficult to undress you. You gripped the headrest so tightly that your knuckles turned all white. You wanted to bow again, but Mary Poppins' strong arm prevented you from that by hugging your waist.
Growled as her tongue entered you. Warm and irritating, it caressed any part of the body she could reach. You were angry on her now that she has such a perfect haircut that you can't braid your hand into her pretty curls. You felt her hand tighten on your thigh and lightly dug her nails into your body. Almost as if she can hear your thoughts.
You were already very close to the coming, but no matter how wonderful you felt, it was a little too little. That's when you felt something wet on your nipple. You opened your eyes and all you saw was Mary Poppins' gaze focused on you. Something bit your chest and released it with a loud pop. You felt no fear, only wonder and heightened delight as your breasts gained the attention of an invisible force.
You were watching Mary Poppins, so you noticed when she quickly glanced at the mirror hanging on the wall. You looked there and realized what was happening. Jane had once said that she saw Mary Poppins' reflection move apart from the real woman. In the mirror you couldn't see the reflection of Mary Poppins between your legs, there was empty space, but the reflection was kneeling next to you and pressing one hand against your breast and sucking on your nipple at the same time.
It was a great feeling, a threesome with one person. Yesterday you would have laughed at someone who thought it was possible. Today you was coming in the lips of Mary Poppins when the impossible becomes possible.
You took a deep breath and opened your eyes. You were in your shirt again. You were lying covered with a duvet and the light was off. The robe was hanging in place, and you were completely relaxed. Another strange dream for your collection, you would normally write it down in your journal, but you didn't have the strength to do it. You will do it tomorrow when you will be shocked to see the drawing on your desk that you drew in your dream. Because it was a dream, right?
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chokemepansy · 2 days ago
a proper girl
♡ pairing: daphne greengrass x gryffindor!muggleborn!reader
♡ summary: the greengrasses give you a chance, but end up deciding that daphne can no longer see you.
♡ warnings: swearing, angst, break-up, controlling parents
Tumblr media
their slytherin daughter dating a gryffindor.
oh, merlin.
their pureblood daughter dating a muggleborn.
oh, merlin.
their proper daughter dating a scoundrel.
oh, merlin.
the greengrasses already had you on thin ice, but they gave you a chance. invite you to dinner, see if you’re worth dropping the ideals. long story short: you weren’t. you were so unworthy of it, in fact, that they made a decision. you were no longer to see daphne greengrass and gulping down sobs, daphne was on her way to tell you.
she stood for several moments that became minutes before finally working up the nerve to knock on your door. three knocks like she always did. “daph!” you kissed her and she pulled away, leaving you frowning. “is something wrong?” daphne wiped her eyes, leading you to realise she was now crying and she sniffed.
“we can’t see each other anymore.”
like it was nothing more than glass, your heart dropped and it shattered. “what?” you breathed out of shock, not because you hadn’t heard her. “my parents, they’re... they’re old-fashioned, y/n,” daphne did her best to explain without letting her voice crack. “they want me to be with someone more proper.”
“and you’re just accepting that?” you were hurt, hurt that she wasn’t fighting for you. “i don’t have a cushy muggle family, y/n,” daphne groaned, roughly wiping away more tears. “i’m a pureblood and it’s time i start acting like it. please don’t make this harder than it already is.”
“is it difficult?” you swallowed a lump in your throat. “or are you relieved you can finally dump your mudblood girlfriend?” you didn’t mean your words, but you needed to say something ─ you didn’t like to feel powerless. “it’s not like that, love, you just... you need to learn to shut up and look pretty if you want to get anywhere.”
“is that really what you do when your parents try to control your life, daphne? you just sit back and shut up as long as you look nice?” trying to understand, you did, but you just couldn’t do this any longer. “i’m sorry, but we’re not all push-overs.” daphne was left on the other side of your closed door. something roared in her to open that door and tell you she loved you, to say fuck you to her parents ─ something that she was sure you inspired.
the confidence was lost on the way up, however, and she stopped centimeters away from the doorknob. daphne sighed, hand retreating. it would only be constant pain on your end from here on out if she didn’t leave you, so she walked down the hall, silently returning to the doomed life of being a greengrass.
one where she’d be forced to keep quiet.
one where she’d never feel free, only controlled.
one where she’d have to live without you.
