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#well to be fair it was 30 candles which is a steal
busterkeatonfanfic · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 12
The Monday after Labor Day, Buster took a train to New York City to see Adolph Zukor. Nate fretted, but didn’t offer to go with him. By now, the Talmadges knew of Joe’s decision to close the studio. In front of them, Buster pretended that the move to M-G-M was everything he’d ever wanted. The girls were sharp, though, and he didn’t think Norma and Dutch were fooled. Peg certainly wasn’t. She’d always had the knack for seeing right through him and tutted when the big promotion (the big demotion, as Buster thought of it), was brought up at brunch the following weekend. He could tell she wanted to declare him on the down-and-out, but she couldn’t argue with the handsome salary Joe was promising. Nate wasn’t fooled, either, but that was because he told her how he really felt. She tried to soothe him, but it was obvious to Buster she thought he was making a mountain of a molehill. Probably relieved that her shoe budget wouldn’t be interrupted, he thought cynically.
He’d had phone calls from Chaplin and Lloyd the previous week; both thought it was suicide to go over to M-G-M and give up his independence. Their opinion doubled his resolve to fight for his own studio. Hence New York, hence the meeting with Zukor. Buster had a hunch that Zukor could be convinced to see his point of view. First impressions mattered, and Zukor’s first impression of Buster had been the night he and Roscoe pulled the unforgettable Clumsy Butler Prank at Roscoe’s fancy dinner party. Buster could think of no more persuasive argument than that for getting Zukor to distribute his films.
It turned out that Zukor didn’t see it that way. Expressing regret, he explained that since Paramount had just contracted to release Lloyd’s films, it wouldn’t be fair of Buster to steal Lloyd’s spotlight and ruin his chances. Buster got the real gist of it when Zukor excused himself to go to the john and he noticed a letter bearing the letterhead of the Hays Office near the top of the pile of papers on Zukor’s big desk. Playing a hunch, he slid it out and scanned the contents. He didn’t have long to read before Zuk got back, but the phrases “Buster Keaton” and “exclusive property of M-G-M” stuck out. It was as he suspected. Even though he hadn’t signed a contract yet, he was already considered their chattel.
Back at his hotel, he poured one whiskey after another as he fumed. Zukor’s argument didn’t hold the least bit of water. Hadn’t United Artists been releasing both him and Chaplin for years now? It was time to play his final card, so with several whiskeys under his belt, he went to Nick Schenck.
“Why are you fighting this?” said Nick, with an incredulous look on his face. “It’s the chance of a lifetime.”
Nick reeled off his brother’s lines about the top-notch writers, directors, and sets that Buster would have at M-G-M. Buster wasn’t to forget about the money either. More money than you’ve ever seen in your life.
Fuck the money, was what Buster wanted to say. He’d been earning his way since he was a tot. The money had always been there and there was no reason to assume it would ever go away as long as he still had ideas in his head and could fall flat on his face without taking a bruise.
But he couldn’t see a way out of the M-G-M conundrum. He didn’t doubt his ability to find a couple lots, a few buildings, some props, and recreate Lillian Way. He had a loyal crew and his core group of gagmen. There was no point in trying, though, without somebody to release the films—and it would seem that M-G-M had already blacklisted him.
So he went back to his hotel again and drank. He returned to California four days later to continue cutting Steamboat.
In early October, he and Natalie headed west to Pittsburgh to see Murderers’ Row face the Pirates in the World Series. They celebrated his birthday in a Pullman car somewhere near Galesburg, Illinois. He blew out the candles of his chocolate cake, ushering in his thirty-second year on earth and thinking that he’d never felt more of a wash-up. Natalie got him two expensive ties, a box of fine cigars, and a fine silk Japanese dressing gown, but it wasn’t anything that he wanted from her. What he wanted, to start with, was to not sleep in separate berths. He wanted her to show more than a glancing interest in his ideas for new pictures. That would do for a start.
At Forbes Field, the Yanks won 5-4 in the first game. Natalie gave up on Games 2, 3, and 4, but came with him to New York for Game 3. Babe Ruth hit a homer in Game 4. It was tied in the top of the ninth until the Kentucky Colonel scored on a wild pitch and brought it home in the bottom of the ninth, winning the Series for the Yanks. That made Buster feel better, but only for a short while.
