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brookecuzyes · 26 minutes ago
First Real Date
Julie and The Phantoms (Willex One-Shot)
Summary: Alex and Willie go on their first date together, but it doesn't necessarily go as planned. (also, I set it in 2021, but if you want it in 2020, just imagine that instead ig?) (another side-note: this sucks, but I needed something for pride month 💀)
Word Count: 601
Warnings: just intense gay fluff
Tumblr media
Alex and Willie were out in town, walking around and doing everything they couldn’t before. Since all of the boys came back to life, all of them had been going around and doing everything they could in the year 2020. Turns out, there’s a lot that you can do. For Alex and William, well, there was only one they wanted to do: date.
For the first part of their date, they went to a restaurant. Willie made reservations at this one really nice restaurant, and figured it would be perfect as a first date.
“Wow, this place is insane,” Alex said, taking in the whole restaurant as they walked in. “Thanks for taking us here.”
“Anytime, Alex,” Willie replied. He put a hand on his back and started walking forward to the hostess.
“Good evening, gentlemen. Do you have a reservation?” The hostess asked, a smile plastered on her face.
“Yes, for William,” Willie told her, and she looked at her chart and back up to the couple.
“Awesome! Layla over here will take care of you guys tonight,” she said, and the boys walked over to her. Layla showed them to their table and gave them their menus. The two boys looked at the menus for a moment before Willie tried starting a conversation.
“So,” he started, making Alex look up at him. “How has your day been?”
“Uh, it’s been good. H-how about you?” Alex replied with a stammer.
“I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous on a date,” Willie revealed.
“Yeah, same here. I guess given the fact that I’ve never actually dated a guy before… yeah, I’m kind of nervous.”
“Don’t be. I mean, I get it, but it’s me. Hey, if you’re not comfortable we can always go somewhere else. I wasn’t really sure what to do for a first date anyways-“
“This is fine, Willie. But… I don’t think I am comfortable with being this out in public yet. I don’t mean to ruin dinner, I just-“
“No,” Willie interjected. “It’s okay. We can go. Do you think they’ll notice if we run, though?” Alex smiled and chuckled a bit before shaking his head.
“Nah, I don’t think so,” he replied, which made Willie smile. He grabbed Alex’s hand and forced him up, dragging him across the restaurant and out of the doors. Alex would’ve been embarrassed had it been any other time, but the adrenaline rushing through him made him forget about all of his worries.
They ran a block and a half, stopping at a crosswalk. The two boys were out of breath from all of the running.
“Wow,” Alex said. “We’re really out of shape.” The comment made Willie chuckle, and he stood up straight.
“Let’s go find something to do. Isn’t Reggie’s birthday coming up soon?” Willie asked, walking down the path with Alex slowly following next to him.
“Oh, yeah. I guess so. We should get him something.”
They went through a few stores and were messing around the whole time. Alex hadn’t laughed that much for a while, and he felt so safe in Willie’s presence. It was like no one could ever come between the two of them. Before Alex had died, it wasn’t the most widespread idea of same-sex relationships-- but, with it being 2020, anything was possible. And Alex loved that. Willie had lived in this modern-day world and knew how it worked and the things that had changed. He was able to help Alex adjust to this new world and make him feel more comfortable with himself, which is something Alex will never forget.
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wr0temyway0ut · 51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Be Gay, Do Crime - A Willie/Reggie SMAU
Thank you to everyone who read and interacted with this SMAU! I'm very proud of it and I'm so grateful for all the love it's received!
Taglist in reblogs. Ask to be added or removed!
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reggiesaswiftie · 52 minutes ago
I just think that:
“Willie giving Julie Piggy back rides and her resting her chin on his shoulder as he poofs around showing her the beautiful sights of Hollywood”
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sunsetcurve123 · 2 hours ago
Idk how discord works so if i messed something up... Oops
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sunsetcurve123 · 2 hours ago
If i made a jatp discord would y'all join?
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latinposeidon · 6 hours ago
I really love the mAgIc scene coz it’s just Willie’s no thoughts head empty vs Alex’s so many thoughts head so full oh my god what do I say, and it’s just so great
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alexthedrummerboy · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
me when i try to revive canadagate but realise i don't know any other coffee chains in canada but blenz which is BC specific 😔 anyway i'm still right and will not be taking criticism!
