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#without y’all I would be no where near where I am today <3
thepiecesofcait · 12 days ago
Hello! just wanted to say, I got my link to the PDF of your Miserable Month and it looks fantastic! I'm so glad I got the preorder, there are definitely illos I missed and they are all so wonderful! Thanks for making them available this way!
Thank you! I have been hoarding this ask for weeks because it brings me such joy to read - this little zine project has consumed so much of my life these past few months, and there’s definitely been moments I’ve wanted to walk away from it completely, BUT! I DIDN’T! And I am so so so proud of how everything has turned out!
Also - as of today all of the preorders are officially on their way! (Technically they have been for a fortnight, but I called in some help with posting to take the edge off of shipping rates between Australia and the US, and that leg of the shipping took a hot minute)
Everyone that ordered a copy should have received an email through Etsy with their tracking number by now, and they should be arriving within the next week or so! I am so excited for people to finally be getting their copies, and I am so so thankful for everyone that supported this project!
Once all the zines arrive at their new homes I’ll be listing my leftover copies on my Etsy store, so if anyone wanted one but missed out on the preorder window keep an eye out for that :)
Tumblr media
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deangirl93 · 26 days ago
Love On The 26th Floor - Chapter 3
Pairing: CEO!Dean Smith x Female!Personal Assistant!Reader
Other characters: Cas, Heather Miller (OFC), Y/N’s dad (OMC)
Word count: 3,688
Part summary: Y/N can’t get away from Heather’s radar, but some reassurance from Dean that he has her back in the situation has her recalling the event of the previous night. Later, with an assignment due date looming, and an unexpected phone call from her dad, she finds her stress relief leading to more complicated feelings.
Warnings: Swearing, Office rivalry, Hints at reader’s problematic past, Female masturbation, Sexual fantasies/dreams: Dirty talk, Unprotected sex, Light choking.
A/N: I loved reading all your comments on the last chapter; it makes me so happy to see you guys loving this story so far! I honestly can’t wait for y’all to see where it’s going! ;) As always, happy reading and enjoy! :)
Series beta’d by @deanwanddamons​, divider by @winchest09​, and gif credit to my twin @downanddirtydean​! Thank you my loves! <3
Love On The 26th Floor Masterlist
Tumblr media
To say that Y/N hadn’t stopped thinking of Dean before reaching the office the next morning was an understatement.
He had been on her mind all night, causing her to toss and turn and ruin her sleep, having no way to keep him out of her thoughts, and no way to properly relieve the ache between her legs as her hand hadn’t been enough. She needed to remember to pick up batteries for her vibrator, or just buy a rechargeable one. The more she tried to forget his face and hope that he’d be so busy today she didn’t have to see him, the more his gorgeous green orbs, strong jaw and sinful lips would appear in her mind. He was the most beautiful man she had ever had the privilege of being in the same vicinity with, and after the way he looked at her last night, the way his hand felt in hers, she knew it was going to become increasingly difficult to not think about him as anything other than her boss. That was the worst part about crushing on him; he was her employer, and she couldn’t do a damn thing about how she was starting to feel.
She could possibly ruin everything if she gave into her desires. She needed this job, and she just had to keep telling herself that.
As she worked on some final touches of Mr. Smith’s big presentation that he was presenting on Monday, Y/N rolled her eyes as she heard Heather’s voice along with someone else’s, both of them walking down from the elevators. She looked up as they walked into the reception area, her eyes landing on the man with her. He had dark hair and blue eyes, dressed in a black suit, white shirt and a tie that matched the colour of his eyes. From descriptions she had heard from others, she knew it had to be Castiel Novak, the Chief Financial Officer of Smith. Quickly rolling her chair back and standing up, she smoothed down her emerald green dress and walked over to him with a polite smile.
“Morning Mr. Novak. Is there anything I can do for you?” she asked, as she offered him her hand.
He smiled as he took hers, shaking it firmly. “Is Dean with anyone right now?”
“No, sir. He’s free,” she stated, the smile still intact.
“Great,” Cas said, a small nod. “Nice to finally meet you, by the way.”
“Thank you, sir. You too.” She walked over to her desk and picked up the phone, trying to reach Dean’s office. He appeared to be engaged, so she put the phone down. “He’s on the other line, but I’ll just check if he’s free to see you.”
Cas followed behind her, a glaring scowl on Heather’s face as she walked behind him.
“We’ve been friends for years, so he’s used to me just dropping in without warning,” Cas joked with a small chuckle.
She chuckled slightly, knowing full well to laugh even if it wasn’t that funny. She had a feeling he didn’t joke every often, despite his kind demeanour. Reaching Dean’s office, she knocked lightly, poking her head in. Just as he hung up the phone, he looked up at her.
“Mr. Smith, Mr. Novak’s here to see you,” she informed him, opening the door and stepping in as Cas came in behind her.
“Cas,” Dean said, with something very slightly resembling a smile on his face. “What do you need?”
“I wanted to talk about the projected budget of the hospital for Monday’s meeting. Just a few things to iron out. I would’ve called but you always cooperate better when I just show up,” Cas replied, a small smirk on his face.
“Fine.” Dean rolled his eyes, giving a firm nod as he stepped out from behind his desk. “Oh, by the way… Cas, this is my assistant, Y/N.”
Dean looked over at her, his eyes quickly flitting over her, admiring her attire and the way it accentuated her figure as subtly as he could manage.
“Yes, we’ve already made our introductions,” Cas stated, turning and smiling at her.
“Can I get you anything, sir? Coffee, water?” she asked, politely.
Y/N didn’t miss the subtle eye roll from Heather as she stood off to the side, but didn’t want to bring attention to the fact that she had seen it.
“No, I’m perfectly fine, Y/N. Thank you,” Mr. Novak said, with a firm shake of his head.
“Mr. Smith?” She turned to her boss, waiting for an answer.
“No, Y/N. That’ll be all for now,” he replied, his voice slightly gruff.
She nodded and smiled slightly, hurrying out the door without a glance at the blonde woman.
She returned to her desk, wanting to concentrate on her work rather than have to be anywhere near Heather. For whatever reason, she had it out for her, and Y/N really had no idea why. She cringed when she heard heels coming down from Dean’s office, knowing she shouldn’t have even thought about Heather in that moment, having manifested her. She carried a small collection of papers and walked over, dropping them on her desk.
“We need some more copies of these for Monday’s presentation,” she said, glaring down at Y/N, who looked down at the papers and saw they were the numbers for the budget, which meant having them copied was something Cas would’ve told Heather to do, not Mr. Smith relaying a message to her.
“Heather, I’m sorry but I’m really busy right now. The copier’s right around the corner so you can use it, that’s not a problem,” she explained, gesturing to the corner.
“You know that I’ve been here longer than you have, so you have to do what I say, don’t you?” Heather asked, a smug expression on her face.
Y/N scoffed as she shook her head. She had been dealing with people that thought they could do what they wanted for most of her life, and she wasn’t about to let Heather treat her the way she was. Standing up, she turned to face the blonde, holding her gaze without being intimidated.
“It may be true that you’ve been here longer, but I’m the assistant to the CEO. That means I take precedence. I only have to do what Mr. Smith asks me to do, even if it’s for Mr. Novak or Mr. Wesson, or anyone else,” Y/N explained calmly, with a confident smile of her own. “And I’m guessing Mr. Novak asked you to do this, not me. Am I right?”
Heather’s death glare couldn’t get any deeper, but Y/N stood her ground.
“Heather,” they heard Cas say, both of them turning around. He had no doubt heard what Y/N had just said, because he did not look happy at all. “Shall we?”
With one last glance at Y/N, Heather picked up the papers and followed behind him as they went back down to the 25th floor.
Sighing heavily, Y/N looked down at her watch to see that it was time for one of the two breaks she was entitled to during  the day. Walking to the kitchen, she changed the filter in the coffee machine and scooped ground coffee into the new one, adding water and starting the machine. The receptionist for their floor had changed the brand and Y/N was thankful she didn’t have to keep going down to 15th to get some. Once it was done, she poured some into two mugs, one for herself and one for Dean. She walked out of the room, putting her mug down at her desk before continuing down to Dean’s office. She knocked and let herself in, knowing she wasn’t going to be interrupting anything. She hoped to drop his coffee off to him and go back to her desk, taking the fifteen minutes she had to do a little work on her essay for class. She saw him writing something down, papers scattered all over his desk, a deep look of concentration on his face.
“Here you go, sir. Black, just how you like it,” she said, putting down the mug.
“Thanks, Y/N,” he mumbled, not looking up from his work.
She frowned, having half the mind of spilling the dark liquid all over the desk and getting his attention. He was like a different person the night before, being more open that she had ever seen him so far, but he was right back to his usual, closed-off, cold demeanour. Just as she was about to turn and walk out, he called out her name again, no doubt asking her for something else.
“I just wanna say… don’t listen to anything Heather says, okay?” he said, looking up from his work. “I saw the way she was looking at you in here… just ignore her. She’ll get over it.”
She nodded, a small smile on her face. “Okay.”
“Are you…” he cleared his throat, his face showing a slight awkwardness. “Are you okay? After last night?”
“I am,” she said, softly. “Thank you again.”
He shook his head, his eyes looking at her with genuine concern despite his straight face.
“No need to thank me.”
She nodded again and turned, taking her leave quickly so that he didn’t see her sigh of relief to not be in the room with him anymore. There was only so much time she could look directly at him without feeling faint.
Tumblr media
The rest of the day ticked by slowly. Y/N continued to work on replying to emails, organizing any meetings Dean had to be at, making sure there was a proper seating plan for the presentation on Monday, and taking care of any normal administrative tasks that came up. In between all of this, she had been working on her essay, which she was extremely nervous about. She knew that the weekend was going to be spent working on it, rather than going out with her friends like they would want her to. Out of all of them, she was the one still studying and trying to find a way into her chosen field, the others all working their dream jobs already. Having to do everything on her own meant she had a late start to her career, but it was something she was just going to have to live with.
She looked at her watch and saw that it was 5pm, a sigh of relief leaving her as she realized she would get to go home soon, just after Dean left. However, as time passed and it went from 5 to 5.10, from 5.10 to 5.20 and he still hadn’t left his office, she wondered if something was wrong. She got up from her chair, leaving her purse and coat on her desk and walking down to the office. She knocked, waiting for an answer. She heard a rough “yeah” and opened the door, shocked to see him standing behind his desk, his hands leaning on the edge. He had discarded his suit jacket to the back of his chair, his crisp light blue pin-striped, button shirt highlighting his physique, the sleeves rolled up and showing his toned forearms. That’s not what she needed today.
“Thought you would’ve left,” he mumbled, frowning at her.
“No, I was worried that when you didn’t come out that something was wrong,” she said, walking a little further into the room.
He groaned slightly, shaking his head. “Must’ve forgot to tell you I’m working late.”
“Oh, okay,” she muttered, a quick nod to his desk before she looked at him. “Anything I can help with?”
He looked at her, his face pensive as he thought something over in his mind. “Actually, that’d be great.”
She slowly walked over to the desk, waiting for him to say something.
“I uh…” he trailed off, looking unsure of how to ask her for help. He was usually confident, commanding and knew what to ask of people, but considering there was a lot riding on this presentation on Monday, he was suddenly nervous about it. “Would you mind looking over this script? I made a few changes and I just need a second set of eyes on it.”
“Of course,” she replied, smiling softly.
Walking around the desk, Y/N avoided Dean’s gaze as she looked ahead at the computer. He pulled the chair back for her and moved aside, letting her move past him. She gasped as her shoulder brushed his chest, but she covered it up by clearing her throat. Sitting down in his chair, she rolled over to the desk, looking at the monitor. She could feel his eyes on her as she read over the words, but she tried to concentrate and not think about how her shoulder was blazing from where he had touched her.
Suddenly, flashing images of him and her, writhing against one another, touching and feeling each other, moved across her vision. She blinked rapidly, pushing away her crazy fantasies as she pressed her thighs together under the desk. She had to get out there quickly, lest she jump his bones then and there.
As she read, she typed a few things in and rearranged some sentences, and after a moment, she turned to him when she was satisfied.
“Done,” she announced, standing up. “I moved a few things around so it would flow better.”
Raising his eyebrows, he nodded slowly. “Thanks. I guess that English degree did come in handy here.”
At first, she thought maybe he was judging her somehow, but when he offered a small smile, she returned it.
“I guess,” she mumbled, stepping away from the desk. “Do you need anything else, sir?”
“No, I’m good. Thanks, Y/N. Seriously.” He leaned against the desk, crossing his arms over his chest, the white shirt pulling across his muscles.
She breathed in, trying not to stare. “You’re welcome.”
“It’s weird, um… I’m not good with public speaking,” he admitted, shaking his head. “Sam is better at it than I am. I always tell him if he wasn’t in legal, he could do this job better than me.”
She had a feeling he had never said that to anyone before. She shook her head, knowing that there was a reason he had been so successful, despite not being good with speeches. “I’m sure there’s plenty that Sam wouldn’t be able to do better than you, sir.”
He closed his eyes, most likely looking like he was thinking, but he was actually resisting the urge to pull her towards him. The way she called him ‘sir’ drove him crazy, and he only wished there was a way he could act on it.
“If that’s all, I should get going,” she said, breaking the silence that fell between them.
He nodded, looking at her. “See you Monday. Bright and early.”
“Of course,” she agreed with a firm nod.
Exiting his office without looking back at him, she stopped by her desk and picked up her belongings, quickly walking towards the elevators. As she rode the bus home, the same flashes she had back at the office crossed her mind, again. She walked home from the bus stop, and stopped at the convenience store to buy the batteries she needed.
Maybe if she got it out of her system, her crazy fantasies would eventually disappear.
Tumblr media
Y/N typed furiously on her laptop, glancing at her notes every now and then as she worked on her essay. She had been working all weekend to finish, and she hoped that she would be done soon, but she was beginning to fear that she wouldn’t. Her phone buzzed obnoxiously, but she didn’t bother to check it, knowing it was probably Annie texting her to come out with them for drinks. It was Saturday evening, and she had an idea on how to celebrate finishing her assignment by herself, planning on ordering Chinese food and opening a bottle of wine.
As she worked, her cell continued to buzz extensively, alerting her that someone was calling. Not wanting to be rude and not pick up, she pressed the green button without looking at the screen, knowing that she had to shut Annie down from trying to convince her to leave the apartment.
“Annie, please. I can’t leave, okay?” she said, as she pressed the phone to her ear.
“Uh… not Annie,” a male voice said.
A shiver ran down her spine as she recognized it instantly. She felt instant, white hot rage start to flood her body.
“Don’t call me again,” she snapped, attempting to hang up but he stopped her.
“Sweetie, please listen to me,” he insisted, his voice shaky and panicky.
“What, Dad?” She got up from the couch, putting her laptop down. “What did you call for this time? Money for alcohol? A bet gone wrong? What?”
She walked into the kitchen, taking out a wine glass from the top cabinet and the bottle, getting started early. She handled her liquor better than her father, but she would need it if she was going to deal with him at that moment.
“No, I just want to talk to you, okay?” he asked, his voice sounding urgent.
“Well, I don’t want to talk to you,” she muttered, angrily. “And stop getting mom to do your dirty work by leaving me voice messages and texting me.”
“Y/N-” he said her name, but she didn’t want to hear anymore, cutting him off by ending the call.
She put the glass to her lips and took a large gulp, cringing as it washed down the already bitter taste in her mouth from speaking to him. He had sufficiently ruined her mood. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to concentrate now, as she looked at the couch where her laptop was sitting. She quickly walked over, saving her work and shutting her computer down. It would just have to wait to be finished tomorrow, before it was due later that night. Taking another sip of wine, she glanced at the clock, seeing there was still a bit of time before she could order food.
Putting the glass down on the coffee table, she walked into her bedroom to her bedside drawers. Opening the bottom drawer, she took out her vibrator and removed it from the satin protector. By the time she had eaten and cleaned up the previous night, she was exhausted and had gone straight to bed. Now that she needed to relieve the stress her body was suddenly under, she was glad she bought the batteries yesterday. Putting them in, she laid back on her bed, slipping her loose shorts down and off her body. She turned it onto the lowest setting, holding it to her covered mound and closing her legs. She gasped, her eyes shutting tightly as the vibrations let her drift off into her fantasies.
Y/N leaned back on the desk, looking up at Dean as he stood in front of her, his white shirt open. Her hand roamed down his body, but he grasped it tightly in his, pushing it flat on the surface of the desk.
“Don’t move,” he whispered against her lips. “Spread your legs.”
She opened her legs, her skirt gathered up around her hips, as he moved his hand between her thighs to her sex, pulling her thong to the side. He ran his fingers over her folds, groaning as he felt her arousal.
“So wet,” he said, smirking. “Is this all for me, Y/N?”
She nodded, slowly, looking into his eyes. “Yes, sir.”
She moaned, feeling the wetness between her thighs start to soak her panties. She hooked her finger into them, pulling them down as she shifted, eventually getting them down her legs to kick them off to the bedroom floor. She placed the vibrator over her clit, moving it in circles over the swollen nub, a loud moan escaping her.
Dean pushed into her, his hips undulating as he drove his cock deep inside of her. The desk shook behind them as he pulled her hips towards his, his grip tight and bruising. She threw her head back, her hands shaking against the desk as she tried to keep them flat.
“God, your pussy takes my cock so well, baby girl,” he groaned, nipping at her neck roughly. “Feels so good around me.”
She moaned wantonly, not caring about whether someone would walk into his office and see them.
“You love my cock inside you, don’t you, sweetheart?” he asked, lifting his head. He took his left hand off her hip, wrapping it around her neck and pulling her towards him, making her look into his eyes.
“Yes, I love it,” she gasped.
“Yeah, you do.” He smirked at her, looking deep into her eyes. “You’re a little slut for my cock, aren’t you?”
“Y-Yeah,” she stuttered.
He pressed down harder on her throat, a harsh gasp leaving her lips as she saw a wicked glint in his eyes.
“Yes, what?” he growled, glaring at her.
“Yes, sir.”
She wrapped her own hand around her neck, pressing down to imitate the pressure she felt in her fantasy, her eyes closed to imagine that it was real, that the burning in her throat was real, that Dean was real. She moved the vibrator faster against her clit, alternating between that and sliding it over her folds. She felt her core muscles tighten, and before she knew it, she yelped as she came hard, her juices slicking her folds and the inside of her thighs.
As she caught her breath, she stared up at the ceiling, the images playing over and over in her mind. She knew she wouldn’t be the first person to have these thoughts about their boss, and she knew she wouldn’t be the first to think she couldn’t do anything about it.
None of that had made it any easier. In fact, after what had just occurred, things had definitely become more complicated.
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thenotetoselfpod-hq · a month ago
“The answer is yes if you were wondering if y’all were spoiled. Whew, Chile. Don’t ask me for NOTHIN’ else.” Zion chuckled sweetly as she dramatically cleared her throat. “Lets get into it. Welcome back to another episode of the Note to Self podcast where we talk all things self care of the body, spirit, mind, work ethic, sprinkled in with a whole lot of motivation to carry us into a new day. I am your host Zion Taylor and with me in my makeshift studio is my lil baby who listens to all of my problems, my boss friend THEEEEE Brilliant O’neal.” Zion air claps as she smiles over at Brilliant. “How are you on this lovely day, mama?”
“Hey, hey, hey! I’m so excited to speak to the note to self listeners all over, it’s been fun listening in and making my own input here and there but wheww being here feels so rewarding.” She said warmly before playfully exhaling. “I’m doing good, managing like I usually do but good nonetheless. How are you?! What jewels do you plan on dropping for the people today?”
“I’m probably doin’ a little less good than you since you’re managing but girl .. I cannot complain at all. So thankful to have you here for this episode and to just catch up. We’ll get into the tea of it all a little later. We start every episode with a brief recap and I wanted to thank everyone, again, for all of the love. I hope you all were inspired to really keep killing shit in the industry that you’re in and watch the doors open up for you. Last weeks top listeners were the beauty that is known as @royalnike who spoke about her Black Owned Mechanic business and the short term goals that she has for herself in that business. Of course you, Mrs. Brilli Dis, founder and owner of The Glamour Parlor, and the beautiful @syxrai, who I’m obsessed with on IG by the way, but who also is a film producer ALL shared your short term goals which inspired me tremendously. If you missed out on that go give it a listen and drop your own goals in the comment section.
Music is the only thing that gets me through my week sometimes. This week is on you because Channing is still pressed about Good Days so that shit rings in my head every day because of her.” Zion laughed, “What have you been listening to this week? Any new music you wanna share? Put us on.
Brilliant cracked up in laughter at the mention of Channing. “That baby got taste, because that’s my jam! But this week I’ve been on my Gangsta Brilli, I’ve been playing A Gangsta’s Pain by MoneyBagg on repeat. I think his track with Jhené is the perfect vibe, so if y’all need something to vibe to, with a nice little glass of wine, One of Dem Nights, but the whole album bops.”
“Okaaaay. Now see I haven’t always been a MoneyBaggYo fan up until his songs started getting airtime on the radio. I’ma definitely have to give that a listen once Channing is done boppin’ to her fave.
And that brings us right into the TEA for the day. I’ve known Brilliant for several years now and I feel like I’ve only known her as this amazing business women, wife and mother. We both know how crazy it can be going from Hashtag Living Single to Mommy Duties real quick once you’re married and have wifely duties, etc. How long did you know your Husband before you two decided to make it official AND tie the knot? Was marrying young something that you were open to or did it not matter? What’s that young love story you can’t wait to share with your kids?” Zion smiled as she looked over at Brilliant.
“So I always tell people that me and my husband’s love story is literally crazy, and I don’t think it could’ve happened any other way. Because were short on time, for the real how we met tea, watch our YouTube video! But..I think we dated for about a year before I got pregnant and just because of the type of man he is and how in love we were, and how happy we were when our son Justice was born, we got married when he was about 3 months. I honestly didn’t see myself marrying that young or having children..and my life did a whole 180. I just thought damn I’ll probably hate it here but when you have that person to make those defining moments was a breeze and I found myself being happier with my little family than when I ran the streets. I don’t think marrying young is for everyone but when you make the right the moments you’ll create..priceless. Still a hot girl though, don’t get that twisted.” She said with a playful laugh.
“EXACTLYYY. I have to remind Lex all the time when he sees me playing dress up in my boots and coochie cutters that mama BEEN a stallion, okay?! Hot Girl Summer me, please!” She laughed, “No but seriously the feeeeels. I’m obsessed with the love you two have for each other. It’s infectious. But I’m sure it hasn’t always been cupcakes and rainbows, right. Y’all, shit gets real after the wedding and the vows and even after that honeymoon phase. I know for me and Carmelo, I’m more of the opinionated one and I really had to learn to step down and let my man LEAD our home. We were pregnant before the wedding ... liiike ya girl had her dress taken OUT 4 times before I was satisfied with how my hips looked in it.” She chuckled, “You said something so special, when you have that person to make memories with you will DEFINITELY not want to live a single day without them and expanding that love into children only makes it better. Melo was trying to get me pregnant BEFORE he proposed to me and I wasn’t having it because at the time I was dealing with fertility issues and having a baby seemed damn near impossible. I always say that he spoke the life of our son, Lexington, into existence because I didn’t think that I could physically carry.” She stated, smiling again at the thought.
“I remember you alls last video where you announced the pregnancy of my other child, Jewel” She chuckled, “Um, what was the experience like for you? Having to go through all that you did for the blessing that is currently your literal shadow. She looks like her Daddy but has your everything else. What was that like?”
“That’s your child for sure.” She said with a laugh. “It was actually on the difficult side, she’s my rainbow baby. I suffered a miscarriage and some issues with fertility so I actually got pregnant with Jewel through IVF. I adore her, it’s scary having a mini version of myself. Someone who’s with all my hair, makeup and nail antics because my son Justice is not with it at all! He won’t even let me take his picture half the time.” She laughed momentarily. “I know it’s the same way with you and my baby Channing”
“I can imagine it being extremely difficult. When God’s mind is made up we can only pray that He’s included us in His plans and when he made Channing? He definitely had me in mind.” She laughed. “I still don’t know how we got so lucky but I don’t question anything. She’s obsessed with all of my clothes and hair and everything in between.”
“The last thing I wanted to talk to you about is what’s been going on in the media with Porsha, Falynn, and the Husband who I don’t even know his name yet. So Porsha Williams brought onto the Real Housewives of Atlanta show her friend Falynn a few years ago. Maybe like two seasons ago. This is someone who was also featured on this last season of the RHOA show that was filmed in 2020. Apparently the two are no longer friends and Porsha is now ENGAGED to Falynns’ Husband because they haven’t even gotten a divorce yet. I wan’t to know your thoughts on the whole situation. What type of friendship dynamic do you think they had for Porsha to be comfortable MARRYING this man?”
“Engaged. To. A. Former. Friend’s. Husband.” She said slowly before letting out a low sigh. “Now, the first mistake she made was being engaged or dating a man who is still married. I don’t care what the circumstances are, he is legally married! It is literally code and decency not to date or marry after your friends. If y’all are friends or have ever called each other friends, that’s just unacceptable. I would beat the breaks off anyone I called a friend for going after my husband if we ever were to divorce. That’s just grimy and I don’t think Falynn is mad enough. I do know though, one of my followers who is a hair stylist said how she married one of her old client’s ex husband and child’s father. Do you think that’s acceptable? Say I did a woman’s hair for years and nothing besides that and I went on to date her ex?”
“Absolutely not. Unacceptable and I’m the type of crazy that belongs in jail so you already know how that’s gone gooo. It’ll forever be up until they give me life.” Zion laughed and shook her head, “Period. Porsha is most definitey a fucked up individual but I would LOVE to hear y’alls thoughts on the matter so leave alll comments in the comment section below.” 
“Thank you all so much for listening to me and Brilliant catch up. Brilliant please tell my listeners where they can follow you and how they can support The Glamour Parlour. Alsooo, when’s the next brunch or giveaway?”
“It has been sooo fun talking with you! I’m glad I got the opportunity to talk with to boss friend Zion! I get this question a often.” She let out a low laugh. “All I’ll say is to stay tuned, we’ll be turning up soon and the giveaways won’t stop!”
“Ayyyy so there it is people, the beautiful Brilliant O’neal. Be sure to check her out across all social media platforms at @brillixdis​ and I’ll talk to you in the next episode. Byyyyyyyye.”
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ms-nolife · 2 months ago
My Top 10 favorite moments from The Walking Dead Compendium Three Part 1/2 (Trigger Warning: Gore, blood, STRONG FUCKING LANGUAGE, AND SPOILERS, Viewer Discretion is Advised)
Ladies and gentleman, for the first time in this series of posts, I am dividing it into two parts! Why am I doing this in my third post of the series? If I have to be honest, I was not even half way through that chonker and I realized I had taken more than ten pictures, but I loved them all so much I refuse to leave any of them out. So I guess technically speaking this would be my top 20 favorite moments from TWD Compendium Three. If that’s okay with y’all I’d love to chug along and showcase my favorite moments!
The Walking Dead Compendium Three is the third collection of four 1000+ page books, and consists of issues 97-144; Volumes/Chapters such as “Something to Fear” and “All Out War Parts 1 & 2″ are featured here via their respective issues. The story picks up after Rick and a few of his group members meet the members of The Hilltop colony. They learn of a group called The Saviors, who have made an arrangement with Hilltop in exchange for their supplies. Rick and his group soon come to understand that Negan and The Saviors are their greatest foes yet (or so we thought), and a war is on the horizon.
The criteria for these moments follow the same trend as the previous posts, either the art is amazing, or the dialogue was fantastic, or maybe both! Spoilers ahead, Negan and Carl SHINE in this collection of volumes and issues. And as per usual, this is all my opinion! Anyway, on with the count down!
Number 10. 
Tumblr media
Number 9. 
Tumblr media
Number 8. 
Tumblr media
Number 7 & 6.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Yes I am cheating once again, but can you blame me? Carl is such an adorable little bad ass I couldn’t help it!)
Number 5. 
Tumblr media
Number 4. 
Tumblr media
Number 3. 
Tumblr media
Number 2. 
Tumblr media
Number 1. 
Tumblr media
As one will notice near the end of my list, Negan and Carl take the spotlight (for the most part)! Carl without a doubt is one of my favorite characters, and Negan did not take long to impress me either! This is only half of what I have in my gallery and I cannot wait to show you guys the rest! Keep an eye out for my next post where I go over the next ten moments from Compendium Three. Thank you for joining me here today! I’m happy to answer or discuss anything The Walking Dead, my DMs and ask inbox are always open! 
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shadow-assassin-blix · 3 months ago
A Picture is a Poem Without Words
A/N: Alright. Um. Let’s see. This is build up to a certain event that happens in season 2. The next chapter going to be angsty. Let’s see warnings: in the beginning there is allusions to smut, but then later on there is more detailed smut, blowjob, fingering, sex in general. 
Everything taglist: @mikeisthricedeceased​
Pacho taglist: @yungkvte​
Tumblr media
The party lasted several more hours, the partygoers in a state of drunken oblivion that allowed Pacho and Blix to slip away quietly. The two of them drove off to his home and made their way upstairs to his room.
The two of them stripped slowly, crawling onto the bed once they were both naked.
Pacho hovered over her, brushing her hair from her face staring at her with a smirk.
“What?” She asked him, her hand running over his chest softly.
“I just… can’t believe you threatened to cartel members… over me. What did I do to deserve you?” He questioned kissing her firmly.
She kissed him back, her hand cupping his face.
She pulled away briefly to state, “Just lucky I guess.”
She returned her lips to his and they kissed for several minutes. Pacho slowly working his way down her neck and chest. He pressed several kisses to her skin, nipping here and there. Her moans were breathy as he worked.
“Luck? Hm. Not usually a believer in luck,” He muttered against her skin.
She laughed softly at him, “Hm. Don’t know what else to tell you then.”
“Fate. We were destined to find one another,” He countered looking up at her.
“Not a believer in fate or destiny. Then again… never had a reason to believe in those things,” Blix whispered.
“Maybe I’ll make a believer out of you,” Pacho said with a grin. “But first… I’m going to make sure you see stars.”
Her giggles soon turned to moans as he did just that.
The next morning, when they woke up their limbs tangled up around each other, Blix looked at him fondly. She had missed him more than she would ever say. They both quietly stretched and took a shower together. When they got dressed, and made their way downstairs, they discovered quite the crowd sitting in the living room.
Pacho’s arm was draped around her shoulders as they stepped off the stairs.
“What are y’all doing here?” Blix asked the group of men before them.
“We are here to talk business and have lunch. The two of you are late. Then again… I am sure the both of you needed to catch up,” Gilberto answered, his voice teasing.
“Mmhmm. Imma need y’all to not act like schoolgirls just cause we had sex. Most of you are married. You in particular have 3 wives. Maybe focus on your sex lives, or…. As I hear… lack thereof,” She tossed back with a smirk.
“Knife to the heart. No mercy this one,” Gilberto said putting a hand on his heart in mock pain.
Pacho took a seat on the lone chair, pulling Blix into his lap as he does so. She adjusted herself as she sat and listened to them talk about their next phases. As they talked, Navegante walked in, holding the home phone.
“It’s for you,” He said handing it to her.
She stared at him confused, wondering who the hell would call her at Pacho’s house.
“Hello?” She answered taking it from him.
“Hello Miss Lage, this is Judy Moncada. Was wondering if I could steal a few minutes of your time?” Came a feminine voice.
“Go on,” Blix urged curiously.
“I was hoping to have a meeting with the Cali, wanting to form an alliance with them. I was told that you were the one to go to make this meet happen?” Judy explained.
“Hm. Wonder who told you that? Listen, Mrs. Moncada, I’m going to need more info than just wanting an alliance. The brothers are busy, and Pacho will only meet if it is worthwhile. Cocaine is all about the sales, no? Then sale this proposition to me,” Blix prompted ignoring the looks she was receiving from everyone around her.
“Escobar has killed my husband and brother. I want him dead just as much as they do. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get that done. How’s that?” Judy replied firmly.
Blix reached over to grab the calendar and looked it over.
“How does Wednesday, at 11am sound? You get one chance Mrs. Moncada, you better come with a damn good offer,” Blix offered. “Oh. And Mrs. Moncada… I am sorry for your loss.”
“Wednesday at 11 is fine,” Judy answered. “And…. Thank you. You are one of the few people to say such.”
They hung up, and Blix wrote the meeting into the calendar before setting it back on the table.
“Judy Moncada wishes to meet with you and is willing to do whatever it takes to get revenge on Escobar,” Blix informed them, handing the phone back to Navegante.
Diego popped up suddenly with her cell before anyone could say anything.
“Your phone has been going off,” Diego tells her.
She takes it from him and answered it as it began to ring again. She hears an automated voice tell her this was a collect call from a prison in Mexico.
She followed the prompts, standing up and walking away.
She moved outside as the phone picked up.
“Miss Lage. I hear you made quite the arrest. Wanted to give my congratulations,” Came Felix Gallardo’s voice.
“Mr. Gallardo. What a pleasant surprise? Thank you, I suppose. But… I get the feeling that you have more to talk about than my work,” She was suspicious.
“Hmm. No. No hidden motives, other than wanting to see if you’d take my call. Surprised I don’t hear Pacho huffing in the background,” He teased somewhat darkly.
“Mr. Gallardo, I thank you again for the congrats, but unless there is something of actual importance you wish to say to me, I’m hanging up,” She warned her thumb hovering over the end call button.
“Do let Amado and them know… their victory will be brief. Just because I’m in jail doesn’t mean I don’t have any power. Do tell them that, to watch their backs,” He said darkly.