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chokemepansy · 2 days ago
you can’t claim a human
♡ pairing: jade west x fem!reader
♡ summary: cat introduces you to her friends and jade makes it clear that she likes you.
♡ requested: yes | no
♡ a/n: a swear and rex being lowkey creepy
Tumblr media
when cat took you to meet her friends, you’d assumed they’d be just as sweet as she was. not that they were assholes or anything, ─ in fact, they were really nice ─ but they were different than she was.
take robbie, for example. the kid carried around a puppet and was nowhere near as popular or bubbly as her. tori was your typical pretty, nice girl, but on the normal end of the spectrum. beck and his hair looked like they’d checked out of life a long time ago, andre was flirting up a girl like there was no tomorrow, and, of course, the previously mentioned puppet who had ‘said’ as if you weren’t there, “who’s the hot friend?”
oh, and “rex” didn’t like to be called a puppet.
the one most different from cat was the dark-haired beauty that was about to sit down in what you could assume was her usual spot before seeing you and crossing her arms. you were probably staring because god, she was stunning. “who are you?” she asked, glint of mischief in her irises contradicting her friendly tone. “this is my friend, y/n!” cat introduced you excitedly, beating you to a response. “y/n, this is my friend, jade. she’s kind of scary, but she probably won’t hurt you.”
“i like scary.” you hummed simply with a smile, locking eyes with the girl and wishing she’d sat down next to you. the longer you spent together, the more you seemed to fit in with cat’s friend group, but the person who was capturing your attention the most was jade. barely speaking, she appeared to just be observing you and thinking. eventually, she broke her silence and surprised everyone, “i’m claiming y/n.”
claiming? “uh, jade,” tori started, just as confused as her surrounding friends and you. “you can’t. . .” she searched for words before sighing and asking carefully, “what are you even claiming her as?”
“my new best friend,” jade said smoothly, winking at you from across the table. “and girlfriend.” almost everyone’s eyes went wide, except for the puppet rex, due to physical inability to do so. it opened its mouth, “it’s a trap, l/n, jade isn’t friends with anyone!”
all at once, the friends you’d just made began to clamor. “you can’t claim a human, jade,” beck tried to explain, but jade wasn’t having it. “i thought i was your best friend,” cat pouted. “i know! the three of us can all be close! do you want to have a sleepover?” robbie interjected, “is there a reason i was never claimed?” jade made a face of disgust. “just one reason?”
“everyone shut up!” andre raised his voice over everyone else’s and they all quieted. “why don’t we just ask y/n?” eyes shifted to you and you fought the urge to just start laughing. . . they were weird. a good weird. though you did appreciate that at least someone seemed to realise it was your decision.
gazing into jade’s deep blue eyes, your lips curled up into a smile and you answered, “when’s our first date?” jade looked somehow even cockier and she stood, situating herself next to you, smirking at her friends. they all were evidently puzzled by what had just happened, but she snaked a hand around your waist and the conversation started back up again like normal ─ after she announced to them all with pride,
“told you i can claim a human.”
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rain and flowers
this idea has been done before, i know
but how have i not noticed it before
the way you move
you glide across mountains of clouds
weightless, like you’re hardly there
almost as if to caress the wall ever so softly
as you float past
an angel in disguise
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pretendingday · 3 days ago
if you have ever read or written fanfiction i’d be super grateful if you answered this quick survey about it! it’s for a uni project, and completely anonymous! reblogs are very much appreciated, too!! thank you! ♥
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reluctantgainer · 3 days ago
thanks for being on giantffa’s mind recently. us wlw are reaping the benefits 😂
This is so cute! Being an insatiable flirt has never been so rewarding 😘
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sapphic-scribble · 4 days ago
A is a dangerous assassin, raised as a child to be a deadly weapon, B is an innocent peasant girl who finds A wounded in the woods and decides to help her, hiding her in her home, unaware of the dangerous enemies still searching for her.
