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#what is everyone up to
inejz-ghafa · 40 minutes ago
genuine question: why are so many gifmakers reluctant to state insp for their work? i’ve seen it more and more recently where sets are obviously inspired by another (and i’m not even talking about a similar layout, the concepts are almost identical) but there’s no offered credit to the original creator.
why is that? why, when we as gifmakers are constantly dealing with our work being stolen across multiple platforms, the ratio issue, all the technical hitches on this site that either hides our content or ruins the quality, do content creators not even support each other? i don’t get it.
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frogsart · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
maybe ive been binging mako mermaids. maybe i realised there are no trans characters so i fixed it
dm for commissions
[ID/ A digital drawing of a merman. He had mid-brown skin, black hair, brown eyes and a golden coloured tail which curls behind him. He has visible top surgery scars and one dangly earring with a blue and a red gem. He has a startled expression, his arms are half pulled up next to him. The background and foreground both have silhouettes of seaweed and fish in different shades of blue and grey. There are some light blue fish around the merman. /END ID]
#i finished watching mako mermaids right before starting this drawing and#to be completely honest i went in for a laugh bc h2o was a silly little show i watched on the disney channel when i was in middle school#so i didnt really expect mako mermaid to be that great#but bro i legit teared up at some points#its so good#like apart from every character being cishet to our knowledge#so this is how i hyperfixated on mermaids during mermay but not because of mermay#i also started rewatching h2o before starting mako mermaids but i was disappointed to realise#that rikki was the only good thing in h2o#everyone else is just. annoying#AND spoilers but#shes in the last two episodes of mako!!! like what i was so surprised#i saw her and i was like huh that looks kinda like older rikki#and it was older rikki!!!!!#best crossover of all times#anyway about the drawing#the background turned out GREAT imo and it made me realise that i need to start thumbnailing#bc im never gonna pull this off again#my all time approach to drawing is draw character and then realise that oh fuck i need a bg too what now#so my compositions usually dont turn out too great#and i didnt do a thumbnail for this one either but i think this drawing drained all my composition luck#so gotta get on that#otherwise uhm#faces turn out greater than usual when i use this pen#gonna have to remember that#also i drew that right (his left) hand like a million times and its still bad but yknow what<3 i dont care#ok thats it sorry to anyone who read all this bye
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h-isforhome · 4 hours ago
screaming crying punching air, normal nightly routine :)
#god . it’s just .! mothers ..... coming out ...... acceptance ..... blah blah blah . fucked up ..... kids .... internalized homophobia.....#yk.....ykyk...... thinking abt it is crazy bro ...... hugs .... tears .... relief ........ rushed words ..... feeling like ur falling .....#being save at the last second ......... fuck that’s insane .#the way all this is ignited by a fic godddd . obsessed & projecting what’s new .!#besides that though. i watched half of the half of it w my 13y/o sister . convinced her it was more important than love‚ simon#she said she felt tired halfway which i get we started at 11:45pm lmao#hm & ofc just . thinking abt the implications of That. yk . my little sister interested in love‚ simon and they both die at the end#and the song of achilles and saying she liked ellie’s voice (which i 110% get bro ellie has a gr8 voice pls read all my textbooks)#yk yk . u get what i’m saying . yeah ... connect the dots yk.... course i am not pushing anything but it just goes back to my first tags .#besides that though <3 watched the 911ls ep . what the fuck was that. so so so evil i wanna give tomi a hug so bad#and i hate owen and his fucking mug shows hip Everywhere takes away from the story of a black woman that lost her husband#not 24hrs ago and it pretending everything is Fine like what the fuck the writers’ room Reeks of white ppl .#judd in glasses i’m . usghshsgh a nice look <3 i love the ryders sooo much omg#also watched the 911 promo & rewatched the ending scene ! what the fuck was that framing bro. what’s gonna happen. i am intrigued.!#anyway . i should sleep now big day tmrw everyone in my inbox babes u all will unfortunately have 2 wait like .#a solid 18hrs <//3#don’t know if anyone in my inbox rn is reading this if so hi ily i’m sorry ur amazing 💓💐💖😭😌💘💓💘
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musubiki · 6 hours ago
Regarding my last ask, UGH GIRL THAT'S SO MY STYLE!!!! Idk I always LOVE the hidden familiar figure flirting with the person they like, and the person wants to stay loyal but is confused to why they are getting flustered with them.
