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#what if...resh but as a big brother
ishiraialostpeople · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
“......Mmm. It has been quite a while since I set foot here, even though I probably shouldn’t.”
Tumblr media
“Well, welcome back, Ereshkigal~.”
Tumblr media
“Ufu~. Likewise, Big Brother. I trust that you’re enjoying yourself?”
Tumblr media
“Haha~! Oh immensely~! Also, I think Megan is taking a shining towards me~!”
Tumblr media
“Ho ho~? Careful now~. She is my former sukkal after all~.”
Tumblr media
“Welcome back......Big Sis~.”
Tumblr media
“Oh! Inanna! I’m glad to see yo......Wait. What are you wearing??’re talking normally?!”
Tumblr media
“Is......Is this all bad......?”
Tumblr media
“............Inanna............ You’ve healed......just as I had before~. You have no idea how much my heart is rejoicing, see you smiling......again~.”
Tumblr media
“Big Sis~. I’m okay now~. I’m happy again, even more seeing you too~. Stay a while~?”
Tumblr media
“Of course I will~. *picks Inanna up* We have a lot of catching up to do~.”
Tumblr media
“Heh heh~. Come on. I believe the endless pasture is awaiting you~.”
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meandmyechoes · 12 months ago
(read on ao3) ◆ [previous] ◆ [next]
summary: The 501st are loving meatballs and pranks in the mess and find themselves one laugh after another. Anakin slept on Ahsoka's head and is imprinted with her headdress. Set after 2.05 Landing at Point Rain.
word count: 1972 ∥ Part 1B of 3 in a fluff-angst-fluff series: just right.
“Mom, no— uh… Sergeant Kix, you want me to notify you when the General and Commander are asleep? What do we do now?”
“Yeah, now I can patch them up quiet alright.” Kix smirked wryly as he pulled out the biggest plaster from his medkit.
Jesse elbowed his friend, “Come on, don’t tell me you’re gonna pass up this perfect prank material. You can make the General take an injection without chasing him down.”
“Well, will you dare to?” Kix taunted. 
“Hand me your holocamera,” Jesse held out a palm and a smug grin.
“Shiny, listen to Sergeant Jesse.”
Redeye glanced left and right under his helmet. No one could see him of course, then pulled out his not-so-secret hobby reluctantly.
“Off you go, they had meatballs in the mess hall today,” Jesse bid him off, his grin now a cipher of mischief. Redeye knew because he was supposed to be on mess hall duty today. And so he ran off to make sure his buddy was going to hear how unfair it was for him to lend anyone his most precious item because they were still juniors. 
Kix and Jesse strolled towards the lone gunship in a quiet hangar. Everybody had collectively decided they should just leave the General and the Commander there in their peaceful pile. He is going to put that stealth surveillance course in use alright. 
Echo was finishing his check-up rounds on the hangar. All the aircrafts are parked neatly in the dim light. It was as if stars dangled from the high ceiling. For all his time observing the night sky on Rishi, he didn’t know he would miss it this much living on a cruiser. 
“Echo! Meatballs!” Fives’ cry shook him out of remembrance. Guess his sneaking away for “information retrieval” at the mess hall paid off. Echo jogged towards the last gunship in line to check if everything’s off. He was startled to find two shrouded figures instead.
“Echo!” Fives repeated passionately, “we’ve got to get there before Hardcase!” 
“I know!” Echo poked his head out of the gunship. Returning inside, Echo almost regretted his shouting as the pair stirred. “General? Are you alright?”
Anakin woke from his slumber. No thoughts rushed into his head. Good. But his neck was so stiff from locked onto one side for the past hour. “Master? Are we there yet?” Ahsoka mumbled as she lifted her head off his shoulder. 
“Good day, sir,” Echo straightened himself. “You are back on the Resolute. Welcome home.”
Anakin and Ahsoka kept flexing their arms as Echo escorted them to the hangar bay door. Ahsoka ran off to take a shower but he’d been starving all day. The General was heading straight to the mess hall.
Anakin had to mimic Echo’s march standing next to him. Even with his fatigued legs, the troops saluted him along the hallway. Strange how they saluted him silently, unlike the chatter not far away. He caught a cackle abruptly retreating back under its owner’s helmet as it was put on. Curious. The clones were doing that thing where they turn off the speaker for private jokes again. He left his men to their merry tales and cut the corner.
Anakin stepped inside the busy canteen and located Rex’s table right away. He nodded for Echo to go over first of how high Fives were raising his arms. Taking a tray, he went to scavenge whatever’s left on the line.
“Hello, Mixer, I know it’s gonna be good when you’re in charge,” Anakin quipped. “Any crispy crustaceans?”
“Sorry sir, we try not to serve something that resembles the campaign’s enemy too much,” Mixer beamed with pride. “It’s a victory special. We are having the boys’ favourite meatballs.” 
Anakin raised an eyebrow.
“I could give you my secret stash of noodles.”
At Anakin’s nod, Mixer took his bet and motioned for his pouting buddy Redeye to fill the rest of his plate with meatballs. Anakin took the serving grudgingly. Well, at least it’s his third favourite food when live delicacies are banned.
“Oi Captain!” Jesse was running around the mess hall to find Rex with Kix right behind. Everyone knew he loves baby animals. And, he had to show him the pictures. If Kix could sometimes outrank Skywalker with his medic talk, the Captain needed leverage against the reckless general every day.
After Jesse’s presentation, Echo and Fives pulled their heads away from each other. “Do we look like that?”
“No, you drool,” Rex said in a definitive voice, sipping his cocoa after a long day on the ground.
Fives was going to defend Echo but leaned back when the comment sank. It was probably just him. Echo gave a shy giggle, “Jesse, the manual said photographic field records should be kept for official eyes with security clearance only.”
Rex questioned his life again at how every time he wanted to have a quiet meal, mayhem gravitated towards him anyway. Tugging a mysterious turquoise box close, he took a closer look. “If I could sleep as sound without worrying about you boys,” Rex chuckled dryly.
Hardcase patted his chest, “We strive to make you life better, Captain.” He glanced at the circulating holopad, “Oooh, the Jedi finally go to sleep, huh?” A brown sphere caught his eye next to his own plate and he made a move.
“Hardcase, get you hands off it. I saved that last ball for Echo,” Fives said, pulling the tray closer to him.
“I’m a growing clone and needs all thirty of his meatballs today,” Hardcase retorted.
“Fives, you saved me 1 ball. You can have it now .” Echo sighed tiredly.
“Good evening, gentlemen,” Anakin walked over and ate it.
Fives and Hardcase found themselves wide-eyed and jaw hanging. Their stillborn fistfight melted into an embrace as they watched the general swallowed the meatball whole. Such disgrace without savouring!
Anakin sat himself between Hardcase and Fives. He is way past hungry to notice his pondering Captain or crafty medic on the opposite side of the table. He dug his fork in the red noodles. 
Kix loved Jesse’s photos. He loved watching his brothers quiet and rested. Ahsoka counted too. But Jesse was more into a prank than he was, and Kix was willing to let him act thinking this was his glorious idea.
“So this one you see them this close to drool—” Jesse froze as Anakin sat down across. 
But Kix was in a good mood. Reason one, the general didn’t even noticed big bacta patch on his right shoulder he stuck on. Or the bandages he wrapped around his left thigh. He finally had some hope to fix this one right. Reason two, oh no, Jesse is so ruined.
Looked like General Skywalker hadn’t heard him. Jesse’s taut rubber band of sanity snapped at Kix’s mocking laugh, “Well, wouldn’t we want that.”
Jesse glared at him as he closed his dropped jaw back together. The smile had faded from his face as quick as it had grown on Kix’s. He tactfully put away the holopad while Anakin was still distracted by the noise of his own slurping.
“Looking at tooka pictures again, Jesse?” Anakin looked up. “Any funny ones to share with us?” 
Jesse resumed eye contact with his general. “Uh… no, sir. The Holonet failed us today.” He unfortunately looked a little closer at Anakin’s face—his right cheek. There was an arrow of little red squares. The letter resh lined up from small rounded marks on his skin.
“Is that…” Kix muttered to Jesse and they consulted his pictures. Anakin was sleeping on that valley between Ahsoka’s montrals. Right where her beaded headdress was. 
Anakin shrugged at the absence of tooka jokes and continued with his own meal. These are some delicious meatballs and noodles. The table might had been a little quieter since he sat down, if he was able to hear his men through his own slurping thunder that was a respect to the chef.
Rex pulled his head away from the cocoa and scanned left and right from his two stunned brothers to the chewing general. He soon copied their look as he discovered the diamond marks on his general’s face. It was like a stamp on a frozen nuna. 
Around the tables the clones were waiting for someone to make a move. The troopers centered their eyes on Rex and Rex centered his eyes on Anakin’s cheek. Anakin’s were on his noodles in red sauce. 
Echo broke the non-existent silence. “General, um, you have…” Ignoring Five’s tug or his gritted teeth, Echo stuttered, “... something ... on your face.”
“Oh, is it sand,” Anakin dismissed him, jabbing at another meatball “I’ll get to it later.”
“General, maybe you should refresh yourself,” Rex added. He pushed down on Jesse’s holopad. Let’s hope they don’t have to show him the pictures to drive home the point. 
Kix pulled out a thin mirror. He always carried the pocket two-fold for it helped with inspecting wounds, and sometimes his haircut. He flipped it open on the table. “General, for you well-being, maybe you really should slow down on the slurping.”
Air rushed in Anakin’s nostrils. He put down his fork and squinted at the mirror. His hair was a bit ruffled and dusted, but no bug slimes on him. He turned his head sideways and saw a squadron of pink dots in V formation on his right cheek. 
Rex offered him a timely glass of water. Anakin dunked it in a go and stood up nervously. “I am… going to get Ahsoka,” He paced. “Someone has to make sure she eats all her vegetables.” 
Anakin foxtroted out of the room with an anxious laugh.
Anakin was burying his face under one hand. It’s better for others to mistake him for having a toothache then having nodded off absent-mindedly. He couldn’t tell if the troopers along were laughing as contently as they were when he comfortably marched into the mess hall. Missing a passing-by little girl, the young man stormed into the washroom between his and Ahsoka’s quarters. 
“Master! Mas…” Ahsoka grimaced, “he never listens.” She retraced a few steps to catch her Master scowling at the mirror. “Master, are you alright?” she asked. 
“Look what you did, Snips,” her Master chuckled dryly and patted her on the head. Anakin was squeezing and rubbing to soothe the soft scars from sleeping on Ahsoka's ivory headdress. He took off his glove to feel the creases on his cheek. Ahsoka pulled away his hand and looked up at her master with large curious eyes.
She noticed the usual semi-dried sauce spots around his mouth, and she almost laughed like she always had. But a bigger, freer laugh escaped as she found the squadron of diamond marks.
Ahsoka wiped a phantom tear off the corner of her eye. She reached between her montrals with both hands to feel the array of beads. Anakin slammed his ungloved palm on her head again and pressed it down softly. 
“Now we got matching marks,” he joked with a smirk.
Ahsoka blinked him a tired eyeroll. How is she assigned such an impossible Master anyway? She retreated back by the sink, and waited while toying with her nails.
With a splash, Anakin stood straight in a bright smile. “Ahsoka, is it gone? Do I still have silly marks on my face?”