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dreamywlws · 4 days ago
7 in the morning
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x female reader (Future! Wanda Maximoff x female reader?)
Word count: 3.3k
Warnings: Angst?, good softness, grief, is soft! Nat a warning?. 
Translations:  дорогой / dorogoy - Darling ? I hope this is right 😭 (I just used Google translations) малыш/malysh - baby, моя любовь/moya lyubov' - my love.
Also side note: the reader (you) in this au has powers, you have the ability to see visions and dreams of the future that are coming true. I think its called Precognition. And you also have this talent or gift where you can relive your past memories, almost vividly see your past loved ones right in front of you. Kind of like time traveling back to the past if that makes sense. This will be important side note for this fic xD
A/N: I’m sorry but also I don’t regret nothing. Should I write a series to this? it sounds like it could be a future series in the works... Let me know. Also this is my first actual attempt at a Natasha one shot fics so I hope its good. I miss her :( And enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
You hummed along to the song that was playing from your phone in the kitchen compound. The team was still fast asleep, well except for Sam, Bucky, and Steve they were all up chasing each other around like children and seeing how fast one another can win or who can beat who at the finish line. 
This morning you woke up craving pancakes, it’s been a while since you’ve had them. And well made them in general since you’ve gotten used to Tony buying his way through everything like buying a chef to cook for the team so they didn’t have to do it. 
But this morning you wanted to cook for yourself. So you let the kitchen staff go and you were already halfway through making your favorite pancakes your mother used to teach you how to make growing up. 
The pancakes were the comfort from your childhood. They reminded you of the best days spent watching your mother cooking away and flipping pancakes in the pan. As she would sing and have a happy, content smile on her face that made you smile as you watched her sometimes dance around in the morning and even on her bad days she would always be there to have your breakfast ready. 
“Breakfast is the most important part of the day, Y/n. Everyone needs their tummy full so they can be energized and ready for the day ahead.” 
That was something she used to tell you. It’s nice with your special ability, you can almost vividly see her right in front of you. Telling you what and what not to do with making the best pancakes. 
And most importantly, what you can put on them. 
Or “decorate them” she would say. 
“Look! I put a smiley face on yours! To remind you to always smile.” 
You were caught off from your daydream when Natasha’s smile was all you could see now, she was standing in her PJ shorts and your band shirt. You grinned, watching her sit upon a counter while she watches you cook. Her nails were painted red from when the other night you had a fun girl's night sleepover with Wanda too. And the three of you painted each other nails while attempting to do each other makeup (Wanda kind of failed at that at first which is okay since she wasn't the best at makeup but Natasha was surprisingly good at it) and you three ended up watching classic horror films and Wanda wasn't too happy with that but you all had a good time together.
It was nice not being avengers for once and just enjoying each other's company in your own time.
Making special memories for you to look back on and smile.
“You don’t wanna help me? These pancakes don’t come from nothing nat” you joked, and the redhead playfully rolled her eyes and hopped off the counter. 
“You just want me to help you cook, дорогой” she grinned at you, her beautiful smile making your heart flutter. 
“But don’t worry, maybe I want to help out,” Natasha said. 
You gasped, placing your hand on your chest to pretend shocked. 
“Is my darling girlfriend offering to help me cook pancakes? I don’t think I’ve met this Natasha before” you teased the redhead who frowned at you. 
“Too bad, I’m here now move,” Natasha said, teasing you by nudging her hips towards your side to push you gently but you smacked her on the arm in a playful manner. 
“Ouch!” she pouted, rubbing her arm and you sighed. 
Natasha just laughed at you, leaning into your body as you gave her a warning look. She didn’t care for your warning as she moved behind you and wrapped her arms around you, snuggling her head into your back and you smiled enjoying the feeling of being wrapped in the arms of your lover and hearing her content breathing, sometimes she would squeeze tighter to let you know she was still behind you because you would get lost in your thoughts. 
But you always knew Natasha was there. 
You always knew. 
“You look really cute in my sweater малыш, ” She murmurs, and you feel your cheeks heat up. 
“It’s actually mine now, not yours” you replied, grinning. 
