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#why didn’t marvel give us a 6 hour movie of them just being friends
wizkiddx · a month ago
hiiiii i love your stuff - could u do one where the readers ill but they have stuff to do and tom has to look after her. maybe if they were just friends before too but both pining? thankuuuuuuuuu
should I be writing this instead of revising? clearly fucking not. Did I make this little blurb req ridiculously long purely to procrastinate? Of fucking course.
but also this was v cute! I assumed u meant famous!reader, sorry if that's not what u were after at all anon x
summary: Tom Holland turns into the readers knight in shining armour when they get ill during promo
warnings: fainting / feeling ill
It couldn’t be today. Of all days, why today? You’d been at home for two weeks doing absolutely nothing, before this trip. And yet it’s when your itinerary is packed to the brim, people moving heaven and earth just speak to you. Two weeks of unrelenting press for Marvels next big ensemble movie. 
Your manager was speaking to you, reeling off a run down of todays activities but instead of listening you nodded along blankly - head rather cloudy with this heavy mist that was not shaking off, no matter how hard you tried. 
“You got that Y/n/n?” Lucy pointedly spoke, eyes almost physically knocking you backwards as if her eyeliner was battery rams. Fumbling with your thoughts, your answer wasn’t particularly cohesive earning you just a disappointed head shake. 
“I um… yeh I think. Who-who did you say I was paired up with?” 
“Y/n please for the love of god. Tom, like I said the past fifty times.” And to be fair to Lucy she wasn’t wrong. It was the first major major promo tour for the both of you and after just two days so far - you were both exhausted. She was more than allowed to be a bit short tempered. 
“But we-we hardly know each other? The chemistry won’t be there and-“
“As I said, I tried to re-jig it but Kevin is of the mind that acting is your job.” Her tone was sharp but as she glared across the opposing seats, in the little mini van Marvel had hired for you as transportation, her eyes softened. Lucy had been so wrapped up in her own stress she may have overlooked quite how gingerly you were sitting. By the time she had arrived at the hotel, your stylist had already managed to half save your ghoulish looking face, with sunken under eyes and tired skin, so it wasn’t so blatantly obvious how crap you were feeling.  “Is everything okay with you?” 
It felt pretty puny to say that the jet lag from flying to Tokyo had been weighing you down further than you wanted, or that the local cuisine top chefs had kindly prepared for you last night wasn’t siting well in your stomach. To be honest, even you thought it was just your body being a bit overdramatic. So in response, you put on your best happy-go-lucky face feigning a smile.
“No no I’m fine, just want to give the best interviews I can and you know…. I’m awkward as hell as it is, then pair me with the most talented actor that I share about two minutes of screen time with…it’ll be interesting.” 
The way Lucy reacted with a weird slow nod, eyebrows furrowed, meant it was quite apparent you had perhaps overplayed that one. Had you not been so over the day before it even began, you would’ve tried again to give a more believable act. But as you were, you turned your attention back out to the bustling streets of Tokyo and the high rise buildings bordering each pavement. 
You didnt have a problem with Tom, far from it in fact. Tom was hilarious and the times you had met him, you’d both built up this weird and sarcastic competitiveness with each other. It was a game of who could get the last laugh, each of you pushing each other with the Mickey taking just a little further. Of course, not in a malicious way, just the way you’d both lived pretty similar but parallel careers - when everyone drew comparisons between the both of you, it was nice to make it a joke. 
Like Tom you’d also started out on stage, had a ‘big break’ movie as a kid and then spent your teenage years on and off film sets - till marvel happened. Then everything blew up to epic proportions, changing your life forever. Actually, it was so similar to Tom’s story, plus the fact you were also from the south west of the UK. It was bizarre your paths hadn’t crossed more - He probably could’ve been a useful ally in the the whole ‘becoming famous’ thing. 
And yet, you could probably count on two hands the amount of conversations you’d had with him. 
Now that, that was the issue. Right from the beginning you learn what the press want and when you are publicising a movie you cater into it too. They’d all be asking for the insider scoop on set; what pranks you’d pulled on each other; what was the most annoying thing about each other. Which is hard if you’d only had 5 or 6 days actually on set together. 
By the time the cab had wormed its way through the Tokyo traffic and you arrived at the PR hotel, it was already 9:30 - making you 15 minutes late (blame it on the traffic). Instantly then you were ushered straight to the interview room for the evening, no chance of green room chat or grabbing a drink before. The place was stuffy, everything was draped with black curtains except the poster board that Tom was already sitting infront of. 
He’d scrubbed up well, no doubt about it. He was wearing statement-ish burgundy suit trousers, teamed with a black knitted but collared shirt thing - that was clearly tailor made for the man. As soon as he noticed you scurry into the room, his face broke out into a warm smile, jumping up to greet you in a friendly hug. It was brief, and as you pulled back you accidentally bumped your head on one of the overhanging lights. No doubt someone had spent a ridiculous amount of time configuring them so they were positioned perfectly, which you had just ruined with your big head. 
“Oh shit!” Tom just laughed in response, shaking his head slightly as he lead you the two steps across to your pre-positioned seats. 
“Making an entrance as always I see!”
“Yeh, you know me, a bit of chaos just to keep everyone on their toes.”
“Oh is that why you’re ‘fashionably late’” With a playful wiggle of his eyebrows, you just rolled your eyes, fidgeting on the chair to find a position that didnt aggravate  your stomach so much.
“I’m ready now though! What did I miss? Just having to pretend to be your friend for 15 minutes?” You stressed the words as though the thought of conversation with Tom was the absolute worst thing in the world - which you definetly didnt think. Scowling like you’d insulted his dog Tessa, it was almost visible how the cogs were turning in his head looking for a comeback. Unfortunately for him though, he was quickly shut up but the organiser bringing the first interviewer in . 
For what would, no doubt, be a long day. 
Everything had started off so well, the banter was flowing between you and Tom, no major spoilers revealed that meant Marvel would have to make the journalist disappear. It was once you hit an hour of back-to-back interviews that everything started to crack bit. Because yes, it had only been an hour but that was enough to exhaust you on this particular day. When Tom joked around you got slower and slower, similarly the  energy was zapped from your own answers. It’s not very compelling when someone says ‘you have to watch this movie’ in a monotonous voice with sullen eyes. 
As the interviewers were swapping in and out, Tom actually lightly nudged your shoulder.
“Everything alright? We’re trying to sell tickets and you’ve got a face like thunder.”
“Oh no-no sorry I just, I-um.”
“You want some water?” Now looking at your with more concerned eyes, as if he was just nervous he’d actually offended you for calling you a boring bastard. And you would’ve picked up on it and alleviated his concerns, if it weren’t for the fact your eyes were glued on the water bottle he was holding out to you. You were thirsty. You knew that, that wasn’t the conundrum. What you weren’t so sure about was whether your stomach would accept it, or more violently reject it. In a very non ‘we’re-trying-to-sell-a-movie’ style. 
But the lightheaded fogginess in your brain won out, as you nodded jerkily, taking the bottle and taking a little swig - too cautious to take anymore. 
Now concerned with how Tom thought you were being a Debby-downer too, you managed to perk yourself up for the next four interviews. They were easy, asking questions without any activity and though you did rely on Tom beefing out and adding to your answers, it was okay. Then the next interviewer came in, who you recognised as being from the BBC, Ali Plumb, that had interviewed you a number of times. From the way Tom jumped up to give him afirendly bro-hug, you guessed he also was familiar with him. As soon as he took a seat the cameras were already flashing with the red light, demonstrating his 7 minutes had already started. 
“Guys! It’s been a while.” 
“How are you Ali?” You started it off with the pleasantries, Tom echoing, before the speccy dirty-blonde asked his first question. 
“So the last time I spoke to you guys the universe was in chaos, Peter Parkers on the run and Aurora Blake was trying to strip her own powers, so I guess my first question is how are you both doing? We can use this as a therapy session if you guys need.” His very typical nerdy joke made Tom laugh, nodding as he leaned forward and repositioned a bit. 
You didn’t share the same humour though, more focused on this invisible blanket of stuffiness that seemed to have been thrown on top of you. It made you feel groggy, incredibly hot and so unbelievable nauseous. The lights weren’t helping either, it felt like you were pouring with sweat from your forehead. You thought Tom was answering Ali, even if you couldn’t really hear  - everything had merged into a deafening roar. Adrenaline coursed through your veins, unconsciously making you fumble yourself to standing, desperate to get somewhere with fresh air. The last thing you saw before your vision tunnelled into darkness was Tom, reaching out to try and catch you. 
Because next thing you knew, you were on the floor, wires from all the cameras and lights digging into your back as you looked up to see Tom on one side and Lucy on the other - both wearing a similarly panicked expression. You knew you hadn’t been out long, seconds if that, going by the fact everyone else was in the ‘oh my god’ phase of panic. It was a bit weird how calm you where, but then again all your life you’d been the ‘class fainter’. Waking up on the floor was something you were long since used to. 
“Y/n? You awake?” Rather stating the obvious Tom asked the question as you bent your head up - allowing you sight of all the concerned facing oggling you. With a defeated sigh, you flopped your head back. 
“If this is a dream then it’s a real bloody nightmare.” This time Tom didnt seem to appreciate your joke, looking at you without almost dumbfounded eyes, as you blinked repetitively and groaned. 
“Why didn’t you say anything?” Lucy appeared to want to lecture you, which to be honest wasn’t the most time appropriate. You were still on the floor, legs crumpled up under you, so ignored her. Instead you pulled yourself up into a sitting position, taking a moment to blink away the blotchy haze that threatened to takeover your vision once again, whilst the pair above you both cautiously rested their palms on each of your shoulders -trying to be useful. The room still felt cramped and stifling, as everyone around were no doubt looking at you. 
It took a few minutes but your body seemed to get over itself, sitting up normally and trying to make small talk with Ali - who, by the way, was still sat awkwardly in the chair. Still nestled on the floor, your back up against the chair you had been siting on as you raved with Ali of the Harry Potter theatre show. In a natural lull in conversation, Tom perked up - from the door where he’d been muttering with the organiser as Lucy bit her nails nervously. 
“Y/n you need to go home.” 
All of you knew what Tom said was impossible. Not being egotistical, but you were too important. Although you hadn’t been paying masses of attention for Lucy’s run down of your itinerary - you knew it was packed. 
So you just looked up and rolled your eyes at Tom, earning yourself a strong glare, before locking the organiser in eye contact.
“How many have we got till lunch?” 
“Um this gent here” He gesturned toward Ali, who was almost squirming in his seat now “then two more.”  
“And then lunch?” 
“Yes, then you have a personal appearance at a dinner, so transport will be coming to pick you both up.” This poor guy seemed obsessed with the clock and his timetable, looking at your with a mixture of panic and frustration. You should know this stuff, you should’ve listened to Lucy. 
“How fars the drive?” 
“At this time probably an hour and a half.” 
The plan was clear in your head, you’d sort yourself out in the car and be fully fine by the afternoon and evening engagements. Plus you felt almost fine now. So with a sigh, you hauled yourself up onto the chair, patting for Tom to sit back down. 
“It’s half an hour and then I’ll sort myself out at lunch - come on their waiting.” The way Lucy pouted showed she disagreed somewhat, except a stern look kept her from protesting, as Tom walked toward you. 
“Are you sure you don’t loo-“
“Let me stop you before you insult my appearance.” Snickering slightly at his worried face, you laughed it off , knocking his side with a gentle murmur of ‘don’t worry about me’. 
In fact after that little episode you did feel a little recovered, which meant you were properly noticing the change in the boy sat next to you. Throughout the remaining three interviews he’d done a complete 360 from earlier. Rather than trying to get little digs at you, he had become fiercely protective - jumping in if a questions wasn’t particularly appropriate or relevant to the movie ( meaning when an awfully crap man asked what underwear you’d been able to wear in your suit) ; taking the heat of the conversation as well as just watching you like a hawk. Each time you answered his beady brown eyes were watching you from the side, you got the impression it wasn’t only just because of the risk of spoilers. 
Quite remarkably, you survived the rest of the day pretty well, after a power nap in the car on the way over - even if it was a bit difficult when you had your manager watching you like a hawk from the seat across. It was as if Lucy had never seen anyone ill before, she seemed concerned that you were going to spontaneously stop breathing and die at any point. 
Though by the time all the official business at the dinner was done, your body and willpower had reached the end of their tether. You and Tom were both on a round table, surrounded by 6 CEOs and execs of what seemed to be a multimillion pound business enterprise. With the language barrier meaning you had to speak through the two people on the table who were fluent in both japanese and English, the conversation was already pretty jilted. Though to be fair, the six did seem to be enjoying the evening - something you werent able to reciprocate. Thankfully, five minutes after the main course dishes had been collected, Tom spoke up from his position opposite you.
“This has been lovely and we really appreciate your time and generosity but me and Y/n have a really early start tomorrow so I think we should probably get back to the hotel.” You swore in that moment you could’ve kissed him, and it looked like Tom could tell - by the way your shoulders sagged and you let out an exhale of pure relief. Apparently even if you’d managed to convince the hosts you were enjoying the evening, Tom easily saw through the performance. After some hurried goodbyes, Tom led you out of the hall with his hand hovering over your lowerback, trying to make sure your exit was as discreet as possible. 
Away from the bubble of chatter and activity, in the deserted hallway, Tom stopped you - lightly holding both hands on each of your arms. 
“Wheres your team?” 
“Um Luce is back at the hotel, she was trying to see if she could reschedule any of my stuff tomorrow.” You winced at the way he sighed, realising you were all on your own in some random business event hall in Tokyo.
“Harry -my brother- is waiting in the car at the front - is that okay?”
“No Tom, don’t worry abo-“
“Yeh well I am and I think you feel ten times worse than you’re letting on.” He spoke harshly, like a school teacher telling you off - except the hint of a kind smile at the end was a dead giveaway. 
“You sure?” 
With a relieved nod (Tom had thought you might be a bit more stubborn - you obviously were really really ill) he wordlessly shrugged his suit jacket off, wrapping it round your shoulders. He muttered something about not wanting you to catch a chill but to be quite honest you were a bit distracted by the woody cedar smell of Toms aftershave that enveloped your senses. Maybe it wasn’t so bad being fussed on by him? To be fair he wasn’t wrong either, you were in a strapless evening dress - you would’ve preferred to be in joggers, but Marvels press team had other ideas. 
After a quick pit stop at the toilets, the two of you managed to make an unnoticed escape out the building - into a big SUV which had seconds prior pulled up onto the steps. You literally melted into the nearest window seat, body hunching over as you probably crumpled Tom’s jacket beyond belief. 2 seats along from you, a frizzy haired boy gave you a sympathetic smile, which you returned weakly whilst muttering a ‘hi’. Meanwhile, Tom pulled the sliding door shut, sitting across from you. 
“Oh Y/n this is Harry and Harry this is Y/n.” In unison both of you replied with an ‘I know’ eye roll. Your response was somewhat more shocking to both Holland boys, you could tell from the way they had this whole nonverbal conversation with their eyes - they were very clearly brothers. Needing to explain you continued. “I like to keep tabs on my castmates, I’ve seen you on Toms instagram.” That had both boys smirking, Harry presumably just because you knew who he was; Tom more smugly, you’d just given away you slightly stalked him on instagram. 
Silence reigned for a moment, as the driver put his foot down slightly. 
“How you doing?” Tom asked. 
“Mhm…” you thought for a second, how to eloquently describe the sensation. 
Both boys chuckled a little and even though you had closed your eyes in an attempt to dull the throbbing behind your temples, you could feel the eyes on you. 
“You want the music off?” Harry asked, referring to the indie-rock coming quietly out the speakers of his laptop, which was resting on his lap. With a shake of your head you refused, even if really silence probably would help your head, you were already causing the two Hollands enough trouble - no need to bore them during the journey back into central Tokyo, especially when you weren’t the most enthusiastic company ever. 
Thankfully the music stayed on a low volume, whilst the car seemed to settle into a comfortable silence. With a long exhale you fluttered your eyes open, seeing Tom focused on his phone, before you rested the side of your head against the black-out glass. Taking some relief from the cool glass, you huddled further into the corner of the car against the door.
Floating in the space between sleep and wakefulness, you were kind of aware of your head occasionally bobbing and jerking about - but really didn’t have the energy or willpower to do anything about it. Instead, the thing that perked your attention was hearing some supposed-whispering from inside the body of the car.
“I know she said she didn’t care but she was clearly lying-“ 
“Like you know! You’ve been desperate to try and spend some time with Y/n- maybe you poisoned her just so you could be all knight-in-shini-“
“Turn. The. Music. Off.” Tom sounded scathing now, and with a grumble from your other-side the cheery drum beats ceased.
“Happy now?” …and Harry was sarcastic. 
“Swap places with me.”
“Just do it.”
“So she can lie down.” 
“Well no because you would still be in the way if we swapped.”
“Yeh but she can lie on my lap idiot.”
“She can lie on me.”
“She doesn’t know you!”
“Well for 1, barely ten minutes ago she said she did know me. And 2, she doesn’t know you any better!”
If this was their version of whispering, you would love to hear what volume ‘shouting’ was. There was no reply for a short while, you imagined the two brunettes locked in some intense staring match.The next time Tom spoke he sounded more defeated - almost begging. 
“If I admit you beat me at the driving range the other day will you-” 
“I KNEW IT!” Harry yelped, the volume making you jerk, eyes flying open before reflexively closing because the light was too bright. There was a little mutter of an apology, then silence again. 
Once agin you must’ve drifted off because it felt like absolutely no time had passed when a firm but gently hand on your shoulder nudged you awake. 
Sure enough the boys had swapped position, Tom now sitting along the seat from you, Harry looked a little sulky from across the way. It was Tom who was reaching over, a gentle and peaceful smile on his face.
“You wanna lie down? Don’t want you to strain your neck.” He wasn’t wrong, adding to the throbbing headache, the cloudiness in your brain and the unsettled feeling in your stomach… now your neck hurt. Just bloody great. 
Had you been your normal witty and perceptive self, you might’ve teased Tom as to why him and his brother had done a switch - but everything hurt and all you wanted to do was sleep for a hundered years. So with squinting eyes you jerkily nodded, missing how Tom chuckled to himself. The guy undid your seatbelt, then sat back to let you balance the back of your head on his thigh, looking up at the roof of the SUV. Already your eyes were closed again, you kicked off your slip-on heels and bent your legs up to lean against the backrest - occupying the position you had been sat in before hand. You felt his hands reposition the jacket, pulling it round so it was now like a blanket tucked under your chin. 
To be fair it was much more comfortable than sitting up and you weren’t even aware of how quickly you dropped back into sleep. 
Though it wasn’t quick enough to miss Harry’s very sulky sounding comment, presumably meant only for Tom’s ears. 
“Still think you’re being fucking creepy bro.” 
<33 lemme know what u think! (would make me feel less guilty for not doing all the work I rlly should be doing aha)
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idy-ll-ique · a month ago
His Lovely Girl.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x F!Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Requested: nope
Warnings: insecurity
Summary: Sebastian spoils her all the time. What has she ever done for him? When someone leaves a rude comment under her Instagram post, she can't help but rethink her entire relationship with the handsome actor.
Author's Note: Hiya peeps! We're back to Marvel lol, enjoy!
"I'll see you later, dove, have fun!" Y/N grinned when her boyfriend leaned over, pressing his lips to her forehead. "Bye, Seb, I'll miss you," she whispered and he looked down at her, his heart swelling in his chest, full of appreciation for her. He loved her so much. "I'll miss you too, Y/N, but I'll only be gone for around 6 hours." Y/N pouted and he couldn't help it.
He leaned over and pressed his lips to hers in a chaste kiss. "I know. Go now, I don't want to be the reason you're late." He laughed heartily when she pushed him away with a smile. "Oh, doll, everyone knows about us, they'll know anyway." With that, he waved at her and left the apartment they shared. Y/N had moved in with him 2 years into dating.
Sebastian Stan; let's just say, he was a busy man. Y/N sighed and got up from the bed, feeling hungry. They had started dating 4 years ago, and what years those were; the most blissful ones in both their lives. They loved each other to death, and they knew that. Y/N waddled into the kitchen and looked around the various cabinets, finding a box of Mac and Cheese.
It was a funny story, actually, how they met. Y/N, at the time, was working as a barista at Starbucks. One day, Sebastian had walked into the Starbucks where she worked, and she was the one who took his order. He was extremely polite, funny and a bit awkward and just like that, she fell in love with him all over again. Y/N was a Marvel geek and Sebastian had noticed.
"I really like your hoodie, doll, where'd you get it?" he had asked her after telling her his order. And she had looked down, seeing the custom-made hoodie she wore. It was black in colour, but one of the sleeves was silver and had a red star on the bicep, just like his arm from the movie Captain America: Winter Soldier.
Bucky's trigger words were printed on the front of the hoodie. She had blushed furiously, simultaneously cursing and thanking her fate and coincidence. "I had it custom made," she had told him at the time and he had grinned so wide he thought his mouth would tear open. That was the moment where he, too, realized that he was getting a crush on the pretty barista.
And he hadn't hesitated to ask her for her number. He had taken a tissue paper, scribbled his number down and had written what's yours? ;) underneath. When he went to pay for his coffee, he purposely made sure that he wasn't giving her any change. With his notes, he slid her the tissue and she took it, giving him a confused look.
When she read it, her breath hitched. While pulling out his change, she had discreetly written her number down on the tissue, saved his on her phone and had given the tissue back to him with the coins. Both of them had grinned widely at each other when he left. While walking home, he had taken out the tissue and had seen her number written neatly under his. And his heart raced, Y/N is worth it.
*@yn_yln posted a photo*
yn_yln Mac and Cheese, anyone? :D
Y/N smiled and logged out of her Instagram account after posting the photo. She just couldn't resist; she looked good that day, one of those days where she felt confident enough to post a picture. She kept her phone away and sauntered into the sitting room to watch something on the television. An hour passed before she yawned, feeling tired.
2:05 pm, her watch displayed. Well, there's no harm in an afternoon nap, am I right? Sebastian wasn't home anyway, and it's not like she had anything to do. Grabbing her phone off the dining table, she walked into hers and Sebastian's shared bedroom, plopping down on the bed. She decided to check her Instagram before falling asleep and opened the said app.
She went through the page that displayed all the likes and comments, pausing at one comment. Her heart dropped as she clicked on the comment, her entire being filling with an uneasy feeling. You're only dating him for the money, admit it. Until then, she had never even thought… about that. Throwing her phone to the side she sat up, breathing heavily.
Y/N was currently jobless. After they started going out, she continued working at Starbucks until last year; Sebastian had suggested that she leave the job and work somewhere better, earn a higher salary. Y/N had discarded the idea at first, since the job paid enough for her to go about her daily things and where would she even find another job?
Starbucks was okay. But Sebastian wouldn't hear it. So she left the job, now jobless. She had applied to a few places but hadn't received any news as of yet. They're right. I'm living off of him. I don't even have a job. What does it look like? A broke woman dating a rich, handsome guy? Oh my God, am I leeching off his hard work? All those thoughts rushed through her head in a span of a few seconds.
The more she thought about it, the more she teared up. Blinking the tears away, she lay back down and curled up under the comfortable blankets. His blankets. She closed her eyes, trying her hardest to fall asleep but the tears were proving it to be difficult. Fortunately, she drifted off into an uneasy slumber 15 minutes later.
"Baby, I'm home!"
Silence. Sebastian frowned, carefully walking into the house. "Y/N?" he called out but there was no answer. Keeping the bag he was holding away, he walked further into the apartment, stopping at the doorway of their bedroom. "Aw," he whispered under his breath, smiling, stepping into the bedroom. He gently sat next to his sleeping girlfriend.
His knuckles traced her cheeks but he froze. Why is she so cold? His soft touch was enough to wake her up, because she stirred and blinked up at him. "Seb, hi, welcome back." Her voice was hoarse. "Y/N? Did you fall sick?" he asked worriedly as she sat up, distancing herself from him. "I'm not sick," she muttered but Sebastian wouldn't buy it.
He reached out to cup her cheek, feeling like he had been stabbed multiple times when she leaned away from his touch. "Y/N?" She shook her head and looked out of the window, bringing her knees to her chest. "Just wanna be alone right now." She didn't want to send him away. She wanted to sit in his lap, listen to him rambling about his day…
But she also didn't want to be near him. Do I even deserve him? "What happened?" he insisted, his eyes going wide when she glared at him. "Go. Away." He scrambled off the bed without another word, softly closing the door behind him as he walked into the sitting room, running a hand through his hair. He sat down on the couch and looked around.
What happened in those 6 hours that he was away? Sebastian knew she wasn't on her cycle, it still had another week to come. So it wasn't mood swings. His eyes landed on the empty bowl of Mac and Cheese sitting on the dining table but they skimmed right past it, not knowing that that bowl was the reason for Y/N's sadness. Then he stared at the designer handbag on the opposite couch.
Picking up the bag, he strode back to their room, knocking on the door. Maybe seeing a pretty purse would lighten her mood? "What?" Y/N called out from inside and he opened the door, holding the purse up. "I brought you a gift." Y/N's heart started thudding in her chest and tears glistened in her eyes anew as she stared at the bag with utmost resentment.
"I don't want it."
Sebastian went rigid. She never rejects my gifts. "Y/N—" She started shaking her head. "No. Return it. I'm not taking it. I don't want it," she repeated, her glare now directed at him. "But doll…" he tried, freezing when her jaw clenched. "Get out." Disheartened, he walked out once more, more confused than anything. Now I have to know what happened.
Inside the room, Y/N sobbed silently. The bag was so pretty, her favorite color, the sleek design… she wanted to keep it so bad, but she knew she wasn't worthy of it. Sebastian brought her gifts all the time. Most of them expensive as shit; he had the money to blow off. What had she done for him? Nothing, really. He spoiled her heartily, never once allowing her to do the same.
"You're mine, baby girl, mine to love, mine to cherish, mine to spoil."
She was definitely leeching off him. Outside the room, Sebastian took out his phone and texted Y/F/N, who was Y/N's closest friend. They rarely spoke, but Y/N told Y/F/N everything and he knew she'd have answers.
hey, do you know what's up with y/n
why what happened
she's in a really bad mood
she's angry at me and I brought her a gift but she won't take it
she usually loves them but today…
I know what happened
she texted me in the afternoon
something about a comment on Instagram or something
ig that's why she's in a bad mood
I'll check it out
He ended the conversation and opened Instagram, seeing a new post from his dear girlfriend. Sebastian couldn't help but smile as he liked the photo, commenting a heart emoji. There were only around 22 comments on the post, so he decided to go through them. Which comment had triggered her? He found it instantly and his nostrils flared.
Replying to the fairly rude comment, he typed, how about you fuck off and mind your own damn business? If you don't like her, unfollow and leave. There's literally nothing else you need to do. After hitting send, he kept his phone away and, determination shining in his eyes, ran back to the bedroom.
He threw open the door and a sob escaped the lips of the startled woman. He started taking off the annoying clothes he was wearing until he was just in his boxers, sliding into the bed next to her. She attempted to push him away but the strong man didn't budge, holding her on his lap as she thrashed. Soon, she gave up the fight and melted against him, crying her eyes out.
"I'm sorry," she apologized again and again, her breath hitching. "Hush, baby, it's okay, I'm not mad," he whispered, rubbing her back, helping her calm down. She rested her head on his shoulder, her arms tight around him. "Tell me the truth. What happened?" he asked even though he knew the answer. Tiredly, Y/N narrated everything; from the comment to all her insecurities.
Sebastian gently cupped her cheeks, wiping her tears off. "Y/N, you're mine. I love taking care of you, I love spoiling you, and I don't do it because I expect something in return, I do it because I love you. Don't listen to strangers on the internet, what better work do they have? Nothing but lowlifes. You don't have to do anything for me. I don't want you to do anything for me."
"But Seb…"
"No. No, you're my girlfriend and only the best for my girl. I love all the gifts you get me. I cherish them wholeheartedly. Just you being my girl is a gift better than anything else in the world, to be honest. But I'm going to continue looking after you whether you like it or not. You don't even have to go to work, I'm here for you. I love you." Y/N teared up again.
They were happy tears.
"I love you so much," she cried weakly and Sebastian pulled her to him, cradling her head, breathing her in. "I love you too, doll. Now will you take my gift, please?" She nodded against him and he gently lowered her on the bed, going outside to get the bag. Once back in their room he handed the bag to her, smiling at the way her eager hands reached up to accept the gift.
As he watched her admiring the bag, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, till death do them part.
His girl, his lovely girl.
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paulafnds · 2 months ago
Only You - Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
POV Cait
I always thought it was important to support all the people who are entering the movie industry, a place so difficult to achieve success, so when I heard that a good friend of mine was attending the Sundance Film Festival as a director of an independent production I quickly agreed to attend to honor him, but I should have known that Sam would be there too, after all Mark was a friend of ours. I knew I was being foolish, I was there to support my friend and I shouldn't have to worry about Sam or our meeting, but how could I ignore his presence and what it was causing me? I hadn't seen him for over months and as much as my pride told me not to care, I couldn't, I missed him and I missed him a lot. In fact I didn't even know how I had managed to deal with my life in these last months, for me it was all a great emptiness, I lived day after day on autopilot.
The festival as always was in Park City, Utah, famous for its ski resorts, and of course, for the festival. It was January and the cold took over, as did the snow. As I was trying to put my nervousness in place, we arrived at the dinner's red carpet that was being held to raise money for new projects and before I got out, I took a deep breath and looked one last time at Lauren who gave me a smile and babbled, "You can do it." The photographers were all paying attention and soon the requests for pictures and smiles began. As nervous as I was, I managed to relax a bit and even feel comfortable enough to talk to some journalists who were anxiously waiting on the other side of the carpet.
But of course with perfect timing, before I went towards them, I saw another car arriving and I already knew who it was without him even needing to appear. I tried to hurry, but the long and tight dress prevented me from being so fast, and to avoid making a fool of myself in front of a thousand photographers, I preferred to walk normally and look in the opposite direction. But naturally I was not victorious in my plan, I soon heard people calling his name and I couldn't resist, I looked in the direction of the requests and saw him. As always he looked marvelous, there was no way he couldn't, he was wearing a suit that fit his body perfectly, I noticed that he wasn't wearing a tie, of course, he doesn't know how to fix it right, I've always done that for him. For a second I was happy to notice that he hadn't found someone else to do this for him. But the happiness ended when I saw his face, it was still perfect, of course, but that look I knew very well, unfortunately it was the last look I received when he left our house.
6 months earlier
“Go on Cait, I'm waiting for an explanation as to why you deleted those messages from my cell phone! Actually I want to know why you've been digging through my phone in the first place! You have never done that! Not that I hide anything from you, but we always talk about preserving our privacy, both individually and as a couple, and after six years you decide to do this? I can't understand it!” he said with an incredulous look on his face.
“I didn't dig through your cell phone! You forgot it in our office and the messages kept coming and that beeping was driving me crazy, I couldn't work! I just picked it up to put it on silent…”
“Oh, and magically the messages were deleted in the process? You could have given me the phone and your problems would be over!” he said, already nervous, cutting me off.
“Sam! Do you really want to know why the messages were deleted or not?” he just looked at me without saying anything and I continued “When I went to put it on silent, another message arrived and it was inevitable not to read who it was from... and when I saw Hailee I couldn't resist... ah Sam, don't look at me like that, you know I don't like her!”
“You should know that even though we have worked together, I don't care about her either, but why delete the messages? It was work! She wasn't inviting me to something indecent! And even if she was, I had every right to know!”
“I know, it's just that when I saw that she called you Sammy I felt something I've never felt before, and all I could remember was that damn scene from the movie, the two of you together,…” I couldn't complete the sentence, I couldn't put into words what I felt.
