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#winter solider headcanon
bowdownbucky · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
summary- you have an encounter with rebecca barnes older brother.
warnings- kissing, slight language and hickeys.
pairings- innocent! reader x college! bucky barnes
bye— i had a dream about this and i deciddd to make it a reality. lemme know if you want an actual story cause there is more to this!! not proof read(sry!)
you and rebecca barnes had been best friends for as long as you can remember, but what you don’t know was that she had an older brother. his name was james but everyone called him bucky, bucky first grasped you attention when you and rebecca were putting flyers around the school for you homecoming dance.
you passed becca the bright flyers, watching her on the ladder as she taped them to the walls. “so i booked our hair appointments at ten? is that good?” becca asked you, you often had a habit of drifting off into space but rebecca quickly put you back on earth. “hello! earth to y/n! i swear it’s like i’m talking to a brick wall.”
“sorry bexs, hair appointment, ten, got it.” she rolled her eyes at you. you and rebecca have small conversations until a loud voice bellows through the hallway. “rebecca what the hell?” you watched as a brunette with pretty blue eyes walks toward you. rebecca climbs down the ladder with her hands on her slender hips.
“what do you want bucky? cant you see i’m busy.” rebecca pointed at you and the flyers, bucky eyed you up and down but didn’t pay you any kind. “would you hurry up! i got somewhere to be.” bucky huffed.
“yeah, like smoking pot with your shitty friends is so important. why are you here anyway? i told you to pick me up at seven.” you stay silent as bucky and becca bicker back and forth, you never knew of bucky’s existence and wonder why becca never mentioned him.
“do i look like a chauffeur? hurry up.” bucky rushed his sister. rebecca turned to you and gave you a big hug. “do you need a ride?” you shook your head. “no, steve is picking me up later.” rebecca wiggled her eyebrows at you. you and steve weren’t super serious but you did claim each other, well you claimed him.
“tell me all the deets later!” rebecca gushed. “there won’t be anything to tell, he’s just taking me home.” rebecca rolled her blue eyes and waved goodbye as she caught up with bucky. what you don’t realize was that bucky had gotten a couple glances at you but somehow you were too naive to notice.
friday rolled around and you were sleeping over at the barnes house, you were excited about homecoming, considering it would be your last one as a highschooler. rebecca showed you her dress, which was a pretty pale blue which matched her eyes. you admired your best friend, she was pretty and what every guy wanted, you were her sidekick and you were okay with it. “i like it but i want mom to add some more sparkles and make a cute slit.” becca explained to you. you normally let becca talk for most of your sleepovers, she never really let you get a word in and she always had something to say.
“i’m gonna go see if mom is up to make a few adjustments to my dress. be right back. make yourself at home y/n” you nodded, painting you nails white. you curse to yourself when you over painted your nails, you walked through the hallways, as you made your way to the bathroom you admired the family photos the barnes had placed on a accent table.
Tumblr media
you pick up a picture of bucky, seeing him smile made you feel warm inside. he looked just like his mother, the same blue eyes and cheeky smile. you carefully place the picture down and approached the brown bathroom door which was cracked. you opened the door only to become wide-eyed, seeing bucky inhale the smoke coming from his joint. “oh-sorry! t-the door was cracked. i assumed no one.” bucky held his hand up to cut you off from speaking. you immediately shut up not wanting to upset him.
“no worries. shit the door would ya?” you slowly pushed the door close behind you, you mind was telling you to run but you body stayed, intrigued but the boy i from of you. “this is the only place i can get some alone time, mom is always asking about college and dad is going on about finding a job. kinda hard to get high in my room.” he said, blowing smoke out of the window. “so how’s your stay at casa de barnes?” you didn’t dare look at how red his eyes were. you stared at the ground.
“not the talkative type huh? kinda hard to imagine you and my sister as friends. she never shuts up.” bucky released the joint from his lips and held it out to you. “how rude of me, go ahead.” you opened your mouth to speak but nothing came out. you closed it and shook your head.
“good girl, wouldn’t want to ruin you.” you knees almost bucked at his words. you didn’t even know him and he already had you wrapped around his fingers. “so you going to the home coming dance?”
“y-yes, i’ve b-been planning with beck.” you suprised your self when you spoke. you don’t know how you could speak but he had a hold on you and you were stuck in the bathroom fo. with him for the time being. “miss that stuff to be honest, me and the guys used to have so much fun. and the girls, so nervous, wait g for guys to dance with them. but the girls now are different. they don’t have that innocence anymore.” bucky eyes you up and down like you were his next meal. “well some of them don’t.”
Tumblr media
he stood up and you hitched your breath, suddenly afraid to breath around him. he made you nervous but he liked it. it kept you on your toes. he walked up to you, dangerously close, you felt his breath fawning over you you, a mixture of weed and cherry suckers. he reached his hand behind you, locking the door. “wouldn’t want to get caught now would we?” his hand traced yours as he drew another hit from his joint. he blew the smoke into you face expecting you to flinch but you stood tall, face to face with him.
he hummed at you, you wish you could enter his mind and figure out what he was thinking. “you know, there’s something about you. you’re not like becca, all prissy and shit. you’re pure, i bet you’ve never ever been kissed before, ain’t that right doll?” he was mocking you and you liked it. you nodded and his smirk grew wider. he moved closer to you which you don’t think was possible. “i bet you taste nice and sweet. you wouldn’t mind if i had a taste right?” he taunts.
before you could speak his lips, brushed over yours. you couldn’t believe you’d be having your first kiss with your best friend‘a brother. he now had his lips fully enclosed on yours, you could taste a hint of vodka on his lips and it was bitter but the bitterness was overpowers by the sweetness of the cherry sucker. he kissed you deeply, his left hand leaving his side and coming to you like a rocket heading to space. his hand touches your waist, lifting you shirt a bit so he could feel your soft skin.
he nudged his leg between your thighs, feeling you pulsating core on his leg. you gasped at the feeling, giving bucky access to slipping his tongue into your mouth. he roamed you mouth like he was trying to find treasure. he moaned into the kiss, pushing you back and forth against him, creating a hot friction to his thought and your hot core. you let out a tiny moan, you could feel him smirk on your lips.
he removed himself from you now red lips and kissed down from your jawline to your neck. “wait, i-i have a boyfriend.” you knew it was wrong of you but steve never was touched you like this, it wa as new experience and you didn’t want it to stop.
“shhh babydoll, i’ll take care of you.” he sucked on you neck leaving dark purple and red bruised, your blank canvas would be littered with his touch. you didn’t want the feeling of euphoria to stop but it sadly had too when rebecca knocked on the door. “y/n would you hurry up? i need you to paint my nails.”
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The Snowball Effect.
As a child Darcy Elizabeth Lewis had a Bucky Bear. With its soft brown fur, and navy blue Howling Commandos jacket the bear had quickly become her favourite toy. Her parents thought this adorable, and so never questioned Darcy's complete attachment to said comfort object.
As a teen Darcy Elizabeth Lewis had kept the Bucky Bear, now placed proudly on one of the many bookshelves in her bedroom. Upon learning of the man behind the bear (corporations were behind many evil things, but whoever thought up the idea of making a bear modelled on the ultimate forties heartthrob turned hero deserved a god damn raise in her mind), promptly had her first celebrity crush. At sleepovers Darcy and her friends would sit around in a circle, on their sleeping bags, and share their various fantasies (which only became more realistic with age). Darcy mentioned her affinity for one James “Bucky” Barnes, and her friends latched on to it with a crazed sort of glee that would be concerning from almost anyone else. From that point on Darcy, at random moments throughout the year, received varying levels of increasingly inappropriate Bucky Barnes themed merch, and she (shamelessly) loved it all.