In New York, Natalie shopped with Constance. Buster sat in his hotel room racking his brains for a solution to his big problem that everyone except Chaplin and Lloyd told him wasn’t a problem. He sometimes thought about Snap Shots, his new picture, but mostly he thought about his big problem. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t think of a solution. Little by little, resignation seeped in. He wondered if this was how his old man had felt when the Little Fellow Who Couldn’t Be Damaged had abandoned him for a career in pictures.
He drank and drank, but it didn’t give him a solution, either. He was stumped. Nelly needn’t have worried about Buster being appalled by her outburst after the facade scene; she discovered a week later that Buster Keaton Studios was dissolving altogether. “Don’t say nothing though, you’re not supposed to know,” Bert said, when she came to collect her radio from the prop shop at Lillian Way. “He hasn’t told the papers yet.”
She was stunned. “Dissolving? Why?”
“M-G-M cut him a deal he couldn’t refuse. Says he’s taking us with, the ones who’ve been with him the longest, but like I said, you didn’t hear this from me.” Bert glanced around in a furtive way, as if someone might be listening.
“No room for the new kid,” she said, realization dawning.
“Sorry, kid,” said Bert, touching her arm. “Lemme give you my telephone number, though. If you need me to put in a word for you anywhere.”
That was how Nelly came to find herself on the United Artists lot a day later, dressed smartly in her orange Canton silk dress and hesitating, once again, outside of a door, not knowing the sort of reception she would receive behind it. This was the door to the waiting room of the casting office. In her handbag was a folded, typewritten piece of paper giving her experience, all the way down to a high-school production of Alice in Wonderland when she was sixteen. She hoped that the words Steamboat Bill, Jr. - Buster Keaton at the top of the page would help make up for her rather one-note acting experience in Evanston.
The waiting room of the casting office was, to her relief, an equal mix of men and women, perhaps a dozen in total. She’d expected all women. She opened her copy of An American Tragedy, but her reading speed was considerably slow as she sneaked looks at the competition. She was prettier, she concluded, than half of the prospective actresses, but she wasn’t so sure about the other half. Every twenty minutes a man in a room would call out “Next!” and everyone would look up, feigning like they weren’t nervous.
She finished six chapters while she waited, there nearly two hours. When her chance finally came to go into the room with the closed door, she found two men behind a desk smoking cigarettes. They didn’t look particularly happy to see her, though she put on a big smile. They told her they were casting for a D.W. Griffith film. There would be a scene in a jazz nightclub and could she dance? She’d never been confident in her dancing skills, but professed herself a regular Isadora Duncan.
“Says here you worked in the prop department for Keaton,” said the younger of the men.
“That’s right, sir.”
“We could use you right away in the prop department here, if you’re willing. And you worked on scenery before? Painted backdrops, says here.”
“Yes, sir.”
“We could use some help there, too.”
When she left the room, she felt dazed. She was to show up at the prop building on the United Artists lot at 7:30 the following morning. As to the Griffith film, nothing further had been said. Though it hadn’t been what she’d wanted or expected, her foot was back in the Hollywood door and she could afford the little three-room apartment she’d recently rented on Genesee Avenue.
And so that was how the rest of September passed. She was back to managing and ordering inventory. Some days, she would pitch in for a few hours working on a backdrop, wearing paint-splattered denim overalls and looking like a twelve-year-old tomboy. She learned a little more about the Griffith film through the grapevine. It was called The Battle of the Sexes and no extras were yet required, which she was relieved to hear. She hadn’t missed her chance yet.
The grapevine put a crashing halt to her easy routine in October: John Barrymore was making a new film called Tempest and extras would be required. Buster was swimming when Caruthers came down the stairs leading to the pool at a brisk pace. “Telephone for you,” he said, as he got closer.
Buster stopped mid-breaststroke and bobbed. “Is it important or something?” It was a cool eighty degrees out and he was enjoying himself.
“Well it’s a girl,” said Caruthers, shrugging. “Didn’t ask her name.”
That piqued his interest. “Guess I’ll take it. Nate isn’t back, is she?”