“As for you Miss Lage, that dress you wore? Looked beautiful on you, shame that it had to get dirty chasing down König. Oh. Before I forget… a package should be arriving for you. I do hope you like it,” Felix told her hanging up.
She stared at her phone, walking back into the living room as Diego handed her a package. There was no return address on it. She quietly opened it to find a painting of a pomegranate in a somewhat gothic style.
She stared at it noticing a quote in Latin. It said, “If I cannot move Heaven, I shall raise Hell,” and was written above the fruit, near what appeared to be a gateway painted behind it.
She pulled out the note that was at the bottom of the box.
“The descent into Hell is easy, little shark. Don’t trip, for the monsters will descend upon you. You are becoming quite the Queen of Darkness; I am sad I will not get to witness your descent. – Felix”
She stared at the note, noticing her hand was shaking as she held it. It slipped from her fingers, and she stared blankly at the floor.
Pacho stepped over to her, looking concerned. He picked up the note, and took the artwork with firm hands, looking at them briefly. He tossed them onto the coffee table and stood in front of Blix, lifting her chin up.
“He was the one who called?” he waited for her nod, “Do not accept his calls anymore, okay?”
She simply nodded again, clearing her throat.
“What does this mean? Why is Gallardo sending you this?” Amado questioned looking at the items.
“That day… in the hotel, the art auction? I quoted Horace. He was a Roman poet. Satirist. He became friends with Virgil, another famous poet. The quotes… those are his. The Pomegranate is a symbol of Persephone, a goddess of spring who became the Queen of the Underworld when she married Hades,” She explained motioning to each piece of the message.
“It’s a warning. That even someone as pure Persephone could fall,” Pacho surmised.
Blix nodded at his guess.
“He wanted me tell you to watch your backs. That he still has power despite being in jail,” She informed Amado sitting back down.
Amado scoffed muttering under his breath. Blix stood up again and walked down to her library. She needed some space and a moment to breathe.
She took a seat at her window nook and sighed softly. She was left alone for a good hour, when Pacho stepped into check on her.
“Lunch is ready, would you like to eat in here, or would you be okay with eating with us? Amado and the others have already left. It’s just Gilberto, Miguel, and Chepe,” He quietly informed her.
She looked at him, slowly making her way to him.
“Would love it… if we could just have one day free of drama. Just one,” She pleaded as she wrapped her arms around him.
“I know. I’m sorry, my love,” Pacho whispered to her, returning her embrace.
The two of them walked out, toward the dining room, joining the others for lunch.
The rest of the day went by in a blur and soon enough it was the next day.
She woke up, simply throwing a robe on not wanting to get dressed yet. She wandered downstairs, vaguely aware that it was oddly quiet.
She made her way into the kitchen where Pacho was cooking.
“Well. This is quite the sight,” She commented as she stared at him.
He smirked up at her, motioning for her to sit, as he focused on the meal.
“Where is everyone? It’s oddly quiet,” She looked around noticing she couldn’t even see guards patrolling.
He simply presented breakfast to her, pancakes and bacon, simply telling her to eat.
She does as requested staring at him with suspicion. Once she had finished, he took the plate away, washing it off, and putting it in the dish-machine.
“Today, it is just going to be me and you. The guards are still here, just further away. I thought you and I could go for a drive around town. Spend time together,” Pacho finally spoke.
Blix smiled at that, nodding her head. She got up from her seat and went upstairs to get dressed. She got dressed in some jeans and a cute halter top, throwing on some flats. She wandered back downstairs once she was ready, meeting Pacho in the garage. He held open the door to his green Porsche, bowing dramatically.
Blix laughed at his bow, thanking him in an overly posh voice as she stepped in.
The two of them drove into town, just enjoying each other’s company. They stopped occasionally to go shop or explore an area. It was nice to just relax and talk about random things. He drove her to his old neighborhood, showed her where he and Alvaro grew up.
“Remind me one day, to take you to New York and meet my family there. I am sure you would enjoy it,” Blix said as she held his hand.
“Hm. May have to take you up on that. So, what would you like to do now?” He asked her as they continued driving around.
She bit her lip as a thought came to mind.
“… How long do we have the house to ourselves?” She asked with a flirty smile.
“All day,” He replied simply with a smirk.
She leaned over resting her chin on his shoulder, kissing him randomly. Her hand slid over onto his thigh, squeezing it briefly. He sucked in a breath as her hand moved over to the growing bulge in his pants, rubbing it firmly.
“Darling…” He breathed, his hands clenching on the steering wheel.
“Yes, dear? Something the matter?” She said coyly as her hand continued their ministrations.
He pulled her hand away, holding it tightly in his, “You’re going to make me crash.”
Blix gave him a Cheshire-like grin and simply held his hand.
They drove home and made their way upstairs to his room. She made him sit down and straddled his hips. The both of them had long kicked off their shoes. She undid his pants, and he helped her by shoving them and his boxers off. She slid to her knees, positioning herself in between his legs.
She ran her hands her up and down his length, enjoying the soft breathy moans that were escaping him. She leaned forward, running her tongue over the tip, before slowly taking him into her mouth. She took as much as she could tolerate into her mouth, her hands taking care of the rest.
She bobbed her head up and down, moving slowly and purposefully at first, before picking up speed which caused several groans and grunts to escape Pacho lips. Sounds that she absolutely loved to hear.
Pacho at some point stopped her, gently motioning for her to pull away. He kissed her deeply, leaning down to her as he unbuttoned his shirt. She slipped out of her jeans, breaking the kiss for a second to also toss her shirt off, as he dragged her back onto the bed.
Her bra flew off at some point, and Pacho ripped her underwear off without care. Blix was lying on her back, as Pacho moved down to between her legs, and return the favor. His fingers dipped in and out, teasingly. He began to firmly thrust them inside her, while his thumb brushed over her clit firmly.
His mouth moved to replace his thumb, his tongue lavishing it sweetly. She could feel the pleasure building up swiftly and just before she could come, he pulled away. She whined at that, glaring down at him. He kissed his way back up to her lips, wrapping her legs around his waist as he lined himself up and slid in.
She moaned at the fullness she felt as he seated himself deeply. She rocked her hips, wanting him to move.
“Impatient, are we? Perhaps I should teach you some better manners? Only good girls get what they want,” Pacho teased, still not moving.
“Pacho. Move, please,” She pleaded softly with an exaggerated pout.
He chuckled at that, “Well. Since you asked so nicely.”
He began thrusting, long and powerful movements that led to short fast paced ones. It didn’t quite matter the speed at that point, the both of them were so turned on, that neither of them were going to last very long.
They reached their peaks in no time flat and collapsed in each other’s arms. Pacho began to pull out, when Blix stopped him.
She quietly told him to just stay, and he does so, resting his weight against her body softly.
He gently brushed her hair out of her face, pressing kisses randomly to her cheeks.
“How are you feeling my love?” He gently asked kissing her chin.
“Quite well. Today was very nice, thank you,” She tells him sweetly.
“Hm. It’s not over just yet, I have a lovely dinner planned for us this evening. The chefs are working on it as we speak. I plan to woo you,” Pacho said with a smile. “In fact, I think we should go take a bath.”
Pacho pulled away from her slowly, pulling her along with him, to his large jacuzzi-like bathtub. He turned the water on and threw some bath salts and threw in some bubble bath mix. When the water was a decent level, the both of them stepped in; Blix settled with her back against his chest, resting between his legs.
They turned the water off eventually, just relaxing. Pacho peppered her neck in kisses and bites as they sat.
“So… what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?” She eventually asked, turning her head to look at him.
“Mh. Not much, I have to go check on some locations. Make sure security is running properly. Would you like to join me?” He offered her.
“If you are comfortable with it, sure. Apparently, I am the go between,” Blix said with a snicker.
Pacho chuckled as well, kissing her cheek.
“Wouldn’t have offered it if I wasn’t comfortable with it. Diego will be with us,” Pacho informed her.
Blix nodded, yawning as she was hit with a wave of exhaustion.
“Hm. Should get out soon, dinner may be ready by now. Don’t want you falling asleep at the table,” Pacho teased.
The two of them stepped out, rinsing off before they threw on some underwear and robes. They didn’t feel the need to get too dressed up, since it was going to just be the two of them. They ate and quietly talked about nothing.
Once they had finished, they stepped out on to the covered patio, sitting outside to listen to the soft sounds of the rain.
“Did you ever figure out how your father was able to get pass security?” She asked wanting to know.
“Paid off one of the security guards to create a distraction somewhere on the grounds. That guard has since… been disposed of. No more troubles on that end,” Pacho assured her, holding her hand in his.
She nodded her head, leaning against him.
She tiredly tells him, “Haven’t gotten to tell you but uh… I got promoted.”
He turned and looked at her with surprise, a proud smile growing on his face.
“Well. Actually, I was offered any office in the world… but… I decided to stay here. So, I was promoted to be the new lead supervisor here in Colombia,” She explained further.
“Any office in the world? And you chose to stay here? Why’s that?” He questioned curiously.
“Hmm. Don’t know… Could be there’s this really hot guy I’m seeing?” She said teasingly.
“Oh? Really? Do I know this guy?” He asked joining her little joke.
“Think so. Brown hair and eyes, a face so pretty I want to punch it every now and again because of it, a lovely smile that he doesn’t show very often. He tends to be a bit overprotective, but I still love him. Sound familiar?” She listed with a smile.
“Mmhmm. Indeed. Sounds like a pretty good reason to stay,” Pacho replied kissing her cheek.
“That and I quite like Cali. Didn’t think I would when I came here but it’s grown on me,” Blix revealed thinking back to when she first came here.
Pacho raised an eyebrow curiously, motioning for her to elaborate.
“I was previously located in Greece and I loved it there. Thought about actually taking a permanent position there but there was greater need here in Colombia. So, I followed orders as a dutiful agent would. I hated everything. The heat, the humidity, the bugs. Working with men who thought I was a damsel in distress 24/7. It was awful,” She recalled scrunching her nose a bit.
“What wound up changing your mind?” Pacho inquired staring at her incredulously.
“Honestly? Horacio. Granted, he too was a bit reserved about me coming onboard here. He eventually realized that I could hold my own and became a bit like an older brother to me,” She explained softly. “I had a really bad habit in working so much that I would forget to eat, and he noticed that. Would check in on me and if I couldn’t recall when I ate last, he made me stop working immediately and go get food.”
Pacho nodded in understanding, “So, he was the first one to sort of welcome you to the country and made it more bearable?”
Blix nodded in response, “Yeah. He would invite me over to his home and have dinner with his family. He treated me like family and made my first year here more tolerable.”
“Which is why you got so upset when I suggested you two were together when we had that first lunch together that day. I see my mistake,” He said with a nod as he thought back to the second time they met.
She chuckled at that with a firm nod.
As the rain began to pick up, they made their way back inside and upstairs, back to bed. Blix felt a dull pain in her shoulder that was slowly building. She moved her arm back and forth, trying to work out the stiffness that was forming. Pacho motioned for her to lay down on the bed, on her stomach.
She shrugged off the robe, doing as requested, tucking her arms under the pillow. She felt him sidle up next to her on the bed, and felt his hands slowly run over her back. His hands began to massage her back, working out the knots he found. She groaned every time he worked on a spot that was particularly tight.
The impromptu massage was so relaxing that she wound up falling asleep. Pacho finished, smiling at the soft snores he could hear coming from her. He made a few phone calls to make sure everything was good to go for tomorrow’s meeting before lying back down next to Blix.
He laid on his side, admiring her, his fingertips running over the many scars he could see. He fell asleep, smiling briefly when he felt her move closer to him, seeking his warmth.
The next morning, the clouds had cleared away, showing a bright sunny day. She woke up to the sun on her face, and Pacho still asleep behind her. She sat up with ease, sighing quietly as she realized the massage had made sure she didn’t wake up tense.
She grabbed one of his shirts, throwing it on haphazardly as she got up and made her way to her bedroom to change. She threw on some dark wash jeans and a tank top. She stepped into some cowboy boots knowing they were going to meet at the ranch, and she had planned to ride Phobos while they spoke.
Despite having not talked to Pacho for a month, she still made trips out to the ranch to see Phobos. She always felt better after spending some time with him, whether it was going for rides or simply grooming him.
She walked downstairs, hearing movement and found Diego with a few of the guards talking quietly.
“Hello Diego. What’s happening?” Blix asked him, wondering why everyone was acting strangely.
“Escobar escaped prison last night and is apparently on a bit of rampage,” Diego informed her.
“Shit,” Blix said as she walked over to her bag with her phone.
She had a few missed calls, and as she answered them, she was given more details. DEA found out that Escobar had created a palace and had proof of it, but the ambassador wouldn’t do anything with it. So, they went to a local news station and gave them the info which led to public outrage. Which then led to an investigation at the prison that went awry, and Escobar escaped.
“Javi… You have the worst luck,” Blix said to him when he recounted everything to her on the phone.
“Yeah. I know. But the President is embarrassed and wants this fixed. There’s been talk that he may be bringing Carrillo back,” He said with a sigh.
“Good. He didn’t deserve to be shipped off to Spain anyway. It would be nice to see him again,” She said mostly to herself.
“Heh. I’ll keep ya update if they decide to bring him back,” He promised before hanging up.
She had wandered into the kitchen when she was making the calls, taking a few bites of an arepas filled with eggs. She munched on it as she returned the living room, smiling when she saw Pacho up and dressed for the day.
As she stood next to him, he stole a bite from her arepas causing her to gasp dramatically.
“How rude? Is mine,” She pouted as he tried to take another bite. “Diegoooo! Make him stoopp!”
Diego laughed at her plea, shaking his head.
She begrudgingly shared her food with him as they made their way to the cars. The trip to the ranch didn’t take long, and as Pacho got security set up for when the brothers arrived, Blix and Diego went over to the stalls.
Diego saddled up a horse as a stable hand brought Phobos out to her, ready to go. She gave him a couple of pets, cooing to him, before mounting him. Once Diego was ready to go, the two of them took a stroll around the property.
“So, what’s been happening since you decided to disappear on us?” Diego asked curiously.
Blix told him about her promotion and her decision to stay here. Diego raised an eyebrow at that.
“Hm. Staying here eh? You going to stick around with us then? Or you going to continue pretending you are a good girl?” He asked in a joking manner.
She snorted at that, “Yeah. My role has basically become a desk job. My second, Theo, he is taking over the active missions. I have no true need for my place now. Would it bother you if I wound up taking a more permanent residence here?”
“No, actually I wouldn’t mind it at all. Pacho tends to act more rationally when you are around. When I say we all tried for well over an hour to get him to have his hand properly looked at the party, I mean it. He wouldn’t listen to any of us,” Diego remarked.
“What exactly happened that led up to that point? He has yet to tell me,” Blix wanted to know.
Diego slowed his horse down to a stop, pausing as he took a deep breath.
“The older Salvador? The one whose hands you pinned down with a knife? Made several… comments about his sexuality…about me… and you… Usually he is able to ignore them but when the comments turned to you, he was not okay. He gripped his glass so hard that he shattered it trying to not cause a fight,” Diego told her with a wince.
“Hm. Note to self, maim him next time I see that worthless piece of shit,” Blix noted with a scowl.
Diego snickered at that, “So violent. I love it though. We should probably start heading back. I doubt their meeting will last too much longer.”
Blix nodded, they had been riding for about an hour at that point and it didn’t take them very long to return to the ranch. The two of them dismounted their horses and handed them off to a stable hand who was planning to give them a thorough grooming.
They rejoined Pacho, who was standing with the brothers and an older woman who she presumed was Judy Moncada.
“Hello, Mrs. Moncada. It is a pleasure to meet you,” She greeted her, holding her hand out to shake.
“Miss Lage, a pleasure to meet you as well. Thank you for this very beneficial introduction. I hope to see you at our next meeting. Word has it you can be quite ruthless,” Judy noted looking at her with a bit of scrutiny.
“Hm. Yes. But only when it comes to protecting what’s mine. Not sure I’d be much help in your one-woman war against Escobar,” Blix admitted looping her arms arounds both Pacho’s and Diego’s, proudly.
Judy nodded, “An honest woman. I like that. I simply hope Escobar doesn’t take anything from you like he has done me.”
Judy walked away at that, getting in her car driving off. Blix didn’t want to admit it…but that last statement left her with a feeling of dread. She knew it was just Judy speaking from her pain, but it came off as a warning in Blix’s mind. She mentally shook it off for now, trying to dismiss the anxious thoughts that swirled in her mind.
Pacho, Diego and Blix returned home where Blix received word that Carrillo was returning to Colombia, and that he’d be back by tomorrow afternoon.
While initially, she was thrilled at that, Judy’s words still circled in the back of her mind. Something was telling her… that something terrible was going to happen. She just wasn’t sure what.
Diego and Pacho both could tell something was bothering her and tried their best to distract her. It worked for a time but even later on as she laid in bed, the feeling of dread still loomed, and sleep was hard to come by. She hoped it was just her mind playing tricks on her, but only time would tell whether her worry was warranted or not.
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vintage-brass-tc · 3 months ago
Hey y’all! Another pretty late post, but I cannot stop thinking about these two moments that occurred earlier, so I thought I’d share.
As I stated in the tags of the previous post regarding my day, M did end up coming to visit the class today! Sadly, he didn’t interact with me as much, but when he did it was amazing! W was pretty active today as well. |||||||||||||||||||||
When band began, I went to take out my instrument as usual. Its case is sat next to a student, and said student and I usually joke around with each other while I’m retrieving it.
This time, we joked around like always while I was getting stuff set up, but I ended up bumping their instrument slightly with my own. I didn’t notice, but they were like “woah! You were super close to hitting me,” then proceeded to tell me what I actually hit.
When I heard this, even though their lax attitude expressed that it was minuscule and didn’t affect anything, I still felt bad. “Sorry!” My voice raised a bit. W tilted his head in my direction, making me realize my volume. I settled down a little and spoke again. “Where did I hit it?”
They acknowledged my apology nicely and gestured to the ‘bell’ of their instrument. “Ahh,” I murmured, “dang it. Sorry..!” My face scrunched up, as I was unsure about what I should do.
They forgave me a second time with a smile. I went ahead and put my case up, since the conversation was presumably over. When I finished, I turned to my left.
W was staring at me.
His eyes were shocked and wide. No hint of a smile under his mask(his cheeks and eyes usually scrunch up). He didn’t even blink. My eyes widened right back at him. We stayed like this for five to six seconds, which felt like forever. After that whole fiasco, I returned to my seat, full of questions about what in the world just happened. He’s given me this look before, but usually only at times I’m playing, or enter the room. I didn’t do anything because I was lost in his gaze, but I’m not quite sure why he decided to keep it fixed on me.
I’m beginning to think that he assumed I hit the kid on accident, as he heard us joke around about it a bit, even pitching in with his own comments on some days. If not that, then maybe he thought I let out a moan or something when I was apologizing.
Hopefully it wasn’t anything too major. Maybe he’ll bring it up if I mention our know, unless it’s the latter. Then he probably won’t mention it. On the brighter side of things, W singularly called me out to be an example for the class during daily drills. It caught me off guard since it was completely out of nowhere, but I ended up doing pretty alright, I suppose. He had me play with one of the sections so they could “match how calm I sound”.  M perked up a bit when my name was first mentioned, which was cool!! After a few reps, he pitched in and gave the section some tips, then told us to play it another time. He smiled at me and said we sounded “more mature” now. He and W then smiled and nodded at each other, silently chattering together about something for a few seconds.  You two think you can butter me up with compliments? Well it’s working. It’s working really well. I’m sinking deeper into the quicksand pit of love with every look from you both.
Now! M moment!! Accompanied with some little extra things I thought y’all would like to see.
M strolled over to one of the people in my section who had a curly, sort of afro-like hairstyle. After jokingly making fun of them a little bit, he admitted to the kid he used to have a hairstyle like that as well, to my bewilderment.  In between reps for one of our pieces, I saw him showing the individual something on his phone. They were both smiling. Immediately I felt envious, since it was probably an image of M when he was younger, and you all know how you’d feel about seeing your TC your age.
I looked for about two seconds before snapping myself back into focus. I didn’t want M to be suspicious of my interest or annoyed about me butting into their interaction, so I decided to try not to dwell on it right now.  Next time I played, M speed-walked in front of me while grinning. (Looking at it now, he was probably trying to let me see W conduct, what a golden man.) He settled a foot or two behind and to the right of me. I could sort of see him in the reflection of my instrument in addition to the corner of my eye. It took everything not to look in his direction. To see how he looked at me—if he looked at me. 
When we were cut off, I noticed he was approaching from where he was situated behind me. Seeing him walk up to me from the back, even though I knew he was there, was something else for sure. So many anticipated nerves bouncing around in my brain. 
Anyway, I turned over him and my eyes were met with his clothed upper torso, or in other words, his chest. I felt my cheeks flush and adjusted my head upwards to meet his face, which was still beaming. He inched closer while he slowly set his phone in front of me. I could feel the warmth radiating off of his body. 
My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. I was absolutely gobsmacked by what I was seeing.  “This is YOU??” I asked him. “Yeah,” he replied smoothly. 
It was M. In an old, black and white middle/high school yearbook photo. His face was serious, his glasses were huge and sort of dorky, his clothes were neat, and his hair was in fact big, black, and curly. 
As cliché as it sounds, he was as gorgeous back then as he is now. I could definitely see him in his younger self. In hindsight, I probably should have taken in the photo more. 😳 Still remember a bit though.
I observed the photo again. “Oh my God, wow!!” I exclaimed, now turning to look at his face, which was about four and a half inches away from my own. He met my gaze with a joyous, entertained expression on his face. You could even almost say it was close to a loving look. His eyes were squinted softly as he was smiling really huge at my reaction. He ended the moment with a delicate, warm gaze before strolling away to another section.  I was feeling absolutely flawless in that moment, and I still am. He’s comfortable enough with me to reveal a picture of him when he was younger, and even alright with being literally four inches away from me. Furthermore, the greatest man in the world was showed me something personal! On his phone!! In a room full of people!!! Without caring a bit!!!! How wild is that!!!!!
M took it upon himself to do adorable things like looking near my direction giddily while rubbing his head(a habit of his I love), wearing his mask very obviously wrong and smiling like a child after it falls down, and sneaking glances at me, then looking away when I noticed.  He also stood right next to me when the whole class was directed to sing rhythms on a single note and left when it was finished. I love him so much. It was just a Concert F but he didn’t mind being near my voice. ADFHGH WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE HIM ||||||||||||||||||||| 
That should be all for today’s story blog! I’m thinking of maybe writing one of these interaction snippets every day or every other day— let me know what your opinion is on that! 
To end this post off, manifestation, again, really works. I manifested that I’d get to learn something personal about M, then boom. Picture of him when he was a kid.  To those also going to school tomorrow, whether it be online or in person, best of luck getting to interact with your TCs. If you aren’t able to interact with them at the moment, I feel for you. The moment will come, but until then I wish you the best of luck on pushing through the day without them. <3
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babyurthendofjune · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
so..I hate that this is so late but happy to finally have this done and be posting it for y’all! hope you enjoy! thank you to my betas @tbslenthusiast, @serendipitystyles, and @summertimestyles​ you’re all angels!! also sham was so kind to help me create a playlist for this fic which you can find here!
this is for @taintedwonder​‘s Styles Valentine’s Day fic challenge and most of the photos from the header were my inspo along with prompts 3. Can you just hold my hand? and 6. Let’s run away together.
as always any likes, rbs, replies, and feedback is welcome and very much appreciated!
word count: 4.1k
writing tag | masterlist
Tumblr media
You can read his face before he even opens his mouth to speak.
“You have to leave again, don’t you?”
He doesn’t answer at first, just joins you where you sit on the bed, an arm around your waist to urge you closer to him. He presses a kiss to your shoulder, as if that will soothe the sting of what he’s about to say. He buries his face into your neck before he speaks.
“Only for a little while, angel.”
You don’t respond by returning the kiss like you normally would, narrowing your eyes down to where he’s hiding his face, “How long is a ‘little while’?” 
“You could always come with me, y’know..” 
He’s avoiding the answer and he knows it, eyes darting up only briefly to look at your face. 
“How long, Harry?”
He’s fiddling with the hem of your t-shirt now, focusing on the loose thread hanging instead.
You nudge him lightly, pulling his attention back up to you, “Just say it! How long?”
He sucks in a big breath before releasing it and then the words come out in a rush, “A few weeks, possibly a month.”
You have to take your own deep breath before asking, “When do you have to leave?”
“Promise you won’t be mad?”
“My flight’s on the 14th.”
“February 14th? As in we don’t get to spend Valentine’s Day together?”
“M’so sorry, love, I really thought we were gonna get to spend the day together.” 
He’s pulled back from where he was hiding his face, studying yours now. It hurts him to see the disappointment written there; the pinch in your brow, the downturned corners of your mouth, the way your eyes have temporarily lost their shine and fallen misty.
“Ya really could come with me, y’know. Take a bit of time off, would do you some good to take a break.”
He knows better, knows it’s just a fantasy that you would ever be able to get that much time off from work to be able to travel with him.
“C’mon, love, let’s run away together.”
The way he’s looking at you know, it really wouldn’t take much more convincing to turn his fantasy into a reality.
Tumblr media
“What am I gonna do when I’m cold and don’t have you as my personal heater to help me get warm?”
“S’why I left you my pillow to snuggle with. There’s a ton of extra blankets too, use as many of those as ya need.”
How could you explain that no amount of warmth from any blanket would ever compare to his? A blanket wasn’t capable of softly brushing your hair back from your face or tenderly pressing it’s lips to yours as you drift off to sleep. You open your mouth to try to illustrate such facts, but you close your mouth just as quick. You aren’t trying to be difficult or clingy, and you don’t want your last bit of time together to be filled with your complaints.
That thought only lasts for a moment, your anxiety building with each mile closer to the airport, “Well what do I do when your pillow doesn’t smell like you anymore?”
“I’ll try to be back before that happens, deal? Besides, you’ve got a whole drawer of my t-shirts to sleep in too. They all smell like me, right?”
“They do, but, Harry..what if..”
“Shh, hey, we’ve been through this before, right? S’gonna be hard for me to be away from you too, but I promise we’ll be alright. You can call me anytime you’re missin’ me, remember?”
His voice is that of someone trying to pacify a small child just before a tantrum, and you feel as though you’re being whiny and unreasonable. Missing him when he was away was almost unbearable though; everything seemed heavy and dimmer and you know it would feel like an eternity before you were together again. 
“Promise we’ll make up today the second I come home. You plan the whole day and just tell me when and where to show up, okay?’
The fact that it was Valentine’s Day didn’t matter so much to you. You and Harry made it a point throughout your days spent together to express your love to one another whenever you could, so today was really just..another day to spend together. So it’s missing him that has tears forming in your eyes again, just as they had the night before.
“Can you just hold my hand? Until..” You don’t finish the sentence, letting your voice trail off so he won’t hear it break.
“‘Course I can, baby.” He offers his hand, never taking his eyes off the road even as he lifts your hand to his mouth to place a kiss to the back of it.
Though you know he would never admit to it, you swear you feel the speed of the car slow just the tiniest bit, Harry wanting to add as much to your limited time together as he can.
Tumblr media
Despite it still being light outside, coming home to the space you normally share together alone makes you want to do nothing but crawl right back in bed. It’s mid-afternoon and with Harry not home to motivate you to do something more productive, that’s exactly what you aim to do.
After dropping your purse and keys near the door and double checking the locks, you’re startled by the sight of a bouquet of bright pink roses adorning your dining room table. They definitely weren’t there when you left, and you pluck the small card nestled between the flowers with your name scrawled across the front. It’s Harry’s almost illegible handwriting and the sight of it makes your heart soar with excitement before you flip it open to read the message. 
It’s simple and small, more of his writing scratched across the cream colored paper in bold, black ink. Love, love, love, H. There’s a badly drawn heart underneath the note, and that makes you giggle out loud, filling the silence. If Harry were here, he’d have some cheeky comment about how adorable your laughter is, how he loved the sound of it.
“Don’t want you moping around the whole time m’gone, yeah? Promise me y’ll do more than just sulk around the place until I get back?” This reminder was given just before he’d had to rush off to catch his plane, giving you no time to offer him much more than a quick peck and a sad smile as an agreement. 
So technically what you plan to do would not be considered breaking a promise, just..catching up on the sleep you would’ve gotten if you hadn't had to wake up so early to ride with Harry to the airport. Normally that was something you would decline to do, preferring to sleep in, which Harry usually was fine with; but this time he had insisted on you accompanying him on his drive, wanting to get as much time with you on this day as he could. 
Just as you're about to venture down the hallway to the bedroom, you spot another item you’re sure hadn’t been on your coffee table earlier that morning when you’d left. It’s a medium sized box, messily wrapped with red paper and tied with purple ribbon and a bow. It’s quite heavy when you lift it, so you sit on the nearby couch to avoid dropping it. You waste no time tearing the paper away, lifting the lid to reveal a candle surrounded by tissue paper. 
There’s a pack of two lighters wedged next to the candle, and you curiously pull it from the box first to see more of Harry’s handwriting on a red sticky note. 
Baby you light up my world like nobody else...
That pulls another laugh from you, this one is bigger and echoes through the dimly lit space. The candle itself is a scent he knows you love, and you bring it closer to your face and inhale deeply. The smell of it helps ease even more of the unease and sadness of him being gone. You dig your phone out of your pocket to check the time and try to calculate whether his plane has landed and he would be able to answer a call from you. 
You ultimately decide to nap first and give him a chance to get settled. He would most likely be calling you later anyway, missing you just as much as you missed him and wanting to hear your voice. You could thank him then for the flowers, candle, and the laugh. So you continue your journey to the bedroom, slipping out of your clothes and sliding open the drawer of Harry’s t-shirts. He’s right, they do all smell like him and you run your fingers along the soft fabrics before selecting one. 
It’s plain white, one of his undershirts normally tucked beneath his expensive button ups and ruffles, but today it’s perfect and comforting attire to doze off in. It’s loose and just long enough on you that you don’t feel the need to put on a pair of your pj shorts with it, The bed is still messy from the morning, and you swear you can still see the outline of where Harry’s body normally tucks next to you on his side. You pull the blanket back and crawl into your usual spot, but it doesn’t feel right; it’s too empty and quiet without Harry. 
You grab his pillow from his side and try your best to replicate the way you would curl yourself around him if he was here. It takes a bit of time to adjust, but eventually you give up and just try to relax into the mattress as much as possible, covering your head slightly with the blanket to surround yourself with warmth.
You peek through the space uncovered to the alarm clock on the bedside table on Harry’s side, the bright red letters read 12:32 p.m. and you let out a deep sigh before drifting off to sleep. If you weren’t so tired, the thought that crosses your mind might just make you laugh again.
Alone in bed in the afternoon on Valentine’s Day. What a shame. 
Tumblr media
You wake with a start, bolting upwards at the sound of your phone ringing loudly from somewhere near the bed. You don’t even bother to open your eyes to see who it is, just following the motions to answer and plop back down onto your spot as you let out an almost breathless and groggy “hello?”
“Not missin’ me too much, I see, took you a whole minute to answer,'' You know he’s joking by the hint of amusement in his voice and relief floods through your chest before any other feeling at the idea of him making it safely to his destination, “You alright, love? Sound a bit outta breath. Having some fun in our bed without me?”
“, I was napping, promise, your call just scared me did you know I’m in bed?”
“I’m only teasing. Just a guess, figured you’d find your way back to the bed not long after you got home.”
“Found the flowers and the candle. Your note on the lighters made me laugh, thank you. How’d you do that though? They weren’t there when we left for the airport and you didn’t come back in.”
“Had one of my assistants drop the flowers off, and the candle’s been stashed in the closet for a week so she set it out for me while she was there. Wish I could’ve been there to see your face and hear that laugh,” He giggles at the thought of it, “S’that all you found? The flowers and the candle? I assume you found the one in the bathroom too, right?”
You’re more alert now, sitting up again to try to process what he’s saying more easily, “What do you mean? There’s more? The bathroom?”
“A few more, yeah. Hid here and there for you to find.”
“You left me a scavenger hunt? Do I at least get clues to help me find them all?”
“I’ve just given you one, haven’t I? Might be persuaded to give you a few more later.”
You’re up off the bed now, making your way to the bathroom where another surprise awaits. You hesitate for only a moment, stopping just as you reach the door.
“What’s in the bathroom? More flowers? One of those big, fluffy teddy bears?”
“M’not gonna tell you! You gotta go in to find out!”
Flipping on the light switch has you gasping at what you see. A heart, entirely made from more red sticky notes, each one embellished with reminders of his love for you. You stumble over words, trying to form a coherent response.
He senses your shock even through the phone and graciously gives you a moment before asking, “S’the heart all wonky or does it look nice? Told them to make it as straight as possible.”
“’s beautiful! How did you have time to write all these before you left?”
“Finished up most of them last night after you fell asleep. They came to me a lot easier with my muse snoring next to me.” 
You truly don’t know what to say to that. You’ve never had someone be so bright and loud with their love for you and just this simple expression makes you feel so incredibly special and loved.
You know that emotion is flowing through the phone when he speaks again, softer and lower, “Y’sure you won’t let me fly you out here to be with me?”
There’s the sound of another voice before Harry barks out another laugh, “Jeff says m’proper miserable without you. He said he’d pay you whatever your salary would be for the next month just to have you here.”
“Tempting, but..” Harry knows how much you love your job and how such a long absence would jeopardize the career you’ve built, so you know he probably won’t mention it again.
“Technically it was gonna be part of my present for you, so..I’ll give you another clue.”
“How very generous of you, H. Will this one make me cry too?”
