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#whos the one who sent the attacks
starlatte27 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Its ironic that this person blocked me when... I would NEVER want anyone to be attacked over Stolitz.
Did they make this as a response to the people who dislike Stolitz? Because.... most of us never want to directly attack others in the first place. We are just saying our own thoughts on our own blogs with little to no discourse besides maybe a few direct responses. But thats it!! The fandom has ironically been MORE peaceful since episode 5.
Basically what im trying to say that if ANYONE attacked people over a ship with fictional characters then they’re the worst filth on this hellsite.
These fictional characters arent more valuable than the human lives behind the screen. So again, I find it to be very ironic that this person got pissed at me because in reality.... I actually agree with everything this post is saying! 🤦🏾‍♀️
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ask-whitebag · 46 minutes ago
I think we should all give Monkey Fist a thank you, because without him, Ron wouldn’t have accidentally gotten Monkey powers.
Nah. Monty did nothing, Ron got his powers because of Wade. Well, kinda. Also, it wasn’t an accident, it was Ron’s choice- Okay, let’s take a closer look at what happened.
(Putting it under the cut because boy, it got long)
Let’s start with Monty Fiske and things he did, both in this episode and before it.
First of all, he does what any world famous British archeologist / explorer / highly respected scholar with a royal title, obsessed with ancient artefacts, living in a spooky castle would do - spends the family fortune on a dangerous experimental surgery and radical genetic mutation, and becomes a man-monkey who violates every law of nature and science. ...I kept it all as a one sentence to point out how ridiculous he is.
He then collects three jade monkeys, and he finds out where the fourth one is. The problem is, he just had that surgery and he doesn’t want to risk injuring himself.
Here’s the plan he comes up with: he hires a fourteen-year-old girl to steal the jade monkey from a dangerous temple filled with deadly traps, and if she dies, she dies. She succeeds though, and to prevent the statue being delivered to a museum, Monty goes undercover as a ninja and steals the statue from their camp, throwing any suspicion off himself.
During all of this, Monty meets Ron Stoppable - another fourteen-year-old, but this one has a severe phobia of monkeys. Monty tries to prove to Ron his feelings make no sense; what traumatized Ron was a chimpanzee - an ape, not a monkey. To this Ron answers with anger, which is a normal reaction, given that an adult stranger just tried to invalidate his trauma. Monty then refuses to speak to Ron directly, safe for that one time he says the word “monkey”, with a smile on his face, because he knows it would upset the boy.
God, he’s so well characterized. What a perfect asshole.
Anyway, later in the episode Monty gets magical monkey powers from the jade statues and tries to kill Ron. Also, he says “monkey” again. Like, for no reason. He chases Ron around the castle and says “monkey” at him, to make him scream. Amazing.
But that’s all Monty does in this episode, really. Like, he doesn’t even retrieve that fourth monkey by himself - Kim does it. So yeah, I won’t be thanking Monty for anything jsdbfhsjhdbfhjbs
Now, the question is, what was Ron doing in Monty’s castle in the first place? Let’s look at Wade.
Wade wants to test out his new holographic simulator. He counts on Kim because she is his best friend, but Kim is busy and can’t help him at the moment. So Wade lies to Ron and sends him to Monty Fiske’s castle by himself - this entire time Ron thinks he’s there with Kim, but the Kim next to him is a hologram. And he only realizes this after Monty gets his powers and attacks that hologram. And suddenly Ron realizes he’s all alone with an adult trying to kill him.
Ron didn’t find himself in this situation by accident - he was lied to. Although, no one should blame Wade for anything that happened. Wade meant well, and he thought Monty was harmless - he sent Ron there just to talk and gather info. And to be fair, Wade tried to fix his mistake as soon as he realized he had made it - by sending help and contacting Kim.
So Ron runs around, trying to escape Monty, until Kim’s cousin, Larry, contacts Ron, using Wade’s holographic technology. With a little help from a nerd’s perspective, Ron realizes he has a choice. He can try to escape, or he can hide and wait for help, or… if he wants to make his chances of survival a little higher, he can confront his fears. In his own words, to defeat the monkey-man, Ron must become that which he fears most.
I cannot stress this enough - monkeys are Ron’s biggest fear. No one would blame him if he said, “No, thank you, I’d rather hide.” But instead, he finds his way back to that jade monkeys chamber - he returns there deliberately and stands in the centre of that room intentionally. This is his choice. And it feels… so compelling.
TLDR; With an exception of threatening teenagers’ lives, Monty Fiske did jack shit. Kim was the one who retrieved the fourth monkey in the first place. And there were no accidents - what granted Ron monkey powers was both Wade’s tricks and Ron’s own exceptional bravery.
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yourreddancer · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
See that state in the red there? The one in Mexico? That is Puebla. The state where a great victory was won on May 5, 1862. You see, the French thought they had it made, that a swift takeover was imminent based on their army of 6000 soldiers. They were wrong. 
An army of INDIGENOUS folks gathered to fight back. On May 5, (yes that means Cinco de Mayo) the French sent troops in to attack the city of Puebla de Los Angeles, but were met from the North by the indigenos who would not be intimidated or taken down. When the fight was over and the French retreated, they had lost over 500 men. Puebla lost less than 100. 
Cinco de Mayo isn't a day to get wasted and dress up as a racist stereotype. This day is a celebration to remember the Indigenous Resistance that took place, and the victory that seemed impossible. Indigenous resistance continues to this day, from the top of turtle island to the tip of South America. We fight imperialism and colonialism with pride.
 Please do not trivialize the important celebration of La Batalla De Puebla by reinforcing racist tropes. And don't you dare tell Mexicans "Happy Mexican Independence Day!" you'll look like an ignorant jackass.
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neptunesfullbuster · 4 hours ago
Hey Sarah 👋 may I request sting + picnic - Ruki
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
scenario ; accidentally hurting their s/o
character ; sting eucliffe
gender ; gn!reader
warnings / genre ; one swear word, angst-ish, slight fluff
Tumblr media
Stings eyes filled with panic and fear as he watched your limp body collapsed to the ground. It was an accident, he swears. You suddenly jumped in the way when Sting went to attack one of the mages who used you as a human shield. 
It was a simple mission, defeat the group of mages that were lurking outside the city. 
“Y/n!?” He shouted apart of him, hoping you were still conscious. He wanted to run to you but he couldn’t there were too many surrounding him.
“Y/n, come on, get up!” Sting ran to you as soon as he could, turning your body over to see the damage he had done to your lower abdomen. Seeing the large wound that he had caused made his heartbreak a little, tears threaten to fall down his face, it’s all my fault, god damnit! He cursed at himself. 
He picked you up bridal style and quickly made his way back to the guildhall, which wasn’t too far away.
You slowly regained consciousness. The infirmary lights were dimmed, which you thanked as your eyes adjusted to the empty room. You tried to sit yourself up, but the gash on your lower stomach made you stop as it started to throb in pain, making you let out groan. 
“Y/n?” your head turn to the door where Rogue stood. 
“Where is Sting?” You asked, slowly laying yourself back down. Rogue turned and went out the door, calling for Sting. Almost immediately, Sting popped into the room and ran over to your side.
“Y/n! I’m so sorry, it was all my fault you’re like this I’m such an ido-”
“Sting, slow down.” you interrupted him. You asked him to explain what happen and to do it slowly. As he explained, the memories of your job came back to you.
“I’m sorry, Y/n-”
“Sting, stop apologizing. It isn’t your fault.”
“But it is! I hit you and put you in this bed.”
“You did, but it isn’t your fault. If I hadn’t moved and that dickhead didn’t grab me, this wouldn’t have happened.” Sting looked like he was about to argue, but you sent him a look that made him shut up.
You moved over in your bed and patted the stop next to you; Sting smiled and climbed into the bed, wrapping his left arm around your shoulders. You took your hand and intertwined it with his, leaning your head on his chest and letting out a satisfied sigh. Sting placed a gentle kiss on top of your head, and the two of you softly closed your eyes, letting sleep take over.
Tumblr media
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votederpycausemufins · 5 hours ago
So, took a bit longer to write this since I was moving back home now that the school year is done and as you probably saw if you follow me, I created the Shared Space au! I’m really proud of that too, so check it out! and send asks for it too!
anywho, tagging time! @petrichormeraki @helleborusangel
Jrum stood facing Grifect, sword at the ready. He just needed to buy some time because there was something easy he could do. Instead of having an actual communicator, it had been built into his system at one update, so he didn’t need to get it out and type. Instead he could just send it mentally, though it could be a little odd at times.
But right now it was important. Jrum got a message ready and sent it to Mumbo, then to Grian. Telling them he was in danger and Tommy probably was too. But there was a problem, he didn’t get a message back from them, but an error.
“Sowwy, but I can’t wet uwu caww fow hewp! Thawt wouwd make my dad mad. If they gow aftew Tommy, they’ww see youw bwothew iws gone.”
Jrum jumped at Grifect, slashing his sword at the other bot. An arrow hit him as he ran forth, a second when he hit Grifect. Not wanting to get shot anymore, Jrum kicked the dispenser, pushing it out of Grifect’s reach. He attacked with his sword again, but a shield materialized on Grifect’s arm and deflected the attack. “That’s not fair!”
“Why wouwd I make iwt faiw? I wawnt tuwu win awnd hacking iws easy. You’d awweady be dead if I couwdn’t wisk wetting a message out thawt I was the owne who kiwwed uwu.” Grifter explained with a giggle, hacking in a new dispenser. “At the vewy weast kiwwing machines won’t duwu thawt, then I cawn pwetend iwt was juwst an accident whiwe you’we fine! But if aww my data iws wight, once you’we dead, you’ww be whisked away fwom thiws wowwd again!”