“Is that so?” 
“Yup!” you said, popping the p. “Sorry, not sorry but that’s what happens in relationships. Sharing is caring,” you said, chuckling. 
You squealed when Natasha squeezed tighter and lifted you up, you were still holding the pan in your hand and you started to shout for Nat to put you down or the mixture was going to get everywhere. 
“Nat, I'm serious!” you said, squealing again when the redhead rudely started placing kisses down your neck and she took that opportunity to squeeze your breasts. 
“God I love your tits” she whispered, but you heard it very well.  
“Natalia Alianovna Romanova! Put me down now!” you shouted, struggling to move against her hold. 
“Using full names now are we?” Natasha said, raising an eyebrow at you. “Should I be afraid now моя любовь?” 
“Yes, you should. Be very afraid” you warned her, raising your spatula at her. 
Instead, Natasha leaned in and used her finger to stop some of the mixtures from dripping to the floor and placed it in her mouth with a hum. 
“Seriously Natasha?” 
“I think it needs more sugar, maybe some chocolate chips too mhm?” she said, smiling at you and you groaned. 
“I’m using my mother’s special recipe!” you whined when you felt her wrap her arms around you again. 
“Your mothers?” she asks and you nod. 
“She used to make pancakes a lot, wanna help me finish making them and try not to make a mess?” you say and she grins at you with mischief in her eyes and you raise your spatula again which makes her laugh. 
“Come on, let’s make some for the team too,” she says, grabbing another spatula as you watch her grab another bowl to put more pancake mixture in, and your smile watching her. 
“Дорогой, keep your eyes on the food or flies will get in your mouth and you will burn our breakfast,” she said, winking at you and you felt your cheeks burn. 
damn her and her effect on you.  
Cooking with Natasha was a disaster. She always told you to stay focused but she was always teasing you and making you laugh and lose concentration. You even somehow got most of the pancake mixture on the floor and ended up having a food fight with her when you got irritated with her childish behavior. 
Natasha sat on the floor, laughing as she watched you try and get some pancake mix out of your hair and you scrunch your nose at her. 
“Nat shut up, you have shit in your hair too,” you said, pointing your finger at the redhead who just kept on laughing uncontrollably. 
“I haven’t laughed this hard in so long!” she wheezed, clutching at her stomach, and just seeing you in such a mess with an upset frown makes her laugh harder. 
“Nat you ruined breakfast! My mother wouldn't have been pleased with you” you said, mumbling curse words and Natasha pouted and crawled towards you and wrapped her legs around your waist and you stared up face to face with a pouty assassin. 
“I think she will be very happy that her child has found someone who can make her smile this much even when I’ve ruined breakfast,” she said, bringing both of her hands up to cup your cheeks. 
“You’re an idiot” you grumbled, and she giggled and boop at your nose. 
“Yeah but you love me,” she said, leaning in close to press her lips against yours. 
But sadly before you could enjoy the kiss you were about to have, the team started to walk into the room. 
“Damn, did an earthquake happen or is it just Natasha and Y/n two love birds sitting in a pile of pancake mix on the kitchen floor?” Tony said, quirking his brow at you both with his arms crossed over his chest. 
“Shut up Tony.” 
“No, I’m serious. I’m gonna call someone else, wait someone take a picture of this moment! Seeing Natasha all soft is a rare thing to see and something I wanna embarrass her about in the future!” he shouted, “JARVIS did you get that?!.” 
“Yes, I did Mr. Stark.” 
“Yes!” Tony cheered. 
“What is going on here?” Thor asked, walking in late and looking confused as always. 
“Oh my god” Natasha mumbled, a blush forming on her cheeks and you giggled at her. 
“Is Natasha getting embarrassed that her team is seeing her like this?” you teased the redhead, who glared at you playfully. 
"It's perfect payback for messing up breakfast," you say, grabbing the pancake mixture bowl from the countertop and placing it between your legs as you dipped your finger into it and placed it into your mouth with a pleasant moan. 
"You know JARVIS has a picture of you as well right? Since I'm with you…" Natasha told you, and your eyes widened. 
