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#wg rp
Since i have no ideas for an open starter , im gonna continue the prompt i did on my other blog!
Brock was still pretty embarrassed about what just happened. Sure he wasnt or at least he thought he wouldnt be that heavy . But with now realising that he has almost double the weight from having a rock like body he started. To then realize that mayybe he shouldnt have eaten so much good food on his current journey. At least he was alone in the matter and wouldnt have to be toooo embarrassed. And have others be too questioning. Or at least he thought.
(Sorry if its too long agh. My first open starter yaaay)
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fat-slobby-jojo-girls · 2 days ago
😺-My muse is now a neko (For Wolf Hermes)
"Me? A cat? No way. I don't know if you're aware but canines and cats don't exactly go well together. I wouldn't be caught dead as a stupid flea ridden..."
Wolf Hermes ranted unaware that her ears had changed to become more cat like.
"They're soft and lazy, I'm a wolf! A predator! Not some spoiled house cat." The wolf hybrid said as her tail became less fluffy and began to elongate. "They just sleep all day and let humans take care of them! I'd never stoop to such a humiliating level! Though...Suddenly I am craving milk..." Hermes said as her belly let out a hungry rumble. "And some tuna sounds pretty nice." The now half wolf half cat said softly as he body continued to change. Her grey fur became a warm orange color. "Meow~" Hermes mewed as her transformation was complete leaving her a full-blooded neko.
"Ugh... Smells like a dog was living here." She gagged as her nose picked up the smell of her old form. "I bet some mangy mutt was living here. Oh well not like I care about some dumb dog. Now where can a kitty find something to eat around here? Oooh I remember a elf village near by. I bet they have plenty of milk!" She said as she bounded out of her former den to search for something to fill her belly.
A few hours later Hermes layed sprawled out in the sun with scattered fish bones and several glasses of milk on the ground around her. "BOURRP~ Aaaah~♡ this is the life." She sighed as she basked in the warm sun. A kind Elvish woman had been generous enough to give her food and Hermes wasn't one to pass up such an opportunity.
"How's my little kitty doing? Did you enjoy your lunch? Oh you poor thing, you must have been starving! How did a precious feline like yourself survive out there by yourself?" The elf woman asked as she came to check on her guest. Sitting beside Hermes the elf gentle ran her slender fingers along Hermes' back making the neko purr in delight. "You can have all the fish you want now. You'll never go hungry again." The woman said softly as she continued spoiling her new pet.
"Geez if i knew things were this good I'd have gotten a owner sooner." Hermes moaned as she pressed her head into the elf's palm as she rubbed her head.
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fat-slobby-jojo-girls · 3 days ago
☕️-My muse has a wholesome cup of coffee or tea (For Farmer Shinobu)
"Why thank you! Nothing feels better after a long day of farm work than a nice cup of tea." Shinobu said with a warm smile as she gladly accept the tea. Sitting down in her rocking chair on the front porch of her home she let out a content sigh as she took a sip of the fresh cup of tea. Humming a small tune to herself the overweight farmer took deep breath of the fresh country air and let herself relax after a long day's work. She smiled as she saw her daughter Haruko playing with the family dog along with Yasuho. "It's beautiful out here... there's no stress of city life... just me and my family." The farmer milf said warmly as she finished her cup of tea. Leaning back she closed her eyes and let herself drift peacefully off to sleep to the sounds of her farm.
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fat-slobby-jojo-girls · 3 days ago
🐎 Kangaroo Holly with plenty of room for Jolyne in the pouch.
"Oh my!" Holly yelped as she felt a sharp pain In her rear. Turning to see what caused her rump turmoil she was alarmed to find a large syringe had been pressed into her dimpled cheek with a strange green fluid inside it being injected straight into her ass.
Almost immediately she began to change her Ears shifting into long pointed ones covered in a layer of brown fur and her face elongating into a snout. Her legs thickened and her feet grew longer. Her body save for her head and belly grew similar brown fur to her ears and a long thick tail grew from her rear tearing her panties in the process leaving the transformed milf naked from the waist down. Her belly tingled as an stretchy pouch formed and Holly was over come with the urge to place someone inside.
"OH MY GOODNESS WHERE IS MY JOEY?" She cried a look of distress spread across the newly transformed kangaroos face as she hopped around frantically In search of her baby. "JOLYNE! BABY WHERE ARE YOU?" She called her ears flat against her head as she feared for the safety of her little Joey.