As an intern (not a real adult yet, because no thank you, responsibilities can stay in the far off and distant future) Darcy Elizabeth Lewis realised her minor obsession with a decidedly not dead war hero may be an issue. With Jane having recently moved her lab to Stark Tower, where said hero turned assassin lived, and her childhood friends being aware of said relocation she was worried. The gift giving had only increased in intensity and explicitness with age, and Darcy knew her friends would be having a field day. There was also the fact that despite her move having taken place three months ago, she had yet to receive a single piece of Bucky themed memorabilia. With this in mind Darcy did her best to avoid Sergeant Barnes, which was admittedly not a hard task to accomplish, an intern had little business with an avenger after all. In truth she had only met Sargent “call me James, dollface” Barnes once, when Jane and her had just moved in and Thor was recalling his teammates with stories of his lady and lightning sister. The way he looked her over with his intense ice blue eyes should have been illegal. It was like all of her young adult fantasies coming true at once, and Darcy was fairly certain this had been written all over her face. Upon seeing his utterly sinful smirk slide into place, Darcy knew she had been made. So yes, since that first embarrassing meeting with Sargent Barnes, sex god extraordinaire, she had avoided him like the plague and kept one eye open for suspicious packages from not so well intentioned friends.
As a Stark employee (which was really just a glorified intern with a fancy credit card because Tony didn’t know how to express emotion), Darcy Elizabeth Lewis had yet to receive a single gift from her friends. She had crossed the line from scared to offended. They had missed her birthday for heaven's sake! That never happened. Darcy was also becoming increasingly aware of a shadow that had taken to following her around the tower. The only reason she knew this feeling was not the result of too many science benders (and was in fact real) was because said shadow had also taken to gifting her breakfast on her little wooden desk in the corner of Jane’s lab. She was not going to look a caramel cloud macchiato with a butter croissant in the mouth, thank you very much. Jane was under the impression that this shadow was a secret admirer. Darcy wanted Jane to shut up and stop trying to hook her up with a boyfriend just because she felt bad that Darcy wasn’t getting any while she had a literal God to come home to every night. She had continued to avoid Bucky like the plague, even though he had been quite persistent in the first few months of her living at the tower. He had eventually left her alone, seemingly having given up. Darcy was still unsure of what exactly had led to his interest in her at all, she was just Jane’s gofer, not a superhero or superbrain in her own right. Things had been going well enough, that of course they had to eventually go wrong, and on a Monday no less. Darcy had been missing her mail for long enough, and had decided to go down to the mailroom on her break to see what was the what. Upon entering said room she was promptly told by the nice people working down there that mail for Avengers and Avengers related personnel (which she sadly fell under the umbrella of) was looked over by one James Buchanan Barnes before being allowed to be delivered. Upon further stunned inquiry she was also told that this was another way Sargent Sexy was able to ensure the safety of the tower and its inhabitants (which for a veteran and ex prisoner of war did make some sense). Darcy shuffled back to the labs in a state of rising mortification, her head bent in her phone trying to ignore the crushing sense of knowing exactly what had happened. She did not notice the man in front of her, not until she bumped into him that is. A silver hand had reached out to steady her and Darcy took in a breath when she realised who she had bumped in to. She looked up into his eyes and (in typical Darcy fashion) said the first thing that came to mind, “So funny story, it would seem that you’re in charge of checking over mail for us Avengers adjacent folks, and I’ve been missing said mail since I came to this tower. You don’t really have that big a thing for ladies underwear do you? I mean hey, if you do no judgement here, just get your own dude.”.
Bucky looked down at her for a minute, his gaze turning damn near predatory, and Darcy had the distinct impression that she had fallen into some sort of trap (which, knowing of The Winter Soldier wasn’t outside her realm of possibility), “Well doll,” he drawled in that edible Brooklyn accent of his, “now that you mention it I do. Especially when it comes to lingerie fashioned after my own old uniform. Have to admit I’ve been wanting you to model it for me for some months now”.
Darcy was fairly certain her brain had finally broken. The James Barnes was not standing in front of her in fucking Stark Tower of all places, practically propositioning her. “I, uhm, what?” she said, cheeks beginning to resemble her cherry red sweater.
Bucky only laughed, using his arm to bring her flush against his body “Will you model it for me? I’d love to see what it looks like on you. Although I will admit that I’m even more interested in seeing what it looks like off of you, on my bedroom floor. But I was raised in the thirties, you know, I have to treat a lady right. Would you settle for dinner and the promise of future modelling opportunities?”.
Darcy, having finally regained her speech capabilities, brought herself up to his ear and whispered an affirmative that had even the great Winter Sexbot blushing.
As a newly married woman, Darcy Elizabeth Lewis-Barnes was completely and incandescently happy. This may be down to the honeymoon on one of the many private islands owned by one Tony Stark, or the many orgasms her new husband had managed to pull out of her. Darcy wasn’t one to dwell.
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bowdownbucky · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
sɴᴇᴀᴋʏ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ʙᴏʏ !
warnings- degradation, choking, mommy kink, restraints, pegging, oral (female receiving) masturbation (male receiving)
pairings- mommy! reader x sub! bucky
this is my first drabble/headcannon idk what to call it but lemme know how you feel about it dudes. send me your requests and feed back!!
you came home exhausted from a long day of debriefings and all you wanted was to see your bucky. you opened the door, tossing the keys in a dish. you kicked off your heels and coat but you stop dead in your tracks once you heard a soft whimper come from the hallway.
at first you didn’t acknowledge it, maybe you were tired and need to sleep it off but yet another whimper came from the hallway. you slowly approach the hallway, following the moans which lead to the white door which was you and bucky’s room. you huffed under your breath, bucky was going against your rules once again.
the first time bucky disobeyed you, you played it safe. your dynamic was new and you didn’t want bucky to freak out but if it’s one thing you didn’t like…was repeating yourself. bucky’s chest heaved and shook as he stroked himself. you watched through the the crack of the door as bucky laid face down, thrusting his cock into his hand.
his hand right hand clenched the sheets tightly, while he fists his hard cock. you wondered how long he would go on like this, you smirked to yourself knowing that now was the best time to give a punishment more than ever. "𝘰𝘩 𝘮𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘺...𝘺𝘦𝘴 ! 𝘪𝘮 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘦 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘣𝘰𝘺." he moaned into the pillow. his moans escalated, you could tell by the pitch of his voice that he was going to cum hard.
you pussy was drenched at how bucky’s face was smushed into the pillow. you couldn’t help but fantasize of how vocal he would be. bucky panted as he came into his hand. you watched him just lie still, he had knocked the wind out of himself. boy was he in for a treat. you push open the door only for bucky to look at you like a dear caught in head lights.
“ you know after a long, long day at work, momma just wanted to come home to her baby boy and cuddle him. praise him for staying here like a big boy all day.” you seethed, slowly tracing the bed frame with your dark red nail. “but no she had to come home to a sneaky little boy.”
bucky sat up straight with his eyes to the ground, he wouldn’t dare look you in the eye after what he’d just done. “ and to think i was actually going to reward you. pathetic.” you spat. “i gave you simple rules to follow and all you had to do was follow them.”
“i-i did mommy, but you were gone so long an-and it just happened. i’m sorry mommy. i won’t do it again.” bucky’s pale blue eyes filled with tears, you scoffed as his face began to turn red. you stand in front of him, he whimpers at how you tower over him.
you brush you hand on his cheekbone, loving his soft skin. you tick your tongue at him before grabbing us throat in you hand, forcing him to meet your eyes. “i didn’t give you permission to speak did i sweetie?” you arched an eyebrow at him. he shook his head vigorously. his lip quivered as he looks down at his hardening cock. you peck his lip gently biting his shaking lips. “what’s rule number one lovie ?”
bucky didn’t answer you, he was ashamed of himself. you clench his throat tighter. “if you don’t answer me i swear you will get it.” he whimpers and swallowed, you hum at his adam’s apple bobbing. “don’t speak unless given permission.” he whispered. you release some of the pressure on his neck.
