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dynamicduoofstackie · 16 days ago
Me waking up at the unholy hour of 3am just to see Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes last throw down of the season:
Tumblr media
Better be a season two with the same writers, directors, producers and the comedy duo of Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie; because everything was fire. Plus, I want Sebastian and Mackie to finally do promos of this show together in person, post-pandemic.
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fuckandfluff · 3 hours ago
Pairing: Rockstar Bucky x Female Reader
Warnings: Oral (M Receiving), Explicit language/content, 18+.
Word Count: 1000.
Reblogs, likes, and feedback welcomed!
Summary: After playing a show at our local college, Bucky follows you into the bathroom.
First time writing *light* smut - please be nice!
Part 1:
“Oh god..” you muttered to yourself, unsure of what had just happened out there. For the entire 45 minutes of The Winter Soldier’s raucous set, Bucky eye-fucked you with no shame.
You had slipped away to the restroom between the first and second encore in an effort to splash some cool water on your beet red face and hopefully regain a modecum of self-respecting composure after that dizzying, dazzling display of sexual prowess by Bucky out there. What the hell had just happened?
Jenny had texted you to let you know she was in line for the meet-and-greet, as was pretty much every other bar patron and you were grateful for a moment of peace in the fluorescently lit washroom. You cupped your freshly manicured hands under the thrashing stream of tap water and just as you went to lift them to your face, you heard the door latch click closed.
Your breath was punched out of you and you felt a warm, fuzzy feeling diffuse within your chest and through to your fingertips as you saw him in the reflection of the crooked, cracked mirror.
“Wow,” he marvelled, “you’re even fuckin’ prettier up close.” Your brow furrowed in utter confusion.
The corners of his mouth turned upward into a sly smirk as he swaggered toward you. He unabashedly planted both hands firmly on your waist and smiled at you in the mirror. He was so incredibly sweaty from the marathon performance he had just put on but the cool steel from his metal hand was a welcoming contrast.
“’re.. Bucky Barnes…” you stammered embarrassingly.
“Yep, can’t get anything passed you!” He teased, pushing his pulsating cock against your back.
He took a strand of your wavy auburn locks and pushed it gently behind your ear as he looked you up and fucking down. It was so hot - watching him ogle you. His pants were leather and you could literally feel his swollen penis throbbing against you - just one layer of fabric between you and that growing length.
You looked at your reflection in the mirror and inquired, regretting it almost immediately after you said it, “Why me? I mean, what do you see in me?”
Bucky took his left hand off your hip and spun you around to face him - your lips maybe 2 inches from his. It was uncomfortably close but you would be lying if you said you didn’t love it. His knuckles dusted the side of your throat and you purred ever so gently at the touch.
“Because doll, you’re the only gal in forever who hasn’t tried to suck me off behind a dumpster,” he chuckled softly, but you knew he was serious. You had just witnessed Tiff from Psych 341 shamelessly throw her bra at him and he clearly had his pick of any woman he wanted - yet here he was with you, on a Wednesday night, in The Cave restroom.
“Are you a good girl?” His right hand migrated down to your plump ass as he took a healthy handful and squeezed mercilessly. The hand stayed transfixed on your ass as he awaited your answer.
You nodded coyly, “…yes, I’m a good girl.”
Within seconds, Bucky pushed his lips up against yours. He fought for space in your mouth as you parted your lips and allowed him in. He tasted of spearmint gum and Export A Golds but you relished the taste. You keened pathetically into his mouth.
His cock was now firmly pressed against your abdomen and you wanted to be able to give him whatever pleasure he was craving. You had literally just told him you were a good girl but you wanted to be so bad with him.
“You see what you do to me, doll? My rock hard cock just for you,” he whispered into your ear as he peppered your neck with kisses. You tossed your head to the side gingerly as if to silently grant permission and encourage the kissing to continue. “Are you going to let me throat fuck that pretty little face?”
So much for coming into the bathroom to avoid anymore awkward, sexually tense situations because as soon as Bucky said these words - your face was prickly and warm with anticipation. You got down on your knees with no hesitation - if the Winter Soldier asks you to suck his cock, you do it.
He posited your head in front of his metal-studded belt buckle and with one fluid motion his belt was undone and the zipped unzipped. His cock sprung out because, of course, a rockstar wouldn’t be wearing underwear in such taut leather pants. With one glance, you were entirely sure this cock wouldn’t be able to fit in your tiny throat. You were enamoured with it - the length had to be at least 7 inches - maybe 8, and it was thick and just beautiful.
As you grasped his throbbing member and led it to your lips, Bucky let out a feral growl. You weren’t sure if he said something to you quietly or if it was just gibberish but you knew he was in a state of bliss, having you on your knees for him.
You eagerly licked the one singular drop of glistening pre-cum from the tip of his glistening cock. Your mouth enveloped his length, inch by inch, somehow surprised that it was even thicker than it looked and it was stretching the shit out of your mouth already.
And just like that - it was over before it began.
“Bucky let’s fucking go!” his manager snarled, banging on the bathroom door. “You shoulda been out here 15 minutes ago what the fuck!”
Well, shit.
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faeymouse · 15 hours ago
Some Random Bucky & His Sleeping Style Headcanons
-Bucky likes it hot when he sleeps. Absolute dehydration level. Going to sleep when he’s cold just makes him think about things he doesn’t like to. Sleeping on ice for decades against your will does that to your body, even after your mind forgets
-Waking up not knowing where he is, not knowing who he is for a split moment, is an uncomfortably common occurance
-When he has the nightmares of the Winter Soldier’s locked away memories, he wakes up and has to remind himself that he’s Bucky Barnes. That he’s free. It gets easier after a while, like waking up and mentally telling yourself you gotta brush your teeth, but it’s still there. Always, even after the conditioning is broken. He was The Winter Soldier longer than he’s been Bucky Barnes, so he’s still trying to figure out who Bucky Barnes is exactly.
-He doesn’t sleep very much, a couple hours tops.