Suddenly Jolyne busted into the room ready to fight an intruder only to be met with the sight of her grandmother having been turned into a kangaroo human hybrid. "Granny Holly? What the hell happened to you?" Jolyne didn't get a chance to speak before Holly hopped over to her and shoved her into her pouch. "Wait what the fuck let me go! Mmph!" Jolyne yelled as she shoved into the warm fuzzy pouch her vision obscured as she tried to move herself up right.
Holly moaned as her grandbaby wiggled around inside her pouch. Eventually Jolyne stuck her head out only this time her ears matched Holly's along with having grown a snout of her own.
"There grandmama's little Joey all safe in my pouch. Now let's go get something for you to eat little one." Holly said softly running her hand through Jolyne's hair and giving the freshly transformed Joestar a scrich behind the ears.
"Yes grandma! I'm starving!" Jolyne laughed as she snuggled up safe and warm in her protective home. Her mind was altered by the transformation leaving her to genuinely belive she was a baby kangaroo.
With her Joey safe and sound Holly bounced off out of the house in order to get her darling something to eat as well as her own belly.
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fat-slobby-jojo-girls · 3 days ago
🍺-My muse gets drunk (For Slime Trish)
"BWOOORRRRRP~ WHEW... You humans sure do struggle alot when you're digesting, I don't think I've had that much of a fight In a while!" Trish said slapping her transparent pink belly causing her jello like body to ripple from the impact. Floating inside the slime girls body was the remnants of an unfortunate adventurer that was a little too greedy for free experience and decided to pick on what they thought was a helpless slime. The only thing left of them was their clothes and equipment which Trish slowly pulled out of herself. She'd make a killing selling this stuff later, adventures always had the best loot. "Now let's see what they had in here." The slime girl said chuckling to herself as she climbed her way into the Adventure's wagon. Inside was a simple sleeping bag rolled up but what really caught the monsters girls eye was the two large barrels stuffed in the back. "Oh I bet there's treasure inside!" She said happily as she quickly slid her way over to the kegs and used her magic to pop them open. Much to her disappointment instead of gold she found a rather sweet smelling brown liquid inside. "Aww where's the treasure? I thought adventure's loved that stuff more than dragons? Oh well might aswell see what it is." She whined as she stuck a pudgy finger inside, her skin absorbing the liquid and pulled it inside of her. Trish let out a slight giggle as the mystery drink filled her belly making her body even sloshier than it normally was. Instantly hooked Trish squeezed her way around the barrel greedily absorbing the whole thing inside of her before spitting out the empty keg. "BOURRP~. hick... thats the stuff~." She said with her speech slurred before doing the same to the second barrel. The intake of fluid made her growth significantly in size as the now drunk slime girl happily slid along the ground having abandoned the wagon in search of more booze. "I hope..thatsh the next human I catch has more of this shtuff..." Trish said giggly as she hickuped and sent tiny slime bubbles into the air.
Across the kingdom a barkeep was getting more annoyed as with each passing week more and more of their shipments of ale kept disappearing along with their drivers unaware of the monster girl that has fallen in love with their drinks.
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fat-slobby-jojo-girls · 3 days ago
💨-Give my muse gas (For Haruko)
"Yasuho are you sure about this? This doesn't look safe... plus it smells like Jolynr after taco night." Haruko grumbled as she held up a bottle of a thick green looking smoothie her best friend and totally not crush Yasuho had made for her.
"Sure it's safe! I got the ingredients off the internet and all the reviews said it helped them with studying for finals. It's like a super energy drink!" The caffeine addicted nerd said giving Haruko a thumbs up while she awaited her friend to try the concoction.
"If you say so...." Haruko gulped as she downed the thick fowl smelling liquid, it tasted like soup and dirt at the same time causing Haruko's face to turn green as she forced it down her gullet.
"Well? Do you feel energized?" Yasuho asked eager to see if the effects matched what she read online.
Haruko was about to speak when a foul billowing fart exited her rear blowing the girl's skirt up. Haruko's gut let out several gurgles and growls seemingly upset by whatever Yasuho had put in the smoothie. "BOURRP~." Haruko belched sending bits of smoothie chunks flying as her hot breath filled Yasuho's room. "Urrp... Yashuo... PHLRRRRRRT~ I don't think it's working. BOURRP~." Haruko groaned as her belly inflate with gas. Outbursts from both ends erupted from Haruko's swelling gut turning Yasuho's room into a makeshift sauna as her gas filled the air. Haruko layed back on Yasuho's bed clutching her stomach as the gas continue building inside her causing the poor girls stomach to ache as it tried to expell the gas. "Fuck...It hurts!" Haruko whined tears forming in her eyes as she let out a wet sounding brap from her behind.
