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#wish i could've seen this
summerthunderstorms · 12 days ago
Does the rest of the Institute know what’s going on down here? I mean, I never really paid attention, but…
N-Not really? I think? I mean, Tim’s been going on about it to anyone who listens, but I think they just… think he’s had a bit of a breakdown.
Imagine being one of said random institute workers and suddenly remembering about this post apocalypse and realizing that Tim had been right
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yurionicestolemyheart · 15 days ago
Hi! I just got into the YOI fandom (I'm late, I know lol), but after having to go on a blocking spree thanks to aggressive antis (not an Otayuri shipper, but wow, the discourse is...intense), I was so happy to find this blog! You seem like such a chill person and I really love your content and the fact that you're still active, so thank you for doing what you do!
awwww thank you and welcome to the fandom!!!
i do try to just be really chill bc I've been here since almost the beginning of the fandom, so sadly I've definitely seen the discourse you're talking about rip
but im so happy you enjoy the content I share and I hope I can continue to be like,, a safe haven from the discourse for you
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seoafin · 17 days ago
Idk if you’ve seen any of the leaks for ch 150 yet but omg I didn’t think it was possible to fall more in love with maki and yet,,, every week I am proven wrong
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darkacademiapoetry · 21 days ago
this person i liked for almost three years yet only had the chance of knowing them for one since i left the school for another one, posted a happy birthday post for their friend and they were in the picture and they usually do this for their friend's birthdays but i dont know why today seeing their face once again hurts like it used to. like when i left for the first time and almost broke down because i missed them so much it hurt.
yet i still feel numb.
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colby-brxck · a month ago
Hello!!! How've you been?? I've been extremely fuckin busy so that's why I haven't been on a whole lot looool. I've got a quick question for you. I kinda wanna write something tonight, but I don't like doing it without a purpose lol so is there something you'd like written for you?? I had fun doing the other two I've done and I kinda wanted to write something for you too bc you've been so nice on here lol. Any suggestions?? (doesn't have to be a second person thing either, just w/e :))
HIIIIIIIIIII 🎉🎇🎆🧨🎊 !!!!!!!!!
life is very stressful at the moment actually haha so i get you. i have less than 2 months left of my degree and it's equal parts terrifying and exciting. but i'm good overall, stress aside! definitely way better than 3 months ago. i hope you're doing okay too <3 i missed your pieces of art! (and you)
as for the writing thing 🥺 you're amazing thank you. maybe something gen? i don't really read second pov stuff and i liked the little piece you sent @xplrvibes a while ago. so yeah something gen, sam and colby being in-sync best friends? just them having fun and being happy i'm easy as that 👉🏻👈🏻
ily glad to see you around ❤️❤️❤️
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belatalbotgf · a month ago
seeing dean get paralleled to trisha paytas in a spn meme video is the funniest shit i’ve ever seen. now i can’t stop thinking about how dean would feel about trisha. about them meeting. the energy that would create
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everfolk · a month ago
just finished shadow and bone! i liked it but i especially liked the last couple episodes. i also have some thoughts so i'm just gonna put those in the tags
#the actor they cast for the darkling was GREAT cuz he was attractive on the surface but the way he acted sometimes made him look so creepy#very good decisions were made#i wish the palace they used didn't look like a typical palace? if u know what i mean?#in the book i pictured it to be more expansive and open.. with lots of stone and marble#same with the training areas and hut#i wish it was more focused on the landscape of it all instead of confined to sets#i have. no idea what that fucking B plot was tho between the grisha and the grisha hunter?????#why did they give so much screen time to that???? instead of developing the other characters further (esp alina's friends at the palace)???#literally just skipped their scenes at a certain point cuz like why were they even there#but i absolutely LOVED the gang#are they called the crows?#omg jasper was my favorite character. i think i might read the other series focused on them cause i loved the character so much#i thought some of the styling was definitely off at times#like alina was supposed to look super weak and tired and bad before she came to the palace right#but.. she looked fine and normal#which made her palace glow up seem weird. like they just put some pink lipstick on her#also the romance aspect w the darkling would've been more believable had we not have seen all those mal scenes interspersed#i feel like they could've shifted some things around with that to make it seem more real#also... why did they change it to have alina initiate all those romantic scenes? i feel like that was a weird choice#could've def just had the darkling do it and then chalk it up to his weird power dynamic thing. make him seem more evil#but yeah i liked it well enough! the acting was good so was the production#clara talks#shadow and bone spoilers
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ALSO, THE CHANGE ON RAYAN’S HAIR. It’s not a huge huge change, but it became less complicated to figure out and longer in the hair strands in his forehead. I like it better in mclll, that’s where I’m trying to get. Despite the little difference. 
Also, his hair looks longer. Very nice. 
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lsoh-dumping-from-owin · 2 months ago
Me and my sister watching the movie again and the difference between me laughing and my sister whimpering at that bit in Dentist was amazing.
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f-ngrl · 2 months ago
berry loves my mood and curtain call will be released as vinyl ㅠㅠ
island as physical (cd?).
(source: 1124tt/ig live, and skinny and toil liked the respective posts so i see that as confirmed^^)
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