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#why is life like this
ihaveissuesandrage · 4 hours ago
I didn't read the fic, but I came across this fanart...
Tumblr media
And Zim's design looked strangely familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it where I see something similar before. Then suddenly it hit me:
Tumblr media
I don't even know sometimes what's going on in my head...
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mutetrauma · 5 hours ago
ig we should try to start healing anyways even though we won’t ever fully heal until we do no-contact and that’s years down the line
#maybe it will be better once we live on our own and aren't constantly afraid for our lives#and waiting for the next Big Traumatic Experience#but i know we won't ever be able to fully heal or recover or anything until we do no-contact#we just. won't be able to forgive or ignore the amount of abuse and trauma this family gave us#idk if that makes sense#but we decided we wanna stay in touch with our grandmother since. she's been the only positive adult figure in our life#since childhood and. we love her so much and if we don't at least keep in touch with her it'll just fuck us up#but we can't go no contact with our abusers and stay in touch with her#like. i seriously think there's no situation that will allow that#and. none of us have the heart to explain why we don't wanna keep in contact with her daughter#idk if she'll even believe us#so no contact will (hopefully) be years down the line#so ig until then. we'll try to rebuild the house while the house is still on fire#but maybe when we live on our own and aren't in daily contact. there'll just be some small fires. maybe#idk man. i'm sure none of this makes sense but it makes sense to me#i'm just. tired. and i wish i could forget what happened today#r.exe#arm is also looking better so maybe the marks will fade enough by thursday they aren't that noticeable#or at least more easy to explain#if not uh. does anyone have any tips on how to explain self-harm marks that isn't 'the cat did it' bc we don't own a cat#and everyone who will see the marks will know that
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spixi · 7 hours ago
can someone please give me something impulsive and destructive to do (that isnt actually damaging or dangerous) before i impulsively delete my entire blog /srs /gen
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Surprise, even paying others to say "death to all jews" """""ironically""""" still means he's antisemitic. Especially since he has multiple instances of Nazi jokes and even was like "Watch this video by this other YouTube I really liked it!" And the video itself he recommended was super antisemitic. Anyways, don't know why you're defending a racist alt-right millionaire but brain rot can really affect anyone I guess 😔
I guess we have to agree to disagree. If you think a single word, sentence or action is enough to judge the character of a whole ass person whos lived a whole ass life that you know nothing about then I feel very sorry for you.
Think about the worst thing you have said and/or done. Like, ever. Imagine now that you are forever defined by it. Thats who you are. That horrible, disgusting thing. Everyone will know you by that now, sorry, no takebacks, no apologies, you should’ve known better. No point in trying to do better, cuz honestly that thing is the WORST and you will not be forgiven.
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pretendthisisfunnylol · 8 hours ago
On this night, in my street-lit bedroom, I saw a spider crawling on my ceiling. I gathered enough courage to kill it, swipe it to the floor, and vacuum its remains.
I then, like the paranoid bastard I am, turned on my room lights to find ANOTHER spider.
Thus, reason number 1,548,983 for why I know God isn't real: he would've never put me through that, he knows I can barely handle one.
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fulokis · 9 hours ago
I’m still fuming over this morning when I get a message in the og group text, I probably shouldn’t be so pissed but if you’re not going to really try to talk to me and every comment you say is half assed trying to be nasty then tell me some shit after knowing that I’m careful around substances. Don’t expect me to think it’s a joke. Friends joke, if you only give me snide remarks every few weeks that’s not friends that’s barely tolerating the fact you haven’t kicked me out of the discord server
So yeah of fucking course I took it wrong especially because of how fucking exhausted I am after working a shift with about 4000 covers and having to wake up and come in before noon the next morning. And no he didn’t know that part but still
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sunshyngal · 10 hours ago
3 if hoseok actually had any value whatsoever for their past friendship he would offer to quietly pay the hospital expenses etc. she's trying to see a silver lining in these guys, but they dont have any. I guess maybe it's a coping mechanism? try to think that perhaps one of them could actually help her. anyways, back to his siter, if elena attempted suicide would that actually impact him? or would he just think she was weak like his sister, or just another collateral.
Elena is hopeful yes but she knows how this world works
..... If she had any hope that hoseok would help her getting nothing in return she would have asked for his help ages ago ......
Elena is not attempting suicide , its a very triggering topic that I wouldn't just toss around as a plot was just a reminder that death is brushed off in this world and anyone who takes the "easy way out" is seen as a coward.... So nope that's not going to come up sorry....
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museinmind · 10 hours ago
omfg!!!!! sorry i didn't mean that to be weird i just thought i remembered boy talk :(
nawwww no worries dude i wasn't feeling any typa way about your question
n yea there was a candidate but he just was the worst and i will definitely be speaking to my therapist about it for a while
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sunnibits · 13 hours ago
Gotta say there’s something mighty satisfying about Sawyer punching Jack in the face and asking him who the hell he thinks he is (when Jack was tryna detonate the hydrogen bomb)
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