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#why am I on people’s close friends list lol
haikyutiehoe · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you for your support! i really like it here and want to celebrate what for me once was a childhood nightmare (writing) + i hope you enjoy ! below you will find an extensive list, it’s smut central down there
◆ please provide the prompt (various if needed), a scenario, setting and characters involved when requesting. in addition to general character x reader smut requests, i am writing threesomes, poly, gangbang
◆ (optional), include a description of the outfit of the reader and any subsequent lingerie or a photo image.
◆ this event is mainly open to the haikyuu fandom but i will accept a few jjk requests too
◆ these posts will feature the #haikyutiehoeevents and have a “read more”
◆ minors, dni
◆ these are all my own prompt creations, they are original and special, and took a while to come up with, been busy with tests and assignments
◆ characters of interest include; aran, kita, suna, daichi, kenma, sakusa, hinata, bokuto, asahi, akaashi, kunimi, [ for the sake of making more content with these characters that i haven’t written for much, i include them here as a general note, you can ignore it easily lol! ]
◆ i am aiming to write 300+ words per request and challenging myself to write 1k+ (possibly beyond, hehe) as well. the requests with more details and plot will likely produce a larger word count, however if you’re not certain of ideas just indicate in the request if you’re interested in a longer fic.
(this is an example of a longer request that hopefully helps you frame your idea with the context of the prompt! thank you @bakugohoex)
maybe like suna with dont speak to me like i haven’t made you choke on daddy’s cock before after reader spends all day teasing suna on their day out together and he gets so pissed off that’s he finally has enough and drags reader to a semi public location and makes her suck him off unable to speak and yeah he’s just a teasing shit not letting her get off as he gets his release
this video says differently sweetheart
i found your underwear in my pocket, thought you might need it
you can close your legs now
if you wanted my face between your legs, all you had to do was ask nicely
i only fuck freaks
put on the new makeup, i wanna watch the mascara run down your face as i fuck you
put that mouth to good use and make me cum
don’t speak to me like i haven’t made you choke on daddy’s cock before
brats belong on their knees
your kinks are basic
there’s really no explaining this to our friends, they predicted we’d sleep together eventually
take one for the team
touch yourself and don’t stop, not until i’ve cum
liars don’t get to cum
get to work
if you still think this is just sex, then why am i still here
i know i fuck you stupid, but i haven’t even touched you yet and you’re babbling nonsense baby
creaming on my fingers alone, i’ll have to teach you some manners before our guests arrive
i fucked you on a facetime with my friends and now you want to be shy about them coming over?
it’s only fair that if i caught you, i should be the one to make you cum
say please
i’ve already seen you naked, don’t worry about how you look, worry about how it feels
oh? that’s the only thing you have to say after seeing my cock for the first time when i know you’ve been thirsting over it for weeks? better get to praising my dick baby or you’re never seeing it again
that was very selfish of you baby, and you know i hate selfish people
you should have chosen your words more carefully
use your words, we’re among friends, no need to hide
i came to see a show
your friend said you’ve done this before
i prefer your legs around my neck
for someone who hates how i gawk at your tits you sure do wear a lot of low cut tops around me
i’m going to eat you out right next to your bestie, and if you behave, i might just give you a taste of my cock
is this piercing new?
are you gonna dry hump me all night or are you gonna fuck me like you hate me?
i wanna hear those pretty lips say my name and ask me to breed you like the slut you are
i heard you can show me and friends a good time
you’ve been a very busy baby, lying, evading, tricking me, time to learn a valuable lesson
let’s see what you’ve learned
we only bang on the weekends because you’re so uptight about your parents, i think i’ve been patient enough
i can’t stop looking at those lips, wondering how deep you can take me before you start crying
we...we weren’t supposed to’re my best friends ex
dare? get on all fours and i’ll show you why you shoulda picked truth
you look so fucking sexy keeping my dick warm
has anyone touched you here before?
i’m not going to fuck you, i’m going to ruin you
it’s breeding season and i’m only getting started
you keep pretending like you don’t know me but we both know i’m the only one in your bed every other night
this ass was made for fucking
show daddy’s friends a good time
i distinctly remember you fucking my thigh last night
no wonder the rumors are so vulgar, look at that [genitals]
bondage? you really trust me to be kind to you when you’re spread like that?
what did we say about making daddy angry?
that’s really fucked up ... when do we get started?
you gonna give me a sloppy handjob all night or throat me like a real whore?
i...i don’t know how to cum (reader exclusive)
can you really blame them for talking about us? we fuck like rabbits
you have no idea of my bedroom tastes pillow princess
keep taking that cock like i know you can, good … so fucking good
shy sweetheart? why? before long i’ll be burying you in the mattress
kiss you? i can’t do more?
the teams been dreaming of these tits all year
look at the mess you made
how do you run out of condoms?
bring your legs higher, c’mon-fuck not like that, like this
i can shave it for you
i’ll fuck the attitude out of you if you don’t drop it now
one...two...don’t let me get to three
your mouth ruins it, stuff them (spoken to someone else)
stop crying, i know you like choking on me
if you keep touching yourself we’re going to have a serious problem baby, and no ones gonna come to help you
“i can fuck you better than a miya” - kita/aran exclusive quote
you’d cum in front of my friends if i told you to
i taught him how to fuck whores,
i had the volleyball manager begging on her knees for me to fuck her stupid, why should i fuck you?
don’t talk to me with that breedable mouth baby
get used to luxury of these legs baby, you’re gonna be using them tomorrow
you’re gonna be finding marks where you didn’t even know they could be
that’s not what you said on the phone last night
say that again while you’re riding my face
more? you need more? selfish brat. you’re lucky daddy loves you or he’d let his friends have their way with you at the party, you’d deserve it too, watching daddy fist his cock while you took his whole team
breeding brats like you is just another saturday night for me
threaten me again and i’ll breed you in front of your parents
holes like these were made for us
i don’t care if someone sees us, you should have known better than to aggravate me
stop dancing around, do you wanna fuck or not?
shit-wait, i think there’s a security camera in this room
no walking around naked, i have roommates
keep quiet, you don’t want the professor to hear daddy wrecking you
you’ve never looked more like the whore i know you were than letting daddy’s friends fuck you stupid
that picture was meant for me, don’t try denying it
you’re cuffed to the bed, how are you possibly going to dom me?
stupid cumslut, i don’t think you know how fucked you’re going to be when i get a hold of that mouth
you can’t argue with me and expect to win when you’re dicks that hard already
oh? you like it like that? fuck baby, we’re never doing it the other way again
i’m not surprised, you’re all bite and no bark
bring your friends, we can make it a party
i like breaking virgins
i’ll cock warm you three thousand times if it takes learning daddy’s name
no amount of makeup is going to hide that sweetheart
call him, i want him to hear you scream my name and take me
you have a smart mouth for a brat, lets see what it can do
how could you ever forget my cock, i’m the man who made you fuckable
lose the glasses, and the shoes...the gloves too...actually, just take it all off
someone’s a hungry whore today aren’t they?
you could go viral
there isn’t going to be any more confusion as to whose bitch you are after this
you fuck like a pornstar
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thisissirius · 6 days ago
There’s so much negativity in the tag :(
if there is any advice in handling fandom? STAY OUT OF THE TAGS. unless they’re like edit tags. people don’t know how to tag; they’ll make a post that’s negative, or tell the tumblrsphere they’re leaving forever and shove it in the pairing tag. where the majority of us just don’t care. we want to love the pairing, not listen to what you’ve got to say about why you’re abandoning the ship forever!!! or to make an observation on what people should and shouldn’t do
use the tag to find like minded people (please observe/follow them for a while before engaging because people can change as they delve deeper into fandom. (i say this as someone who’s been unfollowed for those reasons and as someone who has ... taken her follow list from 400 to 72 lol.))
stay in a close knit group of friends who share your like-mindedness and love the same things/characters you do.
DO NOT INTERACT WITH NEGATIVITY. i never follow that advice because i am terrible BUT honestly anon, just ... practice self care! the only person who owes you anything is YOU. people will have different opinions. people will be negative. some people will need to go outside for a breath of fresh air instead of engaging people on the internet about things that aren’t their business or just to pick a fight.
surround yourself with positivity and Good Vibes, stay out of the damn tags unless you want negativity in your life, and i promise; the only drama will come from your so-called friends showing it to you in a group chat or on a discord server 😂
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angelsignal · 10 days ago
Mhm it's me again! Should I call myself a jyushi anon? (I feel like you would know who I am right away if I use that name though...) Obey me anon? Rambling anon? I don't know haha maybe you could give me a name? ú_ù I combined the asks because I don't want to make them sound confusing,,
Thank you for taking your time answering my asks during that time, even though you were tired, Churro.. q_q I appreciate it.
God I felt that about downloading obey me. I'll bee honest, I haven't re-download the game yet. So I guess we are on the same boat, haha. I remember there is a friend system in the game. I know I said I know people who are into obey me, but we're not that close so I don't have any friends on the game so I rarely checked that part. Ugh I really need to re-download it, but I also have almost 10 games on my ipad but I haven't touch all of them in literal months except one! (it's Cookie Run Kingdom, btw. the characters are really cute..) Haha, is it possible you find yourself procrastinating in things you want to do even though you don't want to procrastinate..? Does that makes sense?
Are you talking about Mystic Messenger when you mentioned MM? I used to play the game once, but it messed my sleep schedule very badly, and the game stopped giving me hourglasses. I emailed the devs but they never responded I think... So I have to uninstall it for my own sake, even though I loved the game. Pensive emoji. I remember taking Yoosung's route though! He's my favorite.
I don't remember the games I have played from Voltage either, but when I was younger I have these times where I'm starved for socializing(?), and I would download a hoard of otome games. Voltage used to have lots of games too, right? So I know I must have played their games too! But the Ayakashi RR one is much different from their other games, that's why I like it so much.
Even though I'm a sucker for otome games, sadly all I could play are the mobile ones. I really want to play the ones on computers and other devices beside my phone and ipad, though. I always want to play that dating game where it involved with monsters in a high school setting.. I seen many amazing non-mobile otome games. I would love to see your list of the otome games you have played! I don't mind you talking about them to your heart content too! I don't mind spoilers, because I can't play them myself anyway. Youtube gameplays for otome games don't feel the same. T_T
I'm so sorry for the long ask! Not just for the mods but for their followers too lmao. I made the text smaller so it doesn't take too much of everyone's screen. Have a nice day or night!!
jyushi anon!! welcome back <3 you were missed u.u ( also, i hope calling you that is okay! ) also, no need to thank me! it made you uncomfortable, so of course i wanted to do something about it right away.
cookie run kingdom you say? sounds interesting! i’ll have to check that one out. update on om, i downloaded it, but have yet to open it. lol i will get to it. the procrastination thing does make sense! i relate to that a ton, but it’s really just my adhd kicking in (as it always does). wanna do it, but hyper fixated on something else andndndn more under the cut!
Tumblr media
yeah! mystic messenger! one of my favourite otomes. yoosung was my first route, then i did 707’s, then jumin’s. i loved the game a lot, but i see what you mean when talking about it messing up your sleeping schedule. i prefer not to say how much money i spent, but i spent a good bit to play 707 + jumin’s route without putting my sleep schedule on the line. i already have insomnia, but i did not need mm aiding it 😭 playing yoosung’s route was tough. i do love the idea though! chatrooms going off at like 3am. it’s pretty normal in my friend group, but mmm. pros and cons, lots.
i know what game you’re talking about!! bloody hell, i can’t remember the name, but im 99.9% i know which one you’re thinking of. i haven’t played it, but have wanted to!
list of otomes:
- mobile ; mystic messenger, seduce me, dangerous fellows (uninstalled because it felt like a pay to win kind of game), samurai love ballad: party, love letter from thief x, bad boys do it better, otouto scramble, princess closet (beware of akito though... his route is abusive. reo is very cute and sweet though), angel or devil. there was this other handful, but uhh their games are no longer on the App Store.
- ps vita ; 7scarlet, bad apple wars, and amnesia: memories
- pc ; seduce me 2: demon wars, valentine otome ( THIS ONE IS FREE AND SHOULDNT BE. ITS SO GOOD ), and multiple others i cannot remember
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eckspress · 14 days ago
@anxietycurved tagged me to do a lil survey. (thank you!) since i am already having a bad morning with work, why not do this to kill some time? i hope y’all learn a little something about me!
1. What do you prefer to be called?: alexis or lex. 2. When’s your birthday?: may 17th. exactly three weeks away! 3. Where do you live?: new jersey. 4. 3 things you’re doing right now?: attempting to send an email that always freezes outlook for exactly seven minutes, listening to the rocket summer, and sipping on an iced latte. 5. 4 fandoms that have piqued your interest: oh god.... i’m not one to really get into fandoms but i would say glee (AGES ago when i first joined tumblr), game of thrones.... and i would be lying if i said that supernatural and doctor who didn’t intrigue me even though i have never watched either. 6. How’s the pandemic been treating you?: it’s been an up-and-down experience. i have been working from home since mid-march 2020, which was a very stressful transition. there were a lot of moving parts that needed to be addressed; however, thankfully, we now have a pretty sufficient process in place. there’s just a lot of bullshit on a weekly/daily basis. i found out some devastating news pertaining to work two months ago, which has been on my mind ever since. in terms of personal life, i haven’t seen a ton of friends and family this entire time. i was grateful to see andrew mcmahon’s drive-in shows back in august, which was the pick-me-up i needed at the time and really made my year to be completely honest. i already got the first vaccine and the second one is going to be on my birthday (fun fact!), so i am really looking forward to getting things back on track after that. 7. A song you can’t stop listening to: adore you by harry styles. 8. Recommend a movie: west side story. a true classic. plus, i cry every time. (LOL) 9. How old are you?: 27, but i’m turning 28 very soon! 10. School, university, employment?: employment. i’ve been working at the same place since january 2019 but i don’t know what’s going to happen once june comes. 11. Do you prefer to be hot or cold?: cold. it’s easier to bundle up and add layers than remove everything and still be hot. 12. A fact that others might not know?: i don’t have any piercings, not even my ears. 13. Are you shy?: it depends on the situation. i can most definitely say that if i am with two or more people (excluding myself), i shut down and barely talk.. even if i know the other people fairly well. i don’t do well with groups. but one-on-one or in a retail setting or something like that, i am definitely bubbly and come across as outgoing. 14. Pronouns: she/her/hers. 15. Biggest pet peeve: i have so many.. but i would say people who are constantly late, people who are constantly on their phone especially when having an in-person conversation, and people who don’t use their turn signals when driving. 16. Rate your life from 1-10: i would say a solid 7? i am relatively content, but it could be much better in multiple departments. 17. What’s your main blog: this one! 18: List all your side blogs: N/A because i don’t have any. 19. Is there anything people should know about you before becoming friends with you?: good question. i really enjoy getting to know people but if you’re a guy, please don’t automatically assume that i am interested in you when you reach out to me. i don’t care about that, and i guarantee i don’t care about you like that. i would do ANYTHING for my closest friends if you get that close to me. also if you have similar music taste to me, i won’t shut up about it and you’ll probably get sick of me as a result. 
tagging @chalie510 @sad-and-dumb @keeyo7 @mi-corazon @vee-aye-en @montagnes-and-vorfreude @socalledmixtapelife and @ilyzuh​. no pressure, though!
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nikadoesanart · 15 days ago
Taking a look at Fyodor and Nikolai's friendship
Before I start, I will preface this by mentioning that I am looking at both one of the fan translations as well as the official English translation because I am pretty well aware as someone that's bilingual that with translation, there can multiple ways to translate a phrase (or longer). As I've seen some people start describing it recently, it is both interpreting as much as it is translating. For reference, I am a native speaker of both English and Russian.
I’m primarily going to be looking at how Gogol describes his relationship with Fyodor (well how he sees it from his end to be specific), but will be showing the prior page for more context of the conversation. Spoilers for Ch 78, p 29-30 (vol 18).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
^fan translation^
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I don’t have scans of the official version but the key differences that I’ll be looking at are Gogol saying (fan → official translation):
“Yet” “Dos-kun was different” → “...Except...” “...for Dostoy.”
“Dos-kun was the one person in my life who understood. My intimate friend. That’s what I thought.” → “Dostoy’s my only friend...the only one who gets me. That’s what I thought.”
Gogol describes Fyodor as “my intimate friend” in the fan translation and “my only friend” in the official translation → I don’t know that much about levels of friendship in Japanese and how those translate to nicknames and naming diminutives being used, but fun fact about Russian (coming from a Russian): although the literal translation for "friend" is друг, it’s actually closer to the Russian equivalent of "close friend" or "best friend" with how it is used. Hence why (at least from my experience) the literal translation for “best friend” isn’t really used among Russians.
Also, although Gogol calls Dostoyevsky “Dos-kun” in the fan translations (and the original Japanese version too) and “Dostoy” in the Yen Press translation (vol 18), the actual Russian equivalent/usage of this would most likely be Fedya, considering them being close friends and basically using nicknames. The more appropriate terminology for this would actually be (naming) diminutive (you learn something new every day lol).
I'm not necessarily calling any of the official versions (Japanese or English) wrong, but I guess I'm pretty much calling them a little bit inaccurate from the perspective of a native Russian speaker. Since we can already see Gogol calling Fyodor by what is comparably a very similar nicknaming convention to what he'd be using in Russian (as the two of them are that after all), to me it just makes more sense for Gogol to use Fedya instead, especially given how he describes their closeness from his own point of view on the relationship. Gogol calling Fyodor "my intimate friend" in the fan translation and "my only friend" in the official one to be specific. In fact, Gogol could’ve almost equally likely referred to Fyodor by his middle name, Mikhailovich, or a diminutive of that instead. We’ve seen characters refer to each other by their real names and not their pen names a couple of times already (Elise calling Mori “Rintaro” and Fukuzawa calling Fukuchi “Genichiro”), so it wouldn’t be too strange to see middle names being used as well.
Whether someone is referred to by their first or last name in Russian is very much comparable to English. Last names are more so for formalities and showing respect (ie. professors and teachers, historical figures, etc). Close friends are typically on a first-name basis, sometimes nicknames (ie. a shortening of their first name).
Ch 78 raws: @akutagawaprize (full ver.)
Ch 78 fan translation referenced: @akai-koutei (full ver.)
Ch 78 official translation: Yen Press (thank you Leigh for providing me with this as I don't have a copy of vol 18 yet)
Also thank you @chazukekani for helping to confirm what the Japanese text said (in Japanese)
Additional source when you can see a description of different ways to describe levels of friendship among Russians
More in-depth info and a list of some Russian name diminutives
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melancholy-pal · 22 days ago
Wondering if I should ask to go get tested for anything?
hi.. I honestly don't really know what I'm expecting as I share this, but I was just wondering if anyone recognizes signs or symptoms in some things I'm going to list. All over social media, I see things about different mental illnesses, but in all honesty I don't really know much about anything. That being said I've been really struggling with a lot of things for a good while so I thought this post could maybe help me gain confidence to ask for a doctor visit or reassurance that I don't need one?
Background knowledge - I'm 17 years old (girl) and am a senior in HS. I've been an all "A" student all four years, but rather it's less raw intelligence and more so effort. I've been feeling most of these things since around sophomore year or earlier.
These may seem random so I apologize about that... but any input helps at this point.
I struggle to grasp thoughts and form/communicate sentences as if my head really is just empty
I forget vocabulary extremely often (which makes conversation and schoolwork all the more difficult)
I have pretty bad social anxiety, but lately (starting from around a year ago) I often see things as plastic/fake, or my vision blurs when talking to people bc I can't tell if it's real or not (it's pretty trippy and makes me feel dizzy/sick/very uncomfortable)
I talk to myself a lot,,, like a concerning amount,, (in the mirror or empty space) over made-up scenarios
It'll come in like waves (but the negative longer) of isolating myself from my friends (e.g. not answering my phone, dry texts, just a disinterest in general)
I've noticed I repeat words or phrases a LOT (kind of like stuttering? It like goes hand in hand with 1. and 2.)
The urges have stopped but up to around November and then again in January, I was very close to self-harm for the reason being I had a weird obsession with wanting to see blood in order to make sure I was real,, (never actually cut myself, though)
I have a tendency to rip my toenails off... (usually only the pinky toes tho) to the point where I feel more comfortable when there's a literal hole in my foot lmao (it more or less correlates with 3. and 7.)
