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#what more can I do
wasscaredan hour ago
connor is Very Conscious Always of how accessible something is, when he asks or expects people to reach for it. he works at New Jericho on Thursdays to try to be more accessible. He keeps his LED so the people he interacts with, who might be afraid of humans, are confident he is an Android (among other reasons). He works with New Jericho to introduce new shelters or refuges along public transport routes, in hotspots for Android crime because that鈥檚 where there are people who have nowhere else to go. He meets people who have been afraid, who didn鈥檛 or couldn鈥檛 ask for help, and he works to find out why that was (because they believed the police wouldn鈥檛 help? did they think they needed an LED, money, papers to come to New Jericho? How can he - how can they - help these people who can鈥檛 access the things they should be able to access?). connor is very conscious, because of who he is and where he works and the people he interacts with on a daily basis (how closely he works, with suffering), he is very conscious of what barriers there are that stop people from being able to reach the things that they deserve or the things that will help them. He will rarely ever make a decision without considering whether, and how, it will affect disenfranchised people. he will rarely ever recommend, or fail to comment on, a change that will make it more difficult for people who are scared or hurt or desperate, to seek help. there are a handful of things that connor is exceptionally fluent in. among these are the Truth, silence, and finding ways to make help聽easier for people who have not found it easy so far at all.聽
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worldsfirstgayknife6 hours ago
While we鈥檙e kinda on the topic of pickle, can I just say that he has the sweetest laugh? Like in the letters dub (for a spilt sec) and in seas the day. It鈥檚 also kinda quiet, making it difficult to picture him laughing hysterically (not including the evil laugh he did in seas the day). God i鈥檓 so sorry I just love his laugh SDGSFGSDDGGFSGF
YOURE RIGHT HE DOES!!! GOD!!!!!!!!! i hope derek knows he has a really good voice!
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chanceofarin8 hours ago
I鈥檓 conflicted about reincorporating the whole 鈥楤yakuya breaks Sode no Shirayuki鈥 plot-line into that dual Zangetsu zanpakuto rebellion fix-it fic. On one hand, trying to fix that entire mess seems exhausting, especially while making it relevant to the reworked over-arching story and such.
but.. Shiro getting righteously mad at Byakuya? him going from 鈥榣ets continue our fight since we were so rudely interrupted >:)鈥 to 鈥業鈥檓 genuinely going to slaughter you senseless for dismissing all of Ichigo鈥檚 hard work and sacrifice to change your ideals鈥 compels me
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nosfearatus8 hours ago
So I've been thinking through the rewrite I had in mind for open heart and I've decided to put it together chapter by chapter. I might make it into some kind of fanfiction later, but for now I just want to get the outline down.
Chapter 1: Of Dolphins and Sharks
You are an emergency medicine intern at Boston's premier teaching hospital, Edenbrook. The emergency thorectomy occurs as in the original but when the nurses dreamily sigh over Ethan Ramsey, MC asks if that name's supposed to mean something to them, which starts off the running joke of people asking if MC practiced medicine in the woods, which, no, MC just doesn't care to keep up with these doctors outside of any research they've done. MC heads to get changed and encounters Bryce, a neurosurgical intern, and Jackie, an infectious disease intern, mostly sticking to the original, and they all head to the atrium together for orientation. MC is unfamiliar with Harper Emery, but Bryce mentions one of her more famous contributions to a medical journal and MC recognizes her by that.
Then MC meets their senior resident, Zaid Mirani, he's a bit of a jerk but it's easy to read that he genuinely cares about his interns. Throughout the day MC also meets several other doctors when helping emergency patients settle into other wings of the hospital. Sienna is the intern responsible for a kid in the pediatrics wing that MC helped reduce a fracture on and MC immediately notices how kind and warm Sienna is. Elijah is an oncology intern that MC meets when the two of them get lost and are both conveniently looking for the same cancer patient, who is typically an outpatient but was admitted after getting violently ill at work and was brought into the emergency room by handsome and kind paramedic Rafael Aveiro. Landry is a pathology intern who MC meets when running some blood samples from a patient to the lab and he mentions how he looks up to Ethan Ramsey, while MC offhandedly mentions that maybe meeting your heroes isn't a good thing, Ramsey enters the lab and acknowledges MC but not Landry, a fact that awes Landry and makes MC uncomfortable.
The gem scene in chapter 1 is a 15 gem scene where you can just hang out with your new friend group in the cafeteria at lunch and get to know each of them better and learn why they became doctors. You also realize that you guys are really good as friends and decide to move in together, this unlocks the penthouse apartment because you guys jump on it ASAP. It's sweet and friendly while also providing the premium housing without having to resort to underhanded tactics or selling your friend's services. Immediately after lunch MC is getting some menial filing done when the ER is suddenly thrown into pandemonium as a scuffle erupts. Chapter ends.
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babydotcom10 hours ago
first love/late spring is about azula falling in love for the first time and you cannot change my mind.