-When he sleeps in a bed with someone, out of habit he makes sure to position himself so that whoever it is isn’t by his metal arm. This isn’t a completely conscious decision, but something born from habit and that small sliver of a worry that something bad could happen
-Sam is the first person since World War 2 that he chooses to sleep in a bed with 😫❤️
-Sam is an early bird (ba dum tss), often getting up even earlier than Bucky, who may take a while to fall asleep but sleeps like a log once he does (when he and Sam are sharing a bed, at least)
-Bucky likes to check Sam is there when he wakes up, with a foot or a hand or brushing an arm against him. It grounds him like nothing else
-Bucky finds even just being in the same room as Sam helps him sleep better. This means that if Sam is hurt? In a hospital? You know Bucky’s has his long legs sprawled out from one of those small hospital chairs. And when he can’t be right next to his bedside, he scrapes up a chair and sits right outside the door.
-Bucky is shocked and delighted by how comfortable the Wilson Family Couch is
-Sam is a chronic bed maker; Bucky would rather make breakfast
-Sometimes Bucky wakes up after falling in a dream, feeling like he’s just crash landed in his bed. (Have I used this before when I wrote Good Omens fic? Yes, but it’s just so good so we’re recycling)
-Bucky isn’t a cuddler. He’ll rest his head on Sam, or do that thing where he throws a possessive arm or leg over him in his sleep, but prolonged close proximity is weird for him. Meanwhile, Sam is deffo a cuddler. Takes him ten million years to come out and say it, but if he can find an excuse to hold Bucky? He’s taking it
-Saying that, Bucky is the Lord High Supreme Emperor King of soft, small touches. A hand on a shoulder, on a hip, brushing past too close, throwing an arm over shoulders, touching a face. Even if Sam is the cuddler, Bucky has touched him in little ways ten thousand times in a day
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winnix85 · 22 hours ago
About Kathy renting a house near Camp Toccoa and how disconnected people state-side from people at war
Source: Biggest Brother; Conversations with Major Dick Winters; Social notes in Pinehurst North Carolina newspaper “The Charlotte Observer”  1943-1945
Biggest Brother: “Winters knew her somewhat. She had taken a house near Camp Toccoa while the 506th was in training, and Nixon had often invited Winters to the house for meals or conversation.”
Conversations with Major Dick Winters: “Nixon had been married, but he had no love at home. I went to his house many times. He would invite, not just me, but he would invite a group of officers and company to his home on weekends.“
This house was actually near Camp Mackall & Fort Bragg in North Carolina (or, it’s possible that Kathy rented houses in both Toccoa and NC)----but the place discussed here is the one in North Carolina.
The house was called “Primrose Cottage” in a neighbourhood named “Cottage Colony” (somewhere near Cherokee Rd, Pinehurst, North Carolina)----20min by car to Camp Mackall; 40min by car to Fort Bragg.
Kathy was living here from March 1943 to March 1945 (Lewis Nixon was shipped to England in Sep 1943 but she was 8-month pregnant back then so she can’t travel back to Arizona. Michael was born in Pinehurt NC in Oct 1943. She lived in Pinehurst until March 1945, then she moved to CA to live with Mrs Stanhope Nixon (only for a brief time before the divorce).
I was thinking the cottage was like a modest 2-bedroom townhouse, but now I think I might be very WRONG. and prob it’s not only Kathy that Dick didn’t like. It’s probable that Dick didn’t like the whole neighborhood. Here is why:
Dick mentioned that he was invited to Nixon’s place along with other officers. I was thinking it’s Harry and Hester and other officers from 101. But probably not only them. Here in the social notes showed whom Mrs Lewis Nixon dined with: 12 Dec 1943 "Following cocktails in the Pine Room at The Carolina, Miss Paola de Jonze gave a dinner in honor of her sister...Her other guests were Mrs Lewis Nixon, Lt. Nicholas Biddle......” This  Lt. Nicholas Biddle was the son of renowned Anthony Drexel Biddle, who was a US ambassador, from the famous Biddle family of Philadelphia (Norman Dike’s mother pretended to be from this Biddle family but she was actually not)  Lt. Nicholas Biddle was stationed in NC through the whole war but somehow promoted to the rank of Colonel in Feb 1946.
Also living in the “Cottage Colony” neighborhood was Liet Col. J. Stillman Rockefeller (James Stillman Rockefeller) from the Rockefeller family.
On 17th December 1944, German invaded Bastogne, and on the same day these activities were going on in Pinehurst: "Christmas is in every Pinehurst plan. The hotels and cottages alike look to a gala holiday, with many servicemen on leave...For Christmas Day an equestrian afternoon is schedules, with a horse show in the Carolina ring...The Golf club's annual turkey shoot will be held on Saturday...Miss Paola de Janze, who lives at Primrose cottage with Capt. and Mrs Lewis Nixon, shot the goal which made the difference between win and tie when she played at the Pinehurst polo match."
In summary, at the Pinehurst Soldiers' lounge and Country Club there was endless bridge games, dinner parties, golf tournaments, polo matches, horseback ridings (all the prominent horse owners are “wintering their horses” here) There were equestrian matches and polo games between Camp Mackall and Fort Bragg, in 1944!  and on 16 Jan 1944: "Pinehusrt's servicemen's lounge seemed "a bit o' Heaven" last week to the airborne troops completing their maneuvers in this vicinity and coming in from the "battle" area after a bout with sleet and snow, as well as a four-day fight with an imaginary enemy. All day Saturday and during part of Sunday, busy hostesses served sandwiches, cookies, cakes and hot coffee to the boys.” [No suprise Kathy thought her husband abandoned her to have all the fun in war games]
I mean, when I read Dick’s book about Fort Bragg “You would think that after two months of not sleeping on a bed, dirty clothes, and trudging up and down the Tennessee hills, one would relish the peaceful surroundings of Fort Bragg.”----I was like “OK, so Fort Bragg has clean beds and hot shower” but then when I read about social activities at Pinehusrt's servicemen's lounge in old newspapers I was like “IS THERE A WAR???OR IT’S IN A PARALLELE WORLD???”