"JARVIS delete that picture right now!" You said, trying to stand back up but Natasha's hands grabbed you by the legs as you were now dragging her and she wouldn't let go. 
"Wait, don't pull away… not yet" Natasha's voice went quiet, and you looked back down at her and her eyes softened and she pouted at you with pleading eyes. 
You sighed, you couldn't resist this woman. 
"You really have me wrapped around your finger, don't you?" You said with a smile as you say back down onto the floor now in her lap as she played with your hair. 
"I'm beginning to think you like that," she said, smiling at you and her smile reached her beautiful green eyes that you can't stop staring into and admiring them the way they shine when the morning sun hits her face through the kitchen Windows. 
Your hand caresses her cheek, you really couldn't stop smiling at what is now yours in front of you. 
"Yes. I very much do. You have me forever Nat."
"I like that."
"Good. Because I'm never leaving your side."
"Neither am I, дорогой. I'll always be with you until the end of time."
And she truly meant that. You never knew how much those simple words would impact you until this day. 
You gasped, your eyes widened as you woke up yet from another nightmare of Natasha's death. Seeing her fall from your hand grip was all you could see now. 
The sadness in her eyes, somehow they looked hopeful for you. She wasn't scared to die. She looked death in the eye over and over again if she could. And she would never show her fear. 
But you knew she was scared. Scared at the thought of seeing you alone without her, knowing that you would join the last battle not with her by your side like she has every other battle and mission. 
And even in that moment, a soul for a soul, she would never let you sacrifice yourself because you would know how much pain and suffering that would be for her. 
That it would slowly kill her every day. 
Breaking her once-broken heart she didn't think she could love until the day she met you when Steve recruited you to join the avengers when Nick Fury saw the potential you had even though at the time you were young and frightened by everything and everyone around you cause you didn't wanna risk hurting anyone with your strange ability. 
Natasha was the only one who made you feel at home. 
And now she is gone. 
It's been two years without her. 
How could you go on? 
Only being able to see her through your ability to live out through past memories again and again only to wake up with that same nightmare that wasn't even a nightmare it was all real. 
Why couldn't you have saved her instead?
She deserved so so much more than what she got in the end. 
The worst part of it all is that you saw her death coming from a mile away. 
You thought it was just a nightmare, and sometimes before Thanos came and destroyed everything you saw flashes and imagines of the future. And you saw your future wife, dying and jumping off a cliff and you heard your scream of agony watching her. 
You would wake up back then, during those night terrors and shaking in sweat and Natasha would be there to comfort you. She would never ask about the nightmare, knowing she experienced nightmares as well. But yours were different and she wouldn't understand if you told her you knew how she was going to die. 
It broke your fucking heart. 
Waking up knowing you could have stopped her death. 
Was this punishment for having a gift like this? 
Did the universe hate you that fucking much?
At first. You thought this gift was cool. Because you saw things other people couldn't see. Sure, others might have thought that was weird and strange and that was valid of them to feel that way about you. But sometimes you felt powerful knowing the type of power you had, the visions you got, that came to you in the middle of the night, that felt like listening being struck and you knew what was coming next for you or someone else or a freak accident or even visions of a tsunami and storms in other places you sadly couldn't go and help. 
Then you remembered the cost of this gift, of having a gift, is that you can't save everyone. You can't change the past, you can't stop what is to come, maybe you can try, but it's best not to. It's like the butterfly effect. If you play with it too much it will be dangerous, just like playing with fire, you will get burnt. 
And that's what your love was like with Natasha's. You did have dreams of how things could have turned out, but they all ended badly and some ended… somewhat better than the other choices. 
But now you have people like Wanda and Dr. Strange who are now supporting you and helping you to control and manage this gift for the better of what humanity has left off. 
Even though he knows the pain you are in from what this gift has caused you. Like how you couldn't save your mother from her death even if you warned her. 
A knock at your door startles you, you see Wanda standing there in just her shirt and pants. She must have sensed or known that you were having a nightmare again since your thoughts were so loud for the witch and she did live right next door to check on you every day to make sure you were still alive. 