Caruthers, who’d been at his side longer than Natalie had and knew perfectly well what such calls meant, shook his head. Buster climbed out of the pool and smoothed his hands back over his head, squeezing out water. He ascended the sixty marble stairs carefully, mindful that his dripping could make them slick. It took him so long to get up the stairs—it always took long to get up the stairs, the price of opulence—he somewhat doubted whether the girl would still be on the line once he arrived in the foyer.
“Hello?” he said, holding the phone to his ear and dripping a little on the checkerboard marble floor of the foyer. He was out of breath from the steps.
“Hello, is this Buster?”
He didn’t recognize the voice one the other end. “Who’s this?” he said.
“It’s, uh, Nelly. From the prop house on Steamboat?”
“Oh. Hello.” He was confused.
“I’m sorry to call you like this. I hope it’s not a bother. Bert gave me your number.”
“You’re using a dial telephone, then.”
“Well, yes. I didn’t think the operator would put me over if I just asked to speak to a movie star. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it,” he said. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t irritated on top of being confused.
“I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” she said, all feminine apologies and politeness.
“No, go on.” He decided not to tell her about standing there in his wet bathing trunks lest she proceed to apologize for the next five minutes.
“I hate to ask, I can’t believe I’m asking, but they’re casting for a new Barrymore film right now. You’re—” Her words broke off and he could actually hear the deep breath she took. “You’re the only one I know who could put in a word.”
“Oh,” he said. He’d accused her of having an angle back when he first met her, but now that she was playing one he didn’t know what to say.
“You can say no,” she said, the words rushed, “but ever since I got here, all I keep hearing is that it’s all about who you know. I’m just trying out to be an extra. I don’t even know if they have any parts for girls other than the lead.”
“Who’s directing?” he said.
“Sam Taylor. Do you know him?”
“Not well.”
“Oh…” She trailed off.
Buster, in the meantime, had latched onto a brilliant solution. “How’d you like to come to my place for a party on Saturday?”
Nelly was silent for a moment. “I’d love to, but you don’t have to—”
“Jack Barrymore himself will be here. You can ask him yourself.” He was pleased to have solved the problem, never mind that Hollywood’s biggest stars would be in attendance and she was just a prop girl. Well, she wanted to be in pictures. Let her sink or swim.
“I don’t know what to say.” She paused. “Are you sure? I don’t want to impose. I’m fine if you just put in a word with him, honest.”
She sounded genuine, but his mind was made up. “The party starts at six,” he said. “I’ll see you then.”
After he’d hung up, he went back to the pool and finished his swim. Natalie phoned to tell him that she and the kids would be spending the night at Peg’s. That was fine by him. He had lobster for dinner and afterwards Caruthers made him a Manhattan, then another. He shot some pool in the billiards room under the coffered oak ceiling, the priceless chandelier that hung above the pool table crisply illuminating each shot. When he tired of that, he retreated to the balcony outside his bedroom and enjoyed the warm, sweet smell of the night air along with a Cuban cigar. In that moment, he could almost believe that everything in his life would work out okay.
Notes: Thanks for the reblogs! Chapter 13 will drop this weekend. The swimming pool scene takes place on 20 October, 1927.
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hermannsthumb · 6 months ago
first frost and cosy night in? :3
30. First Frost + 33. Cozy Night In
from autumn fic prompts here
here’s a quick lil penpal era fic before class!
Newt’s used to hard winters at this point, and winters that come early, and winters that send him searching desperately for the most high-grade space heater available on the market (his heating is always busted, always), but he thinks the universe is feeling a certain kind of sadistic today, because the instant he steps out onto the tiny patch of grass that’s technically his front lawn, it’s to feel a loud crunch. Not the charming crunch of dead leaves either, which is what’s to be expected for pleasant autumn’s been; it’s the unmistakable crunch of frost. Early frost. The first frost. Newt looks down at his docs with a sigh. “Not fair,” he groans. He lifts one up, then back down on the white-tinged grass. Crunch. 
The wind is on the uncomfortable side of chilly, too, more than Newt’s trusty sweatshirt is willing to endure, and he shivers as a gust of it kicks up a pile of leaves and sends them tumbling past him. It’s the kind of wind he associates with the cold, dark days of late November—way too premature for October. He’s so not looking forward to walking the whole twenty minutes to campus in this. He’ll need a scarf, at the very least. And maybe a stop for coffee. Definitely a stop for coffee.
