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#wibbly wobbly timey wimey
Just throwing this out here. Regarding the “Lady Loki vs. Enchantress” debate, I’d rather that Sophia’s character be Enchantress than Lady Loki, mainly because of the story potential. Basically, Sylvie Lushton the Enchantress was one of Loki’s creations come to life. If that’s the route the show takes with this character, this could lead to some timey wimey wibbly wobbly storytelling that I’d honestly be down for.
Like...which Loki created MCU Enchantress? Is it a future version of 2012 Variant Loki? Did Sacred Timeline Loki create Enchantress? Did another variant Loki do it? Also, if 2012 Variant Loki created Enchantress, then does that mean Loki will meet his future self at some point? There are so many ways the writers could take this.
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im-just-as-sane-as-you · 10 days ago
I've just finished my second watch of TUA and I have questions I didn't have the first time round.
So it ends where they went back to the future and The Umbrella Academy is now the Sparrow Academy and the TUA never existed. If the TUA never existed does that now mean they're out in the world somewhere and there's now two versions of Allison, Diego, Vanya, Luther, Klaus and Five? (The OG6 and the ones who were now never adopted by Reginald.)
Or are they some kind anomalies, (like in Doctor Who episode The Big Bang where Amy meets her younger self) as they met Reginald 26 years before they ever even born, were the original versions now ever even born? Or are they some kind anomalies, (like in Doctor Who episode The Big Bang where Amy meets her younger self) as they met Reginald 26 years before they ever even born, were the original versions now ever even born? (Except Ben who died and then didn't die.)
I mean they must've been as they went back to the future and Reginald knew who they were, as he said he'd been waiting for them (for 46 years?) so S1 timeline happened and didn't happen simultaneously???
Also whilst in the past Luther and Five made sure Older Five went through the portal to keep the timeline from S1 in order. which was basically pointless as that version of events now never even happened. (Or did it?)
Or is this some kind of The Flash situation when Barry keeps f-ing up the timeline and creates alternate timelines and then goes back in time again to change the chain of events back to the original? (I can't see that in this cos if they go back to the original chain of events the world ends again.)
I'm so confused... like wtf? i guess I'll have to find out when Season 3 comes out... 🤔🤔🤔
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timetomarvel · 14 days ago
Sooo did someone who wrote for doctor who get a job at the marvel studios? 😄
First the TVA has a defabricator
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And then Loki is referred to as "that criminal with the blue box!"
Tumblr media
You know.. that blue box that could transport him anywhere in the universe but apparently doesn't work properly, because he ended up high above the Gobi desert. 😄
Tumblr media
I really love this 😂 waiting impatiently now for a "it's bigger on the inside" joke 😂
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timebranded · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
((Just a quick note: while Aevus is basically the canon Dialga for my portrayal of Lucas, that doesn’t mean I’m not open to RPing with other Dialga muses! Because I absolutely am.))
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luin-ril · a month ago
no it wasnt a human, it wasnt a poltergeist and/or a ghost. it was a-
Tumblr media
shouldnt have blinked and he'd be fine.
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buckybarnesismyair · a month ago
I need one of the two following things:
1. Free time. A sh*tload of free time to be able to read fanfictions like I used to.
2. For you to all stop writing because I will never have the time to read everything here plus on AO3, etc. And I want to.
The lack of time and the fact that we only have one life and only this little time to do everything we want to do gives me anxiety.
I kinda want to tag my favorite authors/bloggers but I don't want you guys to feel the pressure of my actual moody self against time. Anyway, it's 00h18 here so I should be sleeping since a while but I just go to bed because... time.
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snowflake-apocalypse · a month ago
Baby & All The Bears
Shego, to Betty: You come anywhere near my son, or my family I will roast you like a marshmallow.
Shego, to everyone else: Aren’t you guys going to say “Shego, no.”?
Wade: Is that a serious question?
Joss: I was gonna go get popcorn.
Kim: Thought you would know me better by now.
Drakken: Shego, yes. (Handing her graham crackers)
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mossstep · a month ago
Trying to understand the Precure timeline:
“They’re in diffrent universes?” “Wait no they all happen in the same universe- but the origional?” “At the same time but Maho and Kira?” “THEN WHERE THE HELL DO MAX HEART AND GOGO FIT IN-” “URARA  ACTED IN SPLASH STAR WHAT-” “... I give up.”
