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#were those candles even worth this.
heedingcalls · 8 hours ago
𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡 𝐮𝐧𝐩𝐨𝐩𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐫 𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐭𝐲𝐩𝐞 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 ?  
Tumblr media
it’s a good thing you’re so patient. you know what it’s like to feel the full weight of doubt bearing down in you. for years, it tried to squeeze the life from your lungs. but nothing’s going to make you bow. you kept the candle’s flame alive. you whispered the names at nightfall. the vigil still lives inside of you. one day, the waiting will have been worth it. all your love is going to come home to you. you’re more important than you know. you’re still the one true believer.
personality: calm, level-headed, stubborn / / counterpart: the accomplice
Tumblr media
it was a rough ride over and you have the scrapes to show for it. they ripped you from your bedroom and locked you up in the highest tower. you never felt like yourself at home, but you were loved. whenever you vanish, they stay out all season looking for you. but what does that matter to you now? for now, you have altitude sickness. for now, all the stone walls are closing in. for now, you can feel the heat of its breath right above your spire. friendless and bored is the worst thing for you to be. when this is all over, they’ll tell stories about your rescue. but nobody ever asks what those long months in shackles felt like for you. hang in there, jailbird! your knight will come eventually! 
personality: fun-loving, youthful, naive / / counterpart: the omen
Tumblr media
you got fucked up something awful. sorry. i dont know why or when it got so bad for you, but now that heat feels so true to you that it’s hard to imagine a you without it. there’s nothing grand about the damage you do. it isn’t the kind that people write stories about. for this reason, it’ll be a while before anyone stops you, if they ever come around to it. it’s all the more likely that you’ll have to dig your own way out of this pit. one day you won’t even remember how blood tasted. the rage won’t keep you warm forever, killer!
personality: intense, introspective, edgy / / counterpart: the dark horse
tagged by :  @tlmelcss​ thx you bby !! tagging  :  aaaaaaanybody !!!
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2jaeh · a day ago
Tumblr media
genre: smut, humor
warnings: poly themes, alcohol, some drug use, threesome, oral M and F receiving, semi-public, fxm, mxm, just a lot of smut related tags tbh
word count : 11,8 K 
Everyone had heard of you but where did the story begin ?
This is the prequel to FREAKS (Jaehyun x reader) a story of why the entire campus were almost certain that you Taeyong and Ten were in a poly affair. 
A/N: before anyone asks I will be doing a part two of Freaks w Jaehyun, I needed to get this part out first! Also commissions are open on my fiverr and let me know in my inbox what you think of this series! 
0. Prequel 
1. Freaks pt 1 
You always wondered what it was like to fit in. Whether people rarely stared, that It didn’t matter what music you listened to or how you dressed as long as you followed the quota you were good. But four months into university made you quickly realise that it wasn’t easy making friends as people made it out to be. Being in the art department, you took notice of a few people that met your requirements but after an exchange or two the conversation fell flat and it would feel like you were back to square one.
You sat your sketchbook down on the wooden table situated at the back of the fine arts classroom and slumped into the chair waiting for class to begin. Your eyes watched every person that sauntered through those indigo doors. Hippies, wannabe tattoo artists, rich kids who took art just to prove they’re cultured, and the ones who weren’t worth remembering.
“Today we will explore life drawings so pull out the items I asked you to collect and partner up with the person seated next to you” your lecturer clapped his hands as the classroom filled with shuffling of seats and small greetings.
You turned to your left and noticed a black haired boy with a mullet cut passed out on the desk. You had seen him at a few parties but you’ve only exchanged less than a sentence with him.
Grabbing your pencil you poked his exposed arm until he groaned and stretched his arms out in front of him yawning, “Are we done already ?”
“We just started, and were partners” you faked a smile and shifted your desk closer to him.
“Oh shit sorry, you’re y/n right ?” He asked, his voice was soft and friendly. His cat-like eyes blinked cutely as he adjusted his loose shirt and turned his body to face you, “you were at Jungwoo’s party last week.”
“Oh yeah I was” you chuckled scratching the back of your head, “You…are Ten Lee, I remember your strip club design project. It was pretty awesome”
Ten’s eyes lit up at your words and you felt a sense of warmth emanating from him. It felt genuine unlike most people on this campus and you couldn’t believe it took you this long to even talk to him.
“I tend to see how far I can go before the faculty calls my parents in” he snickered and began pulling out his drawing equipment from his overly decorated tote bag. You mimicked his actions and in turn pulled out the items your lecturer had asked you to collect. Personal trinkets he said, three items that you think represented you.
You looked around at the nearby desks and noticed a lot of the same items placed on everyone's desk. Candles, AirPods, tea boxes, vinyls and anything else you would find on ‘art hoe Tumblr 101’. You annoyingly rolled your eyes as you looked down at your own equipment.
A rusty old key you had found in your room, the cigarette butt of the last one you smoked since you’d quit, and of course the grand finale, an anime figurine of a woman with boobs bigger than her head. Perfect.
“Hentai is…..your identifier ?” Ten stifled his laughter as he grabbed the figurine from your desk and closely examined her clothing, or lack thereof.
“I actually stole that from the store my ex worked at but yeah we can go with that, what is yours ?”
You watched Ten remove the items from his bag and your eyes widened at one item in particular, “dude is that a vibrator ?” You questioned and Ten grinned, holding up the palm sized gadget and switched it on briefly before turning it off and flinging it on his desk, “yeah I identify strongly with it” he shrugged.
“How exactly?” You quizzed him as the boy, still poker faced, played with the rings on his fingers.
“Vibrators pleasure people, and I do the same, there's no lore to it y/n”
“Good to know I guess” you pressed your lips together and you felt Ten tug on your arm until his lips were against your ear,
“You wanna skip and try it out in the bathroom ?”
You had no idea what the fuck was going on but within minutes you and Ten were walking down the hall to the nearest bathroom after he explained to the lecturer that the two of you had to hand in a business assignment a couple doors down. Ten pulled you into the girls bathroom and looked under each stall until he realised you two were the only ones in here.
“What the fuck is happening right now” you walked hand in hand with him into the last stall and leaned against the cold tiled wall.
“You about to get one of the best orgasms ever that's what” Ten bit down on his lip cheekily and found the slit of your floral skirt and pushed it to the side, revealing your black laced panties on full display for him.
As Ten’s fingers slowly began making its way to your core you smacked his hand, causing him to look up with wide eyes, “What ?”
“At least kiss me first, how am I supposed to get in the…mood?” Ten chuckled at your words and raised his hands amusingly, “Okay Okay I didn’t think this would be a whole ordeal”
You rolled your eyes and pulled Ten by his neck into a deep kiss that actually surprised the both of you. Each side was filled with lust as your tongue moved against his and fought for dominance. Ten pressed his body against you roughly, earning a moan from both of you once you felt your bodies connect in the most passionate way. Kissing him was different, It completely changed the way you looked and felt about him. He went from being the cute cat boy in your class to probably one of the sexiest people you had ever met. Ten roughly bit your lip and smirked into the kiss when he felt your nails dig into his shoulder. He quickly used the opportunity to slip his hands in-between your legs which you politely parted for him and ran a finger over your core.
“Oh shit” you breathed against his lips as he moved the material out of the way and slipped his finger inside with ease. His finger moved slowly in and out of you while his lips were still attached to yours not missing a second of that mouth-watering kiss. You had no idea when his finger was replaced with the vibrator but the sensation made you break away from the kiss and throw your head back in ecstasy, not knowing when was the last time you even felt like this. The combination of Ten’s wet kisses on your neck and the vibrator completely destroying you, it was happening. The orgasm of the fucking century was approaching. You would like to believe that you were only at your breaking point because you hadn’t hooked up with anyone in a while not because Ten was this good. But he was. He was fucking amazing and this was just a taste, just an introduction to him.
Ten increased the speed of the vibrator until your legs were shaking and clasped his hand over your mouth to prevent the whole department from hearing you coming undone.
“Fuck..” You sighed, holding onto his shoulders for support as you tried catching your breath, “yeah the whole pleasure analogy between you and the vibrator….I get it.”
“Glad to be of service” Ten stuck his tongue in his cheek and began neatening his outfit before hooking arms with you and walking out of the bathroom. You already had no intention of going back to class anytime soon so the two of you ended up wandering the halls of the pristine campus, hoping the day would pass away.
“Y/n” you heard a voice call from behind you, not your favourite voice in the world.
“Fuck” you sighed and turned around, watching the tall black haired man make his way over to you. You watched a cocky smile spread across his face as he came over, his tall frame standing over you and Ten.
“What do you want Jinyoung ?” you asked, raising your eyebrow at him and folded your arms.
The boy bit down on his lip and moved his hair out of his face, “I just came to say hi y/n do you have to be so rude ?” He scoffed and raised his eyebrow at Ten, “got a new boy toy ?”
“What Ten and I do is honestly none of your business” you responded coldly, Ten immediately putting two and two together and stifled a laughter before smiling up at Jinyoung,
“Oh you’re the ex boyfriend ? Is this the one who finishes in 10 seconds ?” Tens words caught you off guard causing you to let out a chuckle and Jinyoung to shift uncomfortably in his spot. He tried his best to stay composed but his red ears told a different story.
“That’s probably someone else, you know she’s been around the block” he licked his lips and folded his arms across his chest.
“Anyway do you want something ? We gotta go back to class” you rolled your eyes and rested your head on Tens shoulder.
“Come out with me tonight, you know I always get guestlist to varsity parties” Jinyoung said and Ten waved his hand in front of his face startling Jinyoung, “I have plans with her, so maybe next time” Ten pulled you down the hall before Jinyoung could get in another word. You couldn’t help but turn back and take in his dumbstruck frame as the two of you furthered away from him and headed back to class.
“We have plans ?” You asked as the two of you slipped back into your seats and Ten propped his legs up on the table and leaned back,
“Yeah there’s a party at that guy Wooyoung's place tonight and we’re going” Ten stretched his arms above his head, “wear something sexy so I’m not standing out.”
Of Course listening to Tens words and knowing the kind of closet you were working with it wasn’t that hard to not stand out. You opted for a cute little baby blue mini dress that was tight enough to show off your curves and a pair of holographic combat boots. Your favourite part was always getting to match your eye make up to your outfit. Drawing on an intricate design that accentuated your big round eyes almost made you doll-like.
You retrieved your phone and noticed you received a text from Ten, who had already updated an outfit pic on story. A very low buttoned down black shirt and black shiny pants that had a fucking garter around his leg ?
Yeah he was hot and the both of you knew it.
You grabbed the last of your things and made your way downstairs to Ten who was waiting at the dorm house entrance. Unconsciously biting on your lip you were welcomed by his slender figure posted up against the fence with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. He looked straight out of a movie.
“God finally….holy shit you look hot!” He whistled and pulled you into a tight hug before pulling you into a kiss and grabbed your waist. The kiss was indeed surprising even though earlier that day he was practically fucking your brains out.
His lips were soft and sweet, laced with a hint of the menthol cigarette from earlier. Ten finally pulled away and he gave your ass a cheeky squeeze before handing you his half burnt cigarette,
“Let’s have a wild fucking night then shall we ?”
Taking the cigarette from him you took a drag and blew the smoke up into the air forgetting about your sobriety and watched it disappear in the night sky, “let’s go.”
The night was cold but quite a few people were all over the residence roads, making their way to various parties or down to the bars where the rowdiness had already begun.
“Shit I really should’ve brought something to pre drink” Ten sighed and pulled out his phone.
“Who are you texting ?” You asked, trying to match his quick footsteps as yall began nearing the busy part of the street.
“Yuta, you know that tattoo guy ? He always has a bottle on him” Ten explained as you followed him into a narrow corner and saw a group of people gathered at the steps of the building.   You noticed a few people from your department hanging around but the most noticeable person was in fact Yuta Nakamoto. His long black hair, pierced ears and tatted up body was hard to miss. You got a tattoo from him once and it almost ended with him making out with you on his work desk.
But that was a story both of you agreed to forget.
“Ten and y/n, weird combination but I’m not really surprised, what’s up ?” Yuta grinned and handed Ten the bottle of vodka while pulling you into a quick hug.
“Yeah it’s called matching each other’s energy” Ten winked at you and took a shot of vodka straight out of the bottle before handing it to you. You eyed the clear bottle up and down knowing your kidneys were screaming at you right now but fuck you hated walking into a party without a slight buzz going. You took the bottle and took a shot before wincing at the bitter taste and the fiery sensation that was now running down your throat. “You ready ?” Ten grinned holding out his hand and you placed your hand in his, nodding a thank you to Yuta and his friends before entering the chaotic party.
There were people of all kinds inside. Some from your department, some from God knows where. All you could see were lingering eyes on you and Ten as you stepped inside. Some people made it obvious that they were staring, hoping that maybe you’d strike up a conversation with them. Others just peeked and gossiped amongst their friends as they stared at the outfits that you and Ten adorned.
“What else do you expect from people who sleep around with drug dealers” you and Ten overheard a girl say as the two of you made your way over the kitchen for drinks.
“Drug Dealers ? Geez that’s the first” Ten scoffed and sifted for a cider in the cooler.
“None of that bothers you does it ?” You smiled, intrigued as the cat-eyed boy barely noticed a few people checking him out from behind the counter.
Ten handed you a drink and leaned up against the counter taking a sip of the cold liquid before shrugging,
“Why should I let it bother me ? It’s not like their lives are interesting that I want to fit in with them, I mean their lives revolve around talking shit about me” Ten giggled and took another sip of his drink.
His confidence was extremely attractive and his words resonated with you. It made you wonder if maybe you thought too much about it at times even though you didn’t care to conform to society norms of an average varsity student. Hanging out with Ten for just one day already gave you more life, more energy than anyone prior in your university. Ten wasn’t hesitant to show you that he felt the same way either. To him it was fate that he had sat next to you earlier today because he finally found someone worth keeping his attention.
“There’s something about you y/n I just feel like we get each other” he scratched his head and looked over at you, “it’s so easy just hanging out with you without feeling so fucking drained.”
“I feel the exact same way, like don’t get me wrong I like hanging out with the likes of Yuta and that guy Hendery in our class, but it’s different with you”  You grabbed Tens hand and he squeezed your hand tightly,
“Here’s to tolerating only each other.”
You and Ten toasted and downed the last of the cider before heading to the dance floor filled with people who either despised you or wanted to be you.
As the two of you danced it felt like the room was moving in slow motion, the mixture of the smoke filled room to the loud music and alcohol in your system made you feel euphoric. As you danced the night away, you had no idea when you and Ten had separated on the dance floor but a sudden tug on your arm snapped you out of your daydream to face a harsh reality.
“Please leave me alone” you groaned as he wrapped his arms around your waist and placed his mouth against your ear,
“Baby I’m sorry when are we going to put all that shit behind us ?” He groaned, slipping his hands to your sides and squeezed gently.
“You cheated on me asshole did you forget ?” You shrugged out of his grip and pushed by the bodies of people trying to make your way to the backyard for fresh air.
The small garden was filled with people having intimate conversations and someone throwing up in a bush at the back. Normal house party shenanigans.
You rolled your eyes when you noticed Jinyoung had followed you out already trying to put his hands on you once again. “Would you stop ? Why don’t you run after the girl you had in your bed when we were together” you spat and headed for a bench.
“You know what, keep resisting, that’s why your ass is sitting here alone” Jinyoung retorted and pushed his way back into the party.
You groaned and sat on the empty seat far away from the party, finally able to hear yourself think and breath in fresh air. You were about to slip back into a calmer state when you felt someone drop in the seat next to you and as your thoughts expected it was Jinyoung, it ended up being a boy you had never seen before.
“Hi, sorry I didn’t mean to startle you” the boy said, his big round eyes sparkled under the night sky. His body was petite like Ten but he was broader in the shoulder department and had the most innocent face you’d ever seen.
“Oh it’s not a problem” you replied, still taking in his striking features. The boy brought a small metal flask to his lips and took a shot before offering the drink to you,
“It’s tequila” he smiled and you mouthed a thank you before shooting back a bit of the drink and handed it back to him.
“I’m y/n….I haven’t seen you around before” you quizzed as the boy set down his flask and ran his fingers through his blonde hair.
“I’m Taeyong, I’m actually new here” he replied and wet his lips with his tongue, “I’ll start in the art and design department on Monday.”
“I’m in that department, well welcome to hell” you grinned and held out your hand. Taeyong grinned and took your hand in his and gave you a firm handshake before scooting closer. As much as you convinced yourself he had the most adorable and innocent face you’d ever seen, there was a hint of mischief in his eyes.
“I just came here to get drunk and get laid but like everyone’s looking at me weird” Taeyong goofily laughed and you joined in, “can’t help you there, I’ve been in that position for a few months now” Taeyongs eyebrows raised at your words and jumped to his feet, holding out his hand for you to take,
“We both have nothing better to do so let’s get wasted.”
You and Taeyong set up a couple shots and downed everything in one go, not bothering about anyone around you or what they had to say. Taeyong was hilarious, his face was animated as he talked which made you laugh, something about him drew you in like a moth to a flame.
The two of you went from casual talk to dancing together and you didn’t mind the closeness, especially when he danced so fucking well against your body. You had no idea when it happened but Taeyong had spun you to face him while the two of you danced and your bodies were practically merged together as Taeyongs lips inched closer and closer until you felt him practically getting dragged away.
“Yo what the fuck man” Taeyong shouted as Jinyoung had a fist full of Taeyongs shirt and escorted him outside. A few people pushed past you to see the commotion before you processed what the hell had just happened.
Making your way through the curious crowd you watched as Taeyong and Jinyoung squared up in the middle of the garden for everyone to see.
“What the hell are you doing with my girl, man ?” Jinyoung shoved Taeyong who stumbled back, the alcohol not helping his balance in any way. You rushed toward them as Taeyong found his footing and pushed Jinyoung right back, he was definitely way stronger than he looked.
“Jinyoung I’m not your girl you moron” you snapped and tried to stand in front of Taeyong before things got any worse.
Jinyoung scoffed and took a step forward, challenging you but you stood your ground even though your head was spinning from the amount of alcohol in your system.
“You’re defending this nobody ? Y/n you’ve really hit rock bottom now haven’t you ?” Jinyoung said, loud enough for every person to hear. This was one of his traits that you hated most.
When Jinyoung knew he had lost you it resulted in insults, manipulation, making you feel like you needed him more than he needed you. But it never worked and it drove him insane.
“Hey it’s not her fault she decided to drop the dead weight in her life” Taeyong shrugged and took a step forward, “don’t worry I’ll make sure she gets satisfied in any way she wants.”
Before you could even respond Jinyoung swung at Taeyong, hitting him right in the jaw before two other men stepped in and held him back. You rushed over to check on Taeyong who instead of showing signs of anger or pain, was laughing.
Laughing with a bruise on the side of his jaw, unphased by what had just happened. Jinyoung muttered curses as the guys dragged him away from the garden and the crowds of people finally dispersed, unsatisfied with the lackluster of the fight.
“Are you okay ?” You sighed helping him up and took him to the side of the house where it was more secluded from the public. You shone your phone light to get a better look at his bruise and Taeyong winced at both the sudden light and the throb from the hit.
“I’m fine I’m fine, it’s really okay” he chuckled and leaned against the wall pulling you with until you were inches away from his face.
You had no idea why, especially considering you just saw him get hit in the face, you leaned in to kiss him. Whether it be the alcohol or the adrenaline from the fight you just found Taeyong to be so goddamn hot in this moment. Taeyong moaned into the kiss as he slipped his tongue into your mouth and massaged circles on your lower back. Your lips moved against his slowly and passionately, smirking into the kiss when he bit down on your lip cheekily.
“God there you are”
Your kiss quickly broke when you heard the high tone of Tens voice and he made his way over to you and Taeyong.
“What the hell happened, I heard that idiot Jinyoung was harassing you again and-“ Tens eyes turned to Taeyong against the wall and pointed to him with his index finger, “who the heck is this ?”
“Uh this is Taeyong, he helped me with the Jinyoung issue” you scratched your head and Taeyong half waved at Ten before clutching his jaw.
“Uhm okay” Ten pressed his lips together, “let’s go back to my dorm I’ve had enough of these Neanderthals...Taeyong you can come too.”
The three of you finally arrived at Ten’s dorm in silence. You and Taeyong shifted awkwardly in the middle of Ten’s bedroom, not knowing exactly what to do. Looking around you noticed Ten had an eye for interior design. His furniture was quite outlandish for a dorm room yet it was surprisingly homey.