“So real?” he said, crossing his arms in front of me. “But you know it wasn't and isn't!”
“But it seemed so! And only a blind man, or you in this case, doesn't see that she does everything she can to be close to you and exclude me in the process.”
“You think I don't know? My God, Cait! How many times have we been through this? You have always laughed at women like Hailee, just as I have at the actors who have starred with you! Of course, George Clooney doesn't even compare to Hailee, but still, we know each other better than anyone else, we trust each other... at least that's what I thought…”
“Of course I trust you! But…” no, I wasn't going to say anything else, I trusted Sam, didn't I?
“But what? Tell me, Cait! Because I'm here trying to understand what you saw so clearly in a simple message that you had to lie to me!”
“But we started like this…” I said quietly, I couldn't face him.
“What? No, you're not saying that! So you think that because we had hot sex scenes, we had to be in a relationship? And because I did these scenes with Hailee then I was having something with her too? Cait! Do you think I'm a perverted teenager who can't hold himself in his pants? What made me fall in love with you was not our sex scenes and you know it! The scenes were just a consequence of how we felt about each other! I can't believe that after all this time you are throwing this in my face!”
“No, Sam, that's not what I…”
“What was it then, Cait? Because I can't understand it any other way!” he practically shouted, interrupting me.
“Please Sam, don't do this, I don't know why I said what I said, I don't know what made me delete those messages and not tell you, I've never been jealous like this, I'm so confused, but I know that you fell in love with me not only because of the chemistry we had together, I know because it was the same things that made me fall in love with you! I just ask you to forgive me for what I did, I know that I invaded your privacy and lied to you...can you forgive me?” I wanted more than ever to feel his arms around me, I wanted his reassurance that everything was okay.
He looked at me for a moment before hugging me.
“It's going to be okay..."
But it wouldn't be. I should have paid more attention when his words were not "I forgive you. 
For me this red carpet was the longest ever. As shy as I am, I never minded posing for photographers or giving interviews, this is my job, a way to give back for my recognition. But tonight was not a good day for pictures and smiles, not when the first thing I saw when I got out of the car was her, staring at me with her blue eyes that carried the same pain as mine. Yes, she was suffering, I knew it, and I knew I was the cause, but she had also caused me pain, and not a little.
4 months earlier
“Baby, are you sure you don't want to go?” I asked her one more time.
“Sam, as much as I enjoy watching rugby with you, I don't want to have to spend several hours with a bunch of drunk men who still cheer for my rival team! I don't think that would be good for me or for you!” she laughed.
“You are right! But will you be alone on our day off?”
“No way! Lauren has already organized a girls' day out! We're going to her apartment to drink lots of wine and talk badly about you guys!” she said, showing her tongue and coming to hug me.
“Lucky for me you won't have much to talk about then!”
“Always full of yourself, Heughan!”
“Of course! So, are you sure it's okay for me to spend the whole day off away from you?”
“I already told you it's okay! If you ask me one more time, I'll think there's something wrong with this rugby watching meeting!”
“What could be wrong? I just want to make sure that I'm not breaking our agreement to spend our day off together!” I said more seriously, I had to be sure that she wouldn't think anything was wrong.
“You're free to go! You can relax!” she kissed me before I left.
I went to watch the game at the usual bar, a small and quiet place that we knew there would be no one from the press there to disturb us. It was the same group as always, the same group that had come to LA from Scotland and missed the good old rugby. Cait used to go with me, but today she preferred to stay out, especially since it was a game against Ireland, it really wouldn't be the most pleasant atmosphere for her.
It was almost the end of the game and we had already drunk a lot of beer and whisky, this was the day I had to blow off steam, but I wasn't drunk, I might have been a little tipsy, but I knew very well what was going on around me and it didn't take long for me to identify a voice close to me.
“Sammy! Who thought I would find you here!”
Of course, Hailee was in the bar that was the last place I would ever imagine seeing her. I hadn't seen her since the day of the fateful party, I didn't like to remember the argument I had with Cait afterwards, it was still in my mind as if it were yesterday.
“Hailee! I really didn't expect to see you in this bar!”
“I come here all the time, I know the owner!”
Of course she did, funny that I came almost every week to watch the game and had never seen her before! I was thankful that Cait hadn't come, I couldn't even imagine what would come out of this meeting, even more after Cait had drunk her shots of whisky.
“Very nice to see you here, I apologize if I'm being rude, but I'm going to turn my attention to the game, it's almost over and I can't lose!” I said trying to be as polite as possible.
“Oh sure! I don't understand anything about this and I don't want to get in the way! It was great to see you Sammy!” and kissed me on the cheek.
When she did this, I was sure I heard a click, but my friends didn't let me pay attention to it and pulled me away to watch the game. I saw Hailee walk away smiling and ignored her, I wasn't going to waste my time with her. We ended up extending the game day a little more and I ended up getting home later than I had intended, but I had sent a message to Cait who had told me that she was already home and would sleep.
When I entered, I noticed that the light in our bedroom was on, and I was surprised; she said she was going to sleep, so she decided to wait for me. I smiled and ran to meet her, but when I entered the room, the scene was not what I imagined. Cait was sitting on the bed, with her cell phone in her hand and her eyes in a shade of blue that I already knew what it meant, she was angry, and very angry.
“Now I know why you insisted so much in asking me not to go with you!” she practically screamed.
“Why? I don't understand.”
“Are you sure, Sammy?” she made sure to say my name the same way Hailee did and then I knew what the problem was.
“How did you know she was there?”
“Oh, so I wasn't supposed to know, right?”
“I don't care if you know or not, but how?”
“The picture of you two kissing is everywhere, it would be hard for me not to see it!” she said, throwing me the cell phone.
“What? Kissing? That's impossible!” I picked up the cell phone and saw the picture.
It had been taken when she was saying goodbye, it was just a kiss on the cheek, but the picture was taken from an angle that looked like it was on the mouth, great! All I needed now!
“Cait, I met her there by chance, actually she found me! I had no idea she knew the place and I didn't kiss her, she just said goodbye and gave me a kiss on the cheek, but of course some photographer took advantage of the angle of the photo and they are using it to say there is something more, but there isn't! I said that day that I don't give a damn about her, I never would, I'm with you and I love you, you know that!” I said irritated, haven't we already gone over this? Apparently not!
“So you expect me to believe that she found the bar that almost no one knows about here in Hollywood, and coincidentally on the same day that you are there, and even more coincidentally that a photographer was there to take this picture at the exact moment that she said goodbye to you, without intending to?”
“Yes! I mean, no! Oh, I know how it looks, and if I know Hailee a little bit, she probably found out that I was going to be there, somehow, and dragged a photographer along to do this on purpose, she knows that you are jealous, the same way she knows that I am with you and would never have anything with her, so like a crazy woman she had the brilliant idea to provoke you, causing a fight between us and then have a chance with me!”
“So I'm supposed to believe that it was all her crazy plan and that you were just a victim?”
“Yes! Cait! You know me, I told you that day and I'll tell you again today, this situation has happened to other women and you never cared, Hailee is like any other, I don't care, you know I only have eyes for you! I am getting tired of after almost a decade together, I have to prove that I love you and I would never do anything against you, much less in such a public way! I am not like that and you know it! If you don't believe me, then I guess we're not on the same page in this relationship.” I said throwing her cell phone on the bed and crossing my arms, I was tired, but more than that I was feeling betrayed, how could she suspect me like that? I never gave any reason, not in the beginning of our relationship and much less now!
“Sam, I…” she spoke with her hands on her face, I knew her better than anyone, I knew that she was confused and hurt, but she wasn't the only one.
“After all, do you believe me? Because I think that at this point in our relationship I don't have to prove any more of my love for you, you know that if it were up to me we would have been married already, you were the one who asked me to wait.”
“I believe you, but it is hard, seeing this picture, remembering what I have seen her doing with you before and you not wanting my company today…”
“I didn't want your company today? Are you sure about what you're saying Cait? My God! I insisted several times and YOU said it would be okay for me to go alone, that you would stay with your friends! How am I now the villain of this story? And Hailee never did anything to me! You are seeing things where there are none! I've had enough of this! I've been drinking all day and I don't feel like spending all night in this senseless fight! That's enough! I'm going to sleep in the other room!”
I tried not to look at her, I knew I couldn't stand her sad eyes, but I couldn't stay there, I was angry, hurt and a little drunk, nothing good would come of it.
And nothing good did come of it. Now months later we were in the same place, facing each other. We stared at each other, even though we heard several clicks and flashes, I didn't care, there was nothing else around me but her, would I survive that night without doing anything stupid?
Don't tell me you need me
If you don't believe it
So let me know the truth
Before I dive right into you
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Oh man it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Thanks for tagging me @moonlight-prose!
Nickname: I go by Moose on here but Snache is one I’ve had from family for as long as I can remember. Otherwise I just get lame shortenings of my name a lot 😂
Pronouns: she/her
Star sign: Sagittarius (I never know how to spell that)
Height: 5′7
Time currently: 7:44am it’s coffee time babyyyyy
Birthday: December 20th
Favorite groups/bands: Too many to choose from!!! Pearl Jam, Temple of The Dog, Mad Season, The Frames, CCR, The Band, Steppenwolf, CSNY, The Walkmen, anything with Jack White in it because hes in a lot of great bands, Cream, The Decemberists, Death Cab For Cutie, Fleetwood Mac and many more that I’m missing
Favorite solo artist: Mick Flannery, Hozier, David Keenan, Glen Hansard, Eddie Berman, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Rodríguez, Father John Misty, Laura Marling, Joni Mitchell, Lisa Hannigan, god I know I’m missing so many amazing ones too
Song stuck in my head: Boys in the Better Land - Fontains D.C.
Last movie you watched: Oh god I don’t even know. I was watching snippets of Prospect for my infographic but I think the last one I watched all the way through might have been Unbreakable
Last show you binged: Star Wars Rebels because I’m addicted to Star Wars content apparently 😂
When you created your blog: My original one? I think it was 2015 but I didn’t really use it that much until 2016 and this one was exactly one year ago tomorrow! Spooky timing there!
Last thing I googled: Jaig Eyes
Other blogs: I have a fair few. My main is @just—a—snail, I have an old Pearl Jam fan account called @pearljamstuff which I haven’t been very active on lately, I have a semi-abandoned studyblr @mokastudies that I pop up on every once in a while when I decide I want to attempt being aesthetic™️ and this one for all things Star Wars and Pedro Pascal related
Why I chose my url: I found the idea of Ezra’s sentient arm off voyaging the world and blogging its life story funny so I rolled with it 😂
Do you get asks: Sometimes! And I love them but I’m afraid I’m slipping behind on replies cause I’ve been tangled up in school work and when it gets full (which in my book is anything more than five asks) I get freaked out and avoid it. It has nothing to do with you guys I’m just irrationally afraid of it at the moment
How many people you are following: almost 400 😂 because all of my very random interests in side blogs are connected to one main it’s a little messy and I’ve gotta clean it out cause it’s no longer a representation of my interests
How many followers: 1,200 👀 i don’t understand it either
Average hours of sleep: My cat ensures that I have a very consistent sleep schedule. I’ve gotta be up between 6:30 or 7 otherwise he thinks he’s gonna starve to death. I’d say it’s usually between 6-8 depending on how late I stay up scrollin’
Lucky number: I have no idea but when I thought about it the number 7 just popped up in my head so I’m gonna roll with it
Currently wearing: Sweat pants and a hoodie cause I just rolled out of bed
Dream job: People keep asking me this and I don’t know. Anything in a creative field sounds good to me. I think it would be very groovy to write screenplays though
Dream trip: A road trip around the ring road in Iceland or a tour through Ireland and the UK because I have a lot of friends over there that I miss dearly
Favorite food: Does coffee count? I have no idea, I just generally enjoy most food. Any kind of pie, a good Thai green curry, anything I can top with cilantro and lime—this all sounds simultaneously very vague and specific. The short answer is give me food and I’ll be happy.
Favorite song: I can not for the life of me try to answer this question but at the moment I’m really into a cover of Dear Prudence by Jerry Garcia
Top 3 fictional worlds to live in: I love this question! Star Wars, Prospect, Asgard but not even like the marvel comics one like the crazy one from actual Norse mythology cause shit gets wild in there
Tagging (but hey, no pressure): @ghostlyshadow @kiss-evans @alwaysbethewest @rebelhan @clone-rambles
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Off-Limits: Part 1
Tumblr media
Characters: Tom Holland X Reader Osterfield, Harrison Osterfield
Word Count: 2005
Warning: language, fluff (I think that's it...)
A/n: This is the first of many parts. I want to apologize now, this part is a little on the boring side (well that's what I think) but I needed to set a lot of things up in this in this one. It gets better I promise.
Also Feedback is more than welcome, the good and the bad.
Tumblr Masterlist. Off-Limits Masterlist
Today was a hectic day for you to say the least. You had to make sure everything was set for your move back home tomorrow. You have been living in the states for the last four years. You had left home to pursue dancing. You had gotten into Juilliard. It was something that you had dreamed of since you were a little girl. Your mother had signed you up for dance when you were about 4 and you just never took off your ballet slippers. When you had gotten accepted, you were in shock. Only 7% of applicants are actually accepted. With the support of your amazing family, you were able to follow that dream. You had left home at 17, now here you are 21 and a Juilliard graduate.
“Hey Y/n!”
“Harrison, how are you?
“I’m good, Are you ready for tomorrow?”
“Well since you called me in the middle of me packing, I’m going to say no, I’m not ready at all Haz.”
You were so excited to hear from him. It felt like you haven’t talked to him in ages. When in reality you talked to him almost every day. You were looking forward to seeing him tomorrow. It has been hard on you not being able to see him. You guys were super close before you left. Which made you try that much harder to keep in touch with him. There were nights where you were up extremely late, because of rehearsals, and you still wanted to talk to him. So, you would call, and every time without fail, he would pick up. Some nights you guys would just sit on facetime and not actually be talking. You have fallen asleep on the phone with him many times, but you wouldn’t change those moments for anything.
“Well maybe you should have started earlier.” The sass coming from him made you chuckle.
“I started three days ago. I just get sidetracked easily remember.”
“With what? Have you collected that much stuff in the last four years?”
“No, it’s just I have tons of photos and things that bring up memories. Mostly it’s the stuff that I brought with me that keeps distracting me.”
“Oh well, soon you will be back home, and you won’t have to look at my adorable face through photos anymore.”
“Bold of you to assume that they are all of you.”
“Well who else would they be of?”
“Hold on.”
You switched to facetime. After Haz popped up on your screen you propped up your phone on the table. You walked over to one of your bags and pulled out a box. Bringing it over to the table before opening it. The first photo was of you and Harrison. You were about 6 and he was 5. You had your hand on your hip, you were also kind of glaring at Haz because he was making fun of you for being shorter than him.
“I know this one has you in it, but I absolutely love it. Do you remember when mum took us to that studio to have professional photos taken?” You flipped the photo around for him to see.
“Yeah, I looked good in those photos.”
“Haz, I’m in those photos too.”
“Sorry, my eyes went straight to me.” He gave you a little smile.
“Of course, they did.” You picked up the next one. “This one is of me and my favorite Holland boy.”
You showed him a photo of you and Paddy. It was from the day before you were leaving for New York. He was super upset that you were leaving. He was hugging you and didn’t want to let you go. You asked him if he had a photo of the two of you, would it help him. He of course said yes. So, you pulled your phone out and took a photo. Later you had two of them printed, and you gave one to him and kept one for yourself.
“Aww Paddy. Okay I will give you that one. He’s my favorite too. Next one.”
“You do realize that this isn’t helping me get any packing done.”
“I know but would you rather be doing this or packing?”
“You got me there. Moving on, this one is of Tom and I.”
You show him the photo. Tom had picked you up and had you hanging off his shoulder. You were laughing pretty hard at his sudden movement. You remember being too far back, you thought that he was going to drop you. So, you had wrapped one of your arms around his waist to make sure you had an anchor if you slipped out of his hands.
“If I remember correctly, I took that photo.”
“Okay, I am so done with you.”
“No, wait what else do you have in that box?”
“Umm, a bunch of little things. Like movie stubs, a small notebook that has drawings, concert tickets, some old jewelry that is too small for me now, my first pair of ballet shoes, some cards, figurines and a few other things.”
“Wow, I didn’t know you were so sentimental.”
“Well I am. This box is basically my life. Everything in here has a memory or a feeling attached to it. Whether it was mine, someone gave it to me or even just one of the photos. I would be absolutely devastated if something happened to it”
“That’s a lot of pressure to put on a box Y/n.” This caused both of you to chuckle, you could tell he was trying to lighten the mood.
“I guess it is, but it is literally my world in a box.”
You started hearing talking in the background. Harrison looked off to the side and started talking.
“Oh, sorry mate I didn’t realize you were on a call.”
“It’s okay, she won’t mind.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah.” Harrison turned his phone slightly to the side so that half of his face was still on screen. The other half was to dark to make out a face. You started looking around at how much you had left to do.
“Y/n?” The voice sounded familiar, but you looked around for a few more seconds.
“Yeah. Hey Haz, I think I should…” When you finally looked back Tom’s face was next to your brothers. “TOM!!”
“Hey! How are you?” He seemed genuinely excited to see you.
“I’m doing alright. I have a lot of packing to finish up in the next few hours though. How are you?”
“I’m good. I’m on holiday right now. I must go back to work in a few months. So, I’m enjoying the time I have at home.”
“That’s great. Soon you will be back to saving people around the neighborhood, right Spiderboy.”
“Oh, now that hurts. It’s Spider-Man Darling.” He put his hand on his heart like you had really offended him.
“Umm… I like Spider-Boy better.” You had a cheeky grin on your face.
“Wow… I didn’t realize how much of an accent you had gotten from being over there.”
“I don’t have an accent.”
“Yes, you do. It would be weird if you didn’t though. You have been there for four years.”
“I personally don’t think I have an accent, but I guess I can’t really hear it while I’m speaking.”
Harrison was just looking between the two of you. He didn’t like the fact that you were flirting with each other, but he didn’t say anything. They have been friends just as long as he and Tom have. He decided to let the two of you talk for a little bit longer.
“I would love to keep talking but I really do have a lot of things left to pack.”
“That’s okay, I will see you when you get back.”
“Bye Y/n. See you tomorrow. Love you.”
“Bye Haz, love you too. Bye Tom.”
-The Boys-
Harrison ended the call he looked over at Tom, who was looking at his phone with a large grin on his face. Tom quickly noticed that Harrison was looking at him, and his facial expression changed.
“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Tom had a confused look on his face.
“It’s not nothing, what’s wrong man?”
“I’m fine.”
“I have known you long enough to know when something is wrong. So, let’s just skip this and tell me what’s wrong.”
“Nothing’s wrong.” He paused for a few seconds. “How long have you liked Y/n?”
“What?! I don’t, we are just friends.”
“Then why are you flirting with her?”
“I wasn’t. Like I said we are just friends.”
Harrison got up and started walking to the door to leave. “Let’s keep it that way Tom.”
-Back to Y/n-
After the call ended you got back to work. You were able to get the rest of your things packed with little to no distractions. Once that was all done you started on the cleaning. You also made sure to lay out everything on the counter that you would need for the morning. After going through your mental check list, you packed it all into your backpack.
Once everything was done, you looked around the empty apartment. Thinking about all the memories that you have made here. You were going to miss it, but you couldn’t wait to go home.
You remembered back to when Tom and Harrison were in New York. You had been able to see Tom in action. Harrison brought you to set a couple of times while Tom was filming. You had an awesome time seeing how all the things on set work. How even though there are a million different moving parts, they worked like a well-oiled machine. You were also able to meet a few of the cast members while you were there.
In return, you had taken Harrison and Tom with you to a few rehearsals and then your final showcase. You know that it wasn’t as exciting as watching a Marvel movie being made but you wanted to show the guys what you had been doing. They were excited to go with you. After the showcase you had found them, they were telling you how awesome you had done. They also told you how proud of you they were. Tom had gotten you a bouquet of flowers, which was another thing you had in your box. You had taken a couple of the flowers and pressed them until they dried. Then you sealed them so that they would stay like that forever.
The next day, you were up early enough that it didn’t seem like you had gotten any sleep. You packed your rental car with all your bags before going to return your keys to the landlord. Then you were off to the airport. After the car was returned, bags were checked and you were on the plane, you finally felt like you could relax. You had a 7-hour flight ahead of you. You had plenty of things to distract you for that time. You would be getting to London around 20:00 (8pm) Due to the time change.
Once you landed, you had to get a trolley for your luggage. Your Mother had dropped off a car for you. Thankfully she had given you a spare key before leaving. You packed the car and drove home. You had so much anxiety built up from the last few days. Now as you were getting closer, you could start to feel all of it melting away.
You pulled the car up in front of your childhood home. You decide to sit there for a few moments. You couldn’t believe after all this time you were finally home. You loved America, but nothing can compare to being back in London. You took a deep breath before getting out of the car. You decided to unload all your bags and carry them up the stairs to the door. After you had everything there, you were finally ready to opened the door.
Off-Limits Tags:
@aidinniram @houseofflufff @justafangirlduh​ @shrutipatel08 
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imagines-r-s · 2 months ago
sticking it - j. farabee
chapter 6
a/n: now you’ll all see why i said be excited for ch. 6 lmao. (also, with ch. 5 not showing up in the tags for a minute, some might not have seen it, so i’ll link it here) but anyways, this chapter was difficult to write bc i’m not used to writing anything but angst lmao. and huge shoutout to my baby gracie for helping me out with this chapter. please enjoy and i’d love to hear feedback
also, like i told an anon, this is in memory of bee’s hair :((  (he still looks good with the new hair, don’t get me wrong)
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warnings: (2) your mom jokes, jealous!joel?, once again simp nation for the both of them, swearing (it’s a problem ngl), idiocy 
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Tumblr media
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When you told Marcus and Michelle that you had to be out for a month, they advised you to only come to the gym three times a week for two hours for the first two weeks and you’d figure out a plan for the two weeks after, that way you could take a much needed break out of the gym. The thing stressing you out the most was gym and they obviously realized it, so they were hopeful it would give you a chance to breathe. 
You planned to go to the gym Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays from 6-8am and then you would spend the rest of your day at home doing whatever you needed to do that day. The first Monday you spent those two hours doing ab workouts and helping the other girls around the gym, then you went home and stayed in your room for the rest of the day. You put your phone on do not disturb, so no one heard from you, which caused Kevin to come to your apartment to make sure you were okay. 
Tuesday played out the exact same way, early practice, then going home and staying in bed, and Kevin coming to make sure you were alright. Kevin even invited you to come out with him and some of the boys, which you politely declined saying they should have their time together. Wednesday, you simply stayed in bed, choosing to actually keep your phone on today, you were just tired and felt drained from everything going on right now that you couldn’t really muster up the energy to talk to anyone. 
Wednesday night, as you were rewatching Marvel movies, your phone started ringing with a call from Ryanne. Quickly answering it, “hey Ry.”
“Hey babes, how’re you doing?”
“I’ve been better, I’ve also been worse, so.”
“Me and Claude were wondering if you’d want to come over and hang out with us and Gav for some of the day, we’ll provide food and such, but we miss you, babe. So, we figured we’d ask while you have a chance.” 
In reality, Ryanne had heard from Claude that you wouldn’t be able to do extensive training for at least a month. She might not have known much about gymnastics, but she knew you well enough to know that you were always constantly training - she was well aware that if that ever got taken from Claude that he would be devastated if he was out for that long and with two weeks to prepare for a big game.
She had checked in to see how you were with Kevin one day after practice and when he mentioned everything that was going on, she was worried about you. She knew that she likely wouldn’t be able to help much, but she did know that there was one part of the equation she could help. Knowing that she already had a plan to have a send off party before the boys went on a roadie and also knowing that everyone on the team would be there, she somehow conveniently planned to invite you over a few hours before it started. 
“Oh, yeah, I’d love to, honestly. What time do you want me over?”
“Anytime after three is fine. I’ll see you then, hun. Oh, and wear something cute.”
“Why exactly?”
“Just do it,” Ryanne said, not having time to think of an excuse, “bye.”
As you were about to say something else, the ring that told you she had hung up rang out. 
Joel wasn’t doing as good as he wanted to be recently and with an upcoming roadie, he knew he needed to spend more time on the ice before the game. Having asked a few of the guys to work with him during an unscheduled morning skate, he was able to work on what he needed to. 
“Wait, so she’s out how long?” Joel overheard Travis ask Kevin as he made his way into the locker room. 
“Like four weeks, but two weeks with the brace and basically no training, then two weeks with athletic tape on her knee and no hard landings. But she’ll only have two weeks before Championships, so she's not feeling too great about it. Plus, she has to use her brace and crutches again and she didn’t enjoy that the first time,” Kevin replied. 
“Is she going to be okay?” Joel hadn’t meant to ask his question aloud, but as soon as Kevin heard his voice a smile grew on his face. 
“Yeah, Lover Boy, she’ll be fine. She hasn’t really been up to do anything recently, but other than that I think she’ll be okay. She has to use her crutches again, which is honestly very entertaining,” Kevin stated before turning to leave the locker room, turning right as he got to the doorway, “random question, are you planning on going to G’s for the send off party tomorrow night?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Just wondering,” and with that Kevin was gone, leaving a confused Joel behind. 
Kevin knew that you had a lot on your plate right now and that you wouldn’t want to go to anyone about your problems. He also knew that the both you and Joel, were simply too stubborn to fix the problem going on between you on your own, hence why he had mentioned something to Ryanne. He knew that Ryanne would jump at the chance to be able to help you feel better and as soon as she mentioned the party set-up idea, he was in. The plan was then mentioned to most of the team, knowing that the help of many was needed in order to help the two idiots. 
After sending Kevin a quick text that you were leaving, you left your apartment and made your way to Ryanne and Claude’s house. Gently knocking on the door, you smiled when Ryanne opened the door, “awe, babe, I’m so happy you’re here, I missed you so much.”
“I missed you, too. Not to be rude, but where is the tiny human?” you asked, looking past Ryanne to see Gavin walking towards you, “hi, bub. Oh my god, you’re getting so big.” 
“Well if you came around more often, you’d get to see him more,” Ryanne mumbled, watching you play with the boy in front of you. 
“I heard that,” you said, in a sing-song voice.
“You were supposed to,” she replied, mocking your tone, “anyways, Claude is on his way back from the store, so he’ll be here soon, but I haven’t talked to you in forever, how’s everything? How’s gym?”
“Oh, well. I’ve been better, this last meet definitely wasn’t all that great and not being able to train doesn’t really help my case either, but I’m making the most of it,” you said, shrugging. 
“And you’re actually having to listen to Adrian this time around?” she said, pointedly, causing you to chuckle. 
“Yeah, I have to actually listen to Adrian this time,” you smiled, “I hate that I have to actually wear my knee brace, though. And I have to use crutches. Can you believe that?”
“Considering it’s you, I’m more shocked that you’re actually using them.” 
“Ry, shh, let’s not call me out too much today,” you replied. 
It wasn’t too long before you heard the front door open, Claude walking in a few seconds later, “awe, it’s my favorite babysitter. Come on, babe, let’s leave while we can.”
“Haha, I almost forgot how funny you are, G,” you said, sarcastically. 
“I’m sure, I’m sure. You know what would be nice though?”
“Helping me put the groceries up,” he said, smiling sweetly causing you to groan. 
“Are chores and babysitting all I’m good for to you?”
“Well,” he looked up to the ceiling, as if he were thinking for another answer,”hm, nothing comes to mind, y/n/n.”
“Oh, that was mean,” Ryanne said, playfully elbowing Claude. 
“She’ll never babysit again if we’re mean to her,” Ryanne smirked. 
“Oh, wow, I see how it is, don’t worry,” you said, the three of you laughing. 
As the three of you were setting out groceries - you mostly sitting on the kitchen island, taking things out of the bag - the three of you caught up. Claude talking about his hopes for these next few games, Ryanne talking about how Gavin was doing - not missing the few times Gav ran through the kitchen -, and you talking about whatever you could. 
“Ok, so we haven’t brought this up yet, but I was just wondering if you had any idea what’s going on with Beezer? I know you guys had gotten closer recently and he’s just not himself, so I’m asking if you know anything,” Claude asked, closing the fridge before turning back to you. Both him and Ryanne had a pretty good idea of what happened, but if they were missing something, they wanted to know. 
“Oh, um, well, about that one,” you sighed, gathering your thoughts, “me and him kinda haven’t talked since I told him I only wanted to be friends.” 
“Ok, but from the looks of it, it looked like both of you wanted to be more than friends?” 
“Yeah, but, there’s a lot more to it, you know.”
“No, actually, I’m a tad bit lost, y/n/n.”
“Look, I can’t have any distractions right now and I was worried about it affecting gymnastics, so I told him I only want to be friends.”
“That’s dumb,” Claude replied, quickly.
“Thank you, many people have mentioned that.”
“He has no place to talk in a situation like this,” Ryanne finally spoke up, causing you to look between the pair confused, “when his life was just hockey, hockey, and hockey, nothing could fill those spots. So, when our relationship was first starting he did the same thing to me that you’re doing to Bee.”
“This was supposed to be a philosophical moment and you messed it up,” Claude replied. 
“I didn’t mess it up, you’re just mad because you basically called yourself dumb. But pushing him away isn’t a smart option and it just hurts both of you in the process,” Ryanne said before walking back to where Gavin was. 
“Look, I know you said you didn’t want distractions, but this seems to be having a worse effect on you than you hoped. From the looks of it, when you started pushing him away, it affected your performance. Just pointing that out for you.”
“Yeah, I know. You didn’t have to point it out, you know.”
“Yeah, but you would have continued to ignore the obvious fact that you were just scared of a relationship in general,” he shrugged.
“I don’t even know how to talk to him about it or at least how to start the conversation.”
“Well, lucky for you,” he looked down to check his watch, “the guys are all coming over in like 10 minutes, so you’ll see him then.”
“Yeah, it’s a send off party for the roadie this weekend, why do you think we got so many groceries?” and with that he left you in the kitchen by yourself. 
Joel sat in the backseat of Kevin’s car, Nolan in the passenger seat, as they made their way to G’s house. By the time they got there, most of the guys had already gotten there, seeing a few familiar cars in the driveway, but one stood out in particular. He knew that it was yours from some of the times he had seen you driving, “what’s y/n/n doing here?”
Nolan and Kevin both chuckled at that, “she came over here earlier to watch Gavin, I think,” Kevin said. 
“Oh, cool,” Joel replied, attempting to sound nonchalant as possible 
“Don’t try to act like you’re not freaking out. You aren’t slick, dude,” Nolan added, shaking his head, “you two better talk, too. Because everyone is tired of the two of you being idiots and not talking shit out.” 
“We’re not idiots.”
“You are,” the other two said in unison. Joel didn’t try to argue as he followed the pair inside their captain’s house. 
As soon as he entered the house, he took note that almost all the team was here, most of the team was outside, but he immediately found you sitting on one of the barstools with Gavin sitting on your lap as you talked with Ryanne. “Go talk to her,” Nolan whispered, causing him to jump. 
“God, Pat. What the fuck?” Joel said turning around. 
“I said what I said. You’ll have to talk at some point, might as well just do it. Plus, she’s on crutches, so like, if she wants to run away it will take her a while.”
“Um, that’s- I mean, that’s valid, but-”
“At some point today, you should talk to her. I obviously can’t make you and it’s up to you, but I think it would help fix things,” Nolan said, shrugging.
“Yeah, I know, I know. I plan on it.” 
You and Ryanne had stayed inside with Gav since the boys were grilling outside, so when Nolan, Kevin, and Joel walked in, you were one of the first people to notice. Kevin made his way over to you almost as soon as he came in, “so, you enjoying the party?”