鈥渨ild women don鈥檛 get the blues,
but i find that lately, i鈥檝e been crying like a tall child.鈥
鈥渋 was so young when i behaved twenty-five
yet now i find i鈥檝e grown into a tall child.鈥
azula is fourteen. she鈥檚 meant to be a soldier and a weapon first and foremost, to the point that she鈥檚 hardly a person. but underneath her manipulation and her viciousness and ice cold exterior, she feels everything incredibly deeply. her first love knocks the wind out of her, and she is so overwhelmed that she simply doesn鈥檛 know what to do with it. she is feeling these feelings for the first time in her life. she got to experience other things for the first time at a much younger age-- pride, envy, control. she knows how to handle these. but azula has never once had a free love, one not clouded by competition or expectation or judgement, in her life. it makes her feel like a helpless kid again.
鈥渟o please, hurry, leave me, i can鈥檛 breathe
please don鈥檛 say you love me
鑳搞亴銇仭鍒囥倢銇濄亞銇 (trans. 鈥榤y heart seems like it鈥檚 going to burst鈥)鈥
the only time we hear someone tell azula she is loved is when she hallucinates ursa before her coronation. her reaction to this, despite the fact that deep down it鈥檚 all she ever wanted to hear, is to shatter the hallucination. she cannot handle hearing those words because she鈥檚 truly never heard them, and maybe she doesn鈥檛 think she deserves them. she knows what she鈥檚 done, and no matter how she can justify her actions she still knows in her little girl鈥檚 heart that she鈥檚 not been a good person. she can鈥檛 trust that anyone would truly love her, and the idea of it absolutely terrifies her.聽
鈥渙ne word from you and i would jump off of this ledge i鈥檓 on, baby
聽tell me 鈥渄on鈥檛鈥 so I can crawl back in鈥
the only聽鈥渓ove鈥 she has ever thought she knew was in her relationship with ozai. her entire idea of a loving relationship is doing whatever the other person wants at the drop of a dime, no matter how extreme. she killed for him, she conquered ba sing se for him, and she tried to kill her own brother, all for ozai鈥檚 approval. she would do anything to prove herself to someone she loves or wants to love her, because that鈥檚 all she鈥檚 ever known to do.
azula鈥檚 first love is feverish and frantic and overwhelming. she is fourteen and out of her depth for the first time in her life. she鈥檚 just a kid who doesn鈥檛 know how to ask for love so she asks for approval instead. she is scared of being loved and she is scared of loving, but she is terrified of not being loved at the same time.
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small-plant-friends10 hours ago
Obi-wan Kenobi survives near rejection, survives his masters death, survives Anakin, survives the clone wars, and even survives Order 66 and a newly named Darth Vader.
But he鈥檚 not sure he鈥檒l survive this.
He wakes up in a familiar place. The most familiar place he鈥檚 ever had. He鈥檚 in the Jedi temple in his old quarters.
The force around him thrums and sings with joy. Such a different feeling from the reality he left behind. The origins of his departure from his own reality completely unknown.
There are people. Everywhere. A small feeling of recognition deep within his mind, but the reason behind the feeling is unknown.
A tall, broad man sporting long grey hair, steps forwards. His hands shake as he reaches for obi-wan鈥檚 face. Too numb with confusion to stop the hand. It cups his face, stroking along his cheekbone, and the confusion heightens.
He watches the man open his mouth, words on the verge of escaping. He looks up at the door as it slides open. Pausing a moment obi-wan follows his gaze.
Standing in the doorway is the tall thin figure of Anakin Skywalker. He recognizes him above anyone else. Obi-wan hears the force whisper something about the living. Only remembering 锟紅hose alive in his own reality.
His blood runs cold. Obi-wan could almost feel it stop flowing.
Before anyone had the chance to react to his fear he was pushing the hand away from his cheek and running into the corner across the room. One hand stretched in front of his body ready to defend himself, and the other cupping his stomach, only just starting to swell.
Anakin didn鈥檛 advance. Instead he stopped, raising his hands up and backing into the door.
Obi-wan can feel the room was watching him. He feels his breathing quicken. Tears prickle at the corners of his eyes. There is talking around him but his eyes are only trained on the deep clear blue of Anakin鈥檚.
No yellow in sight. No red, no anger, no fear or rage. Just deep blue confused eyes. This Anakin reminding him so much of his lover. So much of his own Anakin.
Then the room goes black.
