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cevanssstan · an hour ago
It is extremely satisfying the delivery to character that Sebastian Stan has with his works , I love
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zemo-is-my-muse · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Does anyone want another Chapter of this? I can continue the story if anyone is interested.
The Collector (on Wattpad)  Bucky Barnes x Any Reader (no pronouns/description) You like to collect vintage things. Fluff no triggers.
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we-are-dreamers42 · a day ago
We Are Alike
Tumblr media
Now that Alexandra’s mission is finally over she needs to know where she came from. Who is she? How is she able to do such incredible things?
WARNINGS: If there are any you think should be mentioned please let m know.
This is a prequel before meeting Bucky. This story is to set up the Original Character, and her backstory.
All this chapter is flashbacks into Alexandra’s memory. This is adult Alex commenting on the moment.
Word Count: 2K
Chapter 7
It started like I was watching a movie that’s in fast forward. Everything would go so fast I couldn’t comprehend what was happening.  The only thing that stuck out was a skull with six tentacles coming out of it.
“Papa I’m scared.” I said in a different language it seemed, but I could understand it perfectly. 
“Don’t worry. This is the only way you will survive this.” He takes a syringe filled with blue liquid. 
“What is that?” I try to pull away.
He holds me tight. “It’s a serum to make you strong. It’s going to hurt, but it’s the only way. Will you be brave for me?”
I nod my head, and hold out my arm. “I love you papa.”
“I love you too Erika.” He injects me. I start to scream. My arm feels like it’s on fire, and it’s starting to spread.
That’s when two angry men burst in. They were talking, but I couldn’t hear anything over my screaming.
Then the scene changed. I was sitting on the floor in a dark room. My body felt hot, and I was sweating. Holding onto the urge of throwing up. The burning has stopped, but I’m just sore everywhere.
“You will give me the serum. Or your daughter,” The lights in the room turn on. Above a window stood two men. One was someone I didn’t recognize, the other was my father. 
“You let her go.” Father cries out. He falls to his knees, and presses his hands to the window.
“Give me the serum. Then I will let her live.”
“I can not, it's too soon.” He looks up at the man.
“You should’ve thought of that before giving all you had to her.”
“The side effects will be unpredictable.”
“If you don't, Doctor she’s dead.”
There was a flash then the man with a red scary face appeared in front of me staring.
“Where is my papa?”
“He is gone. He left you here with me.” He wouldn’t do that. This man is evil, and scary. Papa would never leave me. “Put her under and run some tests. We need to figure out why it worked perfectly with her.”
A man grabs my arm, and drags me away. I start screaming, and hitting at the man. He let me go and shrieked in pain. I try to run away, but two more men grab me.
Slowly the scene morphed again. I lay on a table unable to move. I’ve been here for days just staring at the ceiling. The only movement I had was my head, but it was agonizingly heavy. Taking so long to move it side to side. I’m watching a tube drain my blood so they can study it once again. 
“We have another one.” Two men dragged an unconscious man into the lab. This was always sad to watch. This is the third one today.
The men lay him on the table next to me. Slowly I turn my head to see him already staring at me. With...Those beautiful blue eyes. It was him It had to be, but both his arms are normal. Could this be the one that spared me in that hotel room? He was terrified, and what was I to do, but to watch.
I couldn’t watch this again. I close my eyes. I tried to keep them open, but past me hated watching this part. So all I could do was listen. Listen to the screams that seemed familiar. Is this what has been haunting me for years? Why his screams specifically? This man wasn’t the first person tortured next to me. So why does he haunt me?
Slowly streams of tears fall from my eyes.
An hour later his screams stopped long ago, and he is still alive. Amazing that he’s survived the first round. He was the first. Everyone else dies within the first five minutes.
“What’s your name?” He asks in a raspy voice. Surprised he could even talk.
I open my eyes to see him looking at me. I open my mouth with full intention of telling him. Erika I wanted to say, but nothing came out. It was frustrating. 
“Why are they doing this to me?”