“Considering I didn’t know it was happening, sure I’m having a great time, Kev.”
“Well, I guess it’s a surprise party then,” you quickly shot him a glare, “surprise.” 
As you heard the back door open, you looked up to see Joel already looking at you, shooting you a quick smile as he followed his teammate to go outside. “I swear, if all you guys do tonight is spare glances at each other and don’t talk, I’m going to lose it,” Ryanne said from beside you. 
“I think everyone will, to be honest,” Kevin added, “well, I’m going outside. If you need any help, just let me know.” 
The boys had a few different plans in place to get the two of you to talk; conveniently sending Joel in to help while you were inside, telling Joel to go help out inside, asking Joel to get Gavin, and as a last resort, make Joel jealous. 
When everyone had been done eating, Claude asked some of the younger guys to help him clean up and bring out the cooler with drinks that was still inside. Joel had somehow conveniently avoided going inside while helping and when he did, he went straight to the kitchen and right back out. He wasn’t wanting to avoid you all night, but he didn’t know what to do. Shortly after, Claude had asked Joel to go in and get Gavin, somehow right as you had left Gavin with Ryanne, which also ruined that plan. 
Ryanne knew that it would be suspicious if they kept trying those same plans. So instead, she basically forced you to go outside with her. She helped you get outside, Kevin shooting up from his chair to help you get down the stairs of the deck, “you don’t have to help me out, Kev.”
“Knowing you, you would trip and break something. You’re already hurt enough,” he said, causing you to roll your eyes. As Kevin looked up, he didn’t miss the way Joel lit up as he saw you, “hey, your boy is looking over here.”
Looking up, your eyes once again met his, to which you sent him a light smile, “yeah, he’s been watching me since I stepped out here.”
“y/n/n, you would only know that if you were looking at him, too.”
“Yeah, I never said that I wasn’t though.” 
“You know, it’s obvious the two of you aren’t mad at each other or anything like that. So, why the fuck haven’t you talked yet?”
“Oh, um. Words are hard,” you said, walking away towards Travis and Nolan on your crutches. 
“You’re literally on crutches, you aren’t moving that fast.”
“You know who else isn’t moving that fast?”
“y/n. I swear, if this is another your-”
“Your mom,” you yelled back to him. 
“What is up with you and making your mom jokes?” Nolan asked as you got closer to them. 
“They’re funny?” 
“y/n/n just has the sense of humor of a middle school boy, that’s why her and Beezer got along so well,” Travis added, helping you move your crutches so you could sit down at the table they were at, “how are the crutches?”
“How’s your mom?” you laughed, causing the two of them to groan, “nah, they’re not fun. In any way shape or form.”
As you were talking to Nolan and Teeks, Kevin and Ryanne realized that none of the plans they had tried were working. Both of them knew that the only plan that would probably work was to make Joel jealous, so Kevin texted Carter, Morgan, Nolan, and Teeks to let them know that was the plan that they were going with. 
“y/n looks really good today,” Carter said, causing Joel to spit out his drink. 
“Better watch yourself, Hartsy,” Joel replied, shooting a glare towards his friend. 
“I was just being honest, she really does. There’s nothing going on between you guys anymore, right?” Carter watched as Joel visibly tensed at the mention of what was happening between the two of you, knowing that the plan was working he continued, “I mean, if nothings going on between you two, then she’s single, right?”
“Well, I mean-” Joel stuttered out, “we haven’t talked in a while, but that doesn’t mean-”
“I’ll be right back, okay?” Carter said, making his way over to the table you were at, causing Nolan and TK to chuckle as they saw Joel’s face drop, “hey, y/n/n.”
“Hey, Hartsy, it’s been a minute. How is everything?” you smiled. You kept talking to the group around you for a while, not noticing the way Joel was becoming visibly angry. He didn’t want to seem jealous, but he assumed that Carter had been flirting with you this whole time, so he made the executive decision to talk to you now. 
Since your back was facing him, you didn’t see him coming, but the three boys around you did, only trying to hide their smiles since the plan was actually working. “Hey y/n, can we talk?” he asked. 
You turned around to finally face the boy you had been avoiding, “yeah, hold on a sec.” As you continued some of your conversation, Joel was getting more and more irritated, mostly because Carter was sending looks his way that he couldn’t exactly read. Joel, being the impatient person he was, pulled the chair you were sitting at away from the table, pulling you up to stand before lifting you up over his shoulder, “Bee, what the fuck?”
He simply ignored you as he carried you up the stairs and back inside his captain’s house. You tried pushing yourself off as he made his way up the stairs, but it was deemed useless when he just tightened his grip, “Farabee, I swear to god. I will hurt you.”
Eventually, he opened the door to the guest bathroom and gently set you down on the counter before locking the door, “what the fuck was that for? If you want to talk, you could have just waited a second. But no, you had to be all dramatic about it,” you said, rolling your eyes. 
“Are you done?” Joel asked, crossing his arms and leaning back against the door.  
“I mean, yeah. Are you?” 
“Yeah, but I’m tired of us ignoring each other and I miss you, so we need to figure stuff out.”
“Awe, you miss me? That’s cute,” you smiled. 
“y/n/n, I swear, now is not the time for that one.”
“Ok, sorry. I’ll be serious now,” you said, crossing your arms to mock him. 
“I just want to know what happened at the lake?” 
“Oh, we’re going straight to the point, alright,” you sighed, “look, what I said at the lake wasn’t true. I got this idea in my head that if you were in my life, you were a distraction from what I wanted.”
“How’d that work out for you?” he said, smirking. 
“Oh, no, see that’s what we’re not going to do. No need for the attitude. Anyways, I had this idea that if anything happened between us, that I would mess it up and it would mess everything in my life up. So, pushing you away was the safest option.”
Joel took a moment to gather his thoughts before pushing himself off the door and made his way closer to you, ending up standing between your legs with his hands on either side of you, “look, I’m saying this and I mean it. I understand where you’re coming from with the fear of distractions thing, but I want you to know that I would never intentionally keep you from your goals and dreams. I’m just extra support, you know.”
“Yeah, I realized that after you ran from the lake house. We could have had this figured out by now, if you had stayed,” you said, sarcastically. Rolling your eyes for added dramatic effect. 
“Oh, shut up. You have no place to talk, babe,” he said, smiling when he heard you giggle, “what was that for?”
“I kinda missed you calling me babe, I guess. Kinda crazy, dude.”
“Awe, so you did miss me?”
“I never said I didn’t,” you said, quietly reaching up to wrap your arms around his neck. You saw the way that his eyes went from your eyes to your lips, “I also missed this,” and with that you pulled him closer until your lips met in a long awaited kiss. 
As the two of you broke away, your foreheads were still together, “hey, Bee?”
“You know who else I missed? Your mom,” you laughed. 
“Way to ruin the moment, babe,” he smiled, “That was funny though, so I respect it.”
“Dude, I’m so funny sometimes.”
“Looks aren’t everything, babe,” he said, laughing at the gasp you responded with. 
“Oh, that was rude. I’ll get you back one day though,” you watched as he went to leave the bathroom, “hey, Bee. I’m not supposed to walk without crutches, hate to break it to you.”
Rolling his eyes, he made his way back to you, turning around right in front of you, “here.” You leaned a little bit forward, wrapping your arms around his neck once again as he readjusted his grip on the back of your legs, so he could give you a piggyback ride on the way back outside. 
“You know, they didn’t tell me there was a party,” you spoke as he made his way back towards the door. 
“Oh, they said it was teammates only and then I saw your car,” he replied, pausing a moment as the two of you realized what had happened at the same time, “so, this was-”
“And Hartsy saying he was going to ask you out was part of it?”
“Hartsy said he was going to do that,” you started cackling. “Wait, were you jealous of him?” you asked laughing even harder. 
“It’s not funny.”
“Oh, yeah. I know, it’s hilarious.” 
“I will drop you right now,” he said, as he opened the door for outside, “and you’ll stuck right here, Ms. ‘I can’t walk down stairs right now’.”
“That’s a low blow,” you said, as the two of you made your way back to the table you were at. 
“Oops, sorry, babe,” he set you down close to your chair, but sat down before you could.
“Oh, so now you steal my chair, too?”
“Oh, shut up, you’re fine,” he said, pulling you to sit in his lap, “there you go.”
“So, I see the two of you made up?” Nolan asked, pointing at the two of you. 
“We also made out, in case you were wondering,” Joel replied, earning an elbow to the stomach, “ow, that hurt.”
“Sucks to suck, babe,” you replied, causing the smile on his face to grow even more. 
When Kevin and Ryanne watched the two of you walk back outside, they were happy to see that the plan worked. Ryanne simply laughed and shook her head as she heard the exchange between the two of you, “they are so in love and I don’t even think they realize it.”
“Ryanne, that is a big word, that I’m not prepared for. So, please, let’s not do that today,” Kevin replied, earning a laugh from Ryanne, “they’re happy though, that’s all that matters to me.”
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Question For Your Guardian:
Made by @fem-birb-woman.
(Skipped one or two btw)
1.) What is your guardian’s name? What does it mean? What inspired you to choose that name for them? Thera is my Guardians name. It means untamed. What’s funny is, I didn’t plan this out. I didn’t know what the name meant, I just picked it out because it seemed fitting. Then when I began writing for my Guardian, I searched up what the name meant.
2.) What did your guardian name their ghost? What does it mean? What inspired them to choose that name? Thera named her Ghost Scout. If searched up, it will probably say it means ‘to listen’. Thera chose this name because Scout was always looking out for her, listening to her whenever she needed to rant, and he was a great scout on missions.
3.) What is your guardians favorite weapon of choice? What mod do they use for it? Do they have a masterwork on it and if so, how many enemies have they killed with that weapon? Riskrunner is the gun she always has on her on missions.
4.) Do they participate in the Crucible often or do they just go to complete the daily challenges? Thera definitely goes out to the Crucible whenever she gets the chance so for practice and as a workout, with or without the daily challenges. 
5.) If your guardian had to choose to be another class, what class would they pick? Or would they stay the same? She would pick warlock because she thinks their neat, but she would only choose this if she had to. She’s quite happy being a hunter.
6.) What is their favorite subclass within their own class? Gunslinger.
7.) What is their favorite subclass in a different class? Voidwalker.
8.) Would they rather receive a titan kiss ( a hard ass headbutt that mostly results in death ), asking a warlock a question that might result in a long explanation, or deciding to play the knife game with hunter and bet at high stakes? Thera would play the knife game with a fellow hunter, because she’s already really good at that game. She knows she’d win.
9.) Would they prank other guardians or just their close friends? What kind of pranks would they pull? Only her close friends. And it would probably be pranks that are like putting clear foil all on the doorway, or the “Come and get ya’ll’s juice” vine kind of stuff.
10.) Which vanguard memeber to they like to hang out with the most? She used to hang out with Cayde the most, but now Ikora is the one she hangs out with the most.
12.) What kind of hobbies do they do in their free time? Are there any particular skills they have that help them with this hobby(s)? Thera likes to cook and bake (mostly bake) in her free time.
13.) What is their favorite armor set and what shader do they use for it?  The luxe universal ornaments are what she’s always wearing, and she’s always changing up the shader.
14.) Do they prefer silence or are they unbothered in loud areas? Thera likes silence way better.
15.) Are they afraid of storms? If so, is there a specific reason why? Not really. Sometimes she will jump at a really loud boom of thunder, but other than that, she actually quite enjoys them a little bit (as long as she’s not out on a mission going through the rain).
17.) How close are your guardian and their ghost? If they are not close, would your guardian kill their ghost and choose to answer the darkness’ calls? Thera and Scout are really close. Scout had been there with her through it all. The death of her fireteam, all the battles she’s faced, the Red War, Eramis, and the meeting of new friends and finally coming out of her shell.
18.) Would your guardian engage in a romantic relationship with Fallen, Cabal, Hive, etc? If so, what do they find attractive about the species? No, she wouldn’t. She would be friends with Fallen, but that’s the closest relationship any species besides exo, human, or awoken is going to get.
20.) Does your guardian like plants? If so, what kinds? Do they prefer flowers or trees or shrubs? Would they start a garden? Thera does like plants, and really likes any kind of flower. Though the only plant she had in her room is a single, small, aloe plant. She would never even think about starting a garden, because she could never take care of a bunch of plants.
21.) If your guardian became obsessed with something, what would it be? Movies like MARVEL and Star Wars. Oh wait, she’s already obsessed with that.
22.) Do they like reading books or watching movies or both? What genres are their favorites? Does their fireteam have the same taste? She likes both. She likes fantasy, and secretly likes a bit of romance books. As for movies, she likes fantasy and any kind of action movie.
23.) What kind of music do they like? Do they dance around anybody in any situation or in the privacy of their quarters? What would their favorite song from the Golden Age be? Thera loves classic rock. She doesn’t dance too much whether in public or in privacy, not because she’s shy, but because she simply doesn’t want to. But she’s actually good at dancing, and if you challenge her to a dance battle, you will lose.
24.) What does their living space look like? Are there a bunch of pictures around or do Knick knacks cover the shelves? Do they enjoy bright, neutral, or dark colors? Would they purchase a fur rug? Thera’s room in bigger than the rooms they give other Guardians in the Tower. She has a big bookshelf filled with knick knacks, and she enjoys a darker color scheme. She also would purchase a fur rug.
25.) Do they travel around the city often? If so, what are their favorite places to go and who do they go with? Are the civilians ever excited to see them or do they give them a look because of precious mishaps that resulted in property damage? Thera doesn’t go around the city too often, though sometimes she will join her friend Ann, and Shaxx, when they go to play dodgeball with the kids. The kids and other citizens like seeing her around.
26.) Are they good with kids? If not, how do they react when a child tries to talk to them? If they are good with kids, what kind of things do they do to entertain them? She thinks she isn’t, and says she isn’t, but kids actually love her. When around kids, Thera tells them stories. 
27.) Are they in love with Shaxx? Not in love, just friends.
28.) When your guardian sleeps, are they stiff and stay in one spot or wild and kick off the sheets? Do they have nightmares often and if so, about what? How often do they sleep? Thera usually wakes up with the blankets all messed up, so she assumes she kicks her feet or something in her sleep. She has nightmares a lot more often now, with everything that’s going on. Usually these nightmares are about what if another war with the Cabal happens, or ones about her former fireteam haunting her, or her loosing those closest to her. And Thera sleeps nearly every night, though getting the full eight hours is another story.
29.) Do they enjoy coffee, tea, soda, or water? Would they mix all of these together and drink the liquid on a dare? She enjoys all of the above, though she likes her tea iced and sweet, not hot. And yes, she would mix all of these and drink it.
30.) What about their personality attracts other guardians to them? What is it about other guardians that attracts your guardian to them? It’s really the fact that she’s a hero that attracts anyone, but that’s not personality. Really, fellow Guardians didn’t talk to her a lot because she didn’t show much of her personality, but now she’s slowly coming out of her shell. I would say, that her risk taking is something that a lot of Guardians, especially hunters, like about her. And as for what attracts Thera to other Guardians, it’s their humor, their risk taking, and also what their attitude is like.
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Highlights From The #FalconAndTheWinterSoldier Press Conference
“This is the second one coming out on disney plus, it was the first one that got started. It ended up working out very well, it was meant to prove to everyone that just because a show is on TV it will not be as big as it can be on TV. The first episode really starts off w/ a bang.”
"It was an opportunity to really go deep, we really learn how these characters are." - Kevin Feige
“I approached it like a film, this is a 6 hour film. We did a lot of looking at shows that was in our paradigm. We have a buddy cop relationship really going. I look to other shows that have influences me. I looked at Midnight Cowboy but it will be uniquely signature to Marvel.”
“The buddy cop- genre for the show what we love about them. The show will showcase the range, it can be gritty and funny, in-between. It allows Bucky and Sam to do their thing but it also allows us to touch upon much larger issues.”
"Sam Wilson has always evolved in the Marvel of the comic books and now he will evolve in the cinematic universe. Everyone will see the new and improved Sam Wilson." - Anthony Mackie
10 years with Bucky Barnes has allowed me to grow and evolve with the character and with myself. We hone in on his sense of humor and getting therapy. We will marry the two: mental health and humor. He's now on a quest of identity, reeducating himself about the world he is now in.” - Sebastian Stan
"The great thing about the show is you can't find 2 people further opposite than Bucky and Sam but there is a mutual respect & understanding. We learn and teach each other a great deal. We are friends and that's not a term we use lightly. We allow ourselves to be our best selves."
"It's about the tone, we are trying to make sure this comes across as real & we tackle very real issues. I turn to Anthony for guidance for that" - Sebastian Stan
"The idea of Sam Wilson and the evolution of the Falcon diving into his family, his issues and the complications he faces, we have to introduce these characters to the audience. It's always great to learn more and give more about your character." - Anthony Mackie
"As everyone knows PTSD is not something that goes away. It's something we have to learn with and grow better with and deal with. PTSD will ground these characters and cause them to come together." - Sebastian Stan
"We really did approach the show like we did the movies, if we have a season 2 with #WandaVision they will go back and forth between Disney+ and theatrical." Different characters can show up in any format." - Kevin Feige
“It the pain & the idea of not being able to go on these mission & to not be able to be with his friends, you don't want to see Steve Rogers/Captain America go away. That's why he says the shield feels like someone's else because he was a fan like everyone else. Sam is just a guy.”
“I've been calling the movies the snack & this is the meal. We are able to dive into each character with the TV show. The movies are immersed in a world saving event but on a series you're able 2 get inside the lives of our characters. I love the space of being able to world build.”
“Sam and Bucky's love-hate bromance has not changed, it's gone into a further divide. Steve is missing and they deal with the consequences of that, but they are in a similar place in terms of the questions they're asking." - Sebastian Stan
"I don't look at what people want vs want people need" However there are moments that turn into a new people expecting a certain engineer in WandaVision" - Kevin Feige
What cameos can we expect? "No more surprises." - Kevin Feige "You can expect many surprises." - Anthony Mackie
“The great thing about what we were able to do with nothing was water-down in the stunts because of that the stunts are amazing. There's more physical and hand-to-hand combat,. We utilize our natural strengths. We did a lot of stunt training and some of the stuff you see is us.”
"We are working on 10+ series and this is what excited us about Disney+" - Kevin Feige
"We started with this story & we had to react to what's happening in the world but we were able to proceed as normal. As the world was changing, we were able to sharpen our focus on the show. It didn't change anything, it helped us focus. I'm so thrilled #WandaVision did so well. “
“Tony Stark dealt with his PTSD. This [show] will ground us in the emotions of our characters. There has been A LOT of trauma for our characters over the years. We think about what if we were these character, mentally there would be horrific elements/consequences.”
Sebastian Stan wants to work with "Knight Moon (lol). I heard that story and it's going to be amazing.” Anthony Mackie wants to "spend some time in Blade world. They were shooting Spider-Man in Harlem on 125th street and I was a HUGE Tobey Maguire fan."
"The characters of Bucky and Sam are essential to the MCU and whatever they go through WILL have an impact on the MCU. It is hard to navigate every fan theory that will pop up but there can be character shifts that have massive implications on the MCU down the line" - Kevin Feige
"We always take our lead from the comics about SHIELD, HYDRA, SWORD. There's always an inherit need for shadowy organizations in the MCU" - Kevin Feige
"The past is prologue, the clues are everywhere in what has lead to this moment, sometimes it's just a name but we do pull from the lineage from the comics and tweek it. Stay tuned over the course of the series." - Kevin Feige
"Endgame was a monumental shift of the universe. The scoop of the film is larger than what anyone could have imaged. Our goal was to not have messed it up. We didn't want to be the first crappy Marvel show. Steve Rogers will be proud our show does not suck." - Anthony Mackie
"Loki better not suck" - Anthony Mackie
"Thank you to everyone for making this the show that doesn't suck" - Kevin Fiege
Information/updates courtesy of Dana @sagesurge on Twitter. 
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simonsrosebud · 3 months ago
How is Elijah and Morgan's relationship (testy, neutral, besties, etc)? Who was adopted first? How far apart were they adopted? Age difference? What is their most common argument? Any common interests (other than exy)?
This is all assuming they were both adopted ofc 💜
in a world where they have two kids, i’d say morgan was adopted first.  she’s maybe three when they adopt elijah, putting them two and a half years apart since he’s 5-6 months old when they adopt him.
morgan loves her little brother and acts like a true big sister, and as they get older they become more like friends than siblings.  in a good way!
she’s the one he calls when he gets drunk at a friends house and doesn’t want their parents to find out.  he throws up on the side of the road just before they get to their neighborhood, and she’s pissed at him because morgan isn’t reckless with drinking and such and elijah is only a sophomore in high school.  she isn’t mad that he got drunk, but she doesn’t want him to make bad decisions.
morgan tells their parents, anyway, once she sneaks him undetected back to his room.  he’s mad at her all day when kevin confronts him about it, even though he just gives him the “if you’re going to do these things you need to know your limit, be careful about it, and you can’t be afraid to call me or your father if you need help or a ride home.”
he gets over it by the weekend.
their most common argument was probably the typical “who gets the TV remote” argument.  morgan always won, because elijah did have his xbox set up in the basement that he could use and she didn’t because she doesn’t play video games.
they also obviously did that thing where “if you do this chore of mine after school today i’ll do yours for the rest of the week” thing just so they could say, go out with a friend at a certain time, or if they just didn’t want to that day or something.
they bond over exy the most.  they go to every game of kevin’s that they’re able to, and they go to all of each other’s club games.  in high school they end up on varsity together for the 2 years they’re in high school together before morgan graduates.
it’s the thing elijah loves the most, being able to play with his big sister (and josh, who is morgan’s boyfriend senior year.  anyone remember him?)
josh is a striker, and morgan is a backliner.  elijah is a goalie, mainly bc he wasn’t a fast runner when he first started.
they also share a love for marvel movies.  this is fueled by elijah’s love for marvel, but she gets sucked right in and they could go on and on for hours about theories and shit like that.  elijah knows everything about the comics even though no one in his family knows how or when he read them all.  (this is actually me and my brother LOL)
elijah is lost when morgan goes to college.  he has his own friends, of course, but morgan is loud and the house seems quiet.  he doesn’t notice, but uncle andrew takes him on quite a few quiet long drives in the first few weeks of her being gone.  uncle andrew has always been the savior, really.
oh yeah, while andrew and carmen are morgan’s godparents, elijah’s are dan and also andrew.  long story short they’d decided that if something happens to us and they end up being sent to their godparents, they can’t be split up.  therefore: andrew. 
remember, neil is already taken by matt’s kid abram, and bella had already been claimed for carmen’s future kid.
dalton taught morgan to drive, but elijah gets anxious and overwhelmed very easily (it’s not terrible, but freshman year he learns he has anxiety and takes meds for it which help him).  learning to drive is very stressful for him because he’s in control of a car.  kevin knows he couldn’t teach either of them how to drive because he would get too frustrated, but he tries after dalton proves not to be as successful as he was with morgan.
kevin is worse, as expected.  morgan would try her hand, but she’s only gotten her license the year before and she’s honestly not a great driver at first.
elijah calls andrew that evening to vent because uncle andrew will listen and tell you what you need not what you want and elijah likes that.  if he wanted to rant and have someone on his side, he’d call allison or nicky.
wymack tries teaching him, but “popop should stick to coaching exy, he’s not a good driving intructor.”
andrew sends neil over the next time he knows elijah is free.  he lets elijah do his thing, albeit terribly, but they don’t get killed.  neil knows how to teach someone because after all he had to teach himself.  neil tells him what to do straight up instead of trying to teach him, and then explains why it matters after the fact.  he's the one who also takes elijah to his drivers test because he doesn’t care whether he passes or not, whereas if one of his dad’s took him they’d freak him out with their nerves.
that’s all i can think up at the moment, y’all.
remember, as much as i love the idea of them having two kids, i know my kevin and i really do see him with just one child.
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books2write · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
SUMMER IN THE CITY (or She’s Real Fine My 409[1])
         Believe I had the 1956 Buick for about six months.  Seems as if the baby moons I put on the wheels and the STP sticker on the window didn’t help the automatic transmission at all. Especially when I was trying to lay wheels revving up the engine and shifting into drive from neutral.  All that was left was a puddle of purple fluid underneath the transmission and a car that didn’t move.
    It was now 1966 and I was working as a draftsman trainee for a conveyor manufacturing company called Harry J. Ferguson in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. They hired me with a starting pay of $1.65 an hour and would give me a ten cent raise every three months so I would be making $2.05 an hour after my first year with them.
    Once again I was fortunate to have a co-worker, Larry L, who lived near me and he would pick me up and bring me home from work except for the two nights I went to school in downtown Philadelphia.
    Let me tell you about Larry L.  He was a few years older than me and was an ex U.S. Marine (but not a tough one).  Married and drove a 1956 Ford convertible.  I helped him change universal joints on his drive shaft one Saturday and I invited him to attend a party that night.
    My friend Eddie S parents were out of town so that meant the party would be at his house.  We (the Upsilon Phi Omega group of six friends - Ron B, Rick B, Eddie S, Bob T, Chuck M and myself. All graduates of ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL in Philadelphia) were able to get a case of beer, a fifth of vodka and a fifth of rum even though all of us were under the legal drinking age of 21 in Pennsylvania.  Larry L began to hit on some the girls at the party but since he was older it seemed kind of creepy and they didn’t want anything to do with him.
   This was the party where Eddie S and I played our infamous prank that was talked about for years!  Now remember this was twelve years before National Lampoon’s Animal House was released in 1978.[2]
    I bought a can of fruit cocktail and brought it to the party.  After about an hour I went into the kitchen.  No one was there except Eddie S. After opening the fruit can, I took a spoonful, chewed it, made a few gurgling sounds as if I was throwing up. Eddie S went into the living room and said “Paul is sick”.  Everyone murmured “Oh geez, that’s too bad”.  I then entered the living room holding my stomach and bobbing my head as if I was going to heave.  Got down on one knee in front of the coffee table and spit out the partially chewed fruit cocktail.  As soon as the last dribble left my lips I immediately began to lick it all up! Yep, you guessed it.  Many at the party got sick.  BTW, I’ve never watched National Lampoon’s Animal House because it would probably make me sick!
    Now back to the story.  Once again I needed a car.  My cousin Jeannie was married now and her husband Joe H wanted to get out from the car payments he was making to GMAC[3] and he gave me a deal I couldn’t refuse. All I had to do was to take over the payments.  I didn’t have to give him any other money.  So we had the agreement notarized and I had my second car – a 1960 Chevy Impala convertible!
The 1960 Chevy Impala was the first of two convertibles I’ve own in my life.
    Joe H had dropped a 1963 409 cubic inch engine in this car.  The 409 (6.7 L) had dual four barrel carburetors that produced 425 horsepower that was immortalized in the Beach Boys song title “409”[4].  It also had cut-outs between the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipes where flames would shoot out when I opened them.  A 4:11 locked rear differential made both tires spin at the same time and I also had racing slicks that I would put on when cruising on the weekends.
    The engine block was painted red and the ignition cables and hoses were also red.  Everything else was chrome, including the radiator cap and dipstick handle.
The 409 engine in my 1960 Impala.
      The only drawbacks were I bent push rods so often I carried them around in my hip pocket and when both quads were hooked up I would only get six miles to the gallon of gas.  But it was worth it as the thrill of feeling this car jump like a panther just tapping on the accelerator and feeling the power as the entire car would raise up and forward was exhilarating! Guess this is when I found my need for speed as it was in this car that I traveled the fastest I’ve ever been in an automobile when I hit 120 miles per hour (193 kph) and I didn’t even have the “pedal to the metal[5]”.
    But this machine was made to drag and drag I did.  No, I didn’t go to drag strips, but would cruise through the two local Big Boy Restaurants which was a
Restaurant chain in the states started in 1936[6].  The throaty sound of a muscle car engine just as it was done in American Graffiti, the 1973 film directed and co-written by George Lucas[7], would bring out other “quarter mile junkies” wanting to run the 1,320 feet (402 meters) measure for a quarter mile drag race[8] at the nearest stretch of straight road.
    It’s time to go though.  Once again to New York City!  This time with Eddie S, Terry D and Jerry H and it’s “SUMMER IN THE CITY” a song recorded by The Lovin’ Spoonful that reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in August 1966 for three consecutive weeks.[9]
My friends Eddie S and Terry D
    This time I wanted open highway on the drive to New York City and decided to take the New Jersey Turnpike which is part of the Interstate Highway System designated as I-95[10] where I could drive without stopping for traffic lights.
    This was more of a pleasure cruise with the top down and the summer sun shining brightly.  Not even sure if we stopped for a drink.  We wanted to drive in Manhattan and drive through the tunnels we heard mentioned on The Ed Sullivan Show that was on CBS every Sunday night (from 1948 to 1971) which even as late as 2013 finished No. 31 in TV Guide Magazine’s 60 Best Series of All Time.[11]
    Each of the tunnels that run underneath the East and Hudson Rivers were marvels of engineering with the Holland Tunnel the oldest opening in 1927 while the Lincoln Tunnel connects Manhattan to New Jersey.[12]
    But let me tell you about Eddie S because you will hear more about him soon.  I’ve known Eddie since 1957 and he looked like Michael Landon who played Little Joe on Bonanza .  Thus the girls were very much attracted to him.
I’m the tall kid in the back and Eddie is in front of me holding the bats in 1959.
    FACT #1 - Eddie was smart.  He just finished his freshman year at TEMPLE UNIVERSITY in Philadelphia which was founded in 1884 and as of 2019 had about 40,000 undergraduate students[13].  He was also dating a girl named Barbara C.  Eddie and Barbara asked me to double date with Mary Ellen G.  Mary Ellen and I dated for nearly a year going to drive in movies and NOT seeing such films as Ship of Fools and Cat Ballou.
    FACT #2 – But Eddie was also common sense dumb.  When I was driving around in my Buick I jumped the curb making a left turn and when my right tires hit the ground they both went flat.  Don’t ask me why I had two spare tires but I changed the front tire and Eddie changed the back tire.  Guess no one told him you needed to tighten the lug nuts after you put a good tire on because ……………
    The next morning I made it to work at Sears BUT coming home on Roosevelt Boulevard, which is a twelve lane surface arterial with local and express lanes carrying traffic on U.S. 1 and U.S. 13 (which is part of the Lincoln Highway – the first road built that runs for 3,389 miles (5,454 km) that traveled from Times Square in New York City to Lincoln Park on the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco[14]), the rear passenger tire came off my car while I was driving.  Needless to say I came to a screeching halt rather quickly with only three tires.
    I get out of my car.  Look around.  But I did not see my tire.  A police car pulls up behind me with flashing lights to prevent anyone from smashing into me. Thought that was cool until he got out of his car and tells me if I don’t move my car he is going to give me a ticket for impending traffic.    
    Well, I didn’t have a spare since I used it last night when my two tires blew.  Just then a milkman pulls up and pulls out my tire and says “Is this yours?” Didn’t think it would be a good time to give him a smartass reply so I asked “Where did you find it?”  Seems as if the tire crossed ten lanes of traffic without being hit by another car and rolled half way up a block where he seen the tire and then the flashing lights and he brought to me.
    I put the tire on as quickly as possible using just three lug nuts (one from each of the other tires still on the car). I didn’t get a ticket and drove home.
    Not sure if I started to go to junk yards for parts for my Buick but certainly did for the 409 since Daryl C and I would constantly be working on that engine.  Whatever he and I could not fix I would take it to Hatch’s Gulf Station just down the street from where I lived with my parents or to Shaw Brothers Automotive in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.
