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#weight loss journey
rachgetsfitt · 4 hours ago
So since I messed up my dinner plan for the week I ended up having tonight’s dinner for breakfast, and I’m having yesterday’s tonight.
I wanted breakfast dinner so it worked out lol. I made scrambled egg whites with onions and bell peppers, turkey bacon and toast. It was soooooooo good. I’m having more of the scramble for lunch. I’m excited LOL
Have a great day everyone 🥰❤️
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bobibunbun · 13 hours ago
In order to motivate myself I will gather some rewards that I will give myself when I reach my goal weight and ultimate goal weight.
⭐️ GW: 58 Kg 🏆 Rewards🏆
🔥 Get a tattoo 🔥 Dye my hair to a crazy colour 🔥 Get the black fake leather pants 🔥 Buy a pair of heels
🌟 UGW: 52 Kg 🏆 Rewards🏆
Donate all my old stuff and buy a new wardrobe Get a tattoo Get a microderm piercing Get a photoshoot Send a fuck you note to all my bullies
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lavenderparadise · 13 hours ago
we joined the gym today! did a mile on the treadmill then did basic work outs! mostly arms & legs though. tomorrow we’re going to buy workout clothes & preworkout! i’m so excited and motivated to lose weight and finally feel okay in my body. i’ve let myself get so bad and gain so much weight over the past year that it really hit me and im SO insecure. im done! determined to lose a decent amount of weight before our florida trip 🙏🏻
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bobibunbun · 14 hours ago
June 15. Food Log
Breakfast: banana oats (made with water) Lunch: a bowl of rice with kimchi Snack: 0,5 L Powerade Dinner: mushroom burrito with BBQ sauce and eggplant sauce, watermelon
Sport: nada
I think yesterday I ate very well. I never drink Powerade, I only drink water and tea but yesterday I was crazy about that blue colour I had to try. Never go to the store thirsty you kids. Unfortunately I haven't worked out, my mood and PMS was horrible. I even wanted to bake a vegan cake but I compromised on the watermelon.
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donreview · 23 hours ago
Weight loss before & after story
About half of all Americans who are overweight or obese are actively trying to lose weight, according to a study published last year in the medical journal JAMA. 
But while it may seem daunting, especially if you’re over age 50, it’s eminently doable. Check out this inspiring story from a woman who successfully shed weight in their 50s!
Sherry Greenwald, 57
Tumblr media
- Cliffside Park, N.J.
>>>Pounds lost: 42
What spurred her to lose weight: her health. Greenwald had always been active and healthy, but as she got older and put on weight, she developed high cholesterol and prediabetes. 
But what really galvanized her efforts was seeing a photo: “I went to a wedding in the south of France, and when I looked at the picture of myself, I was mortified,” Greenwald recalls. “I’d never thought of myself as being overweight, but I looked heavy and aged.”
How she did it
Greenwald worked with New York City dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, author of The F-Factor Diet and The Miracle Carb Diet. 
One of Greenwald’s problems was that she was on the road all day as a saleswoman, so she often wouldn’t eat until about 4 p.m. — and she’d continue nonstop throughout the evening. 
Now she eats three meals a day with two snacks, which could be simply a protein bar or a handful of high-fiber crackers topped with peanut butter or chicken. 
“I found that having these small, frequent meals, each of which had protein and fiber, was really key in keeping hunger in check,” she says. “I especially noticed that days when I skipped my midafternoon snack, I was starving in the evening and much more likely to overeat.”
What seemed hard for about a minute: getting 35 to 40 grams of fiber every day. “That was a big challenge at first, but now I just add vegetables whenever I can — I throw mushrooms and onion and spinach into an egg white omelet in the morning, have a huge salad topped with chicken for lunch and have a grilled lean meat with plenty of steamed veggies for dinner,” she says.
Stay-in-shape tip: Scale back a bit. Greenwald went from doing five hours of cardio a week to simply doing a mix of cardio and weight training twice a week with a trainer.
“All that cardio ended up stimulating my appetite, so I ate more and basically negated any calories I burned off,” says Greenwald. She also tries to walk as much as possible for additional exercise.
Motivational tip: Keep living your life. Due to Greenwald’s work, she’s dining out most nights, something she thankfully hasn’t had to scale back on. “I’m very specific when ordering at restaurants — a piece of grilled salmon or steak with no butter or oil on it, steamed veggies on the side and a house salad with balsamic vinaigrette,” she says. 