“God please sit or do something you guys are making me uncomfortable” Ten groaned, kicking off his boots and discarding his shirt. Taeyong opted for the office chair near Ten’s desk and you took a seat at the very edge of Ten’s single sleeper while he lay on his back next to you on his phone.
“You guys like sushi ? I'm feeling for sushi” Ten hummed scrolling through a food ordering app completely oblivious to the awkwardness that still sat in the room.
“Sushis good” you nodded,
“Yeah I don't mind either” Taeyong added but winced when he felt the sharp, still very prominent pain in his jaw.
“Ten you got an ice pack or something ?” You sighed, jumping off the bed and rummaged through Ten’s mini fridge. “Yeah right at the back” Ten replied, still trying to place his order for the late night meal. You retrieved the ice pack and knelt down in front of Taeyong who smiled shyly as you placed the ice pack over his swollen jaw. Taeyong silently thanked you for your kindness and applied pressure to his jaw as you decided to take a seat beside his chair, to make him feel a little more comfortable in your friends bedroom.
“Okay” Ten threw his phone aside and sat up to look at the two of you with inquisitive eyes,” yall gonna tell me what happened here ?”
“Well I lost you on the dancefloor and Jinyoung found me” you began, Ten already rolling his eyes at the sound of Jinyoung’s name,
“I went outside and Taeyong approached me, he’s going to be starting at our department on Monday and he didn't know anybody, so I offered my friendship in a form of alcohol and having a good time” you smiled and Ten scoffed.
“Jinyoung saw you guys just drinking and decided to rearrange his face ?” Ten raised his eyebrow, he definitely knew there was more to it considering the two of you were sucking each other's faces off in a dark alley.
“Okay so we were quite close, and honestly does Jinyoung need any other reason ? He wanted to punch you this morning” you groaned.
“Yeah but I was literally fucking you in a bathroom stall with my vibrator y/n”
Taeyong’s eyes widened at Ten’s words and looked between the two of you frantically, “Wait you guys are together, I mean hooking up ? Why did you kiss me ?” he questioned while Ten just laughed it off and turned on his bluetooth speaker.
“Chill, we're not together you can have a little relationship if you want to” Ten smirked, stretching his arms above his head, “honestly if you wanna hook up now I like watching.”
“God shut up, and none of us want a relationship. We just got there to have fun and Jinyoung ruined everything” you groaned, leaning your head back against Taeyong’s leg as he finally returned to tend to his bruise.
“All this aside do you guys mind if I hang out with you ? you’re honestly the only fucking normal people on this campus” Taeyong pouted and you and Ten shared a quick glance before grinning from ear to ear.
“Okay he’s cute I get it” Ten sighed and held out his hand to Taeyong, “I'm Ten, y/n and I only started hanging out this morning, neither of us have close friends on campus and frankly everyone finds us annoying, welcome to the club.”
Taeyong smiled cutely and shook Ten’s hand, setting down his ice pack and got to his feet, “Well i'm Taeyong, I too don't give a shit what people have to say about me, I like doing whatever I want with whomever I want and I'm pretty sure after tonight people aren't gonna like me either, so I guess i'm in.”
Before you could even say your part to this little club initiation your phone began to blow up with message alerts and story updates from practically everyone on campus tagging you in a specific video.
“What the hell is going on ?” you frowned as you opened instagram and noticed that the account that everyone was tagging you in was a burner account with a few videos and two pictures. Ten and Taeyong stood on either side of you as you opened up the first video and noticed that it was taken in the hallway earlier that day with you and Ten linking arms. The second video was at the party, you and Ten dancing with each other and the video cutting to you and Taeyong dancing together. The last video on the account was a blurry video of you and Taeyong making out and Ten walking in, with the ending obviously being the three of you leaving together.
“Why is this account posting videos of us ?” Taeyong asked, noticing that he too was tagged by people who he didn't know at all. Ten pulled up the account on his own phone when the account refreshed and a new post appeared, this time it was text only.
“It's probably Jinyoung I’ll just call him and-”  You were cut off by Ten grabbing your phone and tossing it on his bed, “dude what the hell ?” you protested but Ten silenced you with his finger.
“This is garbage right ? like what do our lives and how we live it got anything to do with any of these assholes ?” Ten bit down on his lip and looked between you and Taeyong, “They are so obsessed with us, wondering if the three of us are fucking right now ? really ? well let's give it to them.”
“You want the three of us to fuck ?” Taeyong quirked his eyebrow, his large eyes still hazy from the party.
“I want them to believe we are!” Ten grabbed Taeyong by his shoulders and looked back at you, “any publicity is good publicity. We get to be ourselves and we get to piss people off for free.”
“Would be pretty funny to see all of this blow up in Jinyoung's face honestly” you agreed, and Ten’s face lit up before moving his attention back to Taeyong, “What do you say pretty boy ?” Taeyong scratched his head and shrugged, “All this pretending and I don't get any action here ? doesn't feel like a win at all” You tried to hold in your laughter as Ten groaned at the blonde boy’s words and held his face between his hands before pulling him into a kiss, you watched Taeyong’s tense shoulders finally drop as he leaned more into the kiss and wrapped his hands lightly around Ten’s waist.
Ten pulled away and swiped Taeyong’s lips with his thumb, smiling at the doe-eyed boy, “we will have to make it convincing right ?”
“Okay im in” Taeyong smiled brightly and the three of you held hands in the middle of the bedroom, sharing mischievous glances with each other, anticipating the fucking whirlwind of chaos that was about to hit the campus.
“Good, well I guess the only thing left to do is upload our first post of the official poly club” Ten smirked and pulled the both of you onto his bed. Ten sat in between you and Taeyong and turned on the video mode of instagram stories. First he showed his face then turned to you, pulling you into a soft sensual kiss before moving to Taeyong next to him and did the same. After breaking the kiss with Taeyong, Ten nudged you to move over to the other side of him, putting you right onto Taeyongs lap. Ten focused on the two of you as you lifted Taeyong’s chin with your index finger and bit down on his lip, slightly pulling, teasing him as he brought his hand up to wrap around your neck. Ten zoomed in as you and Taeyong shared a very scandalous kiss for everyone to see. Your tongues darting in each other's mouth while the music drowned out your subtle moans.
“Done!” Ten chirped and uploaded his story, making sure to tag the burner account in every single clip. There was no going back now and every moment of this escapade excited you. The comfort you felt around Ten and Taeyong was something that you’d been craving for a long time. As cheesy as it was to say, and especially since it was only Day One, they felt like your soulmates.
“Man I fucking love this campus” Taeyong threw his head back and groaned while you and Ten burst out laughing.
Monday quickly approached and as soon as you and Ten stepped on campus all eyes were on you. It gave you an incredible sense of confidence and you had no idea why. Heads turned with every step, everyone was whispering as the two of you walked hand in hand through the hallway keeping your head up high and not giving a shit about anyone. Taeyong was waiting for you guys at the end of the hall, adorning a buttoned down printed shirt and ripped jeans that snatched his waist in the right way. Taeyong was leaning against the wall with a lollipop in his mouth and dark sunglasses while everyone who passed him did a double take.
“Hey babes” he smirked and placed a kiss on your cheek and Tens before joining your walk towards your first class for the day.
It was so surreal going from everyone ignoring your existence to every single person watching the three of you, anticipating what was going to happen next. You found your seats in the middle of the lecture, giving everyone the best possible view of course. The professor cleared his throat to get everyone's attention and Ten tried to stifle a laughter as the people who stated they didn't give a shit about you guys clearly paid a lot of attention now.
“Give them a show bestie” Ten whispered in your ear before gesturing to Taeyong who sat on the other side of you, slumped down in his seat with his legs spread apart deliciously. You nodded and slowly reached over to Taeyong, caressing his thigh and he bit down on his lip while keeping his eyes on the lecture slides in front of him. You noticed two guys shuffling behind you and one pulled out his phone, waiting to record the next escapade of the campus’s new favourite stars.
You danced your fingers up Taeyong’s thigh and inched closer to rest your hand on his crotch as his breathing hitched. Leaning forward you made your movements less suspicious to the professor and everyone around you except the camera that was now focusing on your actions. Taeyong sunk further in the chair awaiting for you to quit teasing him and touch him where he needed you most. You obliged to his needs and palmed him through his jeans and you heard the guy behind you curse under his breath as you began rubbing Taeyong’s member. It felt so fucking powerful to do whatever you wanted after being so cautious on this campus for so long. The ironic part was all that shit about you being notorious on campus was a fucking lie. No you weren't a saint but you were not sleeping around every other day since you hated about 90% of the people that attended the university. Now with that burner account claiming to know more about your sex life than you did, what was holding you back now from doing what you wanted ?
Taeyong undid the button on his jeans and pulled down his zip enough for you to slip your hands inside his pants with ease. A gasp from Ten made a shiver run down your spine, coming to your senses that you were giving Taeyong a handjob in the middle of a 10am lecture.
“Shit he's walking up” you chuckled and pulled your hand out of Taeyong’s pants and quickly pretended to be involved in your studies as the professor began walking around the room. Taeyong groaned loud enough for most of the front row to turn around and look at him in annoyance.
“Is something wrong Mr Lee ?” The professor raised his eyebrow as Taeyong quickly redid his pants and hid his prominent boner from his professor.
“One of the questions is a little….hard” Taeyong groaned while you and Ten covered your mouths trying to hide your laughter.
The professor shook his head and went on his way as you and Ten watched Taeyong struggle with his boner for the next thirty minutes of the class. Finally the lecture wrapped up and as soon as the three of you made your way to the hallway you felt Taeyong tug on your arm and began leading you into the girls bathroom, into the nearest stall. A few girls in the bathroom frowned at Ten sauntering into the bathroom straight after, setting down his bag on the counter and began fiddling with his hair.
“Uh this is the girls bathroom ?” a girl snapped, folding her arms and made eye contact with Ten through the mirror.
“So what ? I saw a vag before love, and just because i'm a guy doesn't mean I want yours” Ten shrugged and the girl cursed and stormed out of the bathroom. Meanwhile your mouth was practically merged with Taeyong’s as he pressed his still very hard member against your stomach and nibbled on your bottom lip.
“Was giving me blue balls for thirty minutes worth all of that ?” Taeyong growled as he grabbed your ass roughly, causing you to moan in his mouth. “I'm sorry baby let me make it up to you” you purred and dropped to your knees while Taeyong braced himself against the ceramic wall for what’s to come.
You undid Taeyongs jeans and pulled it down along with his boxers, allowing his member to spring free still hard as ever. You looked up at him, eyes big as you began stroking him slowly before spitting on his tip in order to lubricate him.
“Fucking hell” Taeyong yelled.
A girl on the outside jumped at his words and looked back at the stall then looked at Ten, who was just waiting on the two of you.
“Exam season huh ?” Ten pressed his lips together as the awkward girl quickly dried her hands and rushed out of the bathroom as soon as possible.
You began bobbing your head on Taeyongs member, fully taking him until he reached the back of your throat causing you to gag. Taeyong marveled at the way your plump lips wrapped around his tip, he couldn't help but grab your hair and slowly pull you off him just to take in the sight of your messed up lipstick. You gave him a cheeky smirk before locking your hands behind your back and giving him full control of his movements. Taeyong took full control, his dark eyes narrowed and he sucked his bottom lip between his teeth before thrusting inside of you at a rapid pace. You felt your throat burn at the way he fucked your mouth rapidly but it turned you on so much that you waited until he finally came inside your mouth and you swallowed every bit of him. Taeyong pulled you to your feet and kissed you passionately, his tongue tasting remnants of himself.
“Thanks baby” Taeyong cooed in your ear before exiting the stall, stuffing himself back into his pants while a few girls looked at him absolutely horrified. You followed him, neatening your hair and washing off your mouth and borrowed a lip balm from Ten.
“Had fun you two ?” Ten smirked, leaning against the sink as you and Taeyong made yourself a little more presentable before making your way out of the bathroom. Upon exiting the three of you  noticed the two guys who were filming in the lecture room quickly run after you.
“Don't we get the ending to what went down in the lecture room ?” the one boy snickered like an immature school child as his friend kept the camera on the three of you making your way out of the art department block,
“She swallowed, the end” Taeyong threw his arms around both you and Ten leaving both boys dumbstruck at his words.
You playfully nudged Taeyong who just shot you a cheeky smile as you made your way to a little bench under a willow tree. This was where you usually sat on your own, when you didn't have the energy to socialize with the rest of the art students. Now, it felt a little more complete with Ten and Taeyong accompanying you.
“So my lovelies there's this afterparty happening after the final football game of the season next month” Ten said twirling his ice coffee in his hand as he took in the afternoon sun.
“What do you have in mind ?” you crinkled your nose as you sifted through your unappetizing salad in a box.  
“Okay so you guys heard of Onlyfans right ?” Ten looked between you and Taeyong.
“That site that pays for nudes and shit ?” Taeyong quizzed and Ten nodded brightly and leaned in, “I was thinking let's capitalize a bit of this leading up to the party” Ten responded and pulled up an invitation on his phone,
“The afterparty is being held at Jinyoung’s frat house, him and his idiotic friends are making people pay in order to decorate their football recreational room or some stupid shit like that.”
You took a closer look at the invite and rolled your eyes at the ridiculous pricing, as if their parties were worth going to anyway. Jinyoung was incredibly full of himself and he knew a lot of people worshipped him on campus thanks to his parents being higher ups and the poster boy for the football team. Going for his pride, knocking him where it hurts would be fucking bliss.
“We open an onlyfans, nothing too scandalous but it's gonna get people interested enough to pay forward and we use that cash to host our own party on the same night, free entrance of course” Ten continued and already started setting up the OnlyFans account.
“We should make the party crazy as hell too so nobody would resist coming over” Taeyong added and began going through his contacts, “there's this guy called Seungyoun, he’s a fourth year and knows that DJ from that enigma club from downtown.”
“That's perfect, and we will get Yuta and his tattooist buddies to do temporary sets for us, also my friend Chaeyoung in fashion can help with decor” Ten squealed, already messaging whoever he can.
“My friend Hendery has...uh happy pills if you're interested” you mentioned, knowing that everyone knew Hendery on campus for selling shit, not strong stuff but able to keep you going for a good amount of time.
“Yes! Anything to create hype and watch those preppy idiots sit in an empty house come game night” Ten replied and showed off the OnlyFans page he attached to his instagram account.
“Okay, so what now ?” Taeyong’s large eyes looked between the two of you.
“Now” Ten threw his phone in his bag and got to his feet, “we go back to my dorm and take some naughty pics.”
“I don't think my ass looks good in that” you whined as you got off Taeyong’s lap and took a look at Ten’s camera viewfinder. Taeyong grumbled, sitting in nothing but leather pants on Ten’s office chair, “your ass looks great trust me” he smirked and reached to pull you back onto his lap.
“Come on, just a few more then you can take pics of Taeyong and I” Ten pointed his ring light where Taeyong had a grip on your ass that adorned very pretty pink lingerie. After a few more angles and more compromising positions, Ten finally got what he needed and handed you the camera,
“Make us look cute” He winked and pulled Taeyong to his feet.
“What are we gonna-” Taeyong’s words were cut off by Ten shoving his hand down his pants, “okaaaay” Taeyong pressed his lips together as you began snapping pics of the two of them.
They were so beautiful to you. Every picture you snapped looked better than the last and they needed no direction at all, just enveloped each other with their ridiculous sexual energy, filling the room with their pheromones.
“Done, you guys look sexy as fuck” you purred earning a kiss from Taeyong who was obviously horny from the entire ordeal, but when the fuck was his dick not hard.
You felt yourself being tugged away and Taeyong whined when Ten handed the camera to him and pushed you down to lie on his bed. You felt a shiver run down your spine when Ten positioned himself between your legs and moved his body down until his face was level with your core.
“Taeyong, stand above y/n and shoot down from this angle” Ten instructed to which Taeyong obeyed and his shadow casted over you.
Ten leaned in and kissed you softly on your mound as the room echoed with the camera shutters and your deep breaths. You desperately wanted to run your fingers through his hair but you’d only ruin a perfect shot. It was agonizing but you had to stay still while Ten had his way with you.
Ten moved the piece of fabric to the side and peppered kisses all along your inner thigh and around your core. You were unable to see his face thanks to Taeyong hovering over you but you pictured that smug smile spread across his face as you restrained yourself. You sucked in another deep breath when you felt his tongue dart out and take a slow lick before placing his mouth on your mound and ate you out like an expert.
“Fucking hell” you sighed as you felt his tongue inside you, exploring every part imaginable. You could tell the scene was getting to Taeyong too, as he stood there one hand on the camera and the other hand on his hardened member, watching Ten eat you out.
“Did you get the shots ?” Ten suddenly said, pulling away from your core as you squirmed out of protest.
“Uh..yeah I did,” Taeyong muttered, still staring down at your legs spread wide apart and his member practically screaming through his restricted pants.
“I hope you're not planning to wrap this shit up right now Ten” you groaned, reaching your hand down to your core in order to finish what he had left off.
Ten snickered and slapped your hand away, “of course my lovelies, I never quit a job halfway.” Ten gestured for Taeyong to stand next to the bed while he inserted a finger in you, causing you to moan his name out loud. As you got accustomed to his finger you managed to sit up a little and watched as Ten rubbed Taeyong’s boner through his pants. God you had never been in a situation like this before. How the hell did you get so lucky, meeting two men willing to fuck you and each other.
Ten entered another finger inside you as Taeyong undid his pants and Ten’s mouth was pressed against Taeyong’s member while pumping his length. Taeyong’s eyes were on your figure as he moaned when Ten took him fully in and his fingers were now destroying your core.
“God im so close” Taeyong whined and Ten slowly took his length out of his mouth and looked up at him and then down at you,
“I think you should cum on y/n, she wants it” Ten licked his lips and looked at you with hooded eyes.
“Y-yeah Taeyong….just do it” you squirmed as Ten’s fingers slowed down, holding you back from your orgasm.
Taeyong uttered a few curses and Ten quickly returned to pumping his member until he was at his breaking point. Ten removed his hand from Taeyong and gave you his full attention, attaching both his mouth and three of his fingers inside of your core. Taeyong stood over you with dark eyes as you reached out to run your hand down his exposed thigh.
Taeyong grunted as he released, you felt the warm liquid all over your stomach and breasts while Ten was still recklessly fingering you until you had one of the craziest orgasms of your life. You couldn't process when Taeyong had pressed his lips to yours and Ten had left to get tissues for the mess the three of you made.
“That was some content our viewers missed out on” Taeyong sighed, still trying to catch his breath. You chuckled and went over to the bathroom to quickly shower off the mess and returned in Ten’s oversized shirt, taking a seat between the two of them in bed.
“Okay I uploaded a few previews and linked the onlyfans subscription link” Ten announced as he uploaded three of the explicit versions on the paid side of Onlyfans, “we will get a notification when someone has subscribed and our earnings are on this page.”
The three of you sat, mouths dropped open as you watched subscription after subscription start to fill the page. The comments were flooding in too, and someone even left a hefty tip in a matter of minutes. Ten switched to the earnings page and the account was already sitting at a triple digit.
“What the actual fuck” you gasped as more people began visiting the page and your followings on instagram began skyrocketing.
“This was way easier than I thought it was” Taeyong marveled, also noticing many people start dming him on instagram.
“Well Jinyoung and his goons wanted a party, well here’s the party of the fucking century” Ten smirked and hi5ed the both of you as absolute chaos ensued all over social media in real time.
Just like that in the next couple of days the three of you were watched by the entire campus. It was like Jinyoung wanted. To show the campus that you were notorious, and nobody should get involved with any of you. But that's where his plan was flawed.
Every single person on the campus besides his legion of preppy followers were obsessed with the three of you and craved more. Despite the onlyfans pictures containing no nudity, people still subscribed, they still tipped, they would do anything to see more.
It was in the middle of the afternoon and Ten had confirmed the account had garnered enough money for the party. It had been about three weeks since the very first post on the onlyfans account and now the account stood at a staggering 850 subscribers, each paying for the monthly subscribed content plus tipping generously from time to time. In the midst of all of this the three of you were also preparing for the party that was going to be held on the big day. Taeil, a friend of Taeyong's, allowed you to use his frat house for the event since it would look good for student rentals later on. Yuta and his friends prepared alcohol and a temporary tattoo station to appease drunk girls to get matching tattoos and frat boys to bet their friends to tattoo a dick on their faces. Chaeyoung, Ten’s friend from fashion completely transformed the house into an instagrammable masterpiece, channeling one of those fancy hollywood parties that nobody could ever get into. Seungyoun, the fourth year who was friends with a lot of musicians and DJs from downtown spread the word on campus radio, letting everyone know about Ten’s huge announcement that was about to happen Tuesday afternoon, 2:30PM.