He shoots off a quick email to his class as—scarf his uncle knitted him wrapped freshly around his neck—he makes a jog for the nearest Dunkin: Running late! Feel free to use time to discuss questions about the midterm w/ each other, will answer when I get there -Dr. G. Then he picks them up a dozen donuts to make up for it, too, because he’s just that a great of a professor.
The donuts are a hit, and the resulting combination group sugar rush and sentiments of good will makes for one of their most spirited class discussions of the semester. Newt fields questions left and right, develops a cramp in his hand from needing to scrawl so fast across the whiteboard, and dishes out no less than twenty total points of extra credit. He gets so into it, in fact, he forgets about how much he’s dreading to walk the twenty minutes back home in the cold, cold wind. Almost, anyway. He lets class drag on just a little over the ending time, and is relieved when a handful of students stay behind to ask just a few more questions about midterm submission guidelines. He lets that drag on, too, and it’s not until the eleven AM environmental science class that uses the room after him begin peeping their heads around the doorframe and clearing their throats that he’s forced out.
Out into the cold.
He goes straight for his living room couch after a brisk walk back to his place, diving beneath his pile of throw blankets and pillows and cranking the little knob on his space heater up to ten. It’s really not that cold compared to what’s to come in January, but it’s still too fucking early for it, damn it. Unseasonable! Newt deserves to enjoy a little mild autumn weather before the winter.
“It’s just unseasonable,” he gripes to his cat, who’s curled itself up lazily in front of the space heater in a blink of an eye. It doesn’t even look at Newt. It’s not fair, really, that it got to stay home all day and Newt didn’t. Or that it’s soaking up all the heat before any of it can reach Newt. “You don’t know how good you’ve got it,” he tells it. 
His phone buzzes.
His spirits do an immediate one-eighty: it’s an email from Hermann. Suddenly, staying in for the rest of the evening doesn’t seem so bad. Desirable, even.
So (Newt rushes to grab his laptop) he has a little bit of a crush on his mysterious penpal. So (he quickly lights a few candles he has spread out across the living room) maybe it’s actually more like he’s a little bit in love with his mysterious penpal So (he dims the lights) emails from Hermann are the highlight of his day. Or (he fixes himself a little mug of tea) maybe more like year. It’s normal. It’s normal to have friends, and crushes, and penpals, and penpals who are your only friend and maybe also your crush. It’s all totally normal!
He explains all this to his cat, who is very uninterested, but who hops up onto Newt’s legs the instant Newt curls back underneath his throw blanket, which Newt takes as a sign of affection if nothing else. He holds his breath as he opens Hermann’s email, ignoring the stupid butterflies in his stomach. It’s normal.
Dear Newton-
I apologize for my rather belated, and rather short, response; Father has me working day and night on updating the coding for our newest jaegers, and this is the first moment I’ve managed to steal for myself in well over a week. I appreciate your design inputs, though I must--once again--remind you that built-in Bluetooth speakers are impractical, useless, and unnecessarily costly, and that between us two, only one of us has pioneered the jaeger tech field. In more personal matters...
Newt pets his cat as he reads on, a little smile blooming over his face. Hermann bought a sweater; Hermann switched tea brands out of rationing necessity, and found he likes the new one better; Hermann’s article was accepted into the next edition of a Jaeger Science journal he's obsessed with, and he wants Newt to glance over it one last time for any final edits. (That’s attached to the email, as is a very poorly-lit and very blurry mirror selfie of Hermann looking grumpy in his new sweater. Adorable.)
As always, Newton, I appreciate your correspondence.
Sincerely, Dr. Hermann Gottlieb.
It’s how he always finishes. It’s also kind of adorable, to be honest--three years of writing to each other, and he still signs off like they’re total strangers, and like they don’t send each other birthday cards and Hanukkah presents every damn year. “Adorable,” Newt says, and shakes his head. He scratches his cat behind the ears, and it purrs happily.
Hermann (he writes back)-
I notice you didn’t say anything about the totally cool and totally practical laser-beam eyes idea I had too. Does that mean you’re using it? Don’t forget to credit me.
I’m sorry you’re overworked. I don’t think I know anyone who needs a break or a little bit of fun more than you. I wish I could...