“and rule number two?” you ask him. your left hand begins unbuttoning your black blouse, revealing bits and pieces of your red bra. “don’t touch myself with out permission.” his eyes glance down at your chest, his mouth watered for a taste of your tits but he knew was in trouble.
“rule number three.” you unbotton your pants. “no cumming unless mommy tells me to.” you let him go, and take a step back from the bed. “now get on your knees and suck mommy’s clit, i just might let you off scott free.” bucky fell stood up and fell to his knees in front of you. he kissed your stomach, trailing them down to the top of your pants. he kisses your hip bones while he pulls down your black work pants.
once your pants fell down, you stepped out of the bottoms, bucky kissed the cloth covering your pussy. he rolls down your panties and licks a strip up your clit, sending a cold chill down your spine. he slurps and sucks on your clit, he’s pretty eyes looking up at you. you grip his dark brown locks within your fingers. “i know you can do better than that sweetheart.”
you start grinding your pussy onto his face, he pulled away to take a few small breaths but he enjoyed every moment of it. you moan out loud, pushing his face between your two legs and keeping him there for a few minutes. he may be a bad boy right now but he knew what he was good at. you felt your stomach tighten and you pussy clench as his tongue entered you a few times more.
you pull bucky away by his hair and push him onto the bed. you saw him land on the bed, moaning at the friction he got when his hand grazes his cock. you walked into your closet and picked up bucky’s favorite black and gold dildo. you reached up and grabbed the little the of lube. you squirted the liquid all over you hand then stroked the veiny strap-on.
you also grabbed a black ziptie, a little bondage never hurt any it right? you strut over to bucky who watched your every move. “turn around.” you ordered him. he whines while turning around, his leaking cock was pressing down on the covers.
“mommy please touch-“ you slap his round ass hard. “speak out of turn one more time and i swear i’ll have you in a cockring for a week.” you grabbed his hands and held them behind his back. you wrapped the ziptie around his precious hands.
“since you want to be a whore and play with yourself, your now nothing more then a useless hole.” you hissed. “ass up.” bucky spread his legs for you, showing his wet asshole to you. his whole puckered as if it was asking you to fuck it. you slapped his ass once more, earning a yelp. you smiled before rubbing the tip of your strapon on his aching hole.
he moaned loudly, stuffing his face into a white pillow. “not prepping you this time baby. only good boys get prepped.” you gloated. you wanted him to feel please but you also need to prove a point that no one disobeys you. you slowly entered him but stopped at half the length. “what’s you color sweetie.”
“g-green m-mom-mommy” he sputters out, you can tell he was already starting to fill full. you fully enter him, easing bucky into it. once he was adjusted you picked up the pace, his moans jumped as you pounded into him. you hand pushes his face into the pillow, annihilating his hole at a fast past.
“who’s ass is this?” you slow down on bucky, you pushed you blazer away from your body as you were starting to get hot. when bucky didn’t answer you leaned down so far that your breasts are touching his back. you run a hand under him, bucky pushes his head in the pillow, the pressure you applied to his cold was too much.
“momma asked you a question lovie. are you ignoring momma?” you teased, trailing your nails along the sides of his veiny cock. you stroked bucky at a painfully slow pace. “n-n-no mommy.” he moans.
“who’s. ass. is. this?” you pound hard for every word, bucky screams your name loudly feeling his prostate being hit so many times. “ITS YOURS MOMMY.” you smirked at his tone, he was practically begging for you to let him cum.
you grab his hips and ram into his ass, your left hand grabs the zip ties and pull them closer to you. bucky’s back arched at the pressure you were putting on his prostate. “mo-mommy i-i-im gon-gonna come-e” bucky whines.
you pulled his locks, forcing him to look back at you. “should i let you come whore? hmm? are you gonna listen to mommy next time?” you asked. he nodded hard, but you wanted to play more. “i can’t hear you baby.”
“YES MOMMY ILL BE A GOOD BOY! PLEASE PLEASE LET ME COME.” he cries loudly. you were satisfied, he learned his lesson. you let his hair go and struck his cock at a fast speed. his moans were getting louder to the point where you knew the neighbors would ask who mommy was.
after a few more pumps and pounds bucky was coming hard in your hand. you slowed you strokes. “you took your punishment so well baby.” you kisses his back. you slowly reaped yourself from him, getting off the bed and getting a towel and a pair of scissors. you released him and helped him be over. you cleaned him off and helped bucky get under the covers.
“you did so well baby. mommy’s proud of you.”
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coffeenoirposts · 6 days ago
Sad Stucky headcanon
So Steve isn't into drawing/painting anymore because he was in his room one time siting in his chair and everytime he paints or draws he imagines bucky's face, and that makes him really depressed to the point where he sits frozen for minute then proceeds to break his art supplies because everything that reminds him of his bucky hurts and it's really not fair since he finds comfort in drawing but his mind can't seem to stop thinking about bucky, about how he was close to catching him when he fell away form him in the train how he failed his best friend and himself, he just wanted to draw a simple flower but instead imagined bucky holding a bouquet of flowers smiling at him, then Steve bawled his eyes out for hours until his eyes gave up until he couldn't stop heaving, he started hugging himself attempting at claming himself down, rocking himself back n forth wishing that bucky was the one to hug him and comfort him like he always does in his lowest moments and whisper soothing words to him, and he looked down at the supplies he broke wondering what he did in his past life to deserve this.
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coffeenoirposts · 6 days ago
i can't stop thinking about stucky dancing together and the avengers catching them and cooing at them and Clint saying "aww it's so cute seeing old people dance together" and both Steve and buck stop and look at him with zero amusement, bucky will probably reply with a snarky comment and Steve just ignores it and fondly looks at buck and without thinking he gently kisses buck right cheek, the avengers LOSE IT they are cooing harder after seeing steve do that and buck would tell them "hey It's NOT a circus Act for you guys leave me and this punk alone!!" and points at Steve while saying that, after that the avengers leave and buck and Steve are left alone FINALLY and bucky looks at Steve and says "you punk come here and give me a real kiss" and Steve replies "yes sirr" and goes and gives bucky the sweetest kiss imaginable, buck then stops kissing Steve because air is important (🙄✋) and looks at Steve fondly and they both press their foreheads together smiling like idiots and continue dancing together being soft with each other 🥺
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shieldforbucky · 7 days ago
a headcanon
After every mission Sam and Bucky do together they spend HOURS like literally all night cuddling and watching each other. Bucky always say he won’t cry but after an hour he’s full on weeping, holding onto Sam like if he lets go he’ll fall. They tend to each others wounds and Sam puts on music from the ‘40s to calm Bucky down. Both of them fall in love all over again every time and that is why they fight so hard, just so they can be in each others arms in the end.
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multific · 7 days ago
Uprising (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Part 1
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: James Buchanan Barnes, the most powerful man in the whole wide world, but even the most dangerous and influential people had to have a weakness.
Bucky arrived home late at night, work keeping him in the office for way too long.
He felt bad, he promised you he would be back early tonight so you two can have a nice dinner, just the two of you.
Yet, here he was, 2am arriving home to a dark house. Everyone was asleep, all staff and you. 
Bucky took his tie off and threw it on the couch. He had to admit ever since you decided to give the place a makeover, it looked a lot like home. Although he never understood the purpose of all the pillows and knickknacks, now those grown on him. 
He made his way to the kitchen to grab a drink and noticed the blown-out candles on the table, he could see that the table was nicely set and it made his heart clench. 
You waited for him, for who knows how long, before you decided to just put everything away, realizing he won't make it. And the worst part? 
He didn't have the time to call.
He just left you waiting and waiting while he was busy handling Hydra. Something he promised himself he will never do. He promised you'd always come first, and he broke that promise the very first opportunity. 
