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carelessannie · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
PART ONE | MAIN FEATURE tony courts peter
Rating: E Word Count: 56,814 Featured Characters: Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, Annie (OFC) Major Warnings: D/S fic, ABO fic, Daddy kink, profanity, sexual content, polyamorous relationship, pack dynamics, heats/mating, minor panic attacks (see each chapter and AO3 for detailed tags) READ HERE ON AO3 READ ON TUMBLR: PART ONE | PART TWO | PART THREE | PART FOUR | PART FIVE | PART SIX | PART SEVEN | PART EIGHT | PART NINE | PART TEN | EPILOGUE
PART TWO | STUCKONY BACKSTORY steve builds his pack
Rating: M Word Count: 18,059 Featured Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark Major Warnings: D/S fic, ABO fic, profanity, implied sexual content, polyamorous relationship, pack dynamics, heat discussion, minor panic attacks (see each chapter and AO3 for detailed tags) READ HERE ON AO3 READ ON TUMBLR: PART ONE | PART TWO | PART THREE
Rating: T Word Count: 8,659 Featured Characters: Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, Annie (OFC) Major Warnings: D/S fic, ABO fic, profanity, implied sexual content, polyamorous relationship, pack dynamics, soul bond discussion (see each chapter and AO3 for detailed tags) READ HERE ON AO3 READ ON TUMBLR: Bucky x Clint | Steve x Annie | Tony x Clint | Bucky x Peter | Tony x Annie | Clint x Steve | Bucky x Annie | Peter x Steve
Series Summary from AO3:
Tony loves his pack, but has always held out hope for more. Steve and Bucky decided a long time ago that they wanted to build a large pack, full of people who are compatible and intimate together. This is the journey of building that pack: from a Stucky schoolboy romance, to seducing a lonely Beta; from college pack drama, to figuring out complicated Dominant and Submissive dynamics; and from fluffy dates to angsty conversations to deliciously smutty times, we’re not sure how these 6 were meant to get together, but maybe it goes like this.
Tumblr media
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imposterogers · 7 hours ago
umm if we're talkin about weird ships that make No sense in canon then like..winterir*n? shipping bucky with the guy who tried to kill him the first & only time they met? i especialy don't get the ppl who write it like 'ooh bucky is team tony, he defends tony from steve bc uwu & he says steve is a Bad Person.' like umm sweaties, which movies have u been watchin? marvel has like 967 universes & in approx 0 of them would bucky ever choose tony over steve
I truly can’t figure out what the point of the ship is? just bc the writer hates steve ? is that it? bc in what world does bucky and tony make sense. tony hates bucky, bucky hates tony, like ?
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itsagentromanoff · 11 hours ago
Bucky: Are you all right?
Tony: [looped up on cold medicine] I don’t know why don’t you feel me and find out.
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Prompt #12
“You have a crush on B?” D asked. “Wow-”
A glared at them. “I don’t have a crush on B. The only crush I have is my crushing anxiety.”
D laughed, before stopping. “Are you trying to be serious?”
A shrugged. “I don’t have a crush.”
D raised their eyebrow, as A returned to whatever they were doing.
“Fine - if I admit it, will you leave me alone and never talk to me about it?”
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Alternate: prompt 11
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carelessannie · 16 hours ago
peter x steve (maybe it goes like this: mating + dating)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky x Clint | Steve x Annie | Tony x Clint | Bucky x Peter | Tony x Annie | Clint x Steve | Bucky x Annie | Peter x Steve
Read on A03
Read the main story on AO3 and Tumblr
Read the Stuckony backstory
Word count: <800K
Steve is so excited to take Peter out for a date, they buy flowers and walk around the city together, and then the sweet Omega starts to sneeze.
Major warnings: D/S Au, ABO Au, sickfic, FLUFF GALORE
Maybe it goes like this:
It’s ten minutes into their walk when Peter sneezes for the first time. It’s adorable and small and cute, and Steve just wants to wrap him up tight, protect him from the world.
But then the sneezes don’t stop.
“Maybe it’s just—” sniffle, “allergies,” Peter uses his sleeve, again, to wipe his nose. Steve wants to give him all the tissues in the world, but it’s a tragedy that he can’t do that. Legally.
“Yeah, maybe,” he agrees, draping an arm around Peter’s shoulders, “we should get back, anyways. I know Bucky and Tony want to cook for us tonight.”
He can tell Peter tries to smile at the mention of his boyfriend, but the expression just falls flat. And sad.
“M’kay,” Peter lets himself be walked back towards their car, and Steve does his best to bundle the small Omega inside, strapping him in and laying a sweater on top. He takes the bouquet of flowers from Peter’s small hands and lays them carefully in the backseat, wanting the prize from their date to survive the trip back.
Twenty minutes later, Steve is cradling the sleeping Omega in his arms, carrying him inside and tucking him into the small nesting couch. He knows Tony and Bucky are out at the store, buying ingredients for their dinner, so he gives them a quick call.
“Hey, Stevie!” his Omega answers, bright and cheerful.