For some reason my hands and feet will get very hot randomly to the point where they're red and it hurts - I usually have to stop whatever I'm doing and spend a couple of minutes calming down for them to go back to normal
Overall feeling of emptiness 90% of the time
My eyes are unfocused for at least 1/3 of any day lol
I have a lot of trouble starting assignments or important tasks, which just stresses me out even further
I forget things way too often whether it's replying to people or other
Really often I find myself contemplating why the world is what it is and wish I could just cease to exist (or ideally just be in like spectator mode haha)
Lastly, I struggle a lot with falling asleep. I either just do not want to even if I am tired or when I do try to, I'm either restless or plagued with cringe memories that drive me insane (I usually lightly punch myself in the head to try to change my "thought topic" lol)
I'm really sorry for the very long post and listed items... and even after writing all this am still not expecting anything but truly, any comment or idea will help.. thanks!
submitted by /u/clementinesarenice [link] [comments] from Mental Health
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hisunshiine · 28 days ago
Escape ✈︎ Chapter 1
Tumblr media
✈︎ chapter 1: dear lucky ARMY...   | ✈︎ Escape Series — 18+, Mature
   ✈︎ genre: none this chapter future smut, fluff, angst
    ✈︎ word count: 1,143 words
    ✈︎ pairing: none this chapter
    ✈︎ warnings: none this chapter
 ✈︎ summary: It was a running joke within the fandom that you all should just buy an island, move there, and have Namjoon be the president. That is, it 𝘸𝘢𝘴 a running joke, until one day on Twitter, it all came to a head. When the GoFundMe receives enough money and instructions to purchase said island, what choice is there to make but to do it?
✈︎ a/n: hi! this story is near and dear to me and @mrsparkjimin18​′s heart! we started this story last year to help cope with covid-19 for both us and our friends who are readers! we hope that we can do the same for you and provide an escape. the first 2 chapters are short and start off slow, but i promise it picks up chapter 3 with our first pairing and some smut and then it doesn’t stop. lol
   | series masterlist | next chapter | hisunshiine | mrsparkjimin18 |
Tumblr media
It has been a few weeks since you and the girls came up with the idea to start a GoFundMe, and donations have been flowing in. You receive a message from Vanessa, saying it’s urgent and to call her immediately.
“Nessa, what’s going on? What is so urgent?” You ask. You can hear her rapidly clicking the keys on her keyboard.
“Have you checked our GoFundMe today?” she asks. You wonder why she is asking, feeling nervous at the tone in her voice.
“No, have we reached our goal of twenty thousand dollars?! That would be amazing and it has only been--”
She cuts you off.
“Girl… no… w-we, I mean somebody, an anonymous donor donated an extremely generous amount, just check the account. I have to make sure I am not losing my mind.”
You open your laptop and pull up the account, when you see the donation you drop your phone and scream.
“Is this real?!?! I-I….WE ARE GOING TO BUY AN ISLAND!!!!!!” You remember that Vanessa is still on the phone.
“Hello?! Y/N!!!! What the hell? So I’m not crazy?!” She is just as excited as you are.
“No, you’re not...the donor also put a note of a few islands we could purchase. Well, what do you want to do?”
Vanessa answers quickly.
“We need to start looking into this donor's suggestions, like now.” You both agree to let the other admins of the page look into the islands and you will have to decide by tomorrow.
After researching all night, everybody has agreed to purchase a Caribbean Island: Long Caye, Belize. The island already has standing properties, enough for a decent amount of people to live in for starters, so there wasn’t any work that needed to be done right away. 
Since everyone had come to an agreement on which island to choose, Vanessa  reached out to the donor, notifying them that you all were thankful to them for not only their donation, but also their list of islands, as it made it easier for you all to make a choice. After a few days, of which you were growing more and more nervous, the donor finally messaged back and disclosed that they were willing to pay for a charter plane to transport 14 lucky people to the island. 
Of course the seven of you will all be going, since you were the ones who came up with the idea. Vanessa suggested a Twitter Giveaway, with 7 lucky winners to come live on Bangtania Island. The giveaway contest will run for two weeks, and then upon it’s closing, the 7 winners will be chosen and then announced two weeks after. This would give you all enough time to go through the entries and select the 7 lucky people who would join your group of seven and fly to your newly acquired island, Bangtania.
The amount of people who entered the giveaway was insane. Of course there were those who didn’t believe that such a thing was real, but Vanessa posted the proof of the purchase on the giveaway account page, along with a video made with you and the 6 other girls, and now it was almost draining watching the notifications rack up. Daily you each took turns monitoring entries and adding the names to the raffle, cross checking entries with the word document to make sure there weren’t double entries from the same page. 
You couldn’t wait till it was over, having already packed up your stuff as soon as you had seen the donations on GoFundMe had exceeded the amount needed; you just wanted to be done with all the bullshit and go live on your own island with other ARMY that you had made friends with on Twitter.
Sitting on the plane, 13 girls surrounding you laughing and drinking the complimentary champagne on board, you read over the email that everyone had received a few days before departure.
Hey guys, the donor sent this email to me and asked me to forward it to you all!
Dear lucky ARMY,
Congratulations on being one of the 14 to kick off this new venture. I ran across your GoFundMe while looking for worthwhile groups to donate to, and I saw what you had written about everything your fandom has gone through, and how you needed an escape. In these trying times, I can understand that need, and I hope that my donation was able to help you with your goal so that you will enjoy living on the island. We may not know each other, but I was so moved by your passion for your favorite group, that I have decided to continue to help you all out. The charity I have extended doesn’t just end at the plane, as I have decided to continue to donate to help your small island nation thrive, as it is a very good tax write off for me. Since you have no source of income from the island just yet, I will be helping send shipments to the island of what you need. It would be best to appoint someone to be in charge of things, like keeping track of food, water, toiletries, etc. so that you can stay stocked up for everyone. I will be sending a delivery to arrive before you get there of some basics that will help with getting started. You will find it in the main house. I trust Miss Vanessa has received the key to get everyone situated upon your arrival. I have already sent someone to set up the water and electricity, as well as internet access. Once there it will be prudent that you set up some type of form of government, unfortunately a country cannot function without one, but with so few people, this should not be difficult. Trust one another, and as your favorite boys say, love yourself, and love each other, and enjoy.
The rest of the email provided the addresses of the different buildings on the island, like the main house, the empty building that could be seen as a sort of town hall, and the convenient little storefronts off the very small port area for docking boats. 
The storefronts were not actively in use, and one shop was an open room that was full of mailboxes for deliveries, and each of you was given your own for post, which was nice. You were all able to share your address with friends and family before leaving, instructing them with how to send you care packages and letters.  
You looked up from your phone as you could hear a rather loud chorus of laughter; Talia had said something funny and Vanessa was hunched over wiping away tears from laughing so hard. Everyone on board was in good spirits, you couldn’t imagine it getting any better than this.
Tumblr media
↣ all rights reserved © hisunshiine & mrsparkjimin18 2020-2021. please do not repost. translations & modifications are not allowed.
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tigerseye46 · a month ago
I saw you have a new prompt list. Can I ask for Shadowpeach with Angst 1 and 4?
Lol, you were the first one who noticed. Also I am sorry that these prompts took a month to get me to. College sucks. I’m done with half of them, the other half should be done shortly.
1. “I love you! Is that what you wanted to hear?” 4. “WHY DO YOU KEEP LYING TO ME?”
Blow for blow was exchanged as the two monkeys fought, Wukong wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead. Wukong threw another punch at him with Macaque using a single hand to block it. Macaque kicked him in the stomach which ended up with Wukong getting sent back and hitting his back against a rock, cracking it.
   The monkey king hissed and held his side. Macaque placed a hand on his shoulder and stretched it, his six ears twitched, they had gotten far enough away from the other pilgrims to the point where he could transform back to his true self. Wukong growled at him and took out his staff.
  Macaque smirked and snarked, “Come on, Peaches. Did you forget how to have fun? You must have if you’re still protecting that monk.”
  Wukong swung his staff which resulted in Macaque pulling out his own weapon and clashing it against the staff. “You stay away from them,” he yelled.
  The other monkey’s eyes narrowed and he bared his teeth. “You’re pathetic,” he spat out. “Cowering to a mere mortal. Left me behind!”
   “He’s not a mere mortal! I left you behind because you wanted to hurt my friends! Now you’re impersonating me! Imitation is the highest form of flattery.”
   Macaque growled and tried to hit his leg with his weapon, the other monkey dodged easily. Wukong attempted to whack him over the head but Macaque blocked it. Neither of them could land a decent enough blow to completely destroy the other. “WE USED TO HAVE SOMETHING! THEY TRAPPED YOU UNDER A MOUNTAIN! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT HURT TO KNOW MY BOYFRIEND WAS TRAPPED AND I COULD NOTHING TO HELP?!” That statement made Wukong stop, he swallowed and Macaque would have hit him if he didn’t have fast reflexes.
   The other monkey wasn’t done. “Then I learn you’re free and you never bothered to reach out to me! Now you’re with some monk, hanging onto his every word like some puppy,” he mocked. “You chose them over me!”
   “I chose them over you because they want to change, Bajie and Wujing want to change. I gave you that chance.”
   “You broke up with me! For some pathetic group.”
   “They are not pathetic!”
   “Really? Because from what I hear, that monk gets captured almost daily.”
    “That might be so but it’s worth protecting him.”
    “Are you hearing yourself right now?” He threw his weapon at Wukong, placing a good hit on his shoulder. The king hissed and punched him in the face, the demon held his nose. “You’re an idiot. We could have ruled together!”
    “I don’t get what you want from me. For me to say sorry? Well Mango, that’s never going to happen.” He gazed deeply into Macaque’s eyes, hints of anger, betrayal, sadness and love? There were definitely hints of lingering love. He closed his eyes, his heart ached, he tried to convince himself that he was no longer in love with this monster, his ex and he knew Macaque was trying to do the same. He opened his eyes to meet the other demon’s questioning gaze. “I love you! Is that what you wanted to hear?”
    That declaration only made Macaque angrier and Wukong had to block hit after hit, blow after blow. “WHY DO YOU KEEP LYING TO ME?”
    “I’m not lying to you! I still love you,” his voice turned soft, almost like a whisper. He got on his knees and lowered his staff to prove a point, the grass crunched beneath his knees.
    Macaque pointed his own staff at the king’s chest. Wukong stared up at him and what he saw made his mouth hang open, tears were falling from his eyes, he was huffing out of anger. The king almost wanted to weep at the sight. “Who are you to lie to me like that? You… you of all people don’t get to lie to me like that.”
     “I’m not lying, Mango.” He thought back to years ago when they were happy, their playful banter, kisses exchanged after they pulled some prank, snuggling under the moonlight as Wukong had a baby monkey on his chest, comforting them like he was their parent. “You should come up with us. Please come with us,” he pleaded, hands clasped together as if he was praying to someone that Macaque would accept his offer. “It doesn’t have to be this way.”
     “Yes it does. You made your choice and I’ve made mine.” Wukong felt a finger lift his chin up, his pulse quickened. He prayed again, he wished that Macaque would change his mind in an instant but his boy- his ex was always stubborn. “It’s too late, Peaches.”
     All Wukong needed was one final kiss so he gripped Macaque’s clothing, the demon let out a gasp as Wukong kissed him with all his might. The demon’s fingers twitched, trying desperately not to give in. Wukong was pouring every ounce of passion, something in his gut told him this would be their last one.
   He felt Macaque give him the slightest kiss back before he realized what he was doing and shoved him away. Macaque wiped his mouth and narrowed his eyes, Wukong felt breathless. The demon was quietly sobbing.
   “It doesn’t have to be this way.” Wukong reached a hand out to him but the weapon slightly shoving him back made him pull his hand down.
   “Yes it does,” Macaque repeated. His six ears’ twitched and he looked off somewhere. A smirk rose on his face. “Looks like your friends should be on their way.” He shapeshifted to mimic Wukong’s form. “I can’t wait to see what their reaction will be when the Great Sage falls.”
   The king picked up his staff and lunged at the demon. “That’s not going to happen.”
   They continued their fight, leaving the others’ confused on who the real Wukong was.
   They had both made their choice, now they had to live with it.
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a-dotrivenitupontop · a month ago
30 days of autism acceptance
day 8- friendships
well, ive already talked about friendship quite a bit in the section about relations but i guess i could talk some more. technically, ive had many friends in my life. but at the same time ive had almost none. the thing about friendship is that it’s a kind of on/off thing that isn’t very continuous. most of my friendships have been ‘arranged’ almost in the classic ‘our mothers hang out sometimes’ way. but hey. sometimes i could bring myself to actually talk to another person.
typically friendships rein from a few days of awkward socialising to a few years of going round each other’s houses after school. because of this and the fact that im demi, ive only ever had like, 2 or 3 crushes ever. in a friendship group, my role is usually the ‘wondering in confusion how this person has a crush on someone who’s name they just learnt’ one. though really my role depends on the other people and how close i am with those friends. if we’ve been friends for a good year or so im usually the chaotic leader. but if it’s a big group of people who ive known for a few months than im mostly likely the one who stands near the back not saying anything and hey is this person actually part of our group?
moving to secondary school definitely destroyed my bonds with some people. i had a really strong friendship with this one person but nowadays we only whatsapp each other once in a while. still, it’s better than trailing around another person for a few months (full of relationship drama) before moving on.
an unfortunate situation i frequently encounter (oh god why am i using such convoluted words) is making friends through panic attacks. normally they feel a bit of sympathy, comfort me and then boom! i become attached to them and won’t leave their side. until, of course, another person comes along, ruins the vibe and im just left to trail around in misery.
the problem with friendships is that barely anyone around me shares an interest. and if that is somehow the case, it’s never as passionate as me (oh shit that sounds pretty braggy doesn't it haha no i just hyperfixate a bunch). ive only ever found one real life person who’s into theatre and isn’t a family member. even then, they sort of abandoned that passion leaving me behind. it’s even harder to find someone interested in the osemanverse despite a lot of people around me being queer.
something that really saddens me is how i can never get over a friendship ending. not in like a ‘crying and eating ice cream after a breakup’ way. more in a ‘refusing to believe the relationship is over and still pestering them’ way. it’s probably the main reason i ‘hang out’ with the same people despite having absolutely no connection to each other. i haven’t even come out as a demiboy to them so :/
squish is a word im incredibly thankful for. I always get platonic crushes on people. sometimes im just lonely and need someone by my side. or maybe this one person seems comforting. or maybe it’s for another reason entirely. a good way to describe how often i get squishes could be described by the phrase ‘gay culture is falling for anyone who’s nice to you’. yep. that’s me. except in this case the falling is literal because i can’t tie shoelaces lol. and emotional. the only problem is squishes is that I hate people/can’t talk to them and most people probably hate me.
so long story short, friendship is a weird convoluted mess i don’t like but romanticise at the same time. im definitely better at making friends online then irl. also here’s a fact that i feel belongs here: platonic hugs are the best thing to grace this universe shut up mum just because im a teenager doesn’t mean hugs aren't blessed. i was originally planning to set this out listing friendships ive gained and then explaining why they didn’t work out but hey. maybe these ramblings are a bit better. or maybe they make no sense whatsoever. whichever. i don’t know. oh well.
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Tumblr media
what is your current career now? “I guess you’d call it executive, but that’s boring. I’m in the entertainment industry - music and film.” 
are you enjoying it? “Sure.” 
where do you currently live? “New York, and then France throughout the summers.” 
are you married? “I am.” 
what is one thing that’s stayed the same with you since st judes? “I still don’t have the patience for most people.” 
what’s the biggest change you’ve experienced? “I’ve aged, let’s not talk about it.” 
now that you’re older and have had a successful career, what’s your biggest goal in life? “I don’t like this question. I think my whole life has been a goal. I’ve never had specific ones, I just know what I’m working towards. I don’t understand people who just stop and decide they’ve reached a final destination. Surely that’s the equivalent to dying?” 
would you still consider yourself famous? “Yes.” 
what was the first thing you did after your graduation? “We moved to New York because my Dad opened the labels second branch there, and I oversaw it. It’s also where I wanted to be for years. I didn’t want the girls permanently living in the Springs.” 
do you have any regrets about your time in st judes? “No, I did well. I was probably too nice at times.” /LOL
who are your children? list them in age order. “Good question...Kidding. Fleur, Dixie and then Pippa.” 
if you gave birth, who was the easiest pregnancy? if you didn’t, which pregnancy did you feel most anxious about. “Being pregnant with Pippa exhausted me. I don’t know why. Technically the twins should’ve been harder, but there you go.” 
did you have any baby showers or gender reveals? if yes, what did you do? “I did. Just a party. Not gender reveals though, I feel like very specific families do those and...yeah.” 
what kind of parent would your children describe you as, do you think? “Insane. They’ve said it to my face.” 
which stage was hardest: baby, toddler, child, teenager or young adult? “All of it from being toddlers, up. I feel like they’re babies, they’re so cute, it’s so exciting and then they hit about three and it’s like...well, shit, they’re still here.”
what has been your favourite memory with each child? “Stereotypical things; the birthday parties, Christmases...I think my favourite Christmas was the one where we set up a grotto in our house and they had all of their cousins and close friends over. That was magical.”
be honest, do you think you’ve had any failings as a parent? “No. I’ve made mistakes, sure, but I haven’t failed them.” 
what do you think you do well as a parent? “Honesty. I feel like too many parents try to sugarcoat things for their kids. People used to criticise me for how harsh I was on the twins with things like school and who they hung out with, but at the end of the day, all three of them are successful and have the world at their fingertips now. They understand what it means to work hard and they know how to say no to people or spot “friends” who aren’t actually friends.” 
how much involvement do your own parents have in your child’s life? “A lot.” 
as a parent, what is something you’re still learning? “It’s normal for children to want to follow trends and if they want to ignore me and wear something hideous, that’s on them. I still look great.” 
what’s the funniest memory from parenthood so far? “We’ve had so many. I think people have this idea that our family and household walk around in designer clothes, everything is immaculate and we act like we’re one of the Bridgerton families, but it’s not the case. The girls are hilarious - especially Pippa - and we have enough inside jokes to keep me going into old age.” 
when do you feel like you were needed the most? “The baby years, obviously.”
JUST FOR FUN, WHICH CHILD… if you have just one child, you can just say if they’d do the stuff or not.
which child is the most sensible? “Fleur.” 
which child is the most independent? “That’s tricky because I don’t want to contradict myself in implying that two of them aren’t independent. They all are...I’m going to say Dixie, though. I think she’s the one most likely to get up and do something for herself without even consulting Brody and I.” 
which child did you always have suspicions about being famous one day? “Pippa. That girl’s mind and imagination is something else.” 
which child was the hardest work as a child? “Pippa. Dixie and Fleur were very similar and she was like the little sister who just came ball dozing in and shook up what all of us were used to. Good for her, it was needed.”
which child have you cried/stressed over the most? “Gross. None of them.”
which child has the tidiest room? “Dixie.” 
which child do you think likes you the most? “Fleur.” 
which child is most likely to forget your birthday? “Pippa.” 
which child is/was the most academic? “Dixie.” 
which child is/was the most athletic? “Fleur and Pippa were both pretty sporty.” 
which child tends to be the most annoying? “All three. Fleur is a perfectionist and very precise. She can’t let things go until they’re just so...which is a little like me, I suppose. Dixie’s the whiner. She will wear you down until she gets exactly what she wants and Pippa’s the loud one. She has so much energy and just never stops.” 
which child asks for money the most? “That’s a tie.” 
which child is most likely to move in back home? “Probably Fleur.” 
which child helps out around the house the most? “Dixie...barely....but it’s more than the other two do.” 
which child enjoyed disney the most growing up? “They all liked it but none were obsessed.”
did you have a say in the academy(s) your child(ren) picked? “Yes and no. I advised them on which ones to go to and which I personally think are a waste of time and for the most part, they listened.” 
how did you feel when your child decided they wanted to go to an academy? “Fine. I saw it coming.” 
do any of your children study the same as what you did? are they less, equally or more successful than what you were? “None of them act or have anything to do with movies.” 
when your child(ren) were younger, what did you THINK they’d end up working as? “I never really thought about it. I was too busy focusing on them in the present and preparing them for what they needed at the time. I still don’t think about it, but then I suppose we’ve always had the luxury of not having to worry about them being financially stable or anything like that.”
have you met any of your child’s friends or partners? “I’ve met a lot of friends.” 
what’s your biggest worry about your children being in an academy? “There isn’t one.” 
what’s the one piece of advice you’d give your child as they start this journey that you wished you had? “You’re not overrated, they’re just threatened. And for good reason.”
what tv programmes/films were on repeat as your children were growing up? “I could not get rid of Peppa Pig. That bitch finds her way into every household, I think. I thought the twins would bully Pippa, because her name is so close, and they did but in a shocking twist of events, Pippa embraced it and started acting like her which was awful because that pig is a brat. But, she’d full on snort when she was trying to make a point or copy her laugh and snort afterwards on purpose. I think that’s the closest I’ve ever been to having a parental meltdown.” 
have you ever lost your child/had something happen that’s made you panic? "Pippa again, shocker. We never lost her but she once got her head stuck in a hotel stairwells banister. Don’t ask me how.”
what was the first holiday you went on as a whole family? “We didn’t travel for a while after Pippa was born. I’m so against going to places with newborns. It’s just pointless. Travelling for work is pointless, but the parents who drag their tiny kids to Disneyland or sit on scorching beaches with them are insane. For her fourth birthday, we went to Disneyland Florida, though.” 
can you remember a time you’ve ever been called to the principals office? “Many times, mainly for Dixie and Pippa.” 
say one thing about your child that you think they’d like to hear, but wouldn’t expect you to say. “You’ve done way more than enough to make me proud. For sure.” 