Greenwald’s weakness is alcohol, which she indulges in with either a glass or two of red or white wine or a club soda and vodka. “I find that if I treat myself to a couple drinks, I’m much less likely to slip up and order dessert,” she observes, laughing.
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urufitgoal · a day ago
Weight loss plan, day 2
15/06 - 20h44:
Today is day two of my new weight loss plan! So I went to the gym today too (from 19:00 to 20:00) and I ate the following things: Yesteday's dinner: Salad.
Today's breakfast: Coffee, 4 biscuits, an orangce juice Today's lunch: rice, salad, break, an apple. From this night (at dinner) I will share again pics of each one of what I eat, so the journal is complete.
Also, at 16:00h, I was giving an hour massage, and it felt great.
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healthy-freaky · a day ago
June 15, 2021
My weight is still around 283. My "Hot Girl Summer" is well under way and I am trying to better at tracking and such. So that is going better but I have not managed to hit my step goal, not drink, or lose weight. But it is summer and this weekend did have alot of sun activities. Am I going to fault myself for having a couple Vizzy's for beach day? Nah.
So it is a work in progress. Yesterday I went to the movies with my GF. I tried to make her birthday as awesome as possible. Trying to appreciate what I have before it's gone.
Every day is a new day to make new choices.
I feel like if I just stay focused and keep trying to tweak things I will be winning.
I also need to push my focus back to myself and not a relationship. It really sucks having a giant crush and then you start dating and the person is so awesome.... but like the physical chemistry isn't there. Seems physically one sided sometimes altho she does seem to be better at holding hands.
And then there is my man crush who asked me... if I can do the Amazon position. I mean yeah, I probably could. But I would like some real loving type sex before anything freaky because I have become so touch starved. Oh the other hand I am pretty particular about who I actually want touching me.
My ex-wife's live in GF/my former almost Bestie posted this meme joking about polyamory the other day... and I had to laugh because I OFFERED to Throuple with them. To stop the weirdness of each of them each calling me up every time they had a night off of each other. Last summer they broke up, she weirdly hit on me/went off on me in the same conversation, and proceeded to get back with my ex 6 weeks later and then... move in with her. Now she wanted to hang out.... except hanging out involves going over to MY OLD HOUSE. 😳😳 Seeing all the things that I had done that my ex has since changed. Sitting on my 1st set of new furniture that I got an extra job to pay for. WTF.
Life is crazy. [To be continued...]
Tumblr media
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120-is-plenty · a day ago
June 15, 2021 - me at me: if you just run the 10k, you'll be done the 10k. If you just run it, it's done, you can do all the other run training after. You don't even need to do it under an hour, you just need to do it. JUST GOTTA DO IT.
Me: I dun wanna
Lmaooo halp.
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seven-oomen · a day ago
I have officially lost my first 5 kg. From 100.8 kg (222.22 lbs) to 95.9 kg (211.42 lbs). And I lost a little over 3% of body fat. (From 44.1 to 40.9)
Gentle nutrition and gentle exercise really seems to be the way to go.
I'm going to document the rest of my journey on:
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skins-to-dissappear · a day ago
Hi guys! I been super inactive on tumblr lately, but I been active on discord so I decided to make an ED server so we can all give each other ideas and stuff. I tried to make it look cute but I’m still workin on it. But for now you guys should join!
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bobibunbun · a day ago
June 14 Food Log
Breakfast: apple-cinnamon oatmeal (made with water) Lunch: vegetarian döner Snack: 3 cubes of chocolate Dinner: Zucchini stew, cigkofte, salad, small piece of bread
Sport: absolutely nothing... Period cramps kept me in bed all day. :(
I was craving chocolate and unhealthy sweets at night so much. It was probably because of my period came. Thanks God my husband told me not to get anything because I will regret and he was right. I was so happy that I didn't eat any processed crap. I will bake a vegan cake today and have some of that.
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oreocoffee · a day ago
Looking at the scale today I have lost two pounds. I have been counting my calories and sometimes I choose to do intermitted fasting. I finally got into yoga and doing some exercises at home from YouTube. I feel great from actually doing things that are good for me. I took the time today to focus on myself and not just binge watch Netflix and eat junk food.
Looking forward to taking care of myself and my environment.
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