“Maybe. Knowing you, probably,” You roll your eyes but listen for further instructions, “Just remember I had to rush and there’s still a few I didn’t get to add but, go get your laptop.”
“What’d you do to my laptop?”
“Would ya just go get it? C’mon I’ve gotta hang up soon and I wanna hear your reaction before I hafta go.” 
“Alright, I got it. What now?”
“Go to your music library.” He gives you a moment to navigate through your programs, “Should be a playlist there with your name on it, lovie. Wait, are you already crying?”
“Shut up! Yes!” You wipe at your eyes with the hem of his t-shirt you’re still wearing as you try to read over the list of songs, “This is so sweet! The flowers, the candle, the heart and now this. Harry..I didn’t get you anything and you did all this for me. Thank you, I love you.”
“Love you more,” You can just picture the smug smile on his face, pleased that he’s done a good job of surprising you, “You can make it up to me later.” 
“Don’t push your luck there, H. You’ve just been forgiven, I still have time to change my mind, you know.” 
“I know. I wouldn’t blame you if you did.” You hear what you assume to be Jeff’s voice again in the background, “I gotta go, babe. I’ll try to call again later, alright?”
“Wait! I don’t get any more clues? Can you at least tell me how many more are left?”
“S’no fun for me if I give away all my secrets now, is it?”
Tumblr media
It’s only a day later when you find yourself in the kitchen, uncertain about what to make for dinner, eyes scanning over the ingredients in your pantry. Your laptop sits on the counter nearby, and you hum along to My Girl playing through the speakers, a song selected for you by Harry for the playlist he recently made for you.
You’re about to give up and heat up your leftovers from the Italian take-out you had treated yourself to the night before, when you spot the pack of Haribo gummy bears wedged in the corner. You almost have to stand on your tip-toes to reach it, and when you run your hand along the shelf you find another bag of sweets not far from the gummy bears. You smile down at the two bags, his favorite candy and yours sitting side by side.
There’s another of Harry’s red sticky notes on the pack of gummy bears: Being away from you is unBEARable. More of his cheesy jokes you’re sure he thought of himself. Your candy is void of any words, just another messily drawn heart, this time with your name in the middle. 
You decide to FaceTime him this time, wanting to see his face. It only takes 3 rings for him to answer, a tender “Hi, baby.” falling from his lips. The room he’s in is dimly lit, but you can still see him well enough to notice his hair is damp. His curls are more pronounced than usual, which was a sign he’d been too tired to much more than probably run his fingers through after his shower.
“Found another of your surprises.” You hold the candy up for him to see and he smiles.
“Better save me some of those Haribo, and not just all the colors ya don’t like either.”
You tear open the bag, sticking your tongue out at him before popping a few into your mouth, “I might, if you tell me where all the other surprises are.”
You can see him temporarily consider it, biting his bottom lip and meeting your gaze before he shakes his head, “Nah. I will tell you there’s only one more though..well, depends on how you look at it, but to me they only count as one.”
He mimics locking his lips, and you decide to drop it for now, knowing you would most likely have to trick or beg him to tell you later. You’d let him think he won. For now.
You roll the top of the bag of candy down, opening the cabinet to tuck them back into the same corner you found them in. They just didn’t taste the same without him there to enjoy them with you. Plus you still had a still had leftover garlic knots and mushroom ravioli you planned to dig into later.
“S’that the playlist I made for you? Sounds like it.”
The song has changed to At Last, Etta James’ voice filling the small kitchen, “Yeah. I love this song.”
“Me too. Reminds me of you love,” You sway a bit to the music before stopping, leaning forward to where your phone is propped on the counter, “Wish I was there t’dance with you.”
You try your best to hold back your emotions of missing him, but you imagine how he would rest his hands on your hips if was here. How he would spin you to face him and move his hands to rest on your back while he led you around in a slow circle across the floor. It wasn’t just his hands you longed for, it was the way he would bend to your ear to sing along to whatever song you were dancing to, especially one like this he knew you loved. You missed his voice in person, the way it would surround you with a comfort and peace you’d never be able to replicate with anything else. 
No matter what you do you can’t stop your thoughts from trailing to how when the song was over, he would lift you to sit on the counter and kiss your forehead. You’re wearing one of his hoodies tonight, and you pull the sleeve down over your hands to use to try to quickly wipe away any tears before he sees them. Once you feel you’ve reined in your emotions to the best of your abilities, you clear your throat before speaking again.
“I miss you, H.”
“I miss you too, angel.”
The music has changed again, Don’t Worry Baby by The Beach Boys lifting the mood enough you don’t feel so heavy and overwhelming with your yearning for him. You take a deep breath, planning to ask him about his day, but before you have a chance he says, “Go to your bedside table. The top drawer.”
“M’tryin’ to tell you where your last surprise is. Go to our bedroom and look in the drawer. I’ll wait.”
You flash him a smile before turning to make your way out of the kitchen, through your living room and down the hall to your bedroom. It takes a bit of searching before you uncover a stack of bright, pastel colored envelopes tied together with the same purple ribbon as the candle from the day before. You work quickly to untie the knot and turn the lamp on so you can read the front of each one. There’s 4 total; open when you need a laugh, open when you miss my hugs, open when you need a reminder of my love, open when you miss me.
You tear into the final one immediately, setting the others aside for later. It’s not very long, the perfect length to boost your spirit even further. Just the thought of him taking time to sit down and write his expression of love for you makes you grin, and has that same feeling of being loved spreading through you as it did the previous day when you saw the heart on the bathroom mirror.
You had almost forgotten leaving him on hold in the kitchen until you hear, even from 3 rooms away, the sound of him singing along to whatever song is playing now. You close your eyes, picturing for a moment that it’s a typical night when he’s home, darting around the kitchen while he makes dinner or puts dishes away.  
You make your way back through the house to him, envelope in hand. Each one had been a different color so the second he sees which one you have his eyes brighten, his smile growing bigger the closer you get.
“Of course you opened that one first. Did y’like it?”
You shake your head no, breaking into a laugh when you see the look of disappointment on his face, “I loved it. Very charming of you to do all this just for me, H.”
“Yeah? I did a good job surprising you then?”
You roll your eyes. This man and his need for praise was too much, but he was yours, and you were his and you would do anything to assure him that you loved him just as much as he loved you.
“You did an amazing job, really, Harry. I never expected you to be able to do so much so last minute.”
His mouth drops open in mock dismay, looking down and shaking his head, “I can’t believe you would ever doubt me!”
You don’t say anything, just shake your own head at his teasing, sharing a look of adoration before you look away.
“Hey, did I leave my lip balm there? The coconut kind I use before bed? Thought I had it in my duffel but I couldn’t find it when I got here.” 
“Yep. I used it earlier when I got out of the shower. Want me to send it to you?”
“Nah, you don’t have to, could bring it to me in person if you wanted.” 
“I would if I could, Harry.”
The tone of a new text from your phone startles you, and you try to suppress your elation as best you can at who it’s from. It’s Jeff, confirming the time of your flight he’d helped you schedule for the following day. Harry knows you too well, would instantly be able to read your face and be suspicious of what you were up to. You step away from his line of sight to let the thrill run through you, to let it fully wash over you so he wouldn’t see. You return as quickly as you can, brushing it off as if you’d just gotten a text from your boss or a friend. He was oblivious, none the wiser at what you were planning.
It was your turn to surprise him. 
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equestriagirl16 · 4 months ago
How bnha bois would react to loosing their small s/o w/ anxiety in a crowd~💥🥦❄️🔥⚡️🪨🩹
(Pt. 2, since y’all decided to blow up my last post I- thank yall so much👀)
Warning: this ones a bit longer, my brain went on x-games mode forgive me🙏
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya~🥦
Tumblr media
🥦- Let’s be honest when does he NOT worry about you, it’s a notorious fact that he’s protective asf so the fact that he’s with someone as tiny as you are you’re basically treated like a newborn child. The baby’s baby🥺
🥦- so when you two find yourselfs at the theaters to see the premiere of the new movie you both have been waiting forever to see, you both freeze at the sheer amount of people that were gathered there
🥦- you knew it was a highly anticipated film but cmon people there’s more than one screening! Your face kinda contorts into a mix between annoyance and discomfort. Izuku notices and takes your hand in his “Its ok angel, we can always come back.” He says looking at you with that token soft smile. N-NO you knew he wanted to see this movie so your damn well going to see this movie! Picking up on your determination Izuku becomes just as hyped and you both raise your joined hands and head in
🥦- which got uncomy REAL quick, people can rly have zero class sometimes but it’s fine you both are fine in fact your almost there...and-YES. “Ha, finally you alright pu-” you know how in cartoons when someone’s gone you just see their silhouette made up of dashed lines blinking? Yeah anyway-AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!
🥦- Alright think, this is your baby they know how to take care of themselves but they also hate crowds! What would they be doing rn? Phone! Check your phone! Surprisingly he’s the only one that thought to check his phone first if you were just lost or worst case actually kidnapped he knew you would send some kind of signal, and that you did. It’s just a text message your fine, haha he knew it aaaall along definitely wasn’t about to use OFA to leap towards god knows where looking for you ahaha👀💧
🥦- you texted him that you were near the arcade area and he books it over there, activating some of his quirk to quickly weave through people. He finds you sitting at a racing game hand against your chest trying to still your breathe but you seemed more frustrated than usual. “Heyyy puppy are you ok?” He asks kneeling down to you, you try to talk but it wasn’t rly working in your favor. Seeing this Izuku lightly grabs your shoulders and looks in your eyes “Remember the breathing exercises baby? Cmon you can do it. In..1..2..3..” You follow his lead, in five out five, after a minute you were calm enough. You tell him you were sorry and he almost laughs at how silly that is. “You don’t have be sorry angel, this is totally normal and I’m so proud of you for trying.” He smiles at you again, you grin back when he stood up and pecked you on the forehead. He takes your hand and starts to lead you out the theater. “We can come back for the second screening, besides I saw a sign for a merch sale a few stores down.” MERCH SALE?! WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!! Cue you jumping into his arms. ONWARD BROCOLI BOI! And he happily bunny lunges yall out of there
Shoto Todoroki~❄️🔥
Tumblr media
❄️🔥- now between your anxiousness and his poker faced nature towards the general public yall both are kinda on the same ‘if only I could live in a world without people’ agenda. Soulmate culture✌️
❄️🔥- so y’all were both out in a shopping district as he was spoiling you rotten after sooo much convincing. “Darling do you want to go shopping today?” “Sho we were literally just at the mall yesterday.” “I have my fathers credit card again.” “WELL SHIIIII-”👀
❄️🔥- so there you two were quite gracefully making your way through the square a few bags of stuf you didn’t even honestly need, but ya know they were pretty, in tow. Free hand holding onto Shoto’s arm that he offered you. You both were walking towards your favorite shop next but to both your dismay it was overrun by a sea of people who seemed to be going nuts over a sale. You both looked at one another with almost identical expressions of distaste “people, why’d it have to be people.😑”
❄️🔥- “It’s alright darling, we can always come back when it’s less crowded.” But you wanted to go there nowwwww, and the sale did look inticing, you convince him that you could handle this and him being your number 1 fan had the upmost confidence in you. He nods his head with a smile as a ‘Lead the way’ single so you do. However, it didn’t rly sit right with him how the moment you pushed through an inch of the crowd it seemed to have swallowed you whole but he could still feel your grasp so he allowed you to keep going
❄️🔥- move through people, hold their hand, move through more people, hold their hand, ok ok the doors right there, just keep holding their...hand..? Hand? HAND! WHERES HAND??????? BABY????
❄️🔥- now Shoto Todoroki isn’t one to panic, mans is as cool as ice(hehehe get it?...sorry). But when he does it happens very inwardly and very..very CHAOTICALLY. The type of guy to say excuse me AFTER he pushes you out of the way, which he did several times trying to look for you. You weren’t in the store and that made him delirious. What do I do? What if something happened to them?? Do I call Midoriya? My father? ....definitely not him. But they’re so much smaller I can’t find them like this. Unless. “💡”. A vantage point
❄️🔥- Shoto finds an emptier space and creates a small tower of ice to balance on as he looks over the crowd that was now staring back at him. Not that he cared in the slightest when he finally spotted you against the wall of the opposite side of the store. How did you get there? He didn’t care, he did however pull of a sick ice slide and flip on top of the shop roof and then descended next to you. He saw you hunched over and breathing heavy head in hands. “Baby?” He called you and you look over to him, you start to frantically apologize for disappearing. When you couldn’t feel his hand anymore and the crowd started to engulf you, you panicked and ran out in a random direction. You were gonna text him but... “Darling it’s more than alright, I know you would’ve contacted me but I’m just glad I found you first.” You try to smile at him but your laborered breaths were making it hard. “Can you tell me what you need right now, space or-” before he could finish you hug him suddenly. He was suprised but embraced you back warmly, he started to stroke your hair softly something he mentioned his mother did that always helped him to calm down when he was younger. The sentiment alone helped you to settle and before you knew it you were calm.
❄️🔥- “I think we should leave for now.” He says kissing you on the forehead, you agree and you both style😎 ICE TRAVEL BABY!!❄️❄️ A few towering steps of ice later with you in his arms and you were both halfway through the district again. When questioned about the sudden quirk usage by authorities. Shoto just flashed his hero license(and his dads card to sweeten the deal) and no further questions were asked, have a nice day sir😁 You both laughed at the interaction and spent the rest of your evening buying more useless items and stuffing your faces. Y’all recreate that lady and the tramp scene but with cold soba😂
Denki Kaminari~⚡️
Tumblr media
⚡️- sparky boi! The boi loves you and all your teeny tiny-ness, has sworn to protec the moment he saw you!💪
⚡️- very conscious and considerate of your feelings and tries extremely hard to stay in tune with them so you two can face the best and the worst together. While he considered himself the life of any party you couldn’t rly relate but that’s ok he’ll do all the interacting for the both of you! Precious bby🥺Basically your human battery, an introvert’s charging port if you will
⚡️- so for your next outing together why not a spontaneous late night skate park retreat(yes I believe in skater denki supremacy👏). Besides no one goes to the skate park at 1 am! ...There are people at the skate park at 1 am...a lot of people-WHY ARE YOU ALL HERE??? Sure he figured a few wayward souls would be here but you both could barely see the ramps with how many onlookers there are.
⚡️- apparently there was some sort of meet and greet with a local skate legend. That was tonight??? Denki could’ve sworn it was next Wednesday! Ugh-and he was planning on taking you then too but he wanted to warn and prepare you first. “I’m sorry babe I guess I got my schedule screwed up.” He says rubbing the back of his neck. Not the first time won’t be the last, but it’s fine why not kill to birds with one stone. Denki can see whoever this guy is and yall can continue on with your date afterwards, you rly didn’t want to compromise his fun for your comfortability...again. Mr. Chargebolt is way too kind so your gonna pay it forward. You tell him this and even though he tries to convince its alright you start dragging him into the crowd to find any sort of line. “O-Ok! But please hold onto me alright?” Easy enough, you got hope
⚡️- you both become instantly emerged in the different bunches of people, weaving past a few groups here and there. So far so good, until y’all actually got close to the make shift booth and the intimidation struck you(get it like lightning? No? Ok.) You’re not backing down just yet though, you look back at Denki who gave you a sympathetic smile as to say “you rly don’t have to baby.” Oh you has to baby! You keep walking through the tons of people, even Denki was a bit uncomy with the closeness. But hey! Finally! A line! Good job looking ba-BY????!!!!!!! BABY!!!! WHERES THE BABY???!?!?!? YOU WERE LEADING HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN?!?!?!?!!!!
⚡️- nonoNONONONONO GOTTA FIND THEM! HAS ANYONE SEEN MY BABY?!?!?!!!-THAT MOTHERS ADRENALINE IS KICKING IN-BABY?!?!! Cool your jets Kaminari just THINK, use your brain. You felt their hands up until the line..they probably lost you..they hate crowds...crowds..away..AWAY FROM THE CROWDS!! Denki bolts out of the line and the sea of people again looking past separated crowds to find you. Occasionally asking strangers if they’ve seen a yea high person that was holding his hand when y’all got here. “Oh no, what do they look like?” “Beautiful🥺” chile anyways-spinning and turning this man is close to panic mode until he saw something illuminate in his peripherals. Is that? YES! He say you kneeling down next to a tree across the way near some benches. The light was coming from the overheads shinning against the gem studded lightning keychain he gave you that you had on your backpack that he also may or may not have polished for hours before gifting you so it could “Be like I’m lighting your way even on the darkest days.😌” cheesy mfker😂
⚡️- “BABE! OH MY GAWD!” He says dramatically trotting towards you, you look up at him panting with a pleading look. “Hey hey heyyy, you’re ok spark plug. And if your not you can tell me.” He kneels down next to you hesistent to touch you in case you needed space. You tell him that you just need a quick breather, and with that he plops down next to you saying he’ll breath with you. In....and out...In a few minutes or so you were calmer, especially after you felt Denki’s fingers rub against your hand for a small bit of comfort. You tell him your sorry you couldn’t handle it, you just rly wanted to do something for him too. He comes closer to you “Are you kidding me babe?! You did more than enough for me tonight. You tried and it didn’t work out but that’s ok, as long as you keep getting back up again.” He says this while moving some hair from your face, you knew that he knew more than anyone the complex process of failing and rising past it so you appreciate the sentiment smiling at him. “And it’s more than alright if it takes you a minute, you take all the time you need firefly.” Firefly? That’s a new one, out of several. “Hehehe I got the idea when I saw your keychain light up from across the way, that’s how I found you! You’re like my little firefly now, always lightning my way to you.” You shove him away at the last part giggling. CHEEEEEEESE STRAIGHT CHEESE🧀🧀, but don’t lie you love it. Even Denki admits to himself that that was corny af but he wouldn’t take it back for the world. You try and hug all the mushiness right out of him which of course didn’t work as he hugged you back leaning away to peck your face mercilessly. NOT THE ATTACK OF A THOUSAND KISSES UGH-YOUR WEAKNESS!! THERE GOES ALL YOUR LIFE POINTS DING! DING! DING! DING!(its suppose to be a yugioh reference btw😂). You fake faint in his arms which makes him giggle even more, ah your favorite song. After that you both stand hand in hand and decide to do some other late night escapade instead.
⚡️- “Cart rides slurpies and Cheetos?” This man. YOU LOVE THIS MAN! LET THE CHAOS COMMENCE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You both manically laugh towards the moonlight, so romantic😌🥰
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i-am-so-strange · 4 months ago
It’s Still You
a/n: here it is, my first one-shot after 5 years of not writing. I’m so sorry for the errors and I have been rusty lol let me know your thoughts and leave me some feedback privately so I can improve. ☺️ love y’all!
Jean Kirstein x Reader (Alternate Universe)
It’s been 3 years since Jean and I took different paths after graduating at university. I can still remember the promise ring he gave me, I eventually stopped wearing that since our relationship back then wasn’t clear and I got in to a relationship, not long after graduation was held and I had to fly to France for my job. It has also been a year since my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, he said he didn’t want to be in a long distance relationship, I respected that. I’m not desperate for one. But, I still kept the promise ring Jean gave. We went to the same high school, same uni and eventually almost the same course. I took [Degree at Uni] whereas he took history. We did a couple of units together, catch up during break times and hang out and studied at the library.   
We were best of friends since High School, I can still remember him confessing to me but he said that he is willing to wait until we are both ready, and have finished all individual plans. We had a lot of plans together, but we got too busy with our goals: we were focusing on our personal development, and  focused more on our career, so may be he has forgotten about the promise we made. That day I told him I’m dating someone, I knew and felt that it broke him. I stopped wearing our promise ring, but he still wore it for two months and later on, he has also stopped wearing it. But our friendship also grew cold because of that. Graduation came and his plan of officially asking me to be in a relationship with him was thrown out of the window as we entered  different pathways. 
France. This place was once our dream destination. I have been living here for almost a year now, and I haven’t been in touch with Jean in the last 3 years. I went to a cafe near the Eiffel Tower watching the sunset, I had a [type of coffee] and three pieces of macarons, having the thought of Jean in my mind, I simply cannot help but miss him. Does he still think of me and what we could have had? It was my fault for leaving, I did have regrets. I should have waited, I know it will all be worth it. Since I left, I started wearing the promise ring once again, hoping that I would cross paths with him again. 
“[Y/N]?” A familiar voice called from behind me. It must be just my imagination, maybe I’m hearing things. “[Y/FN].” He called my full name. As I turned around, I saw a man wearing a full suit, his ash blonde hair has grown, he now has a mullet and he grew his facial hairs. 
“J-Jean??” I mumbled, I stood up about to tear up seeing him here in France with me. I could not help it but I ran to him and hugged him, as my body pressed against him he spun me in that hug. 
“It is you!” he said, smiling. That smile I haven’t seen that smile in years, it fluttered my heart. “Are you crying?” he asked, 
“N-No,” I said, “I didn’t expect you to be here. It’s been years!” As we head back to where I was sitting just then, he sat right across me. “How are you? What have you been up to and what are you doing here? Gosh, I have so many questions.” 
“Slow down, we’ve got plenty of time to catch up,” He said, “I’m working here, turns out it’s at the museum you are also working in.” 
“For real?!” I said. Oh wow, here we are. We’re really fulfilling our dreams together, just like the old times, “Wow, what a coincidence that is.” 
“I really tried my hardest to get here, as I know this is your first destination to go to despite that you are with your boyfriend.” He said, “How are you two, by the way?” he asked, 
“We broke up when I moved here,” I said, “He didn’t want to be in a long distance relationship.” I saw him glance at my finger and so did I. 
“You’re still wearing it?” we both asked at the same time. 
“Y-Yeah,” he nodded, bringing his knuckles closer to him. Without noticing it, he grabbed one of the almond macarons I have on my plate and ate it, I let him have it. 
“How long ago did you more here?” I asked, 
“3 months ago,” he said, “I’m currently looking at a place to stay, my current place is a bit of a pain, it’s such a noisy neighbourhood.” 
I live in an apartment near our workplace and for some reason, my heart just jumped and uttered these words out of my mouth, “Why don’t you move in with me?” I asked, without hesitation, I just did. Abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Yes, my hopes of being with Jean in the end are still there and I can’t believe that he is here. 
“Are you sure?” he said, he blushed on my statement. Why is he blushing? Then it hit me, OF COURSE! How could I forget that this man liked me since high school, don’t tell me… until now? 
“Of course, I have a spare room in my apartment,” I said, I’m pretty sure he’s wondering I have two rooms. 
We walked around the streets of Paris and went to his apartment to get his stuff, he just had a suitcase and his laptop bag. Then, we grabbed an Uber to my place. As we got in my apartment, he placed his laptop bag on the couch. He took his shoes off and so did I. 
“There’s food in the fridge, you can just grab and cook whatever you like. There’s more at the pantry. That’s my room over there,” I pointed on the left side, “Your room is over there,” I pointed on the right side. He grabbed my hand and smiled.
“T-Thanks for letting me stay here, you know you didn’t have to.” he said. I smiled back to him and he let my hand go. He sat and rested on the couch, he let out a loud sigh. 
“Tired?” I said, I went to the kitchen preparing two mugs while I heat up water in the kettle. I put some instant coffee on our mugs, one sugar for him and one and a half for me. I frothed some milk as well. 
“Yeah,” he said, as the water boiled, I pour it in our mugs and stirred it, once I’ve done that, I poured in the frothed milk on both. 
“It just feels like we are living the dreams we have painted a few years back,” I said, handing him his coffee. He received it. He held his hands around the ceramic and took a sip. 
“We are,” he said, blushing. We talked until 9 PM catching up with one another’s life. He asked whether I own my flat, I said I’m only renting. He insisted to pay his share and we both agreed. He’s okay with all this? We haven’t seen each other in years, but here he is we are still close as if nothing bad happened in the past. He talked about how his mother tried to convince him to start dating women, but for the first time, he wasn’t in to it despite that he was the most popular guy in high school. Girls would crush over him and he likes it, and they would hate me for it because I was close to him. He looked at the time and noticed that it was time to hit the hay, he grabbed his suitcase with him in the room. As we has there, I can tell how surprised he was to see it clean. It was only consisting of a desk and a spare bed. 
“I did have this room just in case friends would come over,” I said “Who knew it’s going to be occupied now.” I added, “Feel at home, Jean. It was really nice seeing you again.” I said and went to my room. 
As Jean settled in his new environment, he began unloading his clothes from his luggage and hung it in the wardrobe. He took out his laptop from his bag and placed it on a table, however he noticed an open notebook and a pen on it. He can see a photograph underneath the page, he couldn’t help but pull it out. It was a photo of you and him in High School. A photo where he had his eyes fixed on you as you smiled brightly. On the sheet was an incomplete poetry he sat down and began to read it, 
It’s Still You. Date: 04/02/2021
I know it was me who went away, I have no right to complain for this was my choice
But somehow the days of the past seem to replay in my head again and again
The memory of you
I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to just leave
For you it may have felt that I threw our promises and plans together
If you will allow us to come back from the place where it all began
I wouldn’t want to miss a second 
Even if just a glimpse of you
I won’t hesitate to tell you that I am still in to you after all these years. 
Jean smiled. He grabbed the pen and began writing on the sheet. He feels it, You are still in to him. Just the thought of your promise ring being worn again, he never took his off, he was always hoping and praying that he’d cross paths with you again and today was that day. You were still in to each other. The next morning, Jean woke up before you, he prepared breakfast for the two of you. He was still in his pjs as he prepared it. He’s finally coming to his sense to confess his love for her once again. He had your notebook on the table on her side. The aroma of bacon and eggs sizzling on the pan filled the room. He heard a door open, revealing yourself who just wore t-shirt and pyjama shorts, you were wearing a bunny headband. 
“You’re up so early,” she said, 
“Good morning, [Y/N].” he greeted. You were surprised to see breakfast prepared for the two of you. Jean approached you with a cup of coffee in his hand, handing it over to you carefully. “Careful, it’s hot.” he said, then turning back to near the stove to check the dishes he prepared. 
“Thank you,” you took a sip and sat down at the dining chair. As you saw your notebook on the table, you placed your cup down on the table and grabbed it. “I was looking for this last night, where did you find this?” Jean approached the dining table with two plates of bacon and egg toast, he placed the plate before you and to his side. 
“It was in my room,” he said, he took a sip of his coffee and they both started to dig in, “You still write poetry?” he asked, 
You blushed, he peaked in it?? Oh no… 
“I-I’m sorry I may have read a few pages—“
“No, that’s totally fine,” You said, “I’m so sorry you had to read some of the horrible pieces I wrote.” 
“It’s actually quite good,” he replied. You turned the pages and found their photo in the between the pages that’s been already glued. You tilted your head, remembering that photo was not glued at all. At your peripheral view, you can see Jean blush a little. As you flicked the next page, your eyes widened as you found your incomplete poetry finished, finding Jean’s handwriting continuing it. 
I know I was a coward at the time, please forgive me if I got scared, I stumbled
I should have asked you sooner, I should have not missed the moment, I should have told you right then and there what I feel
Apart from my actions to show care and affections, I should have told you how I wanted you in my life permanently
How can I keep my distance you when my love for you can no longer be hidden
Forgive me if I can’t let you go
If you would allow me to stay with you for a lifetime
I would not want to miss the chance, I may have met many but you still stand out from the crowd
I won’t hesitate to tell you that I am still in to you after all these years
I can see it in your eyes, you still love me
If you only allow me to love you, let’s start afresh from where we drew our dreams
You looked at Jean, blushing fully. She felt a little bit of water escape her eyes, “Oh,” she chuckled, “Why are you making me cry first thing?” Jean quickly left his seat and wiped your tears away, he knelt in front of you to meet her eyes. He held your hands tightly, he was feeling your hands on his face and kissed your knuckles. “I’m here now, [Y/N].” he said. You noticed your promise ring. 
“You never take that off, do you?” she asked, 
“No, I don’t. Because every day I believed that we will see each other again.” he said, he placed his lips on your forehead, “how about we make this our wedding ring?” they both laugh at that thought. You slapped his shoulders lightly and you share a laugh. 
At last, they found one another again. 
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surielandiareendgame · 4 months ago
The Bet, Chapter Two
Day 1
Everything hurts. That was the first thought in Feyre’s head as she awoke the next morning. What the hell had happened?
Feyre sat up and blinked. Ah, yes. Tequila.
She climbed out of her bed, shuffling to the bathroom to try and locate some aspirin. Being new, she could only hope she got lucky in her search. She did indeed find a bottle.
Once she used the bathroom and brushed the smell of alcohol off her teeth, Feyre trudged out to the living room. Mor was still sound asleep on the couch. There was a McDonald’s napkin lying on the floor next to the couch, which Feyre picked up.
Reading the napkin, Feyre was reminded of last night’s events. Oh, gods, had she seriously bet $100? Making a living as a struggling artist wasn’t helped along by betting away money. Feyre refused to feel nervous, however. If she won, the money would help, even just a little. And she was going to win.
Seeing how legal and proper the contract sounded made Feyre giggle.
“So that wasn’t a dream, then.” Feyre turned to see Amren in the doorway, eyeing the napkin with a smirk on her face.
“I’m afraid not,” Feyre answered, grinning. “Perhaps as witness, you want to hold on to this?”
Amren snorted. “I haven’t known you long enough to tell for certain, but Morrigan would definitely lose that thing within minutes. I’ll keep it in my purse.”
Feyre handed over the “contract.”
“Whatshadoin?” murmured Mor, squinting up at them.
Amren said, “It’s Thursday. Don’t you have work?”
Mor winced. “I prepared for this. Took a late shift. As long as it’s before 3:30 I’m good. Um, it is, right?”
Feyre walked toward the kitchen and glanced over at the microwave clock. “It’s noon.”
Mor groaned. “Thank the gods. Goodnight y’all.” She closed her eyes again.
“I need to be at the jeweler’s soon. Goodbye, Feyre,” Amren said.
“You’re a jeweler?” Feyre asked. She didn’t know why she was surprised. The woman was covered in jewelry, even now. Had she taken it all off to sleep? Probably not.
Amren gave a smirk. “Couldn’t you tell?” With that, she strutted over to the door and left. Okay, so Amren was definitely an oddball.
Feyre entered the kitchen and looked through the cabinets to get used to the layout. Satisfied she knew where the basics were, she started making coffee.
Half an hour later, Mor plodded over to the dining room table where Feyre was sitting, reading a book. “Good gods, my head is pounding.”
Feyre smiled. “Yeah, I would be surprised if it wasn’t. I got you an aspirin.” She gestured next to her, where there was also a glass of water.
“You’re an angel, Fey. I don’t think I could survive without you.” Mor swallowed it and sat down. “So what’s the plan? I know you want to be an artist. How does one get about doing that?”
Feyre set down her book. “Well, I have enough savings to last me for a while as I get started. I checked and there’s a small space a few blocks down, good for an art studio. I’ve placed an offer and today I am going to paint. I’ll see how well the paintings sell.”
Mor grinned. “This is so exciting. I’ve seen what your stuff looked like before you majored in art; there’s no way anyone will be able to resist now. You have a real talent.”
Feyre was touched. “Thank you, Mor. That means a lot to me.”
“Oh gods, I’ve just remembered.” Mor burst into laughter. “Good lord, did we really bet you to keep away from my smooth-tongued cousin?”
Feyre snorted. “Call him what you will, yes we did. And I am going to kick your ass. Easily.”
“You say that now. We’ll see, dear, we’ll see...”
A knock sounded on the door. Mor had left an hour earlier for work and Feyre was setting up her art supplies in her bedroom, planning on starting a new painting.
Feyre walked down the hall and to the door. Opening it revealed... gods no. But alas, it was indeed Rhysand, in all his smirky glory.
“Mor’s at her cafe.”
Rhys’ smile widened. “I know, darling. I came to see you.”
Feyre rolled her eyes. “May I ask why?”
“You’re new. I thought you might need help settling in. Or just some company.”
She frowned. Feyre was still in the doorway, Rhys unable to enter. “I have no need of either of those things.”
“If you say so, darling.” Feyre’s mouth twisted into a scowl. “But now that I’m here, I’ve just remembered I let Mor borrow my earbuds the other day. I should probably get them back.” The damn bastard. What was Feyre supposed to do, tell him he couldn’t come get something from his own cousin’s apartment?
“Okay,” was all Feyre could manage without smacking him. She turned and walked away down into her room, certain Rhys wouldn’t follow her into her own bedroom.
There was music playing softly from Feyre’s phone, and looking at the paints and canvas, she forgot all about Rhys’ presence somewhere in apartment.
Feyre got lost in the melody of painting, the stroke of the brush, the twining of colors. She soon had a lake surrounded by a copse of trees. Nothing special, and everything was just outlines. Still, though, even after just a few minutes the setting was starting to take place.
“It’s beautiful,” a voice commented near Feyre’s ear.
She spun around to find Rhys hovering behind her. “Fucking hell! Don’t scare people like that. And it’s not beautiful; it’s barely started. And also, creeping about my bedroom? How long have you been watching me? Fucking stalker!”
Rhysand chuckled. “Sorry to frighten you.” He sounded anything but. “It took me a while to find these,” he said, dangling a pair of earbuds. Jerk had probably planned that. “I came to check on you before I left. And it is beautiful; it may not be finished, but you have some serious talent.”
Mor had said something very similar not too long ago, and it warmed Feyre’s heart. She did not want to hear compliments from him, however. Feyre gave a menacing scowl and elbowed Rhys, hard. That definitely didn’t count as a romantic or sexual manner, to quote the contract. “Still creepy. Haven’t you been taught basic manners?”
Rhys fake-pouted. “I’d ask the same of you. You haven’t exactly been civil to me. Why is that, darling?”
Feyre frowned. “You call me darling. You smirk too much. You... you just irk me.”