What Newt wishes is that Hermann was relaxing here with him: he wishes Hermann was curled up under his throw blanket, with Newt’s cat purring on both of them, and Hermann’s arm around Newt, and that he had a mug of tea, too, and Newt could read over his article out loud while they huddled over his laptop, and Hermann would be so impressed with how smart his edits were that he’d say something like well done, Newton! and then he’d... Well. Newt backspaces over the paragraph. Too much.
I wish I could help, he says. Lame, but whatever.
He writes (about the cold, about his classes, about the kaiju sample he’s finally managed to get the funding to afford) until the sun sets outside his window, and one of his candles finally burns down to the wick and flares out with a sputter of smoke. Newt’s cat begins to knead at his chest in the way that means I’m hungry, feed me dinner. “Alright, alright,” Newt tells it, because he’s feeling pretty hungry himself. He glances over the email one last time to make sure he doesn't sound pathetically lovesick before signing off with a -Newt and sending it.
He feeds his cat and fixes himself a little bowl of soup to eat on the couch. It’s turned into a pretty nice night, actually. Cozy. Comfortable. He can’t stop smiling. Maybe he’s a little bit in love with Hermann, so sue him.
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travelaspire · 8 months ago
15 Best Things to Do in Valdosta, Georgia
Tumblr media
Perched in Southern Georgia, Valdosta is a charming city with a beautiful picturesque backdrop and plenty of fun attractions to top everything off. It is the county seat of Lowndes County and has a population of around 57,000 residents. The town is often known as Azalea City because of the blooming bushes all around the city, and the city even hosts an annual Azalea Festival in March. The Valdosta State University and Valdosta High School have excellent sports teams known nationwide for its winning spree, which is why it is often dubbed as the ESPN's Title Town and Winnersville. The city also offers thrilling roller coaster rides and water park fun.
Along with everything else, the city has a lot of cultural significance and has fascinating museums and art galleries. You will also find the most delicious Southern comfort food here. The city has something for everyone. Here are some of the best things to do in this delightful city.
Stroll Around The City
Tumblr media
A Janabi /
Valdosta is a fantastic city with beautiful streets and a stunning backdrop. The best way to enjoy its true scenic glory is by simply walking around and exploring new places while relishing its charm and beauty. Valdosta is a very small town which makes it ideal for exploring on foot. Stroll around to explore the city like a local and discover various amazing places along your way. You will find the most amazing cafes and restaurants serving utterly delicious local wholesome food. Not only eateries, but you will also discover several hidden gems of the city that you would not know by exploring the city like every other tourist and visiting the most popular places and not traversing the town on its own without an itinerary.
Enjoy The Serene Environment Of Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area
Tumblr media
LittleT889 / CC BY-SA
Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area is 2,623 acres of natural swamps and forested areas owned by the state. It provides an opportunity for visitors to learn about the wetland habitat and enjoy the splendid greenery of the estate. There are several hiking and nature trails for you to enjoy the green surrounding while getting an exercise. At the end of the hike, there is a three-story tower from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the whole area in all directions. Along with the trails, there are designated picnic shelters where you can enjoy a scenic picnic. You can also spot several animals such as various birds, alligators, bullfrogs, butterflies, snakes, and many more. The Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area is the perfect place to appreciate Valdosta's natural setting and the best way to relish it is by enjoying serene, peaceful walks here.
Outdoor Recreation At Freedom Park
Freedom Park is a 250-acre community green spot in Valdosta with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The park has an 18-hole disc golf course, baseball diamonds, a playground, concession stands, walking trails, hiking trails, soccer field, picnic area, and more. This park is a perfect place to spend a day outdoors playing soccer or golf or baseball while enjoying its beautifully landscaped greenery. The nature trails provide an ideal way to immerse yourself in nature away from the city's hustle-bustle. You can enjoy a delightful picnic in the picnic area to enjoy the perfect weather of the town. The park even has a dog park where you can take your pooch to play with other canines. The park is very well-maintained and clean as well, which makes it the perfect place to relax in its tranquil environment or enjoy hiking or golfing or many other games.
