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#weird dreams
theweirdworld · 2 minutes ago
I had a dream last night that I convinced a bunch of birds to help me make a giant omelette out of their eggs
They were very depressed after it was made
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natehasnoclue · an hour ago
Okay, this is not the type of stuff I normally post but I had the strangest dream and I need to talk about it please. Please keep in mind when I tell you this: I can’t cook. I have burnt ramen before. I can’t cook. That made my dream so much more terrifying.
I was for some reason the head chef at a restaurant and had to cook for Gordon Ramsay and I was freaking out. I didn’t know what to do so I ended up giving him a plate of sour candies.
He ate one and said that “finally some good fucking food” line, stood up, then slapped me. That’s when I woke up.
I woke up like I just had a nightmare. Like woke up with a gasp and was sweating. I kid you not when I say it was both the most terrifying yet most hilarious dream I’ve ever had.
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stxygcld · an hour ago
i had a dream last night that garcia tried making me smoke a cigarette and she was like giggling teasing me about it bc i didn't want to but i didn't want her to dislike me so i did it
...basically i got peer pressured by fucking penelope garcia
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chillisreal · an hour ago
She didnt say when and she didnt say how
morning dew dripped off the tree leaves as the tall plants seemed to circle in, making the standing area seem smaller as the light of the sun barely peeked in
"I'm going to mess up" I said with a great tone of uncertainty
"Maybe you will, maybe you won't but what you can never mess up on, is giving it a try
a try
a try is all you need
just one"
she responded with a quickened and hushed tone
it went bright
I'm awake now
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kikimarss · 2 hours ago
i had a dream last night that dream was like on a livestream and instead of the mask the only thing covering his face was his hair
so he moved his hair away and i saw his face for like 2 seconds and he just looked like logan paul
literally wtf does that mean but also his jawline was VERY nice 🧍🏻‍♀️
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I've been having so many dreams lately. Ones that I remember. Usually about things I want subconsciously or consciously, and random, usually slim-chance events that make them unattainable. For example, the one last night was of me suddenly visiting the dorm of Stray Kids, like we were all friends or whatever, I was the Y/N in a Vhan friends to lovers au I guess 😂. Anyway so we were all going to watch a movie and Chan was laying on a couch and invited me for a good snuggle and I was like he'll yeah let me go change into snuggle-worthy clothes. So I go up to my room (I guess i live there now??? Dream wtf lol) and I'm just, so excited for it. Perhaps subconsciously with the joy and comfort that episodes of Chan's Room bring me, plus my lack of physical human touch in about 2 years, you could say I was pretty desperate for some good cuddles and hugging. Anyway so I'm like changing and I hear a siren go off and look out the window (lo and behold we are at a beach?) And there's a fuxking tornado like... AT MY WINDOW. so I dive under my bed and then I woke up from my dream when my body started to get pulled up off the floor because my shoulder was in pain from sleeping on it wrong...
I hate my brain sometimes. It writes terrible AUs.
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tears-of-boredom · 8 hours ago
Dream time! And not the youtuber!
Me and my older brother were shopping at an H&M. I remeber looking at these pants that I wanted, it said that they were five meters long. Of course I found a measuring tape somewhere so I measured five meters on myself, and it was perfect! They reached just above my bellybutton. Also there was a whole world based on a roblox game I've played I think. My brother had to "painia" some annoying little villain, except it didn't work when he did it normally, so we went to a roof nearby and my brother asked what I thought he had to do if "painiminen" didn't work. I was not sure at all, but guessed that he had to do it in the building that glowed green and had a dome for a floor. So me and my older brother went down there, he jumped straight into the building from this crack that happened because the dome was bigger than the roof. I just jumped down these stair-like things that were way too steep to actually be meant to used as stairs. When we got there, neither of us remembered the villain. The building from inside looked like if my grandma decided to build an upper floor to her house and host a very busy West Asian bar up there. Anyways, me and my brother, who were already on the upper level, walked to the stairs. He asked me "Do you walk the stairs down like this when you're smoking a cigarette?" While going pretty fast down a couple stairs. I answered "No, more like this." And walked down the same couple of stairs but clearly calmer, and like I was not in a hurry anywhere. (My brother at this point was almost definitely wearing a striped black and white button up t-shirt with a collar) We go down the stairs, with the speed of what my brother showed. Almost immediately I'm back in front of the stairs on the upper floor, with a cigarette, walking down the stairs exactly like I showed my brother I would.
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tigerlily340 · 12 hours ago
Had a weird dream last night:
Dreamt SPOP Hordak and 80’s Hordak were fighting in a parking lot over who the best Hordak was until 80’s Hordak fell into a gigantic split in the ground and couldn’t get out.
SPOP Hordak: “Are you stuck?”
80’s Hordak: “Stuck?! What do you— OF COURSE I’m not stuck!” *weird gremlin noises ensue as he tries desperately to escape* *fails*
SPOP Hordak: “...I’ll get a stick.”
(Entrapta, Emily, and Imp may or may not have been in the background cheering on their respective Hordak) 👀👀
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greenisms · 12 hours ago
I had a dream last night that I was in a giant resorts. It had a huge Mall bunch of restaurants and everything. However, people started dying because of velociraptors that could turn invisible like Predator or some s***. So anyway I had a giant rifle on my shoulder that I was using to protect myself and the people I was with. We would basically monitor four movements to see if there was a velociraptor nearby. Anyway scary as hell and also this is the second time I've had a dream about a wild animal breaking loose and killing everyone in a highly populated space LOL
also sorry if this reads a little weird. I'm using voice to text
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unknowntrash07 · 13 hours ago
~The Dream Catcher~
Error: File corrupted. Issue reboot now. 
Error: File Corrupted. Issue reboot now.
Error: File Corrupted. Issue reboot now.
~Keep Dreaming~
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raredrop · 13 hours ago
im often at bookstores or “kinda” bookstores in my dreams and i dont often get to remember what the (usually non existent) books are
but i do have this one my dream gave me today
a kids manga (u know how bookstores have them in the kid section over the normal manga section) called tama (or tamagotchi) champion
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lokislittlesigyn · 14 hours ago
gaitwae’s post about a weird dream has me wondering if dreams are worth sharing on here.
i probably wouldn’t share any nightmares, those are much too personal and often too terrifying, but i have had some funny dreams over the years. maybe i could post a list of dream Titles and people can send in an ask for which ones they’d like to hear, hmm...
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anglice-et-latine · 14 hours ago
oh i forgot to tell you guys!! i got dose 2 of Pfizer today :))) no big effects physically—felt drowsy, but not sleepy drowsy, more of a detached background drowsy. the most similar ive felt is after having drank 2 cans of Red Bull at a larp event.
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