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latinposeidon · 48 minutes ago
one of the many reasons why i love Willex romance is that Willie is an outsider to their group and i know alex spent a lot of his time with him more than his friends but i do think it makes a lot of sense if you really think about it and it still didn't change the group dynamic. i can't wait to see Willie joining their group in s2. i got to mention that the scene where reggie and luke are comforting alex after Willie broke up with him bothers me if i think about it too deep only because they turned the focus on juke, though i did read on here that it was reggie helping alex out by distracting him and if that's the case then i have no complaints
Yessss and I love that there isn’t any jealousy either. The band doesn’t get pissy about him missing rehearsal to hang out with Willie, and Willie is literally prepared to die if it means Alex can be safe with the band coz he knows how important they are to him. Alex is allowed to have multiple important connections and everyone respects it, and the idea of them all coming together? Chefs kiss
And for the girls scene, I can see both ways (insert bi pun here). Coz on one hand Alex is usually very open about his emotions and he isn’t exactly opposed to being the centre of attention, so I think most of the time he’d prefer to actually talk about his issues. But on the other, we know that Luke and Reggie aren’t that good at dealing with other people’s emotions. Alex has known them for years, he’d know that better than anyone.
I think in that moment he genuinely did want to talk about it. But he knew that the conversation wouldn’t actually be helpful for anyone if it stayed on his issues - Luke and Reggie wouldn’t know how to comfort him and he’ll just end up feeling guilty for making them uncomfortable. So when Reggie changed the topic he just kinda jumped on it. I don’t think Reggie was trying to push his problems to the side, I think he also knew that he and Luke weren’t good at this kind of thing and that Alex would rather be distracted then be forced to talk about his relationship issues
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*ahem* sorry let me just-
Luke and Willie being absolutely chaotic and Alex feeling like if he steps away and leaves them by themselves for one second they'll end up blowing something up
Luke and Willie clothes swap Luke wears one of Willie's crop tops Willie wears one of Luke's sleeveless shirts and Alex's brain short circuits
Them getting together is just. Luke impulsively kissing Willie bc he's pretty and thinking Alex is gonna panic/freak out but instead of doing that he just kisses Luke and blah blah blah happily ever after
Also Luke pining for willex, my beloved <3
Just,,, ✨them✨
Everything… everything about this is fricking Brilliant bestie.. I just… I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I’m melting
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hitchell-mope · 4 hours ago
Alex: Remember, call me only if there's an emergency.
Willie: Yeah, sure
(Five minutes later)
Alex (answering his phone): What is it?
Willie: There's an emergency
Alex: Already? What happened?
Willie: I miss you
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emeraldphantoms · 4 hours ago
Willie looks so taken back by Alex kinda flirting with him
Tumblr media
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williexmercer · 5 hours ago
I love willex so much… just my every thought is willex with a dash of soulmate juke
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emeraldphantoms · 5 hours ago
A while ago when Tori was asked about what she thinks there's in Alex's fanny pack, one of the things she said was “maybe now a little picture of Willie” and I really can't stop thinking about. I'm imagining Julie and her ghosts at the garage going through old sunset curve stuff and when Willie sees a photo of the boys in the 90s, all cutesy he turns to Alex and says "you still look exactly the same, death didn't water down your prettiness."
Alex blushes so hard and all his focus shifts on Willie, the way their shoulders, hips, and thighs are touching where they sat on the floor, the way his cheek is burning from Willie's hand brushing it when he placed the photo next to his face to compare, the way Willie's face glowed and lips quirked upwards before hit bit down on the bottom one, making it so hard for Alex to resist his want to crawl into his lap and kiss him until his cheeks flush the same. Maybe if their friends weren't around he'd have done it, he's already aware that they're sending him knowing looks and it's not like Reggie is stifling his giggles from where he's lying on the couch behind him and Willie.
Later that day Alex makes a comment that implies he wishes he knew how Willie looked like back when he's living, prompting the first thing Willie does when he's back at the club is to go to his room and pull out the photos he took from home when he visited after his passing. Just two photos, one with him and all his family while the other is just him and a stray cat he took in.
The next day, they sit on the bench they perched on the first day they met and when Willie gives the first photo to Alex, Alex's mind goes blank for a moment because Willie rarely talks about a time when he was alive, and now he's showing him and telling him his siblings and parents names.