“Hey Buck, I need a favor from you guys, if that’s okay.”
There’s a pause as Bucky relates the information to Tony, “Uh, okay Alpha. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I don’t think. Peter has allergies and we need tissues, and medicine, and gatorade— you know what, just tell Tony that Peter has the sniffles, and let him overreact and buy the right stuff.”
Bucky chuckles, “Alright, Stevie. We’ll be home soon. Keep him warm.”
He hears Tony demanding answers in the background before the line goes dead. Good luck, Buck.
A small whimper comes from his sleepy bundled Omega, and his vision goes laser focused. Protect— his instincts are screaming at him, and he finds himself sprinting around the house, checking locks, and closing windows. He lowers a few of the lights, tearing through the kitchen to grab water and crackers, and even pulls a few blankets out of their den.
To Steve, that sounds like a better idea. A safer idea. He can barely stand to leave the Omega alone for a moment, but he’s forced to— setting his provisions on the side table and throwing dozens of blankets and pillows onto the bed in their den, making sure there’s an even scent of Tony and Bucky and Steve in the mix. Damn, their other packmates need to move in soon.
Once the den is perfectly nested, Steve carefully approaches Peter in the nesting couch, making sure to scent him thoroughly before carrying him— oh so delicately— down the hall and into his makeshift nest.
He whines, upset that the nest isn’t immaculately made by one of his Omegas, but he stops short when Peter’s wide, doe-eyes blink open, drowsy and confused.
“A-alpha?” he keens, face screwing up, “Alpha, wah— wha’s happening?”
“Shh, sweetheart, it’s okay,” he comforts the Omega, laying him gently in the nest, “How’re you feelin’?”
Peter takes a moment before responding, sniffling and reaching for a tissue, “M’head hurts. Achy. Nah’good, ‘lpha.”
Steve has to stop himself from crying, this Omega is so adorable. His nose is red, eyes watery, and everything inside of Steve wants to roll in the NeedyOmega scent coming off of him in waves.
Instead, he just brushes a few strands of hair off of Peter’s forehead, handing him a glass of water and making sure the tissues and Tylenol are close enough. Steve hopes it’s allergies, but as he feels Peter’s forehead again, he’s convinced that his overheated Omega might have the flu. Dammit.
“What can I get you, sweetheart? Do you want me to leave?”
The noise Peter makes is absolutely heartbreaking, “No, please, I— s’metimes, when m’sick, Clint’ll hold me, ‘lpha. Can you— can you,” tears glisten in his eyes as he struggles to finish his sentence, and Steve just shushes him again, helping the tiny Omega take another drink of water.
“Of course, I’ll hold you, Peter. S’that what you need?”
Peter nods, miserably— extending his arms weakly to Steve in an invitation.
Steve helps him set down the water and climbs into the makeshift nest, spooning behind Peter— pulling him close and scenting him deeply. Peter rumbles— a precious noise that Steve knows is the closest he can manage to a purr in his sick state— and relaxes into the Alpha’s hold.
An hour later, this is how Bucky and Tony find them— wrapped together in the den, surrounded by random snacks and pillows.
“Damn, they look perfect together, don’t they?” Bucky whispers, leaning back into Tony’s chest as they watch the Alpha and Omega sleep.
Tony rests his chin on Bucky’s head, wrapping his arms around the smaller Omega and humming, “They really do, Bucky. Perfect and strong together.”
Bucky closes his eyes, melting into his Beta’s arms,
“Perfect and strong together.”
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gayrainbowbridge · a day ago
Master Mash Fics!
1) Demon!Tony x Human!Bucky
2) [Coming Soon] Cat!Tony x Wolf!Bucky
3) [Coming Soon] Alien!Tony x Alien!Bucky
4) [Coming Soon] Wing AU - Tony x Bucky
5) [Coming Soon] Merseasnake!Tony x Mershark!Bucky
6) [Coming Soon] Human!Tony x Werewolf!Bucky
Gorgeous art that inspired these fics 😍
@beir ❤❤❤
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Prompt #11
“I thought you hated B.” D said.
At least A wasn’t drunk this time. They did wish they were, however. “Nope.”
“All that fighting, bickering… that wasn’t hatred? It was just pent up sexual frustration?”
“Romantic frustration.” A corrected. “I’m asexual.”
D stared at A. “So how much am I going to be learning about you over the next few days that I didn’t know before?”
“My name’s not A, I’m actually 2 years older/younger than I say I am, my favourite artist is [pop singer/country] not [emo band] and I am touch starved?”
This prompt is part of a story I’m writing! Use the controls below to find the next parts!
Alternate: prompt 12
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Prompt #10
“So you’re in love with C?” D asked as A downed the next shot of something strong, they weren’t entirely sure what it actually was, all they knew was that it was getting them drunk, and that was good enough for them.
They sighed, glancing at the bottom of the shot glass. “Nope.”
“Then what’s going on? It’s 4pm - you are never out drinking this early. You always say that you’re not a child.”
A closed their eyes for a second and signalled to the bartender for another.