He slowly made his way up the stairs and to your bedroom, the door was slightly open, but no light came, you were sleeping.
He screwed up.
He made his way inside, closing the door behind himself and this is when he saw you, lying in the bed, in deep sleep.
You didn't even stir when he sat down on the bed and looked at you.
Bucky ran his hand down your cheek then your arm and finally stopped at your stomach.
Your baby bump was now big.
Having to house two of his babies was certainly a challenge.
Yes, you were pregnant.
With twins at that.
Bucky remembered when you told him.
It was a few months after your honeymoon, both of you still living in that phase, naturally, he would make time for you.
Bucky was a passionate lover. And a giver.
He planned a romantic date for the two of you on one of his many yachts. He got your favourite snacks and drinks. He thought it was strange that you didn't want to drink the champagne he offered you, but he didn't think too much about it. 
Not until later when he was slow dancing with you under the moonlight.
"I'm pregnant," you were very forward about it, no paraphrasing, straight to the point. 
He stopped in his tracks and searched your eyes, thinking you were joking or pranking him, but no, it was true.
He picked you up and started laughing. 
"I'm going to be a father!" he yelled so the whole wide world could hear.
You slightly stirred in your sleep, but you didn't wake up. Giving your husband more time to think about the past and admire you at the same time.
Bucky could easily recall when the doctor broke the news to you.
"Twins? As in two babies."
"That is correct Mrs Barnes. Congratulations." said the doctor as she smiled at you then left the two of you alone to process the whole thing. 
You couldn't comprehend what was going on. Not in the office not in the car. Bucky and you just sat in the car, already home, in the garage, staring at the wall.
"Two babies." Buck broke the silence. Then you smiled and looked at him. 
"Two." you said as he hugged you and laughed.
Bucky came to the conclusion that you are dreaming, he watched as your mouth formed a pout, which reminded him of something.
You pouted as you looked at yourself in the mirror.
"I'm HUGE!" you threw a pair of jeans against the wall, unhappy that the clothing didn't fit.
"Darling?" of course your worried husband had to run and make sure you were okay. 
"Nothing fits," you were on the brick of crying when he hugged you.
"My Love, you are beautiful, amazing and so strong. You carry not one, but two babies." 
Bucky could recall how it took him a bucket of ice cream to calm you down.
He placed a kiss on your forehead before he moved to take a shower.
Once he was out of the shower the first thing that caught his eyes was that the light was on, which meant you were up. 
He changed into his sleepwear and headed out but to his surprise, you weren't in the room. 
A second later you walked in.
"Bucky, hi. I was starting to get worried."
"Hello, Love, how are you?" you went to him to kiss him on the lips. 
"All of us are perfectly fine, I just needed a drink. I assume you had some business to take care of."
"I should have called you. I'm so sorr-" he started to apologize, wanted you to know that he was sorry and that he will make it up. 
"It's okay, really. After an hour I realized what must have happened and I watched a movie, it's okay really. Don't stress about it."
"But I promised."
"It's fine, please let's just go to sleep."
Bucky quickly fell asleep with you by his side, holding you and the babies.
A few hours later, he was woken up by you.
"Bucky," you said shaking him. "Please wake up. I-" because of the desperate tone of your voice he got worried. 
"W-What is it? Are you?"
"Yes. My water just broke."
Two beautiful baby girls.
You two were blessed with identical baby girl twins.
Labour was long and hard, but holding them made it all worth it. And seeing Bucky hold them for the first time was just an added bonus.
The most feared man on the planet all soft with his daughters.
You couldn't be happier. And you couldn't wait for them to be home, in the room which you spent so much time decorating for them.
"I love you," his sentence got you out of your imagination as you turned to smile at him. "Thank you for giving me a family."
"I love you too, Buck, so so much."
The two of you shared another kiss before you both turned to admire your daughters. 
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Part 1
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spideyyboii · 8 days ago
Dating Bucky Would Include Headcanon
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
Dating Bucky would include lots of hugs and affection as he lacked it for such a long time. He couldn’t go more than an hour without kissing you as it reminded him that he had someone who cared for him even after all the mistakes he made. 
He would constantly be touching you so that everyone knew the two of you were together. These touches would range from him holding your hand whilst in public or hugging you from behind when he felt anxious. 
When the two of you were alone the former assassin would let his guard down and would tell you about all his guilt and regret. “Every time I close my eyes all I see is the people I hurt and even though I tried to make amends I can’t get over the pain I’ve caused.” The man explained with tears in his eyes. “Bucky, you have to remember that wasn’t you. Hydra manipulated your brain and forced you to do awful things but at least you feel remorse so it shows that your clearly no longer the Winter Soldier.” You told him hoping to reassure the man that he had worked to being a better person.
During the night you were aware there was a possibility of Bucky waking you as his mind was plagued with traumatic memories of the war, his torture from hydra and his fine as the Winter Soldier. Every other night he would wake up and begin searching the room in a state of panic only relaxing when his eyes landed on you.
When Steve left it was almost as if all the progress Bucky had made disappeared. The soldier went back to sleeping on the floor and avoiding spending any time with you as he feared you would leave him just like Steve did.
“James if you don’t open this doo right now I swear I’ll break it down!” You shouted to your lover through his apartment door. When he continued to ignore you and your attempts to see him your resolve broke. 
The next morning when Bucky found you outside his apartment door you were even more confused than before. “Doll, I’m sorry about everything I was just scared that you were going to leave me as well or that you would realise I was an awful person.”
When you woke up in Bucky’s apartment you were even more confused than before. “Doll, I’m sorry about everything I was just scared that you were going to leave me as well or that you would realise I was an awful person.”
After his confession the two of you mended your relationship and were quickly back on track. 
Soon the two of you were joining Sam and his family on the weekends and enjoying the simpleness of life. Seeing Bucky with Sarah’s children made you smile and realise that he may be okay with the little surprise you had growing. 
Overall, dating Bucky was never easy but it was worth it as you knew the solider was a good man who just needed to focus on everything positive he had done and had been doing for the world. 
The love the both of you shared was unconditional and was going to last a lifetime especially when your little one joined the both of you. 
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stcvebvckys · 9 days ago
• dating bucky barnes would include.
Tumblr media
just some headcanons of mine :)
━ hugs from behind, his arms wrapped around your waist. pulling you against him.
━ nicknames like: doll, darlin', baby.
━ him playing with your hair
━ you playing with his hair.
━ morning and goodnight kisses.
━ cuddle time. either in bed or on the couch, or cuddles when you're in his arms.
━ him constantly picking you up.
━ going on a run with sam and steve
━ being bestfriends with sam, nat and steve.
━ cooking meals together.
━ you hugging him from behind.
━ taking care of him after a mission if he's hurt.
━ wearing his red shirts and his jumpers.
━ helping him when he's struggling.
━ him helping you when you're struggling.
━ both of you taking care of each other.
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eternallytoph · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky has a terrifying nightmare. You’re there to soothe him.
Warnings: PTSD, Mentions Torture & Trauma, Fluff
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
Word Count: 1.8k
Tumblr media
It was silent after 11 pm in the compound. It was that time that everyone broke off into their rooms to silently finish some work or get some sleep. You sat in your room, cuddled up under a blanket watching episodes of The Jetsons. Tony had managed to get you the first two seasons on disc as a birthday present since you weren’t able to watch the episodes anywhere else. Suddenly a crash could be heard from the room beside you.
After the crash came a deep scream that sent a chill down your spine. Steve had told you about Bucky and his nightmares but you had never heard one this bad. You pushed the blanket off your legs and slid off the bed, heading for the door. You quietly opened your door and headed down the hallway, stopping at the door to Bucky's room.
“Bucky? Are you okay?” You ask gently above a whisper, tapping your knuckles softly against the door. You hear a shuffle on the other side of the door and a slight whimper was heard. “Bucky? Can I come in?” You ask again. With no reply afterwards, you turn the knob only to be surprised that it’s unlocked. “Bucky, I’m coming in” You whisper while entering the room, closing the door behind you.
