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#why does he do that
autistic--cryptid · 11 hours ago
feel the need to put this out here so
i find it interesting that the only characters in undertale that have some kind of knowledge about the timeline and the resets and stuff are characters who have also, at some point and in some way, been in possession of a human soul
there’s your chatacter, of course, and chara, who are human and thus automatically have human souls. there’s also flowey, who, before his death as asriel, absorbed chara’s human soul which effectively gave him a human soul of his own until his death. finally, there’s asgore, who recognizes how many times he’s killed you when you come back from your save point, and he’s in possession of the 6 other human souls.
the only exception to this is sans, who isn’t shown to have a human soul in any way, but still has connection to the timelines.
idk i just think it’s interesting
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axasind · 13 hours ago
ok theres a lot of games where i LOVE the gameplay/lore but i hate the Big Fans or the powergamers, and damned if warhammer isnt one of those things.
but yknow what? i wish i still had the picture somewhere, but this dude tried to powergame by playing outside the spirit of the rules (in a manner of speaking anyways) and not putting down any units. his opponent just so happened to know the rules better (afaik, if u place ur pieces last, ur opponent gets the first turn) AND HE DEPLOYS ONE UNIT OF SCOUTS ACROSS THE WHOLE EDGE OF THE BOARD, MAKING HIM WIN BY DEFAULT. i hate some nerds but i love that shit SO much. like YES get their ass for trying to break the rules!!! MONARCH SHIT!!!!!!!
same with that fucker that crammed his magic deck full of "on the 4th turn this card is out, you lose" and then had like 4-8 other cards that let him GIVE IT TO HIS OPPONENT. thats not breaking the rules, and you have to get a veeery specific setup to pull it off, so its not unfair! plus its counterable, any "block that play" instant would be able to stop it and fuck that guy over! its creative in a fun way and not a miserable way. u dont lose to that and go "damn that was fucking miserable" u go "ay thats clever! i should try and counter that somehow" and i think thats the mentality games should bring out in ppl, not just "ig im not good enough to play with my friends here"
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pedromiamor · 17 hours ago
did anyone else notice or find it odd that after every sexual encounter we see with javier he’s almost immediately pulling his jeans on? like, what’s the matter baby? do you get shy having your dick out around your ladies? please tell me
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rainbowwing251 · 19 hours ago
Okay, so about three days ago, I started the DLC for Pokemon Sword (I’m currently on the Isle of Armor, and I haven’t gotten Kubfu yet).
Yesterday, I went into the Field of Focus, and I encountered a Tangela. I didn’t have a Tangela at the time, so I focused on weakening the one I encountered so I could catch it.
All the while, it kept using Tickle on my Talonflame and Lurantis. It didn’t spam it, but every time it used it, I was thinking, “Christ WHY?” It didn’t cause any problems with the battle or the catching process (I managed to catch it), but I’m having some... thoughts. Two thoughts, to be precise.
1) The Forest of Focus could be used to punish those who fail Mustard’s trials.
2) I’m imagining an AU where Shulk is a Pokemon Trainer, and he goes into the Field of Focus. I imagine that he would know what moves can be learned by which Pokemon, so everytime he sees a Tangela, he begins blushing. Why? Well, it’s because of what I said earlier.
To make things better, I can see him catching one. He probably wouldn’t use it on his team, but he’ll still give it as much love as he can give it. And he totally doesn’t teach it the move Tickle (if it doesn’t know it already) so he can find a way to satisfy his lee moods from time to time. Yep, he totally didn’t use that as a reason for catching a Tangela.
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booker being homophobic: bland. unoriginal. just plain bad.
booker being clueless about joe n nicky initially not for homophobia reasons but because he is dealing to coming to terms with being dead and quite frankly a lot is going on his life cut him a tiny bit of slack. but the others don’t REALIZE booker is clueless of joe and nicky being Joe and Nicky so when booker finally comes out of his misery enough To Realize It he also realizes they thought he knew the WHOLE TIME so he has to play it off like he’s known the whole time he’s known them but quite frankly he has zero memory of attending joe and nicky’s 56th wedding ceremony that he was apparently at: SO much comedic potential
HARD HARD HARD AGREE not only this but also every iteration of copley being a bit clueless about joe and nicky being joeandnicky is SO chef’s kiss like THAT is what we’re all about in this house
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lewixco · a day ago
Nah this wasn’t Mercedes fucking up Bottas’s race, this was Mercedes clearly seeing that Bottas did not have the pace to beat Max and Lewis did come on guys.