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ordinaryschmuck · a day ago
What I Thought About The Mitchells vs. the Machines
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is up there as one of the best installments of the MCU. Sure, the action and CGI sucks, and the season finale could use a bit more polish, but there is so much more of what it does right. It brings up an engaging discussion through Karli; the bromance between Bucky and Sam is incredible; Zemo's surprisingly a riot, and U.S. Agent is a character whose inner psychology is something I would like to study. Plus, the series really dives deep into the themes of race and the realistic hesitance that comes with making a black man Captain America. It's easily an 8/10 series that is worth an in-depth discussion.
But f**k that s**t, because I'm talking about The Mitchells vs. the Machines instead!
I know it might be questionable that reviewing a movie starring a predominantly white family of idiots saving the world instead of the TV series about the powerful journey of a black man taking the mantle of an American icon...but this movie is fun, alright? And yes, I'm going to spoil it to explain how. So if you still have a Netflix account, I highly suggest you check it out when you have time.
Because, random people on the internet who most likely won't read this, this Ordinary Schmuck who writes stories and reviews and draws comics and cartoons is going to explain why The Mitchells vs. the Machines might just be my favorite film of the year (steep contest, I know).
The Animation: Let's get this out of the way right here and right now: If a single person ever tells you that this movie has awful animation, or the worst animation they have ever seen, just go ahead and assume that person is an idiot. Because holy hot cheese sticks, does this movie look amazing!
Say what you want about most of Sony Pictures Animation's movies, but you have to admit that they nail making a CGI movie looking like it could be in 2D. And The Mitchells vs. The Machines is the peak of that style. Every character in nearly every frame looks like they could work well if the movie was hand-drawn, and I love it. I am addicted to seeing films that look 2D with a 3D makeover because there has to be ten times the amount of effort to get that look just right, what with modeling each character in unique ways to nail that style wherein a hand-drawn film, you could just, well, draw it. Not to mention that the cell-shading and certain hand-drawn elements also add to the aesthetic.
Plus, there is so much attention to details, such as most of Katie's character model being covered in sharpie, or how you can see a hint of Eric and Deborabot 3000's drawn on faces even though their black screens are showing something else. Seriously, you can listen to any criticism this movie gets, but don't you dare let someone get away with telling you that it looks awful. It doesn't. It's incredible, and I SO wish that I could have seen it all on the big screen.
The Comedy: On top of being incredibly well-animated, this movie is also incredibly funny. Like, really funny. I shouldn't be surprised since it's made by the same people responsible for Clone High and The Lego Movie, but yeah, I found myself laughing, chuckling, and snorting with nearly every joke in the film. Not every joke works, to be fair. But because of the fast-paced humor, the bad jokes are almost immediately followed up with better ones soon after. What's even better is that the writers know when to take a break with the humor and let some surprisingly compelling drama take over. And even then, when there are jokes during the dramatic moments, they add sincerity to the scene rather than take anything away. Looking at you, The Amazing World of Gumball...I mean, I love you, but sheesh, you need to learn to let a solemn moment play out.
Anyways, the comedy is hilarious. And while I won't spoil every joke, I will go over some bits that might have gotten to me the most.
Katie Mitchell: Let's just go ahead and add Katie Mitchell to the list of characters I highly relate to on a personal level (which is getting longer by the minute, hot damn). But jokes aside, I really like Katie. Her love and desire to make movies is something I identify with, and her goal to just go to a place where she feels like she belongs is easy to understand. Trust me, if I found out there was a group of weirdos who like the same things I do and enjoy the things I make, I’d be willing to pack everything I have and go to them as fast as possible too. Plus, I feel like a lot of us can relate to a character who lives in a household where people question if our career goal is something we can make a living with. I remember two years ago when I told my aunt that I wanted to make my own animated series, and her reaction is a little too similar to Rick's when Katie showed him her movie. They mean well, but sometimes it's for the best to have a cheerleader rather than a critic, especially if that person is family.
Now, Katie isn't perfect as her enthusiasm can get a little annoying at times, and her desire to leave can be conceived as a little too harsh as well. Still, she's pretty cool and serves her role as a protagonist pretty well...also, if the movie gets a sequel, let's hope she and Jude become cannon by then. GIVE KATIE A GIRLFRIEND, DAMN IT!
Aaron Mitchell: But as great as Katie is, it's this goober that earns the reward for my favorite character. At times it looks like Aaron is nothing more than a source of comedy, but he handles some dramatic moments really well. Partial credit goes to Michael Rianda for that one. Yeah, having a child actor would have made Aaron sound more like a kid, but no other voice could have fit him better than what Michael offers as he comes across as weird but never obnoxious.
Also, let's give the writer points for making a character who is clearly neurodivergent. Yet also refraining from having him be annoying or useless to the rest of the cast. No one ever really disrespects or belittles Aaron and instead chooses to work with him rather than against him. Especially Katie, who forms a solid sibling bond with Aaron as a fellow weirdo. It's genuinely sweet to see, and I loved every minute that the writers showed that just because someone acts on a different wavelength doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated any less because of it. You get that with Katie, a little bit, but I see it much more with Aaron, for some reason. And I love him every minute, so that’s a win.
(Plus, I may or may not have had a dinosaur phase when I was younger, so go ahead and add him to the list of relatable characters too.)
Rick Mitchell: This is probably a character you will either love or hate, and I can see both sides of that argument. Because on the one hand, I really like Rick Mitchell. His motivation is clear and understandable from the first set of home videos with him and Katie, both near the beginning and the end. Sure, he messes up a lot, but he is still a man who cares deeply about his daughter, as well as his entire family. He gets to the point where he would make great sacrifices for all of them, especially Katie. Plus, it's just pleasant seeing a cartoon dad who isn't a complete idiot or overprotective regarding his daughter's love life.
However, there are times when Rick comes across as an irresponsible d**k. When he does things like smash the family's phones without telling them or giving them screwdrivers for "presents," you're either gonna find that funny or you won't. Personally, I enjoy Rick and his antics, and I have no problem with irresponsible cartoon dads. As long as they don't cross the line toward Modern-Peter Griffin territory, I've got no problem with dads like Rick, who I believe has never even got that bad. Still, some people might think differently, and I can't blame them. Because after getting great cartoon dads like Greg Universe, I can understand if some people won't be interested in characters like Rick Mitchell.