A startled laugh left Rhys’ mouth. For the life of her, Feyre couldn’t understand why he looked pleased by that. “I’ll see you around, darling.” He winked and walked - no, strutted - through the doorway.
Feyre stood there for a while, replaying the conversation. What an ass! Who did he think he was? This bet was ridiculous; it would have been much more challenging to not be allowed to punch Rhys. Feyre was starting to think this was a possibility. If he called her darling one more time...
Feyre needed to relax. She dipped the paintbrush she hadn’t set down into the cobalt blue and set to work once more, but no matter how hard she tried, Feyre couldn’t get Rhysand out of her head.
Mor got home late in the evening. She heard music playing from Feyre’s room and went in to check on her.
Feyre turned and smiled when Mor gasped behind her. “Do you like them?” She had finished the lake painting and was about halfway through a starry sky on a new canvas, similar to the one on her wall. Feyre had only paused once to get a sandwich, otherwise occupied with the freedom painting gave her.
“Feyre, I love them! They’re beautiful!”
Feyre scowled.
“Honey, that was a compliment. Why the long face?”
She sighed. “That’s the same thing your bastard of a cousin said when he stopped by. I can’t help but frown at the thought of him.”
Mor laughed. “He came over?”
“Yes, come to harass me. And don’t worry, the only touching that happened was when I elbowed him.”
Mor burst into a fit of giggles. “Why don’t you like him?”
“I don’t know, Mor. I should be making more of an effort since he’s your cousin, but there’s just something about him that gets on my last nerve.” Feyre sighed.
“He can be very... difficult.” Mor grinned. “Perhaps, though, that something is just sexual tension.”
Feyre rolled her eyes. “Trying to hypnotize me into making a move? That’s a low blow, Mor. And sure as hell never happening.”
“What did the napkin say, they may meddle as they please? Anyway, I need to make money somehow, darling,” Mor mocked.
Feyre frowned. “Call me darling again and I’m moving out.”
Mor just let out a tinkling laugh. “You’ll fall in love eventually. Don’t doubt that. All I have to do is watch and wait.”
“We’ll see about that.” Feyre turned, trying to hide the smile that appeared at her friend’s nonsensical antics.
“Yes, we most certainly will.” Mor left the room, leaving Feyre to her thoughts. Once again they were drawn back to Rhys.
He was arrogant, condescending, and just plain annoying. So why couldn’t Feyre stop thinking about him? Probably just the bet - now that money was at stake, Feyre couldn’t help but think of it. Yes, that was all.
She turned back to her painting, intent on finishing it so the two could dry overnight.
Feyre emerged from her room at ten, finally done with her work. She brought several paintbrushes out to the kitchen sink, needing to wash them. When she finished and walked into the living room, Mor was sitting on the couch, flipping through a magazine.
“Hon, have you had dinner?”
Feyre blinked. “Well... I suppose not. I get caught up in my painting easily.”
“Oh, trust me, I know,” Mor replied. “All of college I had to remind you to eat. There’s some soup on the counter I brought home from the cafe if you want it.”
Feyre thanked her, heated up the soup, and came to join Mor at the couch with the bowl on her lap.
“So, Feyre. About Rhys-”
Feyre interrupted, “Why are we discussing your cousin again?”
Mor grinned. “Don’t worry, I’m not trying to set you up again. I’m only warning you.”
“Warning me about what?”
“Rhys asked me for your number.” Mor was smirking.
Feyre scowled. “If you actually gave it to him... Oh gods, you did! Traitor! I don’t want him texting me.”
Mor replied, “I couldn’t say no to his puppy-dog eyes.” Feyre frowned, trying to imagine Rhys’ smirk transformed into puppy-dog eyes. She couldn’t. “And anyway, this will help along the process.”
“One more word about how I’m going to end up falling in love with his sorry ass and I’ll punch you, Mor. Can we please discuss something else now?”
Mor sighed. “Fine. What do you think of New York?”
“Well,” said Feyre, glad that Mor had relented, “I haven’t seen much, but everything seems great so far. The buildings are impressive, your cafe is lovely, and your friends are pretty nice. Most of them, anyway.” And just like that, despite his name not being mentioned, Rhys was back in the damned conversation. Feyre could only hope Mor didn’t choose to comment on this.
“Thank you, I’m glad you like my cafe. Also, let’s be honest, I know you were referring to my dear cousin, but the only nice person in our whole friend group is Azriel.” Mor smiled.
Feyre let out a snort. “Cassian seemed nice enough.”
“Cassian is many things. Nice is not one of them,” Mor answered.
“Well, I like him. Is he single?” Feyre asked, for the sole reason of aggravating Mor.
She scowled. “No, but... you can’t date him.”
“Are you going to provide me with a reason?” Feyre asked innocently.
“Fuck you!” Mor yelled.
Feyre just giggled. She wasn’t really interested in Cassian like that. He seemed like he could be a good friend to her, though. Feyre kept teasing Mor, even asking about Aziel’s relationship status at one point. Despite her best efforts, however, she couldn’t bring herself to want to flirt with anyone. Instead, Feyre’s thoughts drifted back to the violet-eyed man whom she hated so much.
Damn him. Damn his smirk and his irritating demeanor. Damn his mirthful eyes and... lucious lips. Fucking hell! Why did I just think that?
Damn it all.
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frenchbreads-writing · 4 months ago
If you're not too busy with requests, could I ask for a Enji Todoroki x male reader where Enji adds on to the reader's bad day and he makes up for it somehow? Love your work 😁
Hi y’all it’s been a minute, sorry this took so long I’ve been h*ckin busy lately so I hope this can make up for it a bit<3
I hope you enjoy!
Pairing: Todoroki Enji x Male Reader
Words: 2.5k (2,548)
Warning(s): Suggestive themes at the end
Requests: Open
Waking up, you gently wriggled out of Enji’s arms to get ready for your day of patrol. You quietly got dressed in your hero uniform and packed yours and Enji’s lunch.
You kissed Enji on the forehead before leaving the house, walking to your agency.
The day was nice, the sun was still rising and the light that shone over the horizon reflected beautifully off of shop windows.
There was also a chilling breeze that made you glad you wore extra layers underneath your costume.
The day was beautiful and you had a good feeling for the day ahead of you.
And that good feeling lasted about an hour.
Getting to the agency you were barely able to put your stuff in your locker before you were approached by a sidekick and ushered back out of the building being handed your pager which was buzzing nonstop.
A villain was wrecking a part of the city and you had the means to aid in capturing him.
After that, you were called again and again.
You could barely make it a block before getting a buzz in your pocket.
It was noon and you practically sprinted back to the agency for your lunch break.
You slumped down next to your locker and held your bag.
You couldn’t wait to eat the lunch that Fuyumi had made for you.
You opened your bag and saw your bento box was missing.
It took a moment for the confusion to set in after that you dug around and looking into your locker just to make sure.
You were sure you packed it.
You always triple checked before you left the house and you made sure to place it at the top of your bag this morning, so it guaranteed that it would be the first thing you saw when you opened your pack.
You sighed and closed your bag, hoping whoever took your food would enjoy what Fuyumi had prepared.
A growl from your stomach reminded you that you had a limited time to eat and you had already wasted a lot of time trying to make back to the building in time.
So you stood up and opted to just get a snack from a nearby vending machine.
Just as you finished your snack yet another buzz came from your pocket.
This was going to be a long few hours.
Constantly being pulled in several different directions now with civilians calling out to you in the street for your help you were run ragged.
Now you were sitting in the empty break room getting a much-needed moment of respite from your labor.
Pulling out your phone you thumbed through your contacts before pressing Enji’s number and calling him.
It rang a few times before Enji’s voice came from the other side.
“Hey, Firefly! How’s it going?”
“(Y/n)? I haven’t heard from you all day are you okay?”
You chuckled.
“Yeah I’m good it’s just been really busy today.”
Even though you tried to hide it, Enji could still hear the tiredness seeping into your voice.
“You could have called and I would’ve come in.”
“Ah, no, today’s your day off I could handle it.”
He opened his mouth to say something when a voice interrupted from your end.
“U-um pardon the intrusion Mr.(H/N) but two sidekicks are physically fighting in the locker rooms and you’re the only hero here right now.”
You let out a sigh.
“Hey, I have to go now, love you.”
Enji didn’t get to respond before the line clicked and the call ended.
He already knew that your agency was being slammed with calls the entire day and if seeing you all day on the news meant anything, it was that you were taking the brunt of it all.
Enji looked down at his phone to see a message from you.
“I’ll be home later tonight to make dinner <3”
He decided that he was going to be a good husband and make dinner.
After all, you did it all the time so how hard can it be?
It was a disaster.
He usually had Fuyumi and more recently you to prepare his meals for him.
He was internally panicking when the sound of the front door slamming shut made him jump.
“Enji, I’m home.”
‘Shit shit shit.’
He didn’t know what to do.
The closer your footsteps got the more he panicked.
“Hey, what’s that—“
You dropped the bags you were holding.
The kitchen was a mess.
He had managed to burn a pot of rice, some meat on the stove were charred a pot of noodles somehow were also burning even though they had been in the water.
Enji expected you to yell at him and scold him for being an idiot.
But instead, you quietly walked over and ushered him out of the way, turning off the flame, and simply dumping all of the unusable food into the trash.
He felt guilty you haven’t even changed out of your hero uniform and you looked so exhausted yet here you are cleaning up his mess as he just stood there.
When the kitchen was left with no trace of Enji’s cooking disaster you wiped your brow and sighed.
“I’ll start dinner when I get out of the shower.”
You walked upstairs without another word leaving Enji alone in the kitchen.
He felt like an idiot.
Instead of helping you feel better he just made it worse.
He looked down at the bags you dropped on the floor.
He stepped closer and kneeled down, opening them revealed that they were full of ingredients for Enji’s favorite kuzumochi.
You came home from a rough day and we’re going to do something to make him happy?
You were the one who needed to be happy not him.
He placed the bags softly on the counter feeling dread in his chest.
After your shower you proceeded to make dinner, now the two of you sat silently at the dinner table.
Enji didn’t know what to say. He already knew how your day went and judging from your expression you didn’t feel like talking.
So he continued to eat glancing at you from time to time.
“I’m finished, I’m going to bed now.”
You stood up and started gathering your dishes.
Enji jumped up.
“I’ll do the dishes.”
You paused and looked at him. The look in his eye told you that he wasn’t taking no for an answer.
“Okay, goodnight.”
He watched you once again walk away dragging your feet as you went.
He cleaned up the area and washed the dishes before he followed you upstairs.
When he made it to the room you were already fast asleep.
He climbed into bed and held you close.
The next day, you woke up sore but pretty rested. Which was pretty suspicious.
You stretched your stiff limbs until you heard the satisfying crack.
Rolling over, you landed on Enji’s side of the bed.
It was cold.
Of course, he had patrol today.
Speaking of hero duties you looked over at the bedside clock and gasped.
It was 10:30 am.
You jumped up from the bed but your foot got caught on the blanket which sent you sprawling out on the floor.
Cursing, you jumped up and rushed to the restroom and rushed through your morning routine, skipping steps as you went.
You rushed out of the room with your hero costume halfway on and ran down the stairs but halted when you heard something from the kitchen.
Enji should be at his agency and Fuyumi didn’t say anything about coming over.
So you peeked around the corner to see Enji standing at the stove, staring very intently at some eggs cooking on the stove, lips in a pout, and a YouTube tutorial on pause on his phone next to him.
He was also wearing a pink apron that you bought for him that he said he would “Rather die than have to wear.”
You couldn’t help the snort that came out.
Enji turned his head to see you with your phone out and snapping a photo.
He growled but didn’t stop you.
“What’s all this Enji? Also, why aren’t you at the agency?”
He didn’t turn around as he answered you.
“I called in and took another day off. I also did the same for you so you can change out of your costume now.”
You stood there confused.
“Not that I’m not grateful but why did you do that?”
His brow twitched.
“You over-exerted yourself yesterday so it wouldn’t be practical to do that again.”
You went to retort but Enji cut you off.
“Even if you say that you’re fine—“ he narrowed his eyes at you. “—I know better.”
You closed your mouth.
“Now change out of your hero suit or you’re not getting any.”
You wanted to help Enji with finishing the food but he placed his entire hand over your face to silence you.
He ordered you to sit at the table and you refused.
Enji leaned down and whispered in a raspy voice to change and sit.
Now, here you were sitting at the table in your pajamas blushing with a pout.
He walked in and placed a plate in front of you with a hash brown, eggs, and bacon.
He stood there and watched you expectantly.
“It looks good.”
You picked up a fork and took a small piece putting it in your mouth and chewing.
Enji sighed in relief when your face lit up.
“It’s really good Enji!”
You took a larger bite and Enji served himself.
After breakfast, he helped you with chores around the house that he usually wouldn’t do.
You had to monitor him and show him how to do some stuff but he caught on quickly and soon enough he shooed you away and finished everything up himself.
At lunchtime, he helped you prepare the food but he wasn’t allowed near the stove at all.
He was fine with that.
He watched as the day progressed you began to relax more and more.
The crease in your brow disappeared and the tension in your shoulders lessened.
When all of the chores were done, the two of you went out to pick up more stuff for dinner. When you passed by stuff in shops that you liked Enji insisted on buying it.
Even if you refused Enji just said that if you wanted it. Get it.
When you hesitated he just proceeded to grab whatever you were looking at and some other stuff you’ve been eyeing and brought it to the counter and just bought it all.
“Enji, You don’t have to spend money on me!”
He looked at you as he placed the bag in your hand.
“But I want to.”
For the rest of the store trip, he bought anything you were interested in.
What was supposed to be a quick grocery trip turned into a shopping spree.
You knew Enji felt bad for what happened last night and you weren’t mad or anything but you knew he wouldn’t forgive himself if he didn’t do anything to make it up to you.
Now, the two of you were in bed, bags of stuff on the floor, surrounded by a whole bunch of soft pillows, and blankets. Enji sat behind you massaging your shoulders while watching your favorite show and eating some snacks.
You snuggled closer Enji pressing your back into his chest.
He stopped massaging and wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing the nape of your neck.
You giggled and turned around, leaned in, and pressed a kiss to his lips before turning back around and continuing to watch the show.
Enji pressed his face into the top of your head smelling the shampoo that you always used.
It was calming and seeing you enjoy yourself as you watched the tv made his guilt from last night go away.
Both of you are usually really busy, so days like this were rare.
“Hey, Enji?”
He lifted his head off of you and hummed.
“You know, if you still feel like making it up to me—“ you turned around to face him. “—I have an idea of what you could do.”
His eyes widened and he sat up straight, listening.
Enji watched as you stood up from the bed and walk over to one of the bags on the floor.
You rummaged around and took something out holding it behind your back as you stood up.
“You said anything right?”
He nervously nodded wondering what you were planning.
You held up what was in your hands for him to see.
Enji choked on his saliva.
You held up a maid outfit.
His flames roared as his face contorted.
“What in the world is /that/?”
He said through gritted teeth.
You smirked.
“I think you know exactly what this is.”
“I am /not/ wearing that.”
You crossed your arms and pouted at him.
“But you said you would do anything.”
Enji silently cursed himself.
He did say that he would and seeing you pout so cutely he couldn’t resist.
He growled and stood up snatching the outfit and bag from your hands and stomped towards the bathroom.
“I love you!”
He grumbled as he opened the door.
“Be quiet.”
You grinned and sat on the bed.
This was gonna be great.
It’s been 30 minutes since he entered the bathroom.
Around the 15 minute mark, you flopped onto your back.
The sound of the bathroom opening made you perk up.
You let out an exaggerated sigh and sat up on your elbows.
“Finally Enji, what took you so lo—“ When you sat up, your jaw dropped.
Enji stood in the doorway, arms crossed, the maid outfit was nearly bursting at the seams.
The cloth over his chest was stretched taut. Going lower you see his thighs bulged through the thin fabric of the kitty thigh-highs he wore.
But what really caught your eye was the way his too short frilly skirt barely covered anything.
Enji swallowed the lump in his throat as your hungry gaze raked over him.
You motioned him over with your finger.
He walked until he stood right in front of you giving you the perfect view of the lace panties that barely contained what was hidden underneath.
You licked your lips and reached up wrapping your hands around his waist and pulling him on your lap.
The bed dipped from the weight of both of you on the edge.
He rested his weight on his knees as to not crush you and placed his hands on your shoulders to brace himself.
“You look even better than I imagined firefly.”
He looked away face burning brighter.
“Tch, are you happy now?”
You hummed.
Your hand went lower making him shiver.
But he yelped when the sting of your hand coming down on his ass with a loud smack.
He growled at you but you just gave him a sweet smile.
You began massaging his ass gently making him whimper.
“Y-you’re enjoying this too much.”
You chuckled.
“Well, the fun has only just begun.”
Enji shuddered at the look in your eyes and bit his lip.
This was going to be a long night.
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novemberandmay · 5 months ago
After All
Chapter 2
Chapter 1
As they boarded the plane, Marinette couldn’t stop freaking out. She was finally going to attend a school where she could focus more on her career and skills without being bullied! Well, she hopes she wouldn’t get bullied, anyways. It would suck if she attended a new school to escape her past bullies only for her to still be made fun of and hit.
“Ah! It’s getting depressing! No bad thoughts, Marinette! Focus on the good things! You get to attend a new school and have a fresh start! You have the chance of making new friends and working on our your language skills! You got this!” So with these final thoughts, Marinette fell asleep.
They’re flight was about nine hours long, which was very lucky for the Dupain-Chengs. It meant that nothing went wrong, since that was the normal duration for that amount of distance. No accidents happened, they didn’t have to change planes, they just headed straight for New Jersey. All was good. They woke their sleeping daughter up a few minutes before they landed, and headed out of the plane. The transitions took a bit, but it wasn’t too long. It was about 12 pm when they arrived, so the streets were full. After looking around for a bit, the family concluded that they should call a Taxi to pick them up, but look into getting a car later. For now, they would just have to make do.
Instead of going out to eat immediately, they headed straight for their new home. It was in a good neighborhood, which was surprisingly hard to find in Gotham, and was near a subway their daughter could use to go to school. The house it’s self was on the smaller size, but it was just right for the family of three. It would only take a bit of decoration before they could truly call it home.
“Maman! Do you want me to order pizza?” Marinette shouted from somewhere inside the house, exploring.
“If you could, Darling! Your papa and I are in the living room looking at furniture online, if you want to join us!” Her mother yelled back, her voice echoing just a bit.
“Kay, I will! Just lemme to call the pizza place! You want Pizza Hut or Little Caesars?”
“Pizza Hut, if you could, Sweetie!”
And then Marinette went off to call the place, having just googled the numbers. She ordered two pizzas, one with pepperoni and one without. Afterwords, she joined them in the living room, looking at furniture on her own laptop.
“Oh, hey, this looks nice. Should I get this?” Marinate asked her parents, looking up towards them. Sabine lowered her head towards Marinette’s laptop, wanting to see what she was talking about. It was a pink beanbag, but it was such a lovely color.
“Of course, sweetie! It looks so cute, just like you!” Her mother smiled, teasing her daughter a bit.
“Mamaaaannn!! Don’t say thattttt!” Her daughter groaned, her face flushed.
Lucky for Marinette, right after she said that their door bell went off.
“I’ll get it!” Marinette slightly yelled, quick to escape her embarrassment. Her parents giggling as she walked away.
So she headed off to collect the pizza, having already gotten her money from an ATM at the airport. She gave the man the cash, collecting the pizza, she thanked the man, before closing the door as he walked away.
Marinette headed back to the living room, pizza in hand.
“Food’s here!” She shouted, placing the food in front of them. So they went ahead and devoted half of the pepperoni pizza and a quarter of the cheese, wanting to save the rest for the next day. Marinette, on the other hand, was wanting to finished up eating so she could go to sleep before she had to go to school tomorrow. She was so nervous and wired up, she was unsure if she could rest before heading off to Gotham Academy. It was pretty late now, after all.
“Oh dear, look at the time! You should go to bed, sweetie. As should we, Tom.” Her mother said, just having looked at the time on her phone.
“..! I’ll go to my room then, good night maman! Papa! I love you both!”
“We love you too, Mari! Good night!”
“Good night!” Marinette repeated, trying to settle down her nerves.
So as she entered her room, she plopped down on her pillow, not tired yet. So she did as any good teenager would, and scrolled through Reddit. After reading a few boring posts, she falling felt tiredness settling in. She turned off her phone, but didn’t move from her position. She didn’t want it to end up being a false alarm. So she closed her eyes right then and there, hoping sleep would embrace her. And embrace her it did, it led her off to the land of dreams. Would she have a good one? A blank one? Or a nightmare? She hopes for the former, but she wants the middle one at the very least.
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Notes: Hi there! This is completely unedited and I worked on it at two different times, today and yesterday. I was gonna post this earlier but I fell asleep and I might as well post at 3 am! I have school in like a bit over 4 hours, so rip. I love all of you!! Have a great day y’all! Sorry if y’all wanted to see her at the school, but this is more of a “I need to fill in this part before doing that” kinda chapter/a filler chapter! Sorry!
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ain-t-bovvered · 5 months ago
Bumpy Road to Love 17
EDITED & COLLABORATED with @waywardbaby​​ ( a saint )
Pairing:  Dean x Reader
Warning:  The story keeps going back and forth in the reader’s present and her past, and from joy and carefree to angst and angst and also angst
Catch up here :  Part 1  Part 2   Part 3   Part 4    Part 5   Part 6Part 7  Part 8   Part9  Part10  Part 11  Part 12   Part 13  Part14  Part15 Part16
flashbacks are in italics
yeah this is not a drill! I’m back !  or at least I think lmao. I will certainly do my best. So I suggest a re-read of the previous parts, heaven knows I did, fter all this time I did lose track of the story.
I could write an essay of excuses for coming back so late but honestly with the times being what they are now....I honeslty can’t be bothered. I’m sure we all have the same feelings toward these times.
I hope y’all are in good health and safe!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3 months to V-Day 
The smell of chlorine and clean cotton is thick and humid. It pervades the air. It’s constantly there in the back of my throat, suffocating me. All I can feel is darkness and all I can see is shadows. 
They're everywhere. 
Around me… 
Near me...
Deep inside me… 
A tightness grips my chest. It’s not easy to breathe when I’m awake. Those rare moments that I am, anyway. 
Time passes without me knowing. I don’t even know what day it is or where I am. Blurred and faraway light merges with the dusk that pushes the minutes into hours and the hours into days. 
Sometimes muffled voices stir my conscience, distant echoes coming from a long tunnel, filtered behind a wall of liquid cotton. 
I can’t make out the words, but I know them. I know the tone, the inflection, the accent….
A horrid sound scratches my throat and tears open my lungs. The voices stop with a gasp and suddenly I’m prodded and poked everywhere and it hurts like a motherfucker. Something dry, hot and graceless grabs my hand, squeezing, and wet incomprehensible words bounce around in my head.
I don’t answer, I can’t answer and then everything that I am gets sucked out from reality and into warm, thick, dreamless darkness again. 
2 months and 20 days to V-Day
“He’s fine Mr. Winchester. You don’t need to be here all day. You should eat something.”
“He’s my brother, Ms. Moore. What else do you expect me to do?”
Out of nowhere I gain conscience again, behind heavy eyelids I can see shadows moving.
“I understand but you can barely keep your eyes open.”
“I’m fine.”
My lips quirk up in a mocking smirk.
“What are you reading anyway?”
“He’s… probably some boring ass, book.” I find myself whispering.
“Dean!” The prodding hands begin again but this time I don’t lose conscience.
“Hiya… S-sammy…” Even snorting is painful.
“Sam… I mean, Mr. Winchester.” 
A raspy feminine voice I don’t recognize admonishes, kindly. “I must ask you to wait outside while I call for the doctor.”
“But - ”
“I’ll come to you with the report on your brother as soon as the visit ends.”
I can hear the pout on my baby brother’s face.
A gentle hand squeezes my shoulder.
“Welcome back.” She sweetens the tone.
“ ‘Morning…”  my voice feels dry and dragged.
“Can you manage some water? I bet you’re thirsty.”
“Thought you’d never ask.”
Hearing her step away, I finally try to open my eyes. It’s not easy. They feel heavy and sticky but I manage to blink once or twice before she’s back. My vision is still blurred and feverish and I rely solely on the woman with the kind voice to carefully help me sit straight up. The movement seems to pull at every raw nerve exposed and a white hot pain sparks and burns in my chest.
All the air seems to be punched out and I’m left with no breath to even utter a sound.
“It’s alright, Lieutenant.” She adjusts the pillow behind me before helping me lay on it. “Just try to breathe slowly.”
I’d snort if I wasn’t sure that it would cause me to pass out.
After taking a few difficult sips and a lot of careful breaths I manage to rasp a few words.
“Wh - where...?”
“Just shy outside Calais, Sir.” 
She looks down at me and it’s warm and … God, I've missed how a woman’s smile could hurt. I watch in silence as she checks the dressing and tucks the faded blue covers under the thin mattress until she is satisfied with her work.
“Dr. McLeod will be here soon to check on you. But I’m glad to see you are awake.”  She checks my pulse with slender expert fingers and my vision focuses on a thin, elegant watch wrapped around her pale wrist. She seems relieved with how my ticker is working and tucks a blond curl behind her ear.
My heart pounds painfully and I jerk my eyes away. Images of another thin wrist holding a stopped watch fill my head. Two eyes streaked with tears… two lips whispering promises… two arms trying to hold on to me one last second. 
“Your family will be happy to hear the good news.”
“My… family?” I glance at the end of the room where I hear Sammy’s dragged feet moving,“ France… how?”
“Well, you have been …asleep for a long time. They just all showed up here a couple of weeks ago.”
“... who did?” 
I was just hoping. Maybe she's right here. Maybe I'll see her run to me from behind my brother… maybe I'll feel her close to me, hear her voice telling me that I'm stupid… see her scrunched up noise judging me so hard and everything will be ok… 
“Ah, your father and your brother.”
I’m such a fool.
“I swear, they were such a pain…” she laughs fondly, “but they never left your bedside.”
“... sounds like them.”
Such a damn fool.
“’s the Doctor.” 
She exclaims, looking at the far end of the room whispering “He’s a bit of a jerk but he knows his stuff.” She said the last words hurriedly before moving to the end of the bed. 
“Well, well, well! Look who decided to finally wake up…” 
A thick, English-Scottish tilt warms the sneering words. “How’s our sleeping beauty feeling today?” 
From behind the haze that's been covering my sight all this time, I make out a short, dark-haired man around his mid forties with a black moustache and beard. His whole ‘dark’ appearance being a harsh contrast to his white doctor’s coat. 
“Peachy.” I respond and my voice comes out sounding like a frog croaking. “Fantastic.”
This doctor’s tone feels slimier than Dutch mud on a humid winter morning but his touch is oddly human and warm and once again the duality of him seems almost too weird for comfort.
After his poking and prodding around, he starts talking again. “So Lieutenant…” he frowns and casually looks over my chart that is hanging at the foot of the bed, “... Winchester. How are you feeling?”
“Like someone decided to use my chest as a trampoline mat or something.” 
I ain't even lying. 
Not one little bit. 
He chuckles coldly. “That’s to be expected. You were lucky enough that the bullet went through and through.” His finger taps my chest over the dressing lightly and I flinch as my skin is still too tender to the touch. 
“Just a couple of millimeters up and your heart might have exploded. You were lucky to just have a collapsed lung due to the shock wave.”
He takes out a needle and I blanch, flinching the fuck away from it. I try to shake my head left and right to show my disagreement to whatever the hell he has in mind and a cruel amused smirk gives a new light to his face as he walks to the foot of the bed once more.
“ Now… we’ll just have to see if you are gonna be able to walk again. The bullet could have caused some spinal damage.”
I frown slightly as his words are definitely not sugar coated. He must have been absent when they were teaching bedside manners at medical school. Part of me likes it that way but I feel the icy, cold grip of fear as the nurse removes the covers, nonetheless. I have no time to prepare before he -
“Ouch, what the fuck man!” “Ah, good! ” he smiles, scribbling away happily on his damn stupid chart.
“You could have counted to 3 or something…”
“I’ve seen enough soldiers faking injuries to win a ride home. Sometimes hard measures are needed to … let’s say… break through the wall of lies.” The way he says it sounds like he enjoys those measures way too much. 
“... sounds like torture to me.”
“Tomato -  tomahto."
I shut my mouth before I give him any more reasons to have fun and wait until he finishes the rest of the visit. He closes the chart, the metallic klank a clue that everything he had been doing is finally over and starts walking toward the exit.
“You could at least give me a report…” I murmur at him and that makes him stop dead in his tracks. 
“Och aye, I suppose I have to.” He closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose like I annoyed the shit out of him. 
Well, the feeling is mutual, pal. 
“Your general condition is good considering the hole in your chest. You’ll have to stay bedridden until that is dealt with. Dressing changes and antibiotic treatments until that fever drops.” He recites it like a poem and it's obvious that he has used the exact same speech a million times before. 
“So, I will be fit to fight?” I sound sincere in my query and his eyebrows shoot up before he smiles, amused.  
“It’ll take you some weeks to be completely clear for duty. If there’s still gonna be a war by then or - ”
“Or?” “Your body being able to heal is one thing but your noggin…” he says and his index finger taps his right temple, “... well, someone’s gotta have a peek at that. For now, just think about healing and not causing me any problems.” And with that, he turns on his heels and leaves, making it abundantly clear that he won't bother with me any more than absolutely necessary. 
I avert my eyes and stare outside. I remember the trees being bare and dry the last time I checked. Now, a few timid sparks of green could be seen here and there.
“What month is it?” I ask much later, probably to no one.
“March, jerk.” I smile, my head still turned towards the window. “You forgot to throw me a birthday party, bitch”
A weirdly giant hand, gently squeezes my shoulder. 
“You were late.”
2 months to V-Day
Convalescence is a bitch.
Being stuck in bed all day, only being allowed to get up to take a shit or stretch my legs for a couple of minutes, sucks.
The bandages itch like a motherfucker and the hospital food is just fucking sad.
The strangest part is the normal silence that I have to endure everyday. Every sound I hear is either muffled by sturdy, brick walls or unshattered windows. No one is shouting orders and I haven’t heard a single German word in weeks. The coffee, the real one that I had forgotten the taste of, is always hot and I can wash myself whenever I want with warm water and even soap. 
Whenever I scratch or touch my head, I still get surprised with the feel of my hair being soft and clean, just to end up staring at my hands. Nails clean from mud and trimmed, knuckles no more chapped and red. It’s so strange to be able to open and close them without feeling like they are being stabbed because of frostbite, splinters or blisters. I have been repeating this whole procedure, day in and day out. Every time I do it, I'm a little scared that when I look down at my hands I will see blood there. Sometimes they shake, and I have to hide them under the covers, away from Sam and his quick eyes. 
Sammy doesn’t stop talking. 
He’s always talking, asking how I’m doing, asking questions. I do my best to answer him but I just really want a fucking break and my answers get kinda dry and clipped and I see how confused he gets. Normally, I would have annoyed him to stop him from annoying me. 
Sometimes I just doze off.
I get unfocused and my tunnel - like vision shuts off the world around me. In those moments, I barely register my Dad’s voice telling Sam to give me some space, to go get a snack or something. Then I just feel him taking his place and sit there in silence, waiting until everything sounds near and sharp again. Like, when you take your head out from underwater and you can blink and see clearly again. I see his intense gaze and it feels like he knows and I don’t, and it irks me to no end.
He just stares a bit longer and his eyes look older every time, until Sam comes back to end those silent conversations to which, I feel, I had never agreed to take part in. 
I can’t wait for everyone to leave me the fuck alone but then again, when that happens, after visitors’ hours, the eerie silence of the room makes me uneasy.
Apart from some little noises here and there that make me jump every time, nothing breaks the quietness. But when those sudden noises do sound, cold sweat starts running down my back, soaking my shirt and the only thing I can do is crawl under my bed wondering why the fuck I hadn’t dug a damn foxhole and why there were no warning flares in the sky.
It’s always calm, way too calm, way too bright and I feel exposed. I don’t trust it.
I use my hand to secure my helmet only to discover, to my horror, that I don’t have it. I must have dropped it. So I spend the night petrified, flat on the cold stone floor that doesn’t smell of mud, blood and gunpowder but of disinfectant and soap. 
The nurses ending their night shift usually find me curled up under my bed. After the first few weeks they know to just leave some coffee on the floor beside me until the scent gradually wakes me up. That's when I usually crawl from under my shelter, cold and confused, the hot liquid sloshing around, threatening to spill. That's when I grip the mug tighter to stop my hands from shaking.
1 month and 15 days to V-Day
“Ah, the fever broke during the night. I’m so glad.” 
Ms. Moore smiles brightly and when she does, it shows her real age. Months of war and seeing men in pain, have aged her eyes and marked her forehead but, it was when she was happy that all that faded. Jess, as I learned, was way younger than I had anticipated. Volunteer nurse with basic training brought here to aid with the unbearable number of injured during the worst of the conflict. 
I can always guess my diagnosis before she speaks. It's so easy to read her, especially when that clueless, disaster, brother of mine is around. I’m pretty sure they are close in age. Still, she looks more mature. Girls always do anyway. Especially those that have lived through a lot.
I watch in pity as she blushes at Sam’s clumsy attempt to flirt, sighing exhausted at the way he tries to pry her away from her duty for a break. Not that it’s a bad idea. She’s been monitoring me every day for weeks, making sure my fever has been under control. 
“Hey, Jess…” I sigh again, a weak smirk stretching my chapped lips, “...the fever is gone. I think you deserve a little break. Sammy, why don’t you read her that boring book so she can take a nap. She’s been up all night watching over my sorry ass.” 