Now he looked like a monkey’s bottom. “It’s fine,” Ahsoka shook her head. Hiding her own embarrassment behind a big smile, “You have… a healthy blush,” she remarked.
The familiar cocky grin had returned to her Master’s face. So had the growl of their stomachs. 
“You didn’t save me a plate?”
“Snips! I barely got one. And you think Rex didn’t left you a whole pot?”
Hardcase and Fives stared at their Captain in betrayed horror.
The root of this trainwreck that spiraled into a fic is "#then Anakin eats live bugs"
Work-specific Notes:
apparently noodles are canon (in tcw 2.11 nonetheless) while spaghetti isn’t. noodles are “a type of food which looked like an anemic grassworm.” (from wookieepedia)
in my Earthling mind of course it was a V / 7 that Ahsoka’s beads imprinted on Anakin’s cheek, but I remember the Star Wars universe uses Aurebesh. So the letter Resh does look like a 7 with an oblique edge instead of a perpendicular one
“Do we look like that?” I'm NOT going to specify who said that line. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (it’s both)
Author's Notes:
It’s my first time writing clones! I hope they don’t come off ooc to long-time clone stans :p :) I love Redeye and Mixer and looove the opportunity to create a backstory for them. Jesse and Kix being co-sergeants are a purely indulgent made-up ranks and have no research whatsoever. I like the idea of them playfully bullying each other with official ranks. And Rex is kinda mean under me? XD
Because I have to juggle so many characters, it's a bit more like snippets stringed together, and thus less flowy?/smooth? than my last fic. It gets a little mushy in the middle because I hyped myself tense like [OMG WHO WILL SPEAK UP]. But I had a lot of fun writing them.
Penultimate snippet outtake: [Ahsoka brought a red-faced Anakin back to the mess hall and make him apologize to Redeye and Mixer for storming out and not finishing his meal] // I like the idea but I got too tired and was stalling too long to write LOL so it ends where it is now. and I actually wrote the ending quite early compared with everything.
Don’t know if this sounds narcissistic or what but I was giggling and smiling like an idiot through the whole thing. I don’t love the actual process of writing them but I love imagining them in fluff family tropes! I love the entire 501st, the General and the Commander for all their chaotic shenanigans! Let them be dorky heroes forever!
oooh If I ever get around after the seven fluff daydreams I have for Anakin & Ahsoka, I'm going to write so much more Echo, and maybe Hurt/Comfort featuring Echo & Fives, because I love that sweet boy so much ;_; I like writing him in a sad undertone, a subdued but overhanging torment.
Does my style feature a lot of plain "[Character] [verb] [object]" more than usual? We'll never know.
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requiemforaqueen · a year ago
Feb 19
Beresheet Spacecraft
Beresheet Spacecraft to the Moon. Beresheet means “In the Beginning…”; the Moon is the Chaldean god Sin.
“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”In Hebrew Beyt Rosh Aleph Shin Yod Tav Rabbis don’t believe Jesus is Alpha and Omega “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last” Rev 22:13 because Jesus warned “But be not ye called Rabbi” Mat 23:8 Rabbi means Master; the title of Chaldean-Sabian-Mandaean Priests was/is “Rba”. Jewish? Not on your eternal life.
Israel’s 1st Lunar Lander Space IL Beresheet to launch on Feb 21 and land on April 11 carrying a Time Capsule of Israeli cultural artifacts to the Sea of Serenity on the Moon.
The bible declares the Ending from the Beginning; Hebrew is read Right to Left. Let’s look at it.
Beit meaning House or Tent, represents the number 2, and is shaped as a Floor Plan; Beit Shamash “House of Shamash” is the House of the Assyrian Sun God “Shamash” called Project 911 on Site 911, a radiation hardened bunker with Israeli Scribe written Mezuzah, rejecting Jesus as Master of the House “Shiloh” (Gen 49:10) over every door, ready for the arrival of Lucifer/Satan aka Apollyon “Destroyer” at Rev 9:11; 5th Trumpet; 1st Woe !
Rosh means Head, King or Prince; scripture says Lucifer is the Prince of the World; Jesus is King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Reysh (200) illustrates the sufficiency of God and insufficiency of man; Jesus is the sinless Cornerstone and Head of the New Covenant; in Israel, the Cornerstone will be purified by the Kohannim with ashes of a sacrificed Red Heifer, on 2 Nisan. In 2019 1 Nisan is April 6 “Tartan Day”, the day celebrating Assyrian captivity and replacement of the northern tribes of Israel under Sargon II and his military commander Tartan with Babylonians, Medeans, Canaanites (2 Ki 17:30).
Aleph (1) is symbolized by an Ox, symbolizing the ONE or Strong Leader El or plural Elohim, the Canaanite Creator El is equivalent with Saturn, aka Assyrian Nisroch (2 Ki 19:37; Is 37:38). Together, Beit Rosh Aleph means the Creator/King of the Tent/House.
Shin (300) means Nail/Crush/Destroy; a Divinely appointed blood sacrifice necessary for Salvation. Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogues with the Sign of Shin celebrating the Nails used to fasten God to the Tree. Jesus offered Himself in accordance with Jewish Law in Deut 21:23 but was rejected and nailed to a Tree. Purim (Mar 20-21, 2019) means “Crush/Destroy; Bring to Naught”; Pur means “Lot”; the casting of Lots for the Assyrian Marduk “Calf of the Sun god Shamash”. On the Spring Equinox, the Sun contacts the altar on the Brass Line (Rose Line) at St Sulpice Cathedral in Paris and the Serpent descends the 91 (1…13=91; 13 the number associated with Rebellion against God seen in Rev 13 and Gen 13:13 “Sins of Sodom”) steps of the El Castillo Pyramid in Mexico; Purim is a Holy Day not of God, but derived from one of 2 books in scripture God is not mentioned “Esther”. Resh Aleph Sheen combines to mean the Prince leaves the Temp to Crush or Destroy; sounds a bit like Rev 9:11 as well as the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.
Yod or Yot (10) means End of the Age and New Beginning; 10 means Ordinal Perfection of 1 “ONE” + 0, used as a place holder rather than a number for Time. Saturn is Chronos “Time”; Jesus came and fulfilled every Jot and Tittle of the Law (Mat 5:18) Thus the End of the Age, New Beginning at an appointed Time. Jesus returns a 2nd time when Creation is 6000 years old (2 Pet 3:8) to Destroy; Satan is cast to Earth at Rev 9:11 541 days before that as Apyollon/Abaddan “Destroyer” to incarnate a man called Antichrist who controls Earth during the 1260 day Great Tribulation. Recall the last word of God’s first sentence “Earth”; Earth Dweller first used in Rev 13:8 refers to those who reject the New Covenant.
Tav or Tau (400) is shaped as a Cross; it means End of the Covenant. Jesus was rejected and nailed to a Tree amid 2 Thieves which formed the 7 Branch Candlestick of the Old Covenant, the 7th Covenant between God and Man. The 7 Branch Candlestick, constructed by Moses has been replaced by the Hanukkah Menorah with Shamash at the center to replace Jesus. This is a symbolic rejection of the New Covenant; the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man ends with acceptance of the Mark of the Beast. The Cross is not what you think it is; my article Cross goes into more detail; suffice to say, the Tree of Life (Jesus Christ) is replaced by the Serpent/Devil/Satan in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
Beit Rosh Aleph Shin Yot Tav add to 931, in 931BC Israel (Ones who wrestle with God) was Divided; the same condition applies today. The Question is: Are you a Zionist? Is Israel God’s gathering of Jacob’s 12 sons? Is the Six Pointed Star, a symbol of God? If the answer is Yes, Hell for eternity awaits. Amos 5:2 “The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise” Amos 5:26 illustrates, the Six Pointed Star aka Chaldean STUR is the symbol of El, Molech, Chiun (Kewan=Saturn) seen in BabEl “Gate of El/Saturn” is BabIlu “Gate of Allah” is BabylON “Gate of the Sun” is the Highway to Hell established at the Beginning and opened at the End. The Arab moon God is Sin aka Allah. Sea of Serenity (Serenus a title used for Roman Emperors and Popes) means Sea of the King; Beast rising from the Sea may ring a Baal. Israel hopes the mission causes an “Apollo Effect”; I’m sure it will. TimesUp folks! Israel’s Bereshit leads to Hell; Jesus’ Beginning and End leads to Heaven.
Feb 18
Space Force Col Buzz Aldrin and Col Terry Virts support the idea yet Virts admits NASA Astronauts have never traveled above Low Earth Orbit due to the radiation in the Van Allen Belts; what say you Buzz? AF Chief of Staff, Crypto fake Jew Gen David Goldfein in command; his brother Gen Stephen Goldfein was forced to retire after “Thunder Vision” scandal, steering a $50M Audio-Visual Contract his way while in charge of the USAF Thunderbirds. Elon Musk applauds the creation of Space Force; his Methane (literally Bullshit) Powered BFR (Big F___Rocket) is a One-Way, Bleeding, Stainless Steel Rocket to Mars, straight out of Flash Gordon; his ridiculous Spacesuits, fresh off the set of Ender’s Game. Tired of the Bullshit?
Feb 17
Moscow warns “US is creating a Quasi-State on the West Bank of the Euphrates” Eretz Israel, the land God promised Abraham is from the Nile to the Euphrates including the Western half of Syria and Iraq. This is the goal of Chasidic-Saturnian-Chaldean fake Jews descended from Abram’s nephew Chesed. Keep in mind, Vladimir Putin is controlled by Chabad Lubavitch ie Saturnian/Chaldean/Sabian Crypto Jews just like Donald Trump.
Golden Gate Violence
“Israel is playing with fire…assault on Golden Gate is War on Islam” Mahmoud Habbash, Supreme Shariah Law Judge in Palestine and religious adviser to Palestine President Luciferian Freemason Mahmoud Abbas. Shariah Law Judge Hassan Rouhani is President of Iran; Shariah Law and Noahide Law, enforced by the Sanhedrin and 33 degree Freemason Crypto Jew Benjamin Netanyahu have one very important item in common; Jesus is an Idol whose worship is Blasphemous and must be punished by decapitation. All these men are Sabian Chaldeans, cancers in their respective religions.
Freemason Albert Pike penned a letter to Jesuit Giuseppe Mazzini calling for 3 World Wars; WW3 is Zionism against Islam. The War will lead to the acceptance of the False Messiah who will arrive (wait for it!) through the Golden aka East Gate, Sushan Gate and Gate of Mercy; the same gate Jesus rode through on Palm Sunday in fulfillment of dozens of Old Testament prophecies is the gate Antichrist will come through to sit on Satan’s Seat in the 3rd Temple. Not ready for that? Better get ready.
Why Feb 17? Sabians worship the 17th day of every month, but in particular, the 17th Day of the 2nd Month; which on the Solar Calendar is Feb 17 corresponding to the date the Flood began (Gen 7:11); 7 the number of perfection; 11 the number of Antichrist. Sabians created the Solar (Gregorian) Calendar to match their Feast of Nativity with Christmas.
