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#winter soilder
Late Night Thought:
I just realized that Adrik is like the Winter Soldier because they both have a metal arm except Adrik’s arm isn’t made out of vibranium. Their personalities are sort of similar too lol
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god-of-mischef · a day ago
I have this headcanon that since Bucky is from the 40's and was mind controlled by hydra he probably suffered from internilzed homophobia. So he goes out with Sarah to try and convince himself that's hes "normal" and Sarah is just like "you love sam" and then Bucky is like "you're right" and then they all live happily ever after.
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Sam: You want to tell me about her?
Steve who’s been in TVA’s jail for years instead of living with Peggy as everyone assumes:
Tumblr media
Loki (the show) just gave me hope that Steve didn’t abandon Bucky after all.
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artemiseamoon · 3 days ago
Sam Wilson
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New! Will add to my taglist options.
Drabbles, Oneshots
None atm
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Under the Cypress Trees
* new! I have 3 WIPs to close out, then I’ll start on this. So sign up for tags & wait patiently 💜💜💜
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artemiseamoon · 3 days ago
Just a little thing I thought of after TFATWS
Under the Cypress Trees
Sam Wilson x ofc
AN: Sam deserves some love, so this Sebastian Stan gal is just gonna step out of my eagle eye vision for a bit to write Sam a little drabble gift, cause he deserves it.
Tumblr media
Home, Louisiana
Sam felt good.
As the sun set and laughter filled the air, a deep sense of accomplishment overcomes him. There was still so much to do, and the road wouldn’t be easy, but he’d do it. Sam was always driven by a sense of purpose, he wasn’t going to let a bit of fear or worry stop him.
But enough about that, he takes a breath and looks around. Family, friends, his people; nothing felt as good as being back home, in the heart of it all. This place was magical, always was.
Making his way across the crowd, he notices a woman talking to the Watsons. Her back is to him, but he still notices her.
Then he hears the laugh, a laugh he remembers clear as day though he hadn’t heard it in many years. A laugh that could heal any ailment and put a smile on the grumpiest persons face.
“Alright now, that’s a laugh you don’t forget.” Sam walks over, the Watsons smile at him and she turns around. Greeting him with that signature big smile. “It is you.” He grins.
“If it isn’t Sam Wilson!” She rests a hand on her hip. “Last I saw you, you were this skinny little thang running around like the energizer bunny.”
Sam chuckles, “well, alots changed since then.”
“It sure has. Sam Wilson, our very own Captain America.”
Sam nods, a bit of shyness in his eyes.
Mia Celeste Watson. Oldest daughter of 5 and still the prettiest girl in the room.
Damn, he thinks. She still had this effect on him, even after all these years.
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Tumblr media
So it’s like,
Sam: Bucky, you got to give me your Baron boyfriend or Fury will kill me.
Bucky: No lol.
Sam: least we have to pretend having an epic fight *hit Bucky in the nose*
Other Avengers: Another civil war? OK, alright......I have absolutely zero idea of why but let's do this.
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makbarnes · 4 days ago
This man needs to quit! *faints*
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camelotpark · 4 days ago
I remember saying years ago that if Steve Rogers was Black, even if he was rewarded for disobeying orders, there's no WAY he could've stood up the president or whoever at that award ceremony for the medal of valor
It's not even something we have to imagine. History has documented the way black soldiers served their country and came back home to be confronted with all the atrocities of American depravity and horror.
Steve Rogers had the face that they wanted America to see as a hero.
It's something I give TFATW credit for talking about, because you know a sizeable portion of their audience are ignorant of the history or just ignorant altogether.
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aureat-melodies · 6 days ago
Bucky, leaning against the wall: so,,,you come here often?
Sam: this is my bedroom
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aureat-melodies · 6 days ago
John Walker: I’m Captain America and that means I follow the government
Meanwhile, Steve Rogers: *illegally applies to the army, takes unknown serum, goes against orders for a rescue party, doesn’t sign government accords, hides with his fugitive best friend*
Steve: yes. follow the government.
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aureat-melodies · 6 days ago
Sam and Bucky: *having a stare off*
Torres: I am very uncomfortable with the sexual tension we’ve created in the studio today
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