Jrum hesitated at that. He would? But he lost a life in the SMP and came out fine. But then again they had weird respawn rules, Tommy was proof of that. Jrum thought about trying to run, but then had an idea. If he would have an issue with respawning, Grifect would have to have the same issue!
Jrum pulled out a bow and fired it at Grifect before pulling out an axe. The helsbot put their shield up for the arrow, so Jrum was quickly able to chop it in half with his axe. Grifect’s eyes widened which let Jrum know something else, the other bot wasn’t good at combat or have a program for it. “You asked Xannes how to be a better hacker?” Jrum swiped his sword at the bot. “He’s a good hacker because he had to train all his skills. Xisuma is the best admin, so he needed to beat that. But he also needed to be good at everything!” The sword managed to tear into a weak part of Grifect’s body at a join. “You may be a hacker, but you have no clue how to actually use what you have! And that means I win!” And the sword sliced Grifect in half, the robotic body disappearing in smoke before it could reach the ground.
Jrum panted, having used a lot of energy for that. He wanted to close his combat program to conserve power, but he didn’t know if anyone else would show up. He wasn’t even sure where his hels version would respawn. But the fact that he needed to respawn at all was good news, so Jrum attempted to send another message and smiled as it went through. Now people would know what was going on.
Grian kept glancing at his comm, worried out of his mind while he wasn’t with either of the bots. He had just gotten them back and while they looked like they were getting better, he couldn’t help but imagine the worst. It also didn’t help that he was dealing with NPG, Xannes and Sense all in one room. 
He couldn’t help but sigh in relief when he got some messages from the boys. Jrum was still having fun playing with his hels copy and Tommy seemed to be taking care of Grum. The best part was the message that Grum was cuddling with Tubbee, which was great to imagine. It was just a shame Tommy could send a picture without disturbing them.
“So are you guys close to being done arguing?” Grian spoke up, getting up from where he was sitting. “I’m getting a headache from it all and Mumbo’s not here to help.”
“You can always go for the next best thing.” Sense suggested, making Grian scrunch his face up in disgust.
“What would Grifter think?”
“As if he wouldn’t want some fun with a clone.”
Grian shuddered. “Why are you like this?”
“Because Grifter and I love each other, which is surprising that you can’t do that as the ‘good’ versions.” Sense replied, crossing his arms.
“Hey! Those two of course love each other, they’re just not gross about it.” NPG argued for Grian. “And Even Xannes is okay with his stuff.”
“Ye-Hey!” Xannes complained, but then was stopped as their comms buzzed. Everyone looked away, Grian going over to his own and reading two messages, watching as a third appeared.
Grifect was slain by Jrumbot
<Jrumbot> Something’s wrong with Grum and Tommy. Grifter’s been up to something and my copy’s been hacking.
Grian was slain by PerfectSense
Grian watched as his own death message appeared as he was blasted in the back by a death ray Sense had on him. When his eyes next opened, he was in bed and heard a scream in the distance. His comm was still in his hand since he was holding it when he died. There were three more death messages, one for Xannes, one for Tommy and one for NPG. 
The one for Tommy was the most concerning with Jrum’s message, so Grian jumped out of bed and broke his window to go through, not wanting to go through the main hall and run into Sense again. A few shards of glass cut into his wings from the shoddy break and Grian’s recklessness, but he didn’t care, needing to get there fast. He flew as fast as he could to get to the old hobbit hole, glad it wasn’t too far away.
Grian’s eyes widened as he got into the place. It was a mess and Grum was standing in the middle of it, holding a sword and staring at Tommy’s bed. Tubbee flew near him and was stabbed by the sword, making Grian hold his breath before the bee popped out of its hive again. The avian was glad that Xisuma had set it up so that the bee could respawn since Tommy had been scared of something happening to it.
“Grum, put the sword down.” Grian said. He wanted to reach for a weapon, but realized he hadn’t grabbed any before rushing over there. He frowned as Grum didn’t move, instead killing Tubbee again. “Grum, put it down!”
Grum put the sword down, slowly laying it down on the ground. Grian started to take a step towards the bot, but they immediately turned around, pulling out a crossbow and shooting Grian with it. Grian yelled as the arrow struck him and he looked at Grum, now realising it wasn’t his son, but the hels version. “What did you do with Grum?! And it said you killed Tommy too. How? You left the world with Grifter and didn’t-”
Sefter moved so fast Grian barely comprehended it. Grian’s wing deflected the attack, though an axe chopping into it still hurt. At the very least it was weak as Sefter was just bringing the weapon out, but he was just after any damage. Another attack came down on Grian’s arm before the bot changed to another crossbow, shooting Grian point blank.
Grian attempted to attack back, even though he only had his fists and wings as weapons, but Sefter kept dodging them. Grian huffed, finally noticing the magic radiating off of the robot. A strong speed potion. There was no way he could land a hit on Sefter, especially without a weapon. But that was fine, because it finally made sense. Tommy wasn’t here, likely in the other half of the hobbit holes. Grum also wasn't around because someone messed with the messages and he had left the world, not Sefter. Because of that, there was no reason for him to be here.
When Sefter next attacked, Grian dodged, letting himself fall. He opened a portal just below himself, letting the magic envelop him before closing it again so the bot couldn’t follow. He felt like he was falling for a few moments before opening a second portal, taking him out of the Watcher’s world and into the SMP.
The first thing he heard was someone crying. It sounded familiar, but at the same time he couldn’t place it. A voice that spoke up definitely was recognizable though. “Hmm, not sure it worked. Why not hit him again harder this time?”
“Tech-” He got out before something slammed into his gut, winding him. “Wh-What the fuh?” He managed to wheeze out.
“I-I’m s-sorry. I d-didn’t… You s-said he was- wh-why are you laughing?”
“You’re a f-fucking bitch Techno.”
“Nice to see you too Tommy.”
Tommy groaned as he sat up, having trouble as he found Grum sitting on his lap, holding a book in his hands like he was ready to bludgeon Tommy with it. That was probably what hit him in the gut now that he thought about it. “What the fuck happened?”
“The kid got the revive book that Dream had and used it to fix you. Did the same for Wilbur.”
Tommy sat up just a little bit straighter. “Wait, Wil’s alive? You’re serious?””
Techno gestured to Grum. “Yeah, apparently this one half revived him while we were all gone.”
“This one? His name’s Grum.” Tommy said, crossing his arms.
Techno crossed his arms back. “Does it matter?”
“He’s our fucking nephew!” Tommy complained, making Techno huff.
“And? So far all of my ‘nephews’ have tried killing me.”
“B-because you did it first.” Grum piped up. “I tried to be d-diplomatic with y-you and-”
“Yeah, well I hate government.” Techno cut Grum off.
“Yeah. I know. It was sort of my job to account for people like you. But it’s fine! One uncle is enough!”
Tommy chuckled. “Hey, maybe you’ll like Wil as an uncle too. Then you’ll have two.”
Grum turned to look at Tommy again. “I was already accounting for him in my count as I already had encounters with him here before. That is the one I was referring to.”
“Wh- Hey! Why am I being excluded?!” Tommy shouted while Techno smiled slightly. 
Grum recoiled slightly, which made Tommy back off a bit. “You… you said I could call you something else. Just because you’re actually my uncle… you’re sort of not.”
It took Tommy a bit to realize what Grum meant. He supposed it was true, a week ago, they hadn’t known they were actually related to each other. “Well, alright, if you’ve only got one uncle, I’ve only got four brothers! Take that Techno!”
The hybrid just rolled his eyes while Grum tackled Tommy with a hug. Tommy patted the bot, rolling his own eyes, though it was more sarcastically. “So kid, why not start with Tommy?”
There was a moment of confusion from Tommy before Grum suddenly stiffened, letting Tommy know that whatever was being talked about wasn’t the greatest thing. “What are you talking about?”
“Something got brought up before we came here. I figure since you two seem close, he should be telling you, especially if I’ve already been told.”
Tommy leaned back to look at Grum. They didn’t look scared as much as they were nervous. “Hey big man, what is it? If it’s something that happened because of Dream, I won’t be mad. I mean, you kinda killed me and I’m fine.”
Grum fidgeted a bit, still looking nervous, but then he answered. “Um, I think I have something called chat? At least that’s what Techno called it.”
Tommy was taken aback and looked at the piglin. “Yeah, well, chat’s just what I call it. They’re basically just voices.”
“Right… sorry.” Grum apologized.
Tommy looked between the two of them again. “Wait, so you’ve got your own form of chat? They’re not telling you to be as bloodthirsty as Techno, right?” Tommy asked, and Grum quickly shook his head. “Then yeah, it’s fine. Besides, even if I didn’t like it, your dads do so-”
“They don’t.” Grum cut Tommy off. “You’re… I’ve only told two people and you’re the second. I thought it was bad.”
“No, you’re fine. It runs in the family.” Tommy assured the bot. “Plus, they don’t sound too bad, so it’s fine.”
Grum fidgeted some more. “Well… Dream isn’t the nicest-”
“Wait, you hear Dream in there?!” Tommy couldn’t help but stand up in shock, causing Grum to fall off the bed. “Uh, sorry Grum. I just- Dream?! Really?!”
Grum rubbed his head. “Yes and no? He’s not like the one that was admin here, at least mostly. And they’ve kinda been around before I even knew you.”
Tommy didn’t look entirely convinced, but he didn’t want to make Grum even more upset. “I guess that’s okay. Who else do you remember the names of?”
“Um, all of them. There aren’t many. There’s Dream of course, but also Eyes, Gor-”
Tommy didn’t need Grum to continue. “I found your book. You hid it in your charger. Their names were in there. I mean, I don’t know how you got PM in your chat, but it sounds cool.”
“You found my book?” Grum asked, tilting his head. “And it was in my charger? Who put it there?”
