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#when ur stressed but gotta be really cool about it
preemshots · a month ago
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johnny’s “got a bad feeling about this, v” face
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enhacre · 25 days ago
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Tumblr media
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☻*. DATING enhypen —
request. [♡] * reposted because i made a few errors in the original post.
Tumblr media
heeseung’s such a passionate boyfriend.
no but really, he’s just so dedicated to you. he’s a little shy in the beginning but god does he love hard. through out the entire relationship he never fails to remind you how lucky he is to have you. how he feels like he doesn’t deserve you but he’s so grateful that you’ve come into his life. he’s intense with his love, almost too intense at times. you have to tell him to relax because he puts himself on a pedestal and is his own harshest critic. :( he can stress himself out holding himself to high standards
but in the end, all he wants to do is make you happy. he feels he’s accomplished when you’re doubled over laughing at him making a bad joke or when you’re shocked at a gift he brings you or when he picks you up for date nights with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and you giggle and give him a big kiss. he lives for those moments.
he lives for moments like cuddling in bed on a rainy day with your head rested on his chest, playing with the strands of your hair and occasionally kissing your forehead and telling you you’re his forever person. god he’s the biggest sap for you he can’t help it :(
extremely passionate as well, loves very hard. can and will do anything and everything to make you happy. like if he can help it you wouldn’t have to lift a single finger with him around. need help carrying your bags? he’s got that. need help opening a stubborn jar? he can do it for you. literally would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.
that being said…he can be a little presumptuous sometimes. like he jumps the gun several times when you guys first start dating, he’s so worried about losing you that he tries to predict when you’re gonna break up with him. so every time you guys have a little argument he thinks that’s it even though you aren’t even that mad at him you’re just a little peeved 😭
all in all, though, jay’s the kind of boyfriend you proudly bring home to your parents. he’s very much so husband material, he likes to joke around about the day he’s gonna propose to you. as in you tell him to stop kidding around but he’s highkey dead serious bc ain’t no way he’s not tryin to cook you breakfast while you waddle in all tired and just hug him from behind. it’s a very specific fantasy but it’s what he wants, alright.
ah, jakey just gives those high school puppy love vibes doesnt he. like the class president who has a major crush on you and is always finding a way to get to you whether it be walking you to class or sharing his chicken nuggets at lunch…he’s kind of whipped for you honestly. like absolutely and whole heartedly obsessed with you but in a good way. and i suppose that would be his problem.
he’s just a touch clingy. he gets very pouty very quickly if he doesn’t have your attention and he’s never possessive per se, just…he likes you close. really, really likes it when you hold onto him. like there was a time you both were on a morning walk on some trail and you held onto the back of his jacket while climbing up some rocks and he thought it was the cutest thing ever.
because to him you’re the cutest thing in the world he’s always squishing your face and pinching your cheeks and peppering your face in kisses. big fan of back hugs, definitely stole one of your hoodies because he loves your scent. of everyone in enhypen he’s the one that’s constantly talking about you, practically bragging to the members about how his partner is amazing and kind and gorgeous and everything else under the sun. (in which sunghoon rolls his eyes and jay just yells “WE GET IT YOURE IN LOVE!!” from across the room)
another member of the shy in the beginning but turns it around as the relationship grows club. you’re like one of the few people to break his facade really easily. when he first met you he tried so hard to impress you by acting all cool and nonchalant but he just ended up stuttering and stumbling all over himself.
to this day whenever he thinks about the first time he met you and how he just stared at you from across the room wanting to talk to you but being too scared to…he won’t tell you because it’s cheesy but he’s very grateful for you. he feels like it’s some kind of fate that despite everything you still ended up together. it’s cliche but you’re his biggest weakness, he really becomes the biggest dweeb. he swears he’s not good at acting cute but around you suddenly he’s your little baby ddunghoonie who wants all your attention. catch him on a good day and he’s crawling into your lap pouting up at you cuz he missed you today and wants kisses.
sunghoon’s problem is he has a hard time communicating his emotions and he can kind of read as uncaring. like there were quite a few times in the beginning where you took him not reacting to you as him not being interested in what you were saying which caused a few disagreements. he knows what he wants to say to you, he just has a hard time saying it so while he’s thinking about how to approach he just sits there silent :( he’s getting better at it he swears
oh my god so much fun. sunoo is so much fun. you’d never be bored with him. cafe dates, matching lockscreens, couple outfits, filming tiktoks together. there’s always a wealth of fun things he wants to do with you, and he’s such a great listener too. he’s like a human diary, you can tell him anything. there’s never a moment where you don’t feel loved tbh
bc he’s such a clingy boy, he’s always got his hand in yours. he’s always gotta be touching you or messing with you in some way, fiddles with your fingers and preens you like bird. FULL of compliments and nicknames too omfg?? ur name in his contacts is followed by like 60 emojis .
tbh sunoo’s issue lies in the fact he can be just a tad too jokey. like sometimes you’re seriously tired and just wanna cuddle and sleep but he’s a big ball of energy and it takes him a minute to relax. it’s nice in a way though because he always has you smiling whether it’s through his humor or the way he talks or just how gosh darn adorable he is he puts the biggest grin on your face.
you had no idea you’d be dating a guy this goofy.
like the first few weeks or so he was very gentle and soft, trying to make sure he never said or did anything that hurt you but also trying to make sure that he didn’t somehow make you not like him anymore. and it’s not even that he stopped being gentle but god he’s such a dork. you weren’t prepared at all for the bombardment of silly selfies and cute memes of cats cuddled in a bodega and a “this is us :)” text. very gentlemanly, inherently a leader so he tends to unintentionally boss you around (i cant think of a better phrase)
as in, texts to make sure you’re eating, reminding you to do your skincare or take your medicine, nagging you about taking a jacket before you go on your date. and that’s probably his biggest problem, he can’t turn off that part of his brain sometimes and he can end up smothering you. as the relationship goes on he catches himself though, quick to learn from his mistakes. (there’s a lot of, “i know i said i’d stop telling you what to do and all but it’s 3am go to bed you have classes tomorrow 😡)
feels kind of like dating your best friend because he makes it his goal to keep things on the free and easy. relationships are supposed to be fun! even though he was the one too shy to talk to you at all when you guys met, that’s not the vibe he wants for the whole time. he’s extremely playful, loves sudden tickle fights and video game tournaments. loves late night roast battles, sending each other memes and laughing the night away, wearing matching hoodies and taking tons of pictures in them. everything’s just so comfortable with niki.
niki doesn’t like to outright remind you that he likes you or anything like that bc he gets embarrassed, he just says it through actions. he’s a real gentleman, he’s very sweet and soft and he looks at you like you’re the answers to all of his problems yknow :( sometimes you catch him staring and he can’t keep eye contact so he blushes and hides his face and pretends he wasnt just thinking about a wedding but yknow
his issue simply is his inexperience and tbh that’s not his fault. he’s young and he doesn’t know what he’s doing so sometimes he says or does the wrong thing. it’s never out of malice, sometimes he just literally doesn’t know. niki can be a very clueless bf at times lmfaoo
Tumblr media
a/n: apparently tumblr won’t let me use a read more without it glitching jay’s section so 😐
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thenextchapterbegins · a month ago
fuck it i dont care.
im gonna vent fuck it everytime i do i lose followers but oh well
how are you?
do you know what i suffer from the most?
I can deal with the rare asks
having to scramble for interactions
having to go to everyone for a rp and btw i thank the gods to the cool cats who send me shit your the real ones. 
I can deal with all this because you know at the end of the day thats how the game of tumble works you gotta hunt for those rps because unless your those lucky few who hit that right character ur gonna need to go out and claim everything with your own bony fingers.
but you know what i cant fucking stand
like im actually gonna blow a fucking gasket
the 4 horsemen
“I didnt read your abouts”
“I skimmed your rules”
“I forgot your abouts”
“I followed your blog because it looked cool but i didnt really check it out but now that i have i dont like it so im sorry for the follow” 
and you know why i hate these 4 things not only because they happen so fucking often that ive actually learned how to pick up the phrases that shows when a person has done so. Like so fucking often i actually have KEY PHRASES EVERYONE USES THAT I CAN INSTANTLY PICK UP ON AND KNOW U FUCKOS DID ONE OF THE 4 THINGS. 
The thing i hate about em is that all of them are SO EASILY AVOIDABLE
1. Read them
2. I get it we all follow a shit ton of muses and honestly it can be a bit confusing, you know what you can do? If your confused you can..uh just re-read the abouts and instead of just “guessing” or “assuming” You know which one it is. because nothings more fun then me having to go into ims and go “yo did you read my abouts?” 
3. Dont skim i get it you’ve read a thousand of the same rules but would you like it if someone skimmed your rules and said something that triggered or broke one of your important rules? No? I didnt think so.
4. just dont follow until you’ve read the bios. I get it, it looks cool but i dont need that stress in my life and honestly its near brain dead to follow a blog that you have no idea its true content. just to go ‘”oops your blog isnt what im looking for teehee sorry for getting your hopes up.”
Tumblr media
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sap-naps · a month ago
UR TAG PLS I WILL KISS U (w consent obviously)
i kinda love we have so much in common! i have found it so hard to make friends in this “fandom” like most people seem so secured within separate groups its difficult to make actual friends you know? i love love love bob burgers and the recent stuff about the undertones of cannibalism in the show... PLS i love it even more now that ive realized the little subtle occurrences that all make sense to the belchers being cannibals idk maybe im literally insane... i also love law and order svu pls comfort show of the decade its so calming. i always stop watching after olivia becomes the chief though bc i feel like it literally shifts the whole show in a different direction idk
I LOVED O2L I USED TO WATCH jc on his original collab channel it blows my mind how far he and kian have came since then :’) i have so many youtubers i watched (and still watch) that made/make minecraft content and i just will never leave this phase apparently it brings me an odd amount of comfort... i hiigghhhllyy recommend ldshadowlady if ur in the mood for wholesome mc content thats not just like building and stuff. she does like challenges, one of my faves being her x life series’!
i love the stress relief scents from bath and body works idk what they put in there but i could legitimately sit and smell it all day. i also enjoy like minty smells but the ones that are like subtle and dont burn the fuck outta ur nose. my fave candles are the ones that are always black, dark gray, or like a navy blue and are named something about midnight or the moon anD SMELL EXACTLY HOW I THINK SAPNAP WOULD SMELL I MEANN..... just like a good man smell idk how to explain
sorry again it took so long i havent even really been that busy just exhausted but im getting my second dose of the vaccine tomorrow so maybe ill be spending more time on my phone and stuff!
i missed u and i lov u !!!! - 🌱
i’ll accept all the kisses thank u 😌
okay same!! this is truly the nicest fandom i’ve been in like everybody is so so sweet but they all do have their own little groups already and i’m very bad at making like introductions and stuff so i usually just stay alone but yay for you coming into my inbox!! 🥺
i just heard that the belchers we’re originally supposed to be cannibals but it was too dark for fox but like....that would’ve made the show so much better??? i had stopped watching then too! you’re right, it did change everything and the cases became very centered around the detectives personal lives which was okay at first but then it got too much. i first got into the show due to me being able to see myself in the victims and being able to find comfort? i guess, in like olivia and them getting justice. but when i heard that stabler was coming back, i had to watch again cause i really love him!
jc grew up a few hours away from me so finding a youtuber who was so close was just really cool and same, i’m so proud of how far he’s come! i remember watching him make videos in his room at home with wishbone 🥺 i really don’t watch many besides the boys at the moment, i have some podcasts i watch like the basement yard with joe santagato and hey and by sal and chris. i’ll check Idshadowlady though! she sounds fun and i’m always looking for new people to watch and support
i think i’ve only smelled the eucalyptus scent from that line and i had really liked it! i totally get you about the minty smells, some are too overwhelming and give me a headache. ok pls ive thought about what sapnap smells like way too damn much but if you remember the name of that scent 💥💳💥💳 GIMME💥💳💥💳
it’s okay!!! you gotta take care of yourself first pls but yay for getting vaccinated! i get my second dose next month thankfully
i love u!!!
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torontoschampions · a month ago
glad you were feeling better! you actually reminded to update my phone so i've done it now lmao. i say gotta blast and gotta go fast way too much so 😮💨 are perfect for those scenarios lmao
imagine a flyers as how to train your dragon segment? perfect! flawless! the people would love it!
catalyst? catalyst😌 tfios could never
oof wtf? he clearly hasn't changed if he can't face how harmful the things he said are. it's truly not that hard to be remorseful and apologize and show true change but yeah pro athletes would rather dig a tunnel under the bar than do the bare minimum🙄
that's so wild to me?? i'm just imagining seattle pulling up in the team bus to teams facilities and saying "we choose _____!" and that player just has to get on the bus and go pick up the next player and head back to seattle alskdj. i do love their whole design but i love the vibes of brady in carolina😩 he'd look good in anything tho, the gray hairs match with everything🤪
me choosing sports for my emotional outlet is my fatal flaw, my teams do not treat me well aksjdj i think they choose to stress me out on purpose tbh. it has been nice and warm! just need me a pool lol. but ooooo that's def in some time😳 i'm sending you ted lasso levels of hope and belief you got this!
i accept all types of homework like this i love it! that story was so nice omg and i didn't realize jason robertson had a brother! i think the nhl has the most sibling power than any other sport. i only know of a couple brother pairs in football but nhl has like a gazillion
that zodiac video is so funny, i died at tkachuk because i'm also a sag and i know i would do the exact same thing please😭💀
the leaf to leaf videos are so precious! i love it! i heard about marleau when he reached that milestone but i didn't much about him. i wish i was watching when he was there because the family vibes are so strong between him and mitch😩 the advice🗣 it was so genuine and sweet i can't wait to watch it again again. wait mitch got a lot of negative attention?? to me he's so wildly good i can't even imagine
willy calling zach zachy is something so personal to me alskdjd. also when he said "eat a good breakfast...have dinner" sir do you eat lunch. also im a firm believer in pineapple on pizza supremacy so i'm glad they're both valid supporters😌☝🏽 also space jam‼️ that's so valid, it was my fave movie growing up fun fact. i can't wait to watch all these leaf to leafs i love it
hope your day is splendid! and that our leafs treat us right tonight!
Kshdjdks did I tell u my friend said this guy 😮‍💨 is coughing ??? Unreal. Anyway my mood is a solid 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 after seeing that leafs OTL smh 🤠
damn now I have to go rewatch it and watch all the rest in the series. Off-season goal is to flesh out the flyers-httyd parallels 😩
yeah oh my god exactly like I understand he was young in 2013 but why not just admit you were wrong and move on. Like his refusal to denounce that stuff now is just major red flags lol. Anyway he’s a pos on ice anyway so idk what I expected ✋🏽
LMFAOOOO NO imagine they do a great north American road trip in an RV or something just collecting all their new players 🗣 nhl make it happen that would be so fun. KSJDJDKDK fingers crossed brady gets to stay in Carolina, you’ve already had haydn cruelly taken from u and that’s pain enough for one season. Ok but ur so right omg the first time I saw the grey in his hair I swear - sniped on sight. What is he so good looking for. Shut up Brady.
thank you !!! Yes I’ve got a couple weeks left, just gotta focus and power through loool
omg yeah you’re so right I think it’s bc lots of them come from richer backgrounds and stuff (hockey is so expensive) and having access to really good coaching and stuff from when they’re very little increases their odds. Still crazy tho and always a cool story !! Imagine playing pro sports against ur sibling, that’s cool as f.
ksjdkdkd I’m a virgo so lots of nolan rep which I’m not mad about. He’s so deadpan it’s great
yeahhh omg so basically when Mitchell was trying to re-sign it took forever for the team and him to agree on terms. NHL has a salary cap which means you need to sign all your players under contracts that total up to less than the cap amount annually, which limits how many players you can pay really big bucks to. This was before the start of last season, so summer 2019, and matthews and JT had already been signed to massive contracts, like $11M+ annually.
I think a lot of leafs fans thought that a) Mitchell wasn’t worth that kind of money bc he wasn’t at the same level as them talent-wise, and b) he would take some kind of “home-town discount” bc he grew up idolizing the leafs and would want to help us out with not reaching the salary cap. I personally hate the second argument, I think you should always pay a player what they’re worth and we shouldn’t begrudge players for wanting to be paid as they should, but obviously there were lots of divisive opinions and people saying he’s not worth anywhere near $11M.
it got pretty ugly as negotiations were taking forever lol with people saying mitch was being arrogant and that his dad (rumoured to be very intense and hard on mitch growing up like pushing him a lot - again all rumours afaik) and him were asking for too much blah blah and we should just give him up. Eventually (it went into preseason iirc lol like into september 2019 so a few months) we signed him for $10.9M annually and if I rmr right a lot of leafs fans were still mad at this number
So it’s really gratifying now to see him fully come into his own as an NHL-er and being like inarguably the 2nd best player on the team and making our best player better etc like he is well worth every penny. I think in hindsight tho that’s why it makes me EMO to watch that Marleau-Mitchy interaction knowing what was to come that summer where he’d get ragged on by so many members of leafs media and the fanbase. Lol if you can’t tell our media suuuucks it’s just such a big franchise and hockey is so important here that everything becomes overblown.
(The same thing happened to willy the year before when he was going to resign. Ppl said he was being cocky, letting his dad get too involved and push around leafs mgmt to try and sign willy to a contract that was worth more than he deserved etc etc. It was rlly frustrating being on social media and stuff at that time cuz he was getting so much hate but anyway kyle dubas is a magician and things worked out 😤)
Also I didn’t even mention that a couple months into 2019-2020 season we fired our head coach at the time (mike babcock a real binch) and replaced him w our current coach. Later there were lots of stories that came out from various players across different teams that babcock was an objectively awful coach and would target certain players and basically torment them/make their time on the team hell. One of the stories that came out was that when mitch was a rookie he made him make a list ranking his teammates’ work ethic at practices and stuff and told him it was confidential. Later he told the players that mitch ranked lowest about the list and that mitch thought they didn’t work hard etc. So so so fked up like why would u make ur 19 y/o rookie do that lmao. Apparently the players he revealed that to tho (like the ones mitch ranked lowest - rumoured that Kadri was one) turned around and defended mitch in front of babcock and said he should’nt have done that lmao. Anyway so then ppl were like oh …. In hindsight if mitch has to deal w/be targeted by this POS maybe he DOES deserve to be paid a lot 😳😳😳 anyway good riddance that evil man is gone now.
whew catch me writing 500 word essays on Tumblr dot com abt how much I love Mitch kshdndkd
YES PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA ♥️♥️♥️ so good. I love willys voice tbh something so comforting abt it 😤
the leafs were actin wild tonight but hey. It was basically a nothing game and there were some positives !! (Freddie playing again, JT goal, no injuries, that comeback and late tying goal) it’s gonna be ok 😤😤😤😤
Ok I know this has already been an hours worth of reading so today I will just show you some pics of stuff I saw on hockey/leafs Reddit today.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is about a wild prospect who is only 19 y/o and had severe post-Covid complications including myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle basically - quite scary as it can lead to arrythmias/abnormal heart rhythms). I’m so happy for him but gosh that quote from him really made me cry.
Tumblr media
switching to something funny - it took me so fkn long to understand this SKDJKDKD I’m not proud 😭
Tumblr media
and finally I saw this tonight and the first comment just killed me kdjdkdkd silver linings babey
I hope you had a wonderful day ♥️♥️♥️ Eid tomorrow wahoo 🤩
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just-a-nekoma-stan · a month ago
Hey this is for your matchups which again yayyy congrats on nearly 200!! Anyways for my matchup:
1-3) My nickname is Em, she/her and idm who you pair me with
4) I'd describe myself as shy at first then once you get to know me I'll open up, an overthinker and I like to be organized
My hobbies are writing, I really love it alot, I also like to draw if I get time and I love music alot too
In a partner I'd look for someone who makes me laugh and who's patient
For dealbreakers it's pretty general but I couldn't be with someone who doesn't consider other ppl's feelings
5) I don't have an aesthetic but I like pastel aesthetics but then I also like dark aesthetics and light academia so it's a mix I guess
6) Colours to describe me would be teal blue and silver, well according to you anyways
7) Right now I'd say my favourite song is  Tru Luv Street by Awfultune or Fight Night Champion by Cyberbully Mom Club
8) Idk about a specific genre but some artists I like rn are: Awfultune, Carpetgarden, Cavetown, Clem Turner, Cyberbully Mom Club, Girl in Red, Joji, Lorde, Matt Maltese and Twenty One Pilots (sorry that's alot)
9) Ooh and I wanted to include that my favourite book is Radio Silence by Alice Oseman
Thank you in advance and also ily, you deserve all the love and more!! <3
@sugasfanfics this was so fun wtf like-- ugh i love this
ANYWAY i know i already kinda spilled the beans but im gonna match you with....
