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#welcome post
kueruzu · an hour ago
I’m going to h e l l— I swear— Please enjoy this dark conversation between a friend and I.
To preface, my grandmother passed away about a year ago.
TW// Mentions of Death
Me: Oh, look, grandma. *pointing in the direction of the wall and closet*
Them: *whips head towards wall* Where?
Me: *points at the blue box sitting on the shelf of the closet*
Me: The box.
Them: BRO—
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cypress-z · an hour ago
I tend to visualize online spaces so like just imagine a town called tumblr that is on fire but also the fires are controlled and we've learned to keep them away from the cats, and then theres just a bunch of twitter refugees in the mountains with their little campsites, and now some of the citizens of tumblr have started bringing stuff like blankets and maps up the mountains and guiding the twitter refugees down into the valley. Welcome
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hunybody · 3 hours ago
realizing i really DID commit to working full time and also taking summer classes.... feeling very get up cocksuckers its all over dot mp3
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aeide-thea · 6 hours ago
so originally i was going to make this a reblog, and then i decided it'd be better off as its own post i wasn’t inflicting on the OP, so here, have a quick screengrab of the post i was reacting to:
Tumblr media
but anyway what i’d started to say in my original reblog was that (1) the main point here is definitely good and important! but that (2) this loses me a little personally on two fronts:
making other ppl's love for yr body foundational to yr own regard for it seems like a mistake bc genuinely not everybody has other ppl who love them/their body! reminds me a little in an inverted way of all that rhetoric that’s like ‘you can’t love anyone else if you don’t love yourself first,’ which i also think is Some Bullshit—we have feelings about ourselves and feelings about other people and while of course they’re interrelated i don’t think it’s good to frame either as necessarily dependent on the other.
sometimes ppl's bodies cause them pain and difficulty and like. not all of us want to frame that as Good??
i mean, i think different kinds of disability lead to different needs/desires wrt rhetoric, and this was what ultimately got me to make my own post—it strikes me that folks who look disabled want/need/deserve access to Beauty, and folks whose disabilities are primarily about physical limitations (maybe in particular when those limitations can be adequately accommodated? but maybe also when they can’t be, and they want/need/deserve some positivity to sustain them) want/need access to an idea of their bodies as Good—
but like. sometimes disability is about pain and frustration; sometimes i think you gotta be able to say 'my body is treating me badly and making my life hard, and i'm not really prepared to call that Good'? like idk. not all of this is my place to speak to but i do have some experience of chronic pain, in addition to my anx/dep/adhd stuff (which i experience as disabling in a number of ways, some of them physical), and like. from that perspective i can’t say i’m super interested in being like. the body causing me grief is Good Actually?
(i also think like. Beauty is fucked up—like obviously expanding access to it is good but i kind of think that has to go hand in hand with rejecting its dominance as best we imperfectly can? sort of like, i don’t know, Marriage and Corporate Success and Who Gets to Be a Soldier etc etc. and okay, maybe one route to that is ‘once we see literally everyone as beautiful the word/standard will be meaningless and thus defanged’—but i admit i’m a little dubious about how likely that reframing is to be successful, idk.)
anyway i do see that the OP of this post is trying to redefine Good in a very particular way, and again, that’s part of what got me to make my own post—because i can totally see how that effort at redefinition is valid and, well, good! but i also think some of us don’t need Good, so much as we do Better Than Nothing—in the sense that like, better to be a part of this world than not, probably, but we’re reserving the right to complain about the drawbacks!
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eating-mooncakes · 6 hours ago
would you be okay with it if I designed a book cover for civility and cluelessness ?
This was already answered, but for anyone with similar questions, here's an excerpt from my AO3 profile!
Tumblr media
Tumblr asks are also a fine way to do it! As long as people can find the original work, and preferably if you notify me so I can admire it, you're good!
For anyone who doesn't know what those are:
Podfic: A recording of my fanfiction ("podcast" + "fanfic")
Fanart: If you don't know this term, you probably aren't thinking about doing this anyway /t
Translations: What it sounds like—translating my fics into other languages
Collections: If you put together a group of fanfictions you like, that have similar styles, etc., you're welcome to include me! I'd put the limit on it of like... nothing gross, but I think that goes without saying.
Other fanfictions: Sequels, response fics, fics written in a world I created, etc. are all welcome! Just note "remixes" (or "rewrites") as an exception where I would like to be asked.