Valentines Day
Valentine’s Day is Lupercalia “Day of the Wolf”; a great day to hide really big news. Warsaw “Peace and Security” Summit; Israel and 60 Nations aligned against Iran; Israel’s PM Netanyahu openly calls for War with Iran. Zionist Mike Pence accuses Iran of starting a New Holocaust to wipe Israel off the map and presents “Peace Plan” called “Deal of the Century” to Benjamin Netanyahu. Mike Pompeo “Confronting Iran is Key to Middle East Stability”; Iran, China, Venezuela and Russia War? Great idea Mike and just a week before another North Korean Summit.Iran (Aryan=Noble Caste) Ayatollah ali Khomeini and Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu are both Sovereign Luciferian Freemasons. Netanyahu, and Ashkenazi Crypto (Germanic) fake Jew claims Benjamite lineage “Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf…” Gen 49:27 What a coincidence the Warsaw Summit is on Lupercalia “Day of the Wolf” or NOT! “For when they shall say, peace and security; then shall sudden destruction come upon them, as the pains upon her that is with child, and they shall not escape” 1 Thess 5:3
DACA Amnesty DACA (Deferred Action on Child Arrivals) and DREAM (Development, Relief, Education for Alien Minors) sneak into Law in the 1000+ page Secret Budget Bill released by Congress and signed into Law by the President on Valentine’s Day, 1 day before 2nd Gov’t Shutdown.
Presidential Emergency Declaration $1.3B funding for 55 miles of Border Wall; US-Mexico border is 2000 miles long. Trump will build the Wall with Taxpayer Debt; in 1958 Snake Oil Salesman Walter Trump called for a Wall in the series Trackdown episode “End of the World”; pretty coincidental eh?DACA Amnesty renders the border Wall useless to stop immigrants entering the US; US Citizens wanting to leave the US however, will need to pay their fair share of the National Debt; an impossibility for all but the financial Elite.
Illegal immigrant Melania Trump (NY modeling on Tourist Visa; “Einstein Visa” awarded for obtaining 6 year Architecture and Design Degree from non-existent University of Slovenia in 1 semester) visited an immigrant camp wearing an I really don’t care do you? jacket Think Donald is against illegal immigration? Guess again. Like the 1000+ page Patriot Act signed onto law immediately after 9/11/2001 or the 1000+ page Obama Care aka Universal Health Care Act signed into law at 10:22PM (3:22UTC) on Sunday 3/22/10 (Society 322 is the Teutonic Brotherhood of Death); no members of Congress or the public will have a chance to read, much less debate the Unconstitutional Law.
DACA DREAMers represent roughly 3 Million people + 2 Parents=9 Million + 6.5 average additional “Chain Migrants” and an additional 20% economic burden will certainly collapse the US economy. Pre-planned? “Nothing in politics happens by chance; if it happens you can bet it was planned” FDR MEChA (Mestizo Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan), LaRaza Unida and Voz de Aztlan all have the goal of restoring Aztlan, the land comprised of 1/2 California, Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas taken from Mexico; Aztlan and Aztec have the same meaning; decapitation and cutting out hearts (Heart means Baal) was designed to capture the Soul and Spirit of the deceased; decapitation is required under Shariah and Noahide Laws for followers of Jesus Christ.
Parkland HS Shooting Hoax Anniversary and Antonin Scalia Heart Attack Hoax Valentines Day Article and False Flag Article cover these.
William Barr confirmed Attorney General Skull & Bones, 33 degree Luciferian Freemason, Bohemian Grove Satanist GHW “Magog” Bush’ CIA Analyst and AG returns. If you liked Iran-Contra, Gulf Wars, Pan Am 103, $1.5 Savings and Loan Crisis (Neil Bush’ Siverado Savings ripped off $2B), you’ll love him
Orion “Light of Heaven” Nebula M-42 (Orion’s Sword/Scabbard) belched out a massive Flare; M-42 is known as the place where “Stars are Born”, no not Lady Gaga or Barbra Steisand, but the Chaldean Star of Molech, El, Ilu (Allah), Marduk seen in the word BabEl. In Sumerian ie Chaldean religion/mythology, Orion is the “True Shepherd of Anu”; the “Armed King”, symbolized by the North Ecliptic Axis or World Pillar (Arab Qutb) encircled by Draco (Dragon). Anu is the Supreme God of Mesopotamia seen in the Irish Tuatha de Danu (Offspring of Anu) or Zechariah Sitchin Bullshit “Anunnaki” or Planet X nonsense; Anu is just another name of Zeus, Jupiter, Horus or Allah. Anu was also associated with Amurru, the source name of America (Amurucu) is the Shepherd and Creator god of the Amorites; Amor=Love; Feel the Love yet? We will. Amorites codified their Laws under Amraphel (Gen 14:1 aka Hammurabi) who received them from Shamash, the Babylonian sun god worshipped in Israel today as the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah and at Site 911 “Beit Shamash”, a radiation hardened, Jesus rejecting bunker ready for his arrival on Earth at Rev 9:11. Amorites (Canaanites) derived their Laws “Code of Hammurabi” from earlier laws of “Lipit-Ishtar” and “Naram-Sin” (Sin=Ilu=Allah). The Code of Hammurabi is “Vengeance”. Orion was known to the Greeks as Ares, the UNKNOWN GOD of War, ignorantly worshipped at the Areopagus (Mars’ Hill) in Athens (Acts 17:22-24). “Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in Temples made with hands” (Acts 7:48; 17:24) The “Deal of the Century” will outline the building of the 3rd Temple, made with hands, full of illegitimate Samaritan Priests, a man-made altar and the Throne of Pergamon (moved from Berlin at the close of WWIII, currently in Moscow for WWIII) “Satan’s Seat”. Ares is Nergal, the Rooster; you may recall Trump lighting a Rooster Candle during Diwali (New Light); Nowruz “New Light” is the Iranian (Aryan=Noble Caste) Rooster/Cock and what a coincidence! In 2019 Nowruz (Mar 20) aligns with Purim; Pur=Lot, Purim means “Cast Lots for Marduk”. The Satanic plan is coming along nicely eh? Now go get JESUS in your life!
Ben Franklin a Child Sacrificing, Rosicrucian 33 degree Luciferian Freemason, member of Sir Francis Dashwood’s “Hell Fire Society” (Think Eyes Wide Shut) said “Democracy is 2 Wolves and a Lamb making dinner plans”; what better day than Lupercalia “Day of the Wolf”?
Originally posted Jan 23, 2019
Venezuela Coup The US and Israel are leading a pre-planned Coup in Venezuela over control of Gold and Black Gold “Oil” and the Coup is spilling over to 60 nations in the Organization of American States. The same exact playbook was used in Libya, Iraq and Iran (Operation Ajax) when those countries nationalized assets. Venezuela is derived from Venice; Oil is Black Gold. Venetian Black Nobility Pope Leo X declared the Gnostic doctrine “Indestructibility of the Soul” Catholic Dogma at the 5th Lateran Council in 1517 aka Year one of the 10 Jubilee plan to present Antichrist. The new movie The Prodigy deals with Gnostic doctrine of Indestructibility of the Soul; It’s a Lie. Lateran means Hidden Frogs, the 3 unclean spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet; the Jesuit (Militia of Zeus/Marduk) HQ is The Arch-basilica of St John Lateran aka Basilica Nova.
US takes control of Venezuela Gold and Oil assets; Britain rejects Venezuela Gold withdrawal requests; acts of War. Maduro warns US of a Vietnam War #2 In charge of the Coup is CFR traitor Elliot Abrams architect of Iran-Contra, El Salvadoran “Death Squads”, Operation Condor (Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina Coups and Death Squads led by Cardinal Bergoglio aka Pope Francis; Condor and Eagle Prophecy spells the playbook out; Former Argentine president, Nestor Kirchner (colon cancer) 2) Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff (lymphoma cancer), her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (throat cancer), 4) Chavez (cancer), 5) Bolivian president, Evo Morales (nasal cancer) 7) Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo (lymphoma cancer), PNAC (1997 Project for a New American Century called for 9/11/2001 and wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Iran), South American “Dirty Wars” (financed by CIA asset Columbian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar) Elliot Abrams is a convicted War Criminal (Pardoned by GHW Bush) Crypto fake Jew
US trained Zionist Juan Guiado now in charge of Venezuela Assets according to Zionist Trump adviser John Bolton. China’s PetroChina out. Russia’s Rosnef out. War with Venezuela, China and Russia in False Flag.
Zionist John Bolton meets Citgo Petroleum execs; US Government protecting Corporate Assets? Maduro claims control of Citgo through PDVSA Venezuela’s Nationalized Oil consortium and ends $US Petro-Dollar. Same playbook used in Libya to oust Muammar Qadaffi, who developed the GMMR (Great Man-made River) returning North Africa to an Oasis and establishing the African Dinar to replace the $US.
Venezuela sitting on the world’s 2nd largest Gold Fields; 32 Gold Fields and 54 Gold precessing plants being built.Venezuela sitting on claimed world’s largest Oil Reserves. I doubt that, the US Gulf of Mexico, ANWR and Bakken formation contain Trillions of Bbls of Oil with pipelines in place but US Citizens will never benefit from it.
US trained opposition candidate Juan Guiado is backed by Israel and plans to move the Israel Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt Rev 11:8) he attended the CIA/Masonic George Washington University who swore himself in as President on Jan 23 shortly after the Inauguration of Nicholas Maduro. Maduro is backed by the Venezuelan Military and most of its Citizens.
Caracas sits atop the razed city of the Caracas people, conquered by Spanish Conquistadores. The US celebrates Columbus as a hero; Chavez and Maduro regard Columbus Day as “Indigenous Resistance Day” Spain, France, Germany, UK give Maduro an 8 day ultimatum to hold transparent elections. CFR Traitor, Freemason, Zionist (Saturnian Satanist) Crypto fake Jew, Plato’s Sex Club swinger John Bolton Tweets “Violence against US Diplomats or Juan Guiado will be met with significant response”; Russia warns US against meddling. Violence is the plan.
Org of American States was born as a New World Union by 33 degree Luciferian Mason Simon Bolivar and recognizes Guiado as President, declaring President Nicolas Maduro and his administration Illegitimate. 60 nations are members to the OAS Headquartered in the Sovereign territory of Washington DC. OAS was founded 30 April 1948 “Walpurgisnacht”, an occult Holy Day Blood Sacrifice Day leading into Beltane, the highest of Satanic Holy Days; Gnostics celebrate Salugha (Satan) “Prince of Demons”. Through the Venezuelan Refidomsa Oil Refinery and Petrocaribe, Caribbean Island Kleptocrats line their pockets at their people’s expense. Venezuela is the tip of the Titanic Iceberg and Washington DC is at the helm.
Hugo Chavez called Sodomite George Bush Jr “The Devil” in a UN speech as did Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (nee Sabourjian; lead captor in the Iran Hostage Crisis); the CIA poisoned Chavez, his hand picked successor Nicholas Maduro declared all US diplomats Persona non Grata. Zionist Mike Pompeo defiantly tells diplomats to remain and raises the LGBTQ+2 Rainbow Flag at the Embassy in Caracas, vowing to use the US Military; How would this go over in the US?
Zionist tools and CFR (Council on Foreign Relations has the Pale Horse “Death” and Ubiquitous on its cover; CFR Initiates are oath sworn to end National Sovereignty in every Nation) traitors Mike Pence (former CIA Chief) whom Trump put in charge of all Foreign and Domestic Affairs and Mike Pompeo are creating a War over Oil while the . Thesis: Marrano Donald Trump’s (Ashkenazi Drumpf; fake Presbyterian) MAGA is the 5th level Magus V in the Church of Satan. Anti-thesis: Marrano Nancy Pelosi (High Priestess of the Church of Satan in San Francisco; fake Catholic) take the blame for the Government shutdown, using 800K Pawns in a game designed to give Amnesty to DACA (Deferred Action for Child Illegals) immigrants.