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ruzek-halstead · 14 hours ago
new chapter alert!!
fic summary: julie molina, a new student to uc berkeley, secures a job at a tiny, run-down grocery store, where she meets a group of people who inadvertently become some of the most important people in her life. 
there's nothing like suffering in the workplace with your co-workers to solidify a bond.
a look into julie's life in a brand new city, as told by the customer service experience throughout the months.
chapter summary: kiss me, i'm irish? it's st. patrick's day and the gang celebrates in style (+ julie makes a realization or two)
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wr0temyway0ut · 14 hours ago
Even If Your Love Was Unconditional (It Still Wouldn't Be Enough to Save Me)
Summary: “That’s PFLAG in front of us, right?” Alex asks, nodding at the group of people congregated in front of the band’s float. They’re mostly middle aged and older, all wearing shirts that read “Free Mom/Dad/Parent Hugs.” They don’t have a float of their own, probably so that they can interact with the parade goers more easily.
“Yeah, I think so,” Willie nods.
They start going on about the other floats, but Alex isn’t really listening, because one of the PFLAG women has just turned around, and Alex is seeing his mother’s face for the first time in twenty-eight years.
Or, my trans take on the "Alex finds out his parents have changed" fic featuring the music of Laura Jane Grace.
Link in Reblogs!
And here is the playlist that goes along with it:
Tumblr media
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latinposeidon · 16 hours ago
one of the many reasons why i love Willex romance is that Willie is an outsider to their group and i know alex spent a lot of his time with him more than his friends but i do think it makes a lot of sense if you really think about it and it still didn't change the group dynamic. i can't wait to see Willie joining their group in s2. i got to mention that the scene where reggie and luke are comforting alex after Willie broke up with him bothers me if i think about it too deep only because they turned the focus on juke, though i did read on here that it was reggie helping alex out by distracting him and if that's the case then i have no complaints
Yessss and I love that there isn’t any jealousy either. The band doesn’t get pissy about him missing rehearsal to hang out with Willie, and Willie is literally prepared to die if it means Alex can be safe with the band coz he knows how important they are to him. Alex is allowed to have multiple important connections and everyone respects it, and the idea of them all coming together? Chefs kiss
And for the girls scene, I can see both ways (insert bi pun here). Coz on one hand Alex is usually very open about his emotions and he isn’t exactly opposed to being the centre of attention, so I think most of the time he’d prefer to actually talk about his issues. But on the other, we know that Luke and Reggie aren’t that good at dealing with other people’s emotions. Alex has known them for years, he’d know that better than anyone.
I think in that moment he genuinely did want to talk about it. But he knew that the conversation wouldn’t actually be helpful for anyone if it stayed on his issues - Luke and Reggie wouldn’t know how to comfort him and he’ll just end up feeling guilty for making them uncomfortable. So when Reggie changed the topic he just kinda jumped on it. I don’t think Reggie was trying to push his problems to the side, I think he also knew that he and Luke weren’t good at this kind of thing and that Alex would rather be distracted then be forced to talk about his relationship issues
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latinposeidon · 17 hours ago
from jatp who's your favorite characters and least favorite?
My favourite’s absolutely Willie, they have such great potential as a character and I just absolutely adore his outwardly happy, secretly insecure skater boy vibe. Which very much sucks coz I can’t stand his name.
And honestly? I don’t really have a genuine least favourite. All the characters are just so well written and acted that I absolutely love all of them. Like out of the mains, the closest I’d have to a ‘least favourite’ is Luke and that’s literally just coz I don’t really relate to him that much. They’re all S-rank and I honestly think of Luke as my 6th favourite more than my least favourite. He’s such an amazing character and I love him but I just prefer the others
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hitchell-mope · 20 hours ago
Alex: Remember, call me only if there's an emergency.
Willie: Yeah, sure
(Five minutes later)
Alex (answering his phone): What is it?
Willie: There's an emergency
Alex: Already? What happened?
Willie: I miss you
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emeraldphantoms · 20 hours ago
Willie looks so taken back by Alex kinda flirting with him
Tumblr media
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emeraldphantoms · 21 hours ago
A while ago when Tori was asked about what she thinks there's in Alex's fanny pack, one of the things she said was “maybe now a little picture of Willie” and I really can't stop thinking about. I'm imagining Julie and her ghosts at the garage going through old sunset curve stuff and when Willie sees a photo of the boys in the 90s, all cutesy he turns to Alex and says "you still look exactly the same, death didn't water down your prettiness."