"Hey," she said, her voice was soft and comforting as she bit down on her lip.
A thing she did when she was anxious, you have noticed. 
"Hey. Sorry did my screaming wake you up?" You asked, smiling sympathetically and she shook her head. 
"No. But your thoughts did. I just wanted to bring you some tea" the brunette said, holding some tea in her hands that you didn't even notice before. 
"Dr. Strange wants to see us both today, for your training," she tells you and you nod grabbing the tea she gave you as she sits crossed-legged on your bed.
"Thanks," you said, smiling at her genuinely this time and she nodded. 
"Anytime. We are friends, you know? I'm always here for you--"
Your hands were shaking, which caused you to spill the drink and hot liquid fell onto your lap and you hissed. 
"Shit. Fuck I'm sorry" you laughed, gritting your teeth at the pain and Wanda raised her hand and red whisps danced around them, her eyes glowing red, and you were always in awe with her magic as she helped clean it up and your cup was full again with fresh warm tea. 
"Cool. Was that new?" You asked and nodded.
"A new trick I learned," she said proudly, her accent thick and coming though strongly, she giggled and you grinned at her. 
"Awesome" you complimented her and saw her cheeks turned crimson red. 
The two of you then sat in silence. It wasn't any of those awkward silences, it was more of a comforting silence. Between two close friends, Wanda had her hands clasped together in her lap and she looked around your room with curiosity in her eyes and you liked how interested she seemed about your simple room with lots of memories it held. 
Mostly of you and Natasha…
Wanda was the first to break the silence before it got too much. 
"You know… I am no stranger to losing someone you love the most. Pietro, my twin brother, who you never knew. Was killed and it broke me. I wondered after I lost him if I could ever live with myself ever again if I could ever face another day, see the sunlight again, feel it on my skin, see the beautiful stars in the night sky again, or smell and taste delicious new food. Or meet new wonderful people" Wanda said, not staring at you but you were looking at her as she spoke again and you felt that familiar feeling of the ache in your heart. "He died young. I was angry at his death, angry at myself because I knew I had the power at the time to stop his death. He died saving me, and died saving someone else from losing their loved ones, he knew the cost he was risking, he knew that it would break my heart. That I would feel his death as well, but even after all that I could sometimes still hear his voice. Or feel him standing next to me and hearing one of his funny jokes" she said, laughing fondly and finally looking into your eyes and grabbing your hand. 
"Natasha isn't gone. She is still by your side, and she hates to see you suffer. And I know you know that deep down, I didn't know her very well but the love you two had was unlike anything I've ever seen before" Wanda smiled at you, a tear streaming down her cheek as she didn't even realize she was crying. "We don't lose the people we love, their love will always and forever be with us in here," she said, pointing at her heart. "And the memories of them too are in here," she said, pointing her finger at her head and you were now crying when you felt your cheeks all wet.
She envelops you in for a hug, wrapping you in her arms as you cry into her chest. Letting it all out, you haven’t felt the comfort that a hug could provide you in so long, it feels so nice, she hums a familiar song, you've heard it somewhere before but she sings it in her sokovian language. It sounds beautiful, peaceful, everything you need right now. 
"Our gifts don't punish us, they make us stronger. And we have something others don't that can help them too" Wanda said, gently rubbing your back to soothe you. 
"Come on now. I want to take you somewhere" she says, after some time you stop crying and wipe your tears away and grab onto her hand as she helps you get out of bed. 
Knowing that you haven't gotten good sunshine in ages. 
"Where are you taking me?" You asked the brunette and all she does is turn back and smile at you. 
"Pack your bags. I have something exciting to show you, I'm sure Strange will be fine with us going for a day or two. We're going to New Jersey to a wonderful small town that I wanted to show you and Natasha. But since she isn't well, here. You are, and that's all that matters. Now come on, let's begin a new life for each other" she said, smiling at you and for the first time in weeks you felt… good.
You felt content. 
And you trusted Wanda with your life now. 
And she trusts you too. 
Hand in hand, something new awaits you both. 
"Are you ready?" She asks you and you nod. 
"Yes. For once I am ready."
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