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wrestlersownmyheart · a month ago
Tweet Of Fate Ch. 5 (John Cena)
Tumblr media
Pairing: John Cena X OC Summary: Little did Sharlotte Taylor know that her first little tweet to WWE wrestler, John Cena, would change her life forever. Hearing about his nasty breakup with his fiancée, and seeing so many hateful tweets to him regarding his failed relationship, she wants to send him something encouraging, so she sends him an uplifting bible scripture. Finding the tweet refreshing, it sparks Cena's interest and leads to a flirty, but close online friendship between the two.
This, in turn, begins a chain reaction of events that neither of them could have foreseen.
A lunatic wrestler from the past is returning after years of lying dormant. And he doesn't want to climb the proverbial WWE foodchain—he wants to devour the head of it. And he has his eye on Sharlotte for dessert...
Disclaimers: I own nothing or anyone associated or affiliated with WWE. I own only the original characters. This is just a fictional story that came from my imagination.   This story contains various scenes that are for people 18 years of age and older ONLY.
Chapter Content & Trigger Warnings: None
Tumblr media
Chapter 5
John turned onto his back in the king-sized bed he now claimed as his own. He'd of course replaced the mattress and box springs set after what his ex-fiancée did in it.
Or rather, who she'd done in it, he thought, throwing a muscled arm across his eyes to block out the unwanted sunlight.
He knew he needed to get up in a short while to do his cardio workout, but he desperately needed a little while longer to lie in the bed. He normally was much more energetic, but the past few months had taken a lot out of him. The last month had proven to be the most stressful however. He'd lost whom he considered to be the love of his life. Instead, she wound up being the nightmare of his life. He shook his head, realizing he'd never get back to sleep. Sitting up and propping himself against the headboard, he reached for his cell phone and began looking at his Twitter interactions.
He could not begin to guess how many tweets he had gotten since the night before, and he couldn't help but admit to himself, there was only one person's tweets he cared about reading at that moment.
Sharlotte Taylor.
The woman who had somehow managed to help him see a brighter side of things with just one single tweet.
He scrolled through a large number of tweets before he lost his patience and thought of a short cut. He simply went to his "Following" list and clicked on Sharlotte's profile at the top of the list. He noticed she had not put "Followed by JohnCena" in her bio. That was a nice change. Most of the people he followed—especially the females—were quick to name drop him. He also liked the fact her tweets weren't flirty.
Not that I'd mind a little flirting, he thought, eyeing the blonde's picture. But for now, I'm happy with the simple kindness in her tweets.
Seeing the last tweet she posted was directed to him, he couldn't stop a smile from crossing his face. And he didn't want to stop it. It seemed so long since he last smiled. Really smiled.
" JohnCena My friend just woke me up at 3 A.M. to tell me you followed me & tweeted me, LOL! Wow…thank you SO much! Wasn't expecting that at all! And I'm really glad the scripture helped you to feel better. Always trust God. He's the one being who won't fail you. :-) Take care & keep your chin up, Champ."
He quickly typed out a tweet to her in return and clicked the "Tweet" button. Then he went into his settings and added Sharlotte into his list of mobile alerts. From then on, whenever she tweeted, his cell phone would sound.
I must be out of my mind, he thought, rising up off the bed. I don't even know her and yet I've added her to my mobile alerts like she's a personal friend. She probably hasn't even added me to her alerts! But somehow, he couldn't bring himself to alter his decision.
For once, someone had tried to make him feel better, instead of the other way around. He loved being a person who could be relied on and trusted—someone who tried to make a positive difference in the world. But once in a while, it would be nice for someone to make him feel appreciated—to feel as if he mattered.
And Sharlotte Taylor had done just that.
Feeling a little more like the John Cena from years past, he walked into the bathroom, and started the shower, prepared to get his morning jog in.
Sharlotte sat at a little table at the café across from the library, and picked at her grilled chicken salad while reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. She knew she should eat, but the two tweets from John Cena had really worked her over. She was excited about them, and that excitement had done a number on her appetite.
"Get a grip, Sharlotte," she scolded herself, and deliberately took a big bite of her salad. "It was just a couple of little tweets. It's not like you've built a friendship with the guy!" She shook her head at her childish fantasies, and managed another bite of salad. But, in my defense, she thought, it's not every day the face of WWE tweets his fans. And more than once, at that!
She surprised herself by finishing her salad, and after throwing the container away, she sat back down at her table and pulled out her cell phone, checking for texts and emails. Immediately, she saw in her email a notification that John Cena had tweeted her yet again.
Upon reading the tweet, Sharlotte was speechless.
" IceLover1981 Despite your friend waking you up, I hope you got enough sleep. Again, I thank you for your uplifting words. You have a kind heart, Sharlotte Taylor. Don't let that change."
Sharlotte realized she'd been holding her breath. She let it whoosh out quietly, and then texted a tweet in reply to John's.
" JohnCena You're very welcome. Really. :-) You give so much to your fans and ask for so little in return. It's high time some of them paid you back. :-) I just wish I could do more."
Clicking the "Tweet" button, Sharlotte pocketed her phone, and then seeing she still had some time before she had to return to work, she settled back into her book. She had just turned the page when her email alert sounded. She grabbed her phone and went into her inbox, instantly spotting another Twitter notification.
"John Cena (@JohnCena) has sent you a direct message on Twitter!"
"Seriously," Sharlotte gasped. She headed to her Twitter and went into her list of Direct Messages and hurriedly clicked on the one from John Cena.
"If you only knew how much you've really done. I have to say, each of your tweets bring a smile to my face. I've added you to my mobile alerts. Hope you don't mind."
"'Hope you don't mind'," Sharlotte parroted. "I'm thrilled!" She typed a reply to his message and quickly sent it.
"Well I'm so glad I can make you smile! :-) And no, I don't mind at all that you've added me to your mobile alerts…but why? I mean…I'm happy you did, but I just don't understand why."
Seeing her break time slowly coming to an end, Sharlotte placed her bookmark inside her book and got her things gathered together. Then she heard her email alert again. Smiling, she checked into it and sure enough, it was another direct message from John Cena.
"Why? Because I have a good feeling about you. I usually have great intuition about people, despite my ex-fiancée. She was the only person who fooled me. Anyway, I added you to my alerts, because I can sense from your tweets that you really do care. And because even my closest friends (except for Cesaro) haven't shown the amount of concern you've shown. I've heard that sometimes it's easier to confide in a stranger than a loved one. I think there's a lot of truth in that."
Sharlotte quickly replied back again, astonished by the heartfelt honesty in his answer.
"Well, I have a good feeling about you too. I know that a man with a heart as big as yours could not be a bad person. :-) I have to go back to work (lunch break) now, but hope to talk to you again soon. Take care!"
Wishing she could stay longer and talk to him a little more, she hesitantly rose to her feet and headed back across the street to the library.
"Well, I have a good feeling about you too. I know that a man with a heart as big as yours could not be a bad person. :-) I have to go back to work (lunch break) now, but hope to talk to you again soon. Take care!"
John sat on his weight bench and smiled as he read the last couple lines of Sharlotte's direct message. Immediately he wrote her back.
"Anytime I interrupt something you should be doing (such as eating), don't worry about hurting my feelings, Sharlotte. Don't feel like you have to drop what you're doing just to talk to me. Don't treat me any different than you would an acquaintance. Or a friend. :) Will definitely talk to you soon. Take care."
After the message sent, he started to resume his weight lifting, only to be interrupted by the ringing of his phone. Sensing who was behind the call, he groaned, picking the phone back up and looking at the screen.
"Jasmine…give it a rest," he thought out loud. Tapping the screen, he answered the call.
"What do you want?"
"I want to know why you're private messaging some girl on Twitter!"
"I broke up with you, Jasmine. I don't think it's hard to understand that I'm single. Which means I am free to date if I want. However, the woman you're referring to is only an acquaintance. She's been helping me to see—"
"She's just trying to get to your money, you idiot," Jasmine hissed in his ear.
"Well then I guess I won't be any worse off than I was with you, will I," John asked. "The thing is, even if this woman's just trying to use me, she at least can make a better show of caring than you ever did." He took a deep breath and let it out, trying to get his temper in check. "Besides, what business is it of yours? And how did you even know about her?"
"I saw the tweets going on between the two of you. And then they seemed to stop for a while, so I got into your Twitter and checked your direct messages."
"Oh, how nice, Jasmine," John said with a false brightness in his tone. "So you're resorting to hacking now? That's a federal offense, ya know?"
"Don't be ridiculous! I knew your password!"
"Did you have my permission to get into it?"
"Well, no. But-"
"There ya go. That makes it illegal."
"But I'm your fiancée!"
"No you are not. Not anymore. It's time you accepted that. And besides, that doesn't even matter, Jasmine. Quit playing dumb," John said, surprisingly gently. "You're smarter than that."
"You may have broke up with me, but you will come to your senses."
John groaned his frustration, "Whatever, Jasmine. Seriously, I'm hanging up now." With that, he ended the call and laid his phone back on the floor.
"Note to self: Change all passwords," he muttered under his breath as he continued his workout.
Sharlotte walked back into the library and headed past the circulation desk toward her office, not even realizing the smile she had on her face.
But Leena did.
"Holy crap, girl! What's that smile for," she asked, stopping her friend short.
"Huh," Sharlotte asked, coming out of her daze. "Oh, I'm smiling…" she chuckled then, a blush creeping up her neck. "I just-" She stepped back to the circulation desk and leaned against it, a dreamy smile crossing her face once again.
"Cena tweeted you again, didn't he," Leena grinned.
She nodded, fighting the urge to bubble over with excitement, "Yes. It's crazy! I've not seen him tweet another fan in a long while. And when he does it's usually only once. But he gets back to me really quickly." She shook her head in amazement. "It's so surreal."
"What did he say to you?"
Sharlotte decided to keep his direct messages a secret. She didn't know how he'd like her telling about him about their private messages, and she didn't want to betray his trust so she just recapped his last actual tweet to her.
"He basically said that even though you woke me up at three in the morning, he hoped I got enough sleep," she said cocking her eyebrow pointedly at Leena. "He also thanked me again for being supportive, and told me I had a kind heart, and not to change."
"Wow," Leena sighed, "I'm so jealous!"
Sharlotte chuckled. "Well, don't be. It's either a fluke, or he'll get bored with me. I'm a librarian for crying out loud. Books are amazing, yes, but not everyone feels that way."
"Oh, please, Sharlotte," Leena rolled her eyes. "You're a package, face it! You've got the looks, the smarts, you're a sweetheart, and you're athletic. Men find athletic women sexy."
"I've not actually been athletic in about fifteen years, Leena," Sharlotte replied softly.
"Well, you could be if you tried," Leena countered. "And besides, even if you couldn't be, you look athletic."
"Well, I exercise," Sharlotte admitted, "But that doesn't make me an athlete."
"Quit arguing with me," Leena joked. "You know what I say goes."
Sharlotte playfully smacked her best friend's shoulder, and then entered her office and sat down at her desk. Craning her neck to make sure no one was watching, she took her cell phone out and checked for any other messages.
Sure enough, she saw another email notification of a direct message from John. She hurriedly went to the message and read it.
A couple of seconds later, she had to push her breath from her lungs.
"A friend," she read aloud softly. "Is he serious? Is he crazy? He's only talked to me a few times. Never seen me in person…" She shook her head. "I can't believe this. I have got to be dreaming."
Knowing she needed to get her mind on her work, she made a mental note to answer his message when she was off, and put her cell phone away.
Her office phone rang then, and she picked it up, prepared to get the rest of her work day under way.
If you want on my tag list, just ask! 😊
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vattelaapiglia · a month ago
tinder or twitter help me decide + getting some things off my chest because I have nobody to tell this to
(very long post i'm sorry)
I'm 23F and my cravings for sex have been going through the roof. It's getting to the point where I'm ready to hookup with people online. But I'm just scared by the idea of meeting people online. I mean if I met people at a party or at a club I'd be less nervous because I've SEEN what they really look like and act like. If covid hadn't happened I'd be out there hooking up with everyone. The thought of meeting people online scares me a lot for some reason. I even have tinder and bought the gold subscription so I can see who likes me first because I'm to swipe right. I find it much more comfortable to choose from the people who show interest first. But even then I still scroll through the list, admiring the hot guys but never bold enough to like any of them.
I'm confident in my looks and I've been told I'm attractive but I'm always intimidated about getting to know a guy. I can make friends without too much trouble but with dating or sex, my head makes up all sorts of situations where everything goes to shit. So I've never dated or had any kind of sexual encounters. I've only kissed two guys in my life and they were for school plays a couple years ago. I had a few chances to go out on a date but avoided it altogether because I felt I wasn't ready.
I started masturbating around 10 but was shamed severely by my parents when they "caught" me doing it. Long story short they oppressed me to no end. That childhood trauma is probably why I've always been scared to get intimate even when my desires have always been sky rocketing. I still live with my family and it's the main reason I don't even try getting a hookup because I'll probably stay the night elsewhere (my family goes nuts when this happens and will only calm down when I tell them I'm with a girl friend lmao. at least I've been pushing things and setting more boundaries so they don't ask for proof. and tbh i couldn't give a shit anymore. let them go crazy what are they gonna do, come get me and pull the guy's dick out? ffs) and smell different (the house is tiny so i sleep with my mother who has the nose of a wild animal) etc. But by now I know I'm only buying into my own narrative of being the oppressed child and am ready to have some sex already. My parents are only two people and I am a grown ass woman who needs to enjoy her early 20s asap.
Anyway I never stopped masturbating and by puberty I knew more about sex than anyone around. I grew to be very sex positive and open to all kinds of sex. And I had a great time pleasuring myself and sticking things inside myself until about last year when I started wanting the actual physical intimacy with another guy. Then corona happened and it hasn't helped my anxiety around sex. I'm always scared of getting pregnant or STDs and now covid might kill me or my family. If I lived alone I wouldn't mind as much but the risk of spreading it is now a new terror in my mind. But this country does an ok job of controlling corona and my obsession with sex is getting quite out of control that I'm just willing to take the risk. Insane, but also not considering how oppressed I always was.
Right now I have two options: Tinder and Twitter.
Tinder: I have the list of guys who liked me and there are so many hot guys. But I don't know anything about them. I don't know how I'd ask everyone for their STD results if I start swiping right on all those people. I guess I'll just have to? But it feels like a confrontation to me and already drains my energy thinking about it. And what if they're sexual abuser? What if I meet them and they decide I'm too boring? What if they're catfishing and a crazy guy comes to meet me? What if I get killed etc.
Twitter: There's this one person who has no pictures of his face or body but only stats like height/weight/age. He's 30 and only looks to eat pussy and does not want sex. The girl rents a place and he comes over for a few hours to suck pussy and foreplay and the girl leaves satisfied. He doesn't even ask her to suck him off. Apparently he enjoys eating pussy while feeling aroused. He has TONS of reviews lol. He asks girls to leave him a review if they want (again, no pressure) and if they do he screenshots it and uploads it. I've gone through a lot of them and everyone mentions how comfortable he made them feel and how he always checked if they felt ok and never pushed any boundaries. He uses toys as well if the girl wants and the reviews talk about how amazing they felt with multiple orgasms. He doesn't want sex (he writes that his erection is completely fine and he can prove it, he just hates the depressed feeling after sex) so I guess that wouldn't count as losing my virginity but I'm still curious. Oh and he posts photos of his hand with the girl's hand holding the card key to the room they used as proof which is another comfort to me that he isn't some weirdo.
Twitter guy will probably not be my type at all (nobody talked about him being attractive in those reviews) but the fact that he has his STD negative results on the account and all those reviews are enticing. But then I want to meet someone close to my age and really hot which means I have to start swiping on tinder.
I'm making a big deal out of everything and I'll probably realize how I don't have to obsess over sex this much once I've tried it, but my head is about to explode.
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ssurveys · a month ago
Have you ever overflown a bathtub? Hmm, I can’t remember ever doing that.
Why did you ignore the last person you ignored? My new manager, Kata, messaged me a bunch of links to EXO’s videos to get me into them – I looooove that she’s friendly and we vibe super well so I have a feeling will be close soon enough, but I’m still a bit shy so I ignored her for a bit while I was thinking of a reply haha. I’ve since gotten back to her, though.
What's your favorite pizza place? Yellow Cab’s pizzas have never failed me. Mama Lou’s is good too, but they don’t deliver to my area so I haven’t had their pizzas and any of their food in over a year now.
What was the last stupid thing someone talked you into believing? That we can stay friends. I believed it for a while and it was so mentally and emotionally deteriorating for me, so I did the right thing and let go instead.
What's at the top of your to do list in life? Save. I’m superrrrr frugal with my money and hate spoiling myself. I’d rather enjoy everything in the future once I feel like it’s right to settle down.
What's a song that would describe your life at the moment? What Type of X by Jessi. Maybe not my life, but the song certainly matches my mood these days.
Do you ever scream at inanimate objects? Occasionally, if they’re not working or if I accidentally hurt myself with them.
What was the last thing that you shared? I just had lunch delivered to Angela’s place as a surprise, if that counts. I got her chicken wings and these chocolate chip cookies she’s always wanted to try. It feels really nice surprising people with gifts; I might start making it a habit :) I have to credit my director Bea for it - she’s been having food delivered to mine and Kata’s places recently and I just want to pay it forward.
What smell/s can you absolutely not stand? Fruits. We constantly have a stock of oranges because my parents and sister like having them after dinner, and the smell is nauseating. Spoiled food is also high up on my list, and the general smell in Manila is also very foul. Go to other places in the Philippines if you’ll ever visit!!!
Do you ever eat leftover pizza cold? Yessssssssssssssss. Idk why but I find it really good? like even if I eat it straight out of the fridge.
Where are you the most ticklish? The sides of my stomach and around my neck.
Would you put your life in danger to rescue someone? Someone absolutely important to me, yes.
When you're wanting a midnight snack, what do you normally get? I usually don’t really like the snacks we have in our pantry so unless I already had food delivered earlier in the evening I just let the hunger fade because I don’t like having food delivered that late anyway.
Which cartoon character would you want to keep as a pet? Buster from Toy Story. Or Maximus from Tangled but in dog form, because I don’t know how to care for a horse.
What color best represents you? Something peaceful like off-white, or a pastel shade.
Do you like marshmallows? I hate them.
What is your favorite flavor of candy cane? I also don’t like candy canes, or candy in general. Too sweet and I can always feel how unhealthy they are whenever I have to have them.