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advernia · a day ago
starter tapestry || 3 sentences: ruggie bucchi + memories of home.
It's a patchwork to behold, the last piece in the basket to go up the clothesline: for instance, on one end there's a spread of cotton then on the other there's linen, a splash of orange on the center then suddenly hints of brown and red on the edges, polka dots lonely on a corner but pinstripes scattered here and there. The stitches holding every piece of cloth together had the assorted nature to them, too: they ran, crossed, locked; formed whips and slips, chains and stems. Though as odd as the whole thing looked, Ruggie picks it up with a warm grin and gentle hands, spreading the flower-scented bedsheet out and hanging it on the line with care; a kind of care that was reserved only for the few items he could proudly call his own.
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heartrenderz · 2 days ago
#AJSHSKAKS HELLOOOOOOO#not me being like 🥴 i don’t even want soc3 if nina is the fjerdan queen and then me foaming at the mouth for it two seconds later#it’s just that without any official release date or anything confirmed i didn’t believe it#but i doubt leigh would ever leave a thread hanging like that. especially if it had to do w the darkling#which is so conflicting bc i was so mad he was back but then i was like yay eternal suffering and then i thought the door was closed.#i should have known#and i was thinking before that i suspected soc3 would have a lot more tgt crossover/overlap bc i feel like the show would inspire her#i just wish she would give up on the darkling 😭 like he isn’t THAT good of a character#realistically she could keep continuing the grishaverse and make it good but it’s so stale to keep putting the darkling at the center of it#and it does kind of destroy alina’s story and arc bc her whole thing was defeating the darkling and that side of herself and in reality if#he kept coming back i just can’t see her being content sitting in keramzin#like to me that was uncharacteristic in kos and row that she wouldn’t want involvement#to stay out of the war? yes. to sit back and let everyone else deal w the darkling after his escape? no#and then i kind of hate that soc3 is going to revolve around him now they were so untainted#his return was the second worst thing to happen in the duology. first was whatever the hell happened to nina#WHY COULDNT NINA AND HANNE HAVE HAPPILY LIVED IN RAVKA. THAT WAS THE HAPPY ENDING I WANTED FOR THEM#also: not enough kuwei 1/10 rating for kuwei cameos#mine#row spoilers
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liminalzone · 2 days ago
gd the layers of bad decisions that have taken me to "I wanna spend a couple more months with my abuser and I want him to hit me this time without even the pretences of kink" as a thought that is rattling around my head again.
#like i Do Not want it to be good i dont want aftercare I want lovebombing gd i just wanna feel so unsafe i want to feel like nothing again#gd please i want someone to hit me and take advantage of me i want someone to hit me mess me up say its for me own good#i dont want him to make me ask for it make me beg i want it out of nowhere i want to make a noise while hes playing video games and i want#him to mute his mic grab me by the front of my shirt pull me up and slap me across the face twice then i want him to tell me that im nothin#that he loves me i dont want what he gave me i want it honest i want 'youre ugly and stupid and nothing and no ome else will ever love you'#'im hitting you for your own good to teach you a lesson' i want it honest i want it to hurt hurt hurt make me small#put me in my place do it honest leave marks out of anger gd i want ut honest i wish he had thought he could get away with hitting me#gd why do i want this so bad my chest feels hollow i want someone to put me in my place make it hurt teach me to not be like this#teach me to hate myself like everyone does gd i wanna be scared for my physical safety why why why#make it fucking hurt do it fucking honest i want to have to run away in the rain no shoes i want to have to escape i want it worse worse#i want it to hurt. take me to A&E with bones you broke fuck me up fuck me up make me believe i deserve it like that.#make me feel worthless please please please make me feel like nothing at all make me disappear hurt me hurt me hurt me hurt me#why do i want this so bad i want this so bad i want it to hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt#him#sticks speaks#oh l*ttle *ne dont you know its supposed to hurt?#cleaning out my drafts
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