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#widow sisters
lesbian-deadpool · 5 days ago
Natasha: Dandelions symbolize everything I want to be in life.
Yelena: Fluffy and dead with a gust of wind?
Natasha: Unapologetic. Hard to kill. Feral, filled with sunlight, bright, beautiful in a way that the conventional and controlling hate but cannot ever fully destroy. Stubborn. Happy. Bastardous. Friends with bees. Highly disapproving of lawns. Full of wishes that will be carried far after I die.
Y/N, smirking: Edible.
Yelena: ... I swear to god...
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lowkeyerror · 7 days ago
Ex-Military, New SHIELD
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word Count: 3267
No Warnings
Requested by: @confusinggemini612
 Request: Hi, I'm back once again. I was wondering if you could do a Natasha Romanoff x Reader where the reader is Maria Hill's sister? The reader is former military & joins S.H.I.E.L.D. after Natasha's brought in. The two slowly get to know each other getting close. Thanks
 An: Sorry this took so long. I don’t that I made them get to know each other slowly but I did my best. Still kind of rushed the ending but I hope you still like it
Tumblr media
 When you left the military they had called it an “honorable discharge” but it didn’t feel that way, at least not to you. They were intimidated by your skill, there were no flaws in your physical or mental abilities. They were mad because you were stronger, faster, and smarter than everyone around you at any given moment. So they let you go on a few tours and after that kicked you out with the tag honorable to make it seem fair. You could’ve done so much more in the military and it ate away at you everyday. It made you bitter but it fueled you to be even better than they thought you were.
You were at home doing some simple weight training when a voice interrupted you.
“ You do all this training and this talk about saving lives but every time I ask you to join SHIELD you say no”
You put your weights down and turned your attention to your sister, “ You need to stop breaking into my house Maria. It’s creepy and a total invasion of privacy”
Ever since you left the military Maria had been pitching the idea of you joining SHIELD. Part of you wanted to join the group but the other part didn’t trust the organization at all. You knew what the public knew plus a little bit more given your sister worked there. However you still couldn’t put together if the group was benefiting society or just meddling in it. Whenever you asked Maria about their intentions she’d give the run around about how everything is not so black and white.
“ I’ll stop breaking in when you just agree to join SHIELD”
You gave your sister an incredulous look, “ Maria you bring this up every time we hangout but you can never answer any of my questions about the place. I know you're a good person and that you would ever intentionally be on the wrong side of history but unless you can tell me that SHIELD isn’t the enemy I can’t even consider joining”
She let out an exasperated sigh as she walked over to you and sat down. You could see that she was clearly thinking about what she was going to say to you. When she first started asking you to join it was a joke, almost light hearted but now it was like she was trying to force you into the organization.
“ I can’t tell you that every single thing SHIELD does is inherently good. On paper we’ve done some pretty fucked up shit that seems like it has no justifiable cause, but I promise that there is a cause. SHIELD isn’t here to just protect America, we are responsible for protecting the whole world and with that comes great sacrifice. Everything can’t be wrapped up neatly with a ribbon on top Y/n, not when the world is at stake”
Maria wasn’t looking at you, instead her gaze was trained on the wall in front of the two of you. She looked exhausted and that’s when you realized the weight of the job that your sister held. Maria wasn’t just a regular agent, she was in a position of power where she faced tough decisions on the regular. Decisions that potentially could have an effect on the entire world.
“ Look Y/n I’m going to be honest with you. SHIELD needs someone like you around. We need someone who we can send out on their own and come back in one piece. The agents we have are good but they aren’t anywhere near you. I’m just not comfortable sending them out on missions knowing that there’s a large chance they wouldn’t make it back. I know realistically you couldn’t do every mission but I- I just know that you'd be a great agent. But you’re right, I shouldn’t keep bringing it up when you keep telling me no. All it’s doing is putting a strain on our relationship”
She wasn’t saying it but you knew that what Maria really wanted to say was that she needed you. This job was stressful but if you were there it would take a little of the stress off of her shoulders. Your sister had done a good job of pretending to have everything together but slowly it was all starting to crumble. It wouldn’t fully stop but it would surely stall if you were on her side.