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ohthoumylovelyboy10 hours ago
Ok you know what I release myself from worrying about, or even thinking about my gender. At this point it only causes me stress, discomfort and confusion. Maybe I鈥檓 not trans, maybe I鈥檓 cis, maybe I鈥檓 gender non-conforming, maybe I don鈥檛 care and it doesn鈥檛 matter. Frankly it鈥檚 nobody鈥檚 business, I don鈥檛 even want it to be mine anymore. I鈥檓 like this, I鈥檓 me, I always have been and always will be. I present one way now and I鈥檝e presented differently in the past and I鈥檒l present differently in the future! I鈥檓 Hero and I鈥檓 afab and sometimes I鈥檓 fine with it and sometimes it makes me uncomfortable and that鈥檚 me. If that makes me *technically* non-binary or *technically* a woman then so be it! I鈥檓 tired of trying to prove that I鈥檓 one thing or another. I feel like a fraud in so many areas of my life, and I don鈥檛 need to increase that feeling by forcing myself to be one way or another! I鈥檒l see myself as I am, and others will see me as well, and I don鈥檛 care how they see me anymore, as long as they鈥檙e kind. 鉂わ笍
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mikaelasbloodbag12 hours ago
i refuse to be the only one who thinks yt speeds up time
like, ill have something to do at 3:30, and its 3:26, and i decide to watch a youtube video thats 2 minutes and 31 seconds long, no ads. no matter how u see it i sHOULD be able to finish it before 3:30
but no, somehow when i finish it its already 3:32
lIKE HUH??? i see no logic;;; yt is manipulating time u cant tell me otherwise
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sprakles12 hours ago
genuinely wow i hate men i am filled with rage that i can do nothing about
#i can read ur thoughts haha i know what u were just thinking but im not gonna say#the people i hate most are people who refuse to engage in civil conversation but instead just laugh at u#probably why the specific way i was bullied last year hit so hard was because my dad does the same fucking thing#it's a little sad and a little funny but mostly so so so fucking infuriating to see the way he doesn't understand that nobody here is on his#side#nobody thinks its funny when he's being insufferable and laughing at us for being upset about it#nobody is going to laugh with him when he's bothering me and making fun of me for beig angry with him it's so FUNNY he's winking at my#brother and my brother's like no actually im done with your bullshit too shut the fuck up and stop it have you considered you are wrong.#have you considered that we see right through you and we see what you aren't ready to see in yourself have you considered that youre a CHILD#god im so sick of him. so sick of men. you can be wrong. dont laugh at us#i know i shouldn't be angry bc then he'll just laugh at#me but i am angry because he never fucking admits it and he never stops and he pretends like he doesnt do it and doesnt remember#he uses this shit on us but if we dare call him out the same exact way? no he never did that lol what r u talking about#it's the way he fucking laughs at usssss that makes me the most mad like were all angry but he has the privilege to not even care#it's all coming together now lol as i understand his character more- when my sister ran away and he was laughing like it all makes sejse now#go to therapy learn to process emotions and hold yourself accountable 鈾ワ笍#sorry followers there were many tag rants today#this is what happens on holidays lmao#negativity in tags#gideon speaks
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nope-body12 hours ago
#thinking about a comment my dad made a bit ago#that my accommodation for extended time is unusual for someone like me because it鈥檚 usually for people who have an intellectual disability#and it just. makes me so upset? and frustrated and just. sad.#upset because he doesn鈥檛 know what he鈥檚 talking about and is just assuming that he鈥檚 right (like always when it comes to my mental health)#he had no reason to say that!#that comment compounded with other comments he鈥檚 made about me relying on accommodations too much#and how I should be trying to overcome my challenges instead of just getting an accommodation#stuff like that#his comment with the context of what he鈥檚 said before just comes across as extremely ableist and uncaring#and I鈥檓 frustrated because I know exactly why he said it! because it鈥檚 what my counselors are saying to justify not wanting to give me the#accommodations I鈥檓 asking for#they鈥檙e using the excuse of 鈥業鈥檓 too smart for accommodations鈥 essentially#and it鈥檚 frustrating because at the very least my *counselor* should be on my side because she鈥檚 my counselor! her job is to support me!#but instead I鈥檓 put in this box of 鈥榯oo smart to need help鈥 by the people who鈥檚 job it is to help me#and guess what! just because I鈥檓 smart does not erase my need for help!#just because my brain can work overtime to compensate for all the problems I have and still be able to do advanced work#*doesn鈥檛 mean that my brain isn鈥檛 doing more work than a neurotypical person鈥檚 and needs support so that it doesn鈥檛 have to*#and all their comments just reflect a basic misunderstanding of what ADHD even *is*#my parents and my counselor and the school psychiatrist- none of them understand that ADHD is a way of functioning and thinking#and that it goes down to the biological structure of the brain. that it is inherently different than a neurotypical brain and that#is not changeable#but they don鈥檛 get it! they think about it like anxiety or depression. where you can change your thought patterns and break out of it#that鈥檚 not how adhd works!!#and I鈥檓 sad because it鈥檚 the same problem with my parents again and again.#they鈥檙e demonstrating that they don鈥檛 care enough about me to learn about adhd#something that has been a problem with them ever since I was diagnosed#they just. don鈥檛 learn. they don鈥檛 educate themselves#and I want my parents to care about me! but they鈥檙e showing that they don鈥檛. not really.#because they won鈥檛 even learn about a mental disorder that both their kids have. one that impacts them daily and will continue to for#the rest of our lives
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