    Ah, muscle cars, summer, and the music. Seems as if everything comes back to me after all this time when I hear a muscle car lay wheels burning rubber on a hot summer day.  
    Now let’s all sing the first verse –
 Hot town, summer in the city Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty Been down, isn’t it a pity Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city All around, people looking half-dead Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head
 But at night it’s a different world Go out and find a girl Come on, come on and dance all night Despite the heat it’ll be alright And Babe, don’t you know it’s a pity The days can’t be like the night In the summer, in the city In the summer, in the city
     [1] From the song title 409 with lyrics written by Gary I. Usher, Brian Douglas Wilson and Mike E. Love
[2] From the Animal House Wikipedia page.
[3] GMAC was the General Motors Acceptance Corporation and is now Ally Financial per the Wikipedia page.
[4] From the Chevrolet Big-Block engine Wikipedia page.
[5] From the Urban Dictionary: Pedal to the Metal is when the accelerator is pushed so far in it can’t move any more.
[6] From the Big Boy Restaurants Wikipedia page.
[7] From the American Graffiti Wikipedia page.
[8] From the Dragstrp Wikipedia page.
[9] From the Summer in the City Wikipedia page.
[10] From the New Jersey Turnpike Wikipedia page.
[11] From The Es Sullivan Show Wikipedia page.
[12] From the List of Bridges and Tunnels in New York City Wikipedia page.
[13] From the Temple University Wikipedia page.
[14] From the Roosevelt Boulevard Wikipedia page.
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365days365movies · 5 months ago
January 16, 2021: Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)
I am a massive comic book nerd. Not unusual these days, to be fair. But I’m definitely up there, as far as my obsession with Marvel and DC go. And, yeah, I stick mostly to those two houses, and their various imprints.
Why do I bring this up? Well...remember this movie?
Tumblr media
Kick-Ass was a pretty big deal when it came out in 2010, as it was a Marvel Comics movie that was completely unrelated to the relatively new Marvel Cinematic Universe. Based of a 2008 comic book written by Mark Millar and drawn by John Romita Jr., the film was directed by Matthew Vaughn, and featured a more realistic take on how real-world superheroes would actually work.
Vaughn and Millar by this point at least, were friends. Around 2012, they’re getting drunk at a pub together, and talking movies. The topic of spy movies come up, and how there hasn’t really been a good, non-parody, fun spy movie, and that there should be. And that was the bulk of their conversation.
Enter Dave Gibbons, a legendary comic book artist, whom you may know from drawing the comic book that was turned into this:
Tumblr media
Oh yeah, he’s a big deal. Gibbons and Millar end up getting together to write a fun spy comic book based on this idea. Vaughn, meanwhile, is getting ready to direct X-Men: Days of Future Past, the sequel to X-Men: First Class, which Vaughn directed. That’s a good movie, by the way, even if I have...issues...with the treatment of the X-Men in film. Maybe one day I’ll get into that, we’ll see what happens. Ask me about it if you’re curious.
Tumblr media
Anyway, Millar goes to Vaughn with this script, and Vaughan looks at it and realizes that he needs to direct this movie before somebody else makes it. So he leaves Days of Future Past, and he signs on to...
Tumblr media
I feel like it’s an obligation, as a comic book dude, to watch this film. I should also read the book, but I didn’t do that with Kick-Ass, so to hell with it! Let’s get this recap started! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!
Starting off with some Money for Nothing, and somewhere in the Middle East, 1997! We go into a stone temple, where some kind of mission is taking place. A surprise grenade causes the loss of one of the agents. The surviving agents are Merlin (Mark Strong), Lancelot AKA James Spencer (Jack Davenport), and Galahad, AKA Harry Hart (Colin Firth).
Tumblr media
Hart, feeling guilty over the death of this agent, tells his wife, Michelle (Samantha Womack) and child Eggsy (yes, Eggsy) of his sacrifice, and gives Eggsy a medal.
From there, we jump forward 17 years, to Argentina where...Mark Hamill?
Tumblr media
Holy shit, it’s Mark Hamill! Apparently, he’s playing Professor James Arnold, and being held hostage by a group of mysterious men. Just then, he’s rescued by Lancelot, showing up with some classic James Bond-style swagger and asking for a cup of sugar, sardonically.
He kicks the asses of these guys, but is SLICED IN HALF BY A MAN WITH SWORD LEGS WHAT THE FUCK????
Tumblr media
I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was watching the best thing I’ve ever goddamn seen. And as if that weren’t enough, she’s working for Samuel L. “Motherfucker” Jackson, playing Richmond Valentine. I am...I am so pleased.
We go to the Kingsmen headquarters, where Lancelot is being mourned by the Kingmen and their leader MICHAEL CAINE, REALLY, HOLY SHIT
Tumblr media
Ahem. Sorry, uh...the star-studded cast has basically caused me to have a minor aneurysm. Caine plays Arthur, the leader of the Kingsmen. Get it? I can dig it, I’m a sucker for a good Arthurian reference. Anyway, now that Lancelot’s dead, it’s time to find a new candidate. Apparently, the man that died 17 years ago was part of an “experiment” by Hart, which Arthur says has failed. Galahad calls Arthur a snob, and says that they need to evolve with the times. \
Speaking of that former candidate, how’s his son doing?
Tumblr media
Not stellar, it seems. His mom is dating a very unsavory gentleman, and not really taking good care of her youngest daughter. Eggsy (Taron Egerton), on the other hand, is a carefree delinquent. After engaging in an entertaining backwards car chase with the police (it’s cool), he gets arrested. He refuses to give up his friends, and he instead asks for a phone call.He looks at the medallion around his neck, and remembers that he can use the number of the back to contact someone for help. He uses a specific code phrase, but it appears not to have worked. But then, Eggsy is turned loose with little more than a phone call. That’s when Eggsy meets Hart.
Tumblr media
We find out that Eggsy has a high IQ and Olympic-level athletics, but has dropped out of the Marines, and has been arrested for drugs and other illegal activities. After being read out by Hart, Eggsy goes on an anger-filled diatribe about the differences in privilege between the two of them. Although it’s short, it’s a powerful speech.
But that speech is interrupted by the owner of the car that Eggsy stole the previous night, as well as his gang. They’re yearning for a fight with Eggsy, and they threaten Hart. He doesn’t take that well, as he shuts the doors and windoes to the pub. Time to teach a lesson.
Yup, I’m giving this fight the posted video award. It might be short, but it’s also one of the best and coolest sequences I’ve ever seen in a spy movie. And OH, it’s giving me that gadget shit I was missing from the Bond movies.
After one of the most enjoyable fight sequences I’ve seen in a while, Eggsy’s understandably stunned. So is his stepfather Dean (Geoff Bell), the leader of the gang that Hart beat up in the pub. He’s not happy, and he beats Eggsy in their apartment, and that scene is...WHOOF. Much to their surprise, however, Hart’s left a device on Eggsy’s back. He threatens Dean through the device, and tells Eggsy to meet him at a tailor that he’d mentioned.
Tumblr media
Once Eggsy escapes from Dean and the gang via nest parkour tricks, he makes his way to the tailor, where Hart officially brings him into the fold, giving him the opportunity to become a Kingsman. He exposits the history of the agency as a private group of spies, meant to protect the world while not bowing to the bureaucracy that plagues government-affiliated spy institutions.
We get to go to Kingsman Headquarters proper, and yeah...yeah, it’s cool. As compared to the other recruits, Eggsy’s pretty obviously out of place. This, of course, is part of the point, as Hart believes the Kingsmen could use someone with different life experiences and background. That would be the experiment mentioned earlier.
Tumblr media
Eggsy’s competitors include Roxy (Sophie Cookson), who appears to actually be polite to him, unlike most of the potentials. They settle in for the night...but not for long. Their quarters fills with water, as the entirety of the Kingsmen head towards the showerheads and toilets for air. While they all succeed, Eggsy is the one who actually gets everyone out, by literally punching the window.
Unfortunately, for one of the’s too late. These candidates could die in the hiring process. Rough.
Tumblr media
Sadly, Mark Hamill also doesn’t quite make it, as Hart finds him, surprisingly freed from Valentine’s capture. As he’s questioned, Valentine is forced to kill him via Suicide Squad implant, and barely escaped from his men. Valentine and his henchwoman, Gazelle (Sofia Boutella) are trying to figure out who the Kingsmen are, to no avail at the moment.
Back with Merlin, who’s training the Kingsman candidates! They’re all told to get a puppy! Aw. Eggsy chooses J.B. a pug, under the mistaken impression that it’s a bulldog. And I’m not a pug person...but that puppy is cute as shit.
Tumblr media
Time marches on, and the Kingsmen continue their training. Eggsy’s colleagues continue to discriminate against him, especially Charlie (Edward Holcroft). Hart, who was knocked out by the explosion, eventually wakes up. Valentine goes around to political leaders and proposes his plan to “save the world,” whatever that’s about to mean. Apparently, that includes giving the King of Sweden a surgical implant of some kind. Huh.
This, of course includes some, uh...conflict with Gazelle.
Tumblr media
Eggsy’s in the final 6! As Hart congratulates him over this, we finally get some exposition on Richmond Valentine’s plan. See, that implant is the Suicide Squad bomb that killed Hamill, and Gazelle also has one. Additionally, he’s released a plan to the world that will provide free internet and phone data...forever. Not ominous at all, that.
After a cool skydiving training sequence, only three candidates are left. Hart, meanwhile, poses as a wealthy philanthropist, donating to Valentine’s cause. As a result, he’s treated to an extravagant dinner...of McDonald’s. Yes, it is the best product placement I’ve seen in a while, in case you were wondering. That reveal was hilarious.
Tumblr media
Anyway, their conversation turns from talking about climate change studies and concerns, to their opinion of James Bond movies, in a lovely little piece of meta flavor. At this point, they would appear to understand each other’s role in the play, as it were. Forgot to mention, Valentine’s been kidnapping anyone who disagrees with his goals, while also distributing his free internet cards. So, there’s that. But he’s also trying to figure out what exactly the “Kingsmen” are. Speaking of...
Our three remaining Kingsman candidates are assigned a mission to seduce a young dignitary. However, all three of them make a mistake, and allow themselves to get drugged at a party, by someone wanting to know who Hart and Kingsmen are. When Eggsy wakes up, he’s been strapped to train tracks. Uh oh.
Tumblr media
Despite an oncoming train, Eggsy doesn’t give the man any formation. Which, of course, was the point. It’s Hart, helping to give the Kingsman candidates a little loyalty test, which both Eggsy and Roxy pass with flying colors. But Charlie...Charlie’s a coward who immediately gives everything up, including Arthur himself.
Eggsy gets to spend 24 hours with Hart, before being thrown headfirst into a mission. Hart explains that being a Kingsman means being a gentleman, which Eggsy isn’t. Hart, of course, plans to fix that.
Tumblr media
They head to the tailor, and check out some spy gadgets. And much to their surprise, Valentine is also there, under the guise of getting a suit. Hart takes the opportunity to recommend a hatter, who gives him a top hat with built in listening devices. I love it.
Eggsy, meanwhile, speaks with Arthur at Kingsman HQ. He’s commanded to perform one final test: kill his pug, J.B. Which...yeah, damn, that sucks. He doesn’t do it, understandably. Unfortunately...Roxy does kill her dog. She succeeds...and Eggsy’s kicked out of the Kingsman candidacy. Which feels like a bullshit play, if I’m honest.
Tumblr media
Eggsy steals Arthur’s car, then goes back home. As he’s about to confront his stepfather, Hart brings back the car via remote access, then explains to Eggsy that the gun was filled with blanks, and that Eggsy ended up giving up his shot. He also reveals that the first candidate to die...didn’t actually die! It’s been a ruse all along, meant to test the candidates under the strictest of conditions. Which sucks, obviously, because Eggsy’s out of the program.
And at that point, Valentine says something of note, revealing that he plans to go to a hate church in Kentucky to begin his master plan. Hart heads there, and tells Eggsy to stay put.
Tumblr media
We get treated to just...just the loveliest of sermons. Disgusting. But then...
...that’s the point, isn’t it?
Because Valentine uses the SIM cards to create a signal that drives the parishioners crazy. Hart’s also in the church, however, and he also starts going crazy. Which leaves the question: what happens when a highly trained spy goes up against untrained civilians, has a bunch of gadgets...and has absolutely no restraint whatsoever?
A MASSACRE, THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS. And most surprisingly, it’s a massacre that we actually SEE. Hart basically kills almost EVERYBODY in the church. I’ll put the video up, but...y’know, be warned here. It ain’t pretty.
Hart comes to, and realizes exactly what he’s done. He leaves, only to be confronted by Valentine and his men. The Bond metaphor finally comes full-circle, explained directly by Valentine. But instead of explaining his whole plan and devising some complicated way to kill Hart that he’ll inevitably escape from...
He just shoots Hart in the head. Holy shit. And this is while Merlin, Arthur, and yes, Eggsy watch on through Hart’s home feed. Looks like a new Kingsman is needed.
Tumblr media
Arthur tells Merlin to assemble the Kingsmen. But Eggsy...Eggsy has other plans. Thinking on Hart’s words about wanting to do something good with his life. He goes to Arthur to talk to him about Hart’s death. Arthur invites him in for brandy. And that’s...when my mind exploded.
Tumblr media
HE’S FUCKING IN ON IT?!? Michael Caine, NOOOO! Turns out that Valentine’s convinced Arthur of his true plan: a culling. He believes that the Earth’s temperature because there’s simply too much humanity, like a body trying to kill a virus. And so...he’s going to make the virus exterminate itself. And that argument’s enough to win Caine over.
Turns out that the implant is meant to protect those individuals against a neurological signal emitted by the SIM cards, the same one that went off in the church. Arthur, realizing that Eggsy understands exactly what’s going on, poisons him, then asks if he would like to join them. Eggsy refuses...and Arthur sets off the remote poison to kill him.
Tumblr media
But NOPE! EGGSY SWITCHED THE FUCKIN’ GLASSES! I love this movie. Arthur dies, and Eggsy uses the opportunity to dig the implant from his neck. He takes that and Arthur’s phone to Merlin and Lancelot, who realize that they can’t trust anyone at this point. And so, the three of them - yes, the three of them - go to stop Valentine.
And, yeah...I can dig it. OH HOW I CAN DIG it.
Tumblr media
Roxy goes up in an experimental vehicle to bring down the satellite, Merlin is flying the plane, and Eggsy...Eggsy’s the one going in disguised as Arthur, in order to infiltrate the mountain lair of Valentine. Here, he and the other beneficiaries wait it out, while the world literally tears itself apart. Now wearing a bespoke suit and playing the role of a gentleman, Eggsy enters the lion’s den.
But as expected, it’s time to hit some snags. Roxy waits juuuuuust a little too long, and one of the balloons in her craft pops. As for Eggsy, he meets an old “friend” of his in the form of Charlie, who’s now working for Valentine.
Tumblr media
The missile’s fired just in time, as Charlie’s taken out and Eggsy runs for the plane. AWESOME climax here as Eggsy escapes. I mean it; it is VERY cool. They succeed JUST in time, and the satellite is destroyed. However, Valentine’s still managed to partially start the process, and they can’t do anything about that.
Eggsy’s gotta go BACK in, before Valentine gets another satellite to trigger the signal worldwide. Now armed with Hart’s AWESOME umbrella, he makes his way there under heavy gunshot. They’re also teaming up against Merlin in the plane, so he’s not doing great. And that when Eggsy has the turn the implants on. ALL of them.
It’s amazing. Violence in fireworks. So, it’s too bad that it doesn’t stop the signal. It works, and people start to tear each other apart all across the world. But only for was long as Valentine has his hands on the desk. Eggsy manages to stop that by laying down some suppressive fire.
That provokes a response.
Tumblr media
..This movie is, for lack of a better term, fucking rad.
Gazelle and Eggsy have an awesome fight, worthy of any James Bond movie, seriously. I really want to give it the video post honor, but I’ve done that too much already. For god’s sake, I literally JUST did that.
Gazelle dies (it’s kinda goofy how she dies, if I’m honest), and Eggsy kills Valentine with her prosthetic leg. It’s over, as the signal ends, and Eggsy even gets the girl. Not Roxy, the Princess of Sweden. Not going into it, but it’s funny.
And that’s Kingsman: The Secret Service! Honestly, I gotta say, that was a rad-as-shit movie, and...
Tumblr media
Ooh, a mid-credits scene! Eggsy goes back home, to the pub, where his stepfather and mom are hanging out with the gang. And let’s just say...Dean’s gonna get a little comeuppance. Manners, after all, maketh man.
OK, THAT’S Kingsman: The Secret Service! And that, again, was pretty rad. See you in the Epilogue in a few!
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whence-the-woody · 5 months ago
I used to do big, reflective summaries of my year and even tho I am feeling reflective today, I wasn’t able to do that last year and I actually really like the format I went with last year of just listing memz so I’m going wih that. Intention review etc will be in another post. So, my 2020 memories:
Gearing up to leave a job I hated, packing up my life to move away properly for the first time. Going flat hunting with my mum and my brother and having a literal choice of one
I did Home which I dont really remember so it was probably fine
This was the month the Gallavich wedding aired and gaslit me into believing there was still anything positive about that show/ship. Tbf at the time I was LIVING for it
Cinema kick with Mum including CATS. What a moment. 
Last day at said crappy job (just weird and awks. I didnt really know how to feel) and starting a new one - everyone was so lovely from the off and even tho I was bored at times I was optimistic
Staying with my brother for a few days, him helping me move in which was all very nice. 
My flat having no hot water for the first week - I only cried about it once. And me having nothing but an air bed for 3 weeks. Not ideal but grateful to have amenities and furniture by the end of the month
I think this was both kareoke night for one persons birthday and a 90s party for another - both excellent nights
People were talking about COVID by the end of the month but I was like pfft we’ve been here before with swine and bird flu, it’ll be all hyped up then go nowhere 
I think I was getting my first allocations by the end of the month which I was grateful for because going from an insane workload to none at all was tricky and I wanted to get going
Oh March 2020. How we did not see you coming. 
Before the lockdown even happened I remember people were panic buying. I stocked my freezer a bit, not because I was worried but because so many shelves were empty. All the shops starting looking apocalyptic and I was despairing over how silly everyone was being. You couldn’t get online shops anymore and there was no loo roll to be found - still think thats just so dumb. I had to go to 4 different stores to find oats and was so annoyed, weird little tidbit but I remember it. 
 I remember sitting down on my new furniture - eating a meal I had made, watching John Mulaney and feeling good in my new home - and seeing the Boris announcement. Other countries had already locked down so I had mentioned to my manager that I might have to go home to my Mums if it happened here - she had asked, I didn’t really believe it would. I had arranged for a friend to visit that month and when she cancelled I was like I think everyones being dramatic but okay. Then the 23rd, they announced a lockdown from midnight and I straight away messaged everyone to say I was panicking, asked my manager if I could leave and packed to drive back to Mum’s the next morning. I was in my flat about 6 weeks. 
I know for a fact that March felt like the longest month to ever happen but now I cant remember anything else from it - the announcement was so late in the month, I wasn’t working from Mum’s for that long before April. I think we were told to WFH if we could mid-month but I didn’t. Cant for the life of me now think why it felt so long. I know for those last 2 weeks I was refreshing the news constantly to see what was happening. I was still skeptical and thought the numbers were too low for such drama
WFH for real. Excruciating daily calls “to check in”. Working my first cases from home, only on the phone, with no idea what I was doing. Taking turns wearing headphone with Mum because we were both having confidential conversations. 
Walking my pup to get my alloted hour of exercise. Taking regular breaks to go outside - I think this was when there was a heatwave. Eating lunch outside. Sometimes doing weights or yoga during my lunch break - that part was actually pretty great 
Discovering podcasts - especially FDRF. They were the real MVP. 
Still constantly checking the news for updates. 3 weeks turned into 6 and so on and so on. 
I came back to my flat for one of the long weekends. I had accepted that it was going to be longer then 3 weeks and I needed more stuff. I went for a very hot walk through a ghost town - at the time it still seemed like there were too many people about. Still picnics in the park happening. 
Everyone flinching when they say each other and steering well clear. It made you feel tainted even though its what we were suppossed to do. 
Clapping for carers - absolute bullshit placating, hated it. 
Always being left off the list of keyworkers.
Still feeling like yeah its bad but ?? This cant go on forever 
A year of build up to a move then the rug was pulled out from under me, I tried not to complain because others had it so so much worse but it was hard. Is hard. 
We watched all of Location, all of Marvel, Bake off etc etc. I cried when Tony Stark died. 
I went back through my ENTIRE tumblr. I realised how little had changed really, it was very existential. 
I had to come back to my new city because I was on a duty rota for 2 weeks. I was actually very excited and had a good time. I got to see people IRL!! Including some I was working with. It was definately a heatwave at that point - we were swealtering in our cars and full PPE but I was so glad to be out and about and back in the city. Putting a face and proper clothes on again was very weird
I dont remember anything else from May specifically. I think March and April lasted 10 years but then May June July were a blink. I think I had accepted how bad everything was by that point, I had stopped looking at the News for updates. I think this is where zoom started to be a thing maybe. 
Honestly not a clue. I was between My place and Mum’s because of the duty rota. I don’t think I came back FT until end of June. I know things were starting to open up again and it was all moving far too fast - I definately wasnt going to run out to the gym or pub but alot of people were. We were suppossed to go on holiday for a week this month, with my brother and the dogs but obvs that was cancelled - it was such a lovely place as well, shame. 
Yoga was still random but I did a weight workout every day this month which was great
Turning 25. I was definately back in the city FT, going back into work. My Mum came to stay in my place for the first time. My brother came over too. We went for a walk, had a picnic in the rain then ate cake back at mine. My Mum got me a microwave for my birthday because Im AN ADULT
For my birthday also me and my Mum watched Hamilton for the first time. This then took over my entire life and was played at all hours of the day 
Kept going with daily weight workouts, moved up another set. I think this is where I re-did Revolution
Ready to start socialising again. More restrictions were being lifted too quickly which I knew but also I had to GTFO
A friend came to stay with me for the weekend. Hes not very mobile so we couldnt do much - went for a short walk into town, sat by the river and got severely sunburned. We went to a restaurant for the first time in 6 months - I had pancakes. I made him watch Hamilton which he did not appreciate enough. Also watched Truman show for the first time while eating burritos - what a mindfuck that movie is I mean really
Went for a very long very hot walk with a friend all around the fields surrounding the city. We stopped for a drink and cake halfway, more drinks were then had in her garden. This was our first time hanging out alone and it was really lovely, we spent much more time together after that. Shes probably who Ive seen the most this year. 
A couple of weeks after that we went for bottomless brunch, followed by I think 3 or 4 other bars. The joys of getting day drunk. 
I think this was the month I started using friend/dating apps and got OBSESSED. They’re just so silly and judgey and fun, I love it. 
My 6 month tenancy ran out which I chose to renew. I started negotiations with my landlord for a pet agreement. 
I think this is where I re-did Dedicate. I think weight workouts fell off a little bit because I was pretty busy. Instead of running started doing 3 walks a week which was nice. 
First time hanging out with more then one person - did a Hamilton viewing party with 4 of us. There were american themed snacks, it was great. Not a boozy night which was needed. I think I then went for coffee with 2 of the girls this month. 
First time meeting up with 2 girls I met on an app - I’m still friendly with one, not the other. It was mostly a good time and I’m very proud to have done it but then drunken politics came up and it got AWKWARD. 
Nagging and nagging and nagging my landlord until she signed the pet agreement and LET ME GET A CAT
My obsession with apps was replaced with a cat shelter/app obsession. It was very frustrating because I wanted to rescue and they make it very hard so I eventually found a for sale ad and contacted them - it was a rescue though as far as I’m concerned, she was in a horrible situation for an “owner” who had no clue and had only had her for a couple weeks before giving up and putting her up for sale. I rescued her okay. I think it was 3 or 4 weeks after getting agreement that I went to pick her up. So getting everything ready for her was a big part of this month
I did manage to fit in a 5 day holiday. It was suppossed to be solo travel abroad but ended up being a Mon-Fri with family. We did some NT walks it was nice.
Then it was literally that weekend my brother drove me to Wales to pick up my new fur baby. Instantly fell in love obviously and my whole life became about her from that point on. They told me she was really timid and scared, she had been hiding in her current place, but I was so impressed with how curious and confident she is. She was wary at first, a bit flinchy, didnt like being petted with 2 hands, didnt like loud noises, wouldnt come on the bed or sofa, wouldnt come into the living room really. I put child locks on alot of doors but shes not mischivous so its never really been an issue. She loved to play from the get go and did come to me for a fuss from day one. I adore her basically. The first time she jumped on the sofa, sat next me on the bed, slept on my bed, let me stroke her with 2 hands, her first vet trip, every little first and win has always been a massive victory, Im a v proud mama. She was no name for a few days but quickly somehow became my Myshka (the whole long list I had went quickly out the window somehow)
Did some more regular yoga. Tried to do 5 weight workout a week but it was a bit random. Walks fell off because of anxiety over leaving the cat. 
Alot of WFH to be with the cat. Definately obsessed. 
We had our team day on a farm, that was lovely
Saw my friend for Halloween - watched Hocus Pocus for the first time, had cocktails, watched a boring horror movie then Rocky Horror which is just exceptional. Lockdown 2.0 was announced but we were tipsy and over it. 
A very stressful month work-wise, lots of deadline, threat of Ofsted, management changes, admin changes, not getting enough sleep because work stress and struggling with productivity. My health suffered a bit too because I didnt have time for lunchtime exercise anymore. 
Technically there was a lockdown but it felt no different because everyone was still in school and work, I dont think people even tried this time. 
The election, refreshing the results constantly. I fully expected a T win and was happy when he didnt but still disappointed at how close it was, as was everyone 
I bought my first Christmas tree and my own decs. Christmas shopping obvs. 
I downloaded Tiktok and started to question far too much about my identity. its ongoing. 
Most important was SUPERNATURAL. I had alot of feelings, it was an absolute rollercoaster my god. What a time to be alive that was. 
A couple of outside coffees in the park which is always nice. I went to a new friend’s house for tea and met their dog, also nice. 
I did a SV for the first time in a very long time and it reminded me of everything I used to hate about my old job, so happy to have left there
Test weekend taking the cat to stay with the family dogs, she did great, shes a champ
Pretty standard Christmas month. Had a christmas movie night with themed snacks and hot chocolate with one friend. Had another friend come for the day to do the same - first time I had seen her in a year after 3 cancellations, that was very lovely
Constant restriction changes and crappy government pissing me off but it didnt affect my plans luckily
All the Tier 2, Face Hands Space signs feeling very dystopian
Brother’s 30th plans got cancelled coz COVID. Back up NYE plans got cancelled got COVID. Actual NYE was fine tho the normal show/song/crowd was cancelled coz of course COVID 
Not so good shit
I mean the whole thing in general yknow
Alot of plans couldn’t go ahead - various groups I wanted to join, a new gym, more nights out with more people, more chances to meet new people ETC
My diet has been an inconsistet shit show BUT TFB there were months where you couldnt predict what was going to be on the shelves, you couldnt get orders and the whole world felt so pointless and dark like why even care about that shit yknow
My exercise also wasnt consistent though I dont feel too bad about it. I was always doing something I feel like even if it was just walking
Ive ended the year with the same amount of savings I started with which isnt exactly bad since I moved and furnished a flat and got a new pet but it isnt great
I hate WFH with a burning passion and im worried the world has accepted that as a new normal and im not okay with it
None of this shit is over yknow
Just a general hopelessness is the face of big world things yknow. Theres really nothing we can do about it, just gotta ride that wave and vote when ya can
No travel - I had such plans!!
Good shit
My new fur baby who I love and adore beyond sanity
Starting a good job in a great city with lovely people
Growing so much in confidence because Fuck it, everything is pointless anyway and theres no point in planning or caring so imma just do me
Exploring so much of who I am through new relationships, my own environment, little things like exploring my style, picking up old hobbies, trying new routines and habits
Strengthening some friendships and maintaining others despite the insane obstacles
Maintaining a positive relationship with My Mum in particular, and my whole family
Trying new things in my new city. Still managing nights out, a somewhat proper birthday and a short trip
No actual mental breakdowns which this year feels like a win. My mental health is actually in such a better place then it was this time last year. The job was killing me, thank fuck I got out when I did 
I redid more then 1 30 day programs and did 2 straight months of weights 
My family, friends and I are all safe and well 
Music of the year:
An awful lot of Panic! 
Anyone - DL
Partition (idk dont question me)
Basically alot of drama while trying to hold on to both my emo and club days - fuck I miss clubbing yall. I dont even like clubbing. 
Media of the year:
I should acknowledge Shameless even though I came full circle on it and have now fully abandoned the whole thing and prefer my own AU where Milkoviches get what they deserve 
Schitts Creek
Hamilton obvs
Marvel technically, it was alot of hours
Derry Girls
The Old Guard
Pride - which is not new but we watched it on Christmas eve and I cried in my mums lap okay 
Ship of the year has to be Destiel I mean standing ovation for that rage inciting moment followed by a solid month of absolute chaotic good, it was glorious in its destruction. 
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365days365movies · 5 months ago
January 3, 2021: Cliffhanger (1993)
Sylvester Stallone.
Tumblr media
The Italian Stallion here is one of the most prominent action movie stars of the ‘80s and ‘90s, coming to prominence with Rocky in 1976. And before we even start this review, here’s the deal: I refuse to make fun of the man’s iconic voice. Yeah, I get it, we’ve all shouted “YOADRIAAAAAAH!” at some point, but his voice and face is due to a botched birth, which pinched a nerve and caused permanent facial paralysis. We all got something, and I’m not gonna target him for it. It’s been done enough.
I also can’t really comment on his acting ability. Why? Well...OK, some confession time. I’ve BARELY seen Stallone in a film. That’s going to be fixed this year, as I’ve added many of his films to the list for 2021. So, what have and haven’t I seen? Let’s start with haven’t, shall we?
Tumblr media
I haven’t seen:
Rocky (1976): Sports November
Rocky II (1979): maybe Sports November
First Blood (1982): later this month
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992): Please. Please don’t make me.
Cliffhanger (1993): Give it a minute.
Demolition Man (1993): Science Fiction September
Judge Dredd (1995): maybe Science Fiction September
The Expendables (2010): later this month
Tumblr media
I have seen:
Tango and Cash (1989): Dumbass buddy cop movie with Stallone and Russell; 2/5.
Antz (1998): Sub-par Dreamworks rip-off of an already kinda sub-par Pixar movie; 2/5
Spy Kids 3: Game Over (2003): Yeah...I saw this in theaters, on my birthday. I saw everything in red and green for, like, an hour afterwards. Worth it. 2/5.
Rocky Balboa (2006): Somehow, this is the only Rocky movie I’ve seen, Creed included. And from what I remember, it was fine. 3/5.
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017): The ONE good Stallone movie I’ve seen, and it isn’t even a Stallone movie. 5/5.
So, yeah, I haven’t seen any good Stallone movies, sans the one. But now, some of you are probably asking another question: “Why Cliffhanger? You literally haven’t seen any major Stallone movie, so WHY CLIFFHANGER?”
First of all, I think everybody’s kinda slept on this movie. It was a big success back in the day, but people have basically forgotten it at this point. You’ll see in this review that there aren’t even many GIFs from the movie made, and it wasn’t easy to find enough clips to make my own, honestly. Does it deserve to get slept on? I mean, we’ll see, right? 
Secondly, I just watched a Tom Cruise movie where he dangles off of a rope, and I liked that, so why not do that for the next one, I guess! And third...honestly, I saw this on the list, and it kinda just spoke to me. It called to me, like a boxer calling to his love. Hey, look, a reference to a movie I’ve never seen. We’ll get there. We’ll get there. Oh, and SPOILERS from here on out, by the way.
