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#when there’s nothing left to protect and everyone is dead
beatriec1 · 55 minutes ago
the only female on the seven seas
hi everyone this is the first time I have written something like that so pls excess my bad grammar (because English is not my main language) and if you have any thoughts about that I will be more than happy to hear so ENJOY <3
My story starts 17 years ago when my mother (Alexandra) the only child and heir to the thorn of the sky empire an empire that was flooding in the sky and was known for the amazing skill of the royal family in magic, the royal family was known for being the only people that could use magic in all seven seas and lands, and they were also famous for their god-like looks.
the male members had blond or blue hair and green or grey eyes,
while the female members of the royal family had pink or purple hair and golden or rad eyes,
they also were very tall and had a petit figure and beautiful lips they were very much like the sun god every single royal member had these qualities (but only if they had royal blood) they had god-like look and they also were amazing in magic and they were smart like really smart.
they say that my great grandfather could predict the military movements of another army that fought against him,
maybe because of that, the rumours started to spread that the imperial family was not human at all but a decadent of the first god the sun god that fall in love with the human that he created.
they say that their children were so bright that the mother died while giving birth to their son and daughter.
The sun god was so mad at the children for killing his lover, so he decided to curse his own children with the same sadness and misery that he suffered.
" for killing me only love you will suffer the same as me when you will find a lover they will die in childbirth and for that you will hate the newborn child"
"But father we didn’t do that on purpose mother died because she was weak"
"Weak you call your mother weak she was the strongest human that I ever created she wasn’t weak, but you are monsters that killed her"
This is the history and cures of the royal family also this is the reason that my father hates me
but I am getting ahead of myself lets starts with the beginning… with my mother and father and what happened between them
my mother (Alexandra) was the only princess and the only child of the emperor of the sky empire she had purple hair with golden eyes people say she was the most amazing human that existed she was neutral in a magic way better than her teachers but the only flow she had is that her mother was a commoner, her mother never took the empress set and for her daughter luck the emperor needed a successor badly so he took the child that his lover left behind and made her the only heir to the throne then the emperor got really sick in a disease that made him unable to have other children so the emperor protected his daughter from all harm but don't mistake that for love or care no, he did not care for the child not even once he took the time to ask her about her wellbeing or how she is general he was the horrible neglected father the princess not even once called him "father" she referred to him as "your majesty " and nothing more than that. She never saw him as a father figure more like the man that can kill her at any given moment, if she going to be useless for him and his goals she will be dead by his hands.
For that she put herself hard into her studies because she knows if she will not be perfect his is going to kill her, he said that to her more than once in her childhood.
"if you are not going to be perfect then you're useless to me, be perfect or be dead like your useless mother I didn't have anything to do with her anymore, so I killed her you know why?"
The young princess that was only 7 years old just looked at the emperor confessed and after a few moments she finally said,
"no why?"
The emperor looked at his young fragile daughter that can die at any second from the smallest things and said,
"because I don't love useless things, they are just somethings that you need to destroy before they will destroy you"
After a moment he said,
"just like you if you ever going to be useless for me, I will destroy you more than that I will kill you without a second thought"
And just like that, the emperor took his daughter by the throat and squeeze her until she became blue but not enough to kill her then he released her throat and throw his daughter to the garden floor while he went back to the place he said,
"if you going to be useless then I will kill you with my bare hands" and then he just left her there on the floor crying.
After that day she studied harder than ever, and she did not saw the emperor again maybe because she feared him or because she just felt like she was not worth enough to see him without good enough reason.
But that did not change the fact that he was a horrible father that did not care if one day he will need to kill his daughter with his bare hands.
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justanoffalygirl · an hour ago
The Waiting Room
Tumblr media
Summary: Kim Burgess hates hospital waiting rooms. Hates this one, to be particular. Because she's never gotten any really good news sitting here. Starts from the end of 6x22.
Words: 6.9k (nice)
Warnings: Major character death, funerals, pregnancy, grief, lots of grieving, childbirth, mentions of traumatic attacks. (I'M SORRY)
Wanna join my taglist?
Kim hated this room. This stupid waiting room that CPD always got brought to whenever there was an officer involved incident. They’d been here when Jay got shot a few months back, when Al…no her mind wasn’t going there. Because this felt like a rerun of that day, except Adam wasn’t sitting beside her, he was fighting for his life.
Because once again Cook County Jails couldn’t keep a cop safe. He was supposed to be in solitary. He was supposed to be protected. Voight was waiting for the court to open the next morning to post bail. It was supposed to be ok.
She had Kev on one side, Hailey on her other, both holding her hand. They hadn’t even publicly revealed they were back together. They’d told Hailey because they didn’t want her to be blindsided so soon after that relationship ended, and Kev was their best friend so of course he knew. But they hadn’t gotten to be public. She hadn’t gotten to kiss him in the bullpen like they’d imagined. She hadn’t gotten Trudy to snark at her but give her that smile because she knew how happy they made each other.
They’d get that time. They had to get that time. She’d been in love with Adam Ruzek for almost six years and she couldn’t let this be the end of their story. They were going to have an epic love story. But she wanted Adam’s hand in hers, wanted his arm around her. Wanted him to kiss her head and tell her it’d be ok.
She sat and stared at the door, eyes dry. She wasn’t going to cry. When Adam saw her he’d tell her not to waste her tears, to smile. She didn’t want him to know how worried she was about him. She wanted to get to tell him she loves him when one of them wasn’t in a hospital bed.
She swallowed when she saw the maroon scrubs enter the room, Jay’s brother coming in. But his face was grave, and before he even spoke she knew what was coming out of his mouth.
“We did everything we could, but Adam’s injuries were too severe and he died.”
She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t think. Adam was dead and he was gone and how could someone’s heart survive this pain? She slid off the chair onto her knees, the tears flowing freely. She could tell there were arms around her, but all she could feel was the pain ripping through her. The last time they got this news Adam was holding her and she held him and they dealt with their sudden grief together, but this time her grief was because he was gone and she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t hold together when she didn’t have him to help her.
When she realised what was happening there were arms around her, and for a brief second she could pretend it was Adam. But instead it was Kev on the ground beside her, holding her. Everyone was still there, and she felt so embarrassed for breaking down, but when Voight gave her a hand up she knew she was ok.
“I figured there was more happening. What can we do, Kim?” He used her first name and Kim nodded, wiping her eyes.
“I need to get the bastard who did it. Voight…I can’t let this be for nothing.” He shook his head, and Kim felt her soul die a little.
“We’re not allowed touch it. IAB want it to be run through them. I’ll get information, but we don’t get to be involved. I’m sorry, Kim. If I could change it I would. But after Al’s death they changed the rules around who can investigate officer deaths. I’m sorry.”
The word hit her, and she realised. Someone had to call Bob. Someone had to tell him his son was dead. There was a funeral to arrange.
“Can I see him?” She asked, and to her surprise Will was the one to speak.
“You don’t want to, Kim. Focus on your memories of him, not on what’s left when he’s gone. That’s the best thing you can do.” She wanted to sit down at his words - at the thought of the torment Adam had faced. Did he know how loved he was when it happened? How she’d have changed places with him in a moment to protect him? That she’d do anything to have him here now, his hair sticking up out of place and his fringe settling over his eye like he was in Fall Out Boy in the early 2000s?
They left the waiting room, Kev’s arm around her. It didn’t feel the same. It didn’t feel like it should because it should have been Adam holding her. When they got outside they stood in a circle, nobody knowing what to say.
“I need to tell Bob. I’m gonna go tell him.” Kim said, and the others stared at her.
“I’ll go with you. Sarge, if you go see Ruzek he’ll want to throw a punch. He doesn’t know me. And with Kim there he’ll hopefully keep his cool.” Jay said, and Kim nodded. It was a short nod from Voight and the two of them went to the truck, Kim climbing in the passenger seat.
Jay stayed quiet for most of the drive, but as they got to Bob’s small house he pulled in, taking Kim’s hand.
“I don’t know what you’re going through, and honestly I don’t know if I could do what you’re doing. But if you need anything, you come to me and the team and even Will, ok? We’re your people.” Kim nodded, unable to do anything else. She needed to keep her composure.
They could hear a rerun of a Cubs game through the door, and Jay knocked three times, a cop knock if ever they heard it. Bob opened the door, and Kim could see in his face that he knew why they were here.
“Where’s Adam?”
“Officer Ruzek, this morning your son was involved in an incident and he was attacked. He was brought to Gaffney—“
“Halstead, spit it out. Where is he? Tell me.” Bob nearly seemed frantic, and Kim had to put him out of his misery.
“Bob…he didn’t make it. He’s gone.” Kim had met Bob Ruzek twice through work, and during the course of her and Adam’s initial failed engagement she’d had dinner with him four times. She’d never thought she’d see him break down. But he grabbed her, pulling her close and holding her tight.
“Kim…you’re wrong. My boy’s ok? Right?” She hugged the man she thought would be her father in law back, ignoring the crushing weight of him against her vest.
“He’s gone, Bob. Jay’s brother did everything he could, but his injuries were too severe. He’s gone.”
They stayed there for a few more moments, the news settling in for Bob. He told Kim to organise the funeral, that he couldn’t do it. He didn’t want to do it. A man shouldn’t have to bury his son, and Bob Ruzek was going to do everything to pretend he didn’t have to bury his.
Her apartment became funeral prep central. They had to have a closed casket funeral, and it killed her. Bob had given her his dress blues to bury Adam in but she refused. He’d loved being a cop, but he’d been killed for being a cop. She gave the funeral home Adam’s favourite jeans and the dark blue flannel he’d worn the night he’d told her he wanted to be with her again. It almost killed her handing it over, but she did. She gave them the grey henley that fit him so well to go under it, and his badge on his chain to go around his neck. The final thing she gave them to put in the coffin was the red leather box with her original engagement ring. She’d found it looking for a pair of boxers in his underwear drawer one night they were together, and she knew he’d have given it to her eventually. It was only right he was buried with it.
The service hurt her, as she stood and gave the eulogy. About the man who loved her through her flaws and who she loved, and while they now never would have their happy ending, she had been privileged enough to love Adam Ruzek for six years, and those six years of memories would last her a lifetime. She and Bob were at the front of the group of mourners, watching his coffin be taken away. Jay, Kev, Voight and Antonio were pallbearers, along with Matt and Kelly from 51. Their friendship had been building, and she hated seeing them so upset. All of 51 turned out for the funeral, and Herrmann gave them Molly’s for the wake at no charge.
She didn’t remember much of it. Didn’t remember the stories people told. She remembered Kev staying by her side for the entire time, and Jay handing her fresh glasses of water once the ice in hers had melted. There was a photo of Adam up on the wall, and she wanted to rip it down because it was too perfect. He was perfectly imperfect, not the way he seemed on it. Finally it was acceptable for her to leave, and Kev drove her home.
CPD gave her a week off for bereavement leave, and as soon as the week was up she needed to get back to work. Arriving into the precinct she saw the patrol officers stare at her, but she ignored it. She was Kimberly Burgess, a ten year veteran of the Chicago Police Department and a member of the elite Intelligence Unit. She could do her job, and do it oh so well.
When she got upstairs she realised something was missing. Antonio’s belongings were gone. Adam’s desk still had his clutter on it, but everything belonging to Antonio had disappeared. When Voight arrived in he called her into his office.
“You’re gonna be partners with Jay from now on. Antonio handed in his papers last week, he’s moving to Puerto Rico to be with his sister. He asked me to give you this.” Voight handed over a thin envelope that Kim took, her hands shaking.
“I also need to give you this. Back before you joined this unit, when Wilhite died, I got everyone to write a letter to give to their loved ones in case anything happened. Adam wrote his to you. I still had it, so I wanted to give it to you.” She took the thicker envelope, a nod to her Sarge.
“I don’t expect you to be back at full speed. Take your time. We’re all here for you, Burgess.” She nodded and left, heading straight for the bathroom to read the letters in relative quiet. She opened Antonio’s first, knowing that as much as it would hurt it couldn’t be as bad as Adam’s.
I’m sorry I can’t tell you this in person. I’m sorry I’m leaving so soon after the funeral. But if I see you I’ll back out and I can’t. Chicago’s no good for me anymore, and I don’t want to hurt this team or you.
You’re the best partner I’ve ever had. You’re a phenomenal cop, and a good person to heart. When I get my head screwed on I’ll get in touch again, and next time I’m in Chicago I’m buying you a beer. And probably letting you punch me for doing this to you. I’m sorry.
It was short and to the point, and as much as she hated just being given a letter, she was glad he’d given her something. At least maybe this way she could move on. She held Adam’s envelope, the thicker pages rustling in her hands. Was she strong enough to do this? She had to. Kim ripped it open, unfolding the two pages with his scrawl on them.
I love you. I know that’s a given, but I have to say it. I hope I’m reading these with you when we’ve just retired from CPD, and Intelligence is a fond memory. But I need to write this as if I’m not.
You are the love of my life, Kim Burgess. I love you. I fell head over heels for you the moment I saw you in your non breathable polyester, and I fell deeper for you every day. I still do. I fought our feelings because I thought that I was happy and Wendy was right for me but I was wrong.
I never told you she left me. She thought I’d be an attorney, didn’t think I’d actually be a cop. Even when I got pulled into Intelligence she never thought I was good enough.
But you did. You always have, and you always will. I can keep going because you give me the courage to, give me the hope to. I know that when I have you by my side, I can take on the world.
I don’t regret a single moment of our relationship. We’re not even seeing each other anymore but I get to be your friend and I’ll make that be enough for me. Because when I see you smile from the far side of the bullpen? It takes my breath away. Kev tells me to make a move but our friendship means too much to me so I’m too chickenshit to. Maybe one day I will.
If I haven’t and you’re reading this, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I wish I had. Even if you turned me down, I wish I’d told you that I never stopped loving you. I don’t know if I can stop loving you, and I don’t know if I want to try.
Please be happy, Darling. Let people see your smile. Let someone else into your heart, if you can (but I’ve left Kev a letter that says he needs to give him the shovel talk from me and him). Don’t let my death ruin your light, Kim. You deserve the world and I’m just sorry that I can’t give you that.
I want you to know that with my dying breath I will always love you.
Your Adam
Kim’s tears flowed freely as she read. They’d missed out on so much time together. So many weeks and months and years where they’d pined for each other but had misread the signs, hadn’t seen what they really wanted. If they’d just talked. If she’d just told him out straight, if she hadn’t let Sean warp her brain. But instead she’d ignored him. They could have been married by now. They could have had a child by now. She could have had a little piece of Adam still in her life if she hadn’t been so stupid.
Once she got her tears under control she flushed the tissues, stepping out and checking her face. Her eyes were red and puffy, but it was fine. She wet some tissue with some cold water to help soothe them, finally ready to leave the bathroom.
Jay and Hailey had moved all of his belongings to what had been Antonio’s desk, and she smiled seeing him there. It was a paperwork heavy day, she dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s for the cases she’d worked. She barely remembered any of them, her thoughts completely elsewhere. Jay put down a sandwich in front of her at lunch time, making her eat.
The first three weeks without Adam were like that. She’d dig into whatever they had to do and totally focus on work. Everyone reminded her to eat, but she was constantly nauseous. She’d sit in the car on a stakeout, and go on raids, and pretend everything was fine. A new officer joined the unit and Vanessa was nice, but Voight sat her at Adam’s desk and it broke Kim’s heart a little bit more. She knew he had to be replaced in work, knew their unit couldn’t work with four members and a sergeant, but she couldn’t prepare herself for how she’d feel.
It was thirty eight days since Adam had died when she was standing in the locker room, and Hailey asked her for a tampon. Kim pulled out the unopened box from the back of her locker, ripping the seal and pulling one out before realising she hadn’t had a period the month before. Or this month. She’d attributed last month to the stress of losing Adam but now she was six weeks late and she’d always been like clockwork. When they were engaged Adam had known how regular she was to the point that once a month when he’d come over he would bring her favourite wine and his electric blanket to make her feel better. She sat on the bench with a thump, staring at the box.
What if she was pregnant? They had used condoms, but they weren’t exactly careful and she’d had to use the morning after pill at least once. What if she was going to have Adam’s child? If she had a little piece of him in her still?
That afternoon she took an early lunch, running out of the precinct like a woman on a mission. Kim drove to a CVS just outside their district, going in and spending too much money on too many tests. If she was pregnant she was far enough along that one would be accurate, but she couldn’t bear to have any doubt. She made it back with her bag under her jacket, ignoring Trudy’s concerned call and going straight to the bathroom.
She didn’t know if she wanted to be pregnant. She didn’t know if she could do this without Adam. But she sat and she arranged the sticks and she peed, and she set the alarm on her phone for three minutes later.
It took two minutes for the first test to show a positive result. The rest of them followed suit, and she was left with six tests that proved she was pregnant and she was having Adam Ruzek’s baby. And he’d never know he was going to be a dad.
Kim called out for the rest of her shift, telling Voight she wasn’t feeling well. He’d heard Jay worry about her nausea one too many times to think she was lying, and told her to go home and rest up. Instead she drove straight to Med, finding Natalie Manning to do a blood test to be sure. Two hours later it was confirmed, she was nine weeks pregnant. She was going to have Adam’s baby. Natalie gave her a referral for upstairs, sending her up immediately for an ultrasound because of how late she’d discovered she was pregnant.
She watched as the tiny grain of rice on the screen wriggled and listened as its heartbeat filled the room. Everything measured perfectly, and they were happy with everything. She was pregnant and everyone kept congratulating her, and all she wanted to do was scream at the world because as much as she wanted their child she’d give it all up if it meant she got Adam back to her.
Her apartment was too empty that night, and instead she drove to Disco Bob’s. He’d never been a good father to Adam - he’d told her the stories in the dead of night of his father’s gambling, his moods, how Adam was terrified he’d end up like his pops. But Bob deserved to know he was going to be a grandfather. He deserved to know that Adam had a child.
She pulled up outside the house, but the lights were off. Instead she turned around, heading for Kev’s. She couldn’t be alone, and really she didn’t want Bob. She didn’t want Kev either, she wanted Adam and she wanted to tell him that he was going to be a dad. But instead she needed her best friend, the man who knew how good her child’s father was, who’d help her raise this child and keep Adam’s memory alive.
Kim stood at Kev’s door and pushed the buzzer.
“Can I come up? I need to talk to you.”
He buzzed her in, and Kim took the elevator upstairs. Kev offered her a beer but she refused, sitting on the familiar couch. She’d spent so many nights here babysitting his siblings, helping Vinessa with math and Jordan with biology. Those times helping him raise his siblings proved she could do it.
“I’m having Adam’s baby.”
Kev dropped his beer, the bottle shattering on the tiled floor. He stared at her in shock.
“You’re sure?”
“Wanna see?” She pulled out the ultrasound photos, showing Kev. He traced the outline of her baby, awe on his face.
“I just really hope this kid doesn’t have as big a head as Ruzek. What can I do to help you?” He asked, an arm around her.
“I’m telling Voight tomorrow to go on desk duty. From there I have no idea. I’ve my twelve week scan in three weeks. Will you come with me? I can’t do this alone, Kev. And you’re the person who knew Adam best. I need you to be there with me and your godchild.” She watched the grin appear on his face, eyes filling with tears.
“Are you sure? Why me?”
“Because I trust you. And if Adam and I can’t be there for our child, we know you will be.”
She hugged him and left, going home and lying in bed with her hand on her stomach. She was going to have Adam’s baby. And even through the grief and the sadness and the wish that he was there, she was so happy about it.
Kim made sure she was first in the precinct that morning, waving to the night desk sergeant as she went past. She was at her desk by six forty five, waiting for Voight to arrive. He was in shortly after, and she followed him into his office.
“Burgess. What do you need?”
She paused. How could she tell him? What did she say? “I’m not sure how to say this, how to explain it…”
“If you want to leave the unit, we can arrange a transfer. I know it has to be hard being here.” He was looking kindly at her, but Kim shook her head rapidly.
“No. I want to stay. But I might not be able to. Sarge…I went to the doctor yesterday and I’m pregnant with Adam’s baby.” She watched Voight walk around the desk and hold out his arms, wrapping her in a hug. She didn’t realise how touch starved she had been without Adam’s casual touch until right then. She relaxed into it, separating soon after but feeling energised.
“You’ll be on desk duty up here. We can’t go down another person, and I want to see you still here. You’re not in the field from today, but you can still be involved in interrogations. And after your maternity leave, you’ll be back here. This is your unit, Kim. We’re not leaving you behind.” She smiled, going out to her desk.
They were discussing the raid that was about to happen, and Kim stood back half listening. Jay spotted her reaction, nudging her to pay attention. She caught Voight’s eye and he raised an eyebrow. Kim nodded in response, waiting for him to open the floor to her.
“I’m on desk duty for the next seven and a half months. I found out I’m pregnant yesterday, so I’m not going into the field.” She could see Hailey and Jay do the math, a grin on both their faces. Vanessa didn’t know the story behind Kim and Adam, and hugged her. Kim waved them off, sitting at her computer running plates and intel as required, waiting for the all clear and that they were safe.
Trudy came upstairs to steal Intelligence coffee, surprised to see her sitting there.
“Why aren’t you out with everybody? Did you piss Voight off that much that he’s benched you?” She asked, filling a mug and handing it over to Kim, who pushed it away. As Kim moved it Trudy stared at her. “You’re pregnant.”
“Yeah, I am.” It was the first time someone had said it to her instead of her saying it, and it gave her a warm glow. Kim Burgess was pregnant. The words suited her. “I’m having Adam’s baby.”
She knew the loss of Adam had hit Platt hard, but Kim didn’t expect the woman to wrap her in a hug. She returned it, before Platt held her shoulders and looked at her.
“This baby is a blessing, Burgess. And if he was here he’d be screaming from the rooftops. Let me know how we can help, Randy’s good with tools if you need nursery supplies built.” Kim smiled, the realisation of everything that she had to do going around her head.
“I haven’t even thought…what if I can’t do this? What if I’m making a mistake? But it’s Adam’s baby, and if I can have even a little bit of him I have to do it.”
“You will be a phenomenal mother. And that kid is gonna grow up hearing about their daddy from everyone here. You tell me what you need, and you’ll have it. I promise.”
Kim quickly grew into the work, missing going on raids but enjoying making sure she kept everyone safe. Her life quickly went to work to home to looking up baby things to work to home again. She brought Kev to the ultrasound appointment, quickly dissuading the ultrasound tech that he was the father. She held Kev’s hand as they watched her baby move on screen, seeing their head and legs visible.
“That’s a Ruzek head alright,” Kev whispered, making her laugh through the tears. He recorded the baby’s heartbeat for Kim, sending the mp3 file over so she could listen to it at night, a reminder that they were here.
Once she was officially out of her first trimester she began to show, and Sylvie brought her clothes shopping. They bought blazers and blouses she could wear to work, along with jeans for work and home. Kim still had most of Adam’s wardrobe, deciding to wear that while she was home. They didn’t really smell like him anymore, but the fabric was soft and it reminded her of him.
Telling Bob didn’t go well. The man had been on a downward spiral since before Adam died, and his son’s death only made it worse. He screamed at Kim from the doorstep, insisting that she was a liar and a cheat and she was pretending to be pregnant. She walked away. She may not have been close with her family, and Bob may not want to know their child, but Trudy and Mouch and Hank had promised to be there for this baby, and she was going to take them up on it.
Kim decided to not find out the gender, much to Kevin’s disappointment. She knew there was a pool, but she didn’t want to know. She’d picked names for a boy or girl - Adam Oliver Ruzek for a boy, Alice Trudy Ruzek for a girl - and she would be happy with either. She just wanted her healthy baby. Instead Platt threw a baby shower in her living room one afternoon, the women and wives from 51 there to celebrate with Kim. Cindy Herrmann baked brownies and handed over her phone number, insisting Kim call day or night with questions about the baby. Donna Boden told her she’d have an easier delivery than she did, reminding her to breathe and relax. Being surrounded by people was the first time she’d felt truly happy in the five months since Adam had died, filled with love and support. Being a single mother wasn’t going to be easy, but she had a village to help her raise her baby.