Do you have any shoeboxes full of old photos/letters/other memorable stuff? My mom has several plastic bags filled with photographs over the last few decades. As for me, I don’t own any memory boxes; but recently, I’ve been sticking up notes from my friends and co-workers up on my corkboard.
Are you in any way double jointed? Nope.
Have you ever considered a career in music/acting? Never. I never liked singing in public and I’ve never considered acting.
When was the last time you felt seriously embarrassed? A few days ago when I accidentally turned my camera on during a work Zoom meeting while I looked completely unpresentable. Luckily I knew I clicked the button and immediately un-clicked it, but my video still showed up for like 0.001 seconds lol.
Have you ever liked a song, looked up the lyrics to it, then hated it? I don’t think I’ve gone so far as to hate it. I have felt slightly disturbed upon hearing the lyrics of some songs I’ve taken a liking to though; and Cherry Wine by Hozier certainly ticks off this box.
Which is worse for you: being hot, or being cold? Hot, which is why living where I do doesn’t work with me well for the most part.
What would be the icing on the cake for you this Christmas? Get nicer gifts for my loved ones. I was able to get everyone presents last Christmas, but given that I had just received my first-ever salary then, I wasn’t able to go all out as much as I would’ve liked. I’d love to spoil my loved ones even more for next Christmas.
If you had the opportunity to live forever, would you take it? Probably, as long as I was guaranteed to live comfortably. I’d love to see how else technology can continue to improve.
Have you made someone happy today? I hope so, when I got Angela food earlier.
Do you generally watch a lot of television? I do watch my favorite shows a lot, but not on television. Most of my content I already consume online.
If your bedroom walls could talk, what would they most likely say? They’d probably go over all the shit I had to go through and the ensuing breakdowns they’ve had to watch from me over the years.
What's your favorite Christmas song? It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas, because it makes me feel festive.
Did you ever really believe in Santa Claus? Only for a brief moment when I was introduced to the concept, but kid-me never bought it because he never showed up.
Do you like the band Relient K? I’ve heard of the band name but I’m largely unfamiliar with them.
Have you ever seen a movie that was better than the book it was based on? Maybe, but for the most part I usually find the books to be better.
Do you like quesadillas? Yes, omg and with jalapeños and cheese *chef’s kiss*
Did you like the show Invader Zim? Nope.
Do you think tomorrow will be a good day? I feel like I’ll be sullen because it will be Sunday again, but I still plan on making the most out of it.
Do you ever talk to yourself? A lot.
Whose butt did you last slap? Idk, probably my ex.
Do you think that chivalry is dead? I don’t think so, but I also think it’s a bit outdated.
What's the greatest/most influential song you've ever heard? That’s a lot of pressure on a song... as much as I don’t really like The Beatles, I’d say Hey Jude has been pretty influential.
What's the weirdest thing you've seen in a grocery store? Not sure. If I had thought something I’ve seen was the weirdest thing ever, I would’ve taken a photo.
What is true love to you? Sacrifices.
Do you like chocolate milk? YES, lactose intolerance be damned.
Have you ever bought yourself a present on Christmas? Not yet. I hope to be able to this year!
Have you ever been on a mechanical bull? Nope, but I’d definitely get on one if I find one here.
Do you prefer to pull off band-aids slowly or quickly? Slowly. Actually, I prefer running water over it until it just slides off.
Have you made a mistake in the past week? I am constantly making tiny mistakes at work.
What was the last weird thing you said to someone? Idk, I feel like all the conversations I’ve had recently didn’t involve any inside jokes or general weirdness.
Have you ever met any bands/band members before? I got to work with one - Redd is the drummer for a local band but he’s since resigned to work with another company.
Have you ever sat on a copy machine and made copies of your butt? No. I’ve never even used a copy machine.
Are you a camera whore? Not at all, I hate posing for the camera.
Have you ever purposely dropped someone's toothbrush in a toilet? Never even considered it.
What kind of mood are you in right now? A little sad because it’s the weekend and I can’t even do my weekend coffee shop trips anymore because Covid cases are experiencing another surge (9000 cases a day!!!), protocols are everywhere again, and my parents already told me I can’t go out...those moments were my rare time alone where I can take walks and reflect and whatnot (and not to mention experieince air conditioning for a few hours), so it sucks to have to be stuck at home again. There’s not much to do at home to begin with, so now I’m just stuck in a cycle of taking surveys and finding videos to watch on YouTube.
What was the last thing someone told you that had you at a loss for words? I was ranting to Andi about how I started despising Diane from BoJack Horseman the moment she flipped out over Mr. Peanutbutter gifting her an entire library. I get where she’s coming from, of course, “understand people’s love language” and all that; but I felt like the very hostile reaction was super uncalled for and it reminded me a lot of my relationship with Gabie – I liked giving and giving, but it was either 1) never enough or 2) apparently the wrong way to show her love, and I was always the one punished for it in the end. I told Andi that because of my experience with her, I don’t even feel like giving a library (metaphorically speaking) to any future significant others anymore because of how hard I had it with her. 
Anyway, they gave me some advice about it and in the end they told me, “One day, someone will tell you, “Thank you for your library.’” It was very beautifully put and I struggled to find the words to reply.
What's something that always makes you smile, regardless of what’s going on? I’m not sure there is such a no-fail thing.
What was that last thing that you bought online? Food for Angela.
Do you enjoy riding around town looking at Christmas lights? Yeah, but the general mood for last year obviously wasn’t super festive and there weren’t as much lights, so it’s been a while since I’ve seen my village all decked out.
Is there someone that you're mean to for no good reason? No, that’s terrible.
What was the last thing you got out of the freezer? The coffee ice cream that I bought from Leigh yesterday! It’s crazy fucking good and I already feel a repeat order coming through.
Are you currently reading anything? No.
What's a good book you'd recommend? I don’t read anymore. I know child/teen-me would be very disappointed.
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redstarbonky · a month ago
tfatws ep 2 not-really-live liveblog (SPOILERS AHEAD! SPOILERS HERE! HERE BE SPOILERS!)
and i must reiterate again THERE ARE SPOILERS AFOOT
Tumblr media
i can’t believe it’s only been a week! the suez canal fat boat incident has really slowed down the previous few days 🥴 something else different is that this is the first ep i’ve stayed up late to watch! hype hype hype!
anyway AAAAAAAAAAAAA I HOPE THERE’S SOME ZEMO. give me the bruhl. we only have six episodes...
i just appreciate this recap because SAM is in it and BUCKY is in it and TORRES is in it and SARAH is in it and WINTER SOLDIER is in it and oh hello john walker again
zipper shot...zipper shot...zipper shot...
i am open to john walker not being awful, i promise
is this his sister? friend? girlfriend? ok probably girlfriend
“they're gonna love you” ma’am..............have you looked at the fandom lately.............
they're doing the chorus girl thing to this guy! steve hated it too, john...steve hated it too
every time i see steve in the marvel intro i feel a little bit stabbed in the neck 🙃
THE SONG IS EVEN THE SAME. did they get a real band and flag team and dance team to do the performance?
is he not enhanced then? no serum? i find that hard to believe. eh, maybe he's doping
please i’m begging you to stop mentioning tony stark
BUCKY’S FACE...nooooo...literally looks like he's about to cry 😭
sam and torres my beloveds
sam 😭 pls 😭 i’m 😭 so 😭 upset 😭 about 😭 this 😭😭😭 *eternally shrieking*
androids, aliens, and wizards. sam is completely correct, that’s who they fight. they’re not on any of that friendly neighborhood spider-man business
bucky you’re a nerd, aren’t you
man sam haven’t you heard of the thousand yard stare? one of the most obvious PTSD symptoms that exists, observed even before we had PTSD as a diagnosis?? 😭
“no you’re not coming with me” said sam as bucky came with him anyway sdkfjsdjhbg
does torres know...about the...never mind
bucky: “i am juiced on experimental fascist serum, i am 100% sure i can survive this plummet into a forest”
redwing my beloved...
ahaha that little attempted swat :]
yeeeeaaaa white wolf nickname came back. sam’s “bwuh?” response to that made me giggle
sam just being casually cool as usual
[skyrim guard voice] “must’ve been my imagination” they really failed that spot check lol
alright get em lads! obtain hostage! ... that other truck should really be noticing them shouldn’t it
i immediately do not trust this girl but bucky switching off Business Mode to be polite to her is very nice and good
ok are these people ALL juiced on fascist serum? that’s a lot of juice?? WHERE DID THEY GET THE JUICE?? 🧃🧃🧃
redwing better be ok in the next ep.
john’s goofy grin was ok. not as good as steve’s tho. gotta say john has the “i used to play football in high school” look completely down pat. well done
bucky: [cattily hands the shield back]
JEEZ these fellas are made of iron
GO SAM! once again being casually cool
i just heard the shippers scream in delight at their roll in the goldenrods ahaha. honestly? this was probably the first hug bucky has had since steve ditched him. i don’t blame him for lingering a bit
lol do they have to just...traipse back through rural germany...
oh good their uber is here!
stop making fun of his PTSD symptom c’mon
sam is having none of this, clearly...
love how the last straw for bucky was hearing that hoskins has a dorky nickname. you’re one to talk, bucky
so, uh,'s it hangin.
hmrhmhm if it were me, i would accept the homemade food politely, because if someone troubles themselves to MAKE food for me, i feel it would be rude to refuse, even if it were something i didn’t eat? i could give it to a family member or something instead? idk just seems rude for a guy giving them hospitality. hospitality is a near-universal virtue for a reason!
i feel like this villain group is really vague? i’m also waiting for HYDRA to be behind them all along
how this exchange went in my head bucky: “let’s do a crime...” sam, swatting him with a rolled-up newspaper: “no.”
sam being on the run with steve for two years...what did they actually do? did they hang out a lot? do some painting? fanfiction writers probably filled in that time already but i really wanna know
who is bucky’s mysterious acquaintance?!
sam is good with kids as usual...also that seems like a funny/sad dig at a lot of black heroes in comics having ‘black’ in front of their names. i don’t read a lot of comics but i sincerely hope they’re not still doing that
is this another amending? another name on the list? oh no...
jeez a whole lot happened in that scene :[ and a lot was implied! like, if the government had access to the serum in the 1950s, that creates some terrifying possibilities, especially if they were able to produce a great quantity. i hope isaiah is returned to eventually because his situation looked rough. he seemed pretty afraid of bucky but he stood his ground and didn’t sound afraid at all. his kid/grandkid/great-grandkid (idk he seemed really young) was very protective of him. it’s clear isaiah never told him about his run-in with the winter soldier seems like he wasn’t totally surprised by isaiah’s outburst or super i’m dying to know more. pls marvel, go back and see them sometime
anyway yeah i can totally sympathize with why isaiah doesn’t want at all to tangle with whatever bucky has going on.
[to the tune of “gidget goes to hell”] ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bucky goes to jail
john what are you doing?? “ya bucky is mine now” no????
we now know the therapist’s name! dr. raynor! finally!
lol this is actually couples’ therapy? the shippers just popped in a shower of confetti hehe (but tbh couples’ therapy techniques work for any pair of people who have to be in close contact a lot, not just romantic couples!)
the way sam grabbed bucky’s chair and bucky’s like “whoa ok~” the number of fanfics arising from that interaction alone will be enormous mother of mercy
i want to hide under my blanket ashfgdfhg my face is pulled back into some horrible rictus grin aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
oh no. OH NO
the feelings...jsndfkj.....kbnvnnm...
😭😭😭😭😭😭 *dissolves into sadness forever*
hopefully this’ll be that trope where the two bickering parties say they will finish their current task and then never talk to the other again, but after all they go through, they decide to stick together :V please. my happiness depends on this
GO AWAY COPS oh it’s just john
i cannot help but like battlestar? idk?? he’s cool??? i feel like he and sam and bucky would get along like a house on fire?? if there weren’t all the *makes john walker-shaped gestures*???????? i can’t not think of battlestar galactica though
sam was way nicer about that mess than he needed to be! anyway they’re totally gonna fight aren’t they. maybe in episode 5 or 6. i think sam would win because he can fly. obviously that overrules everything else. like the fact that i still don’t know whether john is JUICED
so uhhh...HYDRA. are they gonna
isn't this “lacrimosa”? that feels fitting
aaaaand there’s helmut!!!!! at last!!!!!!!!!! it’s been so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he’s stuck in what appears to be an ultra high security prison
i wonder what creepy/manipulative/douchebag stuff he’ll say! “ah, sam wilson. what is it they call you? the man-bird? and james barnes! what is it they call you? the war criminal?”
just realized i totally glazed over during the flag smasher escape scene i’m sorry guys you’re just really vague. got any pamphlets? literature? any theory i could read? i’m actually too stupid to read theory please don’t send me theory
and now to wait eternally for another week ugh. just drop an entire season so i can binge it!! netflix does this WHY CAN’T YOU
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cutegirlmayra · a month ago
I know you did a prompt a while ago about Amy having a fan and Sonic told him to basically get lost. So could you do something like that but make the guy feel more entitled to Amy and she owes him her love. And when she rejects him he gets really aggressive so it justifies Sonic being more aggressive in turn? I love how your depict protective Sonic soooo cute!
So, I have MANY jealous and protective Sonamy stories XD Shifting through them, I think you meant this one? (x) For future reference, if any of you lovely Anons want to maybe just... link?... the actual prompt I would be very much appreciative since I have over 900+ lol
Tumblr media
(Preview prompt image provided by ArtsyAnnieRose (x) Please support the artist :)b)
As I mentioned when reviewing this Prompt on my youtube --> Pajama Blogs Ep. 1 Prompt Requests (x) Timecode: - 54:21 - I try and not do the same prompt twice, which means I like to rewrite things so that I don’t just keep making the same stories for different requests. So with this one, I’ve thought a lot about how to present it, and I think this will be fun! (Also, side note: I’m not making this cute and parody-like, I’ve changed my mind XD I have the right to do that! lol)
***TRIGGER WARNING***: (now you know it’s gonna get good.) I have subtly littered red flags throughout this story, if you have experienced stalking or manipulation strategies in your life please be aware they will be showing up in this fic. Due to the subtle nature of these traits, please be informed that I am in no way trying to downplay the danger of these situations, but showing that to the main character currently in these situations, her view of them is naïve and she sees no danger. Therefore, the gravity of the situation seems friendly and kind, but in no form am I saying these techniques are alright or acceptable. The ‘stranger’ character in this story is a creep, no matter how ‘charming’ or ‘sweet’ he may be portrayed in the innocent main character’s view. (If I write this correctly, hopefully, that message will be more clearer towards the end of the story.) I encourage any who recognize these toxic behaviors to please question your relationship with that individual and find safe, healthy relationships to pursue/keep instead. Whether your relationship with these kinds of people are platonic, friendship, or romantic in nature--please keep yourselves, families, friends, and other such loved ones safe. I will not be listing or detailing all occurrences of these moments within the story; however, with some psychology basics or google searching, you can find these common red flags or complexed manipulation strategies and how to better identify them.
Prompts are on shutdown! Do not send in any prompt requests at this time. Thank you!
Okay... let’s dive right in.
Tumblr media
                                                 DIVE, DIVE, DIVE.
Note: This is another unconventional, more mature-themed story that I- well...
Tumblr media
But my hope is that it’s still a story worth telling, so if you choose to, please enjoy.
Upon a rather dark and greying sky, as though the mentions of brief rainfall and storm weren’t apparent, many citizens in this bustling city were making their usual rounds around the mall. Carrying a thin jacket with an umbrella’s strap swinging at her side, Amy light-heartedly mused over a recent magazine’s article on the most eligible men, and read the chatty writer’s remarks on how Sonic The Hedgehog seemed to be away when the interviews for them were called.
She thought that so like Sonic, always away, but secretly just close enough to still keep tabs on what’s going on with the many locations in the world.
Eggman seemed to have a base everywhere, and while things had been pretty quiet as of late, she looked up from her magazine and once again wondered where in the wide, blue world he could be.
Was he bored? Off on another adventure? ... Napping? Eating? Was he eating enough?
She sighed with a dreamy look on her face, lost in her thoughts before a stranger flicked his wrist as he approached her, and a charging wind blasted in her direction. Blowing her back, it swiftly hit against her loosely closed umbrella, since Amy wanted to be prepared for any sudden downpour, and triggered it’s spring to further yank her back.
“Ah!” Amy tried to turn around to catch herself, the strap around her wrist forcing the sudden about-face as she grabbed her umbrella’s long steel pole to try and counter the pull.
“Woah!” the stranger that was passing her from the front suddenly stumbled at the sight and quickly rushed behind her, leaning over and grabbing where her hand was on the open umbrella as the wind suddenly stopped. His hand lingered by her side as though to brace with her and help, before noticing the wind stop and looking dumbfounded at the umbrella.
There was a silence as Amy felt the stranger was almost holding her, and turned to him with blinks, “Heh-heh... umm... Thank you.” her body was bent as she tried to use her heels against the pavement to counter-force the sudden rush of heavy wind, but with it’s immediate halt, she stepped forward and away from the strange, intimate moment to close her umbrella.
He stood more straighter, fixing himself up too before smiling kindly to her, “Does this happen to you often? Sudden, emmmm...” He swirled his palm-facing upwards hands around as he held the long, hummed note. “Bursts of photo-aesthetic air through your hair?”
Amy chuckled lightly, briefly looking back at him before continuing to fix her umbrella, worried it may be broken as the spring wasn’t going down well enough. Realizing it was probably jammed, she blew up some air to her bangs, figuring the worst, “Yeah, real convenient for a photoshoot. Maybe the photographer will settle for a water effect?” she gestured humorously up to the clouds, “All I need is a chair,” she teased, “Thanks again for the help. Really! You came out of nowhere!”
“Much like wind.” He joked back, putting his hands in his pockets, tilting his head to her. “You... wouldn’t mind if I take in the view of that shot, would you?”
“Huh?” she didn’t quite understand what he was making reference to.
He smiled as if realizing she didn’t get it and shook his head, “Nothing, nevermind. I’m clearly wasting your time,” he took out his own umbrella, looked at her a moment, then back to it. His long, brown and heavy jacket then flopped back to his side as he offered her it, “No offense, but I did just meet you. I would offer you my umbrella, but I’m worried I may never see it again. However, I have a solution,” He opened the umbrella and then gestured his hand to a restaurant near him. “So that we’re not strangers anymore, and I can trust you with something so dearly precious to me as an old, fifty cent umbrella I literally picked up from a second-hand store... might I entreat you to a meal?”
Amy smiled, relieved he was being so gentlemanly. “I wouldn’t mind at all!” she cheerily perked up, looking at her umbrella and tossing it in a garbage can. “I’m Amy,” She took his hand, curtseying. “Amy Rose.”
She did notice he was probably older than her, but he did a little bow and she realized she hadn’t notice his real height until his eyes matched her level. He held his eyes with her sights... and she wondered why he was pausing so long, “I know...” He finally whispered out, tilting his umbrella over her head, “You’re pretty famous, you know. Anyone would be lucky to help you out in a pinch. I’m Oscar, I work around here.”
Guiding her into the outdoor restaurant, he sat her at one of the white tables with it’s own umbrella on it and closed his, settling down on the opposite side of her. “Well, then! Do you mind this spot?”
“Oh, it’s my favorite, actually!” Amy chimed, knowing the location very well.
“Really?” He seemed a little less intrigued at that than Amy would have normally supposed someone would, but then after putting his umbrella away, leaned forward as though very attentive and putting his fingers together, his elbows on the wooden round table of white and letting his nose press down against his hands. He had gotten comfortable, and Amy, thinking this was his way of showing interest in what she meant, continued to sweetly respond.
“This is so funny, but I come here almost every Thursday and Friday for the new deals at my favorite store! I usually order the same thing too,... I really love ice cream.” Amy felt a strange new energy at meeting someone for the first time, and continued to feel refresh at this new-found friendship.
“Ice cream? No way! That’s my favorite too!” Oscar parted his fingers as though excited to hear this. “I have a sweet tooth. I know, I know, so silly of a man like me.”
“Oh, no! Not at all!” Amy waved her hands out, “What’s your favorite kind?”
“Well,...” He thought a moment, before smiling back to her and holding a wink, “I have an idea, you tell me yours first. I bet it’s probably very different.”
