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#why did you have to go
croissantcitysucks · 28 minutes ago
Have you read the second cre//scent ci//ty book summary/synopsis yet? If so, what did you think of it? I thought it seemed like a very typical Mess summary lmao
alright, being serious, this is the summary of c/city 2 anon is talking about:
Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar are trying to get back to normal―they may have saved Crescent City, but with so much upheaval in their lives lately, they mostly want a chance to relax. Slow down. Figure out what the future holds. The Asteri have kept their word so far, leaving Bryce and Hunt alone. But with the rebels chipping away at the Asteri’s power, the threat the rulers pose is growing. As Bryce, Hunt, and their friends get pulled into the rebels’ plans, the choice becomes clear: stay silent while others are oppressed, or fight for what’s right. And they’ve never been very good at staying silent. In this sexy, action-packed sequel to the #1 bestseller House of Earth and Blood, Sarah J. Maas weaves a captivating story of a world about to explode―and the people who will do anything to save it.
"they've never been very good at staying silent" shut the FUCK up that's all you've done for the past book!
i'm not a summary/synopsis connoisseur, but i think this illustrates a general Feeling i get abt c/city 1. and that feeling being, it kind of gives me standalone vibes? like "they just want to kick back & relax & go abt their lives after saving the city" sounds like an epilogue novella to me, not the middle book in a series. and like, when you think about it, the characters have everything THEY want? bry/ce has closure over dan/ika's death & caught the killer, and haunt is free now & the synopsis straight up tells us they're just chilling, so i'm rlly very tired at s/jm trying to shove them into more books.
like if they'd been ESTABLISHED as particularly giving a fuck about the humans, sure, i can see why there would be some more to write about them, but they synopsis makes it seem like they're straight up being PULLED into this narrative which they're not inherently interested in by outside forces and that's frankly some really shitty writing.
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kalu-chan · 2 hours ago
I may not have too much confidence in my writing abilities, but at least I sometimes see stuff that’s even worse lmao.
#This episode did. Nothing. To worldbuild OR move the plot forward OR move the character development!#MAYBE you could make a point that it moved some of H1sui's character development but... Idk he's too much of a minor character for me to#care too deeply about him tbh. And he didn't feature enough for it to be like HIS episode. That'd have been fine#And the reasoning for why stuff happened the way it did is just. ???? Girl wut??#''I couldn't tell you it was a rigged fight because you're a terrible liar'' BUT IF SHE'D BEEN TOLD THEN SHE WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN#NEAR ANYONE WHO WASN'T SUPPOSED TO KNOW IT WAS A RIGGED FIGHT!#Like it doesn't matter if she can lie convincingly if she doesn't HAVE TO LIE bc she doesn't see anyone to lie to!#Listen I'm usually not too critical but. Idk. This episode just made me go ???#Like the plot is contrived and it's a filler. In a 24 episode anime. You do not need fillers there!#There's fillers I really like (The one in N@ruto with K@kashi's mask is super fun and the... was it tea country? idk but it was pretty cool)#but this one is just. eh.#At least the preview for next ep showed S€sshomaru's horse so I'm holding out hope here lmao#And it's about a half demon village which... I think was in the anime?? Didn't watch it so I only know the manga and I don't remember it#in the manga. but still. Half demon village sounds like a good thing lmao#Wait no one of the half demons is Sh1ori! I know her! She was in 1nu Y@sha too!#(me trying my damndest to stay out of any of the tags lmao)
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fatass-verified · 16 hours ago
My main goal this summer is to not sweat, I barely ever used to sweat before but ever since I gained weight I started sweating again, was barely cold this winter too I used to wear like seven layers to school and still be cold, this year I was getting sweaty with three layers in the middle of winter, this gotta go back to how it used to, I can already feel like myself a bit more, yesterday my dad was sweating and I was sitting cozy with a sweater on I wasn't cold but I was wearing a sweater so that's better, also I wear a sweater when I go for a walk cuz where I walk is usually windy and a lot of people walk there too (deadass ruins my walks tho I try to avoid walking besides people so I have to step off the sidewalk while passing people and when there's enough people for me to spend half my walk on the street I leave lol) and everyone was in summer clothing when I was wearing a sweater, typical me, happy to have myself back tho, there's still a long way but it's comforting knowing my body is going back to how I'm used to it being, I literally couldn't recognize myself this passed summer deadass like my body was behaving like never before and it was freaking me out
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. Getting into rabbitboles about Oslo accords and wow. Yikes.
