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#we wait
nonbinarydean · 54 minutes ago
i will forever rmr being w the gsa at my school and feeling like i had to defend my fashion choices just bc i’m a lesbian. i had to explain multiple times during the week of halloween that my ultra sharp and long nails that i put on specifically for halloween didn’t negate my lesbianism. i had to listen to people older than me that were the leadership members of the group proudly comment that they didn’t know nonbinary people could be lesbians. i had to listen to a presentation on various queer identities that included pansexuality as not only valid but as interchangeable with bisexuality - the argument given for p*n basically being ‘hearts not parts.’
like i know no one is perfect and people are in different places in the journey’s learning about queer stuff but like. cmon. that was supposed to be a place to feel safe and accepted, not talked over and questioned.
#dont mind me#personal#rant#i think abt this gsa literally at least once a week#i got a crush on a girl there !!!! then she made a comment being angry at ‘panphobes’ and i just#also the group was verrrry white. like we’re in TN and we were in a pretty small and white town but it’s also a college town. i knew several#poc from my classes ! why was there none in the gay student group. also the group was mostly compsci majors#or stem. rather than humanities. and they were real weird#i can’t wait to go back to campus in the fall to see if anyone still goes to the school but also i don’t want to see anyone bc like#then i’ll have to explain why i stopped going to the group and why i left the discord#like i can’t in person to people i don’t know that we’ll be like ‘ur opinions r wrong and bad and here’s why’#and god forbid you try to say something in a complete sentence they did not know how not to interrupt#we had a game night once and multiple people brought single player video games#or games that required a nintendo switch. besties .... game night is for group activities w the whole group#not just the people that can afford a video game console or want to play their own game in a room w other people#i hated going w/o my friend 1) bc i’m awkward and needed a buffer but 2) i felt so uncomfy there alone ! i felt like i didn’t have anything#in common w these people#while i’m on the topic once at this school i met someone on the train tracks - they borrowed my friends lighter for their cigarette- and the#they were tall and complimented my pink hair before i got it fixed (they were lying to me !!!) and i think k about them twice a daily#day* babe if ur out there i’m obsessed w u i would love to hold ur hand and at least be friends#i miss being w my friends. like physically#[redacted name for privacy] babe i am coming this summer to a town near you (your town) i miss u so bad#i miss being insnae w other people !!!!!!! sometimes i pull an all nighter or drink too much caffeine to get that feeling again !!!!
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cosmologyofgaming · an hour ago
How do us Monsters at Cosmology play The Forest?
We're so glad you asked.
1. Zorja builds everything silently, actually reads the manual, resourceful af, useful, silent mother who brings us food and items that we didn't even know existed...
2. ...While SadJack and Zmora divulge in chaos, refusing to do tutorials in lieu of (pathetically) figuring stuff out themselves. Starve. Naked. Cold. Afraid.
3. We have all walked through fires more times than we care to admit.
4. "Demon? Demon. I just wanna talk to the D E M O N S."
5. Once Dumb and Dumber *cough, SadJack and Zmora, cough* finally figure out the basic mechanics of the game, the two go hog. fucking. wild.
6. Zmora, supreme witch and nightmare personified builds a "bone creation station" where she quick snatches dead cannibals, slaps them onto the fire, and neatly collects the bones into cute little baskets. You'll thank her later, when you're in a pinch and need to quickly build some armour.
7. SadJack, your local cryptid friend, is intrigued by the "f o r b i d d e n m e a t" and starts...eating the cannibals. It's only so that they can unlock the ability to create effigies, they swear! 8. The two argue and fall into a body-turf-war over who gets the corpses and for what. Zorja realizes she might need 1) sanity pills; or 2) child rearing leashes and when she caters to one party, she pisses the other off.
9. Zmora eventually figures out the trap creation function. The property becomes a landmine of all traps you can think of. Her IRL paranoia than manifests in the game. Rocks walls. Defensive walls. All the walls. All the traps. All the spikes.
10. Zorja and SadJack are simultaneously facepalming, but also lowkey grateful since those armsy thingies? barrelling at you? Yea. Not a fun time.
11. Zmora get's sick of the turf war. She needs some goddamn bones. So, to spite SadJack she builds 10 massive effigies around the camp that require an enormous amount of limbs. So what's the problem? The new camp is so remote that they rarely get attacked. It's surrounded by large bodies of water so you can't bring the bodies with you. SadJack, needing to cross of lists, loses their goddamn mind with all the incomplete notifications.
12. Checkmate, Jack. 13. Zorja is here to get the story done. She wants the keycard, to see the final ending, and figure stuff out...
14....Meanwhile and SadJack and Zmora delve into this entire weird fiction Shakespearean level angst narrative of divorce drama. (I swear, Timmy. It's not your fault.)
15. What has happened to our throuple? "Zmora please I know things started going south when I started eating people, but I can change change! I swear!"
16. Zorja awkwardly side eyes this entire conversation as she attempts to save our son.
17. "Oh that's not the only reason we're getting divorced."