"Don't panic! I'll go get some stomach medicine from the store! It's just a quick trip down town and I'll be back." Yasuho said as she scrambled to grab her things but was stopped as Haruko pudgy hand wrapped around hers making the pink haired neet blush.
"Yasuho... please urp~. Don't go." Haruko pleaded with tears in her eyes as she tried to convince her friend to stay.
"But you need medicine! Tomoko used all mine last time she visited...." Yasuho said but the face Haruko was making along with her pained whines tugged at the nerdy girl's heart as she reluctantly agreed to stay by Haruko's side. "Fine but if it gets worse we're going to the hospital!" She said getting a slow nod from Haruko in response.
Minutes passed and Haruko's explosive gas didn't seem to be slowing down at all. Yasuho thankfully had a heating pad handy and was currently keeping it held against Haruko's belly along with gently massaging her friends gut in order to edge more gas out of her swollen stomach.
"Thanks for staying with me....Sorry about the smell.. I get it from mom." Haruko said as her cheeks turned a light shade of pink.
"Don't sweat it. I don't mind the smell as long as you're ok." Yasuho replied softly as she gently rubbed circles in Haruko's paunch before placing a small kiss onto Haruko's lips. "It's my fault you're like this so it's my responsibility to see that you get better." She said as she felt a bubble of gas move beneath Haruko's skin which was then followed by a rather lengthy fart.
"Ooh~" Haruko's gut gurgled as the gas trapped inside seemed to be moving more than it had been. "Yasuho please, keep BWOOOUUURRRRPPPOOOURRPP~ Going." Haruko said as she felt another fart bubble it's way out of her ass.
This continued for another hour before finally Haruko's gut was emptied of the pent up gas the swelling having went down leaving her as her normal fatty self.
"Thanks Yasuho." Haruko said pulling her friend into a warm hug followed by a small kiss on the lips.
"Don't mention it...." Yasuho said returning the kiss as the two love birds collapsed onto the bed thoroughly enjoying each other's company as they share a warm kiss.
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fat-slobby-jojo-girls · 3 days ago
💪-My muse becomes super buff (For Yasuho)
"Oh! Look it's the whale again...." voices mirrmered as Yasuho walked past them. The pink haired neet was struggling not to show a reaction to the taunts and insults as she made her way home from class.
"Jeez why doesn't she hit the gym?"
"I know right? What a total lard ass. I bet she doesn't have a muscle on her body!"
Yasuho let out a small sigh as she plugged her earphones in and played some of her favorite music to block out the world around. "Just a year or two and you'll never have to see them again..." Yasuho said to herself, the thought of graduating and getting her degree was one of the few things keeping the bubblegum haired girl going. When she got to her house she fumbled with her keys and opening her door Yasuho discarded her bookbag and collapsed on her bed in exhaustion.
"Maybe they're right... Maybe I should start working out..." Yasuho said as she sat up from her bed and went to her mirror. Looking herself over Yasuho imagined herself with muscles like Jolyne. Strong and capable of standing up for herself, the polar opposite of the shy nerdy girl she currently was. A knock at her door snapped Yasuho out of her funk causing the tubby neet to waddle her way to the front door to greet whoever had decided to visit.
"Who could that be?" She asked as she approached the door ans peered through the peep hole. To her surprise Noone was there. Opening the door Yasuho found a small box with her name written on it along with a letter.
"Dear lucky citizen you have been chosen at random to be the recipient of our latest product! Inside this box is our newly released muscle growth powder. We hope this product will help you get in shape and start making gains in no time. Sincerely Weston Wonka."
"Muscle growth powder? Seems too good to be true...." Yasuho said as she took the package and went to her kitchen. Following the directions on the box Yasuho began mixing the powder like she was supposed to making herself a rather unappetizing looking protein shake. "Well hopefully it tastes better than it looks..." with a sigh she plugged her nose and put the container to her lips and chugged the whole thing in a second letting out a wet burp as she finished. "Hmmm.... I certainly feel healthier. WOAH!" Yasuho yelped as her body began to tingle all over nearly throwing her off her feet. Her arms and legs began to thicken and harden as muscle began replacing much of her flabby form. Her belly was still huge and bulky but muscle began forming beneath the surface and a set of sick pack abs formed. Yasuho's clothes couldn't handle the sudden growth tearing in several places as she continued growing. Her bingo wings were replaced by bulging biceps and her legs became impressive thunder thighs.