“Uh, I thought it was you. I mean, you sent me a message to go there, though you used Eye’s name.”
Grum shook his head. “Then I didn’t do that. Eyes did.”
“What do you mean Eyes did?” Techno asked. “How can your voices do stuff like that?”
Grum looked even more confused now. “But… Is that not supposed to happen? Eyes and Console have both been doing that.” And then Grum’s confusion turned to panic. “I thought you said it was okay?”
“Shit.” Tommy cursed, sitting back down to pull Grum into a hug. “Yeah yeah, it’s okay. Just different. Fuck we need Mumbo and Grian.”
It was perfect timing, as just as Tommy said that, Techno’s communicator buzzed. The hybrid took it out and read the message before showing it to the teen.
Grian joined the world.
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luminyasity · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Questions/Comments to be sent anonymously! (though off anon is fine too!)
“You’re perfect.” ( @musemade​​​​​ for Emma from Jack )
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I think we both know that perfect is far from what I am. You’re just saying that to be a doll.”
Emma was already used to how Jack tried to work her, especially when it came to chasing her around during the matches. Whenever he was the hunter and she was in the match, he would focus her down and she’d spend the entire time kiting without having even touched a cipher or chair. She didn’t care much because it just meant the others would be able to escape even if it meant that she had to be sacrificed.
Today was no different though as he caught her in the middle of the asylum as she was about to leap out of the window. His sudden compliment caused her to pause and look back at him only to speak up before leaping down and rolling out of the way of his wind attack. Her normally rather quiet voice chirped up as she shouted back to him so he could hear her properly as she tried to respond to his flirting with her own teasing.
“If you spend so much time flirting with me Jack, you’ll never catch up!”
And just to rub salt into the wound, she brought her gloved hand up and quickly did the action of blowing a kiss in his direction. The moment she saw that he mad the motions of pretending to catch said kiss, she immediately ran off. He would find her again quickly and that was fine because by now the others had already finished up with three ciphers already. Just a few more and maybe they’d all be able to get out together!
It was silly to be so hopeful, but she was willing to bet on it. Still, she knew that she  just had to keep him distracted for just a moment longer and the only way to do that was call his attention towards her by breaking a few chairs. He always liked a challenge and who was she not to give him one?
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omegamanofice · 5 hours ago
When: Present Day Where: Genosha - City’s Edge  With: Bucky @sargeant-barnes​
There had to be a continuous watch in Genosha. The threat of attack was near-constant and, more often than not, Bobby was the best candidate for the job. His golems could patrol the city from all sides; looking like duplicates of himself as they kept watch for any incoming enemy forces. Bobby, his real body, was sitting in a watchtower and had been informed he’d have company for this particular evening. 
Honestly the thought didn’t excite him. Usually people wanted to talk and that could bring him out of his self-imposed icy mindset. Parts of him were desperate to talk to people, to share his fears and be heard but who had the time for that now? No one.
He didn’t look over for several seconds despite hearing someone approach, filtering information from his golems sometimes slowed him down a little. When he did his icy face raised a brow. Sergeant Barnes? They’d sent an Avenger? Typical. He didn’t speak for several moments though the ice making up the chair he was sat on seemed to spread a little more through the watchtower space. 
“Who did you piss off to get stuck with this?” He eventually asked. 
Tumblr media
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the-archlich · 9 hours ago
What’s the significance of the general titles. There so many and all different. There’s general of the left, right and so on which are easy to guess there meaning but there’s a lot general who attack bandits, general of the houselhold, general fo vehement might, and general of your greasy headed grandma (jk). Are these like stars on modern day generals?
I feel like I’ve explained it before but if I wanted to avoid repeating myself, I’d make an FAQ. The most important thing to understand about all of this is that once Dong Zhuo took over the capital, all the old rules went out the window and a lot of what happened after that was hastily cobbled together by people in a time of crisis.
Simple summary:
First, it’s important to understand how these titles worked before the Sanping years, when everything started really falling apart fast. The Han rulers were well aware of how dangerous it could be if generals held their positions for too long. Long, long ago they foresaw someone doing exactly what Dong Zhuo did. Just as they frequently rotated the heads of provinces and cantons to prevent anyone from building up a local base of support, most generals were appointed only for brief periods of time.
A lot of the titles you see are descriptive ones, stating that general’s basic mission. General Who Crosses the Liao was given to someone conducting a campaign west of the Liao River in the far north. General Who Attacks Bandits was a general sent to campaign against brigands in a given area. Some were less descriptive (your General of Vehement in Might or something like that), but they were still given to someone for a limited period of time.
But Han’s government loves tradition. When the rebellions and revolts got particularly bad - during the Sanping years, then during Jian’an - these titles were recycled and put back into use. 
There were also a collection of regular titles that were not regularly filled. These usually took the form of General Who [Verbs] [Direction]. General Who Tranquilizes the East, General Who Conquers the West, etc. These found much more use during the Three Kingdoms and indicated someone’s general sphere of command.
Of the titles Han used regularly, there were a few you’ll recognize. General of the Van, General of the Rear, General of the Left, General of the Guards, and a few others like that tended to indicate Han’s highest ranking regular commanders. Generals like Dong Zhuo and Gongsun Zan had them at various times. The highest title regularly awarded to active commanders with no marital connection to the throne was General of the Chariots and Cavalry (the title Yuan Shao claimed for himself when he raised arms against Dong Zhuo).
Han was also fond of giving out these titles as empty honors, but that’s not particularly important.
And then you had a few people we call generals whose role was usually civil rather than military. The “Grand General” technically supervised the Northern Army but was more of a political figure, overseeing the affairs of the Secretariat.  He was usually the primary male relative of the empress. The General of the Agile Cavalry was usually the primary male relative of the Empress Dowager.
Lastly you have your “General of the Gentlemen of the Household” sometimes called less literally “General of the Interior.” The emperor had 5 bodyguard corps. Two appear to have been actual military men (the Gentlemen Rapid as Tigers and the Gentlemen of the Feathered Forest), while the other three were candidates for office serving a probationary period. These three were led by the Left General of the Interior, Right General of the Interior, and General of the Interior for All Purposes; the latter was in charge of candidates who were of an advanced age and presumably had fewer duties. When Han’s system of nomination and recruitment broke down, these titles were sometimes used for active commanders, sometimes used as honorifics, and sometimes dispensed with entirely.
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mrars · 9 hours ago
Modern Medical Racism | Tressie McMillan Cottom
Tumblr media
Image: Emily E. Petersen et al., “Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Pregnancy-Related Deaths--United States, 2007-2016,” Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 68, no. 35 (September 6, 2019): 762-65. 
Medical racism is rampant in the United States. While medical racism can be found in fields of medicine, it is more apparent in the obstetrics and gynecology field. Women’s healthcare is inaccessible to a lot of women of color, and those who can receive healthcare suffer from racist attacks. What one can see when looking at stories of racism in the medical field, one sees doctors “stereotyping based on a patient’s race” which then influences “clinical and care decision” (Davis 89). Sometimes, this leads to diagnostic lapses. These lapses “result when medical professionals lack the ability to think about disease, illness, and discomfort -- or to make diagnoses -- outside of racial, gender or sexuality categories and associated stereotypes” (97). 
While each story is different, there have been a numerous amount of black women who have experienced medical racism while pregnant and giving birth. One person is Tressie McMillan Cottom. She had made sure to choose a doctors’ office in a good neighborhood with effective care. However, when she started bleeding while she was pregnant, she “sat in the waiting room for thirty minutes, after calling ahead and reporting my condition when I arrived” (Cottom 82-3). After talking with her doctor, the doctor stated that she “was probably just too fat and that spotting was normal” (83). He sent her home without truly assessing the situation. 
That same night, her butt started to hurt. Eventually she called the nurse, who asked her if her back hurt (84). Cottom said no, because it did not, and the nurse “said it was probably just constipation. I should try to go to the bathroom” (84). After three days, Cottom was still experiencing the same symptoms. She went to the hospital and the staff “implied that I had eaten something ‘bad’ for me and begrudgingly, finally decided to do an ultrasound” (84). It turns out that she had had two tumors that were bigger than her child. They admitted her to the hospital and one night nurse “mentioned that I had been in labor for three days. ‘You should have said something,’ she scolded me” (84). Cottom suffered from a diagnosis lapse that would cause the death of her newborn. 
Cottom also endured a threat about not getting an epidural if she was not quiet enough and the blame for her daughter’s death (84-5). Tressie McMillan Cottom is just one of millions, though, who have had similar experiences. According to the CDC, “black women are 243 percent more likely to die from pregnancy- or childbirth-related causes than are white women” (87). This percentage gap is a very clear indicator of just how much medical racism affects black women’s lives. 
Works Cited:
Cottom, Tressie McMillan. “Dying to be Competent.” Thick -- And Other Essays, 73-97. New York, NY: The New Press, 2019. 
Davis, Dána-Ain. “Pregnancy and Prematurity in the Afterlife of Slavery.” Reproductive Injustice: Racism, Pregnancy, and Premature Birth, 89-114. New York, NY: New York University Press, 2019. 
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fairy-tale-villains · 11 hours ago
Happyhoganon: If Nolan hid his Omni-Man suit somewhere else that's not inside his family's house, how could things turn out in episode five with Debbie not able to find Nolan's outfit?
Uhhhh good question! I like that one! 
I assume that this could have gone down many ways. I don’t know so much so for episode five but more so for the general development of the show. 
One version might be that Debbie would eventually ask/confront Nolan about the suit and why he wanted the suit back so badly, leaving her doubts unclear. This could lead to a difficult discussion between her and Mark who could eventually try to find the suit for Debbie to clear up any doubts Debbie has. Maybe Mark would know about the whereabouts of the suit or might know a way on how to track it, because Nolan told him or he would sneak after Nolan one night and find the suit by coincidence. However, I don’t think this would happen during episode five, but maybe later, when Mark would be feeling better.