Maria had convinced you that SHIELD wasn’t the bad guy; it was almost like the anti-hero. This could be everything that the military wasn’t for you. The world needed you and more importantly your sister needed you. There was no way that you could let either of them down.
“ So what kind of perks am I getting with this new job? Do I get like a SHIELD discount at McDonald's or something?”
She swung her head in my direction and we locked eyes, “ Are you serious?”
“  Very serious, I want to get a 10 piece nuggets at a reasonable price for once,”  you smiled at her and she tackled you in a hug.
“ I promise it’s better than the military”
“ You sure about that because you seem 10 times more stressed than I ever was"
Maria stopped hugging you," That's because Fury and I are trying to put together this sort of elite team task force that protects the world. We're having trouble filling up the spots."
You puffed out your chest," Am I a part of this super squad"
Maria laughed in your face," Absolutely not, you are our solo girl. You might work with them every blue moon but you're definitely not a mainstay"
You deflated," So who've you got so far?"
" Well it's complicated. We had brought in this guy, Clint. He's an expert marksman like he never misses a shot but we sent on a mission to kill this spy but he somehow convinced us that she'd be a part of the team. So far she hasn't let us down but she has a pretty lengthy rap sheet. We also recently a super soldier from the 1940's fresh from the ice"
Your eyes were wide as you slowly blinked at your sister," And they're on a team together?
She nodded at you and let out a deep breath," Thank god I'm not part of the catastrophe. No offense Maria but that sounds terrible"
Your sister got up from her spot next to you signaling that she was about to leave. " Whatever, I'll see tomorrow bright and early. Can't have you missing the Helicarrier on your first day"
With one final pat on your shoulder Maria left you alone with your thoughts.
" Shield agent Y/n Hill sounds pretty badass"
Working for SHIELD was actually pretty badass. It had only been a month but you'd already had a couple of assignments. This was the work you'd wished for during your time in the military.
Every single job felt important, like it was life or death. And like the adrenaline junkie you are, you loved it.
Maria was so pleased with your solo work that she even let you lead a team on a mission. It was stressful but everyone made it back safely. That's how you earned the respect of fellow agents.
At first they had assumed you were just Maria's sister and that's how you had climbed the ranks so fast. While that wasn't completely untrue; when they saw your skill set in action they could no longer deny your ability.
You were sitting at your sister's desk hoping that you'd get the chance to bug her before you were assigned your next mission. That's something else you liked about working at SHIELD; you got to be closer to Maria. She was busy most of the time and so were you but that didn't stop you from bugging her.
" Hey Maria I need to- You aren’t Maria," a woman with red hair burst into your sister's office.
" I'm not but she should be here in a few minutes if you're willing to wait"
The woman took a seat in the empty chair across from you. You could feel her eyes on you so you looked up to meet her gaze.
" So how do you know Maria?"
" Well I work just like you and there's also the fact that she's my sister"
The woman raised an eyebrow," That makes you agent Y/n Hill then, doesn't it?"
You sent her a charming smile," It does, Maria must mention me quite often"
This time it was her sending you a sweet smile," Her and every other agent in the company. The new girl has become the veteran in a month. It's honestly pretty impressive"
" Well I am former military so I guess I have a leg up on some of the others"
The woman shook her head," Nonsense a lot of the agents are ex military, former cops, secret agents but they aren't as half as skilled as you seemed to be"
You blushed at her flattery. This gorgeous woman that you had just met was already singing your praises.
" I'm just following orders to the best of my abilities. What do you around here miss… "
Before she could tell you her name your sister walked in to her office," Natasha, Y/n just the two people I was looking for"
Maria kicked you out of her seat so that you were now forced to stand by Natasha.