She was twenty four weeks pregnant when Miller arrived up in the Bullpen, heading straight for Voight’s office. The five officers looked around nervously when they heard their Sarge’s raspy voice from inside the office, followed by Miller yelling. The baby was more active by the day, the noise of the argument causing them to kick Kim in the ribs, shooting her forward in her chair. She watched as Voight threw open the door, calling them all into his office.
They stood around uneasily, confused at what was happening. Was she disbanding the unit? Was Kim going to end up answering 911 calls and then out on patrol because she was pregnant? Her mind was racing as she stood there, waiting for the Superintendent to speak.
“Six months ago, CPD discovered a gang ring operating in Cook County Jails, being overseen by prison guards. We inserted several officers in as deep cover, with nobody except their handlers knowing. Adam Ruzek was one of those officers.” Kim gasped, and Hailey helped her stay standing, the baby kicking wildly now. “When he was attacked, he spent four hours in surgery. His heart stopped twice. For the good of the operation, all doctors and staff at Med were informed he had died on the table, and his family were told the same thing. The operation is over, and we’ve arrested thirty five corrupt prison officers, and five inmates have been arraigned for trial over the incidents. Officer Ruzek has been meritoriously promoted to Detective, and is being placed back in Intelligence. I take full responsibility for his condition being hidden from you all.”
The words hit Kim and she nearly fell, Hailey and Kev helping her onto Voight’s couch. He was alive? He’s back? Oh God what if he thought she’d moved on? That she was having a baby with someone else? That she didn’t love him? Her thoughts were spiralling, and she didn’t notice the room clearing until it was just her and Voight there.
“Kim?” Her head shot up. “He’s downstairs by the cage. He told Miller that if you’re still in Intelligence, he wants to see you first. Are you ok to go down on your own, or do you want someone with you?”
She shook her head, standing up and rubbing her stomach, feeling the baby relax. “I need to see him. Hank…how do I tell him?”
“I mean he can just look at you, it’s a little obvious now. He’ll be delighted, Kim. Go to him.”
She left the room, ignoring Miller who tried to grab her arm. She heard Hank behind her, telling Miller that she was pregnant with Adam’s baby and she needed to see him, but Kim ignored it all. Instead she slowly went down the steps, her bump changing her balance. He was there. In jeans and a black jacket, but she could tell it was Adam from how he stood.
“Adam?” She asked, barely able to move forward. And he turned and it was Adam and he was there. She didn’t know which of them moved first, but she ran to him and he ran to her and suddenly his lips were on hers and he tasted like home. They could have stayed like that for hours, but the baby made their presence known, hitting into Kim.
“You that hungry?” He asked, his familiar smirk on his face until he looked down and saw the bump.
“I found out after your…after your funeral. We’re having a baby, Adam. I’m twenty four weeks, Kev’s basically been my birthing partner, but I’m having your baby.” She watched the emotions flit across his face, from the disappointment that he thought she’d moved on, to the realisation she hadn’t, to the love for her and the baby. He bent down, pressing a kiss over her blouse to it.
“I’m your dad, kid. And I’m sorry I wasn’t here until now, but I’m not going anywhere.”
They kept their hands intertwined the entire way up the stairs, Adam letting her go first. He kept his free hand wrapped around her waist and on her belly, still not fully believing it. They kissed once before opening the door, and she sent Adam through first. He looked dumbstruck standing there, staring at everyone. Kev was the first to react to seeing him there, running and wrapping his arms around the man who was his brother. Kim may have lost romantic love, lost her soulmate, but Kev had lost one of the only pieces of his family in Chicago. Their reunion made her heart clench, and she realised how many people they had to tell. But she stood behind, watching their unit greet their friend, greet their brother, and all she could think was how grateful she was that he’s back and she has her Adam back.
They agreed to get the worst of announcing he was alive over and done with, to go to Molly’s that night. But first they had to call at his dad’s house. Kim drove, and she sat in the car as Adam prepared to get out.
“You not coming, Darling?” He asked, and she shook her head.
“The last time I was here…Adam, your dad hasn’t been doing ok since everything happened. I came here to tell him about the baby and he called me a liar, tried calling his precinct on me. If I wasn’t a cop I’d have ended up in lockup, but Bentley knows me and knew I was in Intelligence with you so he didn’t. I can’t go up there. Not again.” Adam reached over and clutched her hand, making sure she felt his love in every squeeze.
“I’ll be two minutes, letting him know I’m alive and leaving again. These last six months were hell, Kim. I don’t want to go through any time without you that I don’t have to.” She sat and watched in the cold December air as Adam stood at his father’s door. Bob tried to hug him, but Adam stood back. She hated what this had done to his father, hated the look of dismay on Adam’s face as he got in the car.
“He’s been gambling again. I thought maybe losing me would have given him the kick he needs. Instead he’s worse than ever. I might come back and see him, but tonight’s meant to be happy. I don’t want to focus on him.”
Kim drove them to Molly’s, staring at the cars she recognised on the street. Even Will Halstead’s sedan was there, and she was nervous for Adam. It was so many people who’d grieved him and lost him, and now he was back? Would they be ok with it?
She should have trusted herself and her friends more. As soon as they walked into the crowded bar Herrmann saw her, giving a wave. And then he saw Adam, and stumbled for a moment before giving a grin and letting out a piercing whistle. The assembled firefighters turned to the door, and everyone immediately came to greet him. Kim sat on a chair with a Coke in her hand, watching them all as Sylvie came up to her.
“How are you doing with all this?” She asked, looking at one of her best friends.
“Sylvie, I prayed every night for six months that it was a mistake, that Adam was alive and he’d come home to us. And now he’s here. I’m so excited. He gets to meet his child. Can you think of anything greater than that?” Sylvie wrapped Kim in a hug that was quickly returned.
“You know we love you, right? And even if Adam was gone for good, we’d still love you and we’d all still be supporting you and the baby. That child is going to have so many CFD aunts and uncles, they’ll be loved by all of us.” Kim nodded, wiping the tears from her eyes. If anyone asked it was pregnancy hormones, definitely.
Kim expected it to be weird, getting into bed with Adam that night. Her body had changed so much, and getting comfortable in a bed was so difficult now. But she curled up on her side, Adam spooning against her back and she slept immediately. She woke to his hand caressing her bump, a smile on both their faces.
He jumped back into work, using his new title with relish. Kim loved how happy he was calling himself Detective Ruzek, slightly jealous that she’d had to delay taking the exam herself because of the pregnancy. But they fell back into their relationship as easily as if he’d never been away. He bought her lunch and made sure she kept her feet up when possible, and he sobbed at the first OB appointment when he saw the baby. He wanted to know the gender so she gave in, and they started preparing for Alice to make an appearance. Once she told him the name she’d picked he was on board, and started decorating the spare room as her nursery. Kim wasn’t allowed in until one Saturday afternoon, after she returned from a day of “mommy to be pampering” that Hailey and Vanessa had bought her. Adam covered her eyes and brought her in, unveiling the room.
They’d agreed they didn’t want a bright pink nursery for Alice, and the walls and furniture were light grey. There were baby pink curtains at the window, and the artwork on the wall was from Peter Rabbit. She’d mentioned back when they first started dating it had been her favourite children’s book, and he’d remembered. There was a bookshelf with everything their friends had bought for them, and it was perfect. He’d turned a dream she didn’t know she had into a reality, and she was ecstatic.
Kim’s water broke the day she was supposed to finish work for maternity leave, as the unit ate cake to celebrate Alice’s soon to happen arrival. Instead it was a madcap dash, Adam whisking her out of the precinct while everyone else promised to be there soon. Trudy waved them off, before sending a patrol car to give them a police escort. Officially, of course, that never happened, but Adam knew the cars following them in the jeep.
Instead of being alone in the delivery room like she thought, or with Sylvie holding her hand, Adam gave her the strength to push out Alice Trudy Ruzek, who at eight pounds one ounce and twenty three inches long was a huge baby. She had a Ruzek head, and when Kim made that pronouncement Adam just laughed. He cut the cord, getting to hold his daughter close once she’d been weighed and measured and checked on. The new family had a midwife take a photo, the three of them pressed close together. Once Kim was ready he walked out to announce his daughter had arrived.
The waiting room was busier than he expected, Intelligence there, as well as Trudy and Mouch, Sylvie and Matt. He realised that these were the people who’d kept his Kim together while he was gone, and he could never thank them enough. He could never express his gratitude for everything they did for them both. It meant the world.
“She’s here, come and meet her?” They followed him in, everyone disinfecting their hands with alcohol gel, looking at Kim holding their daughter.
“I’d really like you all to meet Alice Trudy Ruzek,” Kim said, smiling as they announced her name. They’d mentioned Ally was a girl, but hadn’t revealed her full name. Kim watched as Platt teared up, immediately coming over to hug the new mother. Ally was passed around everyone, quiet as a lamb in her family’s arms.
Everyone left in dribs and drabs, until Sylvie, Matt and Kev were still there. Kev was enchanted with his new niece, staring at her tiny fingernails.
“Sylvie, Kev, we want the two of you to be Ally’s godparents. You’re two of the best people we know, you’re our best friends. We trust you with everything, and we definitely trust you with her.” Kim said, and the grins on their faces were immediate, agreement in an instant. The three left soon after with promises to return with fast food from Kev, and the new family got to spend some time together.
“I’m sorry I wasn’t here for all of it,” Adam murmured, Kim resting in the crook of his arm, Ally in hers. “I hate that I missed so much. That you were alone for it. It’s not fair.”
Kim nuzzled in, finding the spot that she fit perfectly into. “But you came back. I thought I’d do this alone. I didn’t think you’d meet Ally. But you’re here and we did this.” She swallowed, the words they still hadn’t said on the tip of her tongue. “I promised myself that if you survived that attack I wouldn’t say this with either of us in a hospital bed, but I love you so much, Adam Ruzek. You can’t leave me again, because I don’t know if I could survive going through that a second time.” She reached up her head to look at him, and Adam kissed her.
“I’m not going anywhere, Kim. You and Ally are stuck with me.”
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sofi-yeager · 17 hours ago
why dont you like mikasa?? genuine question
this caught my eye quick lmao... u can call me petty, or anything you’d like if you don’t agree, i’m dead serious. i’m used to it for having my own opinions on her by now.
here’s me and my sensitive ass self:)
also i didn’t proof read this, so i might ramble
i think from the start i’ve never really liked mikasa’s character.
At first i was bothered because she was a side character i didn’t really find any connection or comparison to (that’s usually how i can differentiate who will become my favorite in animes) she just seemed boring. i think after i realized eren was my favorite character too, i began disliking her more for the way she treated him despite his askings and how she minded no ones business but her own and his in hopes of persuing the happiness it gave her. Don’t get me wrong, in a world like theirs it’s natural to want to imagine anything except for that one, but i couldn’t understand why someone so serious and keen on making herself and only one other person happy was considered a favorite by everyone.
This is so incredibly bias but i just feel that with every chapter written she’s become increasingly selfish of achieving her desires. And i know people will argue with me saying her love for eren has always just been her main focus, and they are right. that’s literally it. She’s over protective of him, yes saving his life in the process but he barely does anything on his own without her. I don’t think “the boy who sought freedom” enjoyed that feeling and she certainly didn’t understand the extent of his motives. ON TOP OF THAT, and this pisses me the fuck off is that she never asked him how he was feeling.
so as someone who was claimed to be “closest to him” she never protected eren’s mentality, just his physical being in hopes it would change his mindset to that of what she wanted him to be. I almost feel bad for her because she wishes to accomplish nothing else in her life, and that includes saving her own comrades over one boy who saved hers. I mean to be honest, jean and others have saved her many times before as well, both physically and mentally, but because eren did it first that’s who she chose to obey for the rest of her life? i never found what she wanted besides being with the version she saw him (and literally stated in the manga) as.
On top of that, she’s been written to be completely flawless. At first I considered her obsession with him as a negative, but now she’s a strong woman who’s considered absolutely perfect to the characters and fandom. This was so frustrating to me, because it’s impossible for someone to be created and characterized like that in real life. so enviously, i searched and searched to find something wrong with her, someone who could agree with me and my opinions or possibly find something new, anything that would make her seem more humane than how people we’re making her out to be. What have i found? absolutely nothing. I don’t think i’ve met anyone who doesn’t like her like i do, so i’m left to sit with this feeling that no one else has. the toxic fans just make it so much worse for me. they claim she’s “godlike, better than everyone” or write of her to be absolutely alluring with no problems or difficulties, the opposite of what i’ve always tried to disprove and it makes me so upset. when i try to explain that gut feeling that’s sort of just grown about her her and her characterization i get beaten down about it every single time.
the worst part of my dislike for her came when i realized i was, well um... actually in love with eren, because now that he’s somehow fallen in love with her she’s just become the biggest goal i’ve ever had to change my mind about in order to reach her “level”. how could i ever reach the epitome of perfection, especially that of a fictional character? it’s simple: i’ll never be able to. and when i understood she was written to be this standard i could never reach, that’s when i began to actually hate her. i’ve written more about that if you read my reaction to chapter 139 but for the majority these were the reasons i’ve had that didn’t involve my envy, because i am jealous of her, a lot. like i’ve cried over not being good enough for him like she is:( sorry to be extra but as i’ve said this before, i use eren as my validation😔
and now with the “epilogue” out, it not only just focuses on mikasa, making everyone seem irrelevant, but she still hasn’t listened to what eren truly wanted, for her to move on. She continues to wear the scarf and she still visits the grave to see him which i think is very sweet, but it is so unnecessary to bring her husband, children and grandchildren to the grave of her first lover. to me that says:
• “here’s the life you wanted eren, i’m living it without you”
• and “look” to her family “this is the boy i would have been much happier with but i tried to obey what he wanted”
in a way, she’s almost getting everything she wants yet i feel she still wants more? i’m not sure if i’m even making sense at this point:(
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tropicaltransgressions · 20 hours ago
Do the Right Thing - Chapter 23
Ch 1 Ch 2 Ch 3 Ch 4 Ch 5 Ch 6 Ch 7 Ch 8 Ch 9 Ch10 Ch 11 Ch 12 Ch 13 Ch 14 Ch 15 Ch 16 Ch 17 Ch 18 Ch 19 Ch 20 Ch21 Ch22
Katya Turgenev isn’t dead. Katya Turgenev isn’t dead. Katya. Turgenev. Is not. Dead.
It rings through your ears until you can’t hear anything else and you can’t help the scream of, “WHAT?!” that erupts from your throat.
Natasha loved Katya.
Natasha killed Katya because Katya left Natasha.
Through no fault of your own, you look like Katya.
Everything that has happened to you is because she died.
“What?” you ask, very low and demanding. “What do you mean ‘she’s not dead.”
Maria looks horribly uncomfortable before you see her slip back into her stoic SHIELD persona.
“When I was cleared by Wanda and the Order accepted me, I started looking into as much background as I could on every high threat Order member-- Natasha included. Wanda was there for a lot of those long nights in records - she was curious too. She was actually… I mean, Natasha’s file was fascinating but there were so many and… Natasha is powerful but not Superpowered, so I didn’t pay much attention to hers’ - it would have just been a blip in the research but Wanda...she insisted there was something different about Natasha. I didn’t question it, so we really poured through Natasha’s files.”
You’re listening. You want to know. You deserve to know.
“The Redroom information was… limited to say the least. But, the CIA was aware of the Red Rooms and they’d had a scout on Natalia Romanovia since she’d been let go. They didn’t interfere-- they were ready to, mind you, but their most important job was to learn -- this was a very new Russia and CIA counterintelligence was brand new - I mean practically nothing was known about the KGB. But they were watching… constantly. And one night… and one night while a junior agent was keeping tabs on her St. Petersburg apartment, a pretty girl who looked a lot like you got a bullet through the shoulder and went down on the street in the middle of a really bad rainstorm.”
Maria meets your eye to make sure you’re still with her, and you are.
“Agents moved in, picked her up, got her back to an American Medical base. She spilled everything, eagerly. She was thrilled to be “free” she kept saying.
...But she, she wasn’t. Not entirely. It was too dangerous. HYDRA and the KGB needed to think she was dead so the US embassy in Moscow helped stage her autopsy pictures and leak them online as proof that “Katya Turgenev” was really dead. Murdered by her own country.”
“And... did she… did she ever get her family’s company back? Did she ever get her money?” you ask.
“...No…,” Maria says, “The CIA decided she was much too high risk to ever have a public life as Katya Turnagev again. It would be impossible to protect her, she would have actually been killed by the KGB eventually… Also her family’s fortune was steeped in Russian Oligarchy blood money... So they faked her death and gave her a new identity, put her in foster care and then kept her in witness protection. She made her own life from there. And I mean, from her file it, it...I don’t know, it seems like a pretty good life. She’s a ballet instructor, her family lives in Phoenix.”
“And you never thought to warn me about this?!” You demand. “That I look exactly like the Black Widow’s life long childhood trauma obsession and you never said anything?!”
“Wha-- I… I honestly did not notice!” Maria indignantly declares.
“How could you not have noticed?!” You insist.
“Oh, I don’t know!’ Maria begins, “Maybe because I’ve only seen a picture of her as a 17 year old “corpse” and as a 30 year old soccar mom with a bob! Also because I’m not obsessed with either of you?! And also because she’s like… she’s like at least 4 inches taller than you!”
“Everyone is at least 4 inches taller than me! ... Sorry. Sorry, that’s not relevant. I just wanted to keep screaming. But wait… she’s… she’s got kids?”
““Huh?…” Maria pauses. That seemed to catch her off guard. “Uh… yeah… two... a boy and a girl, I think, both adopted and still married to their father. Why?”
Natasha didn’t take her life. And neither did the Red Room.
“And there’s been no indication that she’s become involved with the Resistance?” You know it’s a little far out there and you’ve literally never met her, you only know that she looked like you when she was a kid and what you gained from one, short, probably biased story you’d heard about her from Natasha.
But something tells you, something you can feel in your gut, that the girl who turned her back to the Black Widow’s gun in the name of her own freedom and lived, the girl whose family was murdered, who was groomed to be a pawn for the Red Room and who still always knew she could make a different choice -- you can’t imagine the woman that girl is now didn’t choose a side in the fight against tyranny, no matter how good a life she might have clawed out for herself before hand.
“I… actually haven’t checked. After the debrief on Natasha last year, I never thought about her again. I mean, she was hardly the biggest part of it..”
You level Maria with a threatening glare…
“But we can check. We can check that right now. BRAINY!” she shouts, “Can you pull up everything on Heather Cohen, formally Katya Trugenev to Director Luthor’s office, please… like right now before I’m punched in the face by my own Cadet…”
The screen in front of you blips for a few seconds before… there she is. And… and… Maria was right. The most recent, kind of grainy image picked up of her from a security camera in a grocery store parking lot really doesn’t look much like you at all.
You can’t help the happy, relieved little laugh you let out because you realize… “she grew up,” you whisper to yourself. The last time Natasha saw her she was 17 and the first time Natasha saw you, you were just barely 18.
There’s almost a decade between you and Katya and you do have some very similar features, she looks like she could be close family, like how you and Lexi look so much alike, but she didn’t die your adolescent look-a-like. She grew up.
And so have you.
“She’s the key, isn’t she?” you say to no one in particular. She’s the key to taking down Natasha, right?”
You’re met with silence and skittish glances before Maria answers, “I think she might be our best bet… but… I do recognize the implication of exposing her to Natasha. Unfortunately, I think this is going to have to be a moral call. And unfortunately… I think it’s yours to make. We’ll follow your lead.
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Lost In My Brain
Hello everyone, so this concept came from the very very depths of my brain as I went into a deep dissociative episode and I wrote this to pull myself out by imagining semi mob tom comforting me. 
Tom Holland x Reader
Summary: You aren’t replying to Tom’s texts so he is really worried, he finds you in a state of trauma and unable to really communicate. 
Warnings: Please read this at your own comfort, I wrote this to help me cope and I thought someone else might want to read it. I have written about extremely personal topics in this and I am not talking about stuff that I don’t know anything about, I suffer from dissociative PTSD. So warnings really include mentions of an unidentified trauma, Dissociation, Dissociative PTSD, Loss of recognition of faces, mentions of Mob Tom, missing person?, Trauma that happened at night, intrusive thoughts, thoughts that you are actually dead. 
Request Here
Word Count: 1577
Tom’s meetings had run late, he had messaged you throughout the discussions to keep you updated and so you wouldn’t worry but it was him who worried as his phone remained void of any response from you. He began to grow antsy as the conversations just dragged on. He gave his input whenever he had to but most of his time was spent trying his hardest to seem as if he was paying attention and then checking his phone to see if you had responded, and every time his phone screen was blank. His worry was beginning to overtake his body, he worked in a dangerous profession and people knew that the best way to get to him was through loved ones, you being the main one. The thought of something bad having happened to you made his heart break, the thought of someone hurting you added to that made his blood boil. It wasn’t like he was overreacting, you were always very attentive to responding to him when he was in meetings, you knew that under his hard mobster outside he worried about you a great deal and if you could do anything to ease that, you would, and that is why he was freaking out to this extent. As soon as the meeting came to a close he left immediately, ignoring the people who tried to catch his attention on his way out, focused only on getting home to you. 
  Tom walked into the house, calling out your name and receiving no response in turn his heart beginning to pound as the silence reverberated in his ears. With an urgency he began making his way through the rooms of your shared house. He started in your bedroom, eyes landing on the perfectly made bed, signalling to him that you never went to bed, he made his way through the guest rooms, your office, the living room, by the time he reached the kitchen he was on the verge of tears. Hands grabbing on to the counter as he faced the empty living room, retrieving his phone from his slacks pocket and quickly dialing up his mate Harrison. 
“Mate?” Tom asked as he heard the phone be answered on the other end of the line. 
“Yeah?” His friends tired voice answered, clearly having been woken up by Tom’s call
“I can’t find Y/n, I don’t know where she is” At this point Tom felt like he was on the verge of breaking down, the idea that something had happened to you and he wasn’t there to protect you made him see red.
“Wait? You can’t find her?” there was a rustle from the other line, Harrison having sat straight up in bed, shock over taking him. 
“Yeah, mate and I am kind of starting to freak-” Tom spun around, leaning his back against the cool marble countertop when his eyes caught on the open sliding glass door leading to your backyard, a dark figure sitting on the cement ground rocking slightly. 
“Mate, I'm gonna have to call you back” he ignored his friend's words of worry as he hung up, placing the glowing screen face down on the counter and making his way outside. As soon as he passed the threshold of the door sniffles reached his ears. The weather wasn’t freezing but it definitely wasn’t warm enough for you to be sitting there in nothing but one of Tom’s shirts, bare thighs on the cool ground. 
“Love?” Tom called as he made his way to your quivering figure, shoulders throwing themselves back and forth as you attempted to rock yourself in comfort. He reached a hand out to your shoulder, but you flinched away from his touch causing his heart to shatter. With the jerk of your movement his eyes caught your face, tears staining your cheeks. 
“Love it's me” Tom assured, once again reaching his hand out to you, and this time you let him, his hand soothing over your shoulder causing it to cease its shaking as you eased into his touch. He did this gradually, progressively enveloping you further into his hold, a protective embrace, your face tucked into his chest as his hand rubbed up and down your back, trying to warm your body as you began to shiver from the night air. 
“Let's get you inside, darling” Tom’s soothing touch helping you off the ground. He grabbed your hand, gently moving you into the house, and led you to the bathroom. His hands grabbed your hips, placing you onto the bathroom counter, you sat there, eyes trained on the wall ahead as Tom dampened a washcloth, moving back to you to wipe the snot and tears off of your cheeks, he stood in your view for the first time, his hands reaching towards you as you examined his face, causing you quickly push him away, hurt flashing across his unknown feature as you distanced yourself from him, scooting back on the counter curling further into your own body. 