I couldn’t tell him, because I didn’t even know. I don’t know what father gave me that is so special. So instead I shook my head.
The man next to me passed out. His screaming still rang in my head. It’s the only thing that’s preventing me from sleeping. Why is his screaming more impactful to me than the others? I’ve come accustomed to pain, and torture next to me, but his is more powerful, and yet I don’t even know his name.
I was watching him sleep when a woman in a black tight suit and black mask burst into the lab. She goes up to the man, and touches his face. Meaning to yell at her to save him. To take him away from this place. Instead I just made a little grunting noise.
“I’m sorry.” She whispers to him before turning around to me. Unhooking the tubes from my arms. She throws me over her shoulder. Unable to protest, I let it happen. Save him! I wanted to yell, but I couldn’t form the words. 
I’m carried out of the room. I realize that there isn’t anyone else here. Just us. Then there was an explosion in the distance. Once outside she puts me into the back of an armored truck. 
I try to form the words why? I got close, but no noise came out.
“You will understand later. For now stay strong. This will one day be all over, then it will be all worth it.” She said. Great, she’s crazy. There is another explosion, and gunfire. She just winks at me, and leaves me there.
I have my own room now. It isn’t much, but it’s better than a lab. Every once in a while they let me roam around. Granted I have two armed guards around at all times. I don’t understand why they find me such a threat. I’m just an eight year old girl, and no one will explain it to me.
I heard the General say that once I am old enough I’ll be put into a Winter Soldier program. Whatever that was, I wanted no part of it. I just want to be free from this place. To find father, and forget all of this. For the first year I thought that he was coming to get me, but over time I realized that he might not even be alive.
Unfortunately if I did end up escaping I’d have to navigate the snowy mountains. I’d be dead within minutes. The only way I’ll get out of here is if I die. 
I sit staring out the window. When I overheard the guards outside my door talking.
“I heard he fell over a hundred feet off a cliff.”
“How did he survive that?”
“The girl's blood. Apparently it worked.”
What did father give me? To make someone survive falling at such heights. The only way he is alive is because of my DNA. What am I?
Once it was night I pushed my bed away from the wall. Exposing a grate leading to the air ducts that lead throughout the compound. I’ve spent the last two years learning the layout.
I make my way to the lab. Maybe this miracle man has some answers. I listen, and wait. Just to make sure that no one is there. I push against the grate. Once it pops off I enter the room. It was dark with the exception of a small light on the operating table.
It was him again, but now his left arm is metal with a red star on the shoulder. The area where his skin and metal met looked welded together. With deep scratch marks that were bleeding. That’s when the ringing started for the first time. It was subtle, but there.
I grab a rag, and start cleaning his wounds. Looking at him closely I notice the blood coming from his ears. He looks like hell. What are they doing to you?
I don’t know what came over me or what drove me to do this. It has to be done. It was the right thing to do. I started shaking him. “Wake up.”
I probably shouldn't have woken him so violently. He’s startled awake, and started to scream. I cover his mouth. Hopefully no one was around to hear.
“Please be quiet. I’m trying to help you.”
He looks at me with recognition. “It’s you. You’re alive.”
“Not for long if we don’t get going.” I undo his restraints. “Can you walk?”
He tries to get up, but stumbles. I wrapped my arm around his waist, and held him up. Statistically an eight year old shouldn't be able to support a grown man, but here we are.
I brought him to where I came in. “Can you fit?”
“I think so.” I lower him down so he can crawl in. It’s a tight squeeze, but he makes it in.
I follow, and secure the grate back on the wall.
We crawl up to a larger area allowing us to sit facing each other. I look down the three ways we can take. One goes straight outside, another goes back to my room, and the other goes to the garages. Where I’ve only seen planes, and helicopters.
“Can you fly a plane?”
“No.” He says out of breath.
“Crap.” We need a fast way away from here. If we just leave through the front door we won’t make it five feet. “Okay. Follow me.” I take the turn for the garages.
“Who are you? Why are you helping me?”