Rick’s and Katie’s relationship: Alongside the top-notch animation and gut-busting comedy, Rick and Katie's relationship is what I consider the movie's most essential asset. These two are the main characters of the film, and as such, they develop through each other. And what's crazy is that they have very conflicting goals. Katie wants to escape and be with her people, where Rich just wants one last chance to have a good memory with Katie before she leaves. To do so, they first have to understand each other. Katie has to learn why Rick is so desperate to spend time with her, and Rick has to realize why Katie is, well, Katie. What I love most about it is that they try. These two don't spend the entire movie arguing and being at each other's throats until a sudden "Oh" moment in the end. No, there are actual moments when they genuinely try to understand one another and fix their relationship. It's nice to watch, and I especially love when it cuts to Linda and Aaron celebrating each time Katie and Rick get closer to each other. When recommending this movie, I'd say come for the animation and comedy, stay for the phenomenal relationship building.
Monchi: There are probably people already comparing Monchi to Mater or the Minions due to being a comic relief with nothing else to add...but gosh dangit, do I love this little gentleman. Maybe it's because I'm a dog person, but I find Monchie to be incredibly adorable, and I will fight anybody who disrespects this king of kings. Probably not physically, 'cause I'm a wuss, but I will verbally. So WATCH IT!
“HeLlO. i Am DoG.”: Have I mentioned that this movie is funny?
Rick’s videotapes of him and Katie: And right there. Rick's motivation for everything is set in stone through a solid case of visual storytelling.
PAL: The writers do almost everything they should have with this character. PAL might not have the most creative evil plan in the world, but to me, a villain can have a generic scheme as long as they're funny. Thankfully, PAL is funny. Not only is the idea of a smartphone ruling the planet hilarious in all the right ways, but Olivia Colman delivers such a great cynical energy that the character needs. The way PAL reacts to people explaining why humans are worth living is just the best, and her flopping around in a fit of rage successfully gets to me.
If I had to nitpick, I'd say that I wish PAL had more of a meaningful resolution to her character. The movie builds up that she makes a big deal about Mark dropping her, so it feels weird that neither of them really get any actual closure with each other. I'll get more into that in the dislikes, but I wish PAL had more of a fitting end than just dying after accidentally getting dropped in a glass of water. Other than that, she's a great comedic villain for a comedic movie.
PAL MAX Robots: These guys are the funniest characters in the movie. Half of it is the bits of visual humor, while the other half comes from the solid line delivery from Beck Bennett. Especially with Bennett's and Fred Armisen's Eric and Deborahbot 3000. These two are definitely the comedic highlights, as nearly every line they say is both hilarious and kind of adorable at times. And just like with Monchi, if you dare disrespect these characters, I will fight you. Because they are funny, and I will not hear otherwise.
PAL demonstrating what it’s like to be a phone: Have I mentioned that this movie is funny?
(Don't disrespect your phones, kids. Otherwise, they'll try to take over the world.)
PAL turning off the Wi-Fi: Again, have I mentioned this movie is funny?
“I love the dog. You love the dog. We all love the dog. But at some point, you’re gonna have to eat the dog.”: It's the sick jokes that get to me the most. Everyone booing Rick afterward is just the cherry on top.
Attack of the Furbies: Have I. Mentioned. That this movie. Is funny?
Seriously, if you haven't lost your s**t during every second of this scene, then you never had to deal with the demonic entity that is a Furby. In a way, I commend you. But you also don't get to appreciate the comedic genius of all of this. So I also weirdly feel bad for you.
The Mitchells deciding how to celebrate: You don't have a real family if you spend more time arguing about how to celebrate after saving the world than you do about how to save the world. I don't make the rules. I just abide by them.
The PAL MAX Primes: There's not much to say about them. The PAL MAX primes look and act pretty cool, are brilliantly animated, and raise the stakes while still being funny at times. I love 'em, but I don't have much to analyze with them either.
The origin of the moose: ...I'd make the "I didn't need my heart anyway" joke, but to be honest, it's still shattered after WandaVision.
(For real, though, this is a really effective scene that establishes why Rick makes a big deal with the moose and why he might feel hurt that Katie is willing to disregard it completely)
The Theme of Technology and Social Media: There's a theme about how family is important, and working hard on making things work is worth the effort. But that's a bit too generic for my tastes, so instead, I'm gonna talk about the equally important message this movie has about technology. Because as twisted as she is, PAL makes a great point. The technology we have today helps us in a variety of ways. It's especially useful with sites like YouTube, allowing content creators like Katie to reach out and share their voices. The only issue with technology is how people use it. Take note that the main reason why the Mitchells stand a chance against PAL is by using her own tech against her. Yes, over-relying on all the advancements around us can be dangerous, but if we're smart with how we use them, we can get by just fine. This movie isn't about purging all technology like most robot apocalypse stories are. Instead, it's about using it correctly and not being helpless sheep the second the Wi-Fi gets turned off. Which might just be the most unique thing this movie has going for it story-wise (more on that later).
The Climax: The Mitchells vs. The Machines has everything that I think I climax should have. First off, it utilizes callbacks and jokes that I wouldn't have thought twice on actually coming in handy for how the Mitchells win the day. But showing that Monchi causes the robots to malfunction turns a pretty "eh" joke into a solid case of foreshadowing.
Second, everyone does something. Some characters do more than others, sure, but the fact that every Mitchell, even Monchi, has a hand in beating PAL and her robots is a great sense of writing to me. It shows that you really can't cut anyone from the main cast, as they each add value to how they are essential to the plot. Even Aaron, who arguably does the least in the climax, still manages to be the catalyst to what is easily the best scene in the movie. Speaking of which...
Linda Kicks Ass: By the way, that's the actual name on the soundtrack. I'm not even kidding. Check it.
Anyways, for the most part, Linda seemed like a decent cartoon mom. She's insanely supportive but still has the common sense to keep her foot down, like agreeing with Rick to stay safe in the dino stop the second the apocalypse starts. A pretty fun character, for sure, but nothing too noteworthy...but the second she loses her s**t, Linda Mitchell frickin' SKYROCKETS to the best-cartoon-mom territory! Believe me when I tell you that seeing her slice and dice robots like a middle-aged female Samurai Jack is as awesome as it is hilarious. Does it make sense how she can suddenly do this? No, but at the same time, who gives a s**t about common sense?! Because this moment was epic, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching it over and over again.