Tumblr media
We start on a cliff. Surprise.
Michael Rooker (y’know, Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy) is hanging out (HA!) with his girlfriend Sarah on a cliff called the Tower. Y’know, third date kinda stuff. First date is dinner, second date is dinner and a movie, and third date is free-climbing up a cliff to your near death. Well...near is a strong word…
ANYHOOOO, We meet Gabe, played by the big man himself, Sly Stallion, who’s a rescue ranger in the Rocky Mountains. So, Rocky, the Rockies Rescue Ranger is sent to save Yondu and Sarah. Unfortunately...someone forgot to check the equipment before the rescue mission…
Tumblr media
Not gonna lie, this scene is actually heart-wrenchingly tense. And the ending...well, if you’ve seen Ace Ventura: When Nature know what happens here. And it’s actually somewhat traumatic, for Gabe and for me. Seriously. It’s a roughie.
Cut to almost a year later, and Gabe is...NOT OK. He and his wife, Jessie (who is a pilot for the Rescue Rangers, and was there when Sarah fell), have been separate, and Gabe just can’t do it anymore. And I get it, honestly. That was a hard experience, losing someone and blaming yourself. And no, it wasn’t Gabe’s fault. But to add insult to injury, he has NO SUPPORT SYSTEM. His wife doesn’t seem to understand, his former best friend Yondu hates him (getting GotG Vol. 2 flashbacks), and he’s basically all alone. Geez. You guys are jerks.
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, a plot is afoot! And hey, it’s Tripp from CSI: Miami, AKA Rex Linn! I always liked him, so it’s cool to see him in other roles. Turns out, though, that Tripp is working with a group of thugs to steal from the US Treasury. This villainous group of 8 thugs is led by John Lithgow, AKA Lord Farquaad from Shrek, who is channeling Hans Gruber from Die Hard, and trying super-hard on that British accent. Anyway, after a pretty great mid-flight action sequence, the group of thugs loses 3 suitcases of money, amounting to millions. In the process, they also lose Expendable Thugs #1 and #2. This will be a trend. 
Tumblr media
The thugs crash their plane into the mountain, killing Expendable Thug #3 in the process. They stage a rescue situation to get some expert mountain climbers to help them find the money. Jessie, after having just told her hubby to suck it up like a big boy (I don’t really like Jessie, by the way), begs him to help find these people. Reluctantly, he agrees, and has a tension filled reunion with his former best friend, who blames him (unfairly, in my opinion). That animosity disappears as soon as they find themselves held hostage by the thugs. And so, the money hunt begins!
First suitcase is on a cliffside, and Stallone goes to get it. Some shenanigans quickly ensure, and the thugs shoot at him. An avalanche occurs because these dumbasses have never seen a movie, and in the process, we lose a suitcase of money, Expendable Thug #4 goes the way of Sarah, and Gabe is presumed dead. Farquaad tells Yondu to tell his coworkers that everything is fine, and he’s gonna stay on the mountain to ride out the storm. Which is #5 in the list of “moments in this movie where I would 100% die” I grew up in a warm climate, this is not a comfortable hypothetical situation for me.
Tumblr media
Anyway, our intrepid team of criminals takes Yondu to find the next suitcase, while Jessie and Gabe separately make their way to the cabin that Yondu was talking about. They catch each other up, and they can’t contact the main office because...Jessie’s radio died in the cold? work amongst mountains as a rescue officer for stranded hikers. That’s the best excuse the writers came up with? Why the hell didn’t she bring a better radio? They HAD to have spares, right? RIGHT? Geez, no wonder you needed Gabe’s help.
The tracker, with its marvelously outdated computer graphics technology (IT’S A UNIX SYSTEM IKNOWTHIS), leads the thugs to the next package, but not before Gabe and Jesse get there! Gabe leaves a ransom note for the money, holding it hostage. This eventually leads to a nighttime chase in the snow, leading to Expendable Thug #5 going The Way of Sarah.
By the way, it’s also at this point that I notice that it is VERY bright...for being in the middle of the mountains at night. And I get it, you can’t exactly have your movie be shot in darkness, but...look at this.
Tumblr media That’s the fakest outdoor shot I’ve ever seen. I guess I’m glad it isn’t a day-for-night shot, but...yeah. Wow.
Jesse and Gabe find themselves in a cave full of the cutest goddamn bats I’ve ever seen. This is supposed to be a harrowing experience, but simply makes me jealous. They’re fruit bats, by the way, and they’re also WAY too high up, altitude-wise. At least, that’s what I assume. I’m a bird-guy, not a bat-guy. Eventually, they make it out of the cave after Stallone does some free-climbing...loudly. Loud enough for the super-violent, sociopathic, knife-and-gun-loving Expendable Thug #6 to hear them. And that’s when Gabe ICE-PICKS HIM IN THE LEG DAMN
Understandably pissed, and not as understandably still walking around without crying (#6 in that list of me-dying moments), the thug finds and beats the SHIT out of Gabe, handily.  But then, he calls Jessie a bitch, and Gabe is, above all things a feminist. Which leads to him, and read this CLOSELY:
This leads to Stallone, bloodied and beaten, PICKING THE THUG UP OVER HIS HEAD, AND IMPALING HIM ONTO A STALACTITE. Not a stalagmite, a STALACTITE. HOLY SHIT!.
Tumblr media
Well, Expendable Thug #6 is dead, there’s a bomb on the mountaintop, Jesse almost goes The Way of Sarah, and Frank (another guy who works with them, don’t know if I mentioned him) gets lured into a trap where he gets killed. An “Aww” moment from me; I liked Frank, he seemed like a really nice guy. This eventually leads to Farquaad and Tripp out-crazy-ing each other, and Farquaad winning by killing Expendable Thug #7, who does not go The Way of Sarah (blessed be her fall).
Gabe finds the remaining money, while Tripp, Yondu, and Expendable Thug #7 get there just after. Tripp leaves, and Yondu then delivers my favorite line of the movie:
Tumblr media
Oh, sorry, no, it’s, “In a minute, I’ll be dead. You will always be an asshole.” Thug #7 beats the shit out of Yondu, I get flashbacks to GotG 2, and Thug #8 goes THE WAY OF SARAH, BLESSED BE HER FALL. Tripp finds the tracker without the money, and officially loses it, outing himself and Farquaad to the government officials who FINALLY get here.
Tripp finds Gabe, they make their way to a frozen mountain lake, and Gabe SHOOTS TRIPP FROM UNDERNEATH THE ICE. That shouldn’t have worked for many reasons, but that was cool, so fuck it. Now, it’s just Farquaad, BUT HE HAS JESSIE! OH NOOOOOOOooooooo.
This whole thing culminates in a tense, cool chase sequence between Gabe and Farquad in the helicopter. The helicopter crashes into the mountainside, and the two fight while on the helicopter, which is now hanging from the cliff.
Tumblr media
Oh. Oh, I get it.
This inevitably leads to Farquaad and the helicopter going, of course, The Way of Sarah. Blessed Be Her Fall. #BBHF. 
And that’s it. Our three heroes are, themselves, rescued by the government agents, and we pan away from the cliffside, as the credits roll. Boom. Cliffhanger.
Tumblr media
Stay tuned for the epilogue, which contains the review!
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thewritingstar · 9 months ago
1-200 we're all in quarantine so got nothing to do. Might as well ask pls
oo anon you were gonna ask anyways lol. But I did this hella quick during a zoom.....
1. What is your middle name?
2. Do you have any nicknames that aren’t derived from your actual name?
2. Do you have any allergies?
-Penicillin (not really thou), but no
4. What is the longest your hair has ever been?
-Lower back
5. How well can you write in cursive?
-Its readable
6. Name one item on your bucket list.
-Going to all the Disney parks in the world
7. Have you ever been on a blind date?
-haven’t even been on a real date
8. What is the oldest piece of clothing you still wear and how old is it?
-prob like five years ago and its jeans
9. How often do you eat out at a fancy restaurant?
-nothing like I have to dress up but maybe once a year??
10. How grammatically correct are you when you text?
-rules don’t apply in text
11. Can you drive stick?
-hell no
12. What foreign country would you most like to visit and why?
-japan because I think it would be so cool
13. Nutella or peanut butter?
14. At what age did you have your first kiss?
15. DC or Marvel?
-DC. Harley Quinn owns my ass
16. Have you ever hosted a wild party?
-my parties consist of drinking capri suns and playing cards against humanity and Mario kart
17. Name/author of the last book you read cover to cover. Do you recommend it?
-...ooof haven’t read a book in a while
18. How many of your Facebook friends do you actually hang with?
-my mom
19. Have you ever donated blood?
-I was apart of a cancer study so I used to donate my blood (and pee) to science
20. From 1-10, how much do you like decorating for holidays?
-8 I love to decorate but I’m not allow near the Christmas trees
21. Coffee or tea?
-vaniila iced lattes or raspberry ice tea own me
22. What is your go-to Starbucks drink?
-Vanilla bean frap with extra vanilla
23. Last show you binge watched?
-currently its assassination classroom
24. Dogs or cats?
25. Favorite animated Disney character?
-Jessica Rabbit, Dumbo, Rey, Tamatoa and Guedo
26. Have you ever cooked a big family meal by yourself?
-mostly baking for my family
27. Favorite winter activity?
-Staying inside
28. Have you ever butt dialed anyone?
29. Can you blow a bubble gum bubble?
30. How early in the year do you start celebrating Christmas?
-my mom plays Xmas music year round
31. What emoji best describes your life right now?
-the wilting rose
32. Are you fluent in more than one language?
33. What is the longest you’ve ever kept a New Year’s resolution?
-I don’t make them
34. Have you ever successfully been on a diet? Did you gain any of the weight back?
-I’m on a diet to gain weight and its not going well
35. Are any of your grandparents still alive?
-only on my moms side
36. How good are you at communicating through facial expressions?
-hahaha my face gives everything away and I can read people pretty well
37. Have you ever gotten a commercial jingle stuck in your head?
-EDUCATION CONNECTION! Get connected for free
38. Have you ever left a movie theater before the movie was over?
39. Do you consider rapping singing?
-rapping is in its own ballpark...its why its called rapping
40. Does your home have a fireplace?
41. Favorite non-chocolate candy?
-sour gummies worms
42. If you could have only one superpower, what would you want and why?
-oooof ummmmmm maybe teleportation
43. Have you ever locked your keys in your car?
44. Do you listen to any religious music?
45. Do you drink soda? If so, which one is your favorite?
-I hate soda
46. What was your ACT score?
-do not do me like this (21)
47. Rice or quinoa?
48. From 1-10, how good of a driver do you consider yourself?
-like an 8
49. Do you like horror movies?
50. How easily do you cry?
-uh depends on what it is
51. Do you have any tattoos? If so, of what and where?
-no but I want some
52. You are hanging with your closest friends. What are you most likely doing?
-being dumb and quoting tik toks at target
53. Can you handle spicy foods? What is your spice limit?
-not very well
54. Can you play any musical instruments? If so, which ones?
55. Are you more introverted or extroverted?
-middle of the road
56. Last CD you bought?
-Folklore by Taylor Swift
57. Do you like roller coasters?
-yessss but they cant be extremely tall
58. What day of the week is laundry day for you?
-uhhh depends on when I have time
59. Have you ever played spin the bottle?
-uh maybe once but I was in fourth grade and walked away
60. How long have you known your best friend?
-I’ve known my bestie for 16 years (met when we were 4)
61. Can you eat using chopsticks?
-yes!! I usually eat my Chinese food with them
62. Do you have any stickers on your laptop computer? If so, what are they of?
-no because I need to get a case for my iMac and iPad
63. How often do you say y'all?
-every fucking day. Y’all is my go too
64. Favorite flavor of ice cream?
-cookie dough, pralines and cream, blue raspberry sherbert, vanilla, coffee
65. How long was your longest relationship? Are you still with that person?
-my longest relationship was like three weeks in fourth grade with my friends cousin who I saw twice
66. Star Trek or Star Wars?
-haven’t seen either but prob Star Wars cause r2d2 is cute
67. How good are you at math?
-ehhh I’m okay at stats
68. Have you ever acted in a play or a musical?
-used to do the plays in middle school :)
69. How often do you read/pay attention to your horoscope?
-not much my horoscope but just my sign in general
70. What is the shortest your hair has ever been?
-just above my shoulders
71. Have you ever broken any bones?
-my big toe
72. Do you like to go fishing?
-nooooooo I went fishing once and it pooped on me
73. Do you believe in evolution?
-of course
74. Favorite costume you wore for Hallowen? How old were you?
-I was perry the platypus…. 19
75. Real or fake Christmas trees?
76. How many pillows do you sleep with?
-usually 1-2 but like 5 in the winter
77. Do you live in an apartment or a house?
-House rn
78. How many of your friends are of the opposite gender?
-in my close circle, one but I do have many boy homies
79. Have you ever had a near-death experience?
-many times
80. How long have you been at your current job?
-four weeks
81. What kind of car do you drive (year, brand, model, color)?
-white car
82. How flexible are you?
-not super but mama can bend
83. Have you ever ended a romantic relationship?
-haven’t even started one
84. Phrase you say the most?
-“I’m uncomfortable” “Y’all” “I would let J.D from heathers…..”
85. Have you ever kissed anyone of the same gender? If so, did you like it?
-no but I wish
86. Do you own any homemade clothing?
-not that I know of
87. Do you like fast food?
88. Have you ever given anyone CPR?
89. Have you ever learned to do anything from a how-to video on YouTube?
-I fixed my moms glasses yesterday with a video so she wouldn’t have to spend a shit ton of money
90. Describe your sense of humor.
-if Always Sunny in Philadelphia and “vine comp that butters my eggroll” had a baby
92. Favorite cereal?
93. Have you ever auditioned for a reality competition show?
94. Have you ever gotten a TV theme song stuck in your head?
-Sugar, spice and everything nice, these were the ingredients…….
95. Do you believe in ghosts?
96. Do you think there is life on other planets?
-hell yeah
97. Have you ever given money to a street performer?
98. Your deepest fear?
-lets not go there
99. Pancakes or waffles?
-waffles but I don’t even like them that much
100. Are you still friends with anyone from high school?
-yep, my friend circle dates back to elementary
101. From 1-10, how good of a dancer do you consider yourself?
102. How much of a patient person are you?
-I can be extremely patient. Once waited three hours in a dressing room with my friend and I didn’t have a phone
103. Do you know your IQ?
-no but its prob god level
104. Do you eat meat at all?
-mama loves meat
105. Do you own any clothes from a garage sale or a thrift store?
-I think so
106. Have you ever bought anything from a flea market?
-yess my mom used to take me to flea markets all the time
107. Have you ever quit a job?
-early this year
108. Have you ever gotten a song you dislike stuck in your head?
-many times
109. Any movie(s) you can watch over and over and over again and enjoy just as much each time?
-robots to ratatouille
110. Do you or have you ever worn glasses?
-just sun glasses
111. Have you ever skinny dipped?
-when I was like 6
112. Are your birth parents still together?
113. Have you ever been in the audience for the taping of a TV show?
-not that I know of
114. Favorite type of cookie?
-chocolate chip or the sugar cookies with the pink frosting on them (I’m a whore for them)
115. Have you ever been broken up with?
116. How often do you smile when getting your picture taken?
-most of the time
117. Have you ever accidentally dialed 911?
-yes I have and I was 6 and bullied for it for years by my uncle even though my cousins tricked me into doing it
118. Oldest memory?
-throwing a chair at a kid in preschool for stealing my cookie
119. Have you ever been the victim of a nasty prank?
120. How often do you snort when you laugh?
-uhhhh a lot
121. From 1-10, how good of a singer do you consider yourself?
122. Favorite Disney song?
-uuuuuuhhh Shiny, See the Light, Why Don’t you Do Right, Show Yourself
123. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
-hopefully in la
124. What is your Myers-Briggs personality type?
-I’m an advocate
125. Have you ever had a fortune cookie fortune come true?
-I think so
126. Name one thing you wish people would stop posting on social media.
-fascist, racist, homophobia stuff
127. Last musical artist you saw live?
-Jonas brothers
128. Credit cards or cash?
-cash cause I feel like I didn’t spend anything
129. Favorite fandom?
-the powderpuff girls or fairy tail
130. What is your astrological sign?
131. Have you ever been fired from a job?
-nope I’m a good noodle
132. Any hidden talents?
-I can do the cinnamon challenge
133. Can you surf?
134. What motivates you to do well in life?
-the fear of failure
135. Your worst physical feature?
-my acne
136. From 1-10, how much are you like your father?
-mehhhhhhhh like a 4
137. How lucky do you consider yourself?
-I’m a pretty lucky person ngl
138. Name a moment in your life when you were pleasently surprised.
-when I won a coffee maker at my senior grad night raffle
139. Have you ever been summoned for jury duty?
140. What type of shoes do you wear the most?
-my converse
141. Favorite summer activity?
-getting coffee
142. Favorite song to sing in the shower?
-any Taylor swift song
143. Have you ever lived with a roommate you did not get along with?
-my parents sometimes
144. Have you ever lived on a farm?
-my grandparents owned a cherry farm when I was little
145. Have you ever kept a diary or a journal?
-tumblr is my diary
146. TV show or movie you quote/reference the most?
-Always Sunny, The Office, Gotham
147. How often do you get mad at yourself?
148. Have you ever gotten any stitches?
-only in animal crossing (he’s so cute)
149. Have you ever been hunting?
150. Favorite YouTube channel?
-Jenna marbles, try guys, mukbang edit channel, drama channels
151. Have you ever had a pet besides a dog or a cat?
-I had a mouse once
152. From 1-10, how well do you work with others?
153. Are you friends with any of your exes?
-I don’t got exes
154. Apple or PC?
-I have an Apple Mac rn but I think I loved my pc so much so I’m getting used to the format
155. Do you collect anything?
-what don’t I collect? Funko, pins, so much stuff
156. Have you ever seen any Broadway plays or musicals?
-I saw Newsies and A Music chorus
157. Any missed opporunites you wish you had taken?
-I’m not too sure
158. Have you ever uttered a spoken hashtag?
159. Do you have a pool at your house?
160. What is the longest you’ve gone without sleep?
-like 24 hours and it was hell
161. Last thing that made you laugh?
-a meme 20 sec ago
162. Disney or Nickelodeon?
163. Name one celebrity you wish was still alive.
-Billy Mays (Oxyclean dude)
164. From 1-10, how much are you like your mother?
-maybe a 6
165. Your best physical feature?
-my hair
166. Earbud or earmuff headphones?
167. Have you ever wished you were born the opposite gender?
-..hmmmm sometimes I think it would be cool but I’m pretty content with being a girl...
168. Do you have any piercings anywhere besides your ear lobes?
-my nose
169. How often do you wash your hair?
-every other day usually
170. Showers or baths?
-I love a good bath but I take showers more
171. Have you ever been a bridesmaid or a groomsman?
-noooo but I wanna be
172. Bottled or tap water?
173. What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?
174. Any guilty pleasures you’re willing to discuss?
-watching glee
175. Favorite video game?
-Mario kart
176. Have you ever gotten a New Year’s kiss exactly at midnight?
-nooooo why are there so many questions about kissing
177. How many of the United States have you visited?
-four, ive passed over a few more in a plane
178. Have you ever given money to a homeless person?
179. Have you ever gotten a surgery?
180. Your least favorite food?
181. From 1-10, how competitive are you?
-depends. I’m like a 6 but I can be pushed to a 10 when motivated
182. Do you like wearing hats?
-only a snap back occasionally
183. How much of a jealous peron are you?
-ehh not really
184. What was your SAT score?
-900-1100 (stop nationwide testing doesn’t work and I didn’t learn eveything)
185. Have you ever voted for a reality competition show?
186. Does anyone in your family currently serve in your country’s military?
-my cousin
187. Snowboarding or skiing?
-I don’t do snow
188. What celebrity would you most want to play you in a movie about your life?
-jack black
189. Have you ever been a Boy or Girl Scout?
-hell no
190. Have you ever dyed your hair?
-many times
191. From 1-10, how good of a cook do you consider yourself?
192. You have just opened up a web browser. What is the first site you visit?
-this cursed site
193. How many things can you do with your weaker hand?
-a lot
194. Were you involved in any academic clubs in high school?
-honors i guess
195. Have you ever played hooky from school?
-like twice
196. Are you comfortable with watching rated R movies?
—-not with my parents
197. Do you root for any sports teams?
-bold of you to assume i do sport
198. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
199. If you could take home any one animal from the zoo, which one would you choose?
-a lizard
200. Tell something about yourself most people don’t know.
-uhhh ummmm (I have a tik tok with 7.5k followers) 
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j-j-ehlby-writes · 9 months ago
Is it Right? (c.e)
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Word count: 12k+ (whoops)
Summary: Your best friend is getting married and not only are you in love with him but he’s asked you to be his “Best Woman.”
Warnings: Fluff, angst (nothing new here)
A/N: I’ve been working on this since May. Don’t know how I feel about it. Let me know?
I don’t own the pictures.
My Masterlist
Tumblr media
Today’s the day...
This is the day I have been dreading for over a year. My best friend is getting married.
Now someone might wonder why I’m dreading such a beautiful and momentous occasion. Today is supposed to be a celebration of two lives coming together as one in the most beautiful way possible. The blushing bride walks down the aisle with her father to the man of her dreams and they profess their love to one another in front of their family and friends then party until the wee hours of the morning... that would be wonderful if my friend was the bride.
Yep. I’m in love with my best friend who is the groom.
And worst of all, I’m his “best woman.“ I’m supposed to stand next to him and support him as he says “I Do” to a woman that I can’t stand. Not just because she’s with him like I’ve longed to since 9th grade, but because she’s a poisonous, insecure bitch who hates our friendship or any relationship he has with anyone that isn’t her. She’s also a gold digger. I’ve overheard her countless times saying how she can’t wait to be “rolling in the Marvel dough” when she marries him.
Oh, I forgot to mention. She’s marrying Chris Evans.
That’s right. Mr. Golden Boy. The living embodiment of Captain America himself. The flawless man who has captured the millions of hearts of many over the years, including mine. He’s tying himself to the one person in this world that I can’t stand.
I’ve supported him for years. I knew how much he loved acting and the theater in middle and high school. Before we met, I heard it all from his brother Scott since we were in the same grade. Chris was a freshman when we were in sixth grade but that didn’t matter. From the minute I met Scott, he became my best friend. The same thing happened when he introduced me to Chris. I’d be invited over to their house almost daily. We would write and put on own skits, play video games, go bike riding, everything you could imagine. When the boys got heavily involved with theater, I was there for every performance no matter what role they played.
The Evans Family was also extremely supportive with the things I did as well. They were at every choir concert, every softball game, piano recital. They were my second family. I was basically an extension of the family. My mom became close with Lisa because of how often she would have to drive me over to their house and how often they would see each other because of us. Our dads also bonded over their love of sports on Sunday’s and even started going golfing Saturday mornings. One big blended family.
But as time went on, something changed with Chris. He was always cute to me but as the years went on, he became handsome. Lingering stares and touches started happening more often, phone calls multiple times of the day just to say hi, passing notes between classes when we finally were in the same school for one year, the occasional flirty comment but it was all harmless.
Scott caught on real fast to my feelings as soon as I caught them. He was supportive but he was also protective. He knew Chris wanted to pursue acting after high school and didn’t want me to get my hopes up. I assured him that Chris more than likely didn’t feel the same way that I did so there was nothing to worry about. The “little crush” I had would fade with time...
Boy was I wrong.
It’s been over 20 years and those feelings have only grown exponentially.
Chris became hugely famous thanks to Marvel but he still remained one of my best friends. Even though both of the Evans boys left me for Hollywood, they still called or texted me daily. They invited me to their premieres as often as they could and flew me out to their sets on occasion to show me their new worlds.  They both remained humble and down-to-earth as the spotlight shone on them.
When Chris started dating the woman he’s getting married to, I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. As with everything, I had wanted to be supportive of him and his decisions no matter how much they killed me on the inside. But when we were alone for the first time, she let me know immediately that she wasn’t going anywhere and my friendship with Chris was on its way out.
Much to her dismay, he still invited me to everything. I was there for every holiday and special occasion. She was as fake as could be when she was around me and Chris never suspected a thing.
When they got engaged, she made sure to show off her ring as much as possible when I was in the room. During their engagement party was when I heard her confirm my suspicions of being a trash gold digger. I wanted to tell Chris, but I hate confrontation which is probably what would happen if she found out I told him.
Fast forward a year and here we are. Hopelessly in love with someone I can never have while the worst person I’ve ever met gets the best man I’ve ever known.
I roll over to see his sleeping form in the bed next to me.  
This was not the plan. He was supposed to spend the last night of his freedom with his groomsmen in the suite the hotel gave them. But at around 9, he knocks on my door. He’s barefoot in his plaid pajama pants and a white v-neck that just barely shows off the chest tattoos he has. He’s carrying 2 6-packs and a plastic bag full of, what I can assume is goodies. “One last sleepover for old time’s sake?” He asked with the cutest smile on his face, there was no way I could say no to him.
“I thought you wanted to spend your last night as a single man with your guys.”
“Eh,” he shrugs, pushing passed me into my room, “I can see them any time. But we haven’t had a sleepover in ages.” He sets his stuff on my bed and starts unloading everything. “And this is my last opportunity to do so.”
I close the door with a sigh. “So, where does she think you are?”
“She thinks I’m with the guys,” he turns and locks eyes with me, “and that’s how it’s going to stay.”
In other words, he’s lying to her so he can see me again. That’s been the pattern for just about the entirety of their relationship. He has had to lie to her when he wants to see me ever since he introduced us. From simple lunch dates to hanging out with his family while she’s still in LA for work, she doesn’t like when he’s around me.
One time he called me fuming. She had given him an ultimatum: Her or me. She claimed to know what was going on and wanted to put a stop to it. I foolishly talked him off the ledge and convinced him to stay with her. I compromised and said that we should take a step back from our friendship until she calms down. She doesn’t like me as much as I don’t like her. It took three weeks and five days (yes, I kept count) of no contact with each other for him to finally call me with his new philosophy of “what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” I wasn’t on board at first. I don’t like keeping secrets. However, I would do anything to see him, so I went along with it.
I inspect the bag of goodies he brought and I can’t say I’m disappointed. My favorite candy, his favorite beer, and a couple Disney DVDs that we’ve watched so much we could recite them together.
One of our favorite pastimes was watching these movies and acting them out, which includes singing to each other. I always pretended he was meaning the words he sang, especially during “One Song” and “So This is Love.” With one of his favorites being The Little Mermaid, he loved “Les Poissons” more than any other song. But he also loved sitting back and watching me climb over the side of whatever couch we were watching on for the reprise of Part of Your World. As we got older and gained the ability to drink alcohol, it became even more fun.
This time was no different. He lies on the floor after Ariel rescues Eric. I’m on my side beside him. As Ariel sings to Eric, I sing to Chris meaning every word I say. I rest my hand on his cheek as he “regains consciousness.” He’s always managed to match the look in Eric’s eyes as he looks up at me. Every single time, I’m thankful Ariel flees at that moment because then I can hide my blush. I climb over to the other side of the bed and hide until it’s time. I poke my head over the edge and see him leaning on his side of the bed, his temple resting on his hand. His eyes are soft as he watches, almost sparkling in the dim light of the hotel lamp. My heart skips as I play my part. This time I did an obnoxious off-key version of the last note. This broke some of the tension. We crack up before resuming our spots on the bed.
For a majority of the movie, we lie incredibly close to one another. We’re leaning on our elbows, our shoulders and upper arms are touching but nothing else. Our bodies are angled towards the other with our feet almost touching.
That is until his favorite song comes on and he must dance. He saunters and jumps around the bed with a bottle in his hand, clearly enjoying himself. I haven’t seen him this carefree in a very long time. He’s always tense nowadays. He attributed it to the wedding planning, but his more reserved behavior started when she came into the picture. It’s like she’s holding him back from him being who he really is. I miss that old outgoing Chris, the one who was always the life of the party.
He plops back down, placing his fourth bottle on the bedside table, readying himself for the next number. He holds his hand out when Eric and Ariel start dancing. We perfected the dance years ago, but we were a little wobbly this time, the alcohol having gotten to us already. The rehearsal dinner earlier didn’t exactly feed us a lot.
We place ourselves on the middle of the bed for my favorite scene of the movie… Kiss the Girl.
For years, we’ve acted this one out a little differently. He kisses my cheek when Eric and Ariel are about to before Flotsam and Jetsam tip the boat over. Never have I had the guts to just pull him in and kiss him. I imagined a million times doing it, but what came after that was never positive. As much as I wanted him to have a positive reaction to it, I couldn’t help but focus on the worst case scenario. That alone kept me from going forward with it. So we stuck to the chaste kiss on the cheek, same with ending of the movie.
I sit cross-legged between his open legs. He leans back on his hands until the song starts. He sings as he leans in closer. I look away and wait for his lips to connect with my cheek. When they do, they nearly connect with my lips. This is the closest he’s ever gotten to the place I’ve wanted him most. Whenever he does, it’s over as quickly as it starts. But this time, the corner of my mouth tingles where his lips linger almost afraid to pull away. I pull back slightly coming face to face with him.
His glassy blue eyes are half-lidded as he searches my expression for any sign of distress from his action. The tension between us is incredibly thick, neither of us really knowing what to do.
Well… I know what I want to do. But I could never bring myself to do it. He’s getting married tomorrow… to someone who is not me. I can’t.
“Please…” His whisper plea sends cracks through my heart. His hand caresses the back of my neck, leaning his forehead on mine.
“You’re getting married tomorrow,” was the only comeback my fuzzy, alcohol infused mind could come up with.
“I know,” he sighs, “I know.” He pulls back, defeat written all over his being. “I’m sorry,” his voice returns to his normal volume, “I shouldn’t have put you in that situation because I’m getting cold feet.”
“You’re taking a big step tomorrow. I’d be more worried about you if you weren’t nervous.” I try and shake off what could have possibly just happened. “Everyone gets cold feet at least once before their wedding.” Everyone except me that is. If it were me marrying him tomorrow, mine would be toasty warm. I would have zero doubts in my mind that marrying him would be exactly what I want. But I know this is my brain trying to convince my heart that that’s what this was. Not the actions of a man who wants to be with me… “It’s normal to seek comfort from your best friend, especially if it’s to knock some sense into you.”
“Yeah, that’s what I needed.” He slides back to lie against the pillows. I stay where I am, not sure where I should go. We sit in silence, watching the movie. We’ve never just watched this movie. Even the very first time we watched it together, we would go back and forth and sang the songs. It didn’t feel right not to, but I didn’t know if we could just go back to it after what almost happened.
“Hey,” I turn to see his arm extended, “come here.” I crawl up the bed, not needing to be asked twice. He pulls me to his chest, wrapping both arms around me. I melt into his embrace, thankful for the dissipation of awkwardness. He kisses the top of my head sighing again. We settle into a comfortable silence while we return our focus to the movie.
In no time, we’re back in the swing of things. When Eric, in his trance-like state, says “I do,” I turn to him and ask, “Is that what you’re going to be like tomorrow?”
He scoffs, “Probably.” He passes me another beer after he notices I finished my last one. I take it even though I don’t feel much like drinking anymore. I’m just tipsy enough to know I need to take some aspirin before bed. He downs his fifth one by the time Ursula takes Ariel back to the ocean. He has his sixth one in hand when he says, more to himself, “I lost her once. I’m not going to lose her again.” He tightens his hold on me, whether it was subconsciously or not I don’t know. He knows that’s one of my favorite lines from this movie. That and when he says “No, I won’t leave you” to Ariel when she tries to protect him. He’s seen me melt at Eric’s words countless times throughout the years. He knows how bad I would want a man to say those words about me and to me someday.