“My name is Erika, and” I turn back to look at him. “it’s the right thing to do.” I was about to ask his name when I heard the alarms. “We have to hurry.”
We got to the garages, and I pushed open the grate. I look around for anything we can use. Then I spot a very large vehicle. “Can you drive that?”
“Yes.” I started to run, but he was limping behind. He leans on me, and we move as fast as he can go.
“Hey, stop.” Someone called out. I ignored it, and helped him onto the truck. As he shut the door I turned around, and was faced with five men with guns pointed at me.
“Don’t shoot her.” The man with the red face approaches me. “Erika. What is it you’re doing?”
“The right thing.” I look up into the truck. He looks down at me. Go. My mouth.
“You must’ve known you couldn’t get out of here.”
“I wasn’t trying to leave. I was getting him out of here.” If I’m not leaving I’m making sure he does.
He laughs. As he’s distracted I slap one of the men in the stomach. He curls over. The others rushed me. I fought as much as I could but I was overpowered. If only I knew a fraction of what I do know.
“Stop.” The idiot opens the vehicle door.
“No, get out of here.” I call out. If he surrenders all of this would’ve been for nothing.
“Grab him, and bring the girl.” The two of us are dragged into a room I didn’t recognize. “Put him in the chair.” He is thrown in, and strapped down. 
“What will you do with him?” I ask. 
“Don’t worry yourself Erika. When we are done with you, you won’t even remember him.” He kneels down to my level. “I was hoping to avoid this. I thought that maybe you could work for me when you’re older, but you have too much of your father in you.” I’m led to the corner of the room where two vertical tubes stood. It opened, and white smoke came out.
“What is that what? What are you doing?” I try to push back, but their grip just tightens. 
The only answer I got was being pushed in. It was cold. So cold. As the tube closed I could hear the scream. The scream that haunts me for the rest of my life.
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andrejkafan018 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Soulmate 3 (ENG) (on Wattpad) Third part of my book Soulmate. You will be sister of Annie and also Henry's and Emma's aunt. But you are 1 year younger than Henry and Emma, because you were born one year after your sister already had children.
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gingerwriter97 · a day ago
Black & White
CH 11
You had finally made it to The Raft. You were so close to the love of your life now, nothing would stop you from getting him back. You just hope Zemo knows you hadn't forgotten him and that you're still fighting for you both to be together, regardless of what the world may think.
  You pull out your phone, feeling it's vibration from your pocket. You sigh and quietly answer your phone.
  "What do you want Sam?"
"I've called you 20 damn times over the last couple days. What the hell are you doing..." Sam asks.
"Exactly what I told you I'd be doing. Now if you don't mind, I'm a little pre-occupied at the moment." You say trying to emphasize your annoyance.
  "Y/N, stop. You need to stop this. You're going to get hurt."
"I don't care if I do. I am getting Helmut out of here. We are going to get away from everyone and start new." You explain to him.
"What if he doesn't want you to get him out. He somehow always keeps getting his sorry ass back in there."
"He does. You don't understand."
"Bucky has been worried sick about you."
You don't respond, you don't really know what to say to that. Still confused on how to handle that situation, you simply just make a noise to acknowledge you've heard his statement.
"Y/n?" Sam asks.
"I heard you're not the only one that is trying to get him out."
"Good to know." You say.
"Be careful..."
You simply nod to yourself before ending the call and stuff your phone back into your pocket.
You scan the card you pick pocketed from a guard you had met up with the night before. It was harder than you thought it would've been to get flirty and handsey with someone other than Zemo...he changed you. You only wanted to give him your time and attention now. You just kept in mind that it was going to benefit him. That the two of you world be together if this worked. Much to your surprise, it worked. So here you are in The Raft. Blending it with all of the other workers and volunteers.
  You pop your headphones in, click your Spotify playlist that you had made just for you and Zemo; the one that reminded you of your guys' relationship, and made your way down the hall like a badass with a smirk upon your lips.