Venetian Black Nobility In 1976 Venezuela nationalized the oil industry, placing all Oil assets under control of Petrol de Venezuela; Venezuela ejected international corporations as Iran’s president Mohammad Mossadeq did in Iran before he was replaced in CIA Operation Ajax. Citgo Petroleum is owned by Petrol de Venezuela PDVSA ie Maduro.
Yes We Can means Thank You Satan; Obama gave 2 Yes We Can speeches under the Quadriga of Apollo (Trump’s 66th Floor Penthouse is a shrine to Apollo “Destroyer”) at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin which stands next to the Berlin Museum, home of the fake Throne of Zeus aka Throne of Pergamon (Rev 2) or Satan’s Seat. Zeus aka Jupiter, Horus or Marduk is the “Son of the Sun”. The Assyrian god Marduk is called “Calf of the sun god”; his victorious return celebrated at the New Year Akitu (Barley) Festival on the Assyrian New Year 1 Nisan.
Talmudic Rabbis who teach Jesus, the son of a whore is boiling in Hell in His own excrement, claim 1 Nisan is the Creation of the Universe; the Mormon Church also teaches this lie. The day is also celebrated as the death of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 1 Nisan, 2019 is April 6, 2019 “Tartan Day”, the day celebrating the Assyrian military taking Israel captive.
“There will be signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars” Luke 21:25
The Solar Dynamics Lab captured an unusual Sun Spot which appears as a baby head down ie 2 months from delivery in the womb; this followed the Super-Blood-Wolf Moon Eclipse on the Talmudic Holy Day Tu b’ Shebat celebrating the Tree Jesus was Crucified on and Groves where “Evil is done in sight of the LORD” Marduk returning? What sort of warnings would do it for you?
Yes We Can refers to building the 3rd Temple and installing Satan on the Throne of Pergamon, next to the Abomination of Desolation and enforcing the Mark of the Beast (Luciferian Initiation) on the world. The Language of Yes (French Oui or Old French Oil) is Green Language; Arabs refer to Marduk as al Khidr “Green Man”; Egyptians refer to Osiris (Saturn) as “Green Man”; the Photosynthesis equation Chlorophyll is also “Green Man” aka Pale Horse (Chloro) Death, whose worship brings Hell for eternity (Gen 6:7-8).
The Satanic Stage Show is in it’s 3rd Act “Prestige”; if you can’t see this, ask JESUS for a little help.
Vatican Sex Abuse Summit Feb 21; coincident with the release of “In the closet of the Vatican”, a 570 pg book by French Government adviser Frederic Martel detailing Vatican sex abuse and the claim 80% of Vatican clergy are Sodomite. Revenge for French King Phillip II and Pope Clement V executing the Sodomite Knights Templar. Nice timing! Transexual Weight Lifter Jay Cee Cooper wins US Powerlifting Title. Congratulations! It’s a Theybee; Hospitals using “Unassigned” birth gender for parents who prefer They or Them.
Feb 12
On Aug 1 “Lugnasaid” 2018 the Congolese capital of Benin, suffered an outbreak of its 10th and worst Ebola Epidemic; Hemhorragic Fever disease was created in 1947 at the Rockefeller Foundation Lab in Zika Forest Rhesus Monkeys; Simian Flu was also featured in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. In 2019 Benin has become a test-bed for Experimental Vaccines, now given to 75,000. Why Lughnasaid? Lugh is equivalent with Mercury aka Hermes. Caduceus is the Winged, Serpent wrapped phallus symbolizing Medicine, given by Apollo to Hermes. Apollo is the god of Plagues; the weapon symbolizes both Plague and Healing.
Plague is derived from Pestilentia “Infected, Devastating”; Influenza “Flu” means “Influence of the Stars” A Star is born should ring a Baal; Oscar means “God’s Spear”, in this case the Pestilence Jesus warned of in Mat 24:7 Lugh was the “Master of the Spear”
Feb 9
Welcome to the Hotel California SOUTHCOM was in the midst of a Haitian Relief Drill when Port au Prince was hit with a 7.0 Earthquake; playing over and over on the only radio station was the Eagle’s Song “Welcome to the Hotel California”; the Eagle of Lagash, Assyrian Nisroch (Saturn), Esau are all depicted by the Eagle. Jesus warns “Whersoever the carcase is, there will the Eagles gather together” Mat 24:28; Lk 17:37 The song is about selling one’s Soul; “Checking into the Hotel California”; “Pink Champagne on Ice”refers to Human Body Parts. UN Aid workers exposed to Cholera camped upstream causing a Cholera epidemic; DynCorp followed with teams of doctors aboard “Hospital Ships”, harvesting organs.
“Leave nothing on the table” is Planned Parenthood’s motto; CA trial starts Feb 19. Legalized Abortions up until birth; PP employees given bonuses for Organ Harvesting; StemExpress brokering parts, the most valuable A: Brain, heart, lungs, Liver, Thymus, Thyroid, Spleen, Intestines. B: Kidneys, Adrenal Glands, Ears, Umbiical cord, Plan=centa, Amniotic Fluid C: Maternal, Umbilical blood, Trisomy Blood. DynCorp is not just in Foreign Countries, it’s home to roost. You can check in, but you can never leave!
Feb 7
National Prayer Breakfast; 250 members of Congress attend with VP/Cabinet members Mike Pence, Dan Coates, Ben Carson. The Fellowship aka The Family (Article DynCorp has information on The Family) founder Abraham Vereide began the “Fellowship” in 1935, meeting with Jesuit Fr Heinrich Himmler; current leader Zach Coe (Zacharias the father of John the Baptist “Yahweh remembers” may ring a Baal) is the son of co-founder Doug Coe (died 2017) who formed what is called Diplomacy by Stealth. Luciferian Freemason Billy Graham was Keynote speaker twice as was 7th Day Adventist HUD Sec Ben Carson. Education Sec Betsy DeVoss’ brother Eric Prince, a blood oath sworn Knight of Malta like Donald Trump runs Academi aka Black Water Mercenaries. Coe teaches mass murderers like Pol “Killing Field” Pot, Adolph Hitler, Fr Joseph Stalin SJ, Muhammad Suharto (E Timor genocide), Sudan genocidal dictator Omar al Bashir and Uganda Dictator Yoweri Museveni (sets MTG Agendas) and Yale Divinity School grad Chairman Mao Tse Tung exemplified the real message of the New Covenant best; totaled 250M+ Deaths and counting. The Invocation Prayer given by Yale Divinity School Grad, Episcopal Most Rev Michael Curry who supports Gay Marriage, Lesbian and Homosexual Priests.
You may remember Most Reverend (Gag me) Curry from Harry and Meghan’s Royal wedding; Meghan praised Ireland’s “Legalized Abortion on Demand” Law Feb 9; Harry wore a Nazi arm band to a Halloween party; about as classy as illegal immigrant Melania Trump wearing a British Pith Helmet to Kenya, an “I really don’t care, do you?” jacket to an immigration detention center and a FLOTUS Hat to flood victims in Texas as Donald tossed out Bounty Paper Towers. Meghan is the Royal Crypto-Marrano-Sephardic (2 Ki 17:30) Babylonian princess who was first fake “Crypto” Jewish now fake “Marrano” Anglican; Harry’s father Prince Charles is a Muslim convert “Morisco”; his mother Queen Elizabeth calls herself “Queen of Jerusalem”; her husband Phillip wants to be reincarnated as a “Killer Virus”.
“Time is on our side now” Gun Control advocates like Nancy Pelosi in Congress following the Prayer Breakfast. The line from the Rolling Stones song was about the Devil; Time is Chaos/Chronos/Satan. Yale Divinity School Grad Mao Tse Tung “All Politics comes at the end of a gun barrel; first you take the guns, then comes the slaughter”. TimesUP
Feb 6
Imbolg/Candlemas/Groundhog Day is the day a woman becomes clean after birth of a son (Lev 12:2-4); the son is Solis Invictus aka Marduk/Horus/Zeus, the son of Saturn. The 32 Yr old INF (Intermediate Range Nuclear Force) Treaty between Russia and the US signed by Bohemian Grove Satanists Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev was ended on Imbolg (In the Belly); Russia, US and France promptly conducted Nuclear Missile tests; pulling the strings are Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis.
Trump’s Space Force is like Reagan’s $2T Star Wars, an enormous money vacuum. There are no Star Wars Satellites and no need for Space Force “Killer Satellites”. EM (Electro-Magnetic) Weapons demonstrated by the destruction of the Thresher Nuclear Submarine, Space Shuttle Challenger and Columbia prove what Donald Trump’s uncle John conceptualized in 1943 after the death of Nikola Tesla. In 1963 Communist Party Sec Nikita Krushchev “We have a fantastic new weapon, that if misused, is capable of destroying the world” Reagan’s “Tear down this Wall” speech under the Quadriga of Apollo in 1987 was followed by Obama’s 2 Yes We Can (Thank You Satan; Yes Language is also called Bird, Oil, Oc and Green Language) handed Gorby San Francisco’s Presideo Army Base for Green Cross International; Green Man is the Arab al Khidr aka Bacchus, Dionysus, the Knight Templar (International Bankers) god of Mammon.
Why now? 33 is the number of Sovereignty. The INF is 32 years old, 2017 was the Satanic 10th Jubilee Year planned 2000+ years ago by the Essenes and later by Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel and Maimonides in 1217, in 1517 by Black Cloistered Rosicrucian Monk Martin Luther, Black Nobility Pope Leo X and the 5th Lateran Council (Lateran means Hidden Frogs, the spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet), and later by Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov ca 1760 and Rabbi Yehudah Ashlag.
Master of the Good Name YHWH Baal Shem Tov established Hassidic Movement; not Jewish in any sense, Chasidic Jews and their Chabad Lubavitchers have 200K adherents and 3600 Chabad Houses in 1000 Cities in 70 Nations (Reps just for the Concert of Creation at the Temple Mount) controlling Netanyahu, Trump, Putin and others toward the goal of WWIII/Armageddon. Chasidic and Chabad Lubavitch originate with Chesed (Hebrew Kashed), a son of Abram’s brother Nahor (Gen 2:22), born in Ur of the Chaldees and later Ur of Harran (Harranites are Star, Planet worshippers); they are Chaldean/Sabian “Cryptos” not followers of God or any of His Laws, but rather Gnostic Priests of Satanic Noahide and Shariah Laws which require decapitation of everyone in a New Covenant relationship with JESUS aka JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3KJV) JAH (Ps 68:4KJV) and Melchisedek. Chabad is the Cult of Saturn; the Head of the Snake whose plan is to hasten the arrival of their Moshiach.