Her cheeks flush when Sam smiles at her.
“Yeah, Jess. Maybe you could teach me some French!” 
He grins, watching her with those hungry, for knowledge, eyes. Sam and his puppy eyes… she has no chance. She tosses a worried glance my way and I just raise my fingers in a victory sign.
They walk out of the room, Sam’s quick flow of words fading down the corridor and I sag against the pillow in relief. 
Being late in the afternoon, there’s still a lot of activity around the hospital. People walking past my door pushing steel carts, their wheels bumping over the indentations of the tiled pavement, making the glass jars clink against each other. Hushed, muffled voices, doctors and nurses discussing diagnosis and medical care. All that gradually fades in the background, as if a soft, sheer curtain has been drawn over everything. 
I blink and everything looks kinda unfocused with soft, blurred outlines melting into each other. The room falls into its own silent bubble. In the distance, the sound of a vivid spring grows louder, birds chirping, buzzing of insects and the melodic sigh of the breeze through leaves. 
No… not sigh… it’s more like a humming… someone humming a song.  A pair of heels click softly on the floor.
“Those two look cute together.”
“She’s too good for him.” I snort, looking out the windows, basking in the spring sun, its warmth kissing my face. I have started taking some time outside especially when the weather is warm. My skin is delighted to get sun kissed again after months of shadows, rain, cold, snow, mud, blood, gunpo-
“It’s nice outside.” 
The window opens and a gentle breeze, carrying the scent of sea and wild flowers, dances between her hair. 
“Would you mind closing that? If I so much as sneeze twice, I’ll have nurses poking at me all afternoon.” “Aw, such a grumpy, old man.” Her laugh plays like a wind chime inside my heart and I touch my banded chest.
It hurts.
I grumble nonsense as I reach for my cigarette and lighter behind the bedside table, where I had hid them, wincing slightly at the tightness of tender, bruised skin. The wound has started to heal nicely. Once the inflammation started to subside, the scabbing process has been as annoying as anyone could imagine. I want to jam my nails, pencil, teeth, a book’s corner in my chest. Anything to make the itch go away.
Jess has threatened to put my whole chest in a cast if I even come close to the thought of scratching over my bandages. 
The flick of the lighter and the quiet sound of tobacco sizzling as I inhale, fill the room together with thick,white smoke making everything even more hazy and distant. Like a dream right before waking up.
“You shouldn’t smoke in here.” She frowns, her eyebrows critically knitted together in disapproval.
Rolling my eyes I reach for my book resting under my pillow, looking for the dog ear marking I made last time. That chapter was giving me a headache with all those numbers and formulas. I just need peace and quiet to go through it for the third time. Time passes chewing on the pencil and scribbling notes and then I slam against, yet, another difficult problem. 
“Ugh, fucking hell!” I mumble annoyed, biting the pencil and scratching my head in frustration.
A giggle coming from the door smooths my sour mood, just a little bit.  
“Here, I brought some coffee. What are you reading?” she asks, sitting down on the bed, as I scoot my legs a bit, giving her some room.
I grab the mug and take a sip grimacing. It’s cold.
“Math and shit.”
She scrunches her nose in repulsion and I softly laugh before taking another sip of cold, stale coffee. I stare at her raising my eyes over the mug. The tangerine sunlight of the golden hour makes her skin smooth and peachy. Her eyes softly blink and she inhales content, bathing in the warm, spring glow. I follow her gaze outside.
“They’re gonna be back soon.” I say, resting my eyes on her profile again.
“Yeah … ” She exhales, slowly turning her bitter gaze at me.
“You shouldn’t be here.” I add, raising my fingers to graze her cheek.
“You called me.” 
Her frown hurts and she shrinks away from my touch. 
“I didn’t.” 
My jaw tightens as my hand closes in a fist, nails digging my skin.
She quickly walks toward the window again, her silhouette dark with the sunset light bleeding behind her.
“You need me.” 
My lips draw back in a snarl, “I don’t need you!” “Jeez Dean, I just came back, you don’t need to be such an ass - wait…” Sam stops and sniffs the air. And it’s like someone just hit me with a bucket of frozen water. I catch a breath as the sharp sounds of everyday life scream in my ears, the colors are cool and septic again. Jumping slightly from the scare, I slowly catch my hand covering my heart as it throbs painfully, my dog tags jingling.
“Did you smoke again?” Sammy’s voice is clipped and angry. “I thought I had found them all! Where are you hiding them now, uh?” He quickly walks over the bedside table drawer and empties it over my lap. Sam’s angry mumbles come muffled at my ears as he looks for my secret stash that I know he won’t find anyway. 
My eyes, fixed unfocused toward the window, don’t catch Sam’s clouded expression as he stares at my trembling hands holding the cup of coffee he had brought this morning.
12 days to V-Day
“Heya Doc, so when are you gonna write me down fit for duty ?” I smirk plopping down tired on the leather couch, hiding a wince. The wound did heal nicely, but there was this damn stubborn little discomfort from time to time.
“Well, are ya?” “Look at me” I say opening my arms, flexing them. I did lose some mass being stuck in bed for almost two months and if only the hospital food wasn’t that disgusting I would have gotten fatter.
“Mr.Winchester…” she says, her tone not amused. She pushes her cat like glasses up the bridge of her nose trying not to show that she feels as she has been treating a small boy, her crimson lips twitching slightly, nonetheless. 
“My so - I mean, Dr. McLeod has already notified me.” 
She closes the manila fold she has in front of her and rests her chin on her hand, giving me one of her sharp, reading stares. 
“Physically there is nothing wrong with you - ” “Great, just a little sign right here.” I point at the end of the document I have in hand. 
“- still...”  she raises her steel voice, “...I find your sleeping schedule… troubling if I say so myself.”
Damn it.
“Is it something that would prevent me from serving my country?”
“Well...not really, but - ” “Can’t see the problem then.” Reaching forward, I slide the document on the desk but she resists, pushing it back.
“Your behaviour is highly unusual for someone who claims to be ‘fine’.”
“I do sleep.” 
            ‘Oh please!’ a warm breeze whispers in my ear. I twitch to the side, ignoring it.
“That you do, yes. But what if I send you back and you get no sleep at all. Think you could handle that kind of stress?” “I think I can handle that better than doing absolutely fucking nothing all day. Come on Rowena, you know I’m good to go.”
           A mocking snort brushes against the nape of my neck.
She takes off her glasses and pinches the bridge of her nose letting out a long stressed breath. 
“Dean… you are such a headache.”
          ‘Oh, I like her!’ A soft giggle tickles my cheek.
“Thank you.”
Shooting me an annoyed eyebrow she sighs.  
“Och, you are barely above the minimum asked to be reinstated in action and I know that you are not telling me everything that’s going on inside that pretty little head of yours but I can’t force you unless you give me a motive to be concerned about you harming yourself on some level. Lucky for you, you don’t give off those vibes.” She pauses and walks up in front of me, hips against the desk. She crosses her arms and looks me straight in the eyes. “Tell me Dean, why are you in such a hurry to go back?”
“My men are waiting for me… ’s all I’m good at. Protecting my family.”
“Your family is here.”
“... They are also my family.”
She sighs again, knowing that she can't  tell me anything to make me change my mind. Sammy has already tried every time it comes up during a visit. 
“Dean…” she says in a warm tone I have rarely ever heard from her, “... are you really okay?”
We stare at each other for a long time.
“I’m fine.”
She closes her eyes defeated. “Alright lad. I will not sign that paper right away so don’t get your pants in a twist just yet. I’ll take another look at you in two weeks and see if there is nothing more that I can do to keep your fine tush here.”
Satisfied with the compromise, I mock a bow and quickly close the door behind me, sauntering happily down the windowed hallway that looks out into the indoor garden. The last sun of April is hitting hard on the glass. The whole place is bathed in a sharp white light, the air is hot and stuffy. I stop, with the idea to open one of the windows to get some air. My hand stops when I see Sam and Jess sitting in the shade, having some snacks and reading from the same boring book as usual. My jaw clicks thinking about Sammy’s reaction two weeks from now when I’ll be sent back, carrying the regret of his disappointed face that’ll haunt me on the front lines. 
I’m just the worst. 
Still, I've thought about my men, Benny and the Tran kid, then back at Sammy again and-
I stare at my reflection.
Right then, a hand creeps over my shoulder, sliding across my chest, resting over my heart. Another grazes my collarbone, tracing up to rest on my neck. 
“You are such a bad liar Dean.” 
Her soft whisper sends goosebumps down my spine. I look up and meet her eyes in my reflection . 
“Can’t stay away sweetheart, uh?” “I only come when you call for me.”
“I didn’t.”
Her hand squeezes tightly around my heart. 
“You did.” 
The other hand closes around my neck, making breathing a tad more difficult.
Despite all that, my back relaxes into her embrace. I’ve gotten accustomed to this kind of warm pain.  
I find solace in it.  It wraps around me at night, keeping me awake most of it. Awake but safe. I am exhausted but free from the nightmares.
Tumblr media
V-Day comes on a Tuesday, just before I am to be cleared for duty , like a thunder on a clear day. 
Eh, just my luck.
The celebrations go on for what feels like days. The whole hospital is in turmoil, people leaving, some drinking themselves stupid, nurses and those soldiers who could walk, dancing in the hallways, some soldiers crying, others just staring at … well … anything and nothing.
Me, I honestly don't  know what the fuck to do with myself as I stare down at my honorable discharge papers. 
“You’re not happy.” she whispers in my ear.
“I am happy.”
“You know Dean, sometimes you oughta be more sincere with yourself.”
“ … ” 
The paper creases under my white fingers. “Admit it … you wanted to go back.” Her scent wraps around my neck again and suddenly it’s hard to breathe
“You miss it.” “Stop it.”
“You miss the cold, the dirt, the blood, the screams -”
“Shut up!”
“Remember how it felt? The way it was pure instinct? The way you felt alive, more than you had ever felt before. It was kill or be killed. Now you just have… nothing else to do.”
“I said shut up!”
I violently flinch away from those thoughts, clashing against the hospital tray still beside what has been my bed for months. “Dean?” Comes Sam’s startled yelp from the door .
“Oh…” I squeeze my eyes shut, fists slightly trembling before taking a deep breath. I feel my shoulders relaxing as her scent now faints in the air around me and I already miss it. 
I gulp and turn around, stiffly. 
“Hiya Sammy. What’s up?” He throws me a strange look and my grin widens forcibly and uselessly because I know I haven't  fooled him at all. Sammy is something close to a carefree kid, but he is brilliant and there is only so much I can do to hide from him what is truly going on. He knows and I know that he knows that I know. Still, as not to betray the Winchester ways, everything is fine. 
I see him walking closer to me as I get busy with grabbing the last of my stuff, and he beats me to the raggy duffel bag swiftly slinging it over his shoulder before I can even protest.
“Come on, Dad’s waiting.” He says and then he quickly looks at me from head to toe,“Looking dashing, Lieutenant.”
“Ah… ” I grin, tapping the cap in a mock salute,“... Well, I gotta play my part for those nurses’ fond memories, ya know? They’ll always remember that dashing American that broke their -”
“Patience, probably.”
“Hey!” I protest, ruffling his long hair. The kid really needs a haircut and to stop growing. Since when did he get so tall?
Sammy swats my hand away and glances at me annoyed. Once more, his eyes linger on my collar and then my chest before turning around and walking away. 
“Let’s go before we miss the boat.”
Clicking my tongue, I throw a last glance at the room and then I catch my reflection in the mirror. The Ruptured Duck pinned on my lapel shines coldly and the lozenge emblem Jess had carefully stitched for me, feels heavy on my chest. 
The curtains flutter softly and a breeze brushes against my cheek, warm and soothing, still carrying the faint sweet scent of meadows flowers.
“Let’s go home, Dean.” 
Almost an insufferable week later my feet finally kiss American soil again. My mind tries to remember the last time I did that as I breathe in the same air again, only to double forward, dry coughing as an invisible weight presses against my chest.
“I’m good … .I’m good … ” I say, swatting away Sam’s hand. Straightening up, I raise my chin, and clench my jaw as the sun shines brightly and mercilessly over my uniform. I snatch my duffle bag from his shoulder, struggling to have the same reach and stretch I had before. I see Sam trying to help only to be stopped by Dad’s glare. Once I finally manage to sling the damn thing over my shoulders, I turn around.
“Well … the hell y’all standing there for? I’m craving steak and a damn can of good ‘ol watery american beer. It’s been far too long!”
“Ah! That’s my line boy. Get your ass in the car so we can get the hell out of here.”
Bobby’s voice eases the lump I have in my throat. He is waiting impatiently, half out the driver’s seat, the old girl’s engine already running and spluttering. 
My grin almost splits my face in half. How I've missed that crusty old man. He was with Sam and Dad in France, but had to come back before I had woken up to re-open the shop.
“Hiya Bobby. Still a grumpy asshole I see.” 
I walk up to him and I see him staring at me like he’s searching for something in my eyes and I try really hard not to fucking cry because we don’t do that here. Whatever he reads in them seems to hit him kinda hard because his lips tremble slightly as he exhales before a thin, sad smile graces his stoic face. He raises a warm, trembling hand patting my cheek hard and then squeezing my shoulder tight. That’s all he does and all he lets me see before he snatches the duffle bag and walks around to the trunk, his figure hidden. We all get in the car and when Bobby comes back and sits, he slams the door a little too loud and his eyes are a little too red to be just hay fever.
Tumblr media
I have lost count of how much time has passed since I’ve been forced into civilian life, I have lost touch of how it was before anyway. Nothing has changed and yet everything is different. Or maybe I’m the one who’s different.
For anyone like me, going back to their usual lives just…. feel wrong.
You try to reconcile with your past self as it was before but as you get forced into a new schedule,day by day, by day,  the hard reality starts to sink in. 
The world kept turning, life’s went on without any of us. It feels diminishing, like in the grand scheme of things, your own little existence, in your own little corner of the world, didn’t matter.
It was like trying to jump on a running train, the sooner you get on the better, and the question was, were you running fast enough? 
I had no time to dilly dally on whether I was ready or not, I had to jump on that train as soon as I could, with Sammy graduating and on his way to college soon, all I had in my hands was time, and having too much of it not knowing what to do with it, to be with myself was the worst possible scenario. 
So I throw all my energies into the shop, I have to make up for all the time I had lost and all the work Dad and Bobby put on them while I was away. It worked just fine for a couple of weeks, my mind was busy, my body, under the strain of work, started to regain some of the muscle mass I had lost during my hospital stay, my hands are smeared only with oil and dust.
Nights are....difficult.
There’s just too much silence, the bed far too soft for comfort, most of the time I’d find myself on the floor in the morning, some I wake up sitting against the wall, neck,shoulders and back hurting, familiar aches that I recognise. 
I walk the house perimeter, making sure everything is normal. Back and forth for hours, checking for weak spots.
“Weak spots?” Sam had asked once.
“Yeah...” I had responded, mouth full with scrambled eggs, “I mean, the east corner at 13:00 it’s just plain useless, it needs some sturdier palings.”
“Dean, what are you tal-”
“I’m gonna grab some after breakfast. Got some time today.”
“Truck’s keys still in the same spot?”
“Yeah.” He looks at me tilting his head, a dumb toothy grin on his face, “You sure you remember how to drive that?”
“Ah-ah” I get up with my plate before flicking his forehead, “I see you definitely forgot how to be funny without me around to teach you.”
The town hasn’t changed, but everything feels different. Everyone seems to be walking with a different kind of weight on their shoulders, smiling in a friendly way but less warmly. The buildings are all there, but fewer shops are open. I walk swiftly and sure with the cadence I’ve got accustomed to. Occasionally, I cross other men’s eyes, and see myself in them. A nod, a touch of the head, or nothing at all, and we all go on our way. 
On the road back I feel like myself again. As always the road calms my heart and clears my mind. Without thinking I take the long way back and I really shouldn’t have, but I realised my mistake too late.
When the road bends smoothly, stone wall covering my right sight almost like a shield, I unconsciously slow down. My heart on the other hand does not and it seems to beat more quickly as my hands grip the steering wheel tighter.
An eternity and too soon after, the stones make way to an iron gate and my car stops abruptly.
Taking a deep breath, I kill the engine and reach for the door handle. My hand is shaking  and I take one more deep breath. I pull the handle and the loud creaking of the door as it opens sounds like my last chance to leave. I climb out and I inch closer to the big entrance, my steps slow and unsure like that first and last time I walked the exact same path.
I stare wide-eyed at what once seemed an unreachable entrance, a clear and defined border between her world and mine. Touching the cold metal I peer between the bars, trying to catch a glimpse of the residence and any sign that someone could be inside.
There is plenty of light and the weather is warm enough to enjoy a quiet day on the porch but no window is open and the porch seems empty and barren. Gone where the chairs and table and it looked like the place needed a sweeping. Shifting my eyes to the second floor I get the feeling that the windows must have not been opened in quite some time. The wood looks chipped and consumed by the weather, as if no one repainted it in a long time. 
I look around at what once was a perfectly kept garden but the grass is now yellow and overgrown, the edges are not defined and too high. The shrubs once overfilled with flowers, are now barren and unkept.
From what I can see everything screams abandoned and as I let my hand fall I can see pieces of rust clinging to my cold sweaty skin. A nasty feeling creeps from the pit of my stomach.
I find myself running to the back of the property and I climb over the lower part of the wall, definitely trespassing, definitely not thinking about what I am doing, definitely panicking.
Now that I am immersed in what once was a lush proper garden, the reality of what I suspected hit me. No one has cared for this place in a very long time. I slowly make my way toward the house in a daze, one hand wiping the rust off on my jeans as my heavy steps sink into the silent overgrown lawn.
The closer I got  to the house the more I see signs of ...well nothing. No movements, no curtains being drawn, no doors opening, no one passing by the windows.
Reaching for the glass backdoor, I carefully peek inside.
“What are you doing here?”
“What the-” with my heart skipping a beat I turn around. 
No one. 
Ah, of course.
I can’t see anything past the drawn curtains at the windows so I just knock like an idiot.
“It’s pretty clear no one’s been at home for some time. What are you even knocking for?”
Ignoring the voice, I try the knob unluckily. 
Curiosity, and I don’t know what else, take charge and  I pull hard. With little to no effort, the lock cracks and the wood protests as a bunch of splinters fall on the floor and the door flings open.
“Sure. Just break and enter my home as you please, I guess.” I hear a sarcastic snort in my head.
I stay glued to my spot as I take in the smell of musty stale air, the darkness and generally the emptiness.
“Mr. Winchester.” 
I remember that night. The uncomfortable suit, the starched shirt scratching my throat and the way my hair felt heavy and greasy with pomade and the tight forceful grip as I shook hands.
“Would you like a drink?” The sneer in her voice
“No, thank you, ma’am.” My tone was so calm and collected, covering the nervousness and anxiety.
“Good evening Y/N.”
And I see her there, staring at me confused.
A giggle snaps me to reality.
“You looked quite ravishing that night. All suited up like a perfect gentleman.”
“You looked completely terrified that I would fuck things up in someway.”
A blur of tulle swishes past me, “Oh, I hoped for it, really.”
I turn around and I see her standing by the door, so beautiful in her puffy skirt and shiny heels. I silently walk up to her. 
She leans back and I remember her warmth against my chest, the smell of her perfume and too much hairspray and the way her skin felt soft and smooth under my lips. 
Before I can indulge more in that memory, a clacson far off in the distance puts an abrupt end to that hallucination. 
That rude, abrupt sound makes me realise that I shouldn’t be here, that I have no reason to be here. 
That what I may be looking for is not here anymore.
I hurriedly retrace my steps and get out of there , walking in a hurry, twigs and long strands snapping at my ankles and knees, sharp blades of grass scratching my hands.
“Thanks for escorting me home, Dean”
I freeze.
Nails digging in the flesh hidden in my fists, I can’t stop the shaking of my shoulders as I slowly look over the porch again.
She’s there, glimmering in the sunshine that seems coming from her alone, a rosy blushing smile on her face, looking composed and perfect as always. She perches on the rotten wooden rail, waving her hand and I can’t move at all. I open my mouth but no sound comes out. She laughs as a strong gust of wind makes her skirt flutter and the strands of curls dance around her face and I cover my eyes from the dust. When I open them again she’s not there anymore so I turn around, the wind still carrying her laugh.
Reaching my car, I take one last glance at that relic that now has succumbed to who knows what fate and as I drive back I feel my ties to that place slowly slipping away.
Tumblr media
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feralrunaway · 6 months ago
A New Day
Tumblr media
Summary: Captain Syverson finishes his latest tour and returns to his hometown only to find that things have changed since he’s been gone.
Pairing: Captain Syverson x OFC Olivia Harper
Warnings:  Cursing, mentions of alcohol, frickin pseudoscience
Word count: 1,458
Chapters: 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5
*OK. I’m finally posting the last of what I had previously written.  This sat in my drafts for so long because I am deeply terrified of the reception of the plot details in this chapter.  I’m begging y’all for some suspension of disbelief here.  
Olivia had spent most of the day in her room.  She had pretended to remain asleep when Blake had woken for work in the morning.  Before leaving he had placed a new bottle of water next to her.  It still sat unopened on the nightstand.  The bottles he gave her almost always had blue caps, but this one was green.  For some reason, that filled her with unease.  She was thirsty, but for the first time in as long as she could remember, she hadn’t woken dreadfully parched and with the pounding headache she was normally roused by.  Today she had woken with clarity.  Today she remembered things.  Remembered far too many things.  And there was only one thing that had changed yesterday.
Hearing the housekeeper enter downstairs, a plan formed in her mind.
She quickly rose and, as noisily as possible, started the taps in the bathroom and began mimicking cleaning up.  Using the noise as cover, she poured the new bottle of water down the drain, filling it with water from the tap.  If this worked, she may have found a way to alert someone who could help.  If this failed…if she was wrong about the water, well, then Blake would suspect why she was sick.  She knew this might be her only chance, so she was willing to take the risk.
She finished in the bathroom, dressed, and went downstairs, sipping at the water as she entered the kitchen where the housekeeper was wiping down counters. 
“Oh good.  Mr. Turner will be pleased to know you’re behaving yourself today, dear.  Figured I’d be facing his wrath as usual for your petulant behavior,” the housekeeper groused.  She stood in a crisp blue uniform, a patch reading “Utopia Industries” attached at the breast pocket.  “Drink up.  He’s set you up a space in the music room today, I’m to have you listen to your playlist for the wedding reception.  All the good it’ll do.  I could probably play you showtunes and you’d just nod your empty little head at me.  Come along dear.” She turned and strode out of the room, leading Olivia past the foyer and into the side hall to the music room.  As they passed the door, she noted the housekeeper’s bag sitting on the entry table.
She continued following obediently, saying nothing.  When instructed, she sat, eyes downward, as the woman, whatever her name was, set up the music she was to be listening to. 
“Now, you sit right here and listen.  The whole thing, dear, while I scrub down the upstairs.  When I get back we’ll get some food down your gullet.  You look near wasting away and I have no interest in having to arrange another alteration to that wedding gown monstrosity your fiancée has chosen for you.”
Olivia continued staring at the floor until she heard footsteps head up the stairs and enter the master bedroom.  Then as quietly as she could, she snuck back into the foyer and began looking through the pockets of the woman’s bag.  Housekeeper my ass, she thought.  A lackey of some type, no doubt.  Trying to work her way up in the company at the expense of human rights.  Ha!  Olivia suppressed a smile as her hand landed on the woman’s cell phone.  She extracted it quickly and quietly, listening intently to the sounds upstairs.  When they continued, she made her way as silently as possible to the kitchen. 
She opened the cabinets, snapping quick pictures of the hundreds of blue and green topped water bottles contained therein.  She then snuck in to Blake's office, rifling quickly until she found a paper with the company letterhead and took another picture.  She pulled the note with Sy’s number from her pocket, entering her message and attaching the pictures.  Once sent, she deleted the message as she snuck her way back to the foyer.
As she placed the phone back into the bag--
“Wandering already dear?”
Olivia tried to suppress the physical reaction to nearly jumping out of her skin.  Her heart pounded in her chest as she kept her face blank, arms limp at her sides, positive her ruse was shattered.
“I don’t blame you, boss has terrible taste in music.  Just be grateful you won’t have to remember any of it.  Come now, kitchen.”
Never having been more grateful to have someone assume she was empty headed and compliant, Olivia allowed herself to be steered from the room.
“So you’re telling me this was a mission all along?  When the hell have you ever sent one of us in blind?  This is bullshit.  What the hell would you have done if I’d been compromised?!”  Sy was damn near enraged with his superiors.  After speaking briefly to General Tilson, he had gone right back up to Manny’s apartment, where they all now sat around the table, his phone on speaker mode, as the details were explained.
“This is why all three of you were sent back.  You were the obvious choice, Syverson, since you know the town and the people.  We needed to know what was really going on. We couldn’t justify a legitimate mission based on rumors.  What you’ve told me changes that.  If you’d been compromised, we had both the others to run intel on your whereabouts.  We had planned to be in contact with each of you within the week.”
“And what exactly did you know before you sent me into the lion’s den?”
“There’s been a suspicious pattern of activity noted.  Small towns, each just outside of a major city.  Rumors of water supply contamination.  And just before the rumors start, a “church” gets established, all with names alluding to a “new day” or a “new order”.  Too many similarities to not be noticed.  And the timing is suspicious.  This all began around a year ago, just after an experimental drug trial had been ended due to ethical concerns.  Samples went missing, and an anonymous contributor to funding pulled out of the trials.  Listen, this is above me, boys.  I’m just here to give you direction.  I’m sorry things went down the way they did.  But I hope now you understand.”  The general, to her credit, sounded genuinely chastised.
“Who is this contributor?  Do we know anything about them?” Dante asked.
“Well, as I said, they were anonymous.  We haven’t been able to decipher who they were from the financial records.  But I know of at least two towns that have claimed the government hired a contract company to fix these vague water contamination issues.  It’s not us.  It’s not the government hiring this company.  We need to figure out who it is and what exactly they’re doing.”
“I’ve got at least part of your answer here,” said Sy.  “I’m not sure where they’re headin’ with it, but they’ve got the church passin’ out water to the people in town.  Must be a front, a way for this company to get it distributed, under the guise of charity.  I’m guessin’ by the shit way it made me feel and by how hard they’re pushin’ it that the drugs are in the water.  I think I managed to avoid a major dosage ‘cause I’ve been drinking mostly outta the tap at my place.  Any idea what it might be?”
“Cessabitam.  At least that’s what they were calling it in the trials.  A new drug class, similar to a benzodiazepine or anxiolytic but without the sedative properties.  It was intended to help severe psych patients remain calm and increase compliance with therapy.  It worked at first; the patients were compliant, their moods stable, they were able to work effectively.  But it’s effects on memory were too severe at higher doses, or for those who were on it for extended periods of time.  The participants would forget their own names, forget how to speak or eat.  They couldn’t continue, so they pulled the trial.”
“Fuck,” Sy murmured, “Sounds exactly like what I’ve seen.”
“I need you to get in there, Syverson.  Get me more intel on this church and see if it leads you to the company.  Drop the samples you have to me so we can get it to the lab.  I’ll send you the address.”
“Will do,” he paused, “General?  What was the outcome for the patients in the trial?  Did they recover?”
He could feel Manny and Dante’s sympathetic glances as he stared toward the phone.
“Most of them, yes.  There were a few who suffered permanent loss of speech or memory, but with the trial unfinished, there’s no way of knowing if it was from the drug or from exacerbation of their pre-existing diagnosis.”
A small hope then.  But sometimes on a mission, hope makes all the difference.
(December 22, 2020)
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buckys-other-punk · 6 months ago
Hold on..THIS IS YOU?!
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Request: where she is a fanfic writer and Sebastian stumbles upon her blog and messaged her as well not letting her know who he was but being an open person she is as to who she was, sending pictures and all, and until one day, decides to meet with her and she is surprised that it was the one she was writing for?
Word Count: 3.6K
Warnings: fluff, sarcasm (of course) and cussing? i think that’s all
A/N: Hello my lovelies. I am sorry I haven’t been posting as much, but that’s usually how I jk I legit had no time to write because of my classes this semester, so if this sucks I’m sorry lol. I’m still trying to get back into my writing groove...Also don’t mind my minor mistakes 😅
A/N 2: Anyways I AM BACK AND this is my first request ever!! I’m so excited to write this, I am soo sorry this took forever, but hope I did your request justice and that you like it (and so do others). I feel like I wrote this kinda cheesy, but whatever.
[Y/B/N = your blog name]
As always lemme know if you wanna be tagged in my future works and feedback is very much appreciated. Enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
Just another normal day without stress and a less anxiety filled, today was actually awful. You were swamped with work and your best friend was complaining about her boyfriend. Let’s just say that the stress she was having with him was making you feel happy that you were single. Trying to relax you heated up some coffee (a/n: or tea) and sat on the couch of your small apartment. Grabbing your laptop you wanted to unwind reading. Probably some fanfics on Tumblr usually does the trick. 
After reading some pretty good marvel related fics by your mutuals, you got inspired to write some fics yourself. Opening up a new tab you began writing about your favorite actor, Sebastian Stan. That man literally makes your miserable day a little better. Sadly, like all the girls and women who fantasize over him, he doesn’t know you. But, whatever right? You can always use your imagination and conjure up a make believe world where the two of you are happily engaged and have a German Shepard puppy named Stitch. Shaking your head to clear your thoughts, you opened another tab on your laptop to pull up your writing playlist, you began typing away on your keyboard writing a new AU where you’re the celebrity of the world you were creating and he was a huge fan of you. After you finished your new fic, you posted that immediately without edits because you were so excited to see people read it.
*across town*
“Have you guys ever read any fanfiction about your characters or yourselves?” the interviewer asked the pair.
“You know I’ve seen a few that were quite impressive. These writers are damn creative.” Anthony replied with a smile. “I will also not lie. I’ve read a few steamy ones and y’all are dirty.” he added with a slight disgusted face shaking his head towards the camera.
“What about you Sebastian? Have you read any?” the interviewer lady asked, looking over to the man.
“Honestly. I haven’t.” Sebastian chuckled looking back at her. “Maybe, if Mackie here finds a good one about me I’ll give it a read.” shrugging towards his friend.
“Oh man, I got a few that are worth reading.” Mackie laughed, rubbing his hands together.
“Hey, might as well share them with the world. Let’s give that writer a shout out!” she exclaimed, placing her notecards on her lap.
“Well, like I’ve said I’ve only read a bit, but I do have some blogs that I’ve saved. Maybe next time I’ll name drop a few and give fans some well deserved praise.” Anthony smiled looking at the two.
“Alright, well you better have a huge list for me.” the lady said with a smile looking at Anthony. “Thank you both again for your time. For everyone watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier comes out in March 2021.” She finished off the interview smiling and waving at the camera and the two men followed her actions as well. Once the cameras and mics were turned off the lady came back to the two men.
“Thank you again guys for your time” the lady said to the pair shaking their hands (a/n: ok let's pretend there is no corona in this world so yeah. Everyone is healthy and so is the world!). The two replied with a simple you’re welcome and another thanks in return.
“Wait, have you really read fanfiction before?” Sebastian asked his co-star as the pair walked towards their manager, who was waiting for them outside the room, getting their schedule for the pair’s next interview.
“I mean yeah. I got curious on what people were writing about us and our characters.” Anthony responded with a shrug looking down at his phone.
“Aren’t most of those like fifty shades of grey?” Sebastian asked, staring at his friend as stood near their manager.
“Only if you want them to be..” Mackie stared at his friend with a blank face as they came to an abrupt stop. “Nah man, I’m just playing. Some of them are steamy, others can be sad, like crazy sad and some are like tooth rotting cute. Like I recently read one that was with Captain America and this original character that the author came up with and it made me say ‘aww’ when I finished it. Me. A grown man said ‘aww’ after reading a fanfic. A FANFIC!” he added. Their manager quickly explained their schedule and walked them over to their car to head off to the next location. The two were seated at the back, while their manager sat next to the driver.
“You know what. Send me that story you read.” Sebastian said to Anthony.
“Are you sure Seb?” Anthony asked with a chuckle.
“Yeah, why not.” he replied with a shrug. “Might as well read a good story before our next interview.”
“Alright let me send it to you right now. Honestly I think this writer is one of my favorites. I don’t know if it's her writing style or how she portrays our characters, but she’s amazing.” Mackie said with a smile getting the fic he recently read and sending it to his friend. 
“So all her stories are good?” Sebastian asked, looking at the notification.
“I just said that she is my favorite writer.” Anthony looked at his friend with a ‘are you serious face.’ 
“Okay. Okay.” Seb said with his arms up in defense. After a few minutes of reading the fanfic Sebastian actually said ‘aww’ aloud just like Mackie after he first read the story.
“It was good wasn’t it.” Anthony asked with a toothy grin.
“Yeah this was really good. Y/B/N is a pretty good writer.” Sebastian said looking through your feed.
“You should tell her!” Anthony exclaimed.
“What, like make an account?” Seb asked.
“Well yeah, but I mean not your actual name of course. Make a fan account. Show these writers your appreciation, I know that if I were an author I would love that (a/n: wink wink). I’ve messaged a few writers complimenting their work without actually telling them who I am.” Anthony said, placing his hand on his friend’s shoulder.
“I’m gonna read more stuff from her before I message her.” Sebastian chuckled. Sebastian clicked onto your main blog page to find that you had just posted a new fic about him. “Wait, dude she just posted a new story...About me!” Sebastian exclaimed, showing his phone to Anthony. 