“Y/n?” His voice sounded defeated, reaching out again only for you to have the same reaction. His voice, you knew his voice, and his face didn’t seem completely unknown, something about him was familiar. It was so close to the face you loved so much but your eyes were distorting his features.
“I...I don’t know who you are?” He could have sworn he broke when you said that. 
“Baby, it’s me, it’s Tom” he cooed, trying to understand what was happening, fear bruning through his chest and all the way down to his gut, feeling as if his world was slipping from under his feet. 
“No, I-I know it’s you but..but I look at your face I don’t recognize it, it’s off, it’s not quite right and I don’t know who you are, you look like I stared at you for too long and you lost all feature, Tommy, I don’t know who you are and I don’t know who I am” your tears began to flow again as you looked in the mirror, your face was just a little bit off till it wasn’t your face anymore. You closed your eyes and shook your head violently causing Tom to gasp, reaching out and grabbing your shoulders to halt your movements. 
“Stop, baby, please stop, it’s me, it’s Tommy, I’m right here” his voice soothed you, peeling your eyes back open, you saw his face, it was right, it was your Tommy. 
“Tom?” His name but a question on your tongue as he cupped your cheek. 
“Yes it’s me,” the pad of his thumb brushed away tear streaks. “What’s happening, sweets, talk to me please” he pleaded, eyes begging you to let him know what was happening. 
“I’m dead Tommy” you explained but it only made it worse, yes widening comically as fear shot through his body. 
“W-what do you mean you’re dead?” His mind was racing, had someone put a hit on you? Did you need to go into hiding? He felt like he was falling into every possible issue that you could be having but he was cut off by your voice again. 
“I was thinking earlier and what if I died that night? What if I didn’t get out of the way? This is the after life” you mumbled, fully convinced that you had lost your mind. 
“You are not dead” Tom demanded 
“How do you know that” you whispered 
“Because I’m here, dusting with you, I can touch you and trace every mark in your body, I have my own life, I would have that if you were dead, and if you were why would it just be a continuation of your day to day, why are you freaking out if this is heaven” he tried to explain and something must have worked because your body eased, eyes drawing from your hands to his face. 
“This is real?” your voice sounded weak, so lost in your mind as your eyes seemed to glaze over. 
“Yes,  love this is real” he hummed, finally being able to wipe the tears from your face, his touch drawing you back from the farthest depths of your brain that you kept spiraling into “Now let’s get you to bed” Reaching past you he grabbed your toothbrush and toothpaste, preparing it for you to brush your teeth. You took your toothbrush from his hand as he leaned in and kissed your forehead lovingly, a tear slipping from his eye as he took in your defeated state, brushing it away before you could see and brushing his teeth as well. 
Moments later you fell into your bed, Tom’s arms wrapped securely around you as your back curved into his chest, you shook your head as you closed your eyes seeing everything you wished you could forget. 
“Tommy, I feel so lost in my brain, its like its yelling and every new thought just adds to the noise, continuing to bounce around with everyone else” You whispered as you shuttered. 
“I know it's not okay, my love, but I am here and I will be here, I will help you come back” he kissed your temple and held you as you fell asleep. He vowed to himself that he would be there for you, he would never let you go, give you a life that distanced yourself from that pain that haunted you. He would remind you everyday that you are alive. 
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keepitreal1 · 2 days ago
Speaking as H, through the eyes of him & the scum squad!
Growing up, the world & I lost my mother
We thought we would never be fortunate enough to find another
People loved & adored Diana, she was my mum
Then someone more saintly, my wife did come
Meghan was sent to be our saviour from heaven above
To create a world spreading compassion & love
First she was sent to save me,
From what I know now, is an awful family
My wife gave up her life for me, she gave up her Hollywood career
She came so that she could teach me that things aren't as they appear
I used to think i was happy, my wife showed me I was actually sad
Meghan showed me that before her, my life was really bad
My wife had to start the change with the Royal family, the worst of the worse
Much like Jesus with the devil she had to fight this curse
My wife as always been committed, she's devoted to charity
To make everything better for everyone, all equal without disparity
My wife came to guide us with compassion, on a global scale
She spreads love & joy everywhere, like a fairytale
Kate is jealous of my wife, cos she knows Meg is the People's Princess
Kate just doesn't have the empathy & compassion that my wife does possess
Meg says William is jealous cos no-one wants him to be King
It's because the world loves her so much, & knows that she is better than him
The whole Royal family are just resentful of my wife & I
Because they will never be loved like us, no matter how hard they try
Meghan taught me of how I had always been trapped
She had it worse though, being chased & papped
I didn't understand how the press knew everywhere my poor wife did go
Meg said its obvious, its Kate & Will who let them know
The Royal family caused Meg so much suffering & pain
How could they? After it was Meg who brought them all their fame
The Queen, she wouldn't let us use Sussex Royal
After all we did for them, always being loyal
Jesus was persecuted, they thought killing him would be his exit
My poor wife is persecuted with the modern day version, the Megxit
My wife shone a light on the racism of everyone in the UK
Poor Meghan suffered greatly, to
protect her & Archie we couldn't stay
I had to save us & rescue my wife & son
Otherwise Meg said she'd end up dead like my mum
To save ourselves we had to escape, we had to run away
So we borrowed Tyler Perrys private jet & flew to LA
I now know I was a prisoner, trapped in pain & suffering my entire life
Now I know the actual truth and it's all thanks to my beloved wife
I owe a debt to big to ever repay, that I owe my wife
For its she whom saved me from the toxic, racist UK & she whom saved my life
I had to cut out my family & friends, I left my job, & the country I called home
But all that was toxic & bad for me, if it hadn't been for Meg, I'd never have known
I don't want to be a Royal but Meg said the title is mine
She said with our titles we can raise the world and we can make it shine
We had to do deals with P & G, Netflix & Spotify so we could build our brand
This is the way Meghan will heal us & give the world a helping hand
Some people don't like my wife because she is black
It doesn't matter how kind she is, some people just attack
My wife should have been showered by all, with admiration
The people whom have seen the light, give her the deserved adoration
The evil others, they do not matter, they are just noise
For they are all just envious of her beauty & poise
My wife says to let the nastiness go down the drain
It's all because she is beautiful, black & as a big brain
Meghan does nothing for herself, she works hard being a mom & helping others
She can't help being far superior, to all the other mothers
Meghan said we should go on Oprah now she as a voice
When she was in the Royal family she was silenced with no choice
As we were setting up, to do the Oprah interview
We got a phonecall, it came out the blue
The Queen said your grandpa is dying
Like Judas to Jesus, Meg knew she was lying
On Oprah Meghan went, to spread the word & have her say
She could finally tell her truth & that she did that day
She told of how we are fighting racism & misinformation
She as been sent to save us, by leading the nation
Everyone knows there's been millions die in the pandemic
But people forget that my wife suffered more, with racism that's systemic
Like Jesus, my wife is risen again
No one will stop her she will raise all women & men
My wife as sacrificed herself to bring worldwide peace, love, healing & equity
She is our saviour of both the planet & humanity
Jesus gave us the great book The Bible, my wife as given us the magnificent The Bench
She's given us a new language, Word Salad & she will fight the racism we entrench
For now she guides us on our path, she enlightens us & in her we can trust
Meghan will raise us to, so that we are righteous & just
For us her followers, Oprah, Omid & the Sussex squad
We know the truth, Meghan is the new god
We will cast aside all evil and protect her with all our might
We will fight off the sinners especially if they are white
We will go with our saviour, live in a new world for which we have yearned
Anyone who is against her shall find themselves well & truly spurned
For she is the light & the resurrection
& We are here for her protection
My wife & I just want a whole new world that is fair & equal
To explain how Meghan will achieve this, she & Omid are writing a sequal
By KeepItReal1
Twitter @itreal1
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weedelemental · 3 days ago
I don't normally post art or poetry here because yunno, it's tumblr. But some shit came up recently that made me think of something I wrote a while back for one of my best friends, so I figured I'd post it here in case anyone can relate.
Venus Fly Trap:
To the boy who loved too much.
1 am, walking down the alley in all black, she's hunting her prey again. She looks at me and I swear she can smell the fear in my blood. Both of us, diplomatic as always, hate simmering under the surface of every interaction. She goes off, continuing her inquisition, I need to find him before she does.
"She's here, we have to go". As the words left my mouth the look that came across his face could only be described as sheer terror, like a child discovering the monster under the bed is real. We slink away, fast and quiet as we can, I look around as we run, stomach filled with knots and heart racing, for a moment I think we both knew what it was like to be stalked by a lion.
I remember when I had barely known you for half a breath. You took an anxious drag off your cigarette as you stared at the dead phone and said “she’s gonna be so worried”. I watched you as you spoke, could see words forming in the back of your throat only to be choked out by trained tongue, worried never had so many meanings before. When the phone finally crackled to life and rang like a siren, your eyes said everything your mouth refused to. I listened as you held it up to your ear. Hisses and screams, like voices in a spirit box growing only louder as tears streamed down your face and my heart fell into my stomach. You broke down in the alley on the way home.
The next time I heard the thunder I knew a storm was coming. Small remarks turning into razor blades rationality falling on deaf ears. Fresh wounds splitting open with every flash of lightning, venom dripping out of accusatory jaws, the hell in her eyes, running, hiding. You, sobbing, holding on to me for dear life, my body a boui, my words a life jacket the only thing keeping you from drowning. But god, I could feel you drowning. In that moment I could feel your lungs fill with water, desperately trying to get air as chest tightened and every last bone in your body screamed for relief. That night the water forced you down again.
Now every day it rained is a scar on my memory.
1 A subtle accusation, no one says a word, an argument had been threatening to boil over all day, everyone tries to ignore it, tension never had a wider smile.
2 We take 6 shots in a back alley, the whisky stinging our throats as we paint shitty graffiti on the walls. He chokes down one last sip and the ever familiar words leave his lips “don’t tell her about this ok?”, we have a whole vocabulary for this now.
3 “Well maybe if you actually listened to me instead of just getting upset for no reason we wouldn’t argue all the time” she snaps. He pauses, staring down at the floor, then takes a drink.
4 I watched his bright blue eyes turn gray like ash as he ashed his cigarette and looked at me with a hollow smile “Please, let’s stay out just a little longer, I’m so scared to go home”.
5 He runs out the front door frenzied and terrified, she had pushed him into an episode for what I guessed wasn’t the first time, as she breaks the threshold of the door he whips around and screams “don’t come any closer I’m fucking suicidal!” I’m too scared to move, to think.
6 She shushes him as he cries, his fear still cast on the walls like a nuclear shadow.
7...The night air of spring surrounded me as we waited for him to get back from the shell, nothing had gone as planned that night and everyone knew it, she looked at me and spoke. “I do all this to protect him you know? When he gets upset he doesn’t know how to take care of himself”. There was no emotion in her voice.
And I wonder if you know it’s not your fault, that vampires can only come in when invited, and that the devil’s greatest trick was convincing man she doesn’t exist. Hide your tears and your breath boy, look for the warning signs. Crocodile tears from Betty Davis eyes watching your back at all times tread lightly. Walk carefully on eggshell ballroom floor as the music starts to play again. It’s a dance, a broken record love song yet again sounding the war drums as voices raise tears fall and empty bottles pile up on the shelf.
The venus flytrap is a small carnivorous plant from the southeastern wetlands of north america, it secretes a nectar used to attract prey into its jaw like leaves. Once the prey has fallen for the bait the jaws slam shut. Leaving the prey to be slowly digested, unable to escape from it’s fate.
Ever since the first drop hit the ground, the flood waters have yet to stop rising. But what is there to be done? What are you supposed to do when the monster isn’t under the bed but in it next to you? When all you can do is sit and wait for the next time your ribcage is cut open by the snake's silver tongue, how can anyone expect you to outrun the beast in the dark when you can only see by the flicker of gaslight? I remember a friend once told me, curses are just the words someone gets stuck in your head.
6 am, he storms out of the bedroom, head throbbing, heart racing, no thoughts only fear. He had only been home for an hour, it always ended this way. He rushes to the front door and tugs at the knob, but is pulled back and shoved away. She grabs him as he tries to pull her off. She wraps her first around his jaw like a vice, twisting his neck until it can barely take any more force and screams “listen to me!”... And what other choice does he have?
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iateyourdoggo-part2 · 3 days ago
Chapter 4 (this chapter will probably be the sadist chapter and could be a smoll surprise at the end)
so im trying to make a chapter every 24 hrs... i think. so um thnx for reading my previous stories and pls enjoy this one!
red = violence or de@th
orange = tw that arent violence (could be violent for u)
blue = able to read for everyone i hope
tw: violence (kidn@pping, @buse (slightly), r@pe (slightly, dw its not too much)), caps, de@th mention, siblings
There was only 1 day until Saika's mother came home and it was today, and Saika obviously wasn't excited for that. Saika went for a walk until she got dragged into an ally by a masked person and was knocked out. She felt her surroundings as she was being dragged away. She couldn't see anything though. The floor was cold and the room was dark.
Saika's blindfold was taken off and there stood an old man who looked like a huge creep. Duct tape was on her mouth and her hands were tied. The old man walked up to her and started to touch her legs seductively. Saika was powerless. She tried to prevent the man by keeping her legs shut and kicking him. The creep was mad. He put up his fists when the creep fell to the floor. It was Aori! Aori helped untie Saika and took the tape off her mouth. Saika jumped into Aori's arms and cried. Aori started to cry too. They both felt a huge amount of pain of one person who was hurt.
Other footsteps were heard, slowly coming towards them. A small figure stood at the entrance.
"S-Saika-chan!?" Kinako cried. Tears were already falling down her cheek and ran up to Saika.
Saika let go of Aori and hugged Kinako. They both were relieved that they both were safe. Kinako was small and vulnerable. Saika hated that and didn't want anyone to force themselves onto her. Saika wanted Kinako to be hers more desperately than ever to protect her. The two loosened the hug and were now inches away from eachother's faces. Both quickly let go and turned around blushing very hard.
"W-we should go now," Kinako suggested, "It's very cold now..."
Everyone left the place and was back in the sun. The sun warmed them up until they were satisfied. Saika went back home to see her mother is already there.
"WHERE WERE YOU?!" her mother screamed.
"I-I w-was k-kidnapped," Saika replied stuttering. She still was crying a bit and her eyes were red.
"This is why I told you to marry a man. You're too weak to fight men off. Girl's are not fighters either. That is a man's job. You're so weak you couldn't even bribe the man with money instead!"
"COULD YOU STOP CALLING ME WEAK?!" Saika cried. Her eyes were filled with more tears. Tears of anger.
She felt a pain on her cheek to realizing her mother had slapped her.
Saika's rage fell down by that last sentence. Her eyes widened in shock.
"Saika darling, I am very most sorry." her mother said, acting like nothing happened, "I have gotten a little non-ladylike. How silly of me!"
"W-what do you mean dad is dead?" Saika muttered.
"I-I.... um.. Don't worry! You can forget about him. He is already dead, and is the least successful of the family.", her mother replied calmly.
Saika stormed into her room went on her phone.
Hiya saika chan!
May I stay over your house for a bit?
of course!
Thank you!
get packed! i will meet u at the park!
Saika got ready and packed her stuff. She walked downstairs and already saw a note on the kitchen bench.
Dear Saika,
I have left for a small break. I will be back and do not go anywhere.
Kind Regards,
Your mother.
Saika ignored it because she knew that her mother was going out to a fancy restaurant. Saika got to the park and saw Kinako again. Saika followed Kinako to her house and before they entered, Saika was warned.
"Be prepared, Saika. I promise you, it's not that bad but prepare. Your. Self."
Saika gulped and went inside. What she needed to prepare for wasn't really what she expected.
"I'm home!" Kinako called out.
A bunch of kids started running up to her and a commotion of loving siblings made Saika giggle a bit.
"Onee-chan! Who is that?" one of them asked.
"Kisaki! It's her date remember!!!" the other said which looked like the other boy's twin.
Saika blushed a bit.
"AHHHH! SHUSH!" Kinako blushed so hard.
After getting everyone under control, Kinako made dinner with Saika.
"Where do you want to sleep?" Kinako asked, "I don't have a spare room sorry!"
"D-do you think I can sleep with you?" Saika asked still blushing.
Kinako looked away from the cooking pot into Saika's eyes. She blushed again (so much blushing) and replied with a simple "Sure!".
Dinner was done and all the kids were done showering. They all finished eating and went to do their own things but Kai went to bed.
Kinako and Saika took turns to shower. Kinako showered first, then Saika. Kinako waited in her room staring at her ceiling fan. She replayed Saika asking to sleep with her. She was so inside her imaginations she didn't realize Saika was waving her hand infront of Kinako's face.
"Kiiiiiiinaaaaakoooooooooo!" Saika whispered.
"What are you doing...?" Kinako asked.
"Seeing if you were alive on earth and not in spce!"
The two giggled until talked until 11 pm. Kinako checked to make sure the kids were all asleep and went back to her room. Saika was already under the covers and Kinako went under. They fell asleep to facing each other's backs both having their dreams take over.
Kinako woke up to hear pictures being taken. She slowly opened her eyes to see all the kids at the door, with a phone, taking pictures of her.
"Why are you taking pictures?" She asked flatly.
They all pointed at Saika who was hugging the smaller person in her sleep. Kinako jaw dropped and was blushing once more.
All the kids snicker until Tsubaki said, "Time to get ready now guys!"
All the kids said "aww" and left.
Kinako giggled and faced back at Saika who was still dead asleep with her arms around Her. It was very warm and Kinako slept for 10 more minutes not wanting to wake Saika nor wanting to end it.
When Saika woke up, she felt a small tight person hugging her stomach and she was hugging the person back. She then realize who it was. (Y'all know I don't need to repeat uwu!) She was staring in shock and awe that she was closer to Kinako than she could ever imagine. Literately. She felt something weird on her chest. She looked down and I wonder what she saw... Kinako's chest upon Saika's. She was hotter now and was so wrapped in the soft touch of Kinako.
"Mmmmm... Saika." Kinako muttered in her sleep.
Saika was so red, she was as red as a rose. It was really awkward when they both got up together. 0.0
They made breakfast and pretended it didn't happen. Saika and Kinako chose to skip school today. Kinako asked Aori to pick up the kids from school.
Kinako and Saika were cuddling on a couch under a blanket. They were watching movies. Saika looked at Kinako who was glued to the movie. Kinako realized and looked back at Saika. They both were now an inch away from each other's faces. They started to slowly lean closer until they both felt a pair of soft lips on their faces. It was deep and passionate until they stopped for air. They stared into the other's eyes and then looked away madly blushing. Their gazes slowly went back to each other, about to kiss again when they heard something from the window. It was Aori and the other kids taking photos. They all went to hide behind the old shed in the backyard but Kinako was already there.
"I'm taking your phones away for a week." Kinako sad plainly, "You too Aori."
The kids, including Aori, gave their phones to Kinako. They all went inside and relaxed. Saika stayed at Kinako's house for a week.
She wasn't excited to go back. She wanted to stay with Kinako. She wanted to live with her. She wanted to be with her. But she couldn't because of her mother.
If Saika could choose to spend her life for 1 thing, it would be Kinako.
And thats another chapter done! thanks for reading once more and sadly this story will end in a few more chapters :(
previous << Chapter 4 >> next
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fantasticstoryteller · 5 days ago
New Dynasty Chapter 62
Arachne sat in Deadpool’s lap, holding the Spiderman suit as Peter sat on the couch next to the two of them. She’d refused to let it go. Peter had to get his spare clothes out of the lab to be vaguely presentable. And Deadpool was wearing a quilt that wrapped around every part of him except his head.
Tony sat in the chair closest to them, where he could keep an eye out for the three, and desperately wished that Pepper hadn’t replaced all his whiskey with ginger ale. He looked away from them to the squirming, gagged woman on the rug in front of them. “So,” he said looking at the woman on the rug, “mind telling us who you are?”
A dry, haunting laugh echoed from the woman as she squirmed until she was staring up at him. “You would like to know,” the woman said. “But I’m not going to tell you. Suffice to say, I am The Witch.”
Deadpool chuckled. “I think you got that first letter wrong,” he snickered. Peter gave a gentle nudge with his elbow through the blankets. At least, Tony believed it was a gentle nudge, since Deadpool didn’t actually go flying from the couch.
The woman merely twisted until she was facing the three. Her eyes narrowed in on little Arachne. “If it isn’t the little wall climbing healer,” she purred looking at the child. Deadpool’s arm slid out from under the cover to hug her protectively—but the child looked at the woman without fear.
It was a remarkable change. The girl had gone to be terrified of almost everyone around her (with the exception of Deadpool and Spiderman, for some bizarre reason) to not being afraid of a woman who had almost killed her. He wondered if the others had gone through a similar change, or if it was something peculiar to Arachne.
“I have a question,” Peter asked looking at the woman. At first glance he appeared relaxed—but Tony knew better. Knew from the light way he was sitting that he was ready to leap up at any moment. “How are you not dead?”
“Perhaps I have nine lives.”
Deadpool snorted as the child cuddled into his chest. “I can do better than that. I have infinite lives.”
Peter, with the ease of practice, ignored him. “You attacked our daughter. Twice,” he added.
The woman managed to shrug despite being bound. “There are many people interested in the missing little lab rats,” she said carelessly.
Tony wanted to hurt the woman—but before he could, Arachne spoke up. “We have names now,” she informed the woman firmly. “We’re not experiments any more.”
“You will always be an experiment.” The woman’s voice was cold. “You were made in a lab, created for nothing more than the knowledge that could be gained from taking you apart.”
Deadpool growled and Peter glared at the woman, but Arachne got down off of Deadpool’s lap and crouched next to her, watching her with those wide amber eyes for a moment. “You’re not in a lab now,” she said startling the adults in the room. “You can have a name too.”
Tony looked at the woman again. Was it really possible—?
“There’s no one to give me a name,” the woman hissed at the child.
“So pick your own,” said Arachne. “I did.”
The woman was silent. “Do you really think,” the woman asked in a low voice, “that makes you safe?”
“I’m not scared!” Arachne said. “I’ve got my dads!”
Tony nodded. “She’s got a point. I don’t know if you realize this, but there are entire armies that will leave the field when they see Deadpool coming.”
“That one really nice army left me cake,” said Deadpool happily.
“It was poisoned,” Peter pointed out.
“Yeah, but—can’t die, so—” Deadpool shrugged.
“And Peter can be vicious when he’s pissed,” Tony added thinking of the man still screaming in lockup because he could actually feel for the first time—feel pain, that is. Honestly, Tony had no idea that Peter could be so vindictive.
Deadpool just chuckled and sneaks an arm around Peter before holding the man close. Tony didn’t like seeing the two of them so close (he was still afraid, deep down, that Deadpool was going to snap and try to kill Peter before coming back to his senses), so he turned his attention towards the woman and child. They were staring at each other.
“Do you think they can hold me?” the woman demanded of the child. “There is no place in this world that can hold me!” There was an odd sadness to the tone, like she didn’t want to escape.
If she was from a lab like Arachne, maybe she didn’t. “Fortunately,” Tony said wryly as he searched one of the end tables only to find another bottle of ginger ale, “we’re not limited to this world.”
As if on cue the sliding glass door blew open as wind whipped through the room. Lightning struck around the balcony just as Thor stepped onto it and into the room, hair whipping with the force of the wind. “Good Morning,” he boomed.
Deadpool gave a low whistle. “That was an impressive entrance.”
Tony looked around at the scattered papers and sighed. “I have got to invest in some paperweights,” he muttered.
Thor strode over to the bound woman on the floor. “Is this the one you told me about?” he asked as he crossed his arms.