" I have a mission for the two of you"
Natasha was the first to ask questions," What about Steve and Clint?"
Maria brushed it off with a wave," They're on their own mission which, by the way, is way less important than the mission I'm sending you two on. You'll be gone for a couple of days."
" When do we leave?" You asked and your sister looked at her watch," Now would be ideal"
You glanced at Natasha and she was unfazed by the pace of things so you kept your cool as well.
" Lead the way ," Maria got out of her seat and started to lead you to a plan as Natasha had instructed.
That mission ended up being four days and in those four days you and Natasha became really close. The both of you had varied experiences that intrigued the other. You had similarities too but you were more interested in what made the two of you different.
When the Avengers finally became a full fledged team Natasha was busier than ever but she was never too busy for you. There had been a few times where you had caught her at a bad time but she'd never be the one to end the call.
She had a soft spot for you and though she knew you were a fully capable agent, she always wanted you to check in with her when you went on missions. Which was why you were nervous to tell her about your new assignment. It was probably the most rigorous task you had ever been assigned. You'd be gone for about a month and a half.
Currently you and Natasha are in her room at Avengers tower. You were sitting on her bed while some action movie was playing. You weren't really paying attention to the movie though. Instead you were thinking about how you would break this news to Natasha.
" Ok, what's wrong?" The spy paused the movie and turned her full attention towards you.
" What do you mean?"
Nat gave you a look," You're too focused right now and none of that focus is on the movie"
You cast your eyes to the bed covering to avoid the woman's gaze," I got a new assignment"
" Ok what's wrong with that?"
You took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled," I'll be gone for about a month and a half"
You could immediately sense her demeanor change but instead of responding with pure emotion she took a deep breath just as you had.
" Who's going with you?"
" It's just me Nat"
Natasha shook her head," I'm going with you"
" You're an Avenger, your team needs you on standby. Besides Maria told me she would give me a team if she could but if there were more than one person on this job it could jeopardize a lot for SHIELD"
Natasha was silent for a long moment before taking your hand in hers," Promise me you'll update me as much as you can while you're gone"
" It'll be over before you know it"
You spent the rest of the days leading up to the mission with Natasha. The more time you spent with her the more you were dreading leaving. You kept reminding yourself that it was only for four weeks and if you did well enough it could be shortened to three weeks.
The day you were leaving the Avengers were needed for some type of emergency which means Natasha couldn't be there to send you off. However Maria was here to tell you not to die and to come back in one piece.
That was exactly a month and two weeks ago. Maria nor Natasha had heard anything from you in nearly three weeks. Both women were on edge and everyone around noticed.
They both had other priorities to worry about but it was hard to focus when all they kept thinking about was your safety.
Natasha was the first one to break. She barged in Fury's office and luckily Maria was already in there.
" I'm going after Y/n, she was supposed to be back two weeks ago. She could be in danger and someone needs to go check. The team can do without me for however long it takes"
Fury looked between Maria and Natasha a few times.These were two of the people that he could say he genuinely cared for and in your absence they had both been impaired.
" Fine, just make sure you bring her back here"
Natasha had a look of determination on her face as she exited the office with all the information that Fury had on Y/n. She was going to find you and hopefully it wouldn't be too late.
Before Natasha got in the jet Maria stopped her," When you find my sister after you tell her that you're in love with her, tell her that I'm going to kill her if she ever goes dark on me again"
Natasha nodded at Maria's words not even denying her love for you. With that she took off in the direction of the location that Fury had provided.
The journey there itself was about a day and a half of travel. Natasha couldn't sleep at all. She hadn't been sleeping well since you left but being this close and knowing that you could be in danger intensified her nerves.
When she finally arrived she scoped out the area slightly. It was a very dingy city filled with cobblestone buildings and unkempt roads. You were supposed to be staying at this rundown hotel at the edge of town.