“Nice, but we have to finish these interviews. You gotta read it during your free time man, sorry to crush your dreams.” he chuckled, unbuckling his seat belt and getting out of the car. Sebastian sighed and followed his co-stars actions getting out of the car and continuing the rest of his day filled with interviews.
*later that evening*
After the interviews Anthony and Sebastian had dinner together at a fancy restaurant. During their dinner they talked about how crazy some interviews were. Sebastian brought up the subject of how Mackie publicly announced that he had read fanfiction. With that still stuck in his mind the two finished their meal and after parting ways. Sebastian took a cab and arrived at his apartment, changed out of his fancy suit to some comfy clothes and grabbed a bottle of water from his fridge. He walked over to his couch turning on the tv, not really paying attention to what was playing, grabbing his phone he opened the tumblr app finally creating an account.
*one week later*
Sebastian has read almost all of your works and texting Anthony almost every time after he has finished a new fic giving his reactions to each. He has liked and reblogged everything he has read from you and other writers, but he favors your stuff the most.
Mackie: dude you should tell her you like her stuff and stop texting me!
Seb: Alright I will, I just don't know what to say.
Mackie: Just say you like her work. It's as simple as that.
Seb: okay okay I will
Mackie: ok good, no stop texting my its legit 2 am
Seb: fine
Sebastian opened up the messaging area of the app and began typing away his appreciation to you. He didn’t know why he felt so nervous after he pressed send. Getting out of the app completely he tried to focus on whatever was playing on the tv. Then all of a sudden he heard a notification go off and his phone light up. Looking down on it he saw that it was a notification from you. Again his nervousness took place as he unlocked his phone to read the notification. The app opened and the direct message filled his phone screen.
Tumblr media
(a/n: this is my first time using a fake dm thingy so just imagine that Seb is following you)
Seb: Holy shit dude, she actually replied back to me!
Mackie: Well of course she did, she's not a robot. But maybe she is since she’s up so late...
Seb: shut up and why are you still up? I though you were mad at me for texting you
Mackie: well you woke me up so what am i supposed to do
Seb: whatever I’ll let you go
Mackie: alright. bye lover boy 
Sebastian shook his head at the text, he went back to the app to reply back to you. “What should I say?” he said to himself. “Maybe she’s in a different time zone or lives across the world or something… Okay okay. Maybe be chill and say I hope i didn’t wake you? No that sounds weird.” he shook his head trying to come up with something to say. Eventually he fell asleep trying to think of what to say to you.
*the next morning/later that day*
Sebastian woke up with his phone gone from his hand. He quickly got out of his bed in panic to look for it. Maybe you had said something to him or he had said something dumb to you. Once he found his phone he quickly unlocked it to check and thank god he didn’t say anything stupid. But he didn’t say anything. He shook his head clearing his thoughts. “Alright I think I know what to say.”
You woke up to the sound of cars honking, groaning you looked at your clock. “How is it already 10 am?” you said aloud to nobody in particular. You sat up on your bed and grabbed your phone scrolling through various social media apps. At the top of your screen you saw a notification from tumblr. Opening the app to the notifications section, you noticed it was a blog that had messaged you from earlier in the morning.
sebstan_fan: Nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Carter. I don’t know where you live, but I just woke up and had a dream about one of your fics. (wow I hope that didn’t sound creepy)
You smiled at the message, since you loved interacting with your followers.
y/b/n: haha its ok. I actually live near New York City and I also woke up. What was your dream about? (if i can ask)
Sebastian’s POV
Sebastian had just finished taking a shower and began preparing his late breakfast. “Holy shit she replied again!” he said to himself looking at the message.
sebstan_fan: Wait, you live near NYC! Me too! Wow such a small world. But anyways my dream was honestly just a reenactment of your fic.
y/b/n: that’s so crazy how we live near each other lol. But that's so cool how you dreamt about my work. You must have really liked it.
sebstan_fan: yeah it was really interesting how you wrote such a life like scenario.
y/b/n: thank you Carter <3
sebstan_fan: ok I now this is random, but what’s your favorite place to eat in New York?
y/b/n: ooh that’s tough. Let’s go with Lombardi’s since its the very first pizza place to open in the US
sebstan_fan: oh wow an excellent choice :)
*a couple weeks later*
You and your new tumblr friend have been talking about one another’s favorite hobbies and interests for the past few weeks. You feel like you have grown a new connection with your new friend and telling them about your shitty days at work. Today your best friend wanted to bring you with her and her boyfriend to some fancy restaurant. 
y/b/n: Carter, I’m practically third wheeling with her and her boyfriend. 
sebstan_fan: well that sounds awful. Where is she taking you?
y/b/n: idk to some fancy restaurant I’ve never heard of. Anyways she’s making me wear fancy clothes, but I just wanna wear my pajamas!
sebstan_fan: y/n come on. you gotta dress nice if other people are dressing nice too 
y/b/n: ughh ok I think I found something nice. *sends picture of yourself in an elegant dress* what about this?
Seb’s POV
Sebastian got a glass of water and sat back down on his couch. Unlocking his phone to see the new dm from you he spit his water out of his mouth wetting the coffee table in front of him. “HOLY SHIT SHE’S GORGEOUS!” he yelled aloud staring at his phone in awe of your beauty.
sebstan_fan: Y/N, you look amazing! That dress is literally making you glow!
y/b/n: stop you’re making me friend just pulled up. I’ll dm you later once this stupid night is over. 
sebstan_fan: alright have fun 
y/b/n: <3
Sebastian quickly called Mackie to tell him that you sent him a photo of yourself. 
“Dude, she is unbelievably gorgeous. I actually spit my water out all over my coffee table when I saw the picture. ” Sebastian said on the phone.
“Man you are so obsessed with her, it's kinda creepy.” Anthony replied through the phone.
“What? No man, we just clicked. We have a bunch in common and she’s really easy to talk to.” Sebastian gushed to his friend.
“Yeah, but she doesn’t know that you’re lying to her about your real identity. You’re like fucking Superman with a secret persona!” Anthony snickered at the man on the other line.
“Dude no, but I’ll tell her eventually that I’m me.” Seb replied back to Anthony.
“Well you better do it soon because I’m tired of hearing about you gushing over this woman.” Anthony huffed under his breath. “Anyways I gotta go so bye bitch.” 
Sebastian laughed at his friend hanging up the phone and heading to his room getting ready for bed. As he laid on his bed he couldn’t take his mind off of you in that dress. You were so open with sharing your life to him, a complete stranger, yet he couldn’t do the same.
*the next day*
y/b/n: Carter! I forgot to dm you once I got home, but that dinner was terrible. I hated every minute of it.
sebstan_fan: what happened? Also good morning :)
y/b/n: good morning, sorry if I woke you. But anyways my best friend and her boyfriend brought some dude to make it a double date and the guy was a complete douche. I couldn’t stand a minute being there.
sebstan_fan: damn I’m sorry to hear that. I bet if I was there with you the night wouldn’t have been so bad haha
y/b/n: creepy..jk But I bet we would have completely ditched my friend and her boyfriend lol
sebstan_fan: wait, I got an idea! I mean since we live around the same area why don’t we meet!
y/b/n: what like in person?
sebstan_fan: no through zoom, yes in person!
y/b/n: wow the sarcasm in this one, but that sounds like a lovely idea. I feel like I already know so much about you tho...
Sebastian huffed under his breath, “not everything.”
sebstan_fan: lol yeah but it’ll be different to meet in person. Anyways where should we meet?
y/b/n: lol that’s true. Well I know this small cafe that’s so cute and I heard they have pretty good pastries. It would be awesome to meet there :D
sebstan_fan: alright how about Saturday afternoon? You don’t have work right?
y/b/n: nope I’m off! but that sounds good to me! I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. Like what if you’re some creepy stalker...
Sebstan_fan: why would you accuse me of such a thing?!
y/b/n: lol you know i’m just messing with you. But I gotta go my friend is now calling me, probably about that douche from last night...but I can’t wait to see you Carter!<3
“Yeah, me too.” Sebastian said to himself smiling.
You sat at the cafe where you told your new tumblr friend to meet you. You ordered a drink and once it was finished, you grabbed it and sat near the windows saving a seat for Carter. As you waited you pulled out your laptop and began on typing away a new fic idea drawing inspiration from the small cafe and the gloomy weather outside. 
“I’m sorry that seat’s taken...” you muttered to a man who pulled out the chain next to you, looking up at the figure. “Holy shit!” you exclaimed to the man who sat next to you.
“Shhhh...Please don’t say anything.” Sebastian whispered to you, sitting on the chair next to you and taking off his sunglasses.
“What? But how? You’re!? I can’t breathe.” you exclaimed erratically looking down at your drink.
“Hey, hey Y/N, just calm down and take slow deep breaths.” he said calmly placing his hand on your back.
“How the fuck do you know my name?!” you exclaimed again staring wide eyed at the actor. “Am I getting pranked or something? Where are the cameras?!” you nervously laughed looking around the empty cafe.
“No, you’re not getting pranked. It’s me Carter…” he said quietly rubbing the back of his head.
“You’re Carter?! I thought you were a girl!” you said looking into the man’s blue eyes.
“I may have lied about who I was, but I wanted to meet you.” he started as he stared down at the ground. “I didn’t want you to freak out knowing that it was actually me.” he said looking back up at you.
“Let me just gather my thoughts for a sec.” you said, putting your hand to your temples.
“Wait, why did you assume I was a girl?” he asked with a smirk.
“I don’t know! Carter is a unisex name.” you frantically said with a shrug. “And I mean most of my followers are female, so I just assumed you were one too.” you added grabbing your drink and taking a sip to calm your nerves.
“That makes sense I guess.” he said chuckling, looking out the big window of the cafe.
“This is so crazy that you are here. Sitting next to me and talking about my stupid tumblr blog.” you uttered. “Like you’re famous!”
“Yeah so what.” he looked back to you. 
“I mean aren’t you busy filming and stuff?” you asked the man.
“Nope, we just wrapped up the interviews a couple of weeks ago. I’m on vacation.” he said with a toothy grin, which made you blush. “Aww look she’s blushing.” he said sweetly towards you.
“Shut up. It’s not like I get to meet my favorite actor who I’ve had a crush on since forever sitting next to me and casually conversing with.” you muttered quickly hoping he didn’t hear your profession of love for him.
“You got a crush on me?” he smiled at you.
“Fuck you. I do not!” you exclaimed looking away from him.
“Aww I think you do.” he said, nudging your shoulder.
“Whatever.” you said under your breath trying to hide your embarrassment.
“Hey, I’m in awe too.” he began, which made you look at him. “It’s not like I get to see a beautiful woman who I like.” he smirked at you.
“I think I’m dreaming. Did you just say you like me?!” you asked pinching yourself back into reality.
“I mean yeah. I really like your work as a writer and the past what month we’ve been talking I think you’re a really cool and sweet person.” he said now blushing. 
“I bet you say that to all the women you meet.” scoffing at his comment.
“No I’m serious Y/N. I think you’re a really talented writer. And I think you’re also really pretty.” again blushing, but this time he looked straight at you.
“Oh, wow. Thank you so much Sebastian.” you hesitated, your cheeks heating up. “That means a lot coming from you.” you smiled.
“Of course. And also I wanted to ask you in person if after coming clear about who I actually am, if you wanted to go out sometime. I know its weird and all sudden but-”
“Yes!” you exclaimed quickly cutting him off. “I mean. I would love to.” you said more calmly. “God, I’m trying so hard to keep my inner fangirl in.” you huffed under your breath. 
Sebastian laughed at your comment and then asked, “Alright then. What about tomorrow I take you out for dinner?” 
“That sounds delightful.” you smiled at the man. The two of you fell silent watching the people who passed by the small cafe.
“Oh, but can I ask you one more question? Why are you wearing a hat? And shades earlier? It's legit rainy and cloudy as hell outside.” you asked, looking at the man with your head resting on your hand.
“I’m going incognito. I don’t want my fans to recognize me.” he replied, taking a sip of his coffee.
“Are you embarrassed of them seeing you with me?” you hesitantly interrogated.
“No, I just don't want them to interrupt our first date.” he responded with a smirk looking at you.
“Wait, this is a date?!” you exclaimed with wide eyes.
“Only if you want it to be sweetheart.” Sebastian smirked, winking towards you.
“Fuck you.” You said with a smile.
Tumblr media
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sparklingpax · 6 months ago
What It Costs
Love is sweet, love is loyalty, love is unwavering, love is....sacrifice. Sometimes, one does not remember the last part until it is simply....too late. 
-Angst. This is angst. If some of y’all don’t like that stuff and/or are bothered by it, click off or scroll by, please. Thanks. 
-Hhhhh speaking of that, I’ll have you know I’m terrible at this kind of writing. I gave it my all, however. I hope I did passably, at least...^^’’
-Um......I am very sorry if I made any errors, be it a typo or misinformation about something/someone, etc. I wrote a lot of this very late at night or at ungodly hours of the that might explain a little of it ^~^’’ I’ll read through it as many times as possible after posting so I can catch and fix as many of those mistakes as possible....
-I’ll make this quick; sorry again to anyone who saw this the first time ^^’’ But this time, I’ve posted it intentionally so I hope you enjoy!! :’D 
-This is only one, long part so dw about cliffhangers or waiting 10 centuries a long time for me to finish it :3 
-Set in the TFP universe! And obviously, my attempt at some official OptiRatch content! :)
The sky was a dull, bleak grey.
Icy rain pelted the earth, pouring from the stormy skies with a vengeance as harsh winds tossed them around with an ominous whistling.
Yet the real storm had materialized inside the rocks—in the simple silo base where the Autobots resided.
               Today, the children had not been able to come to the base.
             Miko was in detention, Jack was busy working overtime at his job, and Raf was studying for a exam.
             It was just one of those days.
             “Thank Primus for peace and quiet!” Ratchet would have remarked as he usually did on days such as this.
             However, things were all but calm—even as a prickly silence filled the air.
             “I…I cannot let you do that…” Optimus stammered at last. He bowed his head and shifted his gaze to the left, clearly uncomfortable. “It is only a mere relic, not worth the life—”
             A fist pounded the wall, leaving a blackened scuff mark in the metal.
             “DON’T YOU CARE?!” Ratchet practically screamed. Optimus’s eyes rounded with guilt as he turned his gaze back to the medic sharply.
             “Of course I—”
             “Then GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD, OPTIMUS—” he hit the wall next to him once again, with more force. “It’s not about you!!!”
             He spat those words so coldly, so jarringly sharp, Optimus felt his spark twist.
             Old friend…I do not think you understand my intent at all…please be patient with me…
             The Prime opened his mouth to speak, but Ratchet flashed him an even harsher glare, silencing any further words. Optimus again cast his eyes momentarily to the floor.
             Pushing past his leader, Ratchet raised his fist, not turning to face Optimus, and flipped up his middle finger.
             Optimus would have given an amused laugh.
             ‘Did one of the children teach you that custom?’ he wanted to ask jokingly, teasingly.
             Agent Fowler had done it enough times for Optimus to understand what it meant.
             But all he could do was stare after his medic as the older mech stalked over to the groundbridge controls. All kinds of alarms were going off in Optimus’s head, and yet all he could do was…watch.
             Perhaps he could take no more of Ratchet’s harsh attitude—the anger that emanated off his old friend.
             Perhaps he really wasn’t making the right decision, but Ratchet was.
             Or perhaps…
             You’re a coward, Optimus. A big, strong, coward.
             “I’ll find the relic myself,” Ratchet announced to the other bots. Up until then, they had, unmoving and tense, watched the argument which had preceded all this.
             Don’t go, my Starlight…or at least…let me go with you…But the Prime stood immobile, watching the old bot speak.
             “I’ll find it myself and win us the war,” he repeated, still trembling with rage from minutes before. He turned that sharply angered expression—now laced with disdain—at the Autobot leader. “And I don’t need any backup.”
             A swirling portal of green, white, and purple roared to life when the medic shoved the lever downwards, his expression only grim now. Without saying anymore, he then turned and transformed. An ambulance raced through the portal and disappeared seconds later.
             While the Prime lingered absentmindedly near the bridge, eyes focusing on no one thing as he stared around, deep in thought, Bumblebee carefully padded over and pulled the lever up. The swishing, humming noise quickly faded as the groundbridge portal did, and silence rested over them once again.  
             Except that silence was still not peaceful.
             Optimus soon found himself speaking, not really thinking as he did.
             “Woah—you sure, Optimus?” Bulkhead asked, eyes widened a bit nervously. “I mean, no offense but…Ratchet might rip you to shreds…”
             ‘He looked pretty mad,’ Bumblebee agreed quietly.
             “If something were to happen to him, it would be my fault,” Optimus found himself saying. “For that reason, please reopen the groundbridge.”
             You scared of the blame, Optimus?
             You don’t want to be incriminated?
             Are you making this about you?
             Do you really care?
             Optimus didn’t want to shake those questions away just yet. He was unsure of their answers. The Prime wished his mind was where his body was, yet as he transformed and drove through the bridge, his thoughts continued to wander.
             They taunted him, echoing his medic’s scornful words.
             Why don’t you go after the relic, the one thing that could save us? Who cares if Megatron is there with all his troops? What makes that different from any other of your confrontation with him?
             A heavy feeling sat in the bottom of his stomach—a foreboding sense.
             Often—they say—if your loved one is in danger, you can feel it.
             Optimus pushed harder on the gas, thinking only of what was going to take place if he did not reach his friend quickly enough.
             The day was dark, cold, and rainy.
             Ratchet pressed his back against the side of a tall rock, not daring to peer again at the action taking place in the center of the clearing. He heard the footsteps of some vehicons heading his way. They drew their guns as they got closer.
             Above him, the dead-looking gray skies has stilled, leaving the air feeling taut—like it was holding its breath and ready snap any second.  
             The storm from Jasper must be close by, considering I bridge to—
             Ratchet gritted his teeth and snapped himself back to focusing on the current situation.
             The medic felt his spark racing. His arms began to tremor uncontrollably as he drew them upwards to get into a fighting stance.
             They saw you. They saw you and it hasn’t been more than 8 minutes you’ve been here. What a successful mission. It’s just you against Megatron and hundreds of vehicons. And—
             He glanced down at his leg a little worriedly.
             He’d jumped into action a week before and received a blow to the leg he was still healing from. At this very moment, in fact, he felt a faint aching start up again in his knee.
             Ratchet let his head fall against the rock, eyes squeezed shut, swallowing hard and drawing out his own blades.
             You idiot.
             He counted the seconds before attack.
             Optimus was right.
             “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! BRING HIM TO ME NOW!!” Megatron’s furiously growled order broke the tense silence.
             Instantly the slow footsteps became sets of scrambling feet, quickly heading for the rock. A second later, Ratchet watched (and heard) a shot of crimson red blaster fire whiz past his helm. Instinctively, he let out a cry of shock and stumbled to the side—right out from behind the rock.
             Before he could regain his footing to even turn around, the silence exploded into the deafening sound of hundreds of shots aimed for him. The medic turned and faced it, wincing and sucking in a sharp breath as one or two grazed his plating.
             He charged, strangely feeling almost a little….detached from his own body. Like he was on autopilot.
             “For Cybertron!!!” He heard a voice shout.
             What….am I doing here?
             “FOR VICTORY!!!”
             Oh…it was his voice. Right.
             The orange-white-plated mech swerved past the blaster fire, swinging his arms—now blades—back, forth, up, down….
             Optimus, forgive me. I was a fool. I was a prideful fool.
             He ducked a shot and kicked out, catching the vehicon by surprise and knocking him off his feet. Almost one motion, the old bot maintained his momentum and swung his blades at an oncoming opponent.
             The con dodged smoothly. He raised his gun and fired.
             Just as Ratchet thought to spring in the other direction, his knee gave out beneath him. Ratchet tripped over himself, grabbing his knee.
             Right in the path of the vehicon’s shot.  
             A shot ripped through his shoulder, followed by another closer to his neck, tearing from the medic such an ugly, guttural cry that even the vehicon flinched. The medic crumpled to the floor in a writhing heap of short, agonized exclamations.
             Meanwhile, the vehicon’s gun wavered a bit, drawing back a second. Ratchet’s pained noises faded from the air of the clearing, replaced only by the sound of his tremoring breath. Clearly struggling, the medic reached over and clasped his shoulder so hard his digits shook. A small flow of energon began to leak through, soiling his servos and the dirt surrounding his figure. Turning his face to the con, he let his eyes show off his anger.
             In a smaller, quavering voice, he managed to say, “C-coward…hold y-your…w-w-weapon….straight why don’t you—” He spat out, wheezing a bit, then falling limp into the ground. Not unconscious, but simply out of strength.
             Or…will to live.
             The Vehicon shook its head and held the gun firmly upwards again. The weapon was trained directly on Ratchet’s helm.
             Just at that moment, the skies snapped.
             A bellowing rumble of thunder sounded, the clouds suddenly looking bigger, darker, greyer….
             It’s pointless…we’ll just lose, won’t we? Like we always do. Megatron will have his way today, and he’ll have his way until he kills all of us and ends this fragging war….
             Ratchet looked up, hearing a low, gravelly cackle.
             Speak of the devil and he doth appear—is that not the phrase?
             The medic let out a little moan, rolling over onto his side, still clasping a hand to his bleeding wound. His gaze, sharp with pain and yet dull with exhaustion, stared ahead to see the vehicon back away twitchily.
             Megatron’s footsteps shook the ground a little as he stalked in Ratchet’s direction. The huge figure of the ex-gladiator soon towered over Ratchet. He smirked a little, slowly folding his hands behind his back and tilting his head.
             “Ratchet….” he paused to chuckle. “Tell me, what ever did you think you were going to accomplish?”
             “T….the relic—” he hissed tightly, breaking off abruptly to suppress a noise of pain as his shoulder burned with pain under his grip. His optics, trained on Megatron’s sneering face, spoke more than a thousand words of hate and fire.
             Megatron laughed out loud.
             “Oh, you must mean—” he turned and make a rough motion at the vehicons behind him. The one holding the escape pod immediately scurried across the clearing to them. “This trinket?” He asked, grabbing the object from his  soldier.
             The pod hadn’t been opened yet.
             The pod hasn’t been opened yet. The weapon is still inside.
             Ratchet let his mind fixate on that one thought.
             There is time still….if I can just…..
             Megatron started one of his small monologues, something Ratchet wasn’t listening to. He switched on his comm link as discreetly as he could. Pride was not of importance now, Ratchet told himself.
             Optimus had been right, and he knew it. It would be entirely foolish not to try to—
             Megatron instantly stopped dead in his tracks. His head whipped around as he processed the voice. His eyes darkened when he registered.  
             “I see.” Was all he growled in a chillingly quiet voice.
             “Ratchet, what is going—”
             The medic fumbled to switch it off again, internally kicking himself for so stupid a plan. Of course his idiot sparkmate would call out to him the instant his switched on his comm lines again!
             He meant well, Ratchet. He loves you. He cares about you. Keep that in mind.
             Ratchet let out a grunt of both pain and frustration.
             Optimus, hurry! There isn’t anymore time!
             Ratchet watched as Megatron dropped to his level and grabbed his chin. Mustering all his confidence, the medic stared with an unwavering gaze right back.
             “You’re a fool, Autobot. Much more foolish than I remember you being,” he snarled.
             Ratchet narrowed his eyes and fired back, “Not as much of a fool as you—and unlike you, I’m not a pile of—”  
             Megatron’s roared command silenced the medic instantly. Ratchet was not afraid, just startled.  Around him, all the vehicons nearby had flinched and taken steps back—even though they were as far away as they were. The Decepticon leader gave another growl, indignant and angered at his prisoner’s insolence.
             He released Ratchet, cursing under his breath.
             Now the Prime is coming. I can’t just leave.
             The huge figure of Megatron paced around, his grey metal looking oddly shinier in the greyish lighting the skies were providing. He was formulating a course of action.
             A plan.
             His eyes lit up and he straightened again, looking once more as if he was in control.
             Just at that moment, a terrible rumble that Ratchet felt all through his body sounded in the air.
             The storm had arrived, and the great roll of thunder was its announcer.
             Megatron looked around casually, then back at Ratchet. There was a dry amusement dancing in his optics.
             “Today shall be the day another one of you dies,” he spoke with a terrifying finality.
             The medic’s spark skipped a beat. He felt a cold fear run through his veins, and sit at the bottom of his stomach—like  a rock. Yet it was not fear for his own life.
             “How can you be so certain?” Ratchet fought to keep his tone level—steady.
             Blinding white flashed through the air, accompanied by a tearing, cracking sound that rang in everyone’s audio receptors. However Megatron stood, and had not flinched. His eyes held a dangerous light of unbending desire.
             “One of you will die by my hand,” Megatron repeated himself, turning away. “For it is as I will.”
              Then, the ex-gladiator stalked back across the clearing. Vehicons immediately scurried to form a circle around Ratchet, two of them coming even closer to guard him, guns drawn and ready to fire.
             Softly, gently, unrelentingly, drops of moisture began to fall from the sky.
             Ratchet closed his eyes, letting himself focus on the odd sensation of those thousands of drops of liquid created when they repeatedly hit his plating.
             With a heavy, exhausted sigh, Ratchet let his head fall into his hands.
             Optimus….my sweetspark…..forgive me…
             He jolted as a vehicon reached over and slapped his helm harshly.
             “Up.” He snapped, holding up stasis cuffs.
             Ratchet sincerely hoped, with all his spark, that he would be the one.
             “Ratchet? Please respond, Ratchet.” Optimus repeated himself once again, speeding down the empty road in alt-mode. He finally rolled to a halt, transforming and taking a look around.
             Dark clouds poured rain, the rising winds causing the little droplets to mercilessly pelt his plating from all sides.
             “Old Friend,” he tried his comm for what felt like the hundredth time. “Sweetspark, respond.”
             Urgency laced his tone, concern burning clearly in his gaze.
             Please, my love. Something happened, I am sure of it. But….what?
             Static sounded in his audio receptors until, with a sigh, the Autobot leader switched his link off again.
             I must find him on my own, then—
             He perked up suddenly, hearing a faint noise of….blaster fire?
             A cold, sick feeling twisted in his stomach. Dread weighed heavily on his chest.  
             Hang on, my Starlight….!  
             Without a second to spare, driving as if a fire chased his tailpipes, Optimus pushed his engines to the max. He sped closer, feeling that dread and despair sink further into him as he could more clearly make out the sounds of a fight.
              All he wanted was for Ratchet to be okay.
             All he wanted was for Ratchet to come home.
             Maybe he was selfish for not wanting to attempt to steal that relic, but Optimus knew that he couldn’t go on if anything happened to his teammates over some weapon. The war was not worth anyone’s life.
             If he could save yet just one more, he’d take that option first.
             You will come home alive. No matter the cost. I will not fail you, old friend.
             He pushed the brakes and skidded to a halt, catching sight of the commotion. There was a space between two towering canyons below his road. In that rocky clearing, Optimus saw an orange-white-plated mech darting from left to right, fending off as many of the oncoming vehicons as he could. Sure enough, Megatron was also there. At present, he simply stood by, watching.
             Enough was enough. Ratchet needed help.
             Optimus transformed and gripped the side of the mountain he’d been driving up, vaulting off the top and landing with a huge ‘THUMP!!’ on the road below.
             He cared not for the huge crater that now lay in the road.
             Optimus ran as fast as he could, drawing out both his guns and firing as soon as he was in range of the fight.
             “STEP AWAY FROM RATCHET!!!” Optimus commanded, nailing two vehicon soldiers with two shots as he continued to cross the distance of the clearing. Some of them scrambled back, many others turned their fire on the Prime, charging at him with a strange confidence.
             Optimus felt his blood boiling. The rain seemed to intensify as another bolt of lightning ripped through the sky with great ferocity. Almost like it had hit Optimus himself, he put away his guns and drew his swords, feeling electrified—powerful.
             I am not afraid of you, Megatron. Nor of your legions of breakable troops which you care nothing for.
             He saw the warlord, standing far across the clearing, arms folded.
             “FACE ME, MEGATRON!!!!”
             And with a powerful war cry, Optimus bolted forward, swords drawn. Vehicons poured in from all sides, shooting at him and trying to throw themselves in the Prime’s way.
             He didn’t notice pain from shots that ripped through his armor, the blows that landed on his chest—before he grabbed his attackers and dismantled them one by one.
             The Prime had but one target.
             Optimus wanted Megatron, and he wanted the end of this selfish, futile war.
             Megatron inspected the pod, wondering if he should open it now or wait until—
             “Step away from Ratchet!!!” He heard the enraged command from across the clearing. Before his eyes met the scene, Megatron already knew who it was. He grinned, baring his teeth with excitement.
             Ah, yes, Optimus. That’s right. Come closer. Let me finish you once and for all…
             With an unchecked level of anger, he yelled for Megatron to face him, tossing away the corpse of yet another dead vehicon as he spoke. The Decepticon warlord stood, unmoving, gazing with a taunting amusement in his eyes as he watched Optimus fight his way through the vehicons, tearing them apart as they would approach him.
             At last, no one dared to approach the Prime. The rest of the vehicons there had either fled or threw themselves behind rocks to hide. Optimus stood for a second, panting, energon spattered all over his body and swords. He looked around to find Ratchet passed out in a heap, far to Megatron’s right. No vehicons stood guard.
             Of course, with Megatron there, guards were not a necessity.
             You’re a fool, too, Optimus. You all are.
             Thunder rumbled, louder than before.
             “So, you’ve come to rescue your lapdog, have you?” Megatron asked, sneering through every word he said. Optimus seemed to vibrate with anger. He didn’t respond, eyes a sparking electric blue behind his battlemask.
             “You can take him, Optimus,” as the Prime twitched to move, Megatron held up his arm—the one with the fusion canon—and added, “For a price.”
             Optimus looked ready to rip his head off.
             He had clearly seen Ratchet’s wounds, and the new ones from a….punishment. Minutes after the medic had tried to escape, Optimus had arrived.
             It was almost like they were going to succeed!
             However, the large grey-purple mech had also made absolutely sure Ratchet would not escape, no matter what.
             Megatron thought he’d feed his ‘old friend’s’ anger.
             Or perhaps…his guilt.
             “While you were busy tearing vehicons to shreds, Ratchet was able to be successfully contained. We had to rough him up a little, as a result of his foolish actions…..but he’ll live…for now.”
             He gave a little chuckle as Optimus made a quiet exclamation.
             “You might have succeeded had you kept yourself focused on getting your friend out of here, Optimus!”
             “You will let him go.” He growled, taking a fighting stance.
             “Make me.”
             “Very well then,” The Prime drew his sword and started towards Megatron. “I shall.”
             Megatron dropped his canon. “Or…listen to my offer.”
             Optimus stopped, dropping his arms a bit.
             “Speak.” He let his gaze burn with a terrifying electricity. “Quickly.”
             Megatron was of course, not even slightly fazed. “My terms are simple,” he paused to make a gesture to the clearing in which they stood. “Fight me now, unarmed. If you win, I’ll let you and the medic here return to your base. No one will harm you as you leave.”
             It was a simple proposition.
             It was a simple goal.
             Ratchet would be safe.
             You could fail…Optimus, you could fail and get Ratchet killed…
             The rain poured from the skies ever harder, a storm unrelenting and harsh.
             Megatron took a few steps until he stood right in front of Optimus.
             The third stroke of lightning lit up the skies, flashing in the reflection of Optimus’s blue optics. Megatron grinned, tilting his head. He reached out his hand.
             Without a single hesitation, Optimus took it.
A cold, familiar ache in his shoulder.
Burning sensations of pain from fresh cuts and dents in his body.
Merciless rain battering his plating.
Ominous, loud whistles of wind sounding in his audio receptors.
             Ratchet’s optics snapped open when he heard the resounding clang of metal on metal.
             “IT IS FUTILE, PRIME—GIVE IT UP!!!”
             There was another sound of impact, punctuated with a short cry of pain. The voice was Optimus’s.
             The medic sat up, looking around briefly to see that any remaining vehicons who hadn’t yet traveled back to the warship—hovering a short distance away—were cramming themselves behind rocks, flattening themselves to a corner. Others were presently trying to escape the scene.              
             Clearly, they wanted no part in any of this dispute.
             But I do.
             Ratchet hoisted himself up despite the way his wounds stung.
             I must.
             He watched Optimus and Megatron for a few moments. Neither one seemed to be using their weapons—it was simple combat.
             Except there was energon splattered around the grounds where they fought.
             Who said swords and guns were the only things that could kill?
             “Well, then,” Megatron laughed a chilling, malicious laugh. “Do you surrender yet, Optimus?” He bent down and thrust his face into Optimus’s, while the Prime struggled to get up. Optimus retracted his battlemask, gritting his teeth with anger and in an attempt to stifle pained grunts of effort.
             Energon stained the side of his face, dripping steadily from his mouth. He flinched back from the warlord and pushed himself to his feet, taking a fighting stance again.
             Ratchet stood, mesmerized.
             The sight that lay before him was nearly poetic, in a strange way.
             Not the “good” kind of strange.
             Rain poured from the heavens, the air was cold, and the winds raced noisily about. Smokey breath billowed from Optimus’s mouth as he panted, looking ragged and angry. His gaze fixated on Megatron.
             “This ends today, you lunatic—” he forced out, gripping one of his newer wounds gently. “Even…even if it kills me….”
             Megatron grinned. “Oh, it will,” he said slowly, deviously, not moving an inch as Optimus began to circle him. They eyed one another, anticipation hanging in the air as one silently dared the other to make the first move.
             I will be the victor today, Optimus, and then I shall win this war!
             Time seemed to slow, and suddenly Optimus couldn’t move—yet nothing held his limbs in place.
             Instead, his eyes were trained on Megatron as the warlord had suddenly turned.