“I’m a simple girl, Vanilla is mostly my cup of tea. But... whenever I’m feeling adventurous, I go for it! Scoops of Vanilla and Chocolate with some random new flavor of mint or cookie flavored and then I top it with all sorts of stuff!”
He coughed as though shocked, “...That’s literally my favorite too!”
“What!?” Amy was excited to hear this, “I thought I was the only one that eccentric!”
“I know! That’s why I thought your answer would be completely different!” As Oscar continued to review Amy’s interests, he kept nodding along and reaffirming that they shared many similar interest and hobbies before the waiter appeared. “I love to chase certain thrills and excitements. I’m sure, being an adventurer, I figured that may be the reason why you place yourself in such perilous circumstances as well.”
“Your orders, lady? Sir?” The waiter asked, trying to kindly cut in as Oscar pulled out his wallet.
“Strawberry sunday with a hint of vanilla, you?” he looked back to her.
“Ha! That’s my Thursday order!” she giggled into her hand, “Same here, please!”
He shook his head, a little theatrically, “It’s almost like... where have you been all my life?”
“I mean, I know, right!? And you work around here! That’s so weird that I’ve never seen you before... where-”
“Ah, there’s really nothing interesting about me. I’m much more fascinated in the adventures you take. What with your friends always weighing you down and everything.” He basically ignored the waiter as he tried to ask any follow-up questions, and Amy just looked between the two and then smiled politely to the waiter, showing that that was all they were going to have.
“Weighing me down..? Oh no, without Sonic and the others, I couldn’t do anything as big as saving the world! We all need each other, you know?” She happily confirmed before he spoke again, sighing.
“I guess they would have you think that way, huh?” a offhanded comment that made Amy’s eyebrows furrow, but she just continued to speak about the wonderful traits and abilities of her friends, in which case, he kept shaking his head as though she was wrong.
“What?” She finally asked, “You don’t seem to like Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles...”
“I just think you could do with some different friends.” He shrugged, “Some that wouldn’t constantly leave you behind or undergrade your merit.” In that moment, the waiter came back to place down their orders.
“U-undergrade..?” She looked down a moment, “N-no, no one’s holding me back or anything. I choose how I help out, I can’t always keep up with Sonic and the others so-” she stopped a second and shook her head, getting frustrated, “I-I mean, I can go with them whenever I want!” she retorted, and noticing her shift in demeanor, he took some ice cream and then held out his hand.
“Oh no, no, no. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you couldn’t keep up. I meant that you’re invaluable and they don’t treat you as such. But don’t worry, I’m here now, and I’ll show you how a true heroine should be treated. This meal is on me.” he gestured to her ice cream, “After this, I’ll show you some places that you probably haven’t been to before.”
“O-oh... T-That does sounds exciting!”
For a few weeks after that, Amy began to hang out with Oscar frequently. They would text back and forth, and she couldn’t help but smile when he always called her beautiful and made her feel so special. However, although the places they first went to weren’t so bad... he started showing her back alleyways with clubs and other ‘themed’ places that made her slightly uneasy.
She knew he was older than her, but would decline any invitation if he stated, “But I know a guy, he’ll let you in.” and continued to protest and remind him of her age.
That being said, the parks were lovely though!
He would often bring her little gifts and flowers too, stating that the next time she came with him, he’d bring some home-made food and had a habit of patting her head or brushing something off her hair if it landed on her. Though, Amy never noticed the ‘leaf’ that had fallen on her shoulder, or the ‘bug’ that was buzzing around her headband.
He also would usually lead her when they walked and talked, if they came to a corner, he would lightly put his hand to her back, until one time she mentioned his hand went just slightly lower than normal and he apologized profusely.
All was going very well, he even carried her bags and offered to take them home with her, but she insisted she would take the train and that he needn’t worry.
Finally, on a Friday when she was heading down for her sale, texting Oscar, a familiar wind picked up and almost brought up her dress.
“Oh, look out!” Oscar appeared and grabbed her dress, pushing it down. “Phew! Close one, aye?”
“W-where did you come from?” Amy adjusted her dress as he held his hands to the rim of her dress still, but when she looked up at him, he immediately released them.
“I suppose I just naturally come when you need me.” he scratched the back of his head, looking away as though shy. “I don’t know... sometimes, I can’t sit still, I get this feeling like you need me, and lo and behold!” He gestured to her, “You really do need someone looking after you twenty-four seven, huh?” he squatted down to look up at her, then his face turned to concern. “It’s a shame you don’t have anyone to look after you... especially in moments like this.”
“W-what are you talking about? I have Sonic!” Amy placed her Miles-Electric away and gestured for him to stand upright, but instead, he took her hands and placed them on his cheeks, acting cute but a lot younger than he actually was.
“But he didn’t save you, I did~” he whined, squishing her hands to his cheeks and rotating them around as she thought him slightly weird and took them away, pushing him back as he stumbled. “H-hey!”
“Oh, you! Sonic is just the same way! He can’t sit still when he senses someone needs him... hey, that reminds me of my article...” Amy remembered the magazine she was subscribed too, and looked over to see that within his usual trench coat, was a page of that article sticking out. “Ah!” She pointed to it, amazed, “You read ‘Famous Quips’ too!?!”
“Doesn’t everyone?” he seemed to speak quickly, before shoving the magazine back in deeper. “Ehem, kinda a girlie magazine... promise not to tell anyone? I don’t wanna lose my street-cred!”
She laughed, “You are like Sonic! Always acting so cool...” she shook her head and took his arm, what she had started doing since he offered it so many times, and they walked down the street.
He bought anything her eye rested on, which made her beg him to at least let her pay for food, as he mentioned a concert happening at the club he kept trying to get her to go to.
“Come on, you’ll love this band! We adore the same music too! I know a perfect spot in the back where no one will see us and the bouncer is my friend!” his voice was enthusiastic, nudging her every now and then with his elbow as she looked away and rolled her eyes. “You’re not a babe anymore, Amy! You’re gonna end up going to clubs eventually, might as well be with someone you know, right?”
“I don’t know...” Amy looked down,... and he gently stopped walking to look away from her.
“...Do you not trust me?”
“W-what?” Amy let go of his arm, “What do you mean? Of course I do!” she was very hurt by his accusation, “I mean, we’ve hung out so much, I just don’t really think clubbing is my thing...”
“You never want to do what I suggest.” He looked down, “I go to your favorite store with you and help you bargain hunt, I take you around the park... I’m just saying, the one time I want to go and do something, you keep saying no.” he folded his arms, and Amy began to panic that he was really offended by her.
“T-that’s not true, Oscar! I...” she looked away a moment, and he looked back at her.
“...Ah, I can’t stay mad at you.” He pulled her into a hug, holding her there. He took a deep breath, “I’m sorry, hey, let’s go get ice cream and talk about it later, okay? I’ll pay again.”
Her eyes shifted about, not sure what that was all about. “N-no, I’ll pay.” she tried to move away but kept an arm around her and led her on.
“I wouldn’t be considered a man if I let the woman pay!” he insisted, and ended up paying for the meal.
As it got late, he offered to carry her bags home again, and whined in a goofy way when she kept saying it was too late to have guests over, but maybe sometime.
“If you won’t see the concert with me, at least take me to your place sometime. It’s the least you could do for me.” He gave her the bags, then stroked her hair again, “You really shouldn’t be taking the train at night, you never know what sicko might be on it. You’re tough, Amy dear, but you’re still a girl and you know how you’re prone to cause problems.” he laughed, but that stung Amy’s pride a bit.
She held her bags and looked away a moment, “...Is that... how I come off to people?”
“Oh sure!” he then continued to stroke her head, “...You ... didn’t notice?”
“...That I look weak?” Amy shook her head and he instinctively removed his hand.
He held it in the air a moment, before letting it rest on Amy’s head again, as though realizing she wasn’t doing that to make him stop.
“No... the part where I... gave you a new nickname.” He smiled, tenderly and squatted down to her level again, keeping his hand on her head. “Amy dear. I think it’s cute!”
“...O-oh, I mean, I don’t really like how it could appear though.” Amy had a bead of sweat form and he abruptly got up, looking upset.
“Don’t like how it could appear!? What does that mean!?” He snapped.
She flinched at his sudden uproar, as he grabbed a bag from her, “I’ve been wanting to introduce the nickname to you all day! And that’s how you think about it!?” he looked as though he was going to either smash or rip the bag, but just looked furiously away from her, “I thought about it a lot, you know! It was suppose to mean something!”
Amy grew slightly afraid, but not taking this sudden mood-swing again, she opened her mouth to say something.
He interjected and looked dead in her face, “You really don’t trust me, do you, Amy?”
Thinking she didn’t want to hurt him, she shook her head, “I-I never said that!”
“Don’t yell at me,” he looked downhearted suddenly, even though she wasn’t raising her voice that much, not like he was.
“I’m not-”
“You are, and it’s really making me feel like you’re just... you don’t consider me a friend. I told you people usually reject me,... I was vulnerable to you!”
“Oscar, calm down a moment and-”
“You’re the one who’s not ‘calming down’ you can’t do a single thing I want to do! You’re being... selfish!” he flopped the bag down in front of her, startling her as he took off stomps and a hissy-fit.
Not able to process that sudden shift in behavior, Amy was lost to her thoughts and... slowly... proceeded to get the bag and head to the train station.
Numerous texts came flooding in that week as she hadn’t gone back to the plaza and mall, and she kept wondering how he knew she wasn’t there. They had hung out multiple times, maybe he was just expecting another hang out without actually asking this time...
Still, she felt somewhat obliged to text back: Sorry, I’ll see you Friday. This Thursday, I just felt sick.
Oscar: Do you need anything? Send me your address, I’ll bring you medicine and make you some food! I really am sorry if I scared you, I shouldn’t have done that. You’re beautiful and I’m just insecure. You know how I can be, just like you, I get really attached to people and just want to be accepted. I’m really sorry, please don’t not see me again! I promise I’ll get myself under control, we’ll do whatever you want to do this time! Honest!
Amy didn’t text back...
Oscar: The concert is next Friday, I won’t mention it again but... it would be really awesome if we could see Pop Pinkies together... I know it’s my favorite band and our favorite music is what they play so... just think about it at least, alright?
That Friday, Amy was wearing something that made her almost blend in with the crowd. Unlike her usual bubbly skip in the streets, she was hiding beneath her umbrella and coat, as though not wanting to be spotted.
A sudden burst of wind and she panicked, darting behind a corner and putting her umbrella away. “Dumb wind.” she mumbled, looking around to make sure Oscar wasn’t there...
The wind suddenly shifted as she poked her head out, “That’s odd, wind doesn’t usually change direction unless...” she turned and gasped as she saw Sonic, leaning his head towards her and looking confused.
“...Since when did you start taking the back-alley ways? Don’t you know that’s dangerous, Amy?” He blinked, furrowing his brow as he straightened up and folded his arms, “Heh, long time no-”
Amy’s mind was suddenly triggered by something Oscar had said, and she tuned out Sonic completely, her world going dark...
“I just think you could do with some different friends. Some that wouldn’t constantly leave you behind or undergrade your merit.”
“You’re tough, Amy dear, but you’re still a girl and you know how you’re prone to cause problems.“
“Is that... really how I appear to you?” Amy’s voice quaked as she spoke it, “Do I really look weak... even to you?”
Sonic was taken aback by the tears forming in her eyes, and immediately dropped the friendly banter, “Amy? What’s wrong? Weak?” he didn’t know where she got that notion from. “N-no, I-... Amy, is something wrong?” he moved forward to reach for her but pulled away, something Amy wasn’t used to as she really did--for a brief moment--think he was going to place his hand on her head.
Almost as if expecting that, she leaned her head in a strange way and then back, not sure why she did that.
He didn’t notice the action though, but she hugged herself, also remembering that after the light head pats was usually a strong and forceful embrace...
“...Amy?” she hadn’t responded to him, and now, Sonic was noticing a very clear change in Amy.
“N-no, of course you wouldn’t think that... I’m sorry, I really don’t... I don’t want to be around people right now.” she looked away, “I... I made someone feel really bad and I don’t know what to do.”
“Really? What did you do?” Sonic lifted his hand and she immediately looked at it, which made him pause. “...Umm... I was just gesturing... Amy...” His ears bent back, not sure why she looked so squarely at his hand. “Is everything okay?”
She really thought he was offering her hand, but she didn’t want to take it... not this time.
“I made a new friend, and he’s mad at me. I’m worried... if I hurt him again, he’ll really be in a bad emotional state, and it’ll be all my fault.” Amy put her umbrella up and started to walk away from Sonic, “I want to take a new route, I didn’t even want to come out today...”
“...Amy, you don’t control this new friend’s behavior, they do.” Sonic corrected her and walked beside her, focusing heavily on the signs of uncomfortability Amy was showing. “...What happened with this ‘new friend’ of yours?” He directly asked, and Amy relayed to him how she met him, then how he liked all the things she liked and agreed with everything in the beginning, how charming he was before the more time she spent with him, he seemed to change and start acting funny... but not in the good way.
“...He likes everything you like?” Sonic lowered his head a little, honing in on some things Amy briefly mentioned.
“Yeah, isn’t that crazy? He’s a guy but he totally loves sweet things and a popular girl’s magazine I enjoy.” Amy smiled, closing her eyes as though cheering up when thinking about it.
“...And he knew your order before you even made it?” Sonic folded his arms, putting two and two together.
“Yeah...” Amy suddenly slowed down in her steps, her eyes widening.
Sonic closed his eyes, matching her speed as he began to help her focus on the more important parts of her story, “And this... strange wind that passes by here... only comes at you and blows your dress up or opens your umbrella?”
She stopped.
He continued to walk, “And you say he works around here... which means he may have seen you come and go multiple times... and probably watched you ordered and heard what you liked, and saw what you read, and knew about you from the news and press... he disliked your friends and took you places and then entitled himself to being in charge over your Thursday and Friday venues... then, to really top it all off with the icing on the cake and all that jazz... he’s been insisting you go to a adult-themed club with him and throws a tissy-fit when you say no?”
Sonic stopped, his fists had already tightened into such hard balls of fury that he had to take silent deep breaths just to contain himself.
“And worst of all... he’s tried to copy me and put it in your mind that your friends don’t respect you the way we should... isolating you,” He put out a finger, “Grooming and manipulating you... Amy, you should have written this guy the moment he snapped at you... and probably sooner, but I’ll take that as you were just seeing the best sides of him... and not the dirty kind.” he didn’t turn around, but he felt Amy lingering behind him and knew if he said anymore, she may just start crying. “...Where do you think this creep is now?”
“He... He’s not a creep.” Amy lied, feeling in her heart that she just did lie, for Oscar’s sake...
Sonic tsk’ed and turned around, “How can you stand there and defend him!? Do you even know what Grooming is!?”
“...I... I don’t.” she wiped her eyes, “I don’t think I know anything...”
The manipulation had really set in on Amy, she was denying something she knew was true and didn’t know why. She was defending a man who clearly was up to no good, and yet... she cared about him still.
“Sonic... I think... I think I’m sick.” she held her stomach, the realization setting in. “You don’t think... he wanted me to take him to my house to..?”
“He wanted to what!?” Sonic lunged forward, holding his fists back and to his sides as he tried to remain level-headed, pulling away from her. “Amy, you know the truth now, it’s time to end this... ‘friendship’ you two have.”
Amy fell to her knees, “That’ll kill him!”
Sonic immediately looked behind him, Amy almost begging him not to make her do it as Sonic couldn’t stand to see her this broken and twisted up from Oscar’s scheming.
“Amy...” he wanted to say so many things..! But instead, just turned around and held a strong look, “You have to face this... but you won’t be alone.” He offered her his hand, “I won’t leave your side, and I’ll be there the whole way through. You deserve to go out and have fun without someone telling you that it can only be ‘their’ way of fun.” He looked so serious... but she felt a peace wash over her at how she knew his words were never lies or deceits for something devious. His words were for her and her well-being... not once did Sonic ever yell or enforce his way about things at all. He listened to her, even though she knew he must be raging inside at his friend’s predicament... it’s not like she purposefully got herself into this mess.
“You know how you’re prone to cause problems.“
She placed her hands up against her eyes, crying. “Am I... being a burden to my friends, Sonic?”
He immediately scooped her up into a bridal-style hold, “Which store did you want to visit today, Amy? Or do you want to just go home?”
“Please, I want to go home.” Amy held onto him as without a second word, he zoomed off.
The next few days, Sonic instructed that Amy block the number, but text messages seemed to not be the only thing Oscar knew... He called her home number, which surprised both of them, and the phone never stopped ringing.
That next Thursday, Sonic accompanied Amy everywhere she went, and they didn’t spot Oscar anywhere. But come that Friday...
Sonic was carrying some of Amy’s bags, she didn’t look fully recovered from anything, but at least she was wearing brighter colors in her coat she wore that day, and a nice sun hat as Sonic held the umbrella up for her.
He looked a little bored, but kept his eyes peeled when a sudden wind shoved him to the pavement.
“Ah! Sonic!” Amy turned around but was immediately grabbed around the waist, pulled back. “Gah!”
“I can’t believe you let him back into your life!!!”
Amy’s ears rang with Oscar’s voice, before shoving him back and falling down beside Sonic, who quickly shook off the wind blast and spun around to pick up Amy’s things, placing the bags by the store’s window.
“So, this is the wind-manipulator, eh?” Sonic rotated his shoulder out, having landed on it pretty roughly, “Look, I don’t know anything about you, and neither does Amy, really! So either get the hint and quit bothering Amy, or I’ll have to take matters into my own hands!” he hunkered down, getting ready for a fight, but... he also seemed not to be putting on airs or a show.
Sonic... although smiling a bit as he spoke to him, suddenly took a darker and more focused attention on how Oscar was holding himself.
Oscar looked to Amy, not even talking to Sonic, “I told you everything about me... What does that lying Sonic know about you!? I’m the one that’s been with you this whole time while he’s been off, probably with some other girl!”
Amy thought that ridiculous, and seeing him in a new light, she was able to at last come to fact with this pervert in front of her. “You... you were never my friend... were you, Oscar?”
He bit his teeth down, “Is that what he made you think?!”
“No, that’s what he made he realize!” She threw up her hammer and blasted wind at her.
She was forced to slide against the concrete, “I don’t mean to hurt you, Amy dear!” he cried out, “We’ll settle this when he isn’t around!”
“I think you’ve got it backwards, Oz!” Sonic, seeing that his hands controlled the wind, kicked it away from Amy’s direction and then spun in a rotation within the air to punch him down.
He stumbled, as though not used to physical fighting and tumbled all the way over into the street.
“I’ve known Amy much longer and deeper than you have! You’re just some creep who takes advantage of little girls!” Sonic’s fists was shaking, clearly, he didn’t want to just leave it at one blow. “Amy, get behind me!” He gestured out his hand and Amy immediately got up and moved behind him.
“I can... I think I can fight him!” She tried to state, but Sonic looked behind his shoulder and she put her head down. “I... I want to but...”
“...You still care about me, don’t you, Amy dear?”
“Quit calling me that!” Amy threw her arms down, “You used me! You weren’t my friend! I can’t believe I trusted you!”
Sonic turned to the man, “Why are you even answering him, Amy? He’s not talking to you, he’s talking to some Amy Dear girl he’s been building in his mind. You were never anything to him... it was the girl he was crafting that he was interested in.” Sonic slowly walked towards him as the man started to scoot back, clearly not able to fight Sonic The Hedgehog.
“Let’s play a new game...” Sonic suddenly lifted up a device, “Is your real name Warner Windstrom? You’ve got a bounty on your head that the cops are just dying to claim...” he pressed the button as suddenly an alarm went out, and from around the corners, police vehicles blocked his way of escape. “Oh, and that club? A typical place where your old ‘hostages’ claimed they were drugged. Trust me, pal, I’ll personally make sure you don’t get out of jail again.” Sonic let the police start moving in but Warner immediately shoved air beneath him and flew into the sky, shocking everyone as Sonic held up a arm over his eyes and moved back to Amy, shielding her as well.
She was in shock, that kind man she knew was suddenly a criminal and had previously hurt and abused other women... She didn’t know Sonic set this all up, but she probably wouldn’t have let him if she had known.
“I thought we were just gonna talk to him!” she cried out, putting her hand on his shoulder before shaking her head, “I’m defending him again... aren’t I?”