You slowly approach Bucky's bed only to find the bed empty and neatly made. You furrow your eyebrows at the sight. You're sure that you heard the sounds coming from in the room. You look around the dark bedroom, the soft blue light peeking in through the window allowing you to see the silhouette of your surroundings. You jump at the sight of Bucky curled up in the corner of his dark bedroom.
He was shirtless but wrapped in a thin grey blanket, his skin was coated in a sheet of sweat and his dark hair was ruffled. His eyes were closed tightly as he leaned against the corner of the room, shivering in fear. “Bucky?” You ask, a little louder than the previous times.
He quickly jolts awake and pushes himself back against the wall. He looks at you frantically and confused. He tries to speak but finds himself stumbling over his words and unable to form a single word, let alone a sentence. “I’m sorry for letting myself in” You apologize while slowly approaching him.
“The door was open and I heard a scream…” you continue as he pants and studies you as you approach. “I was worried” you add, slowly lowering your voice. He nods to let you know that he heard you and looks immediately at the ground in front of him.
You kneel beside him and study his face. His under eyes are darkened, his lips and cheeks are rosy, his eyebrows are furrowed and his breath is staggered. “Do you wanna talk about it?” You ask gently, not wanting to speak too loudly and frighten him. He looks around the room, finally landing on your eyes and settling.
His hands were clenched into tight fists and his knuckles were white. “Bucky… it’s okay” you whisper before placing your hand on top of his clenched fist. “You can relax…” you whisper again. He looks down at your hand on top of his and sighs. “I won’t let anything hurt you” you finish. The comforting phrase caught him off guard, and he didn’t know how to react.
Bucky never talked about his nightmares. It didn’t matter who you were, his nightmares were always kept to himself. Even though Bucky was a very closed-off person, it was no secret to everyone in the compound that he was having nightmares. The screams were so loud they could be heard throughout most of the building. It wasn’t often that someone came to check on him.
Occasionally, Steve would check in on him and make sure he wasn’t hurt or anything very bad but there wasn’t much that he could do. Bucky was the definition of being through hell and back, he has experienced the worst of the worst. Tortured, Abused, Manipulated, Experimented on, Brainwashing and the list just goes on.
“I- I had a-a nightmare” Bucky chokes out, struggling to form the words. You nod slightly and shoot him a comforting smile. “It’s okay, it was just a nightmare, nothing more” you whisper. He pushes his lips together and nods. “Do you want to talk about it?” You continue, slightly caressing his still clenched fist.
“I- I can’t- I just-“ Bucky struggles to find the words as he keeps his attention on your hand caressing his. “It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me” you reply. “Do you want me to stay here with you?” You ask. He nods his head and you gently smile. “Okay. I’ll stay” you reply, any quieter and he probably wouldn’t have heard you.
“I know it’s hard but you’ll have to help me get you into bed” You mumbled, standing up beside him and reaching down to help him up. You gently wrap a hand around his forearm and he weakly pushes himself to his feet. You wrap an arm around his back and guide him to the bed slowly. His feet shuffle against the floor and his walk is clumsy and weak.
You release Bucky just before reaching the bed and begin to pull back the sheets for him. After getting the bed ready, you help him into it. Bucky simply watches you as you help him to bed. Once he is under the blanket, you gently tuck the blanket it securely wrapping his body.
“My mom used to always tuck me in after a nightmare…” you mutter as you place another blanket on top of him. You sit on the edge of the bed and smile warmly at him. “She told me that as long as I was tucked in that nothing could ever get me. It always made me feel so safe” you continue.
You hesitantly brush the hair away from Bucky’s face as he lays in his bed, watching your every move. “You are so strong, so capable and so brave. Even if you don't think you're strong, or feel like you're at the breaking point, or afraid, you keep going, you've kept going, taking all the things that life and the universe threw at you, even when you felt like you were falling apart” you sympathize.
A tear rolls down Bucky's cheek as he listens to you and your praises. You gently caress his cheek, softly brushing his warm skin under your thumb. “You need sleep Bucky, you look like you haven’t slept in days” you admit.
Bucky nods and smiles weakly at you. “Can-can you stay” he mutters, catching you off guard. You smile back and nod without hesitation. “Would you like me to just sit here with you?” You ask, barely above a whisper. Bucky nods and presses his lips together, almost like he was trying to stop himself from saying something.
You look at him in slight confusion and he sighs. “Can-can you maybe- can you sing?” He stutters. “Sing?” You ask in disbelief. He nods and you chuckle to yourself. “What would you like me to sing?” You ask. “My mom- she used- used to sing this song. It was- it was about sunshine” Bucky whispers, struggling to remember the song.
“You are my sunshine?” You smile. He nods and his eyes soften as his memories rush back in. “My mom used to sing that one to me as well” you admit. You brush more of Bucky’s hair back off his forehead and he sighs at the touch. Your fingers gently combing through his hair, comforting and soothing him.
“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” you sing, a soft gasp escapes Bucky’s lips at the familiar tune filling his ears. “You make me happy when skies are grey” you continue, gently reciting the comforting rhyme.
Your fingers continue to comb through Bucky’s hair as you sing. With each lyric his mind becomes quieter and quieter, silencing all the pain that was filling it to the brim. “You’ll never know dear, how much I love you” you continue.
“Please don’t take my sunshine away” you finish the song, slowly falling into a whisper as it ends. Bucky’s breaths become balanced and steady. He gently closes his eyes and his mind is filled with sweet memories of his childhood. Memories of his mother and his sisters. Memories of Steve and the things they did together in their youth.
His head continues to fill with these memories, almost as if he was watching a slideshow of all the good in his life. All the good that kept him anchored. Memories of Steve and Sam filled his head, the morning runs they would go on together and how hard Sam tried to get him to smile. Memories of Natasha and Steve arguing about the silliest of things, almost ending in Natasha tackling Steve to the ground.
Memories of you crept in. He saw you helping Sam make dinner for everyone and laughing as Natasha stood to the side and criticized everything Sam did. He saw you frantically rushing around the living room during movie night, making sure everyone was comfortable and had all the things they needed. He saw you smiling, your cheeks becoming slightly flushed. He saw you.
As Bucky laid there with his eyes peacefully closed, you admired how calm he looked. When you thought he was asleep, you slowly rose from the bed and quickly felt Bucky’s hand wrap around yours. His eyes opened slightly and he sighed. “Don’t go,” he whispers. You look at him in confusion at first but simply nod, knowing he didn’t want to be alone.
As time went by, you continued to brush your hand through Bucky’s hair soothing him as he laid peacefully. You knew he was asleep and you could leave without him knowing but it felt wrong. You didn’t want him to wake up alone. Your eyes soon grew heavy and your body slowly felt weighted. You tried your hardest to keep yourself up but it soon grew almost impossible. Your body soon fell, resting on top of Bucky and for the rest of the night, that was where you stayed.
The sunrise crept in through the window, shining on your face, the unfamiliar warmth waking you. You slowly rose, sitting upright on the side of Bucky’s bed. When you looked down at Bucky, he was looking back at you with a sluggish expression. He gently rubs his eyes and they widen once he realizes that you’re truly here beside him.
“You stayed,” he muttered, his throat unclear, making his voice deeper than usual. “I promised you’d be safe” you smile back.
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vampireoutofbusiness · 13 days ago
A Cure For Bitter Dreams
Pairing: Peter x Avenger!Reader
Warnings: Slight angst but then fluff, sad parker, typos?
Synopsis: Peter experiences nightmares on the regular and eventually he can't hide it from you
a/n: took a short break but I am now free from the school system for 3 months so I will post more frequently
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work without giving credit*
Tumblr media
It wasn’t new that Peter had nightmares. Ever since Ben had died, it was a nightly occurrence. And becoming Spider-man caused him even more stress which made his nightmares worse. He’d wake up in a cold sweat, barely able to breathe.