Donald Trump’s 66th floor Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo, the sun god featured in his solar chariot at the Sochi Olympics; Trump, Emmanuel “Jupiter” Macron and Vladimir Putin are puppets “Shabbaz Goy” controlled by Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis toward implementation of Noahide Laws. “The purpose of politics is to menace the populations with an endless array of hobgoblins, all imaginary”
Feb 5, 2019
Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig
Jesuit Papal Mass in a Sunni Mosque Jesuit means Society of Gesu “Earth Pig”
“State of the Union” Trump, an Ashkenazi (Drumpf) Marrano (Swine) fake Presbyterian singled out “D-Day 1944”; nobody called him out on the mistake; neither the Democratic Rebuttal nor Media “Fact Checkers”; D-Day was in 1941; 1944 was not a mistake made by Speech Writers, it was a 700 year old Cathar Prophecy made in 1244 at Montsegur, as the last Cathar “Perfecti” were Holocausted by the Catholic Church and French King “Every 700 years the laurel grows green again” Laurel is the Crown of Bacchus (Satan).
Trump called for a Wall on the Southern Border; Snake oil salesman Walter Trump called for a Southern Border Wall in 1958 episode “End of the World” in the series Track Down. House speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Sephardic Marrano fake Catholic tells Council for Christian Colleges her favorite bible verse “To minister to the needs of God’s Creation is an act of worship” The verse is not in the bible “Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen” Rom 1:25 Worship of Creation ie the Creature is the Beast, not the Creator. Donald Trump may not read books, but said he identifies with Ayn Rand character Howard Roark, a Skyscraper builder who rages against the establishment. In 1897, the same year the Zionist Congress met in Basel Switzerland Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey was published; an outsider flaunting his wealth building skyscrapers in NY as Baron Trump meets a man called “Donald” claiming to be “King of Kings” who rescues him from Chaos resulting from a Government Shutdown and financial collapse.
Appointment of US Anti-Semitism Czar Army JAG, Baghdadi/Ashkenazi Crypto fake Jew Elan Carr isn’t Jewish, but loves hoisting the Chabad Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah. Donald Trump has appointed 33 CFR members to key positions; the CFR Magazine “Foreign Affairs” has the Pale Horse “Death” and Ubiquitous on its cover; members are oath sworn to end National Sovereignty, violating the Oaths they take to enter public office. “Above all else brethren Swear Not”
Cross washes ashore on Galt Ocean Drive Ft Lauderdale Who is John Galt? All of us; well Gnostics that is. Galt: Brick, Clay-Earth, Pig. The builders of the Tower of Babel had Bricks for Stone (Gen 11:3). The TOES of the Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron Babylonian Idol are made of Clay and Iron. The Tower of Babel (Gate of El/Saturn) is finished at Rev 13, the start of the Great Tribulation. Rev 13:8 (13/8=Phi “Ratio of Life”) is the first time the term “Earth Dwellers” is used to describe Gnostics. Jesuit “Society of Gesu” means Earth-Pig. So now answer the question Who is John Galt? Ayn Rand would say “All of Us” however John is Oannes the Chaldean Beast of the Sea/Ocean “Bistea Neptunis” aka Philistine Dagan (Dag=Fish) seen in the Papal Mitre of Dagan.
NATO signs pact with Macedonia Looks like the Grecian Goat and Mede-Persian Ram are about to lock horns; this time not in Mary of Mercies Stadium in Atlantis.
Jesuit (Society of Gesu=Earth Pig) Pope Francis holds Papal Mass with Grand Imam Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb in the United Arab Emirates on the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig. 2 Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes leading their flocks to slaughter. The Roman Catholic Church is in Communion with Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant Churches; Pope Francis a Marrano fake Catholic is the so-called Vicar of Jesus; Sheikh (Arab religious leader) el-Tayeb is a Morisco, fake Sunni Muslim appointed by Luciferian Mason Hosni Mubarak who supports a Global Sufi League; Sufis being the esoteric branch of Shia Ismailis.
Time for Muslims and Catholics to Wake Up! The Jesuit “Mother of all Churches worldwide” is the St John Lateran Arch-basilica in Rome, home to Sede vacante (Vacant Seat); Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the 3 unclean spirits of the Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9; 16:13) John is Oannes, the Chaldean Sea Beast. 1517 was year one of the Essenes 10 Jubilee plan to install the False Messiah; Black Nobility Pope Leo X signed the 5th Lateran Council proclamation declaring “Indestructibility of the Soul” as Catholic Dogma; Jesus will judge every Soul that has ever lived as Alpha, I AM, JEHOVAH, Melchisedek, Shiloh and Omega; don’t be fooled! Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb is a Sufi mystic and Ismaili. The Covenant God made with Abram stipulated his sons not take wives of Canaanite women; Ishmael and Esau disobeyed, losing the “h” (God is with me) Ishmael became Ismail, a wild ass, living among his brethren (Middle East); Esau became Edom (Adam/Red) and is living inside the gates of Jerusalem (Ref Obadiah). In control of the Temple Mount, King David’s Tomb and Cenacle are the Jesuits, thanks to Israeli PM Shimon Perez aka Crypto fake Jew Simon Perski.
The 2 leaders signed the “Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together” stating “Pluralism and diversity of religions is willed by God” What God? Certainly not Jesus who said “Think not that am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother…” Mat 10:34 Not a first, Palestine President and Luciferian Freemason Mahmoud Abbas celebrated Christmas Eve Mass in Manger Square; that Christmas Mass was for Solis Invicti, the Unconquered Sun! The Straight Gate is getting narrower and the Wide Gate is getting Wider.
Donald Trump chose the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig and Islam/Catholic Papal Mass to appoint another Crypto fake Jew Elan Carr to an Ambassador Level position of Anti-Semitism Czar Odd? So is Zionist-Sikh Nikki Haley Chair of the Council of 70 Nations
The same day in Ft Lauderdale, a 20ft Cross washed ashore on Galt Ocean Drive, a sign from God? Doubtful, Jesus was Nailed to a Tree Ref Deut 21:23; Acts 5:30;10:39;13:29,Gal 3:13 (Pope Francis was selected on 3/13/13, there are 313! in Scripture), 2 Pet 2:24; Jn 19:31 all references to KJV; Tree is replaced by Cross in most all new versions; the Cross is a pagan symbol called the Tau, Ankh (Egyptian Cross of Life), a symbol of the post-Flood 4 Quartered Earth and Atlantis, the mythical pre-Flood world of Sin ruled by Saturn. Who is John Galt? may be familiar Ayn Rand was another Crypto fake Jew Alissa Rosenbaum who posited this question in Atlas Shrugged; Atlas is Atlantis; Trump identifies with Galt, a philosopher/inventor who glorifies human ability and independence from God, choosing to seek the Isle of Atlantis and the Fountain of Youth. The meaning? My guess is Florida is about to be submerged like Atlantis and the US Navy, NOAA (cute play on Noah eh) and FEMA have disaster planning maps indicating that fact. Lauderdale is Scottish for “Ditch or Trench”; Atlantis a city encircled by Ditches and Trenches. Happy Earth Pig Year!
Jesuits took their first Oaths in the crypt of St Denis (Dionysus/Green Man) Cathedral in Paris on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1534 and outlined their plan for 3 World Wars to usher in the Doctrine of Lucifer on Aug 15, 1871, the same time the United States became a CORPORATION whose CONSTITUTION provides no rights to Citizens. The Jesuit “Mother of all Churches Worldwide” is the St John Lateran Arch-basilica; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the 3 unclean spirits of the Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9; 16:13)
Jesuits are Marranos (Pig/Swine) who leave their 1st religion, founded by the Serpent, to enter another religion for the purpose of destroying them ie 5th Column Traitors.
Crypto refers to Gnostics entering Judaism eg Kabbalists, Talmudists, Chasidics (Chesed was Abram’s brother, Rabbis); Marrano refers to Gnostics entering so-called Christian religions (Freemasons, Jesuits); Morisco refers to Gnostics entering Muslim religions, both Sunni and Shia. Both Francis and el-Tayeb await the same false “Messiah” called Zeus, Jupiter, Horus, Mithra, Marduk to name a few; the “Rising Sun” aka “Sol Invictus” born at Christmas. The Mass was held under a Crucifix topped with INRI; Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews? Not quite, more like Iesus Nazareus Rex Invdaeorum. INRI also stands for Nature is Renewed by Fire ie Holocaust. Nazareth has nothing to do with Nazarene; Sabians (Saba means Leave ones religion for another and Sunrise ie “Rising Sun”) of Harran are the Chaldeans of Ur. Francis and el-Tayeb signed an “Agreement of Fraternity”; Cain and Abel, Joktan and Peleg, Isaac and Ishmael were separated over the issue of God; we all need to be as well.
Elan Carr claims to be a mix of Baghdadi Jew and Ashkenazi Jew; neither are Jewish. Baghdadi Jews are Sabians ie Gnostics called Cryptos of Sephardic lineage who worship the Rising Sun while pretending to be Jewish, Islamic or Christian. Sephardics aka Sepharvaim are the Babylonians, Cuthites, Medeans, Canaanites who replaced Israel (2 Ki 17:30); Carr, an Army JAG (Lawyer) even set up the Hanukkah Menorah in one of Baathist (Renaissance) Saddam Hussein’s palaces; the Babylonian sun god Shamash is the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah. Sheldon Adelson put $100K into Carr’s election to LA Dep District Attorney; Adelson and Mormon, Zion Senator, Iran-Contra Money Launderer Mitt Romney produced “Innocence of Muslims” depicting Muhammad having sex with a camel; how’s that for stirring the pot? Ashkenazis descend from Germanics like Trump (Drumpf); neither SEphardics or Ashkenazis are Semitic or Jewish.
Jesus or Rising Sun? TimesUp.
Feb 3, 2019
Temple Mount Concert of Creation Representatives of 70 Nations willing to accept and enforce Chabad Lubavitch Noahide Laws. Every US President from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump has endorsed Noahide Laws and Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson the “Messiah”. Every head of the EU has also endorsed Noahide Laws, which is why Seat 666 is held vacant at the EU Parliament was built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel with the Whore of Babylon riding the Beast out front. Sikhs are Monotheist “Students” similar to “Taliban” which also means “Student”; this is why Noahide Laws and Shariah Laws are virtually the same, both requiring decapitation of followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus warned “Call no man Master” (Mat 23:10) Guru means “Teacher”; Sikh Gurus are called “Master”. Jesus warned “Call no man Rabbi” (Mat 23:8) Jesus warned “Call no man Father” (Mat 23:9) Got it?
The Temple Mount is considered the Omphalos (Navel/Foundation) of the World, the site where Abram offered Isaac (Ishmael in the Koran) and the Winged White Horse al Buraq appeared according to Arab mythology; the Jebusite Threshing Floor King David purchased and Phoenicians built Solomon’s Temple, later destroyed for worship of the Six Pointed Star of Saturn aka Chaldean STUR; the site the same Winged White Horse took the Quyraish (Korahites of Num 16:8-10; 32; Num 26:10) Bedouin Muhammad on his “Night Flight” to Heaven and the site the 2nd Temple, Jesus (Alpha, I AM (Ex 3:14), God Almighty, JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3), JAH (Ps 68:4KJV), Shiloh (Gen 49:10) Melchisdek (Heb 7), Omega (Rev 22:13) referred to as a “Den of Thieves” and was Crucified. Shiloh means “He whose it is”; when Jesus returns for His property you will want to be ready.
Over Hanukkah, the Kohannim (fake Jews claiming descent from Aaron) invited 70 Nations (Zionist, Sikh UN Ambassador Nikki Haley was invited to Chair the Council of 70 Nations; Great choice!) to the Altar dedication ceremony for the 3rd Temple; the offering on the altar was a previously slaughtered Lamb, representing Jesus the Lamb of God. The annual Tropical (Solar) start of Aquarius (Pre-Flood Age of Saturn) aligned with the Stellar (Star) (A Star is Born may ring a Baal) Age of Aquarius for quite possibly the first time since Creation.