“Oh yes. Think Odin would mind if you stashed her in one of your cells?” Tony smiled grimly. “I have it on the utmost authority that there isn’t a cell in this world that will hold her.”
“Odin does indeed owe the Avengers a favor,” Thor said with a nod. “Mother will make sure he remembers.”
Arachne, taking a step closer to her two dads, spoke up. “Is Loki okay?” she asked, eyes wide.
“Loki is lounging in his cell reading books, drinking wine, and complaining that his feet are cold.” Thor’s face twitched in a slight grimace. “Odin has agreed that Loki meant no harm with his—prank, and so is only sentenced to a fortnight of captivity.” Thor looked at the small child. “Would you like to see him?” he asked.
Arachne turned and looked at Peter and Deadpool. Peter smiled. It was difficult to say if Deadpool did, since he was still wearing his mask. “Of course you can,” Peter said gently. “After all, Loki is your—your friend.”
Arachne nodded and turned to Thor. “Yes, please,” she said softly.
“Excellent.” Thor slung the strange woman over his shoulder and held out a hand to Arachne who, before taking it, reached out and grabbed Thor’s hammer.
When Thor’s eyes widened she explained, “So you don’t accidentally forget.”
“I believe this will be a very educational trip,” said Thor before they were surrounded by another gust of wind as lightning once again surrounded the balcony.
Once they were gone, the door sliding shut behind them, Tony opened the bottle of ginger ale. “So,” he said taking a drink and wincing at the taste, “how long do you think it’ll take for Arachne to peel away and Thor to start panicking?”
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hotdogwillex · 6 days ago
come back to me // i.l.
masterlist | taglist
your best friend moves to a different country and leaves you behind. when he comes back, what happens then? (3.6k words)
Tumblr media
“You’re moving… to Paris?”
You stood in disbelief, your brain spinning at a million miles a minute as you tried to process the words coming out of the boy’s mouth. Isaac Lahey, your best friend since middle school, your next door neighbor, was telling you that he was moving to France. With his dead ex girlfriend’s father. Tomorrow.
Allison’s funeral hadn’t been over for more than an hour, he was still in his suit, and he was already making plans to leave.
“Why?” Your voice wavered, and you were sure the heartbreak was plain on your face.
Isaac had been your best friend for years. You had grown up next door to him, and when things got to be too much he would sneak up to your window. He never told you where the bruises or mild frostbite came from, but it didn’t take a genius to figure it out. You stayed silent and protected him from his father as best you could without taking direct action.
Everything had changed last year, when Isaac took the bite from Derek. He had shown up on your doorstep after the first full moon with yellow eyes and sharp claws, shaking like a scared puppy. Of course, you had accepted a while ago that you would stick with Isaac through anything. All of a sudden, you were thrown into the world of the supernatural, having to deal with kanimas, druids, and (scariest of all) Derek Hale.
When Derek took in Isaac, you tagged along, inviting yourself to the pack. Derek protested at first, but it soon became clear that wherever Isaac went, you would follow. And, of course, since dealing with one werewolf pack wasn’t enough, you were then introduced to Scott McCall and his pack.
And then Isaac started following Allison around, leaving you in the dust with strange new friends who weren’t sure what to make of you. Your sole purpose was to be there for Isaac, but all of a sudden he didn’t need you anymore. By that point, Scott and Stiles had already adopted you, so it seemed like you were stuck with them, having to watch Isaac and Allison moon over each other.
You had been in love with Isaac for years, but watching him with another girl was the only thing that made you realize it, and of course, you were far too late. He was head over heels for Allison, something that had been a slap in the face for you to realize when he knowingly got himself electrocuted for her.
You had gone to see him in the hospital, only to find Allison asleep next to his bed. You left that night without seeing him, a strange mix of loneliness and resentment in your chest. It was hard for you to dislike Allison: perfect, brave, Allison Argent who was adored by everyone even though she had a very violent (although short lived) “I want to kill everyone” phase. Everyone loved Allison, and now Isaac did too.
And then she died in Scott’s arms after sacrificing herself to take down the nogitsune. It was a random Thursday, and all of your lives had suddenly been changed forever, because Allison was dead.
Her funeral had happened that weekend, and here you were, standing in your driveway while Isaac was breaking your heart.
“There’s nothing left for me here,” he was saying, awkwardly stepping back. There was a sleek black car waiting on the street, no doubt Argent waiting to whisk him off to the airport.
His words hit you like a ton of bricks, knocking the wind out of your lungs. “What about Scott and Derek?” you asked, desperately trying to convince him to stay. “What about me?”
“That’s not enough anymore,” he replied simply, as if he had planned out this exact scenario in his head and practiced what to say.
“I’m not enough for you?” your voice wavered again and you cursed yourself for being unable to stop your eyes from watering.
“This isn’t about you, Y/N,” Isaac sighed, nervously glancing back at the car waiting for him.
“No, it’s not,” you were angry now, at Isaac, and Argent, and even a little bit at Allison. “It’s about you, Isaac. Just like everything else in my life for the past two years.”
“I never asked you to do any of that.”
“You didn’t have to!” your eyes were wide as you searched his face for any trace of emotion, but his features were blank. “I thought you knew that we were in this together. Always.”
“Well, not anymore,” he stepped back, raising his hands in surrender. “I’m freeing you of your burden. You don’t have to babysit me anymore,” he spat the words out like venom, turning around and heading to the car.
“Fine, Isaac! Leave!” you yelled at his back. “That’s what you’re good at anyway!”
He climbed into the car without looking back and Argent sped off, leaving you standing pathetically in your driveway, tears rolling down your cheeks. You watched until the car was nothing but a speck in the distance before you headed inside, collapsing on your bed. As you laid there, you slowly realized that you were still in the black dress you had worn to Allison’s funeral.
“Liam!” you yelled after the freshman, sprinting after him through the woods. The lights and music of Lydia’s party flash in the distance as you run from the house, your human stamina nothing against the werewolf speed of Liam and Scott.
By the time you catch up to them, Liam has gained on Scott, and the two are fighting in a blur of claws and fangs. You cursed under your breath, regretting every decision you’ve made that brought you here. As if teenage boys weren’t bad enough, now they had supernatural powers.
“Liam!” you screamed as loud as you could, hoping to draw him away from Scott long enough that the other boy could restrain him. Liam’s head shot up, focusing on you with yellow eyes.
“You suck at lacrosse!” you yell, attempting to trigger his anger issues. If he attacked you, Scott would be clear.
Apparently, your lame insult was enough to provoke him, and Liam abandoned Scott to jump at you full force, claws outstretched. You shut your eyes tightly and willed Scott to hurry up as Liam made impact with you, claws tearing at your collarbone. You reached up and gripped the new werewolf’s shoulders, keeping his fangs from tearing open your throat.
Your head slammed against the ground as his claws strike your face, slicing your cheek. In the distance, you saw Scott finally get up, heading to your rescue. In the meantime, you spent all your energy focusing on keeping Liam away from any of your major arteries.
All of a sudden, there was a flashing light that burned your eyes and sent Liam into a tailspin. He howled in pain, and in an instant he was ripped off of you. The beta scrambled into the woods, and you blinked the residual flash out of your vision in order to focus on the boy standing over you.
“Scott?” you groaned, reaching for the boy’s outstretched hand.
“Hey, Y/N,” the voice made your blood run cold. You knew that voice, but had never expected to hear it again. You pushed yourself up and scrambled backwards, out of his reach.
“Not happy to see me?” your savior tilts his head with a soft smile.
“What are you doing here?” Scott’s voice pulled you out of your stupor, and you followed his line of vision to see Chris Argent standing with a bow in his hand.
“I got your text,” he smirked.
Scott’s jaw dropped, and then dropped even further when he saw who had rescued you from Liam. He moved quickly, looping an arm around your waist and helping you stand. You leaned against him, still trying to put as much distance between you and the other boy. Unfortunately for you, Liam had slammed your head against the ground with werewolf strength, so you stumbled as you tried to stand.
“Y/N, you’re hurt,” the softness in your savior’s voice filled you with a kind of anger you hadn’t felt in a long time. He reached his hand out again, attempting to support your other side. You slapped away his hand before it could get closer to you, clinging to Scott.
“I’m fine,” you protested, keeping your eyes fixed on the ground.
“Y/N, look at me,” he begged, stepping closer. You couldn’t help but recoil into Scott as the other boy moved into your space. “Please.”
You swallowed hard and finally let yourself look at him properly. Your eyes scanned the forest floor until they found his shoes, bright white and clearly new. You took in his jeans, dark blue and free of tears, and his shirt, a plain gray long sleeve. He never did know how to dress.
You braced yourself and finally looked at his face, meeting his bright blue eyes that were full of worry. His jawline was still strong and defined, but his skin had a healthier glow to it now. His blonde curls had grown longer, hanging below his ears.
“Hey, Isaac,” Scott smiled.
You clenched your jaw and patted Scott’s shoulder. “Can we get Liam so we can go home please? Or, actually, I might need to visit Deaton first.”
“Yeah,” Scott reluctantly let go of you. “Can you help her?” he asked Isaac.
“No!” you stepped backwards suddenly, stumbling into a tree, the impact knocking the air out of your lungs again. “I’m fine, see?”
“Stay right there until I get back,” Scott instructed, and then turned to Argent. “Make sure she doesn’t run away?”
Argent nodded, and then Scott was gone, headed in the direction of Liam’s faint growls.
“Here, kid,” Argent sighed, pulling out a first aid kit. “Let me clean you up a bit.”
You nodded, and let yourself sit on the forest floor, tilting your head up so Argent could wipe off the dirt and blood.
“What were you thinking, taking on a new werewolf like that?” Argent shook his head. “He could’ve killed you.”
“Yeah, well, if he killed me then he wouldn’t kill Scott,” you grumbled. “Besides, I was just distracting him so Scott could get an advantage.”
“Some distraction,” he sighed again, tending to the deep slashes on your chest.
“Y/N, you could’ve been killed,” Isaac cut in. “You can’t put yourself in danger like that.”
“Since when are you in a position to tell me what I can and can’t do?” you spat out, wincing as Argent applied hydrogen peroxide to your wounds.
Isaac reached your side in an instant, reaching for your hand. You pulled back before he could touch you, knocking against a low branch.
“I think it’s best if you keep your distance for now, kid,” Argent spoke kindly, something you had never heard from him before, especially when talking about you.
Isaac moved back, his eyes full of hurt. You couldn’t bring yourself to care that you were hurting his feelings.
“Y/N?” this time it was Liam calling your name, following Scott back to the group. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, buddy, I’m okay,” your voice softened at the sight of the beta rushing to your side, his eyes frantic as they took in your injuries.
“I did that to you?” Liam gasped, his eyes brimming with tears.
“Hey, it’s okay,” you took his hand. “I’m perfectly fine.”
“You need stitches,” Argent replied gruffly.
“Okay, I’m mostly fine,” you managed a laugh and reached out to wipe a tear away from Liam’s cheek.
“I’m so sorry,” Liam sniffled, grasping your hand tightly.
“It’s not your fault,” you reassured him. “But if you want to do me a favor, I would really like to go home.”
Liam nodded and helped you stand, Scott rushing to support your other side.
“Y/N, let me help you,” Isaac spoke up, the sound of his voice reopening the deep wound in your heart.
When you said nothing, Scott turned back to him. “Sorry, man.”
Scott and Liam deposited you in Stiles’ Jeep and went back to find the rest of your friends. By the time they came back, you were fast asleep in the passenger seat.
“So,” Stiles leaned against your locker. “Isaac is back.”
“That’s cool!”
“What, uh, what happened?” you glared at him, but he pressed on. “Like, when he left. Did he say bye to you? Why are you so mad at him?”
“He came to my house less than an hour after Allison’s funeral and told me that I wasn’t enough for him anymore, and that he was leaving,” you gave him the long story short, not wanting to rehash the conversation.
“Ouch,” Stiles opened his mouth to say more, but was cut off by the locker next to yours swinging open.
“Hey!” it was Isaac, smiling brightly. “Chris re-enrolled me here! And looks like I got the locker right next to yours, Y/N.”
Stiles let out a low whistle. “Well, uh, I’ll leave you to it.”
As he moved to walk away, you gripped his wrist. “Actually, Stiles and I have first period together! Let’s go, Sti.”
“We do?” Stiles’ brow furrowed, and you dug your nails into his wrist. “Ow - I mean, yeah we do! Let’s go, don’t want to be late!”
The rest of the school day was miserable. Isaac had almost all of his classes with you, and insisted on sitting as close as possible to you. He had even started following you in the hallway. It got so bad that you ducked into an empty classroom between periods to get some breathing room.
“L/N! What the hell are you doing in here? This is my break period,” Coach Finstock glared at you.
“Uh, hiding?” you winced.
“Oh,” he squinted at you for a moment, and then shrugged. “As long as you don’t bother me, you can stay as long as you want. Those friends of yours are hooligans, you deserve a break.”
You managed the rest of the day just fine, and decided to hide with Coach during lunch again, ignoring the texts from Lydia and Scott asking where you were. After Isaac left, you were a mess. You didn’t want to interact with any of the pack because they reminded you of him, so you kept to yourself, ignoring anyone who attempted to contact you. This lasted a few weeks until Lydia had showed up at your door, saying that just because Isaac had left you didn’t mean the rest of them did. Knowing Lydia, that also meant that she missed you, so you reintegrated yourself into the pack.
Scott and Stiles stuck to your side and you, Lydia, Kira, and Malia formed a sort of sisterhood. Allison’s loss was still felt every day, but the six of you rallied around each other, becoming an unbreakable friend group. Except now that Isaac had rejoined, you wanted to stay as far away as possible.
“Y/N?” Isaac’s voice came from the doorway.
“Lahey?” Coach exclaimed. “Didn’t you move to Germany?”
“France, Coach, and I’m back now,” Isaac smiled. “I was in your class this morning.”
“Huh,” Coach sat back, clearly still confused.
“Y/N, can we talk?” Isaac crossed the room to sit in front of you.
“What is there to say?” you rolled your eyes.
“I’m sorry,” he sighed. “When I left -”
“Yeah, Isaac. You left,” you stood, gathering your things. “I wasn’t enough for you, remember?”
You walked out of the classroom, leaving a stunned Isaac and an even more confused Coach.
The next few days were almost as bad. Isaac had promised to stay out of your way until you were ready to be around him, and your whole friend group was walking on eggshells around you, careful not to bring him up. He had also started leaving notes in your locker, but you never read them.
A week had passed before he showed up outside your window, the way he always used to when you were younger. The nostalgia cracked the wall around your heart just enough for you to take pity on him and let him in.
“I’m sorry,” he said, tumbling to the ground. “I was a dick to you, and I’m sorry.”
“Hm, which time?” you smirked, leaving the window open behind him.
“I didn’t mean it,” Isaac blurted out, starting to pace the room as you watched, seated on your bed. “I just - everyone I love dies. My mom, Cam, Allison… I couldn’t let that happen to you.”
“So you broke my heart and left the country?” you pushed down the butterflies that flew up at the word “love”.
“I couldn’t stay,” he sighed. “Everywhere I looked, everything I did, she was always there. A reminder of everything I’d lost, everything I could lose. I knew if I stayed, I would keep losing people. I would lose you.”
“You did lose me,” you reminded him. “After everything we’d been through together, you tossed me aside like none of it mattered to you. We haven’t spoken in over a year.”
“Y/N, I’m so sorry,” he stopped pacing and sat beside you, his knee pressing against yours. “If something happened to you, I don’t know what I would do. When I came back and saw Liam attacking you, I saw red. Argent told me to wait, but I couldn’t. I had to get to you.”
“I had that handled,” you grumbled, even though he was right.
“I’m stupid for thinking you would’ve been happy to see me,” he continued. “When you pulled away from me, it broke my heart all over again.”
“All over again?” you finally met his eyes, and let his hand fall over yours.
“It broke my heart to leave you, Y/N. You’d always been there for me, I didn’t know what to do without you. Everything in my life, every horrible thing, I had you to help me through it all. It made things seem less horrible. But in Paris, without you, I had nothing but my own grief,” he ran his thumb over yours comfortingly. “I came back for you. Argent told me about Scott’s text, and I knew I had to go. I had to see you.”
“It’s been over a year, Isaac. You don’t call, you don’t write. What am I supposed to think?”
“When I left, I knew I had to hurt you. If I was out of your life, it would keep you safe. Y/N, I…” he faltered, looking at the floor.
“What?” you prompted him, gently squeezing his hand.
“I always had a crush on you,” he laughed softly at himself. “When we were younger. But I knew you would never feel the same. And then, with Allison, everything happened so quickly. Her heart was always with Scott though, I could tell. And mine was always with you.”
The room fell silent after that, your head ready to explode. Isaac had moved back from France to tell you liked you? It made no sense.
“Why now, Isaac?” you studied him for any change of emotion. “What about protecting me?”
“If there’s anything I’ve learned from this week, it’s that you’ll run headfirst into danger for anyone. You have no self preservation instincts,” he smirked. “I mean, you let Liam attack you so Scott could get the upper hand. You’re reckless, and a little crazy, but that’s what makes you special. I mean, there were times that I would’ve definitely been dead if you hadn’t been fighting next to me.”
“So, what now?” you sighed. “You abandon me for over a year, and then come back and want to be boyfriend and girlfriend?”
“Well, when you say it like that, it sounds stupid,” Isaac’s eyes darkened and he shifted to stand. You tightened your grip on his hand to get him to stay.
“It would be stupid,” you couldn’t help but smile. “But I do feel the same, Isaac. Well, I did. It’s a little confusing right now.”
It was true, you were extremely confused. You loved Isaac, and then he left, and you hated him. You’d spent so long resenting him for leaving, and now he was back, and your heart wasn’t sure what to make of it. You were mad at him, but you also missed him more than you thought was possible. And, annoyingly enough, your feelings for him were still there.
Isaac sat in silence, his leg bouncing up and down rapidly. His eyes searched your own for answers, and the nervousness on his face made him seem younger somehow, as if he was still the Isaac from childhood who would climb through your window and sleep at the foot of your bed.
The only thing you could think to do was lean forward and close the distance between the two of you, pressing your lips gently against his. Isaac reacted quickly, relaxing into your touch and leaning in closer. You pulled away after a moment, savoring the way his lips instinctively curled into a smile.
“I missed you,” you whispered, leaning your forehead against his.
“I missed you too,” he replied, his eyelashes brushing against your cheek. “Are you sure about this? You wanna try?”
“Yeah,” you smiled, reaching up to run a hand through his hair. “But we’re gonna go slow. Very slow. You still have a lot of making up to do.”
“I know,” he agreed. “How about I start with this?”
Isaac took your face in his hands and closed the distance again, kissing you slowly and sweetly.
“Okay,” you said as you pulled away for air. “That’s a good start.”
He opened his mouth to reply, but you covered his lips with your own, pulling him back in for more.
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thefanficmonster · 7 days ago
my shitty fic that i wrote for vy because i love her, hope u enjoy🤍
“what is that?”
connor walsh’s wandering, chocolate brown eyes narrowed at something on michaela’s laptop, forcing her to slam the object shut and shove it into her handbag, before placing it back by her dainty feet.
the keating five had been working a case for a few days now. it was a particularly difficult one, flanked with a non-existent alibi, a multitude of eye witnesses and a not-so-cooperative client. frankly, they were all a little exhausted.
connor on the other hand, was bored.
the lead he had been pursing ended up being a dead end, so bonnie had tasked him with helping michaela sort through boxes of witness testimony and discovery files.
the two were currently on a self anointed break, and connor couldn’t help but notice that michaela was doing a little something that looked like facebook stalking on her computer. he wasn’t surprised that she shut down when he called her out on it, but her predictable reaction only made him more curious.
“nothing” she hissed, after she’d put her laptop away, folding one leg over the other and running her hands over the expensive material of her pale pink dress nervously.
connor smirked before continuing.
“well if it’s nothing, then let me see what you were looking at.”
michaela flushed. “what? no!”
“why not?”
“because i deserve a little something called privacy, connor. the five of us practically live together anyways. sorry i want to keep whatever shreds of a personal life i have left to myself.”
connor sat back and digested her words before coming to a crucial and somewhat logical explanation.
“personal life huh?”
michaela shut her eyes briefly, dreading what she knew was going to leave his mouth next. she knew he’d figured out the secret she was trying to hard to keep from the group, and when connor found out, everyone found out.
his smirk grew. michaela fought the urge to hurl the stapler sitting next to her at his face.
“does someone have a date?”
the words left connors month in a sing-songy voice, the attached level of immaturity making michaela feel like they were in grade school instead of being first year law students.
“who has a date?”
michaelas head snapped to the voice that just joined their conversation. laurel and wes had returned.
before she had the chance to object, connor spoke up again. “michaela, has a date. a date she’s currently stalking on facebook.”
laurel’s face lit up. “ooh a date? it’s been a while since you went out with someone hasn’t it?”
michaela rolled her eyes. “not that’s it ANY of your guys’s business but yes. it has been a while. sorry if my dating game has been a little weak in your eyes as of late, but maybe i’m sick of only ending up with lying liars who lie about being gay or drug dealers or foster brothers of a psychopathic manic who ruined our lives.”
she finished her rant before she had a chance to realize how angry she sounded. the truth was, that deep down, she was angry. angry, hurt and filled to the brim with trust issues. but they didn’t need to know that.
laurel raised her hands in surrender, backing away. “jeez ok. sorry i asked.”
“you should be.”
michaela looked back down at the files she was sorting though, making it blatantly aware that the conversation had ended. and while wes and laurel simply exchanged glances before digging into the discovery themselves, connor felt his heart soften a little at michaela’s words.
because between the stalking and the rant she’d just broke out in, it was evident that she was nervous, an emotion he didn’t typically associate with the headstrong, confident law student.
and even though he and michaela were friends now, he still wouldn’t consider them each other’s biggest fans. but for some reason, he found himself concerned for her.
the pang in his chest, and the feeling he was feeling -that he failed to identify until now- were coming from a mix of worry and protectiveness.
because that’s who connor was. he protected the people he cared about and somehow, through a sick and twisted journey, michaela had became one of those people.
so even though he didn’t know who this new guy was, one thing he did know is that he was not going to let him hurt her. not on his watch, anyways.
Vy Speaking
Bestie, how dare you call this fic ‘shitty’ when I’ve officially fallen in love with it and your writing talent! Thank you so much for writing this piece for me - means the world to me 🥺🥰
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halehoelolo · 8 days ago
I hate the way people stare, I wanna cut my hair but I also want to let it grow long, it’s not fair you left me for her. I hate the way mom yells at me in front of everyone but I love when she smiles at me and says she’s proud of me. I hate listening to everyone’s demands I just want to do things my way and be free, I love my music turned up till I go deaf sometimes I wonder if I was I’d be happier, I’m not saying cancer is the best way to go out or a shotgun to the head I just want the world to go away no more pain, you can carry me away birdies. The angels in the sky hold my head up as I fall to the ground. I stumble out of the house and no one sees me for who I am, a reflection hides behind my smile and she’s so so very sad I wonder if I just didn’t wake up what would they say what would they do it’s kinda funny but also so sad i know I got nothing going for me I’m such a burden it’s embarrassing and it’s so stupid but it’s true I’m just like my dad but I’m so fucking sad, I cry every night so loud but no one can hear me and they don’t see through my fake voice that I’m dying and need to be saved. I don’t know what to do I always tell God to protect me because i can’t protect myself, I hate the way everyone’s so mean maybe I’m a cunt too but not at first and everyone knows it, they push and pull till I want to scream and destroy everything in my way why can’t they just leave me alone? what have I ever done?? I wanna be dead too trust me. I hate the way me and Lily aren’t talking and it’s weird but feelings get involved and shit gets thrown and the fan sliced our throats open and now we can’t speak properly to each other it’s so sad to say we drifted apart i remember our old days in songs and pictures but it’s not the same maybe I changed or we both did but everything’s different now my life is different maybe I thought I was happier but I’m not, I’m so miserable. Love is like a sad song, to me anyway. I think I remember the idea of being in love maybe I was in love with her but I was only 15 and when she went back to New Mexico I was all alone and we didn’t talk about it or what happened safe to say we moved on from it and maybe I still felt things but I was a kid not knowing it would effect our friendship maybe I wanted things to work out between us but it got so weird and I don’t remember much from those years but we moved on but here we are not texting even though we want to and we’re both a phone call away but I’m just afraid for when it gets quiet lord knows I don’t thrive in awkwardness. I miss my house I miss my room I miss feeling the warmth it gave me I miss seeing the memories everywhere I go, I miss going to Andy’s fish and chips with papo I miss being his favorite trouble maker I miss him but it’s different now I miss him but then I don’t. There’s no use in talking to people who have a home they have no idea what it’s like to seek safety in other people for a home to be wherever you lie your head...