“Alright you thirsty hoes, I see you all made it” Ten said into a karaoke microphone he found from God knows where. Ten got up on the table in the courtyard, standing in front of a huge crowd of students who quickly gathered ready for the grand announcement that was the talk of the town for the last week now.
“We would just like to say that we're so grateful for all your support on our….craft and in order to honor that, were going to host the best party of the fucking semester” Ten shouted while people cheered from the front all the way to the back of the crowd.
“If you look at the link under Ten’s instagram bio, it should take you to a little preview of what’s in store come saturday” Taeyong explained, leaning into the mic while the crowd murmured in confusion.
“Saturday after the big game ? Isn't Jinyoung having a party that night ?” someone in the crowd said followed by more confused chatter.
“That's right, I am having a party after the game” Jinyoung said, moving through the crowd accompanied by two of his frat members and sneered at the sight of the three of you,
“What ? Are you guys planning an orgy or something for your onlyfans ?”
“If you want to suck my dick all you gotta do is ask Jinyoung” Taeyong mused and a few people giggled while Jinyoung shifted uncomfortably and gritted his teeth.
“Listen, you freaks are not having a party on the same night as me” Jinyoung spat and took a step forward, “save yourself the embarrassment of nobody showing up and cancel it.”
You approached him slowly, chuckling darkly as he watched your fingers dance up his arm and up to his jaw, caressing his cheek, “Sweety are you threatened ? You're afraid everybody is gonna ditch your little frat party and come to mine ?”
Jinyoung tried keeping his cool while you stared up at him, playing with him like a little toy in front of everyone to see.
“Are you afraid if people come over i'm going to hook up with everyone who gives me attention ?” Jinyoung avoided your eyes when you recited the words he wrote about you on that burner account. You smirked up at him when you noticed how he still wasn't man enough to own up to his actions.
“Well, our party is FREE by the way” you continued, stepping away and now addressed the crowd in front of you, “So if you’d rather go over to Jinyoungs then go ahead, but if you wanna come play with us…”
You walked up to Taeyong and gave him a sloppy kiss as he grabbed your ass in front of the entire campus to see, “we will see you Saturday night.” The crowd cheered and Jinyoung growled, taking one more glare at you before storming off with his frat boys away from the cheering crowds.
It was D day and everyone who helped with the party gathered in the kitchen, drink in hand and took a final glance back at the rager that was mere minutes away from opening up.
“I can't thank you all enough, actually I did, with all that onlyfans money” Ten stuck his tongue out and Seungyoun whistled while everyone clapped.
“No but seriously, thank you guys….revenge never felt sweeter” you smiled and Hendery put his arm around you as you leaned into him, “if nobody shows up well more for us!”
“Cheers, freaks¨" Taeyong yelled and Ten nudging him in his abdomen,
“Really ? I'm pretty sure Jinyoung’s little nickname for us isn't a compliment” Ten rolled his eyes playfully.
“Its a compliment to us, fuck it im a freak and proud of it” Yuta raised his glass, and a few others joined in.
“Fine Freaks club it is, cheers everyone!” Ten raised his glass and everyone clinked glasses before downing their respectful drinks.
It wasn't long before people began pouring in, it wasn't a large number but it was still something. Most people were from the music and arts departments, and you noticed a few girls from your business lecture drop by as well.
“You think the rest all went to Jinyoung ?” You bit down on your lip as you and Ten monitored the crowds of people while having a drink.
“Maybe ? doesn't matter though, our party is way cooler” Ten shrugged and threw back his drink, “but if you really want me to pull one last move hey just say the word.”
You looked over at the black haired boy and frowned while a cheeky smile spread across his face and he pulled out his phone. You watched him text a few paragraphs and slip his phone in his back pocket before returning to his drink.
About 20 minutes later Taeyong emerged from the crowd to join the two of you in the kitchen, a confused look spread across his face.
“What's wrong ?” you quizzed him.
“Some of those basketball guys are here, they brought over like fifty more people” Taeyong pointed to the entrance and you and Ten watched the guys who the campus worshipped next to the football team enter the party, followed by their fangirls and whoever else wished to be in their presence.
“What the heck did you do ?” your eyes widened as the small party now turned into a whole fucking campus rager.
“Oh I told Johnny Suh that I'd give him a lap dance in front of everyone if he came over with his friends” Ten smiled, waving at the tall brown haired boy with a goofy grin spread across his face.
“Johnny Suh ?! as in the captain of the varsity basketball team ?” you were still confused as to how and when Ten had started talking to one of the most popular guys on campus.
“Yes him, now if you would excuse me, I have a deal to seal” you and Taeyong watched Ten down his drink and make his way over to the lounge where Johnny stood excitedly.
Ten spoke to the DJ and the DJ had the crowd clear up the center of the room while everyone exchanged confused glances as to what the hell was about to go down. Ten placed a chair in the middle of the room and pushed Johnny’s large frame down until he was seated, legs apart and that goofy smile never leaving his face. His teammates whistled as Ten used a piece of cloth to cover Johnny’s eyes, and took off his belt in order to retrain his hands behind his back.
“I gotta give it to Ten, he sure knows how to put on a show” Taeyong wrapped his arm around your waist as the two of you watched Ten fuck around with the captain of the basketball team.
The room was filled with flashing lights, everyone recording the moment as Ten gave Johnny the lap dance he was promised. Johnny slumped in the chair allowing Ten to grind into his hips, and you're pretty sure if the music wasn't so goddamn loud the whole campus would've heard Johnny moan in Ten’s touch. Ten ended it off with a cheeky kiss and untied Johnny, whose face was absolutely red as all of his friends cheered them on, all of them attacking him with hi5s.
That definitely sealed the deal, because after a few uploads of the clip, almost everyone was at your party and Jinyoung’s was most likely empty right now. The party was so big that people were on the street, everybody having the time of their life.
“We did it” Ten threw his arms around you and Taeyong as you stood on the balcony, overlooking the party from above.
“Yeah, we really did” you chuckled and sighed deeply, “I wish I could look at Jinyoung’s face right now.”
“Oh you didn't see ?”
You and Ten turned to Taeyong as he pulled out his phone and scrolled through his gallery. You and Ten burst out laughing when a video of Jinyoung sitting in his empty estate with a few of his preppy friends looking absolutely miserable.
“Fuck thats brilliant” you leaned your head on Ten’s shoulder, completely satisfied with how the night turned out.
“Hey you guys wanna go back to my dorm ? I'm kinda over this” Ten yawned and placed a peck on your forehead.
“You wanna leave your own party ?” Taeyong scoffed, shoving his hands in his pocket.
“This” Ten gestured to the three of you, “This is my party, let's take it back to my room.”
You and Taeyong both obliged and without anyone knowing the three of you escaped the party and made your way over to Ten’s dorm room hand in hand. Upon entering Ten threw off his shirt and kicked off his boots and Taeyong did the same, the two boys grabbing alcohol from the mini fridge and set them up on Tens desk.
“Oh by the way I have something” your words had both the boys turn to face you and you held out your hand, holding three small blue pills,
“Hendery gave them to me, Its not that strong and the high will only last for an hour or two but fuck its good way to end the night off right ?”
“I'm in” Taeyong grabbed the pill and handed you a drink, the three of you washed the pill with beer and Ten switched on a playlist before joining you and Taeyong on his bed.
“I know we've only known each other for like 2-3 months now but I fucking love you guys” you sighed, running your hands through your hair and looked between the two boys.
“This group, us, was the best thing that ever happened to me” Taeyong replied, “you two whores mean the world to me.” “Very sentimental Taeyong” Ten chuckled before reaching out to caress your cheek, “I love you too babe, both of you, were soulmates, if like the devil decided to link people together or something.”
The three of you chuckled and the laughter quickly switched to Taeyong rubbing Ten’s thigh and looked over at you with dark eyes. You had no idea if it was the drug, or the alcohol but there was a desperation within you. Grabbing Taeyong’s face, you pulled him into a sloppy kiss, and quickly switched to Ten, giving him the same energy as Taeyong pushed your shirt over your head and sucked on your exposed skin.
Ten unclasped your bra and massaged your breast as Taeyong kissed the other, each boy stimulating you in the best way possible. Taeyong growled and tossed you onto your back, pulling your skirt off and began sharing a passionate kiss with Ten who was already down to his boxers.
Once Taeyong pulled away from Ten he moved on top of you, grabbing you by your throat and rubbed his hips against your core, the friction sending you into a frenzy. Your thoughts were so focused on Taeyong you had no idea when Ten had got on his knees beside you and began kneading your breasts and rubbing his length with his free hand.
“Who do you wanna fuck first ?” Taeyong growled in your ear that made you so wet you had no fucking clue who you wanted, you just needed someone inside of you at this moment.
“I think it's fair if I go first, I've waited long enough” Ten smirked and switched positions with Taeyong who jumped off the bed to get rid of his pants.
You watched Ten’s dark eyes take in your body, and his beautiful body looked so fucking alluring under the dim lighting of his bedroom. Ten rid you of your soaked panties and wasted no time in inserting two fingers in your wetness.
“Baby girl has been waiting for this for a while huh” Ten purred while Taeyong grabbed your jaw, pulling you into a kiss before making you sit up enough for his member to meet your lips. Just as you took Taeyong in your mouth Ten had already replaced his fingers with his member and began thrusting into you at a rapid pace.
“Oh fuck” you groaned as Taeyong guided your movements on his member with a fistful of your hair. All three of you were so in tune with each other, rough when needed to be and delicate straight after.
As Ten fucked you he leaned forward enough for Taeyong to bend down and meet his lips, the two of them sharing a dirty kiss while they fucked you senseless. Ten pulled away from Taeyong and rammed into you until you came all over his member. “Come on open wide” He mewled and pulled you up and shoved his length in your mouth until he came, making you swallow every bit of him.
“Get on top of me” Taeyong demanded and you did as he said, climbing on top of him and sitting on his length. Taeyong let out a groan, finally feeling you around his length and you felt Ten sit behind you, his hands cupping your breasts as you bounced on Taeyongs member.
“You think you can take both of us ?” Ten whispered in your ear and his request somehow made you wetter than you already were. You had only tried it once, but never in a situation like this. You quickly nodded and Ten caressed your body, leaving sweet kisses all over shoulder and neck before jumping off the bed to rummage in his closet.
Taeyong, not knowing or caring what was going on, carried on slamming himself inside of you, his nails digging into your ass as you rode him like a pro.
Ten returned with what you assumed to be a bottle of lube and bent you over slightly, making sure his touches were careful and delicate. Taeyong finally caught on and slowed his pace despite almost being at his orgasm, in order to make the process easier for you.
“If it's too much just let me know” Ten pecked your cheek and inserted a finger inside your ass, the new sensation was odd but extremely satisfying. Ten continued lubing you up while Taeyong stroked your thighs and made sure your body was relaxed in their care.
“I'm ready, just do it, I want to feel both of you already” you whined and both boys cursed at your words, each anticipating this new experience.
Ten inserted himself and gave you a moment to adjust to him and Taeyong, before slowly moving his hips, keeping his touches light.
“Oh God that feels so good” you moaned as Taeyong picked up his pace and the both of them began fucking you at the same time, something you always wished would happen eventually. Ten returned to his roughness and bent you a little more, allowing Taeyong to lean up and capture your lips, his tongue entangling with yours as the new position only got him back to chasing his raging orgasm.
“Fuck im gonna cum” Taeyong groaned, slightly mad that he couldnt hold onto this feeling any longer.
“You wanna cum inside her mouth ?” Ten asked in between his grunts as he felt himself also reaching his second orgasm.
“No I wanna cum in yours” Taeyong replied darkly, and Ten’s thrusts stopped abruptly to look down at Taeyong.
“Well...fuck okay” Ten finally said and pulled out of you, allowing Taeyong to move to the side of the bed while Ten flipped you on your back and inserted himself in your core. Taeyong stood on the bed for Ten to get better access to his length as you screamed Ten’s name who was quite literally destroying your core at this point.
Taeyong yanked on Ten’s hair causing him to slow his thrusts and you watched the delicious sight of Taeyong slipping his length into Ten’s mouth and Ten swallowing every bit of him. It was quite possibly the hottest thing you'd seen in your life. Ten wiped his mouth as Taeyong slowly pulled out of him with a groan he returned to slamming his hips into yours. “I'm so close Ten” you groaned as Ten crouched over you, allowing you to wrap your legs around his waist as he brought both of you to your climax and let out a huge sigh when he finally came undone with you following shortly after.
“How much money do you think we would've made on onlyfans for that ?” Ten breathed as he collapsed in the bed next to you and Taeyong crawled on your naked body, resting his head on your chest as the three of you tried to catch your breath.
“Probably enough to drop out” Taeyong hummed, his eyes drooping as he made himself a little more comfortable.
“Yeah but hey it's time to end the notorious onlyfans account now don't you think ?” your eyes shifted to Ten who nodded at your words and got up and grabbed his phone from his desk,
“Tae-Ten-Y/N onlyfans era has now come to an end, thank you everyone who tuned in” Ten said, falling back into bed and showing the account that was now deactivated.
“Kinda surprised you are willing to end the onlyfans era Ten, this doesn't have anything to do with Johnny Suh now does it ?” Taeyong raised his eyebrow and you also joined in, looking at the black haired boy with curious eyes.
“Maybe,” Ten sighed, rolling his eyes as you and Taeyong mimicked kissing sounds, “Ugh anyway, they have a game next week, I want you guys to come with.”
“Fine, i’ll ask Johnny how it felt to taste my c-”
“Shut up Taeyong.”
“I have no idea what the hell is going on but Johnny is so hot” Ten sighed as the three of you sat in the bleachers of a varsity basketball game.
“Athletes are not my type these days” you shrugged taking a bite of your corn dog, watching Taeyong play some game on his phone.
“Oh shit they're almost there” Ten pulled you to your feet as the crowd all stood up around you cheering on the varsity team as the time began running out. You watched Johnny run across the court and throw the ball to a boy with chestnut coloured hair, and upon receiving the ball, the boy threw the ball straight into the hoop at the last second, taking his team to victory.
“Fuck….who is he ?” you gulped, as his teammates carried him on their shoulders and his lips curled into a tight grin, showing off a beautiful set of dimples.   “That my dear friend” Ten patted your shoulder, “That's Jung Jaehyun.”
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munchingletters · 3 days ago
Celebrations (SakuAtsu)
Kiyoomi never knew what it felt like to have someone be proud of you. Sure, he had people congratulate him for his achievements, but all those sounded ingenuine. So, Kiyoomi stopped caring, all his achievements looked nothing but a piece of paper to him, and along with that, excitement and happiness ceased to exist to him.
Kiyoomi lived his life celebrating other people's achievements but not his. He was fine with it, it's not like anyone cared anyway, but one person did.
"Omi!" Atsumu yells and bursts through his room. Kiyoomi turns his head towards him with his eyebrows furrowed, "what?"
"Why didn't you tell me you're one of those who got the highest scores?" Atsumu says and sits on Kiyoomi's bed, "I had to find out after seeing this scattered outside,"
Kiyoomi stared at the piece of paper in Atsumu's hand, "it's just a piece of paper,"
Atsumu's jaw dropped, "but you worked hard for it?"
"It's nothing," Kiyoomi says and shrugs it off, but Atsumu pulls his swivel chair and drags Kiyoomi to his bathroom, "we're celebrating,"
"What?" Kiyoomi asks and turns around with a confused expression, "we don't have to. It's literally just a piece of paper. It's nothing special,"
"It's something you earned for working hard, and it's worth celebrating. Now, get your ass off your swivel chair, or I'll keep pushing you to the shower and turn it on while you're seated there," Atsumu threatens.
Kiyoomi sighs and stands up before walking to the shower.
"I'll come back after I change," Atsumu says and leaves to prepare in his own room.
Kiyoomi stares at the paper on his bed and remembers all the ingenuine compliments from people he didn't care about.
"It's just a piece of paper," Kiyoomi reminds himself as he walks into the shower, "it's not worth anything,"
Atsumu takes Kiyoomi to a restaurant Kiyoomi had been meaning to visit. He looks around and nods in contentment.
"How did you get a reservation?" Kiyoomi asks as he takes a sip of his wine.
"I have my ways," Atsumu answers, "anyway, why didn't you tell me?"
"About what?"
"Your achievement. That's a big deal, you know. I don't think I'd ever get it if I was in college," Atsumu says and stares at Kiyoomi directly in the eyes.
"I already told you it's not important. That's why," Kiyoomi answers and looks away.
Atsumu pouts, "but it is, though. Not everyone achieves that. Aren't you even proud or happy that you got an award?"
Kiyoomi grips his wine glass. It's not like anyone cares anyway.
"No," Kiyoomi answers honestly and starts eating.
"Why?" Atsumu asks. He wasn't going to let go of the topic. He knows there must be a reason behind it.
"Can we not talk about it?" Kiyoomi asks after releasing a frustrated sigh.
Atsumu stares at him, he wanted to know, but if Kiyoomi isn't comfortable with it, then he's not pushing it.
Atsumu talked about something else. He diverted the topic, and Kiyoomi seemed to relax. They were in the middle of talking about Atsumu's childhood when the cake Atsumu ordered arrived.
It was small and had congratulations written on it. There was also a small candle given to them, and Atsumu smiles at Kiyoomi.
"It might just be a simple paper to you, but I'm proud that you got it. I'm happy that all your hard work lead you to it," Atsumu says as he puts the candle on the cake before lighting it up, "congratulations, Kiyoomi,"
They arrived back home, and Atsumu wraps an arm around Kiyoomi, "how was the restaurant?"
"It was beyond satisfactory," Kiyoomi says, making Atsumu chuckle.
"That's good to hear," Atsumu says and pecks Kiyoomi's cheek.
"Let's go to bed. I'm sleepy," Kiyoomi says and kisses the top of Atsumu's head.
Atsumu nods, and they parted to sleep in their own room, but before they could even enter, Atsumu speaks, "Kiyoomi, tell me,"
Kiyoomi doesn't speak, but his grip on the handle tightens. He's scared of what Atsumu would ask.
"Do celebrations bring you bad memories?"
"Yes," Kiyoomi answers and waits for a follow-up question.
"Okay, but can I at least buy you a cake?"
Kiyoomi bites his bottom lip, "okay," he says after a few minutes of contemplating.
Ever since then, Atsumu didn't force Kiyoomi to have a fancy celebration. Instead, he'd welcome Kiyoomi with a cake and kiss his cheek before whispering, "congratulations, I'm proud of you,"
Atsumu would also ask if Kiyoomi wants to eat it together. Sometimes he'd say yes, sometimes he'd say no, but no matter what his decision was, Atsumu would just nod and say, "okay,"
It was the start of the season, and Kiyoomi had time, so he decided to watch the game. He wanted to see Atsumu play as much as he can and when they won, he immediately goes to him with a bouquet of flowers.
"Congratulations," Kiyoomi says when Atsumu walks up to him and takes the bouquet.
"Thanks," Atsumu says with a smile.
"So, where's the after-party?" Kiyoomi asks and looks at Atsumu's teammates. They were all happily jumping around while talking to their parents and partners, and Kiyoomi couldn't help but smile. They're adorable.
"I'm not going," Atsumu says and turns to his teammates.
Kiyoomi's surprised and confused, "what?"
"I don't want to celebrate," Atsumu says with a sad smile on his face.
"Why? You love after-parties," Kiyoomi says with his eyebrows furrowed.
"I know, but celebrating my achievements when you don't seem unfair," Atsumu says and smiles at his teammates when they called him.
Kiyoomi's heart clenched, and he couldn't help but feel guilty.
"Stop looking so guilty, Omi," Atsumu says with a chuckle and cups Kiyoomi's cheeks, "it's my choice not to celebrate, okay?"
"But you love celebrating,"
"Not if it brings you bad memories," Atsumu quickly answers before turning to his teammates who were calling for him again, "I have to go take a shower. I'll come back later," he says and kisses Kiyoomi's cheek before leaving.
Kiyoomi couldn't stop thinking about that day. He still feels guilty that Atsumu stopped joining after-parties, but no matter what Kiyoomi does, he just couldn't get Atsumu to celebrate.
"You can do this. We both trained hard for it," Atsumu says and kisses Kiyoomi's forehead, "I'm sorry I can't be there, though," he apologizes and hugs Kiyoomi.
"It's fine. Your parents are more important,"
Atsumu shakes his head, "you're equally important to me. Anyway, text me what happens, okay?"
Kiyoomi nods before they walk out of the door.