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nastassjas-kinski · 2 hours ago
TAD lyrics go so goddam hard sometimes and other times they talk about eating yoghurt and watching the office... which still slaps
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saddgirll · 2 hours ago
My mom calls the night she left dad “azadi day” 💀
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uwu0clock · 3 hours ago
oh my gosh please your tags on oasis !!! I could cry 😭 thank youuu
Zjdjdj do you want me to talk more abt it because I freaking could 😗 It was such a joy to read and so beautiful to see unfold, everything leading up to the climax and after just had my heart in tangles the entire time,, made me laugh, made me cry, made me shut my laptop to catch my breath dhjdj
If you haven’t read Oasis yet, what are you doing??
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legdabs · 3 hours ago
oh sorry, it was meant to be an addition(?) to your 'culture wars' post, i suppose it's a culture war in and of itself
OH i see! agree! i think maybe we can avoid using woke here for a little bit longer you know keep that one in american media circles let them keep culture war-ing it into meaninglessness and we can see if we want to play with whatever it is by the time they’re done
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outerbankies · 4 hours ago
i hope it’s true, i don’t want to wait until september for season 2🥺
omg is september also a rumor? i swear i don’t know anything HAHAHA but damn it’d be kinda sad if they waited til summer passed. obx has such summer vibes 🥺
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princekirijo · 5 hours ago
Okay had a random thought and had to share it so Rumi from P5R right? We know almost nothing about her. We know her first name, she was engaged to Maruki, she was pretty dang cheeky and strong willed according to Maruki, her birthday is February 3rd, shit hit the fan one night and fucked up her life. That's all we know.
Here's what my sleep deprived brain has come up with: She has red hair, red eyes, and we don't actually know her surname... Rumi Kirijo, anyone?
Like this is such a COOL IDEA???? LIKE IM ACTUALLY LOSING MY MIND IM TRYING TO FORM COMPREHENSIVE THOUGHTS?! I can't remember how old Rumi is but like what if she and Mitsuru were sisters... Or cousins even... Holy shit my brain is thinking to fast but I absolutely love this? I am going to be thinking about this all day omfg I love it. Thank you for sharing and blowing my mind anon 😳
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distraughthot · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
“So do the Scions like... do anything for fun?”
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adamsveins · 5 hours ago
PHYSICS MUTUAL <3<3<3<3<3 e = m c squared babe!!!
YES LEXI e = m c squared!!
let me know what kind of mutual (or not) i am to you!
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evcndiaz · 6 hours ago
remember those set photos of buck being in civvies and having blood on him?? okay, well, in light of the synopsis for 04 x 14, i am now thinking about buck and taylor being on a date or whatever when the 118 gets called to put out a small fire inside a cafe or something idk. of course, the fire is a trap and after they put it out, the sniper starts shooting. and so, across the street, buck and taylor hide ofc because guy shooting, but buck looks up just in time to see eddie get shot in the chest. commence all the eddie begins angst feels x100. 
#You just know he forgets about everything the minute he sees Eddie go down. He loses his fucking mind. Everything just stops#All he can see is Eddie on the ground... Eddie's blood spilling out underneath him.... Eddie choking on his own blood.#His brain disconnects. He can hear himself screaming but it's like the sound is coming from far away. So of course he runs out into the open#to get to him. Taylor screams at him to come back because hello there's a fucking sniper but all Buck can think about is Eddie#(obviously Athena is close by and she catches the guy right before the sniper shoots Buck#who is kneeling by Eddie's side trying to stop the bleeding.... begging him to hold on and stay with him)#It's the longest trip to the hospital that Buck has ever experienced. He'll never forget the feeling of Eddie's blood spilling between his#fingers. Someone calls Ana to the hospital and she starts crying and he hardly even notices because all he can think about is how Eddie's#dying and he's not there to save him. Buck's brain doesn't really come back online until Christopher comes through the hospital door. And#then he gets down on his knees and wraps the kid up in his arms because they both need each other right now.#Buck cups Christopher's tear stained face in his hands. 'It's alright. Your dad's going to be alright' he swears. Somehow it feels like a#lie. He catches Bobby's eye over Chris's shoulder. He can see the reprimand and the fear there but mostly he just allows himself to drink in#the strength Bobby is quietly pouring into him. The surgeon comes out asking for the family of Eddie Diaz and literally half the waiting#room stands up. He takes a deep breath and then we as the audience don't hear his voice but we can see everyone's reactions.#Especially Buck's. The episode ends with a close up on Eddie's face. His eyes are closed and tubes are coming out of his mouth and nose#and then :) we have to wait fucking months :) for the next season :) haha yeah :)))#cas.txt#tv: 911#type: headcanon#murder tags
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chawoongs · 6 hours ago
my old classmates and i are gonna publish an anthology and donate what we make from it to a charity that works to promote reading in a variety of places including prisons and hospitals n i really hope when the time comes i have ur guys’ support 💖
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