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superstar-rockin-abs · 9 days ago
howdy y’all and good afternoon
imma provide you all with some angst from au’s of mine 💔
honestly gonna say there’s a lot of trigger warnings in here... i’ll tag them for y’all tho (if i need to tag anymore lmk)
Superstar Rockin’ Jay AU
When water touches Jay its not like a ghost where it’ll kill him instantly... it’s more of a feeling that he’s been set on fire. Everything hurts and it’s just pure pain and agony.
Parts of his coding die away if water touches him in that area so he just walks around with some chunks missing until he fixes himself up.
Y’all know in the Spiderverse movie when they kinda glitch yeah it’s that x10 for him.
Movie! Nya AU
Jay brings up memories about what him and show Nya used to do on accident. Like “Hey Nya wanna go to Mega Monster Amusement Park like we did on our first date- oh you don’t remember.” and he’s left with this feeling of being punched in the stomach.
When he is holding M!Nya’s hand it feels weird. It’s Nya but not his Nya.
Kai is very protective over Nya even if that Nya doesn’t need it. He didnt raise this Nya. He doesn’t know this Nya like his sister.
Forget Tea Not AU (i know it’s a stupid name)
The ninja take Jay to see Ed and Edna hoping they might trigger him to remember but when he gets there nothing changes. He see’s them and he is just like “Why are we in a junkyard? Who are these people?” and Ed and Edna‘s hearts just sink.
Jay doesn’t make jokes anymore. Just because he doesn’t remember all the bad and sad things that happened that weight is still in his heart.
There was a tea that could make someone remember but Jay took it before he forgot everything and he burned all the tea leaves so that the others couldn’t bring back his memory of they wanted to.
Cole is the most affected by this because his best friend doesn’t remember him or anything they went through to have the friendship they did.
Kai feels terrible because he knows Nya would hate to see Jay like this and it’s his fault for not protecting him.
Jay also doesn’t remember being adopted and they never tell him that he is.
Child’s Play AU
Nadakahn still hurts Jay in the exact same way as he did before. Poor kid is too young to loose an eye but hey! Life happens :D
When Lloyd gets taken by Morro the team looses just about 99% of their adult support (because Wu is no help in that season)
Cole turning into a ghost scared everyone away because they are kids and terrified of ghosts.
Lloyd seeing the bounty being crushed in s8 and just feeling like his heart has just been ripped out and stabbed with a knife because his baby master and 4 little children were just killed and he couldn’t do anything.
Lost Parents AU (@grimbeak)
The kids start asking more and more about their parents as they grow up and Kai can’t handel it. Because just thinking about Nya kills him.
While they were taken by Nadakahn Jay and Nya would pretend that they were back home and the kids were asleep. They would just talk about things they wanted to do just to take their mind off things.
Jay loses his eye again for real this time.
Nya finding out she’s expecting a third child after the Nadakhan incident
Captain Captain AU
Zane is the last one they find so just Jay having so much panic and worry because for the sake of the fsm his boyfriend better be alive.
Finding Pixal beat up and severely damaged.
Jay also loses his eye for real.
Cole getting lost at sea after they rescue him,,,and they think he’s dead
Oh yeah,,, Jay also loses an arm!
Jurassic World AU
Since Kai is the person who is responsible for feeding the carnivores it would be a real shame if he got hurt one time,,,and had to go to the mainland hospital.
Lloyd not being able to help a dinosaur and it dies.
Again Kai thinking Nya is dead
Zane feeling guilty for helping create the Indominus and he is ready to sacrifice himself to save the park guests right there and then.
yeah pretty much all i got rn :)
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fandomxo · 11 days ago
Compelled To Forget You - Chapter 15 - Moving Along
Summary: Everyone’s moving on but Lila.
Word Count: 2734k 
Warnings: THEOG stuff, hayley. 
Part 1
Hayley was drawn to New Orleans, whatever Tyler was up to wasn't with her. When she slightly befriended Klaus Mikaelson, Tyler neglected to speak to her, but she was still drawn to New Orleans. Lila was walking through a shop, thinking about the baby she held in her tummy, some fleeting thoughts of a certain man in her life. Lila couldn't help but put a hand on her stomach, feeling a connection with her baby. Hayley walked into the same shop that Lila was in, Lila's head perked up at the chime from the bell above the door of the shop, she glanced before looking away and back at the piece of clothing in front of her.
Kol at the moment was hanging with Davina, Kol had loved being a witch for a long time and knew so much about it, Davina and Kol's friendship had become easy for both, but also finding a way to break them from the inside out, Klaus was hanging with Marcel doing the same. Lila still didn't agree to hurt Davina, she wanted Kol to help her find a loop pole.
Lila has been avoiding any of the witches, even when they tried to be kind. She was scared of the power they had over her, she was scared of what would happen if anything happened to her, scared of Klaus' wrath. Camille was currently heading over to the shop she was at, Lila was going to briefly inform of a couple of things, she knew she had to inform her of the baby, or why she was no longer working anymore. The door chimed again, and Camille rushed over to her friend.
"Hey, sorry I'm late!" Camille said and Lila smiled over at her friend. Lila turned towards her and hugged her, throughout all of this, Camille knew nothing,
"It's alright! Guess this is what I get when skipping out so much on you." Lila replied, and Camille rolled her eyes.
"If you inform me what is going on, I won't be mad." Camille said, and she sighed.
"Well the-the family I got caught up in, well they are very complicated, and well I'm kinda pregnant, and now I live with them, so they can watch over me." Lila rambled quickly.
"You're pregnant! Was it that hookup at the bar-." Camille started and she nodded.
"Shh!" Lila's eyes popped out of her head.
"So where are you living? Who are they?" Camille asked.
"They are the Mikaelson's, and an old mansion on the outscruds of town." Lila said, and Hayley's head quirked up and eyes widened. She couldn't believe that someone in the family got someone pregnant, I mean they are dead? Hayley walked over to them and cleared her throat.
"I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. You know the Mikaelson's?" Hayley asked, and Lila's eyebrows furrowed in suspicion.
"Yeah?" Lila replied.
"I'm Hayley." she greeted, reaching out her hand.
"Lila." she replied, cocking her head.
"Yeah, I go a bit back with Klaus, actually." Hayley said and Lila felt a soft smile etch on her face. Not too far back, she thought. She had been attached to Klaus' hip for about forty years, had to be when she was away.
"You do now?" Lila asked.
"Hmm. I'd like to come see them?" Hayley asked, and Lila breathed out.
"I'll talk to them about that." Lila replied, staring at her, her hand protectively over her bump.
Hayley nodded eyeing Camille and Lila before walking out the door. Lila breathed out unsteadily and nodded to herself.
"I should go-." Lila started and Camille's eyes widened as she said that, she put a hand on Lila's arm nodding before Lila smiled sheepishly and left the shop and headed home.
Part 2
Lila walked into the house, it was oddly quiet, it was always oddly quiet or loud with bickering voices. She wondered what the boys were up to, why it was so quiet. She walked down the hall and heard voices in Klaus' room, she heard a female voice and Klaus's. The voice wasn't Rebekah's or someone else she recognized. Lila's hand came to the door handle and slowly opened it peeking in to see a woman on the bed, and Klaus with a paint brush in his hand and stroking it against a canvas, she felt a pang in her chest before moving back and down the hall.
He had moved on. She couldn't be mad, but she was. She hadn't moved on yet, how to move on after 40 years? She felt confusion and hurt soar through her as she walked down the hallway and into her room.
She didn't want to be with him. She knew that, but to move on so easily? Was it easy for him? Just a few nights ago he said he wanted to knock on her door and make things right. She guessed silence is their peace. She went to Kol's door and knocked, she had no answer. She furrowed her brows before going to Rebekah's, seeing her door wide open, and she was nowhere in sight. She was supposed to be protected, and she didn't feel like it.
"Lila?" Elijah said as he walked down the hall, she turned to him.
"Oh hey." Lila smiled, sheepishly, her eyes not meeting his.
"Are you okay?" Elijah asked, coming closer.
"Oh m' fine." Lila replied, smiling softly. "I uh, come across a girl, Hayley, she wanted to 'catch up' with Klaus. I didn't tell her where we were, or anything much, but she knows I'm pregnant."
"I'll speak to him." Elijah replied, and she nodded before walking away, and he grabbed her arm, his touch soft. "Are you sure you're alright?" he asked, and Lila sighed, moving to face him.
"Klaus has a woman in his room, Kol isn't here, neither is Rebekah. But you are, but for how long?" Lila asked before moving away and back to her bedroom.
Elijah watched her walk away, an anger in his system, his arms crossed as he watched her. They had spoken about a deep level of love for her only a couple of days ago but couldn't be by her side when she needed them. He didn't know much about Hayley, but he knew that Klaus' first hybrid was Hayley's friend. The same hybrid who tried to kill Klaus on many occasions. Elijah didn't know whether to go find Hayley or go comfort Lila. But maybe she needed this time alone, not to be coddled like his brothers had done before. She was a strong woman, she wanted to make her own decisions and be her own woman and Elijah wouldn't take that away from her. He wouldn't go to Hayley because of Lila, he'd go because she was a threat to them all.
Elijah walked past Lila's door to see her laying down, then he made his way to Klaus' door and opened it without a second thought.
"Oh dear brother, why would you just walk in here?" Klaus asked as Elijah looked at the scene before him.
"Well I hope you know Lila has seen the two of you. But besides that, your hybrid friend is here and spoke to Lila, I'm going to go find out what she wants with us, and someone needs to stand guard. It seems that the three of you no longer care for her protection." Elijah said, and Klaus set down his paint brush before looking at the woman
"Leave." Klaus said, and she sat up.
"Just use me and throw-." she started and Klaus snapped his heads towards her.
"Leave witch." Klaus snapped, and she rolled her eyes before getting up, putting her clothes on, and leaving. "You know nothing," he said.
"I don't? She heard the two of you last night, outside the door. It wasn't very smart of either of you, relinquishing your heart for you to both contradict yourselves." Elijah said.
"Why do you care so much?" Klaus asked.
"I'm going to take care of her and the child." Elijah said.
"You act like that is all you want." Klaus said, stepping closer to his brother. "You act like you are a noble man who truly cares for her, but you want her. Just like Kol and I." Elijah gave his brother a sneer smile, looking him in the eye.
"You two forget to put her in front of your own wants. We all have wants and needs, but when you truly care for someone, romantically or not, you will make them happy, by giving them freedom." Elijah said. "Perhaps, your selfishness gets in the way of wanting to give her, what did you say? Everything? You give her everything when you force things upon her? When you have another woman in your room naked?" he asked.
"She has made it clear that we are done for, I'm not doing to fight for something that the one simply doesn't want." Klaus said. "I'm going to dwell my life on someone who simply does not want me. She wants freewill, she has it. I will protect her and our child, when needed." he said. Elijah started at his brother before nodding and leaving the room.
Elijah left and made his way into the city, people walking down the streets, the city lively. His eye out for the girl, Hayley. He had never seen her but texting Klaus about a brief description of her helped, when he found her he was going to talk to her.
Klaus looked at the painting of the woman in front of him. He felt the sour feelings welling up his spine when thinking about the night before. He hadn't regretted last night, being able to move on from Lila was a chore. He was wrong about many things, but he wasn't wrong about this, about Lila wanting nothing to do with him. Not romantically.
He wanted to talk to her, officially let her go legally. He had gotten the divorce papers yesterday before going to the bar and meeting the woman, they were sitting on his desk. Slowly collecting dust, but he needed to talk to her, he needed to give her the papers, well he needed to sign them first. He walked over to his desk and picked up the papers and walked out the door of his room and walked to the kitchen and set them down. Lila was faced towards the oven, cooking, some delicious he bet.
"Lila." Klaus voiced, and Lila glanced over at him and then to the papers before she turned her head back to the stove. "I'd like to let you go." Klaus said, and Lila scoffed turning around and moving to lean against the counter her arms crossed.
"You already did." Lila said, and his hand went atop of the papers and slid them against the counter.
"Legally." Klaus said, and looked down at the papers, stepping forward and seeing the names that under the government, names that weren't actually their own, Klaus was a thousand years old, he had to take up a fake alias once in a while, especially when trying to marry someone. Lila looked at him blankly, the look he knows very well, the look that tells him she cares but she doesn't want him to know that.
"You want to?" Lila asked, dropping the look and looking at the papers.
"I'll always love you, darling. But you don't want to be with me, you have every right." Klaus said.
"You haven't even signed them yet." Lila pointed out, and Klaus nodded.
"It's your choice, a choice I want to give you." Klaus replied, and Lila sighed.
"Never thought this would happen." Lila murmured, and Klaus nodded.
"Never thought I would be getting married in the first place." Klaus replied, giving a light smile.
"You're still gonna be here right? I know that I need you in my life." Lila said, "an' not just for the baby, for both of us." she said, and Klaus moved closer to her nodding.
"Yeah 'course." Klaus replied, his hand coming to her arm. Klaus closes his eyes, thinking about telling her how he felt, why he was actually doing this, he wasn't dishonest with her, but Elijah was right, they can't be not together but married, she needed a fresh start no chains on her back. "I want ya to know I do love you, and I desperately want to be what is right for you. I want to be the noble man that deserves you, but 'm not. And I'm not gonna force this on you, I'm not gonna say we have to force because it's what is best for you. I'm sayin' that I will sign the papers, I will give you that choice, unless you don't. But if you don't, I'm gonna fight for you, and I'm gonna hope you do the same." he said, revealing things she had always wanted to hear.
"Ya know it's not just about me. I know I make you think that I keep saying I don't wanna be a puppet and I don't want to think that I'm selfish." Lila said, and Klaus shook his head.
"I don't think you're selfish, I've mistreated you and you stood up for yourself." Klaus replied.
"An' cause you mistreated me, I no longer trusted like I once did, Nik. I won't trust you like I did." Lila said, and he nodded.
"Well, come on. I'm still yours, oh what is it called, baby daddy?" Klaus said, and Lila shook her head, smiling.
"Yeah you are." Lila replied, trying not to laugh.
"We're gonna protect you no matter what, Lila. But let's move along with our lives, together as parents to this baby. The one thing we've always wanted." Klaus said, stepping closer and Lila smiled.
"Course I become pregnant when we break up." Lila said, covering her smile with her hand.
"Course." Klaus replied. Lila's nose twitched before she leaned down and signed the papers, until her pseudonym. Klaus doing the same before leaning in to kiss her cheek, Lila's arms slipped around him and she held him tight.
"You still have our rings right?" Lila asked. Klaus nodded.
"Perhaps I do." Klaus replied and Lila nodded to him.
"Keep them, one day I would like to give them to the baby." Lila said, and Klaus agreed before asking a question dwelling on his mind.
"Do you think it's a boy or girl?" he asked, and she looked up thinking before looking back at him.
"I feel like it's a girl." Lila said, her hand coming to her bump and he nodded, before smiling at her and setting the pen down and walking back to his room.
Part 3
Elijah had spotted her, she had been at the bar, her head clearly off in thought. He thought she was beautiful, but moments passed when he thought of Lila again, she was no match to Lila. He shook his head, he wasn't s'posed to think of her like that. He walked over to her and ordered a scotch.
"Elijah." he said. "Mikaelson." Hayley looked over at him.
"So Lila spoke to you? Who is the father?" Hayley asked.
"Klaus." Elijah replied. "What do you want?" he asked.
"I felt drawn here, felt like something brought me here." Hayley said. "And I heard that Klaus was here. I've never known my family, but I think maybe something is here, something I should really care about."
"You want our help?" Elijah asked. "Klaus doesn't do things out of the kindness of his heart."
"But Lila does, doesn't she?" Hayley asked.
"What are you planning?" Elijah asked.
"I'm not here to start a war, I just want some help, if Lila can trust me, she can help, she can get Klaus to help." Hayley said.
"I don't keep things from Klaus." Elijah said. "Especially not things about Lila."
"So you've told him about your feelings for her?" Hayley asked.
"Everyone assumes that the reason why I care for Lila is because I have romantic feelings for her." Elijah admitted.
"But is it true?" Hayley asked.
"I care for her because she is a good person, she is kind." Elijah said. "If you think of harming her, I will have no hesitation to rip you apart." he said, getting up and setting his drink down, and leaving.
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thatoneao3writer · 12 days ago
muah ha ha!!!
sorry i left y’all like that, but here’s part 2 / 3? - 🦕
so, the line goes dead, Sam freaks out, close to a panic attack, but Puffy stops him and calms him down, trying to figure out a plan to get him out
hour 24 - Sam is still at the door of the prison trying, and failing, to do anything, he’s crying and worried sick about Ponk, and all of the titans are still there, worried sick, but at the realization that there is nothing they can do ( obviously they care about Ponk, but Sam was the closest, and everyone knew it, they were just waiting for them to get together )
they decide to go back to the tower, hoping some sleep and good food will help everyone, but they have to knock Sam unconscious to get him to leave Ponk
Sam doesn’t get any sleep other than the few hours he is out cold, but when he wakes up everyone is in his room trying to comfort him
Sam can’t help but think that he’s not the one that needs help, but he’s slowly starting to realize that there’s nothing he can do
hour 48 - everyone they know is over at the tower and trying to help, but to no evail
day 3 - Sam finally finds something, but it’s not good. apparently someone high up in the government had hacked into Pandora to try and find the weaknesses of Sam, but Ponk happened to be the one in the way when it was activated, so he was the one stuck
( i don’t know who this would be, possibly someone working for a big villain, cause it would be reasonable to assume that a villain from Earth would have connections int eh gov to help them out, or just a part of the corrupt gov that ends up in the whole Fundy mess later on, it’s also the reason there was food in the cafeteria when it wasn’t even open yet )
but this news doesn’t help anything, it’s only makes things worse, but at least Sam has someone to fight. so, for the next few days Sam is constantly hacking and trying to get information about the prison, and, after a week, he finally gains back control and restarts Pandora, meaning all footage of the even he has to manually get, but he can get his Ponkie back
Sam and the other titans rush over to the prison, and after spending a few minutes prying open the doors, search everywhere, calling Ponk’s name
Sam ends up finding him huddled in the corner of a cell, wrapped in a blanket and unmoving, Sam almost has another panic attack thinking he’s dead, but then sees his chest rise slowly, meaning that while he is very much dying, he is currently alive, which is all that matters
Sam picks Ponk up, realizing just how much lighter he is than normal, and calls for everyone else so they can bring him to the special hospital wing that will protect their identities, cause normally Ponk would help but he’s a little indisposed at the moment
yayyy!! Sam found Ponk!! i promise it’s gonna get better, but there’s still more angst in my head. i want to do the other part(s?) but it’s late and i have school tomorrow, so i tried to end it on a better note, so hopefully it’s good enough until tomorrow, night y’all
The angst- /pos
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lazarettta · 12 days ago
Characters (Reader x Mother Miranda...?) 👀
Rating (T)
Word Count (2.8k)
Warnings (none, first half is has no dialogue, writing while high,)
Tumblr media
Once her little warrior, always her little warrior.
I'm sorry if it's hot 🗑💀
The fire was finally the way you wanted it and you could finally fucking rest. You'd been hiking all goddamn day through the rain and snow, and you just wanted a minute to rest and to eat. The sun was starting to set and you still needed to set up your tent, but for the moment you were content to just sit on the log and get warm.
“Who'd ever think a Spartan would be in Rome looking for answers, hm?” it was ironic, how you would've been accused of being a traitor or something like that back then. Ha...back then?
Truthfully you weren't sure anymore where your life really started it's been so long, centuries really if you were being honest. Sometimes even your own secrets were too overwhelming for you to admit, and as the years continued to pass you by it was getting harder and harder for you to hold onto the same principles you once believed in. The wars you've participated in, two of them by choice...and as a favor for the third.
It shouldn't have been possible but it was for you, it was both a blessing and a curse because you were nothing grew up with Spartan blood running through your veins, pushed at a young age to hunt and to protect, it was a common tradition for families then, especially for the oldest or only children. Your didn't ever recall your father, he died in battle before you were born but your mother was there, always. Even if her face was blurry after all of the time that has passed you by—you still remember her teachings and her technique. Your mother was the best hunter in Sparta, proudly.
But after...after her passing, the streets taught you how to be a mercenary at a young age...and then an assassin, not by choice but by necessity because you weren't a good person then, not really, and you still weren't now...but you still had the will do what was right, and so you did.
And maybe that is why the Gods did not let you die in the battlefield when you'd been caught off guard, for what is no longer relevant as it is now long gone, but the scar left through your heart would forever stain you inside and out by some random Greek bastard. You don't remember much of the dying part as much as you remembered how badly it hurt and how livid you were watching him stand over you with his bloody sword raised to the heavens. But just like your pain, that emotion was ebbed away as you laid there dying.
And die you did. And your body laid there for who knows how long but when you woke up, oh you sprung up ready to fight but there wasn't a fight left to be had...the war was over...but you didn't know that until you woke up the second time. Not realizing that your body was next to be burned in the ditch as the battlefield was being cleared of all the corpses from both sides. A gruesome chore performed by the prisoners taken by Sparta.
You had no idea why the Gods healed you and brought you back from the dead, you didn't deserve a second chance (at the time you didn't realize that it was a power). You were blessed by the Gods and that's all that it was, people looked at you with both awe and envy. Some gave all of their iron and dearest family possessions as a gift to the Gods in hopes that their wishes were granted. They hated you and you did not care. You were unstoppable, everyone wanted your attention and your skills—it made you arrogant and stupid for years. And when you caught a pretty nasty gash across your back from a werewolf that ambushed you and your horse, your leathers had been torn and bloody by the time you speared your way through four of those beasts. But while there was blood, there was no wound...the only evidence were the scars it left behind.
You turned your head slightly, a few strands of your hair falling in front of your ever sharp (y/e/c) eyes. You stayed perfectly still, eyes scanning the forest surrounding you but there was nothing after several moments. Just as well...with a loud sigh, you finally got up to put up your tent for the night and probably for the next few nights too. You slipped your hunting knife back into your boot but kept it unhooked just in case.
You lived in a time where guns existed but you were always better with a blade. You may not be an active misthios now (mercenary in today's world) but old habits were hard to kick. You were too old and too wise now, even if you didn't look a day over twenty-eight.
The next morning...
You woke with a start your grip around your obsidian hunting knife so tight your knuckles your skin strained against bone. You didn't have a dream but something woke you up, and it wasn't those damn birds chirping literally above your tint. With the help of the morning sun you could even see the spot where one of them pooped. Great. You laid there for a few more minutes, finally relaxed enough to move. You checked your surroundings again, walking around your camp but that feeling of unease didn't go away but it wasn't as strong.
Today was clearer than it was the day before though you still had to deal with the snow and the cold, not that either really bothered you too much. Leaving your camp behind, marking the trees so that you had a way to find your way back through these unfamiliar woods, you set off to find breakfast. You came to an edge, a cliff's peak and you went to stand on the edge of it—to maybe see the rest of the mountain you were exploring but something caught your immediate attention.