✧𝐴𝑘𝑎𝑎𝑠ℎ𝑖 𝐾𝑒𝑖𝑗𝑖✧
Tumblr media
and no it's not just because you're already in love w him i have good reasoning behind this because i said so anyWAY
✧𝐻𝑜𝑤 𝑌𝑜𝑢 𝑀𝑒𝑡✧
how you met, for in case you cant see my fancy text
C a f e
But like
A cafe specifically for nerds
This is just my like 2nd dream job okay but like hear me out
They have coffee & tea & a bookshelf full of old books and a chalkboard
You can write all over the chalkboard
You write super tiny and just let a little mini vent out in the corner because you’re stressed out and need to get everything off your chest
BUT you come back the next day and there’s a little note in the same little corner
Your message is gone
But instead is a little note from someone
“If you ever need to talk to someone, let me know”
And an Instagram username
So you give it a shot and you’re like why not talk to this random person Y’know maybe make a new friend if anything just thank them for the offer
You message him and start talking (and low key stalk his page just to see what he’s like, or maybe that’s just me being a snoop) and he’s actually really cool! So you guys meet up and get coffee and actually start talking all the time it’s really sweet
✧𝐺𝑒𝑛𝑒𝑟𝑎𝑙 𝐻𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑐𝑎𝑛𝑜𝑛𝑠✧
general headcanons
When i think of akaashi, I think of stars
When i think of you, i think of picnics and for some reason, water
Like the ocean
Your ‘spot’ is by this lake where he took you on a date one time
Maybe for an anniversary or something
But you guys did a little picnic dinner thing and were out when the sun went down so sat and stared at the stars
You buried a rock there and both of you like to stand on that spot where the rock is when youre there with the other
Or send the other a picture like “hiii baby look what i found” w your shoe in the picture
Bokuto is your #1 shipper high key
Like he thinks you two are so cute
He loves you so much too like
He and akaashi are kinda a package deal so like if ur dating akaashi ur dating bokuto just with less kissing (bokuto likes to kiss your cheek or forehead) (after making sure this was ok with akaashi of course) (ur his girlfriend of course)
But anyway just bokuto
He’s so sweet
And so clueless
You two will be walking together and then he’ll just walk up behind you and sling his arms over your shoulders
If youre holding hands w akaashi? He’ll put his hand over both of yours
God now i wanna write a fic but anyway
Bo is just the sweetest and is akaashi’s #1 hype man when he’s worried about a date
He’s ur #2 bc im ur #1 sorry to tell u
Bo totally tried to coin the platonic soulmates thing i love you kou but gtfo my em
Im arguing with fictional characters
When akaashi is stressed he likes to wrap his arms around you and lay his head against your neck
He’ll never admit it out loud because he thinks its weird but he thinks you smell nice
When he’s starting to overthink too much + spiral he just will grab you and hug you until all the bad thoughts go away
When he thinks to of course
When he doesn’t, there are times you gotta find him and calm him down
Which he loves so much
Sit him down on the floor so he feels more grounded and hold his hand (or hook pinkies that's so cute i jhbflebf) (not the time spencer gtfo)
That way ur not crowding him but you’re still there y'know
And sometimes he’ll talk, sometimes you need to talk him down, sometimes you just sit in silence
Eventually he will lean forward into you and hug you because he doesn't want to talk, but he wants you to know he’s okay
Rub his back, kiss his head, you’ll both be okay
He’s really good with you too
When you’re stressed out he might push a couple buttons but he means well
He just wants to know who made his star upset (he calls you his star or darling convince me otherwise)
So he pushes buttons until you finally talk about it because obviously it’s bothering you why wouldn't you talk about it?? He just wants to fix it??
Sometimes this gets more irritating, sometimes it helps, it depends on the day
But even if you do get into an argument, expect to hear from him before the end of the night apologizing because he feels so bad for arguing with you that he doesn’t even care what the argument was about he just wants to make sure you still love him
I think im getting off topic but tbh this part is always just me rambling lol
Another thing I think of when I think of akaashi is rain. I don't know why but i do
You have to at least know OF the notebook & the rain scene to get this
I don't know the book lol i just know this much and i'm a dork so we’re using it & some quotes just a heads up
But just imagine its pouring and you’re bored and text him like “i wish i could see you but its raining & we didn't really make plans & i don't want you to get caught in the rain anywhere”
This mfer
And being the freakin
book nerd he is
He texts you and goes “I wrote you 365 letters.”
And then just “(come to the door and I’ll finish the quote)”
So you bolt to the front door
And there he is
Soaking wet & smiling like an idiot
“I wrote to you everyday for a year.”
To which you start laughing and barley are able to make out a “it wasn’t over’ (which is the beginning of the next quote) before kissing him
And this jerk pulls you out in the rain with him because WHAT is more romantic than kissing in the rain
Anyway he ends up with a cold but you give him some of the clothes you probably stole from him to get into dry clothes and you cuddle under the covers with tea
After you smack him (playfully of course) because “you IDIOT keiji it's pouring out here!!” “I wanted to see you too so i ran over” “you're impossible”
Anyway yeah #emkaashiotp
✧𝐴 𝐷𝑎𝑡𝑒 𝐼𝑑𝑒𝑎✧
a date idea
I'm really good at naming places aren't i
Bookstore date
But do something fun where the two of you have to go through an aisle and find a random page and read it in the like
How do i explain this
Make it sound suuuuper sexual without it actually being that way and not laugh
Whoever loses buys lunch
Lets just say you lose a lot dear im sorry (he insists on buying anyway, sometimes he wins that argument)
You’re smiley :) (guys her smile is so cute ebflbejfb em ILY)
Oh also doesn’t matter if he bought lunch or not he always gets you something
Whether it be that book you decided you couldn't get this time or a little trinket that reminded him of you, or sometimes it’s just ice cream
It’s all very sweet (hahaha pun)
He always walks you home and gives you a little kiss when he drops you off
Doesn’t leave till you’re inside & he knows you’re good
You make him promise to text you when he gets home
Which he does, without fail
✧𝑍𝑜𝑑𝑖𝑎𝑐 𝐶𝑜𝑚𝑝𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑏𝑖𝑙𝑖𝑡𝑦✧
zodiac compatibility
Sagittariuses are very intelligent, fair-minded & honest, similar to a Libra’s cleverness & rationale. Because of this similarity, trust is a huge thing in these relationships. It can be all or nothing, but finding balance is important to keep both people happy. Luckily, Libras are very good at this. From everything I’ve seen, these signs together have a very high compatibility and can have a very long-withstanding and healthy relationship.
Tumblr media
House of Gold - Twenty-One Pilots
Lvr Boy - awfultune
A Shitty Love Song - Jye
Darling Get Up - awfultune
Something Just Like This - Alex Goot
✧𝑅𝑢𝑛𝑛𝑒𝑟𝑠 𝑈𝑝✧
runners up
Nishinoya Yuu, Sugawara Koushi
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petewentzisblack1312 · 2 months ago
do you have any particular fob lyrics that you think about a lot or find comforting? i realized the other day there's some specific lyrics ill say to myself when i'm stressed or that are just on my mind 24/7 for no apparent reason other than they just sound good kjfdgnk.. also i really love ur blog's theme it looks so cool!!
this is such a hard question to answer because theres SOOO many fob lyrics that just have me *lies face down in the dark* but heres a list of some!
i left my conscience pressed/between the pages of the bible in the drawer/'what did it ever do for me' i say - XO. i have religious trauma, and i LOVE the way religion is treated in fall out boy songs. you will see a lot of that on this list.
i got your love letters/corrected the grammar/and sent them back/its true, romance is dead/i shot it in the chest and in the head - The Music or The Misery. this is just some good fuckin wordplay
ive already given up on myself twice/third times the charm/threw caution to the wind/but ive got a lousy arm - GINASFS. again with the wordplay
i love you in the same way theres a chapel in a hospital - Hum Hallelujah. again with the spiting god
some day the valleys gonna swallow me whole/i feel like a photo thats been over exposed - Novocaine. *crying* oreo gang rise up
the lion pulls his own teeth out/so you can love him now - Demigods. this just hits
the headline reads 'the man hangs'/but the jury doesnt - "You're Crashing, But You're No Wave". "hang on lemme google something real quick. … yeah this is clever"
get busy living or get busy dying has lyrics that got me fucked up. 'if you are the shore i am the waves begging for big moons' 'im mailing letters to addresses in a ghost town' the energy... love her
the first verse of XO is an example of amazing wordplay that i hold dear. 'i comb the crowd and pick you out. your mouth moves too fast for me to figure it out. it starts eyes closed, to fingers crossed, to "i swear," i say. to hands between legs to "whatever it takes" to drinks at the club to the bar to the keys to your car to the hotel stairs to the emergency exit door, to the "love"' its such a good example of using language to paint a mood. i love the use of alliteration and repitition.
the foxes hunt the hounds - Young Volcanoes. this line makes the whole song for me.
im stuck in the sunshine riptide/dancing all alone in the morning light/the sunshine riptide/you came back like a wave when i was feeling alright - Sunshine Riptide. this is the best metaphor for a manic episode ive ever heard, and it recontextualizes so much of the album. i feel like the muse on mania is vague, so that it could be a person, but this song kind of indicates that actually, the love-hate relationship and back and forth of the whole album has been with the personas mania all along. as someone with bipolar disorder, this hits.
theres probably so many more. i gotta stop lol
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kookdiaries · 3 months ago
risk it all (18+)
Tumblr media
→ Pairing: Yoongi x Female Reader x Jungkook
→ Summary: Jeon Jungkook, this season’s rookie, dares to make a bet with you, the girlfriend of NASCAR’s top racer - Min Yoongi. If he wins you have to spend the night with him instead of your boyfriend, and if he loses…well let’s just say that losing is not on Jungkook’s agenda.
→ Genres: smut | humor | angst | action
→ AU: nascar racers
→ Word Count: 8.2k
→ Rating: explicit | mature | 18+
→ Warnings: car wrecks and accidents ( a given) | possessive yoongi (if you squint) | mentions and use of alcohol | swearing | explicit and unprotected sex (protect ur coochies babes) | borderline cheating | double penetration and double teaming | fingering | creampies | oral sex | partial voyeurism and exhibitionism 
→ Other: Thanks for reading! This is part one of my Trouble on the Track series. Check out the series masterlist to see the upcoming parts. If you’d like to join my tag list please fill out this form.
Tumblr media
"Mmm, good morning," you said midway through stretching in the overly luscious, majorly expensive, pillow-top hotel bed beneath your body. "I could lay here forever," you hummed in delight. This truly was the most comfortable bed you had ever slept in. Your boyfriend's sponsors always set you up in the nicest places during the season, something you were grateful for.
Yoongi groaned as he rolled over, obviously exhausted from the stress of everything, "Morning babe." He sighed, "Damn, we need to upgrade our mattress game at home. This bed is unbelievable."
You smiled as you cuddled into his side, you were just thinking the same thing.
"It's race day, are you excited?" You moved your hand over to cover his that rested on his chest, your thumb caressing the back of his hand. More seriously you asked, "Are you nervous?"
He leaned over and kissed your cheek, and then worked his way down to the dip between your breasts. His morning stubble tickling your bare skin every inch of the way.
"Babe, we both know that I'm gonna win this thing," his hands replaced his mouth, "Again." For the last three years now, Yoongi has won this exact race.
You looked into his eyes and saw raw determination and assurance shining into yours. You wished you could feel the same, but you had some doubts. "But how can you be so sure?"
Yoongi was good, like really good, so you knew he would be in the top ten - hell, probably top five if you were being honest - but you were concerned about another racer.
Jeon Jungkook.
The rookie of the season. You hated to admit it, but this Jungkook guy has been catching a lot of attention lately. Attention that you strongly believed deserved to be put on Yoongi.
He sighed, "Babe, please don't stress out. I've had six wins in the last seven races, I've never been so on top of my game. And my stats add up."
That was true; it would be very unlikely at this point for your boyfriend to lose to a rookie, let alone any of the other skillful drivers. With his experience and internal drive to be the best, nothing was going to get in Yoongi's way. Especially not some kid who is bound to choke out at the last minute. Another trophy would be shining proudly on your shelves soon enough.
"Good," you sighed, "Because I only date winners." He knew you were joking, even before seeing the smirk on your face. But that didn't mean Yoongi didn't want to kiss it right off of you. He bent his head down to yours, both of your lips meeting in the middle.
Yoongi pulled back and sighed; you didn't like the sound of that. That usually meant you both need to start your day. Something you didn't want to do just quite yet.
"Join me for a shower?"
You didn't need to be asked twice, a shower was a perfect way to waste some more time together before you both had to take care of your responsibilities.
Yoongi was even more loving underneath the hot shower than he was last night, if that was even possible. His kisses burned into your wet skin and went straight to your heart.
Even thirty minutes later, it was over too soon. He was already drying off and getting dressed by the time you decided to turn the water off. You loved the feeling of the scorching water running down your back and already missed it.
Yoongi came back into the bathroom and watched you get ready for a few minutes before he checked his watch. "Alright, babe, I gotta get to the track early to check on some things. I'll see you later," he said leaning in for a kiss goodbye as you were in the middle of your skincare routine, still wrapped in your bath towel.
"Wait, you almost forgot your good luck charm." You walked out to the other room and picked it up from the nightstand. It was a perfect memory of last night.
"Here you go," you smirked, knowing he would get some enjoyment out of it later, and gave him a kiss goodbye. "See you later."
Tumblr media
"Keep it tight on this last corner, ‘Kook. Then go straight for the finish line," Jungkook's spotter said to him through his helmet's headset.
He gripped his steering wheel as he sped up, ready to be done with his practice laps. He could think of plenty of other ways to spend his free time before the race today, one of those thoughts including the red-headed twins from yesterday and the jet bathtub that they were extra relaxed in.
"Tight, Jungkook! Keep your fuckin' head straight! You're all over the goddamn place," Daeho grunted, clearly displeased with how he handled the turn.
So he got in his head for a minute, what's the big deal? He's already gone above and beyond for his team this season. He was pretty much guaranteed to receive Rookie of the Year, not to mention how much press he was bringing to what people used to call the 'underdogs' of NASCAR Racing.
Jungkook's excitement grew as he neared the end of the straightaway. He flew past the finish line, his adrenaline fueling his heart to beat rapidly. Without needing to be told, he knew that he did damn good.
Jungkook smirked when he heard someone huff on their radio channel. His grip loosened on the steering wheel while he waited for Daeho to say what his time was.
"Even though you pulled a dumb move taking it wide you still somehow beat your last time. Forty-eight seconds," he grumbled.
Jungkook chuckled as he finished up his cool-down laps. As cocky as it was for him to be overly satisfied with his time improving, he knew the real race would be tremendously different.
"A faster record doesn't mean shit now if you get pushed back from someone's draft during the real deal. Keep your goals front and center. Do not let yourself get distracted, you have no room for error if you want to make the top fifteen today," Daeho criticized as he headed down from the tower overlooking the track. "Meet me back at the trailer."
He didn't need to be told that, he knew how much was riding on today’s race results. Checking that his engine had cooled down enough, Jungkook pulled back into the pit area and let the crew take care of his sixth metal monster of the season so far.
Near the beginning, he was a little rough on his cars, so-to-speak. To be fair, he made all of his accidents - whether minor or major - newsworthy, so that made up for the fact that millions were (often) trashed on the track.
Jungkook knew the stakes of this race today, some of his sponsors were going to drop him if he didn’t get his act together. He didn't plan on having another incident. He would make damn sure of it.
"Thanks, guys. If all goes well I owe each of you a drink," he said after climbing out of his car. He finished thanking them for their hard work and made his way back towards his trailer. He had a feeling he had a surprise waiting. The surprise being a certain blonde who always managed to find Jungkook no matter what city he was in.
He didn't make it that far, however, before he was sidetracked by something reflecting on the ground stuck between a couple of chunks of gravel.
After bending down to grab the item, which was a small polaroid picture covered in track dust, he wiped it off on his jacket before examining it further.
Jungkook's eyes nearly bulged out of his head.
No fucking way!
The last thing Jungkook ever expected it to be was a very private photo of a girlfriend of one of his fellow racers. Yoongi's girlfriend at that. He wiped the photo off better this time and continued to admire it.
He was so blown away. You were gorgeous - he knew that already. What he didn't know, or what he wasn't prepared for, however, was how sexual you were. He could practically feel your sensuality through the photo if that was even possible. Everything about you screamed sex, and not just that you were dressed for the act. It's shown through your facial expression, the position of your body, how your lips were just barely parted.
Voices coming from around the corner pulled Jungkook from his thoughts. He took a deep breath and shoved the photo in his pocket before anyone could notice it.
For a second there he forgot where he was; what he was supposed to be doing. And by the time he got back to his trailer, he was looking forward to pulling that photo back out and taking care of a few things.
"Hey, handsome. What took you so long?" Jungkook’s eyes darted up towards her. She smiled and moved a piece of hair away from her face. Shit, he nearly forgot.
She didn't need to introduce herself, he knew it was Kelly. Jungkook had gotten to know her well enough this season. Though as matters had it, it could have been literally anyone waiting for him. Jungkook just needed someone to help him out. He was rock hard ever since picking up that polaroid and needed to get that image out of his mind. Kelly was the perfect person for that.
"Hi, gorgeous. I know you don't mind waiting," he smirked before pulling her inside. She knew the drill and immediately dropped to her knees, unzipping his racing jumpsuit in the process.
As pleasurable as she was, Jungkook wasn't feeling it today. Surprisingly, he found himself more interested in the woman in the photo rather than the one currently throat-deep on his dick.
"Hey –man," Daeho barged in and immediately turned around after noticing Jungkook's company. "We gotta stop doing this."
Jungkook chuckled and helped Kelly get up. "Time for you to go. You know how it is, dollface." The woman smiled with a sloppy face and shimmied up Jungkook, intentionally rubbing her barely-held-in-by-her-top breasts all over him.
"Call me later?" she asked in a super sultry voice; which Jungkook would normally find hot, just not today. Not after seeing Yoongi's girlfriend in that photo. The one he still has yet to return...
"Sure thing," he smiled while lying straight through his teeth. Better yet, he had absolutely no shame watching her ass as she left.
"Sorry about that, man, you really need to start giving me some kind of heads up or something. Anyways, Boss wants to get some promo photos before you wreck the car to shit. Think you can set aside some time for a couple of quick shots after the press conference?"
"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Daeho."
"You know how it is. Anyway, you've got the interview in the pressroom first. Starts in fifteen so you might want to clean yourself up. They're not gonna find your lateness cute forever," Daeho commented about his usual behavior. At the last race, Junkook showed up to the pre-race press talk with red lipstick covering his neck, and he was at least a good twenty minutes late.
"Don't worry about it, I have one person to stop by and say hi to and then I'll head straight there," he said feeling the weight of the picture in his pocket.
Tumblr media
You watched as Yoongi joked around with his friends, of all things they could be doing right now playing beer pong was not something you expected top-of-the-list racecar drivers to be doing but here you were.
"Oh, look who it is," Dino, another racer, said. "It's everyone's favorite Rookie." They turned and saw Jungkook walking towards their group.
"Ahh, Dino. Does your mouth ever get tired of never shutting the fuck up?" Jungkook shot right back, clearly not interested in Dino's asshole-ness. Good for him.
"To what do we owe the pleasure?" Yoongi interrupted before something started between the two young hotheads.
"I've got something of yours," he says ignoring Yoongi and looking directly at you.
"Of mine?" What on earth could Jeon Jungkook have of mine? Yoongi looked at you and you shrugged to say 'I don't know what he's talking about.'
"Yep." You waited as he pulled something out of his pocket and flashed the back of it to you.
The polaroid you gave to Yoongi this morning.
You felt the blush growing on your cheeks, you were flustered but not embarrassed. You should feel that way since Jungkook's clearly looked at it, but when he's eating you up like you're a delicious treat worth craving it's hard to feel ashamed. It's hard to feel anything besides the heat pooling between your legs.
Yoongi walked up from behind him and snatched the picture from Jungkook's hand.
"What the hell are you doing with that?" You watched as Yoongi got defensive even though he was the one who had obviously misplaced what you gave him.
"Just returning it, man. I figured the fewer eyes on it the better. Whatever. I gotta head to my interview. I don't have time to deal with your ego right now." He turned to leave as Yoongi thought of what to say next.
"Yeah, whatever. Good luck today." More quietly he added, "Can't wait to watch you fuck yourself over again while I win." Yoongi and his buddies laughed hard at his snide remark, and as much as Jungkook wanted to ignore it, a better idea popped into his head.
You noticed him backtracking before anyone else did, but before you could prepare anyone he pushed himself in front of your boyfriend.
"You know what, Yoongi? Let's see just how sure you are of yourself. I'm in the mood for a not-so-friendly bet." Jungkook took a step back out of his face and turned towards you, "How confident are you that he'll win today?"
Yoongi quickly placed himself between you and Jungkook. "What the fuck does that mean? Have you seen my record lately?" Yoongi interrupted again, obviously not understanding where this was going. "You want a winning car or what? You do know that winning also depends on the driver, right?"
"I don't want your car," Jungkook shifted his weight and ran a hand through his helmet hair. His eyes locked with yours again, even though he was still talking to your boyfriend. "I want her."
"If I win you have to spend the night with me instead of your boyfriend. Those are my terms," he finished.
"And if you lose?" you asked with a raised eyebrow. Jungkook shrugged, giving you the option to come up with your own half of the bet.
"You'll forfeit the rest of the season, giving up before we get to the playoffs," you blurted out before Yoongi decided on something lame.
Yoongi and his teammates all turned to look at you thinking of how insane that would be. No one would be that big of an idiot to screw over their entire career over something as silly as beef between them and another racer.
"Alright, I can accept that." It was your turn to be surprised.
Yoongi wasn't expecting that, at all. No one would be dumb enough to agree to terms like that. "That’s some risky shit kid, you sure you feel like making a bet like that?”