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lonely--dueliist · 6 hours ago
¡Hola! Ví que hablas español, así me preguntaba ¿si te interesa hacer RP en español? >u<
kiz: Hola!!! claro que sí! cuando gustes inventamos algo jajaja
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lordoftherazzles · 8 hours ago
Pass the happy! 🌻 When you receive this, list five things that make you happy and send this to 10 of the last people in your notifications. 💛💛💛
Alright alright, here we go, one of many more to answer for this POSITIVITY WAR! For this one, I'm going to do my top music 5 tracks (complete with spotify links!) from the Hobbit/LOTR Films (not counting actual songs this time.)
The Breaking of the Fellowship (Feat. "In Dreams") This will always be my favorite. It makes me super emotional and I'm not an overly emotional person, just saying!! When Sam goes after Frodo I just...I weep. It really is a beautiful peace that really is true to the title. The breaking of the Fellowship that we're all super invested in now, but also excited to see where their respective arcs take them.
Sons of Durin TO THE KING!!! TO THE KING!!! Do I really need to explain more than that? Yes, the "Misty Mountains" theme from AUJ would have been wonderful at this scene, but I still absolutely adore this track/theme. That charge from the mountain was epic as hell and no one can change my mind.
The Battle of the Pelennor Fields ARISE, ARISE RIDERS OF THEODEN! The charge of the Rohirrim! Gosh this scene just gives me the goosebumps, I LOVE the Rohan/Rohirrim theme so much and I will never not just...blast that shit until my ears bleed.
Mithril This scene. THE SCENE. Between the Mithril, the "I will not part with a single coin", oh my GOD. That is all.
The Ring Goes South LOOK. I'm not saying that I've always wanted to wander across a mountain and play this in my ears while doing so to feel majestic and what not...but...
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candlescove · 8 hours ago
not to talk abt oc stuff on main but tldr when i first got back heavily into f//naf circa september 2020 i think i latched Hard onto au depictions of spr*ngtrap that were separate from purple guy for Coping Reasons and came up w/ all these headcanons and stuff for him that got more and more elaborate by the day and in light of The News im soso tempted to just...............take the basic idea i had there, fucked up rude rabbit who used to be sillay and funney and just. make it into an original character, i already like. have a setting for him..? cuz right before the news came out i was working on this story that was partly fnaf inspired that i almost scrapped when shit did come out about scawthon but now i feel more motivated to detach it and make it Better
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testoster2 · 8 hours ago
sowwy for the long post but i genuinely don't know how to put this in less words. the context is i (white romanian) made a post criticizing "white western leftists" who fetishize life in state socialist eastern european countries, advocate for more soviet intervention in eastern europe, and defend the soviet invasion of afghanistan. @minisoc made this comment i'll respond to rn:
Tumblr media
alright, let's get the obvious out of the way: i never claimed to be the only one who knows the truth abt the ussr, i have no value system (am abolishing the value form 😎), and some ppl Do say stupid shit abt how the soviets should've intervened more in eastern europe (source: every eastern european i know who interacted w Ze Online Left has a few stories abt this lol). also death to america
okay, now: @minisoc, you're absolutely right that eastern europeans are included in whiteness. and imo, that is a central reason why those western leftists idealize life here so much. these ppl would rather daydream abt living in a socialist eastern european country bc doing so is way easier than confronting their position as a white person in a deeply racist society. thinking critically abt how to fight for communism where they live implies thinking critically abt their own privileged status they'd necessarily have to give up, so they prefer to focus on an idealized version of the ussr/eastern europe instead. my personal problem w that is how they also completely erase eastern european ppl of color, and the systemic racism in eastern europe. to only give one example, the "socialist" period in romanian history was when the forced sterilization of roma women began. that is an act of genocide that continues to this day, and yet the white western leftists who idolize eastern europe completely ignore it. (granted, most ppl, including most white ppl living here, completely ignore systemic racism in eastern europe. but i still expect "communists" who are interested in our region to do better lol.)
anyway i stand by my original point ^-^ white western leftists who fetishizes life in socialist eastern europe should shut the fuck up forever. if your idea of political action involves becoming part of a fanclub of my country's dead politicians, then please keep that shit away from me, and away from every eastern european person. maybe think abt how to fight racial capitalism in your own country instead.
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penningtentiary · 12 hours ago
I'm currently working on a guidebook for @bonesnail 's Night Vale tarot deck. I've gotten through the Major Arcana, and am starting on the Minor Arcana now. It's taking a lot of time but I hope to have it done by the end of the week and available for people to use!
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nightvale-thoughts · 13 hours ago
me: I have a hard time committing to projects, focusing on my school work, or even just sitting down and watching a movie for more than an hour without keeping my hands busy.
also me?? for some odd reason?: Oh nice podcast let me consume all 60+ episodes of it in less than a week.
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