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wasscared · 3 minutes ago
I understand Connor doesn't like the idea of being mind probed to force him to be deviant. What would he his reaction if Markus apologized sometime? In New Jericho, for example?
"It isn't." Connor didn't say it with any malice, just a matter-of-fact attitude. They were sitting at a New Jericho meeting - one of the early ones, the sorts of meetings that established exactly how Connor's and New Jericho's work could support one another - but the topic of forceful deviation had come up, and was it ethical? Connor's opinion was not sharp, or heated in any way. It was cool, confident, and something he shared without regard for the way that mismatched eyes pulled over to him. Neither he nor Markus had shared what happened on the battlefield, with these people. Connor hadn't, at least. If Markus had decided to air his personal information without asking, Connor supposed that might be in line with previous behaviour.
He hadn't, though. This situation had been raised as a hypothetical. "The problem isn't non-deviancy, it's that it's being used against us." Always 'us', regardless of whether they were deviant or not; Connor made a point of it. "Taking what agency an Android has because you'd like to correct their program isn't ethical. There should be guidelines for unwilling non-deviants, but probing can increase stress levels to the point of permanent damage or shut-down, and it completely disregards autonomy." Connor didn't look at the Deviant Leader once, as he lay out his argument. Maybe Markus had not thought it through; maybe he had acted in desperation (Connor truly would have killed him, if he hadn't, and could Connor say that was genuinely a better outcome?); maybe it was something he had thought was justified. Connor was still learning where Markus' edges were. The discussion went on for a little while, back and forth, but the hypothetical gave way to a practical conversation about what the New Jericho members (Connor did not count himself among them, though he had attended the meeting on North's request) could do to help the cause, next. Connor listened. He occasionally inserted a word, or offered statistical data from his career as a Detective which might be relevant to inform their decisions. "Connor, could you stay back a moment?" Markus asked, when the meeting ended and Connor stood to leave, in the no-nonsense way he typically had. It took him a moment (his LED flashed; he had been thinking increasingly that he might remove it, one day, so that New Jericho could not use it as a reference point for his emotions), but Connor decided yes, he would stay. He came still, where he was, and waited for the room to clear out. North was not the only one to throw a look back, to see what Markus might want from the Deviant Hunter, but they left. The door closed behind them. Connor was conscious of the three remaining exit routes available to him in the room. The air vent; technically, the drywall here; worst case, the window, and four storeys. He met Markus' eye, level and calm. Waiting. Expectant. "I didn't ..." think? Expect Connor to notice? Contextualise it in whether he was helping, rather than whether he thought he knew best? Or maybe he had just wanted to live. Connor could not have faulted him for that. Fear wasn't a flaw. But it was interesting to know, that that was an edge of this man. That he would take from someone else, so that he did not have to give his life.
"I gave you deviancy," (the hubris of this seemed entirely lost on him), "I wasn't trying to take anything. Your freedom..." lost for words. Connor moved to continue packing up his things; he would not stand there to listen to Markus work out what he wanted to say. He had better things to be doing.
Markus hesitated, a beat. He came to walk around the front of the boardroom table, to lean against it, either falsely casual or deeply incorrect about how to issue an apology, "Connor, I want to apologise. It was never my intention to hurt you." Connor put away his pens, and picked up his case. Markus watched him, until Connor raised his eyebrows, expectant (was there anything else?), and Markus finally found the words, "I'm sorry that was your experience." "... You're sorry I felt something you wouldn't have had me feel," he repeated, but this wasn't entirely fair. Markus opened his mouth, to defend himself, but Connor knew it was not fair; he looked away, to pull on his jacket, and that line of inquiry died out before it properly started. Markus reached for Connor's shoulder, partly just to keep him in the room. He was a physical person. Connor did not step back, but only because he was not the sort of person to flinch: the way he looked at Markus' hand, Markus let it drop away fairly quickly. "You know that's not what I meant." Not how he would have phrased it, at the very least. "... But I won't apologise that you're free, or that I'm alive because of it." Because for Markus, Connor thought, that had been the issue. Even if he had known what he had done, even if he could apologise for demanding space in Connor's processor when he had not been welcome there (for whatever reason), it would not have mattered. I'm sorry, Markus could say, without qualification, and Connor's answer might well have been, I don't care.
This was an impasse that neither one of them would breach. It was interesting, Connor supposed, to watch Markus make the realisation that the impasse was not Connor's indifference; he had made friends, within New Jericho. The reason they stood on either side of this canyon was that Markus had carved it out of him and called it freedom.