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hamstermaple · a month ago
Tumblr media
⚬wibbly wobbly
⚬ timey wimey.
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alagiuli · a month ago
I love my gallery
Tumblr media
obv apart from the school album👍
«just know that I have tagged the fandoms for the hide thingy that some of the people have»
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kg1507 · a month ago
Wait Nia and Brainy are gonna do what now
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suburbanbeatnik · a month ago
Tumblr media
Ok, I’m really interested in Saint-Just and his doomed affair with his childhood friend and married mistress Therese Gelle. Here’s a brief snippet I wrote for @frevandrest: some fluff with a timey-wimey edge. What if Saint-Just died when he was young, and the Revolution had never happened? What if the Therese of this timeline managed to visit the timeline where Saint-Just had become one of most powerful revolutionaries in Paris? (I love sideslips.) 
* * *
I placed my hand on his chest, feeling his heartbeat. “Am I dreaming?”
The stone-like mask of his face cracked. His lips opened.  His eyebrows canted up at a concerned angle. “Thérèse… Are you well?”’
“I don’t know. I… dreamed I was in Blérancourt still. With him.”
His face grew still again. “With Citizen Thorin,” he said coolly. Citizen? What an odd title. But then he continued, his voice edged with ice. “Your husband.”
“Oh God! Don’t say it like that. Please.” An image of Thorin fumbling under my nightgown flashed into my mind, and my stomach clenched. “I’m here. Here. In Paris. With you! And you’re alive!” I stepped forwards, seizing his hand. He blinked, his long-lashed hazel eyes growing wide. God, he was so beautiful, I thought;  for one mad instant I wanted to run my fingers through the lightly curling ash-brown hair that fell to his high coat collar. “Alive,” I repeated, and I burst into tears.
The next moment he had swept me into his arms, and I wept into the wool of his coat. His arms cradled me firmly, and I felt his lips next to my ear. He was warm, and he didn’t smell like port or the cloying musk-and-civet cologne that Thorin favored. He smelled sweet as the herbs that grew in the ruins of the castle where he had taken me, oh so long ago— of marjoram, rosemary, pennyroyal and thyme, his hair soft against my cheek.
“You’re warm,” he said. “Feverish. I shall send your girl to the apothecary. You need tincture of Peruvian bark.” His hand caressed my back. “And laudanum.” When I jerked in surprise, he said briskly, “Never fear. I’ll pay.” 
I swallowed. My lips felt so dry. I didn’t want laudanum-- wine sounded much better. “I don’t need anything. I just want— you. Don’t go.”
“I won’t. I’ll be here as long as I can. Thérèse.” His name caressed the syllables of my name. I thought I had such a plain name, so common, so provincial— but his husky voice, with his long, rolling r’s, turned it into music. Into magic.
“Antoine,” I whispered. “I’ve dreamed of you, so much. And here you are. Don’t ever leave me again. Please.”
He pulled away from me slightly, so I could see his fine Roman nose, his hazel eyes that seemed to change color like the sky on a stormy afternoon. “I won’t leave,” he said solemnly. “I have Committee business soon, but… you have me for now.”
Committee? I had no idea what he was talking about, but I didn’t want to think about politics, not when he— he was in my arms again. He’d died so long ago, and here he was again—
“For now,” I said, but as the sun shone through the window, my heart lightened. I was not in Blérancourt, for now: for now would suffice.
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nonbinarystarcomics · 2 months ago
Okay so tumblr was a narc and reloaded the page before I could reblog, so I lost the original post BUT
There's this post going around with THIS image:
Tumblr media
And it says: "Haters be like...
Tumblr media
You just have to think in 3 dimensions...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And before you say "well that's cheating", tell me
Where does it say you have to solve this puzzle flat? Where dos it say you are not allowed to work with it as a physical puzzle?
It doesn't.
All it says is "make a path that goes through every door once". That's it.
If they WANTED other constraints they should have specified.
Yall gotta tell your haters to back OFF because its a Gordian Knot kinda day and you are carrying a KNIFE 🔪.
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