Furthermore, this could lead to Mark actually discovering the truth about Nolan, when he brings the suit to Art Rosebaum. He might wish to shield his mother from the truth to protect her feelings at first, tell Cecil Stedman and figure out a plan on how to bring Nolan down and hold him captive to investigate. (Mark might just suspect Nolan was controlled somehow) However, Stedman knows Nolan must be killed which is why Mark might protect his father in the end, when he realizes that Stedman wants to kill Nolan. This could eventually lead to Mark turning on Stedman and be a “Mark and Nolan vs the World” scenario. 
To Mark it might seem as though Stedman tried to have Nolan killed, by using the Guardians. Keep in mind: Mark might still not know the reason behind why Nolan killed the Guardians and just make assumptions as he tried to make excuses for his father at first, too. Mark thought Nolan had been possessed or something similiar to that. After they have defeated Stedman, Nolan might later confess his actual evil intents, leading to Mark having a breakdown, realizing he just became a villain. In that process he might have attacked and hurt the new Guardians or injured Atom Eve, people he cared about and his trust was betrayed. Nolan might then consider Mark to be weak for having doubts and still beat Mark like he did in the last episode and then also killing Debbie, because she was the one who had Mark investigate the suit in the first place. 
Another version could be that Stedman and Mark actually manage to bring Nolan in alive and have him stand some form of trial. I wonder if they could send Nolan to where they sent Damian Darkblood? After Nolan might be found guilty, injured and hurt, unable to fight, they banish him to another realm that Nolan cannot return from. It would at least make sense to me, because they showed the technique and might make use of it again. Not sure if it would work though... 
In a scenario where the suit never would have been found under any circumstance, it might lead to Debbie no longer investigating the incident, but still being sceptical. However, Nolan would find out that Stedman was spying on his family and tell Debbie and Mark about Stedman’s attempts of spying. He could easily spin the narrative around and make it seem as though Stedman and his team are trying to frame Nolan. Nolan’s goal would be to continue to lower earth’s defences. With Stedman and the new Guardians going to war against Mark and Nolan, Mark and Nolan would come out on top, but probably severly injured. Nolan could then even convince earth that Stedman had been a villain all along and that he would propose for his kind to protect earth instead, to assure some form of peace, so Nolan would actually win and be seen as a hero. 
Another possibility could be that the Immortal is ressurrected later in the series and tells Stedman everything, giving them a better opportunity to speculate on how to take down Nolan and bring Debbie to safety and convince Mark to help them bring Nolan down. I think that the Immortal along with Mark might actually stand a good chance to defeat Nolan, or the Immortal might know about some way to deal with Nolan in some way, shape or form. Since he is so old he might know some “spell” or whatever. Or Stedman might call Battle Beast for back-up as well. Just to make sure Nolan dies or is at least defeated.
Another plausible thing could be that the Immortal just snaps and tries to kill Nolan and Nolan kills the Immortal in public or the Immortal might take revenge on Nolan, capturing Debbie and/or Mark to lure Nolan into a trap. 
To conclude in regards for episode five: I think that Debbie might try to talk to Mark and tell him about her suspicions, but I don’t think she’ll approach Nolan in any way. Another way for Debbie to share her thoughts could be by sharing the found notes of Darkblood with Stedman, Rosebaum and/or Mark, trying to convince people that something is not right. I think that this turn of events would get Debbie killed. I suspect that one of the three might tell on Debbie and Nolan would then kill her, as she promised to “trust” Nolan at a spontanous vacation, while a monster was attacking the city (if I remember that part correctly). 
There you have it. :) 
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jennyboom21 · 14 hours ago
I miss emps in particular today because you know she’d be all about cracking the code on the famous women Bebe Rexha has apparently been with
Gosh, she’s so missed!!! 🥺🥺🥺😫😫😫😭😭😭!!! Miss you, Dr. Emps!
Congrats to Bebe!!! I do wonder who the girl(s) is(are), but one of my Hard Truths (a subset of Pro Tips) when it comes to Not Straight celebs that the ones who soft out themselves as some type of gay have already had a same sex relationship, OR... are in one (or after a civil break up), imo 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Tumblr media
“I’m not going to try to be that perfect pop girl,” Bebe Rexha says with a shrug, “because I just can’t live my life like that.” It’s early morning in LA and the 31-year-old has barely had a chance to start her breakfast, but she’s already telling it like it is. “Growing up, I would look up to all these glossy, beautiful pop stars and I thought that was the way to do it, but it’s not what works for me,” she says. Rexha has realised in the seven years since she dropped her stomping debut solo single I Can’t Stop Drinking About You that her fans prefer it when she’s “honest” and gloss-free.
This honesty runs through her brilliant new album, Better Mistakes, like a stick of rock. On the catchy opening track Break My Heart Myself, Rexha drops a matter-of-fact reference to Klonopin, a prescription drug used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. “My doctor upped my dosage / My mom felt bad, so she sent me roses / Without it, I feel really hopeless,” she sings unselfconsciously. If anything, the guitar-driven ballad Empty, which appears towards the end of the album, is even rawer. “I break down with my daily routine, a fake smile is my accessory,” Rexha sings softly. “I’m tired of feeling low, and I’m too tired to hurt.” It’s affecting stuff.
Rexha is also an open book in person: so much so that even our transatlantic Zoom interview feels pretty intimate. “My fans like it when I talk about my mental health and my weight and not being what the ‘perfect’ pop star looks like,” she continues. “You know, I’m not a [US] size four, I’m an eight-to-ten. Some people are so good at the perfect pop girl thing: they work out every day and eat the perfect things and say the perfect things in interviews.” Rexha says this will never be her. “Like, I will wake up sometimes and have a really shitty day, and when that happens, I’m just gonna be me,” she adds. When several designers declined to dress her for the 2019 Grammy Awards because in their eyes she was “too big”, Rexha publically called them out. “That’s crazy. You’re saying that all the women size 8 and up are not beautiful and can’t wear your dresses?” she tweeted.
As well as being honest to a fault, the album is catchy as hell: another Bebe Rexha signature. Before she launched her solo career in 2014, the Brooklyn-born artist had already made a splash as a songwriter who can turn edgy subject matter into pop gold. A year earlier, Eminem and Rihanna recorded The Monster, a song Rexha wrote while in “a dark head space”, and turned it into a number one hit. Rexha has said this “opened doors” for her but it sounds as though the whole experience was somewhat bittersweet. “At that time I had no choice but to give that song away,” she revealed in a 2017 Facebook Live. “I had no money and no record deal.”
Thankfully, Rexha has since racked up hits of her own, mainly as an in-demand collaborator. Among her steady stream of gold and platinum singles are the electro thumper In the Name of Love with Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, hip-hop bop Me Myself & I with rapper G-Eazy, and club banger Hey Mama with David Guetta, Nicki Minaj and Afrojack. Because she’s worked with so many different artists, hopping from genre to genre along the way, Rexha has often felt like a tricky artist to pin down. At times, her career arc has looked a little random: in 2017, she scored her biggest hit to date when she took an unexpected excursion into country-pop with Nashville duo Florida Georgia Line. Their ingratiating, laid-back love song Meant to Be has now amassed more than a billion Spotify streams.
Tumblr media
Today, Rexha says Meant to Be’s enormous success caught everyone off guard. “I didn’t ask for that, I swear to God!” she hoots. “I wrote the song with the [Florida Georgia Line] guys for their album, but they didn’t wanna put it on their album because they didn’t believe in it.” So, recognising that the song had potential, Rexha decided to include it on her latest EP instead. “And then it fucking blows up!” she says with a laugh. “What am I gonna do, not put out a song that sounds like a hit? Do you know how many [potential] hit songs I probably have sitting on my computer because somebody didn’t believe in it?” Rexha says that before she recorded Me, Myself & I as a hip-hop track with G-Eazy, she had already made a “dancehall version” that she thought would blow up in the UK. However, at the time no one else seemed quite so excited about it. “So I had no choice,” she continues. “Well, not ‘no choice’, but I played it to G-Eazy without that [dancehall] beat because it would’ve thrown him off.” She says this kind of thing happens a lot. “It’s not always that people don’t believe in a song,” she says, “it’s that they’re not moving on it.”
No one could accuse Rexha of failing to move on her own career. Raised in Brooklyn and then Staten Island by her Albanian parents – her father emigrated to New York when he was 21; her mother was born in the US to an Albanian family – she displayed talent and pluck from a young age. As a kid, she taught herself to play the trumpet, guitar and piano, sang in school musicals and the choir, and began composing her own material. By the age of 15, she had been discovered by a talent scout and found herself in songwriting sessions with men three times her age. “They would kind of laugh at me,” Rexha recalled a few years ago. “I sucked at the time, but I was really driven.” This steeliness has stood her in good stead ever since. Initially she wasn’t credited as a featured artist on Hey Mama despite singing its chorus because the song already had two other featured artists on it: Nicki Minaj and Afrojack. After it blew up in 2015, Rexha kept fighting her corner and got her name added, too.
Released in 2018 after a trio of EPs, Rexha’s debut album Expectations did well, spawning the infectious take-me-as-I-am bop I’m a Mess. But Better Mistakes definitely feels like a step up: it’s more cohesive and better captures her tough, spunky personality. This shines through even on lighter moments like the hard-slapping single Sacrifice, which Rexha announced in February by tweeting: “I’m gonna give the gays everything they want on this one song.” Today, she says Sacrifice was partly inspired by her best friend, stylist Wilford Lenov, who is gay. “He’s like, ‘You always do dance songs with other people – they’re always collaborations. I need you to give me that gay anthem that I want and I need,'” she recalls. “So when I recorded Sacrifice, I was like, ‘I’m obsessed’, but I played it to Wilford first to get the OK. And he loved it.” After the song dropped, her LGBTQ fans were just as obsessed. “I got a lot of good vibes,” Rexha says. “Basically people were like, ‘Okay. You were not lying when you said that!'”