Ugh I love that, love that love that. How does lime's voice work when the mask is on? Does it have voice changing technology or something or is he a little clown and just deepens his voice because that also sounds Gucci.
Is there ever a point where mochi notices mannerisms that remind her of lime :o because that's adorable if there is
OKAY FIRST: yes!!! he has this mask (or its the helmet) that purposely makes his voice like....super weird. imagine like the scratchiest, most coarse, fucked up sounding magic alien voice, thats the voice that comes out. that, plus his magic black glove thingys/whatever clothing article that makes every “open skin” part of him look like hes the same ....breed(?)/species(??) as the coattails - so no one even thought he was human in the first place, including mochi!!
second: YES I THINK HE DOES DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES HER PAUSE FOR A MOMENT!!!!!!!!!! i have a beta version where at a certain point lime almost dies sustaining an injury to his left shoulder (super close to his heart), and ever since then he has a sort of tick where he tends to stretch/rub that shoulder every so often. mochi healed the injury but it still like. pops or something every so often. anyway, before hes about to fight mochi cat-ears ALSO stretches that left shoulder and it makes mochi do a double take. of course its a fairly common stretch so while it initially reminded her of lime she didnt connect the possible dots.
on the OTHER BETA VERSION, lime is excellent at hiding himself. in the most perfect, ideal scenario, if i am able to deliver it perfectly in the comic (if we ever get there), cat-ears appears as a totally new character, possible threat to lime, and him pulling out the thunderbat to save mochi comes out of nowhere. THATS WHAT I KINDA WANT IT TO BE LIKE, SO I MIGHT NOT HINT TO ANY LIME MANNERISMS AT ALL..,,,after all, limes special talent is that hes excellent at everything so hiding who he is should be no exception...enough to fool the cat witch herself..
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houseofhimbos · 9 hours ago
think i might redo my tagging system... hope it’ll be sexc... and i actually WILL do a nav that i pin for once so i guess i will uh. yah. and i need to queue stuff up hghghhffh this’ll be fun
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visibilityofcolor · 21 hours ago
thanks for the submission–i’d just before hand say that, make sure you give a tw for images of death/dead body. the twitter thread did not censor the dead body at all, even though they used a tw–so i think that is just important to note especially for people who do not want to see a black or palestinian person’s dead body on their screen without context. it can be triggering. 
For those who are curious and may not want to see the link because of uncensored dead bodies, I’ll post the thread here without the body 
Tumblr media
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maxinities · a day ago
use this space to give more p5 and dl gang headcanons pretty pls
I HAVE SO MANY im so glad its not just me thats interested i could talk abt them for hours
today all i've been thinking about is akira and haru introducing them to minecraft. i think luca and ranzal would be good at fighting monsters but if they even HEAR a zombie when theyre mining they run for the hills. those 2 live in dirt huts and have full diamond gear. cleo and elly have built a full scale halidom. euden has been lost since he started the game. akira told him to use his coordinates and he mixed x and y up twice, got even More lost, and then somehow ended up in a cave system.
i think haru and euden would be friends bc theyre both from important families and have a legacy to live up to + were sheltered so long they dont know what Normal people do. euden knows what fun is yeah but he doesnt. know how to do it. meanwhile haru can make a lot out of any situation but she doesnt know what normal kids her age do.
on the other hand yusuke and cleo would Not like each other, which is funny bc they have similar mannerisms and speech patterns. yusuke's. Personality. would rub off on her the wrong way (all i can think abt is her going "im hundreds of years older than you!" and yusuke saying, as yusuke does, "ah, that makes quite a bit of sense considering your demeanor.")