Kiyoomi was nervous as he joins the try-outs. It's not like he stopped playing, but for some reason, he still feels anxious. He did his best, and when he got a text that he got in, he pulls the door open and rushes to Atsumu's room, only to find it empty.
Right, he's at Hyogo right now.
And just as disappointment slowly settles in his system, it hits him. He wanted to celebrate.
Kiyoomi couldn't tell when it all started, but he slowly realizes that the anxiousness, the excitement, and the joy of doing things and achieving something was back. He was happy with the little celebration he and Atsumu had.
"Stupid," Kiyoomi tells himself. He was so caught up with all the bad memories that came with celebrations that he dragged Atsumu into his hatred towards celebrations without knowing that he was actually enjoying the small celebrations Atsumu was throwing for him.
Kiyoomi takes his wallet and keys from his nightstand and immediately runs to the train station. He's so stupid. How could he not see that he was happy?
He arrives at Hyogo and goes straight to the Miya's residence. He doesn't know if this is the right time, but he wanted to have a grand celebration.
"Kiyoomi?" Osamu says in wonder when he sees Kiyoomi standing in front of him.
"Hi," Kiyoomi says awkwardly and watches how Osamu steps aside.
"Your boyfriend's here!" Osamu yells, and not a minute passes when they hear footsteps.
"Omi?" Atsumu asks and stares at him in surprise.
Kiyoomi doesn't say anything. Instead, he rushes towards Atsumu and wraps him into a tight hug, "I got in. I got in, Atsumu!"
Atsumu chuckles and wraps his arms around Kiyoomi's waist, "I knew you'd get in. I'm so proud of you, Omi. Congratulation,"
Kiyoomi smiles, "let's celebrate with your family,"
Atsumu freezes and breaks the hug, "are you sure?"
Kiyoomi nods, "that's why I'm here,"
Atsumu smiles and wraps his arms around Kiyoomi once again, "I'm so fucking proud of you, Kiyoomi,"
Kiyoomi nods and smiles. Now, he's sitting at the dinner table with a bunch of food they all cooked Kiyoomi, and as the celebration goes, Kiyoomi forgets the times he was left alone to celebrate his achievements. He forgets how his family would tell him congratulations without looking at him. He forgets that his family didn't care what he achieved after all the hard work he's put into everything. But he remembers how the Miyas smiled at him and hugged him. He remembers how happy they were, but most of all remember how it felt to know that somebody cares.
I also have this posted on Twitter.
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0mrs-evans0 · 6 days ago
𝐈 𝐚𝐦 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐚𝐥 𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐲
It’s one of my first writings so I hope you guys would like it :))
S.Rogers x B.Barnes x Reader
warnings:  +18, multiple partners, threesome, sexual content, fingering, 
summary: Your and Steve's sex life is not as interesting as it used to be
word count: 1,5k
All your comments and corrections are expected as much as possible!
Enjoy the reading!
This day was hard for both of you. Your feet hurt like hell after a day of walking in high heels. Working in a corporation was not as easy as it seemed at first. Your whole body cried out to heaven for vengeance. Your sedentary lifestyle was terrible in every sense of that word. The only good thing of all of it was your fairly high salary.
Steve was not doing well either. The tense atmosphere that prevailed in the Stark Tower recently was unbearable. The Captain was tired of spending the whole day there, only to get home even more nervous. You both dreamed about each other's company, a hot bath, and a series of kisses for consolation.
As soon as you entered your joint apartment, you threw those horribly high heels off your feet. The smell of roast chicken has reached your nostrils. Only Steve could prepare it that way. He knew the recipe his grandmother had told him when she was still alive. It was worth much more to him than material things. Steve didn't even want to reveal the recipe to you. You knew your boyfriend was very flustered lately. The fact that he still wanted to cook dinner for you was touching. That's what you loved about him the most. He put you and your needs first. Much closer than his own.
As soon as you entered the room, you approached Steve and hugged him from behind. He jumped in fear, was so busy cooking that he didn't even hear you come in. He quickly relaxed when he smelled your perfume. They were the most beautiful scent he had ever smelled. A hint of flowers and citrus mixed with something mysterious that always turned him on.
After a delicious dinner, you were cuddled up on the huge sofa in the living room. You were laying on his chest, his heartbeat calms you down. The only sound in the whole apartment came from the TV. You've turned on the movie, but neither of you even paid any attention to it. You were too busy with your thoughts. 
You had an idea how you could relax. Both you and Steve. But lately, your sex life hasn't been the best either. You wanted something new. You rarely introduced novelties or toys. Your sex was so well known to you that it was boring. You didn't want your relationship to fall apart because of that.”Steve..." You looked up at him. "Could we talk about something?” He kissed your cheek. "Sure, anything.” You were stressing about this conversetion."I was thinking about us.”
Steve shivered, was terrified. He had lost too much in his life to lose you too. ”About our sex life, if I'm to be precise." Steve was your boyfriend, your home. You knew very well that you can trust him and tell him everything that bothers you. “Don't you think it's gone?”
He didn't understand what you were talking about. “What do you mean?” You sighed heavily. “It's so fucking boring. When was the last time we did something new in bed? Do you remember?” You looked him in the eyes. "Because I am not.” “You want something new?” In response, you just nodded your head. "You will get it.”
He licked his lips. "I even have an idea what it will be."
"Where are we going?" You laughed nervously. Steve covered your eyes with a small blindfold. He wanted what he had prepared for you to be a surprise.
In the chamber you entered, you felt a beautiful scent. As if someone had lit a lot of candles. The man uncovered your eyes. The first thing you noticed was the scattered red roses petals. The candles gave the only light in the entire room. There were a thousand of them. Each gave off a pleasant aroma that calmed your whole body. Confused, you turned to Steve.
"What's going on, Stevie?” He only smiled at you. "Look there.”
You focused your eyes on the place your boyfriend's finger was pointing. You saw a man on a huge bed. You didn't know him, but your boyfriend obviously does. “Y/n, meet Bucky.” 'Steve got closer to him. "Bucky, that's Y/n. My girlfriend, I was talking to you about.”
You didn't know what this was all about. You felt strange. You had the impression that only you were uninformed. “You said yourself that something is missing in our sex life.” Steve looked at you. At the same time, the man lying on the bed got up and walked towards you.
"I am completely at your disposal today.” Bucky grabbed your chin and started kissing your jaw, descending all the way to your neck.
You still couldn't get over the shock. Everything was so strange and unusual. You didn't even notice when Steve stood behind your back, running his hand up and down your hips. "You wanted something new.” He was nibbling your ear. “This is it. Use it while you can, because later you will only be completely mine.”
You chose to live in the moment. Since Steve had no problem with the threesome. Neither are you. You have noticed that one of Bucky's hands is metal. For some reason, thinking about it... Turned you on even more. You were so wet, you were afraid that a stain would remain on your pants.
"I want your metal arm on my neck.” You said in one breath. Bucky, like on command, immediately carried out your request. When you felt his hand gently squeezing your neck, a shiver went through your whole body. You never thought of going to bed with two men, but it was incredible. You've never felt this good before. And none of them have even touched you down there yet.
Steve, as if reading your mind, placed his hands on your thighs as he glided them upward. This is how he pushed up your already short dress. You wanted more and more with each passing second. You just wanted to have a little fun. You got down on your knees. You unbuttoned Steve's slacks, letting them fell down to his feet. Then you took his cock out of the boxers. When he thought you would satisfy him, you turned your head to Bucky. He shed his bottom garment while you were taking off your boyfriend's pants. You smiled at him, you didn't have to waste time because of it.
Stroking his thick, long dick you were smearing your lipstick with his pre-cum. Steve was dissatisfied. Seeing the pain in his eyes, you laughed lightly. Your laugh upset him even more. He pulled you away from Bucky and occupied your tempting mouth with his member. His warm cock pushing your tongue down. You didn't want Bucky to feel lonely, so you took care of him with your hand. Steve's heavy dick sliding down your throat until you gag.
"I'm gonna cum.” They groaned at the same time. Steve was flooding your mouth. You swallowed every drop of his seed. After a while, Bucky's orgasm came along too.
A few minutes later, you were naked on the bed. Steve ripped your dress, you didn't even want to point out to him that it was quite expensive. There was one man on either side of your body. While a barely met man took care of your pussy, Steve became interested in your breasts. He was squeezing your tits and played with your nipples. Your boyfriend was rolling them between his fingers. You couldn't stand the pleasure anymore. It was too much for you.
Bucky guided his hard cock into your wet pussy. Your walls stretched around him. He was moaning right into your ear. He was slamming into your body, filling you. The burst of pleasure made you moan. You couldn't help how loud you were at that moment. The sensation made your clit throb. They both were so good. Bucky got even deeper in you. When he hit the right spot, you sobbed. You were milking his cock. Right before you were about to cum, the men changed. Now Steve was fucking you through your orgasm. It felt so good, that it hurt you. He was making you feel impossible full. Barely you could handle all of it. They both led to your second orgasm today. You closed your eyes, Steve's seed deep inside you. The warm cum filled you up.
It was the best sex in your whole life.
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aestheticvoyage2021 · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 117: Tuesday April 27, 2021 - “A Few Days Late, But Honor Every Day”
You’re only as sick as your secrets, and so its worth documenting that as well as the first trimester went here, and as smooth as the second trimester was, the third trimester has been a bit of a bear.  Lots of sleeping on the couch and frustrated, disjointed communication in The Finca.  So while my 40th birthdaty came and went last week with a bit of a bonk, I light heartedly created opportunity tonight for a redo with getting the ingredients for an actual birthday cake and ice cream, old school and made use of the party favor (napkins and candles) that AC had hidden in the car.  German Chocolate, Dad’s Cake, for my old timey 40th birthday - and full of Gluten so that I didn’t have to share it. Completed with Mint Moose Tracks Ice Cream, and “I dont need no napkin, Im a grown man!”  Or so I think....
40 years, now, where;d they go?  From dirt roads around Breckenridge, the story has stretched out long and far.  I’ve moved mountains, and done big things, until there was nothing left to prove, to find me here. On the cusp of having my first born in my arms, in a matter of days. And despite occassional tides and turbulence, I am happy and content and sure of myself.  I am proud of the 40 behind me, and the story that Ive told with that time; even with those times where I felt like Id lost my way - it finds me here, at a time where it feels like one book closes and the next opens with some touching and meaningful first sentence soon to come where I offer my shoulders on some future itinerant cowboy to stand on...with some idea that they may read these words some day.  What does 40 feel like and look like? A pivot.  A pivot to you  - my first 40, were for me.  From here on out, its to the next generation. I’ve done what I could to be a foundation; Ive done what I could for progressing and being better, as my parents did for me.  My work from here is to make that worthwhile to be easily stood upon - in my 40th year my first child will be born, and my legacy will be written in that more so than anything I’ve done on my own to this point where I Cut the cake.
Song: Bob Seger & Jason Aldean - Running Against The Wind
Quote: “The sacred formula of positivism: love as a principle, the order as a foundation, and progress as a goal.” ― Auguste Comte
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mrcifci · 10 days ago
What we bought in April 2021
If you follow Mashable Shopping's coverage, you know that we live to bring you the best product recommendations we can find based on countless hours of online research. But, what about the stuff that we buy for ourselves? The stuff that made it into our shopping carts? Well, we're here to tell you about those things, and we'll be back every month to do so again.
Here's what the staff bought in April 2021.
"I finally caved to a year's worth of Instagram ads and bought the Minimal Lamp. It fits into nearly any corner (with next to no rearranging) and makes me feel like I'm living in a damn art installation. Totally digging the chaotic-yet-aesthetically-pleasing twist on my modern farmhouse living room!" —Leah Stodart, Shopping Reporter
A candle that's more for decoration
"I bought a floating shelf a few months ago that I finally put up this month, so naturally I had to buy some fun trinkets and knickknacks for it. I’ve been seeing bust and figure candles all over Instagram, so I bought this one from Etsy. It looks great and the smells amazing — though I never plan on burning it." —Miller Kern, Shopping Reporter 
"I have basically been living in my Crocs clogs during the pandemic, so naturally I get targeted ads for the brand. I’ve been on the hunt for cute platform sandals to replace my beloved Topshop pair that is definitely not going to make it through this summer, and when I got an ad for the Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedges, I was sold. I got the all-black pair and they are so comfy and don’t have a cheap plasticky look. —Miller Kern, Shopping Reporter
"Now that vaccinated people can see each other and outdoor restrictions are loosening up a little bit, I'm looking forward to hopefully spending more time with family and friends this summer. I love the nostalgic feeling that disposable film cameras give me, so I bought a couple to make sure I have them on-hand for the post-quarantine reunions." —Dylan Haas, Shopping Reporter
"One of my favorite musicians, Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast, is also a brilliant writer. I picked up her new memoir, Crying in H Mart, which is based on a great New Yorker piece she wrote a few years back. I'm really excited to dive into it and get super emo." —Dylan Haas, Shopping Reporter
I use my blender a lot for making smoothies and baked oatmeal. Almost every day, in fact. But, it was way too bulky, which made it even more annoying to clean on such a regular basis. So, I decided to pick up a NutriBullet, which is way more compact and is the perfect serving size for my favorite blended treats." —Dylan Haas, Shopping Reporter
Another lamp!
"I got one of these lamps for a temporary rental over the summer because I'm obsessed with the mushroom lamp trend, and it's dirt cheap and throws a beautiful little glow. I need to get another one now because my stepdaughter loved it so much I gave it to her" —Caitlin Welsh, Mashable Australia Editor
"Chalk up another victory for Instagram ads. Those Awe Inspired goddess necklaces were all over my feed. I almost gave in to buying one to wear on an extra-long chain, Natasha Lyonne in Russian Doll style, but instead bought this signet ring. My college seal has Athena so it seemed fitting." —Chandra Steele, Senior Features Writer for PCMag
"I was an early adopter of Allbirds and their original sin was that they were designed for northern California, where it's perfect weather all the time. The new Mizzles have a thicker sole and are more water-resistant, so they're better for pounding actual pavement and don't turn into soggy sheep in the rain." —Sascha Segan, Lead Analyst, Mobile for PCMag
And some slip-ons for good measure
"The slip-ons are for taking out the trash or running down to Duane Reade. For a while I was doing that in flip-flops, but contrary to popular Internet memes, nobody should have to see my damn feet." —Sascha Segan, Lead Analyst, Mobile for PCMag
from Social Media News and Web Tips – Mashable – The Social Media Guide via IFTTT
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nerualian · 11 days ago
St. Patty’s Day
Tumblr media
Fandom: American Gods (2017-) Pairing: Mad Sweeney/F!Reader Warning: 18+ for sexual content (it’s smut and it’s soft, get it while it’s hot) Summary: Reader’s curiosity for Sweeney’s opinion of Saint Patrick’s day leads to a painful truth; Sweeney doesn’t have a day of worship, not one people truly celebrate anymore. No worship, no offerings, no love- she decides to fix that. A/N: This is my entry for April’s American Gods challenge set by @americangodschallenges​- the theme being ‘fight, flight, or fuck’ (think you can tell which one I settled for afdgsdhfdjg).
You were taking a walk with Sweeney when you first asked him how he felt about Saint Patrick’s day.
“A godless affair, love,” he'd said, pulling you in closer with a heavy arm across your shoulders. “Little bastardized leprechauns and big ol’ pots of gold. Fairly certain the next person that demands I wear green is gonna be losin’ teeth.”
“Come on, Sweeney,” you tugged at his side, “there’s got to be something you like about it. It’s about celebrating luck!”
He laughed, one of those devious chuckles that put a twinkle in his eyes and a smile to spare. “Oh it’s about getting lucky alright.” Silence came in on the coat tails of the innuendo. Entertaining it would have only encouraged him to avoid the question, and it would seem he knew the game as well when he cursed to himself. “It’s got booze and candy and not much else.”
Simple words for a simple response, yet they clung to you. They were nonchalant, the response disinterested at best, but there was an emptiness there as well. The weeks leading up to the day were spent being reminded of his words. Every little leprechaun and chocolate gold coin a reminder of that emptiness. It was frustrating to have a question with no words, to have an ache with no source, and it wasn’t until a week before the day you grew dizzy with realization.
It was a day to celebrate everything he was, but it wasn’t for him.
No one prayed to him. No one left fresh bread and cream on their window sill. No one called out for him, saying his name with reverence in their time of need. He was all but forgotten on a day that should have celebrated him, and all the offering he got was-
Booze and candy and not much else.
Why was finding fresh cream so fucking difficult?
As soon as you’d figured out Sweeney’s problem with the holiday, you’d set out to fix it. Your search history a mess of bread recipes, your kitchen soon-to-be an even bigger one, your last worry for the perfect night was fresh cream. You knew he’d accept store bought- there’s no universe where Sweeney would be that picky- hell, he might’ve even accepted plain milk, but no. No.
It was his day, and as you booked it home a couple of hours before midnight with cream that was way too difficult to get, you knew it’d be worth it.
It’s 11:12 pm when you pull the bread out of the oven; 11:27 when it’s cool enough to finally slice. Spongy and sweet-smelling, you pile it onto a plate beside the bowl filled to the brim with fresh cream.
For a first attempt, the offering honestly doesn’t look bad- hell, it even looks tempting to you. It’s far too much for one person (you might’ve gone a bit overboard with the bread), but you have faith in Sweeney’s hunger.
In fact - the clock ticks to 11:38 - you’re counting on it.
You unlock the window and place the offering on the window sill. The clink of the bowl sends a shiver down your spine, a sense of finality to the motion. He knows he’s been summoned, his name on your tongue and a meal prepared for him, and that knowledge only makes you more jittery. He’s coming to take what’s been offered.
You bolt up the stairs, turning off the lights as you go. The floor’s cold, the house is dark, and the quiet leaves you to listen to the rush of blood in your ears. It’s eerie, but you don’t mind.
You wouldn’t be alone for long.
The bedroom door is lit only by flickering candles. It smells like freshly chopped wood and evergreen mixed with the fresh bread downstairs. It’s warm and homely, stroking the heat in your belly. It whispers of safety, of home, coaxing you into the bed with every lick of flame.
Your shirt is the first piece of clothing lost. It’s the pants that go next, torn off with the underwear, each article dropped to the floor with little care. It’s hard to care when each step closer to the messy bed brought a new scent. Vanilla and sandalwood, a heady mix that was more than welcomed, yet empty. It’s missing something, a core element.
Fingers stretched, you sink them into the rough denim of Sweeney’s jacket.
You’d taken it out of the closet earlier. Left it draped over the bed, cold and lifeless, just waiting for you to come back. It’d be a lie to say it wasn’t tempting to wear it all day. Touching it now, feeling the scratch of it against your skin and how it barely hangs off your shoulders, your nose pressing to the collar, you’re glad you resisted.
Musk. It’s faint, long faded with the two months Sweeney had been gone, but it’s still there. It washes over you, relaxing the tension in your shoulders while fueling the fire growing beneath your skin. You’ve missed this; the scratch of denim (and his beard), his earthy tones and solid touch, the rumble of his voice against your ear-
A loud creak comes from the stairway.
You gasp, wholly involuntary, and jerk the collar away. Every relaxed muscle is standing at attention. Your back is to the doorway, vulnerable and open to the darkness.
Another creak of the floorboards and you’re climbing into the bed. There’s no time to second-guess yourself, only enough to settle back onto your elbows with knees crossed. Seconds trickle by like the sheen of sweat growing beneath the jacket, the material shifting against your hypersensitive skin with every breath.
There’s a shift in the shadows. Minuscule, but enough to catch your breath and fan the heat inside, boiling over and spilling into your limbs at the drag of invisible eyes.
A solid thump of a heavy foot and the shadow comes closer. It looms in the doorway, drawing your eyes and your breath. The phantom smells of smoke and ash, meadows and fresh mint; a walking paradox- your walking paradox.
“I know I should be wonderin’ why you’re in nothin’ but one o’ my jackets,” Sweeney mutters, stepping into the light that catches on his own faded denim. Another and his mane of fire catches the light. Your eyes trail up his form, almost as slow and lazy as his smirk, taking in his long stride and the languid roll of his shoulders. He knows what he’s doing with the drop of his jacket and the slip of a suspender down his shoulder that clings to the thick bicep beneath.
“But?” You whisper. You weren’t one for the breathless, coy act, but there was no acting here. Not between these walls you two called home or between the heated gazes and the gentle fingers that wrap around your ankle.
He laughs, nothing more than a little chuckle as he presses a kiss to the ball of your ankle. “But I ain’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth, love.”