"Oh come on, Yoongi," Jungkook chuckled, "Like I have any intention of losing." He hesitated. "You, on the other hand, have lots to worry about," he finished, looking you dead in the eyes.
Jungkook knew he shouldn't do it, but he stuck his hand out to shake on it anyway. Even just the thought of having you was worth it.
Tumblr media
You were still in mild shock after shaking your boyfriend's biggest rival's hand, what did you just agree to. Were you really that confident in Yoongi? What would you do if he lost? What would he do if he lost? There's no way Jungkook would make you go through with it...would he?
Your train of thought was destroyed when Yoongi waved a hand in front of your face. "What are you playing at?" he demanded. The other guys sensed the change in both of your attitudes and quietly left, leaving you and Yoongi to talk about what just happened.
He was clearly annoyed and a little pissed that you wanted to play along with Jungkook's game or whatever this was. How dare he be the one who is pissed off. If anyone should be pissed it should be you, he let someone else see his picture of you. Whether it was intentional or not, he didn't keep track of it that well and it ended up in the hands of someone who used it to his advantage.
"Nothing, Yoongi."
"I can't believe you agreed to those terms, I get that you were trying to prove how much you believe in me but what the fuck! You're gonna spend the night with him if this all goes to shit now? I can't deal with this, I need to be focusing on the race. Today is supposed to be all about racing, no distractions."
"At least he's got his priorities straight. It's nice to be worth more than racing for once," you seethed.
"What the fuck does that mean, _____?" The flames in Yoongi's eyes were not ones of desire or love this time. Neither were yours.
"How did you not realize you lost my picture?" you fumed, ignoring his question. "Anyone could have grabbed that and kept it. Or worse. Passed it to the press. A scandal is the last thing we need right now."
"Oh, don't even start. You just agreed to a bet where you're the prize. That sounds like one hell of a scandal to me. And I must've accidentally dropped it on the way back from the pit. It's not like I purposely let it go."
"How do you just accidentally drop your good luck charm? You know what, it doesn't even matter. I'll see you after the race. Or maybe not." Yoongi watched as you picked up your purse and stormed off.
Great, fucking great.
Not only were you pissed at him, but he could tell you doubted that he would win today. Talk about a punch to the gut.
Tumblr media
"What's she doing over there?" Yoongi heard one of his crew members say to another. They didn't say your name but he just knew they were talking about you. As much as he didn't want to confirm his fear, he turned around in his seat and saw you next to Jungkook's car.
How was he supposed to focus when you were over there with him? What the fuck were you doing anyway? Yoongi truly doubted that anything he-who-shall-not-be-named had to say was that funny. He continued to glare as you threw your head back and let out another large laugh. Normally his heart would pound hard hearing his favorite laugh leave your lips. This time it felt like it was ripping in half.
What had he done? Why did he let you agree to this stupid fucking bet?
He sighed and tried to distract himself by listening to the race commentators before it was time for everyone to line up while his team worked on his tires.
“Let me tell you, Stan, we're all looking forward to seeing the outcome of today's race. The rivalry between the top five right now is causing everyone's excitement to double. This race means a lot to so many contestants and their fans. This is Jeon's best chance at making a career-defining year for himself. He has shown that he’s more than ready and a race win during the regular season almost guarantees him a spot in the playoffs,” one of the commentators said over the loudspeaker.
"However, he has a history of disappointing us after a great start. Min Yoongi, on the other hand, has done a fantastic job this entire season and is on a roll. We'll just have to wait and see what the day brings us," the other added. Yoongi huffed in agreement. He had the experience and his fellow Toyota teammates worked together greatly. He knew he's the projected winner, just based on points alone. But that doesn't mean anything. The outcome is forever changing.
Yoongi waited for the track safety worker to finish checking his harness. "You're all set. You know what to do." The man tapped twice on the roof of his car, giving him the okay to pull out of the pit zone.
He did his typical head nod as a simple 'thanks' and pulled forward, getting in line with the rest of the cars leaving the zone. Once on the track, he warmed up the car's tires by weaving back and forth in his lane with everyone else and waited for the race to start.
Tumblr media
As much as you knew it was going to hurt Yoongi, you knew you had to talk to Jungkook before the race started.
"Miss, you can't be here right now," one of his crew members said.
Jungkook must've overheard, "She's cool, let her come here." He waved you up towards the driver’s window on his car. "You're the last person I expected to see, what's up?"
"Sorry to bother you. I know it's literally about to start but I just needed to–"
"Hey, relax. If what I think is going to happen actually happens, you don't have to worry about anything crazy. We can grab takeout and wait for your boyfriend to cool off. I imagine he's gonna be a dick whether or not you hang with me after I win. But if my gut feeling is wrong, no hard feelings either which way this plays out, okay? I know the stakes I signed up for."
That was relieving to hear. He was a nice guy despite what the media portrayed. "Thanks, Jungkook. Good luck out there."
"I'm gonna need more than luck, babe. Wanna place another bet that your boy toy is gonna intentionally spin me out on the first lap for talking to you again?"
You let a laugh out, "I think I've hit my limit for bets today." His manager walked up, probably wanting to go over the plan for the race again one last time. You waved bye and stepped away, giving them their privacy; you knew how important the last run-through was. Deciding it was best to clear the air now, you headed towards the crew you knew by name.
The thought to stop by and say good luck to Yoongi dissipated as you watched him pull out past you. Your eyes followed his car as he sped off towards the track. A sigh left your lips, you knew he had probably seen you in Jungkook's area.
Knowing that there was literally nothing you could do now, you headed towards the team's box. You figured watching from up there would at least give you some kind of an advantage. At least it would give you a view of the whole track.
Surprisingly you made it to the top before the race started. You watched in delight as everyone's speed increased as they got closer to the green flag and cheered along with them when the race official lifted it up in the air. The race had officially started.
Though cheering didn't fix how shitty you felt on the inside. You had to be the worst girlfriend ever for not wishing Yoongi good luck. That wouldn't matter to him right now. You knew that he would focus on the race no matter what, and wouldn't let something like this affect him.
"Look at thirteen go! Jeon Junkook got out of line from the inside, and miraculously jumped ahead despite the draft from leaving the lane. An impressive move by the rookie!" you listened to the commentator cheer. As much as you hated to admit it, it was a really good tactic for his team to take.
Your attention was immediately stolen by the horrendous sound of squealing tires followed by crunching metal. That’s never good...
Your eyes peeled across the track to find who it was, and how bad the scene looked. It wasn’t bad yet, but not all of the cars were out of the clear. Several more we’re heading straight for the wreckage that they couldn’t see through the smoke. Including both Jungkook and Yoongi. Their spotters wouldn’t have enough time to give them a heads up either.
You felt frozen as you watched one of the ford drivers who was near the front of the line spin out after coming through the smoke unprepared, taking a handful of other cars along with him. It wasn't good.
Gasps could be heard from across the stadium. You continued to watch as the remainder of the cars weaved around the debris on the track. 
"Caution has come out on lap number ninety-four as the nose of number eight slams into the wall at an impactful speed. No doubt there’s some heavy damage. The fans here in the stands are silently waiting to hear an update, and everyone is hoping that the driver is okay."
Yoongi had thankfully made it through safely. He was good at thinking quickly like that to get himself out of a deadly situation.
Jungkook on the other hand missed one of the stopped cars by a mere couple of inches. As he overcorrected from his reaction, he had felt the back end of his car run over some of the metal that littered the track below. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook heard one of his rear tires go flat before he felt it.
"Shit! I gotta come in," he explained, slowing down in the process so he could turn off the track and onto the lane up ahead. "My tire's gonna blow." Right after the words left his mouth he felt the backend start to fishtail. Jungkook, fortunately, had experience with heavy fishtailing and knew how to maneuver the race car safely back into his zone.
"How am I on fuel? Do we need to worry about saving some?" He hollered out the window quickly to his crew chief. Getting his tires changed would take 30 seconds or less.
"Not at all kid, just keep driving like you are," he answered while simultaneously knocking on his roof to let him know to leave.
He nodded in response and promptly pulled out and headed back towards the track.
"Have we heard anything about Dougie?" he asked into his headset. He was worried about his fellow driver. He's had a wreck like that and was out of a couple of races while in recovery.
"Ambulance is on the way. They think his knee is fucked. Could have been a lot worse," the team owner, who everyone rightfully called Boss, answered.
"Yeah, no kidding. Give his wife my best." It sucked that Dougie was going to be out this close to the playoffs, but he knew that his family was going to be grateful for the break. If Jungkook remembered correctly Dougie had two or three kids at home that he hardly got to spend time with.
"Will do. Now you get back out there and give me a win, kid."
"You got it, Boss."
Jungkook looked in his rearview mirror before pulling out of his crew area next to the other cars. The racers were still at reduced speed, following behind the pace car while the track's safety team assisted with the driver and the debris from the wreck.
Once given the okay, the pace car pulled off and the racers waited to pass the green flag to get back up to full speed. Jungkook felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as he pushed further down on the gas pedal. Nothing gave him as much of a rush as flying down a track at two hundred miles per hour. 
‘Here’s to finishing the last half of the race,’ he thought to himself as he settled into his seat, attempting to get more comfortable seeing as they had hours to go yet.
Tumblr media
The past four hours had been nothing but back and forths. The uneasiness in your heart growing by the second as they neared the final few laps. You didn't want to jinx anything, but so far Yoongi had the most points and was leading. Though you knew that it only took one corner for everything to change.
You watched as the next line change started to play out; you didn't like the look of things.
Jungkook's team was setting him up to jump lines, which would put him in front of your boyfriend. You nervously watched as one of his teammates gave him a push forward, giving him just enough of a go to potentially accomplish the precarious move.
"A big push into the back of thirteen, getting him up to the front on the outside line. Corner's coming up, will it be enough for Jeon Jungkook to challenge the lead? Min Yoongi in number thirty-three holding onto the top spot still, trying to hold off the outside line from taking over."
You wished the commentators would just shut the hell up. Everyone could see what was happening right now and was on an adrenaline high. Who needs drugs when you can experience race stress, excitement, and fear all at once?
Yoongi let a line of profanity out as he watched Jungkook pull in front of him. He weaved back and forth to push between Jungkook and the inside of the track but the rookie wouldn't give in. He slammed his head against the back of this seat. "Mother fucker! Get me out of this position," he yelled to his spotter.
"If you stay where you are there's a good chance he'll take the next corner wide, and you can sneak in then."
"And if he doesn't?" Yoongi doubted that his rival would give him an opening that easily. His team would be telling him to stay tight on the inside. "Fuck, he's not gonna take it wide."
"Then you'll wait it out. Listen to me, Yoongi, don't be dumb! You only need to place in the top ten to be safe. Drive smart."
That's not what he wanted to hear. He could take Dino's spot, it's risky, but it's a chance. He played it out in his head and figured it was worth risking it all.
"I know you're my teammate but I'm taking your spot in the next opening," Yoongi said through his radio to Dino up ahead of him in the opposite line. ‘I've got too much on the line to lose this race,’ he said in his head.
"Don't you dare," his spotter barked. "If you get out of line, you're gonna get sucked back at least five cars!" It didn't matter what his team told him, he was going to do whatever he wanted. They knew it as much as he did.
"Do what you need to, man, just don't fuck up," Dino grumbled. One day Yoongi would pay him back for all the times he'd saved his stupid ass.
Unfortunately, it was a bad call just like their spotter said. The draft of air from the fast-moving cars pounded the front of his and pushed him back farther than expected.
"Damn it, Yoongi. You just blew it!" His manager hollered into the headset. "What the fuck are you doing?”
Tumblr media
Jungkook's team cheered as he stole the front with ten laps to go. The two lines formed up again after some movement back and forth; the drivers were getting antsy being this close to the end. Jungkook felt just the same. His muscles ached from being in the same position for over four hours now.
“Yoongi’s moving up fast, from the back. Don’t pull any stupid shit like he did. Just keep it how it is,” Daeho warned as he watched the skilled racer pull some pretty impressive moves.
Yoongi sighed, the kid was a good driver but lacked the experience of knowing how to close a race. He hoped that would be enough of a skill difference to change the end result.
Miraculously, he weaved back and forth between the line formations and had managed to fall back behind Jungkook again.
He sped up and angled his car to hit Jungkook's where he wanted it to. He growled as he pushed into the right side of Jungkook's back bumper, attempting to spin him out. 
He couldn't just sit here and watch him take away a win that deserved to be his. It was a shitty move to pull, but he needed something to happen, even if it was dangerous. 
Jungkook had seen this coming, however, and he caught it before Daeho even said anything.
"You good?" Jungkook heard him ask through his helmet's headset once Jungkook regained control of the car.
"Yeah, he's just trying to piss me off. He knows he fucked up big time." Jungkook didn't want to get cocky but he knew it too. He was bound to win. Yoongi didn't have enough time to grab the lead position back from him; not between having less than a handful of laps to go and not enough speed to get around him.
Jungkook felt the wave of exhaustion hit him but there was no way in hell he was going to let that affect his driving. He was too close; the taste of victory practically hovering in front of his face now that they had four laps to go. Jungkook held on tight to his steering mechanism, keeping the corner tight so no one could sneak in, and started the countdown in his head.
“What a day it’s been here, folks, we’re closing up on the final laps. Everyone is trying to get their last line change in before it’s too late. Keep your eyes open, because we suspect a lot to happen in these couple of laps,” the announcers said over the cheering crowd. He sounded just as excited as the fans did.
Out of nowhere, one of the Pennzoil team cars had managed to cut off Yoongi, giving Jungkook the perfect opportunity to put some space between himself and the rest of the racers.
“What a move by car number forty-two! That’s what we love to see, teams working together to confirm their places.”
Jungkook cheered now that he had at least a good two-car lead on everyone; he planned to keep it that way. 
"Keep it up, 'Kook, you're doing great, bud!" 
Jungkook flew through the next corner and started on his final lap. Yoongi was trying his hardest to catch up but it was impossible for him to pass the car in front of him. 
The last corner came and went in seconds, and Jungkook felt an inevitable grin grow on his face as he passed underneath the checkered flag. 
"He's done it! Jeon Jungkook has just claimed his first official NASCAR career victory. More than that, he's just confirmed his place for the playoffs!"
He slowed his car down as everyone else made their way back to pit road. His team rushed over to congratulate him on his win. It’s a moment they’d never forget.
Jungkook climbed out of the car and excitedly hit his fist on the roof, cheering along with his crew members and teammates. 
“Hell yeah! That’s what we needed, ‘Kook. You did it, man!” Daeho hollered through the radio to him. Jungkook had never been more thankful, or more proud, than he was right then. This was a dream come true.
He’s still celebrating with his friends when the press run up, ready to pick apart his head for his final thoughts of the race.
“Tell us, Jungkook, what are you feeling?”
“Everything. I’m feeling everything leading up to this moment, every hour I’ve put into even coming close to winning a race as crazy as this one, every decision made on the track tonight. Wow. I can’t believe it. It’s unreal.” 
Jungkook wasn’t a cryer, but fuck, put anyone in this kind of position. Who wouldn’t be? He was sure everyone could understand where his emotion was coming from. He was the Rookie that wasn’t ever given the credit he deserved. Now he had put respect on not only his name, but also his team’s. And that mattered the most.
Tumblr media
You walked around the crowd that had formed around car number thirteen, where Jungkook stood. As much as you wanted to congratulate him along with everyone else, you felt like you needed to see Yoongi before deciding on what to do.
He was up ahead surrounded by microphones. The press clearly had a lot to ask him and judging by his facial expression, he really didn’t want to be stuck there answering questions. 
You waited for him to walk away before trying to catch up to him. Once you did you walked in awkward silence back to his trailer.
“I don’t know what you’re doing here,” he sneered. “Don’t you have someone else’s ass to kiss?” he finished as you made it to the back end of the trailer where the hatch was down. 
“Don’t be like that.”
“Don’t be like what? Pissed? Well I am, if you hadn’t–”
You knew better and cut him off before he could finish his sentence, “Yoongi, you and I both know you would have had it if you wouldn't have pulled the shit you did when you tried to cut Dino off. I came here to apologize for earlier but if you're still going to act like an ass and put this loss on me I'm leaving and I'm done.”
Yoongi watched as you stormed off. You didn’t mean it. You couldn’t mean it. There’s no way you meant it. Right? He felt less and less sure the more he repeated it. 
You were still fuming by the time you made it back to the hotel. Screw him for trying to blame you for the choices he made. You knew from how much his spotter and manager were yelling on the radio that he had obviously gone against their advice. That wasn’t your fault.
In what had to be record time, you had changed your outfit into one of the packed cocktail dresses and touched up your makeup. Next was your hair.
Would Jungkook like my hair up or down?
You paused, mildly shocked at what just passed through your head.
Woah… where the fuck did that thought come from?
You shook your head and decided to put it up, just in case it was warm at the afterparty.
Tumblr media
It didn’t take long for Jungkook to find you; you had been inside the venue for less than ten minutes. Playing busy, you pretended not to notice him as we walked up to you with an extra drink in his hand. 
“How's your night so far?” 
His voice startled you even though you knew he was coming. After turning around to greet him you smiled softly, "Not as great as yours, I’m sure. But I’m planning on it only getting better.” You gladly accepted the glass of champagne he had extended out to you. 
"Does that mean...." He didn’t want to assume but felt like he needed to before he went forward with the night.
"A bet is a bet, Jungkook," you shrugged. "Plus, I feel like celebrating and I have a feeling you’re good at that."
His eyes lit up hearing you say that, “Good. I am.”
You kept eye contact as you both sipped your drinks. Tonight was going to be interesting, to say the least.
Jungkook stuck his arm out in a gentlemanly manner and waited for you to take it before introducing you to some of the people you didn’t already know.
You thought it would be awkward for you to be with Jungkook, but nobody was paying any mind to that. They were more interested in hearing Jungkook’s predictions on the upcoming races. Even though you weren’t really a part of the conversation, you didn’t mind being there. You watched Jungkook’s lips move as he answered the next question. 
He was very attractive. His cheekbones were so pronounced and despite having had a helmet on for most of the day, his hair looked very...tuggable, if you dared to think so. Also his suit, you wondered what it would feel like to run your hands down his chest and into his…
He looked too good, that was the point you were trying to get across. Though that probably was thanks to his styling team.
Another couple of rounds around the room and you could tell he was tired of repeating himself. “Are you ready to get out of here?” he whispered into your ear; his breath tickling your neck.
That was all he needed to hear.
Tumblr media
Maybe you had one too many glasses of champagne. Maybe it was him who had one too many. Or maybe it was the fact that the tension had been pulling at you both to do something about ever since his eyes landed on you earlier this afternoon.
Jungkook’s lips felt like heaven. 
It's not technically cheating if I said we were done...right? 
Jungkook gave you another toe-curling kiss and the thought drifted out of your mind. All you cared about right now was the taste of his mouth on yours, the feeling he gave your body.
Jungkook had said he needed to check on something before you could leave the track, hence why you were pushed up against his car. You had been inside his trailer for less than a minute before you rushed into each other’s arms, lips smashing against each other and hands roaming your bodies like you were teenagers who had never been touched before.
Like you had said earlier, his hair was very much tuggable. The noises leaving Jungkook’s mouth vibrated against yours and you continued to twist your fingers through his dark locks. 
With no warning, he swiftly lifted you up further onto the hood of the car and moved his lips down your neck.
"Fuck, I've been thinking about this nonstop ever since I saw that pretty little photo of yours." He practically ripped your wrap dress off to see if you were, by chance, wearing it. "There it is," he said running his hands over the sides of your breasts - which were covered in the same red material he'd been fantasizing about. 
You might have had a moment in the hotel room earlier where you thought something like this would happen. Good thing you listened to your gut. The way he was looking at you was totally worth revisiting the lingerie that had gotten you into this hot and sticky mess. 
His eyes landed on your damp core, “Oh god, what have I done to deserve this. Hmmm.” He bent down so he was eye level with your center. You wanted to squirm as his thumb rubbed across the dampening area. You needed more contact.
“Take it off, please,” you begged. The anticipation was killing you.
Especially since he was now staring even harder at you. His eyes darkened as he lifted them back up to yours.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” You mused, “Winners get rewarded, don’t they?”
Your words were soon lost in your mouth as his covered your center, his tongue taking a dip into your folds.
He worked a yelp out of you when he added his fingers to replace his tongue as it moved up to circle around your sensitive nub.
“Jesus christ, Jungkook. Right there!” you cried as his fingers curled into your tightening inner walls.
He didn’t let up through your orgasm, the first of many. He already knew what kind of night it was about to be.
You had to pull him up or else he’d bring you right back to where you just were - like putty in his hands. A total mess just for him.
Without any further hesitation, you undid his dress pants and pulled his length out, “I can’t wait any longer, fuck me now.”
Jungkook didn’t need to be told twice. He didn’t waste any time as he slid into you, his body quivering as he did so. You were so wet for him, and so tight. He could lose it right there if he didn’t get a grip. He let out a heavy pant and lifted your arms up above your head. His plan was to start out nice and slow, but that didn’t last long. Both of your desires were too strong to take it easy.
You shifted your weight and used your legs to pull him deeper into you. That was all it took for him to lose it. Jungkook slammed himself into you repeatedly, shaking the trailer and all with the amount of force behind his thrusts. 