Rick Learning How to Internet...Again: I consider this the funniest moment in the movie. Trust me, the Furby scene is a close, close, CLOSE, second...but I think this scene was funnier.
The final goodbye: This is what I'm talking about when I say humor adds to the dramatic moments. The Mitchells saying "I love you" in moose is pretty funny, but it's also a sweet moment given that this is absolutely how this family of weirdos would say goodbye to each other. And, yeah, I got a little misty-eyed during this scene. Especially when Rick saw Katie pocketing the moose. That s**t just cuts deep, man.
Alex Hirsch Voices a Character: ...That's it. I look up to Alex Hirsh as everything I want to be as a creator, and the fact that his name is on this movie fills me with joy. He's also a story consultant, so that can also explain why the movie turned out as great as it did...although there are some imperfections.
Katie-vision: What's Katie-vision? Well, throughout the movie, we get to see how Katie views the world as there are these hand-drawn elements that look like effects Katie would add if she was the one who made the movie. At times it can be subtle and cute, like when this little beating heart appears when Katie is talking with Jude and her other friends. It's when the movie is in your face with Katie-vision does it get annoying. Like showing how Katie is lying about being certain she can drive up a vertical ramp or signifying what is the Rick Mitchell Special. Even if you justify that this would be how Katie would edit the movie, it still doesn't change how obnoxious these moments can be. For instance, Monchi is justified to be essential for the plot, but that doesn't mean people won't hate him...I'll still fight them if they do, but that's beside the point.
I can totally accept this being a personal issue, as I'm sure some people enjoy it. As for me, I think Katie-vision works best when used subtly instead of crudely.
The Meme humor: It's something similar here. Because some people like meme humor...but I don't. To me, it just dates your story if you reference memes even once. Now, a show, movie, or book being partially dated is nothing new. We Bare Bears, a series that I love, reference memes, apps, and social media constantly. Yet, the show still has a timeless feel to it as it doesn't rely on those references too much. The Mitchells vs. the Machines doesn't rely on memes as much either. But even then, that doesn't make a difference about how annoying that gibbon monkey joke was. Seriously, what the f**k was that? And how is THAT the joke that gets used twice!?
Underutilizing Mark Bowman: It really bothers me how this guy barely does much. I mean, Mark Bowman is the main reason that anything happens in the movie. Because he mistreated PAL, Mark acts as the catalyst for events to come. So the fact that he could have been written out the second PAL takes control doesn't make sense to me. It's worse since I could see more potential with his character through his relationship with PAL. These two could be anti-Rick and Katie, as Mark and PAL show what happens when people disrespect their family. So separating them halfway through the story, and keeping them as such, is a huge mistake as it results in neither having a proper resolution to their arcs. Like I said, Rick and Katie develop through each other, and the same could have happened with Mark and PAL. It doesn't, making it something that I can't help but feel disappointed about.
The Poseys: These are characters I feel like work better with multiple appearances. Sure, they only have the one joke about being a perfect family, but at the same time, you can make a joke like that work. Look at Yvonne from Shaun of the Dead (Which might just be my favorite movie). That's a bit-character whose only purpose is showing how better she is than Shaun despite being in an eerily similar situation. But she works well as we constantly see how great she's doing in every instance we see her. The same could be done with the Poseys, as using a similar joke for one scene is underutilizing great potential to make an already good movie into a better one.
Plus, if you're gonna shoehorn in a romance between Aaron and Abby Posey, the least you could do is have more than one scene developing that...just saying.
Katie’s and Rick’s “Oh” Moments: I want to make it clear that I actually like these scenes. They're well written and effectively emotional. My problem is that they also happen two seconds apart. There's nothing wrong with having a character realize the error of their ways through a tear-jerking moment. It's a popular tactic for a reason. And given how both Rick and Katie are the protagonists, they both need their own "oh" moment. But you gotta space them out, as it makes things easier to see the emotional manipulation that you're clearly trying to pull on the audience. They work, but putting them back to back is an issue easily solved with at least two minutes of padding, not two seconds.
Katie’s Death Fakeout: This is one of the few instances that a joke doesn't work in the movie, made even more annoying with the fact that I could see the punchline a mile away and kept thinking, "Just get to it already." I'm pretty sure no one bought this, especially when Katie didn't look like she could have gotten killed in any way after throwing PAL. It's poorly handled and proof that even the funniest comedies have a stale joke every now and again.
Nothing New is really being done here: Keep in mind that in terms of style, this movie is incredibly innovative. And here's hoping future animated projects can take notes. But narratively speaking? Yeah, there's nothing really new that this movie is offering.
A story about how technology will be the death of us? Been there.
A story about a group of idiots miraculously saving the world? Done that.
A story about a father forcing their teenager on a road trip so they can spend quality time with each other, thus ruining the teen's chance of hanging out with their girlfriend? Believe it or not, I have seen A Goofy Movie...multiple times...both as a kid and as an adult.
Now, I have no issue with a movie's plot being a bit by-the-books, and in some cases, cliche. If done effectively, and if I still have a good time, I don't think there’s much to complain about. And there isn't with The Mitchells vs. The Machines. The problem lies with that I'll forget this movie along with the dozens of others like it in a couple years. Which might just be the biggest issue any film can have.
Overall, I'd give The Mitchells vs. the Machines a well-earned A-. It has nitpicks, sure, but it's still a blast to watch. It might not be innovative or groundbreaking as movies like the last Sony Pictures Animation movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. However, it is fun. And when the world is burning down around us, it's nice to have a fun movie that can distract us from all of it. So feel free to log in to Netflix the next time you're in the mood for a film that is great for the whole family. You won’t be disapointed
(And I will talk about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier pretty soon. I just needed to get this out of my system first.)