You always assumed he just stayed up late, the dark circles under his eyes and not being able to focus on minor details were just the result.
When you went to the compound’s kitchen for a midnight snack and his bedroom lamp was shining under his door, you figured he just hadn’t gone to bed yet.
But Peter tried, every night, to go to bed and sleep without waking up scared for his life. He always ended up turning on his light, checking to make sure everything around him was okay. Then staying up for a few hours trying to not fall back asleep in case he had another until he couldn’t stop his eyes from shutting.
You, too, weren’t very good at sleeping. No nightmares, luckily, just love for nighttime. The sky was much clearer upstate and it was nice to watch the stars. And the compound was always so much quieter at night, so walking around with your thoughts was a good change in pace from your busy days of being an Avenger.
Peter and you had become good friends in the past year, ever since he moved into the compound.
Without sugarcoating it, you like him so much. But the idea of him turning you down and ruining your friendship was enough to make you keep quiet about your feelings.
If only you knew how badly Peter wanted to go out with you. Every part of his heart belonged to you and you didn’t even know it. Maybe you thought he was trying to flirt every once in a while, but you dismissed it since he is genuinely a good person.
Recently, Peter’s bad dreams and panic attacks had been getting worse. You could tell how agitated he was but he was normally nervous about something so you didn’t mention it.
The two of you were currently participating in a movie night with the others because Tony insists on “Team bonding activities”.
You did enjoy spending time with everyone, even though you can never follow the movie with all of the talking taking place around you.
“So this kind man is bringing her to the kingdom?” Thor asked, passing popcorn to you.
“Yep, and she wants to see those light things,” you grabbed some popcorn, before tapping Peter’s shoulder in front of you.
He was late to movie night and, stupidly, too many fucking people live here to have only two couches in the main living room. Peter ended up with his back against the couch, ass on the floor.
You insisted he take your spot but he declined, opting for the one with your legs on each side of him.
He turned to see you with the popcorn and took it from you with a quick thank you.
After the movie was over, everyone made their way to their rooms, saying good night to you and Peter. They all knew you would be up for a while, despite their concern for your sleep schedule. They didn’t know about Peter’s.
“Peter?” You whispered, leaning forward to get a better view of his face, although no lights were left on in the room.
“Hmm?” He turned his head to look at you peering above him.
“You want to go hang out in my room?”
Yes. Peter wanted to do anything to avoid sleeping. That, and he loved spending time with you.
He grabbed your hand and you took that as a ‘yes.
As usual, you spent a couple hours talking into the night about whatever you came up with. Talking to Peter was so easy and you were never bored. You were, however, extremely tired.
“You should probably go to your room before we fall asleep,” you gave him small smile and sat up, on your bed.
His own smile fell at your words.
No. You were his out. You, Y/n Y/l/n, were his distraction from sleep pulling strings in his mind, making him afraid of what would happen when he closed his eyes.
He, of course, didn’t want you to know. A nineteen-year-old getting bad dreams and being scared to sleep wasn’t something a good superhero would experience. Or at least admit.
“But it’s only two,” he whined, sitting up next to you.
“Peter,” you narrowed your eyes, “it’s late and you know it is,”
He nodded, understanding how tired you must be, and got up from your bed. You could see the sad look in his eyes when he looked back to say “good night”.
“Hey,” you bit your lip as you thought about your question, “you doing okay?”
His heart? A million pieces.
He quickly nodded and put on a smile.
“Yeah I’m…I’m just tired,”
“You can talk to me, you know that right?”
He nodded again, worried if he spoke, he would break. And with that, he left your room worrying about what was to come from his dreams tonight.
Plain and simple: Peter was exhausted. He avoided sleep as much as he could, the last time he looked at the clock it read: 4:27.
The bags under his eyes were growing by the minute.
He looks around the room, something catching his eye.
Peter got out of his bed to investigate. He felt something brush his shoulder, turning quickly to see. Nothing. No sleep was making him delirious.
He turned back towards his bed when he felt a hand wrap around his throat, squeezing hard. He gasped for air and tried to free himself. It was no use. The figure lifted his feet from the floor and slammed him against the wall with a loud thud. The others would have heard that and would come to check on him, right?
“P- please,” his voice was strained but he was still loud, “help me I-,” the world was closing in on him.
Peter heard his door handle turn and the pitter-patter of bare feet walking on his floor. It was you.
He saw you but you weren’t moving your lips with your voice.
“Hey, look you have to wake up!”
Peter’s eyes shot open and he sat up to see you sitting on the edge of his bed. His body was freezing, yet covered in sweat. He tried catching his breath, only to be met with more difficulty.
“It’s okay…it’s okay,” you took a deep breath, “breathe, please, you’re safe and everything is okay,”
He followed your breathing patterns until he didn’t feel as though he was suffocating anymore. He buried his face in his hands to avoid your gaze.
You scooted closer to him and brought your hands up to cup his face, the heat from his cheeks radiating.
“This isn’t okay,” you told, brushing his cheekbones with your thumbs.
“How did you k- know I was having…a nightmare?” He kept his eyes focused on the pattern on his pajama pants.
“I heard you yelling and I had a feeling you were upset when you left my room,” you frowned at his agitated state, “and you’ve been extra nervous lately so I was worried…couldn’t sleep,”
He finally made eye contact with you, tears pricking his eyes.
“I can’t do it,”
“Do what, peanut,” you furrowed your brows.
“This…I get so stressed about being Spider-man that I can’t- can’t even sleep,” he told you, his voice cracking while tears fell down his face.
“How long have you had them?”
He bit his lip, not wanting to tell you the answer. You waited for his answer, an encouraging gleam in your eyes. Your thumbs collected his tears as they came.
“Years,” he sniffled and wiped his nose, “it’s uh- it’s the same thing recently. I think I’m in my room staying awake, like I- like I try to do in real life, so nothing can hurt me. Then…then someone tries to suffocate me and I wake up because it was all a dream,”
Your breath hitched and your eyes went wide. The idea that Peter spent this long in pain. Too scared to even sleep and you hadn’t helped him was tearing you apart.
“Peter I-,” you pulled him into your arms, “why didn’t you tell me?”
“I um…I didn’t want you to worry,” he told you with his face pressed to your chest.
“I think being a part of your life means I’m part of the shit you go through,” you let out a chuckle and rubbed his back, “Especially this. I won’t let you go through it alone,”
You pulled him back from your chest and he finally made eye contact with you. Your hands ran through his hair, trying to maintain the bedhead, although it is adorable. You swiped a hand across his sweaty forehead and smiled at him.
“So you’ll sleep in here?” He asked, his tone a little happier, looking like a puppy.
You nodded and brought yourself next to him, getting under the covers. He scooted over to make more room but moved closer once he remembered how worried he was about sleeping again.
His arms wrapped around your waist before you could even turn off the lamp he left on. You put a hand on him to show you weren’t going anywhere and leaned over, shutting off the room’s light source.
Your head hit the pillow and his head hit your upper stomach. He clung to you extra tight to make sure you were still there if you stopped massaging his head for even a second.
“You’re okay,” you whispered into the dark, “just go to sleep, I’m here,”
He hummed in response and eventually dozed off into a much-needed sleep. A sleep that thanks to you, was free of nightmares.
“So,” Steve started, a coffee mug in hand, “who finally confessed?”
You, Peter, Steve, Bucky, and Tony were currently enjoying breakfast while the others were on a mission or had yet to wake up.
“Pardon?” You crossed your arms when everyone looked at you, including Peter.
“Come on,” Steve chuckled at your confusion.
“You can’t not tell us!” Bucky quipped while bringing a piece of bacon to his mouth.