Anyone outside of his trailer didn’t have to listen hard to hear your moans blending together between the waves of pleasure you pushed onto each other.
You couldn’t believe that you were currently getting railed this good by Jungkook in the semi-trailer that hauls his car and its equipment, nor the events that led you up to this point. You’d have some hell of explaining to do when you got home.
The veins in Jungkook's neck popped out as he tensed from your insides clenching his length. He looked so fucking hot with his hair stuck to his forehead, sweat dripping down his temples as he took you on the hood of his car. He swiped his tongue across his lips and squeezed your sides before letting out another delicious-sounding moan. He was close.
You gripped his forearms as his thrusts became harder and more erratic, your body open and ready to accept his release.
That was until you rolled your head to the side, noticing the door to his trailer wide open and Yoongi standing there with his arms crossed.
Oh no.
You'd have thought he'd be losing his goddamn mind seeing his rival filling you up like this, yet he watched quietly. Almost as if he was taking silent notes as to what was happening. Oh god. Having Yoongi watch someone else fuck you made you even wetter. 
Jungkook noticed your change in demeanor and looked in the same direction. However, he wasn’t concerned one bit. He’s dealt with his fair share of boyfriends who wanted to beat the shit out of him for fucking their girlfriends. Yoongi wasn’t the first, and he wouldn’t be the last either.
“Look who showed up late to the party,” Jungkook teased as he slammed his length back into you, causing you to let out another moan - even with you holding it in with all your might.
“Feel like joining?” That was the last thing you ever expected to hear Jungkook ask. “She looks like the type that can handle us both. Isn’t that right, _____?”
You nodded. Just the thought of having them both at the same time made your insides tighten.
Yoongi didn’t disagree and he found himself wanting to join in. His fingers playing with your dripping core, testing your limits on how much pleasure you could take before he added his length. You were already more than ready for him. 
“Are you sure you can handle it?” Yoongi asked as he undid his own pants and stroked himself. He was already hard from catching you and was ready for this as long as you were. You nodded to let them know you wanted it just as much as they did. 
Without any further questions, Yoongi pushed into your front as Jungkook slid to the back. The pain turned to pleasure and your fingers dug into whoever’s flesh was closest to you. Every nerve in your body was on fire. You were about to burst into flames yourself here in a matter of seconds. Nothing could describe the pleasure of having both of them inside of you at once. 
“Oh my god!” you whined, feeling another climax passing over your body. Just as you think you were done, they force another scream-enticing orgasm out of you. Jungkook came first, unable to hold it off any longer, and Yoongi was right behind him. The waves of heat moved through every inch of your limbs as you attempted to catch your breath. Thank god the party was long over, or else you were sure everyone might have heard you just then.
Yoongi was barely able to hold himself up off of you. Jungkook on the other hand hardly looked fazed as he reached for a handful of shop towels that were clean enough to wipe off with. 
He looked back and forth between you and Yoongi. “Damn you two,” he chuckled, “Let me know if you want to make another bet in the coming weeks. I’m already down for another chance to risk it all for you.”
Tumblr media
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kreampop1257 · 4 months ago
School headcannons with Bakugo, Deku, Todoroki, and Shinso
B/L/N = Bully last name
Warnings: Bullying mentions, cursing
Tumblr media
➳ " Sit your ass down, we're gonna work on this piece o' shit."
➳ Helps you when you're confused about something or overwhelmed. 
➳ Makes meals for you while you're working on hw because he knows you're gonna be working non-stop. 
➳"Got no time for food, gotta finish this bad boy." -Y/N 
➳ Comes in every once in a while to check on you while waiting for food. You can literally smell the delicious delight on the other side of the door but pretend to be focused more on the hw than the fact he's being adorable and caring and hxhshd 
➳ If you refuse to get out of your working space he will spoon feed you. 
➳"No way you're gonna starve yourself on my watch, dumbass." 
Extra online school headcannons:
➳ During class calls, occasionally he will kiss you until you're breathless. (Usually showing his middle finger at the camera bc he needa show them ur taken by him!!😡) You'll sit there like 😳 and your classmates sit there like 😳 and he sits there like 😌
Extra IRL school headcannons:
➳ I feel like whenever he has the chance he'll have an arm around ur waist. Some sorta physical contact, really. He just doesn't want some extra to try to get with his adorable s/o!! 😤
If you were getting bullied:
➳  It's gonna take him a while to calm down after hearing that 
➳ "Where TF ARE THEY?!? I'm gonna tear 'em to pieces!" 
➳  He's so unbelievably mad. If you ever let him see who's bullying you at this state...bye bye bully!!
➳  Makes u caramels bc they're warm and yummy,, if you don't like caramel he bakes other sweets for you!! 
➳  He's super super soft w/ you. Doesn't even use the word 'dumbass' and just cuddles you & peppers your face with kisses for hours. 
➳  He knows it's probably not a good idea for him to do.. but he's gonna have to confront them without getting him and the bully expelled. 
➳  He eventually does 
➳ He walks up to them and angrily puts his hand on their shoulder.
➳  “Stop bullying Y/N, or else."
➳  He slightly activated his quirk to let little sparks come out of his open hand, and the one on thier shoulder was smoking slightly
➳ How Bakugo found out you were getting bullied drabble
Tumblr media
➳  Literally will do ANYTHING to make you feel more comfortable and confident.
➳ "H-hey Y/N! I got some new candles I think you'd like,, I also got earplugs in case you focus better when it's completely silent. And some headphones if you wanna study with music sometimes?? Some new pencils and..-" 
➳ “Omg 'zuku why are you so CUTE" 
➳  That little comment made his whole face turn a bright red and he cupped his face in his hands in an attempt to stop it. 
➳ Has the patience to reteach you a whole entire lesson if you didn't understand.
➳  This baby istg 
➳  Brings you little snacks while you're working so you can eat while doing it! Easy multitasking.
➳ He knows that if you work on it the whole day he's gonna drag you to the kitchen or a restaurant to eat proper food
Extra online school headcannons:
➳  One of the main things he brings over is ramen. The easy- cup noodles type things 
➳ During class calls, he likes to sit there with you and just hold your hand and draw hearts in the palm of your hand to let you know he's there for u  HHGJFKF 🥺
Extra IRL school headcannons: 
➳ On the days he knows you didn't sleep well or you weren't at school or sum he will gladly take notes for u!! 
If you were getting bullied: 
➳  Politely confronts at first
➳  "Hey B/L/N, I heard you were bullying Y/N? Could you please stop? If not I'm gonna have to contact the principle.." 
➳  Ofc if that doesn't work,, he'll just take matters into his own hands. 
➳ " B/L/N, you are getting expelled tomorrow. I contacted the principal. Good luck getting out of this." 
➳  Smiles as he's walking away tGHHGyjg 
➳ When he gets back and tells you what happened. He's so glad they're gone
➳ How Deku found out you were getting bullied drabble
Tumblr media
➳  Gives you little pecks on the cheeks and lips while ur studying- baby boy just loves you sm pls 😭😭❤️
➳  If you ever get stressed about something he will just hold you. Literally this boy will smother your face with kisses. 
➳ When he sees a small mistake in whatever you're working on, he helps you out by politely pointing it out for you! 
➳ "Oh, Y/N, I noticed there is no comma here." 
➳ "Would you like me to help you? I can explain this, if you want.." 
➳  Tries his best!! He cares about you and wants you to be successful! 
➳ Tried to make cookies with his right side once... may or may not have ended up like shriveled like a raisin.
 Extra online school headcannons: 
➳  Covered up the camera with tape once (yes, during a call) due to him watching a video abt how people are watched through cameras on laptops. The teacher was all 'jfjdjf noo!! I need to see y/n's face!'
 Extra IRL school headcannons:  
 ➳  If you have P.E. or have to do any sort of physical work he cools you down with his left side.
If you were getting bullied:
➳ He can actually be so intimidating 
➳  So he took that to his advantage and just walked up to them 
➳ The angriest, most intimidating look on his face.
➳ Safe to say they avoided both you and Todoroki for a lonngg time lmao 
➳  Plus they knew Todoroki is the son of the #1 hero sooo if he were to tell they'd die. 
➳  He also planned a vacation but since COVID-19 he couldn't  😔
➳ How Todoroki found out you were getting bullied drabble
Tumblr media
➳ Don't get me wrong, Shinso definitely tries to help you with hw and school but...
➳ He'd be that one person in the zoom call that mutes themselves and then does dumb stuff in the background (but is still on top of his grades somehow??)
➳ He's more focused on how YOU'RE feeling. If you're stressed he's gonna do so much stuff for you, OH you don't even KNOW.
➳ One time he made a teacher get the answer sheet with his quirk for you lmao.
➳ Cuddles, naps, and kittens are a huge part of your cheering up sessions. 
➳ If you enjoy bike riding, he loves to do them with u! 
➳ If not, he also loves playing video games with u! Anything that is fun for you or calms u  down.
➳ Sometimes he puts pencils behind his ear and it gets tangled in his indigo hair. Usually you find then when y'all are cuddling. 
➳ When you're having panic attacks he tells you take deep breaths, he likes to hold you while he does it, too. 🥺🥺 If you want him to use his quirk, he’ll do just that. (While holding u ofc)
 Extra online school headcannons:  
➳ Sometimes you two need a break to go outside an he literally just,,
➳ Picks flowers from the ground and puts it in your hair, telling you you're the most adorable human on this earth and that he loves you sm 🥺
Extra IRL school headcannons:
➳ He often sits next to you during lunch (even tho its like,, a super long walk lol)
 If you were getting bullied: 
➳ If he sees the bully he's gonna straight up tell the principal
➳ If this doesn't work he'll activate his quirk and make them walk home and tell their parents how they're a bully and they have low grades lmaooo 
➳ Is very passive aggressive toward the bully bc who'd daRE hurt his s/o
➳ Cuddles and kittens for days on end(or any other animal if you're allergic)
➳ Goes to the coffee shop daily and always gets you something!!
➳ How Shinso found out you were getting bullied drabble
Tumblr media
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elysicndrcvm · 4 months ago
━♡ guess the 23 YEAR OLD FEBRUARY baby just arrived to dallyeog! it makes sense, because CHU EUNHA is just as BEDAZZLING as the month of FEBRUARY. wait, why do they remind me of JACOB BAE? beyond that, they seemed JOYOUS and SAVVY upon first glance. i heard someone say they’re sort of DELICATE and QUIXOTIC though. i hope they get acquainted here in COMPLEX 1 / APARTMENT 0215 / FLOOR 3 ; HE seem(s) to have a lot going on with HIS job as a PATISSERIE OWNER/NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE STUDENT. ( ez, 21, she/they, gmt. )
Tumblr media
     well hey there !! im ez but you fellow dallyeogers can call me ezzy, i have been in dallyeog before so some may remember me as having someone v different to my new bb i bring u now, i joined before with miss tam carmen !! anygays i return with this lil angel who i am all ‘ i say that’s my baby and i’m proud ’ over already even tho i literally came up with him like two days ago. you can find his pinboard here ( which btw i fuckeN love like he’s so aesthetic to me u go king ) and i made him a lil playlist which u can vibe to here. you can learn more about him under the cut but he’s a super soft-hearted gentle dove of a muse and quite...simple for me ?? sdhdh that’s not the right wording but U GET IT djjflg he isn’t super full of angst or trauma he’s just kinda viBIN livin his best life so that’s fun !! but ye without further ado: 
so as u kno from his app he owns a patisserie, it’s his lil babey and he is very dedicated to his craft and makin sure all his ideas for the place and the baked goods he sells are like rlly quirky and avant-garde. like he is so passionate about it u dont even KNOW, he tries to make sure most of the stuff on his menu is something like fun and new u wouldn’t get at just any old patisserie or cafe and that it’s super varied and also kinda aesthetic af? the place is very like trendy. it’s called patisserie d’elysian cause ya know he’s an extra biTCHH and proud.
he has three pupperino’s. all as adorable as each other, snickerdoodle is his golden lab and often ppl shorten it down to snickers, butterscotch is his dapple daschund pup, shortens the name to scotchie often. toulouse is his fancy toy poodle boi, shortens the name down as toto. if u are on the shortened name basis with his pups then u can consider urself one of his close pals. 
he’s actually adopted by his aunt but she raised him like she was his mother so that is what he considers her, she’s on his mother’s side but they are half-siblings. in terms of first name reasoning as well she just liked eunha as a name and didn’t even think about how it is traditionally for a female, she liked that it meant gift from heaven so it stuck. his father is still around, he’s just quite elderly so it felt like a better living situation for him to be raised primarily by his auntie. unfortunately his mother has passed on but no tragic story, she just went peacefully in old age. 
he dyes his hair quite often, it’s currently like a really pastel blue with black streaks consistently throughout like lil ones so it looks super cool. but he’s also had it be a more electric blue, lilac, and a duck egg kinda faded silvery blue. it’s naturally dark brunette. has brown eyes kind of a hazel hue. 
his style is kinda androgynous ig?? he just lives for soft retro fashion, lots of color in his wardrobe but also lots of tapered short and t-shirt fits frequented, sweater vests, rolled up jeans, high skater boi socks, soft jumpers with shirts, shirts in bright colours or satiny texture worn over plain white t-shirts, cardigans, pastel denim jackets, jeans with printed patterns on like clouds, flowers etc, favors yellow and blues. sometimes does eye makeup, occasionally wears heels bc he’s a baddie or super heeled boots/chunky shoes. 
obsessed with music, can play violin and guitar. he’s a big mitski and rina sawayama fanatic, likes anything that sounds peaceful or calming or has like a good fun vibe to it. also likes the trademark gay icons like carly rae jepsen, lorde, etc. he’s not ashamed. obsessed with mamma mia movies. but also likes rap which is rlly funny cause its like the bad bitch female rappers only and like he’ll listen to it while arranging his sock drawer or making his bed or something ajdjdj it’s like hype anthems for being a baddie and a hoe and he’s just doing his night sleepy routine adkfkf. 
showers, blankets, music, baked goods especially bagels are his happy places. 
very much a sensitive lil romanticist, falls in ‘love’ like five times a day, he just likes to giggle and smile around pretty people and admire the artwork hnghdh, he’s like yeARNS though ya know?? like he’s all i will flirt by making prolonged eye contact, i made you a playlist, this song makes me think of you etc. it’s either memes as flirting with him or elaborate love letters u never know what ur gonna get akdkd. 
awful sense of humour, loves his friends more than anything on earth except his pups, would fully live in a huge house of just like his pups and all his closest buds for all eternity. likes fruits way too much, enjoys puns about fruits way too much. milkshakes, sushi, orange hues and bus rides are some of his absolute favorite simple pleasures of life. clouds, flowers, salt lamps, the sunrise over the sea, skateboarding, fresh soda, teddy bears, busy street markets, parasols, fish tanks with exotic fish, sorbet, bike riding, polaroids, record players, rain at night against floor to ceiling windows with a fresh steaming pot of tea on the desk beside it and warm fresh sheets from the laundry on his bed, ponds, skateboarding. all little joys in life that give him like the biggest pleasure dopamine hit in the world. 
his cousin actually owns a florists so he has flowers just littering his apartment like a lot and it just looks like he has ten million suitors from the late eighteenth century attempting to court him but no all these flowers are from him to him or worse from his aunt djfjg she sends him some for valentines every valentines, pls help him, pls send him flowers. 
studies nutritional science and he fucken hates it. do not ask him shit cause he doesn’t KNOW OKAY? he doesn’t understand it either. he took it because he needed something to go alongside the passion for baking that was a real ‘qualification’/job so that is the only reason he’s doing it. no point doing a baking degree after all when he’s already a baker with a business, he’s super young still he gotta keep his prospects open. so YAH. he’d rather be doing culinary arts but eh. nutritional science sounded better and more logic based. the real miracle is he still gets top grades all the time even tho he spends his life like wtf am i even doing is this even legit akdkdk. school is the worst thing in the world for him watch his mood instantly deflate the second its brought up. 
despite being a quixotic, he’s a lil afraid of intimacy. like oh god does he love it, those small touches and acts of affection u kno? the subtle things that normally go unnoticed, eye contact, brushing of hands, linking of little fingers, rubbing a thumb, kissing eyelids or foreheads or palms or shoulders in little gentle pecks, back massages and rubs or finger tracing patterns absent-minded, shoulder massages, laying your head on someone’s shoulder or on their lap, knocking knees together, exchanging a small glance only the two of you get before bursting into laughter, smiling into kisses, napping together, having blankets placed over you warm and fresh, or towels put ready like it, someone making you something they know you like a lot. that’s his sHIT. but like he’s terrified still, someone skimming their fingers on his skin makes his breath hitch like he’s a scandalized and alarmingly aroused victorian woman sjdjd. he’s literally still a virgin, he hasn’t even had his first kiss okay my baby is delicate be gentle with him akdkd but he still LIKES PASSION AIGHT kfkf. 
real soft spoken, honey tinted voice like i shit u not this boy talks like he’s an angel sent from heavens above to guide you to the paradisaical garden of eden or some shit akdkd. ur gonna fall in love with eunha’s voice before u even fall in love with any other part of him like his adorable beaming smile or stunning eyes akdkf. 
has dance parties around his room when getting ready in the morning, listens to bella’s lullaby unironically yes from twilight yes u heard right, bit of a himbo streak sometimes in his obliviousness djfjf. quite silently subtly funny actually much like jacob himself. 
he is gay, afraid of driving, cannot do math, blanks out often and he is valid for all of those things. has a collection of cartoon and disney animal movie dvds. has a dream notebook. always has blue painted nails in some kinda shade. 
does not enjoy turning in assignments bc he is scared he’ll fail, avoids looking at his grades for weeks after they’re released and hates knowing that they’re out. 
cannot dance, dances often. collects vintage stuff esp clothes and mostly sweaters. likes midnight trips to corner stores and fields where he can just lay and look at the stars. makes friends rlly easily but has super bad performance anxiety. cannot ever have a messy room like even the tiniest bit messy. even like clothes being stacked on a chair instead of away. 
bakes peanut butter, banana and choc chip muffins (they r called monkey bites normally) whenever he’s super stressed. if u want to cheer him up when he’s anxious or stressed then u should give him french lavender honey, chia seeds and caramelized pear on toast/bagel. it is his comfort food. he fancii when he needs a pick me up. treat urself and all that. 
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the-bean-god · 5 months ago
lets get perrsonal questions or whaveterver
i wanted to make a question tag but feral and this is what i came up with. tag ur friends, tag ur enemies, but most importantly give me a kiss at ur earliest convenience.
thank u @cl0wnapologist i love u molly
1. say hi! :D (name/age/pronouns)
hello i am jillian also referred to as jill and sometimes jill beans im 20 and my pronouns are she/her
2. what’s your venus sign? <3
aquarius <3 i will never experience love
3. would you rather people perceive you as the person you present to the world or your true self? are they the same?
it would be cool for people to see me as my true self but im kinda fuckin wack,,, not in a way like “im not like other girls” like as in wow im just wack as fuck idk. i think i am more my true self at this point in my life than i was before which is cool but i feel really alienated from other people u know? gotta switch to sorority girl sometimes its just more convenient to pretend to be someone else
4. what do you prioritize in your relationships—how well someone treats you or how much you like them?
mmm i feel like how much i like them matters because i dont like anyone so that’s like step 1, and they also probably shouldn’t treat me like shit but i tend to let people do that so i just don’t have relationships
5. what’s the most embarrassing fanfic you’ve ever read?
jokes on you i never read fanfiction as a youth!
6. would you rather be fluent in every language or a master of every instrument? if you could only pick one of each what would it be?
probably every language but i would like to be slick with the guitar
7. share some of your favorite characters!
ymir from attack on titan because i vaguely look like her and she is bitch lesbian. also probably every female from attack on titan. i also am a fan of asuka and misato from nge, and tamaki from ouran. also probably i could go on but i will spare you bc this is embarassing
8. what’s a niche interest/subject you could write a 12-page essay on?
sex education and i have written multiple 10+ page essays on it in fact
also probably astrology i did make a 52 slide presentation on the basics of it which is the most capricorn thing i have ever done
9. what are you missing the most right now?
making new friends but also having friends who have the same interests as me specifically molly and alyssa :(
10. hottest non-human animated character? (ex. zootopia fox, ryuk from death note, aunt fanny from robots)
the female titan but not annie just like the actual titan 
the war hammer titan as well shes so sexy
11. share some of your old urls/handles/usernames (i’m looking at u, 1D insta with 70 followers from 2013)
lets not bring this up :) 
12. what’s a favorite physical feature of yourself? what are some favorite physical features of your friends/loved ones?
my personal favorite feature is my boobies not because they look good but because they are soft and squishy and are my own little stress balls. i have been told i have good teeth tho but my ex said that so it doesnt count
and i love molly’s long ass thick ass hair and her laugh and pretty smile and i love how alyssa has very pretty eyes and skin idk how to describe and bof of their styles are amazing
13. what’s a favorite personality trait of yours? of your friends/loved ones?
there is nothing good about my personality
bUt molly has the best sense of humor in the world and alyssa is the most caring woman her intuition makes her insults towards me so spicy i love it
14. describe a recent time someone made you feel loved/valued
when alyssa gave me a pusheen squishmallow for my birthday
15. what’s the most embarrassing character you’ve been attracted to?
akira from devilman which ik isn’t embarassing bc hes hot but like...,,,, specifically the ceiling scene
16. gayest thing you’ve done recently? (complimentary)
made frog cakes with @cl0wnapologist and @lesbianspongeb0b while watching ouran highschool host club
17. gayest thing you’ve done recently? (derogatory)
when my friends were saying what sport we seem like we wouldve played in high school and all my friends said i would’ve played softball <3
18. what are your comfort movies/shows/books/foods?
movies: spongebob, ratatouille, spirited away
shows: ouran, kids baking championship, free!
books: my anatomy textbook
foods: everything. lately it’s been chocolate peanut butter soup which is a monstrosity i created while high but u know what it slaps
19. last 5 things you looked up in your youtube search bar/history?
rice krispie treats , brown butter rice krispie treats , binging with babish rice krispie treats , rice krispie treats without marshmallows , and attack on titan abridged
(i was craving them one night ok chill)
20. should we kiss rn? :*
i’ve been waiting for u to ask
idk if i have any active mutuals left so i’m not tagging anyone lmao
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katmajik · 5 months ago
s u g a r c o a t e d : a snippet
a/n: i had a real bad-just-because-it-could-be day yesterday, so pls take this epistolary/group chat excerpt from chap 4 of my romdramedy (is that a word? i’m making it one) wip and maybe my bit of fluffy fun will appease the universe. xx - maj
[18+ or read at your own discretion, but don’t @ me if it doesn’t jive w you!!]
wip intro // writeblr intro
tag list (feel free to ask to be added or removed!): @kainablue @catharticallysarcastic
OSCAR: Ladies ladies LADIES you are Never gonna believe who i ran into at the gym this morning
OSCAR: Etta would know if she’d gotten her ass up and come with like she SAID
ETTA: i thought you were going at like 10 or smthn not 6 frickin a.m.