“Amy shouldn’t be with a loser like you, Sonic!” Warner cried out, “You can’t always save her! You can’t always be around to-!”
Before he could finish, a hammer slammed into his gut.
“Nice one, Amy.” Sonic complimented, as Amy stood up beside him.
She didn’t say anything, but judging from the neutral expression... and tears streaming down her eyes...
He just looked back at Warner, “I know this is a lot to take in... but trust me on this one... You’ll be alright.”
Amy summoned another hammer, “Want to give me a lift?”
“Certainly.” Sonic spun into a ball that lifted him up into the wind, then uncurled to reach out for Amy as she jumped, “Hit him hard!” he encouraged as he threw her up the rest of the length.
She pushed her dress down as he extended his arms to her, “Amy, please! You know me! I love-!”
She just growled and let out a piercing war-cry, slamming her hammer down on his face, “I’m not your friend, I’m not your anything, buzz off!!!!”
He slammed to the ground, and as the wind ceased, Sonic landed and caught her immediately, and the two watched as the police immediately took him.
He kept trying to call out to Amy but she didn’t say anything back, just ducking her head into Sonic’s shoulder.
Sonic’s eyes never left Warner’s face... but leaving the scattered bags around, he took her to the park near by and sat her down.
He waited there... as Amy was just frozen in her thoughts... unable to speak.
After some time, she got up and walked to stand beside him, “What about the bags?”
“Not concerned.” Sonic stated, then looked back to her, “You okay?”
“No,” Amy admitted, “You were right. It’s gonna take time... but I wish it would all just go away now.” she placed her hands on the side of her arms, “How... how did you know? When I was telling you about him... how did you know he was no good?”
Sonic tilted his head back and forth, then tapped his head. “When you’ve been around the block a few times... helping justice here and there... you learn a thing or two about red flags, Amy... you don’t have a lot of dating experience--or just knowing bad dudes are like that--in general! I don’t blame you... but I do think that you should be careful who your friends are.”
She scooted closer to him... then tilted her head to his shoulder.
“..Can you help me get better?”
“No,” he lightly tilted his head to hers, “But I can be with you while you figure it out.”
There was a long moment of silence as they held that comforting moment...
“Will I ever be me again?” she asked, her voice cracking slightly.
“...No,” He responded, tenderly, as though a whisper as he looked up at the rain being to slowly drop all around them. “But I can be with you as you learn to accept her.”
Amy closed her eyes, feeling the small drops of rain before it all at once, speedily came down on them.
“...Will you still love me? At the end of it all?”
“I already do.”
Rain scattered as Sonic held his eyes straight up into the clouds... the storm in his heart subsiding as Amy cried and her shoulder’s bounced beside him.
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Season 8, Episode 5: What the Heart Wants
I was going to try to follow my scene-by-scene format for the entire season, but I’ve been getting a lot of migraines recently, presumably from staring at the computer too long, so I don’t want to spend all morning working on typing up the play-by-play for this episode.
Also, for what it’s worth I think this episode lends itself to plot discussion better than some of the previous least in some sense.
And as another head’s up, it’s back to being critical for me. ;P
School Ends/Graduation/Parent-Teacher Conferences
The Dress Shop/Rachel
Postal Service, Ned
Bill’s Uniform, Nathan’s Vacation
Carson and Faith
Elizabeth and Lucas
Clara’s Dilemma
School Ends/Graduation/Parent-Teacher Conferences
This plot felt a little scattered, but for once it wasn’t the kind of storyline they foisted too much drama upon. After years of every single function possible being besieged by bullshittery, it’s a relief to see one go off without a real hitch.
The beginning scene with Robert hugging Elizabeth was sweet. I enjoyed the Canfields immensely and am intrigued by Angela’s role in the story long-term (PLEASE let her befriend Allie!)., I have thoughts—but I’ll talk about that a bit soon. The actual ceremony was cute and kind of fun with the kids singing. 
Neat Thing I Noticed:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Continuity? Cat Montgomery is still listed as Emily’s mother. ♥♥♥ I don’t know why but this made me really happy???
Complaint Corner:
Parent-teacher conferences should have been in this show from a much earlier point, and so should graduation have been. If there was a point to this celebration (the first year in a while anyone was old enough to graduate) that would have been a nice touch, too. It just managed to feel sliiiightly out of place.
I’ll forgive the “everyone in town goes to the graduation” thing because this is 1918...something like this would be a whole-town affair IMO. Invite everyone and have a nice get-together/party, probably on a Sunday afternoon after church but Hope Valley does whatever it wants,
The threat of merging Hope Valley with other schools doesn’t fit in this scenario and it feels like they ripped it directly out of Tales from Avonlea which was almost rage-inducing to me.
Look, school mergers happened a lot in the early 1900s, especially around the WWI mark, but it wouldn’t be hitting a rural western town just yet. They don’t have any way of getting these kids to other towns for schooling. Where would the next closest school be? It would have to be pretty large and modern to merge multiple schools together.
*Adjusts nerd glasses* This felt forced and completely unnecessary. If anything this guy could be telling Elizabeth that they’re working on building a modern school somewhat close by, and could even have her involved in some decision-making regarding layout. Then they could bring in a “merger” storyline next season without it feeling out of place.
It mostly just felt dramatic for the hell of it, and it was boring, as was this man’s threat that Elizabeth had no right to teach a blind student. As if they’d accept Angela at a better school? As if her parents could afford top tier education for her? PLEASE.
Now it’s time for Nathan. The man chose to go fishing instead of to the parent-teacher conference? It makes him look like a tool. This isn’t about him or about Elizabeth; it’s about Allie. I understand why he didn’t want to go, but he should have done it anyway. It would have taken five minutes of his time. 
His flippant attitude annoyed me because it went completely against his character as we know it, but Elizabeth’s lecturing was irritating, too. For a moment I thought we had Lorigail back on the show...
I think Elizabeth was well within her rights to warn Nathan about the effect his work has on his ward, but that inquiry took like a week AT MOST. Heck, let’s be generous and say TWO WEEKS. Allie’s concentration suffered for two weeks. There was no need to say more than, “Hey she worries about you and her work suffered for a bit during that time frame, just so you’re aware.” 
I think what annoyed me about the math program thing is that...Elizabeth being a teacher would probably be VERY WELL AWARE that MOST of the parents to her students aren’t good enough at schooling to assist their kids with their homework. I dunno, it just feels out of place for her to tell Nathan that she wants to put Allie in an accelerated “program” and that Allie might need his help with her homework. It’s even more out of place when he admits he used to bribe his sister to do his work for him. Like. It’s very possible he’s not that good at math and isn’t capable of helping. (But maybe that will be a plot down the road...?)
“Or a tutor...” BITCH WHERE IS HE GONNA FIND A TUTOR IN THIS TOWN?! It’s super annoying to see dialogue like this that feels completely out of touch with the reality these people would be living But also if she needs a tutor to stay caught up in an advanced program, she probably...shouldn’t be in the advanced program.
I don’t know how to feel about this whole thing here: “Nathan, you are Allie’s world. You’re the only father she’s ever known, and as she grows up you will always be the measure of the quality she’ll look for in a man as she chooses who to marry.” 
On one hand, it does fit the situation (he seems to think everything is behind him but Elizabeth’s words are kind of a caution that 1) his actions still have an effect on Allie, and 2) every day he’s teaching her by example). On the other hand, it seems almost wildly inappropriate to bring up? At the same time, it’s probably not wrong that Allie will measure other men (friends, acquaintances, potential future romantic interests) against Nathan’s example.
I dunno. The conversation felt disjointed. 
I think what they were going for was Nathan just feeling too awkward and weird about being with Elizabeth to want to be there for the conference, but...he interacted with her quite normally after the inquiry and stuff (even after she’d broken things off with him), feels out of place. Like maybe this should have taken place right after the breakup and not weeks later?
Anyone else have thoughts on this and why it doesn’t feel quite right?
The Dress Shop/Rachel
This plot wasn’t what I would call a waste of time (rather, it’s worth having it mentioned now), but part of it was completely pointless and stupid. The whole Rachel getting lost thing was tacked into the promos to stir up drama, but nothing happened and there was nothing worrisome even going on. YAWN.
Rosemary’s desire to do something meaningful and different with her life is super interesting. I’m very curious to see what they decide to do with her if Dottie does sell the dress shop.
Also, Rosemary finding the book under Rachel’s bed was pretty funny.
Tumblr media
But yeah, I didn’t really find much in this plotline to care deeply about. I guess I am pretty interested in knowing who might be purchasing the dress shop and/or if this decision is to bring someone else onto the show (a female love interest for the man who doesn’t win Elizabeth’s heart in the end, or even to bring back an old character*) or to take the dress shop out of the equation entirely... It’s also just as possible that Rosemary/Lee or Clara/Jesse end up buying it themselves down the line... Thoughts?
*I can’t begin to imagine who would be the best fit for this in this case, though. Who would have the money to buy her out?
Postal Service, Ned
Ned is just honestly so cute and fun. I love him. He’s really been doing well this season and seeing him wander around town delivering mail door to door was kind of nice.
Also, he’s one SMOOTH operator! Look at him, talking about putting a bell on the door so that he and Florence won’t be caught off-guard if they’re in the middle of...something. 
Tumblr media
Oh my, Ned. What might customers be...interrupting? :3
Continuity? Not only was the ulcer from last season brought up, but the horrid cabbage juice was, too. :’) It was a nice touch. And these two had just enough screentime to be kind of fun/interesting without also taking up too much time.
Bill’s Uniform, Nathan’s Vacation
Nathan got his vacation and Bill is in charge...again. This happens an awful lot. I wonder if it’ll actually impact the next few episodes or if it’s just here for the hell of it.
I love Bill a lot and I want to brag up his character in this episode a bit. I’ve complained many times in the past about him being written like a Grumpy Old Man Yelling at Clouds but this episode was super respectful. He got his scene with his uniform. Nobody interrupted it. There weren’t even any words. I quite liked it.
Tumblr media
But it also felt kind of...pointless? I don’t want to judge it too harshly yet. Like the dress shop plotline, this could actually be going somewhere in the next couple of episodes. 
Plus, unrelated to the uniform, it was nice to see Bill acting fatherly toward Clara. While it sort of came out of nowhere for the wedding, I appreciate the attempt at continuity there. Plus, so far this season, I’ve felt like Bill’s almost been a father-figure to Clara, Fiona, and even Nathan, so I’m enjoying that a lot.
Carson and Faith
CONTINUITY? The show finally remembered that not only is Carson actually a surgeon, but that was his original passion. It’s not that they completely forgot (S5 had him performing surgery on his sister-in-law, after all), but giving Carson a PASSION makes him a way more interesting character to me. 
And also, finally, this feels like a REAL high-stakes plotline for him and for Faith.
Tumblr media
I really liked Faith’s take on things. I know, I know, I’ve been rooting at them to break up, but the reason is mostly because they’re just so BORING together. I’d rather watch Henry twirl around in a chair for an hour than suffer through date scenes with these two.
It’s not that I’m against a doctor wife/husband team. I’m not. I just think Faith was a much more interesting and cool character on the show before Carson showed up and usurped her place (and completely overshadowed her for literal seasons). This plotline for Carson might actually be interesting. Like, a fellowship? For modern surgery? IN BALTIMORE?!
I hope this is Faith’s way of saying she wants a break and/or a break would be good for them. I can’t picture her leaving Hope Valley without any trained medical staff, let alone long enough for a fellowship... 
But if this goes through, what will they do with it? Would they really write Carson off the show? To be perfectly honest with y’all, I’d be fine with that. At least it’s the type of write-off that makes a lot of good sense (unlike some of the other ones we got). I guess this is just another “wait and see” plotline which is uhh...the theme of this episode, huh? Anyone have thoughts on this?
Henry barely had any screentime, but I do want to say he is #relateable. The man is back at work for ten seconds and already exhausted. SAME.
Tumblr media
Also, I appreciate that he’s ready to be back in the oil business. At what cost? I know people were worried they were gonna kill him off, and I really doubted it, but now I’m starting to wonder where they’re going with this exactly. Yet another wait and see moment LOL!
Elizabeth and Lucas
Some damn fine scenes for Lucas and Elizabeth in this episode. Mostly the scenic ones. :P
Tumblr media
I enjoyed the agreement to a date. The horseback riding stuff was pretty cute. 
Complaint corner? I don’t know. I have petty complaints. Even though the celebration for the kids was a town-wide event, and therefore Lucas was invited, it still felt out of place to see it brought up. Maybe it should have been mentioned as a town celebration from the start?
Then Lucas’s comment about not wanting to make things awkward for Nathan (who is actually a parent and there) makes a liiiittle more sense. I do think it was good of him to not go, even though he wanted to spend more time with Elizabeth, but it gave off a weird vibe, like, “Look at how good and wholesome Lucas is!” Is that intentional? I’m not...sure...?
For what it’s worth I already felt like Lucas was an honorable person in this regard. He loaned Nathan money, after all. Maybe he should have told Elizabeth he views Nathan as a friend and doesn’t want to hurt his feelings unnecessarily and/or if he was there he’d want to hog her all to himself or something cheesy. Hm.
My other complaints are:
Elizabeth running to the saloon would be WAY faster than all this getting set up at her house...?? Who thought this made sense?
Elizabeth’s dress looked like a nightie she bought at Kohls.
Too many damn candles.
Characters Do What Plot Dictates Even Though Plot Makes No Sense. More at 11:00!!
I have no further comments on the dress. It needed sleeves or something so it looked more like a dress and not like a nightgown/piece of lingerie.
I think the candles might have been on purpose to parallel Jack...but I hated it lol. Fire hazard? HAVEN’T ENOUGH THINGS IN TOWN BURNED DOWN/EXPLODED?!
I didn’t hate the date scene! But I never feel like Elizabeth has any meaningful conversations with Lucas and it’s starting to drive me batty. 
Tumblr media
Could we get uhhh something of substance please? It has to be surface-level nonsense on purpose. Right? RIGHT?
(And no, discussing a book for ten seconds on-screen is not “intelligent conversation” okay...?)
It’s really a shame because I’m starting to actually warm up to Lucas a little bit in this season but it feels like the conversations are just...kind of stilted and she’s not really into dating him—just agreeing to it because he’s the only option. 
And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but...he deserves better than that. 
Don’t get me wrong, by the way. If it’s part of the story and it’s revealed as such down the road, I’ll be fine with it...but I always worry they’ll just skip important relationship milestones and/or important conversations and expect us all to just accept it.
Kiiiiiind of looking forward to the rainy date scene in the next episode, though. I’m Team Nathan mostly but I’m keeping an open mind and I think I might actually enjoy it. Hopefully they’ll get some good scenes together that don’t feel like this one did.
Clara's Dilemma
Clara’s fears about running the salon without Fiona...are legit. LOL.
Tumblr media
Also, this little bit was funny (between Mike and Jesse and Bill):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anyway, if Clara was that worried about it, she should have just...told Fiona no? I hope it comes up down the road. Poor Molly??
I genuinely don’t know how I feel about Clara and Jesse’s involvement in this episode. I guess it was okay. I liked Clara’s scenes with Bill. I thought the idea of Clara and Jesse buying into the cafe was a nice one. Jesse having “invested” their money and lost it all, though... They did a similar plot with other people in what...Season 5 was it? Or was that the start of S6? He didn’t even say what he invested it in? But he admits the money is all gone? 
I think that’s what was missing from that scene. “I invested it in X, hoping to make us more money, but it didn’t work out and we lost everything.”
I’m not going to criticize Jesse’s characterization, only because sometimes character "growth” doesn’t happen for the better of anyone involved. My biggest worry here is that it’ll be solved by the end of next episode....but I hope that’s not it.
Like, I think they did better with Frank and Abigail if we’re going to talk about a man who didn’t know how to live like he was in a committed relationship. It made more sense with Frank, too, being older and single most of his life. His bouts of selfishness felt realistic.
Jesse feels like he’s somehow getting worse and worse as a person as the show goes on. I’m kind of at a point where I hope he and Clara divorce, because he’s so damn selfish it’s embarrassing. He’s off having a beer while his wife works multiple jobs? And then he has the audacity to act like they should save money when he just blew all their savings? 
I’m sure it’ll work out fine but I hope Clara puts herself in charge of the finances at the very least.
As to investing failures, I liked how they did that with Henry and Abigail. That was the kind of tension and worry that felt natural to me—like she trusted him with her money after he’d proven himself untrustworthy ten million times throughout the years, and he failed and had to uhh admit that. 
Jesse straight up betrayed Clara. Which, if it’s dealt with in a satisfying way...I think can be a good plotline. I just worry about it actually being dealt with properly. That’s a huge stumbling block in a relationship. And why is he continually getting worse as a person? There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. 
Gasp... it’s almost like it’s just plot because they feel like they have to give someone something every damn episode.
Which brings me to THE FINAL
COMPLAINT CORNER (The Big Boy™ Complaints)
The show has really struggled with finding its footing. I wish they’d take notes from better shows with ensemble casts (cough cough Road to Avonlea cough) without also ripping off their storylines (cough school merges cough).
My #1 complaint at this point in Season 8 is the SHEER AMOUNT OF THINGS GOING ON EVERY EPISODE.
I want continuity, so I want to see things happen naturally over a season, but my God do we not need to have mindless pointless crap in the episode. Rachel getting “lost” for ten seconds wasted literal MINUTES of screen time that would have been MUCH better allocated to basically anyone else in this episode.
And I don’t think it would bother me so much if it wasn’t also shoved into the promo like it was supposed to matter. It didn’t matter. Nobody cares. Why was it allowed to stay in the episode alongside stuff like Clara and Bill’s conversation?
Tumblr media
Or Lucas and Carson’s?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think they want to appease all the fans in every episode by giving them scenes of their favorites, but what did Henry sitting in his chair accomplish in this episode? Rachel getting lost? Jack not sleeping well/missing his mom? The school superintendent?
Did Bill trying on his uniform have to be in this episode? Did Jesse and Clara’s problems have to come fully to light right now?
When every episode is formatted like this, with 10 plotlines all interconnected slightly and going on at the same time, I feel like...nobody gets the spotlight they deserve when they deserve it.
I cANNOT believe I’m saying this, but this plotline for Carson, especially if it will end with him leaving the show for a while or permanently should get the focus it deserves. But it won’t if we get tiny snips of it here and there and then BOOM decision made because Reasons.
And again, I know I’ve said before that I want more continuity throughout the season, but... the best way to do that is to tighten up the plots. Have fewer of them per season and give more screentime to the ones you choose to pursue. 
Anyway, I’m still enjoying the season, but I hope they keep some of this kind of stuff in mind for next season. They don’t need plotlines for everyone in every episode. They need the plotlines they choose to write to be worth their screentime.
Sorry this was sloppily written and all that. Hopefully it makes sense. Very curious to see y’alls thoughts. Feel free to make your own posts and @ me, or reblog this or comment!
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1, 3, 13, and 14 for any muse(s) you want.
voice headcanon meme | audio here
1.  what is something your muse loves
Alex tends to overheat during the summer, hence why ice cream and popsicles have suddenly become his favorite snack. He’s quite torn between choosing ice cream and popsicles. Popsicles remain solid for a long time and he tends to just let it rest in his mouth, but ice cream works in so many different flavors. On those days, he’s willing to buy another one for the person who tags along with him so they can cool down together with him. Surprisingly, he is the type to eat ice cream out in the middle of winter as well, but he’d later regret it due to how cold he’d suddenly feel.
Ophelia... well... AHEMOphelia loves KeithAHEM That being said, I’d say that she loves her motorbike more than ever. In her list of priorities, her mother comes first, Keith second, then her bike on third. Over the years since she got it, she practically treats that bike like its a family heirloom. At least in the summer, she cleans that thing daily and does her maintenance religiously. People call it a dangerous choice of mobility, but she gets quite self-destructive. Riding her bike feels like an exercise of control and freedom. As an adult, I imagine she’d use it less and less, but if she needs a breather, that thing is coming out for a spin.
3.  talk   about   a   significant   relationship   your   muse   has   with   another   muse  .   (  asker   can   specify   or   leave   this   choice   up   to   the   mun  !  