“Good,” you giggle at the graze of his beard, “you don’t have to question it. You deserve it today.”
“Today?” He’s climbing over you now, sporadically kissing your skin. Each brush of his lips leaves you warm and wanting beneath him, but you know better than to bask in it for too long. This is his day of worship, not yours.
Your nails scratch along his jaw as he finally hovers over you, all encompassing and scorching, blocking out the minuscule light that shines in those hazel eyes. They sparkle in the low light and you think it might be something more than love; a recognition that softens that ever-present smirk and curls itself around his heart.
“Today…” you press a kiss to the corner of his lips, “is your day.”
His eyes flutter, dazed, licking his lips and no doubt savoring the contact. “It ain’t my birthday, love,” he kisses your cheeks, content in playing your game, “I do appreciate the thought, though.”
Was he truly not understanding you, or had he somehow forgotten the day?
Your hands smooth along his jaw. Pushing him back is harder than expected, but it’s worth it for how he gazes down at you. “Happy Saint Patrick’s day.”
He’s stunned for a moment before scoffing. “Saying another man’s name in bed- smooth,” his words are light and humorous, but there’s no mistaking the drag of his hand up your bare side or the fire in his eyes, “bet the smug bastard’s rollin’ in his grave right now, knowin’ what he’s missin’.”
“I hope so,” your fingers tangle in his hair and pull, “his name might be plastered across the damn thing, but it’s not for him.”
“Oh?” His breath fans over your lips as your knees nudge his hip, pressing- “Who might it be for, then?”
There’s a fraction of a second where your lips brush and his body relaxes into yours. It’s all the window you need to press your hips into his to roll him over. “It’s for celebrating Irish culture,” you enunciate every word, rolling your hips down into his and delighting in those wide eyes and parted lips, “for celebrating luck.” You lean down, a breath away from finally tasting his lips when you whisper, “for celebrating you, Suibhne.”
His lips crash against your own.
It’s an insistent kiss, but it isn’t rushed- deep and thorough, you fall further and further into him with every passing second. His hands are no better in how they drag across your skin, catching along your thighs, hips, shoulders and squeezing. They’re rough with wear and tear, but the heat they leave behind is addicting.
Too addicting, you deem. Pulling away is impossible, but has to be done. His lips are shiny, his tongue peeking out to savor the taste of honey you’ve no doubt left on his lips. The man had a sweet tooth, not that he’d ever admit it. You do the same, the bite of whiskey so uniquely him.
“Today’s your day, not mine.” He groans beneath you, bucking his hips like the rebellious shit he is before you grab at his hand, tugging on it with a growl that matches his own before smoothing it over. “Let me worship you.”
His brow tightens and he fidgets, torn between acceptance and denial, pulling at your heart strings with the twist of his mouth. Denying himself of worship, praise, and love is what he’s good at. You know this must be difficult, accepting any of this must be uncomfortable, but you wouldn’t let one more damn year of self-deprecating and loneliness pass.
“Let me worship you,” you repeat, forehead bumping against his. “Please, Suibhne.”
The noise that falls from his lips isn’t a moan, but it’s too high to be a groan, something keening and hurting. “There ain’t nothing there to worship,” he mutters, looking away as if the dancing candles were more interesting than you- an offer he’d never denied before.
“There’s plenty,” you whisper as your fingers dance across his still-clothed chest, working the hem out from under his belt and tugging until he complied in shedding the damn thing. His scars stand out across his chest and stomach, white slashes cutting through the dark hair there. You trace them, fingertips light, and watch how his muscles ripple.
“These tell stories others could only wish to know.” You follow them down to his hips where you lay your palms on his sides, feeling the shivering muscle beneath. “Won’t you tell them, Suibhne? For me?”
His fingers curl around your wrist, simply holding onto you as you work his pants down. “I already have,” he whispers, voice all gravel and eyes as dark as the night.
“Then tell me again,” you whisper back, wrapping your fingers around his cock. “Tell me again and again and again-”
“Fuck!” His hips jerk as your lips glide across him. “F-uck, I’ll tell ya till I lose my damn voice, just don’t stop,” he growls, whining muffled when you lick at him.
You didn’t plan on it, but letting him know that would’ve required pulling away. Pre-cum dribbles down the side of your curled fist, adding to the slick slide of your fist. Every twitch of him in your hands was a success, but the true victory came from the flush of his cheeks and the slack of his jaw. Hell, he couldn’t even muster the energy to watch you; his eyes screwed shut and face twitching in pleasure.
You keep your mouth on him for a time. He’s just so damn receptive- not milking it (and him) wasn’t an option.
“Fuckin’ hell,” Sweeney moans, hand pushing at your shoulder, “off, off, off-”
As tempting as it was to latch onto him until he was shaking and cursing the heavens, this was for him, not you. “What’s wrong?”
His laughter boards on a manic giggle. “What’s wrong is that you’re too damn good at that,” his hand tugs at the lapel of his jacket, eyes bright as if just noticing the material hanging off your shoulders, “get up here, ya damn harpy.”
You climb over him and meet him halfway in a kiss. It’s passionate, but sweet as one large hand settles along your nape and the other dips beneath the jacket, following up your ribs to cup your breast.
“What do you want?” you ask, pulling away for breath only to lose it with the roll of his hips. He slides between your thighs easily, both of you wet and slick, more than ready to throw away the teasing.
He rolls your nipple, sinks his teeth into your bottom lip and bucks up. “You,” he groans. “Always you.”
It’s all the permission you need to finally slide down on top of him. It’s a stretch, a mild burn that puts an ache in your thighs, and then you’re settled against him, hip to hip, gasping and clutching at him, marking him like mine, mine, mine-
Before he can thrust up into you - you can feel the coil of his muscles underneath you - your hands plant themselves on his shoulders and shove him back. He’s surprised, but you can see and feel the approval as you take over the pace. It’s hard, fast, dirty, and exactly what both of you need. “You promised me your stories,” your forehead presses against his, beads of sweat rolling down your back, “come on, Suibhne. Tell me your stories- burn them into my skin, fucking fill me with them.”
That last line has his hands grabbing at your hips. “Mo grá,” he chokes out, a whimper accompanying the liquid heat he spills inside. He’s beautiful, face twisted in pleasure and composure crumbling, hands grabbing at your hips and holding steady, each thrust smoother and slicker than the last until-
You cry out. Nails digging into his chest, he pulls you over the edge with him. He helps you ride it out and only huffs when you collapse forward into him.
His chest is heaving, heartbeat louder than ever, and your legs ache, the sticky mess between the two of you growing. It’s perfect and you’re not quite sure how long you lie there, but with your body held and your mind at peace, it could’ve been hours.
A kiss on your neck brings you back to reality. “Thank you, mo shíorghrá,” he whispers, rolling his hips, already hard again. “That was the best worship a god could ask for.”
“How could I call myself your most devoted follower if I didn’t?” Your question is clunky with how heavy your tongue is, a laugh bubbling up behind it. It’s goofy and didn’t entirely fit the mood with him still sitting inside of you, both basking in the candle-lit afterglow, but Sweeney wasn’t shy with a flipping tone.
“My most devoted follower, huh?” His hands absently stroke your sides, cradle your hips, thumbing at their dip. “If that’s the case, it sounds to me that my most devoted follower needs a reward.”
Your belly aches. “Suibhne, you really don’t have to-”
His fingers dig into the flesh of your hips and the whole world tips. The motion is smooth with practice. “I don’t have to do anything,” there’s a silent anymore on his lips as he kisses you, “but I want to.”
Who were you to argue with your king? “Then do whatever you like,” your hands snake up through his hair again, the draw too powerful to deny, “I am your offering after all.”
His hands curl around your wrists. “My offering- no,” another kiss and your fingers are intertwining, pinned back into the bed, “my goddess.”
He thrusts into you with the new title, drawing a gasp out of you. “My god,” you flush, smiling and entirely too happy with the way it rolls off your tongue like a prayer and an expletive, “my god, Suibhne-”
“That’s it, beautiful,” his voice is wrecked, guttural and rough as he pins you into the mattress with his weight, “you take me so well.”
You’re used to accepting him inside of you- your body, your soul- yet his words still brought a flush to your skin. The heat of his body and the friction of his hips all came together into a familiar dance. His lips ghost your shoulder, peppering up and down the exposed flesh. A gasp fell from your lips at the sink of his teeth, a moan not far behind with the mark he leaves behind.
The build up is shorter this time. Who could blame you? It’d been far too long since your last night together and the man seemed hungrier than ever. You pushed back up against him, desperate to move, but his hold is steady. “Come on, mo grá,” his fingers squeeze yours as his lips bear down on your neck, “cum for me.”
The slow wave that crashes over your body is unlike anything you’d ever experienced. It’s smooth, electric, and all-consuming. Your focus is on him and how he gives a final thrust, shaking against you with his teeth in your neck, muffling the groans that vibrate through his chest to yours.
The room smells like sweat, sex, and - if you strained - a hint of your earlier baking. You laugh.
“Hm?” Sweeney sounds out of it as he absently sucks at your sensitive neck. “What’s so funny?”
“You,” you hum, brushing your nose along his jaw to trek up and push it against his. “I was supposed to be worshiping you, you oaf.”
It’s his turn to laugh. “Oh you did,” he’s got that shit eating grin back, no sign of that set brow or lingering stress that often marred his features, “so let me return the favor.” His kisses only grow sweeter with time.
“Damn you-” your breath hitches as he pulls out and away to slink further down the bed, large hands already drifting along your thighs, “this is your day!”
Sweeney hums. “Is it?” A kiss against your hip, one of those hands coming up to turn your face to the side. “Might wanna check the time, darling.”
Your eyes dart up to catch the glaring 12:14 AM.
“Bastard,” you mutter, remark melting into a sigh with the first brush of his tongue.
“Happy Saint Patrick’s day to you too, love.”
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lalka-laski · 11 days ago
1 - Does it bother you when dogs lick you? Very very much! And no one seems to understand or sympathize with my discomfort.
2 - Have you ever lost a nail completely for any reason? What happened? Not a real nail
3 - What was the last item you received in the mail? Yesterday I got a self-congratulatory letter from my pal Joe Biden.
4 - When was the last time you used a hot water bottle? Never I don't think.
5 - Have you ever been told you drink too much caffeine? Do you think that’s true? There were times in my life where I definitely overdid it on the coffee! I think I have a maintain a good balance now though.
6 - Do you have any caring responsibilities for anyone else? What do those responsibilities involve? Not at the moment
7 - Have you ever had any experience with alcoholism? Yes....
8 - When was the last time you cleaned the bathroom? A week or so ago. It's overdue for a cleaning but I don't feel well enough.
9 - How much does it cost you to fill your car up? Do you need to do it often? I don’t have a car
10 - How often do you see family members that you don’t live with? I see my immediate family members about once a week, and my extended family every few months maybe? I wish it was more often but ya know, a pandemic and all that.
11 - Would you ever want to live on a houseboat? I'd get too seasick
12 - Do you wear shoes inside your house? Oh no. I barely even wear them *OUTSIDE*
13 - What color eyes do your pet(s) have? I'm pet-less
14 - When was the last time you played The Sims? I never got into that
15 - Would you rather have a swimming pool or a hot tub? I'd love both but I guess I'd choose a pool, and I could just use my bathtub for any hot soaking needs.
16 - Are you watching anything on TV at the moment, or are you listening to music while you fill this out? Nope and nope
17 - What do you do with unwanted gifts? It's rare that I don't find some use or enjoyment out of a gift. I'm too sentimental!
18 - Do you have any friends or relatives that you regularly have to help when it comes to using technology? My parents
19 - Do you prefer scented or unscented candles? Scented, for sure!
20 - What was the last thing you cooked in the oven? What about on the hob? A funfetti cake. And uhhh I have no clue what a hob is.
21 - What’s your favorite way to eat chicken? I'm vegetarian but I love Morningstar nuggets dipped in honey mustard or Sweet Baby Ray's.
22 - Do you prefer cows milk or another type of milk? Cow milk although I do like oat milk in lattes now
23 - What time do you consider to be a lie-in? Past noon I suppose
24 - When was the last time you changed any of your piercing jewelry? I've never had a piercing of any kind
25 - If you could have a years’ worth of something for free, what would you pick? Rent!
26 - Have you ever won anything on a scratch card or the lottery? A few dollars but I never cashed it in
27 - Is there a hobby you loved five years ago that you don’t enjoy anymore? I liked partying a lot more back then
28 - Do you watch the Great British Bake Off (or the Great British Baking Show as it’s known in the US)? I have here and there, usually just when I want some background noise
29 - Would you leave the house in what you’re wearing at the moment? I'm at work right now so yep
30 - When was the last time you needed to charge your phone? Last night
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cosmic-waves7 · 17 days ago
Okay I know I said a new killer today but here's a little small thought while I was editing:
Imagine a partner that really likes candle making, they don't just buy candles, no no no that's too simple.
They make them.
Maybe they make a little business out of it sure and maybe the candles are infused with the nectar of the gods because damn do they smell heavenly and they go out of stock pretty quick.
But the most vital peice of information is this:
They love making candles that remind them of you.
A little beach picnic date with you and sure enough there will be an ocean scented candle coming into the shop smelling just like those moments of sweet happiness you both shared on the rocky shore.
Maybe they keep a polaroid of that picnic setting in their wallet...
A strawberry cake you decorated horribly but tried your best when they were having a sick day and soon there will be a delicious scent of citrusy sugary strawberry candles in the making.
By the way you you had a bit of icing on your cheek that day that they wiped licked off.
Your scent fused into the pillow they cuddle Into on early mornings and smile dreamily while you bustle around doing your best not to burn breakfast
They're completely smitten, that's for sure and the candles are there to prove it.
They call you their muse while you remain completely clueless and just grin whenever their eyes spark with a new scent idea.
"Wait, what about a caramel and cinnamon mix!"
"That sounds delicious."
*happy noises.*😌
They also love when you kiss at little burn marks they may have obtained from hot wax after a little experimenting, dousing them with soft presses of your lips against their fingertips while also telling them off gently.
"You're gonna burn your fingertips off!"
"Worth it if I get kisses."
"Shut up-"
They always include whatever idea you pitch in even If it doesn't make sense.
"Can we pigment this candle lavender?"
Spoiler alert: That candle had a pine and sandle wood scent so the colour baffled quite a few customers but they didn't care, you loved it and that was enough.
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hajimesfairys · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
You want to be by his side as much as time will allow you. The end all, be all of your soul.  spencer @/kamoniwa​ and i were screaming about this in dms & we gave each other the green light to write it so hfhdis thank you and also a big thank you to carrie @/ourladyofseijoh​ aka queen of sacrilege for beta reading and all your help in general ♡ i hope you enjoy!!
meian shugo wordc. 4k+
tw priest!meian, sacrilege, (semi) public, coercion/manipulation, god complex, degradation, religious guilt/ trauma and a lot of catholic imagery in general, he’s called Father
There’s no place to escape prying eyes in the House of God. You’ve always felt this way when you were younger too, clinging to the cold of the thick pillars that carry the monstrous building, old and dark and unavoidable.
Even when there was no such sin to taint your hands and mouth, you could look up and feel the weight of eyes on you through the deep purple and azure of the stained glass, making your throat tight and fight small. Now, they are incessant, eternal, and with each passing moment standing in this place of good and light the walls seem to crumble a little more around you.
But most of all, you’re overwhelmed by the flicks of a gaze you can feel on your back, flitting ever so gently along the edges of your frame. They are soft, no longer suffocating like sand that fills your lungs. No— the prickly gaze you feel on the swell of your cheeks and down your shoulder is more than that. You light a candle and slot it along with dozen others, taking a deep breath. Unsteady, it trembles through your frame with the weight of this place on your shoulders. The dimness of the high ceiling, the chill of the wind that whips inside and brings goosebumps to your legs, none of it is enough to keep you away.
Not anymore, not since you… well. Faith takes shape in many ways, you remind yourself of those words, willing the nerves to die down as the groups of people take their seats and the pastor up front welcomes with kind words. Most of them are elders, some of which you recognize from when you were still a little girl and who you think will keep coming until death knocks. Strange you knew them before the looks started piercing through your soft skin and the image of unsettling loneliness was taken away. You linger in the back of the large room now, next to one of the pillars, carefully studying the plane of light that falls so perfectly on the pulpit. Golden crucifix catching a gleam, and keeping your eyes straight ahead.
Looming as the building is, sometimes you wonder how you’d fare if you simply stopped coming. If the eyes would follow you long after you’ve run around the corner and hid away under the plush of your blankets. You hope they don’t, but a sharp pressure to your chest tells you they would. And if not, the fear of being left all by yourself is what brought you back in the first place, you have no doubt it could drag you back by your ankles once again. The woman behind the organ starts a simple melody as the people rise to sing. Swirling voices that fill the room and seem to tip the peace off it’s axes, and then a simple breath.
Even though he remains a few steps away, the mere presence is enough to have your hairs standing up and your breathing feel laboured, a needed reminder that this— this is why you return. And that meeting him like this is the closest you’ll get to a religious experience again, that from the moment you met eyes with him and felt his gaze on your tear-strung lashes there was something worth saving. The slow melody of the song is interrupted by a deep voice, and you hold the urge to turn around to him right away.
“Back again already.” There’s something in his tone, always. Under layers of composure and confidence it sits, like a bite of fresh fruit, tempting you to take more, taste more, have all of him— He lets out a breath of amusement when you don’t move, burning his pupils into the side of your face. “It’s a bit soon, don’t you think?” It isn’t really a question, so you don’t answer. You only lace your hands together and look away from the pastor to stare at the floor. “Something to repent for that couldn’t wait until Sunday?”
“I wanted to see you,” you whisper, blinking aimlessly at the tips of your shoes. More than that, it hurt being away from him, ice growing on your veins the longer you waited, but you don’t think it’s fair to tell him that. A soft hum is all his response for a few seconds, before he leans over your shoulder to tower over you so easily. You can see his chest from the corner of your eye, the curve of his shoulder and a bit of exposed skin of his neck. And your tongue burns with a need, an unfair whisper of what could be. What secrets lie upon that skin that you’ll never be able to see.
But with his mouth close enough to your ear to raise the small bumps on your arms, he speaks, voice amused. “Little liar.” Those two words are enough to have your tongue rotting in your mouth, glueing it to the base and fighting through the defenses you want to put up. Because despite the hard tone, there’s a certain loveliness to the term. A sickly endearment for broken things. “I think you’re just looking for trouble so you can repent. So are you a servant of God or not, sweet thing? Because I’m starting to have my doubts.” With another step towards you you sway on your feet, hands clamping down on your shirt.
“I—” you try, stilling just as quickly. You don’t know a lot of things, you’re young and though you’d choose to be a bit smarter, a bit brighter; all you’re really sure of is that you start and end with him. And that from the moment you saw him, so holy and otherworldly, you were called to worship at his feet. You must be a servant of God, if this is all you’re reduced to around him. “I am, of course I am. I’m devoted, I swear.” Another chuckle as he presses up against your back now, voices and music fading into the void.
“Your honesty is endearing,” he whispers, bringing up his hand to the front of your throat and tilting your head back just a bit. The rise and fall of his chest seems more melodic than it should. You long to fall to that sound, let it take over your body and mind all at once. But for now his voice will suffice— and if anything, more than that would probably suffocate you. “But you’re just a sinner here. You shouldn’t be standing here like this. You should be on your knees, praying for forgiveness.”
“I will, Father Meian,” you shake as he squeezes a bit tighter, pulling your body against him more. Your breathing hitching, lips dropping open at the squeeze and the swirling in your brain. So lightheaded, like only he can make you feel. “I’ll repent in front of you a million times if that’s what you deem necessary. Please.” His hard-lined, strong body pressed against you, overwhelming every of your senses. He smells like something dark, a spice that interrupts your thoughts. And it’s unfair, so unfair, because he always tells you you smell sweet, but you’re sure there’s no lovelier scent in the world than him.
He hums as he places a soft kiss on your neck, before straightening out when the pastor up front ends his round of greetings and moves back to the pulpit. And you can feel the eyes that seem to look on from above, but now they seem to beg for you, beg to see your skin split open and be bled out from sin, and you know that only Meian could make that a reality. For as much as you are unknowing about, you do know this one thing. You’d pray at his feet for the rest of your days if you could, crawl on your knees and scrape the skin until your bones turn to ash.