OSCAR: There are fewer ppl there at 6
I don’t want anyone LOOKING at me
RAYA: I’m gonna bet an ihop combo platter u spent half an hour on ur eyeliner before you went
ETTA: ^^^ his insta story confirms
when are we going
OSCAR: You hos have been eating at IHOP?????
OSCAR: Well I just think there are kinder ways to tell me you don’t want to be friends anymore
ETTA: eating food not as good as your own might keep you humble
OSCAR: It’s too late for that, i already have a well-deserved superiority complex and i’m KEEPING HER
RAYA: FFS who did you see at the gym?
OSCAR: Excuse me i’m in mourning
ETTA: pls
OSCAR: My best friends would rather eat Cinnabon™ pancakes than my personal shortstack garnished with homemade maple syrup and like, the sweat and toil of my undying love
RAYA: ……………………
OSCAR: Capitalists
ETTA: is this… narcissism?
OSCAR: Just for that I shouldn’t tell you jack shit
ETTA: idc about anything before noon anyway
OSCAR: Ew you’re such a slob
ETTA: cool thanks
OSCAR: You better P R A Y Jude’s into that
ETTA: typing…
ETTA: The Number You Are Trying To Reach Has Been Disconnected
OSCAR: Bitch no it has not
RAYA: I’m boutta disconnect mine on purpose if you don’t get at the point
OSCAR: Hello, I just did
RAYA: You ran into Jude at the gym?
OSCAR: Anyway yeah. Tyrese at first. I was all “Hey, Daddy,” you know how it is
ETTA: you gotta stop saying that every time you see a hot guy
OSCAR: Oh grow up, all Catholics have a daddy kink you’re not special
ETTA: hugely inappropriate but go off i guess
OSCAR: Whatever have you even read the Bible? I hear they were gonna call Song of Songs “An Ode to Titties” but then they thought it was too on the nose
ETTA: oh yeah? where’d you hear that?
OSCAR: I just…… Did
ETTA: okay but where
OSCAR: Irrelevant
ETTA: sure
RAYA: Omfg
OSCAR: Vibe check but i actually still go to church so i think i might know a little better than you
Etta, i mean. Idk what Raya knows
RAYA: Nothing, if I had my way
ETTA: yeah lemme know how ur next confession w father monaghan goes once u tell him abt this fascinating religious breakthrough abt TITTIES
OSCAR: Um yeah they all already know
OSCAR: So anyway before we go completely off the rails into a theological debate, yes for a hot second there i was too distracted by Ty’s inexplicable but nevertheless real Brawny Man charms
like it was a very “dream weeeeeeaver” situation, yk?
RAYA: For a practicing Catholic you’re not real into the sanctity of marriage, huh
OSCAR: QUEEN PLS I’m into Sean too
If they asked me for a threesome like every straight couple on Tinder does bc i guess that’s all bi ppl do, we don’t even have hobbies, WELL…… in their case i’d be down to clown
RAYA: You got me
OSCAR: Thank you. So the point is Jude was there too and when i mentioned how Etta was s u p p o s e d to be comping my guest pass, he NONE too surreptitiously pulled an Exorcist to look around the place for her
like i’m telling you he definitely fucked up a neck muscle
ETTA: hyperbole
OSCAR: Ask him for a doctor’s note from his chiropractor and FIGHT ME
ETTA: yeah i’m not gonna do either of those things
Ty also none too surreptitiously picked up what i was puttin down and we may or may not have but definitely did have a little chat about you
ETTA: typing…
RAYA: Here we go
OSCAR: Nothing BAD i was just like admiring Jude’s tattoos (ya boy looks good in workout gear btw mad props to your taste, next time i’ll try for a creepy spy shot phone pic)
and Ty graciously offered up the intel that Jude drew those up himself and he’s really into art
He was about as embarrassed as you are when anyone says anything remotely complimentary about you
Which I then did
OSCAR: That you’ve got a few sketchbooks that clean up real nice and you guys should get together for a little brain-picking inspo sesh
ETTA: what is that, a euphemism??
But i don’t think Jude caught on, he was too busy sputtering and trying to get out of the conversation
RAYA: Damn he rly is Etta’s soulmate
ETTA: i resent
all of this
OSCAR: Quit wasting time and get on that dick i s2g you’re both so thirsty it would do us ALL a favor
OSCAR: Jude wouldn’t pull any more neck muscles (or would he????? but Worth It) and it would like hypothetically kick ur depression in the ass
Endorphins via orgasm or smthn
ETTA: i’m good thnx that’s what my meds are for
OSCAR: You gotta pop those pills AND that pussy
Shake it up every once in awhile, get that au natural chemical release
Look at me, i masturbate on the reg and i’m totally well-adjusted
RAYA: And you say u don’t have hobbies
OSCAR: **I** didn’t say that
Repressed heterosexuals who should probably just invest in a sex doll did
ETTA: don’t look into this, i just don’t want to talk abt ur masturbatory habits but
you’re being just as ridiculous as usual
like MAYBE i’m interested in jude but so what? that doesn’t mean he’s interested back, u were probably just bein weird and he wanted to go home
OSCAR: Please. Do you see the way he looks at you?
ETTA: i hate when ppl say that what does it even mean
““the way he looks at you””
maybe he just wants more coffee
OSCAR: Or maybe he just wants you to Domme him like
Who’s to say?
ETTA: typing…
ETTA: typing…
ETTA: typing…
RAYA: Oh damn u done did it now
Girl’s wrecked
OSCAR: Hashtag it
ETTA: ??????? explain
ETTA: or don’t
i can’t decide
OSCAR: It’s just. A Feeling.
If you want it explained you could always ask Jude i mean…… js but isn’t that how dirty talk starts?
RAYA: He does kinda seem to dig it when you tell him what to do
Like he hasn’t lit up in the diner since you showed up and real impolitely told him to cut the shit
ETTA: listen that was a v stressful day how many times do i have to apologize for that
RAYA: Coulda been zero times obvs he was into it
ETTA: this is the least compelling evidence of all time
OSCAR: Talk about repressed. What do you even Know about kink, Lil Miss Basic tryna fuck Bradley Uppercrust III over here
RAYA: Is that the guy from the second Goofy Movie?
OSCAR: Nailed it.
Remember that thing Etta said about being a furry?
Because that’s exactly what her ex looks like, am i right or am i RIGHT
ETTA: suddenly i can’t read
ETTA: ps maybe jude’s not smoking at the diner anymore bc he doesn’t wanna get yelled at again for no reason by my spastic ass
OSCAR: No i think it’s because he wants to take you to Bone Town with an itemized list of other ways you could boss him around and also minty fresh breath
RAYA: Maybe not how I’d put it but yeah seconded
ETTA: y’all need a new show to watch or smthn clearly you’ve run out of ships
OSCAR: Well //CLEARLY// every network has no taste and i’m not even sure where it started but i THINK it might have been when jackie and fez ended up together
RAYA: Smh preach, honestly
Nothing went right after that
OSCAR: Exactly.
See, Etta, it’s up to you now
Cute Waitress Tops Local Mechanic and Finally All’s Right With the World (Or At Least Popular Television) Once Again
ETTA: typing…
OSCAR: Literally w h y have i not been headhunted by Buzzfeed this is egregious
RAYA: Do you even have a resumé ?
OSCAR: No the only thing i know how to do is like
be hot and make omelettes
OSCAR: The millennial American dream, babey~~
ETTA: u forgot the part abt how we can afford to pay our bills
OSCAR: That’s what your sugar daddy’s for, have you even been LISTENING?
ETTA: idk!!!!!!!
idek how to keep up??
OSCAR: Okay, to paraphrase or whatever?
You’re in love with Jude
ETTA: i’m not IN LOVE with him
it’s more like
a vague sense of infatuation
OSCAR: Okay Alfred Hitchcock
ETTA: that
seems inaccurate
RAYA: Nah I get it
Etta, you fckin Betty Spaghetty lookin moron
OSCAR: He’s a hot older guy who tips you obscene amounts of money and almost for sure doesn’t own a pair of cargo shorts and you have at least one (1) shared interest. Just let it happen.
ETTA: simple as that, huh?
OSCAR: Yeah i think it’s a lot easier than you’d think after one too many rewatches of When Harry Met Sally
OSCAR: Such a great movie, but also? Just make out already god it’s not hard
RAYA: For the record idk what he’s talkin abt I’ve never seen that movie
RAYA: Every straight person I know is Harry or Sally far as I can tell alright I’m not gonna volunteer my time to watch it happen on TV
ETTA: this conversation has really gotten away from me
RAYA: I don’t think I was following it in the first place
This is what happens when you let Oscar lead
OSCAR: Bitches
Next time we’ll conference call like it’s 2002 but UNTIL THEN……
OSCAR: Srsly Etta ik you’re here to take care of mama but you could find someone to take care of you too
And if all goes well you won’t even need Tinder to find them
ETTA: tinder doesn’t make any sense
some guy swipes right on you but when u don’t give him nudes STAT suddenly you’re an ugly bitch
if i’m so ugly why’d you swipe right in the first place, matt, 26, self-employed, likes to travel???
OSCAR: Men are just like that. Entitled, short-tempered, shirtless when no one asked…
But you could still meet someone ((Jude)) who’ll dick you down and also, like, respect you.
ETTA: what is this, a disney movie?
That’s why you gotta ask ((Jude)) out
ETTA: and get rejected by a regular at the diner so i’d have to quit and god willing get hit by a bus? would literally rather get sad drunk on margaritas straight from the blender and download tinder again
OSCAR: Damn that’s bleak
ETTA: your insistence that he’s into me hinges on a shared interest and the fact that he looked around the room, so
OSCAR: Well if you’d been there then you’d understand the YEARNING in that look-around
ETTA: sorry i thought we were talking abt jude not matthew macfadyen in pride & prejudice (2005)
OSCAR: He does one hell of an impression
And i think Ty agrees
ETTA: great, invite more ppl in on this
OSCAR: Not our fault you two are making it obvious, we’re innocent bystanders and we deserve pity honestly the Yearning is……… embarrassing
ETTA: what do you expect me to do abt it
OSCAR: Bang it out
RAYA: Can I agree and plead the fifth at the same time?
OSCAR: Legally no, i’m pretty sure, but i like where your head’s at
ETTA: i meanwhile don’t like any of this
OSCAR: Yeah well no one asked you
ETTA: ??? wasn’t this whole text chain ABOUT me??
OSCAR: Oof sugar pie honey bunch you wanna talk about NARCISSISM??
ETTA: typing…
RAYA: It’s so upsetting when she does that
ETTA: i’m gonna ask jude if he wants to go to ihop w me
RAYA: Oh shit XD
OSCAR: Do it i dare you
See if i don’t torch all your sneakers and replace them with Mistress boots
ETTA: typing…
OSCAR: Go on your lil IHOP date, whatever, just prepare to rock that faux leather six inch heel to get to your fucking Cinnastack, JUDAS
ETTA: hyperbole again
OSCAR: It was either Judas or Lindsey Buckingham, pick your poison
RAYA: Go with Judas man you know it’s over if he Buckingham’s you
ETTA: please god can i win one single argument??
Your comeuppance is nigh
ETTA: what did you seriously order me new boots?? those are so expensive i’ll pawn them
OSCAR: First of all, no
Maybe i just happened to remind Ty that the Over-Easy offers delivery and the resident newbie’s ((you)) responsible for off-site orders
And the auto shop’s totally within delivery jurisdiction
And Jude’s there six days a week so just like statistically there’s gotta be One day he forgets to pack a lunch
OSCAR: Second of all if i bought you new boots you’d wear them and LIKE IT
OSCAR: And so would Jude
RAYA: I’ll take that bet
OSCAR: Bitchin. I’ll ask Ty if anyone else wants in on that pool
ETTA: you know what
ETTA left the chat
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scandeniall · 5 months ago
cause u were my baby
pairing: atsumu x (implied black)f!reader (ur Aran’s sister but if u wanna imagine youre adopted go ahead no physical descriptors)
summary/warnings: honestly just based off my boo by usher. ur life around atsumu over the years (from kids to adults)/implied nsfw at the end when ur adults, bad words, thats it./timeskip spolier 
a/n: format might be weird because i was initially doing these as headcanons but kept going and it changed. also also started with a sakusa version based on this song so um tune in next whenever i finish it oop-
It started when we were younger, you were mine 
You’re not exactly sure when you’d met Atsumu. It seemed like he was always around. From the first day Aran came home trailing two considerably shorter twins behind him you’d been intrigued. 
“Aran you never told us ya had a sister!” When they found out your name and exclaimed how cool it was there was no way you could’ve predicted your future. 
Eventually it became a tiny school girl crush, on one of them as kids (you couldn’t quite tell them apart for the longest). You’d be overly happy whenever Aran brought them around, and always asked to tag along with him, but only when he mentioned he’d be seeing the twins. 
You’d watched over the years as your brother only grew closer to them and as a result so did you, sorta. In middle school you’d come back from hanging with your own friends to hear the twins bickering while your brother just continued in with his homework. Being in the same year, you’d occasionally be dragged into helping them out, or sharing answers when it was too hard and “they’d learn it later, but need the answers now.”
At some point during middle school you’d grown an official crush on Atsumu, opting to take his side more often than not within his competition with Osamu. Despite that, nothing ever came of it as kids. 
The older you got, the more attractive they’d seem to get, but you never paid much attention. After all, once you reached the world of high school, your young crush practically disappeared. Instead you’d taken a liking to all the new people you were exposed to.  
As they got more and more passionate about volleyball and you parted class ways you never really saw them, except for the occasional times they’d come to your house. Even then, the conversations were short. Growing more confident, and friendly you’d still jokingly take Atsumu’s side to which he’d parade around like he’d won the lottery. “At least someone thinks I’m right.” 
Of course you’d heard about Atsumu’s lack of popularity among his teammates. You’d overheard Osamu telling him at lunch one day to be nicer, and you couldn’t help but laugh at the lack of care he showed for others thoughts on his personality. As long as he was doing his job as a setter all’s good. 
“Don’t think you’d say that if they decided to throw you in a ditch one day,” you’d tease hovering over their lunch table. “Maybe you should be a little nicer,”
“If they suck, then they suck.” 
For the rest of your first year your conversations took on similar natures. One of you’d overhear something then butt in for a few moments before returning to your regularly scheduled lives. 
You’d watch as the two of them grew into their volleyball skills, alongside your brother cheering from the sidelines as much as you could. Come your 2nd year Their notoriety and your connection to them caused a spike in your popularity. It was something that came to the irritation of your brother. 
“Another date?” Your brother eyed the way you searched for the perfect pair of shoes while you waved him off. 
You’d heard about the twins biggest fight. Osamu admitted that he’d be quitting volleyball after high school. Heard about the way Atsumu reacted, seen the way they stopped sitting together at lunch
“Shouldn’t ya be with yer friends,” the blonde twin mumbles, continuing to stab at the rice he’d brought for lunch. Or that Osamu packed, which is precisely why he couldn’t eat it. You slid into the empty seat in front of him, not even phased. 
“Atsumu you need to make up with your Osamu. You two are driving Aran mad. And more importantly you need each other.” Your hand stops his that were previously stabbing at the food, by knocking the chopsticks out. With a sigh, you move the bento he’d been messing over and replace it with your own lunch. “Since you’re on your whole anti Samu stance, figured I’d get you some non Samu food. I’ll be eating this by the way.” You were intentional in keeping your voice light not wanting to further upset the firecracker. “I’m waiting on my thank you.”
“For what. Tryna get me to talk to the traitor-“
“Atsumu. He's your brother. Grow up. I’m just trying to help out my friends-“
“Yer just Aran’s sister who has a stupid crush on Samu. That’s why yer taking his side,” at that your eyes widen and the annoyance starts to set. Before you could refute he cuts you off.  “We’re not friends. Never have been and never will be. Go hang out with Samu if you’re that desperate”
Silence settled upon the two of you before you swallowed the lump that had started to form. 
“You’re right. We’re not friends and I’m just Aran’s stupid little sis how could i forget,” your tone is mocking as you gather up your own food. “You clearly have some issues to work through with Osamu and you’re upset but I’m not gonna be your verbal punching bag. Keep the lunch,” you sigh before standing. “I’ll see you around, maybe.” Atsumu couldn’t pinpoint it then but there sense of finality in your voice might’ve aided in the further irritation he carried through the rest of the day. 
You’re not even sure when the twins got back on good terms. One day they’d started hanging back out at your place with Aran however you made it a point to never be around. It wasn’t until your brother’s graduation months later that Atsumu caught you for more than a few fleeting seconds. 
“He’s really graduated huh-“ you were sitting in the empty gym after the ceremony. Everyone else had gone outside before you ditched your family with the promise of catching up and being back for Aran’s celebratory dinner. However Atsumu had watched you slip back in and curiosity killed the fox. 
“Hey Tsumu,” you hummed, eyes glued on the chairs covering the floor. You only glanced at him once you felt the bleachers creak and did as he settled next to you. 
“Why’re ya in here (Y/N)”
“Just thinking. I’m gonna miss him-“
“Arans really leaving us for the big guys huh- they grow up so fast.” The lightness in Atsumu’s voice has you smiling before shaking your head before focusing back on the gym floor. 
“Not Aran. Well- yeah I’m gonna miss him too but I’m talking about my boyfriend. Well ex who kinda broke up with me yesterday. Something about going off to Uni and needing something new. Seeing him here too was weird.”
Atsumu just nods. He’d heard that you’d started dating some 3rd year shortly after your disagreement. According to Aran and even Osamu the guy wasn’t necessarily a bad guy but wasn’t really a good one either. “(Y/N) could do better but if she’s happy,” he’d listen to Aran complain before, a rarity from a guy who tried seeing the good in people. And it was true, you were happy. Extremely so. 
“Sorry about that,” you just give him another nod before he sighs. “M’sorry about blowing up at ya a while back too. Saying that we weren’t friends,”
“Is Miya Atsumu apologizing for someone.” Your fake shock is accompanied by you turning your body to face his. “Do I need to get this on camera for proof. Where’s Rin.” The way you pull out your phone pretending to film has him laughing before jokingly telling you to shut it. 
“You worked things out with Samu?”
Atsumu only shrugs. “I’m still pissed but we still have 1 more year. And I gotta focus on being happier and more successful.”
“Do I even wanna know?”
Instead of responding Atsumu just stands before offering you a hand. “Ya going to the party?” He was referring to the one the parents had planned to celebrate the graduates. It was at your house but you weren’t sure if you were gonna actually show or just hang with a friend for a few hours. You still hadn’t taken his hand up and he looked at it expectedly. 
“Hadn’t decided. Kinda sad ya know,” you joke before taking it. 
“All the more reason. Forget about that loser. Besides if Aran finds out I knew ya were sad and did nothin’ he’d kick my ass.” You thought for a moment before caving, not even noticing had neither of you had let go. 
That was the start of it all for you two. Following the party you’d rekindled your friendship with the twin and as break started the two of you grew closer. There’d been many nights when you two would sneak out and go on late night adventures. Convenience store runs. Scooter rides or even to parks to help him practice. You’d even started hanging around when they had official team practices to where he’d started walking you home. 
Your first kiss happened on one of those walks. Your arms had brushed several times as he complained about poor spikes or missed serves and how they weren’t gonna be Karasuno with that performance. 
“They’re stressing you out just how you stressed Kita out captain”
“And yer brother,” you nod as your hands brushed again. “How’s he doin anyways,” 
“Pretty good. Just practicing a lot and stuff. He’s always tired when we talk.” Another brush. You start tuning Atsumu out as you debate on making a move. The two of you had gotten considerably closer to the point where people had teased calling him your boyfriend. However you could’ve been imagining it and the chemistry. Maybe he just saw you as a sister much like Osamu but picked up on your feelings and didn’t wanna hurt them and ruin things. 