Alex takes in everything that is being said, and latches his gaze on the photo. He learns that Willie got his cheekbones from his mom, he notices that his dad's hair reaches his shoulder, he realizes that the key chain around Willie's neck is resting low over his oldest sister's sternum, he observes Willie's younger sister wonky braids. "I did her hair that day, I'm sure I gave her a bald spot or something," Willie shares, leaning closer. Alex looks at him with a soft and teary gaze and there's so much he wants to say, but all what comes out is, "you were alive."
He feels stupid but he believes Willie gets what he means.
"Yeah," Willie replies, softly.
"Is there more?" Alex asks, his cheeks turning pink.
"Yeah, just this," Willie says, handing him the second one.
If Alex felt like crying over the first one, then he's about to completely weep, there's a kitten sitting on Willie's shoulder, chewing on a strand of his long disheveled hair and Willie's face is all scrunched up from laughter and the photo is a little blurry and shaky and Alex heart flutters thinking about the person behind the camera laughing with Willie.
"Can I keep it?" He asks without thinking it over, his eyes focused on the light shade of pink spreading across Willie's cheeks and his raised eyebrow.
The more Willie stays silent and just stares at him, the more Alex thinks he should probably backtrack, maybe it's weird to ask that, but then a soft smile stretches on Willie's face and he's knocking their knees together. "Yeah, but be honest the cat did it for you, right?"
"Yeah, yeah," Alex chuckles, tearing his gaze away from Willie to unzip his fanny pack and slip the photo inside where all the things he couldn't live without and needed are tucked.
When his eyes on Willie again, he can't resist the urge anymore, he really wants him to know that he loves him and doesn't want to rely on hoping that Willie knows it by the subtle touches and held gazes anymore.
"It's not the cat, it's you. I wanna keep it because I miss you all the time and I'm in love with you."
and when Willie pulls him into a kiss, they're both smiling and Willie's fingers slip off his cheek to curl around the strap of his fanny pack.
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weneedglitter · 5 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Julie and The Phantoms (TV 2020) Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Alex Mercer/Willie (Julie and The Phantoms), Bobby | Trevor Wilson & Alex Mercer & Luke Patterson & Reggie Peters, Flynn & Julie Molina & Nick & Willie & Carrie Wilson, background Julie Molina/Luke Patterson, and some bobby/reggie and carrie/flynn on the side Additional Tags: would be solidly teen rating in any other fandom, One Night Stands, Implied/Referenced Sex, but literally nothing on-screen, Sunset Curve (Julie and The Phantoms), the author takes advantage of rom-com tropes, deliberately incorrect lyrics, alex has no game whatsoever, Flirting, Aged-Up Character(s), cause they have jobs and apartments and stuff
Carrie finally moves, only to laugh open-mouthed at the ceiling. “Oh my god! He fell in love with his one-night stand!” She points at Willie. “You dumb bitch!” What? Willie makes a face. “No I didn’t, what are you talking about?” “You did, bro,” Nick tells him, head on the table for some reason. “You totally fell in love with him.” - When Willie hooks up with an on-tour drummer passing through town, he's expecting a few hours of fun and some good memories before he moves on with his life. His friends have other ideas. Fortunately, they're willing to pull out all the stops to give Willie a chance to reunite with Alex, as long as they can tease him about it for the rest of time.
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oldsmobile-hotdogs · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Phantombusters - A JATP Ghost-Hunting SMAU
Part 8 - Morning of 30/05
feat. sleep, hopefully
Taglist under the cut - ask to be tagged in future instalments!
@k-padfoot39 @lyxchen @williesskateboard @chickwiththepurpleguitar @willexxmercer @owenmercers @screamin-amuseum @reginald-peters-my-beloved @it-tastes-like-lizard @sunsetsandcurves @gingerbread-castle @flynns-eyeliner-my-beloved @boggies-froggies @burntchromas @doingwonderfully @defultuser @sk8rwillie @wr0temyway0ut @lunaleonorah @echocharm17618 @iridescentkippen @corporeal-terrestrial @willex-molina @honeysimx @themongosianhorse @fairylightsandrainydays @angelofarts @fighttoshine @caspianjames @julieandthephantomsandme @apples-bees @sitaarein @blackandblue13 @julieandthequeers @sapphossidechick @thegirlfulloffandoms @deelizcious
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latinposeidon · 11 hours ago
i get giddy remembering that alex likes that he has a connection (willie) outside of the band, good for him he's a cutie!