"WOAH! I feel great!" Yasuho said in a noticably huskier voice. Looking over her new and improved body Yasuho flexed her muscles, striking several poses as she gawked at her new form. "Wait till the others see me now!" She said excitedly as she quickly went to change into some more appropriate clothes. As Yasuho stepped outside she was ready to show the world her new body and just how strong she had become.
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fictionalchonkycorner · 3 days ago
Im p bored sooo
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ilovefictionalchonks · 4 days ago
I am very bored and lonley and in a brock mood ,
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ilovefictionalchonks · 4 days ago
Asks are open!~
I may do at least some threads on this blog idk
This or my other blog meh
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fat-slobby-jojo-girls · 6 days ago
Jolyne if you could have any wish granted what would you wish for?
Tumblr media
"Uh... I'm not sure.... It's not somethings I've really thought about... I mean I can wish for ANYTHING? that's alot of preasure not to waste it on something dumb.. I guess I'd wish for something like a cure for all diseases or somethings useful like that. If I only get one wish I'm not gonna use it on myself."
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ilovefictionalchonks · 6 days ago
So umm..
Im kinda in a mood to rp, mainly male wg stuff (we can talk other kinks to)
Im mainly in a brock mokd right now from having a dream bout him last night 😳😳👀👀
We can use discord as an option or just do it on here!
Note i may not respond sometimes due to bein busy or whatnot
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fat-slobby-jojo-girls · 8 days ago
Grandbaby AU: Mama Tomoko, Little Yasuho got into the red bull again and now she's a completely bloated gas ball.
Tumblr media
"Yasuho! I told you that you weren't allowed to drink energy drinks anymore! They're not good for you!" Tomoko said looking down at the bloated pink haired nerd laying on the floor.
"BWOOOUUURRRRRRRRPPPPP~. Sowwy mama..." Yasuho whined as she rubbed her distended gut with her hands. Her Pacman themed shirt was riding up leaving the neet's pale pudgy paunch exposed along with her adorably popped out navel. Yasuho continued to let out rancid sugary belches along with a few muffled farts. The pain in Yasuho's belly caused by the excess gas was starting to hurt and tears began trickling down Yasuho's cherubim like cheeks.
Tomoko let out a deep sigh and pulled the girl into her arms. "Let this be a warning about not listening to mama when she tells you not to eat or drink something..." Tomoko said sternly as she began rubbing circles into the crying girls back along with a few gentle pats to force more gas out.
"Uurp~... I didn't mean it... I was thisrty." She cried into Tomoko shoulder as another wave of pain hit her gut. Eventually Tomoko managed to hit he run just the right spot causing the pink haired little to let out a monstrous belch from her lips. "BWOOOUUURRRRRRRRPPPPP~"
With that belch came a wave of relief as Yasuho's belly got smaller and smaller with each subsequent belch until eventually her belly went back to a somewhat normal size for someone as big as she is.
"There, that should be about it....did you learn your lesson?" Tomoko asked as she rubbed circles in Yasuho's gut while the neet laid back on the floor.
Yasuho gave a small nod before cuddling up to Tomoko's belly and resting her head on the raven haired milf's flab.
"Sigh... I can't stay mad at you... but no more energy drinks!" Tomoko said softer this time as she placed a small kiss on Yasuho's head before going back to massaging her belly.
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fat-slobby-jojo-girls · 8 days ago
Yasuho, RedBull gives you burps.
"Yes It BOUUUUUROOUURP~ Does.... But I can't help but keep drinking them. They help me stay awake during live streams and gaming sessions. Not to mention studying for class." Yasuho said as she finished chugging another can before discarding it to the floor of her room. The pink haired nerd's belly sloshed as Yasuho adjusted her sitting position on her bed, the neet's laptop was layed ontop of her belly putting preasure on her gut and forcing out a few more wet burps from the slob's lips. "UuuOOURP!"
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fat-slobby-jojo-girls · 8 days ago
Mun, do you have a favorite type of vore for Jolyne, Lisa Lisa, Suzi Q, Foo, Yasuho, and Aya?
Name: Jolyne
Vore type: Oral, Anal vore.
Name: Lisa Lisa/Elizabeth Joestar
Vore type: Oral, Cock, Anal vore.
Name: Suzi Q
Vore type: Oral vore.
Name: Foo
Vore type: Oral Vore, sometimes Anal.
Name: Yasuho
Vore type: Oral vore.
Name: Aya
Vore type: all. Every type of vore. She's just hungry.