If that’s what it means to worship, you think you could. For him. “What ungodly thing did you manage this time? Think you can tell me?” His large hands trail down the curve of your spine to up at your hips, settling there with soft circles and a deep breath. He pulls you back into his large, strong body, as you pretend that you can’t feel the need gush to your center and warm you up top to bottom. “What’s the matter, my little whore? Can’t tell a Father something so bad, is that it? You think I can’t help you when you tell me about how you opened your legs for me every night for the past month, stuffing your fingers inside yourself while you’re thinking of me?”
You gasp, whimpering when he starts pushing his hips to your backside and bunches up your long skirt to slip his hand underneath it. You stumble to the side a few steps to lean into the cold stone and turn your face toward it, quickly grabbing the front of your clothing to push it back down as much as the fabric allows. Meian chuckles behind you when his two fingers slide over the sticky, wet patch of your panties. “Confess. Or else I stop right now. And you’ll stay a filthy, sopping wet, unmarried slut with no place in the House of God.”
You whimper when those fingers slide under the crotch of them to rub between the slick folds of your pussy, letting you drop back your head against his chest where it rises and falls so gently, taking the most private part of you and making it his again. His breaths cascade down your neck when he leans down to kiss along your throat, and you’re so grateful that you’re hidden behind the pillar enough not to make a scene, because it’s impossible to stay silent when the two thick digits dip into you and slide up to curl your walls.
Making you drip down his hand when he pulls them back, then stuffing them right back in place and stretching you open with easy motions that have your eyes closing and legs shaky. “Confess,” he breathes.
“Yes, I-” you whimper, cold of the stone under your palm the only thing to keep you from floating up, scratching your nails into it, “I touched myself while wishing it was you. W-wanted your—” You’re cut off by your own strained moan that you try to keep in, as he scissors his fingers in you and presses the tip of a third inside too, legs shifting open to make more room. You bite through a cry when he grabs your neck and pushes you forward, now clinging to the stone with shaky fingers and your cheek pressed up against it.
“Want my what?” he taunts, curling his fingers again into the spot that has you seeing stars as he motions in and out of your pussy with ease, humming when you arch your back more and push back against him. “Tell me, pretty girl.”
“Your hands and your mouth— hnm,” even with everything spoken under your breath and the organ still echoing through the grand hall, you feel like the words pound between your ears. “And your cock, F-father, oh-” he pulls his index finger out to rest it against your clit instead, rubbing these as he fucks his fingers into you again and again with a ruthless determination, “ah, please Father Meian.”
When the pressure builds up so much that it’s impossible to focus on anything else, heat filling your belly and legs about to buckle, he lifts the back of your skirt up to expose the way his hand works between your thighs and dripping down his fingers with wet squelches.
You bite down on your own hand when the realization comes that you shouldn’t be getting touched this way in public -no matter how Holy Meian is- but stopping now is impossible. He grunts when your walls clench around him, the touches to your puffy clit becoming unbearable. “Always come running back to me so pretty.” And even in such simple words, you know aren’t imagining the care laced in those words.
“Always.” You reach behind you for his wrist when you get too close, throat catching and thighs shaking, digging your nails into the skin. “Oh- m, I- mhng, so close, please—” You can’t help the moan it drags from you, when he grabs your shoulders and pulls your much smaller body back against him, muscular arm pressed like a safeguard over your chest.
You let your eyes drop closed and lift your one leg for better access, before you’re shaking on his hand. “Cumming-” you cry, swallowing a moan when he grabs your throat and squeezes, the music suddenly falling away. You cum apart around his fingers, eyes clenched shut and shaking as he helps you through it, letting your body collapse into him where he holds you up.
“Quiet, pretty thing,” he mumbles though, “be quiet.” Your lashes are heavy with tears when you look around, stumbling back to your feet when his touch drops and he smears your wetness on the inside of your thigh, still keeping you close to his body as he turns you to face the congregation. Everyone is luckily still looking forward. You tremble when he slips his fingers from under your skirt to slide into his mouth. He leans around your other side to hover his lips over your ear. “See all those devoted people? That’s who I should be helping, instead of some stupid girl who keeps spreading her legs like a filthy, common whore.”
Finally, he lets go of you entirely, and you fist your hands in your white skirt when you finally turn to face him for the first time. Warm, angular eyes that seem to look through you, with pretty lips and a jaw to die for, the strong, intense features of the person haunting your dreams night after night. His one eyebrow raises. “Give me one good reason I should hear your prayers at all.”
“I- I,” you start, looking from him to your feet and then back as you hesitate. There’s so little you can say to him, it’s always been that way. You feel at a loss when you’re around him, but strangely, you feel an even greater loss not returning to him. Like the ocean forever chasing the beach.
“I meant it, I wanted to see you. Wanted to hear you and— want your h-help to get rid of this lust. I know it’s a bad thing but,” you swallow, ignoring the tiny twitch of his lips pulling upward, “but I can’t help myself, Father. Please help me.” He takes a moment to look around, before suddenly holding out his hand toward you. Like an offering.
You can only watch how he takes your hand into his giant palm, fingers wrapping around it to pull you away from the main hall to the side of the building. “Lets talk about this in private.” You’re pulled behind his big steps, frowning at the wet feeling of your panties between your legs. You really are some disgusting sinner, you think, as you’re walked through a smaller door into the sacristy. Not entirely separated, but enough to feel like you won’t be found out within a second if you look at him too long.
And you find yourself making that mistake often lately. “I think I know the cure to your problem,” he breathes, turning around to face you, and you drop your head all the way back to look at him as he speaks. “Here,” he drops your hand to his crotch, letting you feel his hard-on under his robes.
“Oh- I mean,” you feel the heat rise to your face now, looking away. You’d been touched and touched him plenty these last few months, the weight of his cock in your mouth still feeling as divine in memory. But when you try to sink onto your knees like you would normally, he keeps you upright, shaking his head. You blink. “N- How else can I—”
“You need something more than simple prayer.” You tremble a little when his hand comes to cup your cheek, urging you a little closer to his warm body as you feel his cock twitch in his boxers, pushing your legs together at the thought of feeling him there. You know it’s bad, but somewhere along the way lust must’ve taken hold of you too tight, because you feel like you can’t breathe. “Because you’re an unholy slut, a filthy little thing,” he whispers, now pushing the sleeves of your top over your shoulders with the murmuring of the pastor in the background. “You can’t be saved any other way, dumb girl. Take out my cock.”
You look into his pretty eyes as you take a breath, before doing as he says and lifting the black layers of robe. You push his underwear down, his huge cock slapping up against his stomach. The little breath you let out before spitting into your palm and wrapping your hand around him is soft, glancing over your shoulder towards the door. “Father, anyone could-”
“No one’s going to come in here,” he hisses, watching you pump your small hands along his shaft a few times, “if you’re quiet. What do you think they’d say if they found you here, stroking a Priest’s cock like a greedy little slut. This is your fault, stupid girl.” The low rumble of his voice is almost hypnotizing, keeping you right in place as he fucks his cock into your fists. You lean down, licking and sucking at the head of his cock with each thrust you get to feel him push between your lips into your warm mouth. But he stops you and motions you over to the table. “On here.”
Though your heart races in your chest, you do as he says. Laying down, kicking off your skirt and panties and spreading your legs for him with your eyes cast to the floor. He’s quick to grab your hips and haul you higher up onto it, pushing your knee up to your chest. His cock drools eagerly as he stands between your thighs, and you hold onto his hand as he pushes up against you. “Take a deep breath, pretty girl,” he whispers, slowly pushing the spongy head against your fluttering hole. “Let me help you. This is how you atone for your sins.”
Then he pushes into you, the thick head of his cock spreading you open and you instantly close your eyes at the stinging stretch, tearing up. “Aw, ah,” you squeak. You’re not a virgin, but it sure feels like it as your pussy is filled with him, pushing in more and more until you can barely feel anything but the way your stomach bulges to fit him. “Father, ah- M-Meian, it’s so,” your voice is muffled when you bring up your free hand to keep quiet, “big, s’big!”
“That’s it, good girl.” He holds still only a little when your poor walls are entirely filled by him, back arching to relieve some of the almost painful pressure in your belly. “My beautiful girl, there you go.” He pulls back, then pushing back inside with a snap of his hips, and you’re mewling to get away from him. It’s too good, too full and the stretch leaves you so empty each time he pulls back. But his large hands tighten on your hips as he forces himself back into your wet, gummy walls without mercy, speeding up the pace with each thrust. “Feel good?”
In the other room, the pastor’s clear voice echoes through the room.
And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God.”
“Yes, yes,” you chant, letting him lift you up a little to drive his cock even deeper, pounding into your sensitive pussy so perfectly it has you seeing stars. You open your eyes enough to glance at his furrowed brows, enjoying your reactions more than he should. It’s clear when he shifts his hips up to push right into that spot, holding your legs as you try to snap them closed instinctively.
Have faith in God. Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him.
Instead of going easy on you this only seems to motivate him more, fucking into you even faster. His hips smacking against your puffy clit again and again. “You feel so, hng- good! Oh my— mhm! Too good, t-too good, please give me more! Oh God!”
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
Meian doesn’t slow, but instantly lifts your other leg to your chest too, making the table scrape along the stone floor with each thrust into you. And if you’d be able to see through your heavy tears, you’d see the way his lips flatten and a strange determination comes over his eyes. He rests his entire body to hold your thighs up and snaps his hips into you, wet paps of his skin and balls pounding against you. And with that the only thing you can think of chanting is ‘Oh God, oh God, please,’ over and over again as he fucks the thoughts out of you entirely.
And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.
He suddenly pulls out and turns you over, letting you hips bump the edge of the table as you whine and moan, pushing back into your gushing hole as your eyes roll back. “Are you calling me God, baby?” he mumbles, holding your hips down and bottoming out with hard, impatient thrusts. “Calling me your God and coming undone on my cock like this, you want to be my personal whore, is that it?” You’re nodding before you can even realize what his words really mean, feeling his hand slip back between your legs to push over your clit with unfairly slow motions that don’t match his thrusts at all. “Pray to me.”
You do. “Help me, God my Savior, -ahh, for the glory of Your name.” He pounds you open until the pressure becomes so tight you’re clamping down on him, so close to another orgasm. “Deliver me and forgive me for my s-sins,” you cry, voice high pitched and shaky, “for Your name’s sake.”
The heat of his skin on yours seems to collect in your belly, aching to drop you into a second high. “Lord, I pray that You remove my guilt and wipe away my sins, hng- so that I can draw closer to You.” He moans when you clench around him, pounding your tiny pussy open and watching the way your glistening, slick pussy stretches around his fat cock a bit longer. “With You there is forgiveness so that I can, with reverence, serve You. I praise You for forgiving me for my sins even though I do not deserve it!”
You’re practically choking out the last part when he starts rubbing your oversensitive clit faster, with touches that leave your legs weak. “T-Thank You for -oh, God, thank You for loving me unconditionally, ah, ahng, A-Amen!”
“A little louder, baby, I can’t hear you,” he grabs hold of your face to turn it to the side as your mouth drops open and your tear stricken cheek is pressed to the table. It’s such a good sight to watch you completely destroyed on his cock, panting and shaking like a bitch in heat. You reach back to grab at his thighs for some support. Another flick of his finger makes you squeak.
“A—hng-ah Amen!”
“Where do you think God is now? Is he watching you get fucked right now? Do you think he despises you for being such a dirty slut? Tell me,” he growls. You clench around him so hard it’s almost impossible to pull out, sweat rolling down the valley of your breasts. “Or is he between your legs right now, making you cum like the pitiful bitch you are?” Each word is accentuated with the tilt of his hips. “Where. Is. Your. God?”
“You, you! It’s you!” you cry, before finally cumming with a moan of his name and your fingers digging hard into his skin. You squirm under him as he fucks you through it, before you can feel a few more sloppy thrusts. Hot, white ropes of cum fill you up as you try to catch your breath. “God Forgive me,” you whisper when he pulls out, a mix of both your cum dripping down when you push up.
He stares at your wasted body for a bit longer, before tucking himself back into his underwear. He helps you up from the table onto very shaky legs, leaning into the furniture. “You will be, you worked hard.”
You flush when he eyes you down with a smile, taking back your skirt when he hands it to you. And then he leans down to press a small kiss on your lips, before letting the grin pull wider. “See you on Sunday.”
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blackswan18 · 21 days ago
To Good To Be True - Ch. 29 | kth(m)
Summary: Kim Taehyung is a world famous idol in the hit K-pop group, BTS, and you are his personal stylist. Per your contract with Big Hit, he is absolutely, 100% off-limits, and yet, you are completely and hopelessly in love with him. You’ve spent years trying to shove your feelings down, but it’s getting harder and harder to ignore and hide them, especially considering the way Tae always treats you. He’s affectionate and protective and sometimes outright flirtatious, but that’s how he is with everyone, right? Confused, frustrated, and lovesick, you find yourself wondering if it might finally be worth risking your career and your heart to find out.
pairing: Taehyung x reader
genre: Idol! au, fluff, angst, eventual smut, friends to lovers, slow burn
rating: 18+
word count: 2.9k
warnings: cursing, fingering, handjob
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Chapter 29: Dinner Before Dessert - Part 2
Before you even knew what was happening, he was capturing your lips in a ravenous kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he slid his around your waist, the two of you molding into one another seamlessly. For the next few minutes, not a single word was spoken as you simply devoured each other, your hunger insatiable after holding back all evening. It was desperate and messy, all tongue and teeth, but you simply could not get enough.
“I have unprofessional thoughts every time I see you in this dress,” he said breathlessly after finally releasing your lips. “Every time I think about you in this dress.”
“You think about me in this dress?” you asked flirtatiously.
“I do,” he replied at once. “And about you in my hoodie and those lace panties.”
“I always think about you, Jagi,” he then added almost guiltily as he leaned his forehead against yours. “I-I just can’t help myself.”
You knew at once what he was admitting to and found it to be possibly the most arousing thing you’d ever heard in your life. The idea that Kim Taehyung, literally the sexiest man on the planet, fantasized about you was such a deliciously scandalous thought.
“I think about you too, Tae,” you said as you cupped his cheeks and kissed him deeply.
“You do?” he asked in amazement.
“Mmhmm,” you hummed in response as you then began trailing kisses down his neck.
“Fuck, that’s so hot” he murmured as he pulled you forward on the counter and pressed his hips into you. “Tell me what you think about.”
You’d had so many fantasies of him over the years it was hard to know where to start. One thing you did know, though, was that nothing you’d ever imagined held a candle to what you were experiencing with him right now. His every touch sent a jolt of electricity through you, every word spoken in his deep, husky voice had your mind hazy with desire.
“I think about you flexing these muscles for me,” you began as you trailed your fingers up his arms and then down his chest. “And about how strong you are and how easily you can pick me up and take me wherever you want.”
“I think about how sexy you look when you’re performing on stage,” you went on. “Especially during those body rolls at the end of Mic Drop or that hip thrust during Dimple.”
“But, mostly I think about your big hands and your long fingers and all the things you could do with them,” you whispered in his ear.
You wrapped your legs around his back as you spoke, pulling him deeper into you, and could instantly tell how affected he was by the risqué things you’d just said. The feel of him between your legs, nothing but a few pieces of fabric separating you, had your entire body buzzing; you had never been more turned on in your entire life. You crashed your mouth back onto his and poured all of your desire into the sensual kiss you shared. He began running his hands up your thighs, pushing the skirt of your dress upwards as he went, but he stopped partway up and leaned his forehead against yours again.
“Can I touch you, Jagi?” he asked hesitantly as his thumbs rubbed little circles on your inner thighs, all hints of teasing and suggestiveness suddenly gone from his voice. “The way you just talked about?”
You were taken aback by his sudden change in demeanor, but your answer came without hesitation.
“Yes,” you replied quietly before giving him a kiss on the cheek.
You were so appreciative of him asking for permission before things went any further. You had clearly alluded to your desire to be intimate with him like that, but you hadn’t explicitly told him you were ready for it now. It meant so much to you that, even though you had teased each other and fooled around a bit before, he hadn’t made an assumption about what you might be comfortable with now, that this kind of intimacy was something he took seriously and wanted to talk about first.
“Can I touch you?” you then asked back as you gently ran your fingers through his hair.
“Yes, Jagi,” he replied before mimicking you and kissing your cheek.
“I still want to go slow, though,” he then said, bringing his head up to look at you, a tender expression on his face. “I don’t want to rush everything tonight.”
“But, I want to be with you,” he added softly. “I want to be close to you and make you feel good and take care of you.”
You didn’t think it was possible to love him anymore than you already did, but knowing that this was how he felt about intimacy, how meaningful it was to him, a whole new kind of love for him bloomed uncontrollably in your chest.
“I want to be with you too,” you said with a shy smile before leaning in to give him a slow, sweet kiss.
Without another word, he lifted you up off the counter and carried you to his bedroom where he then gently laid you down on his bed. Laying down beside you, he took your hand in his and asked if you were sure, saying with absolute sincerity that you didn’t have to do anything if you weren’t ready. You gave him a kiss, with it trying to convey all your appreciation for his thoughtfulness, told him you had never been more sure of anything, and then slowly slipped off your dress to reveal the black lace bra and panties.
The expression on his face as he took in the sight of your near-naked body had you blushing. He looked to be in complete awe of you, his eyes wide and mouth slightly agape, as his gaze lingered on the lace and what it barely covered. Still ever so slightly shy, and wanting to maintain just a bit of mystery, you decided to keep the lacy garments on. A minute or so later, after he finally seemed to remember how to speak, he said you were beautiful and perfect, the most stunning woman he’s ever seen in his entire life.
When he eventually moved to put his hands on your body, you scolded him and said he was still wearing entirely too many clothes to allow such behavior. The speed with which he got up and started undressing had you giggling, but you stopped immediately once his shirt and pants were off. You’d seen him in his boxers before, but never like this, never with him straining inside of them with unadulterated desire for you. The sight left you speechless and aching. You gave him the come hither sign and he obliged at once, climbing back onto the bed and settling down directly beside you, his body pressed against yours.
He proceeded to not simply touch your body, but to explore it, savoring every last inch of you. You shuddered as his fingertips brushed over the swell of your breasts and let out a small gasp when he dipped his fingers under the lace to caress them. As his hand then trailed lower, down past your navel, his eyes were locked on yours, watching for any signs of hesitation or discomfort. When he found none, and instead saw only desire, he leaned in to give you a deep kiss and then slowly slipped his hand beneath the lacy fabric.
He was gentle and teasing at first, but grew bolder with every soft moan that left your lips. Attuned to your body’s every response, he quickly learned what you liked most, what subtle changes had your breath hitching and your back arching off the bed. All at once, you realized that you hadn't even come close to imagining the amount of pleasure his long, dexterous fingers could give you; the things he was doing with them had you in pure ecstasy.
At first you were embarrassed at how loud you were being and tried to hold back, but after he said he loved hearing you make such pretty sounds you stopped trying to be quiet. If he wanted to hear how good he made you feel, you would let him hear. In the heat of the moment you also called him ‘baby’, the first time you’d ever referred to him by a pet name, and he told you at once how much he loved hearing that too.
When he wasn’t kissing you or softly sucking and biting at the sensitive skin of your neck, he was whispering into your ear, most of his words being surprisingly, but delightfully filthy: praise over just how much of a good girl you were being for him, an admission of how many times he’d imagined doing this to you, vivid descriptions of all the other things he wanted to do to make you feel good. Given his sweet, innocent nature, you hadn’t ever imagined him talking to you this way, but now that he was, you never wanted him to stop.
Being with him like this was overwhelming, but in the best sense of the word. He was such a generous and attentive partner, using every part himself to make you feel good, from the soft touch of his fingers to the sultry sound of his voice. Before long, he had you falling over the edge, a cry of his name leaving your lips as your body trembled and the pleasure washed over you. Afterwards, as you laid there panting, still slowly coming down from your high, he told you that you’d never looked more beautiful. All you could manage in response was to gaze at him in wonder and adoration, a bashful smile and light blush on your face.
After how good he’d just made you feel, you were determined to give him the same amount of pleasure. It had been a long time since you’d been with someone, the last time being with your boyfriend in college, so you were a bit nervous, but with Tae you felt comfortable and safe and knew it would be OK. Slowly, you ran your fingers down his chest and along the waistband of his boxers. You teased him like that for a few moments before finally nudging the fabric down, your entire body instantly flushing at the sight before you.
The low groan that escaped his lips when you first took him in your hand was by far the most erotic sound that had ever reached your ears. You were certain it would find its way into every single one of your fantasies from that point forward. The feel of him also shot a whole new wave of arousal through you as you thought back to some of the things he’d whispered in your ear and how much more enticing they now seemed.