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vhitewolf · 2 days ago
sebastian stan’s movies watchlist
The Covenant (2006)
The Education of Charlie Banks (2007)
Rachel Getting Married (2008)
Spread (2009)
Kings (2009)
Hot Tube Time Machine (2010)
Black Swan (2010)
Captain America : The First Avenger (2011)
Gone (2012)
Political Animals (2012)
The Apparition (2012)
Captain America : The Winter Soldier (2014)
The Bronze (2015)
The Martian (2015)
Captain America : Civil War (2016)
Logan Lucky (2017)
I, Tonya (2017)
I’m Not Here (2017)
Destroyer (2018)
We Have Always Lived In The Castle (2018)
Avengers : Infinity War & Endgame (2018-2019)
Endings, Beginnings (2019)
The Last Full Measure (2019)
The Devil All The Time (2020)
Monday (2020)
i’ve already seen some movies (at least the marvel ones) but i’ll put in bold the movies when i (re-)watch it
inspired from this post
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saspencereid · 3 days ago
thank you for the tag @madswonders !!
fun ask game!!!
10 fav characters (in no particular order):
bucky barnes (mcu universe)
spencer reid (criminal minds)
matt casey (chicago fire)
sylvie brett (chicago fire)
randall pearson (this is us)
beth pearson (this is us)
finnick odair (the hunger games saga)
penelope garcia (criminal minds)
sam wilson (mcu universe)
luke alvez (criminal minds)
nickname: marce
zodiac: i don't really believe in zodiac signs, but i know i'm a pisces
height: 5’9"
hogwarts house: hufflepuff, with ravenclaw being a close second
last thing i googled: new amsterdam
song stuck in my head: an wunder by wincent weiss
followers: 984
amount i sleep: 5 or 6 hours
lucky number: i don't think i have one, but 7, i guess?
dream job: to work in the UN or an international organization
wearing: an old t-shirt and sleeping pants
favorite songs: i think it usually changes, but right now i would say movement by hozier and an wunder by wincent weiss
favorite instrument: drums or piano
random fact about me: my two "serious" crushes have been people who do not live in the same country as me nor are they even from my same nationality
favorite authors: this is like choosing my favorite children, i can't do that!!
fav animal noise: the sound of a rain storm
aesthetic: rain falling, reading a book by a window seat, with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, kimda like that
favorite color: purple, blue, fuscia
last film i watched: monday, with the amazing sebastian stan
last show i watched: the falcon and the winter soldier (btw, 10/10 would recommend)
last thing i texted: "ya voy para la casa", that was it haha
sweet, spicy, savory: sweet, definitely
pets: dogs, obviously
tags: @ssahoodrathotchner, @idmakeitbehave, @wheelsup, @laurenkmyers and @willowrose99
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writeblrfantasy · 3 days ago
happy WBW, Lila!! I've seen you mention the trip out west a few times now, so can you tell us about it?? I've gathered it has to do with collecting resources, so what kinds of things are they finding?? Which acogs kingdoms participate?? :D
this is going to get long quickly bear with me 
the trip out west is a trip that the leader of tel cairis or a representative they choose takes every spring. it lasts from as soon as winter ends to as soon as winter begins, and the purpose of it, yes, is to collect resources, but much more than that!
the leader (like kayani) leads 90% of the cairic army across the desert of al khubuk, which is dangerous, dry, hot, and unforgiving. in the trials of taru, which are a separate topic, the candidate for leader has to cross this desert entirely by themself and collect an item from the civilization to the west to bring back to tel cairis. this is the test for leaders because they’ll have to lead the army and the trip out west at some point in their lifetime, and tel cairis likes their confident, capable leaders.
the goods they collect when they do reach the western countries across the  unlivable desert include jade, which tel cairis sells to kadar, rugs, other jewelry, seeds, sugar, coffee. some of these things they trade, most of them they keep. 
they have to do this trip because actium empire is very barren and you can’t grow that much food in pure desert. the northern tip, actium state, is the exception, but they couldn’t survive without the trip.
the trip itself takes about a month one way, so that’s around six months to mingle with the locals and get all the transport they need for this huge haul back. many soldiers take spouses back, and even the kings and queens of tel cairis have been known to find their own spouses there. the western countries themselves have not been hugely developed, but i plan to do that this weekend!
the army returns (if it returns is rarely a question, the leader has to be someone who’s crossed the desert before which is why the trials of taru exist) just as the first snowfall is coming. actium survives on last year’s haul and the bit of food they grow in the north like meat, but by the time the army returns they’re desperate.
tel cairis sends the other 10% of the soldiers who have been chilling at home to sell their stuff around actium and distribute the rest around the country, kickstarting the festivals that last p much the whole winter long while the army and the leader are home. winter is seen as the most plentiful part of the year, and the holidays they celebrate while the army is home are a different post, this one is long enough already lol.
the book begins a week before kayani is supposed to leave for the trip, the fallout of which i’ll leave up to your imagination
thank you for the ask!! this was so fun to talk about <3
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rayshippouuchiha · 4 days ago
This is kinda but random but I’ve always been a Captain America fan, or more specifically the first MCU movie I actively watched was Captain America: The First Avenger, I absolutely adored Bucky & got attached to Steve as a result. They were my golden boys and I was absolutely riveted by their dynamic and attachment and their personalities. And it only grew with the Winter Soldier, these two people seemingly bound together by fate, torn apart and brought back together every single time, unable to be truly broken away from one another. So when Civil War comes, I’m Team Cap. Not because I necessarily thought they were in the right, but because I loved Bucky, and I loved the way Steve was willing to throw away everything, do anything, for this one person, the conquenses be damned, to watch man who was brave, and kind and good but also inevitably flawed be ready to sacrifice everything for Bucky, my dear, wonderful Bucky. Like I enjoyed Tony (and had a special place in my heart for FrostIron) but I was a Bucky lover first and foremost, so Tony took a bit of a backseat for me in the grand scheme of things. So I was in a bit of weird place in the fandom because I always enjoyed the sad trash baby but I didn’t hate Steve or the rest of team cap. As far as I was concerned, all the characters deserved better than what they got and they’d get therapy and drink hot cocoa while discussing trauma. My hopes would be there’d be a reconciliation and Tony would build Bucky a really cool arm or something and they’d bond and everything would be the way it should be. But in all honestly I started out here with Steve & Bucky story, and good reason I kept sticking around was the Steve & Bucky story that I wanted to see finished. So when Endgame happens??? And they have that whole Steve goes back in the past to vibe with Peggy??? I was like “wtf what happened to the original plot of the movie???” Like y’all built this whole thing of Steve adored Bucky and will try to follow him everywhere and do anything for him and then just throw it away for like nothing??? What heterosexual nonsense is this????