You looked over at Peter who cocked his head.
“I’m as lost as you are y/n/n,” the boy said with a shrug.
“Don’t play dumb,” Tony smirked and sipped his mimosa, “you’ve gone into the kid’s room every night for the past two weeks,”
Your’s and Peter’s eyes went wide and you thought he was going to choke on his pancakes.
“We aren’t-“
“Peter and I-
“You didn’t answer the question,” Bucky leaned forward as if he was interrogating you.
“As in f- feelings?” Peter squeaked.
The others nodded, ready to hear it.
“I did,” you deadpanned and Peter chuckled, not understanding your words.
That is until he saw the seriousness on your face.
“Oh, yep,” Peter sucked in a breath and nodded, “y/n told me and…yep,”
“Okay…” Steve’s voice was suspicious but he’d take what he can get.
“I knew it wouldn’t be Peter,” Tony told the table before getting up to put his plate in the dishwasher.
“Hey! Mr. Stark I-“
“Thor owes me twenty,” Bucky chuckled and got up to dump his plate too.
When the other’s finally left the kitchen after ripping on the two of you, Peter turned to you with a worried look on his face.
“That was to cover my nightmares…right?”
He really hoped it wasn’t and you happened to like him too. The thought of you being his girlfriend brought red to his cheeks and a smile to his lips.
“What if it wasn’t?” You raised your eyebrows at him.
“You really like me…like that?”
You nodded and smiled at his surprise.
“Have for a while,” you scrunched your face, “but if you don’t I probably just ruined our-“
“Nonononono!” He interrupted you, “I like you, I- I like really like you…so much,”
You grinned at the boy beside you who was trying not to attack you with affection right away.
“Can I kiss you?” He asked quietly.
“Yes, peanut,”
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universitypenguin · 13 days ago
A First Date With Bucky Barnes - bullet point drabble
Word Count: 655
Warnings: None. This is pure fluff.
Note: Thanks for your responses to my Steve Rogers headcanon. I'm experimenting with bullet point drabbles now and I hope to post more content like this in the future. Enjoy!
Your first date with Bucky Barnes:
Your first date wasn’t planned. As a matter of fact, you’d gone on a date with another man the evening you two met.
It ended when said date began spewing sexist crap. You proved him wrong on the point of “most women only date for the free meals” by paying the tab and leaving before the main course arrived.
Damn, that restaurant was expensive. Who even took first dates to four star restaurants?
Finance Bros, that’s who.
As a congratulations for standing up for yourself, you went for frozen yogurt down the block. You ordered strawberry delux in a large cup.
Bucky was sitting in the corner with the same thing. He noticed your outfit. The black cocktail dress and flip flops were an odd combination. Your heels were in your bag. The flip flops were a practicality that came with wanting to look hot but having a very low pain tolerance.
He stuck up a conversation and found out about the date. You two joked about bad dates and commiserated together. Then you invited yourself over to his table. Because tonight you were doing what you wanted whether it was leaving a first date before eating or being uncomfortably bold.
If men had the audacity, you were going to learn how to match that energy.
You asked him if he wanted to walk through Central Park and he said yes. The look of shock in his eyes was a little unnerving and you almost wondered if you’d overstepped.
He’d tell you later it was the first time a woman had ever asked him out rather than the other way around.
But he was amazing. You two just clicked. After being single for a year after college and struggling for what felt like forever to make a connection on dating apps and IRL, you could hardly believe your luck.
He tells you that he’s been thinking about getting a cat.
You fall in love with him a little for liking cats when so many men don’t.
After the date, you don’t know much about him because you never got onto topics that most first dates cover. You didn’t know what he did or what his hobbies were.
As a matter of fact, your conversation was spent on topics most advice columns specifically said *not* to talk about on a first date.
Topics for the date went as follows:
Sexism (because of your prior date). Why are there so many preconceived notions about what women should and shouldn’t be?
Politics (the sexism subject dovetailed into this quite naturally). He knows the name of his representative. That’s hot. And he doesn’t agree with you on everything, which is fine actually, particularly because he’s so tolerant of other opinions. And he listens to your side as you two debate campaign finance.
Marriage. It follows from your talk about politics and you two go back and forth over pros and cons of the system itself. He’s much more romantic about it than you are. Another solid win for Bucky because you find this heartwarming and wholesome. He wants to commit to someone for life? Even hotter than knowing his local politics.
More talk about sexism. This is from your discussion of marriage, and the conversation turns to chores and emotional labor.
Then randomly you talk about work relationships and what your co-workers are like.
He tells you about his co-worker Sam.
After the fourth story, you tell him you think Sam is funny. From the way he talks about the man you can tell Bucky actually likes him a lot.
You don't say this because it's obvious he'd deny it. But it's visible how much he cares for his co-worker and that's just too cute.
Then your date is over and you give him your number. This is deliberate because given that you made the first move, you want to see if he’s going to call or not.
He does. The next morning he texts you and asks if you’d like to go pick out a cat with him from the animal shelter in Brooklyn.
For your second date, you two go to the shelter and that’s how Bucky gets Alpine.
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gimmeacherrypie · 14 days ago
Don’t imagine that Bucky doesn’t out live Sam, Don’t imagine that one day that his body eventually gives in and starts to crumple to the floor, starts to give out after so many years of a fight, Don’t imagine that Buck knew this was gonna happened but didn’t know when because he was always gonna out live Sam, don’t imagine Sam coming home to Bucky sitting there telling him his last ‘I love you’ before he passes, Don’t imagine Sam not knowing what to do because that was the Last straw for him, after every thing, that was the final step and it just got ripped away from him because this wasn’t ever supposed to be like this, Sam was supposed to die first, Sam was supposed to be gone First and Bucky with the pain not Sam. Don’t imagine Sam standing there body shaking not knowing what to do in his next step because bucky was always there to help him when sam couldn’t get to the next step..but know he isn’t..don’t imagine that
(If you plan on reposting this somewhere ask
Me first. And give full credit but ask me first )
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bloomingbucky · 14 days ago
Ooo for smutty drabble requests I love
13. “You’re so in for it when we get home.”
With whomever your heart desires!!! 💖
Tumblr media
biker!bucky x female reader “you’re so in for it when we get home.”
warnings: rough bucky, face fucking, blowjob, bratty reader, very angry bucky at the end
authors note: biker bucky has entered the chat
“That’s it sunshine.” Bucky mumbled, his hands grasping onto your hair as he bucked his hips at a steady pace.
His cock was brushing against the back of your throat making your eyes brim with water. One of your hands was wrapped around the back of his denim clad thigh, the other cupping his balls gently.
The two of you were supposed to be having dinner with a few friends but instead here you were. Getting face fucked in the women’s washroom.
You had spent the entirety of dinner with your hand slowly making its way up Bucky’s thigh. It only took two minutes of you palming him through his jeans for him to drag you to the bathroom.
You enjoyed pissing Bucky off, getting a rise out of him simply because he always thinks you’ll be good.
He had told everyone you weren’t feeling good and needed some fresh air. That was the last thing you were getting right now.
A particularly harsh thrust made you gag hard, head jerking away from his cock.
Bucky tilted your chin up, “Ah-ah, keep going.” He demanded, staring at your flushed complexion with pure lust.
You let out a small whimper, trying to catch your breath.
“Don’t fuckin’ whine, you wanted to act like a brat.” He said sternly tapping your cheek with two fingers, leading his cock back into your mouth.
You sucked on the tip gently, swirling your tongue around it tasting the salty pre-cum that was oozing out.
You hummed lighty as your mouth bobbed up and down him, strings of curses leaving Bucky’s mouth. You felt the familiar twitch of his cock against your tongue, signaling he was close to his release.
He placed a hand on your head and just as he began murmuring he was gonna cum you stopped.
Wiping your lips on the back of your hand you stood up. His eyes were dark and wide, his mouth hung open as he gave you a puzzled look.