Learn About Local History And Culture At Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum
Tumblr media
Judson McCranie / CC BY-SA
Lowndes County Historical Society is devoted to preserving the rich historical heritage of the Lowndes County and Valdosta. It is a non-profit organization that was found in 1967. It is located in the Downtown area of Valdosta in the historical building of former Carnegie Library and covers an area of roughly 10,000 square feet. This non-profit organization started with just a small museum, and now it has two-floor art galleries, outdoor exhibits, a research library, a military museum, and more. The curators are incredibly knowledgeable and proficient, as everything is showcased very thoughtfully. You can learn a lot about local history and culture through the fascinating and informative exhibits, artifacts, memorabilia, photographs, and more at the Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum.
Buy Finest Pecans At South Georgia Pecan Company
South Georgia Pecan Company is a family-owned company that was started in 1913. It sells the finest pecans grown in the area. They even process their freshly harvested pecans themselves to ensure the best quality of the local nut. You can also buy other types of nuts from their gift shop, such as Brazil nuts,  almonds, peanuts, and snack mixes. Along with nuts, the store also sells in-house BBQ sauce, relishes, hot sauce, chutneys, jellies, jams, and more. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and will answer all your questions. You can also sample everything before buying it to ensure that you are getting the finest product as possible. Check out the South Georgia Pecan Company when visiting Valdosta to experience the finest Southern hospitality and taste the best pecans the area has to offer.
Take A Guided Tour Of The Crescent
Tumblr media
Judson McCranie / CC BY-SA
Built in the 19th century in 1898, The Crescent is a 23-room Mansion with a crescent-shaped front porch. In 1980, it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The beautifully landscaped gardens have large live oaks, Spanish moss, magnolia, and many more plant life, making it extremely beautiful and picturesque. The inside of the mansion is impressive as well. The ceilings are stunning, and it also has stunning stained glass windows, lead glass design windows, white columns with Victorian-era decor. This magnificent mansion is maintained by the local garden society that takes good care to maintain its upkeep. You can take guided tours of the estate with friendly and well-informed tour guides. If you are a history buff, this place will win over your heart with its old and charming environment and plenty of local history. And even if you are not a history buff, this mansion is still worth visiting to see beautiful decors and architecture.
Visit The Annette Turner Center for the Arts
Tumblr media
Michael Rivera / CC BY-SA
The Annette Turner Center for the Arts is the centerpiece of the art scene of Valdosta. This art center covers about 17,000 square feet and contains seven galleries that showcase the work of local and national artists. There are several exhibitions on display all year round that showcases the work of up and coming artists. The permanent exhibits include an impressively large 600 piece collection of East African art, a 30 piece European porcelain collection, and much more. The art center displays more than 30 exhibits annually, so no matter when you visit this art space, you will see the wondrous works of talented artists. If you are an enthusiast, this place will be the perfect location for relishing the local art scene. You can even buy the art pieces on display. There is a gift shop on the premises where you can purchase several amazing things such as handmade soaps, stained glass, regional books, candles, wood carvings, palette knife paintings, and so much more fantastic stuff. Visit the Annette Turner Center for the Arts to witness the stunning local art scene.
Enjoy At Wild Adventures Theme Park
Wild Adventures Theme Park is the most popular attraction of Valdosta. It is a zoological theme park, waterpark, and animal park. You will find fun rides and games like roller coasters, Ferris wheels, carousels, mini-golf, go-kart racing, arcade, and other adventurous stuff for people of all ages. There is a zoo in the park where you can see exotic animals such as tigers, lions, giraffes, porcupines, monkeys, birds, alligators, and more. Other than all this, the park also organizes live shows and concerts to entertain visitors. There are restaurants and cafes where you can eat delicious food after all the fun. It is open from Thursday through Sunday from 11 in the morning to 7 in the evening. The general admission ticket's price is $49.99. Visit the Wild Adventures Theme Park to enjoy the fun of rides, animals, and the water park.
Bike Along The Azalea City Trail
Azalea City Trail is a 2.63-mile paved urban trail that is perfect for biking or walking around the city. This continuous trail route is ideal for walking or biking through the city while discovering and exploring the city itself. You can check out the detailed map of the trail on the city's website.