When was the last time you ever saw a castle? Not...not those tourist marks they have all over Europe but a castle. The place was eerie but most castles always felt that way to you...but this was different? It was as if the castle was looking right back at you, mocking you. From your vantage point you could make out the edges of a lake through the thick trees, you couldn't see it very well but you could tell it wasn't small nor was it man-made.
It was a pleasant surprise to discover this as you assumed that your trip would mostly be you exploring this cold ass mountain without a proper guide but you didn't need anyone to know why you were really up here, your reasons concerned no one but yourself. That and you knew you'd end up leading your guide. You were better off alone. Or at least that's what you kept telling yourself that but those words stopped being comforting a very long time ago. Not like fate was giving you much of a fucking choice though.
Your stomach growled, reminding you of your glanced down at the village below the castle curiously before turning away from the ledge, the heavy aura of the castle still on your back.
Fat and full, that's exactly how you'd describe yourself at the moment. There were more predators in the area than there were prey it seemed but the rabbit you caught seemed plentiful enough. With winter kicking in, the most worrisome predator in the woods would be hibernating leaving nothing but the wolves and maybe a mountain lion for you to deal with if you're lucky. You hefted your smaller backpack onto your back and left your camp, deciding to check out the village to see if you could learn more about the castle.
You were both excited and curious, you'd spent a majority of your modern life exploring the wonders of the Earth and using the currency you've collected throughout your lifetimes to fund whatever myth caught your eye. In other words, you were bored but the thought of war and fighting no longer made your blood sing or your heart race. You've done so much of that already, and lost so much because of it.
“Get back! Get back! Agh—GET THE FUCK BACK!”
Your legs stopped moving immediately and your gloved hand was already wrapped around the hilt of your hunting knife, ears trained. You heard growling and barking not too far from where you stood, maybe two or three hundred feet to your right just through those bushes and that fallen tree. It sounded as if someone was having a bit of trouble with a pack of wolves. Which struck you as odd, you were still pretty high up on the mountains and you hadn't seen anyone else up here in a week, so it couldn't have been a local...could it?
The growling grew more intense and there were sounds of a scuffle and grunts but the man still sounded alive.
And it wasn't your problem. Your days of coming to the rescue were over. You allowed your hand to fall from your knife. You got maybe seven steps away before the man spotted you, he caught a glimpse of your fur lined hood and started screaming for you to help him just as one of the wolves snapped the branch he was holding in half, forcing his back against a tree. His time was counting down now.
He was yelling so loud, you were sure even the villagers could hear him now. There was no way you could walk away now.
“Fucking hell.” with a heavy sigh, you dropped your backpack and stalked in the direction of the soon to be crime scene. You didn't feel the need to mask your presence, you wanted the wolves to know that you were there and that ultimately saved that man's life. The wolves were honed in on you the moment you stepped through the bush but three shots echoed through the small clearing before any of them could pounce in your direction. The echoes faded away quickly, and you sighed again watching the white snow stain red beneath the furry corpses.
The only other sound heard was the man's heavy breathing as he leaned against a tree. You looked down at your gun before putting it back in it's holster on your lower back, you may prefer blades but it was always better to have something and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
“Thank...thank you,”
You looked at the man with furrowed brows...just by looking at him, you knew that he wasn't a native but the moment he opened his mouth only confirmed it. He was spotted all of his gear nearby, torn to shreds and you scoffed.
“I don't think camping is for you.”
“I don't think so either,” He tried for a smile but it was only a grimace, the blonde man pushed himself from the tree and approached you, carefully stepping around the wolves bodies, “I'm uh a bit lost, I guess.”
“And I'm leaving.”
“Wait!” he rushed around you, stopping you and you could've gone through the man if you wanted were taller than him by an inch or two, and you definitely had more mass than he probably knew what to do with, “Listen, I'm obviously not from here, but I'm trying to find my daughter okay, she's—”
“I'm not from around here,” you held your hand to make him stop while simultaneously telling yourself that you're not about to get involved in someone else's mess and derail your own mission, “I'm sorry about your kid, but I can't help you.”
He frowned at you obviously not happy with your answer but he was quickly reaching into his pocket and any normal person, especially someone who is armed, would've taken a step back but you weren't some ordinary person. You simply raised an eyebrow, because you knew that he wasn't going to attack you even though he was probably fully capable of doing so. You assumed that he was about to dig out a baby picture or something but it was just a sheet of paper with writing on it. You took it before he could shove the damn thing in your face and you looked down at it carefully, keeping your face neutral.
“I can't read whatever language that is.”
You glared up at him from beneath your lashes, “And you think that I can?”
“Can you?” he shot back, and you rolled your eyes...your attention back to the paper before shoving it back in his hands, “Well?”
You nearly scowled at his impatience, “It's a mix of Romanian, Serbian and Tatar. Whoever sent that clearly doesn't want anyone else to know what's on it.”
“So you can read it then?”
“Bits and pieces,” You said with a shrug, “I'm not expert but someone named Beneviento is demanding a shorter route for wine delivery from that giant castle.”
He stared at you then down to the paper, which was full from top to bottom, then back to you, “What...that's all? Are you sure?? No, that can't be all...there has to be something about my daughter here! Here, please, just try again slower—”
“That's all I could read.” you shouldered past him, throwing your hood back up and ignoring his calls after you. Your backpack was exactly where you dropped it, you shook off the snow and threw it back on your back not caring about the cool wetness on your back now—you just wanted to get away from this area as quickly as possible. You should've used your knife as those gunshots gave away your position.
“Amateur hour everyone,” you grumbled under your veered off the path slightly, just in case he tried to follow you (wouldn't be the first time someone tried to force you to help them).
You'd maybe walked for a mile or two down the mountain before you noticed the hairs on the back of your neck standing, you chanced a casual glance over your shoulder but there was no one there, no man nor animal. Licking your dry lips you turned back around but as you were doing so, you caught something in your peripheral. A dark figure, twenty feet away and that's when you noticed how fucking quiet everything was around forced yourself to keep walking even as a feeling of dread began crawling up your back, like two sharp fingers walking along the ridges of your spine.
Pushing the hood from your head, you whirled around with your knife drawn at your side gripping it with the intentions to kill but there was nothing there except two large obsidian feathers fluttering gently down onto the snow at your boots. Feathers?
Cool breath touched the base of your neck when you heard soft chuckling directly behind you. You turned around sharply, easily flipping your knife around but the mass of darkness in front of you disoriented you for a split second and that was all this creature needed. Before you could plunge your knife into it's feathery belly, a pale hand shot out and caught your wrist in a bruising grip as another hand curled itself around your throat, sharp nails oh so slightly pricking your skin.
You were about to kick away when the creature leaned forward, and it's face came from beneath the hood...only it wasn't an it, it was a she, though her entire face was hidden by the gold headgear you could see her lips and...and her eyes.
A pair of eyes you'd never forget in any of your lifetimes. It felt like a millennia ago when those eyes alone had you on your knees covered in fresh warm blood and exhausted from tearing through small armies.
Despite yourself, you were trembling in her ironclad grip, your hand that wasn't still trapped fruitlessly came up to wrap around her wrist as if that was going to help you. You both knew that it wouldn't. She brought you closer until your feet were no longer on the ground and you could feel the tip of your blade pressing against, her...and your nose was nearly touching her helmet.
“ο μικρός μου πολεμιστής...” (my little warrior...) her cool breath washed over your face, her eyes still boring down into yours so intensely you swore you felt the heat, even as her hand tightened around your throat making you choke, but you were fighting against her... “επιτέλους ήρθες σπίτι μου...” her chuckle fell on deaf ears. (you've finally come home to me...)
You were supposed to run into Alcina first 😭, but Miranda works too...(save the best for last obvi) I don't know I am playing Odyssey while waiting for this game to drop and I went The Old Guard route too so then I just ended up writing some shit, and I wanted to try something that's not so maiden-esque lol so I hope it's enjoyable at least...I honestly might make this a WIP...
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Keeping Secrets Ch. 42
Keeping Secrets Masterlist
Tumblr media
“I have a few things I think belong to you.” Katie told Sophie as she led her to the back yard and motioned to the seven bodies wrapped in white sheets, only their faces could be seen.
“What’s this?” Sophie asked with wide eyes, shaken by the sight of the dead warlocks.
“A message.” Katie answered simply, tucking her hands into the pockets of her sun dress. Sophie looked at her. “To you, Agnes, Sabine and whoever else needs to hear it.” Klaus and Rebekah watched them from the open patio doors of the kitchen. “I put them down gently, but if more of your people come after my baby and me again…I will make sure their death is slow and painful.”
“I swear…I had nothing to do with this.” Sophie assured her as they headed back into the house. “You and I are linked, remember? You die, I die.” When they passed through the patio doors Klaus and Rebekah followed them into the parlor.
“Then who were they?” Rebekah asked.
“They’re a faction of extremists.” Sophie answered as she sat down in one of the arm chairs and Katie and Klaus sat down on the sofa. Rebekah stood behind them. “Sabine stupidly told them about some vision she had about the baby.”
“What kind of vision?” Rebekah asked while Katie and Klaus shared a look.
“She has them all the time. They’re totally open for interpretation.” Sophie answered. “I’m guessing she’s wrong on this one.”
“Well, how, may I ask, was this particular vision interpreted?” Klaus asked as he leaned forward putting his elbows on his knees and clasping his hands together. He knew how he and Katie interpreted what Sabine had said, he was just interested to see what Sabine had told the witches.
Sophie reluctantly said, “Pretty much that your baby would bring death to all witches.”
“Ah, well, I grow fonder of our child by the second.” Klaus said with a smirk over at Katie who smirked back and shook her head at him. Katie had taken the vision to mean the baby would bring death to everyone, like apocalyptic stuff, but if it was just the witches her baby would be the death of she couldn’t make herself care much any more.
“Sophie, look. I promised Elijah that I would protect the Mikaelson miracle baby whilst he tries to win your witch Davina’s loyalty.” Rebekah told her as she sat down in the other arm chair and looked at Sophie. “Why don’t you tell me just how extreme this faction is?”
“Elijah’s talking to Davina?” Sophie asked.
“Yeah, as we speak, I imagine.” Rebekah answered.
“I’m guessing she’ll have plenty to say about that crowd.” Sophie told her.
“Do tell.” Klaus told her as he leaned back and draped his arm over Katie’s shoulders.
“I wasn’t always an advocate for the witches. My sister was devoted like our parents and our upbringing was very strict, which drove me nuts.” Sophie started explaining. “The minute I turned twenty one, I left the quarter to travel…and play. But I wanted to be a chef so eight months ago I came back to Rousseau’s and my sister told me that the elders were moving forward with the harvest.”
“What the bloody hell is the harvest?” Rebekah asked.
“It’s a ritual our coven does every 3 centuries so that the bond to our ancestral magic is restored.” Sophie answered. “We appease our ancestors and they keep our ancestral magic flowing.”
“Why haven’t I heard of this?” Klaus asked.
“Because the harvest always seemed like a myth; A story passed down through the generations. Like Noah’s ark or the Buddha walking on water. The kind that some people take literally and some people don’t.” Sophie explained. “They had the girls in our community prepping for months. Four would be chosen for the harvest. They said that it was an honor, that they were special. I thought it was a myth.”
“Was it?” Rebekah asked.
Before she got the chance to answer Klaus’s phone started ringing. “Marcel, a bit early in the day for you isn’t it?” considering she had already listened in on one of his conversations Katie decided to keep her ears to herself for once. “Rather you than me. All that responsibility seems like such a bore.” Katie watched Klaus stand up from the couch. “Eh, why not? I haven’t been to the bayou in ages. I’m on my way.” Klaus hung up the phone and stuck it in his pocket.
“So you’re leaving?” Katie asked with a motion to Sophie who was in the middle of a story.
“If I don’t go he’s going to wonder what’s occupying my time.” He told her. “We can’t afford for anything to make him curious enough to lead him here to you.”
Katie took in an aggravated breath then let it out. “I know.”
He leaned down and kissed the top of her head. “Stay put, and save the rest of your story until I return.” Klaus said with a point at Sophie then left.
“I didn’t sleep well last night, if he’s not back by the time I wake up you can finish telling us your story.”
“Are you serious?” Rebekah asked in disbelief. “Klaus told her to wait.”
“I don’t really give a crap what Klaus said at the moment.” Katie snapped then left Rebekah and Sophie downstairs and went to sleep, hoping that she’d wake up in a better mood.
A few hours later Katie came downstairs, Sophie opened her mouth to start talking but Katie held her hand up. “Coffee first harvest ritual story after.” She grumbled, cranky from her stiff back. After making a strong cup she walked back into the parlor and motioned for Sophie to start talking.
“Isn’t caffeine bad for the baby?” Rebekah asked as she sat down in the chair next to Sophie.
“One cup a day won’t hurt, besides I’m still partially a vampire.” She told Rebekah then gave Sophie a look that asked her to start talking.
She looked at Rebekah. “My niece, Monique, was chosen along with Davina. The elders told them that they were going to nick their palm with a sacred dagger and put them in a state of peaceful limbo and then at the reaping they would awaken and be reborn more powerful. They failed to tell the girls that they had to die to enter the limbo state.” Katie frowned not liking what she was hearing. “I didn’t want Monique to die so I went to the pastor, Father Kieran. He’s part of the faction, represents the humans. I knew he wouldn’t like that children were going to be sacrificed. So I asked him to find a way to stop them.” Katie propped her elbow up on the arm of the couch and tucked her fist under her chin listening intently. “He tried to talk to the witches, but it didn’t work. Agnes cursed his nephew with a magical object, made him start going crazy so that Father K. would be too worried about him to care about the witches.”
“Back to the harvest thingy.” Rebekah said impatiently.
“I tried to stop the ritual, but I was too late. Those guys in your backyard held me back while I watched the elder Bastianna slit those girl’s throats.”
“So how did Davina survive?” Katie asked curiously.
“Marcel stepped in. His men killed Bastianna.” she answered. “I’m guessing Father Kieran told him knowing that he didn’t want the witches to have more power. He took Davina and ran. I’m sure he was just trying to help her, but every girl that died passed her power on to the next and when Davina didn’t die for it to flow back into the earth she kept all of it. So now Marcel’s using that to his advantage.”
“So the ritual wasn’t just a myth.” Rebekah said with wide eyes.
“It was real and because of me, the harvest is incomplete and if it isn’t completed and the reaping performed…the witches will lose their power for good and my niece will stay dead.”
Katie was reading a baby book when Sophie sighed for the one millionth time in the past few hours. “Problem?” Katie asked, not looking up from her book.
“It’s getting dark. If I don’t consecrate those remains before sundown we lose the link to their magic.” Sophie told her.
“Then by all means, take them and go.” Katie told her with a motion to the back yard.
“Did Klaus say she could take them?” Rebekah asked with a frown.
“Do I take orders from Klaus?” Katie asked back with a look up from the book. “I killed them so I say what happens to the remains and I say she can take them and put their souls to rest. Their souls shouldn’t suffer just because an elder sent them to their death.”
“You didn’t have to kill them you know.” Sophie spoke up with a hard look.
“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t, either way they are dead now and in need of consecration. So have at it.” Katie jerked her head to the back yard and Sophie walked away.
After Sophie loaded the bodies into the back of her car Katie found Rebekah having a drink. “You’ve been in a mood all day.” Rebekah pointed out and Katie just looked down at the floor. “Trouble in paradise?” she asked with a smirk.
“Kinda, sorta, not really.” Katie answered confusingly.
“What has my brother done now?” she asked then poured another drink.
“He hasn’t done anything. I’m not mad at him I just…” she shook her head with a frown. “I’m tired of seeing him have to drop everything and jump the second Marcel tells him to feel froggy.” She explained. “And I’m tired of feeling like our lives are being run by everyone but us.”
“Welcome to my life.” Rebekah told her then downed her drink just as Klaus walked in the front door.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Nik, finally what-” she was cut off when Elijah walked through the door and Katie turned from the table they were standing at. Her eyes landed on Elijah who gave Rebekah a smile before she ran over and hugged him. He gave Katie a smile over Rebekah’s shoulder. She gave him a half smile then turned her eyes to Klaus who seemed to be watching her extra close. “Elijah, you’re safe.” Rebekah pulled back and asked, “Now that you’re home is your first plan to kill Niklaus?”
Katie walked past Elijah to stand next to Klaus who wrapped his arm around her waist. “I’d very much like to keep the father of my daughter alive.”
“Daughter?” Elijah asked, turning to look at her and Klaus. Katie hummed and nodded as Klaus pulled her to stand in front of him and wrapped his arms around her waist resting his hands on her stomach.
The three of them sat at the table in the small library in the house. “Everything that brought us here to New Orleans was a lie. This story that Sophie Deveraux fabricated, this struggle for control of the French quarter. This war between vampires and witches, it wasn’t over territory at all. This was over Davina.” Elijah told them from where he stood on the opposite side of the table. “Eight months ago Sophie Deveraux and her sister Jane-Anne lost everything. Now four months after that a young pregnant girl wanders into their restaurant. Suddenly all hope is renewed. Jane-Anna sacrificed her life so that her sister could use you to find Davina. If Sophie Deveraux is successful in capturing Davina, she can return Jane-Anne’s daughter back to life. We thought we’d come here to wage a war for power.” Elijah folded his arms over the high backs of one of the chairs. “This is about family. In order to return her niece to life Sophie Deveraux will fight to the death. That makes her more dangerous than anyone.”
“So we’re all on the same page now?” Katie asked considering he hadn’t said anything she didn’t already know. Also his incessant need to say Sophie’s last name every time he said her fist one, like they wouldn’t know who he was talking about if he simply called her Sophie, was getting on her nerves.
“No I’d still like to know what I’ve missed in my absence.” He said with a look between the three people.
Katie looked back and forth between Klaus and Rebekah. “Okay I guess I’ll go first.” She sighed and sat up. “We found out I’m slowly turning human. A witch had a vision about the baby being the end of the witches. Because of that the witch bitch Agnes sent a group of warlocks to kill me resulting in their deaths.”
“You’re slowly turning human?” he asked with a confused face.
“Yep, apparently nature has to keep a balance. I can get hot or cold, I need human food and I’m feeling all the usual and unpleasant pregnancy symptoms like acid reflux, fatigue, extreme moodiness and annoying food cravings.” She answered with a sarcastic smile. “With that being said I’m starving. So I’ll let you three do your dysfunctional family thing.”
“Speaking of moodiness she’s been in a bad one all day.” She heard Rebekah say as she walked out of the room. “Perhaps one of you can do something about it.”
She was eating a healthy version of a taco salad when Klaus found her sitting at the bar in the kitchen. “Tonight was supposed to be our dinner night.” He pointed out apologetically as he sat down in the stool next to her.
“It’s fine. We’ll do it another night.” She told him then took a drink of the blood in her cup.
“Why didn’t you tell me you’ve been having food cravings?” he asked as he stole a halved cherry tomato out of her bowl.
“Because I knew if I did you would totally be the type to run back and forth to the store anytime I even so much as hinted that I wanted something.” She told him with a small smile as she looked across her shoulder at him.
“Is that a bad thing?” he asked, still a little confused as to why she hadn’t told him.
“No, but you spoil me enough already and if you did feel the need to get me everything I’ve been craving I would be the size of a house by now because it’s all been sweets, including chocolate.” She told him then took another bite of her salad.
“That just means our daughter is going to be sweet.” He told her with a cheesy smile that made her laugh quietly.
“Keep telling yourself that, but if she takes after either of us she’s going to have an attitude that will test our patience like no other.” she told him with a smirk. Things fell comfortably quiet between them for a few minutes before she asked, “Is Cami related to Father Kieran?”
“She’s his niece.” He answered. “Why do you ask?”
“Because I think I know why Sean murdered those people.” She answered and he gave her a curious tilt of his head. “Sophie mentioned earlier that one of the elders cursed Father Kieran’s nephew and made him go insane.” She answered.
“Did she say which elder?” he asked, looking pissed.
“Agnes.” Katie answered then took the last bite of her salad. “I’ve been thinking.” She started and his face changed from angry to interested. “Can I meet Cami?”
“Why do you want to meet her?” he asked with a curious tilt of his head.
“Several reasons.” She told him as she turned to face him with her arm rested on the bar beside her. “You care about her and you don’t care about the everyday run of the mill people. I care about what you care about, but the main reason is I need someone to talk to.”
“You can talk to me.” he pointed out looking a little hurt.
“No I can’t.” she told him with a small smile. “Because you see there’s this thing that girls like to do called gossip. Guys just don’t do it right.” She shrugged. “I’m cutting myself off from my friends for obvious reasons, I could use a new one.”
“What about Rebekah?” he asked with a point upstairs.
“Yeah, Rebekah’s version of gossip is, ‘You know Elijah’s still in love with you right?’ Yeah, not very fun conversation.” She told him with a flick of her brows.
Klaus took a deep breath thinking about it. “You know we will have to compel her to forget about you right?” he asked and Katie nodded. “Then I will send her your way sometime.” He told her with a nod.
“Thank you, Big Bad Wolf.” She smiled at the thought of having someone who wasn’t a Mikaelson to talk to. She was putting her cup and bowl in the dishwasher when he whooshed up behind her, grabbed her hips and pulled her back against him. “I was wondering how long you could go without touching me.” she laughed then sighed when he started kissing her neck. When a wave of playfulness rushed over her she turned in his arms. “I’ll make you a bet.”
“Uh oh.” He said with a playful smirk.
“I bet…we can’t go an hour in our bedroom without you touching me.” she told him as she wrapped her arms around his neck.
“Just an hour huh?” he asked looking around in thought. “Okay, when do we start?”
“Now.” she answered then whooshed toward their bedroom, but stopped at the top of the stairs when she started feeling light headed and out of breath. Klaus stopped at the bottom of the stairs looking up at her. “Klaus…”
“Whoa.” He whooshed up the stairs to her and caught her before she fell down them. “Easy, Sweetheart, I’ve got you.”
“What happened?” Elijah asked when Klaus walked by his room on the way to theirs and he saw him carrying a passed out Katie.
“She sped up the stairs and fainted.” He answered stiffly as he walked into their room and laid her on the bed and sat down next to her.
“And how far along is she in her pregnancy?” Elijah asked with a worried look down at her.
“Twenty one weeks give or take.” Klaus answered.
“Five months and she has already lost her stamina.” He observed out loud.
“I cannot lose her, Elijah.” He told his brother with a look over his shoulder. “Either of them.”
“Hey.” Katie spoke up feeling like she’d had the energy sucked out of her, and both of the brothers looked at her. “You’re not going to lose us.” she reached up and slid her hand down his cotton shirt covered arm then grabbed his hand. “So I can’t whoosh anymore, we knew this would happen sooner or later.” She started pushing herself up in the bed and Klaus helped her. “I would have preferred later rather than sooner, but beggars can’t be choosers I guess.” Both of them just stared at her. “I’m fine other than feeling completely drained. So will you both stop looking at me like I’m some kind of failed science experiment?” she asked and they both finally tore their eyes off of her. “You.” she pointed at Elijah. “You’ve been desiccating in a coffin for I don’t even know how long at this point, go have a snack and get some rest or…whatever.” She told him with a wave of her hand to the door. He smirked at her attempt at bossiness and left the room. “All those years of Caroline bossing me around…I should’ve taken notes.”
He didn’t smirk back at her and she gave him a look that asked him to talk to her. “I had been hoping that Sophie was wrong.”
“Yeah, well she wasn’t.” she sighed as she placed her hand on his cheek, feeling the warmth of it. “It just means that we’re both going to have to treat me like I’m human now.”
“Are you human now?” he asked and she let the blood flow to her eyes to answer his question then pushed it back. She bit her wrist, watched it heal then took a flashlight out of the top drawer of her bedside table, took off her daylight ring and set it on the bed. “Is that a uv light?” he asked curiously and she hummed a positive answer as she shined it on her forearm making her skin sizzle before she clicked off the light.