“Hey Atsumu,” the way you stopped had him confused. However before he could question it you started. “Do you like me? Like-like me?”
He thought for a moment before answering just with a shrug. “Well yeah. Course Aran would kill me for some of my thoughts but—yeah.” You weren’t even sure why you were so surprised with the ease of how he admitted it. He always said what he meant and all you could do was nod before managing to could out something that sounded like “good”
“Good. That’s all ya gotta say? C’mon (Y/N) give me something. Do ya like me?” With a nod from you he finds himself surprisingly flustered before doing the same as you. Only this time he’d moved closer head lowering. “Well that’s good”
The two of you started dating shortly after and into your last year. It wasn’t something that went unnoticed either. The way he’d lean against your locker trying to be cool, definitely falling more than once. The few people that had been privy to your quick makeout sessions when you’d meet up in empty hallways while you were supposed to be using the restroom. The way you’d started eating lunch together more often and if people played enough attention they’d noticed that you often shared drinks because “things taste better when they aren’t yours.” Then the most obvious, how you’d hang around early at games and stayed after and how he was so excited to beat Karasuno at nationals that he’d actually made out with you in public. (Aran had nearly murdered him upon finding out about that)
After graduation you two had gone off to different places and it was a struggle. There were arguments about not making time for one another. Between your academics and his pursuit at going pro, it was a struggle. But things were always made worth it. The time you’d created and sent him a care package and he texted you back a selfie with the basket with tears in his eyes. Or how you made the 3 hour train ride down for important matches or during your school breaks because he’d sounded super down about not being able to nail a new serve. 
There were times where he’d stay on video call with you long after he should’ve been in bed because you were stressed about finals and up still studying. Then the time he surprised you by coming down for a milestone birthday. He’d showed up at your apartment at some odd hour completely exhausted and ready to fall over the second you opened the door. 
“Surprise baby,” he slurred using the last bit of his energy to hug you tightly. “Happy birthday”
“Tsumu what are you doing here,” you’d pull away however he attached himself back to you arms locked around your middle and face buried in the side of your neck.
“Talk later, sleep now.” You find yourself nodding before prying his hands off your and intertwining them with yours. 
“Let’s get you some sleep Tsumu”
There were the late night drives as young adults listening to old school music and singing your hearts out just having fun. It was during the holidays and you two had both gone back home to be with your families. 
“Hey babe technically this is us.” Atsumu is the one to turn the radio down as a familiar song starts. “And you were my babyyyyy,” His screeching fills the car causing you to laugh and swat the hand that had been casually resting on your thigh off. “It started when we were younger-”
“Atsumu shut up and pay attention to the road.” You smile as his hand immediately finds its way back on you. “But you are my boo.”
The night the Jackals beat the Adlers you were sure Atsumu would want to go out and party and you were more than fine with it. However while waiting for him to finish up you’d gotten word of his celebratory plans from a post game interview. “Just gna hang at home. Watch a few movies, eat a cheat meal, ya know.” 
It’s about an hour later before Atsumu meets up with you at the stadium's entrance. You notice how his hair hadn’t fully dried as he shifts his duffel bag to the other arm to grab your hand on your preferred hand holding side as the two of you make your way across the parking lot. “Are you sure you don’t wanna go out with the guys?”
The squeeze of his hand confirms his decision. “I’ll see em’ tomorrow. We haven’t spent much time together these days. As the two of you approach the car you let go before asking him if he wanted you to drive. After he confirmed he was good to you slipped into the passenger seat listening as he tossed his bag in the back before sliding into the driver's seat. “Besides,” his hand makes its way towards your cheek, guiding your face to his. “I can think of a much better way to celebrate.”
“Is that so?” Your tease is quiet as you inch closer lips only a hair away. He’s the one who closes the space and you immediately reciprocate. Your lips immediately move against his mumbling a “congratulations” against his lips. You indulge it for a moment before pulling away to press kisses up his neck until you reach his ear before whispering something. 
“Are ya serious?” At your nod he lets out a groan that you can’t help but laugh at him. “Yer gonna be the death of me one day”
“Love you too.”
The day he found out he’d made the Olympic team had been cause for celebration for more than one reason. The two of you had been getting ready for a regular day of running errands when he got the call. After hanging up he yelled for you so loud it could have gotten a noise complaint from neighbors. 
“Atsumu why are you yelling. Im in the bathroom not fucking Antarctica.”
“I’m on the Olympic team baby.”
Following that you decided to turn the day into an Atsumu day something that made his heart swell. From the way you kept telling him how proud of him you were to watching his favorite movie even though you hated it. Once you insisted on making his favorite for dinner he knew it was time. In return he convinced you to get dressed in something other than sweats to eat dinner on your couch. “I just think we should take some pictures so I can show off my biggest supporter,” is what he told you with a shrug when you questioned it.
You also shouldve known something was up when he insisted that he had desert covered, because the man couldn’t bake for shit. “It's a delivery, cmon have some faith in me.”
“I do baby. In everything except for baking.”
You’d just finished eating dinner and the two of you were cuddled on the couch watching another movie, one of your boyfriend’s choices. You’d shifted uncomfortably for the fifth time before looking at Atsumu. “Can I change yet, these jeans aren’t comfortable anymore.” You were caught off guard when he moved so that he pulled you so that you were straddling him.
“Not at all,” you rolled your eyes while he just laughed, fingers squeezing at your hips. 
“Just wait til desert, yer brother’s on his way with it now.” He placed a quick kiss on the skin of your collarbone before pointing at his phone for you to hand to him. “Did he tell ya he's on the olympic team too?”
“He's my brother. I was gonna treat him to dinner tomorrow. You tell Samu yet?”
“Not yet. Was gonna do it after Aran left.” You don’t miss the way Atsumu tries to hide the messages on his phone, his brightness all the way down, something he usually hates. Before you can question anything he's pulling you so that your lips meet his. “Stop looking so concerned,” he whispers against your lips. 
“Yer so fuckin pretty baby,” the way his fingers tighten against your sides and the way his tongue slips into your mouth has the quietest moan coming out of your mouth. You pout as he pulls away settling for kisses along your neck instead. “You’ve been so good to me today. Can’t wait to get to bed with you.”
Before anything could go any further a knock on the door interrupts. “It's probably Ojiro,” you whine, mildly annoyed at your brother for interrupting you from where things were headed. “Tsumu let go,” you frown at the failed attempt of getting off him. You've met with a quick kiss before his palm comes firm against your ass, a yelp escaping. With that he lets you go laughing at the scowl you shoot him as he goes to get the door. 
You don’t even bother to look at the two yet you can hear Aran’s scold that the two of you were disgusting.
“How’d ya know we were even doin anything”
“Your lips are swollen.” After that the two of them get into a whispered conversation that you can’t pick up on no matter how hard you try to listen. Before you know it your brother crosses through the apartment to place a box in the kitchen before joining you in the living room. “Congrats big bro,” you stand hugging him slightly before plopping down on the couch. He gives a smile of thanks before changing the subject.
“Miya here isn’t corrupting you too much right.” You both ignore Atsumu’s exclaim that he isn’t the one corrupting anyone has you hear him shuffle around in the kitchen. 
When he gets back he brings the box, some plates and a few utensils. “What is it?” He nearly trips trying to set it all down before you get up to help him. After helping him you notice that he doesn’t sit back on the couch and looks off. “Tsumu are you ok?” You give your brother a concerned look but he just shrugs. 
“(Y/N). could ya,” he nervously motions for you to stand back up and you comply confused. Grabbing his hand you watch him carefully, silently trying to check in on him. When he doesn’t answer you lean up to place a quick kiss on his lips. A silent “I love you,’ something that seems to calm him down. “I I love you too”
“You wanna sit down now?”
“Yeah just let me get this off my chest first?” Your nod is his signal to continue. “I don't remember when I met ya. At all. All I know is that there was this super cool guy with a super cool name and me and Samu kinda just followed him around. Then we found out he had a little sister.” You were used to some of Atsumu’s mindless babbling but the reason for bringing that up right then and in front of Aran was still going over your head. 
“Somewhere along the way I fell in love with ya. I can tell ya that the first day I realized my crush was after Aran’s graduation. You were sittin in the gym and we just talked. You were sad about some loser and I didnt like that. Course I couldn't say anythin cause we weren’t even really friends then.” That pause is when what might be happening hits you and you freeze. It’s something Atsumu notices right away, eyes looking at you with concern. “Ya alright?”
The only thing you could do was nod offering a slight squeeze of his hand prompting him to continue. “Alright—where was I —ok. Then we got together and I knew it was love. Ya made me feel like I was I’m top of the world even when I was a jackass.”
“I almost thought we wouldn’t make it when ya when off to university. It was hard but we made it. we used to argue so much about stupid shit back then too. You were there before anyone knew who I was as a kid and have stayed with me all the way to being an Olympic athlete.” 
At this point you watch as he begins to kneel and you’re hit with the fact that he’s really about to do it. You’re nodding before he even asks which causes him to laugh. “Let me finish alright.”
“I’m so in love with everything about you and after the announcement I realized we weren’t gettin any younger. You’ve been my boo since we were 17 and here we are almost a decade later. You’re still my boo and I want it forever. So (Y/N) will you marry me?”
You’re not even sure real words came out before you’ve tackled him to the ground in a hug immediately pressing kisses all over his face. Your eyes are teary as his hand rubs comforting circles on your back. The two of you are there for a few moments before Aran finally clears his throat. 
“I can't believe my little sister is engaged. And to Atsumu no less.congratulations you two.” He shoots you both a warm smile as he watches the two of you. After getting up your arms fling immediately around Aran. 
“Did you know about this,” the tears finally begin to fall as he just laughs confirming. “I can't believe you let him ambush me like this.” You feel your brother's arms embrace you at the mixture of laughing and crying. 
“Hey, I knew he was proposing soon, not the day. He just called me up earlier claiming today was the day. Now stop crying and look at the cake.” Confusion crosses your face until you’re turned around to see Atsumu holding a cake that reads: marry me? (pls) the ring placed right under the words. 
After you'd calmed down the three of you just sat in the living room catching up when you realized something. “Atsumu, you were so corny with the song reference.” Looking at Aran the two of you immediately burst into laughter. “I can't believe you referred to me as your boo. Out loud and in all seriousness”
“I got it on camera too. Got him in 4K” Aran shakes his head. 
“I can't believe this. I propose and yet still clowning me. I miss when ya were all emotional,” your fiancé huffs. Despite that he doesn’t move at all from sitting so close that your legs touched. His eyes kept shooting at the ring on your finger and the desire to get you alone grew by the minute. At some point his hand slipped from the back of the couch to your thigh offering a squeeze. 
It was then that Aran cleared his throat. “That’s my cue to head on out. I’ll see you tomorrow sis. Congrats again you two. Don’t—I’m not ready to be an uncle yet, s’all I gotta say.” 
“After the Olympics work better for ya teammate?” 
“How about never Miya” 
The two of you bid your brother one last goodbye after the warning and before the door is even fully closed your fiancé is pulling you back into his lap. Your heart swells at the way Atsumu’s eyes look at you with so much love and your voice comes out way quieter than you intended. “Still can’t believe you quoted Usher”
Atsumu groans at that The hand that had been plaing with your, ghosting over the ring comes to a stop. . “I’m never showing anyone else that video.” 
“It’ll be our little secret.” 
“You're lying”
The smirk on your face tells him all he needs to know and all he can do is shake his head. “If yer gonna tell my deepest secret I’m gonna need you to make it up to me.” His hand slip around your waist, fingers skimming the space where your shirt had ridden up. you return the touch by trailing your hands until palms are placed again his chest. 
“I think we can arrange something. Isn’t that right pretty?” The touch and hushed words were enough to cause heat to flare across your skin. 
“What’d you’d have in mind?”
“A few things,” Atsumu leans close, placing kisses everywhere except your lips. First your close one. Then along your jaw. Right on the corner of your lips. “Think we’ve got some celebrating to do, fiancé.”
Atsumu forgot to tell Osamu that night and was ambushed the following morning after watching his private story in which Atsumu made you flash your hand to the camera with an obnoxious number of zooms with the caption: made the Olympic team and got my forever boo 🤪
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fordekyle · 5 months ago
Actually at this point for them to have any sort of inkling to even just IMPLY that I am making my symptoms up is indescribably mindboggling.
I just want to know why someone would call for an appointment about crippling upper back/shoulder pain if they didn't think it was normal. I want to know why, after this appointment needs to be cancelled because of COVID, Why anyone would go out of their way to get another appointment 4 months later from that point because they are STILL IN CRIPPLING PAIN and noteably in incapacitated from their limbs, too.
Only to be told it is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Now. I had my severe doubts because what I noticed FIRST was the back and shoulders. But... Whatever.
And then when targeted treatment at that point does NOTHING, and I tell the next doctor I really don't think it's CTS: They tell me that it is.
But it wasn't. 2 doctors. Both preformed the Tinnel signs and I said I had no reactions to them. Still, they were confident that it was CTS.
Alright. So next is the hand specialist while I am now doing PT because the pain in my shoulders must be stress! Right? Nah. But what did I know? That's what the dr told me to do :)
At this point I have seen the Physician, the Physician's assistant, the Physical Therapist who evaluated me, and the Hand Specialist's PA because I cannot yet see the actual specialist due to back up.
And next is EMGs and MRIs and Xrays and all that fun stuff! I see a spinal surgeon and he doesn't know what's wrong with me AFTER the MRI either because they thought at that point it may be Cervical Radiculapothy! Makes sense. That shit mimmicks TOS... but I've heard of spinal cord compression b4 so I was like OK cool. Cervical Radiculapothy? A possibility. I'm tired of being in pain let's deal with this.
But my MRI is generally normal. so he tells me he thinks its just stress, too "go back to PT"
And I've heard of spinal cord injuries and herniated discs... But who the fuck knows what a fucking Thoracic Outlet is?
Then I finally see the ACTUAL hand specialist! But he's like nah most certainly NOT CTS (they still thought it was CTS even tho i didnt show Tinnel signs and the EMG was normal?? and have been all these other places... ok. none of yall know what yr talking abt i see) And then he's like idk what to do with you you're a weird case. Go see someone else in the practice for a second opinion. could be TOS but idfk abt TOS I just know of it.
AT THIS POINT I HAVE BEEN FINALLY TAUGHT THE TERM OF THE BASTARDLY ASSHOLE TOS! but I'm like FUCKING EXHAUSTED. cleary nothing else was right and no one knew what was wrong with me. whats another diagnosis that i cant fucking make sense of? (i spent hours everyday of my life trying to understand if what i had was CTS or Cervical Radiculapothy in my misdiagnosises, trying to understand why my symptoms KINDA match up if you SQUINT ... but still dont explain it. i gave up. i lost hope. Them im fucking suicidal and see nothing left to live for. i dont bother looking into TOS online yet bc whats that gonna solve? nothing else has solved anything when i look up symptoms and patient stories.)
WELL NEXT DR TELLS ME IT IS TOS so i'm like ok well i guess maybe i can look into it! bc what he tells me i am probably going to need surgery since i didnt "like" PT (thats the word he used. not "PT didn't WORK. or PT made my symptoms WORSE and UNBEARABLE like I have restated COUNTLESS times, no. He said i didnt "like" PT. AND BY THE WAY: PT USUALLY helps neuro cases. as for vascular, VASCULAR makes it WORSE if youve had clotting after so long. And when i was in PT i was in pain for about 10 or 11 months . like after a couple weeks from DVT pt will probably make you worse if not make your actual clots worse and be the thing to break a clot off and have it travel to ur lungs.. .but... Dr did not mention this. not even once did he mention that possibility...? or that vascular tos existed?)
and like ok TOS is fucking stupid in that it is an umbrella term in what is being compressed. but even if he thinks its just my nerves bc he does not see how my arms swell when i USE them bc i am not using them as i sit for 10 minutes in his office ONCE, i still think its... your job to explain that TOS is not only possible to affect your nerves, but also your veins and arteries? bc those last two .... can kill you? but he didnt... say that? like at all?
but again! what do i know at that point! ive never heard of TOS! im in so much pain ive had to adapt all my chores and hygeine into the bare minimum. I no longer hardly do anything for leisure bc that shit HURTED. i am legit just living a dead mans life. but hey. i can wait out 2 more months for surgery....
BUT I CANT. and after i see all these different people and all these wrong diagnosises WHO IN THEIR GOD DAMN RIGHT MIND WOULDNT WANT TO UNDERSTAND WHATS WRONG WITH THEM? because CLEARLY almost no one else here does. SOMEones gotta fucking THINK with a BRAIN. at that point i'm a good 14 months into PAIN EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. damn RIGHT i want to understand it when NO ONE ELSE DOES. of course i gotta use the internet as a resource when I CANT SPEAK TO A SENSIBLE DR
so then i call and explain lol ok i have symptoms of the deadly kind ok? Ya know, the kind the dr failed to mention even exists? like? im not giving them a hard time im just saying i think i need to be looked at?
and they tell me to go to the ER.
I go to the ER.
I am incredibly hesitant to go to the ER. because i know no one is going to understand TOS at the fucking ER.
but a bitch is scared for their life ffs.
at the er, like i knew would be the case, no one fucking knows what TOS is. so they dont take me seriously and they do not give me a test to look at where my blood vessels are undoubetdly being compressed.
its like OK what do you want from me? you wont see me, expect me to get treated at the ER where they dont know what tos fucking is, ALSO wont give me a referral to a specialist? and you never mentioned to me the risk of a pulmonary embolism with tos? oh my god no wonder i am mad. like what the fuck.
i get they are neurosurgeons there and that vascular conditions are not what they treat BUT AT THIS POINT , THAT is where you direct a patient to someone who IS a vascular surgeon.
and then they have the nerve to get mad at me for having no options left but to look up information on the internet ?
like what the fuck. why the fuck would i make up symptoms for a rare condition i've never heard of. a rare condition in the umbrella term of no more than 20 percent of these cases in total. who the fuck could even FIND that shit on their own? if i were faking and lying, wouldnt you think i'd have already picked myself out a specific more common and KNOWN diagnosis MONTHS AGO and demand that THATS what was wrong with me?
like come the FUCK on. im just... im... what the fuck. why would i fake 15 months of pain that destroyed my life why would i go to the dr for 6 months thru countless misdiagnosises and ppl throwing me around only to NOT want to figure out whats wrong with me and act like i shouldnt have to be seen when my issue could kill me?
AND I'D SHOW YOU THE PICTURES I HAVE OF THE vTOS SYMPTOMS IN MY HANDS but you won't give me an appointment or even take 2 minutes to talk to me yourself on the phone!
I swear to fuck. Where'd all these people get their degrees? The University of Being A Dumb Evil Bitch?
if ANYONES the one making shit up, its the network of doctors who misgiagnosed me with cts, cervical radiculapothy, cervical myofascial muscle stress, and even just what they took to be "nothing more than anxiety" YOU people are the ones with a track record of MAKING STUFF UP and i have the records and misdiagnosises to PROVE it
end rant.
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ikigaitooru · 6 months ago
haiykuu boys react to a long distance partner surprising them
characters: hinata, kageyama, oikawa, sugawara, nishinoya, tsukishima
established relationship | warnings: swearing, my fan behavior, why are my head canons so long in this gd it’s like a tiny story without structure
Tumblr media
hinata shōyō
-SUNSHINE BOY (i went crazy for this one i’m so sorry)
-you were sugawara’s old middle school penpal which turned online friend
-so obviously you’d heard about his volleyball team and the new first year star players
-and one thing led to another where he introduced you to hinata
-actually you were facetiming suga and you saw hinata and told your old friend you thought the tangerine boy was cute and then koushi “accidentally” put you in a gc together
-you and hinata have been dating for about four months
-you’ve heard everything to a t, including small little remarks from tsukishima to every toss, kill, and miss your boyfriend and kageyama managed
-side note but it’s so cute this boy is so whipped for you if you don’t respond for a certain amount of time he’ll find some dumb excuse to talk to suga just so he can shift the convo to making sure you’re safe
-so you’re going to meet suga finally
-like FINALLY you’re so excited
-but you’re also boutta see your boyfriend!!!!!!
-buuuuuuuuuut your boyfriend didn’t know
-so it’s safe to say you were a little nervous about it
-you made suga swear up and down that he wouldn’t tell any of his teammates that you specifically were coming, but he did ask to make sure it was okay to have a semi open practice
-so you’re standing outside the volleyball gym with sugawara, backpack with hinatas favorite snacks over your shoulder. practice had already started so suga was late, but he still stood outside with you and let you prepare yourself
-you felt like you were about to throw up even though that’s shoyo’s thing
-suga walks in before you and you follow shortly after, holding in a sharp breath.
-there he was. standing on the other side of the gym, talking to who you knew as kageyama
-he hadn’t seen you yet, but other member of karasuno had
-”yoo who’s this hottie” bald, flirtatious, you had to assume its tanaka
-hinata was in the middle of jumping for a spike when he saw you, and he froze and fell to the ground, stumbling to keep his balance
-the gym got quiet at the tangerines reaction, but he was just staring at you.
-and then he was doing that “woosh” run he always told you about and before you knew it his arms were around your waist and his head was buried in your shoulder.