Yessss that's probably my favourite part about the novelisation. Alex is just so happy to know he's the only one who knows people and it's so cute, I love it
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latinposeidon · 11 hours ago
alex and reggie deserved to sing with julie, we better get to see that in s2 and willie gotta be there to witness it
Oh hells yeah!! Alex and Reggie absolutely need more time bonding with Julie, and what better way to do that then to have them sing together? Especially if Willie's there to see his boyfriend sing for the first time
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latinposeidon · 21 hours ago
i am sorry but willie never put skating over anyone else, if they want so bad to drag willie over his love for skating, i hope they're saying the same about luke because he was obsessed with music and put it over his friends until the last episodes. i find it so funny how a lot of willie antis are luke stans because most of their reasons to hate on willie are things luke does a little worse "he is bad for alex's mental health" they forget that alex's anxiety was taken seriously only when he was with willie and willie actually taught him things that could help while luke didn't do that and i wouldn't be saying this if those luke stans didn't demonize willie for things their fav actually did
This ^^^
Willie skates a lot because it was the only good thing in their life before they met Alex, and they never once prioritise it over anyone else. Caleb threatening their skating wasn’t what stopped him from telling the boys about the stamp, it was the cherry on top. If it was just skating that Caleb wanted to take away, he would have told them about his plan immediately. It was the threat to their existence that scared them, not his skating. He’s an inherently selfless character, he would never dream of giving up Alex just so he could skate.
And exactly. I love Luke with my whole heart, but his treatment of Alex’s anxiety is not good for him. And before I say this, I’m a low empathy autistic-ADHD person myself: the way he reacts to emotional situations is very similar to my initial reaction. I know firsthand that displaying conventional empathy is confusing and frustrating, but I also acknowledge that my natural expressions of empathy can do more harm than good. Luke’s low empathy is a completely neutral part of his characterisation, because empathy doesn’t indicate whether someone cares about someone. This is in no way an invitation for people (especially neurotypicals) to insult Luke for his empathy, this is a neurodivergent person discussing a nuanced issue.
It’s very obvious that Luke does care about his friends and he make an effort to empathise with Alex, which he clearly appreciates. But the people who say that, at this point in the show, Luke is good for his anxiety are wrong. Luke ignored Alex so much in episode 3 that he went from just above his usual level of nervousness to him having to literally leave because he was that agitated. Alex is very open about his issues and his need for answers, and Luke would just change the topic whenever he brought it up. Willie’s the one who actually talked to Alex about his anxiety and tried to give some of the answers he was looking for. And of course that doesn’t mean that Willie cares more about Alex more than Luke does, it just means that Willie’s better at helping him with his anxiety.
Willie and Luke have both upset Alex in one way or another, and Alex has forgiven them both. The difference is that Willie actively risked their existence to apologise and make up for what he did and Luke just waited for Alex to calm down and forgive him. Again, I love Luke and I know he loves his friends more than anything, but he was the one who started most, if not all, of the conflicts within the band, and Alex and Julie were always the one who’d make the effort to make it better.
Willie antis are the ones who started to compare their abilities to help Alex. They’re the ones who started this conversation because they wanted to vilify Willie while building up Luke as this perfect best friend. This is why a lot of us don’t trust l*lex shippers and Willie antis. Because this single argument is simultaneously putting down a character of colour for traits that they objectively don’t have, and erasing Luke’s less socially acceptable neurodivergent traits to make him this symbol of perfection.
They both love Alex, they just show it in different ways and they help him with different things. Willie messing up and taking him to Caleb doesn’t mean he’s evil, and Luke being unable to display neurotypical empathy doesn’t mean he’s a bad friend. They’re both complicated characters, and projecting all of Luke’s mistakes onto Willie is problematic as hell. It honestly doesn’t matter if they’re doing it on purpose on, people who say that Luke is better at helping Alex’s mental health than Willie are perpetuating both racist and ableist ideas.
Tl;dr Willie’s love of skating has always been second to his love of other people, and people who claim that Luke is better for Alex’s mental health that Willie are removing his less accepted neurotypical traits and projecting his mistakes onto Willie
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astorytotellyourfriends · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
keep us up all night by justyrae
alex/willie, luke/reggie | 3 chapters | explicit
Willie has a few surprises for Alex that may or may not involve their best friends.
a companion piece to keep me up all night, aka the onlyfans au
(ao3 link in reblogs)
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liardelphi1 · 22 hours ago
Caleb's only mistake was not letting Alex and Willie dance together, when Alex said he was looking for Willie, Caleb could have been like "Ah, yes he's over there" bam you won Alex over.