You began slowly, teasingly, just like he had, but soon found yourself unable to hold back. He had just given you so much, literally worshiped your body; you wanted to give him everything in return, didn’t want to deny him a moment longer. As you continued, mutters of expletives, praise, and your name began falling from his lips, always in the same deep, breathless voice. Every word out of his mouth only made you all the more desperate to satisfy him, to make him feel as good as he made you feel.
Given how vocal he had been while he was in charge, you thought he might like it if you talked to him like that too. The way he bucked his hips as you told him the naughtier parts of your sexy strawberry farmer dream let you know he didn’t like it, he loved it. Mesmerized by the effect your words had on him, you began unraveling three years worth of unprofessional thoughts between hot, open-mouth kisses to his chest.
The sight of him laying there, head thrown back, eyes closed, lower lip bitten, that beautiful purple diamond glistening against his bare chest, was downright sinful; he truly looked like a piece of erotic art. When he came a short while later, and you felt him shaking with pleasure beneath you, heard him moaning your name, you were overcome with a rush of several emotions: desire, pride, but, most of all, bliss. Being with him like this was better than anything you’d ever imagined. You’d never felt closer to him, never loved him more.
Later on, after cleaning up, watching a movie, and polishing off the rest of the dark chocolate covered strawberries, you were on his bed cuddling, trying hard not to fall asleep and let the night end. You were in his arms laying with your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, while he gently ran his fingers through your hair. He had been softly singing to you for a while now, having serenaded you with ‘Scenery’, ‘Winter Bear’, and, of course, ‘Sweet Night’, when he suddenly stopped singing and grew quiet for a few moments.
“Jagi, can I tell you something?” he asked hesitantly.
“You can tell me anything, Tae,” you assured him as you lifted your head up to look at him.
He didn’t respond right away. He just sat there looking at you, his eyes searching yours as he seemed to be gathering the courage to say his next words.
“You are the first person I have ever been intimate with,” he then said quietly, almost ashamedly.
His admission was honestly not at all surprising. Tae had never been in a serious relationship before and was not someone you ever thought would have casual partners. He was rather traditional when it came to his values, family being of the utmost importance to him, and was, as he had once told you, a hopeless romantic. Knowing what intimacy meant to him, it made complete sense that he hadn’t been with anyone before. It broke your heart, though, that he seemed to think there was something wrong with that fact.
“That’s perfectly OK, Tae,” you told him gently.
“I’m really glad you chose me to share your first experience with,” you then said before giving him a kiss.
“I-I’ve always wanted it to be you,” he said shyly.
The weight of that statement enveloped you like a warm hug; he waited for you. He cared about you that much, thought you were that special, that he wanted his first time to be with you.
“Tae, that means more to me than I will ever be able to put into words,” you said sincerely before leaning in to capture his lips again, trying to express with the kiss what you couldn’t with words.
However, the warmth you felt a second ago immediately disappeared when you realized the next logical step in this conversation would be for you to share your past experiences.
“I’ve been intimate with one other person,” you said tentatively.
“And I’m not a virgin,” you then added quietly.
It’s not that you regretted having sex with your college boyfriend. You were with him for three years, and truly did love him at the time, but you now wished more than anything that you had waited. The love you felt for Tae was so much deeper and you couldn’t help but think that it would have been even more meaningful to share all your first experiences along with him. Upon realizing this, you found yourself getting ever so slightly choked up.
“Y/N, that’s perfectly OK, too,” he said tenderly, sensing you were a little upset.
“It will still be special when we do things for the first time together,” he then said as he leaned in and gave you the sweetest kiss.
If you were choked up before, you were on the verge of full on sobbing now, but for the best of reasons. He was just so wonderful, so kind and sweet and caring. You honestly couldn’t believe how lucky you were to be with him.
Once again, you found yourself on the verge of saying those three words, but before you could utter them, Tannie burst into the room, jumped onto the bed, and plopped down on Tae’s chest exactly where your head had just been.
“Ok he’s definitely jealous that I’m cuddling with you right now,” you said with a laugh.
“Tannie, you’re going to have to learn how to share,” Tae said scoldingly as he gave the pup a scratch behind the ears. “Y/N is going to be staying here with us from now on.”
With the amount of butterflies that started fluttering in your stomach, you were shocked that your body didn’t float up off of the bed.
“I am?” you asked shyly, unable to contain a giant grin from spreading across your face.
“Oh. Shit, I-I didn’t mean to assume. You obviously don’t have to if you don’t want to. I just...I’d really like you to. We could spend so much more time together if you’re staying here. I understand if you’re not ready for that, though. I’m so sorry for just saying that without talking to you first,” he rushed out, growing more and more adorably flustered by the second.
He was just about to start more of his precious ramblings when you brought your finger to his lips to shush him.
“I would love to stay here with you,” you said softly, watching in delight as his lips turned up into a smile beneath your fingertip as you spoke.
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theinsanespaceship15 · 25 days ago
Birthday Smash
Word Count: 1,447 words
Tumblr media
Bruce’s morning had started out stressful. He had woken up a little later then when his alarm was supposed to wake him. He had forgotten to wrap your present the night before. Tony bothered him in the lab as he tried and failed to wrap your present. Tony eventually had to do it for him. Since he woke up late, making breakfast was late and you were already awake before he could take it to you in bed.
The icing on top of the cake for him was literally the icing was wrong on your cake he had ordered. The big guy was ready for an appearance at this point. So a Code Green was initiated at 10:40 in the morning.
You expected a code green far earlier in the morning as Tony had told you all of what Bruce had planned. It wasn’t that Bruce was trying to hide the day's plans from you, it was just he forgot. Having dated Bruce for 5 years now, you had planned and prepared for a Code Green to happen sometime throughout the day.
You had asked Tony if he could clear out one of the larger rooms. You had speakers set up and a pile of blankets and pillows. You had made a large chocolate cake just to share with Hulk and you made sure no candles were involved so he didn’t get scared of the tiny flame. You were prepared for Hulk. You just hoped he liked it.
“Hi Hulk. What ya got there baby?” You ask as you look at Hulk holding his smashed cake. You really felt bad for him and Bruce. He expected too much of himself and he wanted everything to be perfect. And nothing was perfect about dating a scientist that turns into a giant toddler. And you were ok with that.
“Hulk smashed” he says sadly as he looks at the cake. You really were trying not to laugh at his adorable pout.
‘Jarvis tell me you’re recording all of this’ you whisper just enough so Jarvis will hear.
“Of course L/N” he says, matching the volume you spoke at.
“That’s ok Hulk. Do you like chocolate cake?”you ask as you head to the giant fridge.
“Hulk don’t have chocolate cake,” he says as he stamps his foot on the ground. You really wanted to laugh but Hulk would either cry or smash the tower and neither of those options were good.
“Well I do and I’m willing to share” you pull the cake out and hold it out to show Hulk “if you want we can eat cake and watch movies?”
Hulk nods furiously and follows you with giant steps. His smile makes it all worth how long you spent trying to figure out how to make such a big cake. You finally make it to the empty room and sit down on the blanket, patting the spot beside you for Hulk. “You can sit here bud. And then we can eat cake and watch a movie.”
Hulk sits down as gently as he can, so not to disturb you or the cake. But you obviously still feel it as he’s like 700 lbs. You slice yourself off a piece and then hand the rest of the cake to Hulk. “There you go bud. It’s all for you.”
“For Hulk?” He says as he tenderly grabs the plate. His eyes swell with tears. “Hulk’s first present” you almost cried at that statement. No wonder Bruce never liked turning into the Hulk. No one showed him affection.
“Yea Hulk. For you bud. Let’s find a movie to watch.” You say as you watch Hulk eat the cake in one bite. No matter how big the cake would be, Hulk would probably always eat it in one bite.
You quickly decide on Fifty First Dates and curl up next to Hulk with a blanket. Today was perfect. Or as perfect as things can get. Eventually, Hulk moves his pinky finger down for you to hold, and you quickly grab on to hold. You loved Hulk, even if he was a two year old.
You woke up to Bruce freaking out and naked… Very naked.
“Are you ok? Did he hurt you? I’m so sorry I ruined your birthday. Did he smash the cake? I can go get a new one. Tony will let me borrow a car. We can turn the night around. Or we can just redo the day over” Bruce starts rambling frantically as if trying to make your perfect day better.
“Hey. Hey. Bruce. It’s ok. We had a great day. Today was perfect. We ate cake and we watched a movie and I may have fell asleep, but I’m not injured and I’m in one piece,” you say as you stand up and do a twirl for Bruce to assure him you’re ok.
“Still don’t like that I missed most of your birthday,” he grumbles as he comes up and hugs you.
“Why don’t we just order takeout and watch movies and cuddle, ok? Perfect way to spend my birthday” you say as you stare at him with puppy dog eyes.
“I hate those stupid eyes. What do you want for takeout?” He asks as he sighs and smiles at you. You smile up at him and tell him Chinese as you go to pick the movie.
Twenty minutes later you’re both sprawled out where you and Hulk were two hours later with Chinese and Star Wars playing in the background.
You feel Bruce fidgeting next to you every few minutes and as much as you’d love to enjoy Star Wars, you can’t let Bruce’s anxiety takeover.
“Ok Bruce, spill. What’s going on?” You ask as you turn to him, setting your Chinese down in front of you.
“Well today was supposed to be perfect. I was going to fix you breakfast in bed, then we were gonna watch a movie. I was gonna do your nails and I’d bring you your cake.” He says as looks out the window.
“Bruce, I know what your plans were gonna be. Tony already told me all this,” you say in slight confusion. You had reassured him multiple times it was ok and you had a great day.
“Yea well what Tony didn’t tell you, was that there was a ring on the top of that cake and I was going to propose. But since Hulk smashed the cake, I can’t find the ring and I can’t even propose right Y/N,” he says as tears spring to his eyes. You wrap your arms around him. You can’t bare to see him upset and you feel so bad.
“I can fix this” you say. “Hey Jarvis, do you know where the ring is?” Hopefully Jarvis will know where it’s at.
“The ring has slid underneath the fridge” Jarvis says ever so politely.
“Thank you Jarv,” you call him his nickname to annoy Tony as Jarvis would definitely report that back. You run to the kitchen and dig around underneath the fridge. There were surprisingly a lot of Cheerios underneath the fridge but your hand finally grabs the ring.
You bring the ring back to Bruce and open his hand, placing the ring in his palm, and closing his hand around again. “Do it now” you urge with the biggest smile on your face.
Bruce quickly looks up, looking for doubt on your face. When he finds none, he wipes the tears away from his face and gets down on one knee. “Y/N, I know it’s your birthday and this is the cheesiest present I could get you and our day didn’t go as planned. But any day with you is perfect. Even if Hulk makes an appearance. So, will you marry me Y/N L/N?”
You smile at his speech as tears fall fast down your face. You nod and whisper “yes” that Bruce almost didn’t hear it. He leaps to his feet and slides the ring onto your finger. He hugs you and then kisses you with the most passion he has in your whole 5 years of a relationship. “I love you Y/N.”
“I love you Brucie and I love Hulk too”
“Hey Jarvis? Can we see the videos from today?” You ask as you sit in bed with Bruce. He chuckles and watches Hulk behave like a two year old the whole time he was in control. He looked at you lovingly as you watched the videos, as if you hadn’t lived them.
“Hey Bruce? Is Hulk the same age as you? Or is his birthday the first time you hulked out?”
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diavolosthots · 26 days ago
It's that time again. Once again i already did Diavolo and you can find his somewhere in the masterlists
ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚BARBATOS proposing headcanons ˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ
What is love 
In all seriousness, he rarely has any time outside of Diavolo, although the Demon Lord insists on Barbatos taking a break. The butler usually declines but that one time he was forced, something good came out of it. 
You. You came out of it. 
You instantly clicked with him and he really appreciated that, although he will admit that he desperately tried to keep your relationship strictly platonic. 
Obviously that didn’t work. Who knew? He didn’t. He should have though considering he can literally see the future, but anyway. 
He’s a very easy going guy outside of his job and contrary to popular belief, he absolutely loves to have fun. Except that his type of fun is like… ballroom dancing and knitting, sometimes painting, or inline skating. He’s also a very talented ice skater. Some people may find that boring or emasculating, but you just… take him for it and sometimes you join him. 
Hell, one of his fondest memories with you is you two putting on roller skates and skating through the kitchen while simultaneously cooking. It ended in a small mess but it was absolutely worth it. 
You remind him on those fun days that brighten even the darkest of nights. Of course, you were also worth an immense amount to him, which is why he chose a gold ring that had vines going around the band, small diamonds in between, and a nice, oval aquamarine stone in the center. It kind of matches his hair and he’s proud of that, you know? 
He’s also not really nervous about this
Being able to see the future allowed him to see that you did indeed say yes to him so he’s less than worried
That doesn’t mean he won’t go all out though
As a matter of fact, he kicked Diavolo out of the castle for the evening. Yes. HE kicked out DIAVOLO out of his own castle 
Or in short he’s paying Lucifer to keep the guy busy for at least three hours haha
Anyway, he prepared a nice, fancy meal for the two of you and then set up a little outside area with fairy lights and candles and freshly cut flowers. Nothing but the best for his favorite person.
He also has a little present ready. Just a simple gold bracelet with the infinity symbol in the middle. Forever and always, right?
The food was delicious, as was to be expected. After all, it was made by Barbatos so you couldn’t really complain, could you? 
“Allow me to speak, (Y/N).” You only giggled at him, taking his hands in yours, careful not to mess up any of the food or decorations on the table. “When do I not allow you to do that?”
But he just has to be sure that he has all of your attention, you know? 
“There’s a reason I brought you out here tonight. Besides being blessed with your beautiful presence, I would also like to gift you something.” A frown appeared on your face as you held up the arm with the bracelet. “You already did.”
“Yes, but something else. Something way more important for the both of us.” He could sense that he was worrying you so he quickly continued, slowly pulling out the ringbox out of his pocket and opening it. No need to get on one knee; you would’ve pulled him back up again anyway. He saw it.
 “You know, I have served more than just the Young Master. I have lived far longer than he, and I’m almost older than even his father, the Demon King, but in all of my time here, past, present, and future, I have never met someone who had me quite as smitten as you. Your easy going nature mixed with your sense of humor is sure to bring me out of my shell even on the darkest of days. The Devildom is not just filled with fun times and extravagant things, I’m sure you’re aware of that. However, even if it isn’t… you make it seem like it is. You make me want to try more things, to get out of the castle and even defy my Lord sometimes… I have never done that before. I don’t want to lose this newfound sense of self, (Y/N), and I certainly don’t want to lose the thrill, the love, that you are giving me. Please, my dear (Y/N), will you marry me?” 
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tabbytabbytabby · a month ago
From the angst/fluff prompt list, could I request CD for Buddie, no MCD please? :)
Combined this with @lilacsandorangeblossoms prompt: "you make every day worth living." Thank you both for the prompts! Hope you like it 💜
Also on AO3
One month. He's been dating Eddie for one month, and things have been going great. Too great, maybe. At least that's what his mind tries to tell him as he stands in the hallway of Eddie's house. 
The lights are dim. A few battery-operated candles are scattered around the house. It casts a nice, romantic glow to the place. And Buck, well, Buck’s mind decides now is the perfect time to turn against him. Not because he doesn't want this. But because he does. He wants it so badly. It's just too bad he doesn't deserve it. 
Eddie smiles and takes his hand, and starts to lead them further into the house. And Buck, Buck stands frozen in the doorway. His feet planted firmly to the spot. Eddie turns to face him with a frown. 
"I umm…" Buck pulls his hand from Eddie's and backs towards the door. "I'm sorry, but I just realized…" 
Realized what? That Eddie's everything he doesn’t deserve? That Buck thought for a crazy few weeks, he could be enough for him, but it's hitting him suddenly that he's not? He can't force those words out. So he chooses to flee instead. 
"I need to go."
He turns away and bows his head. "I'm sorry, Eddie."
"Please don't walk out that door," Eddie says. "Please, just stay and talk to me."
"I can't," Buck says. His hand is on the nob when he feels Eddie's hand on his shoulder. He gently tugs until Buck turns to face him. He can't meet Eddie's eyes as he says, "I can't do this."
"Can't do what?" Eddie asks. "I'm a little confused right now."
"Us," Buck says. He hates the word as soon as it leaves his lips. Hates the way Eddie’s hand drops from his shoulder, and his face pinches. Hates that right now, he's probably trying to think of what he did wrong because that's what Eddie does.
“I thought things were going great,” Eddie says finally. 
"They were."
"Then what is it?" Eddie asks. "Why are you running from this?"
And that's a hard question to answer. He wants to stay, to let himself be happy with Eddie. But there's a part of his mind that doesn't believe he deserves it. That he's not good enough. 
"Because you deserve better than me," Buck whispers. 
Eddie frowns. "What are you talking about?"
"I… I'm a mess, Eddie," Buck says. "I'm not good enough."
And there it is. Buck's biggest fear out in the open. It’s better this way. Better for Buck to say it now than for Eddie to wake up one day and realize it for himself. This will save them both that heartache. Not that Buck's heart isn't breaking right now anyway. 
Eddie takes Buck's face in his hands and ducks his head to meet Buck's gaze. "That's not true."
"No," Eddie cuts in. "I know what your head is telling you, but it's wrong. You are enough, Buck. You've always been enough. For me, and for Christopher. You're our family, and we love you."
Buck chokes back a sob at Eddie’s words. He'd long ago accepted that Eddie didn't love him, might never love him. Even when they started dating, Buck was still waiting for the other shoe to drop. To hear the words from Eddie’s lips is almost too much. 
"I love you," Eddie murmurs, using his thumbs to brush away Buck's tears from his cheeks. "You’ve shown me what love can feel like. What real love is. And I only hope I can do the same for you. Because I will never stop reminding you how loved you are, Buck."
He kisses Buck's lips softy, almost hesitantly, as if he's waiting for Buck to push him away. Buck doesn't. Instead, he clings to Eddie and pulls him closer. He pours all the love he feels for Eddie into the kiss and just hopes he can feel it. 
"I love you," Buck whispers against his lips. "So much."
"Then stay," Eddie says. 
Buck nods, and this time when Eddie takes his hand and leads him back towards his room, Buck lets him. His doubts might not be gone entirely, but he knows he's not in this fight alone. He never will be with Eddie by his side.
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miseryholland · a month ago
one year free | t.c.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
request: ‘Hey there could I please request something for Timothee? No worries at all if this makes you uncomfortable!! But I was wondering if you could do one where he and his S/O are celebrating a year of her being clean of self harm? I know its sort of personal but I am currently celebrating my first year myself and would love someone to celebrate with 🖤’
tw: self harm, recovery, language, fluff, bold italics are the readers old thoughts.
a/n: not romanticizing or normalizing this, most of those who follow me know that i don’t often like to do that with heavy topics. if you ever need help i’m here, trust me. requests are open, send something. congrats on your one year @lost-individual-voice ! i didn’t know what form of self harm you were referring to, so i picked the two in most familiar with. hope this is what you wanted ! — mya<\3
Tumblr media
masterlist & taglist
⚘ ˏ`୭̥*ೃ *ૢ✧ ⚘ ˏ`୭̥*ೃ *ૢ✧
∘₊✧─── A deadpanning anxiousness waved about. Skin crawling upon noticing that Timothee wasn’t next to you anymore. His morning was filled with prepping long before you’d even opened your eyes. A pan of brownies, ironic to say the least because that’s the desert the two of you shared after he goofily asked you out. In red icing the pan read ‘My human, you did it ! It’s been one year !” His exclamation point at the end, was nearly sliding off from him slanting it over so far— his signature, mattered most.
He knew that you wouldn’t want to do anything big, because you only really wanted to celebrate with the one person that’d been there the most. An appreciation, and celebration spent sharing a dimly lit bathroom, and convulsing in each other about the porcelain bathtub.
You could recall moments that he’d sit with you, on that same bathroom floor, and you’d beat at his chest with your fists begging him to let you do something to relieve the pain. He wouldn’t budge, until eventually you’d crawl into his arms and sob. He couldn’t let you go back there.
Cutting, a simple slit with a sharp object holds more value to your future than you knew.
Cutting, stops the hurting and maybe it’ll lead you one step closer to death.
Burning, an aching sensation that caved over into your skin.
Burning, a sharp pain that silences the roaring thoughts in your mind.
Your versatile way of thinking now was prominent, and you didn’t have those same flaming words running a four mile race in your head. You’d been dating Timothee for two years, he’d been there for the entire year that you’d done it, and the entire year that you continuously decided to stay healthy, clean, and you again.