             He chuckled lightly and aimed his fusion canon at Ratchet, who was standing frozen, watching them.
             The medic seemed to snap out of his trance and flinched, taking a step back defensively. Optimus felt a new rage form in him. Something unseen tore another war cry from the Prime and he charged at an almost desperate-looking pace.
             “LEAVE HIM ALONE!!”
             He threw himself at Megatron, knocking the huge mech to the ground. Megatron gave a short cry of surprise, then immediately locked his jaw, biting down on his tongue. Optimus’s eyes burned with such a ferocity that the ex-gladiator had not seen—not for a long time.
             Not since he last fought a wild beast in the arena of Kaon.
             Never from the soft eyes of Optimus.
             “YOU….KILLED THEM,” Optimus snarled, pinning Megatron to the dirt. Rain pelted down, bouncing limply off Optimus’s frame. He glowered over Megatron, seething at him. “YOU DID ALL THIS, YOU MONSTER!!!”
             Megatron looked surprised only for a moment, then narrowed his eyes belligerently.
             He could only grin. A sick, twisted grin that said, ‘I don’t care.’
             Limbs burning with exhaustion, Optimus began to pummel Megatron. He swung side to side, pounding his opponent with all he had. Wordless cries of anger poured from him as he punched…harder, harder….
               His servos began to tear and feel numb. Streaks of faded blue and purple stained his plating.  
               Distantly, a voice registered in his ears. What was it trying to say?
               “OPTIMUS, WAIT!!”
               All the Prime could see was a blaring, bright red. Steady clanging of metal on metal against the static rain sounded loudly in his optics.
               “ORION, PLEASE!!! LISTEN TO ME—”
                           Optimus felt as if an electric shock had been passed through him. Hearing his name, he froze, panting, trembling, blood roaring in his head. Beneath him, he could feel Megatron tremoring. Yet the silver-purple mech still bore that scrap-eating grin.
             He knew something.
             Something he won’t tell me, the Autobot leader thought, feeling some of his frustration return. He glanced up again at Ratchet, who was still backing away. The air around them began to vibrate, waves of hot air joining with and drowning out the blustering, icy, rainy wind.
             Something was definitely wrong.
             Optimus narrowed his optics and raised a readied fist above Megatron’s face.
              “What are you not telling me, Megatron?” Optimus gripped his rival by the neck. Nothing but a feeble-sounding laugh met his words. The red optics staring back at him squinted with fatigue and fell shut.
             Optimus knew Megatron was still awake.
             “I’m more than finished with all your little mind games, this war, your treacheries,” he spat. “What else are you trying to take from us all now?!” His voice rose with every word as Optimus began to work himself up again. Centuries of anger and sadness began to pile on his spark.
             Waves of warm, stifling air drew closer. A reverberating hum sounded in Optimus’ skull. Something like….a ship.
             All the same, sound faded out around him as he zeroed in on Megatron.
             Finally, he was at his fingertips—his mercy. Finally, Optimus thought, he could bring a final peace to—
             “You lose,” Megatron sneered, a new fire lighting his optics. Beneath him, the Decepticon leader tensed and felt as if he was about to make a move. Optimus gritted his teeth and held steady, tightening his grip on Megatron’s throat.
             Ratchet sounded on the verge of tears, practically shrieking at his partner.
             He realized in an instant what exactly Megatron had meant before.
             Every wound made itself known, throbbing with pain. Megatron could barely move.
             Yet victory buzzed through every cell in his body, giving him just enough strength to carry out the last step to complete his grand plan to end it all.
             Farewell, Orion. Ironic that it was your uncontrolled emotions that led to your downfall.
             Optimus, fist raised, opened his mouth to ask again. Megatron suddenly let loose a surge of strength, pushing up and thrusting his legs under his opponent’s torso and kicking outwards. Optimus’s blue optics widened with shock and he uttered a short cry as he was thrown a few feet across the clearing.
             He landed and instantly got to his feet again, activating his battlemask.
             The Prime stared for a moment at the odd scene before him.
             Megatron stood—albeit shakily—and began to back away, pulling Ratchet with him. No vehicon stragglers were in sight, and even more odd…the rain had begun to let up just a little.
             Soft rays of sunlight began to show through the clouds. His mind drifting, Optimus turned slowly to gaze up at the clouds. He was met with the huge mass of metal and a blast of air and sound.
             It was the Nemesis. A huge canon under the ship readjusted itself with an audible whirring noise.  
             “NOW, SOUNDWAVE!!”
             “OPTIMUS, RUN!!!!!!”
               Ratchet….I’m sorry I failed you….
             In the time of a split second, the world around Optimus lit up in a brilliant, blaring flash, and a deafening explosion filled the air.
             Never before had murder seemed so ethereal.
             No response.
             “RATCHET!!” Miko tried, her loud voice jolting the medic out of whatever trance he’d been in moments before. He turned slowly from staring at his screen, a dead-looking gaze meeting the children’s.
             “Do you…need something, Miko? Rafael?”
             “Oh—well, it’s uhm….it’s nothing….I’ll let you get back to work…” Raf mumbled, suddenly sounding nervous as he fumbled to hide the object he’d been holding. Miko rolled her eyes.              
             “After all the work I did to get his attention!” She followed her friend back to the lounge area. Ratchet watched them, not really processing what they were doing. He then turned back to his task.
             What was I doing again?
             “Hey, Ratchet,” Bulkhead greeted, coming from the hallway. “How’s your, uh…data surfing going?”
             “Very well. I am nearly finished with three of the four sectors I was to organize today,” Ratchet heard his voice respond.
             He looked up to see Bulkhead staring at him, eyes rounded with concern and worry. However the moment he raised his head to see him, he switched his expression to a normal, casual one.
             It was fine if he did that, Ratchet thought to himself. Everyone had been doing it for the last two months now, anyway.
             “Well…that sounds good! A-anyway, I’m gonna…go for a drive…” he responded, sounding awkward. Ratchet nodded an acknowledgement and turned back around. Feeling guilty, Bulkhead looked as if he wanted to say more.
             But he knew better than to bring up what it was they were both still thinking about.
             He turned and transformed, then left. Meanwhile, Ratchet tapped at the screen, barely thinking about what he was actually doing.
             Some small part of him wished for a warm touch on his shoulder as he was finishing up.
             A warm, baritone voice to calmly whisper, “Good work today, my love. Come, rest with me in my quarters.”
             It’s not your fault…it’s not your fault….there was nothing you could do!
             His mind repeated what the others had gently murmured over and over on that day and every day after.
             But it was…
             He heard the small voice protest. He clenched his fist and locked his jaw.
               It’s not your fault, Ratchet. You didn’t kill him!
                           The medic felt a lump in his throat. With all his might, he swallowed it, controlling himself.
             But I did…I killed him.
             Jack. It was Jack’s voice.
             Ratchet felt his arm quivering, his gaze and body frozen in one place, as if someone had hit the pause button on him.
             “Yes?” Everything felt distant now. He felt his arm drop and his head turn to stare at the small human teenager.
             “So…how’s it going?”
             “Oh…well, it’s raining cats and dogs out there!” He joked, pointing at his shirt. “I got a little of it..”
             “You did?”
             “Yep. Might wanna tell Bulkhead to be careful on the roads, right?”
             “Right…so, I guess I’ll leave you alone, then…” Jack backed away, saying something to Miko and Raf as he neared the couch and TV. 
             All of a sudden, Ratchet was aware of how cold his shoulder felt.
HNNNN THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE O///O’’ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING AT AA >///< Sorry, I know I’m not good at angst. But I wanted to write this anyway.....
If you like, listening to this for the last 2-3 parts of the story might....set the mood  better..? Idk. For me, I heard that recording and instantly felt my heart twist. And had this idea. So.....^^’’ (yes, I know about this piece btw I just like the slowed version because,,,aesthetic,,,,jsjdsjsd) 
Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely eveing/day/whatever time it is where you are!! <3 
Feedback, likes, reblogs, and all that stuff is always welcome!! ^///^ 
// Kuni out :’3 //
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rinta10 · 6 months ago
The regret and the promise
Aran Ojiro x fem reader x Kita Shinsuke
“Happy birthday L/n-san” The first h/c-nette turned to the sound of her name and she see’s second year Kita Shinsuke heading her way. Sending him a grateful smile, “Thank you Kita-Senpai” Kita gave her a gentle hug, “Are you gonna do anything for your birthday after school?” Nodding her head yes, with a hopeful voice she spoke “Aran promised to spend the evening with me.” “Well, I hope you have fun. Text me if you need anything. Goodbye L/n-san.” Kita walking away, Y/n waving her hand “Have a good evening Kita-senpai.” Y/n walked to the place where Aran told her to meet up. She was the first to arrive so she decided to wait. Different emotions filled y/n as she waited for the wing spiker, ‘Why am I still waiting for him? He probably doesn’t return my feelings.” Y/n and Aran have known each other since Elementary school, her growing a crush on him in middle school.
“Oji-san” a young y/n looked at the boy in front of her. It was valetine’s day and Aran just walked in front of y/n with a bouquet of f/f’s. With a bashful look Aran extended his arms to put the flowers in the girls arms. “Here Y/n I knew how much you love f/f’s so I got you some. The girl faces started to blush, with a grateful smile Y/n went near Aran and went on her Tip toes to give him a peck on the cheek. “Thank you Ojiro.”
A while has past and Y/n pulled out her phone to see what time it is. A pained look shown on her face as she saw the time. ‘He’s 2 hours late. I should be used to this by now...’ This isn’t the first time Aran forgot a hangout with her. ‘He’s been growing distant since he started High school, why am I still running after him??’ Tears started to fill her eyes as she realized he isn’t coming. With her tears blurring her vision, she went through her school bag. Pulling out a white envelope with Aran’s name in cursive. “Y/n..” a voice was heard, but it wasn’t Aran’s. Y/n looked in the direction of the voice to see Kita, who looked her with a blank face with a hint of concern. “What are you still doing here Kita?” “I could be asking you the same thing. I was studying in the library and when I left I passed the Gym I saw Aran inside with the others. So I decided to go look for you.” “Kita-” choking out a sob, Y/n ran towards Kita and Hugged him, Wrapping his arms around her rubbing her waist in comfort. Y/n was clutching onto the letter, with mixed feelings of anger and sadness.   pulled away and wiped y/n’s tears from her face, Y/n’s face grew a bit pink from the contact. ‘Aran has never done this when I cried..’ 
“I’ll miss you next year...” Aran looked at the girl in front of him. “Y/n it’s just High school.” Hurt by his words she pulled a fake smile. “Yeah, just high school” Aran looked at her and sighed, “Y/n I promise I won’t forget you next year ok?” “Ok senpai, I trust you.” If only y/n realized the Promise won’t last for long.
Y/n starting her third year at Inarizaki prep, she felt alone without Aran by her side. yes she has other friends but they wanted her to be with Aran so she can confess. Pulling out her phone she looked at her messages, she proposed to go to a Cafe both her and Aran liked but Aran said he had practice with the team. Deciding to go with two of her friends after school she went on with her day. “Thanks for inviting us Y/n.” said F/n. “It was no problem, I wanted to go here again for a while so I’m glad I can finally take y’all.” Arriving at the cafe they got their drinks and desserts just chatting. When the door was open y/n’s friends faces grew into shock. “Y/n didn’t you say Aran was busy after school?” Giving her friends a look of confusion she looked at her phone to check the time. “Yeah, school just ended for him. Why?” Her friends pointed behind her and she turned around to see Aran with guys he told her were Omimi, Akagi and Kita. Y/n quickly grabbed her things and said a goodbye and left the cafe. What she didn’t know a certain boy with black tips saw her. 
“If you want, I can take you on a date for your birthday.” With a shocked Expression Y/n stared at Kita. A millions thought were spiraling in her mind, finally making up her mind. “I would love too Shinsuke.” Kita’s heart starting to beat faster at the mention of his first name. The two students leaving the school knowing this might be the start of a life long romance. Leaving the crumpled letter in the trash. The day was filled with laughs and Kita giving Y/n a lovesick look the whole time. The two getting to know each other and seeing they have more in common then they thought. Y/n not once thought of Aran, who by the time practice ended realize his mistake. ‘I forgot about her again...’
Today was Y/n’s first day at Inarizaki prep, walking down the road, she saw Aran talking to Kita. Y/n never met Kita officially but she was excited for another school year with Aran. “Ojiro-Senpai Ohayo” Aran turned around and gave Y/n a wave. Catching up to the too boys she decided to introduce yourself. “Hello I’m L/n Y/n.” The boy looked at her with interest, the sunlight making her eyes brighter. Bringing her beauty to a new level, he seen pictures of her when he first met Aran but slowly he stopped mentioning her. “Hello I’m Kita Shinsuke, nice to meet you.” Aran saw this and Sped walked away to get to the gym. Y/n saw this and she had a look of hurt. “You wanna walk to school together L/n-san?” “I would like that” The two arriving at the school heading their separate ways after exchanging numbers. Kita found Aran in the Gym with the others, “Why did you leave?” Akagi then spoke “Aran said you were talking to a girl you knew so he wanted to give you space.” Aran and Kita looked shocked about what was just said. Then Kita’s face went stern “Aran that was YOUR childhood friend. You left her with me a Stranger. Why play with her emotions if you don’t want her around anymore.” Kita then left to go see the new first years. Not realizing that what that girl was starting to do to his heart.
Months have passed and the relationship between Kita and Y/n has grown stronger and stronger. To the first date at a restaurant for her birthday, to the first kiss in a field of flowers. Kita every step of the way made Y/n feel nothing but love and affection. He showed that he truly loved her, and that she truly loved him. Its now Christmas time at the first and second year were walking in the park looking at the Christmas lights. “This place is beautiful thank you Shinksuke” “Anything for you Y/n” The couple stopping in front of a Christmas tree in middle of the park Kita spoke. “Y/n there is something I want to tell you.” “You can tell me anything Shinsuke.” Taking a deep breathe face red from Embarrassment and the cold Kita finally said the 3 big words. “I love you. I’ve been In love with you for a long time and-” Kita was interrupted when Y/n jumped into his arms and Kissed him. Kita finally melting into the kiss, he felt likt he officially had everything. The two pulling away Y/n spoke “I love you too Shinsuke.” The young couple knowing they are fully in love were ready for the future.
Aran and Y/n have been growing distant since they both started high school, Since Y/n started dating Kita she has completely forgotten about Aran. Who on the other hand missed her like crazy.
The new school year has started the couple being now a second and third year, y/n was waiting at home for Kita to text her saying he was home. Her phone Buzzing she checked to see who it was ;My Love🥰; “Hello Shin” “Y/n y-you’ll never believe it” “What happened during Volleyball practice?” “My love guess who is the new captain this year...” “Y-your Captain?!? That’s amazing congratulation's you deserve it.” “Thank you Y/n, I love you” This school year was amazing for Inarizaki, they flew by during the inter high tournament and spring preliminaries. Now on the way to spring nationals, the team just won their first match of the tournament. The team staying at there hotel Kita and Y/n decided to go for a walk in the park across the street. The park was empty except for the two lovers, the two deciding to stop at a park bench. “I’m glad you were able to come.” “I wouldn’t miss it for the world, I love you Shinsuke.” “I love you more Y/n” Standing Up Kita grabbed her hand. “Y/n I want to ask you something important.” “You can tell me anything Shinsuke.” “Y/n I have been in love with you since the very first time I saw you, You were the missing piece I didn’t knew I needed until I found you.’’ “Kita what are you-gasp” “Y/n L/n will you-”
The 2nd day as started and Inarizaki was up against Karasuno. The game was neck to neck throughout the whole game, but sadly Karasuno won. ‘This isn’t fair...let Shinsuke play a little longer!! He deserves this!’ Leaving the stands in search of her lover she found him and Aran walking together. She ran straight to him completely ignoring Aran. “You did amazing out there Shin!! I’m so proud of you.” Kita returning the hug with the same amount of force. Aran looked at the two heart broken, he hasn’t told anyone this but he was actually in love with y/n but now it seems he was too late. A shimmer caught his eye and he turned to what it was. A shocked look swept across his face, It was an engagement ring on her finger.
‘‘Y/n L/n will you marry me?? I know we are still young but I promise to always love you with my whole being.” Tears started to fall from her eyes nodding her head “Yes!!!”
‘It’s too late in a few years she will be Mrs. Y/n Kita’ thought Aran.
‘Thank you for being in my Life y/n I love you.’ Kita thought happily about his future with her.
‘I regret letting you go....Come back to me please y/n’ Aran thought desperately.
‘I promise to love you, to cherish every second with you. I’m never letting you go’ Kita thought While holding his Fiancee. 
‘I love you Y/n L/n’ thought both boys.
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nonbaznary · 6 months ago
Carry On Countdown - Day 10: Crossover
(Not posting on AO3)
Keep reading on Tumblr below the cut!
Words: 2401
I’m a bit late with other prompts BUT for today, I edited a Cemetery Boys scene (no spoilers, really, it’s in the beginning and the plot/summary of the book basically gives this scene away), because I couldn’t help but see similarities about Snowbaz and Yadrian, both canon and headcanon. Anyways, I love my transmasc awkward heroes and their undead nobinary gay boyfriends who may seem scary but are total sweethearts. I also changed some elements of the original story so it sounded more like Carry On, so it’s kind of a Cemetery Boys remix, or something. Anyways LOL happy COC day 10!! Hope y’all like this <3 Also thank you Aiden Thomas your gays gave new meaning to my life
Cemetery Boys AU
Simon could feel energy swarming below him.
“Do you feel that, too?” Penelope asked.
“Yeah. It’s way stronger in here.” he said. Whatever spirit that led them here was close.
Simon took a step back, and his shoe slipped. He’d stepped on a piece of cloth.
Penny moved in. “What’s that?”
“I think it’s a scarf.” Simon muttered, pointing his lantern to it. The scarf was pale blue. He bent down and carefully picked it up. As soon as his fingers made contact with the fabric, a shiver ran through his body. Electricity flooded through his veins, and he took a sharp breath. Something pulsed under his feet, synchronized with his own heartbeat.
“I think- It’s a tether.” he said, a spike of adrenaline making him feel light-headed.
When a spirit attached itself to a tether, they had to stay near it. That was why haunted houses existed, but not many cities haunted by a single ghost – spirits couldn’t venture far from their tethers. And mages could only release them and help them pass peacefully to their eternal rest once they were free of their earthly bindings.
Simon had never actually held a spirit’s tether before. They were incredibly powerful. Some of the mages claimed that mishandling a spirit’s tether would get you cursed. But Simon had never heard of anyone actually getting possessed, and he had no intention of disrespecting this tether.
“But it’s not Ebb’s. She didn’t own any silk blue scarfs, that I’m sure of.” Penelope said, reaching out as if to touch it before thinking better.
“It could be Ebb’s.” Simon tried to reason, his hope of finding his friend fighting against logic. He squeezed the scarf in his hand. Warmth spread through his palm and up his arm. He turned to Penny with a smile. “There’s only one way to find out.”
Penelope gave him a skeptical look, and Simon shrugged.
“I have to try – What if Ebb’s spirit got tethered to this instead of her staff?” he said, twisting the scarf between his fingers.
“It could be attached to someone who’s gone malefic.” Penelope said, casting a pointed look around the dilapidated church.
“Then it’s a good thing I’ve got a sword now, innit?” Simon said. Penny raised her eyebrows, but then grinned.
“All right, Greatest Mage, work your magic.”
The rush of excitement made Simon feel giddy as he knelt.
He held his hand over his hip, calling for the Sword of Mages. "In justice. In courage. In defense of the weak. In the face of the mighty. Through magic and wisdom and good." The hilt materializes in his grip, and he swings the sword up to his shoulder. Maybe it was the feel of the blade in his hand or the magic he knew flowed through his veins, but Simon felt recklessly brave.
He stood up again and tried to take a deep breath, but he was too excited, practically buzzing. His palms were sweaty. He looked over to Penelope, who gave him an enthusiastic and encouraging nod.
Simon had seen his mentor, Davy, summon spirits before. It wasn’t exactly general knowledge for mages, but he knew what to do and how to do it. It was one of the few incantations that Simon believed he could get right, like with the Sword of Mages, because those weren’t like other spells. They didn’t come so easily to other mages as regular incantations did. Magic words are tricky, and Simon had never been good with words. You have to have a good vocabulary to do magic. You have to be able to think on your feet and be brave enough to speak up. And you have to actually understand what you’re saying, how the words translate into magic.
None of that came naturally to Simon. And his magic... He was powerful, he knew that, but his magic behaved differently than everyone else’s. His magic was immediate and literal. Sometimes, it acted when he didn’t even mean to make it do anything. It just… happened.
And that was exactly what he needed right now.
He felt the magic inside him, strong and infinite. He called it to the surface, his skin suddenly warmer, and held out his arm, the scarf looped around his hand. Simon cleared his throat, trying to breathe around the lump that had formed.
“I summon you, spirit!”
For a terrifying second, nothing happened. Then, an explosion of heat and golden light. Simon sprang back, choking on the smoke.
There was a person in front of him, doubled over their hand and knees, clutching their chest.
Simon could hardly believe his eyes. “It worked!”
The spirit’s face was screwed up tight in a grimace, their fingers knotted into the material of his shirt, a beautiful floral, white with blue and purple flowers and fat striped bumblebees.
“That’s not Ebb.” Penelope tried to whisper, but she’d never had a very good inside voice.
Simon groaned and dragged a hand over his face. On the bright side, he had actually summoned a real-life spirit
On the not-so-bright side, he had summoned the wrong one.
“Obviously.” Simon growled back, unable to look away from the spirit as they gasped for breath, the muscles in their neck straining. They had that translucent quality around the edges, like all spirits, Their eyes swung to Simon and Penny, with a handsome but very angry face, their grimace now more of a sneer.
“Well, at least it’s not a malefic spirit?” Penny offered.
The person staggered to their feet, upright but unsteady. “Who the hell are you?”, they snarled, dark grey eyes blazing, sharp as obsidian.
“Uhh” was Simon’s unhelpful reply, suddenly back to being capable of forming a coherent sentence.
“Where am I?” the person’s voice coming out of them in a tight roar, head tilting back as they took in their surroundings. “Am I in a church?” their attention swung back to Simon and Penelope with an accusing glare. “Who let me in a church?”
Familiarity prickled at the back of Simon’s mind, racing to place their sharp edges, posh look, and the irritated, cold tone in their voice.
“Uh- well- you see,” Simon stammered, not really sure how to explain their situation, but he wasn’t given the chance to finish. The person’s eyes snagged on the scarf still dangling from Simon’s hand.
“Hey!” Simon saw their anger swell, hunching their shoulders, and propelling them forward. The spirit stomped up to him, fire in their eyes. “That’s mine.”
They reached out to snatch the scarf, but their hand went right through it. They frowned and tried again, and when their hand slid through it a second time, they froze, blinked their eyes, and slowly waved it back and forth.
Their eyes went wide, and they stumbled back. “What the hell is this?” they demanded to know, looking between their hand and the scarf and Simon and Penelope.
“Wow, this is really awkward.” Simon said, scratching at the back of his neck. Penelope seemed less worried.
“Well, there’s no denying you’re an actual mage now.” she said, circling the spirit with keen interest. They scowled at her.
“Who are you, and what are you doing with my scarf?” they demanded, looking to Simon for answers.
“Well, uh, I used it to summon you.” he tried.
The spirit crossed their arms, arching a thick eyebrow.
“Yeah, we thought it might have belonged to Ebb.” What was the gentlest way to tell someone they were dead?
“Ebeneza. Our friend.” Penelope specified.
The spirit didn’t seem at all interested in who Ebb was. “It’s mine.” they insisted with a growl. “It belonged to my mother. It’s got our last name on it see?” their fingers curling in demand.
Simon turned the fabric over to find that a name had indeed been recorded in a tip. He blinked. “Oh.” The delicate cursive letters read PITCH. “Oh.”
The Pitch family was well known, and also magickal. They didn’t do any death-related magic, though, not like Davy or the Bunces – they were magickal authorities. Royalty, aristocrats, leaders. Researchers, linguists. They knew spells like no other magickal families. They were fire magicians, brilliant with fire. But they weren’t involved with action, not like the mages Simon and Penelope grew with. The Pitches didn’t know about death magick, not like them.
Simon knew the Pitch’s heir, Baz Pitch, or rather knew of them. They went to highschool together, and Baz had a bit of a... reputation. They used to be a top student, and when they were roaming the halls it was hard to not notice them. They had the sort of presence that demanded everyone’s attention without needing to ask. They were hard to miss.
Until they got expelled.
“Do you know how you got here?” Simon questioned them. Baz glared.
“No. All I remember is walking down the street with my friends. Then something- someone-” they frowned. “I just remember getting knocked over.” They unconsciously rubbed at the same point on their chest, near their heart. “Then the next thing I knew, I was in a church with you two.”
Three beats passed before Baz’s eyes went wide. “I died, didn’t I?” Simon and Penelope looked at each other. “Am I dead?”
Simon gave a small nod. Baz stumbled back a step, their body wavering in and out of existence for a moment. “Oh, Crowley. My aunt is going to kill me.” They pressed both hands against their face and groaned against their palms.
“Looks like someone already beat her to it.” Penelope pointed out.
“So I’m a spirit now.” Baz scowled, ignoring the girl. They didn’t sound angry or dismayed, just… annoyed. As if this were just an inconvenience. “And you’re also mages, I suppose. So you can send spirits to the afterlife, right?”
“Yes- Well, no-” Simon fumbled, trying to explain himself. “I should be able to- er, I guess- I haven’t done the releasing part yet-”
“Great. So I’m stuck with two shitty witches.”
Annoyance flared in Simon. “Look, this is my first time, okay?” Baz blinked slowly at him, unimpressed. “You- You’re attached to a tether, your scarf. So I just need to destroy the-”
“No, no way!” Baz shook their head. “That’s my mother’s scarf, you are not destroying it.” They tried to snatch it from Simon, but, again, they were left with a fistful of empty air. Penelope chuckled.
“No, just listen-” Simon gripped his blade, raising it.
Baz scoffed, which was not how Simon thought any sane person should react to getting a sword pointed at them.
“What are you going to do, stab me?” Baz’s laughter was flat and sharp. “Already dead, remember?”
“I’m not going to stab you!” No matter how tempting it is, Simon thought. Penelope cut in.
“He can use this to destroy the tie keeping you here.” Baz opened their mouth to argue, but Penny pressed on. “Not the scarf, just the tie anchoring you to the scarf. Then you can go to the afterlife and be at peace, okay?”
Baz smirked. “Yeah, no. He’s not doing that.”
Simon groaned. Of course the first spirit he summoned was a git that wouldn’t just be released willingly. No, he had to get stuck with the one who had an attitude problem.
“I’m doing this. Right now.” Simon said. “We still need to find Ebb, and, besides, if you stay here like this for too long, you’ll turn all dark and violent and start hurting people.”
Baz crossed their arms over their chest. “No.” Simon looked at Penelope for help, but she just shrugged her shoulders.
“You’re leaving me no choice.” Simon pushed his jaw forward to stand his ground. A thick eyebrow quirked. Simon called for his magic, squeezing the scarf in his hand. “Show me the bond!”
The Sword of Mages and the scarf glowed bright, filling the church with a warm blaze that made all three of them squint. A golden thread sparked to life in the air, starting from the blue fabric and ending at the center of Baz’s chest.
Simon inhaled a deep breath. “I set you free for the next life!” he sliced his sword through the air, aiming directly for the golden thread. Instead of severing it, the edge of the blade caught on the line. The Sword of Mages vibrated in his hand, and small sparks flew from where they met.
Baz relaxed, but Simon wasn’t giving up just yet. He tried slicing through it again, then tried sawing at it, but all it did was send more sparks flying and make his shoulder hurt.
Simon turned over to see an obnoxious smirk on Baz’s face.
“Wow. You really suck at this.” they said, looking pleased with themselves. Simon turned to Penelope.
His heart hammered in his ears, and his throat felt like it was closing up on him. The sudden aching in his chest (surely not helped by his tight binder) threatened to swallow him whole. Penny was immediately at his side, her voice calm and soothing as she gripped his arms.
“Don’t worry about this! This isn’t your fault, Si.” she jerked her head in Baz’s direction. “They’re probably too bull-headed to cross over.”
Penelope ignored their protest. “Just like my great-aunt, remember?”
“Maybe.” Simon mumbled. He didn’t want to think about it. Shame burned hot on his cheeks.
“Look.” Baz called. “I’m willing to cut you a deal.”
Simon and Penny turned to them.
“I’ve got unfinished business.” Baz said, brow furrowed. “And I need to check on my friends. They were with me when I died, I need to make sure they’re okay.” their face twisted between annoyance and something that could’ve been worry. “And maybe they know who got me. That could be connected-” They shook their head, interrupting themselves. “If you help me on a personal project, and let me find my friends and make sure they’re okay, I will willingly let you do what you need to do and send me to the afterlife.”
Simon looked at Penelope, who shrugged. “I don’t think we have much of a choice here.”
“Okay.” Simon took a step forward. “Wait. What’s this ‘personal project’ you’re talking about?”
Baz’s features got rigid. They stepped closer to Simon.
“My mother’s killer walks. You are going to help me find out who he is, and avenge her, and bring her peace.”
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uwuyangin · 7 months ago
a promise well broken (minho x reader)
Tumblr media
✩ 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: if anyone was certain of one thing, it would be the fact that both you and minho were a two in one deal. never would somebody see one and not the other. since the beginning of your friendship, you promised each other that no matter what, you would never lie. pinky promises were forever right? that is until you meet hana, the one person that had the potential to tear you and minho apart.
✩ 𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐫 + 𝐚/𝐧: this is a request! bff to lovers! plot ahead. cussing as well so be warned. song rec: i hate u, i love u by olivia o’brien & gnash. thank you for requesting this, lovely! 
the autumn of twenty-eighteen was the worst year of your life.
why? because that was the start of your first year being a freshman in college. nobody had warned you about the university life, and it always looked so easy. then came week two where you learned the hard way that the readings actually were important. or that you should never leave your laundry in the laundromat without supervision. again, these were things you had to learn as an adult and it sucked.
but, you’ll never forget the day you met him; lee minho. 
you had accidentally spilled coffee all over his white shirt in that over-crowded starbucks down the street from your apartment. he had joked you owe him a new shirt, however he then laughed at his silly remark. hearing that laugh made your heart melt in a way you couldn’t describe. nonetheless, you offered to buy him his drink of choice, to which he denied. instead, he asked for your time and the rest was history.
you two were inseparable ever since. even when you needed to study, minho would drop by and annoy the hell out of you. it had become such a routine that you would be surprised if he didn’t accompany you to anything. in a way, you were dependent on him as he was to you. some would say this was unhealthy, but you admitted to yourself a long time ago that a life without lee minho was not a life wanted. 
however, because life was never perfect, you couldn’t expect your relationship with him to be. because you were utterly in love with someone you never thought you could have. so much so that your heart swelled at just the idea of him and that damn smile. his tsundere personality attracted you the most because that only made the intimate moments more meaningful. like when he would hold your hand in public if you were anxious, or the way he complimented your work ethic. those small, simple gestures filled your stomach with butterflies. as much as you loved him showing you affection, it also broke your heart because it always stirred up false hope. and nothing hurt more than that. 
you wished you could confront him on this. you hated hiding anything from minho. it was your number one rule between each other; no secrets, no lies. he always had a deep-rooted insecurity of being lied to, and you promised him that you would never do that no matter what. you’ll never forget the way he looked at you then; full of trust and happiness. each night when you lay awake in your bed, your chest clenches at the thought of telling him you’ve been surpressing these feelings. would he rejoice or be disappointed? it was a risk that you weren’t willing to take.
that promise meant everything to you. apparently minho thought otherwise.
it had been exactly one month since you met park hana. minho introduced the two of you after walking out of his calculus class. he had made a new friend, which didn’t surprise you because who wouldn’t want to be friends with him? however, at the sight of her, your stomach dropped. she had locks of honey brown, obviously artificial but beautiful nonetheless. her eyes always shone with a light you never thought you’d see. she was outgoing, intelligent, and funny. god, she was so funny that she made minho roll over in laughter at a study session that was supposed to be explicitly between you and him. you envied her. you wanted to love yourself the way she did, but everytime you looked in the mirror, you would only see flaws. what would minho see in you that he wouldn’t see in her? 
you tried to be her friend, you really did. on multiple occasions, you invited hana to coffee or to the movies, and she always declined. if you brought it up to minho, he would only shrug it off that it wasn’t serious. this didn’t cease your uneasiness towards her, though. it could just be your jealousy speaking but you knew yourself better than that. 
you were going to try again, though. if she meant something to minho, then she meant something to you as well. 
you lay on your bed with a small smile, scrolling through your phone to find minho’s number. a simple face time would be fun as you didn’t feel like texting. you also really wanted to see his face. after finding his number, you tapped on it and felt excitement rising in your system. it was only a video call but this is what minho did to you. as the phone rang, you were met with disappointment as you noticed that he wasn’t going to pick up. that wasn’t like him as he typically picked up within the first three rings. 
“what the heck? ugh,” you grunted to yourself, heading over to text message. 
you were tempted to text him alone about your idea of hanging out, but you knew that if you were going to make an effort for hana, you would need to text the group chat. you began to text out your plans, sending it with a large grin. 
you: heyyyyyyyyy bishes! i’m thinking of heading to the mall later today, and i’d love to hang with y’all. what do you say?? maybe we can get dinner as well. i finally don’t have homework lmaoo 
soongiedoongiedori: aw can’t today :( hanging out with sungie
hana: same, i’m busy! maybe next week? 
you: ok :’) </3
releasing a sigh, you felt your excitement deterioriate. you weren’t expecting them to turn you down so quickly, especially minho. you knew it was wrong to be upset at them for being busy but you couldn’t help how you were feeling. hana did suggest next week . . . that would have to do for now. 
as you sighed once again, you heard your door swinging open. you snapped your head up, hoping it was minho pranking you, but you were only met with your roommate, yeri. 