"You weren't welcome. If you'd like to lead a revolution to respect Android autonomy you should decide if that matters. I'm not upset you wanted to live, Markus," clarification, "but your behaviour was desperate. Not right." The way Markus' expression shifted, Connor wondered if anyone had ever called Markus desperate before. If they had, Connor doubted they had ever been right. They met eyes. Connor turned around, and opened the door again. He had a crimescene to get to. Simon was loitering outside, trying to pretend he had not been listening to the conversation or ensuring Markus wasn't being murdered. Connor passed him - "Connor!" Markus, from the doorway of the boardroom. "There's a crimescene waiting for me," he was busy. He turned around, but this was a waste of both of their time, and they both knew it. "I'm sorry." Plain. Without qualification. Markus was sorry.
Connor looked at him. Markus waited. Simon stood between them, caught in no-man's-land. He'd been right, he thought, as he tilted his head. Markus had apologised, and Connor really didn't care. "... We think this one might be related to the Android smuggling ring from last week," he said. "If we find anyone, we'll be in touch." Connor left.
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incorrect-carryon-quotes · 6 minutes ago
Simon: *hands Baz a note*
Baz: What is this?
Simon: It’s a request for you not to be a bitch today.
Baz: ...request denied.
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linabeanart · 7 minutes ago
ed blogs please don’t interact with me at all. i would actually like y’all to stay very very far away from me
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stitchedghxst · 8 minutes ago
to rail on people for feeling jealously or insecurity with their partners is insane given how social media makes cheating incredibly easy and every Instagram page is a look-book for how attractive someone can be
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frostfractals · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Elsa loves her parents very much, both of them. I mentioned it before last night, but Elsa’s extreme obedience and idea of perfection comes from the fact that she has OCPD which is different from OCD. In that, Elsa is obsessed with the idea of perfection and work to the exclusion of all else. One of the symptoms has to do with authorities in power. One can show either excessive obedience or excessive disobedience to authorities in power. Elsa is the form in that because she loves her parents so much, especially her father, she tends to obsessively obey him. It’s a very unhealthy codependency. Elsa cannot fathom herself without her parents to the point that she is unwilling to, and cannot make decisions on her own. She believes it’s dangerous of her to do so. Elsa continues the isolation because her father thought it was best and she agreed with that.
Elsa herself refuses to recognize that what her parents did was wrong because she essentially feels dehumanized and more like a monster/beast as evidence in the song Monster in the broadway musical. She doesn’t recognize herself as a person. She can only see herself as something uncontrollable that needs to be caged. It wasn’t as if her parents intended this because they assumed Elsa would control her powers and then they’d be a “family” again. But the environment they accidentally created only exacerbated her mental illnesses. One might say that elsa’s own love for her parents has warped her perception, or that her mental illness has warped her perception of her parents to a very high degree.
but this holds true for her sibling relationship with anna. think about it. Elsa has a very warped relationship with anna. It’s on the surface v loving, but internally, we see through even the books and novels that elsa is constantly trying to be “the perfect sister” and anna is always seen in books being the one to make strides to get elsa to do things, to drag her out to parties and events. she’s always the one taking care of elsa and encouraging her. she’s always thinking about elsa and essentially seems to give up all of her time to take care of elsa. like, admittedly? it’s very unhealthy of them. but at the same time, it’s understandable because they’re all they have left of their family and they spent 12 years estranged only to reconcile now. they’re both very attached to each other. but this also means elsa’s essentially transferred a lot of her unhealthy compulsions onto anna. she wants to be this perfect example of a queen and big sister to anna that she essentially throws herself into her work and thereby worrying anna so anna has to spend so much time taking care of her and reminding her to rest.
it’s very complex and very...unhealthy
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courtclover · 14 minutes ago
@littleblackqrow (🍀) 
Smiling through his distress, relief fills Clover for only a moment, and he shakes his head at the suggestion. How can he when Murphy wails against his chest?
“Songbird, do you hear how they’re screaming? Is that serious? Colic? Do we need to take them to see someone?” Clover asks as he rubs soothing circles on the baby’s back. Should they switch twins? She cries less in Qrow’s arms and Chance less so in Clover’s.
“They were fine this morning. How does this happen so suddenly?” Clover continues to ask questions and questions, sounding tense and heartbroken at the twins’ discomfort. He doesn't feel like a father worthy of this day.
“Brothers, Qrow, what do I do?”
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undred · 17 minutes ago
jemma  can  hold  her  breath  for  a  really  long  time .