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latinposeidon · 22 hours ago
my biggest fear is they make willie cross over alone to justify not giving us a willex endgame if they bring the boys to life. i agree with one of your anons that it would come off bad to force an obstacle on them and taking it from juke to give it to willex would be terrible. the idea of them being revived alone is bad and lacks sense. i may let it slide if the show wasn't about grief and moving on, but major of the show is about that, the whole premise would be ruined
Exactly!!! The only way willex’s story could ever end is with them all crossing over or them all being revived. And reviving them, as you said, would literally make the entire message of the first season pointless. Julie’s story is about overcoming her grief, and bringing the boys back to life would completely ruin her arc of regaining her confidence to perform alone. And she knows how to overcome grief healthily now, making them cross over would be the perfect chance to show how she developed with their help. Besides, why bother developing their ghost powers if they’re gonna come back to life anyway?
And Willie’s main goal so far has been to help Alex cross over, leaving himself in the club alone. It wouldn’t make any sense for them to end alone. Willie and Alex have to stay together to make his story arc satisfying. It makes sense for Julie and Luke to end by going their separate ways, it doesn’t make any sense for that to happen with Willie and Alex
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latinposeidon · 23 hours ago
it never crossed my mind the possibility of the boys being brought to life, i think it's unlikely but if they do they better include willie, the thought of them giving willex a terrible ending out of nowhere, leaves bad taste in my mouth. i trust kenny to not give willex a bad ending but i hope he doesn't think that un burying alex is good enough and would make up for breaking willex
Yeah there’s absolutely no way that willex aren’t gonna stay together, I literally could never imagine Kenny splitting them up for any reason. Like he knows how important it would be to give us a queer relationship with a happy ending, even if it isn’t a conventional one. Willie was so ready to lose everything if it meant Alex could be happy without them, he deserves to have an ending where Alex gives up his life in this plane to be with him.
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lydias--stiles · a day ago
........ Why do I feel like a "The Rosie Project" willex AU would be fun? With some tweaking I bet it'd be fun, right??? Can someone write it??
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twilightandjatp · a day ago
If I were to write another jatp twilight au (I didn’t finish the other one), which jatp couple would be the twilight couples?
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julies-butterflies · a day ago
“This is an intricately constructed blanket fort. It’d be a shame if it went to waste.”- for Willex?
cuddle dialogue prompts  ( no longer accepting )                         ( read on ao3 )
Tumblr media
He doesn’t know how to explain it, when Alex finds him curled up — not on the couch, but on the floor beside it, in the tiny gap where the sofa almost meets the wall.
Willie is a walking contradiction. He needs the space to be free. That’s always his excuse, when he takes his skateboard and cruises for miles through the streets of L.A., moving too fast for the wind to catch him. Open spaces, wide streets, the feeling of freedom lifting him up and carrying him away... that’s what he lives for.
(Died for,  technically, but that’s a different story.)
Then, there are moments when he feels... small. Painfully insignificant, vulnerable in all the ways he doesn’t know how to handle, and the only solution that doesn’t make him feel like the soul’s about to be smacked out of his body at 60mph is... get smaller. So, he finds a tiny, hidden place, and curls up, curls in on his own body, and hugs himself for as long as it takes for the waves of feeling to ebb away. Just until he can breathe again... until the world doesn’t seem so vast, so terrifying, and he isn’t so unbearably small.
When Alex peers around the couch and finds him there, Willie can feel himself shrinking by the second.
“Willie?” Alex takes in his curled-up pose, his rocking back and forth, the tear tracks on his cheeks. In a second, he’s on the floor with him, cupping Willie’s shoulders in his large, sturdy hands. “Hey, hey,” he soothes, rubbing up and down. “What’s going on? What’s wrong?”
Willie takes a deep breath, and tries to reply. All that comes out is a humiliating little whimper. Words escape him; he’s left mute, wondering if he ever knew how to talk at all. Cheeks burning, he tries to bury his head in his knees again... but Alex gently stops him.
“No more of that. Come on, just talk to me.” He pauses. “Or... don’t, that’s okay. You don’t have to. We can figure this out together.”
Willie exhales through his nose, furious at his mouth’s sudden inability to form words — but Alex’s soothing massage quells the simmering tension.
“It’s okay. I’m right here with you. Can you, uhh... nod and shake your head?”
Of course he can. Willie nods, just to prove it, and is rewarded with a smile.
“Great. Okay, let’s go down the list. Are you... hurt? Like, physically?”
Willie shakes his head. Alex’s shoulders relax slightly.