When I say I feel like Endgame screwed over everyone one way or another, I mean it. Ya feel me?
Oh yeah no this is absolutely valid babe.
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fuckblizzardbearlover · 4 days ago
Here is definitely an aggressive and True “HOT Take” (as opposed to what ppl call “hot takes’ which are usually just mean spirited wrong opinions)
For like 2 months almost every day to entertain myself i’d go into the tags of shows i loved that just came out. The Nevers, Wandavision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. and in between the occasional post talking about the show, loving the characters, critiquing the themes and wondering about the future of the story were blatant mean spirited ones insulting the writers and showrunners. This is to be expected, However what was astounding was the sheer amount and prevalence of it. that is because i’d say at least 1/2 of the ones who praised the show (the thing made by the writers and showrunners) also SIMULTANEOUSLY attacked the showrunners and writers for “queerbaiting” and “being cowards about it”
Now for those that dont know, there has been LITERALLY NOTHING to even suggest that the two main characters of TFATW and The Nevers have romantic or sexual interest in anyone of their same gender. I will be the FIRST one to point out that “if these two characters were ‘man ‘ and ‘woman’ and acted this way then the shipping would be obvious and even lampshaded by the writers.
However the three major problems are First: despite the writers neither saying they are romantic in interviews or with the shows narratives these people say it is true and then insult the writers for not committing to it. Yes queerbaiting exists however ACTUAL cases of that are supported by evidenced interviews, intentional talks by the creators and actors. But Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson BOTH have cannoncially been straight since they were created decades ago (bucky being a child when he was first created), and True and Penance MULTIPLE times showing interest in men. In otherwords the writers are telling the audience through their WRITING that these characters are allegedly straight. Of course same sex attraction does not mean one isnt bisexual however the issue is ‘fans” (if you can call people that when they hate the show and the creators) ATTACKING and INSULTING the makers of the thing they claim to care about because of Evidence that DOES NOT EXIST.
“But what about that interview” well yea that was kinda dumb move. but honestly what do you expect. No not that AAA companies dont care about us (they dont, but thats not the reason). The interviewer DIRECTLY asked him a question that if he answered in the affirmative or negative would possibly Spoil the story. Confirming or denying that a character is gay, straight or bi means fans can immediately extrapulate what characters they might end up with. I.e. if they suggested Bucky was straight that might mean people would think he was going to go with sharon carter, if they suggested he might be bi they might think he was going to go with sam even though they might be planning a romance 3 years from now. The interviewer was basically asking him to spoil the MCU for the next several years, which he did not have the authority to do. So he cave a pat answer.  THAT is why.
2nd:The “Evidence’ these people have ALWAYS relies on the ideas that men and women cannot care about each other. Which of course is intrinsically homophobic. As a gay man i find it increadily insulting that people seriously say “he saved his life, they must be gay”  “he is proud of his friend, must be gay”. Its so freaking frustrating that homophobic sexist men AND these people are both out here saying that “if a guy cares about another guy they must be fags”. NO when gay men act gay they talk about gay stuff, they admire butts, they talk about how handsome another guy is. they find cheap excuses to flirt, they get flustered. I think there is evidence enough that True and Penance MIGHT end up as a thing, there is grounds for it but all the Sam/bucky stuff is b.s. Bucky being happy that Sam got what he deserved isnt gay. Bucky looking at sams butt, or blushing and his heart racing after being forced to embrace would be. Not saving each others lives. not helping each other out. That is NOT gay. caring about people isnt gay. Thats not what it is.
and 3: thats the thing,all the talk IGNORES homosexuality and bisexuality. There is nothing same sex attraction in all this evidence. its not just insulting that they push this idea that caring about someone means you want to screw them, its that it ignores that gay people exist. What we do, how we act around each other. this is sorta repeating the last half of that paragraph, but gay ppl flirt, they act a certain way, they try to get with each other. they have coded language, they are associated with the deviant and poor parts of society. The other day i put more effort into talking to a customer and listened to him info dump on me about how healthy almonds were cus i thought he was hot and a part of me was hoping beyond hope that he might feel that twinge of brotherhood that turns into something more intimate...
And again while we skirt the line with penance and true and i hope with that asshole gone maybe they can do it without getting gross about it there was NONE of that with bucky/sam. And None of that with Stucky. “i will support you against the entire us army if i have to” is not “i want to get married” jesus christ.
And the reason i made this post is because last night i was watching episode 6 of season 3 of Disenchantment. And it made me SOOO happy. 30 minutes of Bean and her new friend a mermaid talking, listening to each other, joking and info dumping. and then it turns into talking about their lives and comforting each other. Genuine love and affection, sidelong glances that turn into intentional stairs. Introducing each other to the family, a song about how the other means to her. it was 30 minutes of pure lesbionic gay pining, romance and love. And while it ended in a sort of tragic sense (bean thinks it was all a dream, but before the screen fades to black we see her gift was real suggesting that the Mermaid freaked out and ran) her pain at finally being happy for the first time in her life continued in the next episode where she gets help dealing with her grief from her step mom.
Like i legitimately had these toxic ‘fans’ making shit up about a show and then insulting the people who made these shows and stories i love, tricking me into thinking maybe i was being a sourpuss. But no, i was right. I LOVE gay stories, they make me so happy and it made me so happy to see these two girls make each other so happy. and while it didnt work out (and i still hope it does) i know bean is better for it for having a romance for the first time in her life that was respectful and good for her.
There is nothing wrong with WANTING more, I WANT more. But you just disrespect yourself when you fill yourself with anger at the writers for not making a character gay that was never going to be. Give constructive criticism and dont fill the fandom and the tags with attacks and insults. Learn to enjoy your fanfiction and ideas of how a thing could be better without having to be angry about it. Respect yourself, respect your own time and respect other fans and RESPECT the showrunners, actors and writers that make something you love. And if you cant, keep it to yourself.