“whoa, calm down. i’m not gonna kill you,” she joked. “i was just checking to see if you’ve eaten today and if i should buy takeout.” 
groaning, you shook her head and hung an arm over your head. this made it clear to yeri that you were upset, making her concerned. you two were close since the beginning of the school year. normally you were a cheerful person. if you were acting like this, then something was definitely up. 
“what’s wrong?” she asked, sitting beside you on your bed. 
you peeked out from behind your arm only to drop it and sigh for the third time. that’s all you could really do at this point. 
“well, it’s going to sound dumb-”
“no it’s not. stop doubting yourself, now tell me what’s up.” yeri interrupted.
you rolled your eyes but smiled a small smile. “i texted minho and hana to see if they wanted to hang out today but both of them are busy. it just really sucks because i feel like every time i make an effort for hana, she doesn’t make an effort for me. i’ve tried telling lino this but he thinks i’m being dramatic. am i being dramatic?”
yeri hummed at your response, furrowing her eyebrows. you watched in silence as she pondered about the scenario in her mind. this put you on edge because she didn’t immediately reassure you it was nothing. she must’ve seen something fishy as well or else she wouldn’t be thinking about it. or you were assuming the worst.
“they’re both busy?” she checked. 
you nodded, making her shrug. “i wouldn’t think much of it, (y/n). what’s the rule between you and him again? no secrets, no lies or something like that? i don’t think he would lie to you.” 
that was true; nobody took that rule more seriously than minho. for a moment there, you felt guilt because you knew it was wrong to immediately doubt his intentions like that. hana as well. yeri inspected you for a moment as she took in your composure. surely her advice should’ve been enough to warrant ease, however, you were still stiff.
“i’ll go to the mall with you,” she offered. “i was thinking of stopping in sephora or something. i’ve been meaning to go for awhile but never had the excuse.”
you snapped your head her way and bit back a smile, trying not to be too enthusiastic. “really? you’re not just saying that, are you?”
yeri nudged you playfully before standing. “of course not. now get up and ready, or i’ll regret my decision.”
“did you really have to buy all three palettes? they look the exact same!” 
yeri rolled her eyes as the both of you exited the store with you holding one bag, and her with two. you had only been there for twenty minutes and you already spent more than you would’ve liked. then again, you didn’t really care because you were looking forward to this for awhile. friends that enable each other stay together, right?
“well, that’s where you’re wrong. this one is peachy nudes, then there’s the golden nudes, and this one is neutral nudes. seriously, (y/n), don’t underestimate the power of nudes.”
the both of you let out a laugh, leaning into each other for support. yeri had made this experience way more fun than you thought it could be. not one thought of minho or hana had entered your mind. the mood was lifted tremendously as you strolled through the mall, window shopping at a few stores until you found the one you wanted to shop in. however, as you were going to enter a store, your stomach did a little growl. 
“whoa, calm down tiger.” joked yeri as she patted your stomach. 
“i guess i forgot to eat today . . . do you wanna stop by the food court before we continue shopping?” you suggested.
she nodded, realizing that she was hungry as well. “i think it’s this way.” 
nearing the corner, you continued on towards the food court with excitement. mall food always had a different vibe to it and you were very much looking forward to devouring some lo mein noodles. as the food court came into view, your walk began to speed up. the excitement that was building up inside of you halted as yeri stopped in her tracks, causing you to run directly into her back. 
“hey-” you started but yeri whipped around, shushing you. her hands grabbed onto your arms and dragged you to the side where you were no longer out in the open.
“what are you doing?” your voice was not loud however it still wasn’t at yeri’s liking as she shushed you again.
“(y/n), look over by mcdonald’s. isn’t that minho . . . and hana?” 
your heart stopped as you heard those words, immediately looking where yeri had instructed you. there sat minho and hana, laughing obnoxiously while sharing a meal. you watched the way she fed him a fry, with him then returning the favor. your heart tugged at the sight because that was something you guys always do to each other. it would then follow with you offering him a bite of your mcflurry and then booping him on the nose with the spoon. the tension grew as you saw him reaching for the spoon of his mcflurry, raising it out towards hana.
“please, please, please. do not pat it on her nose,” you whispered to yourself.
tears welled up in your eyes as you watched the way she took a bite, then giggling as he gently patted her nose with the spoon. that was the icing on the cake and it’s all it took before you turned your body around, rushing to the exit. 
yeri called out to you but you weren’t listening. the scene that played before rewound itself in your mind like a vhs tape. and you would pause at the way he looked at her, like she was so special. those glances were always reserved for you. was he tired of you? did he know how much he meant to you? he broke your one rule, the one thing that meant everything. your friendship was based on this and yet it was now abandoned. your breathing became labored as you tried calming down, staring at the ground with wide eyes and endless tears. never did you think minho would betray you. maybe it was naive to think like that.
“(y/n), wait up!” puffed out yeri as she met up with your figure at the exit. her chest heaved from the run she had to do to catch up.
neither of you spoke as yeri tried to find the words. “i’m sorry.” her voice was soft, almost afraid of breaking you any further.
nearly a week had passed since the incident at the mall. and you would be lying if you said you were alright.
every night you were reminded of what minho did to you as he sent you texts relentlessly. the spamming began after day one with him asking if you wanted to come over. when you didn’t respond, he continued to blow up your phone to see if you were okay. all the missed calls and texts drove you insane because you wanted so badly to reply. but you weren’t going to give in so easily. he hurt you in ways you couldn’t describe. it didn’t help that you were helplessly in love with him. seeing him give affection towards another female was inevitable, but you never thought it would hurt like this.
you weren’t surprised when you didn’t get any notifications from hana. you wanted to believe so badly that she was a good person but something felt off. you didn’t want it to be your jealousy speaking but you also didn’t want to be in denial either. this felt wrong because you and minho had never been so separated. but with each passing second, you felt yourself growing further part from him. you continued to drown in your depressed thoughts until a knock on your door interrupted.
“oh, you don’t sound so excited to see me.” joked a familiar voice as they stepped in, closing  the door behind them.
you grinned, immediately sitting up and opening your arms for your friend, han jisung. the boy wasn’t shy in returning the hug, laughing at your brightened expression.
“sungie! what are you doing here? you didn’t even think to call me?” your voice was nothing but playful, nudging his arm in the process.
jisung took a seat beside you on the bed and chuckled. as he made himself comfortable, he spoke up. “i felt like being spontaneous.”
the air was always light when it came to jisung. he was able to make everyone feel welcomed despite his social anxiety. the contradiction always made you love him more, as a friend of course. you admired him for a moment, feeling somewhat calmer. it was obvious to jisung that something was wrong, though. minho might’ve told him to check up on you because if you were ignoring him, then he knew you wouldn’t let him into your home. but jisung could also tell from your face that you weren’t okay.
“hey, what’s going on? you can tell me.” 
his sudden change from bubbly to concerned shocked you, making you freeze in your spot. you hadn’t even noticed the smallest of tears that were forming in your eyes, finally being able to unleash any form of disappointment that you were holding in. jisung was not prepared to see you falter so quickly as he reached forward, holding your hands in his lap as he let you cry for a moment in silence. as soon as you were ready to catch your breath, you laid the truth on him.
“minho lied to me. and to make matters worse . . . he lied to me with hana.”
jisung was taken aback at those words because minho? lied to you? there’s no way. he snorted, shaking his head as he was in disbelief. however, as he studied your expression again, he noticed that you were still crying. the boy clenched his jaw as he was now visibly angry. he knew how much that rule meant to you and minho, as it meant something to jisung as well. he was there when minho got his heart broken, when he was the one who was lied to. and now minho had completely ignored that because of someone he barely knew. you didn’t deserve this, no one did. 
“(y/n), i’m so sorry.” much like yeri, that’s all he could say. 
because he knew how much this hurt you, and there was nothing that he could say that would change how you were coping. he wanted to ask what happened, but he also didn’t want to push you. 
“why are you sorry? it’s him that should be sorry.” you replied bitterly as you wiped at your eyes. 
you thought you looked pathetic, but jisung thought the opposite. he couldn’t even imagine what you were going through, and he always knew how close you two were. deep down he also knew how you felt about minho. this was more than just your best friend lying to you, no. 
ring ring ring
the sound of your phone ringing made you snap out of it, immediately searching for it so that you could read the caller id. once you had it in your hands, your eyes widened in shock.
“it’s hana . . . should i answer it?” you whispered.
“sure, but i don’t know why you’re whispering.” you reached over and swatted his arm at his sass.
without thinking much of it, you swiped right and pressed the phone to your ear. jisung didn’t think that you would actually do it, considering you had neglected minho’s calls. although he did believe it would be easier to speak with hana as you weren’t as close with her. after holding in your breath for a long second or two, you released out a greeting.
“mhm, (y/n)-ah. i’m glad you picked up. i’ve been meaning to talk to you.” 
something about the way she spoke didn’t sound genuine, and jisung could notice it from a mile away. you furrowed your eyebrows as he pointed at your phone, mouthing the words ‘speaker phone’ to you. you decided to risk it as jisung would be your witness for whatever would go down. you switched it to speaker.
“oh, hi hana. what did you want to speak with me about?” you said straightforwardly. 
there was a chuckle on the other end that sent chills down your spine. “i’m not stupid, (y/n). i know you saw minho and me at the mall together. i don’t blame you for acting the way you are, i would probably do the same.”
both you and jisung looked at each with wide eyes. you didn’t expect her to be so blunt with her thoughts, however you were expecting something bitchy. biting on the inside of your cheek, you listened to her continue.
“i mean, you should be jealous. minho asked me on a date, and he told me he loves me. we are now dating, and we are very happy. he’s very happy. and now that we are together, i’m telling you to stay away from him.”
you could feel the fresh wave of tears pooling in your eyes as you heard her read out your worst nightmare. minho was in love with someone else, and to make matters worse, it was with hana. everything inside of you clenched painfully as you felt your heart sink to your stomach. this was way worse than having minho lie to you. you prayed to any god or deity that the situation couldn’t get any worse than it already was but they refused to listen to you. the universe was against your idea of sharing love with minho as it did everything in its way to tear you two apart. you should’ve kept count of the time you had left with him until he was taken.
but hearing her say that you needed to stay away from him wasn’t an option in your head. you can handle him lying, and being in love with someone else. it hurt, god it hurt so badly, but you could handle it if it meant he was happy. you would rather have minho happy instead of not having him at all. you were passionate in that belief, and you weren’t going to let hana tell you otherwise.
“i wasn’t asking, (y/n).” her tone was more intimidating than before, yet you held your ground.
“i said no. i’m not budging on this, hana. i’m not letting him go.” you protested.
there was another pause in between the conversation, and you thought you had won for a second. but hana was always a step ahead of you, planning her attack head-on like she had rehearsed every possible outcome in her head.
“why are you still holding onto him? you’re just a burden, don’t you see that? he’s only pitying you. now that he has me, he doesn’t need to keep having you around. you should learn to take a hint.” 
she spat her words at you, shooting her venom in your most sensitive spots. for a moment, you had entirely forgotten that jisung was still in the room. you tried not to let her words get to you, but they did. hearing that he was only pitying you sent you over the edge as you hung up the phone, throwing it at the floor angrily. your hands formed into fists as you closed your eyes, trying to catch your breath. but with each inhale, you felt as if you were suffocating. you wanted to wake up from this terror but you knew it was just a twisted reality. you didn’t even notice how your form was shaking from overwhelming emotions until jisung had reached over, pulling you closer into a side hug. he was just as speechless as you, if not more.
he shushed your cries, knowing it was the only thing you could do.
a few hours had passed at this point, and you didn’t even notice how you fell asleep with jisung. normally you two would split between the floor or the bed, but it was clear that you were exhausted. the afternoon had turned into nightfall, your open curtains inviting the moon. if you weren’t so out of it, you would’ve admired it’s beauty. you peered over as jisung was curled up beside you under the sheets, one arm wrapped loosely around your shoulders and the other over his face. he was such a good friend that you didn’t know how to thank him. he did not need to stay here by your side yet he did. he would never admit it, but he was incredibly selfless. as you tried adjusting your sight, you realized your eyes were puffy from crying, and it honestly hurt to try and focus in the dark.  you laid your body back down, snuggling deeper into your comforter before trying to head back to rest. without warning, your door swung up to reveal a worried minho.
“what the fuck is this?” 
his voice boomed through the room, causing you and jisung to bolt upright out of bed. your attention turned to a frantic looking minho clutching his phone in his hands. there was a vein popping out on the side of his neck from how stressed out he was, and his hair was disheveled from constantly running his hands through it. anyone would be able to see how fucked up he was over this. not to mention minho was worried sick because you still were not answering your phone, and now jisung wasn’t. when he called yeri to check up on you, she revealed that jisung had slept over. minho was furious, but for what?
“why haven’t you been answering your phone? do you know how worried i’ve been about you, i thought you died!” he started, then pointing his finger at jisung. “and you, what the hell do you think you’re doing in (y/n)’s bed?”
jisung gulped in fear as he avoided eye contact, trying to find the words to reply. never had the older male raised his voice like that at anyone, much less jisung. minho could be scary when mad, but you weren’t going to let behave like this. you believed he didn’t have a right to be so upset. because you weren’t going to let him do this to you, act like he was the victim and that you hurt him. he hurt you first, didn’t he see that? or was he really that blind? 
“first off, i don’t need your permission to have anyone stay the night so don’t talk to him like that. two, i don’t need to answer to you or anyone else but myself.”
minho chewed at the inside of his cheek, a death stare focused on you. “excuse me?”
“i said that i don’t need to answer to you. shouldn’t you be with your girlfriend anyway? it’s obvious you care more about her than you do about your friends. go, we don’t want you here.” you sneered at him, placing your hands on your hips firmly.
“what are you talking about, (y/n)? i don’t have a girlfriend. you’re not making any sense-”
“do not lie to me a second time!” you yelled.
both jisung and minho froze as they heard you raise your voice. minho knew what you could be like when you were furious like this, but he never thought you would be like that with him. it hurt a little as you stared at him like so sternly, so unwelcoming. for once in your friendship, he felt like he was trespassing. that shouldn’t be an issue between you two. minho tried to process his thoughts until he caught your words again, repeating it over and over in his head. guilt began to settle within him as he pursed his lips, thinking of saying something. however, nothing came out. all he could do was stare at the ground with shame digging itself into his skin. you deserved better than this. minho promised you so many things, and he had broken every single one. it was ironic, really, for someone who feared a broken heart. 
“(y/n),” he started hesitantly. “it’s not what it seems. let me explain.” 
you snorted while rolling your eyes. “really? because from what i remember, you promised me. you promised me you would never lie to me, or keep secrets from me. you lied to me!” 
your throat became thick as you tried swallowing any sobs that were bound to come up. you had pent up all of your frustration that this was finally the time you let minho have a piece of your mind. you wanted to scream at him, fight him, and hurt him. but all you could do was unleash the pain you had been holding in. 
“i never thought you would do this to me, minho. i never thought- i never thought you could just give up this friendship to someone who barely knows you! i always pictured you’d be with someone kind and full of love but she is a monster, don’t you see that minho? she is a bitch and-”
“wait, wait, wait. are you talking about hana? why are you saying these things about her? i know you’re upset with me, but don’t pull her into this.” he defended her, folding his arms across his chest.
your heart sank a little further as he didn’t immediately deny the fact that they were dating. instead, he defended her actions, and her role as his girlfriend. you were devastated; so it was true. you should’ve seen it coming, but you never thought it would be this soon. 
“hyung, (y/n) is telling the truth.” jisung tried to interfere, nevertheless, minho glared daggers at him.
“i’m not speaking to you right now. quiet.” he demanded.
his voice was eerily calm, making jisung cower in fear. you were not going to do that, though. you were going to stick up for yourself and the hell that hana had unleashed onto you. there is no way that minho could be so dull to not see the true colors of this girl. or maybe you were far too used to overestimating him.
“why is it that when it’s her word versus mine, you automatically defend her? am i not your best friend? i feel like i mean nothing to you anymore.” 
minho scoffed. “you’re being overdramatic. hana means a lot to me as well-”
“no, it’s obvious she means more to you. do you know what she did to me today, by the way? she told me to stay away from you, to never see you again or else. does that sound like someone you want in your life, lino?” 
you waited to hear reassuring words from your best friend, but instead, all you heard was the love of your life pushing you out of the way. his nostrils flared slightly in anger as he clenched his jaw, and his instinctively formed fists. never had he thought to raise his voice at you, but that was pushed away when the words left his mouth without control.
“you listen to me, and you listen carefully, (y/n). i don’t want you to ever speak of her like that ever again,” he pause to take a deep breath.
“it’s really low of you to be this jealous that you have to tear down the people that matter to me. i thought you were better than that.” he clicked his tongue, giving you a stare of disappointment. 
you couldn’t decide what hurt more, the fact that minho defended her or that he didn’t believe you. jisung wished to speak up and to let his friend know the truth, but he didn’t want to be scolded once more. the silence in the room was chilling, leaving goosebumps to arise on your arms. this had to be fake; this wasn’t the minho you knew and loved. tears had fallen past your eyes and onto your scorched cheeks. that sinking feeling returned to the pit of your stomach as it swallowed you whole. minho stared back with just as much intensity, knowing he hated seeing you cry especially when he was the cause. but he refused to back down from his word. instead he shook his head, turning around to walk out the door. you could hear the slam of the front door from your room, making you jump in fear. you were still unable to move from your spot as shock filled your system. did that really just happen?
you hadn’t even noticed the way jisung chased after his hyung. he pushed his short legs to run faster until he was now out of your apartment and near the parking lot. minho was walking rather fast with his stance intimidating but the younger boy didn’t care. he needed him to know the truth, and to know that you weren’t exaggerating.
minho felt a shove at the lower end of his back, causing him to trip a bit in front of him. when he whipped around to view who it was, a growl slipped his lips.
“yah, do you have a death wish?” jisung was not surprised to hear that.
“no, but do you? do you know what (y/n) has been going through ever since this hana girl entered your life? hm? do you? she’s telling the truth, i was here with her when that call took place.” 
minho chuckled bitterly. “i can’t believe you’re on her side here. i thought you were my friend.”
jisung’s eyes softened, showing just how upset he was over this. minho was not prepared for what came next, however, as the dongsaeng questioned every motive he had. 
“i am. and do you know what i value most in our friendship? no secrets, no lies. isn’t that the same promise you were supposed to keep with (y/n)? and here you are, breaking that promise. trying to validate what you did is inexcusable, man. why would she lie?”
the older of the two was at a loss of words as the guilt he faced earlier returned. it swirled around his body like an uninvited wind, reminding him how cold he felt in the situation. there was no reason for you to lie, so why was it that you would make something up like this? that’s the thing; you would never make this up. the realization was beginning to settle in him as minho came face to face with reality. he had hurt you, and made it out to be your fault. he took the side of someone he barely knew over you. over his best friend. over the love of his life.
“shit,” he muttered while throwing a hand to over his face.
this made jisung smile sadly, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “maybe you should fix this. just maybe.” 
letting out a groan, minho cursed at himself. he had fucked up so badly. jisung was quick, though, to ask a question that was still clearly in his head. “are you really dating hana by the way?”
minho shook his head and scoffed. “no.”
minho glanced up from his solemn expression and nodded.normally he would come back with another scary remark but he didn’t have the energy to do it. he made his way back to your apartment with each step being heavier than the previous one. owning up to his mistakes wasn’t something he was used to. never had he hurt this badly before, so he was bound to face something completely new. taking all the courage he could, minho opened your door to see a vacant front room. yeri must’ve been somewhere else, which he wasn’t complaining about. no doubt she would’ve chewed his ass out. minho continued on until he was right outside your door. as his hand went to turn the golden knob, he heard a heartwrenching sound.
you held a hand over your mouth as you sobbed in your bed, your body curled up to offer any form of comfort it could. the words of your best friend replayed over and over until you could no longer bare it anymore. you were broken into pieces, scattering yourself so that they would be hard to find. but minho had the power to put you back together, despite how long it would take. 
you felt a body weigh down beside you on the bed, immediately reaching its arms around you. as your eyes fluttered open, the sight of him was made aware, making you sob harder. minho shushed you, combing back your hair from your eyes as he held you in place. you didn’t fight him, you didn’t scream at him, no. you let him hold you so that he could mend your broken pieces back together. this was his damage he had caused, it only seemed right to take care of it. 
“i’m sorry. i’m so sorry.” 
you shook your head almost instantly. “you’re just saying that. don’t lie to me-”
“i’m not. hey, look at me,” he whispered.
your eyes met his again, making you shiver. it had been so long since you were this close to him. it felt familiar, like home. because that’s what he was to you. nothing could ever change that, even if he had crossed you. 
“i will never lie to you again. you mean so much to me.” 
unlike his tsundere personality, his voice was soft as it wavered in the air. those words alone made your heart begin to beat again with a sense of excitement you thought you lost. that excitement began to build as he grew closer, his face fearlessly nearing yours. his eyes never left yours, and you felt the overwhelming urge to close the gap between you. and so you did.
your lips molded against each other in a way you couldn’t describe. you were exploring new found territory, having experience something you never deemed possible. it was gentle, but powerful. his hands caressed your lower back as he held you closer to himself, chests up against each other. fireworks were an understatement. it felt like the universe was finally aligning again to ensure your happiness. it was a comforting hug that let you knew everything was going to be alright. it was minho showing you that you were more than hana would ever be. 
as he drew back, he pressed his forehead against yours. he couldn’t help but to say the words he had been holding back on ever since the day you met.
“i love you, (y/n).”
your eyes bulged as you looked at him in disbelief. these were words you were wanting to hear for so long. but were they genuine? or to make you feel better? you grew defensive before letting your heart speak any truth.
“i don’t need you to patronize me, minho. if you’re just saying that . . . “
“i’m not. i sincerely love you, (y/n).” 
“what about hana?” your insecurities were back at it again, and doubting anything that minho had said to you. you heard him chuckle as he responded coolly. “i was never with hana. i love you.”
a smile broke out on your lips. “no secrets, no lies?”
“no secrets, no lies.”
soooooo this is really shitty and im really sorry :/ I’ve been writing this for so many weeks and this is all i got out of it lmao <333 might make a part two with smut HA let me know if y’all want that thanks for the request @minholuvs
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litvar · 8 months ago
The Boys 2x08 live blog:
I was last week years old when I found out that you can watch new episodes at 8 on Thursdays. BRO WTF.
I seriously can’t believe we’re already at the season finale. We JUST started getting somewhere.
This school safety ad, damn the writers are consistent in going there!
Shiiiiiittttt everyone is going to be hopped up on Compund V in the very near future.
It’s worth 5 MIL A POP?!?!
It’s a COUP!!! Flashbacks to Raynor lol.
A Fox News dig, I love it.
Becca is on the move!
“The anxious boy, really? With the moist handshake?” 😂
Donna’s leaving :( I know their world is no place for a woman like her, but I would have liked to see her pal around with these rag tag group of mean well f*ckups.
“We can’t just kill everyone.” Kimiko, (ง'̀-'́)ง
Maeve is still in the clear, because Noir doesn’t speak. Wonder how long this will last?
To see these once mighty, seemingly untouchable group of heroes drop like flies and slowly disintegrate is pretty remarkable. The irony of it just punches you in the face.
“He is pretty smart, especially for his kind.” Fucking piece. Of. Shit. I truly hate her to cellular level.
There’s no way it’s Edgar blowing up heads.
Maeve is finally meeting Hughie, after all that she’s heard and knows lol.
She’s been drinking. Heavily.
“I could split that shit like dry firewood.” 😳😂
Maeve just wants to completely check out from life, just auto pilot.
God I feel so bad for her. She’s done a lot of wrong but you really see how tortured and through she is.
I have faith in her though. I really do.
Becca went just where I knew she would and should go.
So Edgard KNOWS what Stormfront is, he just doesn’t care. I actually liked him a little because of his unwillingness to back down from HL. But he’s a sellout.
A-Train heard every word. And he’ll do anything to get back into the Seven. 
Lol Frenchie is soooo cute! He’s so happy to meet Becca. And look at Kimiko! 😂🥺
These three idiots seeing a softer Billy...they just can’t get enough lol
“Fuck off, you lot.” 😂
Poor Ashley lol. Her hair is getting worse.
Ryan clearly misses his mom. You could tell before he even said it.
I’m glad to see Ryan hasn’t been completely turned when it comes to his mom.
Brave Maeve Rainbow Veggie burger lol
They. Never. Take. The. Costumes. Off. LOL
HL never wastes an opportunity to shut talk Becca.
I really wish that a person of color had asked to take their picture with SF. I want to see how she would have reacted.
Oh shit, it’s too much too fast! Why tf would they take him there???? They know he’s only been around like three people at a time at the very most!
HL is actually concerned. He actually cares. Whoa.
Stormfront is pissed. She’ll never replace Becca. Never. And she KNOWS it. And HL left without waiting for her. That gave it a little more sting.
So Hughie’s mom split, just didn’t want to be a wife or mom anymore. It’s safe to say she was, ‘movin out’. (That’s a Billy Joel reference, for you youngins, or youngins who don’t have 80’s music tastes)
Bro WTF lmao. “What’s up, shitbirds?”
Omg that little move that Annie did to block Hughie from A-Train 😭🥺
“Fuck that Nazi bitch.” YESSSS. He did it for personal gain but that single line is everything.
“You turned a racist piece of shite into America’s sweetheart.” 💯
So it’s all business related, of course. Putting the money, the bottom line over his own dignity. Spoken like a true businessman. 
“I can’t lash out, like some, raging, entitled maniac. That’s a white man’s luxury.” WHEWWWWWWWWW this coming from a black man is something else rn.
Edgar has something on SF. Why is she so important and what weakness does she have? (I’m thinking the maternal pull)
Billy is still not putting what Becca wants first. He hasn’t learned ANYTHING.
SF really knows how to manipulate people to do what she wants them to do. Even HL. It’s sickening and terrifying to watch. He’s consistently taking her advice when it comes to his son. This should anger him, but it doesnt. Sucker.
We’re seeing true humanity in Homelander right now. I’m in 100000% shock.
and just like that, Ryan is pulled it.
HL is
The loyalty. Of course they want to do something good, after all of the shit that they did.
Oh, it’s the Nazi info on SF. I was expecting something that we hadn’t seen yet. She can easily say that the photos are doctored.
MM apologized to Becca for his crude language but not to Annie lol
I (regrettedly) lived in Fayetteville for 3 years and had no idea just how big of a deal Ft. Bragg was until I left LMAO.
Yo, Butcher actually sweared on Lenny’s soul. He knows no lowest point. WOW.
I want to see Kimiko rip SF’s head from her shoulders, but I also want to see SF die slow. I’ll take whatever.
They’re using a Deep figurine for target practice lol.
Is. She. Fucking. Serious. Is she SERIOUS.
“Because of what we look like. They want to wipe up from this earth, just because of the color of our skin.” ARE YOU SERIOUS. Look at HL, even he’s disturbed. She’s trying to grow her own little Nazi. I HATE HER.
And the news is OUT!
“Run her over with a car” lollllll
The look of hatred on Maeve’s face. The disgust. God I love her.
I’m getting a lot of pleasure seeing SF pissed and uncomfortable. I hope everything goes to absolutely 100% shit for her. Die slow.
Okay a promo pic showed a shocked HL with blood splattered all over him. I hope to God that Ryan doesn’t kill one of them.
“I didn’t mean anything i said.” Omg.
“That’s my husband.” OMG. Butcher’s face.
He’s changed the plan. What Becca said gave him a change of heart.
What kind of security team is this? Why would they say that out loud?
I take back the little tiny doubt that I had, Antony would make a great Wolverine.
Things are about to get very bad.
This is probably the most selfless thing that Billy has ever done. Geez....I’m just, speechless.
You can see how much they still love one another. She would have forgiven him for his would-have-been betrayal too.
Something is about to happen.
Omgg they’re alive THEYRE ALIVE!!!
“People love what I have to say. They believe in it. They just dont like the word ‘nazi’.” TRUEEEEEE/
Kimiko just smiled and laughed. In front of what used to scare her. She is back. LETS FUCKING GO!!! Let’s GOOOOOO!!!
“She said the truth is, she’s going to stick her boot up your Nazi kitty.”
Did y’all see SF try to run? When Kimiko got to her? Did you see it?!?!
Frenchie WHY. Why did you scream that?
Kimiko! No!!! If you can regenerate, can you heal from a neck break? 
PLEASE NO LET HER BE OKAY. Please because I’m in tears right now.
“Girls getting it done!!!” Yes, the foreshadowing in the earlier episodes, the irony!! All of it yes!!!
Frenchie just said it LOL “girls do get it done”
“Eat my shit, you Nazi bitch!”
Kick the ever loving shit out of her.
(Sorry peeps, normally I censor the cussing but this shit is just TOO GOOD” I’m on my fifth time replaying this part now.
Maeve. I never gave up on you. Never.
UGH she got away! I know none of them could have caught her but still.
Damn this bitch is everywhere! Absolutely insane.
Yes Becca! That was almost as good as the tag team beat down.
I was afraid of this. This is what I’ve predicted for weeks. I thought about it, I knew it would come. Ryan will get his first kill today.
Ryan. Does. Not. Like. His. Mom. Being. Hurt. Bitch.
“I like to see the light go out.”
I. Knew. It.
HL gave him the tips. And they were put to use.
Notice Ryan’s face when he did it, he didn’t panic and do it, it wasn’t an accident. He concentrated, and let go.
Holy. Hell. How is she still alive. Crispy piece of shit.
He got Becca. He got Becca too.
“It’s not his fault.” She’s saying it for both of them.
Billy’s screams. Ryan. This is so painful.
My heart is broken. Absolutely shattered. The writers spared Kimiko but they took Becca.
“He’s good.” :(((((
Well done Shantel. Well freaking done.
You thought HL had a traumatic childhood...but wait, there’s more.
He will never be the same after this. Never. We might be witnessing a future-villain origin story.
Seriously though, what would Billy have done if HL hadn’t shown up? That was pure rage.
HL is completely blown away. He’s actually in tears. He did love her. He knew what she was but still, he loved her. Wow. And naturally, he doesn’t even care about Becca.
Someone please translate what she’s saying. I’m blown away, even on the brink of death...still loyal. She did the salute and everything. He still loved her, despite knowing what she was.
We’re witnessing Ryan choosing Billy, and Billy now choosing Ryan.
“I promised.” Billy I’m so proud of you. it’s sad that this is what it took to change him, but we are witnessing a breakthrough.
Maeve? To the rescue again??!?! I’m going to propose. Seriously.
HL is losing everything he’s ever cared about (whether it was genuine care or just beneficial) in the course of a few minutes.
He’s crying. I just can’t get over it.
How does the media still believe a single word that Edgar and HL utter?
Starlight is back at Vought!
SHE’S STILL ALIVE. “She will be punished.” How is she still alive.
Lmao A-Train is so sick of The Deep it’s hilarious.
No one saw the thief enter or leave. Well, the jig is up.
There’s a catch. There has to be a catch.
God, are so pathetic to watch. 
There it is, in a twist of events, now A-Train is back (because of affirmative action) and Deep is out.
“One hero is redemption, two is weakness.”
This dumbass signed over his BANK ACCOUNT???? Children’s work books? Lmaooo
Not another toxic personality lol
“Fuck Fresca.” 😂 Damn what did the Fresca do? lol
She’s back to wearing her cross. :))))
I can’t believe Annie is going back to the tower. She should have negotiated. She won’t ever be safe there.
My babiesssss 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭
REALLY? The finally kiss again and Hughie is leaving???
“I’m still going to cling onto you, I’m not fucking crazy.” Lol thank God.
“Now, remember what I told you.” “Don’t be a cunt.”
Is he being put in foster care or is Mallory going to raise him? This is critical information because this will directly effect who he becomes. 
On the other hand, if Brightburn taught us anything, is that nature will always be nature.
I just don’t see how Ryan won’t become bad. It’s far too obvious, and I would hate to see it, but it would be a great storyline.
They’re free! They’re all free! They no longer are wanted terrorists!
MM IS FINALLY HOME. His daughter is so happy!
They’re all going they’re separate ways...what will bring them together again?
Frenchie and Kimiko off on a new adventure 😭
They’re giving us the jizz scene from the comics omfggggg lol
Wait...this scene feels weird. was the head exploding Neuman??? Was it???
Oh shit, not the Fresca!
“See you soon”???
Omg it was NEUMAN.
WOWWW I really thought that it was Alistair! How did I let this slip past me!!!!
That creepy little smile. She was so against compound v and the supes, I should have KNOWN. But why blow up Vogelbaum??? She’s a supe, why does she want the public’s perception of Vought to be negative?
What a freakin finale, folks. I’m going to go cry, sit in shock, and then watch it all over again tomorrow.
I can’t believe that we have to wait an entire year (possibly younger with covid) for season 3. They have so much material to set it up. Where’s Cindy? What will Butcher do without the boys, now that he’s going to have a special supe watch unit? Where are Frenchie and Kimiko off too? How will they possibly find out about Rachel’s real identity when she’s able to be so discreet when using her power? Why is Rachel Is Ryan a ticking time bomb? Will Black Noir wake up? Will HL go easy on SF when she recovers? Will she grow her legs and arm back? Will MM’s wife welcome him back with open arms?
77 notes · View notes