I will never pass up an opportunity to talk about the lovely slowburn that surrounds Keith and Ophelia. It’s been quite a while since they’ve grown close and it looks like there’s still a long ways to go before either of them goes for a relationship. He hasn’t seen her in a while, hasn’t he? I imagine that she’s busy taking shifts and studying. Unfortunately, she is blissfully unaware of how he’s feeling but she does think of him on random! It drives her crazy sometimes too. She’d be in her room, tempted to text him or check him through a window but she can’t. She can’t even go see another guy because someone’s already in her head. There’s just a whole ton of pining for him and uGHH a girl is just going in circles are this rate.
13.  what   is   your   favorite   thing   about   your   muse  ?
Whatever angsty plotline I have set up for Seren, I’m all for it. It’s just difficult to put her out there because her initial background just sets her up for either an extremely happy hopeful ending or bittersweet farewells, and I can’t even spoil it. A huge chunk of her character is driven from her desire to grant other people’s wishes, but has anyone ever wondered what her own wish could be, if given the chance? The thing is, we’ll never know because frankly, she remembers very little of her past or origins.
But here’s a hint: Seren’s origins are not too far away. It’s closer than you think, but she’s afraid of ever getting closer to that place, whether she realizes it or not. It’s dependent on the thread of course, but to help her overcome her fear is equivalent to helping her confront the truth of her power and existence. From there, it can get quite... angsty LOL. In all honesty, in comparison to all my muses and their own sad backgrounds, I’d say Seren’s the saddest one I’ve created. She falls into the trope of the happy-go-lucky character that lost all memories of what made her miserable beforehand. Seren in general enjoys going places and relies on her human friend to let her explore, but in her previous life, something kept her confined and trapped. But that’s saved for another time.
Another muse I tend to like a lot would be Regent!Genevieve. I actually never intended for her to run away in her plotline, she was meant for much more darker things but I am really pleased by the outcome. I’m such a sucker for how she ends up representing a failure of her ideals and dreams, but manages to carry on anyways, should she be able to escape the confinements of her coven.
Oooh and I want to talk about Alex. I wrote him up to be an initially cold and brooding guy, but somewhere along the lines, I decided that it felt better to make him a bit more loose. He can be frightening, and he was in the past but that’s not the image he wants to project now. Alex has this reputation of a boy who mindlessly follows the agenda of his superiors with a knack for throwing fists, but he’s 200% mellowed down as a young adult. He’s much more immature than he was as a teenager, and tends to have his awkward moments. I see this as him being more of himself, more so than he was than in the presence of his step-mother.
14.  is   there   anything   you   dislike   about   your   muse  ?
I practically designed Mikel to be quite an asshole as a demon, so I can’t exactly complain. Realistically, I wouldn’t be able to stand his superiority complex and his constant need to make others agree with him. He was practically willing to drag down a whole faction with him just to prove to Genevieve that she was only playing the role of an impostor. That’s also the appeal in him, and I’m awfully amused by just how cruel he can be with even his closest friends. That man is a walking bomb and he knows it. Gosh, just accept your own humanity already, you coward!
Sometimes, I regret my decisions for choosing Alex’s faceclaim. Don’t get me wrong, that’s exactly the look and style I was going for! I just sulk every now and then because he only shows up for a few chapters, and I had to dive into another manga for more faces. I just wish he had more chapters on him and nicer angles haha
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Missing Pieces: Chapter Nine
Tumblr media
Mafia!Yoongi  x Female Reader
Genre: Mafia AU, Enemies To Lovers, Strangers To Lovers, Unexpected/Unplanned Pregnancy, Smut, Angst, Fluff
Word Count: 6.6K
Description: Hooking up with Yoongi was a mistake. A mistake you’ve been making for the past 8 months. You knew he was dangerous; your friends had warned you before. Dealing with him was a bad decision. You knew that one day, things would get messy. That day came when you found out that you were pregnant. You didn’t expect things to go well, but you also didn’t expect things to spiral out of control either. When telling him about the pregnancy doesn’t exactly go as planned, you’re forced into a world you know little about. It’s there where you find out just how dangerous Min Yoongi really is.
Warnings (Still Updating): Mature Content, Crime, Violence, Unexpected/Unplanned Pregnancy, Smut, Heavy Angst, Torture, Cursing, Lots of Trust Issues, Character Death, Gore, Mafia Related Themes, etc.
Warnings for this Chapter: Mature Content, Crime, Mentions blood & character death, Cursing, Very dark thoughts, mentions, domestic violence and infidelity, Graphic violence, Use of Drugs, Non-con(nothing graphic but touching without consent), mentions graphic violence and other sensitive topics. PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!
A/N: I’m so sorry is all I can say at this point. I’m an idiot because I got my time zone mixed up lol. This chapter is very angsty and is mainly in Yoongi’s POV. Chapter Ten will be our final chapter and well I’ll just keep my mouth shut because boy are yall going to drag me😂
Main Masterlist
Missing Pieces Masterlist
One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven - Eight - Nine - Ten
Tumblr media
****Warning! This series contains violence, mature content, mafia related themes, & mentions of the following: (rape, abortion, kidnapping, childbirth, torture, death, and other sensitive topics.) If you think you may be triggered by anything listed above, please proceed with caution.****
Tumblr media
“I shouldn’t be here. He’ll be looking for me.”
“Oh no, you’re definitely in the right place.”
“But there’s nothing here, only darkness.”
“There is something here, you’re just not digging deep enough.”
“And what am I even supposed to be looking for?”
“Your missing pieces.”
Tumblr media
“I want this entire fucking mansion on lockdown.”
  “You got that,” Hoseok says, getting up to make the call. One phone call to Bangtan Headquarters and the whole mansion is placed on a lockdown—no one in and no one out.
 It’s only supposed to be used for emergencies, and this is definitely an urgent matter. You’ve been missing for nearly twenty-four hours, and deep down, Yoongi knows that you aren’t here. If you were, someone would have seen you, or you would have eaten. There’s no way you could starve yourself this far along; your body wouldn’t allow it. He hears Hoseok tell Yeona to wait for him in his room, but he interjects.
 “No, she needs to go to a safe room, just in case,” Yoongi says, ascending the stairs. He doesn’t know what’s going on; Yeona is an easy target, so she needs to be placed in one of the basement’s secret rooms. Just until he makes sure there’s no threat inside the mansion, you’d kill him if anything happened to your best friend.
 “What do you need me to do, Hyung? Whatever it is, I’m on it.” Jungkook says, checking his gun. All three men are preparing for any and everything at this point; if there is an active intruder, they need to be ready.
 Yoongi is like an older brother to the both of them; they’ll always be there for him. They know how much you mean to their brother, and they’re glad you came into his life. He’s a better person with you here, and they have no complaints about that. Yoongi had it way harder than they did growing up, so it’s nice to see he’s found happiness with someone he loves. You’ve grown on them as well. You’re like an older sister who keeps them in line. You’ve earned everyone’s respect, and that’s not an easy thing to do. They remember the first night they officially met you. You were surrounded by three mafia members and didn’t beg for your life, not even once. They knew then and there that you weren’t weak; grown men have been in that same position and were a sobbing ball of fear. It’s something about the way you carry yourself that draws people in. You’re a strong woman; they just hope you’re strong enough to hold out until Yoongi finds you. If he even can.
 “Kook, I need you to gather everybody so we can start searching around town; I don’t care what territory. Fuck them; whoever tries to interfere, kill them on the spot,” he says, walking towards his office. However, he doesn’t get very far because the higher-ups have gotten the lockdown alert, and they’re not happy.
 “Anyone would like to explain why we’re going on lockdown? What’s going on? I swear if one of you is fucking around, I’ll make an example out of you.” Mr. Kim threatens, storming out of his office. Namjoon is right behind him, wondering what has interrupted his morning meeting with his father. The rest of the founding members aren’t too far behind him, Yoongi’s dad included, but he stays silent, so no one knows that he’s among the crowd.
 Namjoon’s father takes one look at Yoongi’s worried expression and knows something is terribly wrong. He nods and snaps right into action.
  “I’ll go and get your dad; he’ll know what to do, son. Don’t worry, just let me go get Min,” he says, getting his phone out to see where his longtime partner is located.
 Yoongi’s about to protest because he doesn’t want to get his dad involved so soon, but someone’s voice stops him before he can speak.
 “I’ll know what to do about what, and why is there a lockdown in place when no one has informed us about it first?” Mr. Min asks, stepping through the small gathering to get a better view. When he sees his son’s face washed of all its color, he also becomes aware of the current situation.  No matter how well he’s taken charge, he can’t hide the panic in his eyes. Something’s not right.
 “Where is she? If we’re on lockdown, then where is the mother of your child Yoongi?” he continues, searching for anything in his son’s eyes that would indicate another reason for these measures to be taken. He finds nothing other than what he already knows deep down in his gut. You’re gone.
 “Answer me like a fucking man! Where is Y/N!? And I will not ask you again!” Yoongi’s father yells at him.
 Yoongi doesn’t hesitate to answer this time; he knows that this is on him. He’s man enough to admit it.
 “I don’t know,” Yoongi answers truthfully, earning gasps from the people that aren’t aware of how serious this situation is. Mr. Min’s blood begins to boil, and it takes everything in his power to not lash out right then and there. That won’t solve anything, and he doesn’t know how much time has been lost.
 He needs to talk with Yoongi so they can find you before it’s too late.
 “I need to speak with my son alone,” he says, staring intensely at the younger male. When no one moves, he loses his patience entirely
Tumblr media
“They couldn’t have gone far; they don’t have the resources.” Mr. Min states, pulling out a cigarette. He offers Yoongi one, but his son declines, probably wanting to get rid of the habit before the twins are born.
 “I should probably give these things a rest too, yeah?” he adds, throwing the cigarette and the entire pack on the table next to him. Both men have calmed themselves a bit since earlier, and now they’re more focused on finding you than arguing with each other. They’ve exchanged information on what they know and put their differences aside. Time is running out, and they need to get to you as quickly as possible.
 They decided to walk through the garden since Yoongi wants to get a good look at the area. Also, someone tampered with the cameras yesterday, and all the footage had been lost. However, there is a system that can recover those files that only Yoongi and Hoseok know about. They installed it a few months ago, and he sure is glad that they did. He knows you’re not here anymore; he’s looked everywhere. All while his father explained everything to him. The meetings, your parents, how you ended up across the world and then back again. He had no idea that you’d been meeting with his father, and if situations were different, he’d probably be a little hurt by that. You wouldn’t even talk to him about your past at first. However, he must also understand that his father has been around a lot longer than he has and can speak with you about things that he has no clue about because he was only an infant himself when it happened. He feels like an idiot for thinking you were cheating on him and it hurts to know that you’d still be here if he’d just listen to you. He wants to know everything about you, and if there’s a second chance for him to earn your trust, he’d like to draw with you one day as well. Just by listening to his father’s accounts, it seems like you’re more comfortable with talking to people while drawing. He wants to experience that with you if you allow it; maybe it can be a family thing. But he needs to find you first, and he can only hope that you’re okay. Dohyun and his people will regret that they laid a finger on you; that’s a promise.
  “So what’s Hana’s role in all of this? Who is she?” Yoongi asks, searching the ground for anything that might have fallen during a struggle.
 So far, there’s nothing, but he doesn’t give up just yet. His father sighs and shakes his head.
 “She’s your girlfriend’s cousin and not much if we’re honest. Don’t get me wrong, she’s definitely a Serpent, but her only specialty was luring in men who were desperate enough to sleep with her. They’d rob and blackmail the rich bastards when they had their pants down, threaten to tell the press what they were doing behind closed doors. That’s how they’ve been earning money; they’ve also been stealing from smaller gangs whenever they choose to—done a few hits as well, although I’ve heard from numerous people that they were sloppy. These are only some reckless amateurs trying to make a name for themselves, though; the real problem lies much deeper. For example, Dohyun’s obsession with Y/N, he was stalking that poor girl before she was even of age. He lied and manipulated her into thinking her foster parents had stolen her so that he can fill her head with lies. He never loved her, nor did he have good intentions. She was only a toy, just like all the other Lee women he used to take over the Serpents. He wanted something from Y/N, but I’m not sure of what it is. However, I do think that she knows a lot more than she’s allowing herself to remember. Y/N’s mother left something here before she died. Apparently, it’s somewhere in a safe, and people like Dohyun have been trying to get their hands on it for years. I can’t have that at all; Mi-Kyung worked too hard to build her empire for those incompetent asses just to come in and fuck over it. That’s why I needed Hana and her dad. I thought that maybe she’d tell you something when she trusted you enough; her father had been begging me on her behalf to match you two. It was a golden opportunity that I knew you’d never had agreed to have you known what was going on behind the scenes. You never liked sticking your nose in other people’s business, so I couldn’t exactly tell you about any of that. However, I do know where it is located. Want to guess where?” he asks his son.
 Yoongi shakes his head.
 “I wouldn’t even know where to start guessing,” he replies, pulling out his phone to check the notification he just received from Hoseok. It’s the video footage.
 He looks at his dad so he can continue before he starts watching it.
 “Songpa District,” he replies, nodding at his son when the younger male’s eyes widen.
 Yoongi’s finally connecting the dots. Mayor Lee and Hana. The reason his father wants the territory. He wanted rights to search that area, to find whatever your mom left for you.
 “According to records, Lee, Y/N died in America with her foster parents, and the throne goes to whoever’s next in line. I have no idea who that would be because after Mi-kyung gave birth to Y/N, Jung-ho started sleeping with multiple women to conceive a boy. All attempts were unsuccessful, and he ended up with more baby girls that were either given away or raised in broken homes because of him abandoning the mother. All of them, to my knowledge, have been killed by an unidentified person. I would say that it was Dohyun or one of his men, but this work was too clean for it to be him. This person knows exactly what they’re doing and has been doing it for a long time. It’s someone you should be on the lookout for; I don’t think they have her now, but they may be an issue for Y/N if they discover that she’s alive. That’s if they haven’t already.” Mr. Min adds.
 Yoongi understands now why there’s no trace of you from six years ago in any database he can find. He’s been looking under the wrong last name, and you’ve been declared dead in another country. He wishes he’d had that information in the beginning, but it’s better he gets it later than never. He would like to discuss this further with his father, but he has a lot to go over, and there’s simply no time. Just when he’s about to start the video footage on his cell, an incoming call comes in on his other device. He pulls it from his pocket and sees that it’s Hoseok. He answers immediately and puts it on speaker.
 “Yoongi, did you watch that footage yet?” his friend asks anxiously.
 “Was just about to, why? What’s up?” Yoongi asks, wondering why Hobi is so worked up. He motions for his father to come over and look at the screen with him as he presses play.
 “Listen, I looked over like you asked me to, and Hyung, you need to watch it now. I’m not kidding; this shit is so fucked up. Stay on with me so I can guide you through it.” Hoseok replies on the other end of the phone. Yoongi lets him know that it’s started, and Hobi tells him where to skip to.
 What Yoongi and his father see next has the hairs on both men’s necks sticking straight up. They can see Ji-woo helping you inside your old room, which now belongs to your best friend. An hour goes by, and there is nothing. The next thing they see is Yeona approaching the door and opening it slightly as if she’s checking for something inside. She gets a call on her phone and then leaves the scene immediately. A few minutes later, Ji-woo comes out pushing a huge laundry cart, and whatever she’s pushing is giving her small body a hard time, so it must be heavy. Other cameras pick up the maid they hired only months before you arrived, traveling to the mansion’s loading bay. Nothing or no one is there but a van that no one has seen before. Two men who are wearing masks hop out and take the cart from her. They lift the entire thing and put it inside the van before returning to the vehicle themselves, Ji-woo included. The van drives off as if it were just another shipment, but Yoongi and his dad know better than that. Your body, whether it’s dead or alive, was in that cart. There’s no other explanation for it, you went in that room, and there is no evidence of you leaving in any other way. They took you, and it’s all his fault. Yoongi finally loses his grip and throws his phone in anger.
 “They fucking took her! I let those bastards take the mother of my child! I’m a fucking idiot!” Yoongi screams, tears rolling down his face. “They’re gone; my girlfriend and children are dead because of me. I don’t deserve to fucking live! What kind of man am I? I can’t even protect my family! She’s gone! I fucking love her, and she’s gone. They took them from me, and it’s all my faul…” Yoongi’s voice breaks down into sobs. He doesn’t cry, his father didn’t allow it, and he expects to be scolded for his actions, but that never happens.
 “Son, you can’t do that right now. We don’t know if they’re dead, and that’s why you need to pull it together. I know that I’ve been hard on you since you can remember, but I needed you to be ready for situations like this. I’m not the perfect father, but I will never let you go through things like this alone. But I need you to pull it together. I may not have been supportive initially, but Y/N and those twins mean more to me than you know. She’s also saved both our asses; pick yourself up and save hers. Your family needs you; Bangtan will follow your lead. So get up and put your hard work to good use. I will not support a son who has given up on his family and himself. You can do this; I know this because I made sure that you could. I’m here for you, for them. Now, let’s go get your family and remind these sons of bitches who we are.” Mr. Min tells his son, placing a hand on his shoulder.
 Yoongi looks over at his father and is taken aback by his sudden display of affection. It’s like his father could read his mind because he speaks again to explain himself.
 “Y/N taught me a few things during our sessions. I hope what I said was enough to let you know that I really do love you, my child. You’re my firstborn and only son; I just wanted you to be strong enough to handle the life you were born into. I care about you, son. I’m sorry for everything I put you through, and I hope it’s not too late to mend our relationship. After, we find Y/N, of course.” his father says, pointing to his son’s phone. It’s then that they remember that Hoseok is still on the phone, and Mr. Min decides to takeover so Yoongi can gather himself.
 “Jung, where’s the friend? Has she been detained? We need to speak with her because she’s obviously in on this.”
 “Yes, sir, she is in a safe room, so she can’t go anywhere. I’ve asked her about it, but she says that she was threatened and was too afraid to say anything.” Hoseok says, referring to the conversation he had with Yeona.
 “I can determine if she’s telling the truth, though I doubt she is. There are hidden cameras in that room that I forgot to take out when Y/N moved to my room. I haven’t looked at any of the footage since she left, but it’s still recording. There should be a week worth of footage on there. It deletes older footage to make new for more, so we’ll be able to pick up something.” Yoongi says, finally able to speak up.
 “Well, let’s get to it, gentlemen. We need to wrap this up so we can get our feet on the ground as well. We’ll leave out within the hour. Hoseok, gather everyone that’s not already out but make sure to leave enough here for security. Yoongi, while you’re looking over that, I’ll make some calls so we can cover more ground. You boys got all that?” Mr. Min asks, pulling out his own phone.
 Both men agree, and Mr. Min ends the call. He looks at his son before he turns to head back inside.
 “We’ll find them okay. I know it’s scary, but you can do this. I’m right behind you if you need me.” he tells Yoongi, heading toward the mansion doors.
 “Dad,” Yoongi calls out softly. His father turns around and faces his son.
 “Thanks, it meant a lot to me. We’ll work on it, I promise.” Yoongi says to his father. He’s never hated his father and spent his entire childhood hoping for this moment. It’s here, and he’s not in any position to hold any grudges.
 He needs to focus, and he knows what his dad said is true. He can do this; it’s the only thing he’s sure he knows how to do. He’ll figure this out, and he knows exactly how he’s going to do it.
Tumblr media
Yoongi never thought he’d be in this type of situation. He’s lost his girlfriend and children on the same day, but he’s not giving up. Too many people have turned their backs on you, and he just found out that your best friend and the maid you’ve been so kind to are two of those people. He sat there and listened to Yeona talk on the phone with people about abducting you. Ji-woo or whatever her name is had been sneaking in there as well. Whenever she wasn’t with Hoseok, Yeona would go in that room and talk about killing the mother of his child while she fooled around with the maid. He’s not sure how that relationship started, but he doesn’t care. He’ll let you determine the fate of Yeona; until then, she’ll remain locked up in the basement. Right now, he’s down here to speak with the only person he knows who has the answers he’s looking for. Lee Hana.
 “Where is she?” Yoongi asks, sitting across from Hana. A woman who he despises even more now, and if it weren’t for the way his parents raised him, she’d be missing an eye right now.