Next chapter coming soon •
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mellpenscorner · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“Free, come set me free Down on my knees I still believe You can save me from me”
- “Free” on Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot
Part 2 of 2.  
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mellpenscorner · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“I've got my back against the wall But I still hear the blue sky call The chains that hold me back inside Are the prisons of my mind”
- “Free” on Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot
Part 1 of 2.  Credit goes to for the amazing 4K screencaps!
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margarethx · 2 days ago
A Sambucky story with past Sam/Riley (and possible Samsteve somewhere in the middle) where after Riley’s death his soul keeps the Falcon wings and decides to stick around and take care of Sam.
It’s basically Riley as Sam’s personal guardian angel who quietly observes his life, gets nervous about how careless and withdrawn his friend became after that tragic mission, and eventually sees how Sam slowly heals and builds a new life. Only for that life to be complitely rearranged by defrosted Captain America. Because now his still-alive partner goes against the government, joins the Avengers, looks for some no-longer-brainwashed assassin all over the planet, becomes a fugative, fights aliens, dies, fights aliens again, takes the title of Captain America, and kind of... gets together with aforementioned assassin? Don’t ask.
(Bonus points if Riley’s initially jealous of what Sam and Bucky have, but also ships them a little, because that new relationship obviously makes his past partner very happy.)
I’d call it: “I’m Very Proud of You, Sam... But What the Fuck?!”
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Tumblr media
The toil that wore you down
Can no longer harm you here
The scars you acquired are roses now
Rest now warrior for your fight is fought
No mortals here to judge
Only peace of mind
J. E. L. Lehnsherr- New deity saga - Hades
(Request are open for Zemo and Sam)
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margarethx · 2 days ago
Bucky would probably propose to Sam by saying: “Let me just walk you through a hypothetical. Can I walk you through a hypothetical?”. And then start describing with many details what kind of perfect future they could have together if they decided to get married one day. Meanwhile Sam, once again, is just staring back at him, very much in love, but also extremely confused how his life even got to this point...
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kai-queen · 2 days ago
Natasha: I know 200 ways to kill a man.
Bucky: You could glue a jar of rats to his face and blowtorch the other side of the jar so the rats have to eat their way through his face.
Natasha: …201.
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mellpenscorner · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“How come the friends and the foes invisible Are the ones that made my soul most miserable? Head's reeling from the feeling In my mind but I feel it in the physical Why's the sunlight hiding? Ain't letting any light in It's a storm that I've been fighting”
- “VOICES” on Native Tongue by Switchfoot
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margarethx · 3 days ago
A scene in Cap4 or tfatws caatws 2nd season where someone tries to scare Sam off and destroy his trust for Bucky by explaining that The Winter Soldier is still there inside his mind and he will murder Sam if Bucky loses that little bit of control he has for even a second...
...and Sam just laughs as if he heard a great joke. He’s like: “no, he won’t, lol, Bucky wouldn’t hurt me, what the hell are you talking about?!”. Everyone is very confused because of his reaction and Bucky just stares at Sam for the rest of the day like he’s the most wonderful person to ever walk on Earth. (Which is just his usual face around Sam... But maybe with extra sparkle of admiration this time.)
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margarethx · 3 days ago
According to the Wikipedia article: “A flying ace, fighter ace or air ace is a military aviator credited with shooting down five or more enemy aircraft during aerial combat.”
As we all know, ever since Sam Wilson appeared in the MCU he’s been constantly destroying various helicopters and other flying vehicles of the enemy, usually with very little effort. And he flies while doing so. Therefore: he’s a flying ace. He flies and he’s ace. I rest my case.
Sam Wilson is asexual, thank you for you attention :>
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margarethx · 3 days ago
I really need a scene where Redwing saves Sam's life in the middle of a battle when Bucky was unable to help him in any way. So later, when everyone is safe and the fight is over, we could see Bucky waiting to stay alone with the drone and saying "thank you" to Redwind while patting it awkwardly for the first time.
(Sam still pretends he didn’t see the footage of that moment, even though the camera was still on. But he thinks about it a lot.)
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