She picked up her ring and put it back on her finger. “So it seems like all I’ve lost is my endurance and strength. I could deal with feeling hot and cold and getting hungry. I actually missed those things. However,” she spun around, put her feet on the floor and tried to stand up, but she failed. Klaus caught her and helped her sit back down on the bed, “I wasn’t looking forward to feeling weak and useless.”
“What do you need?” he asked. “And you’ll never be useless.”
“Pajamas and a blood bag please.” She answered. He got up and grabbed a satin night gown since it would take less energy to put on, then headed downstairs to the kitchen. When he came back she had managed to change into the gown and had her legs covered up with the blanket. He handed her the glass full of blood then changed into a pair of pajama pants and sat down on his side of the bed.
She had drunk half the glass before she handed it to Klaus. “You don’t want it?”
“I thought it would help me regain some energy, but it's not.” She answered and he took the glass, drank it then sat it on his bedside table. He bit his wrist and held it out to her. “Klaus.” She sighed tiredly.
“Drink, love.” He told her as the bite healed and she looked across her shoulder at him. He gave her puppy dog eyes, “Please.” She rolled her eyes and shook her head, but grabbed his arm and bit his wrist. After a few seconds she pulled back, licked the bite mark clean then let it go. “Better?” he asked, wondering if his blood was enough to help her.
“Better.” She told him with a small, fleeting smile and heavy eyelids. Seeing that even though she was feeling better she was still sleepy he pulled her into him and moved them down in the bed so that they were lying on their sides with their legs intertwined. Her head rested on his shoulder and her hands were pressed into his chest. His hand rested on the curve of her waist. He thought she was asleep as he looked at her thinking about how much he loved her and how his world would stop if he lost her and the baby. “Klaus?” she whispered sleepily.
“Yes, Sweetheart?” he whispered back.
She wanted to tell him that she loved him. That she was no longer afraid of loving him, but after seeing the look on his face right before she passed out she had a new reason for not saying those three little words. He already confessed to loving her, not that he needed to confess it for her to know that he did. It was in his eyes every time he looked at her, but if she said it back it would only hurt him that much more if she died and she couldn’t do that to him. “Never mind.” He didn’t push her to say what she wanted to say and soon her soft snores filled the room.
Klaus woke up and found Katie still tucked into his chest sound asleep, her small perfect lips slightly parted and her hands tucked under her chin. When he made the slightest move, about to slip out of bed her arm shot out and wrapped around his waist. He smiled realizing that she was still asleep. He grabbed her hand and eased it off of him causing a groan of complaint to leave her lips as he set it on the bed and slipped from between the sheets. “Klaus?” she asked in her sleep.
He brushed her hair out of her face and shushed her. “I’m not going far, Sweetheart. Go back to sleep.” The kiss he placed on her temple caused her to relax back into deep sleep.
Katie sat up in bed and groaned when her head started pounding. So she threw on a robe, remembering Klaus leaving earlier that morning, and headed down stairs. She found him, Elijah and Rebekah in the parlor. Elijah and Klaus were sitting and reading while a woman lay dead on the table between then, bleeding onto the rug.
“And what’s this business?” Rebekah asked from where she stood behind the couch that Klaus sat on. Katie walked into the room and stood behind him and next to Rebekah.
“This is a peace offering.” Elijah answered looking up at Rebekah then noticed Katie.
“I presumed after so much time desiccating in a coffin, that my big brother might be a bit peckish.” Klaus replied then looked backwards at Katie then shifted to sit with his back in the corner of the couch and wrapped his arms around her waist.
“So I explained to my little brother that forgiveness cannot be bought. I’d simply prefer to see a change in behavior that indicates contrition and personal growth, not this…nonsense.” Elijah motioned to the woman with his finger.
“Well, I couldn’t very well let her go to waste, could I?” Klaus asked with a smirk that made Elijah cut his eyes up at him.
“Well, I suppose I’ll fetch the rubbish bin because she’s staining a 200 year old carpet.” Rebekah complained then stalked off to the kitchen.
Klaus looked back at Katie. “How are you feeling?”
“My head is pounding and I have a feeling a blood bag isn’t going to fix it.” she answered as she tucked her messy auburn waves behind her ear. He pulled back his sleeve and offered her his arm with a smirk. She pulled his sleeve down with a smirk. “I appreciate the offer, but there are these oval white pills called Tylenol.” She told him with a smirk. “Do you know if we have any?”
“Top shelf of the medicine cabinet in our bathroom.” He answered looking disappointed that she didn’t want to feed on him. “The book mentioned it was the only over the counter pain medication you could take.”
“Thank you.” she said as she grabbed his hand and kissed the backs of his fingers not feeling like bending over to kiss his lips then headed back upstairs.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She was in the kitchen getting the milk out of the fridge when she heard Elijah say, “Good morning.”
“Morning.” She replied seeing him leaning on the doorframe as she set the milk on the counter then walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a bag of granola cereal.
“I take it you and Rebekah are still on good terms?” he asked just to strike up a conversation.
“We’ve been on better before.” Katie answered vaguely then looked up to see him give her a curious look. She took a deep breath and looked down at her bowl in thought. “She believes I’m with the wrong brother. Pretty sure she’s mad at me for choosing Klaus.” she didn’t look up from her cereal bowl. “They both think you still have feelings for me and you yourself have said that you tried to move on and it didn’t work.” She looked up at him to see him looking at her through narrowed eyes. “On the flip side you have acknowledged that he loves me. I’m getting contradictory information from you and it’s making a knot in my brain that I need straightened out.”
“I still have feelings for you.” he answered and she took a deep breath as her growling stomach reminded her to eat. So she grabbed her bowl of cereal and moved to sit at the dining table. He followed and sat down across from her. After a few minutes she looked up at him and he gave her a squint of his eyes, silently asking her to say something.
She tucked her hair behind her ear and started playing with her cereal with her spoon. “I told you in Mystic Falls that we needed to move on.” She started then looked down at her cereal. “I’m sorry that you couldn’t, but I did. I care about him more than I thought I was capable of caring about someone so soon after…” she trailed off.
“After I broke you.” he finished for her and she nodded, still pushing her cereal around in her bowl. “Are you still happy with him?” he asked.
She looked up and let a small smile play at the corners of her lips. “Very much so.”
“I give you my word. I will not stand in the way of your happiness.” He told her with a tone that told her this would be the end of their conversation. “You are not the kind of woman a man can simply…gets over. It will take time.” He told her with a small smirk then took in a deep breath and sat up, adjusting the placemat in front of him. “Now about the murderous witches.”
“I would call me the murderous one, but what about them?” Katie asked with a smirk then took a bite of cereal.
“You are still linked to Sophie Deveraux are you not?” he asked and she nodded. “I think I have a solution to that little problem.”
“I am all for it. As soon as they’re unlinked we get to leave this crap town.” Rebekah said as she walked through the kitchen dragging the dead girl by her arm. “Who do we have to kill?”
“Probably no one.” Elijah answered as they watched Rebekah walk out the double doors of the kitchen. Katie turned her eyes to Elijah and raised a brow. “Alright, potentially everyone.” Katie smiled and shook her head.
Klaus, no longer able to stay away from her, walked into the kitchen. “How’s your head?”
“Slowly slacking off.” She answered. “Can I ask for a favor?” she watched him grab a blood bag out of the icebox knowing that she always had blood after cereal.
“Yes.” He replied as he grabbed a glass and started emptying the blood bag into it.
“I know why you let me sleep in this morning, but will you wake me up when you do from now on? I don’t know if it’s the case now, but back when I was human sleeping in always gave me a headache.” She explained.
“Of course, luv.” He answered then put the glass of blood down beside her almost empty bowl and pecked her on the head as he rested his hand on the back of her chair.
“This is sleeping in?” Elijah asked with a look at his watch to see that she had woken up somewhere around eight. When they were together that was when she normally woke up.
“I’m kind of an early riser these days.” Katie spoke up. “I don’t know why, but my internal clock usually wakes me up at five thirty on the dot every morning. Not that I can complain.” She looked at Klaus who gave her a smirk before he left the room.
“It’s a good thing public displays of affection do not bother you brother.” Rebekah commented as she walked into the room and grabbed a bucket and cleaning chemicals out from under the sink. “Because your ex and your brother do not know how to keep their hand off each other.” She put the bucket in the sink and turned on the water.
“Okay, when you’re ready to tell me your solution to my link to Sophie I’ll be in the parlor.” Katie stood up and grabbed the glass of blood Klaus had fixed her as an excuse to come into the room then looked at Rebekah. “Probably sucking face with your brother.” Rebekah rolled her eyes as Katie left the kitchen.
She found Klaus sitting on the couch with a book in his hands and he held his arm out for her to sit next to him so she did. He wrapped it around her shoulders as she pulled her feet up on the couch and started reading the poem. She was halfway through the poison tree when Rebekah walked in and started scrubbing the floor. “Poems about poisoned apples from dead trees. Looks like someone’s worried about impending daddyhood.” She spoke up and Klaus closed the book then moved Katie to sit in his lap with one of his arms around her back that rested against the arm of the couch and the other hand in hers that rested on her lap.
“Nonsense, Elijah’s back. In his presence, all problems turn to pixie dust and float away.” Klaus said with a snarky smile.
Katie was about to say something, but Elijah walked in before she could and said, “Strange, I don’t recall any pixie dust from the darkness of the coffin I was recently forced to endure.”
“What are you doing with Mother’s spell book?” Rebekah asked from where she still sat on the floor scrubbing the rug.
“Well, in exchange for my freedom, I promised the witch Davina that I would share a few pages from mother’s grimoire. I’ll help her learn to control her magic.” He answered as he tucked the pages into a black folder then into his jacket pocket.
“You’re giving her an unlinking spell.” Katie spoke up realizing that this was his solution to her problem.
“Precisely.” Elijah told her with a smirk.
“Wait, you’re using her to unlink Katie from Sophie?” Rebekah asked.
“Sophie brought us to this town under false pretenses. She doesn’t just want us to take down Marcel and his minions. She wants to take Davina back. So she yoked her own causes to ours with magic, threats and half-truths. Well, no more. As of now, our deal with Sophie Deveraux is null and void. Niklaus I need you to come with me. I need five minutes alone with Davina and you need to make certain that I am not interrupted.” Elijah looked at Rebekah in thought. “You stay here and watch Katie.”
Rebekah stood up with a frown as Elijah turned and walked away. “How did I get elected supernanny?” she called after him.
“More importantly, who put him in charge?” Klaus asked as he patted Katie’s leg. Katie stood up with a frown and Klaus looked down at her. “Looks like I have to go, Luv.” He kissed her on the lips then looked at Rebekah.
“Yeah, yeah, keep an eye on your baby momma. I get it.” Rebekah grumbled and Klaus kissed Katie one more time before he followed after Elijah. When Rebekah saw Katie still frowning she asked, “What?”
“Has Elijah always been that bossy?” she asked looking at the spot of blood on the floor before she looked up at Rebekah.
“He’s just still mad at Nik for daggering him.” Rebekah said and Katie felt like she was just making excuses for him. “Or he’s trying to impress you, possibly both.”
“That doesn’t give him the right to boss you around.” Katie argued. “You don’t have to baby sit me either.”
“I really don’t mind.” Rebekah told her with a wave of her hand.
“If you say so.” Katie decided to leave it be for now. “I’m gonna go get dressed.”
She was coming down stairs as Rebekah was going up them when a pain shot through her neck making her hiss in pain. “What the hell was that?” Rebekah asked as they both stopped in the middle of the stairs.
Katie touched her neck and felt blood on her fingers. “I’m about 99 percent sure that this is a Sophie thing.” Katie said as Rebekah pulled Katie’s hair to the side to see the smeared blood on her neck. “It felt like I was stabbed.” Katie pulled out her phone and called Klaus letting him know that something was up with Sophie.
A few hours later Katie was sitting in the parlor reading a new pregnancy book that Klaus had bought her when Rebekah walked in with a basket of apples. “Time for the demon spawn to snack.”
“Really, that’s the best nickname you can come up with for your niece?” Katie asked with raised brows.
“I’m sorry do you have something else in mind?” she asked with a smirk then held the basket out to her. “Take one. The plantation is lousy with them.” Katie plucked an apple out of the bowl and Rebekah placed them on the tray table in the room. “How’s your neck?”
“It’s fine, but my headache’s back.” Katie stood up, got light headed and grabbed the back of the chair to stabilize herself.
“Are you alright? You look flushed.” Rebekah asked and placed a hand on Katie’s forehead. “You’re burning up.” Rebekah pulled out her phone and called one of the brothers. “Off to bed with you.” she started helping Katie up the stairs. After she got into bed Rebekah grabbed a damp cloth from the bathroom, came back in and placed it on Katie’s head. “Elijah’s on his way.”
“What about Klaus?” Katie asked as she put her hand over the cloth on her head.
“He’s finding Agnes to see if there’s a way to stop this.” She answered.
“And what is this?” Katie asked, feeling like getting information out of Rebekah was comparable to pulling teeth.
“Agnes stabbed Sophie with a mystical syringe.” Rebekah answered making Katie give her a look that told her to keep talking or she would do her best to kick her ass. “They’re trying to make you miscarry by raising your body temperature.” She answered reluctantly.
“God I swear I’m going to murder that bitch.” Katie growled through her teeth.
“Come now that’s not helping.” Rebekah scolded her then slid from the bed and took the cloth with her. She was placing the it back on Katie’s forehead when Elijah and Sophie walked in. Rebekah slid down off the bed and looked at Elijah. “What the hell is she doing here?”
“I’m trying to help.” Sophie defended herself.
“Help?” Rebekah asked disbelievingly. “You’re the reason we’re in this bloody mess. Why aren’t we unlinked with this witch already, Elijah?”
“Rebekah, let her do what she can.” Elijah told her.
“I may know of a way to slow the fever down, but I’m gonna need some special herbs. I’ll text you a list.” Sophie told Katie then looked at Rebekah.
Rebekah looked at Elijah who just looked back at her. “Fine. Happy to play the fetch girl.” Rebekah told him as she walked by Elijah and slammed the damp cloth into his chest.
“Thank you Rebekah!” Katie called after her.
“Yeah, yeah.” Rebekah grumbled back.
Katie looked at Elijah who took in the beads of sweat rolling off of Katie’s forehead then turned his eyes to Sophie. “Is there anything we can be doing while Rebekah is gone?” He asked and she shook her head no looking worried. “Then you can wait in the parlor until she returns.” He told her then looked at Katie as Sophie left the room.
“Elijah I didn’t want to boss Rebekah around, but ice packs will work better than a damp cloth. I need five of them.” She told him and he nodded and walked off to get them. In no time he was back with the cold packs in his hands. “I need one behind each ankle, one behind my neck then the other two on my wrists.” He placed them on her hands and feet then sat down on the bed beside her and tucked one behind her neck. She laid her head back and closed her eyes as she focused on the sound of her daughter’s heartbeat. She didn’t realize she had started crying until she felt him wipe a tear. “I’ve lost one baby…I don’t want to lose this one…” she whispered, not opening her eyes.
“I will do everything in my power to ensure you will not lose your child.” He assured her. She kept her eyes closed, but nodded. “How are you feeling?” he asked in an attempt to change the subject.
“Like a fire poker someone left in the coals too long.” She answered then opened her eyes and looked at Elijah worried browns. “Where’s Klaus?”
“Finding Agnes so we can figure out how to break this curse.” He answered.
‘Right, Rebekah told me that I forgot.” She sighed. Elijah cupped her sweaty cheek in his hand and she let her eyes slip closed feeling dizzy and light headed as her head pounded.
After a few minutes Rebekah and Sophie came into the room. “Bring her out back.” Sophie barked and Elijah scooped her up into his arms. He set her on the cement at the edge of the pool then took off his jacket and shoes.
"She’s burning up. We need to do this now." Elijah told Sophie who was mixing the herbs that Rebekah had retrieved.
"Get her in the water." Sophie told Elijah who jumped off the edge of the pool beside Katie then helped her slide down into the cool water. He kept his hand on her lower back as they walked into the center of the pool.
"I don't see how a midnight swim is supposed to help." Rebekah said watching Sophie mix the herbs.
"Her temperature is sky high. The water will help with the should cool us down." Sophie answered as she got into the pool and walked over to Elijah and Katie. "Drink this." She told Katie who took a cup of herbs from her and started drinking. "You're going to have to get her heart rate down."
"And how do you suggest I do that?" Elijah asked as Katie handed Sophie the cup back.
"Hold her. It's a natural human remedy to slow the heart rate and reduce blood pressure." Sophie answered.
Katie wrapped her arm around Elijah's shoulders as he scooped her up bridal style and sank down waist deep in the water. "This is never going to work." Rebekah chipped in and Katie wished she would just stop talking.
"Davina will break that link. We just need time." Elijah told his sister then looked at Katie.
In that moment, mere minutes away from losing her baby, resting in Elijah’s arms, slightly delirious from the high temperature of her body, all she could think was one thing, "I want Klaus." She sounded like a child in pain, asking for her mommy.
"I know you do." Elijah told her and she looked at him apologetically. “I also know you find my voice relaxing.”
“Only when you’re not bossing your siblings around.” She replied and he ignored it. She dropped one hand from his shoulders and placed it on her stomach, hoping with everything in her that she wouldn't lose this child.
"Look at me, Katie, listen to the sound of my voice." She looked into Elijah chocolate eyes. "Take long deep breaths." She nodded and focused on him and he lowered her further into the water.
Tumblr media
"I've got you. You're okay. You're okay." His hand that rested on her outer thigh caressed her in an attempt to sooth her. “Just breathe, I’ve got you.”
Just as the grandfather clock in the house struck nine an intense pain shot through her stomach making Katie cry out and curl up in Elijah’s arms. Out of instinct Katie started listening to her baby's heartbeat finding that it was gradually slowing. "No, no, no." She cried as she caressed her stomach, “Don’t leave me baby girl.” she pressed her face into Elijah’s wet chest.
"I just felt it lift." She heard Sophie say behind her.
As Elijah continued to hold her, Katie listened to the baby's heartbeat pick back up as her own body temperature started dropping. She looked up at Elijah who let her go so she could stand up. A relieved sigh left her lips as she let her head fall to rest on Elijah's shoulder. He grabbed her hand and opened it to look at her palm. “You are no longer linked to Sophie.” She pulled her head back and looked at his handsome face.
“I’m free?” she asked and he gave her a hard faced nod. “I don’t know how to thank you.” she said with a shake of her head.
“You can start by getting inside and dry before you catch a cold.” He told her as he put his hand on her lower back and urged her toward the steps.
“Elijah.” Sophie got Elijah’s attention and he stopped. “As soon as your brother finds out that the link is broken, he’ll kill Agnes.” Katie stopped and rested her forehead on the edge of the pool. “I know you don’t owe me anything, but please don’t let him kill her.” Elijah whooshed out of the pool and grabbed his coat off of the back of one of the chairs that sat at the patio table. “Elijah! She’s the only access to the power we need to survive. Promise me that you’ll stop him.” Elijah looked at Katie who shook her head no.
He looked at his phone and called Klaus. “It’s me. Where are you?” he asked. Katie was too tired to listen in on the conversation. “No. Don’t hurt her. Yes, Katie and the baby are okay. I’ll be there shortly.” He hung up then looked at Sophie. “I’ll make you one last promise. I won’t let my brother kill Agnes.”
He grabbed his shoes and headed inside. When Sophie walked past her to leave the pool Katie grabbed her by her arm. “The only reason you are still alive, is because I get why you linked yourself to me and you tried to help me tonight. But if you ever put my baby’s life in jeopardy again…” Katie looked across her shoulder into Sophie’s eyes, “this town will be bathed in the blood of New Orleans witches.” She let go of Sophie’s arm and walked up the steps and into the house. She was headed to her room when she passed Elijah. “Elijah.” he stopped and looked back at her, “Please tell me that you are planning on utilizing the massive loophole in your promise to Sophie.”
He walked back over to her and cupped her cheek in his hand. “No one hurts my family and gets away with it. She will pay for what she did.” She nodded and he dropped his hand and left.
Rebekah packed her things and found Katie in the parlor searching the internet to see if what she had been through tonight could affect the baby long term. “You’re leaving?” Katie asked, noticing the luggage in Rebekah’s hands.
“I only came to town to make sure everything was okay with Elijah. He’s fine and he hasn’t punished Klaus for daggering him. So as usual they’ll be thick as thieves and I’ll be left to clean up the mess.” Rebekah told her. “It’s time for me to fly the coop.”
Katie got up and hugged Rebekah. “Believe it or not I’ll miss you.”
It was just Katie in the house when she heard a knock on the door. She moved the curtain aside and saw a guy who looked to be around her age. “Who are you and what do you want?”
“My name’s Josh, I’m looking for Klaus.” He answered.
Knowing who Josh was she pulled the door open. “He’s not here.”
“Well, where is he? I’ve been trying to find him all day.” Josh asked. “Marcel knows that Klaus lied about where he lives.”
“I don’t know where he’s at, but when I see him I’ll tell him to call you, okay?” she asked.
“Thanks.” He told her with a nod then turned and walked away.
She was on her way back upstairs when she heard another knock at the door. “I just want to go to sleep.” She whined to herself as she turned around and headed back to the door. She pulled the curtain back and when her eyes landed on Marcel she stumbled back and mentally started cursing.
She was debating whether she should answer the door or not when Marcel said, “I know someone’s there.” She silently growled as she placed her hand on the door knob then made her face neutral as she pulled the door open. “Scarlett.” Marcel greeted with a confused smile. “Bradley didn’t say anything about you being back to town.”
“I just got in, I was planning on surprising him.” She lied smoothly. “So if you could not tell him I’m in town it would be greatly appreciated.”
“Of course.” He told her with a nod.
“So what can I do for you?” she asked politely.
“Is Klaus in?” he asked and she shook her head no. “Will you tell him I stopped by?” he asked with a smile that seemed to be signature.
“Sure thing.” she told him with a nod then shut the door as he turned and walked away.
She was headed back up the stairs when she heard a whoosh then a stabbing pain shot through her neck and she passed out.
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shyrose57 · 13 days ago
2: I will figure it out eventually and that's a promise.
3: Watson is aboustely heart broken and near tears multiple times as well hearing Ran in so much distress and actually crying. Jackie does cry, he attempts multiple times to hug Ran and make it known he's there to comfort him, but it only works sometimes, and when it doesn't work Ran gets scared and tries to get away believing an attacker has gotten him. Grievous is almost like silently grieving, knowing he can't do anything to help his close friend. Cletus feels bad, and since he isnt too good with emotions, focuses on instead attempting to cheer everyone else up. Isaac and Benjamin feel awful as they feel at fault for letting it happen, so to hopefully help they make plans on how to make Ran as comfortable and safe as can be while also getting him to a nearby town they heard about to hopefully reverse it. Charles is doing his damn best to comfort Ran while also distracting him from his own thoughts, which mostly means Charles (and Watson) play the role of story teller for a while. Ranbob is the hardest hit by it, he's suffering so much because he so badly just wants to go over and hug his little brother and comfort him, tell him that it'll all be ok and that Bobby would protect him. But also knows he can't because he knows that would most likely do nothing but make it worse. For a while he spends his time blocking his ears and wrapped in a comfort blanket trying to comfort himself, as everyone else tend to his suffering brother. One thing that makes it harder is that Ran begins to purr to himself in a vain attempt to comfort himself (cause I personally like to think Enderman hybrids are like cats and purr like them, when their happy, content, comfortable, but also to soothe themselves and heal wounds), when Ranbob knows Ran's never purred, so knowing he's so desperate to try it now hurts him. 
You will get some comfort, like Watson manages to convince Ranbob to at least hug Ran, and Ranbob manages to purr alongside Ran a bit, which does actually help to calm Ran down. Ran getting wrapped up with the fluffiest blanket they have and always having Watson, Jackie, or Grievous by his side. With Jackie tending to hold his hand. 