 However, this punishment is worse than anything for her. He finds satisfaction in knowing she can’t hide behind the piles of makeup and injections she usually uses to mask herself. It was nothing like the soft natural look that you favored. Hana would often use several layers of makeup to hide what her surgeon couldn’t. It’s a shame that his father would even consider choosing her out of all people to be his bride, but he understands that sacrifices needed to be made. That’s all in the past now; he knows the truth about her family’s little plot to gain power over the mafia world.
 “You took my food away,” she responds, ignoring his previous question. Yoongi sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. He’ll give the bitch one thing, she sure is stubborn, and it’s going to take a lot to break her.
 “I did; if you want it back, tell me where the Serpent hideout,” he replies, crossing his arms. He looks at his ex-fiancée with no emotions. It’s what she deserves, and he has no pity for her.
 “I have no idea where that stupid bi—”
 “Enough!” Yoongi roars, flipping the table and pulling out his gun. He aims it right at Hana’s head, and she scrambles out of her seat. She stumbles over and ends up falling to the ground.
 Yoongi storms towards her and yanks her up, forcing her back against the wall when she’s on her feet. He presses the muzzle of his gun against her temple, and the woman’s eyes grow wide.
 “Yoongi,” she whispers, eyes frantically searching for a way out of this situation. However, it only infuriates Yoongi even more, knowing that you might be in the same position right now. Starving, afraid, and desperate to find a way out.
 The only difference between you and Hana is that she brought this upon herself. You never asked to be who you are; you shouldn’t have to suffer just because you were born into this mess. You’re nothing like Hana or any of the horrible people that are trying to ruin your mother’s legacy. You should be home, resting, and getting ready to give birth to the babies. He should have never taken his eyes off you. He fucked up big time, and now he has to fix this. He promised.
 “Hana, you need to tell me where my girlfriend and children are. If you don’t know, then you need to tell me something. At the end of the day, I made sacrifices for you, and you should keep that in mind. For once, do something good in your life. I have a gun to your fucking head. Are these people really worth your life?” he asks, staring right into her eyes. His grip is so tight on the gun that his knuckles have turned white.
 She’s trembling with fear; she knows that Yoongi won’t hesitate to pull the trigger if she doesn’t give him a reason to keep her alive. However, she still doesn’t budge, and she tests Yoongi’s patience even more.
 “No one told you to do that. As far as I’m concerned, you wanted to go to Italy. You probably wanted one last escape before you’re tied down to your little family.” she bites back, trying to hide the fact that she’s terrified of the man before her. Any person in their right mind would be; she knows he won’t hesitate to kill someone like her.
 Yoongi sighs and takes a moment to collect himself. He’s never done what he’s about to do before, and he hates the idea of throwing innocent people into this mess. But his family’s life is on the line, and he’ll do anything to save them.
 “You know Hanna; I really thought you were the most selfish coldhearted bitch I’ve ever met. But that’s not the case, is it?” he asks, shaking his head. “Turns out even Satan has a soft spot.”
 Hana looks at him in confusion, so Yoongi decides to elaborate further.
 “I know who Lee Eun-young is, Hana,” Yoongi announces, smirking when the woman’s eyes widen. “Bingo.” he thinks to himself.
 “You better not lay a fucking finger on her!!” Hana screams, fists beating on Yoongi’s chest. However, the cold steel of Yoongi’s gun reminds her of the situation she’s in.
 “Yoongi, my mom has nothing to do with this. Please, she’s sick,” she says quietly, not even able to look him in the eyes.
 “Neither does my girlfriend, who’s nine months pregnant and can deliver any day now. You’re a part of this mess, so do your part. Tell me where she is, and I’ll leave your mom alone. Where are these bastards hiding?” he asks, preparing to pull the trigger if she doesn’t answer.
 Hana thinks it over for a moment, and she decides that it’s best that she gives up. There’s no way out for her, and Yoongi never told anyone her secret; she got caught on her own. It’s time to just accept her fate. She only wishes that she can see her mom again and know that she’s safe.
 “Give me a pen; they’re going to kill me anyway,” she says in defeat.
 She writes down everything Yoongi needs to know and promises him that it’s real. She doesn’t want any more trouble with anyone and has declared this as the end for herself. She tells Yoongi not to read the paper until he’s out of the basement and nods before heading towards the door. Just before he can step out, Hana calls his name.
 “Yoongi,” she says, looking at her feet. She’s never done anything like this before, and she doesn’t want to mess this up.
 “Thanks for everything you did for me in Italy. You could have told on me a long time ago, and I would be dead. Y/N is very strong for standing up to them like she does, and I hope you find her in time. Please tell her that I’m sorry for all the trouble we caused. She doesn’t have to forgive me, and I don’t expect her to, but I just want her to know. And please be careful out there; watch your back.” she says, finally looking at him.
 He tells her one final thing before he leaves, and he can see the relief wash over her.
 “I’ll keep her taken care of and safe, Hana. Don’t worry.”
Tumblr media
 Yoongi looks over the piece of paper Hana gave him one last time and finds the location he’s looking for. All the men have gathered around him, and he sees a familiar person in the crowd. Seokjin gives him a nod, and he knows that his friend isn’t holding any grudges against him. He owes his friend an apology for his actions and needs to say sorry to you as well. That will come later though, right now, there is business to take care of.
 “When we leave this property, you all need to be on the lookout for any and everything. If you notice anything off, you contact me immediately. You have my permission to kill any one of those bastards you see. Except for Dohyun, bring that son of a bitch to me. If you find her, you need to notify me immediately, and your main focus then will be getting her to safety, as we discussed. That is all I have for you right now, so let’s get going.”
Tumblr media
The sound of a large metal door slamming shut wakes you from your slumber. Your entire body is in pain, but your head is doing the most damage. The pain you’re in from the headache you currently have is excruciating. You’ve never experienced one like this before. It’s so intense that you can barely open your eyes. Your muscles are sore, and your stomach pangs from lack of food. You should tell Yoongi to get you something before it gets worse. You can deliver at any moment, and you need to make sure you’re healthy enough to withstand childbirth.
 “Yoongi.” you groan, not even able to continue speaking. Your throat is so dry that it’s nearly impossible for you to get your words out. It feels like you’ve been screaming all night.
  As the seconds tick by, the pain in your head becomes more and more unbearable. You call out for Yoongi again, and the chuckle you receive in response sends chills down your spine. When you open your eyes, you find out that your biggest fears have become a reality and the man you’ve been running from is right in front of you. It’s Dohyun, and the twisted smile on his face indicates that he’s still the same screwed-up person he was years ago. Everything that happened back at the mansion starts to replay in your mind. This is it, they’ve finally caught you, and you have nowhere else to hide.
 “I’m sorry, but he’s not here right now, baby. I had to steal you away for a little while, well forever, but for now, we’ll say a while,” he says, walking towards you. You try to run away, but then you realize that you’re tied to a chair. Your wrists and ankles have been bound with rope making it impossible for you to move.
 He gives you a crooked smile, and even though it’s dark in the room, you can still make out the disfigurement of his face as he leans in to get closer to you. Your eyes scan over third-degree burn scars covering the left side of his face and neck. “So he did have a hard time getting out.” you think to yourself.
 “What’s wrong, baby? I thought you liked being tied up,” he says, wrapping his hand around your throat. “You always were a kinky little bitc…oh.”
 He stops talking when he notices that you have scars of your own, which looks as if it brings him joy.
 “Yun-jin wasn’t lying, huh? She really got you good, didn’t she? I’ll be honest, I didn’t think her plan would work this time, but you really can’t remember shit, can you? When Yun-jin told me you didn’t even look at her twice when she first saw you again. She thought her cover had been blown; her original target was her sister, Hana. That little bitch has been stealing money from us. But when she told me you were there, I jumped for joy. You’re a hard catch; I can agree to that as much. My timing’s never been right with you; somehow, Min was always there when I tried to get you. I needed numbers, so I had to recruit, so what if they weren’t trained? They almost got the job done; they just weren’t expecting Min to be there with you that night. That set me back for months, but things are changing because  I’ve recently been working with someone that knows how to play in this world, and he’s not afraid to go against the code. I’ve got people inside Bangtan right now that are working for us. I even had to put my poor little Yun-jin there as a maid because your little bitch fit took her out of the game. Aren’t you ever so lucky to make it out of that type of situation alive?” he asks, running his thumb across the slightly raised skin.
 Lee Yun-jin is Ji-woo’s real name. You remember that now, she’s the woman who slashed your throat on the night you left the hospital. After your failed attempt to kill Dohyun, you were severely burned by the fire you intentionally started to get rid of everything. Every piece of evidence that led to the box that held the Serpents’ most vital information was destroyed that night. You didn’t want them with that type of information; you knew that they were bad people. The night you escaped, Dohyun told you that he found coordinates to where the safe was being hidden and planned on sharing it with his superiors the next day. You knew that meant that they’d have the resources they need to destroy anyone in their path. You couldn’t let them hurt innocent people; you’d never be able to live with yourself. As you secretly looked through the piles of papers, you came across a document that had your picture on it. It contained specific orders to date you, marry you, get you to agree to give over everything to Dohyun, and then kill you once you were no longer needed. The decision to kill him was made then and there. It was your only chance of getting out alive, so that night, you put sedatives in his whiskey and asphyxiated him with a pillow while he slept. He couldn’t struggle much due to his intoxicated state, making it easier for you to keep the pillow on his face. You held it there until he stopped moving, and when you removed it, you checked his pulse. He didn’t have one from what you could tell, but you were obviously wrong because he woke up eventually. He must have barely made it out of the house in time as well, and judging from the scar on his face, he got the worst end of it. Everything that happened in between escaping the fire and leaving the hospital is still unclear. It’s more than likely due to the trauma Yun-jin put you through. The only reason why you remember her and her name is because she would come over often. You knew she and Dohyun were sleeping together, but you never said anything. You didn’t care. The love you had for him died the day he hit you. No one that cares about you would ever put their hands on you in that way. He disgusts you, and people like him don’t even deserve to see the light of day.
 “What do you want from me, Dohyun?” you ask, trying to pull away from his touch.
 “Oh, come on Y/N, you know what I want, cut the bullshit. We used to talk about this all the time. I don’t have to make you remember, do I?” he asks, his other hand sliding up your thigh. You nearly vomit at the thought of him touching you like that.
 “Take your fucking hands off me! I’m not giving you shit! You’re a disgusting asshole, and I hate you! Get the fuck away from me!” you demand, face turning into a grimace. You try to move away from him, but his grip tightens around your neck. Your eyes widen, and he grins at you sinisterly.
 “Ahh, Min’s got you trained well. I wouldn’t want anyone touching this sweet piece of ass either if it were mine. Well, it was at one point, but I was never one to cry over spilled milk. I’ve already owned that tight cunt of yours more times than you can count, so don’t think you’re too good for me now. I’m going to get that information I need to locate and open that safe, whether it’s given or taken. You’ll talk; you just need a little motivation. Just like your little friend. What was her name? Oh, Susan! Her cunt was almost as good as yours.” he responds, fingers coming up to touch your lips. You bite one of the digits as hard as you can, and he yelps in pain.
 “YOU FUCKING WHORE!!” he yells, delivering a hard slap to your cheek. The stinging begins instantly, and your eyes start watering from the impact of the blow.
 However, you don’t plan on letting him see you cry, so you push back the tears and collect yourself. You’re tired of being afraid of him. He won’t get to enjoy the thought of you being afraid of him anymore. You don’t care if you’re terrified on the inside; he’ll never get to see it.
 “Go to hell, you bastard,” you tell him, smiling when you notice the blood dripping down his hand. His head snaps in your direction, and he storms towards you again.
 “You’re going to wish you were in hell when I’m through with you, bitch. I tried to play nice, but you just had to fuck it up. I’m going to pull every last one of those teeth from that pretty little mouth and make you swallow them. Do you hear me? Your boyfriend can’t save you now, and you’re going to wish that you’d just let me kill you the easy way years ago. You’re going to be begging to die before today ends; I can promise you that.” he replies, pulling a small case from his pants pocket.
 He pulls out a little clear vile with brown liquid inside and a syringe. As he begins to prepare whatever concoction he has for you, your heart starts beating rapidly. All these drugs can’t be good for the babies, and now that you think about it, you haven’t felt them move this entire time. Something could be wrong, and that scares you more than anything.
 “Dohyun, you don’t need to use drugs. I won’t fight you again. I need a doctor, I’m pregnant, and I haven’t felt my babies move. I’ll tell you whatever I can remember, just let me see a doctor first, please.” you beg. Nothing else matters anymore; your children are more important than all of this.
 “Oh, don’t worry, we have big plans for them. You’ll get to see a doctor but for an entirely different reason. I can’t have you dying on me too soon. Eventually, I’ll need you to lure Min here, and he’s going to need proof that you’re alive to come here alone.” he replies, injecting you with whatever is inside the syringe.
 “Don’t you dare touch him, Dohyun. He has nothing to do with this. You want me; please leave my children and Yoongi out of this. Whatever you want from me, I’ll give, but you need to leave my family out of this.” You plead, already feeling drowsy.
 He shakes his head and looks at you with no emotion at all.
 “Oh, I won’t touch him; I’m going to kill him. Right in front of you and those bastards in your belly. You think about that the next time you decide to step out of your place and disrespect me, bitch.” he says, heading towards the door.
 “No, Dohyun I…”
 You don’t get a chance to finish your sentence, and the room darkens once again. You begin dreaming of things you’ve never dreamed of before, and somehow you end up traveling to the deepest parts of your mind. You don’t like being here; it’s scary, so you try to imagine Yoongi being here with you; he must be so worried about the babies. He’s probably looking for you, and you’re somewhere he can’t reach. You don’t know where you are, and suddenly this doesn’t feel like a dream anymore. This place is empty, but you feel like you’re being surrounded by something or someone. This isn’t your safe place, and you need to find your boyfriend. You’re terrified without him because he’s not here to protect you from your demons and nightmares. You need to leave—now. A woman’s voice speaks out of nowhere, and she startles you with her sudden appearance.
  “Hello, Y/N. It’s so nice to see you again.”
Tumblr media
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plasticnightmaredoll · a month ago
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I thought I'd make some comments about the first episode of "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," kind of in the same way I made a post about my thoughts on the "WandaVision" season finale. I don't plan on doing a post with my thoughts, opinions, and theories for EVERY episode of TFatWS because a) I don't have that kind of time or patience, b) Things are probably going to change left and right as the series progresses, just like in "WandaVision" so I don't see a need to document all of this, c) I ramble enough as it is lol
Of course, there are spoilers under the cut, so if you haven't seen the first episode, then I suggest you...don't look under the cut! If you have seen the episode and just want to see what another MCU/Marvel fan thinks, or if you don't care about spoilers, then have at it.
I will say that the first episode of "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" (I'm going to refer to it as TFatWS from now on because that title is long af) was good and brought forth lots of mystery and intrigue, but it didn't grab my attention quite as much as the first episode of "WandaVision." But this may be due to the fact that WV was just so bizarre right from the start, and there were tons of questions right out the door. So, the mystery (and confusion) was more intense than for TFatWS.
I still plan on finishing TFatWS, but I hope it picks up a little more in the next episodes.
Another thing I will mention that's really not much of a spoiler: Poor Bucky! Just like Wanda, he needs a damn break already 😭
And lastly, I haven't read any Marvel comics because I just don't have the time, energy, patience, sanity right now to devote to them. That, and I have always preferred manga (Berserk is still my favorite manga/graphic novel of all time. Hell, it's my favorite fictional story of all time! And the 90s anime is one of my favorite series ever). My Marvel knowledge is heavily based on what the MCU has provided, but I do know things that happen in the comics because I do read up on various comparisons between the comics and the MCU entries and people's theories based on the comics. So, I'm not completely clueless.
Ok, spoiler time!
I don't really have a list of things I liked and disliked for this first episode of TFatWS because it's just way too early for that kind of stuff, and who knows where the series is going to go from here. I'll just make a list of thoughts and opinions:
James "Bucky" Barnes/The Winter Soldier
POOR BUCKY! I mean, goddamn, this man can't get a break. We see just how much his time as a Hydra agent affected him, causing him to have nightmares about those he killed while brainwashed. He's closed himself off from others because he's depressed, burdened with immense guilt, and probably feels like he's not worth helping at this point.
I also like how we got to see just how negatively he was affected by being at war for so long. He'd be put into hibernation by Hydra, and awoke every time to go kill some people. Rinse and repeat. That was his life, which isn't much of a life if you ask me. The same happened when he was freed from their control and while it's understandable why he had to fight in "Infinity War" and "Endgame," it was clearly a lot for him to handle. He didn't get a lot of peace, and even now that things have settled, he still has no peace.
At first, I was wondering why Bucky was going out of his way to befriend his elderly neighbor, Mr. Nakashima since he wasn't associating with anyone else, not even Sam. Then we find out that Bucky was the one who murdered the old man's son why under Hydra control. He can't bring himself to tell Mr. Nakashima because it's too painful and he's too ashamed. He's trying to prepare for it, I suppose, by befriending the man, but at the same time, I don't think it's going to be less unpleasant to deliver the news.
I literally felt heartbroken for Bucky when I realized that he had killed Mr. Nakashima's son. Like, omfg, Bucky, this poor guy...he has to live with these painful memories of things he was forced to do and it's depressing to witness.
I know it seems weird that no one recognizes who Bucky is, but I have a theory on that: Those that do are people who actually know him or those who have seen his face at the Smithsonian. Those who don't recognize him may never have been to the museum or simply didn't remember his face. I mean, Captain America was the main focus of the exhibit, and he was in the public eye all the time, so Bucky could easily be forgotten. Also, after the Blip, people clearly have had a lot to deal with after being missing for several years while the rest of the world put itself back together. Bucky is the least of their concerns.
Sam Wilson/Falcon
Sam, our good boy Sam. I was expecting him to keep Captain America's shield, even if he didn't use it right away. I mean, I know in "Endgame" he said it feels like it belongs to someone else, but I thought he'd change his mind and keep it. But he ends up donating it to the Captain America exhibit, which was unfortunate. I mean, I understand why, and I thought, "Well, he can just go grab it later" but then...well, that's going to be discussed later.
I was glad Sam kept trying to reach out to Bucky despite how things seemed very tense between them before. I can understand why he didn't just visit in person because that would have overwhelmed Bucky. I am suffering from severe depression and I know how difficult it can be to have a surprise guest attempt to make chit chat. Not fun.
We find out how Sam's sister has been trying to make ends meet during the Blip. Things aren't going well financially for her, and she is considering selling their father's boat to bring in some much-needed funds. Sam tries to help by convincing her to go to a bank and take out a loan. He hopes that his status could help influence the bank's decision as well.
But that isn't in the cards. The bank can't approve the loan because now there are regulations post-Blip regarding such matters. Not even Sam's status as Falcon -- an AVENGER -- amounts to much. Then the accountant awkwardly behaved like a fanboy during the whole meeting, even going so far as to ask for a selfie from Sam during the most inconvenient moment. This scene shows, to me, that being an Avenger doesn't change everything, yet, they're still famous and loved (for the most part). It's a strange feeling: "We love you guys for all you've done, but yeah, we can't really help you out."
I'm glad Marvel is choosing to show the negative effects of the Blip. It's great everyone returned but...everyone literally popped back into existence. We saw some of this chaos in "WandaVision," and we're seeing more in TFatWS. It's a realistic approach because, like, yeah, people being gone for several years, presumed forever missing then suddenly reappearing out of thin air is pretty extreme. Not to mention, those who returned didn't always find their loved ones and friends waiting for them (i.e. Monica's mother died during the Blip)
Flag Smasher
Not much to say here other than we have a new villain to watch out for who clearly has superhuman abilities. The cause that his group stands for threatens to make things even worse post-Blip than they already are, and geez, give people a break already! But you always have fanatics that will terrorize others for a cause.
Captain America 2.0
Who is this random white boy and why is he the new Captain America? I know who he is from the comics but that doesn't make it any better. It just makes it worse! This guy's going to be a disaster, clearly.
Sam realized at that moment he fucked up by giving the shield away, but this can only mean he'll find a way to retrieve and -- hopefully -- take up the Captain America mantle. Captain Falcon? Captain America Falcon? Captain Falcon America? I suppose you can have fun with that.
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