It’s hardly surprising that Rexha understood the assignment when she decided to “give the gays everything they want”; after all, she’s a member of the LGBTQ community herself. When she was asked in an interview last year why she hadn’t “defined” her sexuality, she replied: “I try to keep one thing personal to me. But I consider myself fluid. Until I find ‘the one,’ I can’t just say what I am. I just want to find someone I love and who loves me – and I don’t care if that’s a boy or a girl.”
What I believe about sexuality is this: it's a scale. Have I gone out with girls before? Yes. Have I dated girls? Yes, I have. And famous ones, but I'm not naming them. Even though people would be living for it – no!
Today, she is more than happy to expand on her fluidity – in fact, she answers questions that I don’t even ask. “What I believe about sexuality is this: it’s a scale,” she says. “Have I gone out with girls before? Yes. Have I dated girls? Yes, I have. And famous ones, but I’m not naming them. Even though people would be living for it – no!” We both laugh. “Have I fallen in love with a girl before? Yes,” she continues. “But right now, I’m in a relationship with a guy.”
Rexha says that for her, attraction is simply based on “whoever inspires me” at a particular time. “The only thing I will say,” she adds, “is that when I’m in a relationship with a girl, it’s just too emotional. The power… I personally cannot deal with that.” She says she fully understands why some people prefer to label themselves “gay”, “bi” or “straight”; but for her, understanding who she is drawn to romantically has been more of a journey. “It’s just so hard because everybody wants to put people in boxes and I don’t like boxes, as you can tell with my music,” she says. “Like, I don’t like boxes whatsoever.”
Rexha says she saw her music being embraced by LGBTQ fans even before she launched her solo career: the “emo gays” got her from the start. Before she signed her solo deal in 2013, Rexha spent two years as a member of Black Cards, Pete Wentz’s post-Fall Out Boy project, and cut her teeth on the punky Warped Tour. “I would sometimes spend three hours after the show at the merch table – even if people didn’t buy anything, I’d be talking to them and hugging them,” she recalls. “This was a long time before Covid, of course! But I can’t tell you how many people told me that they came out to their parents and got kicked out and saved up all their money to come to that tour.”
These coming out stories clearly had a lasting effect on Rexha. “I’ve had friends who had a relatively easy coming out – my best friend, he doesn’t give a fuck, everybody knew from the top [that he was gay] and didn’t even ask him,” she says. “But I’ve also had friends who tried to tell their parents and they didn’t really get it, and I can’t imagine what that is like.” She says her music’s ability to comfort queer fans came as a surprise. “Like, I didn’t realise my music could do that, that it actually could give people strength,” she says.
Rexha has given other fans strength by being open about her mental health journey. In April 2019, she revealed on Twitter that she has bipolar disorder. Today, she says it took “a minute” to figure out how to manage her condition, but believes she’s in a good place now. “I don’t wanna get into [specific] pills because I feel like that’s too personal,” she says. “But finally, I was able to get on some meds that really help me.” When I ask whether it felt good to go public about it in 2019, she resists giving a bland, pat answer. “Um… kind of,” Rexha says after a pause. “Because I feel like there’s still a lot of stigma behind it. I didn’t know if people were still gonna want to be my friend.” She says that in the past, she had a friend with a mental health condition and wasn’t as supportive as she could have been. “I kind of judged him a little bit, and I feel guilty about that now,” she admits. “It’s funny how the world works. But because of that, I was scared that people might judge me for it.”
She says she ultimately decided to share her diagnosis partly because it was freeing, and partly because she had drawn strength from learning that fellow singers Demi Lovato and Mariah Carey also have bipolar disorder. “Mariah is a fucking beast – she has written all of her own songs,” she says. “To be able to do that, and be so successful even though you have your issues or whatever, that is so inspiring.”
After spending some time with Rexha, it’s hard not to reach the conclusion that her candour, work ethic and commitment to being authentically herself is also pretty inspiring. Fittingly enough, when I ask what she wants people to think when they hear her name, she gives a one-word answer: “Unapologetic.”
Bebe Rexha’s new album Better Mistakes is available to stream and download from 7 May.
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blueseaturtle · 14 hours ago
Tribe Kings: Damian Reid created by @blueseaturtle_
CH. 3 - Finally
One by one the pairs of Soulmates names were being called. It wouldn’t matter if I was here. I light my cigarette and wander away from the crowd of happy beings. Human and Supernatural alike. 
I walked further away and entered the woods near the Temple. I didn’t know why I was even here in the first place. Oh wait-- that’s right.
Those damn Twins tricked me into coming here. Stupid dopplegangers. Sent me a text message saying that a Nefaerius was out on the loose. Those damned unfortunate creatures. Once human souls turned evil.
Tch. I bought into another one of their tricks. Those kids are gonna get it later. They should’ve been here, but I guess they’re up to no good again.
Hm? What’s that?
I see before me the Torii Gate opening. I hide behind the trunk of a tree nearby. 
A Nefaerius? No. **sniffs air** A human girl! What’s a human doing here? There hasn’t been a new human here in centuries. She looks lost. And sad... judging from the look in her puffy red watery eyes. She could get lost in these woods. I’m going to have to show her the way. But I don’t want to scare her. 
**Transforms into a bunny**
I hop over to her and she looks at me. 
She smiles and pats me on the head gently. She says to me “Well, I guess I’m not totally alone, but I am still lost.” 
I tug on the edge of her pants and urge her to follow me. Did this a few times until she got the hint. She reluctantly followed me. I led her to the path with the glowing blue lights to guide her back to the Festival. 
I hopped around and disappeared. I didn’t want her to see me, but I needed to make sure she got there safely. Maybe she could find the Twins or anyone really to help her. The Torii Gate closed the moment she walked right through. Only the All Tribes can enter through and out of the Gate. So how is it a mere human can? There hasn’t been an outsider to go through the gate in centuries. I heard a noise from a distance. The sounds of a Nefaerius wandering about. I have to get her out of here. 
As I watch her, her eyes look like they have been through a lot of pain. I close my eyes to see into her past. She’s definitely hurting. I don’t see much but she has been through physical and emotional abuse by....people.. that she loved. 
I’m an Empath. I can feel other peoples’ emotions and see their past clearly, but this girl... her past appears to be hazy... like walking through a fog. 
I watch this girl enter the Festival and the Faeries at the front magically transform her entire attire into a golden yellow flowy dress. Her eyes light up and as far as I can tell she’s never seen magick before. My heart warms for her. I remember that feeling of seeing magick for the very first time.
I made sure she was safe as she enjoyed the Festival. I could join her, but then everyone here would see me. I’m not down for that, but of course the ones who understand my powers can see me.
Sophie appears and nearly gave me a heart attack. 
“My my my! What is this? What are you doing? A young lady, you’re following, but she doesn’t see you. And why are you doing all of this for her?”
“You Witch! You scared the hell outta me!”
“Dear Mazoku, I didn’t know how much of a softy you are towards a human.”
“I’m not! Now get off! I gotta make sure she’s safe.”
“Fret not dear Mazoku! I shall help you!”
“Help with what?! Get back to your post!”
Then along came the Jewel Sisters: Emerald, Amethyst, and Garnet. 
Soon after, it was the rest of the group-- Leon and Aiden who finally arrived.
I brushed past all of them. I can’t stand their yapping. 
I caught up with her. And I heard the announcer call her name up for the first time. Hearing her name... it sounded familiar. I watched her slowly go up the stage. 
The Twins bickered amongst one another for they apparently recognize the girl.
“That’s Mia!” 
“But how?! She couldn’t have entered the gate!”
Everyone can see that a crown magically formed over her head and in moments.... I received mine. A crown. That matched hers. Her eyes and mine were locked in. I have this strange feeling she and I have known each other before this. I know it sounds strange. 
Usually the crowns are given prior to this event...
The Spirits have blessed us with this gift.
I finally have a Soulmate.
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thetiredcaptain · 14 hours ago
The Zodiac
Okay this might be a stretch, I’m willing to admit that, but I definitely think this movie is a part of Twinspiracy.
Tumblr media
I’m quoting Lori Lamothe, from an article they wrote called “12 Surprising Facts about the Zodiac Killer”, here is what they had to say regarding a word used by the Zodiac killer in one of the letters he sent police: “’paradice’ looks and sounds like ‘pair of dice’ to me — or, ‘pair of dies’ — which may be a way of referring to the couples Zodiac targeted. At the time he sent the 340 Cipher, he had just attacked his third couple weeks earlier, i.e. there were six victims. In astrology, Gemini, or the Twins, is sign number 3.” (The Zodiac seemed to have a fascination with the numbers 2 and 3)
Obviously he has purposefully changed the word that should be “paradise” to “paradice”. The Zodiac loved to taunt police and the public. He used ciphers in his letters and enjoyed outsmarting his pursuers. As Lori Lamothe mentions, the Zodiac mainly targeted couples, “pairs”. He attacked a total of three couples: David Arthur Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen, Michael Renault Mageau (Mageau managed to survive the attempted murder) and Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin, and Bryan Calvin Hartnell (who also managed to survive the attack) and Cecelia Ann Shepard. He also murdered Paul Lee Stine. The Zodiac claimed to have killed 37 people in his letters to police but this is unconfirmed. 