Alex blushes so hard and all his focus shifts on Willie, the way their shoulders, hips, and thighs are touching where they sat on the floor, the way his cheek is burning from Willie's hand brushing it when he placed the photo next to his face to compare, the way Willie's face glowed and lips quirked upwards before hit bit down on the bottom one, making it so hard for Alex to resist his want to crawl into his lap and kiss him until his cheeks flush the same. Maybe if their friends weren't around he'd have done it, he's already aware that they're sending him knowing looks and it's not like Reggie is stifling his giggles from where he's lying on the couch behind him and Willie.
Later that day Alex makes a comment that implies he wishes he knew how Willie looked like back when he's living, prompting the first thing Willie does when he's back at the club is to go to his room and pull out the photos he took from home when he visited after his passing. Just two photos, one with him and all his family while the other is just him and a stray cat he took in.
The next day, they sit on the bench they perched on the first day they met and when Willie gives the first photo to Alex, Alex's mind goes blank for a moment because Willie rarely talks about a time when he was alive, and now he's showing him and telling him his siblings and parents names.
Alex takes in everything that is being said, and latches his gaze on the photo. He learns that Willie got his cheekbones from his mom, he notices that his dad's hair reaches his shoulder, he realizes that the key chain around Willie's neck is resting low over his oldest sister's sternum, he observes Willie's younger sister wonky braids. "I did her hair that day, I'm sure I gave her a bald spot or something," Willie shares, leaning closer. Alex looks at him with a soft and teary gaze and there's so much he wants to say, but all what comes out is, "you were alive."
He feels stupid but he believes Willie gets what he means.
"Yeah," Willie replies, softly.
"Is there more?" Alex asks, his cheeks turning pink.
"Yeah, just this," Willie says, handing him the second one.
If Alex felt like crying over the first one, then he's about to completely weep, there's a kitten sitting on Willie's shoulder, chewing on a strand of his long disheveled hair and Willie's face is all scrunched up from laughter and the photo is a little blurry and shaky and Alex heart flutters thinking about the person behind the camera laughing with Willie.
"Can I keep it?" He asks without thinking it over, his eyes focused on the light shade of pink spreading across Willie's cheeks and his raised eyebrow.
The more Willie stays silent and just stares at him, the more Alex thinks he should probably backtrack, maybe it's weird to ask that, but then a soft smile stretches on Willie's face and he's knocking their knees together. "Yeah, but be honest the cat did it for you, right?"
"Yeah, yeah," Alex chuckles, tearing his gaze away from Willie to unzip his fanny pack and slip the photo inside where all the things he couldn't live without and needed are tucked.
When his eyes on Willie again, he can't resist the urge anymore, he really wants him to know that he loves him and doesn't want to rely on hoping that Willie knows it by the subtle touches and held gazes anymore.
"It's not the cat, it's you. I wanna keep it because I miss you all the time and I'm in love with you."
and when Willie pulls him into a kiss, they're both smiling and Willie's fingers slip off his cheek to curl around the strap of his fanny pack.
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weneedglitter · 21 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Julie and The Phantoms (TV 2020) Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Alex Mercer/Willie (Julie and The Phantoms), Bobby | Trevor Wilson & Alex Mercer & Luke Patterson & Reggie Peters, Flynn & Julie Molina & Nick & Willie & Carrie Wilson, background Julie Molina/Luke Patterson, and some bobby/reggie and carrie/flynn on the side Additional Tags: would be solidly teen rating in any other fandom, One Night Stands, Implied/Referenced Sex, but literally nothing on-screen, Sunset Curve (Julie and The Phantoms), the author takes advantage of rom-com tropes, deliberately incorrect lyrics, alex has no game whatsoever, Flirting, Aged-Up Character(s), cause they have jobs and apartments and stuff
Carrie finally moves, only to laugh open-mouthed at the ceiling. “Oh my god! He fell in love with his one-night stand!” She points at Willie. “You dumb bitch!” What? Willie makes a face. “No I didn’t, what are you talking about?” “You did, bro,” Nick tells him, head on the table for some reason. “You totally fell in love with him.” - When Willie hooks up with an on-tour drummer passing through town, he's expecting a few hours of fun and some good memories before he moves on with his life. His friends have other ideas. Fortunately, they're willing to pull out all the stops to give Willie a chance to reunite with Alex, as long as they can tease him about it for the rest of time.
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