Valdosta Wake Compound
Valdosta Wake Compound is a cable park made by riders for riders. Their priority is the safety of the visitors over everything else, and their cables are tested to be the safest. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. The instructors are accommodating and knowledgeable and will make your experience even more enjoyable. The cable park is open every day from 11 in the morning to 7 in the evening, and the prices for the cable start as low as $20 for one hour. If you want to make an extended visit, the park offers accommodation for the visitors at a fair price.
Thrift Shopping In Valdosta
Valdosta is well-known for its great thrift shops where you can get steal deals. If you are lucky, chances are you will find some real treasure at a bargain. You can buy clothes, books, furniture, and so much more antique and vintage things. The best thrift stores in the city are- Restored Treasures Upscale Thrift Store, Rethink It Odds & Ends Consignment and Collectibles, Lucas Country Flea Market, and Salvation Army Thrift Store. Visit these stores to buy the best-thrift stuff at great prices,
Stay At La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham
La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham is one of the most renowned and best places to stay in the city. The hotel provides various amenities such as a fitness center with gym, Aerobics, highchairs, bowling, outdoor pool, racquetball, complimentary breakfast, and more. The service is excellent, and the rooms are very spacious and neat with a comfortable bed. The hotel's location is also great, and it is located near the heart of the food scene of the town where numerous amazing restaurants are located.
Eat The Best Steak At Austin's Cattle Co.
Austin's Cattle Co. is an American steakhouse that serves ribs, steaks, seafood, and much more with chilled beers and delicious cocktails. The food served is scrumptious, with large portion sizes to satisfy your hunger. This place serves the best steak in the whole town. The service is excellent, and the staff is friendly and attentive. Do not forget to eat the filet mignon, grilled shrimps, loaded baked potato, and prime ribs.
Delicious Southern Food At Steel Magnolias
Steel Magnolias is a restaurant located at the Patterson Street in Downtown Valdosta. It serves classic southern food with a twist made from the freshest ingredients. The place also offers a beautiful rooftop setting for you to dine with gorgeous views. Make sure to try the best Philly cheesesteak, short ribs, green fried tomatoes, and pimento cheese wontons.
Drink Chilled Beer At Georgia Beer Co.
Georgia Beer Co. is a great local brewery in Valdosta that brews traditional and innovative styles of crafted beer. There is a taproom in the brewery where you can enjoy chilled beer. The brewery does not serve any food, but you can bring your food or have any local restaurant deliver food at the brewery to enjoy it with fantastic beer. There is ample space for both indoor and outdoor seatings. Make sure to try the Southern Isles beer and Field Party beer when you drink at the Georgia Beer Co.
Valdosta is a terrific city with tonnes to see and explore and to experience the quintessential southern hospitality of the States. What other reason could you possibly want to visit this charming city? So what are you waiting for? Visit Valdosta, and do not forget to tell us your favorite thing from the list and make sure to do all these things when you visit this lovely city.
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Day 30 - Surprise Birthday Party - Boardwalk Boys
I’ve was looking forward to writing this since day 8 when I got a comment on ao3 from DaWaeKnower
tw mentions of how rIcH sEt A fIrE aNd hE bUrNeD dOwN jAkEs HouSe WOOOOOOAHHHHHHH-
Michael went to go hit up his dealer, some random kid in a trench coat, once every few weeks on a Friday night.
One such Friday aligned with his birthday. He wasn't really planning on doing anything because he wasn't super big on celebrating his birthday.
The bois on the other hand had big plans. They were gonna go spoil the hell out of Michael.
So while he was out getting the drugz (tm), the bois just let themselves in after the customary arguing over who was gonna open the door because they all wanted to be the good boyfriend who was all chivalrous and shit.
Anyways, they each had like two bags after a trip to party city in which they spent like 100 bucks because quoting Rich, "Who the hell cares if its all super overpriced. The best for bae." They also got a boxed cake because they really suck at cooking, baking, and really anything that involves stoves/hot things.
So anyway (they're getting gayer every day).
They went inside and Michael's moms were quite surprised to see them.
"Umm.. boys Michael headed out like 20 minutes ago," Kathrine (mom 1) told them.
"Oh yeah, we know. We're just gonna throw him a surprise birthday party because he doesn't celebrate himself," Rich was just dumping shit from the bags he had on the kitchen table.