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fat-slobby-jojo-girls · 8 days ago
Thinking about uncaring preds who only care about satisfying their hunger that keep around a horny obsessed feeder just because they know they'll get more food from them if they don't eat them~
It's a mutually beneficial relationship. The feeder gets to take care of a lazy hedonistic predator and satisfy their horny desires while the predator gets lots of food, and belly rubs from their cute little servant.
They pred contemplated eating their feeder when they first met but soon they quickly realized how useful someone who's willing to wait on you hand and foot is. Why waste time hunting for prey and food when your cute little feeder will gladly go lure some unsuspecting prey into your room so you can eat your fill? Not that they haven't gotten carried away before during particularly passionate feeding sessions. Can you really blame them though? I mean they always let their feeder out when they accidentally swallow them. So they can't complain really.
Besides they should consider themselves lucky that they weren't added to the pred's belly like everyone else was.
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fat-slobby-jojo-girls · 8 days ago
Mun, do you have any belly/vore headcanons for the JoJo women who you haven't covered before, like Jolyne, Lisa Lisa, Suzi Q, Foo, Yasuho, and Aya, with the same criteria—how much food or prey can they hold in their stomachs and how big can their stomachs get, whether or not their tummies get upset from eating something, and also what their favorite foods and beverages are??
Name: Jolyne
How much: She can hold about 4 people in her belly before she starts to get uncomfortable, anymore than that and she starts having trouble digesting and keeping the prey inside.
How big: when it's fully stuffed it's about the size of a mini van.
Upset or not + intolerances: Ice-cream makes her very gassy even more than usual. Eating more than 4 prey at a time will usually end in a stomach ache and a very whiney Jolyne.
Favorite food: cheeseburgers.
Favorite drink: Sweet Tea.
Name: Yasuho
How much: compared to the rest she's a light weight. Only able to swallow 1 prey before being full.
How big: doubles insize when she's full but isn't anything too impressive. (Not really good at gauging the size of my muses they're just kinda as big as I need them to be so sorry if this is inconsistent.)
Upset or not + intolerances: spicy food, even a little bit of spice is too much for this poor neet. Gets belly aches when she's anxious.
Favorite food: Doritos
Favorite drink: red bull. (Drinks multiple cans a day. Someone help this girl.)
Name: Suzi Q
How much: surprisingly voracious for her size. Has a record of 10 prey at one before. Her belly is unnaturally stretchy.
How big: can get almost 5 times bigger than normal when fully packed.
Upset or not + intolerances: fizzy drinks give her hiccups and make very belchy. Lisa Lisa finds it cute!
Favorite food: pasta
Favorites drink: fruit smoothies
Name: Lisa Lisa/Elizabeth Joestar
How much: her record set for prey digested at once is 7.
How big: more than tripples at full capacity
Upset or not + intolerances: pizza makes her gassy but she eats it anyways.
Favorite food: Pizza, Vampires even if they're rarer now a days
Favorite drink: Wine
Name: Foo
How much: can drink over 100 gallons of water casually.
How big: absolutely gigantic. Can swallow an obscured amount of prey. (Belly mouth Foo is even bigger.)
Upset or not + intolerances: too much sweets makes her extremely hyper and gives her a belly ache afterwards. Hermes ans Jolyne try to keep her away from things with lots of sugar and caffeine.
Favorite food: lobster
Favorite drink: water
Name: Aya
How much: can clear multi all you can eat buffets by herself.
How big: could probably fit a small car in there.
Upset or not + intolerances: everything makes this woman gassy. Doesn't matter what it is.
Favorite food: anything she can fit in her mouth.
Favorite drink: apple juice, surprisingly.
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fictionalchonkycorner · 8 days ago
Im up and open for rps and asks!!
My current muse moods are
Brock and Dashie!
Note:i am not amazing at writing and sorta new to the dashie mood so i may take a few to reply !!
(Also i may change moods at anytime and muse list is a big wip !!!)
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ilovefictionalchonks · 8 days ago
Its official! I made my rp ask blog for my muses specifically!! Its still a wip tho!!
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fat-slobby-jojo-girls · 9 days ago
🍯 Food headcanon for Drider Haruko.
Mostly insects, but she will eat anything that gets tries to attack her. Excluding humans of course. She'd never willing harm a human due to her mother's influence. Her favorites are werewolfs and Naga since they're the ones who usually find their way inside her nest so she has a taste for them.
She usually drinks her victims like a normal spider but sometimes she'll swallow her prey whole if she's in the mood.
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