-everyone (literally EVERYONE) was looking at you two but you just laughed and placed a hand in his hair (which, holy fuck, is soft)
-you mouthed an apology to suga and he shrugged you off, and focused your attention back on the boy in front of you
he pulled back just enough to look at you, leaving his hands to rest on your back. his eyes were filled with tears (cute) and he offered you a smile.
“you’re here” his voice was quiet, for once, but it didn’t have any lag this time. and it was so fucking beautiful.
“i’m here.” you nodded, eyes scanning the features of his face. he chuckled lightly, a tear falling to his cheek as he shook his head.
“you’re so pretty.” his voice was watery and he moved his head back in your shoulder before you could utter a compliment back.
-he stayed attached to you for like minutes okay and this man completely ignored the teasing of his classmates.
-eventually you tried to pull him off you so he could get on with practice (and so you could watch him practice) but he refused to get off
-”bubs. babe. honey. you gotta get up”
-”hey hey hey, what about showing me a cool spike?”
-”i am literally asking you to do your favorite thing in the world sho,”
-”new favorite thing is holding you.”
-eventually you did get him off of you and he practiced the HARDEST he had
-after practice he introduced you to everyone as his girlfriend even though you’d literally been introduced to them like an hour before
-his eyes stay on you and he constantly tells you how pretty you are face to face and how you smell good and how soft your hands are
-it would sound stalkerish if you werent whipped
-its ok hes whipped too
Tumblr media
kageyama tobio
-no idea how youd meet this mf online
-maybe some volleyball forum or like arguing over which setter was betting in youtube comments
-or if you know nothing about volleyball,,,,
-i have no fucking clue BUT
-he doesnt mind long distance honestly
-he doesnt have to get worried about completely embarrassing himself and he never has to make like physical moves
-but he does wish he could hold your hand sometimes.
-but he ignores it🙄
-so you are like obsessed w this bitch u r in love w him🤢🤢
-and ur a good 90% sure he luv u too
-so you plan a trip to him
-you do it all out. you talk to his mom, you find the cheapest hotel that’s perfect distance between his house and his school bc ur just that cool
-and you even make up an excuse to kageyama for why you won’t be on your phone during the flight
-you know he’s gonna be at practice bc you know his schedule cos gf things
-you stocked up on banana milk (aka you brought like four)
-you hit him up yknow yknow
- “hey bubs i’m back<3 how’s practice going?” you’re literally standing outside the gym but you want to make sure you’re not coming in at a bad time
-after like three minutes he texted u “good:). just got done with a practice set.”
-so now you’re going and you’re excited and you’re Nervous
-you open the door and you’re met with a rly tall guy with a headband on
-“hi, can i help you?”
-“uh, is kageyama here?” and he turns his head, and you follow his eyes, and there he is
-and he’s already staring at you
-a ball is lightly held in his hands
-if anyone who didn’t know him saw him they would genuinely think he’s angry
-but it was kinda the same look he’d give you when you talked about things you cared about on facetime
-so maybe that’s love? 😳😳😳
you give him a little wave
-“sup kags”
-he’s just staring
-blankly staring
-which you should’ve expected
-“sorry, are you mad? i should’ve told you i was coming, that’s my bad i just thought i could surprise you and it would be really nice and then you wouldn’t be stressed out sorry-“
-literally why are you saying all this all of his teammates just like “wtf”
-he shook his head quickly and opened his mouth to say no but just continued to stare
-“i- uh- you want to watch me set?”
-you LAUGH. and i mean LAUGH girly and he just turns all kinds of red and you know his team is gonna be on him for that
-“yea! if that’s like, allowed?” daichi doesn’t care so you are literally balling
-you watch him play and like at first he’s REALLY awful like rly bad but then he kind of tunes everything out (i.e. you) and gets back in his groove
-afterwards he comes over to you and asks you what you think and he’s looking at you like this is normal but you can tell he’s shaking and he kisses your forehead REALLY REALLY FAST and mumbles a quiet “i’m glad you’re here”
-he opens up w affection more along the trip
-he appreciates the banana milk. sm.
-from then on out he constantly brags ab having a gf to the team
Tumblr media
oikawa tooru
-he suspects smth is up to be honest
-he’s like “ohhh shawty gon do sum😫”
-(he doesn’t fucking call you shawty)
-but to be fair he figured more like you were gonna send him smth rather than send yourself
-surprise again he’s AT PRACTICE who would’ve guessed
-but this time you come at the end of practice because seijoh has like set schedules and oikawa tells you everything so
-you’re just standing by the door waiting for him to come out, ignoring the literal group of girls forming at the end of the hall knowing dAmn well they are your bf’s fangirls
-oh well
-you hear his voice before you actually see him
-he’s giving someone tips on their serves and you hear someone make a snide remark at him and you only assume its iwa
-he’s in the middle of a sentence and he just stops.
-there’s a good couple of seconds where he completely loses composure
-which is not tooru like
-you took a step closer and smiled
-”is this the oikawa tooru fanclub?”
-”nah it’s actually the oilykawa hate club” it’s the same voice from earlier and it’s definitely iwa
-you laugh a little and keep looking at your boyfriend
-”that’s even better”
-he just walks up to you and gives you a real, genuine smile
-pushes a piece of hair behind your ear
-and KISSES u
-”what are you doing here, pretty? come to see me play? if so, i hate to break it to you, but you’re late”
-you just roll your eyes and kiss him again
-once you two are alone he literally cries
Tumblr media
sugawara koushi
-literally the only one who can keep his cool out of all these mfs (aside from tsukishima)
-however, when you show up to his practice wearing the hoodie he sent you like two months earlier, he lost his shit
-you set it up with daichi and everything beforehand.
-(and daichi literally made sure suga would look like a setting genius the day you showed up)
-he had just made a really good set when you walked in and you clapped
-”nice one, koushi”
-he looks at you like 😦 & is just like “you- what- you’re- how- why?”
-lol and then he goes on “not why like i’m not happy you’re here just how”
-and all the third years think it’s so funny to be honest, because typically suga can keep his cool
-he eventually gains his cool and shines you one his signature amazing smiles (which, is somehow better face to face)
-omg he goes over to you and once he gets there he turns to his teammates and like
-”this is my s/o!!!”
-mf is BEAMING
-he’s so happy
-you find out right after he gives literally the best hugs ever i live by that and i will die by that
-he doesn’t kiss you til you two are alone
-and its so fucking sweet and personal he puts his forehead on yours and tells you you’re the most beautiful person hes ever seen
-he is literally so in love w you
-i love him.
Tumblr media
nishinoya yü
-ok he’s so loud
-literally the second he gets a gf everyone knows
-he shows the team pictures of you literally anytime one of them will look
-he luvs u
-he is your BIGGEST fan no doubt
-you make a nice meal? he wants to post about it
-you have a nice outfit? he will put it on his story
-you breathe? expect an “omg baby im so proud of u”
-so when you show up, he reacts the way you expect him to
-so like obviously this man isnt checking his phone during practice
-but he puts his phone on dnd and has you as his only favorite contact
-so you can text him if its an emergency during practice
-you know that, he knows it, the team knows it
-he gets the little ping!
-and he’s out the game
-no one is recovering the ball #peaceout
-he jogs over to check because you never text his number during practice bc you respect his passion for volleyball
-the text just says “come outside:))”
-he’s like wtf?? but bitch gonna do what u say😐
-he sees you and he just yells “holy shit” so loud dude
-daichi goes to call him on his language but steps outside and sees the short libero hugging the person they’d all seen in the photos, he just goes quiet
-nishinoya will not shut up as he hugs you
-he’s literally just hyping you up and asking you literally every single detail about how you’re there, where you’re staying, when you’re leaving, how your flight was, everything
-you just kiss his forehead :)
-literally only good vibes
-you guys have such a good trip bruh
-after you leave he literally just cries while looking at pics of you two together
-^ he took so many pics and vids of you pls
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei
-unlike the others, you wouldn’t meet him at practice
-you don’t really know his team, nor does he tell you about them outside of mostly complaining
-you do know tadashi, but like you’ve only talked to him in a gc all three of you are in and never like alone
-you did not tell him you were coming because you’re 100% convinced he would’ve accidentally told tsuki even though he can keep his own shit secret lol
-you just show up at his door when you know he’s home
-and he’s texting you as you’re there and he had actually had a moderately rough day so you told him you were gonna order him food from his favorite restaurant
-which, technically wasn’t a lie you just had to make an extra stop
-you knock on his door (once you’ve prepared yourself because you honestly have no idea how he’s going to react)
-and he opens it ready to give a half hearted thank you to some delivery guy
-but instead his s/o
-he just stares at you
-he looks like a fish
-after like fifteen seconds you decide to try to break the ice bc you are nervous
-”delivery here for uh one…” you pretend to look at the paper, you’re doin a whole skit here “one dumb bitch. are you dumb bitch?”
-he just rolls his eyes and shoves your head
-he walks back but he leaves the door open
-”take your shoes off”
-he’s not even looking at you smh but you smile so fucking wide bc that’s the kind of reaction you were honestly hoping for
-(what you don’t know is he will literally break his whole hard exterior act if he looks at you right now and he is not ready for that)
-you put the food on the table and move to stand next to him
-and after a bit he finally looks at you
-and you look at him
-and you smile
-and he does too,, kind of
-(which is so fucking cute,)
-and you just keep starin at him and bite your lip to keep from grinning
-and after a couple minutes you clear your throat
-”can i hug you?”
-bro he’s so fucking whipped he doesnt even answer he just wraps his arms around you and puts his head on top of yours
-and he mumbles a thank you and its so fucking SWEET
-he does open up more the longer you’re there and u have a very good trip mwah in luv
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cherryyjjk · 6 months ago
what’s netflix and chill?
Tumblr media
summary: it’s winter break and you’re being brave today. what could possible go wrong when you invite your crush to watch some movies together? well i mean you’re dumb and you don’t know what netflix and chill is, so a lot can go wrong.
pairing: felix lee x reader (stray kids)
genre: fluff / crack / bad boy! au
word count: 1.2k
warnings: so cringe omg i wrote this months ago and tried to change it a little so if its wEIRD THATS WHY... but anyways i’m bored and my confidence is rising for no reason other than it being the end of the year, so i’m posting it :] also there’s no smut in it lmao aND ITS SO SHORT I’M SORRY
[ 11:00 AM ]
it was winter break!!!1!1!
you were supposed to be having fUn but NOPE
a global pandemic just had to ruin it (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )
but anyways your city isn’t on lockdown and so you can have small events
you were bummed out n wanted to just shrivel up into a ball n not come out ヾ(`⌒´メ)ノ″
you had so many plans with your friends ╰[✿•̀o•́✿]╯
you had finally gotten on felix’s good side even though he was known to be cold
his friend group, stray kids, were always called the bad boys of the school
but you couldn’t understand it,,,
how was lix a bad boy??? yeah you had no clue ┐('~`;)┌
he helped you get a cat down a tree !! and so many times with your english homework !! and and
yeah you might have the tiNIEST iTTY biTiEST crush on him (´~`ヾ)
bUT IT WASNT THAT BAD HAHAHAHA ˉ̶̡̭̭ ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) ˉ̶̡̭̭
nOPE nuh uh you’re a big girl now (whether your parents agree or not)
you’re a sophmORE!! a TENTH GRADER
!Σ(・□・ )
that means you have to be mature...
welp yeah you’re not a big girl anymore sorry hun (jkjk i’m sure you are and ily whether you are mature or not so much)
you bARELY got his number before online school started and now it’s almost the end of winter break ;—;
you really regret prioritizing your education and doing extra classes bc now you only have a WEEK to enjoy :(((
and you wanted to call felix and watch movies with you this year!!!!!!1!1
but you know you’re better than this!!!!
you a smort child ٩(๑`^´๑)۶
you’ll just invite him and and
that means you’re gonna have to have like go through 5 outfits and actually brush your hair and look cute and
yeah you think you’re taking this pretty well (*˘︶˘*)
bUt you know what????
it’s not even afternoon so you have plenty of time before it gets dark to invite him!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!
but you might as well give it a shot right now
Tumblr media
aH frick you called him lix
that wasn’t too obvious right???
friends have cute nicknames for each other right?????
while you’re freaking about if you did too much, felix is... not doing any better
he has sUCH A CUTE CRUSH on you it’s unreal
he’s liked you since you !!
actually he doesn’t remember when he started liking you
just one day he realized your smile made him smile!!! (♡˙︶˙♡)
when you were sad, he was sad and wanted to make you happy!! ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭
you were so sweet n cute
you were too cute for this world
but he’s just like shoot she just called me liX?? ∑(O_O;)
aHhaHAHAHA i am not hyperventilating my heart is definitely not crying |ʘ‿ʘ)╯
ok okok jUst pLAY IT COOL
if she thinks she can make mE flustered let’s see what happens when i do it “ψ(`∇´)ψ
Tumblr media
now itS YOUR turn to cry because wowie he just did that
sWEETHEART????? alskdlsks it’s like you’re in the greasers or smth
you died ヾ(〃゚ー゚〃)ノ
but you did somehow send smth to him so he didn’t think you were ignoring him
Tumblr media
ah this boy will honestly be the death of you n you’re not even worried
but you know it’s true hun, you’re adorable ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)˚๐*˟ ♡
but you gotta get to the good stuff!!!!!!! you have to tell him why you texted him
Tumblr media
you sent it
the reason you wanted to talk to him
you just had to wait
it’s been a full eight minutes
this is dUmb (;`O´)o
felix is dUMB!!! ヽ( `д´*)ノ you don’t mean that (◞‸◟;)
you really like felix!!! he’s so sweet to you but maybe you took that the wrong way..?
maybe he just wants to be acquaintances
oh no!!! what if he gave his number because of pity (⋟﹏⋞)
you try to diffuse the tension by apologize, hoping he’ll ignore it
Tumblr media
while you’re scared that felix wants nothing to do with your oblivious butt,,,,
he’s freaking out
he kNOWS your innocent but at this point he’s blushing wayyy too much (〃ー〃)
tisk tisk such a bad boy
he calms himself down and texts you...
Tumblr media
jEEZ that nickname is honestly going to kill you ヽ(`Д´#)ノ
it just makes you feel so happy n sTUFF AND ALJDKAJSKAJDKAKS
nO, you need to be strong y/n!!!!!!!
don’t let his bad boy personality get to you no no no
but what does he even mean??
obviously netflix n chill is what it sounds like..?
ahh y/n you’re literally so dumb i swear
but you ask him because screw it you’re scared to search it up n wELL WHATEVER
it’s probably not that bad...
right???? :;(∩´﹏`∩);:
Tumblr media
i swear you’re gonna rip your hair out at this point ლ( `Д’ ლ)
you’ll fite him
felix is slowly dyiNG bECAUSE NOW
he has to explain what the frick netflix n chill is and uGHHHHH
he does not want this to be your impression of him!1!!11! (`皿´#)
he doesn’t want you to think he’s some player that sleeps around D:<<
but i guess he better say sOMETHING
Tumblr media
aw shUCKS (;゜○゜)
you messed up hun,,
felix must think you’re implying that you like him or something ALDJSKSJWKJS
you wonder how he’s learned this...
oH you remember chan (the leader of stray kids) saying something about him being really liked by ppl but never really sleeping around like everyone thinks
side note: not that being sexually active (no matter your gender) is perfectly okay just try to be kind and not break hearts <3
but wOW felix must think you’re this little kid :((((
then he’d think you were cool ⊂(▀¯▀⊂)
not u not knowing he’s literally trying so hard to be cool for u pLS
Tumblr media
hUH he- wHaT-
okay uhhhhhhhh
i mean,, you DID hear from hyunjin n jisung two certain someones that felix can be possessive or jealous sometimes sO
he’s shooting his shot at this point
maybe the both of you should’ve slept some more last night but whatever (_/¯◜ ω ◝)_/¯
Tumblr media
awww he’s so cute!!!!!!!!
sHucks he’s gonna tease you about this for the next yEAR (*ಠ_ಠ)つ
uGh did you really have to say bad boy
(but like who doesn’t???)
ANYWAYS,, you guys decided to watch romance movies bc why not >:(
wOOHOO you’re watching romantic movies with your crush (◍ ´꒳` ◍)
askdjsksjsk wHat
felix is dYING TOO i swear y’all are so so cUTE
he’s blushing so so muCH!!!!
stray kids were together but they only noticed felix’s behavior now
they all kept teasing him about his date
he gROANED knowing they might do something at 5 to embarrass him
but he honestly couldn’t care enough to correct them because he wanted it to be a date (like you wished it was too)
he wanted to be yours and you his.
© 2021 by cherryyjjk ;; all writings and other content on this blog are my intellectual property. you may not reuse, reprint, translate, repost, steal, or any other type of stealing of my works.
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vaguely-concerned · 7 months ago
The Mandalorian Chapter 12 rewatch thoughts
- I would like to thank them for keeping in din’s harried yet triumphant ‘hAH!!’ when he gets the explosives to stick to gideon’s ship in the ‘hey remember when this happened last season’ section, that was a nice gesture from the showrunners to me personally, I assume
- this episode actually helped me find more enjoyment in the last one, because it’s such a nice reassurance that even though they’re pulling in more stuff from other star wars media this show won’t suddenly stop being its own thing and mando won’t suddenly stop being himself and it’s very comforting to me somehow haha
- the small hesitation before din calls out “do you... do you have the wire?” lol lol lol he’s completely aware of the bizarreness of what he’s doing here but hey being alive is already so damn weird etc. 
the softness of his voice the whole way through and the fact that he never, never blames the baby for not being able to do what shouldn’t really be asked of him in the first place, tho... ;____;  
- the tiny exasperated head tilt din does when he realizes the hatch isn’t going to extend all the way fdslkfhasdlashfs  
- din is looking down at the baby the entire time while greef talks to the mechanics ❤️❤️❤️
Tumblr media
(the baby seems pretty drawn to/excited to see greef again and mando seems to notice which is extremely cute. he’s becoming really good at tuning in with the kid) 
he also greets cara baby first in much the same way as he does peli, like he knows what the main attraction here is lol, they do a very sweet bro nod at each other. god I wish gina carano wasn’t so terrible imagine if we could just have this BrOTP without hesitations :( 
I think greef is actually a bit worried to begin with after seeing the ship, he sort of takes din in intently before he huffs a little laugh and grabs his arm. it must be a bit stressful to be his friend and not be able to see his expression right away when you worry something might be seriously wrong haha
- people are finally treating the baby like you would a real baby and it’s such a blessing, everyone talking and cooing at him and baby babbling back
(I wonder if greef has children of his own? he does have an undeniable air of experienced grandpa about him in this episode, it’s adorable)  
- din does so much talking -- unprompted, even! -- these days, it truly is an embarrassment of riches 
- capital E Emotional about this shot with IG-11 right behind din and cara inviting him into the school in front of him. some past carried with us into the future shit going on here  
Tumblr media
IG-11′s legacy’s still got our back y’all :’) I swear to god if gideon blows up nevarro at some point I’m going to lose it 
the ‘oh yeah?/that so?’ way din leans his head back after she says “wait until you see inside” is also amazing
- baby reaching out his hand like ‘can have?’ is so polite ;______; he takes after his father (including in the ‘fool me twice, I’ll fuck you up’ department haha. listen you get one chance to be cool about it and then no more mr nice mando/baby)
Tumblr media
go ahead, kid, make a fuss about it. who are you going to tell, huh? who’s going to believe you? you gonna tell them you got bested by a baby? a magic baby? no? that’s right. I took your dignity as easily as I took your macarons, there’s nothing you can do to change it, and now you gotta live with that. sweet dreams.