“What the fuck was that?” He hissed, throwing his hands in the air.
You tilted your head innocently “I’d hate to keep them all waiting Buck.” You teased, turning around and unlocking the stall door. Before you could step out he grabbed your arm tightly.
“You’re so in for it when we get home.” He spat, his face was painted with anger and his voice was laced with venom.
You swallowed the lump in your throat before turning around and walking out of the bathroom. Nervousness filled your body as you thought about what he had in store.
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kimoralov3 · 14 days ago
sambucky headcanons (slight tfatws spoilers)
Sam mentioned that one of the boys wanted to read the hobbit so he gave him his copy (because in my head bucky still has all his stuff from the 40s)
sam tries to teach bucky how to cook but bucky ends up burning everything
"how do you burn eggs" "they aren't burnt, they're just a little dark. this was a perfectly good meal back in my day"
bucky watching sam workout but playing it off as judging his form or something
"buck i can feel your eyes on me" "im just making sure you're doing it right"
bucky helping calm down sam when he has nightmares (usually about riley)
"hey hey talk to me, what happened" "I couldn't save him"
visiting steves grave together to tell him about all the crazy missions they've been on
"and then he pushed me out the plane" "I did not push him. I wrapped my arms around him and flew him down" "same thing"
sometimes Sarah finds the two cuddled up on the couch together with a movie playing in the background
after the whole "screw the government" speech sam gave, he went on lots of interviews
bucky was always on the side, and he had this total idiot in love look on his face
there were also times when they went on interviews together, and he'd have the same look on his face
people started to notice it too
when sam and bucky revealed their relationship everyone was happy (they got calls from peter and shuri later that day)
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murasakispace · 19 days ago
Bucky Barnes X Female !Reader (headcanons)
Tumblr media
Warnings : blood, wounds, duels, weapons, neither fluff or angst, death. 
Summary : What if you were his rival ?
You were annoying
What the Winter Soldier did to deserve such an obstacle to every of his plans. 
A murder ? Cancelled. An attack ? Why did the weapons stopped to work when a normal sized black figure was looking at them with a snarky simle playing on its lips. 
Just a silhouette in the distance and that hauting mocking smile. That stupid smile that was getting him more and more annoyed. 
He demanded several times a duel between you and him. 
You never answered because you found that was more satisfying to get him angry 
You would never forget how he punched one of the black-clothed people following him 
How pitiful they were. You had so much fun by preventing them to do their business 
You weren’t working with Fury or the Avengers or anyone. No. The best motive. Just having fun. How ineffective they were...
Playful girl that you were. Maybe a little mad too. But playful anyway
Hidden under a black overcoat and a large hat, a mask on the bottom of your face, glasses able to see the infrared on your eyes 
And then, like wind, you always disappeared. Swallowed by darkness, only your unsufferable laugh echoed in the empty streets. 
The Winter Soldier was displeased to say the least.
It sounded like you were always behind him, watching him and everything he was doing.
He was even becoming slightly paranoid
Turning quickly to his own shadow, he may even have shot some bullets to it, figuring out it was you still tormenting him
You weren't exactly harassing him, it was like you were igniting him.
The more he was death glaring at you, the happier you were.
Yet, he never managed to reach you in any way possible. Just angry words directed at you demanding from you an answer for all of this.
And then, one day, he found you killing some random people. And you were the one looking up at him. You gave him a mocking half smile while he was scrutinizing your moves.
And then, night after night, mission after mission, killing after killing, induced wounds after induced wounds on random folks or big annoying guys with some influence, you grew sort of attached to the other.
You were still annoying in the Winter Soldier's mind but now, it was different. There was the idea of challenge behind all of your gatherings.
Yet, you never exchanges more than a few words. Your eyes were the ost expressive.
Even Bucky felt himself have different emotions within him that lost him. He was somehow eager to see you another night to watch what sort of challenge he would have to overcome.
This little silent game lasted several months, not more than 3 or 4 times each month.
Whatever he could do, you would find him. Whatever he could feel you stayed close enough for him to mock him a little. Though, you rested at bay, sounding as if you were thousands of kilometers ahead of him
How frustrating. He was stuck on your image.
And, one day, you stopped.
Without even having said to him in any way possible
He got angry and... Sad.
Because you were somehow like him and entertaining
A hollow. Yes. Something was missing.
He hated that until the day when he had to run with Steve from some of the Avengers.
They went inside, even with all the rocks falling over them.
That kid, Peter Parker, was such a pain in the ass
But Tony Stark was smarter and he had still a little trick to do
Fury captured you and forced you to join the Avengers
You were an amazing sniper
Even Clint was stunned when he watched you kill or destroy heartlessly the training dummies with all sorts of weapons (knives, javelins, bullets...)
Your smile when you saw what you did gave him goosebumps and he shivered slightly
Steve and Bucky were quite surprised when they saw the sparks of bullets over the floor of the airport.
And even more when they saw a little missile coming right to them with a red "hello" painted on the forehead of the bullet
The ground was shaking during several seconds and a thick dust was filling the space
Bucky was feeling something obviously abnormal.
The sound of a shot oriented towards his forehead made him move fastly.
He didn't know where was Steve. He would have to handle it by himself
Another shot rang against near his ear, turning him deaf during several seconds
And when the dust finally fell on the ground he found you with the finger on the trigger of your sniper, your insane smile plastered on your face
Yet, you didn't pull it. You rectified your posture and started to walk around him
Bucky knew very well that whatever he would do he wouldn't be quick enough to escape from you
"It has been a while, Winter Soldier" you said with a monotonous tone
This damn haunting voice...
"Spectre" answered uselessly Bucky
From the corner of your eye, you spotted Captain America, you waved at him.
"Tell me Captain America... Was that funny at least? Because I'm not going to let you leave so easily."
"You have more or less the choice actually. You die here, you surrender or you manage to run away but I wouldn't bet on that" you playfully joked.
Of course they weren't able to go away.
A thick silence weighed over the three of you
That was a little sad. You liked Steve. And you came to like to play with Bucky.
It was something quite innocent (completely hazardous) at the start
You knew very soon that this guy with long hair was doing bad things and you got more and more fond of making him fail and turning hella angry
And now you had either to wound him or to kill him
Even staying still was a choice. A surrender to you and the fail of your silent rivalry
"leave him" demanded Bucky
"Impossible" you answered back
"you have a problem with me"
"yeah. But he is also a bad guy. And I stop bad guys... or shoot them"
"then..." said Bucky
He took a gun, very little compared to your huge one
And set it in front of you, targeting your forehead
"The last challenge"
"Accepted" you replied back.
Clever man, you were forced not to harm in any way Steve now. It was between you and Bucky
You unloaded you huge sniper gun and took something more appropriate
You loaded this one, smaller, and got it targeting Bucky's heart
You didn't want this. After all, you liked him. His way to never give up and everything else about him that you read in him being who he was as a criminal
Three... Two... One...
Two shots in only one echoed in the airport
You were still standing. He was too
His metal arm was letting escape some sparks due to you bullet which dug a hole
You couldn't stand anymore. Your body too heavy for yourself.
You fell on the ground, blood running along your leg
He wounded you in your ribcage, nearly your hip.
You watched him go next to you.
"see you around. You are a great rival"
His steps and Steve's ones echoed a moment before complete silence fill your ears and that one of your colleagues finds you
"come on Torpedo. It's gonna be alright" said Tony while he carried you in him arms.
You mumbled a weak yes before you surrendering to a healing sleep
You told them what happened, how you could know Bucky and why you weren't angry at him
T'Challah didn't agree but he respected you as a friend and even if it was hard to understand he could figure out the idea why you accepted this challenge.
You recovered more or less easily. Walking for instance wasn't easy but you had some help
You would see Bucky again. And that time. No pity. He was your rival after all
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