i want more ann and elly i want more ann and elly so bad i loved their character story so much i just want them to be best of friends and go on girls nights. please. elly and alex go on a double date with ann and shiho. please. do you know how funny it is to put a paladyn, an ex assassin, a model, and an ex volleyball player in the same room? so much potential
i ALSO want luca and ryuji to be put into the same room bc they would drive mona CRAZY. their conversations would be so funny. "yeah so he was like, kinda off-putting. didnt say much. was... a little bit of an airhead?" "yeah. that sounds like marth fire emblem." "i dont think thats his surname, dude" "youre wrong ❤"
AND RANZAL! ranzal my beloved. i dont actually know his age but to me he looks like he's in his mid 20s so hed see this group of delinquent teenagers and silently wonders when he was put up on babysitting duty. lowen and the younger kids are one thing but a bunch of 18 year olds? but then he ends up in sojiro's cafe talking with futaba about the differences in foods from their worlds and he's fine again. this is funnier if theyre in the halidom bc futaba would be all over the place.
also more akira and euden content bc i love they. euden's learning more abt their world (he Specifically finds the differences in pop culture and life science Very interesting) and while he's learning about their marine life akira and mona decide to take him to the aquarium and euden immediately goes !!! there are FISH !!! on LAND !!!!!! he really likes petting the manta rays
#me: is it funnier if theyre dragged into tokyo or is it funnier the otherway around#me: yes ❤#i usually only think abt euden ending up in shibuya bc ❤ and thats that thats the reason#but i think both groups fully meeting each other is so funny. theres so much potential#these are the exact same but two entirely different groups meeting together#elly sighing frustratedly for the 7th time in one conversation bc of ryuji alone: this :) is fine :)#mona: i thought we came to an agreement last time! youre supposed to listen to me and i said STOP THAT#luca putting ribbons all over him: that was when we were in danger and also youre a cat. what will you do to stop me.#mona: i will remember this.#:") luca and ann fixing up each others hair#luca and cleo ending up in shibuya is so funny they have to deal with human ears#euden: okay.... headcount... is everyone here? anyone hurt?#luca and cleo: MY EARS ARE GONE????????#dl#.text#i think euden really likes to learn new things#which is why a lot of stuff i talk abt stems from him learning stuff abt their world#he would LOVE the aquarium#also back to ann and luca. luca has the LONGEST hair she's ever seen and has the time of her LIFE braiding it.#i think this stuff is like second nature to luca bc of sarisse so he's like having a rant on smth and he's only half paying attention to -#- ann's hair but it ends up so pretty she immediately calls shiho for a surprise date.#sojiro is sitting in the cafe with 14 other people there. only 6 of which being actual adults (and just Barely in like 3 of those cases)#and he's wondering when it had come to this. phantom thieves. metaverse. talking cats. other worlds. dragons.#he takes a sip of his coffee while mona tries to claw luca's face off. akira is recording it in the background. ranzal is near sobbing -#- from laughing. this is normal.#I FORGOT ABT MAKOTO but she would be constantly asking questions abt alberia and taking notes but its abt -#- THE WEIRDEST SHIT. like. what greetings are and arent respectful? what breakfast foods do you eat? do you have giraffes.#(they dont have giraffes. they struggle to wrap their heads around the concept of giraffes)#IM SO SORRY NOTTE IM OUT OF TAGS#ill post abt notte later i promise i promise. im a fake fan i forgot abt notte 😔😔😔
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teddybearcowgirl · a day ago
saw fans hating jigsaw 2017 so much is so funny to me like oh you like saw 5 more than it? you do? you like watching two identical italian dudes from the bronx almost rub dicks while one of them says stuff outloud at random about his thoughts? you like julie benz in worlds first sentient but spiteful wig? but not the fucking movie where you see someones head split in half and then another head open like a clementine? you fucking chump
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