What’s interesting about what Lamothe says in their article, is that the zodiac did indeed target couples. “Paradice” exchanged in the place of paradise, could be a reference to his preference for targeting couples. As Lamothe points out “paradice” sounds an awful lot like “pair of dice”, referencing the number 2. Lastly his choice of name “Zodiac” could be in reference to the zodiac sign Gemini, its symbol being a pair of twins. 
Lamothe, Lori. “12 Surprising Facts about the Zodiac Killer | by Lori Lamothe | Chameleon | Medium.” Medium, Chameleon, 2 Jan. 2021,
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the-archlich · 14 hours ago
Just been replaying DW7 and got to say in the shu story they completely gloss over Liu Bei's time in Xu province only having rescuing Tao Qian and Xia pi what battles could be used to expand this part of the shu story and make early Shu interesting?
First let’s talk about how Liu Bei even ended up there because that’s largely glossed over too.
Liu Bei was serving under Gongsun Zan. While at war with Yuan Shao, Gongsun Zan sent his commander Tian Kai to take control of Qing province. Yuan Shao sent Yuan Tan. Liu Bei was sent as one of Tian Kai’s commanders. They initially did well, taking the city of Pingyuan, but Yuan Tan eventually drove them out and pushed them east, until they were next to Beihan canton, under Kong Rong. Unwilling to align himself with either Gongsun or Yuan, Kong Rong instead fell under Tao Qian’s hegemony, with Beihai effectively functioning as a satellite of Xu province. When Kong Rong was attacked by the Turban Remnanats of Qing, Taishi Ci  sought help from Liu Bei, who was the nearest commander. Liu Bei rescued Kong Rong, earning his friendship. Shortly after this, Cao Cao invaded Xu for a second time and Tao Qian called for aid from his ally Gongsun Zan. Liu Bei answered that call. Although he accomplished nothing against Cao Cao, Tao Qian still offered to make him inspector of Yu province and give him more soldiers, so Liu Bei defected to serve under Tao Qian. Tao Qian didn’t really control much more than the state of Pei in Yu, so Liu Bei set his quarters at it’s capital city Pei, often called Xiaopei (little Pei) to avoid confusion with the canton of the same name.
Not long after this, Tao Qian died. Liu Bei had courted the influence of powerful locals like the Mi clan (Mi Zhu, Mi Fang, etc.) and had Kong Rong’s support as well. With their influence he was able to secure succession from Tao Qian as Xu’s new governor. It was right about this time that Lu Bu fled to Xu after being driven out of Yan by Cao Cao. Since Cao Cao was a mutual enemy to both, Liu Bei welcomed Lu Bu and set him up blocking the road between Xu and Yan to intercept any attacks from Cao Cao.
Around the beginning of the next year (196), Yuan Shu invaded Xu province. Although he’d been allied with Tao Qian he evidently did not feel that this bond transferred to Liu Bei, and he’d claimed the province as his personal domain some time before. Liu Bei led his army into Guangling to meet Yuan Shu and the two engaged in indecisive fighting in the south of the canton. Zhang Fei was left in charge at Liu Bei’s headquarters in Xiapi, but he badly mismanaged matters and the city turned against him. Yuan Shu offered Lu Bu wealth and power to defect, so Lu Bu attacked Xiapi. The incensed locals opened the gates for him and he took the city with ease.
Liu Bei turned around and left Guangling, hoping to retake Xiapi. But he was pushed back by Lu Bu and his army mostly disintegrated. With the wealth of the Mi clan (who became his in-laws at this time), he was able to regroup somewhat. Caught between the two enemies, he decided to make peace with Lu Bu. Because Yuan Shu didn’t come through on his promises (and tried to have Lu Bu murdered), Lu Bu was now at odds with him so he accepted peace with Liu Bei and allowed him to return to Xiapei.
This area was now a sort of Circle of Treachery, with three warlords who knew better than to trust each other. Yuan Shu decided to attack Liu Bei but Lu Bu came to his aid, afraid to let Yuan Shu tip the balance in his favor. He convinced Yuan Shu’s commander to retreat, and this is where the famous “I can shoot my halberd from real far away you guys” story comes from. The three of them continued to have a difficult relationship, with Lu Bu skirmishing against both parties though to no decisive end. After some fighting, Lu Bu and Yuan Shu reached another alliance, with Lu Bu seemingly the only person willing to stick by him after the whole Zhong Emperor thing.
Eventually, Lu Bu became concerned that Liu Bei was growing too strong and would not remain subordinate much longer, so he sent Gao Shun and Zhang Liao to attack him. Cao Cao (hoping to destroy Lu Bu) sent Xiahou Dun to help defend Pei, but he and Liu Bei were quickly defeated and forced to flee. Cao Cao then gathered his army and advanced east. With the aid of an officer named Chen Deng (who gathered armies in Xu and then defected to Cao Cao) and some arguable tactical mistakes by Lu Bu, Cao Cao was able to steamroll across Yu and Xu until he reached Xiapi. There he laid siege to the city until Lu Bu surrendered and was executed. Although Yuan Shu intended to send reinforcements, he was too slow to respond and they did not arrive.
Cao Cao then agreed to let Liu Bei remain Inspector of Yu, now with command of most of the province. The next year (199) he was ordered to attack Yuan Shu with Zhu Ling. But Yuan Shu died while they were on the road, so Liu Bei revolted against Cao Cao, hoping to retake Xu for himself. He sent Guan Yu to Xiapi while he personally remained at Xiaopei. Liu Bei was able to fend off the first army Cao Cao sent against him, but when Cao Cao advanced personally in 200, Liu Bei was quickly defeated and fled, abandoning his family (again). Guan Yu was quickly defeated at Xiapi and surrendered. Liu Bei joined up with his old enemy Yuan Shao and was eventually sent to wage gruella war against Cao Cao from Runan, the home of the Yuan family. He had some success but in 201 was forced to flee to Jing, where he took up service under Liu Biao.
And so on, and so on.
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railnut0 · 14 hours ago
Read Jujutsu Kaisen chapter manga:
In Chapter 6 (6.1) In Chapter 9 (8.3) In Chapter 12 (9.8) In Chapter 14 (10.1) In Chapter 22 (11.5) In Chapter 31 (12.1) After a few battles, the main character was saved by his comrade, and finally released after getting used to his special physical ability. In Chapter 36 (18.3) He is later released, but he's still saved after a bad battle. He also was shown to be able to recover certain objects after the battle that he took control of. Later he is shown to be completely in control after the battle. Trivia Edit He is an official character of the series. He is the first-ever ninja who has reached the status of "Soupyuu☆Bokujin Shinobi". They are also named after the movie, but that is an exaggeration. As he is an official character in the show, he was also seen in other media for some time, and is likely the main character of the manga due to it's depiction of Hokage Uzumaki as a man who was not a ninja on his own. It is unknown whether he is also a character on the show. He is known as "Hokage Uzumaki-san" in this series due to the scene he was in in the opening chapter. His nickname is � Read Jujutsu Kaisen chapter manga, and the original anime and manga. He won the Naoki Sakai Memorial Award "Best Nonfiction Literature" (as voted "Best Book of Literature at the 2017 National Awards in Science Fiction)." In 2014, Jujutsu said that his favorite manga works were "The Blue, The White, The Red, The Red YELLOW, The Black and Purple." He has published manga with the titles "Tokusai," "Ninjutsu, Raito, Fusika," "Hōkiyō," "Yumiko," "Fusei," and "Tensei Ryōkai." In July of 2012, following an appearance on the same program, Jujutsu revealed his work as well as his first and only official work, which was a collection of 15 manga that were produced in the fall of 2006. It includes 13 titles: "A Thousand-Year-Old Man (The Art of Self-Defense), One Generation: Another Child," "Litigion of the Dead," "Safari's Fate: In the Dark of Night," "Strict Fate, Part 1: Unbound Fate," and "My Favorite Life: A Personal Journey (Safari's Fate)." In 2008, Jujutsu was invited to be the next chapter author at Yūjikage ga: A Novel (Naruto Shippūden), a project that was officially launched in conjunction with Hime Read Jujutsu Kaisen chapter manga (Novel) In "The Secret Life of Naruto: Chapter 9", Naruto becomes the target of a gang of ninja from Naruto's ninja school; however, Naruto himself is captured by the mob who want to destroy him. However, as a ninja, he only takes advantage of such traps and attacks the gang, but does not die easily and saves the other students from capture. His friends do not believe this and he is later kidnapped by the mob and sent to a safe house in Shikamaru High School . Meanwhile, in a school gym the leader of the group's ninja party, Kakashi Taichi, attempts a ninja coup and is assassinated by Kakashi-sensei, who is then killed by the group. After Naruto defeats the two ninjas he is forced to return to Akatsuki and join the Ninja Clan, where he learns about other students he has met, and his past. The Ultimate Ninja Gaiden manga Satsuki Kaji, the son of Naruto's best friend, is the main protagonist of Sakura Shirakami in the Ultimate Ninja Gaiden manga. He is a student of Ryougaku Yūzaku , and is a member of The Shadow Ninja Academy. He is also a member of the Hokage Army, although in his own words, he "just wants everyone to know who he is." He has a close friendship with the student body at school, is often seen with the Student Read Jujutsu Kaisen chapter manga
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Bill Barr Bombshell!
Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson puts the hammer on Former Attorney General William Barr
(CNN) A federal judge this week rejected the Justice Department's attempts to keep secret a departmental opinion to not charge former President Donald Trump with obstruction at the end of the Mueller investigation, calling the administration's lawyers “disingenuous.”
The department had argued in court that the largely redacted March 2019 memo was legal reasoning that helped then-Attorney General William Barr make a decision about Trump. But federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson said she believed Barr and his advisers had already decided they wouldn't charge the President with a crime before he got the written advice, and the memo was partly strategic planning instead of legal reasoning — and therefore could be made public.