“Okay. So you’re just feeling upset, then.” A nod. “Are you... having a panic attack, do you think? Some kind of anxiety —“ A shake of the head. “Okay. Okay. Umm... are you sad about something?”
Willie gives a wet sniffle. Alex grimaces.
“Right, dumb question. Next... uhh, do you miss someone? Something?”
Willie shakes his head, and feels a burst of guilt for that — because he should, of course he should. What kind of ghost doesn’t miss what it was like to be alive? (A ghost who barely remembers anymore.)
“Okay...” Alex’s hand slowly travels up, cupping the side of Willie’s face. He coaxes him into looking at him. “Are you scared of something?”
Willie shakes his head — then hesitates. A shadow flickers across his face, before he lowers his head and nods.
“Okay, see? That’s a start. You’re sad, and scared.” These words set in. Alex’s throat bobs, his brows creasing deeply. He leans a little closer, testing the boundaries of Willie’s space. Willie doesn’t lean into him, but he’s definitely not pulling away. 
“Not what I was hoping for,” Alex admits with a soft huff. “A stubbed toe would be easier to deal with. But, Willie...” His thumb caresses Willie’s cheekbone, tracing the sharp ridges. “You know I’d never let anything hurt you.”
He knows. He  knows. Willie wants to say it, but the words stop in his throat, and he just ends up whimpering instead.
Yet Alex’s eyes are so kind, without a hint of judgement. It’s more than Willie can bear.
“It’s okay,” he says softly, and Willie at last leans into his touch.
“Alex,” he whimpers... and once the silence is broken, he finds he can speak once more. The words return in a tidal wave, dragging him under. “It’s not okay. It’s not, it’s not, I — there’s so  much,  and it’s so loud, and it’s  everywhere, Alex. It’s too much...” He swallows hard as the world around him seems to blur. His breath grows ragged, desperate. A full-body tremor rolls through him. All he wants is to vanish inside himself. “I feel like I’m disappearing...”
Alex’s hand is steady, rubbing circles into his back. When Willie focuses on the pressure, he feels stronger. Thinking about the sensation makes it easier not to think about anything else — about the storm in his head, or the way his entire body feels  wrong. He closes his eyes, leaning into it. Alex’s free hand cups the back of his head, gently smoothing down his hair. When Willie whimpers, he hushes him.
“You’re right here, Willie,” he says softly. “I’m right here with you.”
When Willie’s brain ventures out of Alex’s embrace, though — when he pulls himself away from those sweet sensations, even for a second — he feels like he’s shrinking all over again, can feel himself detaching from the world. Alex can’t understand. (How could be? This isn’t a  normal  feeling, people aren’t  supposed  to feel this way.) It terrifies Willie down to his incorporeal bones, and he has no way to express it... so he can only shudder, and try to hold in another sob.
He feels Alex moving around him; hears his breathing stutter, can almost hear the wheels in his head whirring. Alex is a problem-solver. When he can break out of his own mental racetrack of anxiety, he wants to fix things. Nothing feels better, to him, than being able to make the world make sense. To make it steadier, safer, in whatever way he can. It’s his way of protecting others… maybe even himself. 
But  this is a problem no one knows how to solve. Willie doesn’t blame him for his hesitance.
Alex suddenly pulls away, though, and Willie is left feeling like his skin has just been ripped off of his body. He gasps — a ragged, agonized noise. 
“I’m here, I’m right here,” Alex hastens to say. In the next second, a blanket is tossed over Willie’s shoulders, being pulled tight around him. “Here... just give me two minutes, okay, Willie? I’m right here.”
Don’t go, don’t go, don’t go…  his mind is spiraling, and Willie can only focus on what he knows. Alex is right here. Alex will never leave him. He tugs the blanket tighter around him, tries to seek out Alex’s scent in the soft fabric, to imagine his embrace in the tight constriction. From a distance, he can hear Alex moving — can hear  a lot,  actually, furniture shifting and Alex cursing to himself under his breath. He doesn't let it interrupt his talking, though... because he hasn’t stopped talking, a running stream of dialogue to let Willie know that he’s here.
Willie would prefer he sing. He loves Alex’s singing voice — it’s low, and steady, and rich as cherry wine — and it’s easier to focus on music than words, anyways. He can't begin to comprehend what Alex is saying… but he’s talking, and he’s here, so that’s enough.
No. It's not. He's too far away.
Willie's too far away.
They're going to drift... they're going to get lost... oh god, it feels like he's drowning...