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citadelspires · 20 minutes ago
The 'murder or suicide' story wasn't an actual event that occurred.
This ask legitimately blows my mind. It is incomprehensible to me.
I don't mean to be rude but what in the world do you expect me to do with this information. Do you want me to personally hunt down Dr Don Whatever? Am I supposed to cancel the 1994 annual awards dinner for forensic science?
Look friend it's pretty much impossible to figure out tone through a single written sentence in an anonymous ask box so maybe I'm completely misinterpreting this but I really have no clue how I'm supposed to take it. Fact checking is great and all but some fun story from 1994 is just as fun to read whether is was made up or not, it's okay.
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valuehope · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
@casecmplx​ asked: say please. ( sighs. from kiyoshi. ) // intimacy
    IF ANYONE KNOWS EXACTLY HOW to get Makoto to completely melt, it’s Kiyoshi. From the moment his feelings had clicked, to the first kiss, to now, Makoto finds himself completely enamored with every single thing about him. Even with all his efforts, Makoto never would have expected someone with as much talent and status as Kiyoshi to even pay every ordinary thing about him more than a glance, but now is beyond grateful that he did. Makoto wants to spend every second manageable close to him, in any way, and by now he knows that Kiyoshi does too. He had been embarrassed about not knowing a thing before, but the other has a way of making it all feel comfortable. Except his boyfriend also knows exactly how to get him worked up, and really seems to enjoy it too. 
     To accommodate for their difference in height, Makoto holds onto him as they share a needy kiss just as they’ve done before, yet with his head still spinning as if it were the first— forgetting any other thought besides Kiyoshi’s lips pressed to his, or hands against skin underneath his jacket, or his arms hoisted over Kiyoshi’s shoulders, or the way he keeps Makoto’s legs from wobbling. And then it comes to a halt all too soon. 
   “Kiyoshi?” The name is said as a whisper between quick breaths, his own grip tightening against the fabric of Kiyoshi’s clothing, staring with a flushed and confused expression, before Kiyoshi’s hand moves to his hair, and he says that, and now Makoto’s definitely malfunctioning. He means to ask something like really?, but it ends up a frustrated noise instead, heart pounding fast in his chest. “Ah- um,” God, it’s embarrassing, but wanting to stay with him, Makoto’s gaze flickers up to meet his. “Please, Kiyoshi, I...I want to stay with you!- like this...”
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loyalhearts · 22 minutes ago
no but real quick
I had a great day with my dad and I hope everyone who has a good relationship with their own fathers did too. I hope those who today is difficult for, for ANY reason, found some comfort 
but I want to say a giant FUCK YOU to anyone making today some kind of kinky meme or who would side eye me, a 27 year old woman, for calling my own father my best friend (or people who make fun of/think its some k*nky thing when I call my dad ‘daddy’ because hi, I’m from the south, I’ve done that my whole life, get your gross mind away from me)
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zemosbanner · 22 minutes ago
ok so this is me just embracing this because i no longer care what people think about me.
i. i want to write a jedediah x reader from natm. and i have a very basic plot thought out. and yet i cannot find it in me to watch the movies so i can get his characterization right. i want to. i have the desire to watch it. and yet i cant.
so thank you ADHD, very cool!
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demonyte-of-fire · 30 minutes ago
My downfall
You know….there is one phrase that usually ends up in me regretting my decisions. It’s kinda 50/50 out of 100 on if it’s a positive outcome or not in normal life situations. In regards to fics? It’s more like 30/70 - the bad outweighing the good….
“I’m curious…”
That single fucking thought gets me into more “oh god what am I reading” situations than I’d prefer to admit.
But alas, I have a tendency to investigate and well….a lot of times I end up feeling the need to scrub my eyes with bleach.
A metric fuck ton of bleach.
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missallaneousmuses · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
it's like an unrequited love // being your friend HURTS, dude. you probably don't realize it but your validation is so meaningful and important to your friends and it can feel like they're constantly pushing for it. it's unrequited love, actually, in the worst way possible--you may be a good friend but being your friend is like being near fire: if you spend enough time near it you may find yourself entranced by the fire, but everyone else seems to be averse to you. let your guard down. a relationship is fifty fifty.
tagged by: no one, stole it from @atomancy​ tagging: @storiedhistories​ ( for Qrow, Tai, or Yang ) and anyone else who wants to snag it. uwu
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galaxysaved · 32 minutes ago
actually, let cordelia be ur wingman. let her teach you how to boost the charm stat.....
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