CNN Politics
He lied. Plain and simple. “Disingenuous” is federal judge-speak for “You're a lying bastard and you really should not have done that in MY COURT!”
More here and here. Rachel Maddow had a very detailed breakdown of what transpired when Barr whitewashed the Mueller Report.
Ex President is still banned from Facebook
Facebook’s Oversight Board upheld the social network’s decision to ban Trump
Facebook’s Oversight Board on Wednesday upheld the social network’s decision to ban former president Trump four months after the Capitol riot, but also faulted the social network for making a decision without clear criteria.
Facebook banned Trump indefinitely following the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, citing posts that it said encouraged violence.
In its decision, the board agreed that Trump’s comments on the day of the insurrection “created an environment where a serious risk of violence was possible.” They pointed to calling the mob members “patriots,” “special,” and telling them to “remember this day forever.”
However, the expert panel also took issue with Facebook’s “indefinite” suspension of Trump, calling it “vague and uncertain.” It sent the decision back to Facebook and said it had six months to clarify Trump’s punishment and come up with a response that fits its known rules. It found Facebook didn’t use standard procedure in making its decision, and that the company had no published criteria for suspending a user indefinitely. The typical response for posting comments inciting violence is to remove the comment.
Washington Post
If you want a free 30-day subscription to the Washington Post, be the first to comment on this blog post the words “Yes, I want a free 30-day subscription to the Washington Post (copy and paste).” Make sure you leave a good email address because that's how I will contact you.
Liz Cheney is still a Republican and still the daughter of Tricky Dick Cheney
So I would not trust her, ever. But she's right (of course) when she says the 2020 presidential election was not stolen.
The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system.
— Liz Cheney (@Liz_Cheney) May 3, 2021
But it doesn't matter to the rabid MAGA Deplorables: They want her gone, saying she can't possibly stay on message if she doesn't agree with the idea that Trump got cheated.
(CNN) Rep. Liz Cheney's days as the No. 3 in House GOP leadership appear to be numbered, with speculation growing about her replacement and House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy contending she has failed to do her job in driving the party's message to take back the majority.Cheney has grown increasingly isolated within her conference amid her feud with former President Donald Trump, a battle that intensified after she was one of just 10 Republicans who backed his impeachment on a charge of inciting the January 6 insurrection and as she's called out his lie that he actually won the 2020 election.
More here.
I have to admit it's fun watching the snake head eat the snake tail.
U.S. birth and fertility rates in 2020 dropped to another record low
Births fell for the sixth consecutive year to the lowest levels since 1979, the CDC said.
The U.S. birth rate is so low, the nation is “below replacement levels,” meaning more people die every day than are being born, the CDC said.
Source: CDC via CNBC
I guess we can blame Obama for this, since the precipitous decline began on his watch. #ThanksObama.
Two Asian women stabbed in downtown San Francisco
Authorities arrested a man who they say is suspected of stabbing two Asian women without warning in downtown San Francisco on Tuesday.
Officers were sent to 4th and Stockton streets shortly before 5 p.m. and found the wounded women, who were taken to a hospital, according to The Associated Press. There was no immediate word on their conditions.
Witnesses told KPIX-TV that a man clutching a knife was walking down Market Street when he approached a bus stop, stabbed the women, and then walked away. 
Police didn't immediately indicate whether the women were specifically targeted or whether the attack might be a hate crime.
USA Today
Let's get this trending on twitter: #ThanksTrump
The Pentagon is tracking an out of control Chinese rocket expected to crash into Earth
Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at the Astrophysics Center at Harvard University, told CNN, “the risk that it will hit you is incredibly tiny. And so I would not lose one second of sleep over this.” 
Because the Pacific Ocean covers so much of the Earth, the debris will likely splash down in Pacific waters somewhere, he said.
McDowell also adjusted the time period when the debris is expected to arrive to between May 8 and 10.
The Good News: Most of the rocket will burn up in the atmosphere.
The Bad News: Bits and pieces could still fall on your house.
You have rocket-re-entry insurance, right? (Running to phone to call insurance agent…)
The article was originally published here! Bill Barr Bombshell!
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Tumblr media
Rep. Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) is seeking answers about the killing of Fred Hampton, a Black Panther activist targeted by an FBI informant and shot by police in Chicago in 1969. The Hampton case has drawn renewed interest from the film “Judas and the Black Messiah,” for which actor Daniel Kaluuya won an Oscar for his portrayal of Hampton.
The congressman, who helped found the Illinois Black Panther Party and blames the FBI for Hampton’s death, said the files should hold important details about the bureau’s activities.
“We want to bring light, a bright light, to a dark history of our nation. And I think it’s very timely and very important that we do it at this time,” Rush said in an interview.
The FBI declined to comment.
The FBI’s investigation of Hampton was part of a larger domestic intelligence gathering effort by the FBI called COINTELPRO, short for Counterintelligence Program. Begun in 1956 as an effort to hunt communists, the program expanded to include the Ku Klux Klan, the Black Panther Party and activists opposed to the Vietnam War. It entailed infiltrating, harassing, and sowing division among groups involved in constitutionally protected political activism.
The program was revealed through one of the most bizarre chapters in U.S. law enforcement history. In 1971 a group of peace activists, including two college professors and a day care director, broke into a small FBI office in Media, Pa., stealing reams of secret files, which they sent to a handful of lawmakers and journalists.
Only one of the recipients, Washington Post reporter Betty Medsger, pursued the story, and her reporting about the files spawned a series of follow-up disclosures leading to the official acknowledgment of COINTELPRO’s existence, and a series of reforms to domestic surveillance rules that still shape the FBI today. The FBI never caught the burglars, who publicly identified themselves after the statute of limitations on their crimes expired.
The restrictions imposed on the FBI in the wake of COINTELPRO have come under renewed scrutiny in recent months, as some former law enforcement officials have argued the FBI has interpreted the rules too narrowly, allowing the Jan. 6 pro-Trump insurrection at the U.S. Capitol to be planned in plain view on social media and elsewhere.
When the FBI’s Norfolk office circulated a Jan. 5 report warning of talk online about “war” at the Capitol the next day, it contained cautionary language indicating that some of the individuals named in the report “have been identified as participating in activities that are protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution” and that their mention in the memo “is not intended to associate the protected activity with criminality or a threat to national security, or to infer that such protected activity itself violates federal law.” Such language is a direct outgrowth of the bureau’s past domestic spying abuses, but lawmakers have questioned whether the FBI was too reticent in pursuing brazen talk of politically motivated violence.
FBI Director Christopher A. Wray has defended the FBI’s handling of intelligence leading up to the attack, saying at a congressional hearing in March, “we do not investigate ideology, but we focus on acts of violence and violations of federal law.”
FBI report warned of ‘war’ at the Capitol.
Since the insurrection, as the Justice Department has filed charges against more than 400 people suspected of participating in the riot, Republican lawmakers have questioned whether the FBI has gone too far in investigating Trump supporters, raising the specter of the bureau’s abuses in the 1960s and ’70s.
Rush said he would welcome any conservatives’ support for his bill if that helps provide answers about the domestic spying program.
“I want to get this passed. If it’s passed in a bipartisan manner, then I certainly will not be opposed to that,” the congressman said. “But I think I am particularly concerned about the fact that my friend Fred Hampton had the ignoble distinction of being the only American citizen to be assassinated by the apparatus of the federal government, with the local government, in the history of our nation.”
While some COINTELPRO files have been made public over time, with significant redactions, Rush’s bill would require all of the files be made public within six months of the law’s passage, with independent outside experts weighing in on instances where the FBI or government agencies claimed their release could cause harm to individuals.
Rush’s bill would also remove J. Edgar Hoover’s name from the FBI headquarters building, since COINTELPRO was orchestrated by the bureau’s controversial first director.
“It is beyond time for someone who was as un-American as J. Edgar Hoover, whose legacy was clear as the No. 1 assailant on American constitutional guarantees for its citizens, should have his name is removed from the federal building,” Rush said.
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chevalierhaurchefant · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Anonymous sent:
A letter was left upon his desk. It read;
It was a shame the Lord Commander survived the attack. Do not doubt that efforts will be bound again and we will succeed next time. One by one we will pick your ranks apart and we're starting at the top. Think of the anger and panic that will spread when the Lord Commander falls. Think of the distrust that will be fathomed, think of the questions that will come. Ishgard will tear itself apart. Perfect. Watch your back, Bastard.
mention @milesducemdominus
Their departure for Ishgard was mere moments away, the only thing left for Haurchefant to do at Dragonhead was to wait for Aymeric to announce he was ready to leave.
Although relieved of his duties for the time being, Haurchefant had meant to quickly sort through a few letters while he waited for his friend, as to not leave his desk in complete disarray until his return.
It was then that his gaze fell upon the letter. There was nothing of note to be seen on the envelope, no sigil, no crest, just plain paper, a little crumbled mayhap, but nothing that suggested right away the vile content within.
His blood ran cold upon reading the words written in dark ink. Eyes flying over scratchy letters his expression remained carefully neutral, but his mind was racing.
Haurchefant had feared the attack on Aymeric to be part of a greater ploy the moment he had time to think on it after the worst was averted, but a tiny hope had remained that it had been but a series of unfortunate events. Bad luck on a worse day. A devastating day, one that still haunted him, but he had clung to the comfort of witnessing Aymeric's recovery, pushing the memory of the attack to the furthest corner of his mind, telling himself it was over.
His shoulders tensed as the last remaining hope the attack had been a mere chance encounter fizzled away and icy certainty took a hold in his chest.
He had been naive.
His eyes came up to scan the room upon completing the first readthrough. Several of his men were present, standing guard or attending to other duties. He'd trust any of them with his life and yet the letter had to have come from somewhere... from someone close enough to know to send this threat to him instead of threatening Aymeric directly.