The elevator wasn't functioning so Natasha took the stairs to what was supposed to be your floor. Each step creaked as she walked up the wooden stairs.
Her whole body was trembling when she got to the door that you were supposed to be behind. Instead of knocking she picked the lock on the door expecting the worst.
What she found was an empty room. It was cleaner than anything she'd expected from the rest of the building. She closed the door behind her and looked for any signs of you.
She was able to find a suitcase packed full of your belongings signaling that this was in fact the right room. There didn't seem to be any signs of struggle or anything significant missing that would scream that you were in danger.
Exhaustion was getting the best of Natasha. Her mind, body, and brain all needed to rest but she wouldn't be able to until she found you. At least that's what she thought as she sat on the hotel bed before closing her eyes for a second.
" You know spy's aren't supposed to sleep on the job Nat"
The Avenger's eyes shot open immediately. You were standing in the doorway of the hotel room looking completely fine.
Natasha bolted up from her place on the bed and wrapped her arms around you.
" I take it that you missed me"
Nat pulled away from you slightly and then slapped you in the face," That's for not coming home on time and losing contact"
" This goes way deeper than SHIELD originally thought. This group that I'm monitoring looks to be like the big brother to Hydra. I broke the contact device and the phones were too risky to use. I'm sorry if I worried you"
You peered down at the woman who was still frowning up at you in your arms," I thought something had happened and so did Maria. Next time just take the risk and call. Knowing you're safe is more important than any mission"
You kissed the top of her head," I'll call next time I promise"
Natasha let her eyes flutter shut," I missed you so much"
You smiled softly," I missed you too. I don't think I can ever go this long without seeing you ever again I just love you way too much to live like that"
Nat didn't respond, instead she placed her lips against yours. The kiss was long overdue. Your lips molded perfectly against each other. The kiss made you feel like you had found your other half. A part of you knew from the day that you met her that Nat was the one for you.
Your forehead rested against hers when the kiss broke," Your sister said she was going to kill you by the way"
You chucked," Way to kill the mood Nat"
The assassin shrugged," Well I thought I'd give you a heads up before she called"
Right when Natasha spoke her communication device went off. She picked it up and immediately handed it to you.
" Hello?"
You hung up the device and jumped into the bed," I'll talk to my sister tomorrow. For now I just want to spend the rest of my day with you."
Nat smiled and followed suit cuddling up right next to you," I think that sounds perfect"
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crazyaboutto · 10 days ago
I love them
Tumblr media
Yelena looks like she’s on drunk side and is thinking they are going fast while Nat looks like she finds Yelena’s state entertaining
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lesbian-deadpool · 11 days ago
Natasha: At my age, do you know how I’m statistically most likely to die?
Yelena: At the hands of your sibling?
Natasha: An accident.
Yelena: That’s how I’m going to make it look.
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lesbian-deadpool · 13 days ago
Wanda: Girl’s night, done right, is about female bonding, sharing problems, origin stories, secrets.
Natasha: Can’t we just drink?
Carol: Fine. I’ll start. Ummm. I worked my way through med school as a phone sex operator.
Wanda: I would totally call that.
Hope: Nice.
Yelena: I used to steal cars.
Pepper: Who’s next?
Natasha: I was forged in the bowels of hell to torture the guilty for all eternity.
Hope: Interesting share.