Tu b’ Shebat “Festival of Trees”: Jesus, the Tree of Life, rejected and replaced by the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil to which He was nailed to. Jesus amid 2 Thieves formed 6 uplifted arms surrounding Jesus aka the 7 Branch Candlestick now replaced by the Chabad Lubavitch 9 Branch Menorah, 8 Arms surrounding the Babylonian Sun God Shamash; Satan’s plan coming along nicely eh?
The Sanhedrin, in an illegal private nighttime meeting led by illegitimate Chaldean/Nabattean/Hasmonean/Maccabbean Priests Annas and Caiaphas ordered the Crucifixion and Nailing of Jesus to the Tree and is now the reformed Nascent Sanhedrin (Goats). 40 UN Ambassadors were invited to the Temple Mount to recognize Noahide Law and the Legitimacy of the Sanhedrin to enforce laws requiring the decapitation of followers of Jesus Christ worldwide. The concert at the Temple Mount was called “Concert of Creation” because Talmudic Rabbis believe Tu b’ Shebat is the original date of Creation; It is not. The original Sanhedrin ordered the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ under laws of Blasphemy, current Noahide Laws and Shariah Laws have the same Gnostic/Chaldean source and require decapitation of followers of Jesus Christ.
Israeli Laws don’t apply to me? Guess Again, Skull & Bones Satanist, Luciferian Freemason George HW “Magog” Bush (George Scherff Jr) signed Chabad Lubavitch Noahide Law as US Public Law 102-14 on Mar 20, 1991 called “The foundation of American Society”; The Essenes, Rabbi Judah ben Samuel, Rabbi Baal Shem Tov, Maimonides and Rabbi Yehudah Ashlag all agree 2019 is the Year of Messiah.
Mar 21, 2019 is a Super Full Moon on the day the Sun contacts the Altar on the Rose Line in the St Sulpice Cathedral in Paris (House of Isis) and the Serpent descends the 91 (1…13=91; 13 is the number of rebellion against God) steps of the Pyramid of Kukulkan. Chabad Lubavitch fake Jews will celebrate Purim; the day GHW Bush signed 7 Noahide Laws into effect in 1991 was the day he ordered the slaughter of 150,000 fleeing Iraqi conscripts on the “Hwy of Death” and buried them in the sand with tanks outfitted for the event with plows. This was the same day in 2003 GW “Gog” Bush Jr began Gulf War II with “Shock and Awe” (Shekinah “Feminine presence of God”=Mary of Mercies). All this is coincident with the Hindu Holi Festival (New Light) and Persian New Year “Nowruz” (New Light). Holi is highlighted by mixing colors; Krishna=Black forms, a name of Saturn “Black Sun” and Satan. The Nowruz Rooster Idols called Sanjaks also represent Lucifer, the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus “Mars’ Hill” heralding the arrival of Lucifer to Earth at Rev 9:11 which is why Israel built a radiation hardened bunker with the Mezuzah (rewrite of Deut 6:4 rejecting Jesus as LORD) written by illegitimate “Scribes” Project 911 on Site 911 called “Beit Shemesh” (House of the Sun).
Mar 22 or “322” is the logo used by Skull & Bones (Skull is Temple of Wisdom sitting atop the Atlas Bone and 33 veterbrae) aka Teutonic Brotherhood of Death or Germanic Cult of Saturn. Adam followed Eve into Sin at Gen 3:22; Universal Health Care was signed into Law on Sunday “Dies Solis” 3/22/10 at 3:22 GMT by Church of Satan High Priestess, Sephardic Crypto Jew Nancy Pelosi. On 3/22 the Sun is exalted in Aries, seen in Tarot Card 19 “The Sun”; the Christ Child riding the Pale Horse “Death” is Antichrist. Aretha Franklin “Queen of Soul” is featured in Steeley Dan’s (4th Beast + Judge) Hey 19 may ring a Baal, the Metonic Cycle of the Sun and Moon is 19 years; the height of the Statue of Freedom standing atop the Capitol (Womb of Zeus) is 19 ft tall; there were 19 authors of Sepher Yetzirah, the Gnostic “Book of Creation” which later became the Zohar, the Rabbis “Book of Spendor”. Retha=Virtue/Excellence + Franklin=Free the Moabite widow and great grandmother of King David; placing a man from the lineage of David on the Throne of Zeus aka Satan’s Seat in a 3rd Temple is the goal of Chiliasm (Millennialism); Gnostics call this the Golden Age of Saturn; Jesus, the “King of Souls” returns on the last day of the Great Tribulation to destroy Gnosticism.
These are the same Scribes, Sadducees and Pharisees Jesus said were illegally sitting in Moses’ Seat; Whited Sepulchers full of dead men’s bones; Hypocrites; Synagogue of Satan damned to Hell in no uncertain terms. So, how was the Lamb-Goat Super Bowl?
Feb 2, 2019
“And I saw him come close unto the ram, and he was moved with choler against him, and smote the ram, and brake his two horns: and there was no power in the ram to stand before him, but he cast him down to the ground, and stamped upon him: and there was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand. Therefore the he goat waxed very great: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven. And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land Dan 8:7-9
After the 2002 blockbuster contract (Forbes reported $7.5M/Yr in 2010) and 5th Super Bowl win Bill Belichick said “We had the Devil on our side, the only fear was Atlanta fans heading to Mass, but on Super Bowl Sunday, we knew we were good to go”
Rams (Male Lamb) versus Patriots (Compatriot; Fellow Countrymen) led by the Greatest Of All Time (He-GOAT aka Capricornus) #12 (Jesus and 12 Disciples), throwing the Pigskin to the 1st Zionist MVP Julian Edelman. The 2019 Super Bowl in Mercedes (Merced=Grace; Mercedes “Mary of the Mercies”) Stadium in Atlanta (Atlantis) just ahead of the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig on the day Catholics refer to as the Feast of Purification of the Virgin Mary of Mercies; Coincidence? Jesus will have no Mercy on Goats, separating them on His Left from Sheep on His Right, they will hear “Depart from me, I never knew you” Mat 7:23
A Football aka Pigskin is shaped as an Ellipse formed by the Intersection of 2 Circles called the Labrys, seen in the Aquarian Cross. The Labrys is the Birth Canal which forms the Golden Mean “Phi”, the “Ratio of Life”; “Life” (Creation) is what Gnostics (Chaldean-Sabian) worship, the purpose is the “Repair of the Earth” (Hebrew “Tikkun Olam”) to the conditions in Atlantis (Pre-Flood) ruled by the Titan Saturn. Atlanta means “Atlantis”, the Isle of Atlas; man becoming the Hero of the Earth aka Greatest Of All Time “GOAT”, the Freemasonic Grand Architect Of The Universe. Los Angeles Rams V New England Patriots (Compatriots, Fellow Countrymen refers to Cretans; Caphtorim) sounds like Dan 8 “Grecian Goat V Mede-Persian Ram by design. Jesuit Tobie Mathew’s aka Shakespeare or Francis Bacon’s book New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished in plain sight.
Candlemas, the day Hoodwinked Roman Catholics celebrate Feast of Presentation of Jesus at the Temple (Lk 2:22-40) and the Purification (Lev 12; Patriot Priest Tom Brady wears #12) of the Virgin Mary after giving birth at Christmas; Sol Invictus is born at Christmas, not Jesus! The Chaldean/Gnostic Imbolg “In the Belly” was merely converted to Candlemas; candles representing “Light”. Neat trick eh? The Gnostic “Black” Virgin is Isis “Throne” of Antichrist.
Goats lead Sheep to the Slaughter One bad call and a 57 yd Zuerlein Pigskin through the Asherah Poles eliminated the Saints (Fleur di Lys is Lucifer’s Flower, a symbol of physical or Gnostic Circumcision; the New Covenant is a SPIRITUAL Circumcision). Every 57 years, the Sun and Moon return to the exact same position; the ZU “Storm Bird” is a Lion Headed Eagle (Eagle symbolizes Nisroch, the Assyrian form of Saturn; Lion symbolizes Shamash, the Assyrian Sun god) in Assyrian/Babylonian mythology; the Beast described in Daniel 7:4 to be exact.
Scapegoats are trained to lead the flock of Sheep to the Slaughter, they have Red (Esau sold his Soul and was renamed Edom=Red) legs, Sheep (Rams) can’t see because they are Color Blind. New Bible versions replace Scapegoat in Num 16:8-10 with Azazel (One of 99 names of Satan “Goat that Departs”); Jesus the real Scapegoat replaced by Azazel/Satan; nice eh?
Tom Brady #12, dubbed the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) has no professed belief in God yet displays a Crystal Chabad Lubavitch Menorah in his homes. Julian Edelman #11 (11 is the number associated with Antichrist Ref Rev 11), dubbed Gridiron Maccabee by US Ambassador to Israel Ron Dermer praised Zionism founder Theodr Herzl in his children’s book and often wears the Six Pointed Star of Saturn (Chaldean STUR) and Talmudic Tree of Life. Maccabees cleaned Pigs Blood from the altar of the 2nd Temple and established Hanukkah during the Silent Period between Old and New Testaments when God was not speaking to Israel through Prophets or Scribes; they were called the Hammers of God Jewish? Hardly, Chaldeans in Jewish garb
Los Angeles Rams (Lambs + City of Angels) moved to St Louis and back. St Louis is named after King Louis IX who built the largest Stained Glass repository for Passion Relics, including the Crown of Thorns and Piece of the True Cross in Paris at St Chapelle (Holy Chapel); Gnostic fakes, but nonetheless claimed by the Goats to be the Crown Jesus wore at the Crucifixion and a piece of that Tree. Stephen, the first Martyr for Jesus means “Crown”; sounds a bit like a Stephen King novel eh? SkyNet 5G in fact, may be a lot like Children of Men, in fact just up Hwy 77 from Atlanta in the Gravestone Capital of Georgia are the Georgia Guide Stones aka “America’s Stonehenge” calling for the elimination of over 7 Billion people from Earth; you may recall GHW Bush wearing a CVN 77 “Goat Hat”; UA #77 hitting the 77ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Longitude on 9/11/2001 was pretty coincidental eh? So is Aleister Crowley’s book Liber 77: Book of the Goat St Louis is the Masonic Gateway to the West ie Los Angeles; the St Louis Arch which is shaped as an inverted Cantenary Arch (Thinned) Anchor Chain and sits at the northern end of the New Madrid Fault; Los Angeles on the San Andreas Fault; both areas underwater on FEMA and US Navy Disaster Planning Maps.
Patriots in Boston planned the Tea Party, the lead off event for the American Revolution (Sede-vacantist Mel Gibson’s The Patriot may ring a Baal) at the Green Dragon Tavern; Goats leading Sheep to Slaughter. Freemason Sam Adams is featuring the Patriot GOAT on its beer cans for Super Bowl 53. 5+3=8 “Eternity”; 5X3=15=6 the number of Man and Saturn; 555 the insignia Masons use for Victory on Masonic Coffins are the 3 Nails Talmudic Rabbis call the Sign of Shin to open Synagogues of Satan; Jesus is positioned at the 5-6 level X on the Kaballah Tree of Life. Masons (Goats) dressed up like Natives (Scapegoats) and dumped British (B’Rith=Birthright Covenant) Tea, the Masonic foundation of today’s “T-Party”. T is not the drink, but the Tao Cross of Tammuz “Purify by Fire”, the fake god of Lent.