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baron-alexbarnes · 4 days ago
Lee Bodecker x reader (part 5)
Paring: Lee Bodecker x reader
Rating: Lee is violent
A/N: Sorry for mistakes
Part 4/ Part 6
"I'll take care of it! " She says as she takes him in her arms. "I'll get the big brother" he looks at the little one "What's his name?" "Charles" he said as he sniffed. He nodded his head and went to John. Leaving the child with [Y/N]. He began to cry when he saw his parents' car. "Can I see them? "It's too bloody for a child. She shook her head. "I'm sorry, you can't now" he nodded sadly and put his head in her neck. She walked to her car and placed the little one in the back and tied him up. "So what's your name? "He sniffed and [Y/N] gave him a handkerchief. He took it and blew his nose. "Aaron" she nodded. And got into his car.
"John calls the others, lock down the perimeter" "good sir" Lee got in his car and drove off. If the child had left not long ago then he should be at the station. He was almost there when his phone started ringing. He answered it as he parked. "Sheriff Bodecker? "Sheriff, there's a teenager here to see you. He sounds panicked. Bingo," thought the sheriff. He hung up the phone and went inside. "Where is he?" He asked at the front desk. The lady showed him the office of one of her employees. "I'll take care of it" The sergeant nodded and went outside to smoke for sure. "So, what's your name? "Charles, sir" the boy had black hair, green eyes. He was wearing a black jacket, a gray t-shirt and blue jeans. He didn't look dangerous despite the bloodstains on his clothes. "My parents were in an accident. They are dead, but my brother is not! We have to look for him" "Calm down, the car is an old beige model? "He nodded. "We're already on the case. We have your brother" he sighed with relief "Where is he? Is he okay? "He's fine, he's with a friend" the young teenager nodded, lowering his head. "So, Charles. Who killed your parents? "He was tall. He was dressed all in black and he had long brown hair... Kind of like in the comics... "He paused for a moment to think, "I don't know what his name is anymore" "The winter soldier? "Lee smiled and wrote down the clues on a piece of paper.
"So Aaron, are you hungry?" he nodded silently. "Good." [Y/N] Stopped at the coffee shop next to the Sheriff's station. "What do you want?" he shrugged. She got out of the car and opened the door to help Aaron. But he was already untied and got out quickly. She smiled, he must have really been hungry. She caught up with him easily. He sat down at a table. And she joined him. A waiter arrived, "What can I get you? "The man looked at the child. "Uh... " He was suddenly all shy "a chocolate donut and a hot chocolate" [Y/N] smiled, that's what Lee took when he was 12,13 years old." Well and you, miss" She didn't look at the waiter. Just the child. "2 Pepsi please" the waiter left. "Why did you get two" I'm sure your brother likes Pepsi" Aaron laughed. "Mommy keeps yelling at him because there's always Pepsi in his room. [Y,N] Smile.
"Well, that's it" Charles nodded. What would [Y/N] be doing at this point? Where is she anyway? Lee wondered. "You stay here, I won't be long" The Sheriff left for his office. "I don't have her number... "He sighed in annoyance. And he called John. Hello Sheriff? "Yes, can I have [Y/N]'s number please? "I thought you asked him. You two seem to be getting along well," he grunted. "I got it, no comment. I'll send it to you" "Thank you" he hung up and left to see the boy. His brother was there. He frowned. "You took long enough" he gasped and turned to see the woman laughing. "Very funny," she continued to laugh. He grunted and she quieted down. He looked at the can in her hand. She followed his gaze and handed him the can. "I think I remember you like Pepsi" he took it without a thank you. "You never liked polite I see". He went to the two boys. "Do you have any family? "Aaron looked at Charles. Not determined to talk to the Sheriff. "We have our cousin, but she's in another country and... She's not really fit to take care of children from what I understand" Aaron nodded "Yeah! She was arrested a few months ago for taking drugs" "Aaron! "What?" Lee and [Y/N] looked at each other. "So you have nowhere to go" Charles thought, but Aaron spoke up "I want to go to the nice one! "He ran to the young woman. She grabbed him as he jumped on top of her. Charles and the Sheriff looked up. "There's no problem, I can take them in," she said, looking at Lee. "Nah, they need protection! We don't know what the killer wanted" [Y/N] put Aaron down and took the Sheriff's arm and pulled him into his office. "I can very well manage to protect them" He looked at her with doubt in his eyes.
[Y/N] had broken down on the side of the road. It was late. No one was supposed to be passing by at that hour. So she got into her car and waited. Someone would think it odd to have a car on the side of the road at this hour. In fact, she hoped someone would find it odd enough to stop. And about thirty minutes later, a car pulled up." So sweetie, are you lost? "No, I've broken down, sir." It was dark, she couldn't see what he looked like, but she figured he was there to help her. "Oh, let me see that" the voice belonged to someone in their twenties. No more. She was relieved and opened the hood. "Oh, you're like that" she frowned "You want to do it on the car huh? " "You're not going to fix the car? "She didn't understand. "Oh no, baby" he moved close enough to her that she could make out the man. He pushed her against his car and tried to take off her clothes, but she struggled. Then he started punching her in the face, "I know you want it too, bitch!" Another car pulled up and she thought it was yet another man trying to abuse her. But thanks to the headlight of the car behind her, she recognized Lee's car. He got out of his car with a crowbar. She knew she was going to get yelled at. He was the type to insult and then see the damage afterwards, if he looked at the damage. The young adult, approached Lee. "He did not listen and gave a big blow to the man, who fell on the ground. The blows were more and more violent. "Lee stopped! " He dropped the crowbar and went to [Y/N]. "You always get into trouble! Do you realize what he wanted to do to you? "She lowered her head, "Yes... "You're so reckless, you almost look like you wanted to a little too! "He shouted. "No! I didn't mean to" tears were about to fall "I doubt it! The drunk guy has the party this time! If you really want to get laid, become a whore! " The tears were flowing this time and he sighed as he saw this. "Well let's go" he left and [Y/N] had to give all the energy she had to follow him. She was afraid of Lee. He was violent and manipulative. And his head injury didn't help.
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