“You know, you should probably stop drinking that much. You’re going to get alcohol poisoning.”
“Do you think B would visit me in hospital?”
“You like B?!?!”
This prompt is part of a story I’m writing! Use the controls below to find the next parts!
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rayshippouuchiha · 2 days ago
What’s the new story about glorious void? You mentioned a comission?
Indeed! We’ve got us a WinterIron time travel fic where post-Afghanistan Tony gets smacked with the memories of the next 20 years. Includes JARVIS being a badass.
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agathaharknness · 3 days ago
I think that War of Hearts will be longer than 20 chapters now.
I mean, I'll start writing chapter 8 tomorrow, and there's no fucking way that I can develop the whole mystery and relationship in the next 12 chapters.
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everything-withered · 3 days ago
WIP Game: Shifter au?♡
Survival has always been something he was good at, after all. And while sticking around in Wakanda would've guranteed a certain amount of comfort, Bucky also knew his presence there was dangerous. The thought that he could lead what reminds of Hydra to the Wakandans' doorstep after they'd helped him made Bucky feel phyically ill, and next to arming himself once more in preparation for another kind of war, Bucky wouldn't stand for it.
Which meant considering the alternatives.
Which meant disappearing.
And what better way than by shifting for the first time in a century, and staying that way?
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everything-withered · 3 days ago
I adore your stories so I would love to say all for the WIP Game, but if I have to choose:
Agent & Handler AU? 👀👀👀
Ahh thank you, that's so sweet of you to say❤
"I have a proposition that may interest you," Tony begins as the elevator descends, taking advantage of a Code Pigeon that resulted in Tony abandoning his growing pile of paperwork to coax Barnes from wringing Barton's neck for possibly the second time in the last three days.
Barnes grunts in acknowledgement which is about as friendly as Barnes gets with anyone.
Ironic really, given that anyone in this case is Tony, and their history has certainly been checkered despite their brief acquaintance.
"It involves Hydra."
Barnes stiffens, and Tony sees the way his eyes narrow in their reflection of the elevator doors; the laser focus turning the blue around his pupils into chips of ice before Barnes asks flatly, "What about them?"
"They're coming out of the woodwork," Tony replies flippantly like the growing numbers of the once "dead" organisation aren't currently sending the governments of the world into a panic and causing Fury to swear bloody at regular twenty minute intervals. "We're in need of pest control."
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rayshippouuchiha · 3 days ago
Ohhhh can we get hints about the new Toni and Bucky story you’re writing ..??
It’s not a Component, but it does involve Time Travel
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thegoldenavenger · 3 days ago
Prompts? Hmm... 🤔 Tony lifting Bucky in a princess carry just to prove he can? Bucky and Extremis-Pepper locked in an arm wrestling match? Morgan teaching Nebula clapping games? Any of them just smiling happily?
im absolutely loving all of these but my drawing rate is abysmal so here is the first!
Tumblr media
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everything-withered · 3 days ago
WIP GAME: Winteririon
Because I have wip that exists even when I'm not posting it😭
Rules : post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. If you'd like, send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and interests you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it.
1. Shifter AU
2. Agent & Handler AU
3. Bodyguard AU
4. Sickfic
5. Internet crush
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ao3feed-buckyxtony · 3 days ago
Scarlet Soldier
read it on the AO3 at
by bratzlings
Bucky had a lot of guilt built inside him. The worst was when Tony Stark had died. Bucky wanted to apologize but the genius playboy philanthropist had died before he could apologize.
The most shocking thing was that Tony Stark came back from the dead.
Bucky needed answers and so did Tony...
But most importantly... How will Bucky hide this from the others?
Words: 2628, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: F/F, F/M, Gen, M/M, Multi, Other
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Wanda Maximoff, Vision (Marvel), Peter Parker, Clint Barton, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Pepper Potts, Loki, Thor, Bruce Banner, Sam Wilson (Marvel)
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Tony Stark, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff/Vision, Michelle Jones/Peter Parker, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov
Additional Tags: Fluff and Angst, Tony Stark Needs a Hug, Bottom Tony Stark, Protective Bucky Barnes, Top Bucky Barnes, Hurt Bucky Barnes, Civil War (Marvel), Avenger Loki (Marvel), Angst, Fluff, Fluff and Smut, Eventual Smut, Bucky Barnes Recovering, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Civil War Team Captain America, Civil War Team Iron Man, tony and wanda have a father-daughter relationship, peter and wanda as tony's kids, Attempt at Humor, Attempted Seduction, Getting Together
read it on the AO3 at
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girlon-aplane · 3 days ago
Sam, gesturing to Bucky: This is a man who would wear sweatpants to his own wedding.
Bucky: I now pronounce me.. comfortable.
Sam, turning to Tony: you chose to date him.
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girlon-aplane · 3 days ago
Bucky: Tony loves me so much
Bucky: and to be honest, Steve, it scares me
Bucky: I mean, I don’t think I deserve all of Tony’s love.
Bucky: all I do is tease him.
Steve: ....
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