Do not reblog at any cost this is just me venting wildly in tags
#Not to be like Once Again. Fucking Bibi but like. the Oslo accords were not perfect and did not give the palestinians#everything they should have given. but if even those were. y'know. actually followed on consistently and not dismissed with a handwave cuz#'you haven't done enough. we'll give them rights when we're pleased' by Bibi fuckface netanyahu. the entire air of these last 20 years#would havd been different. there os literally no where to go but no modern osraeli government will be willing to go#even halfway as far as what happened in oslo- which as i said. was not enough- much less go further#I'm not one of the people who think israel has absolutely no right to exist. but i think if this country as a collective stands so strog in#it's absolute refusal to accept Palestinian nationality its aspirations and it's belonging in this land-#the same 'inherent right of national home' your fucking zi*nist propaganda is buult on-#we deserve what we get. if you simply cannot get over your desire and your entitlement to do conquering and settling forever#'because that's how it is' than yeah i can definitely understand why people want this place to burn to the fucking ground#personally i just want to run the fuck away from this all. i hate how r government and culture and public perception all lie in the pocket#of settlers and extremists. i hate how normalized all of this insanity is. i hate the laughing emojis on any leftist org Facebook post#jeering at the despicable belief that other people are people i guess and that this violent nationalism isnt normal and the JEERING.#i hate the smug centrist and left center belief that any outside criticism is invalid and what our news and our Obvious Public Mindset say#and believe is the plain truth. that we as citizens Know Best the israeli Palestinian conflict. u r not fucking immune to propaganda#i just want to run the fuck away from here and never come back. i feel guilty for wanting it- running away is leaving all the actual people#ACTUALLY HURT by this to their fate and Washing my hands of it- but i cant help wanting it and seeing it as my one way out
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regularflan · a day ago
rant time cause I'm tired of seeing the same shit over & over again
#*inhale*#ppl who diss on a group cause they had one or more bad experiences with the fandom#like??#ya'll the same ppl who when one of our own fandom members does smth bad to another group you go#oh but that was just a very small portion of our fandom who did that! that doesn't represent the whole fandom!!#I completely agree#that small percentage does not equivalent the same mindset the rest of the fandom have#which is smth everyone should remember#like when pledis was partnering with weverse & a few twt carats took it upon themselves to rate it low stars in the app store#cause they didn't want svt & nu'est to join & instead just stick to the fan cafe#& then a mini war between army's + moa's & carats broke out on twt#to which btw I was heavily embarrassed for & because of those carats#yes many carats didn't want pledis to join mainly because many rapid changes were happening since the affiliation with bhl#but none of us wished to condone such toxic behaviour like the few who did#afterwards many carats began apologizing on behalf of the toxic side of our fandom#bringing out again the excellent point that those ppl don't represent the whole community#so then why is it that when our fandom is in the wrong they go along with the 'not all of us are the same or think the same way' sentiment#but when someone from a different fandom does smth bad in general or you personally suddenly it's 'no they're all evil don't trust any ):<'#idk man it's a little ahh#& I would NEVER downplay someone's past experience that may have caused them to develop trauma from a certain group#like yes girl/guy/desired pronoun leave the toxicity behind & starting living the joys of life!!#but I'm more so directing this to the section of ppl who go out of their way to drag the group down#or ridicule a person within the fandom for just simply liking the group when they did nothing wrong in the first place#point is pls don't project or generalize a group based on your past experiences... it can be very damaging & toxic for both parties#trust me ik third (?) hand... it's not good at all for your mental health or those around you...#*exhale*#oh god it looks like I'm promoting negativity against negativity but I swear I'm not 😭#I'm just tired of seeing it constantly & needed to rant & some rants just happen to be more passive aggressive than others#personal 🍮
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afniel · 2 days ago
Well this is more mental health deep-diving so I'm gonna just slap down a cut up front.