(this is a joke. the baby is not evil. I hate that I even have to specify this but I’ve seen some stupid shit in the tags in my time you guys haha) 
- I can’t work out what anything on greef’s desk is supposed to be, but if that’s a computer it’s got to be older than even the razor crest lol
Tumblr media
- friends: din yes?
mando: din no, only repairs
friends: din yes please?
mando: ... [sigh] din yes 
he truly has next to no defense against people he actually likes asking him for something huh lol. well a self care co-op mission clearly did him a world of good in this one at least it’s all fine
- “I’m starting to dehydrate, Boss” is an excellent line and delivered perfectly, I cackle every time (”You park your gills right there until I say otherwise” is a good runner up too) 
- it’s so nice to see the small moments of communication between them in this one after mando was so out of sync with the team in the last one (and tbf those guys didn’t even try to give him any pointers at all, they really left him to flounder through the whole thing if you watch it carefully haha)
- the mythrol’s jacket still looks so comfy, I want one
- aaaaah the way din says “I don’t like this” is just so... hnnngh it’s perfect, there’s a vulnerability and openness to it for a moment. greef glances over at him like he hasn’t heard him sound like this before too, which just sells it even more
Tumblr media
u ok bro?
you know shit’s fucked up when din djarin expresses an emotion without even being forced to by circumstance (I think what I mean is that it’s actually really rare for him to state how he feels about something just to do it, usually his communication is more practically oriented, more along ‘I think this is the best cause of action because of a and b’ lines, or like when he tells omera he’s grateful it’s... more to inform her of it and make sure she knows than to express himself? but he’s starting to do it more with people he trusts now and it gets me in the heart? man I’m finding this hard to articulate let’s move on lol)
- I really, really wonder about pershing’s position in all of this. his plea for the child’s life did sound genuine -- he did try to guard him with his own noodly scientist body when he thought din was out to hurt him, remember -- but is that only because he knows he’s in deep shit himself without the blood the baby can give? is he maybe not quite cool with whatever gideon has him doing? (he does sound quite strained when he talks about the ‘body’ rejecting the transfusion and the ‘volunteer’ potentially suffering the same fate... hm.)
idk why I want there to be something redeemable in him so bad, maybe it’s just my weird yet enduring attachment to ladon radim in stargate atlantis messing with me they’re kind of similar in some ways (yeah don’t ask me I don’t know either sometimes the heart wants what it wants in ways reason can’t explain)
- tfw ur literally launching yourself across a pool of boiling lava because you’re Dad and your baby’s in danger T__________T he just does not stop running towards that kid for even a single second help
- there’s something so innocently pure and... old fashioned? about the scene with mythrol and greef screaming the entire time they drive off the cliff, it feels like something out of a movie from like three decades ago. that whole segment feels a bit like that, it’s just there to be fun and that’s okay sometimes
- every dog fight in every movie should have a baby nonchalantly snacking on a cookie in them, it elevates the experience immeasurably (he squishes his nose a little bit with the macaron when he misses his mouth at one point, which is more than anyone should be expected to bear honestly)
I love that even all fixed up again the razor crest groans and creaks like an old tired thing when din makes it flip to dive, he 100% did take out a bunch of ferraris in his stalwart morris minor of a spaceship and I treasure him     
- there’s so much life and emotion in din’s voice here I can’t!!!! I simply can’t!!!! imagine if we get to hear him openly laugh one day, would I even survive it??!!!!
 also the kid makes such pitch perfect ‘having my lil nose wiped and whining about it’ baby noises when din uses his cape to clean him up (din does turn the autopilot on before he turns around to deal with it, for those who, like me, worry about these things) 
- between carson showing up and the stuff the droid talks about in the lesson they’re doing quite a bit of outer rim vs. core worlds theme building in this one, I wonder if this is going to ramp up more or what
- god but gideon’s theme SLAPS tho 
he’s probably going to try to fuck up everything I love but you can’t fault him on the tunes he’s going to do it to 
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milkybunbuns · 7 months ago
fights with nekoma
w/ Kuroo, Kenma, Lev, Yaku and Yamamoto - gn! reader
w/c: 1.5 K - about 300 per character
warnings: A lil bit of fighting amongst you and your fav bois :((
RAINBOW masterlist!
Tumblr media
Okay, so we’re starting with the amazing scheming captain
He is literally the most wonderful boyfriend and will make sure you’re alright and show you off all the time
But recently he’s been really stressed with nationals coming up and the workload of almost heading into uni
One day he gets back from volleyball practice - Lev was being super annoying and managed to spill water everywhere which he had to clean up and Yamamoto has slammed into him when spiking
So to say the least, he was very angry
You felt that ✨ v i b e ✨coming from him
So, as his ever so wonderful s/o, you walked up to him to comfort him
He was still by the doorway taking off his shoes, he didn’t even bother to call out your name
He probably didn’t notice you either, too busy in his thoughts
So then, when you touch him, he jolts
You ask him what’s wrong
He tells you to back off
You ignore him cause you have to be there for him through thick and thin
That really pisses him off more that he already was and that was the last straw for his patience
This boi was sick of life, he was annoyed and angry
He starts going off at you, telling you how you’re so bad and stuff
This makes you cry, first the sniffles, but he’s too busy ranting to realise your glossy eyes
You start full on crying, running back to your bedroom
He realises you ran off and finally snaps out of it
He feels rlly bad and apologises
You don’t forgive him cause it really hurt you
So he decides to make it up to you, not through whatever way you’re thinking rn, talking to yer perves out there lol
He buys you lots of gifts, devotes all his time to you, takes you on dates, uses dumb science pick up lines on you
Eventually you cave in to his charms and forgive him
Even so, he still apologises again, even tho you assured him you forgive him
He doesn’t want a repeat of that to EVER happen again
Tumblr media
Normally he’s a rlly chill dude
The two of you almost never get into fights
Even when you do, he almost always immediately caves in
He just can’t be bothered to fight back cause he knows your always right
He has huge respect for u
But this time you decide to scold him again
He doesn’t think you’re very right
You’re talking about how video games aren’t important and he’s too obsessed with them
Although he loves you, he’s gotta stick by his video games
Very loyal boi to his video games
So, he finally decides to speak up for himself, tired of your blabbering
“You don’t have any right to decide how I spend my time!”
He didn’t mean to say it that loud
At first, you’re lowkey shook
Kenma legit never raises his voice
You must’ve hit a nerve
You feel bad
But to protect your pride, you continue on arguing
Soon, you realise your arguments are ridiculous
They aren’t even good and don’t even make sense
Yet, you stalk off to blow off some steam at the park
There you meet Kuroo
He gives you some advice on what you should do
After all, he has been Kenma’s friend since forever
You follow his advice
And you wait for a day before you do it cause ur still kinda mad ngl
You guys don’t sleep together that day
And you can’t sleep without him
So you stayed up all night, not even a wink of sleep
You missed his warmth
So first thing at like 4 am (he had to get up early for volleyball practice which was at like 5) you went to his room and stood against the wall waiting
When he FINALLY wakes up, you immediately begin apologising
He can’t even make out what you’re saying
I mean, after all, he just woke up
He sees your eyebags and is rlly worried
Asks you about what happened to you
You sheepishly admit you didn’t sleep
He frowns at you and pulls you into the bed with him
You sleep like a baby and he’s happy
The two of you compromise :))
Tumblr media
Lev and you always fight over the stupidest things
That’s guaranteed
You were manager for Nekoma
They were currently practicing after school
And here the two of you were
In the middle of the volleyball court, bickering like idiots
The two of you are so lucky that Yaku and Kuroo haven’t arrived yet
Surprisingly Kenma is already here, but he makes no move to stop the two of you
This is normal, he’s used to it, as long as he can play his video games he couldn’t care less
The two of you were arguing about whether Yin or Yang was better
You thought Yang was the best cause legit any colour mixed with white makes pastels
And EVERYONE loves pastels
If you don’t like pastels, idk what to say
Lev was spewing some shit about how Yin was so cool cause it was dark and edgy like ninjas
He wanted to be a ninja
You were legit laughing at that
Who would not notice a 2m giant sneaking around
You didn’t laugh tho cause you’re too nice
And you don’t want karma to bite you back in the butt
And Lev’s smug face if he actually became a ninja
The two of you couldn’t decide
So you both asked Kenma
You legit shoved your faces into his, blocking his view of his console or whatever
You ask him whether Yin or Yang is better
He deadpanned and replied grey
The two of you were so confused and stared at him blankly
Finally he explained that Yin and Yang needed to be balanced and could not survive without the other
You both awed at his smartness
And at that moment, Yaku entered
Just the mere sight of the two of you made him angry
So he slapped you both, for your own good
Tumblr media
Yaku the absolute mom of the team
Being a mom means he’s also vry good at arguing
Literally wins every argument
Makes you wonder why he didn’t join the debating club
Lev told you it was because Yaku would frighten everyone away with his ugly face
He got promptly slapped, kicked and hit with a volleyball
“Serves him right”
That’s what Yaku said
You know better than to question the mom
However, one day you got dared to argue with Yaku
And guess who dared you?
Wow, yeah I would’ve never guessed, Lev
You wanted to protec your pride and dignity so duh you did it
You’re no coward
But you seriously forgot how scary Yaku was
You immediately starting sweating bullets when he stared at you, hands on his hips
You regretted it
Would not recommend fighting with a fellow mom
Who knew moms were so scary, brrr...
His precise words were
“Y/n L/n, whatever is passing through your pea head mind, I want you to stop it immediately.”
Yeah he could tell what you were going to do once he saw you approaching him
I guess he had ears everywhere...
The two of you have never had fights before
That’s just how well the two of you fit together
Tumblr media
Yamamoto would totally worship the ground you step on
That’s just how he is
In his eyes, you are the most amazing person to have ever stepped on this planet
Maybe even better than Kiyoko-senpai...👉👈
Total simp for you
Would listen to your every command
So heckin in love it’s rlly cute
But he won’t be afraid to show his ‘rawry’ side to you
Idk how to describe the ‘rawry’ side, but like around hot people, he would probably act rlly nicely and then behind their backs when they ain’t looking he would totally be all manly and stuff. And pervy
You should be happy he trusts you that much
But you rlly break his trust when you tell Lev about his embarrassing moments
You told Lev to not tell him
But Lev with his stupidously big blabber mouth can’t keep it shut
He taunts Yamamoto and that boi be rlly angry
He demands to know who told him
Lev accidentally let’s it slip out
He forgot
Yamamoto is rlly upset
Ignores you when he gets home
You start to wonder why he’s ignoring you for ‘no reason’
It’s dinner and he hadn’t even come down
You’re rlly mad
So after you ate you barge into his room yelling at him
He’s rlly angry cause u just broke his trust and starts yelling at him
Things start to get a bit physical
But fortunately, by the next day you figured what had happened at organized an apology to him with the help of his team
He immediately forgave you seeing what you had done
And you never did that again :>
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simonsrosebud · 7 months ago
the one where someone doesn’t know who kevin day is, pt. 5
part one two three four
extra kalton content
games are over for the rest of the winter, and since winter break doesn’t officially start for another week it means that kevin spends most of his time at dalton’s apartment.
which, to be frank, isn’t any different than normal.
what is different, is that now kevin has much more free time to worry about meeting dalton’s family. how did he let himself get roped into staying there for a week?
oh right. because he’s trying to be a good boyfriend. and being a good boyfriend means doing this for dalton because it’s important to him. that’s probably why it’s stressing him out.
kevin flinches when a carrot hits his cheek. “come back to the present, will you?”
he drops his head back against the sofa. “sorry. i zoned out.”
and when dalton is dropping him off at his class for his first final of the semester, “are you okay?”
kevin shrugs. “i’m nervous about meeting your family.” he looks at dalton’s lap instead of his face.
dalton puts the car in park and leans over the center console to kiss his cheek. he stays there for a moment. “i know it won’t help to say there’s nothing to worry about, but it’s still true. they’ll love you because i love you.”
“what?” kevin drags his stare up to dalton’s face. he’s smiling, he knows exactly what he’s done.
and dalton takes kevin’s face in his hands. “i love you. and i don’t expect you to say it back, and me saying it probably isn’t helping to make you less nervous, but thinking about me loving you is probably nicer than thinking about meeting my family.” he kisses kevin. “you gotta go, kev.”
kevin’s mouth is still hanging a little, and when he drags himself out of the car he leans into the open window. “you-you’re just gonna spring that on me and leave?”
“yep. and you’re going to think about it when you’re doubting yourself taking this exam.” he puts the car in drive, and blows him a dramatic kiss. “text me when you’re done?”
“no- i mean, yes, but-“
“good luck, love you!” and he drives off.
kevin watches his car until it turns the corner, and tugs at his hair before going inside.
he may have failed his exam, he may not have. he can’t really tell. either way, he lies a little to dalton when walking out. just got done, still have to wait for the class to end the exam before we can leave.
that kinda sucks. just txt me when ur done
kevin doesn’t know who to call, but his thumb eventually lands on abby.
“hey. are you okay? i feel like you never call me,” she laughs, and kevin grimaces. he should do it more often, then.
“i’m just stressed about something and… you’re the only person i thought to call.” he sits on a nearby bench outside his building. before abby can say anything he gets back to it. “dalton said i love you this morning and i don’t know what to do about it.”
“well, kevin, you don’t have to do anything about it. you can say it back? if you feel the same way?”
he does. he thinks. does he? is it just him thinking he should say it back because it’s the nice thing to do? he and thea never said it.
kevin shakes his head. his relationship with thea was toxic and a little fabricated.
kevin freezes. he’s never said i love you to someone and meant it. he takes a deep breath. he’s so fucked up. he knows he’s fucked up and it makes his head spin, but he can’t dwell on it because more of his reality would crash around him, and he’s already working through enough of it with bee behind the scenes.
“i’m here. i don’t know if i feel the same, yet.”
“i know. you don’t have to say it. you can wait until you’re ready, or you don’t ever have to say it if you never feel it. he seems nice, i mean, i’d surely think that he’d be okay with you waiting?”
why did he call her? no one really knows his relationship but him.
he calls dalton. “i’m out, now. can you take me to the stadium?”
kevin shoots on an empty goal, hounding balls at cones for what’s probably close to two hours before the door opens.
wymack looks at him expectantly. “remember when betsy said you shouldn’t be spending more time here than necessary? like you did last year with the god-awful night practices?”
kevin plants the end of his racquet to the ground. “i had a lot on my mind.”
wymack retreats back through the hall. kevin follows. “should i be playing dad or coach right now?”
kevin doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to him saying things like that. about being his father. it’s not like he ever thought of him as just his coach, the day he found out that david wymack was his father that’s all he’s been able to think of him as in his head. the reality of it is just… different. shocking, even now.
“both?” wymack turns, an eyebrow raised. “dalton told me he loves me. i can’t say it back yet, so i don’t know what to say to him when i see him.”
he crosses his arms. “hey, dalton, you know i’m basically head over heels for you as anyone can tell, but i can’t say i love you yet because i’ve got shit up here that i need to settle first.” and after a moment. “too coach?
kevin shrugs. “it’s what i expected.”
it’s close enough to what he tells dalton, too. just without the head over heels and softer wording of “i’m fucked in the head”.
and he feels a little lighter when dalton kisses him and tells him it’s okay. “i told you you don’t have to say it. are you uncomfortable with me saying it again? do you want me to wait?”
and he doesn’t want to- or know how to say no, i need you to keep saying it until i believe you. i need you to keep saying it so i don’t forget. so that i know you mean it.
instead, he shrugs. he’s been shrugging so much lately. he’ll turn into neil. “i like hearing it.”
“kay.” dalton smiles. “i love you, then.”
he wasn’t planning on telling dalton anything past that, but then they start making out, and dalton lies him down, and he panics. “hey.” he says.
dalton has his lips on his neck. “hey.”
“no, hey, stop, d.” and he’s off of him quicker than he can comprehend.
“are you okay?”
“yeah,” he breathes. “no, i’m fine, i just…” he sits up. “i… can’t say i love you yet because i’ve never said it to anyone.”
“i’ve only been in two other real relationships before this, that’s okay-“
“no, i mean.” he sighs. “when i was... with the ravens, you know... saying i love you, or even like, oh love you man to a friend just... wasn’t something that-that we did. especially the way i was raised, i may have said it to a friend once or twice. but i don’t...” he looks up, and dalton feels pain in his chest from the pure vulnerability in his eyes. he slides his hands up gently to kevin’s face as he whispers, “i don’t think i’ve ever said i love you to anyone and meant it.”
“hey,” he whispers back. “that’s okay, kev. that’s okay.” he hugs him and kevin takes the biggest breath ever as he tucks his face into dalton’s shoulder.
and two weeks later, kevin’s standing on the porch of the miller family home in bowie, maryland.
he glances down at the address in his notes. this is the right one.
he should have let dalton pick him up from the airport. he knows he feels bad about it, but he didn’t want him to see how nervous he was.
he knocks on the door.
it opens after a few moments. a girl almost his height stands inside the door, and kevin panics. “hi.”
but she grins. “hi! you’re kevin! come in!” she steps back and it’s so fucking warm in the house compared to outside. “i’m so excited you’re here, dalton told us all about youuu” she coos as she leads him further into the house. dalton is shouting as he runs across the kitchen to turn down the stove to stop something from boiling over, and when he turns he grins.
“kevin!” he very obviously tries not to run over to hug him, and almost lifts kevin off his toes. “how long have you been here?” he whispers.
“twenty seconds.”
“oh good. okay. how was your flight?” he shrugs. “okay, cool, uh, let’s take your bag to my room.”
dalton kind of rushes them downstairs. his room and a spare bedroom are the only ones down there, and when he shuts the door behind them he takes a deep breath. “i’m sorry. i’m really nervous. my family’s kind of loud and my sisters are those people who just kind of act like they’ve known you for a while within five minutes of meeting you, so they probably won’t care to be weird in front of you. and my dad acts real tough and he’ll do the dad thing from movies and hammer you” kevin has no idea what he’s talking about. “um, and my sisters are annoying and if they bitch at each other just ignore it- it’s just what they do. and i just-”
“dalton it’s fine!” kevin shrugs out of his coat. “you forget i’ve lived with andrew, nicky, and neil. every awkward or tense moment is created because of them.”
he also knows how to school his expression in strange situations. again, he’s grown up in the spotlight.
so dalton leads him back upstairs where his mother is standing at the stove and his two sisters are at the table leaned close and whispering. they stop and both turn when the boys come up. “sorry, stole him for a second. um, mom, this is kevin.”
“oh, call me anne. it’s so nice to finally meet you! dalton’s told us plenty.”
“you as well. i’m just glad i was able to come out here this winter.” he’s got on his press smile on instinct. he’s so nervous, he feels like he’s sweating.
“i’m carmen, this is bella!” the girls wave from their spots at the table, and before he can say hello carmen speaks up again. he’s not complaining. “so you play exy? bella plays exy.” bella elbows her. “what!”
“i really don’t. i joined intramural at school so my friend wouldn’t be alone. i’m really bad.”
“not terrible, he could teach you some moves. he’s incredible.” now kevin shoots dalton a look. “what.”
“no, it’s okay, i mean i know who you are.” kevin’s stomach drops a little. “not like- i know that you’re famous for exy, i don’t like know you.”
kevin’s trying hard not to regret coming. why did he think he could act normal with someone else’s family?
but surprisingly, things smooth out after a few more minutes of painstaking conversation. granted, after kevin meets dalton’s father after comes home.
“kevin day. it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.” he’s proud of his handshake, but mr. miller doesn’t pay it any mind.
“george. nice to meet you.” he nods, and grabs a bottle from the fridge. “beer? dalt, you get him a drink?”
kevin stiffens as he sits back at the table. “i don’t drink, sir.”
george frowns for a moment. he doesn’t remember how old dalton said he was. “you’re not underage, are you?” only three years younger, right?
“no, i just don’t drink.” anymore.
“fair enough.” he sits back at the table, and gestures towards his face. “see you’ve got a tattoo. why the face?”
“dad!” carmen is doing homework on her laptop, but looks up with a shocked look on her face. “don’t be rude,” she mumbles.
“i’m just asking!”
kevin honestly doesn’t know who to go by, but he feels his dad is the right route. “it’s a cover up. the one under it was a cocky premature thing with... uh, my, my-”
“his kind of brother.” kevin wishes carmen would butt out. but he has to play nice.
“oh! i’m sorry, i thought dalton said you were an only child.” and his dad actually seems sorry that he got his information wrong, despite it not even coming up yet, that kevin feels bad. he balls his fists under the table.
“we weren’t related. i just grew up with him. my family situation is... complicated.”
george holds his hands up after a speedy glancing at dalton. kevin thanks god for whatever face dalton must have made at him. “not my business to intrude. forget i asked about the face.”
and then things smooth out. they eat dinner, and kevin helps put dishes into the dishwasher to boost his morale with anne before joining dalton and his sisters in the living room. he sinks into the couch. dalton looks bored at what bella has on, the history channel, but kevin zones in on it. he tends to watch it a lot when andrew and neil aren’t there. or while he’s doing homework.
an hour in, both kevin and bella are enamored by whatever segment they’re playing. when dalton gets up to grab a drink, carmen smiles to herself and tosses a mini pretzel at bella, it lands on her sleeve, but she doesn’t notice.
she shakes her head. she does the same to kevin. it lands in his hood, and when he doesn’t move to take it out carmen leans forward.
dalton walks back in and lingers when he sees her. “you ever watch these two watch the history channel?” he frowns. what? “you could cut the sexual tension with a knife!”
bella snaps and kicks carmen. dalton rolls his eyes and sits with his head in kevin’s lap. carmen looks at him with a challenging brow. dalton isn’t going to let her win her little experiment.
he leans up and kisses kevin’s chin. “wanna go downstairs?”
kevin slides his hand into dalton’s hair, looks down at him for a moment. “soon. there’s still twenty minutes left.”
dalton’s jaw drops. carmen cackles.
at least he’s fitting in.
the rest of kevin’s trip to maryland at dalton’s family home are when they go to NYC for a day, and when he and dalton are just lounging around at the house and kevin says i love you
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of course if you do not want to continue posting this story (for any reason), that is entirely up to you and you gotta do what makes you happy, not readers. but for what it’s worth, i think this story is incredible and the fact you’re doing this is so cool! and the art is absolutely breathtaking!!! like it honestly feels like the kyoshi novels re: set before atla and a really enriching expansion of canon/world building. i just think ur doing a fantastic job and wanted to say that <3 and thank u for everything you’ve given us!
Thank you for your lovely, lovely message! In the time between the hiatus notice and now, I’ve had some things to think about. I decided that I will keep posting (and maybe in the same one [or maybe... two?] pages per week fashion); what I will not keep doing is advertising it. That part really had me stressed, I kept on thinking strategies and ways for it to be found, but the truth is that this specific comic has a very specific audience target, and not all ATLA fans will like it.  For this reason, this blog, the tapas link and Introspection’s very own discord server will be the only places where it will be advertised now (meant as when I’ll manage to write some pages, ahah). You made my morning better. Thank you ^^
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