Unless Aymeric received a similar letter...
Although, he would like to believe his friend would have mentioned such a letter had he received one himself, even though Haurchefant in turn wasn't entirely certain he should speak of it to him. He had only recently assured Aymeric his safety, had sworn he would protect him when the other man had voiced his unease about going outside. A fear no doubt rooted in the recent attempt on his life, and rightfully so, judging by this letter's words.
There was something to gain from this though, disturbing as it was. At least he now had certainty of a grander scheme, this knowledge could be used to plan ahead. He was not simply grasping at straws now that he knew this went beyond a petty vendetta against Aymeric (or himself if one considered the upcoming trial.)
It also led him to consider once more that the trial and the attempt on his friend's life were linked to some extent, and even if they were not, if Haurchefant was to be found guilty it would play right into the hands of whoever sent this letter and if this truly went against the entirety of Ishgard, then mayhap there were other's being targeted, too.
Watch your back, Bastard.
Haurchefant fought the urge to shake his head, not willing to broadcast how deeply the written words affected him; not willing to show weakness when he didn't know who might be watching. He gritted his teeth. After years of hearing the insult thrown at his face it should not affect him in the way it did. Fury coiled deep within his core, a need to fight making his sword-hand curl into a fist.
Malicious as it was, he would heed this warning.
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You know those times, when your thoughts go flying and your own headcanon gets thrown into an (alternate) bad ending scenario?
Definitely guilty here... ^^‘
The bad ending
„You do realize this is quite your own fault right?“
Neptune came to hate this voice so much during the last weeks and months. Her fists were already trembling by the bare sight of her opponent, while she simply refused to believe any of those words Venus’ whispered to her right now. However, the former Senshi of love was far more successful in this than Neptune would have liked. While manipulating Haruka had been fun but far from any real challenge, Venus had come to particularly enjoyed teasing and driving Neptune over the edge. It had ended painfully for herself on more than one occasion but damn, it had been worth every single moment. Haruka had been easy. There was so much anger, so much hatred for herself buried that close beneath the surface. A small little push and pull, that’s all that had been necessary for the nice little chaos to unfold and things quite naturally following their way. Neptune on the other hand… even Venus had to admit it was way different with her. The senshi of the sea was much more complicated, her feelings much more concealed, but oh how her strength had proven to be her greatest weakness. It shouldn’t have surprised her but still, even Venus found the irony behind this strangely amusing.
„I actually have to thank you, you know.“
Venus grinned as she carefully followed the impact every single one of her words caused. Oh, how she enjoyed having Neptune on this point. Her careful held facade breaking away slowly, giving way for the much more pleasant feelings of hate and anger Venus feed on for her own joy.
„I don’t think I could have done all of this myself. Not that quickly anyway. You did help quite a bunch you know. Poor Haruka. In the end, you broke the very rest of her spirit.“
Venus felt the by now nearly familiar pressure on her chest, rapidly and mercilessly growing as Neptune used her powers, however, none of this stopped her lips from forming into a cold and deeply satisfied smile. Despite everything, this was her victory. They both knew it was.
„Shut up!“
The roaring depths of the sea sparked back through Neptune’s eyes right before a wild hit of energy knocked Venus off her feet. Neptune’s attack sent her crushing against the nearest wall, the force breaking at least two of her rips in the process. Nevertheless, Venus laughed out loud.
„Well, look at who cannot bear the truth!“
Venus coughed, the sharp pain exploding at her side, but the so-called senshi of love grinned. She bathed in the sea goddess’ hatred. In that guilt cracking up Neptune’s soul and seeping through this raging sea of emotions. To Venus, this felt like the most exquisite wine or perfume and it was worth each and every risk she just took.
“Come on! Tell me I am wrong.”
Quite some dance with the devil this was, but Venus had not come this far to let this end without a little bit of fun.
“She asked you not to keep her away, didn’t she? Her only wish not to be a useless bystander on the battlefield. And you...? Tell me again, what did you do exactly?”
Venus never actually was surprised to find her body lacking the ability to move. She knew that part of Neptune’s powers all too well by now. She could also tell what probably would follow, but Venus never actually intended to give Neptune time to call upon the crushing waters of the sea to rise deadly from beneath her feet.
“Don’t worry.”
The pressure on her chest made it more impossible to breathe. It literally cut off her breath and caused Venus to cough. Her mocking words no longer escaped her as easy as before, but nevertheless, she pushed on. The blonde tasted her own blood in her mouth and fought to take her next breath, yet she knew in only a moment she would have won everything there was.
“I fixed your mess.”
The wicked grin on Venus’ face quite successfully drove Neptune mad. She would end this. Here and now. Once and for all.
But along with those last mocking words came a change of atmosphere that made Neptune freeze. The very air seemed to have changed and shifted. The wind picked up and with it came a far too familiar brush not only on her skin but on her soul.
Venus forgotten, Neptune turned, instinctively knowing where to look for her partner. Standing several meters across and away from her was Uranus, strong and mighty, her presence so radiant Neptune actually shivered. The aura of her partner choked her and she painfully realized how long it had been since she felt the soldier of the sky embracing her full potential and power like this.
“You know what to do.”
Neptune didn’t even turn as Venus summoned another portal to disappear, maybe to watch in all safety the confrontation that was about to happen. Neptune could not care less about their former leader, retreating once more cowardly and fleeing from their battle. It could not be more insignificant when it was Uranus who caught Neptune’s every attention.
It had been weeks... no months...
Months since Haruka had vanished.
No... since Michiru’s very own actions had driven her away...
Since then, since she had found the crash-site of Haruka’s bike and all traces were grown cold, Michiru had pushed herself to her own breaking point and limits, both physically and mentally, with her powers finally growing (or was it breaking?) to their fullest potential.
Vision after vision she had witnessed Haruka suffer…or get tortured…
As vague as her visions could be, the pictures they brought to her this time always remained crystal clear. Right to the point where Michiru, for all she knew, felt like she too was with them back at that chamber of tortures. A powerless bystander to Haruka’s cries, her screams…to every damage inflicted on her bruised and broken body as well as to her spirit.
At times, Michiru was sure Mars knew she was there as well, for she could feel a grin behind the searing flames occasionally appearing on the edge of her mind. For some reason, they both shared this strange connection to this realm of visions. And Michiru was sure the only reason Mars allowed her to stay was because the senshi of fire knew to have Michiru watch her lover’s endless tortures would do way more damage, than burning down Michiru’s thoughts.
It never made a difference anyway.
No matter how many times Michiru returned back to this living hell, no matter how many times her visions either overtook her out of nowhere, or she forced her mirror to do her bidding, she never got closer to actually find Haruka or reveal her location.
The prickling on her skin, the actual shift of the wind should have warned her, but Neptune cast away all instincts of the warrior inside her because they could not matter less.
She still managed to dodge Uranus’ attack, close as it was, but never rose her arms to send the roaring sea down at her attacker in response. Instead, Neptune’s thoughts, ever so calculated even within the fiercest battle, grew blank.
Too many things she wanted to say... too much to apologize for...
But there she was, staring back at eyes clouded by a dark and restless storm, that did not even seem to recognize her and her own regrets and guilt bound her tongue, as she looked at Uranus with disbelief.
„How pathetic.“
Uranus‘ voice was as cold as her appearance and demeanor. It did not bear any emotion other than the ever so small sign of growing impatience.
The senshi of the skies took one single step towards Neptune’s direction and with it came another set of attacks Neptune barely managed to avoid. Uranus always had been fast. Way faster than her and it never took long for the raging winds to cut deep into her skin. Those blows she reflected with her mirror didn’t make much of a difference, leaving Neptune bruised and shaking, way too soon for her own liking.
„This is a waste of my time.“
Again grey, empty eyes looked down on her and if Neptune recognized anything it was the displeased hint marking the end of Uranus‘ patience.
This wasn’t the challenge she had hoped for. Too easy. Too weak. It was a mere mystery to her how no one before her had not already silenced the disobedient sailor of the seas. But it wasn’t her place to question the princess‘ orders. She had been sent her with a clear mission and order she planned to execute without further toying around or wasting her time.
A sudden change of energy washed over Neptune senses, a spark, bright and clear, that spiked the second Uranus across from her summoned her sword.
„You got it back..-“
Neptune watched the scene in front of her utterly puzzled. Seeing the mighty talisman appear in her partner’s hands shocked her in a way she never had expected. It took the ground from underneath her feet and Neptune never grasped the moment Uranus charged at her without further hesitation. Instead, visions flickering in front of her eyes robbed her of the reality. Fast and hectic fragments, all tinted dark and red drilled themselves into Neptune’s consciousness.
Flashes of chains…of pain and suffering…a broken pledge of obedience…the cover of nothing…of strength..and purpose…and power born anew…
Neptune choked, both from the impact of her visions rendering her frozen, as well as the force of the blade knocking out of breath.
„Does it mean, it’s gone..?“
Neptune barely noticed it, the searing blade cutting through flesh and bone, nor the pain exploding from her abdomen to quickly cover and wreck every last part of her body.
„All your suffering and pain....“
Neptune blinked. Her vision blurred from sudden tears and pain, neither of which she could differentiate at this point. But still, the strangest kind of smile flickered across the dying soldiers face.
„I-I … I am glad…-“
She tried to raise a bloodstained hand. Just once... just one last time...but another thrust cut off her words, robbed her of her breath.... her pain...
Her last moment, gone just like that...
The transformation of the warrior vanished, leaving behind the body of the young woman who suddenly appeared way more fragile. The storming sea gone and vanished from deep blue eyes, turquoise locks torn and tattered while the mirror shattered on the ground.
A broken relic to prove the execution of her order.
A useless thing the princess told her to keep, without Uranus ever grasping the reason or intention why.
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