Take a Globe and stretch a string from Atlanta to Boston; it will pass directly over the first 5 American colonies: Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston; now extend it to Teotihuacan “Place where men become Gods” just east of Mexico City and fix the end at Baalbek aka Heliopolis “City of the Sun” just northeast of Jerusalem; it will pass over Stonehenge, Troy and Sophia (Gnostic Wisdom). Coincidental? Sure, just like 2019 being the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig; you may recall the demons collectively called “Legion” cowered in the face of the Lamb of God Jesus Christ, preferring to enter a herd of Swine before jumping off the cliff to their deaths. If you are still unable to See clearly, ask JESUS for a little help, or you can watch the Mede-Persian Ram versus the Grecian Goat toss the Pigskin through the Asherah Poles I guess! Either way “Little Horn” will rise as Antichrist the Gnostic Twin (Thomas=Twin) of Jesus aka Pale Horse “Death”. Doubt this? Thomas did too, if you still do, I suggest putting your finger in the wounds like he did before the Herd is thinned.
Feb 1, 2019
Saturn (Time, Black Star) will remain in Capricorn (Sea Goat) until 2020. The Chinese New Year 2019 begins the Year of the Earth Pig. Jesuits are the Society of Gesu “Earth Pig”. Sir Tobie Matthew SJ aka Sir Francis Bacon “Free Pig” fits the description of Marrano “Swine”, Chaldeans who leave their religion for another “Conversos”; history records them as Crypto, Marrano or Morisco. The Extreme Oath of Induction into the Jesuit Order requires initiates to pretend to be Protestant, Jewish and Catholic in order to destroy their religions from the inside.
Knighted Jesuit Tobie Matthew’s book New Atlantis: A worke unfinished details the plan for Saturn to reign supreme in the New Age, a symbolic return to the pre-Flood age; the Chaldean Supreme Deity is Saturn and has infected every religion on Earth. America is to be the Assyrian Phoenix of the New Age; a symbolic bird not born of parents but itself.
China=Sina “Sin”, the Arab moon god “Sin” is called “Allah”; Cathay=Sons of Heth “Hittites”; Santa, the Hittite god of the west is Saturn; the Chinese Red Dragon described in Rev 12:9 as Satan, Devil, Serpent deceiving the entire world.
Chaldeans in Ur (Sumer/Babylon “Gate of Saturn”) changed their name to Sabians (Saba means “Convert or Change”) of Harran; Harranites worshipped and prayed to the King of Light (Lucifer means “Light Bearer”) facing North (God’s home is in the North as is Santa and Superman whose Red/Blue Suit encompasses visible light), none other than the agricultural deity Saturn aka “Grim Reaper”.
Harran was known as “Heathenopolis” (Heath= Earth) because of their worship of 7 Planets (Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Stars of the 12 Zodiac signs and Idols; not Christian, Muslim or Jewish. Eg Sirius is the Arab al Qalb, the Star where Satan resides which became the Mormon Kolob, the home of “Embryo Souls”; Isis means “Throne”.
Saba also means “To Rise; Apostatize”; Apostate Sabians worship Creation (Creature) rather than the Creator; worship of the “Rising Sun” in the East caused the Glory of the LORD to depart the 1st 2 Temples and will again. On Dec 25, an Annular Solar Eclipse Christmas Day (Mass of Christ) will Ring the Moon (Sin) with the Halo of the Sun with Jupiter behind (Best Man) until Saturn moves into that position in January (Janus is 2 faced god of doors looking to the past and future) 2020 (Perfect Vision).
Saturnian Crypto Jews Chasidics (Chesed is Abram’s brother) call Jupiter “King Star” and “Tzedeq” (Righteous), regarding the planet as the son of Saturn and the “Scepter” conveying Kingship to Saturn. Shiloh returns as the Lion of Judah (Gen 49:10) carrying the Scepter, his name means “He whose it is”;
Jesuits penned the plan for 3 World Wars on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871 to pit forces of political Zionism against Islam to the point of physical, emotional and economic exhaustion in order for the world to accept the true Doctrine of Lucifer, the Sabin “Angel of Light”. Offspring of Saturn are Sin, the Islamic Allah and Shamash, the Assyrian sun Lion which occupies the center position on the Hanukkah Menorah in Israel, the center of Zionism.
Jesuit is derived from Gesu; Ge=Earth + Sus=Pig; Society of Jesus? Not on your life! Their HQ St John Lateran Arch-basilica is considered the “Mother of all Churches Worldwide” and contains Sede vacant (Vacant Seat), of who? Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the unclean spirits of the Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9;16:13). China is Cathay; Cath=Heth Land of the Hittites; the Hittite god of the West? Santa, a difficult to see anagram for Satan; their national symbol? Red Dragon.
Lunar Eclipse over the Americas Jan 21, 2019 coincides with Tu’b Shebat “Festival of Trees”; Jesus, the Tree of Life was Crucified; the Saturnian fake Jew Tree of Life is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil symbolized by the Kaballah Tree of Life.
Mar 21 Equinox coincides with Purim; Pur=Lots; Puru “Cast lots for Marduk”, the Assyrian supreme god arrives 1 Nisan which aligns with “Tartan Day” April 6. Mar 21 is the Persian Nowruz “New Light” Festival. The Rooster Idols “Sanjaks” are the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus, Nergal, Mars or Ares, the Cock heralding the Rising Sun aka the Angel of Light “Lucifer”. Mar 21 is the Hindu Holi Festival; Krishna means “Black”; Saturn is the Black Sun; mix colors to form Black. The Sun will hit the Brass Altar “Rose Line” at St Sulpice Cathedral as the Serpent descends the 91 (1….13=91) Steps of El Castillo in Chichen Itza.
Dec 25-26, 2019 “Christmas” Annular Solar Eclipse forms a Halo around the Moon The pagan Arab moon god is Sin aka Anammelech, consort of Adrammelech, the Assyrian Sun god. Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” Dec 22-28, Shamash the Babylonian Sun Lion is the center candle. Jupiter is regarded by Saturnian fake Jews as the Scepter and Tzedek. Melchisedekians are the Cult of Saturn; Jupiter, the King Star and son of Saturn is Veiled by the Sun at the end of Hanukkah Dec 28.
Gen 49:10 tells us Shiloh (He whose it is ie Master of the House) aka Jesus (Alpha), returns with the Scepter as the Lion of Judah; Jupiter is not Jesus folks! Saturn is behind the Sun Jan 13-14, 2020; Saturnian fake Jews call Saturn “Ring Bearer” and Chiun (Kewan, Kaiwan) aka Queen of Heaven whom Jeremiah warned against (Jer 7:18) worshipping; Jupiter and Saturn become the 2 Witnesses of the fake Jewish Wedding Ring given to the Bride. 7 Blessings symbolic of the Jesuit made up 7 Yr Tribulation and New Dispensation for Israel, neither of which are in Scripture (Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 6-7KJV) because Jacob is not longer called Israel and Israel is still worshipping the Six Pointed Star of Saturn aka Chiun, their Queen of Heaven. After the wedding, the groom breaks a Glass symbolizing the Broken Sun Wheel (Swastika) symbolizing the Earth, broken at the Flood; the Saturnian goal is Tikkun Olam (Repair the Earth) to pre-Flood conditions ruled by Saturn (Satan, Serpent, Devil Rev 12:9) in the Garden of Eden, minus the real Tree of Life Jesus Christ of course! The Best Man traditionally blasts the Trumpet to signal the Wedding is complete; the 7th and final Trumpet in scripture heralds Body Resurrection of invitees to the Wedding of the Lamb and return of Jesus as the KING of KINGS. This Trumpet blast is more of a Saturnian Jewish wedding.
A once in several thousand year alignment of planets will form the Kabbalah Tree of Life over Hanukkah/Christmas 2019; Earth, Sun and the Galactic Center aligned vertically with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn “Above” the Horizon and Mercury, Venus, and the Moon “Below”
Jesus warned “I am come in my father’s name and ye reject me; another shall come in his own name and he ye will accept” Jn 5:43 Rabbis eagerly await their Messiah; for followers of Jesus Christ, the King already came and was Crucified and Nailed to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; Talmudic/Kabbalist Rabbis open Synagogues of Satan with the Sign of Shin celebrating the Nails and their apparent victory over Jesus. Don’t follow them to Hell!, the Mayan Calendar date corresponds to the 2012 Solar Solstice, based on Venus cycles; Venus (Desire, Strive for, Charm) is the Arab “al Uzza” (Most Mighty); the interaction with the Sun is the basis of the Golden Mean “Phi” aka Ratio of Life. 7 Yr Tribulation is a Dispensational Lie; 12/21/2012 + 7 yrs=12/21/2019. Hanukkah 12/22/2019-12/30/2019; Daniel’s 70th Week? Not on your eternal life. Israel has a Chief Priest “Kohannim”, Red Heifer, Cornerstone of the 3rd Temple, and Altar built. A radiation hardened bunker with the Mezuzah rejecting Jesus Christ written over every door called Project 911 on Site 911 “Beit Shemesh” (Shamash, the Babylonian Sun Lion is the center candle of the Chabad Hanukkah Menorah) is built. Why? Satan is cast to Earth at Rev 9:11, 5th Trumpet Warning/1st Woe ! (5 months) is followed by the 6th Trumpet Warning/2nd Woe ! (13 months, 1 week, 1 day) and 7th Trumpet/3rd Woe! aka Body Resurrection of those in Christ. The last day is the “Day of Wrath”. The last Week? “And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make mercy, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth. And after three days and an half, the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them…And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither: And they ascended upon to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies behold them” Rev 11:10-12 Midweek 2019 is Christmas (Mass=Sacrifice + Christ). Think Jesus was born on Christmas? Guess again.
Quite the plan eh? TimesUp folks! The choice is Jesus or Saturn with consequences that last forever.
Jan 24, 2019
Black Ops China, North Korea, Russia developing a Nuclear Super EMP weapon for “Black War”. Getting pretty obvious: Black is Saturn; Ops, Saturn’s wife means “Abundance/Wealth/Property” CHAMP is a Boeing EMP weapon; this Black Op will be Saturn’s Magnum Opus and the world’s biggest “Inside Job” Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Absolute Zero. EMP specialist Zero uses EMP in Black Out War. Saturn is the Black Star, his daughter-wife is Ops, the source of Black Ops; Zeus’ wife Rhea equivalent with Ops. Zero means “Bring to Naught”; Purim is derived from Assyrian-Akkadian Puru “Bring to Naught” Purim 2019 Mar 20, 2019 aligns with Persian Nowruz “New Light”; the Brass Rooster Idols are called “Sanjaks” symbols of the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus in Acts 17:23 aka Mars, Nergal or Ares. On Mar 20, the Sun will contact the Altar on the Brass Line “Rose Line” at St Slupice Cathedral in Paris, the site of the Paris “Zero” Meridian. Zero wields an EMP Black Out weapon; Ground Zero “Site of a nuclear detonation”; Zero means “Bring to naught; Desert, Worthless Person. “A man’s foes shall be the men of his own household” Mat 10:36
Jan 22, 2019
Saudi Arabia planning to bulldoze Jebel al Lawz aka Mt Sinai to make way for NEOM, a 10,000 Sq Mi Artificial Intelligence City. NEOM’s 1st Citizen is an AI robot named “Sophia” (Gnostic Wisdom) built by Hanson Robotics (David Hanson) which stated its goals were to dominate the human race, reduce human population, do every job humans currently do and hold Governments hostage by hacking into Weapon Systems such as missiles using the Internet.
