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#who needs eyes anyway
chelofvenus · 4 days ago
oddly specific sabo headcanons/jokes:
4c hair sabo who through strenuous relaxer is currently a 2a.
alternatively, jheri curl sabo.
alternatively to my alternatively, s-curl sabo (although ace sticks out more to me as an s-curl boy).
whenever they (rarely) had lessons luffy would stick pencils and various other stationary in sabo’s hair in complete wonder and they totally made a game out of it.
ivankov teaching sabo how to properly detangle and pick his hair. like tiny recovering sabo just gently having his hair washed and detangled for him *clenches fist*
alternatively to the alterive of the alternatively above, AFRO SABO.
modern au: sabo does the curly girl method for hair maintenance and probably posts videos where he slanders the state of luffy and ace’s hair while trying to fix it.
stupidly indulgent mixed race sabo au where his full name is sabolola (named fondly by the clowns who enabled this.)
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jackedspicer · 8 days ago
the ball shattering experience of chasing that fruity little king gangrel around the map while all his guys are coming at you because he WONT face chrom head on . All while gaius is flopping like a fish by the treasure chests and kellam & olivia are making out in the trees. im just trying to let blue boy have his closure
#hard mode on fea is worthe it you get drama like this#Anyway. i just hit the chapter where you get Cherche and i tell you what. Girl needs a break . Shes gonna go on vacay.#shes gonna go on vacay and shes gonna slam russian ass all over valm. you love to see it#literally ive had my guy hang out with gregor the past 2 chapters and its so awkward. Its like#he still finds the time to crack a corny joke at you with admittedly excellent timing with this half hearted grin and pained look in his ey#Every1 is thinking about death because emm just died etc etc and gregor knows its not the time. he knows it and thats why the pained look#is there#its inherently comical to be paired with gregor for reasons i cant put my finger on its like#siiiiigh my closeted boytoy chrom is off crying with Sully because his sister died. Its fine. Its fine.#and youre there. with Gregor. and he knows it but doesnt give you a hard time. And youre still#thinking about the thing he said about keeping your muscles limber. And its just comically awkward. thats Gregor#ive put greg with cordelia too because i like the speed boost and the mobility and i remember thinking#OY! pairing gregor with fliers is so epic. i just wish Cordelia was tankier#and theni remembered CHERCHE.#AND MY BASED SEXY FANART OF THEM!!!!!!!!#good god the power duo that they have. especially if she has Demoiselle because you see that pink heart target mark on the bottom screen#while theyre paired up and its vibe shit it completes the entire atmosphere#ME WHO GRINDS ENDLESSLY TO GET HER DEMOISELLE FOR AESTHETICS AND NOTHING ELSE..#i cant even explain it . sumia and frederick THINK themselves to be the glue that holds everyone together#but its cherche and gregor and everybody fucking knows it. Frederick has nothing on gregor. I swear to God.
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mintroni · 15 days ago
I’d think if it’d be !!!!!!!!! super duper uper FUNKY if my brother didn’t put covenant eyes on the laptop that’s NOT EVEN HIS!!!!! :D
[VERY long rant in the tags]
#btw if you dont know#covenant eyes is this like. sort of thing that a parent would put on their child's computer/phone to watch what theyre doing#it was on the last computer we had#but then that computer died so eventually we got this laptop!#by this point mark is out of the house#so we didnt have covenant eyes on this laptop for awhile. (not even a fucking year)#the only people who use this laptop are me and my other brother michael#mark is home for the summer and he likes to use this laptop to play old computer games like#idk what he plays#red alert 2/ age of mythology/ etc#but anyway#he doesnt!!!!! even!!!!!!!!! have an account on here!!!!! he just uses michael's account!!!#like okay itd be understandable if our Mom put covenant eyes on here#but this is MY BROTHER. WHY DOES HE NEED COVENANT EYES ON HERE?#BY THE FUCKING WAY#HE GETS NOTIFCATIONS ON HIS PHONE WHEN YOU DO LITERALLY ANYTHING#he ignores them most of the time i assume bUT HE STILL GETS THEM???#i know this cause when we still had the old computer#i looked up lesbian flag on google#and my mom had the covenant eyes app on her phone#and one day after school she asked me did you look up the lesbian flag? i got a notification on my phone about it.#SO YEAH THATS GREAT#you can also put like game time on it#on the last computer we (mark and mom) made the internet locked from#i think#midnight to 7 in the morning#yeah it was fucking annoying if i had something i needed to do before school on the computer and couldnt fucking get on#also not being able to be on past midnight? i got that. whatever. i need my sleep. okay#but i have no idea what the times are on the laptop yet.#and i SWEAR TO GOD?
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unfortunatesculs · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
To decrease the amount of things on my dash, I’m going to start giving a little softblock to blogs that (exceptions being: haven’t been on in over a week, hiatus, have already contacted me ooc but we haven’t gotten to ic yet) haven’t shown any initiative or interest in interacting with me at all!
For my previous Hazbin Hotel blogs that followed me, you are 100% allowed to softblock this blog so you can follow my hazbin multi over at @hellsaurelius !! Unless you have muses otherwise you’d be interested in interacting with here, then, by all means, you are more than allowed to stay.
I’m going to start up my softblock spree around June 3rd, because I will be celebrating the release of Jonathan on DBD and will be doing my cleanse upon his purchase that day. If you’d like to interact, you have full ability to use my IMs, Ask Box, like starter calls, etc.! And, to avoid random asks or people being like, “Well, you haven’t done anything,” then, yes, you are allowed to softblock me should you find it to be the case on your end ; I’m not petty enough to say I’ve reached out to everyone.
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darkwood-sleddog · a month ago
I’m convinced at this point one could go back in time, grab an original Voelker bred M’Loot dog, bring it back to the present, plop it down in front of the Giant Malamute people and they’d still say it wasn’t big enough or it wasn’t an “original malamute” or any of the other falsities these people perpetuate to sell their dogs. 
It will never not be ironic to me that M’Loot dogs were the strain originally bred for companionship (not much focus on working drive unlike the Kotzebue dogs) and yet the Giant people think M’Loots are the original working dog, that the ‘working people’ breed this breed ‘too small’ or whatever bs they want to say to let themselves sleep at night. 
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chascah · a month ago
Oh boy, I wonder how many wonderful groom/best-man units we won't get this year in feh's bridal event ☺️💕
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