Ursula was inking out when I finally got up the nerve to ask him what I’ve wanted to since he knocked on my door. “Why did you really decide to spend tonight with me?”
He answers without hesitation, like he knew I was going to ask him eventually. “Because I don’t know how long it’s going to be before I see you again.” He sighs. “I can’t keep lying to her about seeing you, but I don’t want to cut you out of my life either. You’re my best friend. I just wanted one more night where we don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen after tomorrow.”
I sit up a bit to face him. “We can see each other at holidays. Three times a year is better than nothing right?” The lump in my stomach grows exponentially at the thought of only seeing him at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I’ve never gone that long without speaking to him. That month at the beginning of their relationship was the longest we’ve ever gone without speaking and we haven’t gone that long since. He calls me daily. Daily! How am I supposed to go from talking to him every single day to three times a year?
“I don’t know if I can go that long without…” he confesses glancing over every inch of my face as if memorizing it, “seeing you,” he squeezes my side and glances at my lips, “touching you, and talking to you without having to watch what I say.”
“I’m going to ask you this because I am your best friend… are you sure you want to go through with this tomorrow?”
He takes the biggest sigh of them all before saying, “I have to. I made a promise. I have to keep it.”
That sounds like a cop-out that he knows it.
I push, “But is that the only reason you’re doing it?”
“Unless you can tell me a different one, I’m all ears.”
I open my mouth to tell him everything: to beg him not to marry her, to tell him how in love with him I am and have been since we met, to ask him to leave with me right now… but I can’t do it. The words will not form even though my brain screams at me to do so.
He watches me with a little bit of hope in his eyes, as if he’s waiting for me to say “the magic words” that will let him out of the promise he made. He even holds his breath as he waits.  
I resign with a frustrated sigh. Why am I such a chicken? Isn’t alcohol supposed to be liquid courage? Why isn’t it working? He’s practically inviting me to give him the out I want him to have and yet I can’t bring my chickenshit ass to do it.
Because it’s not just me who this would effect. It’s him, her, her family, their friends, his family who I love sometimes more than my own- everyone. It will affect everyone. And I can’t be that selfish…
“Do you love her?” I ask looking away from his hopeful eyes. But even in my peripheral, I see all of the hope he had fade. He releases the breath he held and leans his head back against the headboard.
He pauses before answering, “Yes.”
“Then that should be enough reason for you to be at the end of that aisle tomorrow.”
Ursula’s cry brings our attention back to the movie once again. We watch as she withers and sinks with the wooden ship that penetrated her abdomen. The heaviness of the situation weighs on us until we got under the covers after the movie.
I slowly reach over and run my finger gently down his soft cheek, I memorize this moment. Knowing this will be the last time I see him like this, I want to remember everything. How the sun glows around the top half of his body as if it were worshipping it, how his enviable eyelashes lay perfectly against his cheeks, how the tiniest whistle is mixed with his shallow breathing, how deliciously pink his perfect lips are... how so in love with him I am that I would rather give up my own happiness for him to have his.
I nearly pull my hand away when he grabs mine and brings it to his cheek, holding it hostage there. He sighs heavily before the whistling starts again.
I try not to look too far into the action even though my heart wants to so badly. He probably thinks it’s her hand out of habit. I let it lay there for a few minutes before I force myself to pull away.
He’s getting married today.
I brush my teeth quietly before going to the bridal suite given to us by the hotel we’re all staying at. I’m greeted by Carly and Lisa as I walk in. Shanna appears with mimosas which I gladly down and make another.
Both of his sisters know of my feelings for Chris. To my knowledge, Lisa doesn’t. I didn’t even have to tell Carly and Shanna. Like a real family, they just know. They each give me sympathetic looks to which I shrug off. I know they mean well but it’s not helping.
As soon as I finish with my hair and make-up, I go to find the man of the hour. Since I’m technically on his side, I should be in the groom’s suite. I was only invited in for getting my hair and make-up done. After listening to her shrill voice for all of that time, I was glad to be gone.
After I knock on the door, Scott greets me. “Finally!” He drags me in before shutting the door. “The Best Woman is here!” All attention is drawn to me thanks to that announcement. The guys who were standing in a circle each with a beer in their hand. Chris wasn’t quite fully dressed yet but he still looked like a dream. His black pants hugged his slender waist, the dress shirt wasn’t done up all the way yet, his cuffs weren’t buttoned yet and his tie was hanging undone around his neck. I had to stop myself from staring too long.
“Wow, you look...” he checks me out in the dress I picked out. It’s a floor-length black chiffon which matched the silhouette of the bridesmaids, but since I will be standing on Chris’s side, I went with the color of their tuxes. Most of the other dresses are strapless where mine has long, lace sleeves. I didn’t want to be pulling my dress up all day and night. It’s also early spring and the temperatures haven’t started their rise yet so I didn’t want to be freezing my butt off when we’re outside taking pictures. Also while the other girls were stuck in very thin high heels, I chose dress shoes with a slight thick heel to somewhat match the men. I honestly think I got the best of both worlds here. “... wow.”
“Ever the articulate one,” I tease, setting my shoes on a chair until it’s picture time.
“You’ve just never been so...” he clears his throat as if that would help.
“Thank you, Christopher.” I didn’t know if I should take that as a compliment or not. I mean I know I’m not the hottest person in the world but he has seen me with my make-up and hair done for prom once upon a time. “I’m sure you’ll look just as nice when you’ve finished getting ready.”
He whispers “Doubtful,” under his breath, shoving the hand that isn’t holding a bottle into his pocket.
“Isn’t there something you want to give her?” Scott asks Chris.
“Oh, right.” He’s jolted into action as he sets down his beer and goes over to a different chair where his tux jacket was hanging. He pulls a small wrapped box out of one of the pockets.
“Hey guys, let’s go check out the bar downstairs.” Scott rallies the rest of the gentleman out of the room leaving me and Chris all alone.
As Chris approaches me, he takes a deep breath, “As the groom, I feel obligated to get all of my attendants a gift.”
I internally cringe, knowing those weren’t his words. He probably had no idea giving gifts to his attendants was a thing before this.
“I got all of the guys cuff links but since you’re my Best Woman, I got you a little something different.” He hands me the square box then shoves his hands in his pockets.
“You didn’t have to.” I sheepishly take it and planned on opening it later but by the look on his face, I could tell he wanted me to open it right now. So I gently tore open the pretty wrapping paper and opened the box.
In it was a necklace. Simple, small black teardrop and my first name initial on a silver chain. It was beautiful and totally me.
“You picked this out?”
“Well I...” he rubs the back of his neck, slightly flustered, “yeah. I know how much you hate gaudy necklaces.”
“It’s perfect.” I couldn’t stop staring at it. He’s gotten me a lot of nice things in the past but this was by far the best. “Thank you.”
“Want me to help you put it on?”
I lift it off of the cotton inlay of the box and hand it to him. He steps behind me, securing it around my neck. His hands linger on the back of my neck for a second longer than they should have before they were gone. Just that slightest touch caused a tingle down my spine.
I mentally shake it off before turning around. I fidget with my new accessory, thanking him once more.
“I also wanted to thank you for last night.” He shoves his hand as far into his pockets as they will allow. “It was nice to have a chill night before the chaos ensues.”
“Of course. You know I’ll always be there for you.”
“It also meant a lot to me to be able to spend my last night as a single man with my favorite person.”
That causes my head to snap up. His favorite person?
I open my mouth to say something but what do I even say to that? Of course he’s my favorite person. He has been since the day we met. But how could I be his? I’d understand if he said “one of his favorites,” but those extra two words were not included in his sentence.
I quickly glance at the time to try and distract myself. Just as I see he’s about to say something I interrupt him, “We’d better go. Pictures start soon.”
He clears his throat, “uh, yeah, sure.” He strides over to the mirror, buttoning the rest of his shirt and fiddles with his bowtie that was lying limp around his neck. I watch him closely knowing he’s never been able to tie one successfully before. I hear his frustrated huffs as he just can’t quite get it right.
“You need help with your tie, don’t you?”
I giggle as I turn him around to face me. I glue my eyes to the task at hand, completely aware that he’s only a few inches away from me and I can feel his gaze watching me.
“Are you nervous now?” I ask trying to distract myself.
He releases a breath he was holding, “I’ve never been this nervous in my entire life.” His breaths smelt of beer. I make a mental note to give him a mint before leaving.
“You shouldn’t be.” I make the last tug on the perfect bow and retract my hands. “You were made for this role. You’ll be great.”
“Will I?”
We lock eyes. His ocean blue ones are  holding so many emotions it’s hard to keep up with them. Doubt, self-loathing, longing, confusion, a hint of sadness...
I always knew he’d be a good husband, no matter whose husband he ended up as. He was born to be a husband and a father. God he’d be an amazing father. Seeing how he cared for his younger siblings and now his niece and nephews, it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever seen. He cares so deeply for those kids. I can only imagine how outstanding of a father he will be to his own kids someday...
“I have complete faith in you.” I muster up a smile I hope is convincing enough for him. “Now hand me your cuff links. We’ll miss your wedding if you do them yourself.”
From then on, the morning was a drag. Pictures lasted a lot longer than anticipated so that put us behind schedule for the rest of the day. Typical. She’s always late for everything else, why would her wedding be any different?
After pictures with the attendants were done, we were given a late lunch of dry sandwiches and water. We all ate on the party bus while the bride and groom continued with their pictures.
“So, did you talk to him?” Scott asks as he sits next to me.
“Did you tell him?” Carly asks as well.
I look around the bus to make sure no one was paying any attention to us. I don’t want anyone overhearing. “No, I’m not going to tell him anything nor am I ever going to now.”
“You could still stop this,” Shanna chimes in quietly.
They’ve always wanted me to say something to him about how I felt. They’ve expressed to me multiple times how much they want me to officially be a part of their family and since I’m not exactly Scott’s type, Chris was my only shot. I guess they’ll just have to be okay with family-adjacent.
We arrive at the venue 20 minutes after we were supposed to be here. We all file into the room set aside for us to leave some of our belongings and wait there until the ceremony start time.
I stick closely to Scott’s side as the minutes pass. I can feel my walls starting to dwindle. Chris comes over and chats with his siblings but I can’t seem to be able to pay attention to what he was saying. At this point I can’t even bring myself to look at him. My stomach feels like it has turned to lead, my hands are shaking so badly that I have to hold on to Scott. I’m this close to losing it completely. I just hope I can make it through the ceremony...
When the wedding coordinator came in to get us in line, I wanted to run in the other direction.
How could I have agreed to stand next to him and watch him marry someone else? I may have felt a little better if he were marrying someone I liked, but that’s not the case. I’m losing him to a wench and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it now.
As we line up, Scott reaches back to squeeze my hand one more time before the processional starts. I grip my bouquet tighter and tighter as I see the next pair of attendants starts to walk. When Scott goes I take a deep breath and plaster the fakest smile I can muster because I know there’s an awfully expensive videographer and photographer watching. The maid of honor goes next, leaving me to be the last one before the witch in white.
I slowly make our way down the aisle when I see she’s far enough ahead. I glance around the crowd for my parents, hoping to find some comfort in other familiar faces. I find them in the second row behind Lisa and Robert. My mom is gripping Lisa’s hand over the back of the chair. They both have the same expression... pity.
I try and look anywhere but forward, but I fail. Seeing the man I’ve loved for over 20 years at the end of that aisle, like he was waiting for me was both the best and worst sight I’ve ever seen. I had dreamt of this day. Seeing him there waiting for me as we embark on a life together as husband and wife, to live happily ever after until the end of time. Except he wasn’t waiting for me.
His bottom lip trembles slightly as he swipes his index and thumb over his eyes, sniffling loudly before exhaling. I have to bite my lip to stop my own from quivering, needing to look away before I have a full-on breakdown. I take my place behind him. A few deep breaths were had before the minister asks everyone who is able to stand to greet the bride.
Scott uses the hand that’s hidden from the crowd to comfort me. It takes everything in me not to turn around and bawl. I stand there numb as they gather in front of the officiant. He goes on with the ceremony, preaching about God-knows-what. I wasn’t listening.
The magical words “I do” in his deep, smooth voice broke through and shattered my heart. I try not to let it show. The tears sting behind my eyes as I force them not to come forward. Unfortunately, a few do. I wipe them away, hoping people think I’m emotional because I’m happy for them, not because those simple words have the biggest impact on me.
Since Scott is the Best Man (and is the one with pockets), he hands the minister the rings when queued. I begged Scott to insist he holds them. I claimed that I didn’t want to be responsible for them in case something happened, but we all know the real reason was that I couldn’t. I knew as soon as I was up here, I would freeze. I could not physically hold the symbols of their marriage in my hand for the duration of the ceremony. Scott didn’t really want to either but there was no way she was trusting a child with her extravagant wedding ring. So Scott was the default.
From there, they move to light their unity candle. They take their places behind the stand, each picking up their respective pre-lit candles to light the middle one signifying their unification. I keep my gaze to the floor not needing to see it or how happy he is.
Never once did I think to do as people do in the movies. I never thought about interrupting the ceremony with “please don’t marry her, marry me instead.” I couldn’t do that to him. I couldn’t do that to myself. I couldn’t live with the humiliation of being rejected in front of so many people, including people I’ve idolized for years. He doesn’t deserve it and I’m a better person than that.
The applause from the crowd tell me it’s finally over. The newly married couple make their retreat down the aisle and out. The maid of honor and I exit and take our place in the receiving line after congratulating them.
To say it was an awkward interaction would be an understatement. The bride barely touched me when I gave her a half-assed hug. The exact opposite interaction happens with Chris. His arms linger around my waist and he buries his face in my neck as if he didn’t want to let me go. Everything in me wanted to cling to him too, but he has a wife now. I peel him off of me, refusing to look him in the eye and take my place on the other side of the maid of honor.
The guests coming by helped distract me from Chris’s gaze that I felt constantly. Lisa wanted to give me a hug. I stopped her at first because there was no way I could get through that without completely breaking down. But Lisa being Lisa insisted and didn’t take no for an answer.
Some of Chris’s Marvel friends stopped and talked to me for a bit which I will be eternally grateful for. RDJ had me laughing after whispering that I looked better than the bride. Anthony Mackie’s interaction with Chris made everyone laugh. Sebastian told me how beautiful I looked and he called dibs on the first dance with me at the reception. Scarlett as gorgeous as ever gave me the biggest hug. She also knew of my feelings and shared the same views on his new wife.
The bride and groom were pulled aside before we all piled back on the bus to head towards the reception venue. We are told it has the best view of the sunset for a serene dinner and has an outdoor terrace that overlooks a spectacular view of the ocean for those that need a cool down after some dancing. I know I will be utilizing that space a lot tonight.
By the time we arrive at the venue, it was almost the scheduled dinner time. The bride wanted to get some sunset pictures on the terrace before we all make our entrances. The only thing getting me through these pictures is the fact that I will be able to start drinking very soon. I’m going to need a lot of alcohol to get me through this night ahead.
Scott and I are supposed to make a speech since we are the Best Man and Woman. Liquid courage will be my best friend. We decided weeks ago that he would be speaking on behalf of the both of us since he’s quite literally known Chris his entire life and he has way more juicy and embarrassing stories than I would have. That and I don’t think I would be able to speak without bursting into tears.
We finally make our extremely corny entrances to a rap song of the bride’s choice before we take our seats at the head table. How we stood at the altar was how the seats were arranged so that means I am right next to Chris... great. Now I have to sit next to him and watch him repeatedly kiss his wife because people can’t seem to get enough of clinging their silverware on their glasses. I quickly made the decision to take a drink every time it happened. It may not be the smartest idea but that’s how I’m coping.
An hour later it was time for speeches. The maid of honor went first and I seriously wanted to vomit throughout the entire time. That may have also been due to the amount of alcohol I’ve consumed since sitting down. Chris has leaned over a couple times and asked if I was okay since he knows I don’t drink very often. He persuaded me to last night saying it was his last night and he wanted to spend it having fun. But tonight, this was all me. No one persuaded me to do anything. My reason I gave him was that I’m taking advantage of the open bar. I think he only believed me the first time, that’s why he’s asked me again and again and again.
When the MOH finishes her speech, the microphone is passed down to Scott. He stands up, pulling me with him. The alcohol hits me at that moment and I lose my balance slightly. I recover by grabbing his arm and lean against him. He asks if I’m good before he introduces himself, “Hi, I’m Scott. I’m Chris’s favorite brother and Best Man. This lovely lady to my right is the Best Woman, my,” he emphasizes for effect, “best friend-“
“Hey! She’s my best friend, too.” Chris interrupts causing the other guests to laugh.
“Yeah but she was my best friend first. Anyway, I will be speaking for both of us tonight because she’s clearly had way too much to drink.” I smack him in the stomach then take the microphone.
“I have not! Speeches are not my forte. So I thought it would be better for Scott to speak and I don’t embarrass myself.”
He continues on with his speech with me holding the mic. He talks about how it was growing up with Chris, tells a couple of embarrassing dating stories, briefly adding when I met both of them, before concluding how happy he was for his brother and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.
The bride makes a speech next but I can’t bring myself to listen to her. I don’t want to hear how much she claims to love him and how she can’t wait for this next chapter of their lives together. My stomach churns just thinking about it.
Chris makes the final speech, thankfully he kept it short and not very detailed.
Which actually wasn‘t like him at all, and definitely not like all of the other groom’s speeches I’ve heard.
The DJ starts the music and the party starts. I plan on keeping my butt in this chair but I spy Sebastian across the way who beckons me to him. I remove my shoes and meet him on the dancefloor.
“You’re mine for the night.” He declares in my ear as he twirls me around to familiar 80’s song. I’ve known Sebastian as long as Chris has. We’ve always gotten along well. Even for a guy he was very perceptive to my feelings for Chris. He never judged me, never forced me to say anything about it. He just flat out said to me, “Chris is an idiot” one day while we were all out together and hasn’t said another word about it since.
After my dance with Seb, I’m stolen by RDJ, claiming Susan was already tired of his dance moves. A couple more dances with Chris’s niece Stella and the Electric slide later, the DJ announces the first dance for the Mr. and Mrs.. A more recent, very overplayed slow song comes on and instantly I know Chris didn’t pick it.
I take that instance to go find my parents. They’re still at their table with Lisa and Robert. “Beautiful speech, honey,” Lisa teases.
“Hey! If you heard the awful speeches I made in high school, you would be thanking me.”
“If you had come to the theater to do more than gawk, we could have fixed that.” Lisa had invited me to join the community theater every summer after meeting. It just wasn’t my thing. It was Chris and Scott’s and I was more than happy to support them from the audience.
“How are you?” My mom asks slipping her hand into mine. She gives it a reassuring squeeze but it does little to lift my heavy heart.
“The worst day of my life is almost over. That is something I can be thankful for.”
Seb comes to steal me away, back to the dance floor until the bride and her father have their dance. I take this time to head to the bathroom.
Just as I’m about finished with my business, the door opens.
“I still can’t believe he’s married.” A woman expresses to another. I quickly recognize the voice as my mother.
“I know. I always thought our kids would end up together.” The other lady who I immediately recognized as Lisa says back to her. “We were supposed to be grandmothers together.”
“If it were up to us, they would have had kids by now!” Their laughs echo off the walls, ringing in my ears. “Those two are as stubborn as can be. Anyone who has eyes can see they’ve both been absolutely crazy for each other since the day they met.”
“Everyone can see except them.” My heart drops into my stomach at Lisa’s words. “I mean, did you see the way he looked at her when he saw her walking down the aisle? And then when his bride did?”
“No comparison!”
“I know my son and it was written all over his face who his heart truly belongs to.”
“And did you see her while she was up there? My poor baby! She was barely holding it together.”
They say more but I don’t hear it. My mind goes into shock after what I just heard.
I stay in the bathroom until the walls start to cave in around me and I feel like I’m suffocating. I leave to find the terrace. The cool ocean breeze greets me like an old friend instantly cooling me down. Thankfully I’m the only one out here for the time being. I pace trying to comprehend what I just overheard.
He’s what? Always has been? No comparison? Who his heart truly belongs to?
... What?
I need answers. Right now.
I head back inside on a mission. I weave my way through the tables until I find him standing next to the bar with a beer in his hand. I stand with my back to the people he’s talking to for privacy. He embraces me, leaning close enough for me to murmur in his ear.  “I need to talk to you. Right now..”
When I pull back, his previous happy expression instantly drops when he sees my urgency. “Okay.” He follows me out of the crowded room and out onto the private terrace. “You’re kinda scaring me here. What’s going on?”
“Do you love me?” I blurt needing to get straight to the point. I can already feel my lungs slightly constricting again. My hands are shaking- no, my whole body was shaking.
“What kind of question is that? Of course I love you, you’re my best friend-“
I try and bite my tongue but I can’t. He wasn’t understanding me. “That’s not what I meant.”
He gapes at me for a second before he finally  gets it. His shoulders slump and he sighs,  “I just got married...”
“Doesn’t answer my question.” I step closer and ask slower, “do you love me?”
No hesitation. No hint of reservations. Complete and total honesty. Zero regard for what he just did a few hours ago.
I don’t know if I’m relieved or angry. If what our mothers said is true then he has for over 20 years, he didn’t say a thing. Ever.
How did I not see? Am I blind or just oblivious?
“Is that what you want to hear?” He sidesteps me, setting his hands on his hips and shaking his head. He runs his hands down his face before turning back around. “Why are you asking me this now? Why didn’t you say anything about it last night?”
“I didn’t know last night!” I exclaim, exacerbated by this whole situation.
He runs his fingers through his hair as a sign of his distress . “Who told you?”
“Who told me?” I scoff, “You’re my best friend. Why weren’t you the one to do it?”
“I wanted to!” He exclaims, “God,” he runs his hands down his face now, “I’ve been dying to but there has never been a good time to do it.”
“Bullshit,” I blurt. He’s had plenty of opportunities. 20 years’ worth of opportunities! There was something else holding him back. “Try again.”
“I was scared, alright?” He finally blurts the truth. He sighs almost in relief as he makes his way over to one of the benches in the corner. He buries his face in his hands as he leans his elbows on his knees. “I was scared of losing you and what we have. I can’t...”
Needing to comfort him as I have since day one, I go to kneel in front of him. “Hey, look at me,” I remove his hands from his face before taking them in my own. “You’re not gonna lose me. Not now, not ever.” He breathes a heavy sigh of relief, leaning his forehead on mine, closing his eyes.
“Promise. You’re stuck with me whether you like it or not.”
We stay like this, just basking in the quiet, in this moment, and in each other. I’m trying to take in all that I learned but it’s just not comprehending. He’s loved me for as long as I’ve loved him. But due to his fear of losing me, he kept it to himself. All this time we could have been together. We could have been married by now with kids. Our mothers could have finally gotten what they always wanted: us together so they could have mutual grandkids.
“Hey,” I bring us back to reality by cradling his face in my hands and pull back from him but only slightly, “can I ask you something else?” He nods, giving me the softest eyes I’ve ever seen. “Did you ever think, even for a second, that I might feel the same way?”
“I hoped. God, for so long I hoped you did...” his eyes scan my face as I see the wheels turning in his head before he asks, “did you?”
I try and stand up as an embarrassing snort escapes my nose but the fact that I’d been sitting on my legs for so long, my balance was affected.
As I feel myself topple over, he reaches out and grabs my waist pulling me into his chest. My hands instinctively catch his shoulders. Our noses brush. I feel his breath on my face and suddenly mine is stolen.
The tension increases the longer we stay in this position. His hold is firmly secured around my waist. His gaze switches between my eyes and my lips. Never have I been this close to him before in this capacity. We came close once in a game of Twister but that was surrounded by our friends and Scott. Or that one time when we were playing football on Thanksgiving and he tackled me to the ground.
But at that time his feelings had not just been made known and mine were not in question.
As enticing as it would be to finally kiss him after all this time, it wouldn’t be right. It might feel right, but it’s not the right moment.
To break us out of our trance, I answer his question, “The fact that you even have to ask that proves that you were just as oblivious as I was,” before pushing on his shoulders to stand properly.
A smile broke out on his stunning face. “Was I really?” His smile turns into the signature smile the world knows him for. You know the half smile? The one that is too cute for words? It’s the one I fell in love with almost instantly.
And the fact that he was looking up at me through his flawless lashes didn’t help my urge to kiss him.
I nod and shrug. “I thought I was being subtle about it but according to your siblings, subtlety is not one of my strong suits.”
“You know they said the same thing to me?”
I shake my head in disbelief, “Of course they did.”
“I made them promise not to say anything to you until I was ready.”
“Which explains why they were so persistent about me telling you.” I take a seat on the bench a comfortable distance away. We sit in silence for a beat, the only sounds heard were from inside. “What are we gonna do?”
He sighs before reaching into the inner pocket of his jacket. He pulls out an envelope, looking at it in his hands before handing it to me.
I take it, “what’s this?” I open it and take out the contents. It’s his marriage license. “Why are you showing me this?”
“Look at it again.”
Glancing at it again, I notice something. The space where he’s supposed to sign it is blank. His bride’s signature is there as well as both of their mother’s signatures and the ministers but his is missing. Before I could ask, he spoke.
“I couldn’t sign it. I tried but...” he rings his hands together, stopping when his new ring bothered him, “...something inside was telling me not to.” He fidgets with the ring until he slips it off completely. “Nothing has felt right today. I woke up this morning, alone,” he sent a side glance at me, “and I just felt off, like there was a knot in my stomach, and it didn’t go away until I saw you again. Seeing you dressed up for my wedding and you weren’t the one wearing white...” he shakes his head, “I realized that was it. You were the reason why this didn’t feel right.” He leans back, turning his head to finally look at me again, “It’s because it wasn’t you I was waiting for at the end of the aisle. Seeing you walking towards me only solidified it for me.“
Pinch me, I must be dreaming...
As much as I want to hear everything I’ve been dreaming of him saying, I interrupt him before he can continue, “Please, stop. You don’t have to say anything else.”
He twists his body towards me and takes my hands in his, “but I do! I do because I should have said all of this twenty years ago. I’ve been holding it in and now that I’ve started, I can’t stop.”
“I know. Believe me, I know. But...” I take my hands out of his and intertwine them behind his neck, he leans his forehead against mine. He scoops me up and sets me in his lap, securing his arms around my waist, “... you have someone inside who believes you are her husband and she’s your...” he squeezes my waist as he sees my struggle to call her what she is. I take a deep breath before continuing, “and because I love you-“
He looks up at me, “You do?” I nod. “Say it again.” The most adorable shy smile I’ve ever seen adorned his face in that moment, it made my heart melt entirely.
I take his face in my hands and look him straight in the eyes so he knows I’m being entirely truthful. “I love you.” He groans, burying his face in my neck as he pulls me impossibly closer. The vibrations from his groan tickle against my neck. “And it’s because I love you that I want do things right.”
He grabs the heavy piece of paper that was between us and holds it up, “I could tear this up right now completely invalidating it. We could walk out of here, together. Like it was always supposed to be.”
I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted. The man I love wants to be with me and he wants to start our lives together as soon as possible. We could grab our families, fly home, and be married by the end of the weekend. Oh how I would marry him tomorrow if I could.
For years I dreamt of that moment...
I’d wear a simple white gown with spaghetti straps or lace sleeves, an A-line skirt with some bling or not, I’m not picky. He would be in a cream or burgundy suit depending on the season. We’d be surrounded by our immediate family members and our closest friends on our special day then invite everyone we know to party with us later. We’d cry because this day was finally here- our moms would bawl together as well. But no one else would really matter. It would just be the two of us up there, confessing our never-ending love for the other until the officiant declared us husband and wife. I’d be pinching myself the entire day scared it would only be a dream that I would eventually wake up from.
Now that I find out my main source of happiness reciprocates my feelings, that dream is that much closer to becoming a reality.
However, there was still something he needs to do before any of that.
As much as I disliked her, she doesn’t deserve to be left on her wedding day without a word or an explanation. No one deserves that.
As that realization sinks in, shame fills my heart. She will be devastated when he tells her. She’ll experience anger, humiliation and probably a whole other range of emotions. She will be the victim of the media for a very long time, and in all honesty she’ll probably eat it up. She’ll play “the scorned women” for as long as they will pay attention to her.
That’s exactly what she’s done as “Chris Evans’s girlfriend/fiancée” since they went public with their relationship. She gained thousands on thousands of followers on all of her public social media pages. She milked the attention, jumping on any chance at a sponsorship or ad campaign. She also shared as many pictures and videos of Chris as she could, much to his dismay. He’d complain to me countless times about how he wished she wouldn’t share as much, how he wanted their relationship to be more private. He talked to her about it, too, just as many times, but she claimed she was “just giving the fans what they wanted.” The fact that she went against Chris’s wishes didn’t boost my opinion of her.
I sigh, “As much as I want to grab our parents and leave with you right now, there’s someone you need to talk to first.”
He sighs too knowing I’m right. “I know.”
I stand from his lap, the left half of my body instantly missing the warmth his was giving off. He stands too before pulling me back. His arms envelops me in a bone-crushing hug, his nose burying itself in my neck. “Can you say it again?” He whines.
I can’t help but cackle at his request. “I’ll tell you as many times as you want me to...” I pull back to look at him, “after you talk to her.”
He groans again, leaning in to kiss my forehead. “Fine.”
“Finally!” We hear behind us. I turn to see Scott standing at the door to the terrace, “there you are! Dude, the mother and son dance is next! Get your ass in here!”
With that, our bubble breaks and we rejoin civilization. I don’t miss Scott’s look as Chris rushes passed him. I tell him to stop as he starts pestering me about what we were doing out there for so long. I try to tell him that it’s none of his business but he sees right through me. He is my other best friend after all.
As we make our way over to the bar, he quietly recounts what he saw earlier today from when he saw me this morning to when I walked down the aisle towards him, how he’d never seen his brother look that- “heartbroken” was his word- before and how instantly unemotional he was when his bride walked down. He also tells me that when he was lighting the unity candle that he snuck a peak at me. He swears he thought his brother almost said “fuck it” to the whole thing and rush over to me. Of course I didn’t see that so that was definitely news to me but it only confirmed what Chris had told me.
I feel the butterflies going awry in my stomach at the thought of Chris interrupting his wedding to check on me. What would I have done if I had looked up to see he was right in front of me? Would I have broken down right then and there? Would I have begged him to choose me instead? Would he have told me how he felt in front of everyone he knows, including the woman he was supposed to be marrying? How mortified would I have been if he did all of that? Or would I have completely skipped mortified and jumped immediately to elated?
“So who told you?” Scott’s question breaks me out of my thoughts.
He repeats his question, “He clearly didn’t tell you given the way you rushed in here and stole him away for damn near a half hour. Shanna and I had a bet on if you two would even be coming back.”
I quirk an eyebrow at him, “Who won?”
“Not important.” In other words, not him. He asks for a third time no longer accepting my dodging methods.
Scott’s always been able to see right through me. That’s how he got me to confess my feelings for Chris. He’d badger me, I’d deflect, he’d ask again, I’d attempt to change the subject, but he wouldn’t have it. He’s always had that uncanny ability to make me spill all of my secrets. But he’s also the type of person who would take those aforementioned secrets to the grave. No matter how much he seemed like a blabbermouth on TV with spilling Chris’s secrets- says it was his brotherly duty- he has never said anything about mine.
Thankfully it was our turn to order our drinks so I got a reprieve for a bit. Before I could grab mine, he did. “Oh, no you don’t.” He places it out of my reach. “You don’t get this until you spill about what happened.”
“Nothing happened.”