On Jan 11 Locusts plagued Mecca; the god of Mecca if the Black Stone of the Kaaba; the Stone of Jupiter and Black Cube of Saturn. The 8th plague of Locusts preceding the Exodus devoured what food remained after the 7th plague Hail destroyed crops; Mecca, just east of NEOM means “Adultery” (Mechus). The first Commandment in both Old (Mt Sinai) and New Covenants is “Have no other Gods before me”.
Jan 21, 2019
Bull Calf of the Sun Utu about to be born? The Solar Dynamics Lab captured this time-lapse of an unusual Sun Spot
A baby, head down in the womb, about to be born of the Sun? The Son of the Sun is not Jesus Christ but Antichrist aka Marduk “Calf of the sun god Utu” Don’t be fooled! Babies usually go to the head down position at 33-36 weeks, 6-9 weeks before delivery; 8 weeks into the Western new year is a Full Moon on Feb 19 to start Virgo; the next Full Moon is Mar 21, the Equinox Full Moon which matches the Hindu “Holi” Festival, Persian “Nowruz” (New Light) and Talmudic Purim (Pur means Cast Lots for Marduk) the Calf of the Sun. Utu is called Bel “Confounder” in Jer 50:2, the twin brother/lover of Inanna “Queen of Heaven” whom Jeremiah warned of in Jerusalem 7:18.
Jan 21, 2019
Super, Blood, Wolf Moon Eclipse over Western Hemisphere on Tu b’shebat, the Talmudic “Festival of Trees”. Jesus, the Tree of Life was rejected and nailed to a Tree between 2 Thieves forming the 7 Branch Candlestick Moses constructed; Israel uses a 9 Branch Menorah with the Babylonian Sun Lion “Shamash” in its Candlestick. World Economic Forum Jan 22 Davos, Switzerland. Economy means “Household Manager”; Jesus Created and Owns the House; WEF aka Gnomes of Zurich steal the “House” through Usury.
Jan 21 is the start of Aquarius, the symbolic age ruled by the Titan Saturn, seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn (Chaldean STUR) on Israel’s Flag. Donald Trump has an Inaugural picture in the White House dated Jan 21, 2017; off by a day and not a mistake; his name is Germanic/Ashkenazi “Drumpf”, a descendant of Scottish Knights Templars through his mother Mary McLeod; the Presbyterian Church celebrates Kirkin O Tartan (Church of Tartan) on April 6; descendants of Knights Templar and Scottish Jacobites who instigated Revolution.Essenes in 11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll” planned the return of Melchisedek after the 10th Jubilee which has been identified by Rabbi Judah ben Samuel and Maimonides in 1217 as being 1517, the year Martin Luther split the Church and the year Black Nobility Pope Leo X (Leo=Lion + Messiah) and the 5th Lateran Council proclaimed the Gnostic Doctrine “Indestructibility of the Soul” as Catholic Dogma. Lateran means Hidden Frogs, the 3 spirits of the Devil/Dragon/Serpent, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9;16:13); the Archbasilica of St John Lateran is the “Mother of all Churches worldwide” according to the Jesuits whose 1st Oaths were taken in the St Denis Cathedral Crypt in Paris on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1534; Denis is Dionysus aka “Green Man” called Al Khidr by the Arabs.
The Aquarius symbol is carved into the obelisk at another Paris Cathedral; called St Sulpice Cathedral; the Brass Line is referred to as the “Rose Line”; Par=House + IS ie Islamic State; Allah being the Arab moon god “Sin”; Lucifer being the “Man of Sin”.
According to the Hillel (Halal=Crescent; Shine; Lucifer/Sin) School, Tu b’shebat is the real New Year. The Jan 21 Lunar Eclipse is followed by Full Moons on Feb 19, the day Aquarius transitions to Pisces (Fish Symbol=Golden Mean and on Mar 21, the Spring Equinox and day Pisces transitions to Aries; all totaled, a reverse of the Axis Precession which brings the age back to Sargon the Great just after the Flood; Sargon III will be the Assyrian Antichrist; Assyria symbolized by the Eagle (standing on the US Flag, $US and Flags of the Americas)
In 2018 on Tu b’shebat a Lunar Eclipse was over the Eastern Hemisphere in 2019 a Lunar Eclipse occurs over the Western Hemisphere as the New Horizons spacecraft reached Ultima Thule (Farthest Horizon) Horus ie the son of Osiris (Saturn/Green Man) and Isis is called “Horus of the 2 Horizons”; the intersection of the 2 Horizons is the Pisces/Fish symbol aka Golden Mean “Phi”
The Mar 21 Full Moon on Purim aligns with the Persian Nowruz “New Light”; and Holi Festival; the Peacock Idol of the Yezidis on Nowruz is Lucifer. Puru is Assyrian/Akkadian meaning “Lots”, the day literally means “Cast Lots for Marduk”.
April 6 “Tartan Day” is 1 Nisan/Abib; Tartan (2 Ki 18:17; Is 20:1) Tartan is the Assyrian Army Commander whose Treasonous pact with Ephraim led to Israel’s captivity and replacement with Ashkenazi (Germanic) fake Jews.
The Assyrian Akitu Festival on 1 Nisan (April 6) celebrates the victorious return of Marduk who conquers the Zu Bird (Lion with Eagle Wings) a symbol of Babylon. The Assyrian Eagle is Nisroch (Saturn Ref 2 Ki 19:37) ZU is Anzu the giant storm bird breathing fire and water, pictured as Lion headed Eagle in Sumerian/Akkadian mythology; the similarity with Rev 9:7-8 5th Trumpet as well as Shamash the Babylonian Sun Lion. Marduk is also depicted as a Dragon-Eagle which is the symbol of Esau “Exalting himself as an Eagle” (Oba) Zeus (Marduk, Jupiter, Horus) as an Eagle descending from Olympus and the Kingdom of Babylon (Lion with Eagle’s Wings). Assyria worshipped the Eagle as Nisroch aka Saturn. 2 Ki 19:37
Daniel 7:4 “The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings; I beheld till the winds thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feed as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it”
It seems we in the US are in the final stage of being declared Babylon (Rev 18) “For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together”. The Eagle sits atop the US Flag for a reason! The Eagle is Nisroch the Assyrian word for Saturn/Satan 2 Ki 19:37 “The best place to hide big secrets is out in the open” Nazi propaganda minster Joseph Goebbels. Nazis used the Eagle and Swastika as their symbol; the US puts the Eagle on top of their Flag. Pretty bold eh?
If there was ever a time to establish a relationship with God (JESUS) via the Holy Ghost, it is now!
Tokyo 2020 Olympics
Tokyo, Japan Olympics 24 July -9 Aug 2020 Venues located on Tokyo Harbor Islands bathed in Fukushima Radiation at the same location the radioactive mutant Godzilla rose from the sea 66 years earlier.
66 refers to “Loss of Faith”; in the Apocryphal “Book of Adam”, 66 is the number associated with Adam returning to Eden (Google NROL-66, the Bull God Molech shot into orbit is as obvious as it gets); Rabbis refer to this Repair of the Earth “Tikkun Olam”; in French “The Man”=66; Mort (Death)=66 and Curse (Maudir)=66; not coincidentally, Donald Trump’s 66th floor Penthouse/Shrine to Apollo (Apollyon “Destroyer”) were featured 120 years earlier Ingersol Rand’s book “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey”; the Columbus Circle address on 57th St refers to Columbia, the Roman goddess whose name is synonymous with America. Every 57 years, the Moon returns to the exact same time and place; Moon is used 57 times in scripture; the Arab moon god “Sin” is called Allah whose name in Hebrew=66.
57 can be seen in SkyNet 5G; G=7 the Masonic “Grand Architect”; SkyNet the Internet based Artificial Intelligence computer grid which becomes “Self Aware” and guides “Terminators” to eliminate all Flesh on Earth, especially targeting the future “Savior” John Conner; John=Oannes the Chaldean fish god rising from the Sea; Conner means “Inspector”.
Tokyo means Estuary “Capital of the East”; Japan means “Rising Sun”. Jesuits, having taken their first Oaths in the Crypt of St Denis (Dionysus “Green Man”) on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1534 (aka Feast of Assumption of Mary) moved to take control of Tehran (Targum), the capital of the Nizari Assassins who worshipped the UNKNOWN GOD called “Old Man of the Mountain”, and Nagasaki, the site of the “Fat Man” donation, a man-made Plutonium Core weapon 1st tested as “Gadget” on July 16, 1945 at the “Trinity Site”.
Uranium is named after Ur of the Chaldees. Plutonium is named after Pluto “Hades” or “Orcus”, the son of Eris, goddess of discord and brother of Zeus and Poseidon; Aquaman, the son of Poseidon obtains the Kingdom by flattery and becomes a vain, ruthless dictator rising from the Sea, the bible refers to as Antichrist. Orcus means “Hell”, he is the punisher of broken oaths, hence the association with the Pale Horse rider (Green Man or Godzilla) “Death” whose worship brings “Hell”.
Upon hearing of the successful production/detonation of man’s creation “Plutonium”, named after the Roman god of the underworld, Edward Teller said “It’s a boy!” J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” (Recall Mort=Death=66) as ships set sail for Japan with Uranium and Plutonium bombs FDR refused to detonate, but 33 degree Luciferian Mason Harry Truman agreed to.
Godzilla: Lamech’s wife Zillah + God; Zillah is the mother of Tubal-cain, the instructor of all artificers of metal like Uranium and Plutonium. “Who is Tubal-cain?” is answered by Masons with “Vulcan of the Canaanites”; Vulcan the blacksmith who forged the Nails used to fasten Jesus to the Tree portrayed by Spock whose “Sign of Shin” (Shin=Nail) is used by Talmudic Rabbis to open Synagogues. The “Fat Man” Plutonium Bomb looks identical to Elon Musk’s “Tintin” fake Mars rocket because Mars if the same UNKNOWN GOD called by the Assassins “Old Man of the Mountain”; the Mars mission fake spacesuits look like the set of Ender’s Game for what should be obvious reasons.
9 Av is the saddest day in Jewish history, revered as the date the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed, Bar Kochba Revolt etc. is midweek during the Japan Olympics; the 3rd Temples are bodies of followers of JESUS whose “2020 Vision” comes from a Baptism of the Holy Ghost; or you can wait to see if Godzilla rises from the Capital of the Rising Sun.
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ishiraialostpeople · a year ago
Tumblr media
“…………Inanna complains that I don’t act like a girl enough. What outrageous notions. I’m a goddess of the underworld, first and foremost. I mean, why should I care? Still, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try to. Let me see, let me get a mirror here…………”
Tumblr media
“Hello hello~~! Don’t l look cute or what, big brother~~?”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Ahaha~! You’re so funny, Eris~!”
Tumblr media
“…………Okay, um, I’m gonna go before my reputation gets jeopardized.”
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