4: All of the above. Sudden touch can be overwhelming to Ranbob at times, especially when he's not doing well mentally. Also while in this state, touch reminds him of the desperate grabbing and touching of the people he killed that tried to escape or fend him off. And Dream was able to hurt Ranbob by starving and dehydrating him of course, but when Ranbob was being particularly disobedient and tried to fight back Dream would often take control and cut or stab Ranbob then gave back control as punishment. 
10: It does get better! Idk if I already said but Kelalen is actually where they get the antidote for Rans blindness potion! And when their given it for free and it works, they become very grateful to Adler and Lucia (the one who actually convinced Adler to give them the potion in the first place cause it was the only one left). And a few days after they arrive they actually decide to explore the town, where they meet Siren and get more information on Dream and who he was, they also get their weapons and armor repaired by them. But while talking with Siren, Cletus and Grievous sneak off and run into Atlas, then Cletus and Grievous agree to help Atlas with his prank. But by the end of their second week in Kelalen the group starts to truly enjoy their stay, Ranbob often saying how it kind of reminds him of Mizu before everything happened. 
12: Thats funny though and is exactly how I'd want to be seen.
Also my friend has a message for you, "HahA THEY BETTER THANK ME I SET THEM UP FOR MORE MISERY 😈😈 /j" (I wanna be safe so if you don't know /j means that their joking)
14: Im not doing Foolish and Dream brothers because I personally don't like/get it. But I was thinking maybe they meet Foolish after Mripat tells them that there was a member of the SMP who was said to be a god and immortal. And after some long conversations they decide to go hunt for this apparently immortal god. Which takes a while since no one actually knows where he is, just that he likes deserts, and have to go off possible sightings or hints in history books. And when they finally meet him they manage to learn about totems (which they previously didn't know about) and even get some. They also learn that infact even during the SMP time no one quite knew what Dream was, and learns the ways the SMP tried to permanently get rid of him. Foolish is also devastated to know that Dream infact survived and becomes determined to help them. Even offering his help that if they ever go back to Mizu to face Dream, he'll come along and help in anyway he can. 
15: I like to imagine Edward remembers Ranboo as the young troubled enderman that he basically adopted and took care of. So Edward sees Ranboo in both Ran and Ranbob, so he offers his help and advice. Basically becoming their Grandad, telling stories about everything he's seen. Especially about Ranboo because Ranbob is so curious about his ancestor he just cant help but ask. One convo I've been particularly thinking about goes something like, "Edward: Older one, what do you think your brother thinks about you? Ranbob: I..I think he doesnt like me, and that he wants me gone. Edward: Hmm, your wrong. Ranbob: What? Edward: When I look at Ran, I see a child, not an adult yet, scarred, scared and traumatized. A child that wishes you two were closer, that he could forgive you and wants to believe you, just so you two could be family again. But is afraid too, for he already has a family, that he is terrified of losing, and is scared if he attempts to trust you again that they may leave him. But make no mistake, your brother wants to make amends, your brother cares about you and wants you happy. He knows deep down that he can trust you, and that you are innocent, but you all must help him acknowledge those parts, and stand by him, helping him walk when needed, as he traverses his own nightmares." AKA I really want Edward to be the reason Ranbob realizes that Ran does want to be family again but needs help. Cause if I had to describe the brothers current positions with their trauma it'll be, Ranbob-Knows he has trauma and is trying to get better and live with it, willingly getting help. Ran-Is fucking drowning in trauma cause he refuses to acknowledge he has it and hides it well most of the time, also doesn't ask for help. 
2: I fear the day.
3: Hahaha, ow, ow, ow. That, overall, is...heartbreaking. At the same time though, it’s sweet to see everyone pitching in to do their best and help him. We got it with Ranbob, now we get it with Ran.
I am curious, though. From what you’ve said, Blindness potions don’t wear off immediately? Why’s that?
4: *Chants* Please punch Dream. Please punch Dream. Please punch Dream. How do the fishermen deal with this, and help Ranbob?
10: Oh, god, Ran’s blind when they arrive in town. That’s definitely a high tension situation. Not only have you got him out of commission, but everyone else high strung from it, and probably having their protective instincts in overdrive when they randomly get treated hostilely. What exactly does an antidote for blindness consist of? Do most potions have antidotes, or counters? Is milk no longer used, or is that not a thing in the AU? It does sound nice that they all end up making friends later on though. How does Ran adjust to having his sight back? And, y’know, having everyone see him like that, and his brother comfort him(if they aren’t on good terms at this point, the timeline’s confusing me a bit)
12: Throughout this conversation, every time I read something sad, the image struck me, and honestly, it’s what you deserve. If these keeps up, I’m gonna start inserting these little 🏹s every time you hurt my heart. 
13: I’m being conspired against. Does everyone see this? Brothers Anon and their friend are conspiring to break my heart. Such gremlins. What did I ever do to you two?
Also, you can tell your friend that from this point on, I will closely associate them with a tiny, purple, cackling imp. 
14: Huh. Why do they want to find Foolish? Curiosity? To learn more about the Smp? About Dream? Sounds like it has a lot of potential to be quite the interesting encounter. And, since they didn’t previously know about the totems, they probably wouldn’t notice if one activated in a certain situation where it’s with that what you will.
15: Anon, I love all of this. Tell me more about Grandpa Edward. Does he fondly look back to Ranboo being polite and quiet while Ranbob and Ran cause havoc in the background? Does he bake them snacks and tell them about Ranboo’s adventures, and how much he loved to mine-which, in hindsight, is kind of funny, considering you just mentioned that so few people follow Skeppy because of the mining, but apparently their ancestor did that thing for fun.
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thoseofuswhoblossom · 16 days ago
Choose a character. They get one wish. They can wish for absolutely anything they want in the world. They could wish to be an Elder Dragon. However, they must use this wish "selfishly". What do they wish for? - moonlit-grove
Bonus question: If Viil were not the commander, what would he be doing in life?
So it's 11pm for me and I couldn't sleep bc it's somehow humid even with air-conditioning- thank you for this well timed ask, fren @moonlit-grove !!
When I read "selfishly" my instincts told me to omit Nohsi, the local good lad...but then again... I realized many of my toons would have some pretty selfish wants anyway (just...nothing as wild as wishing to be a dragon-), even if they've either moved on or forgotten about it at this point in the general timeline.
Nohsi would wish for Impyerno never having fallen to Nightmare. He'd wish for them to be as they were as saplings, friends who were close enough to act like brothers- to actually be brothers. Now I know at first it sounds selfless, but he's also making that wish to free himself from a convoluted feeling of guilt every time he's reminded of Imp's existence. (Thanks Skull/girls you taught me about this kind of guilt and how it's apparently selfish.)
Barnaby would feel horrible if anyone in Alloy found out about this, but... Sometimes he still thinks of what could have been with Flare Warband. How far up he could have taken them in the ranks, how he could have had a clear shot for Blood Centurion if Steelbane didn't screw him over. With this wish, he could ask for Flare's former renown, be at the reigns of a Warband again, and make rank like he used to...
Simply put, Impyerno would have unapologetically wished for power. Not authoritative power over the Court and whatever else, but physically and mentally if it means reaching superiority over everyone.
And Viilhelm... Well... He'd wish he didn't let Steag Frostbeard and his Svanir goons trap him in the mists. He'd wish that history would change that particular day, so that it was his legend to have been a brave young hunter who protected Havroun Solvi and his Apprentice before they were even harmed.
Speaking of Viilhelm, and going back to the bonus question...
I mean, if he weren't the Commander after his predecesor handed that role over to him (after the events of HoT), and if he weren't chosen by Aurene... He'd be a dead man to everyone who knew of him (Except for his sister, Eir, and The Order of Whispers). He would have been indefinitely stuck as an assassin and infiltrator for the Order that grants him assylum... Thinking about it now, this life would have really sucked for Viil... I mean, what's left in the life a Norn who can't ever forge a legend of his own anymore?
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christycurlswrites · 17 days ago
I Won't Give Up
Bucky x Reader Soulmate
Warnings: Self Doubt, slight angst, protective Bucky. Fluff and angst in future chapters.
Please do not steal, plagarize or repost my work on any other site. Likes and reblogs make me happy.
I do not have a beta reader. All mistakes are my own.
Summary: Y/N and Bucky are soulmates, bound together. What happens when one cannot remember the other? (I suck at summaries)
Taglist is open for this story! Please let me know what you think!
Dividers by @whimsicalrogers
Tumblr media
Chapter 4
“What am I expected to wear?” Y/n adjusted herself on the couch as she watched television. It had been a quiet afternoon of tv watching as Bucky made sure there were clean sheets on the bed and the room was clean for her to maneuver in. The bathroom in the spare room had left a lot to be desired. It was still too small but it would have to do for a few days.
Bucky shrugged as he put clean clothes in the dresser. “Whatever you are comfortable in.”
“That can’t be right.” She scrunched her nose as she changed the channels. “Tony doesn’t throw casual parties.” She smirked as she continued. “Remember when Nat wanted a low key birthday party? Tony rented out her favorite bar and hired a band for live karaoke?” She stifled a giggle as she continued. “Everyone was forced to dress in their best evening wear and Nat nearly killed Tony because she just wanted a Netflix and chill night with Clint.” She was too busy holding her ribs from the pain of laughter to notice.
Bucky stood in front of the dresser, shock splayed across his face. She remembered. She had remembered Nat’s birthday a few months ago. She was doubled over in laughter on the couch, her hand covering her mouth as she did. That night she had sung a terrible cover of ‘Wanted dead or alive’ by Bon Jovi in a dress that was very uncomfortable and a drink in her hand. Bucky had to carry her home because her feet hurt so much. She had complained that he forgot to bring a pair of slippers for the night.
“Bucky?” Her voice snapped him back. “I’m sorry.” Blinking back to reality he realized he had tears on his cheeks, an ache in his chest. He took a deep breath and cleared his throat, forcing his pain down. “You remembered.” It was all he could think to say.”
“I-I guess I did.” She moved to sit up, hand coming to rub her forehead. “But nothing else is coming.”
Wiping his cheeks, Bucky sat down on the couch in front of her. “It will come back.” He gently removed her hand from her forehead and held it in his own. “These little snippets are perfectly normal. They will come at the most random moments. Some will be full memories, others will be a snapshot. It will bring relief, bursts of happiness and excitement at the images coming back. But it will also bring anger, frustration and disappointment.” He made sure to keep her hand in his. “Your memories will come in time. As much as it sucks to be forced to wait, that is what we will have to do.”
She looked at him with a hopeful smile. “You speak as if you have experience with this.”
Bucky stiffened, nerves threatening to choke him before he eased. “I’m just trying to help. That’s all.”
Tumblr media
She wiggled in the chair as the elevator took them down. Her legging were comfy, her one boot a little tight but bearable. The flowy top made her feel better. The last thing she wanted was something clinging to the scars on her body.
“If you want to leave at any point we can.” Bucky leaned forward, his forearms resting on the handles. “We can have a password.”
Y/N snorted as she adjusted again. “Nah. We don’t need a password.” She breathed as she willed her nerves away. “I’ll be fine.”
Standing to his full height when the doors opened Bucky pushed her into the common room, scanning all the decorations and food. He saw her favorite plates waiting for her, her devil’s food cake sitting on a stand. Thankfully Tony had scaled back immensely as it was just the avengers. No waiters, no straddlers, no excessive amounts of important people. Tony had made sure the decorations were simple, nothing to overwhelm her. Everyone stayed on one side of the room waving awkwardly. They had decided to approach her one by one, each hoping to have a few moments with her. They had not decided who would go first.
“Oh my God!” Y/N leaned back with her hand covering her mouth.
Body stiff, Bucky leaned down to be face to face with her, trying to not bend the metal as he grabbed the armrest. “What?” He whispered. “Do you want to leave?”
“It’s him!” She whisper yelled. “Why didn’t you tell me he was going to be here?!”
Brow wrinkled and nose scrunched Bucky looked to the avengers again. “Who?”
Y/N motioned to the man in question. “Him!” She fought to keep her voice under control. “You didn’t say Sam Wilson- THE Sam Wilson- would be here!”
“Are you serious?” Bucky rolled his eyes. “Birdbrain over there lives here too as an avenger.”
“We live in the same tower as The Falcon?!”
“Did I hear my name?” Sam sauntered over, kneeling down in front of Y/N with a warm smile on his face. “It’s good to see you Y/N.” He took her hands in his. “How are you feeling?”
“I’m better. As- as well as can be expected.” She stuttered, making Bucky scoff. “It’s amazing to see you!” Her smile was genuine as it stretched wider than Bucky had seen since her accident. “Bucky. Can I have a drink please?” She asked.
“Sure.” Bucky stood slowly, watching as Sam and Y/N spoke. Stalking over to the drink station he couldn’t help but feel a hold burn itself in his chest.
“I don’t think I’ve seen Y/N earn a murder glare before.” Steve asked as he stood with his hands in his pockets.
“It’s not for her.” Bucky growled.
“I know.” Steve sighed. “What’s going on Buck?”
Swallowing hard he ran his fingers through his hair. “She doesn’t know who I am. But she recognizes Wilson.” He motioned to Sam as he spoke. “I’m her fucking soulmate!” He spat the last word as if it would burn his mouth.
“How quickly you forget what you had to go through. What I went through when I found you.” Steve looked at Y/N as he spoke. “You had nights where you couldn’t remember your name. Where you reverted to the Winter Soldier and I had to physically restrain you.”
“Yeah I get it Steve.”
“Do you?” Steve looked to Bucky as he spoke. “You, above everyone else in this tower, knows what she is going through. You know what she is feeling.”
“Of course I know what she is going through!” Bucky turned so his whole body was positioned in front of Steve. “I’m trying. I’m fucking trying!” He fought to keep his voice under control. “Forgive me if I have a moment. I’ve been there every day, every single step since the accident and she barely remembers everything about me. But, the moment she sees Sam, she seems to remember everything.”
“I wonder what that feels like.” Steve muttered as he shook his head “You act like she has all her memories back of Sam. The way she is reacting to him is more of a fangirl and not a friend.”
Turning to look at Y/N, Bucky saw the admiration in her eyes as Sam spoke. She seemed to hang onto every word he said, her hands tangled together like her nerves must have been. The last time he had seen her this nervous she had bumped into Keanu Reeves on the street, the same smile on her face then as it was now. “Maybe you are right.”
“I know I’m right.” Steve smirked. “Look I know it’s hard but give her time. She will get better. She is here surrounded by people who love her, people who want to help her.” He leaned in close to Bucky. “I have to ask- when are you going to tell her?”
His stomach dropped as Steve’s question reached his ears. “I’m not ready to have this conversation.”
“You should do it sooner rather than later.” Steve continued as if he didn’t hear Bucky’s response. “Obviously not now but she needs to know. And she needs to hear it from you.”
Rolling his eyes Bucky exhaled his frustration. “I know. I know. I just…” He looked at Y/N as he ran his fingers through his hair. “I need a little more time. She’s too fragile right now.”
“Like I said.” Steve reinforced. “You don’t need to tell her right now. But it has to be you who tells her.”
Gathering her drink Bucky nodded and headed back to Y/N.
“Anyway I’m constantly fixing him.” Sam’s voice reached his ears as he approached.
“Why not have Tony repair him?” Y/N asked.
“Absolutely not!” Sam exclaimed. “Redwing is family. I don’t want Tony putting any sort of upgrade on him and make him unreliable.”
“There you go again talking like Redwing is a real bird.” Bucky sat on the ottoman next to Y/N as he handed her drink to her.
“You’re just mad because Redwing has saved your life a few times.”
Y/N looked at Bucky in shock. “Really?”
Groaning Bucky hung his head. “Once. That stupid robotic bird saved me once.”
“What he means is Redwing saved him multiple times on the same mission.” Sam explained. “He doesn’t want to admit he owes Redwing quite a bit.”
Bucky scowled at Sam but was cut off before he could give his reply.
“Well I’m grateful he saved Bucky.” Y/N spoke up as her hand reached for Bucky’s. “I quite like having Bucky around.” She made sure to look at him as she spoke, giving him a warm smile that made him putty in her hands.
“Well.” Sam smirked as he stood, watching the soulmates have a moment. “I’ll catch up with you later Y/N.”
Tumblr media
“You look so good!” Wanda leaned in for a hug after Y/N gave her permission. She sat across from Y/N, refusing to let her hands go. “How are you feeling?”
‘The question of the day.’ Y/N thought as she offered her response. “I’m better. Thank you for asking.” She looked around the room before she continued. “This is all too much.”
Wanda laughed. “Once you remember who Tony Stark is you will realize this is understated.” She quickly looked at Y/N after realizing what she had said. “I’m- God Y/N I’m so sorry I didn’t mean it like that.”
Waving her off with a smile Y/N spoke. “It’s ok. I know what you meant. I take no offense.”
Bucky watched her as he piled a plate of nachos for her.
“Take it easy.” Natasha spoke from his side, making him jump. “I don’t think she can eat all of that.” She motioned to the huge portion of nachos and cheese piled on the plate.
He set the plate down as he exhaled. “I guess I wasn’t paying attention.”
“Yeah. Steve told me how you reacted to Sam.” Nat kept her voice level as her eyes traveled to Y/N.
“Steve has a big mouth.”
“It comes with being a mother hen.” Nat shrugged as they chuckled together. “She seems ok.”
“Yeah she does.” Bucky picked up another plate, his eyes looking at the food again. He settled on pasta, making sure there was a big portion of shredded cheese on top. “She’s getting there.”
“And you?” Nat inquired.
“Why does everyone want to ask me that?”
“Don’t be dramatic. The only people who have asked are me and Steve.”: Nat waved him off. “Don’t get upset because we care.”
Taking a minute to collect his thoughts Bucky answered. “I’m fine.”
“Yeah I thought you would say that. Well…” Nat tapped his shoulder. “Just make sure you take care of yourself too.” She met Bucky’s questioning gaze. “What I’m saying is don’t get so wrapped up in taking care of Y/N that you forget to take care of yourself.”
“I won’t.” Bucky became defensive in spite of himself. “I’m fine.”
Holding her hands up in defeat Nat scooted towards Y/N without another word.
“Y/N!” She held her hands out as she approached, engulfing Y/N in a hug as soon as she could. “How is my girl?”
Bucky could see the annoyance on her face as the question passed Nat’s lips. He looked at his watch. They had been here for two hours. He made a mental note to give her another two before he pulled her away to leave. He suspected she was getting fed up.
Tumblr media
“Can I join you?” Steve asked as he held a cup of coffee in his hands.
“Only if that is for me.” Y/N smirked her response.
“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t thin-” Steve stammered before he was interrupted by Y/N’s laughter. “I can get you one now if you like.”
“Sit down Steve.” She motioned to the ottoman. “I’m just messing with you.”
They sat in silence for a few moments, Y/N looking around secretly hoping something would spark. She looked to Nat, Wanda, Sam and Tony. Nothing. Bucky was deep in conversation with Sam not looking her way.
“It’s all right.” Steve whispered as he leaned close. “To not remember anything right now.” He adjusted the cup in his hands. “These things take time.”
Y/N shrugged, a question popping out of her mouth before she could stop it. “Were we close?” She looked almost afraid to ask the question. “Before my injury I mean. Were we close?”
Swallowing hard Steve shook his head. “Unfortunatley we weren’t. Part of that is My fault.”
“I’m sure some of it was mine.”
Shaking his head again Steve continued. “Bucky has been a huge part of my life. We grew up together, he would finish fights with bullies I started. Hell we served in the army together. Bucky is my family.” He looked down at his cup. “I lost my soulmate years ago. She passed away. We, wrongfully, assumed Bucky never had a soulmate. When he found you-”
“It felt like you were losing him.” Y/N finished. “I’m sorry about your soulmate.”
“Peggy.” Steve breathed. “Her name was Peggy. You don’t have to apologize. It's how things played out. As far as how I treated you.” Steve continued. “It was ridiculous, and I didn’t handle it well, but that’s the truth. Bucky is all I had left as far as family goes.”
Y/N reached over, her hand covering his. “I’m sorry. For whatever I did before to make you think I was taking Bucky away. Can we- can we start over?”
“None of that is your fault. I was projecting my own issues. You were just the perfect excuse.” Steve put his cup down and held onto Y/N. “If you can forgive me I would like to start over too.”
“Good.” She made herself sit up straight, hoping to hide the wincing from her protesting ribs. She held out her hand. “Hi I’m Y/N.”
Smiling wider than he had in a long time Steve took Y/N’s hand and shook. “Nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Steve.”
Tumblr media
“So let me get this straight.” Y/N rubbed her eyes as she tried to work out what Tony had just told her. “You and Bruce created Ultron who then turned insane, got Wanda and her brother Pietro to work with him, they nearly destroyed all of you. Then, in response, you create Vision, then have a whole fight in Sokovia which ended in Pietro’s death?!” She wrinkled her brow at Tony’s nodding head. “Why would you two think to create another android?!”
“To bring down Ultron.” “Who you created.” Y/N argued.
Bucky helped clear the room of food and decorations, looking to Y/N every few moments. He knew she was having a heated debate with Tony. Looking at her now Bucky headed over.
“Hello tall, dark and metal.” Tony greeted. “Your girl is telling me how wrong I was to create Vision.”
“Sounds to me like you should have listened to Steve when he said it.” Bucky shot back as he knelt down to see Y/N. “How are you feeling?” He gently brushed some hair away from her eyes.
“Just peachy.” She tried to keep her voice level but the tiredness was there.
Kissing her forehead Bucky stood up. “Alright.” He unlocked her wheels and started moving her out of the room. He couldn’t help the smile as he saw relief come over her face and a smirk on her lips. “This has been fun. But I am old and tired. We are leaving. Goodnight!”
“Goodnight! And Thank You!” Y/N yelled and waved as she was wheeled into the elevator.
“How did you know I wanted to leave?” She asked once they were safely in the spare room.
Locking her wheels Bucky said “Peachy was our code word. Once one of us said it the other knew it was time to leave.”
“I remembered something else! Two in one day!” She lifted her hand for a high five with excitement on her face.
Bucky laughed as he returned the high five. “See? You are getting there.” He made sure her pajamas were on the bed as he pulled the comforters back. Turning back to her he asked. “Can I pick you up again? Just to get you situated in bed.”
“Yeah.” There was no way she was going to turn down the opportunity to be held again. “Don;t worry. I’ll tell you if you hurt me.”
Gathering her in his arms he held her close to his chest, his arms caging her to him. He took his time, relishing the weight of her. He missed this. Missed being able to touch her when he wanted. Missed holding her close to him at night. Missed the way she could calm his mind with a brush of her lips against his forehead.
He didn’t miss the whimper she tried to hide as he placed her on the bed. “I’ll be back in a few minutes to check on you. I left my things in our room.” He disappeared before she could protest.
When he came back she had changed her shirt. “The leggings I’ll sleep in. The sports bra was a good idea. But.” She motioned at her boot. “I can’t get that one off.”
Bucky immediately knelt down, taking her boot off and adjusting her to lay down, making sure she was comfortable before he took a step back.
“Bucky?” Her voice sounded small, anxiety on her face as she asked. “Can you stay here tonight? Not in the same bed of course but.” She closed her eyes and sucked in her lips before she continued. “Not that I meant it like that-”
“Shhh.” He interrupted, thankful she had asked. He didn’t want to be away from her. Especially on her first night back in the tower. He had wanted to ask but he didn’t want to put her on the spot. “I can sleep on the couch. Just let me gather a blanket and pillow from our room.” He stepped out and was back quicker than she anticipated, making the couch as comfy as possible.
“Thanks Bucky.” She yawned. “Good night.”
He waited until he heard her soft snores before he responded. “Goodnight doll. I love you.”
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