"Ok just don't burn our house down or make a mess. Please," Anna (mom 2) knew how chaotic her son's boyfriends were. She was convinced that the four of them together had like a quarter of a brain cell. Separately they had like 2 apiece. But when together it was "oh there are three other people to brain cell". Now do that with 4 people and you don't have very much brain cell.
"We won't," Jeremy was already rummaging around in the fridge to find the stuff for the cake mix. "Hey, guys do these eggs look large to you? It says three large eggs."
Jake was still standing in the living room. "I'll try and keep them from ruining your kitchen Mrs. and Mrs. Mell." Before they could tell him "Call me Kathrine" or "Call me Anna" he was off. "Babe I don't think it matters."
"Jakey it says large eggs tho. Are these large eggs?" Jeremy still was freaking out over the eggs.
"What is the standard size for an egg?" Rich was now confused as well.
"Guys just grab three eggs it'll be fine."
After they used all the damn brain cell they had to make the cake batter and put it in the oven they started decorating. Which took even more brain cell.
"Ok so if I hold Rich on my shoulders we can hang up the streamers. And then if I walk over to where Jake is we can transfer the small one and he can hang the happy birthday thing."
"Umm guys you could just stand on a chair," Kathrine called from the living room. She really didn't like the sound of a death sentence for Rich.
"Oh you rite. You rite," Rich got off the counter he was standing on to try and mount Jeremy's shoulders. "Still not tall enough for this shit. Yo other tall ass you can do it without standing on a chair."
"Fair." Jake grabbed the streamers and started hanging them up.
Frosting the cake was the least brain cell requiring activity that they had to do.
They put the cake on the table and started Rich and Jeremy started to put the finishing touches on the decorations while Jake went to explain their plan to Kathrine and Anna.
"Ok, this is gonna sound weird. But we've been stealing Micha's hoodies for months now. And it somehow evolved into 'lol you guys gonna steal my house when you've run out of hoodies' so can you two stand outside and pretend like we stole the house?"
"Sure. Come on Kat," Anna dragged her wife out of the house.
"Oh, shit did they go with it?" Jeremy was convinced it wasn't gonna work.
"Yeah, you owe me 5 bucks Jere-bear."
At this point, Michael was gonna be back any minute so Rich was standing guard. "Guys he's coming. Imma go ham up our 'we fucken did it bitch' thing."
"Kay sweet." Jake had only just remembered candles were a thing they bought so he was sticking them in the cake now.
"Umm... why are you two outside?" Michael was low-key concerned that they found out he was going two towns over for drugs and they were gonna ground him for life.
"Oh, Jeremy, Jake, and Rich stole the house," Kathrine didn't look up from her phone and was acting like everything was fine.
"I'm sorry they whAT???"
"Why did you steal my house? Rich, how did you convince Jere and Jake to do this?"
"Gay magic."
"Imma take that as you fucked like no tomorrow but ok."
"Do you wish to come inside the dungeon?"
Michael rolled his eyes. "Sure."
Rich practically ran inside dragging Michael along.
Jeremy was on Jake's shoulders because they were trying to stick streamers to the ceiling and chairs just weren't cutting it. "Ummm.... surprise?" Jake lowered Jeremy onto the counter.
"Happy birthday?"
"This is why I love you guys."
"We made a cake!"
Michael groaned internally. The last time they tried making a cake together they threw a flaming cake out ok the window and into Jake's pool. "Is it crispy?"
"No," they replied in unison.
"Well, it shouldn't be. We researched this time," Rich low-key high-key was hoping that Michael was gonna be proud of them.
"Wow, yall can research? Since when?"
Rich kicked Michael's shin. "Imma fuckin steal them kneecaps bitch. Don't make me."
"Ok, that was uncalled for," Jeremy placed the knife on the table.
"Yeah, I know. I'm sorry baby. Anyways cake."
"OH SHIT WE HAVE TO SET IT ON FIRE FIRST!" Jake grabbed a lighter out of a drawer.
"How about no fire?" Rich awkwardly asked dragging out the word fire.
Jeremy grabbed the lighter out of Jake's hand and yeeted it elsewhere. "Good call."
After cake, they just laid down on the floor in Michael's room and vibed.
Rumor has it that Katherine and Anna are still standing outside their house to this day.
this was a good one
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