“Bull! You haven’t smiled all day today except for this morning and when you walked away from that conversation. And don’t even try,” he sasses, “to hide the fact that I saw something between the two of you just now. Something was said and/or occurred.”
I strongly consider not telling him. He would want every single detail. If I did tell him, he no doubt wouldn’t be able to stop himself from celebrating. He would want to tell all of his siblings and his parents “IT’S HAPPENING!” as soon as I get done.
He’s said for over twenty years how much he wants me to officially be his sister. He’s begged me to tell Chris, literally pushing me into his vicinity (the room he’s in, his personal bubble, into his person- it never ended). He’s always been supportive of his brother and I possibly getting together. He’s teased me mercilessly since he first recognized my feelings.
However, not saying anything is what got me into this mess in the first place.
And he does the same thing that Chris does when he wants something- he abuses his pure blue eyes and gives me the biggest puppy dog eyes he can conjure and to add extra effect he occasionally juts out his bottom lip and bats his eyelashes. He didn’t try that this time but his big doe eyes were enough.
“Nothing happened,” I repeat. Just as he was about to interrupt, I beat him to it, “BUT,” he settles back down, “something was said.”
“I knew it!” He exclaims. “Tell me everything!”
I pull him away from the crowd and do just that. As expected, he was ecstatic that everything was finally out in the open. He wasn’t surprised in the slightest that our mothers blew the secret. He says he’s overheard them they talk about it constantly on the phone and in person. He’s also proud of me for confronting him, forcing him to tell me the truth. He was ready to depart back to Mass at the drop of a dime if that’s what we wanted to do, he was not going to miss the “most important event of his lifetime.”
I spend the rest of the night stealing glances from Chris, dancing with Sebastian, and trying to keep Scott in line. The last thing I said to him was I didn’t want him telling anyone else, even his sisters or his parents until Chris makes his decision.
Because there is a decision to make. Even though he said what he said to me doesn’t mean he will end things with his bride. He may completely change his mind when he sees his bride once she gets out of her wedding dress- I overheard her telling some of the bridesmaids about the lingerie she had underneath while I was getting my hair done. He could see her in a new light and decide to sign the marriage license.
I will accept whatever decision he makes no matter what. Because he is my best friend. I will accept whatever makes him the happiest even if it’s not with me.
I happily sigh as I retreat into my room. I fall onto the bed, thinking about what was said earlier tonight.
He loves me.
He couldn’t bring himself to sign his own marriage license because it didn’t feel right. Nothing felt right to him today until he saw me. He offered to tear up his marriage license and leave his own wedding reception to be with me. He was willing to risk everything to be with me.
Because we both know what will happen when the media gets ahold of this.
It will be a circus. A PR nightmare. Chris will likely be disliked by many, which he will think he deserves. He won’t take it lightly either. He may even go into hiding a.k.a. stay in Boston until something else inevitably knocks it out of the top spot.
I know there will be speculation as to why he left his fiancée on their wedding day. There will be awful headlines that will not be kind to him. And I know that no matter what he or anyone else says to counter those false headlines, no one will believe a word.
That’s the crappy nature of the media beast. Everyone will want to give their own opinions on the situation- most, if not all, will be negative.
I’m abruptly jolted awake by repetitive knocking on my door. I roll to my side, not even realizing I fell asleep in the first place. I didn’t even get a chance to change out of my dress before exhaustion from the day took over.
I turn towards the window to possibly gauge what time it is without looking at the clock. It’s barely daylight. The sky is a very light blue with the sunlight hardly mixing with it.
Glancing at the clock, my suspicions are correct. It’s just past 5:30.
I groan at the fact that I just managed to get three hours of sleep before I was so rudely awoken.
Speaking of, the knocking persists.
Peeling myself off the bed, I stumble to the door fully planning on giving the person a piece of my mind. How dare they interrupt my sleep! Don’t they know that women, especially me, need beauty sleep? Everyone who knows I’m here knew I had been out late. So whoever is on the other side of this door, I will not be pleasant to.
I hear my name muffled by the door followed by a “please, open up.” I’m pretty sure I’m not fully awake yet but I swear that, even though it was muffled, it sounded like Chris...
I open the door after struggling with the lock to see exactly who I thought it was.
Before I could start to chastise him, he speaks.
“I know you’re mad about being woken up, but we need to go.” He shoves passed me into my room and over to my suitcase. “I couldn’t talk to her, she was too drunk by the time we got back to our room. She slipped out of her dress, nearly tripping over the thing then passed out on the bed. I left my ring and the unsigned license on the table with a note. I couldn’t wait until she woke up.” He enters the bathroom now, coming out with all of the toiletries I left in there. He places them in my bag haphazardly before trying to zip it shut. “I know you wanted me to talk to her and I will... at a later date.“
“Christopher, stop,” I pull his hands away from my bag which he is about to break.
He sighs frustratedly before giving up on it completely. “I booked us a flight back home in two hours.” He pauses as he lets that sink in for me. “Let’s go. You and me. Just like I said.”
He’s choosing me. I can’t believe he’s choosing me over her. For years, I wished he would. I dreamed of the day he would finally wake up and see that the partner he’s searched for was right in front of him this whole time. Turns out he knew all along, he just didn’t have the guts to say anything until I confronted him about it.
I shake off the shock and the leftover sleepiness, “What-uh, what about our families? We can’t just leave them here.”
“It’s all taken care of.” He steps closer, running his hands from my shoulders down my arms until he intertwined our hands together. “I left them all messages letting them know what was going on.”
“You told them?”
He shrugs, “I had to. It didn’t feel right leaving them out of the loop. I mean they have wanted this as long as we have.”
In this profoundly serious moment, he manages to make me smile. I shouldn’t be surprised though. He’s been making me laugh or smile at the most inopportune and inappropriate times. During Family Game Nights was always his favorite. When we’d play Twister, he’d whisper something totally random into my ear and I’d burst out laughing therefore losing my balance. Also during my choir concerts, he loved sitting in my direct sight line and making faces at me.
He caresses my face with his hand, I lean into his touch. “So what do you say?”
“I’m in.”
No hesitation. No hint of reservations. Complete and total honesty. Zero regard for what he just did a few hours ago. 
“God, I am all in.”
And finally, after the longest 20+ years of waiting and secretly pining, he kisses me.
I feel it in the deepest parts of my soul that this is right. This feeling is the most “right” I have ever felt in my entire life. He completes me in every way imaginable. What even was my life without him in it?
Six months later, we make it official in front of our families and closest friends in the Evans family backyard. Everything was exactly how I always pictured it. From my dress, the flowers, the way he looked at me when I walked down the aisle towards him... this time, there were tears of joy on both of our ends.
Our mothers cried. Scott cried. Everyone cried at the overwhelming feeling of love here between us and between our families, as we became one.
After the ceremony, there was still one more thing we had to do.
The minister pulls us aside and lays out our license on a table. I quickly scan it, like I have for a month prior to today, still in utter disbelief that we were finally together and taking this next step.
Something catches my eye as she’s filling out her portion.
Chris had already signed it.
I look to him at my side to see he has the giddiest smile on his perfect face.
“I couldn’t wait,” He admits shyly.
As if my heart couldn’t melt any more...
“Damn it, Christopher,” I dab away the happy tears before they fall. He kisses my cheek then my lips before it’s my turn to sign.
I write out my name with his last as I’ve doodled on countless pieces of paper over a million times before. It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done, besides say “yes” to marrying the love of my life.
The minister makes the “you’ve been practicing” comment as I hand her back the pen.
Oh she has no idea...
Our moms tearfully do their part as witnesses, both embracing us after unable to contain how overjoyed they are for us.
“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Evans.” She shakes our hands after tucking the license into its designated envelope then takes her leave.
Lisa is the first to comment on our future children while we take a few quick photos. “Now don’t be waiting too long to start trying. We’ve been waiting long enough for this day.”
Chris and I laugh before I happily reply, “I promise you won’t have to wait for much longer,” with my hand on my stomach.
The looks on all of their faces was captured by our photographer as we had planned.
Having just found out yesterday morning, I couldn’t wait to tell all of them. I figured this moment was the best possible.
As they bombard the both of us with hugs and even more tears, I can’t wipe the smile from my face.
Everything is coming together as it always should have been. The man I’m hopelessly in love with is now my husband, his family is officially my own as well, and we have created a miracle with the love we have for each other.
Later that night, we’re lying in bed with his hand on my stomach, his new ring is proudly on his finger, where it will stay for as long as we both shall live.
He whispers how much he loves me and how happy he is like he has just about every day since we got together. The same butterflies go awry in my stomach, or that might be the baby’s movements.
Either way, I fall asleep as I am, even though my dreams couldn’t possibly beat my new reality.
Everything is at long last right in the world. Or at least in mine.
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sheusedtobesassier · 9 months ago
Day 10,402
Approximately two months ago I sent you a calm and collected message in which I asked seven questions about our break up. I made sure to say, “Write back whenever you feel the urge and if you never experience that urge then wow please don’t reply that’s fine. I know I need to ask, but it’s okay if you do not need to answer.” I really meant that.
You wrote me back six days later, but without answers. A polite message letting me know you were going to respond eventually. That was 2 months, 2 days, 22 hours, and some odd minutes ago. In my heart of hearts, I don’t believe you will ever send me your answers. The process would take some degree of emotional effort and truthfully I think it doesn’t matter enough to you. And that’s really really really really okay. It has to be.
I am going to answer the questions tonight. Not for you to read, but for me to write. I’ve got a glass of decent Pinot Grigio. I just heard some thunder rumbling. I think I read somewhere that there’s a full moon up there tonight. So. That all lines up for expression.
(I’m not going to include the actual questions in this post because goddamn I love to come off as elusive. I have them and you have them. Anybody else’s guess is good enough.)
1. Limit of four because limits help. You were my buddy so instead of being usually on my own I got to be usually with you. You knew how to be a steady force when I needed space to not be one. You usually felt/saw/reacted/thought differently than everybody else in the room, including me. You deliberately accessed me in ways I’d begun to believe nobody could or would ever want to.
2. Limit of four because limits help. It was extremely hard to be next to you when you were making it obvious you wanted so badly to be elsewhere. I didn’t ever laugh as hard as you like to laugh and it didn’t matter to you what I thought about music. It felt like it was always going to suck that I was a white girl. I think the shine wore off, like I think you’d lost a lot of respect for me by the end.
3. I mean. I think a few months into being officially together we were having a difficult conversation about how you were 90% sure you were going to leave camp soon. It came up that we didn’t really believe in the concept of long distance relationships. That neither of us were that kind of person. How ultimately that would be just a slower more painful break up. And like. Idk. Tbh this question is hard for me to answer and I really wish you would. That’d help me out a ton. When people ask me why we broke up I make vague jokes around it and I’m pretty sure I sound stupid as fuck.
4. Okay. Work hit a rough season financially and it put you it a bad spot. We went on a cold air walk one afternoon and you told me you were going to talk seriously to an Illinois buddy about possibly moving in with him. After that we went to the Moyers for dinner and you pulled Bill aside to speak privately. As I was falling asleep that night I asked what you’d talked about and you said, “I told him I am leaving.” I was caught totally off guard because you had not said those words to me yet. The conversation didn’t go further. I attempted to hide that I was crying and you said goodnight and left. Then for about three days you cut yourself off from the world completely. Hid out. Others started asking me what the heck was going on and I didn’t have an answer. I was subtle crying almost constantly lol, so I finally txted you and asked if we needed to talk. We acknowledged that the conversation we were about to have would require bravery. I asked my boss for some time off work and got it. Um. This is when it all gets pretty confusing for me. Looking back now I think at this point you already knew we were going to break up and were even possibly trying to do it haha, but uh. I didn’t realize your mind was made up. Which. To be fair to me, you did not communicate with me how far gone you were. So. I assumed we were still in the midst of a difficult decision making process. Perhaps I should have asked more questions than I did. But. Um. We spent like the next four days together and they were borderline perfect? Which. Lol whatever I don’t want to write about them. I want you to tell me what the fuck was going on there because I think the way you were looking at our last week together was 1000% different from whatever the hell I was perceiving. I was in a honey colored daze. I’m sorry if that time was low key tortuous for you. I truly did not understand what was happening. Um. We took each others clothes off on a Friday evening and afterwards I was laughing and realized you weren’t laughing. You were blank. Staring hard at nothing. I softly asked what was wrong and you said you had to call your friend and give him a final answer. And um. And I had to say the words, “And? You’re upset? Because? You’re going to tell him yes?” Um. All this is a blur. I don’t remember saying much else. I got dressed and began putting on make up, getting ready to go watch a children's musical with friends. You stood at the door watching me a while then left. Um I cried uncontrollably on the drive into town, through the whole damn elementary school production of Annie, and the ride back. When I got home I sent you a txt saying, “If you need things before you go or have things you need to express then please let me know and we can do that.” along with some other sad content. I didn’t hear back so then at midnight I txted you a comforting I love you message and you sent a comforting I love you message back. I fell asleep worrying about you. Mm. And then. Whatever I’m not going to write in detail about it, but you very abruptly left first thing the next morning and from that point on (THOUGH WE’VE NEVER HAD THE FUCKING CONVERSATION) we have been not together. Next question.
5. Okay. I got way too specific on that last one and would like to not make a pattern of that. Sorry. So. For this one. For me. Afterwards I went dark. I went through very ugly withdrawal. I guess I can’t really write about then. Um. I waited for weeks to hear from you and heard nothing. I read everything about our star signs and I listened to the break up playlist I’d been fucked up prepping throughout basically our entire relationship. I watched ALL the Marvel movies and I drank a lot a lot so much I just wanted to drink. I couldn’t fucking sleep ever and when I did I had cruel dreams about you. When we finally did start writing to each other I got really really really really emotionally messy. Paragraphs and then more paragraphs. DRAMATIC TAKE AFTER DRAMATIC TAKE. I didn’t call you and you didn’t call me. But I bothered you and I bothered you and I bothered you. You hardly ever seemed interested in talking to me. You’d give a little and I’d gross myself out at how desperate I was for more. You were polite and you didn’t want to talk to me. Yeah okay that’s the simplest way to describe what afterwards was like for me. I was in love with someone who didn’t want to talk to me.
6. Um. Okay. Honestly. Right now when I think of you there are a few common reactions. I think of the dialogue from Liz Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love often. “But I love him.” “So love him.” “But I miss him.” “So miss him. Send him some love and light every time you think about him then drop it.” Usually when you come to mind it’s because of one of hundreds of things that connect to stories I like about us. I’m consistently telling me, “Shut up. Nobody knows how to react when you talk reverently about your ex.” Idk. I use a lot of my 11:11 wishes on your behalf. Like unselfishly. I don’t make them about us getting back together or anything like that. No, just for your happiness/wholeness. I wish for good for you. But maybe now that I’ve typed that here none of them will come true. Sorry.
7. I am not.
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padspr0ngs · 10 months ago
Endgame - Harry Holland.
Warning : Drinking, swearing, fluff and angst 
Word count : 6K
Summary : you’re in love with your best friend, what happen when you can’t hide your feelings anymore ?
It's 6:00 when you open the front door wide and dance to the kitchen. The four boys standing there drinking a beer look at you strangely.
"Are my best mates ready to see the movie of the decade?" You ask. 
"Didn't she say that about Infinity War last year?" Harrison asks, laughing. You give him the finger and hug Sam. 
"Infinity War has hurt me too much to consider it the film of the decade." 
Then you take Harry in your arms and say hello to Tuwaine and Harrison. You've known the Holland family since you were ten years old. You met the twins because they were in your grade, and the three of you have been inseparable ever since. 
You've known them for ten years now and you've had the time of your life thanks to them. You are not only close to the twins but to the whole family since the boys' mother and your mother happened to be childhood friends who had lost track of each other. You are also close to Tom, the twins' older brother. He's not often in London because of his work, but when he comes back you feel like you've never been apart. 
Tom is like your big brother and he's always thought of you as a sister too. Your first bender? You took it with Tom, Harrison and the twins when you were 15. Your first trip with friends? It was skiing with the twins, Tom, Harrison and Tuwaine when you were 17.
You don't live with them, but it's just like since what's supposed to be the guest room is full of your stuff. You spend more time at their house than at your parents'. You're happy with it. You like it. And it's fine with the boys too, which is great.
Tonight you and the boys are going to the movies to see 'Avengers: Endgame'. It came out today and you were supposed to wait until Tom gets back from Cleveland tomorrow but being a huge marvel fan, you can't wait. And since when you want something you can be extremely convincing, the boys agreed to go with you.
"I don't think I've seen you this excited since last year when we went to see Infinity War." Says Harry.
"Oh, you mean when Tom invited us to the premiere, and I made a fool of myself in front of all my idols by crying at the beginning of the film?" Harry nods his head. "I don't know what you're talking about, I don't remember. It never happened." You wink at him and take his beer out of his hands and take a sip. He moans, but he doesn't stop you.
Harrison tells you that it's time to leave if you want to have time to eat without being in a hurry before seeing the movie. Since for once, there are only five of you, you're only taking one car. Harrison is driving, Tuwaine is in the front passenger seat while you're in the back seat between your two best friends. You and Sam talk about the new job Sam got recently. He's finally realizing his dream of being chief and you couldn't be more proud of him.
"Don't forget you promised to cook me something for my birthday." You remind him. 
"When is it again ?" He asks you, as a joke.
"I don't know, isn't it July 22nd?" Harry goes on. You turn your head towards him, an offended look on your face.
"Nah, mate, I'm pretty sure it's September 17th." You turn your head to Sam. You know they're laughing, but you like to get caught up in the game. You slap your favorite twins on the head and everyone laughs.
Harry comes up to you and whispers in your ear. "Don't worry, darling, I know it's five days from now." You smile at him and he smiles back at you. You lay your head on his shoulders while Harrison and Tuwaine change the music. You've always been more touchy with Harry. His arms are a place where you feel good. The first notes of Macklemore's 'Can't hold us' sound in the car, you lift your head and look directly at Harry. He and you look at each other with a big smile that says it all. Sam sighs. "Here we go again."
You ignore it and start singing. You've been training for months to get to sing as fast as you can. Harry always managed it without practice and you were always jealous of that.
You and Harry are singing as fast as you can, turning it into a competition. You and Harry have the same habit of making lots of hand gestures when you sing. You see that Sam tries to film you discreetly but it doesn't work. You turn to him while you keep singing and pointing your gestures towards the camera, which makes the older twin laugh.
You're halfway through the first verse and all you can say is that your lungs are in pain. You see yourself in the rear-view mirror and you're all red but you don't want to stop, you don't want to lose.
You and Harry are singing as fast as you can, turning it into a competition. You and Harry have the same habit of making lots of hand gestures when you sing. You see that Sam tries to film you discreetly but it doesn't work. You turn to him while you keep singing and pointing your gestures towards the camera, which makes the older twin laugh.
You're halfway through the first verse and all you can say is that your lungs are in pain. You see yourself in the rear-view mirror and you're all red but you don't want to stop, you don't want to lose. During the chorus, everyone sings and you take the opportunity to catch your breath.
When the last verse comes, Harry pulls out his phone and starts filming the two of you. You stick to him and sing, directing your gestures to your best friend's phone. When you have sung the last verse you sigh very loudly, using your hands to give you air. Harry laughs and kisses your right cheek before he stops filming.
"I hate hanging out with teenagers," Tuwaine says to you in jest.
"Fuck off," Harry says.
"Don't act old when you're just three years older than us." You laugh and Harrison says you've arrived. You walk into the fast-food and let the twins order before you do.
"Are you taking the usual?" Harry asks you.
"Oh, yes. I take a-" Your best friend's cutting you off.
"I know what you're taking." You smile and kiss him on the cheek. You know very well not to negotiate when he wants to invite you over because it ends up in an argument and you don't want to argue with him.
You eat next to Harry, Sam next to you, and Tuwaine and Harrison next to Sam. As usual Tuwaine films your meal and posts it in his Instagram story. "So, what are your theories about the film?" Ask Tuwaine. You hurry to open your mouth to talk but Harry throws himself at you and puts his hand in front of your mouth to stop you talking. You struggle, but he's got you. Everybody laughs at you struggling.
"You can't just throw her on theories or it'll never end." Laugh, Sam, when Harry finally lets you go.
"Excuse me for being passionate." You retort by eating a French fry.
"That's not being passionate at this level, that's being obsessed," Harry says that with a laugh and you look at him offended.
"Harold Robert Holland, don't you dare speak to me again." You stick to the wall, to get away from your friend.
"My name's not even Harold!"
"Don't care, as long as it bothers you." He raises his eyebrows and looks at you with a cheeky smile. You know that smile doesn't mean anything good. He throws a fry in your face and laughs. You get back at him by doing the same thing and it turns into a little food fight.
"Are you kids done yet?" Ask Sam.
"It's not my fault Harry started it!" The younger twin looks at you in shock.
"Y/N you're a kid!" You stick out your tongue at him before you start eating again in a good mood.
Since it's a Friday night, you decide to go to the movies by walking to avoid having any parking space. There is no more than a fifteen-minute walk, which suits you. You love to walk, remember all the times you, Harry, and Sam used to take long walks to take Tessa out. You'd get up an hour early before you went to school just to get your walk.
On the way, you squabble with the boys, as usual. You ask Harrison about the girl he brought home a week ago, knowing full well that he hadn't called her back. You bother your favorite twins and they bother you back. You show up at the movie theater ten minutes early, insist on paying for everyone's tickets. The doors to the theatre are not open yet so you decide to call Tom on FaceTime.
"Hey, guys!" He says to you, in a tired voice and a big smile. "Is it me or are you in a movie theater?" You look shocked.
"Us? In a movie theater? C’mon mate, Never!" He raises an eyebrow and Harry speaks.
"Yes. Our favorite bitch couldn't wait another 24 hours to see Avengers." You give Harry a little pat on the shoulder and he pretends it hurts like hell.
"It's not my fault! I've been waiting for this since the first Iron Man! Besides, you've already seen the movie, Tom. It's not fair." The older brother laughs.
"Tell me Y/N, who are your favorite heroes?"
"Sorry, Tommy, but Spider-Man's only coming in fourth. In order, it's Iron Man, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch." You see him smile and shake his head.
"We're gonna have to go. See you tomorrow, Tommy." He says hello to all of you and hangs up. You notice Harry's looking at you strangely.
"Is something wrong, Harry?" You ask by putting your hand on his shoulder. "Since when do you call him 'Tommy'?" You can see from his face that he's very serious and you're confused.
"Why are you asking me that?"
"Just answer me." His tone is harsh.
"It just came out of nowhere, Harry. What's going on?" You see a look of reassurance on his face and you understand absolutely nothing.
"So you're not with my brother?" You almost see tears in his eyes and you take him in your arms.
"Of course I'm not. I'd never date Tom, Harry." Of course not, because I want you.
You've always loved the twins differently, and it's only gotten worse these past few years. You're almost convinced you're in love with Harry. But you've always refused to accept it. When you turned thirteen, you made a pact with the twins. Your relationship should never cross the line of friendship. Because it's when you cross that line that everything falls apart, and you couldn't survive to lose the two people most important to you. You are convinced that your feelings are not reciprocal, and even if they were, you couldn't be together. That would piss Sam off, and you love him too much to lose him.
You've always been more attracted to Harry. He's different and yet you have the most in common with him. You were already very close, but you've gotten even closer in the last three years. You've always suffered from anxiety, and so has Harry. With his job, seizures are much more frequent and the same goes for you because of college. And you've never really understood why, but you're the only one who can calm Harry down and he's the only one who can calm you down.
You walk into the screening room and sit between the two brothers, Harrison next to Harry and Tuwaine next to Sam. The boys laugh at you as you pull two packs of tissues from your bag. "One reference to Wanda or Peter and I cry." You point and they laugh at you even more. You know they're only there to laugh and you laugh with them.
"You're so sensitive." Harry laughs and you answer him with the finger.
“I lost the kid.”
You hurry up and dry your tears before they start to flow. Sam turns to you and stops laughing. Harry raises an eyebrow. "Already?"
"He lost the kid, Harry." He rolls his eyes but he smiles. He puts one hand on your thigh and starts to move it to show you he's by your side.
The film plays and you switch between laughing, shouting for joy at certain references or crying because after two hours of the film Peter and Wanda are still not back. They are retrieving the stones from the past and Natasha and Clint are on Vormir. You're under a lot of stress because one of them is going to have to die. You're almost convinced they're going to kill Clint, and you don't care. But when Natasha jumps to stop Clint from jumping, you realize what's going to happen.
When she tells Clint to let her go, that everything's gonna be alright, you're curled up in your seat with tears streaming down your cheeks. You know you're overreacting, but they've just killed your comfort character!
"Y/N, are you okay?" Harry asks you and you shake your head negatively. He tells you to get closer to him and he takes you in his arms. Even when you've stopped crying, you stay in Harry's arms. Finally, you stay there until you get to the portal scene. When you hear the "on your left" you almost jump out of your seat. You get chills and tears of joy run down your cheeks. Harry looks at you laughing, the others are too concentrated in the film. A huge smile is on your face and you enjoy this work of art. You see Wanda coming and you dance, the same when you see Peter. You're focused throughout the final battle scene, which becomes more and more epic as the minutes go by. The hug between Peter and Tony, the scene where the girls protect Peter and the glove... everything is perfect. Until that moment.
"And... I am... Iron Man"
You can't believe what you just saw and tears are streaming down your cheeks when Peter and Pepper say goodbye to Tony. The worst is when Tony says goodbye at his funeral. You see blurry and the tears are not silent at all.
When the movie ends and the lights come on, you're still in the back of your seat, curled up in a ball and crying. You can't believe it's true. Your friends look at you and laugh when they see you like this, Harrison and Tuwaine are filming you. "So, Y/N, what's your reaction?" Ask the blond guy.
"Well, I..." You don't know what to say, you're too shocked by what you just saw. "I got nothing to say."
You keep crying but you get up to go out and your friends follow you. You force yourself to stop crying for fear of making a fool of yourself. It's all fiction but it's something that helped you enormously and now... it's over.
"Not too sad?" Harry asks you, walking next to you, putting his arm on your shoulders.
"Don't talk about it, I don't think I'll ever get over it." He's laughing and he stops you. He lowers himself and puts his arm below your knee and carries you. "What are you doing? What are you doing?" You ask, laughing and hanging your arms around his neck.
"I just wanted to." He shrugs his shoulders and keeps going. He carries you like this for a few yards before you rest and that hug helped. You laugh with them all the way home and even an hour after you get home.
The next day Tom came home and you celebrated his return, even though he's only here for a few days. He leaves just after your birthday for the press tour of Spider-Man: Far From Home and unfortunately he leaves with Harry. You always find it hard to say goodbye to Harry, but you never show it. He finally realizes his dream, so you don't want to make him feel guilty.
You've spent most of your time at home, Sam, Harry, Tuwaine, and Harrison in the last few days. You've been there all the time except for today. You spent the day with your parents and your sisters on your birthday. You've done nothing interesting, just talked and laughed. The boys are having a party at their house for you tonight. So you left your parents' house half an hour ago and when you got there none of the boys were there. It's a good thing Harry gave you a key. You're trying on a dress when you hear the boys come in and you hurry downstairs.
They're in the kitchen and the twins are jumping all over you. "Happy Birthday!" You laugh and hug them. You do the same with the other boys and they tell you they're coming home from shopping.
"What do you think of my dress?" You ask, being mixed up.
"You're very beautiful!" "It suits you." "It's nice." They all tell you and you wait for Harry's answer.
"It's not your color." You know that would have hurt most people but that's something you like about Harry. Whether it's his taste in clothes or music or politics, he's always gonna be honest. A lot of people criticized him for being too honest, for hurting people. But you've never blamed him for that, that's one of the things you like about him the most. You're smiling.
"What's my color, then?" He seems to be thinking before he answers, confident.
"The red dress will be perfect." You're smiling as you realize he's right.
"You're right."
"I'm always right." You take a mixed look before you laugh and kiss him on the cheek before you go upstairs.
While you're changing, the boys are taking out the booze and snacks for the party. Sam and Tuwaine pack up everything they want to protect while Harry, Haz, and Tom get the house ready. "You're going to have to say something to her, mate." Harrison begins.
"Tell what to who?" Ask Harry.
"I don't know, maybe tell Y/N you're crazy about her." Mocks Tom.
"Keep your fucking voice down! You're talking shit, we're just friends." Haz and Tom look at each other and laugh.
"Fuck off." Says Harry, on the way up. He's always reacted that way when something went wrong with him.
You put on the red dress and go with the black heels. Your hair is loose and straight and you're not wearing too much makeup. You're finally ready to go downstairs when you see that Harry's door is open. You walk in and you see him in front of his mirror putting on a shirt. He looks up at you and won't take his eyes off you. "Woah. You're... Woah." You're blushing, and he comes towards you. He takes your right hand and he turns you around. "Gorgeous." You cover your head with your hands, embarrassed.
"Thank you, Harry, you're not bad yourself." You see him blush, too. He takes you in his arms and you hug him back. He lets you go and goes back to buttoning his shirt. You stay in his room and you see him getting mad about the buttons. You laugh before you walk over to him.
"Leave it to me." He starts buttoning his shirt and you can't help but feel embarrassed when you touch his chest. You feel his breathing accelerating as much as yours and you're convinced you're as red as a tomato.
You know Harry likes to keep his shirts a little open, so you stop three buttons before the end and you're dangerously close to your friend. You look up and his eyes make you blush even more. "I, uh... Thank you."
"What would you do without me." You laugh and he smiles.
"I'd be nothing without you." Your heart misses a beat and now it's a certainty, you're as red as your dress. You walk away from Harry before you say or do anything you shouldn't.
"Shall we go downstairs?" You ask and he nods.
By the time you get down the boys have already turned on the music and changed. Sam compliments you on your outfit and you thank him with a hug after saying hello to his girlfriend Elysia. Just when you arrive, guests ring the doorbell and the party finally begins.
It's not too big of a party, just friends more or less close. Your sisters wanted to come, but since you know how parties with boys end, you told them no. You blame it on the boys but you're no better than they are since you're often the first one to get waisted. In your defense, it's mostly because while the boys are spinning beer in the early hours of the party, you are drinking cocktails. That's one of the things you never understood, their love of beer. A sip now and then is okay, but drinking it all the time? It's impossible for you. You spend the first few hours of the evening drinking and dancing, avoiding snacks. Without really being conscious of it, you spend a good part of the evening with Tom. When you notice you haven't seen Harry for a while, you apologize and go looking for him.
You start in the garden and you see him sitting on a deckchair with a glass in his hand. You notice that he has also given up beer. You sit next to him, with all the grace that the last six glasses have given you. You laugh, laughing at yourself, and Harry just smiles.
"Come on, H, what's uuuuup?"
"Tom's the actor, not you. You're a terrible liar." He looks at you and you feel something's wrong.
"Yeah, talk about Tom like you always do." If there's one thing to know about you when you're drunk, it's that you're moody. You can go from laughing to crying in two seconds. Now you've gone from joy to anger.
"What the fuck is wrong with you!" You get up, offended.
"I'm sorry I'm not as interesting as Tom. Because if I was, you wouldn't have been all upon him."
"You're the one who's come here in fucking isolation, dickhead."
Harry was going to answer you, but Sam cuts him off, screaming. "Y/N! Come blow out your candles!" You yell to Sam that you're coming before you turn around and reach out to Harry.
"Are you coming or not?" He looks up and you're convinced there's something wrong.
"Yeah, yeah." He grabs your hand and gets up. "Sorry, Y/N."
Even if you don't understand a lot, you know he's wrong, and being angry won't help. You smile at him and hug him. "It's all right, Harry. But stay with me now, okay? It's no fun if you're not there."