While I have a lot of amnesiac holes in my memory, I realized last night that I actively blogged throughout one of I could just go read what I wrote and try to figure out what even happened in there. That's a luxury I don't really have with any of my other memory gaps.
I know it was from stress, it was the second semester of my sophomore year of college and I was dealing with my now-ex-husband, at-the-time-boyfriend leaving to study abroad (which was right around the time I started blocking memories out), my social group was falling apart, I was working a shitty job, I stopped getting along with my roommate, just everything was bad. The posts tended to wildly alternate between being viciously angry with people for reasons that I didn't really specify and I'm not sure existed, being weirdly, suspiciously chipper and upbeat, and being bone-crushingly exhausted and in a lot of physical pain.
I must have noticed something was really wrong though because right at the end of the school year I posted something that current me is just kinda looking at and nodding knowingly:
I have the strangest feeling that I just woke up and came back to find out that I made a mess of everything I cared about while I was gone and now I have to try to clean up after myself.
At least once during that semester I actually did, literally, wake up, as in, it was morning and I was in my bed, and find my messages full of people going "uhh hey what the fuck man?" and I ended up learning that I'd gone on a friend's blog and talked some really nasty shit about their significant other...and...had absolutely no recollection of having done so. I still don't! It might as well have not happened, except it very much did, but I only know about it from the aftermath...and you can imagine how awkward apologizing for that was.
That was not the only time that's even happened to me, there was a second time where I was home for the weekend from college, my ex (at the time he was my boyfriend) was staying over, and my stepfather decided that I had to clean my room RIGHT NOW OR ELSE and basically, even though I was exhausted, he made us both tidy it up right then until like 3am, and I evidently said something about a previous ex that really concerned my now-ex. Except, I had no recollection of having said it, or what I even might have meant about it. I barely even know what exactly I said because he couldn't really tell me, he was super tired too.
(The really shit thing is I can't actually prove there haven't been more times than that, those are just the ones I know of because there were witnesses. If I've done weird shit while awake but fully blacked out, but nobody was around to see it and it didn't affect anyone, welp.)
What's that got to do with my current mental health? Eh. I'm actually pretty damn level right now, which is great. But I've also been stuck with not much else to do but stare into my own brain and try and figure out how it ticks, because of the pandemic, and being in a level place actually makes me more likely to do this because hey, I can handle the weird shit I dredge up.
...There's a lot more weird shit to dredge than I thought, but that's life, babey! Nobody makes it out alive. Sometimes you don't even make it out in one piece! It do be like that.
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amysjakes · 3 days ago
But honestly past terrorist acts is not an excuse for being pro-IDF and committing ethnic cleansing & evictions of Palestinian refugees. Don't pin the crimes of their ancestors onto the future generations and punish them with genocide for it! Most Palestinians are "harmless Muslims", as the passively racist Westerners like to term it. Just like Uyghurs.
This!! Thank you!! You cannot defend the occupying state of israel and claim to be pro-life or pro-humans. God have mercy on the souls of children lost in this horrible war, but those “acts of terrorism” were a response to thousands being evicted from their homes to make way for people who weren’t even from there.
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prompt-master · 3 days ago
makoto does not in fact have bad fashion sense, he simply dresses like a tired lesbian on the edge of another gender crisis
Naegi doesnt have bad fashion sense but he DOES have questionable actions relating to fashion like why tf does he sleep in that hoodie he literally sleeps with zipper teeth poking into his neck and for what? For what purpose Naegi? Do you enjoy waking up to the impressions left on the back of your neck left by this hoodie? Why does he sleep WITH A BLAZER AND A HOODIE ON? THATS SO UNCOMFORTABLE? WHY DOES HE PUT THE BLAZER OVER THE HOODIE INSTEAD OF THE OTHER WAY AROUND???????????
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