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bcssbitchs · 15 days ago
“we’ll cross that bridge when we burn it.” ( donelle lothson @ yelena)
Tumblr media
“YES, I SUPPOSE THAT WE WILL, won’t we?” her thick, russian accent filled the air as soon as she spoke and as always, it might have drawn a few stairs but it wasn’t like yelena gave a damn, not at all. she was a warrior, she had been born and raised under the BLACK WIDOW program and fighting was the only thing she’d ever known how to do. sometimes, she envied NATASHA for having been able to get out. still, if yelena had said that she hadn’t felt intrigued by the other as soon as she saw her, that would have been a lie, because it was impossible not to. she looked like she belonged in yelena’s underground fight club - after all, if the armor didn’t give away the fact that she was a fighter, her expression would have done so right away and.. as of now, it had been a long time since yelena had met someone who had left her so INTERESTED, that was for sure. “you look tough,” she commented, putting her beer down on the table in front of her, as she looked the other up and down. “and you also look like you can throw a punch. i wonder if.. FIGHTING FOR A LIVING would be something you’d be interested in?” and for a moment, she allowed herself to smile - something she didn’t do very often, for sure. “YOU’D BE IN GOOD COMPANY, of course, so.. i can promise that you’d enjoy yourself in the process. i can tell you more about it over another beer or ten, if that’s the case.” did that have a double meaning? yes, it did, but.. as of now, she’d wait for the other to catch on. “INTRIGUED?” on her offer and.. on her?
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lesbian-deadpool · 15 days ago
Yelena, texting: I’m sorry, running a little late.
Natasha, still in bed, definitely forgetting they were meeting in the first place: You always do this.
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h-isforhome · 16 days ago
no but the way even if i don’t somehow get married in my 20s ill still b married Sometime bc fuck my mom’s sister is 45 or smth and she never married and all her sisters and her mom are STILL looking for someone...when will this End...
#dk why my aunt never married she still lives in a house w her widowed mom and her brother & his wife & two kids yk and now it’s all#talking on the phone for someone who was divorced and has a couple kids alrdy for her and godddd#tried figuring out if my aunt actually Wants to be married or if my mom & her sisters & her mom are just . doing this#but idkkkk my mom said ‘oh ur aunt would Never go thru these rishtas she’s too shy’ and hellooooo doesn’t rlly tell me anything...#anyway . kinda fucked up bc my mom literally told me my grandma said#my cousins aren’t going to get married before my aunt is ‘bc the aunt is first in line age wise’#and LIKE... my grandma is 74 and she’s in good health alhumdulilah but like ... the fact that She’s pushing for this yk...#like imagine her dying wish is to see her youngest daughter married. and what the heck is my desi muslim aunt going 2 do.#obvs marry some guy...#ANYWAY... fuck so so much 2 think abt. and apply to my own life...#i don’t want 2 marry a guy but i also want kids . but i also am not keen on birthing some bc hello adoption is Right There#but good god have u see the opinion on adoption in desi families 😭#so it’s like . i’m stuck w a guy i don’t like who wants his dna in a brand new child#or . i’m parenting adopted kids by myself while also working as a doctor 🤨 this is not adding up <3#the former my parents r happy & the latter i’m the biggest fucking disappointment to my parents & extended family & a laugh 2 the community#🤢🤮‼️‼️‼️#also ewwwwwww if u r not desi and/or muslim and/or same situation go awayyyyyyyyyy ur opinion is not wanted boooooooooooo 😑👎🏽
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Tumblr media
What can I say… sis and I went shopping and as usual it turned out very well 😝 
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lesbian-deadpool · 25 days ago
(In a group chat)
Y/N: Hey guys, how do you make a tissue dance? 
Natasha: How?
Yelena: How? 
Y/N: You put a little boogie in it. 
Y/N has been removed from the group chat
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lesbian-deadpool · 26 days ago
Steve: Do you have any skeletons in your closet? 
Natasha: Literally of figuratively? 
Steve: The fact that I need to specify that is concerning, Natasha.
Yelena: It’s a fair question.
Steve: *Fear*
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bisexual-chupacabra · 28 days ago
Y/N: Hey Nat! You still dating Bruce??
Nat: Yeah :)))
Y/N: Thats great! Happy for ya!!!
Nat: Thanks Y/N!! That means a lot
*spongebob voice* five minutes later
Y/N, with a sword(yes sword mf): I hope her boyfriend dies, I mean of course I'm not gonna do anything but if something were to accident perhaps?
Bruce: Man cmon
Nat: Y/N nO-
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