A sudden hand on his knee jolts him, pulling him back. His eyes snap open, wide as dinner plates, even though he  knows it’s Alex. He must look as startled as he feels, because Alex's eyes go soft and gentle, his touch turning into a caress.
“Come on,” he whispers. “I have something to show you.”
Willie doesn’t want to move… but Alex is steady, and his eyes are calm and his arms are safe. He gives himself over to him without thinking twice. With Alex’s arm wrapped around his shoulders, Willie pulls himself out of the alcove.
He’s startled by the sight of the living room — lit in a dim, warm glow from the tableside lamps, and otherwise total chaos. All the pillows have been stripped from the couches and chairs. Furniture has been shuffled around, throwing the entire room into disarray; chairs are turned backwards, the coffee table’s been moved, and somehow (somehow!) Alex shifted an entire couch. Sweat prickles on Willie’s neck just thinking about it… but more than anything, he’s thinking of Alex, always such a conscientious house guest. He’s never at ease in other peoples’ homes; even the Molinas’, which has become home base for all the boys at this point. He’s slow to make himself at home… and he’d never,  ever trash an entire room, just for the heck of it.
Except for Willie, apparently. He’d do that for him.
“Alex…” Willie is so surprised, he forgets his existential crisis. This feels like one of those sweet relationship moments that mean something, one of the ones that’s supposed to make him feel treasured and important… and he would, if he had any clue what he's looking at. “This is… so…"
He tossed a sheet over the back of the couch, and stretched it across the chairs. As Willie watches, the sheet caves in on itself.
“Ambitious,” he finishes.
Alex hisses, rushing forward. He hastily readjusts the sheet, and shifts the chairs a little closer, like he’s trying to make it fit. Beneath the sheet, Willie glimpses a mess of pillows and blankets laid out on the floor.
“It’s — come on, will you just stay —“ He finishes wrestling with the sheet, and turns back to Willie, breathless. “A blanket fort.”
That wouldn’t have been Willie’s first guess. 
“It’s so good. You really tried.” It’s structurally unsound and going to get someone killed. Alex glows at the compliment, anyway, and Willie doesn’t have the heart to tell him. “I — uhh, do you mind if I—”
“Please,” Alex says quickly, and steps out of the way.
It only takes a few adjustments. Willie’s got more experience in these things than Alex, is all… and focusing on building a safe blanket fort is a welcome distraction from the storm still raging in his own head. He just moves the chairs around a bit, tucks the hem of the sheet inside the pillow cushions, pulls it down a little more… and, there. A working blanket fort, that actually doesn’t look half-bad.
“We did it,” Alex declares, grinning.
“Yeah.” Problem solved. Distraction over. Willie’s breathing is starting to get ragged again.
Alex notices, because he never misses anything. “Hey,” he says, and pulls Willie close again. Willie leans into his embrace without meaning to, seeking out the familiarity of Alex’s body. Alex just holds him, and lets him, with more patience than he deserves. “This,” he murmurs into the crown of Willie’s head, “is an intricately constructed blanket fort. It’d be a shame if it went to waste.”
“You’re so weird,” Willie says softly.
Alex smiles against him. “I know.”
Without protest, he lets himself be guided inside. The blanket flap closes behind them; he and Alex hunch on the floor, knees digging into a frankly uncomfortable nest of pillows. There’s hardly room for the two of them in here. They share each others’ breath, limbs brushing and shadows melding with each other. If their hearts could beat, they would pound in tandem.
Alex cups the side of Willie’s head, gazing intently at him. He looks so earnest, it leaves Willie’s chest filled with champagne bubbles. He isn’t used to someone caring so much, for all the right reasons. It’s enough to bring tears to his eyes all over again.
“Hey, hey…” Alex smooths back his hair, face contorting in worry. “Is this better?”
“It’s —“ Willie swallows the words. It’s so cozy in here, so intimate; on a good day, he wouldn’t love the confined space, but on a bad one…
“It’s small,” he says, and manages a shaky nod. “Everything feels small in here.”
From the blankets around them, to their shadows, to Alex’s body pressed against his… Willie is grounded to the moment, and too himself. The world is outside, locked away. It can’t get at them in here. No matter how big it is, how vast and unknowable… it can’t swallow Willie up, when he’s safe, in Alex’s arms, in the tiny space they’ve created for themselves.
He leans in, and Alex embraces him. He fits against his chest like a missing piece. It’s the safest he’s felt in decades.
Willie closes his eyes, and breathes out slow. “It’s perfect.”
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