You walk in, hand in hand, but he drops you as soon as people look at you. Everybody starts singing "Happy Birthday" while Sam comes in with a cake, he made it and you know it's to please you since he's not a fan of baking. Harry takes a picture of you with his camera while you laugh and blow out your candles. First, you make a wish. I want this man to love me as I love him, you think when you look at Harry.
You pretend to take a piece of cake before you put it in the fridge, so you can eat it tomorrow. Harry sees you and comes up to you with his eyebrows raised. "I've seen you." He says.
"Please don't start." He walks behind you and puts his head on your shoulder as he wraps his arms around your waist.
"You've got to eat, princess, or you'll get too drunk. Have you eaten anything today?" You can't lie to him.
"No. I wanted to be perfect for tonight. This dress is so tight that I..." He sighs and kisses your cheek.
"You know, you're not gonna be perfect when you have vomit all over your hair from drinking, either." You laugh and turn around and he lets you down.
"It only happens once!" He laughs. "And trust me, darling, I'll always remind you of that."
You roll your eyes and take Harry's hand, make him dance with you. Sam joins you very quickly and you spend most of the evening like this, drinking and dancing together, which makes you more than happy. You go into the kitchen alone and you see Elysia on her phone. When she sees you coming, she smiles and turns her phone off. "Hi birthday girl, are you having fun?" You grab a drink and look for the tequila bottle.
"Awesome. I'm, uh... I'm not stealing too much Sam from you?" You ask quietly.
"C'mon Y/N, it's your birthday. I'm glad you're having fun." You smile and hug her.
"I never understood why you're so nice to me, but thank you." You tell her, sincerely.
"What do you mean?" She looks at you confused."I mean, I'm very close to Sam. Everyone would have been jealous at least once, but I can't remember a time when you were." She smiles at you.
"First of all, I trust you completely, and I trust Sam, too. And secondly, I noticed very quickly that Sam is not the twin you're in love with."
You're choking on that drink you were drinking and she looks at you funny. "W-what?"
"C'mon Y/N, everyone noticed except the two idiots." She looks at the twins and you blush.
"Is it that obvious?" She smiles at you and strokes your shoulder.
"A little bit. You're meant to be together." You shake your head negatively.
"It's anything but mutual. I'm not even sure how I feel." She frowns.
"Why do you think that?"
"Because he's never said anything."
"Did you ever say anything?" You say no and she smiles at you before she gets cut by Harrison.
"You want to play truth or dare?" You look at Harrison and laugh. He loves that kind of game and that's what you often do at the end of the night when most people are gone, which is what you do now. You join them in the living room and sit in the only empty seat, that is, between Sam and Tom. Harry is in front of you, you smile at him but he looks away.
"Do you know why Harry's being weird?" You ask, worried Tom.
"No idea darling, sorry." Tom must see that seeing Harry like that makes you feel bad because he's hugging you.
"Well, let's play, shall we?" Ask Harry, and in his voice, everyone can tell he's upset. But nobody says anything and Harrison spins the bottle. It takes a few turns before the bottle points at you and you choose truth.
"Do you have a crush on someone ?" Ask Tuwaine, with a smirk on his face. You panic, there's no way you're going to reveal your crush on Harry here in front of everyone. You look in panic at Tom, who's smiling. He's the only one you confide your attraction to his brother. It wasn't on purpose, you'd had too much to drink and you talk too much when you're drunk. He puts a hand on your thigh to reassure you.
"I think she's gonna take her wild card." You smile at him and you drink the whole thing down. Usually, you use your joker when the questions get too intimate but you really can't say in front of everyone 'oh yeah, I think I'm in love with my best friend'.
When you finish drinking, you look at Harry and you see him get up and go to his room. You all look at each other, a little confused. "What's the matter with him?" Ask Harrison.
"I don't know, I'll go and see him." Says Sam as he starts to get up but you stop him.
"Keep playing, I'm going." He smiles at you and you get up. You're not walking very straight because of all the alcohol you've had and you have to be careful not to fall down the stairs. As you walked you heard Harry's door slam shut. When you get to his room you knock once but he doesn't answer. You try again and this time you get an answer.
"Whoever it is, get the fuck out of here."
"It's me, Harry."
"Y/N, I don't want to see you."
Your heart breaks when you hear that, but being stubborn you don't listen and you open his bedroom door. He sits on the edge of his bed and he looks up when he sees you. You quickly understand that he is angry and you don't even understand why, which makes you angry on your side.
"Incapable of doing what she's told, right?"
"Harry, I don't get it. Talk to me." You try to take a soft voice and contain your anger.
"Seriously, don't you get it? You're a liar, that's the fucking problem!" You look at him, shocked. All your patience is gone and now you're letting all your anger out.
"I'm a fucking what? Do you realize what you're saying?"
"When we were at the cinema you said you weren't dating my brother. Believe me, I realized tonight that you were lying." Is he that blind?
"But how can I blame you? You're banging the big movie star with the perfect fucking body that everybody wants!"
You honestly have nothing to say and you know that in his head that means he's right but he's wrong about everything. He gets up and starts screaming again.
"Tom's had it all since the day he was born! I've never had anything but me! And the person I dye more than anything else in the world, he can take that away from me too!"
"I thought you were a lot less stupid." You say, Still angry, but you try not to scream. Tears are streaming down your cheeks.
"What do you mean?"
"Tom's not the brother I want!"
"Then who is? Sam? Too bad for you, he's taken."
"You!" You scream. "You're the one I want, Harry! I can't believe you've never noticed and I can't believe you're giving me a jealous fucking tantrum when even though we're not together I'm all yours!"
You can see all the anger wiped off his face, leaving a sad look on his face.
"D-don't-don't lie to me about this. I'm begging you Y/N." You can see he starts crying and you slowly approach him.
"Why would you want me when there are guys like Tom and Harrison downstairs?"
You take his face in your hands and make him look at you.
"Why would I want guys like them when I have you in front of me?"
His eyes light up and he bursts into tears. You take him in your arms and let him cry. You know he needs it and seeing him like this, it breaks your heart. You find yourself crying, too.
"I-I'm sorry Y/N. I'm such an asshole, I-I just... I was afraid of losing you." You're stroking his hair.
"It's okay, Harry, calm down..."
"I love you, Y/N, and if I lose you, I don't think I'll ever get over it." Your heart misses a beat and you walk away to look him in the eye.
"You-you love me?" You smile before you dry one of your tears.
"More than I've ever loved anyone."
"I love you too, Harry. I've been in love with you for years, and I've been far too afraid to lose you l-" You start crying.
"Calm down, beauty. You're not gonna lose me, okay?" You nod your head and he smiles at you. "Can I kiss you?"
At first, you feel like you're hallucinating, but then you come to your senses and you nod super fast, which makes Harry smile. The fact that he's asking your permission makes you even more in love with this man.
He gently lays his lips on yours and you feel an exposure of sensation throughout your body. That's when you understand where you belong in the world. It's not a country or a city, no, it's everywhere as long as it's by Harry's side. Harry comes to the same conclusion. The part he missed all his life was you. He deepens the kiss by biting your lip and you moan softly. Your tongues dance together, and you don't want it to stop.
After a while, you split up breathlessly and stand face to face.
That's the only thing Harry can say, and you laugh softly. You rest your lips on his and kiss for several minutes, probably to make up for all the time you wasted hiding your feelings.
"tell me, that means we're together, doesn't it?" He's asking you when he breaks up with you for two seconds. You're laughing before you keep kissing him.
"You're gonna have to ask me out on a date before you can call me your girlfriend."
"Okay, save all your evenings for when I get back from the press tour."
Unintentionally, he ruined your good mood. You break up with him and he gets it.
"Sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up."
"Don't apologize. I just forgot for a second."
"Do you want me to tell Tom to find someone else?"
"Don't even fucking think about it, Holland. You're going to go, you're going to take the best photos in the world and you're going to have fun. I've been waiting for you for years, I can wait for you for a month." You smile at him and he gives you that smile back.
"God, what did I do to deserve such a perfect woman like you?" He kisses you before he separates from you. "Sleep with me."
"Excuse me?" You ask, laughing.
"Not in that sense, dumbass. I want you to spend the night in my arms."
You accept and you don't even bother to come down and say good night to the others. Harry lends you a T-shirt and you spend the night kissing and sleeping in each other's arms. It was that night that you realized that no, movies and books didn't exaggerate when they talked about love and soul mates. You're convinced Harry's your soul mate, and now you know you're his. What the fiction describes is a far cry from the truth. This feeling you have now when you're with Harry, you'd give anything to keep it going forever.
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vole-mon-amour · a year ago
OTP tag game.
Tagged by @captainjowl. You know for sure than I'm struggling to pick only 10 & fit them in here. But hell, that’s fun, thank you <3
Tumblr media
Rules: Choose 10 OTPs BEFORE reading the questions, and then get to answering
1) Harry James Potter & Sirius Orion Black
2) Daniel Le Domas & Grace (Ready or Not 2019)
3) Samuel & Nathan Drake (Uncharted 4)
4) Corvo Attano & The Outsider (+probably Emily Kaldwin; Dishonored series)
5) Steve Grant Rogers & Bucky Buchanan Barnes (Marvel
6) Tony Edward Stark & Peter Benjamin Parker (Marvel)
7) Handsome Jack & Rhys (Borderlands video game series)
8) Damon Salvatore & Elena Gilbert (TVD Books & a tv show)
9) Batman & Joker (in every universe, really)
10) Adam Jensen x Francis Pritchard (Deus Ex video game series)
1. Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 6?
I believe it didn't hit me before Spider-Man: Homecoming. Civil War was about Steve & Bucky for me, but when I saw that growing up Peter with Tony, their dynamic, chemistry. Tom & Robert are really just like that.
2. Have you ever read a fanfic about 2?
Lmao. I've read like 50% of the tag on AO3, I wrote my own & started a few wips on them. They are amazing. Plus, with that shitty canon? We didn't get enough of them & they deserved better, so it's only logical to save yourself with fanfiction.
3. Has a picture of 4 ever been your screen saver/profile picture/tumblr screen saver?
I was living with The Outsider icon on my twitter & tumblr. That one is still my Google profile picture I believe. Don't remember about having an icon with the two of them. Also had The Outsider as my lockscreen on my smartphone for a while.
4. If 7 were to suddenly break up today, what would your reaction be?
Funny how it fits canon, lmao. Rhys literally tried to erase Jack's AI in TFTBL, so I guess another day on Pandora, nothing new. They torture each other, they kiss each other, they kill other people in the process. It'll be fiiine.
5. Why is 1 so important?
I love them since the first time I met them, which was much more than 10 years ago, I don't even remember when. At some point they were the reason I was waking up & forcing myself to eat just to read more fanfiction & feel something. Even if I was drowning in pain (I was extremely depressed), it was still something. I read every fic I could find at that time. The depression that Harry went through, all these feelings, his love for Sirius. I was living through it, I could relate.
I'm currently drowning in these two again, though in a much healthier & happier state. I see their flaws & I know as much as I can. I see them differently as an adult. They saved me, they keep being my number one, I still consider making a tattoo of Padfoot/Sirius or of both Harry & Spirits together. I have many headcanons, ideas, I write fics about them. They are everything, you see? They were my choice when there was nothing, no one. They are HOME.
6. Is 9 a funny ship or a serious ship?
Both. There goes the dynamic of Jack & Rhys: torture, fighting, flirting, a lot of trauma. I'd definitely say that they are wild and comical sometimes, but they are definitely serious. With the Asylum, the mental health issues. There is so much more to it, the complexity of their relationship. The struggle of loving who you probably shouldn't (but hey, when does it work like that?) Thinking about Tettlate's Batman, about Batman: Europa & how Joker was: "You must me crazy, putting me in charge of the plan, letting me decide. Okay, well..."
Nah, they are entertaining, but this is a serious ship.
7. Out of all the ships listed, which ship has the most chemistry?
Are you kidding me? They are all the definition of CHEMISTRY. I'd say 5, but then go 2, 6, 7, 8. Come on. I'm not choosing. Most of they are WILD.
9. How many times have you read/watched the 10’s fandom?
The fandom itself? Idk. I found one of my favourite artists through this fandom. If it's about the characters themselves, I played the first game with the DLC from start to beginning, looking around every corner. Spent more than 60 hours in there. Watched a second game (my laptop can't run the game) and the DLC (obviously), since Francis is in the DLC & not in the main game. I have a tag for them on tumblr, I read fanfiction, I tried to write my own. I still follow Elias & want a third game. Elias liked my tweets about Adam and Jensen being an actual couple a few times. I'd say I interacted with all of this a lot? Still do, actually.
10. Which ship has lasted the longest?
5. Best friends since childhood, fought & died for each other, still found their way back to each other. "It would break your Captain's heart, to see what they did to you." That only the MENTION of Steve can pull Bucky out of this brain washing state, distract him in the middle of a fight. When Steve died in the comics because of Sharon & Tony sent Natasha to take Steve's shield from Bucky because even Tony knew how much Steve means to Bucky. And Bucky was like: "Oh, I see what he did. Not happening!" Fought Natasha (that is his ex in the comics) & kept going for Steve's sake.
Well, you see the point, I can go on and on.
11. How many times, if ever, has 6 broken up?
They're not actually canon so none? They had a few fights: In Civil war (the comics), in Homecoming (the movie).  That only means that they’ve got history & love each other.
12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it out alive, 2 or 8?
As fierce Grace is, they wouldn't stand a chance against Damon & Elena. Those two had to deal with worst thing than brainless stupid zombies. On the other hand, if there were no alive humans to drink their blood... It's either an animal diet that Damon hates so much or I don't know? Still, they're faster & more powerful. Their bodies have advantage of healing the wounds as well.
13. Did 7 ever have to hide their relationship for any reason?
From some people, yeah. Don't tell Athena, don't tell Vaughn, don't tell Fiona. Though Rhys wasn't very subtle about it & Jack just doesn't give a fuck. You will probably end up dead if you disagree or bore him, or if you're useless.
"I can take you to the top, but you gotta know where the top is" & Rhys doesn't tell anybody until Jack makes him the President for like whole 20 minutes lol.
Fiona & Sasha: "This can't be happening." Sure it can, darling.
14. Is 4 still together?
I have a fanon about The Outsider finding Emily & Corvo after Billie frees him from the Void. He doesn't have anybody & they are his only friends aside from a potential friendship with Billie. And if we don't consider TOTO dlc, they definitely are! The Outsider visits them both when they sleep & takes them to the void sometimes. How could he not?
15. Is 10 canon?
Not really but also sort of? Let's say that they really care about each other in canon, despite Adam pushing Francis away because of his trauma & fear that Megan caused him. :/
16. If all 10 ships were put into a couple’s Hunger Games, which couple would win?
Can you imagine wizards fighting extremely powerful vampires? Superheroes with venom in their bodies that make them super strong with people that made a deal with the Devil himself (hi Le Bail)? 5000 y.o. God and his lover that share his powers and an augmented human protecting his tired IT guy? Combine mental health issues to that, Jack and Rhys with Batman and Joker. Corvo & The Outsider would probably slay them all as Corvo and Emily did in both games with entire islands, though it will still be a slaughter anyway.
17. Has anybody ever tried to sabotage 5’s ship?
All the fucking time, lmaooo. I’m not even talking about it.
18. Which ship would you defend to the death and beyond?
I feel like I already did with Steve & Bucky after many Marvel movies (we're not even mentioning Endg*me, I fucking died & was dead for full 4-5 months).
19. Do you spend hours a day going through 3’s tumblr page?
I used to do that a few years back, but not anymore. There is not much content since the trilogy is finished.
20. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you that you had to pick one of the ten ships to break up forever or else she’d break them all forever, which ship would you sink?
1 already went through it & fandom lives, so I'd say maybe 7? Rhys will find a way to bring Jack back & they are both so wild. It’s what happened in canon anyway. Jack kidnapped Lilith & forced her to do Angel's job, so I'd like to see that witch try at first. Jack is an immortal bastard. <3
Now that I think about it, Corvo would also deal with her in seconds as she waits to curse them.
As a conclusion: no one breaks up forever, we're killing the witch.
I tag: @ianmillkovichgallagher​ & @aledbr​
Whoever else wants to join the game, please do.
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ricardianed · a year ago
 tagged by @anathenma WOO GIRL <3
rules: tag 10 followers you want to get to know better
name: Lauren
gender: Female
star sign: Virgo Sun || Leo Moon || Leo Ascendent, which basically means I have the usually quiet reserved personality of an analytical, organised virgo on the fact of things, am usually the goofy, chill friend amongst my friends, and don’t like to take anyone’s shit, but if I am disrespected, I’m a sensitive six foot flower and withdraw from the world until I can get over it. xD I don’t like conflict.
height: 183cm/6 feet 
age: 27 (YIKES XD)
wallpaper on my phone: (I had to check XD) A calendar of May 2020 stylistically arranged around ribbons
house: Slytherin
ever crush on a teacher: Both my parents and my uncle are teachers and consequently I knew every teacher in my school as actual human people and not ‘crushes’ growing up. So no. XD
coolest halloween costume: I went as the Starbucks logo one year when I was eight, a gigantic Lady Luck die one year with a top hat covered in poker chips and cards. I had some good ones I made: I was creative as fuck when I was 9-11 especially, and I had to be, because I was already around 5′7 and people assumed I was just some weirdo dressing up to get candy (Hearing ‘AREN’T YOU A LITTLE OLD TO BE TRICK OR TREATING’ at eleven CRUSHED me XD)
Favorite 90s tv show: 
Okay. So there’s one’s I watched actually as a child of the 90s, and ones that were just always ON in the 90s that I ended up watching. It’s debatable whether these are actually good NOW. XD
That being said, the background ones were Saved By the Bell (ZACH MORRIS IS TRAAAAassssh~~), Boy Meets World, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond.
As a kid, I loved the Aladdin Animated Series, The Hercules Animated Series, CHIP AND DALE RESCUE RANGERS (Which didn’t really hold up sadly but still has the best theme song of all time, fight me), and Timon and Pumbaa.
One I rarely caught but really liked was All That, The Wonder Years, Sabrina the Teenage Witch- occasionally Fresh Prince.
Out of all of these, I still have a super fond spot for Saved By the Bell, especially with the ‘Zach Morris is Trash’ series on Youtube (Seriously, go watch it. It’s fucking hilarious and basically breaks down how much of a serial killer in the making Zach Morris is XD). The clothing is ridiculous and no one really dressed like that in the early 90s outside of commercials and TV (unfortunately). Maybe one shoddy item out of the bunch. Meanwhile Saved by the Bell is like LETS PUT IT ALL ON. XD It was terrible once they got to college, but it was stupid and fun and made me feel ‘cool’ watching it because I was like three and being like, “YEAH, IT’S BRIGHT AND THESE PEOPLE ARE COOL AND I CAN FOLLOW THE PLOT. I’M MATURE.” XD It’s literally still the only one of these I actively watch now in the form of Zach Morris is Trash, so I’ll go with it. xD
Last kiss: Never had a consensual kiss. Make of that what you will. xD
Have you ever been stood up: Nope.
Favourite pair of shoes: 
I have terrible plantar fasciitis from sports, so I’m a shoe snob, and have to have properly fitting/constructed shoes. It depends on what I’m doing in them, really. I got a pair of trail running shoes for trail running during COVID, but they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing. I’d say the best mixture between comfort and style are either a good ol’pair of black ankle boots with a slight heel (so I can be 6′2 and intimidate people with my height muhahahaha), or more practically on a day to day basis, I have a pair of Reeboks that are 90s-styled with pastel pink and blue triangles on the side. They’re pretty dope. xD
have you ever been to vegas: No, but my parents have. Basically, they said you tire of shopping after two days, and then you’re just stuck inside hotels and shopping malls there. If you’re not a gambler, drinker, or have a ton of money to splash out on stage shows, I don’t think it’s particularly worth going.
favorite fruit: Mango or raspberry, but they’re super-expensive in the land of Maple Syrup so I usually don’t get them any other way other than frozen in smoothies.
Favourite book:
 I could never choose a favourite book. It’s literally like choosing between children. It’s my microcosmic version of Sophie’s Choice. xD Tasteless joke aside, it’d honestly depend on the occasion. There’s a huge difference between entertainment reading, literary exploits, and educating yourself through books as a whole. 
My ‘plane’ book (which I’m terrible at flying, so that was a joke), as in, an easy, fun, instantly rereadable read to read on the plane when I used to have super long fifteen hour flights to Australia, was always Mario Puzo’s ‘The Godfather,’ because I also had a huge crush on Michael Corleone. 
But it’s also not the ‘best’ book and literally spends an inordinate and honestly disturbing amount of time on the fact that this poor woman in the story (which thankfully in the film, it gets cut down), but the bridesmaid Sonny Corleone has sex with, and how you see his wife indicating his ‘size’?
(Footnote: I also suffered through his horrific sequels because I love Michael Corleone and will take him in any form he comes in, even horrifically written Sicilian backhill exploits that were never told to us in the original book and were clearly just written because Puzo needed another pay check but I digress.)
Horrific subplots aside, I really enjoy The Godfather for its sheer pulpiness. The book is essentially what Andrew Lloyd Weber is to musicals. xD (Yes, I come with musical theatre burns. Fight me.)
In terms of a piece of literature that I think is amazingly well done? Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, or Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.
Stupidest thing you ever done: 
Um, maybe when I was at Cambridge I tried to dye my roots to match the rest of my ‘blonde’ hair at the time, and it turned out bright orange? And because it’s Cambridge, they had this super-strict attendance policy, so I was literally trying not to hyperventilate because it was running close to class (which was across campus) and I was trying to find some way to remedy my hair without it falling out/ someone asking about it. So, I grabbed a toque-cap-thing despite it being literally one of the hottest summer on record in the UK (It was like 35 degrees, it was MENTAL), and had to sprint to class all the way on the other side of campus from my college dodging dodgy tourist groups blocking the sidewalk while I went. Then when I sat down inside, I had to be weirdly rude and wear my hat inside the lecture hall even though the professor was looking at me (it was a specialised program in German Literature) like, “Are you going to take that shit off?” xD THEN I tried to dye it back to brown, and it literally looked like mud mixed with a runny egg had exploded on the top of my head; it was AWFUL. XD So FINALLY I did my research and found a salon, but by THAT point I had done 250 pounds worth of damage to my hair (WHICH IS LIKE 400 DOLLARS CANADIAN AT THE TIME), and I almost had a heart attack and thanked my lucky stars that I had money put away so I could give my parents the ‘parent price’ when they asked why they hadn’t seen me on FaceTime or Skype for like, three weeks, and I replaced my face with a photo of John Cleese from Fawlty Towers, which they tease me about to this day. xD
The other dumbest thing I ever said was when I was so desperate for friends in grade six when I moved to a new school (and because being American was ‘cool’ at the time, apparently), I told everyone I was a dual citizen because my mother LITERALLY GAVE BIRTH TO ME ON THE BORDER CROSSING WHAT. XD And bless this poor bespectacled girl named Mara (who was actually a little class friend of mine), who just said timidly in the back, “That’s not how citizenship works.” xD It basically came out of attempting to be cool and failing, but I’m still SO embarrassed about THAT one that I’d never admit it to ANYONE besides shouting it out into the Tumblr black hole. xD I’m still embarrassed to THIS DAY.
All time favorite shows: 
 I’ll go for the original run of The Twilight Zone, which has some schmaltzy episodes (I’m really not a fan of any of the episodes entirely dedicated to the Space Race or the weird cowboy fanaticism of the fifties/ sixties, or anything that’s overtly like “ALIENS DID IT SO THERE”), but I LOVE their psychological horror episodes or Dystopian episodes. It’s when Rod Serling’s writing and narrative voice is the strongest and most prophetic, and the twists are usually the best. Other shows have tries to imitate it, or reboot it, but I really think the original, due to Rod Serling’s unmatchable voice, in every sense of the word. There’s lists of some of the greatest episodes, but I remember LOVING the episode ‘A Stop at Willoughby.’ The twist literally made me clap my hands in horror and delight, it was amazing. xD
Other than that? Off the top of my head, Mad Men and Band of Brothers, even though I haven’t rewatched either in ages.
last movie you saw in theaters: 
Oh God, before all THIS hit? Probably Rise of Skywalker. I get agoraphobic and itchy if a movie theatre is too busy, and we only have really pokey sort of ones nearby that you’re guaranteed to see someone you went to high school with (terrible), so now that I can properly drive I go out to the big redneck theatre out in the boonies. I miss living in Montreal though, because when you live in a big city like that downtown (and can actually afford to live there), you could see blockbuster movies at like ten in the morning. xD Which would be AMAZING because I’d go to see any of the early Avengers/Marvel movies when they opened, the day of opening, and it was literally me, one old man who fell asleep halfway through and sat near the back, and maybe an elderly couple on a morning date to the movies. xD I get really annoyed with obnoxious movie-goers, and I’m really picky about just being completely absorbed in the movie, so I tend not to go unless I’m guaranteed that space. 
tagging: Anyone who wishes to tag me back so I can learn about them <3
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writinggolden · a year ago
Sunny Sweets
Tumblr media
prompts: genesis and david meet at an ice cream shop, and can’t help but keep meeting up. ice cream isn’t the only sweet thing there
warnings: just lots of fluff (this was made for my friend genesis, so that’s why these names are used)
The ice creams shop door rings, your attention is pulled from your phone to the customer. A tall, good looking guy walks into the shop, his cute smile instantly takes your breath away. You shake your head and sigh, you really believed  no guy like him would actually go for you. You couldn’t help but take secret glances at him while he made his ice cream, a smile forming on your face. You look back at your phone, a new Chris Hemsworth article catching your eyes. You hear the loud screeching of a chair and look up. The cute boy that walked in was suddenly standing right in front of you.  
“Can I sit here?” he grinned down at you. You froze, you were surprised this boy wanted to sit with you. “Y-Yeah sure,” you smiled shyly at him as he took a seat and placed his arms on the table. Your cheeks were visibly pink and you couldn’t help but softly smile at him. “I’m david,” he exclaims his lips attacking his icecream, making you chuckle. “I’m genesis,” you breath out, his eyes sparkling at you, a glow on his cheek from the sun. “I couldn’t help but sit here and talk to such a beautiful girl,” he shows a lopsided grin and you can’t help but giggle and blush. He continues to lick his ice cream and asks you about your day.
You guys had a long conversation. Talking about your families and hobbies. You really felt a connection with him and hoped more could happen. The sun set and the store was closing, so you and David finish your conversation about marvel movies and slide out of your chair and walk out. “Can I walk you home?” He asks staring into your eyes, making you a bit dizzy. “You d-don’t have to,” you stutter whilst tapping your foot on the floor. “I’ll feel much better if you let me walk you home,” you sighed and couldn’t help but let out a soft snicker. “Then walk me home,” you reply as you walk past him and head towards your house, his feet instantly speed up to catch you.
You talk more on the way home, your arms slightly touching eachother with each swing, your cheeks heating up at each brush. You finally stop at your place and you turn to look at him. “Thank you so much for waking me home, I had a great time,” you say as your wrap your arms around yourself. He gives you a soft grin, “You’re welcome, I had a great time too angel, maybe we can do it again sometime?”. You quickly agree and you both decide on 3 o’clock on Saturday. You slowly lean over and place a kiss on his cheek. “Bye,” you squeak and run up to your door. He smiles softly as your run up your steps, he thought you were adorable.
It was finally Saturday and you had your date with David today at 3. You put on a cute dress and shoes and left your house, and headed to the ice cream shop. The annoyingly happy bell chimes as you walk through the door. Your head goes straight to where you sat yesterday, and you grin when you see David sitting there. You have a pep in your walk and you stride over to him. “H-Hey,” you mentally groan at your studder and can’t help but blush when he looks up at you. “Hey Gen,” he gets up and wraps his arms around you, causing you to smell his lovely scent. You separate and you take a seat across from him.
“I can go order if you want? What would you like?” he questions softly, a kind smile on his face. “Strawberry ice cream please,” you respond as you play with your fingers, anxiously. You watch him walk over to the counter and you can’t help but smile adoringly at him. He had a strong back and a cute butt, making you more intrigued with this boy. He comes back with your ice creams and you beg him to let you pay him back, but he just keeps denying so you give up, shyly. You guys have a long talk again, lasting almost 3 hours. You talked about Thor, Chris Hemsworth, and your drama classes from highschool. “Shoot I have to go, I have a class in 20 minutes,” David sighs as he looks up to you from his watch. “It’s okay david, I understand,” you smile sweetly and he can’t help but pout. “Hey cmon davey it’s okay,” your eyes widen at the nickname, “s-sorry i shouldnt of”.
“No gen it’s okay, I liked it,” he winked at you and threw his cup away. You slide out of your chair, causing a screeching noise to fill the shop. He walks over and wraps his arms around you, and places a warm kiss on your cheek. “I’ll see you later gen, let me give you my number,” he whispers into your ear and your cheeks tint a rosey pink. He pulls away and writes it down on a forgotten napkin on your table. He hands it too you and you blush, “okay bye”. You wave bye and watch him walk out of the shop. Since then, you and David started to go to that shop every week. after his classes, he would meet you at the ice cream shop and you’d get strawberry or mint chip, like always. Your first kiss with him was there, and you’ll never forget it.
You couldn’t help but giggle at his cheesy joke, tears springed in the corner of your eyes. “You have some ice cream right there,” David points to the cream on the corner of your mouth. You blush and go to wipe it off your face until David grabs your hands and places them on the table. He quickly presses his lips against yours in a delicious kiss, and pulls away with a silent smirk, “got it”.
After that David asked you out as you walked out of the shop, and you’ve been dating ever since then, and your first I love you was said there too.
He licked the ice cream violently, the sweet cream dropped down his chin onto his cute hoodie (that you planned on stealing from his closet). He laughed loudly as you squeaked and covered your face, he was trying to embarrass you. “Baby stop, you’re causing a scene,” you tried to hold back your smile when you spoke but you couldn’t help it, he was just too cute. He wipes it off his chin and gives you a lopsided grin. “Sorry lovie, I just love embarrassin you,” you giggle, “ya I know that’s why I love you”. You blink quickly as you realize what you just said and sit silently. His mouth was dropped, “I’m so in love with you,” he mumbles back as he smeares his lips against yours, passionately.
If you didn’t think that was much, well you’re in for a sweet treat. You and David got married, at the beach next to the ice cream shop. The ice cream store caterered, and let you have your reception in the shop (they knew you very well and would do anything for you and David).
His hand slips around your waist tightly, his suit hugs his wrists snugly. “Did I tell you look gorgeous in your dress yet?” David asks as you sway back n forth on the dance floor. “Yes you have, lots of times, but i definitely don’t mind,” you reply softly and he leans forward and kisses you. “Time to cut the cake,” someone shouts from the kitchen and you all surround the beautiful wedding cake. You both take the same knife and cut a slice out together and giggle. You look at the camera next to you and smile for a picture, until you feel a cold substance smash against your face. The room erupts in laughter and you squeal as it drips off you. ”daveyyyy,” you whine and he snickers and wipes it off and kisses your nose. Your hand slowly sinks into the ice cream without him noticing, “give me a kiss”. He grins and goes down to kiss you until you repeat his actions and smash ice cream in his face. He squeals, “that’s cold,” everyone laughs and you can’t help but smile at him lovingly.
Of course, 6 years later, you’re seated on the bench outside. Your husbands hand is wrapped around your shoulders and your left hand rubs your child’s head as you lick your mint chocolate ice cream. You had your daughter and son on each side of you and David. You and him bought the ice cream shop three years after being married. You left it exactly the same, because you both knew it still had the power to have people meet their sweet soulmate. oh and it was nice to have sweet treats there too.
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