It was more than just that though. It was restless nights thinking about how much trouble you’d put Timothee through. It was the nights that you’d convinced yourself that you were going to harm to an extent that you’d locked Timothee out of the bedroom, him screaming on the other end of it. It was restless night, Timothee wanted to sleep so badly exhausted from set but stayed specifically to make sure you were safe.
“Baby! Think about how much fucking progress you’ve made, don’t do this!”
Don’t be fooled though, a lot more than lot took you to stop. It was the progress, Timothee, your family. What if you’d accidentally cut too much or deeper in ? What if you’d had that candle or lighter burn you far too long ? But, you’re here, meaning your purpose has prolonged.
Sugar for breakfast, and a bath during the midday was the perfect antidote for your one year. To be fair, you would’ve been more than elated with anything.
Springing from your thoughts, Timothee’s ‘Gorillaz’ tee hung to a little bit past your thighs. The apartment wasn’t huge, so evidently he just hard to find. He wasn’t on the balcony, not in the kitchen, or the living room, not even the office. Therefore the only option had to be the bathroom, which should’ve been the first place anyway.
You ultimately couldn’t stop relishing that you’d surpassed one whole year. 365 days, of realizing your worth, that you are so much more than pain. Scars on your wrists and inner thighs being a reminder that you don’t want to go back to that place, yet each told a story. You’d often worry about what Timothee would think of you later on in life, if the two of you were still together. “Only more of you to love, cherie.”
There he was, eyes following a bubble that got away from the soapy water. Bathroom lit with vanilla candles, enough to make each other visible and recognize every feature. He appeared ethereal to your orbs, water up to his torso, arms draped on either side of the bathtub awaiting your arrival. His stomach contorted in joy at the sudden presence, hoping he’d accomplished everything you’d ever wanted. A giant, goofy smile splayed across his features, lowering his head so that you couldn’t see, clearly you could. You stood in admiration at the center of the bathroom. Not knowing that the focus of everything, is currently shying away from you.
“Timmy, look at me,” You grin, undressing yourself slowly to join him in the water frenzy. He slowly turned his head, curls bouncing slightly at the motion. Your eyebrows not at the pan with one large brownie that’d never been cut. “Thank you.”
“Shh .. just c’mere.” He gestured, with that you crossed your feet over the walled tub and sat between his spread thighs. He instantly squeezed your hip bones to let you know he was there, and had successfully did what he intended. His touches were swift and everlasting, your eyes closing at the newfound comfort. Head falling to his bare chest, you become mellow and somber, listing to his soothing voice.
“Hope you’re proud of yourself, mon amour. This isn’t a congratulations, this is a you’ve made it one year, keep going baby.”
taglist— @apoeticwish @spookybooisa @katexrichardson
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weatherpromo259 · a month ago
Gambling Spirituality
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gambling Spirituality
Gambling Spirituality Meaning
Gambling Spirituality Definition
Prayer For Gambling Addiction. Prayer For Gambling Addiction – Gambling is a very destructive addiction. It affects 5% of the adult population. Even though not all of them show a high-risk gambling addiction. This addiction, as any other, has a huge negative effect. Not only on the person himself, but also on his family. Gambling is a serious addiction though and many throw away so much for the occationally big buck. I don't bet or gamble (under age ) but I do practice a lot spiritually and can see where certain abilities can definitely help out, along with I'm familiar with this particular test above, which has been done for research purposes many times to get. Gambling Lesson 5: Theology, Anthrpology & Spirituality Spirituality, Theology, Anthropology You have no doubt begun to appreciate the benefits that a heightened state of awareness has brought with it.
Gambling Spirituality
What is it that makes gambling so addictive? What strange force makes otherwise rational people wager their car, house, or life savings for the chance of winning big? And what makes the gambling winner almost immediately put his winnings back into the system in pursuit of an even bigger win? The actions of a gambling addict suggest that he values the act of gambling more than the prize he wins. It seems that he loves the chase.
I believe gambling is addictive for many people because risk-taking is a necessary and healthy part of relationship with God. As spiritual beings, we were made to gamble. We need to take risks. A life without risks, a life where you never “put yourself out there,” is a boring life. It lacks the spark of the life lived for something greater than yourself. Deep within you is a longing to risk it all for the sake of your soul. You want to live a life that’s worth risking your life for.
But there is another part of us, our ego, which prefers safety over risk. We try to think our way around life’s risks. We want to know the end result before we act. The problem is that there are some things we are asked to do in life where we can’t be sure of the final result before it happens. Forethought and logic are valuable tools of the mind, but they have their limits. At some point we are all challenged to let go. We have to step over the boundary of the known into the unknown if we are to achieve our deepest potential.
The addicted gambler experiences the reality that something is missing from his life. What is missing is an authentic relationship to his own soul. Instead of betting his life on God and the attainment of his destiny, he bets material possessions for more material possessions. The gambling instinct has been corrupted and has lost its true goal.
Copyright © Andy Drymalski, Ed.D. Excerpts may be used provided full and clear credit is given author with link to original article.
Posted on
Gambling can be an extremely frustrating endeavor. There are times when it feels like the odds are stacked against us and our luck has run out. There are many things you can do to increase your chances for success, no matter what type of gambling you are participating in. If you are feeling down and out, try incorporating some of the following items and rituals into your daily routine.
The Power of San Expedito
The patron saint for those who need rapid solutions to their problems, this is the perfect saint to call on when you need to improve your luck. Wear a San Expedito medal around your neck or carry one in a mojo bag to keep his powers close to you. Carry a San Expedito prayer card in your pocket when gambling. Light a San Expedito candle and recite the following prayer to invoke his will:
I call forth the Power and the presence of San Expedito in my time of financial trouble. I offer my body, heart, mind and soul upon your altar of light. I have faith and trust and complete confidence that you will be my strength in this time of need. Quickly come to my assistance.
Bring to me ____________ (Clearly express what you want, and ask him to find a way to get it to you.)
My financial need is urgent. Be my Light and Guide in this situation so that I may live with peace, love, prosperity and abundance and in the Praise of God.
Tumblr media
Dab a few drops of San Expedito perfume onto your wrists and neck before gambling to help increase your odds. Wash with San Expedito Bath and Floor Wash for good luck in gambling and games of chance.
Oils and Perfumes For Luck and Gambling
Gambling Spirituality Meaning
Widely used in rituals and spells, magic oils are potent aids in luck and gambling. Oils can be worn on the skin or used to anoint candles. Some magic oils associated with gambling are Black Cat oil, Lucky Lottery oil, Has No Hanna oil, Winner oil, 7/11 oil and Chypre oil. Use these oils in conjunction with the Black Cat candle or Fast Cash Mojo candle to increase their strength. Anoint your candle and recite the following prayer:
I invoke thee, Gods of abundance, Draw money and luck towards me, May abundance flow freely in my life, Now and forever.
Similar to magic oils, scented perfumes and colognes offer luck and improved odds to those who wear them. Sandalwood Cologne, Jockey Club cologne and Atlantic City cologne should be worn by men looking to increase their gambling success. Women who want better luck in the lottery and while gambling should wear Saint Expedito perfume, Vencendor perfume or Espiritu de la Suerte perfume.
Using a Gambler's Mojo Bag
A mojo bag is an important component to your success. Highly personal, a mojo bag should never be shared. It should not be seen or touched by anyone but the owner. Your mojo bag needs to become accustomed to you and your scent. It is important that it is in contact with your skin for the first week you have it. After the first week, it does not need to be in direct contact with your skin, but it is a good idea to keep it close to you. Place it in your sock, pocket or purse to surround you with its magic.
Fill or ‘feed’ your mojo bag once a week with items that are related to your goal or desire. When looking for assistance with gambling, fill your green mojo bag with a good luck charm, such as a Gambler’s Talisman. Dab the four corners and center of your mojo bag with a magical oil or cologne, such as Hoyt’s Cologne, every week to keep it powerful.
Tumblr media
Gambling Spirituality Definition
Your mojo bag can be dressed with sachet powder to improve its potency. Lady Luck sachet powder, Lucky Hand sachet powder, Winner Sachet powder and Gambler’s Sachet powder are all excellent choices when trying to increase your odds at the casino or track.
Nature’s Good Luck Charms
Nutmeg Herb is used in money drawing luck charms. Carve a hole in the nutmeg nut. Fill the hole with quicksilver and seal closed with the wax from a green candle. Add the nutmeg and three silver coins to your mojo bag and carry it with you when you gamble.
Queen of the Meadow Leaves are said to bring good luck to those who use them. Add a pinch of these powerful leaves to your mojo bag. Another way to incorporate them into your gambling ritual is to make a body wash with the leaves. Add 4 ounces of queen of the meadow leaves to a gallon of water. Let the leaves soak for seven days. Add a pint of the mixture to your bath water. Soak in the bath and allow the magic of the leaves to cover your body. You can perform the same ritual using fresh vencedor plant.
The most famous of all voodoo roots, High John the Conqueror Root helps to remove all obstacles in ones path. Carry this root in your green mojo bag for good luck and to draw money to you. Lucky Hand root has similar properties and can also be added to your mojo bag. These roots can also be anointed with Gamblers Oil or Winners Oil.
Create An Aura of Success In Your Home
Surrounding yourself with luck is an excellent way to create an aura of success. Washes such as High John the Conqueror bath and floor wash, Sandalwood bath and floor wash, Gamblers Big Al bath and floor wash and Winner bath and floor wash can all be used to attract good luck when gambling. Mop your floors with any of these washes before you head to the casino to cleanse your home and improve your chances.
For a quick dose of added luck, spray Sandalwood spray or Espiritu de la Suerte perfume into the four corners of your home. Reckit’s blue squares and lucky blue balls can be added to a bucket of mop water with Florida water and Holy water to cleanse your home of bad luck and negativity.
Tumblr media
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cakerybakery · a month ago
I finally finished Ducktales 2017
For starters, amazing. And if you haven’t seen it, spoilers ahead so be warned.
Not much stuff out there though about Webby and Scrooge’s new relationship. And boy, did the few things out there take me down the rabbit hole of cloning in real life.
Like, I knew that cloning was hard, but I was not prepared for the logistics of the process and the questions that brings up about Webby.
1. We can’t clone chickens because of eggs, you can’t break the shell to the somatic cell nuclear transfer. So it’s unlikely she could have been in an egg. (This also makes Jurassic Park questionable too, but so was the idea of creating carnivores.)
Assuming no magic was involved, FOWL would have needed to extract an egg (not the shell kind, the before it gets a shell kind) with the yolk and albumen (white part). The albumen seems to mainly protect the yolk but does provide nutrients to the embryo. So the best bet for survival would be to take that too before it gets to the isthmus and develops the shell. Then do the SCNT. At that point transfer it back into the reproductive system to try and complete the process, which considering all the failed attempts in science before even one survives to birth in mammals... it would just be easier to create an artificial egg that allows the transfer of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water then to either run the test once a month to see if this one survived or more per egg.
Plus it’s hard to imagine there were many volunteers willing to try and lay an egg for this experiment. Creating an artificial egg would be efficient compared to finding volunteers, waiting to see if a shell would even form, and then seeing if the experiment hatches.
Needless to say there are probably 20ish years worth of non-developed Scrooge clones before project April has a viable one.
(20ish years because Bradford said he worked on the contract for 30 years, most likely only starting after the events in “The First Adventure”. He wouldn’t have need for a clone before those events. And Webby’s cake had seven candles. Taking it has her actual age and not just a random amount added to make it a birthday cake, then after 23 or so years of working on the heir problem they succeed. Before deciding to just try cloning again and using Webby since she would have been easier to get a feather from than Scrooge)
2. That Webby is the opposite sex than Scrooge. I know storytelling wise it’s just an unexpected twist since if someone was the same sex then it’s just too easy to see it coming. And in a world of magic, shadows that become people, creatures that survive without atmosphere being just fine on Earth, smart/dumb rays, and apparently the vacuum of space not killing an Earth duck even if she has gum that provides nutrients and oxygen for ten years, AND we don’t question how she chews in her sleep, it’s not the weirdest thing that evil villains could make an opposite sex clone.
In real life it’s really just theoretical. I haven’t been able to find anyone who has publicly stated they’re working on that sort of cloning. But due to the aforementioned difficulties with cloning to begin with, it’s understandable that no one would be trying to create an opposite sex clone for fun. Definitely a lot of discussion about it though.
General census seems to be, most likely easier for a male donor to female clone it might be impossible for female donor to male clone, and would it really be a clone at that point if you’re altering the chromosomes? Although that’s in humans with XY males and XX females. Turns out bird chromosomes are ZW, males being ZZ and females ZW.
You can have a genetic male (XY) whose body looks female, that is a real thing that happens in humans. But ZWW and Z0 hasn’t been satisfactorily documented. Although in ducks it seems that if you remove the ovaries it alters their plumage to males.
There isn’t a strong indication that you could make a male to female clone of a duck.
But we’re talking about anthropomorphic ducks in a world with magic, gods, and science that probably could never work in real life, so applying real world limitations seems, silly. Almost wish I had thought about that 3 hours ago before looking up all that information and discussions on the theoretical subject
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anaeandolan · a month ago
The Diary of Anne Frank, Dir. Jon Jones [2009]
Tumblr media
"Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness."
Anne was the candle on the small annex wherein her family, the Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel was forced into hiding during World War II so that they won't end up in a concentration camp like all the other Jews in Europe that was held captive by the Nazis. Her enthusiasm defied the darkness that looms in the annex, and so it also defined how much she and those who have the same fate as hers have lost during World War II.
I wish I have chosen to read the book first before watching this TV adaption of Anne Frank's story, yet I think I cannot bear to suffer from another heartbreak, I have this certain issue upon me where I expect every movie I watch, and books I read to have a happily ever after, and Anne Frank's story is indeed not a fairytale.
Anne's diary begins on her 13th birthday. In the beginning, she tells about typical girlhood experiences. Friends, crushes, and school, all of these were cut short when the Franks were forced into hiding together with the van Daans, and Mr. Dussel.
Tumblr media
During their 2 years of hiding, Anne's only way of connecting to the outside world is a radio wherein she and the other who lives in the annex used to get updates about the ongoing war, and also a small glass window in the building's attic. Through these, she was able to paint her world, by writing her aspirations, and envisioning things she wasn't even able to experience. She never lost her hope, she remained an optimist.
Tumblr media
The movie was able to show a great portrayal of Anne and her strong personality. Ellie Kendrick successfully brings Anne to life with her own charm of portraying Anne, as an optimistic, rude, and girl filled with enthusiasm who has her own ways of getting what she wants, and a girl whose light never fades out.
Tumblr media
On the whole, the movie is great. Yet the way it ended was so simple, yet heartbreaking. As it shows a brisk shot of the people who lived in the annex for two years as they go down the narrow staircase, finally leaving after they were caught, and dying shortly whilst staying in the Nazi concentration camps. Only Anne's father, Otto Frank managed to survive Auschwitz.
Anne Frank's diary taught us to appreciate the simple things we were privileged to experience because some people like Anne weren't given the chance to come across these petty things that we sometimes find quite annoying. Indeed we do not realize some things and events' worth not until it's gone. Like the life of millions of Jewish people during the war, wherein hate-driven violence results in genocide, all because of differences in beliefs and ideologies. Anne Frank's story tells us about freedom, and how differences in perspective must not hinder anyone to have it.
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odmlevis · a month ago
Tumblr media
synopsis. being a descendant of devils isn’t so bad - not when your king is so merciful towards you.
pairing. eren jaeger x reader (fem bodied)
genre. angst, smut, canonverse
content warnings. semi-public sex, slight s4 spoilers, references of hell and devils
word count. 1.1k
a/n. the latest episode made me write this. bless
Tumblr media
the sound of your boots clacking against the stone floor resonates across the hall of prison cells. all the boxed spaces were unoccupied, except for one.
he’d been locked in this prison for exactly eight days and thirteen hours - it’s what he gets for being so rash and impetuous, so wild and out of control.
eren carelessly threw away months’ worth of plans and strategies; what you once believed to be a manageable situation turned impossible to solve. eren had attacked marley on his own, dragging you and your comrades’ asses with him as he went on with his plan.
bloodshed, violence, destruction - everything is nothing but a cycle of hatred and anger.
each waking day leaves you in disbelief. how did you still have your own bed, eat real food, and live comfortably within the soldiers’ barracks? how were you still so safe, amidst the war and devastation? on the night of the attack, you made yourself equal to the enemy, perpetuating an endless pattern of cruelty. your stomach sickens at the realization - would it have been fair for you to sleep so soundly, while the people of marley clutch their chests each night at the tremendous loss they’ve faced?
pushing your emotions out of the way, you inch closer and closer to the end of the hall. you crawl and you trail and you slither, getting every opportunity to be closer to him. all at once, the yellow-orange glow of the candle wasn’t so faint anymore, illuminating his cell and nearby walls.
it’s certain that the world would have its revenge on eren one day - you and subjects of ymir alike would be the people to reap what he sowed. yet as you search eren’s face for any signs of regret and remorse, you find nothing; not a single ounce of emotion.
he’s devoid and empty, but you know his heart isn’t.
“maybe they’re right about us being devils,” you whisper, standing just before the iron bars that kept eren away from the world. he had barely heard what you said, but your words found their way to his ears; taking in every syllable and every sound that escaped from your lips. “you glow like you’re a fallen angel,” you continue.
taking his precious time, eren carefully stood up from his bed. he gawks at you like you’re the prey and he’s the predator, dragging his feet against the floor until your bodies are pushed together so closely, you could hardly even feel the cool iron bars pressing into your skin. if it were any other instance, you’d feel suffocated by the proximity of your bodies - but at this very moment, in this microscopic ripple in the fabric of time, you feel anything but trapped - for the first time in months, you felt like you could breathe freely.
people of all nations recognize eldians as devils, something you’ve learned quite recently. you’re born without any trace of hatred and violence in your system, flushed away by innocence and purity; but as the world closes in on you, spewing all sorts of curses and spells to haunt you and your people - you find yourself in a state of inhibition. you didn’t even know what you were fighting for anymore. was it freedom? forgiveness? closure, perhaps?
all those thoughts came to a halt as soon as eren pressed his lips against yours. his taste is addictive, more so sinful, leaving you begging for more. yearning for more. if all eldians are devils, then eren must be the ruler - the king of fire and brimstone, seated at the throne of the inferno.
eren slips his arms within the gaps of the iron bars, flipping your body so your back was facing towards him. he’s littering kisses from your nape to the small of your back, holding you ever so carefully. eren views you as something delicate so he takes his time with you, not wanting to shatter you before he even gets his dick inside of you.
upon seeing his hands fumbling at the button of his pants, you do the same; returning your gaze to your own body all the while pulling your bottoms and underwear, presenting your cunt to him like it’s a special gift. he thinks it’s beautiful - you’re beautiful - wet, glistening, and needy.
only he can make you feel so helpless and desperate. only he can put out the fire within you.
eren prods his dick at your entrance, making you take all of him in one go. he’s so big, so thick - you swear you could feel him everywhere. eren’s flooding your brain and your heart, feeling him in your stomach and all the spaces beyond. the both of you don’t say a single word; contented with the pleasure of your bodies being one, contented with the sounds of shaky moans and breathy pants.
picking up the pace, his cock pistons in your dripping cunt. eren hisses at the feeling of his hips colliding with the iron bars. he’s sure it’ll leave a nasty bruise, but he couldn’t care less - not at this moment, not when the euphoria he feels is enough to drown out all the pain in his being.
you let out a sharp cry, feeling the build-up of an orgasm in your stomach. eren thrusts harder, gripping your waist tighter while he chases his and your release. deep down, you knew in your heart that this was eren’s way of asking for forgiveness - this was his way of saying sorry, this was his way of showing remorse, this was his way of showing you how much he cares for you - he takes you like there’s no tomorrow, tucking every moan and mewl and grunt of yours into his soul. he finds peace in you and never wants to let go.
eren has each ruse and tactic planned out - you don’t know that. you’d still be waiting for him, even after everything - he doesn’t know that.
it’s an unspoken agreement between the two of you: it’s better to leave all your drunken thoughts hidden from one another, rather than pitting each other in an abyss of love and grace. your love doesn’t permit him to move; to push through with his agonizing plans. his love doesn’t permit you to kill; if you had known his true feelings and intentions, you would never be able to look at any weapon the same way as before.
eren takes one final thrust before pulling your body closer to him, kneading your breasts and pressing wet kisses behind your ear. the radio silence takes you aback - the emptiness of the prison hall deafening you more than guns and cannons ever could.
the both of you are devils seeking refuge in one another.
you’re sure eren’s the one to send you in perdition - he’s sure you would be the one to put him out of his misery.
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